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Sibilla City

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   Anatoly Sibilov
   Sibilla City
   Ladies and gentlemen. All I propose- сonstruction of a modern, compact city and the reconstruction of old not corresponding to modern requirements, it's a large government program designed not only for the years fulfilment but for decades and it is not subject to any private businessmen who can build a car factory, several hotels on a limited territory acquired them but still the land of the state as well as the entire territory and to carry out important projects for the state, it can highlight any area anywhere in the country. And if it turns out that my project is of particular importance for the development of the country, lifting the economy, employment, it can mobilize all the resources for its execution that cannot do the richest businessmen. And this applies to any state on our Earth,- a nuclear weapons program, the launch of the person in space, defense industrial complex, postwar housing program for war veterans and the poor, and even the construction of a modern fairy-tale city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I repeat and affirm it is able only to state but with attracting individual investors individual investors and loans from banks.
  What offers my project of building a modern compact Sibilla city and reconstruction of existing cities?
  1) The fight against unemployment as a basis-the construction of the city attracts to job the millions of workers, engineers, architects and people of other professions, the work with great benefit to the public and the state, to develop new technologies develop, new super strong and lightweight materials to facilitate the general weight of buildings and increase its strength and the ultimate goal-the modern city built and it give the huge profit.
  2) The city is built, non-intersecting Avenues on one level enable high-speed continuous movement from point A to point B, operates public transportation, there is no expensive subway consuming huge amounts of electricity for the production of which is required a huge amount of coal, gas, diesel fuel, reduced emissions into the atmosphere of harmful toxic gases from cars, their number significantly reduce. A huge reduction in fuel consumption of cars occurs due to non-stop traffic because of the lack of stops as its are in the existing cities at the crossroads, the machine is standing, the time is going on, the engine is running, the fuel is consuming, the exhaust gases are flying into the air and pollutes it that in general threatens life on Earth. In short, every second of standing idle of cars is the loss of all, but when standing idle count by tens of minutes per trip and multiplied by the hundreds of millions of machines and for 365 days a year it turns in prodigious astounding figure - hundreds of billions of gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel evaporate in atmosphere. In this compact city economy around-from laying lines of communication to generate electricity from the wind turbines on the roof of a skyscrapers to the solar panels installed on the perimeter of the buildings and most importantly by reducing the area of the city
  3) When you go by public transport and you do not have a headache and calm the nerves, you're full of health, enjoy life and it's the most important thing for a person and the state.
   Ladies and gentlemen, no matter who is important it's important what, my name sais nothing I'm not a professor, doctor of science, I'm an ordinary civil engineer, man in the street, but nevertheless I will try to bring you important and interesting real thought, the idea of doing that we radically change our lives for the better and create millions of additional jobs. We all know- time is money, and the decisive factor in our life and as we live in an era when the count of time goes already not for days as before, and even not an hour but on the minutes and the seconds that we want it or not want it, we tie ourselves to this time and notice how much of this time and health we waste time for nothing in the infinite standing while waiting for one or another factor which finally will give us the opportunity to continue this movement. We also know well the movement is life, and if for a moment to stop the movement, the rotation of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the planets the Universe will collapse. The same is true in our life, we try to move forward without stopping, and the progress progresses over the past decade we go the way that earlier people did not go for last two thousand years. And if we take the 15 years of the XXI century of transformation and advances in science and technology is difficult imaginable, electronics rapidly transform our lives and the world wide web gives everyone the opportunity to communicate with the world, to send and receive information. In many ways, seen the progress and modern, even in construction with the advent of technology, over strong light building materials, machinery, skyscrapers rush up high in the distance beyond the clouds, built two hundred story tower Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi in the rich United Arab Emirates, height is 828 meters.
   In many ways we see the progress and modern and only in motion and movement within the enclosed space of our cities we froze and even move back. Unimaginable chaos of traffic on the roads making us sick and helpless in overcoming this phenomenon. Due to improper planning of our cities stretched for dozens of kilometers, we can not make a move inside the city uniform and infinite, non-stop when we get from point A to point B. Perhaps the leaders of the
  countries but particularly mayors are constantly scratching their heads how to eliminate this terrible chaos on the roads, trying to help one-way traffic and 4 level overpasses speed up the movement within the city. But it's necessary to move not only along but also across and the junctions break all the good intentions. Cities from ancient to modern with the existing planning and millions of machines will never eliminate this problem and it's not possible the systematic non-stop motion forward if to this we do not come up with a plan to firmly and resolutely put an end to it. Breaking my head, I found a solution to solve this problem, and if the government of any State will take the program and it will be adopted then after a while on the willingness of leaders to carry out or not to carry out this program the progress will be seen with the naked eye or not be seen.
   Of course, for poor and developing countries, this is not a solvable problem, but countries with strong economies, especially those in the interior are innumerable natural wealth to do it in the presence of modern technology, materials, construction equipment, automobiles, engineering, labor, land, gravel, sand, money is as a piece of cake, in the reconstruction of the old town and the construction of new compact cities require several hundred of billions of dollars and trillion over years and decades. But the most important thing in this building will be further involved tens of millions of workers, engineers, civil servants, hundred of people short trades
   We are struggling with unemployment and unimaginable scope of works open and as an end result we get such modern compact cities in which it's pleasant to live and there is no problem to get from point A to point B by public buses. People want either do not want to but it is possible in the coming decades for reasons of better life cities will no longer as such suburbs with two-story houses so loved by citizen exist, progress is progressing and modern life changes all the way past and the tradition radically. Of course, in modern cities the historical islands will save as a visual representation of how people lived 100, 500, 1000, 2000 years ago, the pyramids of ancient Egypt, Mexico, the Kremlin, but still not too much and they will be inside the building blocks of which the modern city will be built and it will be divided by Main Highways disjoint uncrossing on one level high-speed movement will be uniform, linear and non-stop. Of course, the stop will be in the points A, B, C, in which you strive to get without a headache in public transport from the window which you will be admiring with surrounding scenery and modern buildings of the height, design and external finishes are breathtaking.
  A few words about myself. I was born in the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation in Novosibirsk December 7, 1936. Since I was not too hard and there were the dif- ficulties in life I in 1954 went to study in NGRT- Novosibirsk Geological Prospec- ting College for construction department and in 1958 became the builder of a technician. I worked and understood the doctrine that studies is the light and I should raise the level of education and in 1963, passing exams entered the NISI -Novosibirsky Engineering and Construction Institute on the evening department of Civil Engineering Department and in 1969 finished it and I became a civil engineer. Immediately I went to the Ukraine in Odessa, on the outskirts of the station Dachnaya we built a house and worked until retirement and became a pensioner, in my spare time I wrote poetry, songs, humor, stories, romance, science fiction.
   Since life after the collapse of the Soviet Union became worthless in 2000 I went overseas, settled in New York and now live like under communism. Since there was free time I wrote romance, novels, science fiction, humor, poetry, music and even drew and wrote very interesting fiction novel "the notes of Chronicler" - aliens arrive to Earth on their spaceship from Planet Approxima, in an exchange and knowledge of life. They leave in different countries an hundred their people and take a hundred inhabitants of the Earth for their planet and my hero arriving on their planet describes not only communism but also their cities where public transport runs like clockwork and decided to present to the public.
  Practically our cities are the legacy of past centuries of chaotic buildings. Planning goes by the old method and links to the existing city. City powers did the streets unilateral movement but as intersections stays and there is not possibility to eliminate the chaos of traffic did not disappear. In 2003
  In 2003, I carried out a competition with bus-living in New York, I went for a walk by 23 Street together with a bus and imagine I overcame 2 km faster than the bus on-4 x Way Street, it was jammed with cars, constantly congestion at intersections, for those who sat in a half-empty bus was a nightmare and a headache because of the turtle moving. That's why almost all citizens are trying to get into expensive underground realm devouring billions of dollars to operate. If not were the subway, I'm pretty sure life in the city had a pathetic character and the city practically did not develop and expand. And it gave me an idea how traffic on city streets was non-stop and public transport runs like clockwork and people without headaches quickly get from point A to point B, and sitting in the bus contemplate the landscape, panorama, buildings of modern compact city. Modern building technologies, high-strength materials and mixers accelerate the pace of construction of buildings, number of stories exceed imagination, the height is not the limit, and there are buildings 150 and 200 floors in Abu Dhabi. But what is most interesting in the last 60 years, many new cities and the old planning that making the traffic and buses in cities such problem and headache for the people and the city authorities. And among the founders of the cities are world-renowned architects, among them were dozens if not hundreds of planner and no one had not occurred simple but brilliant idea - to divide the city into blocks, cut their with Main Avenues not intersecting at the same level and public transport as well other cars rush on them with the speed of 90-120 km per hour from point A to point B without a headache for passengers and they from windows of bus will contemplate the landscape and buildings in all its splendour.
   The thought about building and reconstruction of city disappear of high prices, all submit and wishes to change go away and even forgot all about it.True. If the leaders used to go in the cars and policemen did not block roads and they from point A to point B got as ordinary citizens and were traveling for hours they after two of three trips would think, that was not all okay with the planning and it's necessary to change the old one to the new in order on Roads movement was not chaotic. Several days ago I went by car from Manhattan where I live in a hospital in Brooklyn and from First Avenue to get to 11 and then go on the highway along the Hudson River. We constantly have stopped at numerous intersections and distance 30 km we have overcome in 2 hours! It was a record quiet movement, we went usually spent an hour or hour and a half. On the roads of the city millions of cars, almost two rows of streets and avenues are reserved for parking the car because there is no place to park, everywhere there are paid parking with high prices per hour, per day, per month and people should go in this chaos.
   During the construction of my modern compact city terrain does not make any difference, the construction machinery allows leveling the relief cut to fill,
  dump trucks can move millions of cubic meters of earth, sand, gravel for tens of miles. More than three thousand years in ancient Egypt, slaves without any machinery built grandiose pyramid, today a modern city may build without any problem-the desire and need to determine the area of construction. Moreover, the construction of new and reconstruction of old town is the primary task of the Government and as in former years it will give many hundred billion dollars mane decades ago in USA was a program of landing a man on the Moon, and if it
  was put on the shoulders of private companies scarcely cosmonauts descended on the Moon. Shorter it was strategy of Government. And now the government should support program reconstruction of cities and construction of modern city and it will create huge benefits for Environment- emission of harmful exhaust gases can be reduced by half by reducing the travel time in the city and shortening the number of cars. Since public transport will run like clockwork what sense to go by the car and then look parking, in this city will no longer be the order to leave the car on the Main Avenues and even inside the block on the roads, you can leave the car only on special parking lots. On the roads may only stop buses, taxis and special cars, trucks and the trailers carrying food, products, furniture and other items to the stores enter the stores inside it. The transitions across the Main Avenues will be only underground, they will be with the big space, and there will be organized trade of souvenirs, work of artists with great benefit to the people. For public transport I allot three lines, by the first line will be constantly moving buses around the block in order to reduce distance of walking of people. In the center of the block allocates area for places of sports and entertainment, fountains, sports palaces, theaters, other objects. This is a real city compact easy-to-life and entertainment, imagine what will be the economy around, from fuel for vehicles to the water-ecological clean city, fewer emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere for what now all mankind fight, and for the preservation of the environment. The green house effect is dangerous, ice of the Arctic and Antarctic may smelt, for several meter water rise in the oceans and part of the island states as the territory on the continents will be under water and even disappear from the face of the Earth. If the heads of states decide reconstruct old town and build compact modern cities then it is possible to avoid this threat.
   I do not think that someone count my designed compact modern city is the fruit of an insane imagination, fantasy. 80 years ago during the severe crisis in America, in New York buildings 60, 80 and 102 floors were built, now building constructed 150, 200 floors and then more to pave on the ground Main Avenues is generally no problem. With regard to the definition of the boundaries of the city
  the first line of building block measure 1000 to 1000 meters take the side of the sea, rivers and even the field and the first highway paving at the same level without any flyovers according to my project two six-lane highway divided with 10 meter walkway and platforms, sites- bus stops. In order to allow people to get on the bus. to walk or ride a bicycle and do not interfere with traffic on the highways, underground passages are laid where you can organize trade souvenir, exhibition of paintings and works of local artists, in one block along the line and there will be five people do not have a long walk to go highway. In this first not too busy road in certain places will be the turn for cars in the opposite direction did not affect the overall traffic. Since inside the building will be built and they need to approach the laid at a certain place through a six-lane road in both directions to and from the buildings Inside the unit is not heavy traffic at intersections and traffic lights will be installed for the transfer of people across the road. Inside the block assigned area of 250X 250 meters for cultural entertainment, sports, recreation, and other miniature park. Since the city is huge and with time there people will work, learn and entertain some units will becompletely set aside for these purposes, university, enterprises, stadiums and other institutions. People living in these blocks can be overcome only thing a maximum distance of 400 meters to get to the bus stop and of his choice to sit in local bus stopping at every block and speed bus stopping after two or three blocks. Having only one change may be without any headaches quickly get from point A to point B. In order that during the transition from one stop to another on the perimeter of the unit will be constantly moving buses and thus reduce the time people go. If you have time and desire, you can go walking. In order to properly navigate the city, each unit will have a number and eventually a city of 10 million inhabitants will consist in 1200 blocks and have a size of 40 by 30 km. hence his cross at different levels do not intersect at the same level 120 highways. so that the city developed the previews task architects will create many interesting design of buildings and external. interior decoration and holding events to attract tens of millions of tourists, Marathon races, races on conventional and racing cars on the highways of the city from point A to point B, and because these events will be broadcast to the whole world that revenues will be just astronomical.
  If you brain you can do many events that attract tens of millions of tourists and billions of TV viewers, the city will be filled with bright vibrant attractive life these revenues will be spent to cover the costs for the construction of this modern compact city.
   Substantial savings will be around, by laying communications lines to use, and the use of solar and wind energies on the roofs of skyscrapers may be positioned around the perimeter of the solar panels and wind turbines- at an altitude of 300-800 meters constantly blowing strong winds and it will bring huge benefits. Since we live in an electronic age that every resident and coming people will have an electronic guide and it is only gain the place in which it wants to go-to point B from point A is then he will get a few of the shortcuts and selecting convenient and liked If walking is not far away if the bus to go to him. Each block is part of the North, East. South and West, street names, house numbers are so oriented in the big city will be simple. It should be noted that life of people in this city will be different from ours, the apartments will not serve as an indicator of luxury as well as function, what is the point that in the 4 bedroom apartment had three of San node and two bathrooms, the cornerstone in the flat TV and computer with which every person will receive or send information to the outside world.
   Now let's talk about how to speed up the construction of a city and how from tens of millions of tourists to extract multi-billion dollar profits Suppose the construction of a city of which the media have brought to the inhabitants of our planet and, in principle, everyone has an idea that it is and mentally to weigh up what use he can derive if to live or gain lot of territory, if not even completely block in which there will be shops, hotels, cultural, leisure, sports and health centers. Here, of course there will be investors who will invest billions or tens of billions of dollars and accelerate the construction of the area so that as soon as possible to extract profits. For the construction of the long-term city investors fly off like flies to honey. But we can go even further and propose building blocks, blocks, even to foreign countries but with one condition, all will be in the spirit of national life and culture and as each sees a clear picture what profit can derive for himself then he immediately try to imagine his object in the best architectural view, shorter partly to represent his country and in this city there will be Chinese, Russian, British, Indian and other blocks. Since each State will be interested in the fact that as possible as many tourists visited their block and left as much money and get the maximum profit the spirit of competition for tourists will make to think that it is possible to create something unusual to attract attention. The prospect of development of such city a breath-taking, in the world there are many rich people and all fans to see something new, extraordinary, and this new city will push them to see it. There is only one nonstop movement along the way
   in an open bus to race around the highways of the city at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and see the building blocks with a variety of architecture, or call into quarters and wander through the shops, restaurants, theaters and other places will attract tens of millions of people. To receive the guests it's necessary to build a huge airport with shops, bars and restaurants. You can describe a lot but the cornerstone for the construction of these cities will need working hands and head engineers, architects and other professions of people in this city will be construction boom and it may be infinite, the city will grow and pull on a country's economy and improve the living standard of the inhabitants, and so as it is known that the movement is life for such a movement needs a high income citizens. Construction of the city provides the opportunity and push people to create something that will accelerate the pace of construction and to facilitate its work. Mankind has entered a new era when people can implement any sensible ideas into reality-modern super strong and light materials, construction machi- nery, dump trucks and mixers, any project is subject to man. Of course, the most important thing that there was peace and the construction of these cities would transform the thinking of many leaders to the fact that you can extract a huge profit not only selling weapons and but on giving people new cities radically changing the face of our life and the representation of it. When people live well, meet and communicate it strengthen peace and lost the notion of evil people trying to take another's property and do harm or evil, no one needs to be someone else. Communication, to strengthen peace and friendship between them.
   For a visual representation of the city, I designed it, built up with block construction and layout model. See photos and please send reviews, would you like to live in it or go for fun. And no less interesting for you to read my fiction novel "Notes of the chronicler of the life on Earth from 2050 by 2096 and travel
  to distant planet "Approxima".
   Anatoliy Sibilov, New York, July 1, 2015
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
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