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the Rise of Greek Economy

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   Anatoly Sibilov
   The real rescue plan for Greece, the revival of its economy. Greek miracle, a showcase of the European Union!
   Ladies and gentlemen, Heads of State of the European Union, Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland. The great Greek scientist Archimedes of Syracuse said, "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth from space -Dos moipu sto, kai tan gan kinaso" and I will add on my own, "Give me the opportunity to provide a small area, it is desirable to mainland Greece by the sea of size 10 X 10 km and with the financial assistance of the EU countries we will build a new modern compact ecologically clean Cibilla City according to my project, planning which create a miracle and change the idea of Greece, the economic boom in the years and decades will increase employment not only in it but also in all countries of the European Union.
   To revive the economy and provide useful work for millions of people is necessary except money have a goal what to do and from what will be the benefit for many decades in the future that would attract people and they pay money for it. Judging by how the European Union to lent money to Greece and the debt is approaching $ 400 billion and you once again borrow 90 billion Euros and then it has to borrow more and more many times and never repay the debt I propose a real plan for economic recovery, then return invested money and debt, annual profits and attracting millions of workers, civil servants, engineers, architects and other professionals not only the residents of Greece but and the EU. I propose to implement my project construction modern, compact, ecologically clean, I should say demonstration of the city, showcase not only in Europe but throughout the world. It is convenient for people's lives and work of urban transport in which the eternal, high-speed, non-stop endless traffic and anyone without the headache gets from point A to point B in a short period of time. No subway, bus only, private cars, taxis and trucks.
   This miracle Cibilla City due to its architecture, planning, originality, warm sea, cheap products and services attract tens of millions of people, tourists come to admire this city of Greece, Europe, America and other countries of the world. And this is a job for those who will serve them. Since in Europe there are rich states then common efforts they can build a city that can surpass the beauty and originality of the city of the UAE and Greece will pay off in no distant future with debts approaching $ 450 billion. But in order for this project to materialize and the money was not stolen it needs to establish a council for the project in which from Greece and from each country taking part and financiers its there were representatives and they have been conducted and fully controlled over the flow of finance and execution of the construction of roads, communications and building of this project.
   To accelerate the construction of the city due to financial investments, loans of the governments of European countries and without it will not be possible to move the economy up and attract wealthy sponsors necessary media to convey to the citizens of Greece, Europe and the planet, about my developed project. It will have an idea of what he is and is mentally in the mind are assessing what benefit can be derived if invest in the construction, real estate acquisition or purchase of land territory, if not even completely block in which will there be shops, hotels, cultural, leisure, sports and health centers. Here, of course there will be investors who will invest tens of billions of dollars and accelerate the construction of the area so that as soon as possible to receive profit from the tens of millions of tourists and fans to see something new original from different countries. For the construction of the long-term investors city fly off like flies to honey. But we can go even further and propose building blocks, blocks not only to the countries of Europe building a large communal house, a modern city, but even to other countries of our world with the condition, all in the spirit of national life to culture and as each sees a clear picture of how much can have for himself then immediately try to imagine the object in the best architectural mapping, shorter partly to represent his country and in this city there will be Chinese, Russian, British, Indian and other quarters. Since each state is interested in the fact that more tourists visited their quarter and left as much money and get the maximum profit here the spirit of competition and contest for tourists it will make people to think that you can create for an extraordinary appeal. The prospect of development of the city breathtaking, only non-stop race along the way in an open bus around the Main Avenues of the City at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and see the building blocks with a variety of architecture, or call into quarters and wander through the shops, restaurants, theaters, swimming in a warm sea and other places will attract tens of millions of people. To receive the guests need a huge airport with shops and restaurants. It can describe a lot but the cornerstone for the construction of these cities will need working hands and head engineers, architects and people of other professions in the city building boom may be infinite, the city will grow and develop the economy of Greece, and it can be the locomotive that drags Europe and it will be a model of imitation for other countries. The rise of the economy, the employment of millions of people will lead to a real increase the standard of life of inhabitants and since it is known that the movement is life for the such movement it needs high income of citizens. The construction of these cities offers such an opportunity and will push people to create something that will accelerate the pace of construction and to facilitate its work. Mankind has entered a new era when people can implement any sensible ideas into reality-super strong and light modern materials, construction machinery, dump trucks and mixers, any project is subject to man. Of course, the most important thing that there was peace and the construction of these cities will transform the thinking of many leaders to the fact that you can not extract a huge profit by selling weapons and on giving people new cities radically changing the face of our life and the representation of it. When people live well, meet and communicate it to strengthen peace and friendship between them.
   If you are interested to bring the economy out of the chaos in Greece and it did not have an eternal debtor, not lived with handouts of a rich Europe, remained in the same European Union and it's not broken up into pieces that I suggest my plan to create the Greek miracle and you set contact with me. I suggest that is not a fantasy but a reality! Immediately I noticed the higher the buildings in the block the less territory of the city and with a population of 2 million inhabitants it can occupy an area of 50 to 70 sq km 10 X 7 km. Fantastic! This city can not only travel by car but walk up and down .
   For a visual representation of the city designed by me, I created model of block and presented it, see photos and reviews, please send remark: Would you like to live in it or go for fun? And please go to You Tube anatoliy sibilov see Sincerely, Anatoly Sibilov
   July 11, 2015
   Anatoly Sibilov, New York
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
   Tel: (212) 410 3962
   Go to YouTube anatoliy sibilov click My Channel and see my movie Anatoliy Sibilov New Cbilla City and see my pictures in Attachment. No any virus
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