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Cibilla City Informaion

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   Anatoly Sibilov
   Modern City Sybil, City of the XXI century
   What is it like my compact city?
  The City is built from building blocks size of 1000 x 1000 meters separated the Main Avenues consisting of 2 six-lane road one-way traffic in both directions width of 20 meters on one level disjoint walkway width of 10 meters for walking, cycling and stops. Coaches usually stay in each block and the speed buses stopp after two or three blocks. The total width of the Main Avenue is 70 meters, 2 sidewalks width 10-meter each with trees, flowers and a small fountains stretching the entire length of the Main Avenues. To get to the walkway from the sidewalks people can through five underground passages in which the artists paint and shops work selling souvenirs, newspapers, books, magazines, paintings. What is most important for the residents of the city on the first line of the perimeter block building circling the buses stopping in places bus stops and people are not willing to walk for change into other buses sit in it and go to the desired stop.
   As for the building blocks that they can be built the buildings of various storeys from 2 to 200, entertainment centres, stadiums, railway, bus stations, office building, institutions. With the Main Avenue there are 8 entrance and exit into the building block, six lane road two-way traffic, inside block to the buildings there are four lane road two-way traffic, movement of people and vehicles is regulated by traffic lights. In the center of each block building there is a green area of 250 x 250 meters for recreation, sports and entertainment, reserved parking for cars. In general, each building has several floors of underground parking allocated for cars.
   During the construction of the modern city of my compact city relief is irrelevant, construction machinery allows leveling terrain: cut, fill in ravines. Dump trucks can move millions of cubic meters of earth, sand, gravel for tens of kilometers. More than three thousand years in ancient Egypt, slaves without any machinery built grandiose pyramid is today a modern city build a snap-the desire and need to determine the area of construction. Moreover, the construction of new and reconstruction of old cities is the primary task of the Government and as in former years distant stood out hundreds of billions of dollars There was program of landing a man on the moon, and if it passed on to the private entrepreneurs are not astronauts descended on her still short portions it was the government's strategy. Modern cities will create huge benefits for Environment- emission of harmful exhaust gases can be reduced by half by reducing the travel time in the city and the number of cars. Since public transport will run like clockwork what's the point to go to the car and then look for parking in the city will no longer act in order to leave the car on the Main Avenues, just inside the block on special parking lots. On the roads may only stop buses, taxis and special cars, trucks and the trailers carrying food products furniture and other products enter the stores inside the unit. On the main roads of three lanes reserved for public transport, with the first band will be constantly moving buses around the block in order to reduce distance walking distance people. This is a real city-compact, ecologically clean, easy-to-life and entertainment, imagine what will be the economy around, from fuel for cars to water-clear city, fewer emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere that now beats all of humanity, for the preservation of the environment. The greenhouse effect is dangerous, could melt the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic, will rise by several meters water in the ocean and some of island countries and territories on both continents will be under water or even disappear from the face of the Earth. If the Leaders of State decide to remodel the old city and to build compact modern city it is possible to avoid this threat.
   I do not think that someone thinks I designed a compact modern city as the fruit of an insane imagination, fantasy. 80 years ago during the severe crisis in America, New York built buildings 80 and 60. The floor 102, being constructed building 150, the floor 200 to pave on the ground line is generally no problem. Regarding the definition of the boundaries of the city is the first line of the construction of a block of 1000 at 1000 meters take the side of the sea, rivers, forests, fields and even paving the main roads of the first at the same level without any interchanges according to my project two six-lane divided highway 10 meter walkway and platforms for bus stops. In this first not too busy road in certain places will be the turn for cars in the opposite direction did not affect the overall traffic. Inside the unit is not heavy traffic at intersections and traffic lights will be installed for the transfer of people across the road. People living in these blocks can be overcome only thing a maximum distance of 400 meters to get to the bus stop and of his choice to sit in the local bus stops at every block or two speed staying three blocks. Having only one change may be without any headaches quickly get from point A to point B. In order to properly navigate the city each unit will have a number and eventually a city of 10 million inhabitants in 1200 will consist of the blocks and have a size of 40 30 km. hence its cross at different levels do not intersect at the same level 120 highways. With a view to the city developed the first task of architects to create a lot of interesting design of buildings and external. interior decoration and holding events to attract tens of millions of tourists, marathon races, races on conventional and racing cars on the highways of the city from point A to point B, and because these events will be broadcast to the whole world that revenues will be just astronomical.
   If you can come up with thought many events that attract tens of millions of tourists and billions of TV viewers, the city will be filled with bright vibrant attractive life and these revenues will cover the cost potrachen- nye for the construction of the modern compact city. Substantial savings will be around, by laying communications lines to the use of solar and wind energy-on the roofs of skyscrapers may be positioned around the perimeter of the solar panels and wind turbines, at an altitude of 300-800 meters constantly blowing strong winds and it will bring great benefit to cheap electricity.
  The road junction of the Main Avenues solves problem of traffic, in the Cibilla City may be different number of blocks, at an average in one 10-15 thousand of residents will live. The Cibilla City with population 10 million residents will consist maximum of 1200 blocks if every block has population 8000 residents and occupy territory 40 X 30 kilometers =1200 square kilometers.If buildings in block will be 30-70-150 stories and number residents will be 30 thousand City of 10 million residents will consists of maximum 500 blocks-25x20 kilometers. Fantasy!!!
   Since we live in an electronic age that every resident and coming person will have electronic guide only and should he gain the place in which it wants to go-to point B from point. Immediately he received several shortest paths and choosing a convenient and if you like walking and not far away if the bus to go to him. Each block is part of the North, East. South and West, street names, house numbers are so oriented in the big city is easy. It should be noted that the life of the people in this city will be different from ours, the apartments will not serve as an indicator of luxury as well as the function, what is the point that in the 4 bedroom apartment had three of San node and two bathrooms komna- you, the cornerstone of the apartment bedrooms study room with a TV and a computer with which any person will receive or send information to the outside world.
   For a visual representation of the city, I designed it, built up with block construction and Model presented. See photos and reviews, please send Would you like to live in it or go for fun. And please go to You Tube anatoliy sibilov see my movie musical accompaniment Anatoliy Sibilov New Cbilla CityXXI Century City-click My Channel Further Videos ...
  Anatoly Sibilov, New York, 27 June 2015
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
   Tel: (212) 410 3962
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