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   Anatoliy Sibilov
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   Ladies and gentlemen, Presidents, UN Secretary-General, Governors, Mayors and Citizens of our planet Earth. What I propose is not a fantasy but a reality, it's necessary to change lives for the better and not live in the old way. Every day we spend in vain for long journeys, standing in traffic jams and parking lots looking for a lot of time, a lot of money and ruin our health but in fact could take the time to do something useful and reduce emissions of toxins into the atmosphere. I would like to inform people about my modern, compact, ecologically clean and convenient for life and work of urban transport in the Cibilla City in which the eternal, high-speed, non-stop, endless traffic and anyone without the headache gets from point A to point B in a short period of time. This miracle Cibilla City without chaos on the roads and I'm sure sooner or later people will begin reconstruction of the cities in my project to get out of the chaos of the old Cities. We should save nature that is destroyed due to the increase territory of cities and suburbs spread over fifty, sixty kilometers and even more-Los Angeles, Mexico, Tokyo.
   In our modern cities we inherited from the past centuries two big problems- 1) The chaos on the roads due to their old plan rather chaotic disorderly arrangement of curves, skew, dead-end streets and alleys, and 2) Immensely huge urban areas spread over fifty kilometers the length and breadth which increases the travel time from point A to point B, the money is spent, fuel consumption and increase emissions of harmful toxic gases in atmosphere with which humanity begins to fight to avoid global warming, the greenhouse effect, causing the ice to melt in the Arctic and Antarctic, level Oceans rise and millions of square kilometers of land together with people will be under the water. Some people on the topic of global warming won the Nobel Prize even though no real benefit from their paper projects is not provided. I'm a simple man in the street, I propose a specific project to build a new modern compact ecologically clean Cibilla City Sybil and reconstruction of old cities according to my planning. The City consists of blocks 1000 to 1000 meters separated with the Main Avenues not intersecting at the same level that enable to any transport high-speed, non-stop eternal movement from point A to point B. The compact city without traffic chaos on the roads it is saving at all around visible to the naked eye. I'm trying to convey my idea, the project to the international community by sending letters to newspapers, magazines, on TV but alas those in whose hands the media do not want to have with me an unknown man in the street contact. If I were a scientist, academician, doctor of sciences, professor, celebrity it's something different matter, you may say anything to attract attention, like clever ideas and projects can be created only scientists or groups.
   I address to you and say that what I propose is a government program, the program of all States to preserve nature and humanity in the future. You"ll tell me that because of the high cost of such a project it's difficult to implement but also to live now and in the future in such traffic jams is not very nice, it stifles all the throat and creates a headache for everyone from the layman, man in the street to the President. The colossal waste of time, money, and billions of tons of toxic gases for man, nature, birds, animals, inhabitants of rivers, seas and oceans, fly into the atmosphere and falls with the rain and without it. I think we should start a long struggle for the survival of eliminating the traffic chaos on the roads, reducing territory of the city. No problem to begin construction: just within the precinct of the city, on the edge of the river, the ocean to fix the front line and to begin to lay the First Main Avenue and after do other Main Avenues not intersecting at the same level by creating blocks of building confidently and firmly stepping on what is ahead. Of course, some buildings will have to demolish, the Main Avenues can bend around objects but what the scheme should not be changed in substance. If you wish to survive and to keep at least part of nature, birds and animals government will have to come down with money, but the main millions of people of different professions join to work, it is most important for life and having seen the real fruit of human activity. Naturally we need to defend and fight the enemies and terrorists and spend hundreds of billions$$$$, but none the less urban renewal, reconstruction more important task and in the future when humanity will cope with it and live in compact ecologically clean city-achievement will be the face and the effect commensurate with so that spent on reconstruction of old cities .
   As the population of the world is growing and everyone is willing to reap the benefits of technological progress especially cars and garden houses in the suburbs the metropolitan area may be stretched even more capturing more and more territory, oil production come near to 5 billion tons a year, we definitely blacken sky and no any fight for a clean of environment is unlikely to save humanity from destruction to which it consciously goes on itself. If the State programs are not created now for the complete reconstruction of the city the residents will be painfully long and may be not long live in this transport chaos, cursing the traffic jams, the long travel and spending money on fines. I think you will help me to convey my thoughts and invite so I can tell people about my real project that will change life on Earth for the better. Some programs for the conservation of nature begin to act and bear fruit and allow to survive those who are listed in the Red Book. I don't want to humanity itself has brought himself in the Red Book and because you need to change little by little city planning according to my project. I understand there are opponents, those who do not agree with me, that they may put forward their arguments, but one can hardly think, offer another more simple, better of my urban planning but in a dispute born truth. Let people see my project and we will openly discuss it, because it affects the future of humanity.
   Sincerely, Anatoly Sibilov
   July 11, 2015
   Anatoly Sibilёv, New York
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
   Tel: (212) 410 3962
   Go to YouTube anatoliy sibilov click My Channel and see my movie Anatoliy Sibilov New Cbilla City and see my pictures in Attachment. No any virus
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