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Aismcs, whether is itnecessare

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   Anatoliy Sibilov
   Modern compact Cibilla City. Whether is it necessary to mankind?
   Ladies and gentlemen, I have designed a compact modern Cibilla City that its right planning is different from all of our cities with ugly conglomeration of curves, oblique, round, streets, alleys and dead ends on the legacy inherited from ancient times from which traffic including buses becomes critical, non-effective, people lose a little wasted time, money and health of prolonged stops at many crossroads and from the huge dispersion of the city from which the way and the time of movement increase sharply, then the emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere multiplied, and the disastrous consequences known to mankind. It"s now when about 8 billion the world's population, and if at the beginning of 2101 will be about $ 12 billion the city of 20 -30 million people everyday occurrence. In general, it's not impossible to imagine what chaos will be on the roads. Therefore, understand me right at the given moment I do not call anybody to do reconstruction of cities as this pleasure is very expensive but very useful and necessary-some skyscrapers and other objects standing in the way of laying Highways have to be destroyed but owners hardly will agree, be disappointed, destruction and transport of waste will require an additional hundreds of billions of dollars. and from this I offer on level empty place adjacent to the ocean, sea, lake, river, or a virgin forest to begin construction this CibillaCity. And these cities will be built not in one country but in all countries which have the financial, human, technical capabilities in the first place and good natural resources in the entrails of the earth. Having built the first 12 building blocks with a population of 240 000, and area 4 to 3 kilometers it will be immediately clear whether this city have the opportunity to expand further and to what magnitude. So I assure all at once, a rebuilt city with interesting architecture of buildings, cultural, entertainment, sports and wellness facilities and parks in the centre of blocks will attract millions of tourists and billions of dollars in profits and employment of hundreds of thousands in the future with the expansion of the city of millions of people of various professions. Only then when the city will gain it contour (12 building blocks) all at once it becomes clear that the need to rebuild the city, leave them in their original form with all the nightmare traffic or over time they will become deserted ghost towns. People will have the choice to live in a compact city without the headaches and loss of time and money on long trips from point A to point B, or continue to stand in countless traffic jams of ancient cities. My city is built of building blocks separated by the Main Avenues uncrossing at the same level that allows transport to move non-stop, fast, people sitting in a bus admiring views of the city from what it takes their breath away and the pride seizes people who have built such an amazing compact modern Cibilla city.
   It is a pity that my appeal to the authorities, in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV are not supported by them and in fact I suggest really feasible project that will bring real benefits to the people. Of course, I guess people of envy having become like an ostrich hide buried in the sand thinking that if they will not write, not talk about my project or not show my model of the Cibilla city and world will not know me. Do not worry, the film posted on YouTube and people watch and write reviews. Only you do not have the courage to tell and by the media bring to the general public that this project will facilitate your life and future generations. So you hiding information about my project are doing a disservice to yourselves. That is why I urge you to convey to the public the project of my modern Cibilla City, power, people join in the discussion and if many will vote positively the government will provide land for the construction of City 4 to 3 kilometers, financial support, the investors put money in building, and the first 12 blocks will be built and with time in the near future 20-30 million inhabitants will live in City, and then it will consist of 1,000 or 1,200 building blocks built and covers an area of 40 by 25 kilometers, or 40 by 30 kilometers all depends from number of storeys, That's why I repeat you understand me right I did not call anybody at the moment do reconstruction of cities as this pleasure is very expensive but very useful and necessary, let's first construct only a small part of the city according to my project, and all at once it will be clear and do not try to claim my project as your own . My film posted on YouTube. It would be nice if someone help me to make a big model of the city and put it on display in a museum or the people at the shows. Sincerely, Anatoly Sibilov.
  And no less interesting for you to read my fiction novel "Notes of the chronicler of the life on Earth from 2050 by 2096 and travel to distant planets approximation" -Zhurnal "samizdat". Sibilov Anatoly Ivanovich.Samizdat and Zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/s/sibilew_a_i/ or go to YouTube anatoliy sibilov. click My Channel and see my film Anatoliy
  Sibilov New Cbilla City.
   Anatoliy Sibilov, New York, July 27, 2015
   Tel: (212) 410 3962 E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
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