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The Treasure Hunters. Three ages in the Womb of Octopus

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Anatoliy Sibilov

Treasure hunters of a sunken caravel "Hispaniola " Three years in the belly of an octopus.

Adventure and love story .


Dear editor, good day.

I, Sibilov, Anatoliy Ivanovich, was born December 7, 1936 in the USSR, Novosibirsk, graduated from institute, NISI, I am civil engineer. From 1969 to 2000, I lived in the Ukraine, the station Dachna, 20 km from Odessa. November 29, 2000 from Moscow came flying to the United States, the same day I was in New York and a few days later got a shelter Peters Place, a shelter for the homeless fnd the elderly-60 years old or older. I lived among them for 3 years and 4 months , since April 1, 2004 I was given a small well-equipped apartment for singles, studio, and I lived up to April 12, 2007, in Manhattan, Chelsea, three minutes from Peters Place. The rent was 200 dollars a month, the remaining $ 400 paid city officials including electricity, water, heating and television.
I got to a decent, kind, honest Americans, they helped me to do all the papers and thus gave me, a refugee from Ukraine, the right to live in the United States and enjoy all the benefits of American. Although I still do not have the certificate of American citizen but in May 2006 received a Green Card and since my life is inextricably coupled to Peters Place. I am constantly in contact with the leaders of the Peter's Place and those who join the ranks of the homeless including my wife, who arrived by air to the United States April 19, 2005 and received all of benefits . December 18, 2006 she was granted one bedroom studio in building near the Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan and New York: colorful neon signs blazing in the afternoon and at night, idly wandering crowds of tourists from all over the world. But we has lived in it for only three months, we have moved to a new large one bedroom apartment in Harlem, we are living with April 12, 2007, rent is $ 280 per month plus electricity is about $ 36, the phone -$ 80 and cable TV + Russian channel NTV $ 35.
In their apartments it was hard to sleep from the noise of cars and trucks. Now we have not any problem with sleep: our flat on the fourth floor, the windows overlooking into the courtyard, the street is far away, there are trees flowers, the squirrels with fluffy tails come to us, they rapidly fly from branch to branch. In the city they are every-where, the birds are singing from the early morning till night, it's much nicer than listen to the roar of cars and trucks.
I didn't lose time in vain and in my free time wrote humor, science fiction, fairy tales in verse and prose about love, drew pictures with crayons. Now I bring to your attention my interesting adventure and romance novel "Treasure Hunters of a sunken caravel "Hispaniola. "Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus".

Thank you for your attention.
April 27, 2012

Anatoly Sibilov

My address is:
Anatoliy Sibilov
309 East 118th Str, Apt # 4D,
New York, NY 10035 , USA
Tel 1 (212) 410 3962

Summary of the adventure and love story" Treasure Hunters of a sunken caravel "Hispaniola". "Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus".
Johnny Gray, the son of a fishing trawler captain, from a childhood dreamt to find a sunken ship with treasure, he shared his thoughts with his father, he thought, if it 's serious to aim to find treasure, in our time people armed with the knowledge, possessing modern technology, skillfully managing with it under water even at depths of 100-200-400 feet it's possible to find anything. Johnny was capable guy, his parents didn't spare funds and in the several years of study he became a marine archaeologist. He was near four years in the marine science expedition in the Mediter-ranean organized by Russian billionaire Victor Medvedev to search for the lost Atlantis. Labor wasn't in vain: there were found under water amphorae of wine, olive oil, marble plates with gold ornaments possible for lining palaces and statues to decorate the lost city. On up-to-date ship " Athens" , he met with the young people, participants of saiing and they often remembered Mel Fisher who found the sunken galleons "Saint Margaret" and "Nuestra Senora de Atocha" near Florida with treasure worthed hundreds of millions of dollars.
Once Johnny had a prophetic dream, from the deck of the ship he saw a strange island covered with black sand and on it a naked girl with the appearance of a Spanish from head to toe were hung with coral beads, gold and silver chains, chains hanging from them pearls, precious stones sparkling in the sun. He swam to her monds when he was found himself near girl they flew down and suddenly found ourselves in a room , beautiful girls lay on the floor, standing next to three warriors with peaks. Seeing the beauty and a young man a warrior shot him a peak, but Johnny caught it in flight , shot in him and killed on the spot. He and beauty came in another room filled with jewels, at the top a platinum tiara sprinkled with blue diamonds which the girl wanted to get. Johnny reached for the tiara, picked it up and threw tiara to beauty and it flew into her arms. Johnny jumped down and woke up...he was on the floor. He remembered his blue dream to find buried treasure under water and decided to leave work and should go to Spain and Portugal in search of ancient maps and documents of shipwrecks. Father helps with money and in the Museum of Malaga, Spain, he finds a picture painted by an unknown artist- a sinking ship in a whirlpool near the strange island covered with black sand and in addition on the deck he sees the beauty he saw in a dream. Johnny meets a beautiful lady , guide, tied a love story, he tries to use it to find the historical document which sheds light on the story but he does not find , breaks up with her and starts to Lisbon , Portugal, where falls in love with a beautiful girl serving library, she loves him and helps to find an important historical document, "Notes of a Duke Alvarsky", witness to the catastrophe , he lists not only treasures but also the approximate coordinates of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola". The treasure hunters from Spain is looking for this document but Carmen hides Notes, she knows that for his loss she faces a prison and disappears for a while, Johnny thinks that his girlfriend drowned, he leaves Portugal and returns to Alaska, but before Johnny sends his picture Shipwreck "Hispaniola" to ship "Athens" with hidden in it "bugs", they send a signal to a satellite, to baffled those Spaniards who follow the Johnny who knows the coordinates of the sunken ship "Hispanio-la". "He tells his father about done work, he is delighted with the found documents and organizes the search of sunken ship with treasure, Johnny calls fellows of naval expedition, they come and go full preparations to sail for treasure, they modernize father's trawler and buy a house in Florida near Miami, it is their base.
In January 2005 the father -captain, Johnny and four young men go in search of a drowned ship with treasure, they find not only the sunken "Hispaniola" but get into the belly of a giant octopus it is a wonder they meet the survivors of four young beauties and seven Spaniards, older knights, they have lived more than three hundred years in a strange underwater palace, and countless treasures. Johnny falls in love in one of them, everyone goes back to the trawler taking with him a small part of the wealth. From joy they report about it a TV Company video, a documentary, about their stay in the underwater palace, Spaniards and treasure, people around the world saw it. Pirates from Hong Kong saw a documentary, their apparatus spotted satellite broadcast from the approximate location of the transfer. The leader Chun Lu E, "One-Eyed Beast" with its 18 fighters flew in Miami to intercept the trawler with the riches, the flight was delayed in Tokyo, he called to his friend, the drug lord Carlos with joint efforts of 33 gangsters to seize them ship with treasure. Carlos agreed but unfortunately for all of them ended in failure, and death, the father, son and their faithful friends became possessors of countless riches.
Johnny and Sophia-Spaniard fell in love , she tried to keep him so that he did not leave her and did not go down with his friends in the belly of an octopus for the remaining treasures but they beckoned them. Sofia wishes them good luck and because of favorable circumstances they are not going down into the womb find wealth on the surface of a giant octopus. Meanwhile, a hurricane sweeps near Miami, he destroys the house where there were Spaniards, mother of Johnny and guarding their young man Ray. He directs the actions on their safety and rescues during the flood, at first they float on the tree, get into the ocean, get over a barge in the morning see the submarine, it rushes to him, pops up next to the barge on the bridge submarine Johnny 's father, team members rise, joyful meeting in the ocean. Everyone talks about his adventures, Johnny pulls out a handful of gems, all admire with ones, he says that in the submarine gems, gold and jewelry as much as they could carry ...
Adventure ends, they rebuilt the destroyed house, share the treasures, the four girls find princes of love, arranged marriage, happy life does not last long, at birth Sofia dies, all in mourning, born girl is alive and well, the world finds out that the woman who lived more three hundred years, but during gave birth has gone to the other world. The news spread all over the planet, and Johnny soon received a letter from Portugal from Carmen, she was still alive and gave birth to a boy. On the phone he communicates with her and invites Carmen in Miami, she agrees, arrives to him, they are happy to meet again, he tells parents and friends about Carmen, her role in this story and she told him about the mistakes made by her that they lost each other . From the story of Carmen Johnny finds out how to the library came nephew of Russian businessman, organizer of the expedition to the "Athens" Semen Sorokin and tying amour affair with the head of the archive department Gorrieda Seсora Maria de Sanchez obtained in a handwritten "Notes" of the Duke of Alvarsky "Shipwreck of "Hispaniola" and learns of the treasures lying in the hold of a sunken caravel . Semen parts with signora Maria and with a young Signorini they leave Lisbon to go to the " Athens" to sail for treasure of sunken "Hispaniola". Signora Maria is shocked by the betrayal of Russian handsome but her happiness to the library comes a young Italian, another treasure hunter, they fall in love each other and to take vengeance on Semen lady sends to new friend the coordinates of the sunken "Hispaniola" with the treasure and Carlo with divers on the modern ship "Margarita" sails to the shores of Florida.
Russian researchers in the "Athens" having thrown the search of lost Atlantis and the Spanish, Italian drug dealers on "Margarita" sailed to the place near the coast of Florida where the octopus with sunken caravel "Hispaniola" in the holds of which lay the treasure went on the bottom. What is the most interesting in this story they were able to pick up on the deck five chests of gold and silver coins. Semen, who had promised to signora Maria, Carmen and Sofia for "Notes" for consideration a reward, sent each of them a million euros and jewelry. But as the search is over and the "Margarita" came back in Syracuse and Carlo had promised to return to signor Maria disappeared with the treasures she without hesitation appealed to the private detective's office to the handsome detective Philipp Salazar for help to find a cheater Carlo. Having fell in love with her detective starts to Sicily, in Syracuse he finds Giuseppe Carrere, the captain of "Margaret"and gets to know an interesting story about the disappearance of two of the five chests with gold and silver coins picked up by divers from the hold of the sunken "Hispaniola". It turns out that Carlo and the captain decided to steal them and pass on to his mafia only three. Agreeing with his cousin Marcel , he sailed on a boat with the faithful pals sailed on cutter to "Margarita" at the appointed time, as soon as she passed Gibraltar they under the guise of the pirates with masks on their heads caught up two chests and Carlo. Safely arriving to shore Carlo took his chest with gold and silver coins, said goodbye to Marcel and left in an unknown direction. Captain Giuseppe with Marcel find out from detective that signora Maria transmitted the coordinates of the sunken caravel" Hispaniola" to Carlo what he said earlier that he has agreed upon her arrival with the material evidence, to give her 400 gold and 750 silver coins, according to the captain he raised from the bottom the trunk and in it there were 1200 gold and 3000 silver coins.
The detective returned to Lisbon, told all his signor Maria and taking with him a photo where she is in the Canary Islands in the arms of Carlo and a copy of the "Notes" of the Duke of Alvarsky flew together with Philip to Sicily, to the captain Giuseppe. Havi seen the charming busty signora Maria, where she was photographed with Carlo and having read the "Notes" where was indicated amount of gold and silver coins carried on the "Hispaniola " Giuseppe and Marcel singled out her promised 400 gold and 750 silver coins. Returning to Lisbon signora Maria having known what role in this surprising story plaied signora Carmen and signora Sofia singled out to them each for 100 gold and 150 silver coins. But as the signora Maria was in principle that decided with the help of her husband's detective Philip Carlo to find a former her lover or those who killed him for the treasure , but that's another story. Read the adventure and romance novel "Treasure Hunters sunken caravel "Hispaniola". Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus". and you will learn in detail how it all happened.

Anatoliy Sibilov

"Treasure Hunters sunken caravel " Hispaniola"

Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus. "

Adventure and love story

My name is John, Johnny Gray, 28 years old, I was born in a small suburb of Anchorage, in the north, cold and bleak state of America Alaska on a warm, summer, June, sunny day, the seventh day of 1977. My father and mother was overjoyed, they invited relatives, friends and neighbors to celebrate this momentous event. My father, his name is Victor, was born in Russia but in the last days of the war being found in Germany met a charming blue-eyed blonde American Julia Douglas and getting married he has changed his last name Sedoy on Gray. So, my father often told me how he and my mother placed the long wide brown oak tables under beautiful red-and-mighty golden maples, ornate silver birches whitish, amidst of dwarf apple trees, flowers and roses. Each of the seven tables was covered with white cloth stood bottle of French champagne and seven decanters of home-made raspberry-cranberry liqueur long-term exposure ( when mom and dad got married they became to prepare wine to celebrate my birthday. They thought that I will be born in nine months later but in fact gave birth to me only after seven years. Parents did not sit idly, all these years they make wine in the summer days, bottles stored in a dry basement for better times ), five -liter jugs Smirnoff vodka, a Cuban rum, Scotch whiskey, Spanish brandy, soda and mineral water, juices and beverages, and as a decoration in crystal vases were fragrant fresh field and garden flowers, white and red roses. Mom and her helpers prepared a variety of appetizers, stuffed fish, aspic beef, sausage, salami, ham on the plate in abundance lay slices of bacon, herring, salmon roe, chum salmon, pink salmon, crab, roasted goose with apples and plums bacon, cheese, all kinds of fruit, candy, cakes, pies malic - shorter banquet tables laden with an abundance of drinks and dishes.
Many guests gathered in the garden: mostly relatives, friends, sailors, fishermen like my father plowed the sea by seiners, trawlers and schooners catching fish and crayfish. As only all the invited guests in elegant suits and dresses sat at banquet tables in the open air under a canvas awning my mother brought me to show everyone. She looked at all of her happy with joy blue eyes as skies, smile and said: "My dear guests, I, my husband Victor and our newborn baby are happy to see you, please, drink to the health of the handsome son Johnny, future sailor fisherman, together with his father would catch white fish and red crabs, pour, help yourself, feel free to make yourself at home, smile, have fun. Cheers!"
Guests poured into glasses champagne, vodka, brandy, wine, if desired, shouted "Urrraa, cheers" and drank in one gulp to the bottom. My father got up from the table, went to his mother with two glasses in hand, looked at the guests, smiled and poured out in full view of all on my head champagne and salty sea water and said: "Our dear guests, my toast: drink for health and happiness of our baby, sturdy cild, if he has not cried I assure you my son Johnny will be healthy, strong, lucky sailor fisherman like me, do not hesitate to pick up the glasses , drink, enjoy, sing, have fun, dance, we love you."
"For Johnny , for Johnny" all cried out in unison and drank another glass of vodka, began to ring forks, spoons, guests cheered, talking, one of the guests shouted: "Mr. Victor, please the music, let's dance, need to warm up."
Dad left the table, gave my mother bells, took an accordion, they began to play, sang their favorite song, the jaunty folk fishermen " The whole day fishermem were catching crayfish", guests became merry, joined in, sang cheerfully and soon began to dance. Outdoor fete would have continued accorin my father's plan at least a week but on the third day in the evening from Sunday to Monday the weather changed dramatically, blew cold north wind, degan the drizzling rain. Guests stood firm and didn't leave the tables: there were a lot of bottles of vodka, rum, wne, sea food was unbroken, black caviar, buzhanina and dried sturgeon attracted all and somehow unexpectedly rushed hurricane. According to my dad at the moment all the tents blew and they flew into the sky like a butterfly, it started to rain , it poured down in torrents , all of the guests said goodbye and promised to come in the morning and instantly went home. Father upset: all the snacks along with carafes of wine, vodka, brandy washed away from the tables, he returned to the house and tired immediately fell on a soft bed to sleep.
In the morning, about ten o'clock, my mother woke him up , he got dressed and went to the window, looked up and came to the gloom, the rain did not stop, all the tables were floating among the birches , maples and apple trees , no bottles, no snacks, everything was carried out by streams of muddy water. He realized that guests today are not even come in waders, dad gave up as lost in frustration and went to sleep.
From early childhood, I like many of my friends-boys loved the sea , the ocean , and often with my beloved father , courageous fisherman Victor Gray on his big modern trawler "The Seagull" went to fish and crabs, dad taught me to swim, tempered, bathed in cold water , and that's why in my life I had never been sick. I have to say , my cherished dream of finding under water for any old drown ship loaded with gold, silver coins , precious metals , jewelry and articles of the ancient Inca captured and looted by Spanish conquestadors and other adventurers who tried on fragile sailing ships to cross the Atlantic Ocean and thus to deliver a treasure fell into their hands in the Old World.
My dream arised not on blank space but from the set of read in my spare time books about the adventures and travels, as well as the pirates watched the movie on the same subject . In my imagination pictured fantastic pictures of sailing by Atlantic Ocean Spanish and Portuguese galleons holds of which were fully packed with gold and silver coins, goods, swords, halberds, pikes, adornments of precious stones, brave pirates attacked the poorly defended ships. Often during the fight they sink with countless riches, sometimes the piratic ships with the looted treasures after fierce battles with the royal military caravels went down with treasure. But other than that flared at sea or oceanic storms threw ships as wood chips, torn sails, broken masts like matchsticks and all the good along with the sailors and passengers took to the abyss, though nothing scares people, yet even more ships sailed and more ones sank with riches. Before my eyes I see the giant height waves, they roll on the fragile little ships, rolled over them, and all who did not stay on the deck washed away over board into the boiling , bubbling waters of the seas , Atlantic , panic, screams, the ships crack , they do not stand up and begin to sink.
I am not just imagining but very often I was witness of suddenly flared storms : many times went with my father to sea to catch fish, crabs and in such moments I felt myself terribly-even modern vessels of metal could not stand, cracked, went to the bottom. God spared us, our trawler tossed like a chip among of many feet waves. My father, sea dog, with twenty years of experience tried to choose a course in such a way that the waves do not hit in the boards. I say frankly such voyages steeled me as in any way my dad wanted me to have inherited a courageous profession fisherman and promised to buy me a trawler after my training.
I not only read but also shared my thoughts with my father about countless drowned riches, he carefully listened to me and said: "Dear Johnny, I would advise you to take sheet of paper and mark on it about places of the most intense battles where ships sank, besides many caravels went to Europe with jewelry, got in the storm and went to the bottom. I understand the books about pirates and their adventures written about this a little, more or less accurate information you can get from reliable sources , from the archives stored in the libraries of Spain and Portugal. I notice you are at odds with the sea, our trawler and technique which she has. When I retire on a pension you"ll take my place, but the main thing you try to learn, continue to read books, magazines, drew a map of cemeteries wrecks. I'll tell you secretly: if you find a place of drowned ship with treasure I even throw fishing with and start with you to search one if you convince me, you know , we have to return the spent money."
I looked at my father and said, "Dad, you have given me good advice, it's necessary not only to read but also to learn a variety of marine science and master modern technology and I am armed with the knowledge I can with the time with you try to hunt for drowned long time ago caravels with their myriad reaches, the game is worth the candle, but for that we need more money, luck and good friends, thank you."
"My son learn and if you prove to me what can you do I"ll help you with money, modernize our trawler with the latest technology and go on a treasure hunt."
Father did not spare funds for my education, in New York his sister Miss Rose lived, and I flew to her to acquire knowledge . My mom Julia at first objected to this trip, but my father told her that I without higher education would continue to toil fisherman coupled with everyday dangers. People know about ones firsthand, there have been case when the storm took the ship to the bottom with all crew. She agreed with the arguments of his father, I say goodbye to my parents at the airpor and by jetliner Boeing 747 flew to New York, city of business, culture, science, knowledge and entertainment of New York City, located on the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
Aunt Rose, a pretty, blue-eyed, golden-haired, busty, leggy blonde, middle-aged swimmer-coach met me at the airport with a big smile on her beautieul face, with open arms and flowers. We shook hands, kissed, then rushed by the car to the new dark Ford in the Bronx where she lived in a luxurious two-bedroom apartment. The city struk my imagination: tall skyscrapers, neon multicolor advertising and infinite string of trucks, dump trucks and cars, all different, all colors and brands, old and new. Twenty minutes we lost at the entrance to the tunnel crossing the East River, were crawling like a turtle and finally moved to Manhattan, the heart of the capital of the world, rode in the middle of a man-made rock-skyscrapers in Down Town, finally, not only saw but touched the two majestic 110 storey twin towers of the World Trade Center height 417 meters with the television tower on one of them. Leaving on the 5th Avenue we passed the 102 storey Empire State Building was built in the thirties of the Great Depression. Then, driving along 34 Street , turned into 6 Avenue , passed away Rockefeller Center of the few skyscrapers lined up in the thirties, including Radio City with the theater for 6000 seats. At 56th Street we turned to get to 7 Avenue and once on her moved to the area a temporary bypassing Times Square modern skyscrapers faced with glass. It was packed with pedestrians and tourists from the United States as well as from all over the planet, even this clear sunny day burned all the colors of the rainbow, brand names, companies were flying from the top down, the last news rushed impe-tuously from right to left .
We crossed Broadway, and reaching up to 42 Street turned in the direction of 8 Avenue and in the traffic trudged to the corner, turned right and moved to the Bronx. In a way stuck in traffic: at 53 Street during the police chase for the white " jewelers " stolen jewelry and tried to escape. Before our eyes on the street began shooting, three passers- Afro-American and two Mexicans caught in the crossfire and lay in puddle of blood on the pavement. Rushed to the scene policemen blocked the road and detours we got to her house. Only in one and a half hour after my arrival in this wonderful city we drove into the yard, my aunt sighed in relief, looked at me and said softly: "That's right, dear Johnny , each time an incident with the bloodshed, well at least we are not got under the fire, stray bullet and there is an end to it. How many innocent people are killed for nothing! This city will not just one, do not trust random pe-ople you can disappear without a trace for all. "
I gently looked at her, smiled and said, "My dear aunt Rose, spit on and take care of all the healthy, the fate did not run away, we in Anchorage have the same-people beat, rob, rape, such the kind of life we are used to it. Three years ago two young girls visiting before my trip to you disappeared and two days ago were found on the banks two deca-pitated female corpse."
She pressed my head to her ample chest and whispered: "Johnny , what are you done that you spit on everything but I can not , can you hear the beating of my weak woman's heart , and so every time the stresses arise from such heartaches, shortened life, scoundrels . You don't tell me about such bloody stories," and began to cry.
I looked at her, kissed and said: "Aunt Rose don't cry, you have such a great heart, it beats like a hammer in your ample bosom that don't embrace with both hands, smile and everything wil pass, mom and dad are doing well , he says, "Smile and smile". I promise never tell you such awful stories, I"ll do interesting and fun."
" Johnny, you comforted me , I will try to smile from the kind of life as to my chest , you exaggerate, I have it normal size. Yes, after dinner we"ll go to the pool and you"ll see, I 'm proud of my body, when I undress many men admire with my body, I"m swimmer , my girls-students have such splended bodies simply lovely sight , look, don't fall in lo-ve," she said, wiped tears, made up, powdered her face , smiled and kissed me, as I am her nephew.
We put the car in the parking lot , my aunt lived in the stone tower block, her husband Victor forty-five years old, with seventeen year old little daughter Janet were on duty at the hospital "St. Magdalena" for cardiac patients, because not were able to come to LaGuardia Airport to meet me . Elevator lifts up to the second floor, she opened the door and walked into a cozy loft apartment , it was cool as in the north in spite of outside was heat, it got through the windows inside. The air conditioner worked for a couple with a fan, my aunt sat me down on the couch, turned on the TV with a large screen and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
There was an interesting musical program of rock and roll's musicians and singers, sounded tunes of Elvis Presley, Bill Haley , Jerri Lee Lewis , Chuck Berry and I saw them on the screen. From music I cheered up, it was impossible to sit, I stood up and started to dance, I wanted the whole world to hear great hits of my idols, walked to the window, opened it and the fresh air filled with birdsong burst into the room . It turns out the apartment window looked out into the yard, maples, acacia were growing, on the branches were sitting birds twittering their melodies. I looked closer and saw a few squirrels with bushy tails jumping from branch to branch and even from tree to tree. It was interesting and fun to look out the window but somehow I suddenly heard the velvety voice of my aunt Rose silently come in the room: "Dear Johnny , I ask you to the table, lunch is ready, we"ll eat and watch your and my idols . When I became sadly I turn on the tape and I have a couple of minutes I am in a good mood, just as you open the window and turn on at full volume and enjoy the hits. Yes, they were the great performers."
" Yes, yes, my favorite aunt , it has passed so many decades but people listen to hits and enjoy of sounds of music, we remember them, the are real kings," I said and went to the table. There were a bottle of French Champagne MOET CHANDON, pizza, sandwiches, grapes and sweets. I walked to the table, we seated at the table , Aunt poured into glasses sparkling drink, we raised our glasses and charming hostess said: "My nephew , let's drink to your arrival , to our meeting, welfare, health and enter the university. Cheers".
"Thank you Aunt Rose let's drink to our meeting, the good health of all of us. Cheers," I said.
We drank sparkling drink of kings and under tunes of rock'n'roll's kings enjoyed with snacks, pizza with mushrooms, appple pies and Californian grapes. After the meal I called home, the father and mother were happy knowing that the flight went well, gave me farewell and asked Aunt Rosa strictly follow me , do not get in a bad company.
After an hour's rest Aunt Rose invited me to the indoor swimming pool where she coached the boys and girls, the future champions in swimming, I agreed and we went to the Manhattan swimming club by the subway. The train was moving faster than the car and in half an hour we entered the huge building lined with glass panels, they revealed the nearby skyscrapers and bright sun, it was very hot and in a couple of minutes we were inside, I felt a pleasant coolness. I saw a couple of young beauties, the young men with their parents, they went to join a group of swimming, we said "Good afternoon, all cried Good afternoon" and went on, came in the locker room, changed clothes and headed to the pool, no less than thirty beautiful women, girls, handsome men and boys swam in the pool. Seeing Aunt Rose they waved their hands and swam toward her, went up the site, surrounded us and gladly welcomed, we did them and one pretty brunette with short black hair and magnificent breasts looked at me and said: " Dear Miss Rose, we glad to see you with a newcomer, he's a swimmer, a young man hi, my name is Hera, I come here to do my sports figure."
I looked at her and said, " Hi , my name is Johnny , Aunt Rose invited me to go for a swim in the pool and I"ll do a few jumping from the highest tower, I'm a sailor."
" Boys and girls! Johnny is my nephew, he arrived to New York from Alaska, he is going to study at a university , however, he has not yet chosen what. And in general, he is sailor-fisherman, with his dad he fearlessly sails on a trawler and even knows how to control it, he is a brave young man, and show you what is capable of Johnny, look," said Aunt Rose and pointed to the tower.
" I am also a brave and fearless, and show your class , you will see , " said Gera .
We climbed on the thirty feet tower, all stared at us, we waved our arms to them and dived over the interval one by one and when swam to the edge of pool all greeted us and shook hands firmly. We swam for about three hours and were ready to go home, Gera kept trying to get close to me, I already at that time had a gorgeous figure, good height -57" and a pleasant face, but I tried to stay away from girls. And this babe Gera just stuck with me and when we went home before parting, she reached out her hand to kiss her. I kissed her hand and she whispered: "Johnny, go to the movies , an interesting adventure film "The Royal Pirates".
I looked at her and said: "Gera, not be offended, as soon as I pass the exams and get into a university, sure I'll go with you to the cinema, to the theater, I can't let my parents, they have invested in my education so much money, see you soon."
She looked strangely at me and upset voice said, "Well, I wish you success Johnny , see you later. "
Frustrated Hera went to the right and we did to the left
to the subway. Aunt Rose saw it all and heard but she said not a word on my acquaintance with her student . In subway and the house before the arrival of her husband and daughter, we shared our impressions about the multifaceted New York, I realized-aunt tried to distract me from fleeting encounters with this seductive girl.
In the evening, after seven hours husband Victor Aunt Rose and her daughter Janet came back home: she was good-looking girl with long hair the color of rye, blue eyes, rosy chubby cheeks and proud bearing. They brought a whole bunch of flowers and roses, everyone was happy long-awaited meeting , the last time we met in Anchorage three years ago. We greeted each other heartily embraced, kissed, sat down at a festively decorated table, hosted an evening dinner in my honor by candlelight, drank French champagne Cristal, had delicious snacks bought at the supermarket and the baked apple pie of aunt Rose. We had a jolly time, music sounded, danced, in interval I told them about our life in Alaska, handed out gifts and called home to my sweet dear parents. I have a few words shared my opinion about my experience of the great contemporary New York, then handed the phone to Aunt Rose, her husband and daughter, we said not less than half an hour, again drinking, having fun, dancing until midnight and finally tired but happy meeting went to sleep.
Frankly Janet struck my imagination with her beauty, exactly a copy of her mother, just a bit sleeker and more magnificent breasts. Of course, neither of which love and affection for her could be no question, she's my cousin, tried all the free time gave to me, drove to the theater, showed interest sightseeings of "capital of the world " and trained me to enroll at Columbia University and as she knew the purpose of my arrival, my interest in the sea, marine life , wildlife and to equipment, radar and navigation is proposed to apply to the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at this world-famous temple of knowledge and sciences at the Faculty of Computer Science . According to the information received knowledge in this department, and further having studied for the year on two other faculties in business and preserve the environment then I just get kind of knowledge that will enable me to work in exciting expeditions and they can acquire additional knowledge and skills in the maritime and underwater archeology, the study of the deep sea, the fauna and flora. Plucking the knowledge and experience I have with time digging in libraries can catch the relevant information about the shipwrecked vessels with treasure and without hesitation took the advice of my cousin to enter just in this university. Since I was at school without any problems in training, with a great desire and even ahead of knowledge of their peers that have successfully passed the entrance exams, was admitted to the university, I became a student and soon moved into a student dormitory .
Training for me was not too onerous, given easily, in parallel I studied two languages, Spanish and Portuguese , the parents were given money and as I promised Gera began to pay attention to her and once invited her first thing in the movie. When she came to the movie theater Regal in her outfit frankly eyes of young people and the girls were on her red velvet dress just above the knee with short sleeves with small neckline front and rear body-hugging her figure loomed seductive body shape of this charming girls. About long plump legs in a bright red leather sandals I am not talking as many admiring them, envied and so hard sighed .
When Gera saw me she smiled and waved to me by her plump hand and a leisurely gait came to me. I timidly walked up to her and being next quietly said: "Good evening charming Gera, your stunning beauty you are struck not only my imagination but also the people, they just admire you."
" Good evening brave sailor , you're too gorgeous, what concerns me that many admire me in the pages of women's fashion magazines and on television and learned, but I do not give a view. Frankly, your refusal to go to the movies then you made me strong suffer, now all behind us and I think our meetings will be frequent and lengthy," said Gera, squeezed my hand and smiled.
" My beautiful fairy, I can't try to predict events, you yourself have to understand, I've come here to obtain knowledge , my father is a sailor, fisherman, it's heavy dangerous work, but let's on this don't think, now we are together and it's amazing, never have thought that I"ll get acquainted with a young goddess," I whispered in her ear and kissed her on the cheek soft as a rose petal.
I led her into the hall, there also many girls, boys found out Gera , she tried to pretend that she is not who to take but nevertheless many eyes were on her. We looked through old British adventure film "WARLORDS of ATLANTIS", starring Peter Gilmore , Doug Mack Klyur , Lea Brodie and other actors. The movie we loved, joyful and happy we went by train to a many-storeyed house at 7 Avenue where she lived with her parents. When we came to the house I noticed a balconies and immediately understood rich people lived here, and in my view it's necessary to get acquain-ted with those who are equal in status. It was about ten o'clock at night, in the dark sky lit up stars, we sat on a bench and some free time sitting in silence. Gera realized that I was a bit concerned and took my hand in hers and softly said : "Johnny , what happened? Are you disappointed in me ? You was such a sociable and now wilted, relax, I'd been waiting for this meeting, tell me about how you sailed with your father to catch fish . I think it's fun and romantic, sea , seagulls, dolphins, sharks."
"Gera, a little romance, mostly hard work, especially it's difficult when the wind blows over your head and sweeps the dark clouds and darkness , one day my father caught in a storm, just a miracle that we were not washed from the deck of a huge wave which has covered our trawler. If our "Seagull" was her starboard to wave then we never met. Though I am with you and my thoughts are there, with my father, he went to catch fish and asked me not to forget about him and the most important thin,me to go back home competent and organize some business on the beach. Gera, don't be offended at me, frankly I'm not the gallant boy-friend which may dream, you will be bored with me, let's just put aside our relationship on a more later time. If I encountered with you once a week for a couple of hours less likely to suffer from this great joy. I think I'm not ready for a serious relationship, you do not drive on, solve your-self, to be frank you're beautiful . When I saw you in the swimming pool could not take my eyes off your gorgeous body and thought: will there be one day or evening when I kiss and hug so beauty?" I said and gently squeezed her hand . I do not know why but my body was so from what I kindled a passion to touch her bare plump knee and my other hand rested on her.
" Johnny , if you did not like me that we're not sitting here , I let you kiss and hug me, forget the time when we meet, I need a romance, caress and affection now, be courageous, don't be shy," she whispered and pressed her ample bosom to mine. I hugged her and started to kiss and tell you frankly at that young age I was drawn to the girls . And now her dazzling beauty and delicate body like a magnet attracted me to her, I knew that this young girl need to young dolly: affection , attention, and since Gera gave me to know that she cares about me and caress her then there could not refuse her this . Gera wanted to be closer to me, she got up, without hesitation lifted her skirt , sat on my lap, passionately looked at me with her sparkling eyes, hugged me close and whispered: "Johnny, do you love me?"
I kissed her and said quietly: "Gera , I immediately fell in love with you when I saw you, so I say I love you, my fairy and I do everything to make you feel good."
" I love you my Johnny , I'm so pleased with you, you just do not let me from your body, I'm so enervated that I can fall down," whispered Gera .
Passions were running high in me and her, Gera's body shook as in a fever, I stronger pressed her to me, she kissed me and said quietly: "My Johnny , I have reached the boiling point, I beg you to make it so that it's all over, you so provoked me."
"Gera, I didn't want this , you did sat on my lap with your lifted skirt," I said.
"My Johnny, you misunderstand me, I do not blame you, on the contrary I am so pleased and waiting for the outcome of this passion. You can't imagine me what passion is in my body, I do not know what to do-I don't want to get up and I don't wish, and generally it's fine, but I would like to make it even more enjoyable and please, you do not judge me for my frankness," whispered Gera .
" My lovely Gera, I too nice to you, you know this is going on in me that I would take you and eat," I said, and with all my strength held her and began to kiss passionately and I don't know how my hand has pulled down between her plump soft warm legs and was under her dress. Passion swept over me , my hand began to rise up, and the higher did the more it was breathtaking, a moment, and my hand was in the impasse. Hera clasped to me even more, sighed deeply, spread her legs , her hand crawled into my pants, firmly took up my dick and whispered: "Johnny , I'd much rather , I'm at the finish line, will soon be an end to desire, patience and do not let go off your hand, pat, stroke, I'm so pleased . "
I could not deny her, this was not my way to offend and cause to suffer girls so that this evening I tried very hard to not disappoint Gera . At midnight, she went home happy and in a good mood. That evening between us established strong love, we used to go to bars, a dance, kissing, hugging, and only strongly refused to see my adorable and charming fairy home, in her apartment In spite of the requests of her plea, even though she was an adult. I knew that she needed to but I did not want to go very far, we only limited caresses, kisses and pleasant chirping noncommittal words.
Once Gera invited me to the house of her friend, I heard a lot about her but never saw. She lived on Long Island and we went to her on a dark Ford belonging to my beloved. We arrived at seven in the evening, two-storey house was finished with gray tile. It was near the ocean, in a small estate grown maples, in the side was garden with flowers and roses . Strange, but for some reason her friend didn't meet us, I looked at Gera and said: "My dear fairy, I don't see your friend, where is she?"
Gera looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Johnny, she will drive up later, but in fact what for Mar, and without her we"ll drink wine and dance or do you want her to fall in love? Go into the house, where everything is prepared and cooked for us: champagne, cognac, snacks, grape, apples and sweets. We"ll remember this night for a long time , can last a lifetime , but it didn't oblige to anything."
We went into the house, rose on the second floor, Gera opened the door and we came in large light room, in the middle was a table and a couple chairs trimmed with green velvet, on the walls hung paintings in gilt frames, portraits of men, women and children. Gera looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, sit down, I 'll bring something, we today can drink, snack , dance and have fun, we"ll go to the city early in the morning."
I looked at Gera and said: "My fairy, how do you know, I'm not in a hurry, you are always so nice to me, I am very happy that I met on my way so beauty."
Gera went away and after a while came in with a tray on it was a bottle of French champagne, Scotch whiskey, two glasses, knives, forks, snacks, sweets, grape, I helped her to put everything on the table, she sat down on a chair, smi-led and looked at me quietly said: "My prince, please, open the champagne and pour into glasses, we'll drink for love."
"My fairy, listening and doing," I said, opened the champagne, pour sparkling drink in crystal glasses, took one himself, the other gave Gera and lifting them loud shout: "For love, cheers. "
We drank champagne and began to have a snack without forgetting to tell each other nice words. For me they did not seem meant but Hera simply changes from them, her face flashed a smile, I think for her it was the most important thing in life and for them she was ready to give me her gorgeous body. We were chatting, kissing, Gera confided with her blue dream to become a champion in swimming. I looked at her and with simpassy sighed, she did not understand why so skeptical about this and asked to speak out and kissing her red lips soft as rose petals , pressing her large breasts to to me whispered: "My dear Hera, the jewel of my heart , you're charming, your body shape is gorgeous , your road either in a beauty contest or magazine "Playboy. See, your without measure magni-ficent breasts will be hinder while swimming butterfly and your wide ass to swim on the back, too much resistance in the water, don't be offended."
"Johnny, a beauty contest I have visited and I will be more, in the magazine"Playboy" I don't want to get, girls there shoot nude, they offer big bucks, I will not want, I feel shy: "said Gera. She looked at me, kissed and added: "Crystal of my heart , really I never be a champion in swimming, at least in our New York, I so want to be a chempion."
"Gera, I also want a lot, but not everything depends on our desire, you don't agree to make a surgery to remove part of your large breasts and wide backside, you"ll spoil you splendid body and only. To be beauty it's dream of millions of girls, and you are so and will be, and you with your nice body will earn great money and the national love."
" Johnny, do not touch upon this subject more, I get it, sorry I will not champion in swimming, then love me tender and enjoy my body, it's beautiful and I hear this from many people, not for nothing that they show on television and type in women's fashion magazines, but only in a bikini," said Hera, smiled and looked at me with wide-open eyes, blue as the sky and smiling added: but today, my dear and beloved to you from me my surprise, I forgot bikini in which you constantly see me on the beach and in the pool, you can enjoy with my splendid body provided if you wish."
I looked at Gera, kissed, hugged her and whispered: "My darling, only if we drink a glass of champagne, to you for courage and for me that at the sight of your beautiful body rushed at him and ate all my dear girl."
" I agree Johnny, if you fall on me then eat, I have long time dreamt that you eat me, after champagne I am such a good snack," said Gera.
We drank a glass of champagne, Gera moved over to me, hugged, kissed, smiled and said: "Only Johnny, please do not close your eyes."
Hera took off her blue dress and I saw her in a green bikini with pink flowers, she smiled, looked at me , came up, hugged, kissed him and said quietly: "Johnny , I have not had the courage to stand in front of you in its original form, I said you before that I feel shy to show others myself nude. If you got a tiny bit daring you yourself take off my bikini with my body, you solve, but with one condition, we"ll be together not only for the evening but forever."
I looked at Gera, hugged, kissed and whispered: "My dear, charming Gera, frankly this time I don't have the courage to take off your bikini and also not prepared to be your husband. Before deciding on this I need to talk to parents, they sent me not to get married here but learn. If I do not fulfill their desire to get an education to make my life not as difficult and dangerous as their then father will close the way to the house. Without profession and specialty I do not nourish you and the child that is sure to come to the light, so let's wait a little. If you have the desire to wait five or six years we"ll be friends but if not then let's part friends and say frankly until I finish school I"ll not meet with any girl. I"ll not deceive you, and to decide for yourself-to wait or not to wait. But that's not all , after the end after graduation I am going to get to sea expedition and you'll have to wait a year or two may be three. "
Gera sad eyes looked at me, lifted her dress lying on the floor, dressed and said: "Johnny , you're a brave and outspoken young man, I am grateful to you for your sincerity, all right, keep learning, I also need to think and solve to wait for you or not to wait. At any case our love was so sincere, till the morning we"ll stay in this house, we"ll not drink any more, in the morning we"ll by car goto the city, in the privacy of our determination we"ll decide to continue the meeting or not.

"My charming beloved Gera, I agree," I said. In the morning we went by her car in the city, we stopped high building where she lived with her parents, I kissed her and said quietly: "Hera, I love you, I talk to my parents and call, you"ll receive an exhaustive-binding answer, then what was previously between us will not affect your and my situation, goodbye, please don't take offense at me."
Gera looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, you're a real gentleman, and I understand yo"ll not be offended by the answer that let me know. I think a little about yourself, I have many admirers, much important to make the right choice. See you soon, or rather call."
We broke up, I went back to the hostel, then went to lectures and when they ran back I came back to my room and called my parents and. It turned out so dad found out my attachment to Gera before me and I realized that Aunt Rose told them about my adventures, early attachment to the girl and had a serious talk: "Johnny, hello, how do you feel, as a business, as a school? Our health is all right."
"Daddy, hello, I'm glad to call, I live in a dorm, studying diligently."
"Johnny, you're wrong contacted a Gera, for you is the most important task is to get as I told you the knowledge and then go in search of sunken treasure ship, love can destroy all your plans. You"ll finish your studies and choose a girlfriend, but now you must choose one of the two either love or study, it distracts you from the main objectives mom feels the same way and is very worried."
"Dad, I got you , honestly explain the situation to her, I need a lot of free time to study science, hikes take time, frankly I forgot about my dream to find a sunken treasure ship, thank you for reminding me. Dad, hand the phone to my mother."
"John, hello, how do you feel, how is your education? In our house all right, really miss you."
"Mom, hi, I have good health, happy for you, thanks for the help, I haven't enough time to call frequently, many different sciences, begin to learn Spanish and Portuguese, don't worry, take care of health, with this evening I"ll not meet with the girls, only learning."
I spoke about the city, my dorm, teachers and promised to call more frequently and when conversation has ended I 've been thinking what to say Gera about premature rupture of relations. After a couple of days, I honestly told her my situation: "My dear Gera, hi, I want to tell you bad news, father has just called me and said I need to study, that's why we need to stop dates. I understand, you"ll be upset. I"ll never forget you and as only finish study try to call you and if you be free we"ll meet, please, you don't be offended, I kiss my charming fairy. You understand, if father refuses to finance my studies I will have to leave the university and go home early, he doesn't take me even worker on a trawler,bye." "My Johnny, hi, I'm upset, I understand your situation and did not insist, I belive when you finish study we are sure meet, I don't insist to meet, thank you, bye," said she. We parted friends, honestly I broke up with her and since then kept the girls as far as possible-no bars and dance halls, and after six years of education went to work: research naval expedition took me to its composition. Expedition leader Mr. Richard Dean, strong athletic middle-aged gentleman, tall with dark hair and hazel eyes instructed me to the important work of our research vessel, the "Athens", in the proper-Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev goes in search sunken ships in the Mediterranean sea: Greek galleys with wine, grain and sunken Atlantis. The most important in my work is to check the latest radar technick to determine the topography of the bottom and at the same time to shoot the process of finding small wrecks, flora and fauna. The boss assigned me a good salary-$5 000 per month plus bonuses, it's fine with me and the most important sailing on a ship I have mastered the technique and gladly joined in the work. However, according to plan, we first prepare "Athens" to a long sailing straight into the port of New York area and only at the beginning of December, launch out to the Greek island of Crete. I had a small stateroom and I spent the night, in my spare time looked to Aunt Rose and sitting at the tale discussing family matters. She was proud of me that I have successfully graduated from Columbia University and found a job so quickly had dreamed-to go to see and I" be member of marine scientific research expedition. My cousin Janet couple of years ago, married a surgeon and now she, her husband Samuel and her father worked in a hospital in Brooklyn, Aunt Rose was still still coaching young swimmers .
Once in a free Sunday I went to visit my Aunt Rose, for a cup of tea while listening to old Beatles' songs and chatting about this and that as she casually asked me whether I meet and have an affair with some beauty, to which I replied only after returning from an expedition, deadline that even the Head didn't know. She looked strangely at me and asked, "Johnny , can your company has a girl and you're hiding from me? Without them so boring!"
I looked at her, smiled and said: "My dear aunt Rose! Only male company, but as we enter the ports we"ll certainly look at the bars and dance halls. I don't think we have to be bored , the more we live in the modern world, there is on the Internet everything: you can correspond with all, chat, read, send and receive any information, I like such kind of occupation. When we come back then I think, but now I don't want to burden my life with anyone, the family bind me hand and foot, can break my lifelong dream to find the treasure what I'm talking about only to you. If not for this purpose I would find in a decent job, then I could start a family, children, and go with my wife to museums, theaters, to visit guests, to travel."
"In that case, you certainly don't have to think about girls, and by the way one of them is suffering for the young man. You probably remember the beautiful Gera, after your break-up with her, she went to California, fashion designers invited her to their home events, she as a model not only earned money but and fame. Few days ago, she arrived to New York and called me, she wanted in the pool with my help bring itself into physical shape, Gera will come on Tuesday to five o"clock in the afternoon to swimm in our wellness center "Apollo", only imagine what a meeting," said aunt Rose and smiled.
"To tell you frankly, I would like to meet her, just fun to look at her, but still this meeting is unlikely to bring us together, I can not give up my plan, what is the deception her and himself. When I broke up with her, I was so engrossed in my studies that forget about her. If you have not reminded about Gera then I would sail away and have never thought of her, but in this case I agree, I"llcome to you and we 'll go to your center. Now I need to go to the ship , so that, until Tuesday," said I kissing my aunt.
"Well Johnny, you come at three o'clock and we"ll go to our center," said Aunt Rose and kissed me.
Say frankly news made me think how to behave at the sight of Gera and answer to her and if she yet is free to hint to her on a date. Then I realized that all this is no accident and no coincidence that aunt told her about me-I finished my studies, I'm not married yet, and meeting with her can drastically change my life and hers. So Gera like I'm a free bird, if she is associated with the family, whether she would not have agreed with my aunt for a meeting with me, she knew that I going to sail and wanted to meet me and asked my aunt to invite me to swimm in pool on Tuesday . I gave up and decided to go for fun with my aunt in her center "Apollo and when I found myself on a ship called my aunt and told about that in any weather conditions and employment on Tuesday I"ll go to her. She was delighted and reminded me to come to her at three o'clock.
On Tuesday, I drove to my aunt to 3 PM, she was in good spirits, we exchanged greetings, sat on the sofa in front of the big TV and asked her to see the tape until she prepares for a journey. For a while the "Kiss" played", then chang-ed them Rolling Stones", aunt was on the phone in her bedroom, she talk quietly that I could not hear what was being said. At last she finished to talk and came in room in a blue knee-length dress with short sleeves, smiled and said: "My Johnny, what I look like."
"I turned and looking at her said, " My dear aunt Rose, you are beautiful, gorgeous figure, unusual dress, it suits you, let's go to the pool."
"Thank you, come on Johnny, turn off the TV, I think I'"ll be there before, today is the day to register, and new people will come to me, no one wants to be fat, getting paid to lose weight, you have a sports form and it is excellent for health: "said my aunt.
I turned off the TV and we went to the door, leaving the house moved to the subway, the day was heat, no clouds in the sky and the sun was scorching heat unbearable. All went well for us on time-the train was going fast, there were few people so I don't have to stand there and most importantly, it was expess and without any hindrance in the way at four o'clock we entered the hall. Full men and middle-aged ladies were waiting for aunt, we exchanged greetings with them, she smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I will take you five minutes, I need to take this young man to the pool, please sit. Johnny, go for me in the locker room, a swimming pool on the same site, you can find."
We went into the locker room , I took off my clothes , folded things in the booth, my aunt glanced over me and quietly said: "My nephew, you're like Tarzan, Johnny Veysmyuller, go, I think there will meet with Gera- Jane Maury O ' Sulivan."
"I'm coming, my favorite aunt, and you come, I'll wait," I said and went to the pool, from a distance I saw a few swimming in it young guys and girls. I walked to the edge and dived, no one paid attention to me, so Hera has not come yet . After ten minutes of swimming I saw coming in the pool tall girl in a green bikini with pink flowers, she walked to the edge and looked at swimming people, not noticing me dived into the water, a couple of minutes she is swimming under water and suddenl came to the surface out of the water, looked around and ducked again a minute later surfaced in the middle of the pool. Without hesitation I plunged into the water and swam to her, I foresaw: emerging she would look for me and is unlikely to dive. Being around Gera I saw in the water her full, beautiful long legs and my hands to touch them. Gera flinched in surprise , he immediately pulled them and swam away to the side. I surfaced, swam to her, looked into her blue eyes and said quietly: "Hera ! What an unexpected meeting! Hello , I'm very glad to see you, dreamt to meet here to enjoy such charming girl with a beautiful face and gorgeous body in bikini. Are you happy? Did you dream?"

Gera looked at me, smiled and said softly: " Hello Johnny , I am also glad to see you, but in general did not expect to meet either here or elsewhere, just thought you flew to Alaska to her parents a few years ago after graduating from university but you studied for longer, congratulations to the end, and I wish to get fixed up in a job well". "My fair Gera, thank you, for the work I have found it but not on the beach, I am going to sail on a long expedition by sea , the duration, the crew don't know how long, even the head, but for me it's not a big deal, I need the practice and the pay is good. But I still set for myself time-three, maximum four years and then I organize my work. And what do you do, you're probably already have children?" I said looking at Gera .
"I feel good, my things are going well, work as a model, everyone's attention, the good money, the fans, but no husband, no kids, in my profession I can not spoil the shape. Your news that you go on an expedition on the seas for a few years, inspired by me sad. If you had stayed on the bank we could then meet with your approval, I remember that night when we kissed and cuddled on the couch. Come again we'll stay together until your departure, not just sit on the bench but in the house in the Long Island, where the split is not complimenting each other happiness and joy. During this time I will not tell you, " Johnny, take off my bikini. Do you agree?"
"Gera , do not misunderstand me to come and solve it yes or not. No love, entreaties, tears will force me to abandon the expedition. Can you take me a husband, father of unborn child, but until I finish this expedition lasting three to four years our meetings are fleeting , here and decide, I have so."
"Well, let be it, the main thing you can not refuse, it's said that you agree to continue the interrupted relationship in our time any on an airplane can fly to anywhere in the world and is the port where your ship will be on the refueling and crew rest satisfied then you call ahead me and I arrive at least seven to nine hours, a day, I think your chief do not object," said Gera.
"I agree, my nice Hera, even now I agree rushing to that villa in Long Island," I cried with joy, hugged my fairy, kissed and we immediately swam to the edge of the pool near which stood my aunt Rose, she smiled when he saw us and ducked into the water. My aunt swam up to us, she and Gera exchanged greetings and asked me: "Johnny, you're glad to see Gera? So many years have passed and you keep love, now you are together and there will be no excuse and excuses being separated."
I looked at her and said, "My nice aunt Rose, I'm glad to see her, but the main thing was up to gera , and if it is considered that it will be good together then I join her. But since I"ve got a job you can not leave it, on what a while to be apart -Gera also is not sitting still and roams from city to city, from country to country. So live and work now millions of people, I am grateful to you, my aunt, let's swim , let's talk later."
We swam at least an hour, then went to the locker room, got dressed and said goodbye to my Aunt Rose went by the red Chevrolet to Long Island. In short, me and Gera became husband and wife, we agreed that at every oppor-tunity she"ll fly to me at the port wihich our " Athens" will anchor for inspection, refueling and the team will rest and get entertainment after a long voyage. I do not hide from anyone about my intention to marry and informed all the members of the expedition. My parents agreed with my choice and asked at the first opportunity to fly with Gera to Alaska and we promised them , as well as the parents of Gera lived in snowy Russia .
December 7, 2000 I said bye to my lovely wife Gera, aunt Rose, her husband Victor, a cousin Janet and her husband Samuel, I got on deck of "Athens" and in half an hour at 7. 30 PM set sail from the pier into the Atlantic Ocean. Our captain Alex Bedrov, a tall, broad-shouldered, middle-aged, handsome gentleman with a red lush head of hair with Slavic appearance confidently led our ship to the shores of Europe . My responsibilities included working with the devices, radar system, echo depth-sounder, ploting the bottom topography and the detection of metal objects. As I said earlier our the "Athens" was equipped with the most modern navigation and radio equipment, electromagnetic sonar, radar, via satellite, at any time seen on the screen coordinates of the location. In addition, we had a small submarine "Mermaid" for three people and propelled bathyscaphe "Argonaut" for two people to explore the depths of the sea.
At 10 PM, the expedition leader Richard Dean invited me, Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh , Adlai Court , Andrew Dunn and Ray Tiger in a small, cozy room. We sat on the soft chairs and he looked at us with his blue eyes softly addressed to us: "Gentlemen, the first thing I want to say we are going to extraordinary expedition, I think none of you who are interested in the work, all that will be under water this is our secret and no one uttered a word with outsiders until the end of sailing, so personal underwater photo,cinema shooting, television broadcast be used only with my permission. Regarding our voyage that we"ll make the first stop in the area of the sunken legendary "Titanic" and then sail to the coast of Spain, to Cadiz , where 20 October 1805 there was a great naval battle of Trafalgar, the battle between the Franco- Spanish fleet led by Admiral Villeneuve and the British fleet led by Admiral Nelson. We"ll spend some time in search of sunken objects, guns, knives and things that get on your eyes . If the need we"ll use the bathyscaphe and even a submarine. All these searches participants exists only you as the most powerful, intelligent, and I think bold. While being on the shore our instructors trained you boxing, fight, underwater shooting, sambo , but also taught controlling of mini submarine and bathyscaphe, I think for young people it is an exciting experience. Just to say we will not kill anybody but will have to defend ourselves and attack mainly in water predators including sharks . now we are sailing with the speed of 20 knots, after about two days at 8-10 PM we"ll be in the area of the sunken "Titanic" ", from New York to her more than a thousand miles and test our equipment and your ability under the water column at 10 600 feet to find the scattered parts of the body at some distance from each other is the practice for future discoveries, I think you will cope with it . Gentlemen , make a schedule , but I think all the members of our team of 15 people will not sleep in the evening we remember people drowned in the tragedy. And most important, I believe in our friendly and loyal team did not find chatty people when you're relaxing on the beach. Once again I say , we are explorers of the sea depth, we are interests of flora and fauna, on the found items no word to anyone. You already know we work for money of Russian businessman Viktor Medvedev, he invested the money in our research expedition, all of our findings will pick up other people and they were taking ones to Russia. As you are specialists and professionals you know well in the modern technology and hanging over us satellites by radars we are known for our leadership-coordinates of sailing ship at any time. They maintain contact with us and indicate the route, this is when we find ourselves in the region of the sunken "Titanic", they will control us, don't let down, friends . Yes , as for drinking on the beach at rest, be careful, only in moderation and walk in groups of at least three people and not to interfere in the fight."
We listened carefully to Mr. Richard Dean and each of us personally assured him that during this expedition we would shut mouth down and all done underwater photography of found objects and items with the exception of the flora and fauna would be property of those on who we work, drinking excluded, we would avoid any casual dating with strangers and fights. Richard Dean thanked us and wished everyone good night, we did for him and I and my friends went to the rest room. Seated at the table we made roster, our round the clock work and then we broke up leaving on patrol Arthur Boyle, at midnight he would be replaced by Ray Tiger, at 6 am I get down . We firmly shook hands and went to to bed .
Since our captain was known coordinates of the area where on the bottom the Ocean was lying "Ti-tanic" our "Athens" approached him in two days about ten oclock at night. Now we had to find a part of the parts of case, I sat next to Arthur Boyle working with equipment, our sonar probed the bottom, on the display is read coordinates receiving from the satellite and passed them on to captain Alex Bedrov. Of course, in his journal was recorded the exact coordinates, but our leader wanted to know as much as we would find ourselves fragments of the body using our modern technology. Captain slowed speed down to five knots per hour and at 11.17 p.m. our depth sounder started to give signals on the monitor we saw a chart, the line came to alive and began to draw the sharp peaks, under a layer of water were scattered metal debris and when one of them reached the maximum I looked at the screen and saw the coordinates 41 * 43 '35 "N and 49 * 56 ' 54 " W, Mr. Boyle immediately informed the captain. This time our leader Mr. Richard Dean came in room, he glanced at the screen and said quietly: " You, guys, have coped with the task, under us lies stern, we are over the eternal graveyard of "Titanic", now the whole crew gather on the deck, and we cast off wreath with our memorable message stored in a steel cylinder. I do not think someone will find it under this multi mile thick layer at the bottom among the thousands of fragments, let's go."
We went out on the deck, our "Athens" stalled move on it soon gathered, members of the crew, Mr Richard Dean with three sailors went down into the hold and soon brought a big wreath of flowers and a metal capsule. He looked at us and tragic voice said: "Gentlemen, on the outer surface of the steel capsule is inscribed: "Dear passengers and sailors of the sunken "Titanic", the people will ever remember, you're in our hearts. December 9, 2000 . Please, wreath and capsule throw overboard. "
The sailors threw a wreath into the ocean with a capsule, a metal blank immediately went under the water, the flowers swaying on the light waves drifted away from us. Captain Alex Bedrov shot up a flare, everyone who was standing on the deck threw into the water in the main coin, as other heavy items not found. Our " Athens" gave three long blasts and headed for Spain to Cadiz , where on 20 October 1805 Battle of Trafalgar took place with the participation of 74 ships and was killed Admiral Nelson but the victory was on the side of the British. After such a devastating defeat of Napoleon he actually left without a fleet and for a long time lost interest in fighting for the conquest of England.
We 've been here for six months, we pulled from under water the mud -covered shells and corals, a lot of cannon-bolls, a few antique guns, swords, and purely by chance found a box of gold, silver orna-ments , jewels and precious stones. We understand that a large wooden casket miraculously preserved in the water after lying there for several centuries hardly was on one of the ships sunk during the battle. Only now I can say that our ship was unusual in its design , the hold had a stash under the lower deck for items of historical value in which we hid and in the case if one of the guards or maritime security even tried to he would hardly find.
When found objects accumulated a lot of our "Athens" went into the sea, and there a ship or yacht came up to our "Athens", we transferred found items to that crew and they sail off. Having done in this area, havin got all that was of value our leader Richard Dean instructed the captain Alex Bedrov to sail to new location to the east of Alexandria, Egypt, where there was a naval battle of the Nile 1-2 August 1798 between the British and the French, there were 26 ships to 13 from both sides. Napoleon appointed Deputy Commander Admiral Frank Polo Bree, a British fleet commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson . The French fleet was defeated , the vice admiral was killed in battle and at the bottom of not less than two dozen ships were buried. According to rumors on the French flagship had boxes of jewels and they sank with ship and the vice admiral.
We sailed to this place July 5, 2001 and remained until the November and I would say it was good ti-me. I say we found under the water covered with shells and corals old cannons, cannon balls, swords, and sunken amphorae from some ancient Roman or Greek ship and only now I understand that the organizers of the expedition tried sailing in the warm water of the Mediterranean sea seeking out the places of shipwrecks hoping to find in them or at the bottom amphorae in which the Greek, Roman merchants, captains, generals, emperors and legionnaires transported not only olive oil, wine and grain but also jewels from the rich Egypt and other African countries. We have never been sailing in the territorial waters of the Mediterranean countries trying to find in the sunken ships or on the bottom olive oil, wine, grain and jevels of rich Egipt and other African countries. Our ship was spinning only on the high seas not staying long in one place and thus not incurring the suspicion.
Expedition's leader was pleased, the organizers have spared no means the only thing that did not suit me and the other they allowed us to communicate with relatives on the phone once every two weeks and only five minutes, letters and postcards with photographs we sent mainly from the Greek island of Crete and our loved places of rest were nice, cozy towns Paleochora, Stakos, Dalatsos and others, the inverse address was always a fictional name. Gera arrived several times and once the chief executive Mr Richard Dean invited her to our "Athens", all admired her beauty and made a reception with a gorgeous breakfast and dancing. All this feast with Greek wines and snacks and cooked seafood : shrimp, calcium maras , mussels , octopus , and other gifts of nature was captured by several cameras to tape and that shot I took it with her. This festival took place September 2, 2001 and a few days later on September 11 terrorists had destroyed the World Trade Center in New York with two 110 storied twins and other skyscrapers. I was worried because the swimming wellness center where my aunt Rose worked and often bathed my wife Gera was next to them. We were all shocked by what had happened and our leader Richard Dean allowed us to call on the mobile phone directly from the deck or port, just this time, "Athens" standing in the port town of Paleochora.
I called several times Gera but the phone was silent, then I did aunt Rose and she told me that she could not get through to my wife. In short, my dear wife had disappeared tracelessly and it became clear that Gera was the victim of the terrorist attack. I suffered a long time, all members of our crew were sympathize with my sorrow but as responsible, interesting and necessary for me and all of us that work was going to include in it . Since we had to scuba dive then descended to a depth of 100 feet, but if the depth was more than that made use of diving suit, bathyscaphe " Argonaut " or started in a small submarine "Mermaid". Thanks to so many swimming and diving I felt like a fish in water, and as my five friends got experience in finding with sonar a magnetic metal objects the size of a penny and the definition of the coordinates via satellite . In short , I was prepared to self- search operations in the marine environment , the only thing missing that map where the ship sank with treasures.
We continued to work, one evening our magnetic sounder on depth of 160 feet recorded a slight accumulation of the metal, the expedition leader instructed to explore the area. Robert Sing and me in the light diving suits sank down to the bottom and found the sunken ancient ship to the deck submerged in mud. It was necessary to include in the work the pump and pumped out silt we found in the hold a few ceramic amphorae with olive oil and wine. They were so tightly sealed that inside a drop of water did not burst under big pressure. We raised these treasures, though none of the seven amphorae there were not gold coins yet as we were pleased and frankly, in full view of all opened a couple of amphorae. Aroma of wine of two thousand years of aging may be more spread through the deck of the "Athens", all those who took part in the expedition once again drank thirty grams of golden nectar, pondered head but did not keep feet. I think all of us for a lifetime remembered the smell and flavor grape wine of the ancient world . I have to say we have previously found an amphora with grain, wine, olive oil , but those wines did not go to any comparison with it.
A few minutes later the expedition leader, Mr. Richard Dean was delighted with yoy drinking this wine, his eyes were sparkling with happiness, he smiled, raised his hand up with a large curved finger and said: "Gentlemen, in this work and the confusion we forgot about that today December 7, 2001, the anniversary of our voyage, we will celebrate it magnificently, so 9 p.m. everyone is invited to the table, Mr. Harry Soker take to his aid a couple of guys and prepare delicious snacks , you are the master of this case, I suppose from cup of wine we"ll not make drunk, get to work."
Mr. Harry Soker looked at him and said: "Mr. Richard Dean, I take Kulindzha John and Andrew King, they are good cooks and we"ll make the best snacks, you"ll lick your fingers."
"I agree , take them and prepare snack, today we have an extraordinary day," said our leader . He looked at an amphora, put it in it scoop, scored wine, in full view of all drank it , and said: "Awesome drink, it cheered me at night will try but now get to work. Yes, Mr. John, seal ampho-ra and carry in my cabin to don't mix up it with others, all the others cary in the hold, in the chamber."
"Yes, I"ll do, Mr. Richard Din," said Harry, took amphora and brought it to cabin. Since the evening was far we have continued to dive, somewhere under the mud lay metal objects that werre caught by the electronic magnetic seekers . This sunny December day was good for us , me and Mr. Arthur Boyle found another the ancient sunken ship got in the mud . We constantly keep in touch with Mr. Richard Dean and asked him to throw the hose and switch on the pump. Soon guys lowered the hose, the depth was significant, 150 feet, we brought an end to a wooden skeleton , signaled by Andrew Dunn to turn on the pump and in forty minutes it pumped out silt covered the entire deck of the ancient ship. The pump is turned off, we climbed to the deck and saw on it two wooden lid with round metal rings and tried to open the hatch. We did not have the strength to lift the heavy lid and had to use our ship's crane.
Guys let down ropes, hooks, we hooked lids for the rings and gave a signal to the crane operator lift it. Mr. Harry Chekker overdone and abruptly pulled, covers jumped up and began to climb up, I did not stop the rise and they were soon on the deck of the "Athens". Since the hold was packed with mud that we stuck to it a hose, turn on the pump and in half an hour it was completely pumped out. I disconnected the pump, and we looked into the hold , it was packed full with plates, but what could not make out because of the top plate was covered with the thick shells. I climbed up to the plate, scraped off the surface of the shell stuck to it and realized I was standing on a marble slab. Without hesitation I reported about the find to Mr. Dean and he asked us to go up as we ought to rest. We surfaced, guys have helped to undress and he looked at us said, " Gentlemen, today we should rest , let's relax a little, come to anchor and tomorrow we'll get a couple of marbles and consider. Wonder, where they were taken? Perhaps in the lost mysterious Atlantis decorating facades of buildings? We"ll know!"
We were delighted, Mr. Dean had in mind the upcoming feast, he liked wine, he wanted to drink it, and together with us to celebrate the anniversary of voyage. I"ll not hide, our cook Harry and his assistants prepared meat and fish snacks, plates imposed salami and Italian cheeses, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, put light wines, champagne and , of course, Mr. Richard Dean brought a few bottles of wine made two thousand years ago. All members of the expedition came to the table, the head pronounced a short speech , and then followed by a toast to the strong friendship and good success in our business. At first we drank a glass of found ancient wine, eaten well, then began to talk and little by little drank wine glass after a glass. I say openly it was not working, my head was clear, I spoke distinctly, just feet barely held me. Mr. Dean had a fit of generosity, he went to his cabin for wine and brought a couple of bottles, he poured it in glasses, we drank this fragrant nectar, I ate a thorough and quietly left the participants of the feast, I wanted to sleep. With hardly I reached the cabin, took off my sandals, immediately lay down on the bed and fast asleep.
I have rarely had dreams but this night I had a dream that remained in my mind and made closer to the cherished dream of finding treasure. I and my father sailed on our " The Seagull", as a surprise among the calm sea, we saw a small island covered with black sand, which did not grow a single bush. Suddenly my father jumped into the water and swam to the island, he swam up to him, went to the shore and waved to me . I'm not thinking rushed into the water and swam to the island but instead of my father a beautiful nude girl of Spanish appearance stood on the shore from head to toe hung with coral beads, gold and silver chains, from them hanging pearls, precious stones were sparkling in the rays of the sun with all colors of the rainbow. I"ve approached her and asked where is my father, she not saying a word took my hand and led me, suddenly collapsed earth and we flew into the abyss. How much time I flew I didn"t know, my body just finally hit something soft, and with girl found ourselves in a strange labyrinth with low arch, from wall reflected the moon bluish light . The girl opened the curtain and we came into she small room with a low round arch, near the walls mountain ofjewels lay and sat on the floor naked adorable girls cover their gorgeous bodies with long dark hair , gold and silver threads strung with these gems. Next to them were older soldiers with long pikes, and we did not have time to do a couple of steps as one of them swung his arm and threw it at me. Acute pike flew in my direction, and that it did not hit me jumped to the side. I saw its flight, right hand grabbed the pole on the fly, I instantly unfolded pike and with all my strength hurled at the enemy, sharp blows to the chest and struck him to death.
The girl that led me came to the soldiers, they lay their pikes on the floor, lifted the soldier who was killed by me and threw him aside, implicitly pushed the blanket, came aside and let us through to another room with a high arched ceiling half filled with jewels. Bele looked at me and gestured for gold, silver, necklaces of pearls and precious stones . At the sight of such treasures as if I was crazy and began to whirl with the girl that brought me here . Suddenly, I saw on the top of the heap platinum tiara with diamonds.
I guess maybe she learning about fearless, bold, strong and resourceful and cunning guy found me by seducing her beauty beauty brought me here so I took her tiara which she knew but could not get into that vault guarded by an evil warrior. I let go of her hand and was climbing for a tiara , a heap of jewelry has grown in my eyes, but still climbing I reached the top, took the tiara and threw it to her. She put her on the head, diamonds sparkled, smiling queen looked at me, threw a kiss and spread out her hands to take me in his arms. I smiled at her and pushed away from the top and as swallow flew to her, however, did not get in her arms, I hit hard, opened my eyes and saw himself lying on the rug.
I got up and sat on the bed , that beautiful girl-Spaniard decorated with jewels, possibly her maids and the men were standing in front of my eyes, the vision made me to remember about my dream, and it seemed to me that the islander calls me with my father to themselves, to the island covered with black sand where the treasure is buried, however, guarded by soldiers. I would like the expedition ended quickly and I was able to go on a treasure hunt knowing that this island in nature as a girl didn't exist.
It was like a sign not to forget about my dream of finding treasure, but with such interesting work did not want to leave, I was paid good money: a month with bonuses came out $7 000. Yet was the night I went to bed, fell a sleep but had not a dream and woke up in the morning of the battle ship's bell "all up."
I got up, cleaned up and went out on the deck, we did it every time to listen to task for the day, our leader Richard Dean and captain Alex were standing near the board and watched the water. Yellow, giant disk of the sun appeared over the horizon, I went up to him and said hello, they said the same, and our boss looked at me and said, "Mr. Johnny Gray, after breakfast you will take with you two guys and under the water, it's necessary to get a couple marble slabs which , as you say, there are in the hold of the sunken vessel. We will include in job our crane, drop the hook with straps, you fix them to a plate and we"ll lift ones on the deck. If the plate is of interest then we will get all of tham so get ready to work, to descent into the water."
I looked at him and said, "Mr. Richard Dean, I think we need to put in light diving-suit and we"ll be able to work at least two hours under water, the depth is not great and it will not be so dangerous, I saw a small dark dolphins there . "Well, get dressed and battle, we should keep off accidents, I see all have just gathered, I"ll announce the job and to work," said Richard Dean , and turning to the crowd on the deck of the members of the expedition addressed: "Gentlemen, good morning , early task-we"ll raise the marble slabs if they are of great value if not then we launch out into a new place, now we have breakfast, I ask in the dining room. "
"Good morning, we heard from members of the expedition, the task is clear."
After breakfast in the light diving-suits me, Arthur Boyle and Adlai Court reached the bottom, approaching the hold saw plates piled one upon the other , they looked as if ones got in the water a few days ago. Joint efforts of pushing the edge of the top plate moved half to hanging over us straps attached to the hook. A couple of them pushed up to the plate, secured and instructed Mr. Harry Boemu, crane operator, to lift it to eight inches and he did. We brought a plate durable straps, tightened and in our signal crane operator began to slowly lift up . Marble plate safely overcome a hundred feet the water column and it was on the deck.
In the same way we picked up on boards two plate and spent one and half an hour, it was a time-consuming job. We were helped to float upward, all members of the expedition examined plates cleaned of adhering shells and everyone wondered how they survived in its original form . By themselves, they were luxurious, the colors of blue skies, the edges of each plate had a narrow strip of gold and in the center there was a circular golden sun with eight rays of light they pointed East , West, South and North. Mr. Richard brought a tape measure and began to make measurements of a square plate : 4 feet in length and width, and 4 inches thick. Gold on the edges of the strip plate had an inch width and 0.1 mm in thickness. Diameter of sun was 3.3 feet, width of all rays about 6 inches long, 4 long rays ended at the edges plate had 4 short rays had length of 8 inches.
With bated breath we looked at plate, our leader suddenly broke the silence: "Gentlemen I think the ancient people made them to decorate the walls of palaces of Atlantis but while sailing ship caught in a storm and sank with these creations of masters. Johnny, calculate the area covered with gold foil, then we count up the approximate weight of gold. Mr. Alex, we sail off, and since we know the exact coordinates of that place we"ll come back at 11 p.m., too many ships float in this area, people may notice us, they"ll sail up and begin to dive in search of treasure."
" All clear, Mr. Richard Dean, sail off," said the captain, and went to his control panel, in a couple of minutes our " Athens" gradually drifted towards the Egipt. I immediately took my electronic calculator and started counting area covered with gold foil and came out to about 20 lb and if an ounce of gold was worth about $ 300 a precious metal decorating marble slab pulled on $90 000. Our leader has contacted the organizer of the expedition, Mr. Victor Medvedev and as they talked about the exotic marine fishes is unlikely that anyone strange and come to a head what they discussed about . Three days later, to our "Athens" came elegant motor yacht "Hero" and I guess our boss sailed to us, Russian billionaire.
Three high athletic middle-aged gentlemen with a Slavic appearance in shorts and t-shirts rose on deck of our "Athens", a wide smiling greeted us, we did them, Mr. Richard Dean introduced them-one, an elderly was Viktor Medvedev, the two young were Semen Sorokin and Vasily Zhukov. They are not wasting their time went down into the hold where it was stored seafood. Seeing the marble plates Russian guests began to inspect the lifted from the bottom treasure, they were excited and talking in Russian begged Mr. Richard Dean to continue to rise plates until the last plate observing all safety precautions. Because of my parents know good Russian language and taught me I understood what talking about. "Mr. Richard Dean , that you have found these plates in the neutral waters this is nonsense. Nowadays, many countries can apply on them immediately, your job is to do everything in secret, I think with you work understanding people , we pay them well in the event that the catch will be good we"ll increase bonus, no one will be offended. As regard transportation of plates in a couple of days to"Athens" the tanker will approach to pour out fuel into the tanks, those people themselves will carry from hold of your ship and load by crane on a tanker . Your task is not getting into the field of view of passing ships and ships carrying tourists to lift from the bottom plates. After the departure of the tanker at the time you leave this place and come back in a few days , you know better. Thanks for the valuable finds. I can not understand one thing , you have found these plates the first, why should anyone claim them? And so it is with any finds of sunken ships. We leave you, until next time, now our visits will be frequent," said Mr. Victor and shook all of us hands.
Mr. Richard Dean looked at the guests and said: "Gentlemen, it is clear to me how to drive in the sea, even in international waters, the main thing for us is not to give cause to other treasure hunters to join up to us, as long as things go well, I think to the arrival of the tanker we"ll raise thirty one plates, but in general there are graveyard of ships with these plates. In my head is spinning constantly thought-these marble slabs were driven to the Atlantis which people is trying to find. If we find it as the slabs would be awesome!"
"Dear Mr. Richard Dean, at first let 's think about the plates as soon as they turn out in our hands then you will look for Atlantis, and if you find it first tell the world about your discovery," said smiling Vasily Zhukov, a gentleman with red hair and a lush and added: " in my opinion it is somewhere not far from this place, these plates with a golden sun intended only for decoration of palaces of the lost city."
Guests with their own hands touched the plates and glancing at us went to a metal staircase leading to the deck, they said goodbye to all the participants expedition and went on their yacht "Hero". After a while the boat sailed, captain Alex Bedrov went into the control panel and our " Athens" has headed to the area where was ancient graveyard of ships and the slab lay not being delivered because of the storm to Atlantis to decorate the facades of the palaces of its leaders.
I did not count the exact number of raised panels but the fact that there were at least five hundred no doubt . Pleased with such a find bosses have organized the expedition decided to explore more thoroughly the area and soon we found another ancient graveyard of sunken ships, barges transporting marble columns, cornices and sculptures depicting mythological gods and goddesses. We have raised on our " Athens" everything is under water, but a trace of Atlantis failed.
In general, I must say our submursions into the water were always fraught with danger -mi and went down by two or three people . If the depth was 70-100 feet that we used scuba gear when working at a depth of 140 feet that wore the light diving-suits . Several times we were attacking by gray sharks, especially remembered meeting in Crete, about thirty miles from Starosa in the middle of April. Luckily for us at that time we were in light high-strength composite materials' diving-suits and armed underwater guns we showed to them a decent resistance, the fight ended in our favor. Our sonar recorded a pile of scrap metal at a depth of 180 feet , to me, RayTiger and Arthur Boyle wore diving-suits and submerged to the bottom right in the place where a sunk German submarine lay . From the explosion of a depth-charge in the right side were seen a big hole. We swam to the submarine and decided to look into the hole, but because we knew from last experiences that the inside can find favorable habitat of fish, crabs , octopuses and sharks that even before to pop into my head I jerked as usual ten foot long sharp spear and seemed to me to in piled up in decades silt my speer set against the gray soft mass. Suddenly, the mass began to move quickly and rushed into the hole, my companions and I started back in the side and three long gray shark, one after another as arrow swam out. Seeing us, they are not afraid, and turned around swam to us revealing his huge toothy mouth. But since we were not fearful Ray and Arthur pointed their guns on their toothy mouthes and I did on swimming at me shark spear with a sharp metal tip with a hook capable of causing her great pain what a stupid predator didn't guess about . And yet, to the other end of my spear to the ring was tied durable nylon rope can withstand the most powerful shark.
Insolent shark was so self-confident in their strength and victory over me that didn't swerve from the path even seeing in my hands directed to her long spear. When the sharp end of the peaks was two feet from her mouth with long white teeth I abruptly pulled the hands out, the spear pierced the upper jaw and went outside. Without thinking I cried by phone communication: "Mr. Robert Singh, I hooked shark, urgently raise her on deck - Ray and Arthur kicking against the other two, I had to help them."
"Mr. Johnny, I hear you, we've already pulled shark, from us she don't throw up," shout-ed Mr. Robert with a joyfull voice.
I saw how my shark from severe pain forgetting about me was writhing body and rapidly spinning on an axis , she tried to close the mouth but a foreign object disturb to do it. The attempt to get rid of the spear was over nothing unexpected for her strong rope tauted, pulled the shark up and soon it disappeared from my view. My companions were excellent gunner and hitting the charges in their mouths smashed upper jaw , blood gushing fountain outside, mixed with water, and fortunately for us from reaching the diving-suits . I do not know what happened in the shark, they were stupid and rather than to attack us cause them pain and suffering they snapped at each other and by their sharp teeth they tore the body. Torn pieces of meat were flying left and right , and that by chance we did not get in their huge mouths I shouted by phone communication: "Mr. Robert Sing! Pull us on the deck as fast as possible, we wounded two sharks and I think they have gone crazy, tear each other to pieces."
"Mr. Johnny, winches earned already pulling you, Ray and Arthur, "I heard a cheerful voice of Robert.
I felt the rope tauted and pulled me up with my friends Ray and Arthur, sharks continued to fight but soon disappeared from view. When we were on the deck and took off diving-suits first we were given a glass of whiskey, the members of the expedition surrounded us and expedition leader Richard Dean looked at us and smiling said: "Guys, you are real fearless sea gladiators, we so worried about you and didn't doubt in your resourcefulness . Yes, Mr. Johnny, look at your shark with which you so famously mastered, this feefteen feet monster."
I turned to the shark lying on the deck and even gasped when I saw he, no, not with fear but from amazement , there, in the water, she didn't seem so enormous, the hook stuck in her top jaw and spear sticking out to its full length. On the occasion of her flesh, our chef prepared delicious food and with vodka it was unusually tasty. I say our marine archaeolo-gical work, but rather search for Atlantis, continued.
Honestly, all the members of our glorious expedition were friendly, good, honest people. I met with them, we became friends and often conversed on theme of sunken caravels and galleons in the Caribbean. One day, Mr. Arthur Boyle, a member of the expedition, athletic, handsome, middle-aged, looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. John, If this ship "Athens" was not equipped with the most modern electronic sonar equipment, navigation , instruments we would hardly have found such treasures. If you, me or our friends had the money, ship, all of this radar technology, devices plus at least approximit place of lying at the bottom of the vessel with gold and jewels, then there would be a chance to convince philanthropist, tycoon, company to start in search of treasures, we would be sailing in this case as much as allowed time and by echo depth-sounders were looking for at the bottom the priceless crumbled good, as well as some vessels transporting several hundred pounds of unique items made of precious metals, coins, jewelry that is priced according to current prices it was estimated tens of millions dollars. Mr. John, try to persuade of some millionaire and forth, if you invite me I"ll not give up, I love the sea and its underwater world and ... a little dollars, they never superfluous. I think our bosses before heading to the search for these plates was found in the archives of data on sunken ships' cemetery, purely by chance, at random , no one dares to throw away millions of dollars."
He smiled and winked at me, I also smiled and said: "Dear Arthur, I"ll invite you if I can find in the museum documents at least one of the sunken ships, there are records from which port a ship came and never reached other port, caught in a storm, sank . For this I need to spend a lot of money and time to analyze, all to put together and then to embark on a quest- here as lucky or break. After the expedition I start in Madrid and Lisbon, will try to find the documents in the archives, records, such taziya fantasy since childhood, I shared my thoughts with my father and he said: "My Johnny, learn and if you're closer to the goal I"ll help you, and you and I go on a treasure hunt." I wanted to tell my best mates about my dream in which I saw the mysterious island covered with black sand without a single bush with a beautiful Spaniard-woman worn from head to toe with jewels , servants , soldiers , platinum tiara with diamonds on a heap of jewels lying on the top of mountain but refrained . Out of my head the thought has never left it is a kind of hint from haven-guy look this island a treasure is on it, pirates hid the loot.
Sitting next to me young men-Robert Singh, Adlai Court, Andrew Dunn and Ray Tiger complexion to match Arthur Boyle with one voice exclaimed: "Dear John, don"t forget us, we are with you, look for sunken cemetery caravels, ship, buy equipment together and in sailing. You have heard many years ago, Mr. Mel Fisher found sunkn galleon "Saint Margaret " and pulled to the surface countless wealth, of gold coins and jewels he had mentioned only in passing , about the place, even not a word." "Gentlemen, I am a long time ago as you've seen pictures, read in the magazine National Geographic about this discovery, it's awesome, but Mel Fisher spent a lot of time in the libraries of Spain and Portugal rummaging in the archives. He found the cards, journal, log, records of survivors, witnesses of those disasters and the method of reasoning identified approximate the burial place of the sunken galleon during a storm. So. I 'll tell you my dear friend-ship with radar equipment, sonic depth sounder to get no problem, my father has a fishing trawler but there is no a treasured cards. My friends, look for the treasure map of ship-wrecks like this and we"ll start in way with your consent. we already have experience in archaeological research , we know how to work with the ultra-modern under- water radiolocation, radio, sonar, radar, instruments helping to plot the bottom topography, the thickness of the probe silt and detect objects below it made by the hands of man and trapped by accident or by force of circumstances to the ocean floor. But above all we are real and bold divers."
Arthur Boyle looked at me and said: "Johnny, you were taken knowingly, I think you did them great help, we all fullfiled labor-intensive work perfectly, not scratched the body to the blood, but when dealing with predatory sharks we had a hard time. I think you often without their own cards ran into wrecks loaded amphorae of wine, grain, olive oil. you could smell the scent and ship sailed right up to them , especially as you have found the ship gra-veyard with marble slabs with the golden sun, I think the boss will appreciate you, and if you give him a map with the alleged place of a sunken galleon, he"ll provide you any money, bucks, only speak to him and don't forget us."
I looked at him, companions and said: "Gentlemen, if I can find a clue that I"ll let you know, of course , it's not going to happen tomorrow, but I've already outlined a plan and will implement it after the expedition, I'm not in a hurry, need to gain skill, to dive and to swim under the water."
I do not know how it happened but offered Arthur Boyle to try with devices to determine even approximately the undercurrent stream in the place where the amphorae were found the first time at the island of Crete. He agreed and after many observations we concluded that the greatest flow above water flow from north to east and underwater in the opposite direction and offered to sail to our supervisor Mr. Richard Dean north slow speed, probe the ground and probe the bottom of the sonar. He agreed , and in three week we stumbled upon the remains of the ship lying in the mud and decaying for almost two thousand years , he immediately found a thirty amphorae of wine and olive oil and near the cemetery with marble slabs.
I , my friends and the chief Mr. Richard Dean going down under the water all the works shoot and gave ones realible hands when peope of boss sailed to our ship and they have brought documentary to the main leadership. Basically, we did everything without any publicity, boss didn't want any sensation and I think he did right. I'm looking forward to the end of the expedition, I wanted to go to Madrid and finally the day came when the main leaders after fruitless attempts to find Atlantis decided to call a day of finishing works and we gathered on the deck of the "Athens " our leader Mr. Richard Dean announced to us the completion of all "underwater archaeological work." That evening they made a farewell feast, we drank wine of two thousand years antiquity, ate fresh seafood delicacies prepared by our cook Harry Soker. Everyone was happy and after a three-year stay together on " Athens" it was not easy to leave. We thanked each other and the next day sailed to the port of Paleochora,we received from the hands of Richard Dean checks on which a Chase bank can give the money. On parting my friends and I leaving the " Athens" firmly shook hands with captain Alex Bedrov, head of expedition Richard Dean and the entire crew, we said our goodbye to them, boarded a boat and it carried us to the pier. In Paleochora we've sat in the tavern "Greek woman" for a drink we shared our impress comparing notes about our joint over a three-year voyage on the "Athens " of plans on the shore and in all seriousness, I gave them my plan: "Dear friends, remember our conversations, I committed to find a treasure lying under the water and possibly waiting for us. As soon as posible I prepare data I call you and if you agree you"ll give answer, we"ll discuss a plan of action tht place I 'll let you know, bye-bye my dear lovers of nautical adventure, see you soon."
"Johnny, don't forget us , we believe you"ll find what you 're looking for and we are your loyal assistance, see you soon," they shouted joyfully.
We exchanged with addresses, phone numbers and after sitting for half an hour came out of the tavern and went by bus to the local airport, we shook hands, embraced and were parted, each flew home his flight.
But before to fly to Madrid and Lisbon I flew to my home to Alaska via New York, I wanted to know from aunt Rose on the fate of my missing wife Gera. Before departure, I've called my parents that I'm going to fly home through New York, then I've called my aunt to meet me and when a Boeing 747 from Rome arrived at Kennedy International Airport I was met by the entire family, she, her husband Victor, daughter Janet with her husband Samuel. When they saw me Janet handed me a bouquet of flowers, I kissed all, there was a short talk and we went at full speed by van in the endless stream of cars. Victor was driving at the intersection at a red light a blue BMW got into the track, van bounced off the pavement, hit the glass display case and disappeared inside, glasses were ringing, there was an explosion of petrol and in the supermarket arose the fire. How fortunate that we got through the intersection in violation of the rules as well as other cars unnoticed by policemen. After passing the quarter, we stopped in shock to recover but in the wrong place, the same time a policeman appeared and punched a ticket for a hundred bucks , to challenge useless. An hour later we were sitting at the holiday table, drinking champagne,wine, vodka, eating delicous snacks, I told them about my fascinating expedition without going into details and concealing important information. The particular interest was the episode of the same wine in amphorae made two thousand years which we tasted on the deck of the "Athens", but no a word saying about the long-standing plan to find the treasures of sunken ships. Later I asked my aunt Rose about my wife Gera and as it was not sad for all of us she told me that among the three thousand victims of the terrorist attack September 11, 2001 was my wife Gera. We stood up and praied for her and all victims and after drinking a glass of Smirnoff vodka.
On the same evening I called my parents and recalled that after three days the five of us would fly in Anchorage and asked my father to put off the departure at sea for a week, he understood me and agreed to wait for the guests, at the conversation was involved the whole family, it was delayed until midnight and only after drinking again a glass of champagne we went to bed.
I was in a hurry to go to Europe in search of maps and historical memoirs of witnesses shipwrecks, sunken little ships transporting valuables, aunt Rose was anxious to see his brother and to go for a sailing on a trawler. They've got five day of free time and we decided to fly immediately to Alaska and the next day booked tickets. I wanted to look at the destroyed World Trade Center and after an early breakfast we went to the Down Town where under the rubble of the destroyed skyscrapers on that fateful day was my charming Gera . We walked for an hour around the pit in which the workers was working to restore the area, then sat in the Ford and rushed to see the sights of New York City. At noon we went back home and began to prepare for departure. Women put suitcases stuffed with clothes and gifts at the door, I revised my things, tapes and a bottle of the wine made two thousand years ago. Before the flight, I called home, told my mom and dad flight and asked to come by van to meet us.
We arrived in Anchorage by Boeing 747 after dinner, my mother and father met us at airports with flowers, smiles and kisses, I was absent home more than three years after my last visit to parents, so no doubt they missed me and flown relatives.
The July sun day was very hot even for the northern cold of Alaska, we hurried to the parking lot where my father parked his Land Rover, climbed into it, immediately turned on the air condition and moved to our suburban home. Desert road, dad loved to fast, driven by suburban road at least 90 miles per hour, in front of crossing the railway was the green light and from behind the bend is shown a train to press on the brakes too late, we were afraid, my dad quietly says, "I ask you fasten the belts, hold on tight to each other, I increase the speed."
I was sitting next to father, the car abruptly jerked forward, I was pressed to the seat , glanced at the speedometer -speed was 150 miles per hour. We flew away ten feet from the locomotive and driving fifty yards dad gave on the brakes, because of the principle he decided to return to the booth with an attendant to the fault which we almost did not get to the heaven. When we approached to booth and stopped saw the broken door, I pressed the horn, siren wailed and somehow suddenly of the booth huge red bear with a big bag in his mouth jumped out, he saw us and immediately went away to the forest. We got out of the car and being not afraid of a predator approached the open door, looked into the room and saw lying unconscious on the floor attendant. We came in, brought him to his senses and after some time, Mr. Lee Dunks told a story about how appeared a bear-he locked the door until the bear broke out of its funk railroad worker lost consciousness and fell to the floor, the teddy broke his paw control and alarm system was broken. We guessed that the bear scented bag with delicious food and found it just at the very moment when our car pulled up to the booth .
Mr. Lee called his leadership, we have confirmed the incident, said goodbye to him , he thanked us and drove on , in ten minutes turned down a side road and in a couple of minutes was in the heart of the garden and saw the two-story house made of red stone, drove up to the garage, stopped, the door was opened, enterd, stopped and at the same time jumped out of the Land Lover. The father opened the door and passed it turned into a large bright kitchen , on the table were standing bottles of wine, snacks , fruites and sweets. While we were undressing and sitting down at the table mother was bustling about, soon on the big table was reheated food is cooked in advance. Father pouring red brandy own production of cranberries, apples, currants, he stood up, looked at us and said: "I propose a toast to our safe return from the dead, some of us are born under a lucky, if I didn't press down the acelerator none of us would be sitting here, I couldn't can turn aside so as steep slope was. Yes, henceforth, I refuse to race at a speed of one hundred miles per hour, that 's my fault and clumsy bear. Such a coincidence ! Drink my dear, for a meeting! Cheers!"
We shouted: "For the safe return, for a meeting! Cheers!" We drank wine, clinked forks, knives and spoons. In the house was cool, My father and mother were talking about life, about business then it was my turn, I had to report back to everyone as there was my deeds at the " Athens" during sea expeditions, I chose the most interesting moments and demonstrated through the video my documentary, they were shocked seen amphorae lying in sea salt water a couple of millennia, and preserving in its original form, but when they saw we were drinking the oldest goldish wine they once asked how it tastes , smell, and is not poisonous it?
I looked at them, smiled and said: "My lovely mom, dad, aunt Rose, uncle Victor , cousin Janet and Samuel What a taste! What a smell! That wine is nectar that has nothing with our drinks, that timee the air was not poisoned with toxic gases. It is stronger than vodka, golden amber color, you need to try it, head works , the legs do not hold. And by the way I 'll give this wine to you all, our leader Mr. Richard Dean allowed to take a bottle of nectar, as souvenir, just a moment."
I stood up, pulled out of a suitcase a bottle of goldish wine, golden, opened and poured in glassses, corked and put away in a drawer cabinet. Fragrant smell of wine echoed throughout the room, returning to the table I took the glass , and said a toast: "Mom, dad , my dear relatives, for our meeting and good health Cheers!"
All cried out, "For the meeting and good health! Cheers!" We immediately drank the golden nectar, wine has worked on everything and everyone has unleashed their mouths. Our party was delayed and only in the evening thanking my mother my father went out to the garden, it was cool, fresh and fragrant air and we walking through the trees asked him how's the fishing and father answer simple and clear: "My dear, I must notice-fish and crabs is not drying up, but the number of vessels is increasing from month to month, a huge competition and falling prices, however, not so much to throw and come to ashore. I"ll say, as long as tolerable, but the sea storm become stronger, earlier onee seemed calmer, I can"t understand what causes it, don't want to talk about sad but last week during a storm two trawlers went to the bottom and none escaped, waves up to thirty feet. We asked help but when the helicopters arrived sea was raging, on the surface there was not even one men, nobody was saved, in the evening divers went down under water. You only imagine-of seventeen people were found on the bottom eight drowned fishermen."
All upset, we silently wandering through the garden went to continue to feast, then switched TV, watched the news, comedy film and the guests went to bed with my mother. My father and I dressing firmly went to the garden where I told him the story of the expedition in the Mediternan sea and of course about the dream. Father carefully and with interest listened to me and when I finished he looked at me and said quietly: "My son, I believe you that you have nothing invented, a special proof of this is ancient wine, it's very special and as for your dream about that mysterious strange island covered with black sand and the seen beauty bedecked from head to toe with beads, jewels, and gold , silver chains and precious stones on the threads it should be assumed that this is a sign from above . May be indeed there is the island somewhere."
I looked at him and said: "My dear dad, I've got just what you wanted: I educated, went to sea expedition and the main thing in it I can gain experience and myself not only can control our trawler but the submarine, bathyscaphe, to work with navigation devices, magnetic echo sounders, radars, my companions and I were swimming underwater with scuba diving-suits , going down in diving-suits, sometimes struggled with the sharks. I talked to my guys and they even agree to support me, even willing to invest in the equipment of our trawler modern appliances, pumps on water pumping in purchasing scuba diving suits, but on one condition if I find a map of the wreck, the sunken ship. So if you want to look for treasures that I"ll go to Europe and try in libraries, museums to find documents about ancient sunken ships, I earn money and if you spend a part of them, and if it all be successful, we"ll refund all . You know yourself, if you do not take risks you get nothing , so I have a plan for the future." My father listened to me and said: "My Johnny , if your works are so good and your comrades lay on you so much hope then why to waste your time, you go to Madrid, Lisbon, you know the languages and you not resorting to outside help will be able to collect interesting your data. I argue just as a sailor, if in our time ships sank like cobblestones then to say nothing about those times and, people carried in hold, my son, not fish but gold, jewelry, now they are rising in price and grow more and more. I have a strange premonition that you"ll find a treasure, especially the girl dreamed with jewelry, but you don't rush-it need for catching fleas. And I say, don't apply to any bank for help, you"ll be in bondage, do everything to relaying on your forces, and if you're sure that those guys are brave and strong take them with you. I know my trawler, we remake something, replace the engine, it will be rush as a racing boat, ever we need to run away. You ascertain all the necessary appliances, radar, sonic depth sounder , the main thing you need to keep quiet, only those who will be included in the company should be devoted in this mystery. So you can rest a week and in a way, fly-museums, libraries are waiting for you, and maybe you"ll find a beauty."
"Dad, what will mother say when you tell my mother that you throw fishing and for an indefinite period you leave her here alone, in any case, you have to give her an explanation?"
"My Johnny, do not hammer yourhead with any thoughts, but this will not happen tomorrow, as to the minimum in a year, we need to prepare well, it's not fishing and more on the subject no a word, you"ll say mother that you fly to Europe to study at the university and there keep silance, I support you."
"Dad, thank you, I knew you believe in the success of the business," I said and kissed him.
A week later I told my mom that leave the house and fly to study in Europe and possibly rejoin that expedition which I worked for years, to find here work be with my profession it's impossible. She knew that the voyage with my father, fishing , crayfish and crabs do not give skill and without any resistance gave the nod to my trip. I bought a ticket to Madrid and the next evening saying goodbye to my father, mother, aunt Rose, her husband Victor and their adorable daughter Janet and her husband Samuel flew to the ancient Madrid. The town itself is interesting: moderni-ty intertwined with the Middle Ages, I found a cheap hotel and since I came to dig in the archives of the fate of some of the ships never got to Europe, which were stored in the holds of which there were gold articles, adornments and jewelry and not wasting my time I began to work and say frankly I found the documents according to which from 16 to 18 age were lost 250 Spanish and 170 Portuguese caravels, but none of them are not specifically mentioned place of wreck and even more how many of them got into the hands of pirates. In short, no any important specific documents confirming the death of a ship in a particular location or the Caribbean coastal waters of Florida I have found, caravels with treasure sunk hundreds but in what place is not mentioned. I'm not particularly upset, said goodbye to Madrid and went to the old Malaga, visited several libraries, museums and art galleries all in generalsuch a ship laden with exotic fruits, commodities and gold sailed on such day and such a year, tracelessly disappeared and didn't arrived, fate was unknown, whether ship sank, or pirates seized it in those wild times they had the dominion of the seas, acted brazenly and with impunity.
One day I came into a large private gallery-museum dedicated to the maritime discoveries of all the people who created the ships, opened new lands, conquered them, known and unknown artist painted sea battles, the travelers , the death of the ships. There were a lot of departments and I understood if I look every exhibit even for a moment I need for three weeks and if carefully dig into the archives I need six months- there were a great many of scripts. Several tour guides led visitors to departments, told all information in detail and answered any of your questions, took a decent charge, allowed to photograph, each big photograph in frame was worth one hundred dollars, and it was necessary to consider written that he never be published.
The first three days I walked with a group. A middle-aged dark-eyed lady with the figure of Venus, the blue-eyed blonde with wavy hair the color of rye in the blue denim skirt to the knees tightly fitting her lower body and a pink-and- purple silk blouse, took us on departments and told in detail about the pioneers, their voyage to the unknown places, and of course those who won, robbed, killed and wielded in the vast expanse of sea . I am acquainted with the museum and myself wandered alone by department discerning pictures and once coming by pictures one which made a lasting impression on me, it agitated my imagination and reminded that strange island once dreaming me with girl on which was hung with beautiful jewelry from head to toe. A strange sticking out of the water no more than 3-5 meters flat island covered with dark sand with growing on it here and there green algae, flowers. Close to the shore in the giant vortex spinning pushed half into the water a luxury three-masted caravel, with her floundering in the water people are doomed to die. Several beautiful young ladies in elegant dresses and men in knight armor stood on the deck and looked at the sad eyes of those who drowned. Since the artist was on another ship then he pointed to his painting The Wreck of "Hispaniola" five caravels, they were far from the strange island.
I went downstairs and asked the photographer to photograph the painting, a young man gave me a small sheet-form, I filled it up, paid a hundred dollars, and he smiling said: "Mr. John Gray, your picture The Wreck of "Hispa-niola"will be sent to you by your address , you"ll get it in a day, but if you want to take a masterpiece faster then come back tomorrow . Yes, just in case we need your telephone number, such an order, if there is e mail address we"ll send you new masterpieces to look, chosen by you new entrants we"ll send you a copy by mail as picture, you"ll decorate your own home, create a kind of museum, however, without the right to charge for entry and duplicate copies for sale. Now, many people do so."
I looked at him and said: "Dear signor Juan Eber, I 'll come back tomorrow and write down the number of the mobile phone, with regard to e mail address as the home that I have not. Fact that I spend my life at sea expeditions , my supervisors looking for Atlantis and I in my spare time fly to European countries in search of documents, this painting I"ll bring to the ship and hang on the wall, let my friends admire, thank you."
I didn't gave him my e mail address to the flow of spam messages have not filled up my PC and home phone number to avoid the troublesome calls and then more why anyone would know where I live.
We said goodbye and I went up again to the third floor, I saw the guide, the middle-aged good-looking golden-haired lady with blue eyes and asked her: "Dear signora Milera Goya, good afternoon, could you give me some information about the picture, it is there, not far, my name is John."
She looked at me, smiled and said: "Good afternoon, Mr. John. Event you are not the son of Tarzan, rather swimmer Johnny Veysmyuller? Such a striking resemblance! Come, my man, I'm glad to help you."
" Dear signora Milera, unfortunately I'm not a relative of Johnny Veysmyuller, and apparently you, kindlyare not Venus de Milo, but the resemblance is striking. I did not expect that here employs a guide such a goddess, let's go."
We went up to the painting, she looked at it, then called on a mobile phone, held a small talk with a specialist and then she said me: "Mr. Johnnie, I'm very sorry about this painting but there is no any information, the name of the artist is unknown, apparently he is witness this disaster, very sorry. Yes, what exactly you are interested in it, we have the old archives , I can dig into them and try to find information. I look at the visitors and nobody does not care, they only see exibits, paintings, models of ships, maps and buy copies of paintings. You, Johnny, is quite different, I don't think it's such a secret! But if I know what it can and I"ll render assistance, however, we should not here speak , we can be overheard. Let's meet after seven o'clock and sit in a restaurant "Gala", you"ll tell me everything and all will be okay. Agree."
Basically, I realized that it was necessary to have to a pretty lady, and since I don't lose things, and even if it will help me to find information on the sunken caravel it will be fine and smiled softly said: "Dear lovely signora Milera -Venus de Milo, I don't mind to sit with you at the cafe, I think that you are free and no lash out at us with threats and even fists .
"I understand you, Johnny, do not worry about it, I'm single, otherwise I didn't ask you to sit with me, let's not think about bad things, only a pleasant meeting, after seven o'clock you walk up to the entrance to the museum and we"ll go to a cafe where you tell me about your secret," she said, smiling, nulas and gave her full graceful hand, I took her to my and kissed. She looked at me with her beautiful black eyes and whispered: "Up to seven, my Johnny."
I looked at her and said quietly: "Up to seven, my dear fairy" and headed out for a walk through the streets of old Malaga. It was hot and sunny day, there were not too many people, generally curious tourists were wandering or sitting in a restaurant. After an hour of slow walking I returned to the museum and sat on a bench under a big treewith red leaves in a shady park, it was ten minutes to seven up to seven. I was sitting close to the fountain, it creates a pleasant coolness, in front of me was a museum and I saw the main entrance and the visitors who came out . At seven o'clock I noticed that out of the big door appeared smiling Miler with a full low lady, they kissed and went their separate ways. Signora Milera stood on the sidewalk and began to look around. I got up and quickly went to her, she saw me, smiled, waved a hand and headed toward me. We are, as if knowing each other a long time, hugged, I kissed her and she joyful, happy widely smiled and said: "I missed you so much , Johnny , do you?"
"I missed you, too , my dear Miler , I thought how wonderful to see a fairy, you're so charming and attractive, so graceful, your eyes, lips, nose, neck, splendid figure, and what legs, you are so boldly show ones to all : " I whispered and kissed her at a plump rosy cheek.
" Johnny , you're exaggerating depicting me, that I am walking in a mini skirt so in this heat i need to refresh my body. And I say you're handsome, and to my liking, look courageous interesting young man, reminiscent of Tarzan, Johnny Veysmyuller, swimmer. With you are pleasant to stay in any place, o k come on to the "Gala", there is a quiet audience, we may drink, eat and dance, I don't think you"ll be disappointed and the most important thing we are not far from the house where I live in splendid isolation, and I should have not only children but and grandchildren, " said Miler embarrassed and smiled.
" My sweetheart Miler, by looks you are just young lady, I would not give you thirty, I, too, almost twenty-seven and frankly I don't want to be bound by the family. Met you and fell in love with you but since I have to go to sea expeditions for many years that no question about marriage . Just came back, I stayed in the Mediterranean for almost four years, and it will last a lifetime. Spend some time here until I find that it's necessary and if you can't help then i leave for neighboring Portugal, I'm telling the truth, and therefore honey Milera decide for itself whether it makes sense to spend time with me," I whispered, and with mock sadness looked at her.
"Johnny, I know sooner or later we parted, but you and I will remain in memories of our meeting, the main thing is do not think about anything, we're going enfeeble, have a nice light wine , have fun and want to listen to that you looking for," Miler said softly and squeezed my hand.
We walked and chatted cheerfully finally stopped at an old building with a sign Restaurant "Gala", went in and found ourselves in a small, cozy room with a bar. From the loudspeakers gushed Spanish melody, we sat at a table in the corner, a young girl came up and signora Miler ordered wine, cold meat, cheese and squid. Soon the on the table was the bottle of wine, wine glasses, forks, knives, snacks , tropical fruits and grapes. We drank, ate and even danced three dances, then sat down at the table and finally I told her the dream that I saw on the " Athens". She looked at me and said: "Dear Johnny, you're unusual dreamer, frankly sometimes dreams come true, that's Mel Fisher found such treasures, I'll try to dig into the archives but can not promise anything. You gave me the impression that I seen you fell in love. But I know that all this will not last long, you just nobody and nothing will stop, but nevertheless, I agree to be some time with you if you don't mind. During my life, I am guilty, looking for an ideal, but realized some time ago it didn't find, and I think it is easier to find a treasure under water than that whom you love and he loves you. How much time do you agree to be here, my Johnny?"
"My dear fairy, i"ll be here not so much time, I've in my disposal a few days, may be a month, it all depends on you and your search for historical documents shed light on the death of "Hispaniola" If you, me don't find documents then I leave for Portugal, I"ll fly to Italy. If there is nothing get in interesting and important for me I go back to the expe-dition on three or four years in the Mediterranean sea: they pay well, we visit all the surrounding country. Tell you a secret, beautiful Miler, we were looking for Atlantis, those who organized the expedition have a lot of money and spend them to find her. Do you, my charming Milera, believe that Atlantis existed?" She looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Dear Johnny, there is no any Atlantis, it's a dream, a fictional town, but if those rich people have money then let look for her, I also believe in the fairy tale of love and it's not. There is love but it's such short-met, rubbed shoulders and scattered. Here and now running out of time, time to go home, and tomorrow to work, to tell in detail to visitors the same for the thousandth time, be sure to come, may be I can find something and you go on a treasure hunt. Take me home, I 'm afraid to walk alone at night on dark streets, here as everywhere one people beat, rape and robother another ones."
"My charming Milera, I'll take you home if we are attacked we the two defend ourselves," I said.
"Fine, said Miler, help me to get up, Johnny, I think I overdrank too much, but nothing we reach, my home is not far from here."
I like a gentleman courting her , paid off for dinner and went to see her home, we got to the big old house, stood at the door and looked at the clock said: "My fabulous fairy it's midnight soon, we sat up so that I didn't notice how flown time. You don't know I'm so afraid to walk alone at night in a strange city, once it's happen with me such an interesting accident that I'm always in the evenings sitting alone in the hotel and watch TV. If it's not you, then I hardly went to the restaurant with other girl."
My nice Johnny! In that case, welcome to my nest, we'll have a drink Cinzano and in bed you tell me about the incident. Go faster in the house while violators or rapists didn't kill with a blow us, I'd rather give myself, my splended body to you my dreamer than them. I myself would like to offer the nest to you and I was too shy, but for now just run, only you kiss me, no, take me in your arms and lift up to the second floor," she whispered with joy.
I was delighted, kissed Milera, took her in my arms and carried her to the second floor, she gave me the key, I opened the door and brought inside, closed the door and walked with her to a cozy mid-size room. Milera lived modestly, I put her on her feet, she looked at me , smiled and whispered: "Dear Johnny, no one will touch you by finger but me, you're in complete safety, sit down at the table, I'll grepare food." Miler kissed me, went to another room and soon returned in the color short knee-length dressing-gown tied at the waist. She looked gorgeous, her full breasts looked boldly at me into the open top of the gown, she playfully spread her legs, dressing gown opened at the bottom, cute looked at me and said: "Johnny, do you like my legs ? Many dream to have a look at them and between them and you in this wonderful night will have mine, as you say, my splended body of a goddess and caress me, Milera -Venus de Milo." She once sheepishly looked at me and whispered: "My Johnny, I'm really so beautiful?"
"Of course, my dear Milera-Venus de Milo, if you were not beautiful and not to my taste then I did not go to see off home and so I am close to the goddess. Yes, you have great legs and in between I see a lush garden, your pussy, I'm afraid that get lost in it, don't shy, move apart your legs wider, show me your pussy," said I, smiled and kissed her."
She's embarrassed but none the less moved apart her legs wider, but soon covered the bottom of the dresssing-gown and smiling said: "My dear Johnny, you do not get lost in my pussy, I myself will guide you into her< yet nobody got in her, you will be first."
"I agree, my goddess and I will do everything to make you feel sweet and nice, bring wine, drink to our meeting, and lov, I so eager to kiss and hug you," I said, pressed to her and kissed her plump lips.
Yes, signora Milera at the moment reminded me charming and seductive goddess Venus.
Milera left and soon returned with a tray, put down the wine, cheese, sausage, ham, fruits, grapes and sweets. We sat down at the table and drank Cinzano for good luck, for the meeting had a snack and soon a bottle of wine was empty. Milera somewhat was drunk, she mysteriously looked at me and asked to take her to the bed. I immediately took her in my arms, carried her and lay her on the bed, Milera untied dressing-gown and whispered: "My Johnny, I'm ready to fight, lie down quick and after you tell me why you're afraid to walk in the evenings."
I kissed her and whisperd: "My beautiful fairy, close your eyes, I get undressed and lie to you." Milera closed her eyes, I undressed, stood by the bed and said: "My charming signora, look at me, I'm ready to fight."
Milera opened her eyes,in surprise opened her mouse and I heard: "Oh, my Johnny, what a miracle, no, you're really Tarzan, I've so dreamt to see the fighter, I"ll be glad and joyfull, you"ll satisfy me fully."
I looked at Milera, kissed and said: "Of course, my dear fairy all goes well, we will rejoice and laugh, at first pleasant for you and after tell the story, it's long, " I took off her dressing-gown. Milera slightly moved apart her full legs and said softly: "Dear Johnny, you can't even imagine , I was waiting for so long that bliss, seeing you in the museum i told myself to surrender myself wholly to such a young man. For some shyness and fear kept me for many years and today overcame everything and I go boldly into battle, but do not judge me, I'm in such an excited state."
Milera took by her hand my penis and put him in her pussy and this time he was inside and rested in the hymen, I made a sudden effort, jerk, it splitted and head of the penis rested in the neck, in a strange way Milera cried, "Oh", smiled and added: "My dear Johnny, I overcame myself, I feared it would be so painful, but really nothing to worry about. I was afraid of this all my life, you know, I'll be the only this way."
"My dear goddess, if you did not like me I would be scarcelly lying next to you. I love you and I must do everything to satisfy you, don't think about anything , you tell me: "Do you feel good with me, are you happy?" whispered I and began to pump up and kiss her.
"My Johnny, I love you, I'm so happy with you, I did not felt the pleasure ever in my life, you made sure no one ever got in my pussy, kiss me," said Milera and started kissing me.
After it was all over and sweaty Milera lay turning her face to me recovering her breath after a long battle whis-pered softly in my ear: "My nice Johnny, you'd know how I felt good and how I was tired, tell me the accident with you."
"My favorite Milera , I was so happy with you, listen: in the evenings, especially in the dark time to come into dance halls and striptease bars I had not particular desire after the incident when the first in Madrid, foolishly I looked at youth club "Focuses of dancing Venus. There was the beautiful interior, a small orchestra was playing, strong young men, charming girls in short jeans on stage danced American dances. The pleasure was not cheap, the entry took a hundred bucks and everyone could try wine however his heart's contented. I bought a ticket and so tried from joy palatable wines that made a noise in my head, though, then I stood on my feet firmly. On the stage of the girls were less and less like the clothes on the body, one feast for the eyes. Finally a burning brunette with dark eyes like prunes remained on the stage, she looked around the room and threw her a withering look at me, in shorts she went through the crowd to me, took my hand and led me to the stage. I was taken aback but nevertheless obeyed her and came, we went up to the stage. Imagine my Milera, she whispered in my ear and I did everything as if I was bewit-ched, and after a few minutes I stood next to her in shorts. All were shouting, screaming, whistling expressing their admiration. The orchestra struck up a twist and then I broke up- throwing , catching my partner, the light little by little went out and all cried Venus , Venus , Venus. Unexpectedly , two charming beauties in panties flew to the scene and not me but they threw me from one to the other, then the light is completely blacked out, the music continued to rattle, those girls threw me in the dark a few seconds, I thought they cut in light and everyone will see the naked Venus. In the hall there was unimaginable roar and whistle, they switched on light and I would see next to me three lovely well-dressed girls on the right and the left, in their hands they held my hands and one was in front of me. Crowd roared and screamed Venus, Venus, Venus, she stepped aside and all whistling, at a horse neighing, clapped their hands and shouted Great, Great, Great. At first I did not understand what it all and somehow accidentally looked at myself, I was naked, the orchestra played in the whole "My Suede Shoes," music inspired me and I thought to show them the class. I grabbed the three girls and not less than ten minutes we were dancing the rock . in the hall all came in ecstasy, you"ll not believe my sweet and charming Milera, all the spectators as if hypnotized threw off their clo-thes and rushed on stage to join us, but thought how they didn't carry away my clothes on the good memories. No, my clothes were in full intact, girls handed them to me and asked for a farewell to visit at least once their club. I kissed them all and frankly admitted that, unfortunately, passing in the beautiful city of Madrid, and if given the case would get to the youth club "Focuses of dancing Venus ". There was all by accident, their regular partner Willie Great was unwell and did not come, and this time I looked in club. Pretty Venus in the crowd has noticed me, dashing handsome man and decided I can handle the role and did not let her, the evening was a great success, she offered money but I, as a gentleman, refused to return to kiss her soft plump lips , what has not been refused and left."
"Fine, said Milera, the next night you, my dear Johnny, tell a different story as you looking for Atlantis. You've rested, I so liked the battle. come on forward, my pussy feel hungry, please feed her."
"Well, my dear Milera, we"ll continue to fight, move apart your splended legs wider." said I and kiss her.
In short, I did my best to satisfy her, she was so pleased with these lovemaking that if I had stayed for a year and this time it was not enoughto Milera.
The next day I went back to my hotel, "Don Quixote" for papers and was about to leave when I heard the melody of Big Ben in the mobile phone, opened and I heard a man's voice: "Good morning, Mr. Johnny Gray, it's me, an artist - photographer Juan Ever, your picture is ready, please, come I;ve thought you forgot about it."
"Dear signor Juan Ever, good morning, thanks for the reminder, I come to you, I'll be sure in an hour," said I and immediately walked to the museum to see him. I kept thinking first about my charming Milera something about the island and had the misfortune to have forgotten that I lived in the modern world and needed to always be careful on the street. I forgot himself and went through a red light, just a step away from me the school bus pulled up, the driver rushed out of the door and with all his strength slapped me across the face, burst into wild curses, I thanked him and not listening to him, his many rants and curses rushed to the sidewalk. There people attacked me, it's good for my happiness policemen was not near this place. My cheeks was burning with fire, shock sobered me and already I was not thinking about the big painting. An hour later, a face has acquired a normal appearance, I went to a museum, went up to the photographer, we greeted each other, he smiled and said: "Dear Mr. John, I'm so glad I 'm so glad your picture is The Wreck of "Hispaniola" is ready, let's go, you"ll be happy, the quality is excellent, a true original."
We entered a room filled with sunlight and he whispered: "Mr. John, just you look at painting, as it's made , the modern technology transforms the ancient paintings , as the artist painted it three centuries ago, simply amazing."
I was amazed, I thought to get a photo and then a real photo picture in a frame with sizes of 1x1 yard, picked it up , it was light and said: "Signor Juan Ever, a great thank, you succeed, excellent quality, a thousand times thank you, goodbye."
"Thank you, Mr. John, drop in, order paintings, we saywelcome visitors, good-bye, "said signor Juan. We shook hands and I went with a precious picture to my hotel with the name of "Don Quixote". Now I'm walking on the sidewalk carefully, cautiously so as not to break photo picture. In my room, I put it on the table and began to carefully examine picture: a miracle, I could clearly see not only sad faces young beauties but even their lovely eyes- almonds filled with tears, luxurious dresses and I realized the girls were from noble families. Then I began to look at this strange and mysterious island seemed to me that it was not a rock and not the land is covered with sand and on the dark surface lay mud here and there and on it the artist painted green algae with pink flowers. As for the caravel that it's without a doubt proved to funnel of the huge whirlpool. Funnel dragged the ship with all who were in it into this abyss and now I would like to find some data indicating when, where and with whom it was an accident. Here I remembered the words of photographer signor Juan said that painting was the three centuries. I took a magnifying glass, carefully examined every inch and imagine I found small numbers and lettersand red November 16, 1679 The Wreck of "Hispaniola". The painting intrigued me and I decided to look more closely to discern the faces of ladies standing on the deck, led to one of them a magnifying glass and my heart fluttered , one of them was exactly like the beauty I dreamed-the same-on Spaniard from head to toe there were decorations from gold and precious stones. Judging by her clothes in the picture I realized it was an ordinary servant, as a lady standing next to her was wearing on her blue dress an expensive jewelry on her head showed off a tiara studded with precious stones glittered in the moonlight, exactly that I got from the top of heap with trasure and threw it to charming Spaniard .
I'm at least an hour admiring faces of beautiful ladies but a young beauty judging the image by an unknown artist was much lovelier them and frankly her image permanently imprinted in my mind. I came to the conclusion that sailed seven ships , and if the witness of the awful tragedy was paintings was alive so other passengers, the crew made it to Europe and maight be someone else had left a record of the tragedy.
In the evening I called Milera and told her that I took a photocopy of the paimting and she asked me to wait her and after from the hotel they will go to her with a masterpiece. I told my fairy that I would wait her and at 7. 15 in the evening I heard the telephone call: " Johnny, I've came, take a picture and come down, we"ll go to me, the whole day I was thinking about you, my kisses to you."
"My charming Milera, I go down, wait," said I and ran down with the picture, the lady was standing by a taxi in a blue knee-length skirt and pink blouse. When she saw me rushed toward being able to carry on, but when picked up and lifted then immediately said: "Dear Johnny I think it's heavy, it's amazing, light as a feather feather."

We have brought the picture into a taxi and drove to the apartment of Milera, she had long admired it, and at the end said: "My dear Johnny, in fact a mysterious painting, I remember the restaurant "Gala", you told me about the girl seen in your dream standing on an island with head to foot hung with jewels, I"ll give you now a magnifying glass and if you peered into the faces of painted beauties you"ll see her among them is your dream, I would say , prophetic , it is the treasure but another thing as you"ll find an island if it's possible organic and moving."
Milera went into the next room and soon returned with a large magnifying glass, she long examined the picture and finally whispered: "Johnny, if that artist painted the iseland so what he saw that exactly it's organic and there's little it staied on place and could go under water. If the coordinates would be given that on the map we saw where it was. "
"My dear signora Milera, so I address to you to find the document of the witness and with coordinats, then we'll just find the treasure and become millionaires," said I and kissed her plump lips, took from the hands of Miller magnifying glass and peered into the faces of all the ladies and their maids. It's a miracle, I saw the familiar features of the charming young Spaniard-servant seen in my dream, gave to Milera a magnifying glass and said: "This girl is a maid, she is drawn by the artist can be a coincidence."
Milera took a magnifying glass and became to look into maid's face and said: "My Johnny, if you say the truth is precisely on this island in the hold of a sunken galleon treasures lie, I"ll do all my effort to find some document and if not, how you say start to Portugal, I'm sorry I can't go with you. I so love you, but I understand it doesn't hold , you're so restless, let at least a month stay with me. I say honest I'm not offended, we are different, I want to sit still while you want to fly around the world. And if I would have found map did you take me with you, my dear Johnny?"
"My charming Milera, I love you, but do not be offended, you say yourself a prophetic dream, if she calling me why I will take you to sail into some unknown place, and in general I"ll say on that ship on which we sail there are no women and the head is unlikely to take. But no power and love does not keep me here, I want to find the treasure and you're experiencing that sex try to find some happiness and loved one, you're brave now, but a month I"ll stay with if you after my frank confession you"ll wish to leave me near you, you're mistress of your adorable body my favorite Milera-Venus," whispered I and kissed her soft lips like rose petals.
"Johnny, cute, live and love me for a month, though all life and go far I cry and I"ll remember our meeting, do not let the bad news, let's enjoy the love at night and during the day I"ll look for historical documents," said Milera and kissed me.
She sincerely attached to me but in general good from it was not enough, no historical documents shed light on the mystery of the wreck of "Hispaniola" is not found and in a month left her. Parting was touching but sincere, she knew my purpose and with tears in her eyes saw off me. I was determined not to part with the picture and went to a neighboring Portugal taking it, I wanted to trips to museums, libraries, galleries hoping to find a historical document of eyewitness sheding light on the wreck of the"Hispaniola". We kissed each other, I went to the car and soon the train moved off.
I arrived on a sunny wamm Lisbon in the afternoon, antiquity intertwined with modernity, I took a taxi and drove up to a three star hotel "Adeline", the room was booked, I went inside and found myself in a beautiful big hall , there were pictures on the walls, on the floor soft carpets, fresh flowers everywhere and pleasantly cool . Sitting behind a glass counter picture of beauty in a pink blouse and blue mini skirt with long plump legs, I gazed at them, as if she's teasing me quietly parted them. Out of curiosity, I even bent down, but then she crossed her legs , smiled and wih pleasant voice said: "Hello, sinor, my name is Catelina you are going to be in our hotel. Did you book a room?"
"Hello, charming sinora, my name is Johnny Gray, I come to you, here's my order," said I and gave her a paper, she took it, looked at me, smiled, and gave the key. I thanked Catelina and went to my room, I opened a blue door, opened and came in a a cozy room with a large window, a double bed, in the middle of the room stood a table with a crystal vase and fresh flowers, near the wall a refrigerator stood, phone on the bedside table, on the wall hung a photocopy of an old painting "Bathing girls", there was a TV set. I saw the second door, walked to it, opened and it was surprise to me, in my room there was a shower and a bath. Without hesitation I undressed and took a shower before heading into town. Refreshed I began to turn over the pages of the telephone directory hoping to find all from the little diner to the gallery. I chose the National Public Library, wrote down the address, found out how to get to it and again looked at my photo cpoy of painting. I had a camera, just in case took a picture and went to the library. At first I went on foot, along the way found a photo lab. I was made some photos and then by bus went to the library. Outside the heat was unbearable, in bus air condition was working and inside there was pleasant cool. In half an hour bus stopped, many passengers got off and moved to the library, it was a huge building, I went inside and saw several young men and charming girls, employees of the library.
I approached one of them, she was of medium height golden-haired young busty blonde-beauty with blue eyes in a short denim skirt just above the knees and thing white blouse through which shone through her body, she was withaut bra. Just surprising Indeed, I pleasure to admire her breasts opened my mouth, she unabashedly looked at me, smiled and said: "Good morning, senor, can I help? My name is Carmen Nuerra, I think you're the first in our public library, it is very big, so hot today, so, what's your name?"
I looked at her and smiled, on her blouse I saw a round blue badge with the name of the library and her name and said: "Good morning, dear charming senora Carmen Nuerra, my name is Johnny Gray, an American and would like to ask you how to get to the department of seafaring, I'll be frank, namely, many ships were returning to Europe with treasure, but not all reached its shores since many of them sank on the vagaries of nature, the elements, blood greedy pirates applied their own hands. I'm looking for sunken treasure ship, rather archival documents confirming that they existed and the approximate area where the unfortunate vessel sank and ask you: what department stores are there notes those witnesses? I know your library there are hundred of thousands of documents, and if we look for them that life is not enough, that's why I'd like to tell you the essence of the matter. Do you have a PC, you, dear charming senora, join me and I am sure you"ll find the one document if it exists. I have an interesting painting, rather a photo copy of it and keywords, if you put them in the memory of your PC it will provide information on what the shelf the importants are stored for me and maybe for you, dear senora Carmen Nuerra, the document dated 1679 year. "
She looked at me, smiled and said:"Mr. Johnny, you intrigued me, go, I am eager to help you, once you have key-words it's easier to find a document, I"ll do everything possible to me to find that sunken ship with treasure. I under-stand you are not one who is looking for sunken ships and find, you know many years ago a Mel Fisher found the sunken galleon "Nuestra Signora de Atocha" with countless treasures, I think you'll be lucky and find another caravel with jewels if you have in the hands even fragmentary data necessary to find. But I"ll say, we did not all of the do-cuments listed in the computer, some gathering dust in the basement, I like your bold idea and try to find if the document is, let's go, Johnny."
We went up by the elevator to the third floor and found ourselves in a large bright hall, a few hundred people sat at the tables, they are intently reading old books and looking yellowing for many centuries maps. On our appearance they didn't even have raised an eye not only the head. Carmen took my hand, squeezed and quietly said: "Johnny, they are looking for sunken treasure ships, want to become a millionaire but I think they poked their finger to the sky , we have nothing to do here, we go to another hall, where people are less likely to find a treasure more, so join them, go."
I lightly squeezed her hand and said: "Carmen, you're so charming, such marvelous body shape, your plump breasts, they confuse me, I'm crazy, I'm afraid to be around you, can't stand and kiss your red lips, your sweet as a peach pink cheeks, you're so seductive, sweet as candy, I"ll not keep myself and eat you, let me touch your cheeks and lips, I fell in love with you the first time."
Carmen looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, if you eat me how are you going to love the picture-beauty, Car-men which you've imajined me, I'm myself very mad about words, I like and can't give up. Portugal is not America, here for a kiss in a public place no fine be imposed if it's from the heart and by mutual consent."
"I got it," whispered I and kissed her on the cheek, she squeezed my hand tighter, I hugged her and kissed her on the lips, on us no one paid attention and because we had a great deal we had to sit at the table with the PC, I got a little photo, she looked at it and said: ""Johnny, it's very interesting picture only can all be seen under a microscope. "
"Carmen, the painting itself is in a museum in Spain, in my hotel has a photo copy of it on a piece of frame 1x1 yard and if you wish I will show you."
"Johnny, today I can't come only tomorrow night, surely, and it will be only in the case if I help to find an important document, now let's look for keywords and just hug and kiss me, don't be shy, we are here no one sees, you fasci-nated me."
I hugged her, kissed, she took my hand and pressed it to her chest and looked at me quietly said: "Johnny, do you feel of beating my poor girl's heart."
I looked at her and whispered: "Charming Carmen, I not only hear the beating of your big and kind heart but also feel it ."
So, we decided to start a search of document using the computer: it entered the keywords "The wreck of "Hispa-niola" November, 16, 1679 , and to our great joy saw text on screen: This document is in the archive section and is not included in the personal computer, refer to the application to the head of the department senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez .
"My dear Carmen, improbably, in your library has such a document. You know how to fill in the form, go to sinora Maria, take it to fill up, hand it to her, and in a few hours, may be the next day or later in our hands will be an impor-tant historic document sheding light on the wreck of "Hispaniola" I whisperd in her ear and kissed her plump cheek.
"My Johnny, this is extraordinary miracle, turns out we have such document, but it's not easy to get, at least until next week, but none the less I fill in the form and I'll bring to the head of the department to sinora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. You sit, read newspaper and wait for me," said Carmen, smiled and held up her cheek for a kiss. I kissed her, she got up and went joyful for blank.
In some time I suddenly heard the melody of Big Ben, someone called me. I took out my cell phone out of my pocket and heard the voice of the artist of Juan Eber: "Good afternoon Mr. Johnny Gray, I'm bothering you about the purchase of new paintings."
"Good afternoon, sinor Juan Ever, I'm not on the ship, now in Lisbon, made a trip to the library, I am looking for documents on the ancient Atlantis. My supervisor for the last expedition proposed to continue the work and I 'm trying to find something," I lay to him .
"Then I'm sorry, Mr. John Gray, happy Atlanitis search, it might be fulfilled your dream, goodbye."
I disconnected the mobile phone and read the latest news on the Internet until came back Carmen, she sat next to me, put on the table three white form and said softly: "Now Johnny we"ll fill them, I'll bring to her and we"ll wait until Tuesday, I saw senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, talked to her , and she promised to find, such our affairs."
I kissed her and said: "My swallow, I'll wait until Tuesday, I think we spend the time very well, you show me Lisbon, we"ll take a boat trip and if you agree will visit in my room and see a picture."
"Well Johnny, I'll give you answer tomorrow and now fill in a form," said Carmen and began to fill in the form. Having finished she looked at me and whispered: "My Johnny, the form is filled in, go for a walk, relax, come in the morning and w"ll continue our search, as I said earlier today no visits, tomorrow everything will depend on the circumstances, if you wish you can kiss me, hug, I not against such sweet kisses."
I embraced her, hugged, kissed and said: " Charning Carmen, you're have not one but two big hearts, I agree to listen to their heartbeat and hold on them all my life, I love you, I"ll come tomorrow to continue the search."

" Yes, yes, Johnny, tomorrow we"ll continue the search, I"ll try to find a document that you can feel the beating of my two big hearts, I love you," said Carmen, cuddled to me and kissed.
" Farewell my swallow," said I , kissed her lips and went to the elevator, she took my hand, squeezed and whispered: "Johnny, see you tomorrow, don't worry, everything will be fine,"hold out her hand. I kissed her and moved to the door, she went to another room and when I returned to the hotel could not come to myself, just surprisingly, I met a young beauty, so simple, we are attached to each other, so sweet kisses.
I came to the hotel hungry, opened the fridge and saw amidst the snacks the bottle of wine, Rachel of amber color, I tucked it away in a corner, got cheese, salami, roll and a couple of packets of Brazilian coffee with cream and sugar , I put them in microwave oven and in a couple of minutes sitting, eating and thinking about the beauty Carmen. In the evening, I looked out the window of my room at the ancient city lit by millions of multi-colored light bulbs , spot-lights, neon signs, no skyscrapers, perhaps no hustle and bustle, may be these people still did not give up in their behavior with the medium- century era, watched TV and at midnight went to bed. I say frankly the evenings I tried to be only in hotels, foreign cities frightened me, didn't went to bars and dance halls, I would like to be alive and to find the treasure.
I woke up in the morning, at seven o'clock, took a shower, shaved, ate and moved to the library. I was not in a hurry and looked at the ground, I ddn't want to be hit by a car and came before the opening, a few dozen people were waiting when security guards open the doors. So that moment, a young men in a white shirts opened the doors and people slowly began to come inside. I followed them,in the big hall all went to their departments, each sought his own. I hesitantly walked without knowing where, Carmen was absent, somehow suddenly, as if it came out of the ground she appeared in front of me, smiled and said: "Johnny, good morning, how do you slept?"
" Good morning, my nice Carmen, I said, what a dream, I've only thought to see you and invite to visit me, be my guest in the evening, I think you"ll be happy and satisfied. And how do you feel, my swallow?" I whispered and kissed her on the lips .
She looked at me, smiled and said softly, "My Johnny, I'm glad to see you, you have no idea, I"m going crazy in love , I have always believed in love at first sight. My senor, I've no doubt that you deliver me pleasure and I please you, your desire to find a historical document come true. So, a duke, Alvarsky, Pedro de Raules, a witness of the tragedy wrote "Notes", my dear I go to your hotel to see the photo copy of the painting that you have and at the same time your room with the little bed on which you sleep and maybe see me in a dream. Johnny, will we put on it together? "
"Yes, my beloved Carmen, all fit! And how did you manage to find a historical document, you are just a genius," I whispered, immediately hugged her and kissed.
"I'll tell you frankly, I didn't come out of the library, hidden in a small room in the basement and when everyone left went to the store where on the shelves lay historically documents not listed in the computer. I found shelf where lay the documents of 16-17 centuries and imagine I'd found something that you need to read and now we had it , Johnny, lucky you"ll read!"
I looked at her, smiled, kissed and said: "My dear senora Carmen, I hardly slept, all thought of such a beauty, thanks for the find."
"Come on, Johnny, I"ll give you to read an important historical document that over three hundred years, but don't let go," she whispered and kissed me, took my hand and led me to the elevator. Once again we found ourselves in that small room with computers, I sat down, she went away and soon returned with a book in dark leather binding. More specifically it was the personal notes of the witness of the tragic incident, I opened it and saw the yellowed sheets of three hundred years ago written with a quill pen. I kissed Carmen's puffy lips, she smiled and said to me:" Johnny, sit down, read it, I"ll be back in a couple of hours, wait and don't go away, here are pen, paper and write down everything you need."
She left and I started reading the documentary material signed by some of the Duke Alvarsky, Pedro de Raules " Notes of witness the mysterious tragedy, November, 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of three-night sailing from Havana."
Description was a long, fun, exciting and it seemed to me improbable, I cite a brief excerpt: "In recent years, pirates attacked with impunity ships sailing to Europe for the purpose of robbery and capture beautiful young ladies for their mastery and violence. Because of them, there was no rest day or night, then going to a little group of several caravels and having on board a guns all felt more or less in security. On the fourth night, in the moonlight we saw an island covered with strange black sand, in some places grew green algae. We're struck, the fact that it was sticking up out of the water not more than 5-7 meters, almost flat and it seemed to me from its dark surface reflected the strange glow in the moonlight. We're interested in this, and we decided to approach, one of the ships, the "Hispaniola" turned closest to the island not an unexpectedly got into a giant funnel. on the eyes of sailors standing on the deck of the six ships just a couple of minutes left on the bottom with 50 sailors and returning home dukes Andalusian de Sofia with her entourage and countless wealth: 12000 gold coins each weighing not less than 20 grams, 30,000 silver coins of 10 grams, wares made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture the other ships rushed from this strange island located in the words of our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan Franco around 25 degrees north latitude and between 78*45' and 78*15' degrees west longitude. By morning, when a strange island disappeared from view, we noticed to us approaching giant wave height of at least 9-15 meters, and perhaps much more. Wave seized a caravels and carried them with great speed into the ocean, all the ships were scattered in different directions, and what happened to them is unknown to me. Unfortunately our caravel "Carmen" was soon captured by the pirates, they put us in chains and we didn't know where we sail. But to our great joy on their way were the Spanish warships, battle began, the pirates were killed and we are released. We were unchained and soon reported that they were sailing to Spain, joy swept us and we thanked the noble and valiant captain who saved us senor Geruda Pablo ... "
He then described his many months adventure before got out of the Spain to his native Portugal, I thought that this is a book of some adventurer-writer, but judging by its thick paper this book was at least 300 years. Without hesita-tion I decided to rewrite all the written names, the names of the ships, listed treasures gone to the bottom with duchess Andalusian de Sophia.
As soon as I finished writing went back Carmen with somewhat flustered, she sat next to me, I kissed her and said: "My swallow, these priceless "Notes" confirm that this caravel "Hispaniola" indeed existed, it really sunk with trea-sure, sailors and passengers near a mysterious island. Yes, my swallow, I see you're kind of excited!? Did something happen?"
"Johnny, I don't have time, I have to go, I say important people visit us to read the archives, they're also interested how you about sunken ships with treasure. They all want to find them and fill their own museum, or rather pockets , they also saw that painting which have you, they rushed here and were looking for exactly that historic document that will shed light on the wreck of "Hispaniola". If important people read the "Notes" they will precede you and I decided not to bring the book back, just sit there with it and did not let go hands. If two tall Spaniards in dark suits and white shirts will come in this room you hide "Notes" that none of them did notice book. In three hours I come back and bring the food, in the evening before closing the Museum I hide precious document sheds light on the wreck of "Hispaniola", alone we go out and with you go in your hotel to see a photo copy of the painting and advise you what to do. I think they watch for you, sit and wait, I'm so worried and suffering, kiss me on the lips."
"My Carmen, now I begin to realize that the photographer Juan Ever made two copies and may be read the date and the name of the caravel, he guessed that I was looking for the treasure with picture and in my opinion his accomplices followed behind me," I said, kissed her and to continue: Yesterday, in your absence, Juan Ever called me and offered the pictures, but now I understood he guessed of what I was looking for documents of lost Atlantis how lay to him and by sunken "Hispaniola" wwith treasure."
"Really, senora Milera Goya joined in search of treasure exept me," I thought," but it can't be. It was Juan Ever who spied her while searching for the documents in the archives and from her they could know my intentions, and it is not by her own free will, may be with the help of microphones secretly installed in her apartment they overheard our conversation and now watching me."
"My Johnny, I' becoming clear, in the evening I definitely need to go to the hotel, in your room and to see the picture, I've no doubt they know where you are, in what country, city and even the hotel where you live: the signals from the sensors are flying into space on satellites, they are caught by using the appropriate equipment for those who are watching you, everything is very simple in the electronic age, now go away and wait for me," said Carmen.
She left, I began to read the book again, people came, among them I saw two high Spaniards but they sat down at the other table standing near the big window. In an hour they left hall and at two o'clock came Carmen, she brought a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of orange juice. She explained me where was buffet to eat, I was given for lunch not more ten minutes. Carmen took the "Notes" and began to read, I ran to the buffet and returned in nine minutes and kissed her, she gave me the book and whispered: "My Johnny, you can't imagine I managed to outwit the two Spaniards Philip and Romero and prematurely sent them from the library to the hotel, listen to me how it happened: we have a new pretty pretty young employee, Sofia Blanca and those Spaniards turned to her for help to find a document, "Notes", which I took But since she didn't know where he Sofia sent them to me. Joyful gentlemen went down to the second floor where they met face to face with me and asked to help them to get to the head of the archive department Signora Maria Corrieda de Sanchez. I guessed, these senors are looking for that document which I took in secret and without the application in the night passing the signalizations disconected by me in advance- " "Notes witness the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of three-night sailing from Havana". Rather than to risk losing my jobs and even freedom I create on my face charming smile and happily told them the situation existing in the library: "Dear senors, I bring you a form, you fill it and since it's Friday then on Monday at 11:00 of the day your archival document will be waiting for you, is only just go to the head of the department of Signora Maria Corrieda de Sanchez. I think it will suit you , three days short period of time, some documents are not listed in the computer are wanted for four or five days, decide for yourself what to do."
"We agree, dear senora Carmen wait until Monday, give form filling it, for your courtesy on Monday at afternoon you"ll receive our invitation to visit the posh restaurant "White Horse" at our expense, there is always a lot of fun, my name is Romero and my friend Philip, nice to see such a charming girl."
"It's nice to meet you, thank you for the invitation, on Monday, in the evening, I agree to go with you charming senors at the restaurant "White Horse". Yes, sit here a minute, I'll bring you the form and fill it out and the more fully you write the correct name of documet which you looking for the faster it will be found it is of great importance, since many documents and more difficult to find," I said with a smile and left them . Three minutes later I came back with forms, put on the table and looked at the senors, smiled and said quietly: "Please, fill out , I"ll be here in three minutes, if it's not clear what I will help you."
I left and soon returned to the senors, looked at the completed form, smiled flashing my white teeth and said: "Senors, I'm with you bring your application to the department and on Monday at 11:00 you get a historical document . Need to rush to the department to transfer your form the employee is engaged in search of the document to senor Juan Kardobe . Thefact is that Senora Maria Corrieda de Sanchez went to a meeting today and will not return. So I ask you, gentlemen, Philip and Romero, now coming with me and you"ll pass the request to him personally and he will instructed to immediately look for the book."
Joyful senors Romero and Philip kiss my plump hand and I beaming smile on the charming face went with them to the first floor to convey a request to search for the appropriate historical document. In short , the application was transferred to the senor Juan Kardobe, he looked at the gentleman and asked them to come on Monday. Thanking me and senora Penelope Philip and Romero went joyful in his hotel Hilton. So my Johnny, on Monday, when senors Romero and Philip come here , they"ll be shocked at not finding the document. Imagine what look will be on their faces. You sit down, I 'll be back at eight o'clock, read, think and wait, I"ll put the book on shelf so that they never find. I"ll come back and we'll go to the hotel, it's important for you, kiss me on the lips, my cute tempter and seducer, can't wait for the evening, I have a happy mood."
I kissed her and smiling Carmen went to the second floor on her way. Time passed slowly, I don't read so much as thought what to do to get rid of those who attacked my trail who want to enrich themselves with my help. At five minutes to eight appeared Carmen, she smiled, sat down, I kissed her, she inquired about my well-being, if anyone came and sent me to the toilet. When I returned she told me which door to go out and where to wait for her, I went to the door and Carmen brought a "Notes" in the library .
I went outside, sat on a bench and waited for Carmen watching the people go by and came to the conclusion, as in New York, Lisbon was international city -white, black, yellow . Fifteen minutes later she came up, kissed her soft as rose petals red lips, hugged, took a gentle hand and we went to the hotel, on the road briefly told each other our biography, bought a delicious meal and in half an hour we're seating in a cozy room, on the table was a vase of beautiful fresh flowers with a fragrant smell. I showed Carmen photocopy of the painting of an unknown artist lying on the table, she looked closely at it and whispered, "Johnny, stunning picture, but I"ll tell you this island is organic, it's not covered with sand as you assume but a true thick skin in what you will be convinced."
She took out a magnifying glass from her big black leather bag and began to examine the surface of the island as it seemed to me that covered by dark sand . After a moment, she looked at me and joyful voice said, "Johnny, you're right, this island is covered with sand, flowers and algae on the skin can not grow, they need soil or sand. This is a true island, look for it. Yes, do you know the coordinates?" she said loudly and winked.
I knew where she was going and said loudly: "Unfortunately, my favorite, the coordinates are not known, the artist has not designated a place in the ocean where is this island."
"It's unfortunate," murmured Carmen, meanwhile she reached into her bag and pull out a small device resembling a voltmeter and began to drive them on a sheet of cardboard glued on thick foam plastic across, along, from top to bottom. At the beginning of the arrow does not move but in the middle of the picture began to move in the corner where there was a date and an inscription she frantically shook, Carmen looked at me and said loudly: "Johnny , go to the bathroom to wash," she also wrote on a sheet of paper: Johnny, you need to immediately fly away and get rid of the picture just not today, before flying home, let your pursuers think now that you have no idea about hidden miniature sensors beetles, such thick paper and plastic, they are in it, let talk about love, call me Ines, tomorrow explain what to do."
I looked at Carmen and said: "Ines, go into the shower, need to freshen up," took her by the waist and embraced her, she looked at me, smiled and said: "Come on, only first kiss."
I kissed Carmen in her plump scarlet lips, got into the bathroom and turned on the shower, the water flowed and roared, Carmen looked at me, smiled and whispered: "My Johnny, I'm shy, close your eyes, I get undressed, I"ll open , say you open eye and you"ll admire my body."
"Well, my dear, I close my eyes, take off your clothes," I said and kissed Carmen .
While noise of the water Carmen threw off her mini skirt, blouse, bikini, stood in front of me, looked at me, smiled and said: "My dear Johnny, I'm ready, look at his little swallow."
I opened my eyes and looked around from top to toe, hugged her, kissed and whispered: "My dear Carmen, you're beautiful , I'm crazy about you, what a figure, the big heart, what nice legs and between them a lush garden you're so seductive, you tempt me."
She kissed me, smiled and said softly: "And now, dear Johnny I closed my eyes and you take your clothes off."
"Well, my swallow, clothes off," I said, kissing Carmen, threw off my clothes, and as I was excited and my penis stretched forward as bayonet when I saw her naked then barely restraining himself said: "Honey, I'm ready, open your eyes."
Carmen opened her eyes and looked around from top to toe, mouth opened in surprise, kissed and whispered sweet: " Johnny , you're a hawk, but please don't peck your swallow, oh, just you look, you've so sharp beak, I was horrified".

Since she was excited from the view she is not controlled herself, took up the dick and slipped between her chubby legs, lightly squeezed but then parted them and kissing whispered: "Not now, in the shower, I just try on," brought to the water, clung to me, I grabbed her, we kissed each other and she whispered: "My Johnny, now you not only feel but also admire my own, as you said big hearts. They are now in your hands, I agree that you held them all my life and would not let me out of your hug, kiss my red lips, never Polish used lipstick. look at my heart, from the heat and steam they so swollen. So I don't a beauty which you have painted, but overall there is a lot to see, my swallow dissolved their wings, tell me, do you like me?"
"My dear Carmen, you're beautiful, I'm crazy about you, what a figure and legs, and those of the heart, you are so tempting, tempt me ," I said kissing her, washed her and she was washing respectively me with her gentle hands. In a strange way, in my body has changed , Carmen looked at me, smiled, kissed and whispered: "Johnny, wow, I think we should be a little steam and turn down the heat, you're so steamed out!"
I looked at her, smiled, hugged, kissed and whispered: "My swallow , it's not the heat and steam, it's from your gorgeous body, from your big hearts, I touch them and in my body awakened volcano of passions , I agree to all its keep their lives in their hands , I love you my swallow, my Carmen, very, very much from the heart."
Carmen looked at me and said quietly: "I agree my Johnny, kiss, hug and caress me, I love you, wipe and wash my back and legs, but more gently."
I was delighted, kissed her red lips soft as rose petals, she turned to me backwards, I bent down and began to rub and wash her back, legs. Soon Carmen bent abruptly, slightly spread her plump legs, I touched her body, making my favorite stirred and she whispered: "Johnny, have you aimed, you're so comfortable, peck me, but in general I'm so tickled, so nice, I can't restrain myself from passion",
" My swallow a little fold and my hawk bite you, just hold on tight for the bath," I said, and as she bent down harder took her full breasts with my hands, tightly hugged her, my penis got into her body, broke her hymen and ran into the neck".
Carmen joyfully cried out: "Oh, Johnny, your sharp beak pierced my hymen, it's in place, it tickles me , you understand, I am your first girl."
"My dear, I have no doubt. Do you like, is it nice?!" I said, hugging her." Are you ticklish ? "
"What are you Johnny, go ahead, I'm so nice, it gives so much pleasure, I was afraid to be hurt, it's not, such a thrill, pump me," she said, slightly bent her body and spread her legs. At this point a piece of soap slipped out of my hands, I wanted to pick it up but Carmen said quietly: "Johnny, do not do, I am myself."
She even more spread her beautiful legs and arched her gorgeous body to pick up the soap lying on the floor, it was such a peerless position!
Carmen whispered: "Johnny, hold me not to fall, this soap flew off to the corner, I"ll give it to you and you will be soaping my back ."
My arms wrapped around her gorgeous figure and I said: "Well Carmen, bring soap, soap up, wipe, wash your legs and the neat take you on bed ."
She bent down even more, picked up soap, gave it to my arm and said softly: "My Johnny, let rub on the back, you just be careful not to fall off, the floor is so slippery, hold me tight so I didn't fall, and everything is good, so it tickles me," and even more bent to the floor. "Johnny, I beg you do not stop tickling, from ticklish I want not only laugh but also to fly, I do not find the place. How do you feel? Are you not sweating? Lessen sweat, I broke into seventh sweat, does it tickles you? Are you there, are you standing comfortably? You hold me and then fall off?" Carmen said breathing heavily.
I drew Carmen to himself, still wrapped tightly around her waist, she is so exhausted that her hands grabbed the edge of the bath, I whispered to her that I was all right and continued to tickle her, from a tickling my swallow was on the move , such as a sudden shiver went through her body and my Carmen whispered: "My favorite Johnny, I'm all, finished. Take me to bed, I'm tired of standing in this pose, there is no force to go, the shower is over."
"Well my dear, I also finished, shower is over, I"d bear you down on the bed," I said, freed from her, she stood up, turned to me, kissed and said, "

I pressed Carmen to myself, still tightly enclasp her around waist, she is so exhausted that her hands grabbed the edge of the bath, I whispered to her that I was all right and continued to tickle her, from a tickling my swallow was on the move , such as a sudden shiver went through her body and my Carmen whispered: "My favorite Johnny, I'm all, finished. Take me to bed, I'm tired of standing in this pose, there is no force to go, the shower is over."
"Well my dear, I also finished, shower is over, I"d bear you down on the bed," I said, freed myself from her, she stood up, turned to me, kissed and said: "My Johnny, what a shower, you've so washed, rubbed and ticled me, I"ll never forget, I liked sex so much, I was mad from pleasure. Thank you, let's go to bed, take rest, I if only come to my senses from this passion.

I took Carmen into my arms, carried her to the bed and lay down, she spread her plump legs and said: "Johnny, let swallow rest, she"ll not fly away, I'm so nice, do you? Have a rest, take supper and will continue sex but on the bed. I say you sincerelly you the real fighter and beg you love me tender." "What are you talking about, I love you and I"ll love you tender my swallow, I like you, we have a rest and go to the table, I feel hungry. "
"I love you too, Johnny, that's why I come to you to take a shower, have a rest now and to the table, I feel hungry."
We a little staied in bed, got dressed and went to the table, I saw the picture, thought of the bugs, I wanted to break it up into small pieces and throw out as garbage, but my Carman waved her hands that it should not be done in saving us from those who planned to use with my discovery and I put it under the bed.
" Yes, my charming, favorite swallow, time to have supper, in a cooler there are good snacks, cold drinks, wines. Do you mind sip a few drops?"
"Johnny, for the sake of such a meeting, I agree to skip a glass, I don't think that wine is to the detriment, I was intoxicated by love, took out, open, pour, drink and go to bed."
We opened the refrigerator, took out bottle of wine Rachel, poured by the glass, clinked glasses, cried "Cheers", drank and began to eat a sausage, cheese, pizza, sandwiches, grapes, chocolate, microwave worked and drink for love and when the bottle of wine was empty and food was eaten then we went to bed and fell on a white sheet. We were well off as we could, laughing themselves hoarse, the bed was shaking. We couldn't sleep for a long time, talked about our life before we met, she looked at me and said: "My Johnny, you can't imagine, I'm so glad I met you, so blissful, I feel you love me from the heart and I'll never never forget this night of love, I'm so happy."
"I love you too, my charming swallow such an unexpected meeting, I think about that now we would rush off to the edge of the world. Do you agree?"
She looked at me and said with a firm voice: "My Johnny, of course, yes, I do, we love each other, but not tomorrow , I'm working on, find for the start flat and all right, let's now talk about love. When you walked into the hall and I saw you, I thought what a handsome, real gentleman. Your curious eyes fascinated me, and told a lot. I understand that you are not indifferent to me, in love."
" You're right, my swallow, to see such a gorgeous body, you are like Merylen Monroe, only the smaller stature, all can't be high, I love you what you are."
Tired and tipsy from the wine and the love we slept under the same morning, woke up in the evening and im-mediately went to take a shower, we stood under warm water, I washed her from the heart, we were overjoyed and went to the table. We got from a refrigerator the bottle of Italiian wine Chinzano, food, fruits, sweets, we drank, ate. Wine was pleasant to the taste but not too strong, we firmly ate good food, watched TV and then lay down in bed.
Night flew, we got up, freshened up in the shower, eat and walk in library, then I noticed sadness on the face of the charming , beloved Carmen and asked: " What did happen my dear swallow? May be I hurt you?"
"Johnny, you're not to blame, and I don't blame yourself, we see each other for the last time, I don't want your and my death, tomorrow you must immediately fly away imperceptibly at first in Madrid with the picture, there with a transfer from the airport you fly to States, just before break the picture and throw it in the trash, as I did with the "Notes" that we've read on Friday in the library. I didn't say you that I took the"Notes"and tore to shreds so that it will not got to anyone in their hands. Only you know the approximate location of the mysterious island of treasures, you"ll find them and I"ll go to prison for many years for the intentional destruction of ancient documents of historic value. They put me in jail but I would avoid a violent death, there I give birth to baby and through many years come I'd be released from prison. I beg you until you find the treasure please don't inquire about me, you"ll save many lives. I"ll myself let you know about mine in the near future, I do all in order to divert from you your competitors who are racing for you and me all around. I want you to find those treasures, it's not for long, so my Johnny farewell. You"ll have no rivals, since there is no book, you can't imagine that in a couple of hours will be happen in the library when the computer will produce information to all "Document number so and so destroyed," and as I was taking his last Signora Maria Corrieda de Sanchez will immediately understand all that I did. And indeed admit it myself, good-bye, rush to buy a ticket and fly, my Johnny as quickly as possible, you"ll not help me, I deliberately did this because I love you . "
"My charming swallow, why did you do it, for you I would give them all the riches of the world, I love you, really can you not in any way be saved?"
"My favorite John, nothing, anybody can save me, I face a term of five to ten years, but you do everything as scheduled, and how should be the circumstances. Yes, try anywhere in America to lose your mobile phone and use by another, goodbye, believe we"ll be sure to meet my darling, so our destiny and the fate of it will not escape."
We continued to walk to the library, surprisingly, on the sidewalks there are rare pairs of youth, cafe is just opening its doors, I looked at the clock it was 10am, Sunday, I showed Carmen and said: "My sweetheart swallow, today no one will take you inprison, library closed on Sunday, so go on a tour of Lisbon, in the evening we"ll go to see movie, on Monday you yield yourself to police for destruction of historic document or you"ll fly with me to the States, where no one will find you."
"Really is Sunday? She asked, I thought Saturday, days of the week mixed up, that 's my Johnny go somewhere, at our disposal all day long."
All day long we spent at our leisure,we were wandering through the streets, admiring the architecture of old buildings and parks with an open upper deck of the bus, the guide gave a detailed interesting information, we didn't know the grief-we laughed, hugged, kissed, we went to a little restaurant, ordered wine, appetizers, salad, a delicious chicken soup with noodles, icecream and in the evening Carmen invited me for a trip on an old, small ship " Lovely Isabella". We by taxi went to the sea port, bought tickets and went to the birth where there was a beat-up old steamer, went to her and at six o'clock, she put smoothly to sea. On the board there were a hundreds of tourists, the sun was shining, it was hot and many people were swimming in a pool, a few elderly ladies were sitting in the tent and drinking cool juice. What a pity, I was with me documents, credit cards and writing with an old document that bathing declined, but my Carmen sported from heart-she was diving, swimming and waving her hand from joy to me.

Unwilligtly we sailed from the port on the two mile and slowly sailed along the coast. We admired the view of modern Lisbon sprawled along the Atlantic coast, saw villas, high-rise buildings finished with multi-colored glass panels, ancient buildings and endless lengths of beaches of white and golden sand. It's impossible to count people swimming in the warm ocean water, little by little electric lamps lit, neon sign glowed, we admired the indescribable beauty of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon in the night. Captain Ramer Eskubo announced to all that the ship returns to port, Carmen and I were very happy about that because we had a nice Sunday day. I had the camera and photographed city and my Car-men, we kissed and it seemed to me that our happiness will not be the end, but alas, it happened suddenly. I don't know what I ate or drank but I had a pain in my stomach, looked at Carmen and said: "My swallow, sit and wait for me, something ill in my stomach, I'm going to come to the bathroom to irrigate my stomach with water and come back."
She looked at me and said quietly: Johnny, go, but not be long, it's already dark."
"Well, in a flash," I said, kissed her and went to the toilet. As I remember that time she was sitting in a lounge chair near the stern, a couple of young beauties are located at a distance. I went to the toilet, found the faucet with cold water and there was neither glass nor cup and I was drinking warm water right from nipple drinking warm water barely running in blue tube. I wanted so way to wash my stomach and that's whe the process was long, I felt better and ran to the stern. Finding myself near stern I was horrified when I didn't saw my Carmen, those beauties too disappeared. I was running like crazy around the ship but never found her, ran to the bridge, I saw the captain Ramer Eskubo and told what had happened. He listened to me and immediately declared alarm, appealed to all passengers to provide assistance in search of Carmen and asked her to go up to the bridge. "Beautiful Isabella" stopped in the course of half a mile from the pier, Carmen did not respond, it came down to the fact that soon the three men of the Coast Guard came in the boat. I cheated and don't give them full information about her, I said that met a girl a couple of hours and was invited to take a trip on the boat. Young strong guys of the Coast Guard personally searched the ship but didn't find my favorite swallow . To my misfortune I didn't saw the faces of those beauties sitting next to her and therefore did not mension them and under such tragic circumstances I could not remember them, in front of my eyes was my Carman.
At midnight we went back to the port, I took a taxi and we drove to the hotel, in my room sat down on the bed and roared, different thoughts rushed through my head. I didn't believe that she threw herself into the waters of the At-lantic Ocean, but I thought might be someone kidnapped her from me and they would demand a ransom, they would offer me for her to give the coordinates of the mysterious island where near the caravel "Hispaniola" sank and decided to wait for the letter with a note. Since I have good memory those coordinates I remembered in my head, by my secret cipher copied excerpts from the "Notes" left a photocopy of the picture, the rest was thrown out . And then I remem-bered how she told me to throw my picture and to get rid of my pursuers. In my head there was an interesting idea, to send those who follow me in the wrong direction and using mobile phone of attractive, seductive senora Maria Torres with long plump legs serving in our hotel "Adeline" dialed my exleader of the expedition in the Mediterranean Sea Mr. Richard Dean. Just luck, I'm the first time to got him on the phone and he picked up tube. "Mr. Richard Dean, good mor-ning, it's me, Johnny Gray, "Tarzan" call you, how are you, your health, expedition, do you continue to search for the lost Atlantis? As captain Alex Bedrov, sailors and all other members of the expedition? Now I travel in Portugal, only arrived from Spain. I feel great, rest and entertain with charming ladies, they are affectionate, gentle and kind, there is no failure. And what are wines and snacks! You"ll lick your fingers!"
" Hi John, I'm glad to hear your voice, don't upset me, in this expedition which will not end in the next five years, I can not escape to beautiful women. What a luck to be free! We continue looking for Atlantis but where it we don't know if you"ll be in a desire to return to us I say you: welcome to the " Athens", all feel fine and asked if you would call me to give you heartfelt greetings."
"Thank you Mr. Richard Dean, I decided to send you a photocopy of an interesting painting seen by me in one of the galleries in the Spanish city of Malaga. If it produce an impressionon you then you can hang in your cabin or mine, it is on the marine theme: The wreck of "Hispaniola", drawn three and a half centuries ago by an unknown artist. I can't say that tomorrow will arrive to you at work, but as soon as I rest I fly if you invite me. It was so interesting with you, an unusual romance, the oldest wine made two thousand years ago, seafood and I want to thank you for the knowledge received in the campaign, in sea sailing, especially deep-sea diving . Yes, if you, dear Mr. Richard Dean, wish that I send out a fascinating picture's photocopy of the size of 3.3 to 3.3 feet, tell your new address, thank you, I wish you seven feet under the keel before the meeting."
"Mr. Johnny Gray, we 'll all be happy if you send a photocopy of an interesting picture, and I'am going to hang it in my cabin, let it shatter the boredom. Write down the address, and if you decide to work then arrive, we hope to see you soon," said Richard Dean.
"See you soon, Richard Dean, I run to send my photocopy of the painting," I said and smiled. I imagine the faces of my enemies when they determine my location in the Mediterranean Sea, for them it will be a shock, which can be a treasure in it if they were transported mainly from America to Europe. Wasting no time, I rushed to the post office and use the postal service FedEx with plane sent picture to Crete at the port of Paleochora, with delivery to the research ship "Athens", with notification of receipt, as I wanted to quickly get rid of it .
As for my sweet charming Carmen then I waited for her a whole week, divers probing the bottom, the body didn't surfaced, no one spoke to me for ransom. Four days later I received a notice about getting my picture, it was in the ship and immediately called on cell phone of a charming and gracious administrator senora Alma Diego, so I didn't want to get my pursuers could not expose me to my cunning: "Dear Mr. Richard Dean, good afternoon, calling you Johnny, how are you, your health and your business? The post office sent me a notice that you had received my painting . I would like to know if it is really good? I'm okay, here are the beauties, not my rules to deny them that, for me the most important thing to them do not have to spend a lot, wine and appetizers for nathing, the food is unmatched yummy as are the senoras."
"Johnny" , I heard the sweet voice of Mr. Richard Dean, "Good day , what a luck to spend time this way, continue in the same vein if senoras fly to you like flies to honey. Immediately thank you for the masterpiece that everyone is excited, it hung in my cabin and admire with beauties examining their faces with a magnifying glass. Now I looked and it seemed to me that it was a strange island. If the artist is correctly depicted a giant sea creature, possibly an octopus miraculously preserved since that time, the era of the dinosaurs. Such creatures were performed in the oceans 50-70millions of years ago, and marine archaeologists suggest that they were up to 3-5 miles in a diameter. Johnny, I said about your picture to our boss of Russia Mr. Viktor Medvedev, he was so interested in what promises to fly to see picture. How I understand he wants to throw Atlantis and to look for this octopus. I say, you throw those girls and look for any documents shed light on this sea creature or the wreck of a caravel "Hispaniola", there in the libraries may be such materials. If you can get them please report, Good luck, see you soon."
"Mr. Richard Dean, I'm glad you liked the picture, I'll try, but don't promise . Yes, you said that those ancient extinct octopuses were up to 3 miles in diameter. Maybe one of them survived, and a painter drew it. Do you think that it is floating in the Mediterranean? If it floats look forit, you have such a super-modern equipment on the ship, in my opinion there were the treasures in hold of sunken ship and your magnetic metal detectors are able to detect the signals. See you soon," I said.
" Johnny , all can be, the same plates arrive from space to us, well, we 'll try to detect bottom, but it's big, so far," said Richard Dean sighed and communications ceased.
I handed the phone to Alma Diego, thanked her and upset went to my room berating himself for my imprudent that send a picture to my former boss. When he finds out that I have the "Notes" and don't tell him he would consider me a traitor.
Having lived in the hotel a couple of days and losing hope of the sudden appearance or a call from Carmen, whose death is not believed, and believed her act as an escape for good reason, to escape from the historical document from his pursuers, I decided to fly home. I bought a ticket to Madrid on Sunday, right there I get on the next flight from Madrid to New York staying there for a couple of days at my aunt Rose, she"ll buy a ticket and I secretly fly into Anchorage.
I berated myself for what did, I didn't broke picture as said me Carmen and sent it to ships "Athens" and on Sunday flew in Madrid. In the multi-faceted and colorful capital of Spain, Madrid, I spent several days trying to cover my tracks to escape from enemies. I relaxed and even came up with an excuse to my former bosses relative to the document. Car -men, who found it in the archives organized an expedition and found the treasure and 90 % was her property and ordered everyone to keep their mouths shut .
Without any problems I arrived to New York, I took a taxi and suddenly came unexpectedly to Aunt Rose and her family. My relatives were very happy to see me and took offense that I didn't call them . I kissed my sweet blooming aunt, uncle Victor, excellent comely Janet and her husband Samuel and perched on sofas I told them in brief about my studies in Madrid so convincingly that they actually believed me. But when I told them that I was going to organize a scientific expedition and father will help me financially, they came to the indescribable joy. However, I didn't said them about my true intention to find a treasure and everyone accepted at face value. Then we sat at the table festively garnished, there were the beautiful fresh flowers in a crystal vase, champagne, wins, Russian vodka, a variety of appetizers, salads, burgers, dried sturgeon, fruits , sweets, drinks , cake with chocolate, apple pie. Cute hostess brought hot chicken soup, we drank, ate, enjoyed a delicious meal, watch TV and even arranged a dance. In the evening I called home and heard the wonderful voice of my charming mother's: "Johnny, son, good evening, kiss, how are yoy?! I'm so glad you to be home soon, we are all in order, waiting for you."
"Mom, good evening, kiss, I feel great, I came to Aunt Rosa, Victor, Samuel and Janet will talk with you, I ask you to meet me at the airport, the date will be specified. Where is papa? Is he at home, not in trawler?"
"Johnny, I'm on the wire, good evening, while at home, how do you feel. Tell what flight, we"ll come to meet, we can not wait , kiss you," said the father.
"Daddy, hello, kiss, all in perfect order, I has increased my knowledge, wait," I said.
Then till midnight mama and father were talking with aunt Rose, uncle Victor, Samuel and lovely Janet.
I"ll not describe my stay in New York, with Janet and her husband Samuel we have visited many interesting cultural institutions and the Metropolitan Museum, bought the ticket to Anchorage. My plane took off in the afternoon, all the family accompanied me to the airport, before boarding Aunt Rose, Uncle Victor, the beautiful Janet and her husband Samuel kissed me, they wish me a happy flight and in the future seven feet under the keel. We said good bye and broke up, I went into the waiting hall and soon woman"s voice declared fit for my flight, all passengers moved to the Boeing 747, we were seating in a comfortable chair and looking forward to take off. Hard engines roared, the plane pulled away and went to the strip, stopped, at full power turbines worked, iron bird flew off forward, took off the ground and after a few hours of flying our jet liner landed in Anchorage.

Mum and dad joyful and happy went to meet me with flowers and kisses, I kissed them, we exchanged greetings and without losing time for nothing rushed home by Land Rover. On the way my mother confessed to me that she was overjoyed: I finally mustered the knowledge, experience, I would find a job here, get married and be under her wing or next to it. I looked at her, smiled and didn't even give a hint of what I actually involved many months in Spain and Portugal.
We drove into the yard of our home, I was extremely happy that returned safely after a long stay in Europe, we went to the dining room, it was all in advance coocked, all seated at festively decorated table, flowers, champagne, cranberry raspberry wine, snacks, fish, crabs, juices, fruit, apple pie cake. Mom brought fish-soup of sturgeon, we drank a glass of champagne, then enjoyed a delicious hearty meal, I told mum and dad about my study and expressed my parents the idea that preparing for a scientific expedition. Having heard this mom depressed that I leave the house again, but I tried to convince her that it would not happen tomorrow, need money, without them there can be no question. Mom was inspired, turned on TV and watched last news and movie. In the evening I went with my father in the garden, told everything in detail and showed to him a short entry with the document written 300 years ago and when he mentally figured in his mind on how much wealth it pulls, looked at me, smiled and said: "My Johnny, you're done if we find the treasure that will refund all costs, be income, and get pleasure from the done work, I'm tired of messing with fish, crabs , I trust you, I agree to start on a treasure hunt."
"Dad, we have to equip your trawler with modern equipment, radar, sonar, sonic depth sounder, large pumps are capable of pumping several thousand cubic feet of sludge per hour, light diving-suits, fuel and more. We can make a complete list and find out the final price, it close to a million dollars or more. When do we start searching for the object in the water we have to furrow here and there a few hundred miles, a witness Duke Alvarsky gave us the approximate coordinates and I would say that they too are questionable because then not yet existed measuring devices but still to begin we would tie to his coordinates: 25 degrees north latitude and 78* 15'-78* 45' degrees west longitude , it is not so far from sunny Florida, from Miami, located 25* 47' north latitude and 80* 13' west longitude, about 110-120 miles. If you don't have enough fuel we can come back to Miami and refueled after with new forces will continue to do our work. At first we take the space of the ocean 30 by 30 miles, may be somewhere in this square there is that mysterious island who hided under water near of which on the bottom the caravel "Hispaniola" lies with treasure. Dad, in modern as in ancient maps the island is not mentioned, as if it didn't exist, I have a photocopy of a painting, it shows that island, I'll show it to you now but it's small, tomorrow in the photographic labratory in Anchorage to enlarge it and see all in detail. I've no doubt you"ll find in it a lot of interesting, mysterious, look at."
I took out the small photocopy of picture, the father looked at her and said: "Johnny, it's miracle but I see all without a magnifier, beautiful faces of the ladies, on the beauties there are expensive, trendy, chic dressesof that time, they are not simple and judging by all the nobles, caravel got into the whirlpool and the island itself is a mysterious, enigmatic, it is not made of stone and earth, it's necessary to have special equipment and photo paper, don't try to make the increase in the photographic laboratory, you find out how much is all of this and I"ll buy all to do at home, I took an interest in this picture. If you give photocopy in the wrong hands it would be interested in others and can even find people eager to enrich themselves at our expense, they will quietly monitor our actions, in the age of electronics is a piece of cake, anybody no word!"
"Dad, I get it, act silently and alone," I said.
The next day I went to Anchorage and in photo-electronics' store bought enlarger and three sheets of paper the size of 5 x 5 feet, came home and in the presence of myfather made three copies, placed in a frame andhung on the wall and when we looked were amazed by what saw -the most true color picture. Father even assured me that the island resembles a giant sea creature what drew the attention of the unknown artist, the skin is smooth and even in some places mud, that's it, then grew green and golden algae with unusually lush pink and purple flowers. But of particular interest was the view of the ladies on the deck, my father ran into the bedroom and returned with a large magnifying glass, no less than an hour he and I examined their faces. Finally I told him quietly: "Dad, you would not believe , that this young maid in a white and pink dress I dreamed, the exact copyof that girl." My father looked at me and said, " Johnny, you had a dream about it not in vain, your girl are guiding star and encourages you to find these treasures. I will put all the money in this search and we will find a sunken caravel "Espanola" with treasure November 16, 1679."
We called my mom and when she saw a picture came in indescribable joy and said: " Amazing picture, Johnny where did you get it, everything is great, people, dresses, flowers, I see the tears running from their eyes, a whirlpool, what a pity that they are drowning, it's the royal ship half in the deep." "Mom, I bought a photocopy in an old Spanish city of Malaga, brought here and made an increase. So we admire her, she is very interesting, " I said.
"The picture is not only interesting but mysterious and like magic , it's not just an island , it is animated , and do like living person , I look at them and I think they addresse to us for help," said my mother and cried.
"Mama do not cry, I want to help them with my dad," I blurted out .
"Son , Husband, I approve of your decision , only I"ll sail with you, I'm brave woman, I myself went to sea to catch fish and crabs. Do you remember those days, Victor?"
"Julia, I remember everything perfectly, but we sailed for a week or two, this expedition may drag on for a month. I will not leave you alone , we sell everything and go south to sunny Florida about which you dreamed all your life, wander along the golden sand of evergreen trees, swim in the warm water as milk, buy a villa on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and bathe from morning to night, sunburn in the hot sun. Do you agree?"
" Yes, dear Victor, I agree to fly to Florida, buy a villa and fly," my mother said.
"If you agree, my dear Julia, I'll make your dream, buy a house at Florida, now go to cook delicious food, we"ll have lunch, " said father and mother went away.
"My Johnny, I'll find the money is not enough, borrow the loan with interest, but don't look for patrons, they"ll suck of us all found good and we"ll remain with nothing, talk to your friends and if they agree to take part in the expedition we"ll begin training . I realized our base will be in Florida, so I'll have to buy a house in the suburb of Miami for my wife and members of the expedition, in it we"ll carry out preparatory work and store all of the necessary equipment in search of treasure, a small bus and a pickup truck. As mother endorsed the quest of caravel so you'll be spending most marine research job at the end of which you gain popularity, good money, our parent support so important to you at the moment, she believes me and you, don't waste your time and call you comrades if you can rely on them," the father said and looked at me.
"Dad, you believe in success as me, thank you for the support as well that I know at least one square which is presu-mably the caravel lies and that island which the Duke Alvarsky saw for such a long period could hide under the water, so on the modern maps it is not mentioned, but with the help of radar we"ll find it. So, I call comrades, now I"ll be easier to convince them, they"ll contribute a portion of their savings, I've a point of support, you know how Archimedes said: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the our Earth," I said and kissed my father ".
I called the fellow last expedition, I had each of them stories about the apple tree have blossomed and they are to arrive to collect them. To my colleagues it became clear that I've found a treasure map and they agreed to participate in the search for the sunken caravel. I invited them to Anchorage in order to prepare the trawler, set search equipment, radio and sonar on it to sail to Florida passing through the Panama Canal. A week later Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Adlai Court, Andrew Danny and Ray Tiger by plane arrived to Anchorage. I and my father met them at the airport, according to their appearance, mood, a wide smile on the faces of the brave friends they agreed to this adventurous expedition with a belief in its success. They saw me as a beginner in my first expedition so confidently pointed out the direction in which to swim and where to find the little ships with amphorae lying about two thousand years in the bottom of the Mediter-ranean Sea and we found them with wine and drink for our pleasure.
Having seen broad- slender young people father understand that with them there were no any danger to fall into the deep and inspired became acquainted. We shook hands and dad looked around them from head to toe came to the conclusion that the team was a great, all in a form, the guys a good mood, we can rely on them completely. We got into our roomy Land Rover and headed home -town deserted highway.
In short , I"ll describe the team: Arthur Boyle, 30 years old gentleman athletic figure, sportsman, boxer, fighter, karate , geophysicist, hydrologist, scuba diver, diver, camera-man, my right hand in all cases and matters, a great shooter from the spear gun ; Robert Singh- a young man 28 years old, navigator, engineer, radio operator, athlete, diver, middle-weight boxer, Adlai Court -27 years old, hydrologist, engineer, responsible for work on the sonar, devices, electro-magnetic detectors, able underwater to detect metal objects and even objects of penny' size, Andrew Danny - handso-me, 30 years old, an athlete, diver, skilled specialist on magnetic depth finders and appliances, great underwater cameraman filming, Ray Tiger-young strong man, 27 years old, an expert on locators and radars is responsible for communicating with satellites, scuba diver, diver, athlete, boxer, cook, shooter, a cameraman filming, radio operator , mechanic, great marine painter and photographer.
When we got home my mother having seen my comrades was delighted, I introduceed them to her, became acquain-ted, she invited us for a festively decorated table with flowers in a vase, all sat down at the table, father poured Russian vodka in glasses , all raised, cried "Cheers" and drunk and enjoying great food, drinks and brought up conversation about past and coming sailing. In short, each of us talked about past deeds, studies, most importantly my comrades were hoping that sooner or later I would be able to organize an expedition and here the finest hour, we set off to find the sunken caravel "Hispaniola." After a delicious , hearty meal all thanked my mother and went to my bedroom, I showed friends photocopy of painting drawn by an unknown artist, nick names statement of sunken treasures available at the caravel "Espanola " and the approximate location of the tragedy.
My colleagues looked at me then at the picture and Robert Singh asked me the same question: "Johnny, how did you for a few months find the "Notes" with approximate location of this mysterious, enigmatic treasure island with a sunken caravel loaded with gold, silver, coins, jewelry? Especially this island, it 's not like all of stone, earth, sand but special, unusual, this is a gigantic creature brought to the surface and eventually coming under water, is that just how deep?!"
"Yes gentlemen, I said , there is an approximate location of a mysterious island, is another matter at what depth it at the moment, let's hope that it is insignificant."
Time passed quickly, in the evening our friendly company with my father left to the port. When my friends saw our trawler they aloud confessed to me that it could be safely sail around the world without fear of the storm. We examined all the cabins, on the bridge, in the chart, friends admired with navigation devices and took a short sailing, the speed did not exceed 20 miles. Each of my comrade tried to lead a trawler and they responded enthusiastically, my father follow-ed closely by those who led the " Seagull " but to none of them made the remarks, as if casually said : "Gentlemen , a few weeks ago, the mechanics removed the old and installed the new engines , so that in the open sea can reach speeds up to 30 knots , you"ll notice they work with little noise and most importantly consume 70 percent of the fuel from the former, it's a big savings, fewer pit stops along the way."
"Yes, said Arthur Boyle, a great ship, full automation, we can use the space link, the screen shows the location of the ship at sea at this time, latitude, longitude, is a miracle."
"When I go into the sea to catch fish and crabs every sailor, fisherman of the team can replace me on the bridge , simp-le operation, because I have only a mate and five fishermen, everything is automated. Previously, I held 7 crew members and 8 fishers, progress in the face, in any case I should each of you to explain the operation of machinery de-partment, there are times that the technique that we rely on does not work and therefore are to solve the problem without assistance, you should always be on the alert."
At 10:00 we headed back to port, shut off the engine and set off on a minivan to home, my mom met us and asked sit down at the table, the food was very good with cranberry- apple wine, we led easy conversation which touched upon the sailing from Anchoridge to Florida, Miami. All have decided to go on the trawler as soon as we finish the total equipping of shiph with the necessary equipment, electronic and pumps for pumping water and mud. Father and mother found a house according to the ad in one of the journals, we have the full information about it, what and where is located, contacted the owner by phone, came to an agreement about the buying of home and soon they flew to Florida to register documents on bought a house in suburb of Miami, near the ocean. We bought a large two-storey stone cottage for modest money. Soon, the parents called me to fly to them, according to the agreement I brought Ray Tiger and flew to Florida, Arthur Boyle was senior at home. As only father return to Anchorage they will pass on a trawler, put to sea and will sail along the western coast of America to Florida. They are faced with a long trip and lasting, with the refueling, it will take at least three weeks, but it's a little embarrassing us .
We said goodbye to those who remained in the house and flew to Miami, jet liner landed in several hours and when we came outside it seemed tous we got in the steam room despite the fact that it was December. My father and mother met us, we got to our Ford and rushed out of the city, we were moving quickly without traffic jams, in twenty minutes turned aside and drove five miles behind the green palm trees we saw a very tall metal fence painted in dark gray color and stone house-fortress of red granite. After driving up to the steel gate the father punched in the code, they opened, we entered in court-yard with garden and pool, moved on and stopped near the huge garage. We came out of the car and before going into the house decided to look around the estate: everywhere growing evergreen palms, followed by a sandy beach and the blue Atlantic Ocean. The sun shone incredibly bright, burning, I realized its need to have sung-lasses, and we went back into the house. Mom was busy in the kitchen with a light spacious hall with huge window, on the big round table there were freshly cooked food, bottles of drinks, fruits, sweets, cake,flowers in a vase and we sat down to eat.
During the feast father gave us instruction what to do prior to their arrival, he gave me a list of things needed for the acquisition: instruments, devices and TV items including the cinematographic equipment for underwater photography without which we would be not able to do in our fascinating secret expedition and also to prepare all paper to exit into the ocean. Since the kind of my studies has been associated with the research activities, for me it does not offer much difficulty to get them and we are a pure soul and conscience will investigate the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. I assured my father everything will be done in time, this should be no disturbance, the main to sail to Florida safely. In the evening we went to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, water was warm as milk and didn't want to go out on the hot sand, but because the father would fly out tomorrow morning to Alaska then we returned to the house and went to sleep . In the morning woke up at five o'clock, had breakfast, got into the car and rushed to the airport, we said good bye, kissed each other and wished my father with a crew of "The Seagull "of a happy voyage, good luck on the road and as soon as possible to return to Florida. Time passed quickly, I bought everything on the list drawn up by my father and obtained an important paper on the holding of all ocean research for a period of one year. Each day held talks with my father and those who were with him . According to the map we have noted passed by them part of the way of the Pacific Ocean, the most exciting for all of us was day December 17 when they sailed the Panama Canal and finally got out of it in the Atlantic Ocean. I, my mother, Ray Tiger and the team of trawler "The Seagull" led by the father of joy, almost simultaneously opened a bottle of champagne and drank a fair wind, at least for the modern ship there were not sails, the engines replaced them.
In our electronic age we are constantly on the phone talking to each other, December 22 in the evening father called and told to meet them the next day around 6 am. I'm, Ray and my mother happily took the news and promised to arrive at the port. We went early, got up at 4 in the morning, breakfast wass put off, got into our van and rushed to the port, with difficalty we found the parking lot and headed to the dock. Incredibly, our trawler "The Seagull" was a half- mile away to the naked eye we saw each other, smiled, waved with hand and welcoming with air kisses. Ship moored in twenty minutes , the father and our fellow of expedition Arthur Boyle , Robert Singh, Adlai Court, Andrew Danny came ashore, more precisely on the wooden deck of berth. From joy of meeting, we hugged, kissed, talked to each other, said "Good morning, " and then moved to the parking lot, sat in the spacious van and rushed to the house. All the way we exchanged with memories and imperceptibly drove up to the garden, gate opened, moved to the courtyard, and stood in front of the garage, went outside, warm moist wind covered us, without delay we immediately went to the house in a cool, sat down at the table, snack and drinks were waiting for us, we all prepared in the evening, something my mother warmed in the microwave and in a couple of minutes we drank for the meeting,health and the future expedition .

I'm not going to describe the events associated with the preparation of the ship as transported loads, carried forward to the trawler everything you need for a long exciting expedition. I say: January 7, 2005 at 6 am, we casted off in a six men: my father, me , Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Adlai Cort and Andrew Danny , in a house with my mother stayed Ray Tiger, by lot , we could not leave her alone. Agreed in advance we"ll lead negotiations only once a day in the evening at 10 o'clock not more than 3-5 minutes, everything will depend on the importance of conversation. As well as we have not announced about ou , I would say, adventurous plans and that now incredible journalists and TV crews didn't arrived , we decided when we would find something then announce to the world, so there is nothing to blow wasted.
Before sailing dad gathered us all on deck and turned to us with a brief speach: "Dear gentlemen, our team is a little family, now the grief and the sorrow of every is joy and happiness of all, we"ll not let each other and faith in success, is not it my dear friends!"
Each one of us said: "Our dear captain- joy and sorrow we share with each other until the end of our voyage , the main belief in success, no despair."
"Thank you all for your support, for your faith in success, said my father, sailing on a given course chosen by you Johnny, I think it's right."
We headed to the Atlantic Ocean that square where the alleged sank the caravel "Hispaniola" with treasure and duchess Andalusian de Sophia with coordinates between 25* 15' and 24* 45' north latitude and 78* 45' and 78* 15' west longitude. Our sonic depth sounders worked, we saw on the monitor screen graphic topography of bottom, the depth increased as our trawler sailed off from the shore and on the following day beneath us the water column from 290 to 410 feet, but we're a little confused because I knew that the ship sank near the island that was not marked on any map and if we found her outlines the depth sharply reduced in that place.
We got to the border of my selected square with sides 30 miles and began to furrow far and wide, our radar captured a half-mile wide strip of the bottom. Yet in home we calculated how many fuel we would spend while sailing along in both directions, so we had fuel a few extra fuel tanks: we dd not want to sail back into port to refuel, so as not to incur the suspicion sailed away and so not a trace remained, shortly the track was lost and no one except my mother and Ray Tiger remembered us .
Four days with short stops ( one hour per day stopped the engine ) we were furrowing our square, the depth of the ocean scared us, it exceeded 300 yards, though none of the team was not in despair, my father encouraged us: "Gentlemen, even if not enough be fuel-that we return to port to refuel and continue our searches, I"ll not give up, it seems to me that an island somewhere near us, and it is strange that locators do'nt fix it."
I joined him, comrades, too, didn't become discouraged, they supported me, father, and closely followered the indications of devices. 12 January at 6:00 03 minutes, when all but the father slept, he heard the buzzer, without hesitation rushed to my cabin and woke me up: "Johnny, get up, the good news, I've heard the signals, an island not far from us, it seems to me that the most that we seek."
"Dad, wake up" I said, got up and ran with him to the bridge, I heard the alarm, put the headphones on and clearly caught the signals wafting from the right side, I began to set up locator on the intended object and on the screen appeared vague contours and realized that this wasn't a tanker or aircraft carrier and underwater rise of dimensions not less than 3 miles in radius, and immediately exclaimed: "Dad , change course 70 degrees, south- west, hold direction to an underwater island according to the indications on the monitor, distance about 5 miles."
My father looked at me and said: "My Johnny it's incredible, but not a word to anybody, we don't know at what depth the island, in half an hour it will be under us."
I was sitting there, turned off the alarm and in the headphones clearly heard "beep- beep", with the approach to the island I had to turn down the signal strength and that's the moment when the sonic depth sounder gave indications of depth: 160 , 150, 140 feet. We swam a couple of miles and the father turned down the engines and he himself ran downstairs and woke our comrades: "Gentlemen, get up, all gather in the captain's cabin! Awesome news!"
All awoke and ran into a small room laced with the most modern navigation, radar equipment including sonic depth echo, they went upstairs and were surprised that our trawler stopped. I pointed them to a depth gauge, they looked at it and gasped: depth was 148 feet , on the screen I saw coordinates: 24*50' North latitude and 78*37 ' West longitude. Glad as never I and my father told them all about it and began to discuss what to do further.
Arthur Boyle looked at us and said: "Gentlmen, I think to turn on the metal detector to probe the mud, for 300 years it could cover at least 10 feet thick, maybe more, our dives will give nothing, in the water wood does not rot, metal detec-tor, sonic depth sounder can even a mud track down the large parts of the ship if they have not been carried out underwater currents, the main task is to get the reflected signals from bottom, if they go through, you know it's the emptiness, so I think to sail at a speed of 5 miles per hour to sound the bottom."
I thought the same way and supported Arthur's opinions and we at the speed 5 knots furrowed along far and wide the strange island, the signals went to emptiness and on our monitors we had no any readings. At 5. 30 pm we were lucky our sonic depth sounder detected underwater long object, traced the contours and we guessed we stumbled upon the residue of mast made of extremely dense wood. This inspired us and somehow suddenly for all of us the needle of the sonic depth sounder moved and crept up. I turned on the electronic equipment and on the display screen showed the data-depth, flow velocity and thickness of the sludge to a metal object. I pressed the red button on the amplifier and our chart house filled with roar, we realized under our trawler were deposits of metal, the father pressed the blue button of sonic depth sounder -water column was 155 feet plus 15 feet of mud, I look at another screen on it fixed the precise coordinates our trawler.
"Father, skip signals via satellite Intelsat and check whether our instruments located position of the ship."
"Well, I skip the signals via the satellite and take data, the gentlemen see, they are the same, our instruments are correct, I bring to our memory and our PC. Yes, Arthur, disconnect signaling, so everything is clear to everyone, below us lies a mountain of scrap metal or treasure," father said.
"Well, I said, I think it begins the very moment when we can descend to the ocean floor to which is only 155-160 feet , dad drops anchor. Gentlemen Who wants to join me to go down to the bottom?"
All wished to go down to the bottom, I chose Robert and Andrew, we decided to take the camera for underwater shooting. In addition we take the cable teleeye, all on the deck of the trawler would watch for us and in case of emergency they give every possible assistance. After an hour we dived with aqualung into the light water and swam to the proposed location of the mast, father directed us on the wireless to the mast and we were close to it. Father with guys got down large diameter hoses, we stuck them in the mud near the burial place of the proposed mast, dad turned on the engines and on our eyes ditch began to form. Silt as alive water flowed back but as our pumps pumped silt more than flowed back, in ten minutes we saw the outline of the mast, I called father to stop pumping, we swam to it, visi-bility in the water was great and began carefully to examine with all sides and to touch by hands the piece of mast length at least 20 feet. Peering better Robert saw carved initials of names, he vawed by haand, we swam up to him and saw the letter with our own eyes F N, R O, V C, M D, R V, A K, W G, ESPANIOLA 1679. We swam away and asked my father again to pump silt, we ourselves swam up and having found on the deck I reported important news: "Dad, gentlemen, we've came upon the trail, there a sunken caravel "Hispaniola" lies, Ur - rraaaa." All shouted for joy "Urrraaaa" and threw me up.
Pumps meanwhile was working and pumping mud aside, I went Arthur in the captain's cabin and look for indications of the metal detector, it showed signs of livening-up-magnetic waves reflected a clear position but they did not give deposits .
Four hours to a number of pumps pumped sludge, after breakfast, I, Arthur and Adlai with aqualung dived down to the bottom, the pumps were turned off and we saw a huge pit filled with clear water. Wooden mast floated beneath it, we could see protruding from the mud ruined frame of the ship to the deck. We wanted to swim to it but at this moment some huge fish swam out to see us, they rushed inside, from the look of these black monsters we had lost the desire to draw near to the frame. In addition, the father ordered to came up and we swam to the top. Having found on the deck of my father suggested to continue to sink to the bottom only in diving suits with large wrenches that can defend ourselves and break wooden structures, we wanted to get inside the hold.
With a view to returning back and to not look for a place where under water lay broken mast I asked my father to record the exact coordinates, he looked at the monitor, called me in and said quietly: "Johnny, it's very strange, but according to the former statement of coordinates, we set sailing for 7 hours on 5 miles northwest despite the fact that we are standing at anchor. You can not imagine: our island like a drifting ice floe, as he is alive. If we put out from the sunken ship for 4-5 hours the island drifted from this place 3 miles and we would lose our mast we should lower the beacon. It will give signals to the satellite and with they fly on our " Seagull ", on the monitor we"ll see the true exact coordinates and when sail back just to the beacon and find ourselves near the mast. Real miracle! You have to go down now with the beacon and to attach firmly to the mast that predatory fish didn't attack it as bait and swallowed."
I looked at my father and said: " My captain, all assumptions are confirmed, under the water is giant creature, possibly an octopus, it goes on all the time and we together with him may found ourselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. "Johnny, we don't care a straw, most importantly we've found a ship and if we find a treasure with ones we"ll sail up to Florida. Even if you stay here for three days, 72 hours, we"ll be in 200 miles from Miami. But it is not clear how the octopus drifts if for 330 years sailed from the place of wreck of "Hispaniola" not more than 30-50 miles . I think he turns around one place, we"ll see, but now put on the diving suit and go down under the water," said father and shouted to sailors: "Guys, to me, is awesome news, our island is drifting, for 7 hours we sail for 5 miles, Arthur Boyle get ready to dive with Johnny to set the beacon."

Our comrades came to my father and he told them all to do, guys put on me and Arthur diving-suitwinches got worked and we became to lower under water with the beacon and wire attaching it to the mast. Having done work we went up on deck. The pump has stopped working, we raised hoses, anchor and writing coordinates of our location went away from view sailing by ships, fortnately they were far from us and scaresly sailors saw our trawler. We didn't want anyone to notice us and swam closer with the intention to ask what we"re doing and so my father decided to sail off to the side for 10 miles and come back at midnight.
When our " Seagull" back to its original place, to sunken "Hispaniola" in five hours an island sailed to the south-west for three miles, we dropped smoothly anchor so as it not to injure sea creature-stopped engines and started getting ready to dive. I was considering a plan how to get the hold of "Hispaniola", might be all the wealth lies in the mud and thought up: all the hoses to thrust into hold thrue the loopholes of which three centuries ago gun muzzle stuck out to pump mud and told my father, he agreed, but ordered us not to risk the lives we have to wear divung-suits.
I, Andrew and Robert with help our comrades wore diving-suits and dropped to the bottom on the silt and with winches held in suspended position weight. I noticed that the sludge is not steady, we could walk on it and I asked my father to let go of the cables so that we could move freely and even penetrate into the hold, what he did. Soon they threw hoses, we took them into the hands and went to the board to put them in open loopholes. We've all done right and I said to my father: "Captain, turn on the pump" and soon on our eyes water with silt rushed up, out of the loopholes swam out the giant fish, small fishes of all colors,long black eels . Without hesitation I pulled the hose and thus protect myself and comrades, swam creature were sucked into the hose and disappeared in it together with water and mud. And as pumps pumped not less 15 tons of water per minute in front of our eyes soon appeared a huge pit with crystal clear water and it's not rushed into the hose and it seemed to us of it in the bottomless well and I addressed to my father: "Captain, what 's wrong with the pump? You pump water to us, where are you taking the crystal water?"
"John , you can not imagine , we pump the crystal clear spring water, we tasted, it's fresh, keep pumping or take a break? "
I said: "Father, turn off the pump, we examine the well and take a look at one of the loophole, I would like to know what's in the hold- treasure or rusty cannon. "
" Turning off all pumps, act, be careful, keep yourselves at the side, don't put the head deep into! "
I didn't realize what had happened, suddenly the three of us were pulled down into the pit with the crystal clear water, I screamed to his father: "Dad, rise rapidly up, we are sucked into the pit, we are caught in the whirlpool, save, turn on the winches on full power!"
I don't know what happened to the winch, we went down, Robert and Andrew began to slowly sink into the silt, the from fear I was no longer able to cry out: "Dad, the rise," and walked away into the abyss. Silt linked up and I found myself in a strange bottom reminiscent of a solid sponge mat, initially without the habits I swayed in different directions and not to fall I had to balance the body, somehow suddenly my friends found themselves near me and the fear was gone.
Our eyes have been adapted and we have seen that we are in a small chamber reminder the huge gut with pale blue wet walls, something like the walls in the room immediately after the whitewash. We cheered and seeing in the right side of likeness of the hole decided to get in, I bent down and when I passed I noticed as wall like live slightly parted in all directions. I touched them to the touch, they were soft and elastic, looked into the space at the end of the tunnel saw the light. Standing next to me Robert and Andrew pointed by their hands in that direction and I realized they want to go, to us it was fun to know what it's there.
Without hesitation, I got in connection with my father: "Dad, at first you stop the feeding oxygen in hoses, you, there, above, can't imagine, we are in a strange underwater world, I think we find ourselves in the belly of some huge sea creature , we are all alive and want to investigate him, for us don't worry, we all right."
Father had heard my voice and said: "My Johnny, be careful and cautious, don't go very far, we can't help you, keep connection and report in detail what you find in your strange underwater world, I stop feeding oxygen into the hoses."
I , Robert and Andrew cut off hoses and hesitantly moved forward, soft to the touch strange curtain closed behind us and we found ourselves in the shadows, in this space we saw not clear that the walls and floors were like a uniform, soft to the touch, a thick, durable watertight tissue. We walked slowly forward, closer to the light source I noticed that the walls and floor radiate blue light, in tunnel-passage it became lighter and I saw distinctly my comrades, at last we neared to the wall-dead end and we didn't know what to do.
We long time with arms and the wrench were trying to move aside strange cover-wall that blocked our way, but all to no avail. And then Robert decided to find a continuation of the passage of the left wall, he put his shoulder into it and flew down. It turned out in this place the curtain covered walkway, to the same we heard a strange supressed jingling of bells hidden behind another wall. We helped him to stand up and miraculously found ourselves in a small scantily lit room: pale blue light was coming from the walls, floor, ceiling, oddly, behind a wall sound human speech. I heard snippets of phrases, they sounded in Spanish and recognized the meaning of: "Senors Fidel, Evo, Julio, I order you hide behind a wall, as soon as strangers enter the room to attack them, I, Wilfredo, Kuida, Edward attack the front I think we will be able to protect themselves, duchess, maids, be ready." "We agree to protect our duchess, sinoras and ourselves," said a man.
Conwersation has stopped, I have translated the content, it's not very bothered us-we are in a strong diving-suits of steel, another thing that behind the wall real people were! Curiosity pushed us into the unknown world and all decided to hit the wall, we picked up the wrenches came to wall and with elbows, shoulders looking for the pass and soon parted curtain. We boldly stepped forward and found ourselves in a small arched room, none of us were able to correctly to identify where people hided and began to operate the touch in two directions, I walked to the right , friends did left. We again tried to find a gap to slide apart the strange curtains and I found. I slightly drew apart them and saw a big hall. Before my eyes fantastic picture opened: on the soft floor resembling our modern carpets made of synthetics were strewn countless jewelery and articles of gold, silver, platinum, pearl necklaces, diamonds, topazes, sapphires and emeralds. This luxury was so much that jewelry hung on an arched wall of the room. Several men in metal armor but without helmets were holding long lances and axes, they looked quite healthy. I paid attention to their matte color, dark hair and a very long, almost to the waist, all had maustaches and they looked about forty and fifty years.
I decided not to go inside one, beckoned my comrades, they came to me, we pushed the curtain wider and fearlessly entered the semidarkness hall.
If we were without steel diving-suits we would not avoid death: someone hit me from behind with the steel axe on my helmet, metal was strong and only slightly I felt the pain. In my hand I held long wrench, I turned around and saw of the average height knight in armor, I hit him in the chest and he fell screaming in pain on the mat and then another warrior with a long spear attacked me, he wanted to pierce my armor but solid steel was very strong that pierce bent and he fell to the ground. My comrades were fighting off from the other knights, It's found they hid behind the wall and as soon as we walked in warriors got pounced on us. Andrew and Robert threw down three knights on the floor but they quickly got up to their feet, ran back to the wall while holding in hand axes, lances and swords. I say you in a fight took a part all seven brave soldiers, they were height a foot shorter than me, they pelted us with short spiers, hatchets, knives, pikes but all to no avail. When all was used they were not afraid of us and rushed into the hand-to-hand fight, but we were armed with wrenches hanging on a chain, unfastened them became waving them and when one of the boldest knights approached me I flipped him on his side and he crying too much from strong pain fell to the carpet. Other fighters stood up and looked at us retreated. Suddenly the Spaniards rushed to the wall, grabbed three axe and hurled them at us, they flew whistling at me and my companions hit just in the chest, but super strong metal's diving-suit pro-tect us .
We grabbed the fallen axes at the feet in hand and brought over our heads ready to throw in the knights, I shouted in Spanish through a megaphone: "Senors, we are not monsters, just like you people and if you stop fighting with us we'll stand before you in human form, let be peace and tranquility."
Hearing human voice in Spanish, sounded thunderous in this strange hall, they fell to the floor and lay motionless, my appeal to them repeatedly reinforced spread all over the huge hall and possibly other inmates had heard of this wonderful underwater palace. Soon the curtain opened and three young plump beauties with a pale matte shade of skin entered in hall, frankly, without any clothes, except for the old rag of blue satin hanging on full hips. Their black hair was so long that reached knees and was only the front. Thus girls covered the low parts of their splended bodies and fluffy, elegant chest. Long necklace of large and small pearls of all colors of the rainbow, gold, platinum and silver threads strung with them precious stones entwined their bodies and this gave even more beauty to beautiful creatures. The ornamentashions made of precious stones, it even in this dimly lit hall with blue light, flashed and sparkled with all colors of the rainbow. Having seen us in our steel diving-suits they fell down on the floor, as I understood from the fear of losing consciousness from our appearance and hoses stretching for us.
Since the inhabitants of this strange underwater palace were very real people like us and here they were breathing air that I decided to remove my helmet and to appear before them with a human face. Without hesitation I asked Robert to unscrew the nuts of my steel helmet of my diving-suit, he pulled out a small adjustable wrench and in a couple of minutes I took it off. The knights saw me and began to whisper among themselves. I said in Spanish greeting and explained to them that we are people just like them by chance being fallen to him: "Dear senors, don't be alarmed us, we"ll all stand before you, take off our strange attire and I assure you to no one we don't want harm."
Without hesitation I unscrewed the nuts of diving-suit, took it off and they seen me in shorts and a strong muscular with amazement were looking at superman. I was height higher them on feet, the knights soon started talking to me in Spanish and asked how we found them, and what is our goal. I told in a few words the essence, then helped my friends took off their diving-suits and the Spaniards seen them finally realized that we were all the same people as they. At this time, the girl woke up and saw the strangers in such strange times in their robes stared at us strong, muscular and tall handsome men. This tine the half-naked beauties regained consciousness and seen us, strangers in shorts, they stood up and stared at us, strong muscular and tall handsome men but soon they grew bolder and without any confusion half-naked came to us nearer to look at the modern people. We began smiling and told them about our modern life, as a couple of weeks ago the world celebrated the New Year of 2005. In a short time we become friends so that the girls invited us into their bedroom, we agreed and came. We got in big appendix, on the soft blewish walls gold, silver chains, beads from black and blue pearls hang. Here girls by their unusually sonorous voices sang a few old Spanish songs. Their beautiful singing shocked us and we would listen to them indefinitely, but since I knew the myth of the sirens then asked senoras to contnue a serious talk and to meet the acquaintance, they did not mind and all the Spaniards-the courageous knights and the charming girls were surprised when they heard our names. I've explained to them that we are Americans and not the Spaniads, my friends can not speak Spanish and I translate them.
After a while one of the girls went away and when she came back she smiled and said: "Dear senors, I ask you to go into the next room, our duchess live there, she has no objection to see her< let's go." We followed her and came in another big luxurious appendix-in front of our eyes appeared sitting on the floor the busty beauty from head to toe hung with gold, platinum and silver threads strung with them jewels, emeralds and pearls of all colors and sizes. Her hair was long and curly raven color fell down to the waist covered her splended naked body. As with her friends at the hips shred of dark material hung, I peered intently at her charming pretty face and gasped, sitting in front of me live young beauty-Spaniard which i had a dream many years ago while staying at the "Athens" after I drank wine made two thousand years ago and saw her at a painting The Wreck of the "Hispaniola" drawn by an unknown artist: an elegant figure, of medium height, with a long lean slightly matt face with full lips, thin trim nose. Her black eyes looked like two sea pearls, long dark eyelashes and arched eyebrows.
Picture of beauty unabashed looked at us, smiled and said pleasant silky charming voice: "Senors, I'm a duchess Andalusian de Sofia, next to me my faithful servants: Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, our brave knights, armour-bearers Wilfredo Cruz, Julio Alvarez,Kuida Huerta, Edward Lopez, Fidel Morales, Evo Castro and Carlos Santos . I would say we are all by a miracle survivors from the shipwrecked caravel "Hispaniola", it happened November 16, 1679 and got here by chance: our "Hispaniola" and six other caravels armed with guns that didn't fall into the hands of pirates, we saw in an ocean wondrous strange island barely sticking out of the water covered all over with golden algae. It charmed us, out of curiosity we decided to sail up to it. "Espaniola " was the closest to the island suddenly she began to spin and soon went to the bottom. I can't say as found myself in this amazing strange world as I lost my consciousness. Waking up I opened my eyes and saw near myself my maids and knights accompanied me in a big boat getting to the shore of a strange lake with low arches with pale white wet walls immediately after the whitewash. This boat had oars but it's strange it went with the stream and carried us to a large grotto and soon buried, no, not in the sand. At first I didn't even realized what it could be but when I set bare foot on the shore I was convinced it was a thick soft to the touch warm watertight fabric of live sea creature. We were happy to be alive and a little embarrassed that we were in the night-light dresses and of joy that remained alive we sang a song. You can not imagine, here we eat only flowers, fruits , algae growing in the lake, swim in it and breathe it's breathing with bracing air, later we tell in detail, it's a long interesting and curious story."
"Dear senora de Sofia, nice to meet you, my name is Johnny Gray, next to me my friends Robert Singh and Andrew Danny, we are happy to see you and tell you today is January 15, 2005, it's impossible to believe it, you've lived here, in this strange house more three hundred and twenty years. Simply amazing encounter, unfortunately we can't stay here for a long time, there, above my father and our friends can't wait and worry about our health. We invite you to visit our the modern world, you"ll see what is not even dreamed of, you will be protected and live among the people, we sailed here on a ship without sails," I said, pointed up and continued,"you are surrounded by the luxury and wealth! Do not you think that all this is nothing compared to what 's there up. You probably remember flowers, roses, forests, mea-dows, fields, wild beasts, animals, birds, sky, sun, moon, stars. Would you agree, fine senora de Sofia, your lovely maids and brave knights, armor-bearers newly come to be there? I'd say: the world world has changed very greatly in comparison with what was at the time when you sailed to Spain: large city with skyscrapers, electric lights replaced the candles, cars, airplanes, satellites, huge ocean liners without sails at 2-3 thousand passengers, while on your " Hispa-niola" about fifty people were, TV, radio, phone. Anyway, for us it's exciting times and turbulent life. As in your time people are interested in luxury and buy jewelry, beeds from pearls, adornments of gold and silver. If you choose to go with us we"ll be glad and if you take with you even portion of them you"ll be enough to live in clover rest of you life, decide, dear senoras and senors."
"Our dear friends, senors, we are very happy about this unexpected wonderful meeting, to our acquaintance and if you say that today is January 15, 2005 we have lived by your words in this underwater hous for more than three centuries ages, it's amazing, such a fabulous meeting, how did you manage to find us?" said senora Sofia and looked at us.
I and my friends briefly told them our story, they attentively and with great interests listened to us and imagine for my address come back to the surface they have expressed a desire to see the modern Spain and were ready to leave here for the sake of this all the treasures. I vaguely asked senora de Sofia though the eye to see them and she just said: "Dear senors, you have just said that you'de glad to take us with treasure to the modern world so now we all go to the other appendix, take a small portion of jewelry and say "thank you this house go to the next. I think those jewels we take with us we"ll be enough, as you say, for life. As for the sun, the stars, the moon, the fields and meadows with flowers that we remember and often thought how would escape into a world of which got here. Senor Johnny, look after me and gave your hand to help me get up, don't be embarrassed, I'm not quite naked."
I walked up to the young-looking and charming beauty, helped her to stand on her feet, bent and kissed on the cheek soft as a rose petal and whispered: "Beautiful Signorina de Sofia, eyes speak more than words, I love you more than anyone else, but I note, I and my friend standing here, like all of you, you"ll always be with us in complete safety and constant care, people around the world will know about you, this is such a sensation, many journals, newspapers will put your beautiful face on all bands, radio and television companies will be on the air, show you around the world, you will see many countries including Spain, beautiful, modern Madrid, Barcelona."
She looked at me and said quietly: "Senor Johnny, in your eyes I read it as I will not say but you can guess, I trust you, your friends and think that you don't leave us to the mercy of fate in the new life and read in your eyes you fell in love with me. This is fine and gives me the confidence that you and your friends are good people."
Sofia, maids and knights were smiling with joy that would get into our modern world and before to start they decided willingly to led us to a secret appendix where they saved the treasure. We went slow and somehow suddenly in front of our eyes appeared a real mountain of gold, silver, precious stones, coins, necklaces, other luxury. They stopped and looked at all Sofia said: "Dear senors, senoras , before heading into the new world we the last time visit the lake where enjoyed during swimming the wonderful nutrients flowers that made us able to survive in this environment, my friends. Yes our saviors, this is our storage, we collected treasure many years and before leave this kind world forever you will take as much as you can carry and now let's go to the lake to swim, you need to freshen up, refresh and sing a song. "
I looked at Robert and Andrew, we were shocked by the quantity of jewelry lying as hill. I rememberd of our camera and started shooting Spaniards and my friends standing near lying jewelry, then Andrew was filming me with them. How I would like to report to my father and our comrades on the " Seagull" about such discovery but we don't have contact, only when returning to the ship we"ll show them the halls and lbyrinths of the underwater strange palace and some-where among these labyrinths there was a lake in which they found food, washing and swimming. By the way from the inhabitants with whom we met came a pleasant fragrance of wild flowers, my friends and I could not deny them . Frankly speaking, we were now under their auspices, only because of them we"ll be able to get out of here, or get confused in this maze and stay here forever. Everyone agreed and went on and while a hike to the lake I reminded to Sofia that we had limited time, she looked at me and said: "My Johnny, if we don't attend at the marvelous lake that you and we are going to live here yet three centuries, I don't think that you will agree to stay here forever. "
I was next to her and while walking occasionally kissed her soft cheek as peach and this is how quietly came to the lake, imagine yourself in a cave and in front of your eyes of infinite length and width the sea with crystal clear water, no waves, the absolute smooth surface. I wanted to see the bottom but on small depth under water the solid mass of green algae with pink flowers slowly moved and somehow suddenly I saw as if Ifound myself in a giant aquarium-swimming fishes, beetles, long blew eel, fish-stars with unusually colorful brightest color. Senoras took off their jewelry, placed them on the edge, dived into the water and disappeared in flowers, we followed them, the knights were freed from the armours and jumped into the water, they soon disappeared from view. I did not dare to swim in dense algae as feared as though among these variety of marine inhabitents there were not poisonous or toothy creatures, but soon I became bolder and swam to the girls. I picked a flower and in my hand it began to melt, brought to my mouth, opened it and slipped into mouth, the water rushed into it. I realized and shut my mouth, my flower melted and swallowed- pleasant sweet and sour mass resembling jelly. I like this food and I with pleasure picked flowers and ate.
Soon Sofia swam up to me, she took my hand and we went up on the surface of the water she looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Johnny, do you like the lake with algae and flowers? They are so fragrant, we eat them three hundred years!"
I looked at her and said: "My nightingale, I like to be with you wherever and with great pleasure I would eat you as those amazing flowers, they and you are beautiful "
" Johnny, don't need to eat me, just kissing, sailing into the flowers," she whispered.
I'd like to object, but she looked at me in such a fascinating look, but to the fact at the sweet face shone so charming smile that I agreed and heard her soft voice: "Johnny, do a deep breath and swim with me."
"Well, my Sophia, I swim behind you," I said, breathed deeply and then we dove in depth. Hiding in the dense thickets of seaweed, Sofia parted hair from your chest and put ones on her back, stretched out his pretty face, I hugged her and pressed to the fluffy breasts, kissed her soft lips like rose petals, then she looked into my eyes and understood, it's time to emerge, released my hands and we swam to the edge of the strange grotto. We went out on a soft cloth, Sofia began to sing, the girl, knights, Robert and Andrew emerged from algae. Once they were all on the surface they began to sing together with her, even I joined them. I say we sing not long as long as Sophia stood up and looked at all said: "Senoras and senors come on to swim last time, I beg you do not lift from the bottom of any jewelery, let them lie, we have enough of those."
Knights and maids nodded their heads and everyone rushed into the water. I breathed deeply and dived into the water after Sophia, we all swam to the algae and since my eyes were opened I was seeing all in the clear as tear water. Having found myself behind thick bright golden algae with pink and blue flowers under the water I saw a strange gray bottom is covered with gold and silver coins, jewelry, necklaces and jewels. The temptation to grab something was great, but we listened to the words of Sofia and swam admiring jewelry. I wanted to swim closer to them but Sophia was next touched my body and gave me a shake of the head so the sign should not do that and I swam after her.
Having sailed for some distance my friends and I admired the strange phenomena occurring inside of this living being , at a vast area from the water through the pores in the body of the sea creatures are constantly were rising up air bubbles , on the surface they burst and thus all the mazes and large areas that we called halls constantly filled with new portions of fresh air. The spectacle unmatched ! Sometimes two air bubble converging with each other and before our eyes are turned into one. Sofia sailed deep into this space, we followed her. She turned her head to us and showed how you can grab an extra portion of air in the lungs of. Sofia saw a bubble the size of my head rising up, she swam up to it, touched her lips and it stuck to them. Instantly she opened her mouth and the air rushed into the lungs, on the face of Sofia smile began to play.
We followed her example and I"ll tell all turned out well. Seeing a big bubble with the air I swam up to it and touched my lips, he stuck to it, I opened my mouth and the air rushed into my mouth and into the lungs. I was extremely easy and now I'm not afraid that I would remain without air in the lungs. Especially it happened good when floating past the air bubble was the size of a bull's head, I flew into it, opened mouth and the air got into the lungs.
I swam up to Sofia, she smiled and gave to know me to swim for her by swimming a distance, we were near a huge underwater garden-algae are growing of all colors of the rainbow with lush flowers. We sailed past the colorful fish, fish , long sea snakes, horses, stars, eels . I guessed it was both parasites and cleaners inside of the sea creature. It's known in the intestines of humans and all animals have parasites in the form of worms and other types of devouring of the food. The girl swam up to one flower and waved her hand to me, I understood she set to pick it and to eat flower. I swam up to the flower, plucked and immediately put it in my mouth, connecting to the water gentle flower turned to jelly and I swallowed. The same did Sofia, I wanted to pick a second flower and swallow but Sophia took my arm with watch and pointed on the time - I understood that we should to come back.
Sofia turned to the side and swam to the place where from the bottom air bubbles are going up and our friends were swimming, I wasn't behind from her. Having found myself in the midst of air bubbles I caught the biggest, my lips gently touched it, I opened my mouth and the air rushed into it and into the lungs, it became extremely easy and pleasant. Sofia waved her hand and all followed her. When we emerged that were near the shore, set foot on the soft skin and I began eagerly to breathe-in my lungs there was not a particle of air. Sofia swam up to me and whispered: "Johnny, you did the right thing then had not dived for jewelry, the deceptive depth, you had not enough of the air in lung to come up to the surface and now we should to go into the modern world."
I looked at her and said quietly: "Well, my beloved Sofia, dear senoras, senors, we start to the new world."
We came back with the singing and since I was barefoot I felt the instability, the gentle swaying and unsteadily . That's where I just realized we were in the belly of a huge creature, possibly it was an octopus. We came to that big heap of jewelry and with the singing began collecting them in our diving-suits because of we didn't have even a piece of material. Charming singing Sofia fascinated me, I fell into a slumber and somehow found myself heard her clear voice: " Senoras and senors, we have a little time, take a little bit of everything on the road, it's good to be useful to us in the new world, the fate bound us, we've the rest of our lives will be together, take in a hurry to collect jewels, of our singing this creature has fallen asleep, it is satisfied, Johnny, wake up , you fly in the clouds, it's time to go."
From her words I woke up, looked at her and said: "Dear senora Sofia, you're right, I fell into a slumber from your charming magic singing, I woke up, thank you. "
We had miniature cameras , and everything that happens in the film was removed , including knights, Duchess of Andalusian and her maids , treasures and even a lake. Each of us picked a few handfuls of precious stones , they put the pockets in jousting helmets, suits , and we went into the hall. Perched on the floor , Sophia and her maidens sang the songs they sang along with the knights and only we were silent , at her request , to other people's voices have not taken this strange creature and then can not escape trouble. I continued to shoot everything that happens on a miniature video camera , singing some ballads we got up and explained everything in detail how they will rise with us in the light of God , on the trawler " The Seagull."

We sat down on the floor, Sophia and her maidens sang the songs, the knights joinedin the song and only we were silent at Sofia's request, that other people's voices were not heard this strange creature and then can not escape trouble. I continued to shoot everything that happens on a miniature video camera. Having sung some ballads we got up and I explained everything in detail how they would rise with us on the trawler "The Seagull."
We left the room, to drag suits with the treasure it was not easy, in the last hall we found our hoses and thank to them finally passing all the passes we found ourselves before the same place where we fell down through mud and began our march through this strange underwater palace and finally found people.
I got in touch with my father and when he heard my voice could not believe his ears and asked me why don't keep in touch and greatly agitated at a time when we have removed our diving-suits. I briefly explained to him the events of the past and asked him to pick up after signal my suits with treasure, then to bring them down to us in a well tied to a metal wire. According to our plan father and guys will lift at first the knights, then senoras and the latest we"ll be lifted on the deck of "The Seagull." Having heard such an incredible, sensational news my father said joyfully: "My Johnny, our efforts were not in vain, but hurry, I 'm afraid that if someone sail to us that may be interested what we do and to locate the coordinates, this place will sail fleet of adventurers, seekers and hunters for treasure, we lift on your signal."
"Father, start lifting, first winch, I"ll give a signal when the switch on the second, third winches," I said, well, we have to hurry, otherwise we will be without the treasure."
"Johnny, I turn on the first winch, start lifting, " said the father .
The first diving-suit with treasure-articles made of precious metals, including gold and silver coins, stones, diamonds, necklaces and other luxury began to slowly rise up, mysteriously-top curtain opened, a gentle stream of water covered us through the hole. As only the suit was gone up curtain linked up, I gave the signal to my father switch on the second winch and soon diving-suit with jewelry gently lifted up and disappeared behind the strange curtain, then a third diving-suits with trasure lifted up. Flowing water pouring on us right now went down through the pores and all time we were on the soft carpet of this strange creature. Now I understand why people do not suffocate in the belly of a giant sea creature-every second a lot of light air got to them from the outside.
In order to the diving-suits come back to us I'm tied to a second one a long, thin , durable metal wire and told my father that he attached the diving-suits to it, he understood my idea and did so as I suggested. Father soon started to lower to us the diving-suits, I pulled up them and they come back to us, we started putting them on the Spaniards, at once they began to raise the knights, after to raise the beautiful Spaniards- girls, the naked bodies were covered only jewels, as I warned the father, he assured that they will find replacement things and dressed at all, after they raised armors, pikes, swords, axes . I, Robert, Andrew were lifted up the last and we did very important work on the bottom of a well, I left a wrench, to it attached a metal wire and when we lifted up to the level where the mast lay and skeleton of "Hispaniola" stuck out of the mud I approached to the embrasure and rope fixed between the strong boards, then gave an end to Robert and he attached it to the mast, it will not float away, a lot of ropes kept, they are tangled and their ends caught hold of the destroyed structures of hold. I thought to made easier the job of finding that well in which we came back as soon as the treasure is supposedly no earlier than two to three weeks.
I gave the signal to my father, they turned on three winches and we all began to lift and soon stood on a solid deck of the trawler "The Seagull." Father, Arthur and Adlai helped us to take off our driving-suits after the many-hour stay in a strange underwater palace or in the womb of giant creature we saw my father and our friends. The time was 18.29, with joy we were kissing, hugging, were sharing with our impressions about the events of today, without losing time in vain father turned on the engine and headed for Florida, Miami. Friends told us that the Spaniards spend time in the cabin of captain, they took a great interesting in the TV that was not possible to tear off a magic mirror.
Now we had to solve the problem of how to feed the Spaniards not to undermine their health. Since no one but me could normally speak Spanish I went with my father, Arthur and Adlai to captain's cabin, we came in and saw senoras and senors sittng at the table vatching the adventure movie on TV "The Royal Pirates". Having seen us the Spaniards were inspired and happy, stood up, came to us and began to kiss-they were glad to see us, they smiled and senora Sofia said: "Dear senor Johnny, senors, we are glad to see you, thank you, we miss you and feel well, we indeed have got in the new world, unbelievable, behind the glass alive people but we can't to call them to us and sea didn't flow out in room. What an interesting world! How did people manage to pull off the events at a time when no one had any idea about any motion picture cameras and TV, only artists reflect on their paintings of people, animals , cities , landscapes, and all of this work was kept in the houses of god mentioned princes and all the figures as if frozen in a moment."

"Dear senoras and senors, sit down and watch TV, we are glad to see you, we miss you, now you are in full safety, I want to introduce you my father, senor Victor Grey and my friends senors Arthur and Adlai, we sail to Miami and in several hours you"ll see big city with high buildings, cars, ocean liners, planes and sea of color lights, we soon see you, don't worry. Now I introduce to my father and my colleagues Arthur and Adlai you." I've called them the names senoras and senors, all were glad such a meeting, after three centuries living in a strange underwater space, in the womb of giant creature being found ourselves in the twenty first century.
We tried to explain to them how actors and actress got to film, Spaniards shook their heads in bewilderment and I think of my explanation, they still it remains a complete mystery When we showed them the adventure film "The Royal Pirates" they were watching it with bated breath, and after watching a miracle began to discuss what they saw.
For a variety, we've switch on player and gave them to listen to a modern music by Bill Halley, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka , "The Beatles", "Rolling Stones" senoras and senors came at indescribable overjoy, but they could not understand where the those singers and a band were. They puzzled looked on tape, twirled it in their hands, our explanations were not clear to them. We have shown how to dance rock 'n' roll and imagine they began dancing. My friends and I joined them, Sofia did not let my hands, I leaned toward her, kissed on the cheek and whispered: "I love you pretty senora Sofia and with your consent strode to a lifetime together."

She looked at me and said: "My dear senor Johnny, I love you, I trust you, we"ll not be alone, and we"ll always be together."
It would have lasted a long time but my father invited them to the table and our cook Arthur brought them a fresh prepared soup with chicken, green tea and a bun, they ate with a great pleasure. And imagine they've not wanted to sleep, they wished to watch TV.
We could not resist from temptation and decided to tell the world about this sensational discovery and at 8. 30 pm, having sailed at distance 30 miles from the mysterious island of treasures, I'd say a giant sea creature, we contacted the broadcaster CNN. When they found out about this discovery they offered in live to show the documentary about miraculously preserved from the Spanish caravel "Espaniola" sunken with treasure and people in 1679. We had the corresponding equipment and twenty-five minutes were broadcasting from our anchored trawler with help of Space Communication, via INTELSAT. We showed beautiful Spaniards-women, Spaniards-men and as if in confirmation have demonstrated our documentary shot in the underwater maze when all of us took the jewelry in our diving-suits from a huge pile of found treasures-articles, things of precious metals, gems , gold and silver coins. All this a great treasure as garbidge strewn on the floor, at the time the Spaniards- knights in steel armor looked a little funny to our sight. Of course, we got into the lens and half-naked young beauties, covered their splended body with their long hair and gold, platinum threads strung with them jewels, necklaces of pearls of all colors, beads and other tinsel.
We completed the transfer, we were thanked and asked after our return to Miami to invite cameramen and conduct interviews with all of us. We agreed on this and our contact with the CNN ceased. Wasting no time we called home, my mother took mobile and stunned us: "Dear Johnny, husband, friends and your guests Spaniards, hi. We've just seen the documentary on CNN, I've guessed from your trawler, this is sensational news, me and Ray Tiger delighted, we wait for you, the time of arriving call later, but you made a mistake, it should be silent now to begin the hunt begin for you, be careful, before the meeting."
"Mommy, Ray hello, we are fine, don't think about the news, be on the port in the morning, the time of arrival will specify, we kiss you hard. One moment, mother take with clothes for four men and seven girls." I said.
"Johnny, hi, fantasy, we will come to meet, hard kiss, we bring clothes" said Ray.
"My dear wife, Ray Tiger, hi. Our trip finished, we sail home. I heard what you said, don't worry, kiss you, we"ll be next day, good night," said father.

" Good evening dear husband, Victor, me and Ray are very glad, unbelievable, we kiss you, see you later, call, bye. Father looked at me, comrades, and sadly said: "My wife said correct, we urgently need to rush out and try not later than six in the morning to be at the port, Johnny, specify arrival time, later call back mother and let them know."
I said: "Yes, gentlemen, in our time easy with the help of appropriate equipment and PCs to determine the coordinates of any vessel from which conducted a telephone conversation, the signal goes to the satellite and this is used by modern naval corsairs attacking sailing by tankers, father, we should at full speed to rush to Miami."
"All right, I give full speed, we are not alone in the port, a lot of ships sail in sea, I think nobody will notice us," my father said, and blinked my eye: "Cheer up, my son, all will be o' key!"
The father took the paper and began to count the time to Miami, I immediately got in touch with my mother and told her about that we sail at seven in the morning, she confirmed the report and promised to come to the port with clothes. Meanwhile we were preparing our Spaniards to modern life, we showed television news, excerpts from films, concerts from pop bands to opera singers. They marveled at the architecture of modern cities, cars and planes led them to the delight and asked why the horse had disappeared, I explained to them: "Dear senoras and senors horses were replaced by cars, trains , motorcycles, bicycles, aircraft, other equipment, but you can see them at the races and on farms", and showed them a piece of the life of modern farmers.
Because of our haste I could not pay much attention to Sofia, at 10 pm I succeeded his father on the bridge, he didn't rest for almost a day and senora Carmen imperceptibly approached me, I was surprised, she looked at me and said: " Johnny, I'd like to be with you a few minutes and I'll go to bed, I'm tired of loneliness. Can you imagine three hundred years we lived in a trance, I saw you and in me everything turned upside down, I know you are now in the most important post. Will you let sit with you a couple of minutes?"
I hugged, kissed her and said: "Dear Sophia, you don't disturb me, the ship sail by the instrument but also necessary to watch for them and even if you will stand by you don't hurt, but we can even sit my princess, you're tired, sit down."
We sat down on the soft chairs, I tell her nice things, a declaration of love, Sofia affectionately looked at me whispe-ring to me the same thing and added that words must be confirmed with deeds, chores and asked me gently to hug and kissed her, so she will feel herself much easier the soul and warm her cold body and heart. Without hesitation I began to kiss and hug her and felt that in fact she had a cold body and hands. I pressed her stronger to myself, held her and she asked me not to release the body from the clutches because of this it is warmer to her. And then I noticed that her body started a fever, shaking, I asked Sophia what happened with her, she looked at me and quietly whispere: "My dear Johnny, knight of my heart! Really can not you guess?! It's out of love, I"ll explain you, a pity you don't have time. Yes, John, you can not imagine our life in the strange underwater hous and I"ll tell you how found ourselves in that won-derful world and you can not imagine our long difficult life full of interesting fabulous adventures. On the third day of our voyage, it's already late in the evening a blue moon floated across the sky sailors and valiant captain senor Edward de Malenga commanded all seven caravels and galleons before expertly struck the three pirate ships, they were pursuing us almost all the way from Cuba who knew that the holds full of gold coins, jewelry, saw a strange island and at the request of the duchess Sofia the caravel "Hispaniola" sailed close to it. In the moonlit night all went on deck admiring the bright colors growing with separated islands on the strange black smooth surface.
Duchess de Sofia wanted to pick flowers to bring to Spain, but suddenly our caravel began to rock and two ladies standing near the ship's side flew in the water wildly screaming. Not knowing how to swim, but still caught in the whirlpool they drowned before our eyes. The ship was rocking even more, cracked, then circled by a giant whirlpool and ocean suddenly calmed down. Senor captain Edward de Malenga reported duchess that the ship broken, the water filled the hold and urgently need to escape. Realizing the danger of drowning is obvious, our duchess senora de Sofia ordered to keep all the boats on the water, all to take place and to boat to a neighboring caravel "Santa Anna" standing at a decent distance from us but the closest of sailed ships. In our boat were duchess, three knights, four maids and three sailors, the other ladies with the servants, knights, sailors and until we sailed our brave fearless captain senor Edward de Malenga remained on board as necessary under the statute he had to leave caravela last. Having boated a short distance our boat despite the efforts of sailors and knights of rowing oars could not cope with the flow and boats carried to the shore of strange island. Soon began a strong vortex of what we saw as "Espaniola"whirled with the captain and sailors. Our two boats also began to rotate, I felt dizzy and lost consciousness.
When I woke up I saw myself in a boat next to duchess of Sofia, near the lovely three maids lay-Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, three knights in armor, with the weapon and three sailors. All were lying closed their eyes, our boat was down the river, I was glad that not one, woke up everyone, looked around and realized we were in a strange world. I thought the boat was floating on a huge smooth lake, the slightest breeze, it was warm and above us at a low altitude hung a strange arch and it reflecteed blue light. I don't know how long we have been in this world, I wanted to eat and drink but in the meantime we were carried to a strange grotto.
Even from a distance I saw near it the boat and standing in it three ladies, four knights, three charming maidens and three sailors. They noticed our boat with us and began to wave their arms. Joy embraced us, we, too, waved ouer hands and pulled to the shore with a strange unusual grotto with low arches with pale white walls wet. so walls are in the room immediately after the whitewash. So, our boat buried itself, no, not in the sand and at first I didn't understand what it could be. Only when I came bare foot I was convinced it was a thick soft to the touch warm watertight fabric of the living sea creature. We're very happy that stayed alive, hugging, kissing, praying for salvation and above all the whole, well and unhurt. But since we were in this strange lake possible long time we admitted that hungry and thirsty. I have to tell you, Johnny, saved and found themselves in the strange world of 24 men and women: a charming duchess senora de Sofia , three attractive -looking middle-aged ladies , myself, seven maidens, six sailors and seven brave knights led by the fearless senor Carlos Santos.
We dragged our boats into a cave and then began to think how to satisfy our hunger, to slake thirst, and to find temporary dwelling. With a thirst we understand simple: I draw water with hand and trie, it was tasty and sweet, it reminiscented of syrup, bowed my head and began to drink. Having drunk this delicious water, I got up and looked at everyone and said cheerfully: "Senoras and senors, try the water, it's very tasty."
All were delighted, at first women then men were drinking and getting drunk expressed their admiration -viation water had to satisfy hunger and again I showed courage, fearlessness . When I tilted my head to the water to drink I saw seaweed with flowers and to pick them and to try I should dive. But that's not all, the water teemed with life-there were fish, seahorses, stars of all colors of the rainbow. But men were near me and I was ashamed to undress in front of them and show the adorable naked seductive body and then I decided to dive into water in my dress. And say I very nearlyalmost part with my young life in the prime of my years.
Having dived into the water my clothes become wet and I was drawn to the bottom which turned out to be a rather great depth and understand-if I swam up to algae with colors that I would not come to the surface . And then gathered all the forces I began to pull my arms, kicking and my happiness water pushed me up, senor Carlos Santos watching me lowered into the water long oar, I grabbed him and he pulled me to the surface. By this time of fear and inexperience I swallowed water, where'as I should hold my breath. I was laid on my back and the type of activities in her life the duchess began to put pressure on the chest, leaned her mouth to mine and began to breathe in. Her efforts were crowned with success the water was gushing out of me, I opened my eyes and began to breathe. When I came to myself I quietly said: " Dear captain senor Carlos Santos and respected duchess Sofia, I thank you for saving me. Now I have to tell everyone-do not try to dive in dresses and the main thing-before you dive you need to inhale a deep breath and hold your breath until come to the surface. Again I want to dive into the water and to get to the algae with flowers, so please senors turn away and not look at me."
Senors turned away, I took off my dress dived and soon plunged in algae, not thinking for a long time picked a delicate pink flower, raised and put it into my mouth and as with in it got sweetish water it mixed with the flower turned into jelly and swallowed. I quickly plucked another flower, pushed and rapidly flew up and soon I was on the serface. But while I surfaced flower petals broke down and in my hand left only the stem. I was upset and invited all to dive deep into the algae, told how to eat a flower and what got a burst of energy in my body. Duchess asked senors to retire to pass and not to spy on naked senoras. Shorter, women dressed off, dived into the water with me and soon they so cleverly began to pick flowers and to eat them. Having eaten full up women dressed and went into the passage where there were seniors, men saw us realized we ate and went to the grotto where undressed and began to dive. After a while they ate, dressed and called us, we joined them and shared their impressions and then began to sing a song from joy and exausted fell asleep.
After living for some time in the grotto our men decided to go in a strange maze-like giant gut, from all sides blue light was reflected and it was impossible as it seemed to get lost to find a comfortable place to rest, sleep and a possible exit from the world outside. We don't want to let the men but their decision was firm and they taken spades, knives, hatch-ets to defend bravely started the road and we stayed.
Of course, flowers appeased our hunger, but soon we were bored and I'm, Patricia, Juanita and Yolanda decided to swim farther in search of oysters because on this bottom they were not seen. Soon we swam to another underwater garden with algae, here the flowers were brighter and more, I tried them and it's seem to me they were tastier and more nutritious. My friend tore a flower and made a test but because the air in lungs came to an end we came to the surface to take a sip of air. Having breathed in enough air we dived into the water and swam, soon we were outside of the multi-colored garden, I looked down and could not believe my eyes: the entire bottom was covered with gold, silver coins, jewelry, lay a pile of pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces of pearls of all sizes and colors of the rainbow , precious stones and diamonds. My girlfriend noticed these treasures and decided to take favorite thing, but as the air came to an end, we came up, took a breath and dived to reach the bottom and took anything, but suddenly out of nowhere the black is not too long eels appeared. We forgot about jewelry, started to grab them and despite that they were slippery, managed to pinch in hand and with them we swam to the surface and after to the grotto where our senoras and senors waited for us. It's strange-those caught had not noticed any mouth or eyes, they were not at all living beings and realized that it's ripe fruits from the underwater garden with fallen off in algae and perhaps edible. We grew bolder and began to bite off a piece by piece, but since we were 11 persons then, of course, it was only enough for a sample. It's a miracle-these strange sea fruits resemble bananas but only with a soft, thin skin and a different taste a real shrimp, crab pate. And then I remembered the treasure under water, told everyone about gold coins , items , necklaces, diamonds, ladies and maids looked at me in surprise and duchess said: "Senoras, let's lower a boat and sail to the place, look for treasures on the bottom and at the same time we shall find fruit to eat and to supply not often to go after them."
"All right, duchess Sophia," said everybody was, we lower on water the boat and boated to the place where the fruit was caught and treasure lay. Having found ourselves near the underwater garden I said: "Duchess Sofia, senoras, look into the water, soon you"ll see the treasure and floating fruit. All of you know how to dive and after a few runs we'll get a lot of fruit."
Everyone was looking at the water and soon saw floating dark fruit, the women took off their dress and little groups of three, dived intowater. For a short time we caughted so many that be enough for a long time and then we boated to the place where on the bottom lay jewelry. Soon, duchess Sophia saw them and exclaimed: "Senoras, look! Real wonder: If we get it and put on ourselves we these jewery we"ll be the queens."
Some maids tried to dive for treasures but to no avail, I decided to try my luck and to everyone's surprise got some gold chains and a necklace of large black pearls. Duchess Sofia, senoras looked at raised luxury and appreciated their beauty, particularly the necklace of pearls struck all us. We decided to return and getting to the grotto, carried fruit and dragged the boat to the grotto. We ate only one fruit and felt a burst of energy in the body and in good mood sang songs. Having sung several songs that were stored in our memory we lay down on a soft cloth and slept. I had a strange dream, I was in a circular room, wall, ceiling radiated blue light, sailors and knights in armor lay on the floor, next to them the pikes, long knives, axes lay. I went to the captain Santos and began to wake him, he opened his eyes and saw me said: "Senora Sofia, I'm glad you came to save us, we are hungry and thirsty, take us to the lake, don't let die. We didn't find exit and got into the hall , none of us knows how to get out, here a lot of passages."
I wanted to pick up captain Santos and put on his feet to lead but he in armor was very heavy, he fell down, the armor rattled and I woke up at that moment and saw a big shark, she sailed directly to us.
I immediately woke up the girls, they saw a predator and cried out in fear. We had nothing to attack her and defense-less fled by the passage in which our knights and sailors disappeared. How good that I had a dream! I remembered that they are hungry and if we don't bring them food that they are unlikely to reach the lake and I decided to come back to take fruit. I stopped and said quietly: "Senors Sofia, I had a dream, our sailors and knights are alive and hungry lie in the hall. I think if we go with this passage we"ll find them. Yolanda, Patricia and Juanita follow me, for the fruits, senora Sofia wait for us. If we find sailors and knights they"ll save us, without them we can't cope with the shark and dont get those jewelry lying under the water."
"Run, senora Sophia with girls, we"ll be waiting for you," said the duchess.
I, Patricia, Juanita and Yolanda rushed to our place of rest, that a shark was swimming as if feel we would come back and was watching from a distance at the passage in which we fled. Our appearance excited her and she swam to us, but a considerable distance separated us from her, we grabbed thirteen fruits and ran into the passage. We've left behind the shark and disappeared behind a sharp bend where duchess Sofia with senoras were waiting for us. Since strange soft sides of circular maze were glowing blue light that we saw them and they seen us waved by hands. We joined them and without feeling any fear went forward. I don't know how long we were going through the maze but were suddenly just in the hall which I saw in a dream, lying on the floor of sailors and brave knights: Evo, Wilfredo, Julio Kuida, Edward, Fidel and Carlos. They were in knightly garb, next to them the pikes, hatchets, long knives lay. It seemed to us that they were dead, I went to Carlos, touched his hand and he awoke. Knight opened his eyes and was amazed when he saw me, duchess and said: "Dear Sofia de Nuestra! How did you come here? Are you looking for us, your faithful sword-bearer?! I see by your maids! What a joy to be together."
We woke up all the sailors and the Knights, they saw us, everyone was happy to see each other, I told him about the shark sailed from nowhere and immediately captain Carlos Santos apologized to us that did not provide the trusty defence and threw us. Duchess Sofia looked at him and said: "My dear knight, it's not your fault that we let you off, we see you are weak and hungry, we've brought you the fruits, eat and let's go to the lake. They grow in water and very nutritious as seaweeds, eat these fruits and you recover your health."
We became to feed them with fruits that they were taken for black eels. Our sailors and knights were so weak from hunger that would not have stood up but as only they ate fruit all transformed. With tears in their eyes but happy, they looked at us and thanked for that we remembered about them and fed a delicious meal. And then we told them about the trouble Gros threatening all of us with the appearance of sharks and if we don't get rid of evil shark our grotto would be lost. Knights listened to us and made the decision to return immediately to the grotto. Captain Santos ordered to knights and sailors to stand up and with weapons to follow us in a strange arc-shaped passage-gut in no doubt , we were not doubt that found ourselves in the belly of a giant sea creature.
We went and approaching the grotto we saw sharks and only now I guessed she smelled human flesh and decided to regail herself with them. How fortunate that we had the boats with us, the brave sailors and fearless knights! Captain Santos looked at men and quietly said: "Senors , we are sailing on a boat to the shark without removing the knight's armor, bring spades and axes, duchess and senoras you wait on the shore and distract the predator away. We put out to sea and turn to the right side and then will attack the tail, at first we've to beat shark with the pikes and then with axes , she does not feel our bodies in knightly armor, follow me."
The knights pushed the boat into the water and sailed away, we went to the edge and stood at the water, the shark slowly swam towards us and when it was no more than ten steps to us we slowly began to recede, in this time our knights were near the tail of the shark and began pierce her body. Shark turned her head with an open mouth and at that moment the captain oSantos, Evo and Fidel managed to prick with a sharp pikes in its upper jaw, and the shark bleeding went to the bottom. We thought she wouldcome to surface, but the wounds were death and the shark went to the bottom. There and then out of nowhere the fish swam and began to tear the shark apart. Our knights rejoiced, we got rid of the shark and now you could without fear for our life to swim in this lake. The brave men boated to the grotto and set foot on the strange shore of soft tissue and joined us. Duchess, senoras and sailors thanked the brave knights.
Our life went on, we swam for dark fruits which smelt of like crab pate and sang songs. Nevertheless, we never left the idea to break out of this underwater world where lost all hopes but sometimes we believed that sooner or later our saviors would sail here on the ship our saviors and find us. Our sailors and knights were fearless and one day they persuaded us to go by boat on a long voyage to find a way out of this world into the ocean to find some way to sailing ship. But since we didn't want to come back empty-handed we decided to raise previously seen under water at the bottom of the lake jewelry and started to take action.
The depth of the lake where lay the treasure was inaccessible to anyone but me, I could hold my breath, dived from a boat, reached the bottom, took the hands anything, pushed herself up and returned to the surface. Thus diving many times I managed to pick up a lot of the black pearl necklaces, gold chains with medalonns and bracelets, ornaments of precious stones and diamonds. Duchess, senoras, sailors and the knights could not stop looking at this luxury and decided to get from the bottom if not all, at least part of miraculously turned on ijewelry. Diving over and over again for them, I got so many fine things that putting on ourselves all the luxury of gold, platinum and silver chains and strands strung with them jewels, necklaces of pearls of all colors, decorated with golden heads of diamond tiaras we were like real princesses and wore and took off when I had to dive for nourishing algae with flowers and fruits. This work to get from the bottom jewelry so locked us that we forgot about the journey to find a way into the ocean and continued to pull out treasures.
But, my Johnny, it was not easy work in rising of these treasures and a few times just miraculously came to the surface. but none the less I survived. One day, captain senor Carlos Santos told us his dream-in that room where the sailors and knight lived the pirates in armor came, got into a fight, all the corsairs were killed and duchess Sophia told him: "My valiant captain, it seems to us soon in deed anyone will make the way, I also saw something like this but you didn't save us , strangers kidnapped, senoras, they all sat on rafts and we floated. I decided to see where we were sailing, got up and woke up." From the time we started in deed to get prepared for the meeting with our saviors, and in fact, though not soon, you got to us. By this time, as you know only 11 remained of 24 people-three maids Patricia, Juanita, Yolanda, me and seven knights, what became duchess Sophia, senoras and sailors I'd tell you later. When Yolanda told me about that unknown knights got to us I didn't believe her but because for them I was duchess my status didn't allow me to come out to you for a meeting and when you entered I was struck, such handsome knights. I dpdn't even know whom to give preference and yet I made a choice, it's you, my Johnny. Please, kiss me, just imagine, more than three hundred years without love. I tell you in me a volkano of passion have awakened, I can't stand, I'm shaking from the cold, warm me up. You've found me and convince that I'm a virgin, and I tell you , if we did not sing the song at the lake after swimming then we would not return to this world. The living being in the womb which we lived woke up as soon as you came into him. I was in my bed room and felt how my soft bed on which lay started to sway a smooth. It's possible you in your steel armor did not feel it here, and having been here without us you never would go out. Coming to the lake we put to sleep creature by our singing, you've noticed that when we returned
floor looked like a soft cloth slightly swayed beneath us, the sea creature was breathing."
"Yes, Sofia, I walked like a drunk and and guessed-both you and we got in the belly of a giant octopus."
That's how we spent in the belly of a giant creature near the strange lake in which we swam more than three hundred years. We didn't miss, our knights arranged improvised fights, parades, I and senoras walked along with them. Since our knights were much older than we and had wives with children, they missed them and asked me when the galleon would sail on a lake and take us. I consoled them and told that some ship would sail necessarily to us if not today then tomor-row. I say here we hadn't an idea of the time-continuous long bright day at the lake until we left it and the night in the darkness in our bedrooms where asleep I think for a long time. We could not count down the days, year spent in the belly of the sea creatures about what we also guess, but it's interesting we didn't. Yes, in the house I''ll tell you about our last life and traveling to interesting, I would say, hitherto unseen magic world .
I kissed her and said: "My dear songbird-nightingale, when we get home, I listen to a story and I"ll do the best to your volkano of passions exploded, if you put up three hundred years you"ll be able to suffer a couple of days, hold to me tight, I"ll warm."
She leaned toward me and whispered: "My Johnny I don't insist, just confess to you-as all have gone through, I have to be patient and wait for that moment when you, my darling, make me happy. And now John go, you"ll not get warm your nightingale, look at the sky, the clouds there, I'm afraid of them, it will rain and thunder."
I looked up at the sky, on the horizon appeared dark clouds, immediately took Sophia in my arms and carried her to the cabin where senoras slept and put on a free bed, I kissed her and went back to the steering-wheel. A few minutes passed and I noticed a change in the atmosphere: wind blew, it grew stronger, appeared dark clouds, it was a drizzling rain and soon developed into a real heavy shower, huge waves one after another rolled our ship. I realized that I didn't deal with the trawler in such a serious situation and ran into the cabin where my father had a rest, came to him and said softly: "Dad, get up, a storm has broken out suddenly, I need your help, waves are just about to overwhelm the trawler . "The father immediately jumped to his feet, threw on himself a waterproof jacket and I did too, we rushed into the chart, it was raining cats and dog, a few seconds later dad assessed the situation and told me: "Johnny, stand firm, storm not out of the weak, we initially determine the correct direction of the waves through the inky darkness, I could see them, now we make a few clicks of a button, all, automatic has worked, which was to be proved."
Indeed, after a couple of minutes waves didn't beat into the board more, our trawler cut the waves and went ahead but very slow-near five miles per hour, because of one of two engines broke down. My father came in engine-room and when he came back with sadness told me that in time, by the morning, we would not get into the port and asked me to call my mother and to warn her that they would not come to meet us, which I did in my brief minute conversation. Mom was upset and told me that they had a drizzle, gentle breeze blowing and asked to say hello to everyone and often to call on the situation.
All of our small team gathered in the chart , the father skillfully operated with the trawler and we had survived the storm played out which subsided only back after day. When my father pressed a few buttons and we looked at the monitor screen flashed and saw the numbers and here's the final data the captain said that we sailed to Miami the day after tomorrow and with an average speed of 5 miles per hour we'd get to port by seven-eight o'clock in the morning. I had again to call my mom and in a one-minute conversation I told her that we had problem with engine and would do everything in order to sail to port the day after tomorrow at seven-eight o'clock in the morning and asked to arrive in two small buses and said to Ray to prepare a gift for our guests, he understood me and said okay.
The weather was perfect: a weak breeze, blue moon, bright stars, our guests knights, ladies came out of the cabin to the deck. They bore the storm painlessly and felt great: were watching movies, news, ate with appetite, slept, shorter acquainted with modern life. And now finding themselves on deck, they asked us by what the way ship without sails so fast and confidently sailed forth into the wind and sitting in a cabin they felt storm weakly. I tried to explain to them that in our trawler engines had power of several thousand horsepower and they raced our boat forward. I led them into the engine room, pointed them to the steel motor case and when I said that in each engine there were a couple of thousand horses they touch them trying to look into the case hoping to see the invisible horses and could not understand how they could get into them, then they went to sleep and we just continued to control with our trawler and it is according to the words of my father would sail to the port of Miami about seven in the morning. We were late because of the broken out storm which lasted 24 hours and it alarmed us ...
... When we sent signals of our documentary via satellite for T V Company CNN and live they broadcast to many count-ries people looked it not only in the U.S. but abroad, in particular in Hong Kong, the ringleader of sea pirates Chun Lu, One-Eyed Rogue and his pals Kim Jung Knacker and Cheng Ji Bone-setter. Actually Chun Lu was quite seeing, but at a meeting with his enemies in time of attack on tankers he wore on his left eye a black patch and on his dark hair red scarf so hard to be like a pirate of in bygone days for more intimidation of opponents. Chinese name he acquired, in fact, his name was Harry Cook, he was a real Englishman from Singapore.
A large band of pirates had several high-speed boats and armed with walkie-talkies, mobile phones, pistols and Kalashnikov's tommy-guns were active in South China and Philippine seas, Malacca Strait in region of Indonesia, Malaysia , the Philippines and Borneo. Basically, they were active at night: they sailed up in high-speed cutters to huge oil tankers or container vessels, threw a drags with fastened to them rope ladders, climbed on the deck, attacked the team and demanded that the captain opened the safe in which he saved money. To cover their tracks they ruthlessly shot sailors and threw them overboard. As the pirates were operating in different places then they were almost impossible to catch. However, at the last time fortune became to float away sailors on tankers didn't sleep and armed with machine guns beat pirates. Among them were the first victims, in addition to their hunting were thrown border guards, coast guard on the high-speed boats, supported by helicopters chased sea pirates and now they had to be content with random robbery.
The leaders of the gang were sitting in their a night secret stash "Chinese woman" over a glass of vodka and surrounded by naked blonde-beauties discussed their upcoming pirate hard deeds and occasionally glancing at the seven TV screens and it was at this time young but desperate handy Kim Joon watched the news of CNN and immediately appealed to his chief: "My Chun Lu, just you look at this luxury, is simply breathtaking, it's unrealistic, look at the fifth channel."
Chun looked at the screen and saw an unusual luxury in a strange underwater castle, beautiful Spaniards-women and Spaniards-men in their knight's armor, the young people who took out from big heap of jewels gold and silver coins, items, necklaces, precious stones, diamond, rings and put ones in diving-suits. Men and half naked girls smiled and sang song, by the way the heap of jewels didn't become less, soon lying around diving-suits were full and people came along strange round pass and got to another hall with huge heap of jewelry, stopped and became to sing song. The pirates came in bewilderment, then in the indescibable delight of naked beauties-Spaniaards-girls covering their bodies with long dark hair, platinum and gold threads strung with them precious stones, beads, pearl necklaces and other tinsel.
"My friends, exclaimed Chun Lu, as I see the treasure hunters found themselves in a strange fantasy underwater palace, in the presence of such a large number of good it will take several days to shovel and lift to their ship. And what sort of beauty, we should definitely help them to raise not only that treasure but also beauties, if we hurry to help them I sure we have time. I know human nature, while those divers will not lift up the last coin that they leave the palace. No, I'm not going to sit here idly by and watch others work, so we go there."
Seeing the luxury Chun immediately shouted: "Mao, instantly down, adjust apparatus and catch of the coordinates where the information comes from to the satellite and record the telecast, listen to Kim, this is awesome, there are billions of dollars, so if we get to them.
What to say of these pirates were not only illiterate but scoundrels, murderers and specialists who were able with the ultra-modern electronic equipment communicate with the satellite and extract the necessary information to get the coordinates of the saioling tankers and Mao was one of them.
He went down and instantly connected to INTELSAT, tuned in to the program going for transmitting satellite and imagine caught electromagnetic transmitter signals flying from a ship on the INTELSAT and set specific coordinates whereabouts of standing trawler in the Atlantic Ocean, although he not fully recorded documentary, skipping the part when Johnny was shooting Spaniards and Spanish on a trawler "The Seagull" and the same time said the ringleader of the gang: "My dear Chun Lu, a vessel of which captain sends signals on the satellite is very far away and close to Florida, full coordinates on the sheet, at the time of signal transmission to the satellite ship stops going, hence they lift treasure from underwater palace on the ship. There is no more any information, you decide what we"ll do."
"Mao, continue to gather information, I think soon they"ll communicate with TV Company CNN return to the bond, I don't care that the ship far away from us, but she is near the coast of America, to scrape up these riches are not enough weeks, we after 12-14 hours of flight will be in Miami I has a feeling that they have the base in the solar Florida and possibly not far from this town, I 'll find them. "
Chun took a sheet of paper and saw the coordinates 79*32' West longitude and 24* 57' North latitude he immediately called his accomplices on robbery and Kim and Cheng, showed them the list with coordinates and said: "My friends, I suggest you to go to America, we have in reserve money and time, we"ll fly with our fighters, on the spot buy high- speed cutters, we'll get the guns and sail to the interception, I don't think that they will throw those treasures and sail off. If they even leave the place ahead of time for any reason, treasure hunters at any case, later come back for jewels, and it's here that we make them to share with us those riches. In our detachment including me 19 people, big-jackpot a billion of dollars. What do you tell my mates!"
Kim looked at his master and said: "Chun, if you do not have enough money for a total box office I"ll add it to our interesting busyness to fly immediately, my fighters eager for the fight , I know them, they with bare hands will clutch in their throats and will pull out of it all, buy the tickets, I agree to fly."
Cheng stood up and said: "Chun, I do the same, we should fly immediately, we"ll find those treasure hunters not only at sea but under the water and on the land their base, we're not born yesterday."
"Gentlemen, I book 19 tickets for the next flight Hong Kong-Miami departure in a couple of hours, time to eat, take and hide your money, call the fighters gathering in an hour and we immediately go to the airport: "said Chung, smiled and cried: "My dear friends, let's drink to this discovery, my toast "For good luck. Cheers!"
All those present in the den "Chinese woman" poured into a glasses vodka and shouting " For good luck. Cheers!" drank to the dregs.
Chun booked tickets, Kim and Chan called to soldiers, all collected luggage and hid the money, in one hour tall broad-shouldered men gathered in the den "Chinese woman", bosses welcomed thugs and led them in the basement, Chun not only told but also showed all fragments shot from the TV documentary. Marine Corsairs came to the indescribable delight at the sight of such treasures but immediately assured their bosses that they were ready for them to pull out the throats to those who voluntarily would refuse to share with them, to break arms, legs and even put out the eyes to not see our world. Mood was elevated, the leaders shook hands to fighters and in ten minutes gang was rushing to the airport.
Chun did not confuse that Miami far away, he realized even by supersonic Concord they would not have flown in the evening and on the Boeing 747 the more so as they were flying through Tokyo and Anchorage. According to the calculations of Chun vessel in any case with the treasure sail undoubtedly in Miami where they will be met the correspondents of newspapers, radio and TV. Before departing at the airport Chun strictly ordered Mao to sit in a communications center and fix the most interesting events on the meeting of the ship with the discoverers, who found the underwater palace, beauties, knights and great treasures. Mao looked at the boss and said: "My dear Chun, I'm sure you I"ll pass the coded information that none of the enemies don't understand what I mean, but you keep with me phone communication, you are well aware, we are living in difficult time in flight may be the long delay, I have to know when you arrive in Miami, success to you and see you soon with treasures and those beauties."
"My Mao, be sure, I"ll call and tell you about our arrival in Miami and unforeseen circumstances, do not forget, you'll get your share, see you soon."
Chung shook hands Mao and joined those who flew with him to Miami. He was pleased and without any doubt hoped for a successful meeting with the treasure hunters who did such an extraordinary and important discovery.
As soon as they arrived at the airport Chun Lu and gathered his men and briefly shared with them his plan: " Gentle-men, as soon as we arrive in Miami immediately buy three high-speed cutters and sail immediately to a designated area to attack a ship by our own efforts in the 19 people, seize the treasures, Spaniards, all other throw with stones around the neck in the water to sharks and together with the ship sailed off into the vastness of the Atlantic to the coast of Africa or South America. if we arrive on that district after their arrival to the port, this also can be, our way very far away then we will act according to the circumstances. Anyway the one who have found the treasure will not leave them, and if you leave early underwater palace once again return to it and then we will catch all them in the act at once. Actually we 're going as a tourist and I'm your guide, gentlemen. "
All the pirates have agreed with him, soon announcer declared boarding for Boeing 747 "Star of the East " and 19 pirates after a few hours of restful flight landed in Tokyo 's Narita airport but flight was delayed for eight hours. As soon as the plane landed from the loudspeakers sounded pleasant female voice: " Dear passengers, ladies and gentlemen, we asked apolog, our flight would be delayed by at least 6-8 hours, we have information- in the luggage of one of passengers laid plastic explosives, time of boarding will be announced later. You have the opportunity to take a free ride through the magnificent Tokyo at the expense of the company. Welcome to the capital of the country of the Rising Sun. In one of the bars you have a delicious dinner and music, you will be served by our charming Geisha , you will not be bored and you therefore will not only kill your time but also relax after such an unpleasant event. In the waiting hall Japanese tour guides wait for you, they speak English and Chinese. Our liner will not fly away without you. Thank you for your attention."

Having heard this terrible news Chun Lu changed even in the face, the whole company came into despair and confusion, they wasted their precious time. The leader thought to fly on another flight, but unfortunately there was not flight to Miami and need to wait of finising of examination of luggage to find that ill-fated explosives in the suitcase of one of the passengers. All urgently left the salon, Chun Lu tossed to and fro, he was nervous, did not find the place and realized such a long stop ruin his plans. Pirate constantly kept in the mouth "Camel", it seems a bit relieved and a thought struck him, he remembered that there, in Miami, he had loyal friends Amanita drug lords Carlos Rodriguez Death-Cap, Juan Ramon Iglesia Smoker and Ramon Mohes Squab, bosses of clandestine drug syndicate bosses "Red Poppy ". These gentlemen distribute drugs, heroin, morphine, cocaine not only in North America, but in Africa and Asia.
"Gentlemen, smiling Lu Chun said his saddened comrades, don't warry, I remembered, there in Miami, we have friends, I tell them and if they agree with my plan of action that will join us and together dig up the treasures from these divers, of course with your permission. Here in Tokyo, on the Ginza , in the cafe "Samurai" I have good friends and if we are given the opportunity to go on a tour of the capital that we"ll join one of the groups. I try to know the route, at Ginza during trip we left off from group, take a visit to guys and then join with our tourists and returned to the airport. The owner of this establishment is communicating with Carlos Rodriguez and I"ll ask him to be in contact with him. So on the phone he"ll not talk to me, he needs to see me personally, and at Sun Im has such equipment. At that Cafe we also take a break, boys, there are charming geisha girls!"
Upon hearing the good news such useful tourists-pirates looked at each other and joyfully welcomed the decision of boss. Chun Lu and the company immediately went with the passengers to the buses that will be a couple of hours ride passengers on Tokyo and even get on the Ginza. Being among the standing near the huge buses guides ringleader of pirates began to interrogate them at what time they will be on the Ginza and what surprised it was when a young Japanese woman charming guide named Benik Hori gave not only him but to all sheet with a full program of the route and time of visiting a restaurant in which passengers of stranded at the airport "Narita" liner have dine. The whole trip took four hours, stay in the restaurant an hour. Chun Lu asked their guide, the dark-eyed girl Benik Hori, it's her name and when he heard the name of restourant "The Yellow Sea" came in indescribable overjoyed-to stash "Samurai" a stone's throw-five minutes of brisk walking. In order not to risk being late for the bus it enough be away for thirty minu-tes, it will remain a quarter of an hour of free time, he and his friends spend this time in a restaurant in the circle of other charming young geisha. Everything went as it did not expect.
In fifteen minutes after the passport control buses with tourists moved into the city by a chic highway, they raced at a speed about 70 miles per hour amidst of automobiles, trucks, cars of all models, ages and colors, old and new, are entered into the city and a couple of hours drove through the streets of Tokyo and the old one-story houses and modern skyscrapers, finally drove up to Ginza and got into a sea of light and electric-neon sign urging to buy, fly, go, sail, relax and invest money, flashed the names of world famous electronic, automobil and other companies. World-famous street represented the modern prosperous Japan striding confidently into the future. Finally the bus stopped at the restaurant " The Yellow Sea " and all the tourists with a girl-guide Benik Hori went inside, in a small cozy hall was cool, fan and air condition worked. All seated at tables for four human, soon came at look attractive young geisha in colored silk kimo-nos, they bowed low, welcomed , bring treats and began to look for a guests.
Five minutes later Chun Lu and his three companions Chao Moon, Cao Jie and Li Sen left the restaurant, yet in the bus he persuaded a guide Benik Hori to leave for half an hour to his best friend, she did not mind and asked him not to be late, as accurately scheduled time the bus would start back to airport. Chun Lu assured her that he would return to the restaurant for fifteen minutes before departure of bus and she would not have to worry. And so, having received permission, Chun Lu and his friends left the restaurant and ran on a high speed to cafe "Samurai". It was located in a posh high building on the first floor, outside and inside it looked attractive and mostly wealthy Japanese people visited it in need of a good drink and a dose of the heroin. Chun Lu and friends went inside and immediately got under obser-vation of thug, bouncer, many people gathered even though that has not yet evening came. He was a novice and didn't know Chun Lu, approached them and began to contemplate from head to toe, pirate immediately told him quietly: "Do not warry, we came to Sun In on urgent business, he's a friend of mine," and then boldly went to the bar.
The gathered people were sitting at tables, drinking vodka, smoking and listening to music sounding out of the spea-kers. Chun Lu has not yet approached the counter as a bartender looks like the heavy weight wrestler spotted him and began to smile, he was surprised by sudden appearance here Chun Lu. The pirate smiled too, he could hardly believe that he would see him at the bar, as usual Sun In served visitors in the other, hidden from ordinary drinking public room and cme closer to him bartender said softly: "Hello dear Chun Lu. How are you! I'm glad to see you, I understood if you came from afar so on some important business."
Chun Lu smiled and said: "Dear Sun In, hi, it's my faithful people, we are pleased to see you, purely by chance got to trip around Tokyo and looked at your Cafe. I'll tell you we came about a very important matter, if it be successful, I"ll not forget you, I need urgently to talk to the boss Carlos Rodriguez, you are also in contact with him, I have only twenty minutes, otherwise it will fail."
"I realized Chung, a moment." "Mun Lee, come to me," addressed Sun to the bouncer, "stay for me, I need to leave. " Lee Mun through the passage approached the counter and stood up, Sun I and Chun Lu with his companions went to the door and passed it were in a small room, there were several well-dressed young man sitting on the floor and with the long tubes smoked opium, against the wall on the soft rug naked young attractive blonde were lying. Chinese, Japanese girls-massuses rubbed their bodies with aromatic perfumes and ointments and apparently it was very nice to them.
Sun In looked at the pirate and said quietly: "My dear Chun, if you have the time, my girls can serve you and your mates out of the line and free, they are in other massage parlors for VIP. I remember how your beauty massaged me in your "Chinese woman", what a glorious time it was."
" My dear friend , Sun In, I would have gladly accepted your invitation for a massage, but now there is no time, every-thing goes wrong, lead to your a communications center and find Carlos Rodriguez."
"O'kay , let's go , business is business," said Sun In and led him through the kitchen to the other a small premises with modern electronics: computers, flat- screen TV, dynamics, player, shelves full of cassettes and CDs. An young Japanes as if he was fighter with dark hair was sitting at the table an read the message on the screen of PC. When he saw in the mirror men coming in the room he turned his head, smiled and greeted the bow.
Entered men made bow and Sun In said quietly: "Chun Lu, this is our brain center, Yamomoto is best specialist, he's a new kid on the recommendation of Carlos Rodriguez and he supports contact with him, no one else knows cipher on which can contact our boss. Dear Yamamoto, please connect us with Carlos, an important business proposal from Chun Lu.Yamamoto looked at having come guests and said: "Sun In while I get in touch with my boss at the time you lead the comrades in the bar, let them relax over a glass of wine and as soon as I find Carlos I"ll call you."
Sun In looked at Chun Lu and said: " As usual fifteen minutes, gentlemen, come with me, relax. "
The bartender led them into a small cozy room, they seated at a table, immediately topless pretty Chinese girl with splended body shape appeared, she bowed to greet the guests sitting Chinese did her. Sun In asked beaty to bring the white wine and snacks, she left and soon two pretty blonde came in with trays on which a big bottle of Smirnoff stood, glasses, knives, forks, and tropical fruits. After them a Chinese woman came in with a large tray on which lay the dishes with cooked crab, shrimps, salmon roe and pieces of white bread.
Chun Lu looked at the clock, at their disposal twenty minutes left, Sun In noticed this and said: "My friend, do not worry, after ten minutes conversation will take place, Don Carlos Rodriguez will be find even on the edge of the world, his men will wake up him if he asleep, Yamamoto realized that it's very important conversation. Let's friends drink for the meeting and for the busyness."
All poured vodka into glasses, clinked glasses and simultaneously proposed a toast: "To the success! Cheers!" Cold wine went easily into the body, klinked knives, forks, girls got brought traies with snacks, everything were eaten very quickly, Chun Lu was in a hurry. Before they had time to drink the second glass of vodka a silver bell rang , Sun In rose up, smile and said: "Chung, the connection is done, let's go."
Chun rose to his feet, turned to his companions and said: "Gentlemen, don't drink more, otherwise you will not be put on the air liner."
"All right, Mr. Chun Lu, we have just a snack and orange juice," said Li Sen .
As soon as Sun In and Chun Lu entered the communications center, pirate saw on a screen of flat TV set a small room with a table with flowers in a crystal vase and soft leather arm chair. In a minute came to the table Carlos Rodriguez in blue T-shirt and black shorts, tall handsome middle-aged man with dark curly hair, sat down and said: "Good afternoon, gentlemen Yamamoto, Sun In and Chun Lu I perfectly see you, sit down, I have to talk three minutes, urgently I fly to Panama."
They all sat down in a chairs, welcomed the boss and Chun Lu said: "My dear Carlos Rodriguez, please don't fly in Pana-ma, it's my birthday and my family and I are flying to you, there is an interesting proposal for a boat trip with us, if you join us you invite girls and boys. It's true, for travel requires three high-speed boats, unfortunately our plane was delay-ed in Tokyo for several hours, someone laid explosives in luggage. Yes , are you watching TV in your spare time? We watched such a gorgeous wedding and so young charming creatures which we never dreamed of. I recorded something on CD, as we"ll fly I"ll show, you will be stonished and satisfied fully."
"Chun, buddy, I guessed, okay, I'm waiting, I meet you, everything will be prepared for your arrival, I agree on a trip, you know , I love to travel and the sea and add-you a real comrades, before arriving to Miami inform the flight number, I know far way, call me on the phone to which give you Yamomoto. Don't worry, for your arrival for a boat trip I prepare three high-speed boats, there will be a lot of drinks and snacks, me and my boys can't wait for your arrival, we celebrate the excellent birthday. As TV I have no time to watch shows. What nonsense about us! We are good boys, help people and some underestimate, bring me CD to see beautiful women, good-bye, guys," said Carlos.
"My Carlos, I"ll bring the CD, before arriving I"ll call you, see you soon," said Chung and winked his left eye three times , which means they will have a very great wealth.
"My Chun Lu, I get it, I'll wait to see you soon. Yes, gentlemen Yamamoto and Sung In I sent your moms birthday white Dutch tulips, as you receive boxes call the same time," said Carlos Rodriguez. The screen is off, it meant contact is over. Sun In looked at Chun Lu and said: "Boss sent us through Holland to us the high quality crack, caring people, the demand for it is huge. Yes< wright telephone number of Carlos."
Chun smiled , he got in touch with Carlos Rodriguez, who told a joyful and important news that he had agreed to take part in this operation, all breathed a sigh of relief - boats on the spot and wait for their arrival. Pirate wrote telephone number of Carlos, thanked Yamamoto, Sun In and before to leave them quietly said: "Gentlemen, I"ll reveal to you as a great secret why we race in America, Florida, in Miami: unknown divers, underwater treasure hunters found under water jewelry, the treasure, my faithful specialist Mao Yu managed to determine the coordinates of ship through satellites while broadcasting of the underwater palace to TV Company CNN and to re-shoot their documentary film about the found treasure. That's why we rush, we want to seize their ship and to persuade hunters from good to share with us by found good. We saw in the strange underwater palace jewelry at the billions dollars, so that you, my friends, working with us, will have at Ginza several Cafes such as your "Samurai". Moreover we extend our influence in other countries, young people everywhere need drugs, so we'll satisfy the needs of the population and they are growing from year to year. But above all there lived such young wonderful creations, you would regard with admiration. What a pity, this CD I stayed in luggage at airports. All friends, I rush to my friends, see you soon."
Yamamoto and Sun In there were overjoyed with such information, technician shook hands with Chun Lu and wished him success. Host bar with a pirate went out of the room, they went into the small hall where his fighters were sitting drinkin a green tea. Now our pirate was without a bandage concealing good eye and a red kerchief on his head, he appeared in front of everyone in the appearance of a white-collar: blue shirt with short sleeves, dark jeans, brown leather shoes and chic curly dark hair. Seeing him his men rose from the table and immediately went to the leader.
"Gentlemen, deeds are going well, I talked with Carlos Rodriguez and he join to us, let us thank Mr. Sun In and rush to the restaurant "The Yellow Sea", at our disposal about twenty minutes, until everything goes according to schedule.
Chun Lu and his men thanked the host stash "Samurai" for the drink, tasty food and pirate shaking his hand said: "Sun In when we come back in Tokyo I specially with all my fighters, 19 people will visit you with good gifts and in your nice Cafe to celebrate our victory. I think you for all us cook good food, wines, French champagne and girls to my taste-leggy blonde with a magnificent bust, see you soon."
"Good bye, my friend, I 'll drink to your success, you can not, I understand," said Sun In, he drank a glass of Smirnoff, shook hands with the guests and went to the door. Guests followed him and passed through the door were in the bar, Chun Lu and his men waved the bartender Lee Moon, he smiled and replied in kind. Suddenly mobile Chun Lu began gave signals Big Ben, he held it to his ear and heard the anxious voice of Kim Jong: "Dear Chun at your disposal fifteen minutes, be in a hurry, you"ll be late the plane, the celebration of your birthday full through."
"My dear Kim Jong, we race, in five minutes we sit at a table in a restaurant, tell all the joyful news, I was talking to my dad and he 's waiting for us," said Chun Lu. After shaking hand to host a brothel "Samurai" with the words "See you soon my dear Sun In" Chun with his fighters went to the door. Five minutes later with happy faces and a large bouquet of red roses leader and his friends went into the restaurant "The Yellow Sea" , they came to the guide-Japanese Benik Hori and gave her fresh roses. She took ones, smiled, began to thank Chun, bow and that such a cunning and noble gesture, he pulled from himself their long absence, though still in the bus asked her about the absence. Already now, she"ll not report any of her management and the more border guards that someone was out of her control, she, too, can be given a dressing down for oversight.
Dinner was lasting another fifteen minutes, the geisha under the sound of Japanese melodies were treating sitting tourists with tea, they dancing and even reciting poetry in Japanese. At last a nice dinner ended, the guide-Japanese Benik Hori stood up, thanked the geisha, tourists did the same and saying good bye followed her to the bus. Having circled with a half an hour through the streets of Tokyo, bus was on the highway leading to the airport "Narita" and at a speed of 70 miles per hour ran to it. Returning to the airport and passing through custom-house and border guards went perfectly, Benik Hori reported to senior fficer that no accidents had happened and all the tourists are in full group. The young officer smiled broadly and wished all the passengers happy flight and let them go in the waiting hall.
Chun Lu assembled his fighters, they found a secluded spot and briefly told them about the talks with Carlos Rodrigu-ez and all agreed to act jointly with him by everyone was happy but still worried about the delay of their flight. Time passed slowly, yet four hours they hung about from corner to corner before the announcer declared boarding on the plane, the flight Hong Kong - Maiami. Deminers have not found any explosives, but found three suitcases with Iranian caviar. Host unfortunately was not found, all breathed a sigh of relief and after a few minutes the plane took off and flew into the cloudless blue sky and headed for the distant American sunny city of Miami with a change in cold Ancho-rage.
The flight was long and troubled, at first everything was fine, comely flight attendants with long beautiful legs, big smiles constantly circling, tried to get round the passengers. They brought their tasty dishes, glasses with red wine and even poured without restriction, even despite the fact that Chun and his men were flying a cheap tourist class. On the big screen passengers saw films, in the headphones blared modern music, after a hearty meal and a pleasant drink boys fell asleep, no one imagined that when the plane would fly up to Anchorage refuse hydraulic system would refuse and the front landing gear would not release and without wheels jet liner would make a successfull landing.
Experienced in flights Chun and he felt fear from which long time his legs were shaking, by the time he knew that the plane had a couple of hours ago to make a landing in Anchorage, but the strange thing liner continued to fly. Pirate understoond why the blondes-flight attendants smiles were wider and they strongly suggested to all passengers wine, brandy, whisky-there was a serious breakdown and for forced landing the pilots decided to develop a fuel for a safety.
Chun Lu liked to drink but knew when to stop and signaled his men to strictly abide by it, he was constantly looking at the clock- an hour passed but the plane was not going to land at the airport, flight lasted. The leader of the pirates tried to look out the window but as the plane was flying very high and the ground was covered with clouds that he saw no-thing. Passengers also began to worry and tried to find out from the flight attendants when plane make landing. Jumbo's Commander Mr. Gregory Corkisyan finally has explained to passengers on a minor faultiness which soon will be elimi-nated and just in case the fuel is burned. Assumptions of Chun Lu Ack confirmed, he understood-the explanation of commander was little comfort to all, to that it was not enough that they were late, so if the liner would make an unsuc-cessful landing all might get at the hospital but at all before the appointed time to depart to the kingdom of heaven that he did not want. The Sea Corsair did not find the place, he wanted to walkup and down butthe flight attendants banned, his knees were shaking, he didn't know how to calm down and constantly watching the clock. Soon comely leggy curly blonde came to him with a tray, she looked at Chun, smiled and said: "Sir, don't worry, free hot drinks, have a drink and all will be o'key, soon be landing, our liner is in full order, now problem because of the weather, thick fog over Anchorage."
"Thanks a lot, you comforted me," said the pirate, he took a glass of Smirnoff and the same time drank it. Chun Lu felt himself better, he calmed down and fell asleep as it seemed to him not for a long time. When he woke up and opened his eyes glanced at the clock another two hours passed as the ship was to land and it was still flying-it made one feel creepy all over. Some how suddenly heard the voice of commander: "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, we will make boarding in twenty minutes, no worries, thanks."
Chun could not hide his excitement, they were late for almost thirteen hours. In fifteen minutes Chun saw the city and the runway. His heart was beating quick, as it seemed to pirate aircraft with unusual force hit the concrete runway and raced forward, all the passengers clapped, landing was successful, but before going out again sounded the voice of the captain: "Ladies and gentlemen, the next to Miami in an hour you will fly on another liner, your luggage will be delive-red fully by airport transportation to another plane, no excitement, thank you."
Chun, his soldiers as well as all the passengers came out, it was very cold, after all the month of January made itself felt. Everyone rushed to the buses, they soon took them to the airport terminal, inside it was warm, cozy, many people rushed to the bar to drink a glass of hot drink, a pirate was nervous and did not find the place. Exactly one hour later announcer declared boarding on the plane, Chun called Carlos, he listened to him, cursed anyone in the world, consoled his friend and asked Chun not to worry. Drug boss as a true friend assured Chun he would wait him as much as he would want and constantly would ask at what time liner would arrive to Miami from Anchorage. Chun thanked Carlos and said goodbye one another, soon the passengers, he and his men went to the airplane, a pirate after a conversation perked up , yes, Carlos was a true friend and comrade.
In fifteen minutes the jet liner took off the ground and without incident in nine hours flew up to Miami. The plane was landing and in a window Chun was seeing in darkness the city with skyscrapers and a lot of color lights, bright electric signs, soon airfield, the Jumbo landed, all the passengers clapped in unison and breathed a sigh of relief, in a few minutes plane taxied to the building and stopped. Comely leggy busty flight attendants flashing a wide smile opened the door and passengers began to leave the salon. What luck! Chun Lu and his friends with delays in flight flew at last to Miami and set foot on American land, from joy pirate's heart beat quick, he wanted to throw himself on the concrete floor and kiss him. Long journey of ten thousand miles was over happily, however, they had yet to pass the border and customs. Here our pirate began to worry, he was afraid-as if a picture of his face was not in the security services, but Chung did everything to change the appearance and be unrecognizable. The time was severe, the government of the USA struggled with the smugglers, terrorists and sea pirates. Experienced Sea Corsair took a bottle of strong drink, drank and calmed down. He and his friends went into the airport and immediately got, as the saying goes, into the arms of the border guards and customs officers. They had with them few things, Adidas sports bags, suitcases, backpacks were in the luggage department, the officers were friendly, an young beautiful girl in the green form looked at Chun and said: " Hello, is your passport."
Chun looked at her, smiled, and said: " Hello, here is my passport, the purpose of my visit to the U.S. tourism, I'm going to be here for only a month, I'll stay with my friends, I have a one-time visa for six months. "
She looked at the passport, looked at Chun smiled and exclaimed: "Mr. Chun you from China, welcome to America!" She handed him a passport, he took it, they said each other goodbye and pirate went on. At the bar he saw another already cute charming girl- serving customs, she said strictly: " Hello."
Chun looked at her, smiled and said: "Hello, this is my custom's declaration, I came to the United States, Miami, from Hong Kong. Here's my luggage: hand bag, a small suitcase, I have no firearms, drugs, with me $7 000, lifelong dream to see the free America."
Customs officer looked at him, smiled and said: "Mr. Chung, welcome to the United States, you"ll see a free America, good night."
Chun looked at very young sweet serving girl and said: "Good night."
When the border guards and customs officers found out that 19 tourists came flying from Hong Kong to the United States immediately smiled and said: "O'kay, welcome to America," and waved their hands. Pirates also smiled bravely said goodbye and confidently went to the band on which was moving luggage. All items except for the large dark leather bags were in place, Chun became agitated, he recounted, revised the things- it seemed to evaporate. They've stood and waited for things, may be things of passengers linger and will soon appear on the band. Yes, things began to appear, people took boxes, suitcases on wheels, colorful bags and went to the exit. Chun grew pale, he didn't found the place, almost roared-in that bag they hid two hundred thousand dollars, suitcase flew away. He realized, to complain about the loss of suitcase with such a sum of money was very danger, the same kind custom's officers would ask what there was in it and only to say about two hundred thousand dollars right here they were taken in the bus with barred windows and are were sent not to a friend, Carlos Rodriguez but to the police station. For a long time to stand and wait too suspicious, officers can think that tourists from Hong Kong try to grab other people's bags. He waved his hand and with his compa-nions went to the door lading in the hall crowded with many people. Guys have found a space near the wall, stood up and Chun Lu with broken voice said quietly: "My friends, a great misfortune has befallen us, I think in the Tokyo airport when officers ransacked in bags and suitcases trying to find the bomb and maybe in Anchorage during the moving of things from the liner to liner we were thorough cleaned up, those employees have stolen a bag with two hundred thousand dollars. Dear Kim Il, take a look in my bag, I hid there for three hundred thousands dollars."
Kim opened the bag, rummaged through things and quiet muttered: "Chun, trouble, they took off our shoes, stuffed suitcase with some old junk, bucks have departed, skunks and it's impossible to seek help."
"My friends, wider smile, all is not lost, soon everything we"ll return to us, go to the exit," Chun said, we are in America, and most important, all are alive, our friends are waiting for us, for me, no matter, after all we have pocket money, seven thousand dollars is not that bad and that's enough to buy a good high-speed cutter for me, our friends are waiting for us."
Chun Lu and his comrades left the building, they have not really had time to examine the high buildings as at the distance a big blue bus appeared, it stopped near them, the Carlos' head leant out the window and door opened. "One-Eyed Bestia" recognized Carlos, they smiled and the whole company instantly came into it. The door closed and the bus moved forward, all greeted each other and have got good-for-nothing conversation so that no one could overhear them through someone's hand slipped bug-microphone with a transmitter and that's so discreetly on suburban highways reached the tall metal fence with sharp twigs at the end. The gate automatically opened and began big beautiful Carlos' manor. After passing a grove of evergreen trees pulled up to a huge three-story house made of white limestone in the bottom of the garden, before it the big fountain hit, high jet climbed up, several athletic young people with smiles on their face greeted guests.
Newcomers came out, it was humid and hot, some time they wandered around, admiring by nature the guests expressed their admiration and Carlos looked at them said: "Chun, what's up, for an hour you got through customs. Did I think they found the drugs or extra bucks?" asked drug lord his friend.
"My Carlos, the big problem is that we have lost half a million bucks, someone stole a bag and pulled out of a bag and stuffed stones wrapped in dirty rags. Where it all happened I did not know, to apply to policemen we did not, you would not have waited us."
"Chun, you're with me, you are my friends, I would like to know why you need three boats. What do you want to attack the container with drugs or planned to pick up a container with white powder from the depths of the ocean?"
" My Carlos, we have to attack a ship that is already possible to swim in Miami of precious stones, gold, silver and so on , we go into the house and I'll show you that neither you nor I had never dreamed of, but it is truth. We can already possess some of the innumerable riches that lie in heaps in some strange underwater palace, I"ll show the documentary and you"ll understand what to do, we should hurry."
"Well Chung, after a couple of minutes we go to watch, but first let's drink for the meeting and for good luck, you're tired and hungry, guys, come to me," said the boss. The arriving guests came to Carlos, the owner looked at them, smiled and said: " My dear friends, welcome to my, our and your home, at lunch we"ll discuss a plan of action. In his case with the spread of drugs I succeeded, that will entail great difficulties of waiting for us at every turn. Regarding maritime affairs here I belong to the small fry, so without you, Chun, and your wonderful fighters can not do, and frankly, you are the most honest man, shared with me the news. you could not tell me to master the treasure and become rich, billio-naire. So, my Chun, propose plan of action, I think they brought with them a lot of treasures but it is a trifle compared to what lies as you told me, under the water in a strange storage, gentlemen, follow me."
Carlos took guests to the house, they entered a large room, on the floor lay Persian carpets, on the walls hung paintings in gilt frames, but most importantly a huge round table on which there were flowers in a vase, a bottles of vodka, wine, cold, hot snacks and other all sorts. They sat down at the table and the host said: "Dear guests, friends, drink and eat. let's lift our glasses to the fact that all of luxury get in our hands and goodbye then dope, just wait for whatthey will grab your neck. For luck! For Success! Cheers!"
They all filled their glasses Stolichnaya vodka, shouted "For good luck, for success, cheers," drank and began to have a snack sandwiches with black Iranian caviar and any other nice snacks.
"Gentlemen, said Chung, wealth a lot but we take them only in collaboration with those who found the treasure , so I suggest a plan of action, we need to hunt down of the ship on which they sail, then the base where the treasure hunters will hide those jewels raised to the surface. We do not have to touch them with our finger until they sail again in place and will come back to the bottom, the discoverers know that point in the ocean, hold coordinates in the entry code in memory. We"ll be watching their every move, shall try in any way to slip on their ship a few bugs, we also use three speedboats on which will place our soldiers with guns, without blood we can not do. But that's not all, if we reach the place where they found the treasures and divers continue to raise good then the sail in the sea and watching them. As they sailed off then we attack their ship, take treasure, all who are on board throw into the sea with a stone around their necks, I take the ship, take half each and we sail to China."
Chun blinked an eye to Carlos, he realized, got up and headed to the door, sea robber followed him to discuss an important matter, in a couple of minutes they were on the third floor in a small room hung with bright Persian carpets, near a table four armchairs made of crocodile skin. Two bosses sat next, took his teeth John Player, smoked and made quiet conversation.
"My dear Chung, began Juanito, I have a fleet of high speed boats, you understand, in our difficult and dangerous business they need the air, choose any of them and go for a picnic, holds crammed with snacks and drinks, look at the screen, which handsomes, roomy, all on your taste and color, speed to 40 miles per hour. Actually, I approve of your plan, if as you say the value is not to pull out for a week but now we will sail with one aim to know either they are in place or set sail. If they are then I"ll strengthen our fleet to be sure to deal with them, now you choose and then go to see your documentary, I"ll be all clear."

Carlos pressed the button, the carpet parted and on the screen in sequence Chun saw several cutters, he chose three of them, the boss immediately pressed the button and the screen was closed. The owner stood up, Chun Lu and ded and headed to the door, into the hall where the pirate show Carlos his documentary about the treasure hunters, and then they will rush to the port where standing ready to sail three cutters. In a few minutes two friends were sitting at the table, Chun reached into his pocket, pulled out the CD and gave the host. Carlos took it, put it in the slot of PC, turned on and on the big screen the charming young naked beauties-Spaniards appeared covered with their long dark hair and pearl necklaces, beads and gold, silver, platinum threads strung with jewels on them, even in the twilight they sparkled and the flashed on their gorgeous bodies. Stood Next to them Spaniards-knights in armor suits stood, on the floor lay diving-suits but most important Drug Boss saw the mountains of jewelry lying as trash-gold, silver coins, hand-made goods made of precious metals, diamonds, necklaces. He looked curiously at them, from great number of jewels he was dazzled, Carlos could not contain himself and asked: "Chun Lu, tell me where they are? Do you know? What enchanting mermaids, I used the same!"
"My dear Carlos, I don't know exactly, but about yes, they are not far from us, from Florida, from Miami, I think they are still under water and continue to collect the treasures, it seems to me-even to collect only a portion of the wealth it will take a few days-to lift treasure out of the water is not so easy. I don't think that they will come back with a handful of treasures, as a last resort if the treasure hunters had only just set sail from that place , it 's not scary. If we rush off now then they will meet on halfway, so my Carlos-let's go, our task now is to watch them and not to kill. Look location - 79*32' West longitude and 24*57 ' North latitude, we rush straight there on three cutters surround the ship and with force make them share with us, you imagine, we"ll enrich bulky!
"Dear Chun if we 'll get that good, riches I'll throw a dangerous business, let other people will replace me, I try for everyone to satisfy their needs, the government punish me, my friend, where is justice. Yes, you're done, I understood your guys managed from the satellite during transfer to fix signals and to locate the place where work courageous pioneers of unnumerable treasure, well done!"
"Dear Carlos, as long as we have the approximate location of the strange underwater palace but as soon as we"ll catch them on the act everything is OK and then successfully turn the two operations at once: at first we rob them, then we offer them come back into the under water palace to lift those treasures-you and me will be billiaarders. You imagine we"ll be richer than the well-to-do men in America: Bill Gates , Warren Buffett , Paul Allen, Michael Dell and other bosses will be not fit to hold a candle us. you"ll built a 150-story skyscraper hotel "Juanito " in this sunny Miami. I'll order in Finland whitesnow high-rise luxury liner for 5000 persons and call it "Chun 1" in Hong Kong build 200 storey hotel " Chun Lu." Our brave men and enriched goodbye dangerous business, will travel through the world and you know who! With those beauties! Say, Carlos, do you like them?"
"Chun, I like them, but most of all that luxury! Tell me, my friend, when we do start for those jewels?" asked Carlos.
"My dear Carlos, right now, let your people prepare a bus and three high speed cutters which are I said about."
"Chun, the bus is ready to go at any minute, cutters in the harbor waiting for us, pick their fighters and go for a picnic, there is not a minute to lose."
"Carlos! Your and my boys with valour cope with the combat mission, let's go."
Carlos and Chun Lu came out of the room and went to the second floor, the hall was empty, they looked out the window and saw the young swimmers in the pool by the light of a blue moon and experienced pirate whispered: "My boys are resting, Carlos, call your boyfriends and in a good way, the sooner the better."
Carlos came to the phone in the color of gold, picked up the tube, dialed the number and said: "Arthur, prepare the kids for a picnic, in five minutes we start, you"ll catch a snack and vodka." Carlos and Chung went down, take off clothes and joined the swimmers, the time has flown by and somehow suddenly they heard a honk of bus, the boss looked at the pirate and said: "Chun, forward, time is money, my fighters are ready to carry out our the combat mission."
Chun signaled their guys, they immediately left the pool, dressed, Carlos with guest set foot on the site took, put on clothes and went to the bus, everyone seated in the place, started the engine and the green bus moved to the open gate. The second yellow bus joined to the one in which boss and Chong and his team were sitting. In this operation to search and intercept the trawler was involved 33 people: 19-team's pirate and 14 men of Drug Boss. All in a good mood, ready to climb at any time even in the fire, even in the water and they knew for what, so the bosses briefly explained the guys crux of the matter. After half an hour the buses pulled up to the private jetty, all went outside, Carlos pointed to three large cutters and said: "Chun, good luck to you in the way, I'm staying on the beach, just in case I expose my fighters, who knows what. We do not know their intentions they can appear at any time, it has been three hours since the moment when the treasure hunters threw the air sensational video of found treasures. They are not stupid and they did so to confuse their prospective rivals, but still you sail, keep looking. Not you there then here we find them, I"ll set all my people anywhere and they"ll find the ship, we have a good nose if she will advance to the port. At any way your assumptions are correct, they"ll sail only in Miami! And now I address to you, my valiant soldiers, I introduce you to my best and loyal comrade-Chun Lu and now he is your admiral. Obey his commands, he is a sea wolf and lead all to wictory. Chun, I suggest you go to the cutter "Lady Catalina", two other "Marlin" captain Richard Smith and "Inez" captain Alvar Eskabar will follow the right and left , I wish you gentlemen, a happy voyage."
Without exception, all the sailors cried: "Chung, our new fellow sailors , welcome to the cutters."
"Carlos , thank you for your trust , I'm glad to meet you, gentlemen, Richard Smith and Alvar Eskabar, my men sail with yours, we have one goal is to find and attack the ship, but at my command, without the hustle and bustle, the rush is needed when catching fleas," said Chun Lu.
Pirate shook hands with Richard and Alvar and then distributed on your own discretion all soldiers, sailors and captains shouted: "See you later," and Chun added, "thank you Carlos for the support, in any case, we'll find them on land or under water, you have taken wise decision, try to track them down on the shore, where they will go down with the ship. Those Spaniards gils and men and Spaniards don't like to modern ones on the face and on the growth, apparently they are below us at least a foot or even more, see yoy soon."
Chung, captains and Richard and Alvar went on cutters, motors roared, waving past, air kisses and they headed for the Atlantic Ocean. They sailed to the destination point but alas neither close nor far from the supposed vessel was not seen. They would sail for a long time but their sailing interrupted by a call of Carlos: "Dear Chun, sail back, our guests have returned and we are waiting for you."
"Dear Carlos, come back, soon we will meet," said a happy pirate.
Chun called by telephone to the captains, Richard and Alvar the message from Carlos the ship with treasure hunters sailed up to port and they should return to Miami. Soon all the men have heard the good news and hoarse shouting: " Urrraaa ", cutters turned around and rushed to the sunny Miami.
Instinct did not fail Carlos: there were many piers, but he went to the South under the number 7, to it moored ships sailing from the Bahamas. One ship sailed to another one, but they were not the ones he expected. At 6 hours and 35 minutes in the morning appared a small boat, a trawler, she was sailing very slow and moored where Carlos was waiting for them. Besides him there were other people, he realized that among them were those who waited for the sailing crew and passengers. Carlos read the title of the trawler, "The Seagull", at 8 o'clock inthe morning began the landing, 10 men and four ladies left ship, three people were on deck. Carlos realized that they are the one he is waiting for, a young man with alady approached them, a short meeting, kissing and now they all gone to the car park. Drug lord followed them, a group of people went to the black small bus- seven men and five women went into it, four young men sat in a dark minivan and wasted no time machines moved to Miami. Carlos Rodriguez acted confidently, the first thing by the phone he told his people on what highway raced minivan and minibus with passengers from a trawler "The Seagull" and he himself raced behind them at Ford. Car drove at high speed on the highway and rushed out of the city, soon Carlos noticed behind him racing three cars: green Peugeot, silver Mercedes and black Volkswagen. They passed it through, in the car windows drug lord saw familiar faces: Pedro Juarez , Miguel Franco and Joe Morris. In order not to suspect those for whom they are being chased Carlos on the radio said to Joe Morris get off the road and only three cars continued to race. Minibus and minivan turned off of highway on a narrow road, Carlos followed, Peugeot and Mercedes sped behind the boss. Suddenly to him he saw the back door swung open and from a minivan on the road metal mesh with sharp spines flew. The speed was great and Carlos did not have time to turn away: net got under the wheels, were heard clapping and Ford slowed down abruptly, Mercedes followed it failed to brake sharply, hit the car with Carlos and stopped. Safe and sound boss jumped out of the blue Ford and started to curse those who trapped them, shaking his fists after that Ven from which flew a grid with spikes, shouts followed them. He wanted to race for Peugeot but Pedro Rodriguez and Franco dissuaded from that stupid idea to catch up with and even overtaken by fear him: "Carlos, we do not know them, maybe they are the same as we, at some distance from the road would put us a dozen bullets and all of us would come to an end, well at least they cast the net and not fired Kalashnikov."
Carlos changed his mind and agreed with his companions. Spare wheels were not enough and they had to call technical support. Half an hour later rushed huge red jeep, mechanic with dark skin has replaced the wheels, inspected the car and taking care of four hundred bucks sped off into the city. Carlos with his friends started the engine and returned to the villa is deeply disappointed after this unfortunate race ...
Marine Corsair came back empty-handed, they were met by the assistant of Carlos athletic Peter, two buses were waiting for them. As soon as the cutters stopped sitting in the bus guards of private property went outside and walked towards them, they welcomed the arrived sailors, they responded in kind. Chun, Smith and Alvar went with the soldiers to the bus, Peter greeted them, they did him, sat in the bus and rushed to Carlos' villa. On the way to the estate in a conversation with Peter they learned that the Spaniards arrived safely in Miami, but the base could not be found, and even told the sad story how Carlos struck the metal net with sharp spines and nearly crashed from a collision with another of thei cars, but fortunately everything went well. Chung comforted Petr and promised that he and his fellow would find a base not only on land but under water and asked not to be upset.
Half an hour later they entered the courtyard's villa, Carlos welcomed arrived, he hugged pirate in sight of everyone pirate and said: "Dear Chun, you deserve praise, I, Franco, Pedro were just on the wharf to which the trawler moored "The Seagull" for about eight morning, we own eyes at close distance saw four charming old Spaniards-girls and seven Spaniards-men, with them a lady and a broad-shoulder young sailors were, at least three men were left on the ship. ladies, young people with the Spaniards moved to the parking lot, we went after them, unfortunately their base we could not see. Those bastards turned off the highway, we caught up with them, under the wheels of my Mustang they cast metal grid with spikes. Riding behind me on the Mercedes Franco hit my Ford, the chase had to be abandoned due to technical help, replace the two wheels, the engine in the Mercedes hit me ran like clockwork and our cars with own power in an hour got home. I assure you, Chun Lu, from us they will not hide, the main thing we know, those treasure hunters arrived with treasure. I've seen the big leather bags well packed with jewelry, you're a genius, all laid out to me was confirmed, thank you. My dear friends, I beg all at the table, we'll drink to the success in the upcoming battle for the treasure."
"My Carlos, I'm very sorry that it happened such an unpleasant incident, thanks for the praise, the most important thing for me and for all, I told the true information, all of our soldiers know what we fight for real treasure," said Marine Corsair and shook hands with the drug lord.
Carlos went to the house and all followed him to the second floor in the reception hall and sat down at the big tables, three huge variety of wine, brandy and vodka, snacks, sea food, dry sausages, cheeses, tropical fruits and grapes. Each poured himself that prefer into glasses, Carlos stood up, smiled, and made a toast: "Gentlemen, we drink to the success of deed, for the treasure and for young senoras, Spaniards- girls, they are adorable Cheers!"
All shouted: "For success, treasure, and girls, clinked glasses, drank wine and began to have a snack, soon Carlos stood up, walked to the Chinese and softly said: "Dear Chun Lu, come, I want to talk in my office in a small circle."
Pirate got up and followed his master, being in a small room sat in a soft arm chair, smoked and Carlos looked at Corsair said: "Dear Chun Lu, do not think that I drunk but in my head there was, I think, a clever idea: that if we go on a couple of boats to the place where the treasure hunters found a priceless treasure and those sweet charming young creatures. We have enough fighters, divers and we can break into several groups: one will be watching in the port for trawler, the second monitor movement of the guys who will surely sooner or later will carry their possessions to their native nest. I realized these guys act like we do, illegally and privately, they don't want to hype and share with the authorities, it will find its best to tear away from them most of the treasure, neither you nor I can report to the authorities on how many millions of dollars were enriched by unrighteous way. And the third group I with you and seven guys in your squad to choose in the near future will sail to the place where divers found the wealth, for explora-tion. If all be I would like devising a plan that we can independently start lifting those treasures. My guess-pioneers sail to pick up a treasure not earlier than two or three weeks, they have planned to prepare as soon as possible to raise the jewelry. But we meet them, take away all the riches, we"ll not kill them and when they will sail on the boat to home empty handed, but still in the nest will not find jewelry, money and beautiful Spaniards-girls, it is unlikely that they will appeal to the police about being robbed and stolen property worth tens of millions of dollars and kidnapped beauties. They are not stupid, they know that their illegal getting of treasures and helding of girls in bondage authorities take them for ass and send for many decades in jale to do license plates for cars. Thou, my Chun Lu, acted wise and did not turn up at the airport to the authorities that you had lost a leather bag with two hundred thousand dollars and a suitcase with three hundred thousand. We have you, My dear friend, we would never more see you, you lost half a million dollars for our business but would find the billions. What do you say to my plan brave Chun?"
" My dear Carlos, I agree with the plan that we've not to wait for them, I have precise coordinates of the place, on two cutters go to recoinnaissance and see: did other professionals appear there? Nowadays, Don Carlos, there are many such treasure hunters as we are, thanks to modern technology people vigilant watch on the air, broadcast, someone might also spotted coordinates and hastens to the place. If they are ahead of us that we and our treasure hunters will stay empty-handed. I think you're right Carlos and we should act. To be sure to know the place where is the underwater palace with treasure I should call to Hong Kong to my specialist determining the coordinates of sailing ships in the ocean, by my watch 11 p. m., in Hong Kong 7 a.m. so that he is in his computer center and is waiting for my call," said Chun Lu. He took out a cell phone, dialed the number and within seconds, Chun heard a familiar voice of Mao Yu: "Dear Chun Lu, hi, I 've been waiting for your call. How did you fly to Miami? Any news?"
"Good morning, Mao, we already night, we feel well, we are going on a picnic with new good friends, walk is great , most important our hosts are happy to our arrival, I have a favor to ask you: I want to call Nyao and Winu, report only the last two digits of phone number."
"Chun Lu, write Nyao 47 and Winu 29, when you call them give our regards to all the relatives. Have a great day to celebrate a birthday and to return as soon as possible home, we miss you and pass hi all, thank you for calling."
"Mao, if you knew what girls go with us for a picnic! Feast for the eyes. I liked one of them and I 'll persuade her to go with me to you, you"ll see her. I am sure to call you as we"ll come from the festivities. Goodbye. "
" I am very happy that to you the nice girls have come, I tell the whole kin, goodbye, Chun Lu, yours Mao."

Corsair smiled and said: "My dear Carlos, gentlemen, our work is going on, I have the exact coordinates and we"ll not have to wander around the sea, the main task will execute tomorrow, it's late, go to bed, in the morning we"ll prepare for the long voyage, the two big cutters will go to ocean at 4 p.m., in the evening we get to the goals and get to know with the area between Cuba and the Bahamas."
"I agree to sail tomorrow Chun, you chose the right time, when we reach the area it will be dark and if there were then the ships people standing on deck will not notice us, yes, Chun, please go to bed, and yet-until we finish our business no booze. And then, we here'after invite beauties and let them entertain us," said Carlos Rodriguez, smiled and added "my friend raise a toast to the success."
"I agree, my Carlos, said Chun. They poured wine and said in unison: "For the success." They stood up and came to the second floor where memebers of both bands made merry, bosses came in room and Carlos addressed to all: "Gentlemen, festivity is over, please go to bed, tomorrow, in the morning we"ll prepare for sea trip, I tell in detail, go on the first floor, there are the empty rooms, Jons, show the guys bed rooms, bye-bye. Chun, I myself show you the bed room on the third floor, let's go." All guys said: "Good night Mr. Carlos, Mr Chun" and went downstairs, but two bosses went upstairs. In the night the weather changed-it was heavy raining and began storm, sailing was postponed and only on the next day afternoon appeared the sun. The weather began to settle down but due to gusty winds Carlos and Chun decided not to risk and put to ocean tomorrow at 2pm and to come back at midnight.
The next day at 8 a m immediately after breakfast Chun Lu and Carlos Rodriguez came in room on the second floor and in the privacy began to discuss a plan of action in case uninvited guests will be close to that place where the underwater strange palace was. Since Chun Lu was experienced pirate he laid out his plan: "My dear Carlos, first start with the assumption: if competitors sailed in a small boat then we would capture them by our forces, slay command and leave alive only divers. If the big ship we"ll have to come back for help and by four cutters on the muted motors after two o'clock in the morning when many sailors will sleep attack them. At any way we need to prepare rope ladders with hooks, machine guns and swords. But if my assumption is wrong and we want to get treasure yourself first thing we need to buy a sonic depth sounder to determine the depth of the bottom and the presence of metal, a small self-propelled barge with winches, diving suits and cylinders with breathing mixture. With us we'll take, as you tell Carlos, my seven experienced fighters, tell your people on your private mooring to prepare a couple of cutters to dangerous sailing and sail at 2 pm, the coordinates are known and do not have to search long."
"My dear Chun Lu, we have a big cutter with sonic depth sounder and long cable with TV eye, so if the depth at that place is over 55 meters, we go down it and survey the bottom, see the full picture on the screen. A few years ago in the shallow waters sank mini submarine with heroin and so we knew the coordinates found her at the bottom. Can you imagine my divers Julio Peron "Rat" and Joe Kolvert " Fortress " lifted precious cargo having been stored in plastic bags. Trust me, I know how to work this technique, the life make study."
"In that case, my Carlos Rodriguez, no delay, I assemble the crew and sail."
"Chun Lu, at 1 p. m. I"ll call you, your guys have to be ready, you get in the bus and you will be taken to a private moorng, I"ll personally meet you. In a important sailing I prepare cutters, guns, snacks and water myself, you'll be on " Sea Horses" I'm on the "Beagle", see you soon. Yes, just in case my captains Richard Smith and Alvar Eskabar will waiton ptivate mooring and at any time on my signal they sail to to join with us, write me the exact coordinates of the point where the treasure lies," Carlos said, and took a pen from the desk.
Chun looked at the drug lord and said: "Carlos, write down 24* 57' 47" N and 79* 32' 29" W. In this case, let them catch up weapons."
" My Chung, said smiling Carlos, do you think we will go there with our bare hand, I, even on a sea voyage take arm myself as if I go to war. Goodbye."
Carlos had not yet come out as a mobile phone ringtone sounded, he took it and heard the voice observer who was on duty at the berth: "Dear Dad, hi, some guests begin are collected, others say goodbye, gave them gifts and joyful hurried home."
"Dear Alehano, try with the guests go home, do not wait for me, I have an appointment with my friend, all the news report to my brother Peter, thank you," said Carlos and looking with a smile on pirate whispered: "Dear Chun people was replaced on board the trawler, the guys moved with the treasure home, so they were in port for a long time and did not leave it. We"ll try during their absence to help them raise the treasure, our people try to hunt down their nest and when they sail off for treasure we"ll get into it."
" All right Don Carlos, act , after you called me I with my seven soldiers start to the port, prepare the cutters," Chuan said and shook his hand.
" Come on, Chun, fresh air outside, swim and get ready to sail," said boss and headed to the door with a pirate. Marine Corsair saw off a drug lord, immediately gathered his men and chose seven of them went away to the side and explained the task: "Dear friends, we go to sea trip without a fight, but if our enemies appear on the way the situation will change and will have to face in the night with them. But to fullfill combat mission we"ll wait help-the two boats with the men of Don Carlos will sail to us. Our duty is to break the resistance of the enemy, before we had to deal with long tanker, now apparently need to attack the fishing trawler, the guards on the board we"ll beat by guns with a silencer, executors-riflemen Kim, Ren and Lun. Immediately all boats rapidly sailed up to the ship and Chiang, Kao, Chin and Sain climb on the deckthe by the rope ladder with guns to take control of all outputs. Then the other fighters, me and Carlos climb to you, my intuition tells me that for these treasures claim the other guys, so we race for exploration. I think to you is all clear so that up to 1p m may relax," said Chun shook everyone hand and added: "Carlos has recom-mended us to bathe and swim in the pool, guys, follow me!"
"Fine," shouted all together and headed to the pool, they bathe and swam up to 13 hour, just at the time called Carlos , soon approached the driver heavyweight build and waving his hand hath made know to follow him. Chun with the soldiers came out of the water, dressed and moved to the bus.
In half an hour they were on a private berth, Carlos with the guards met arrived, exchanged greetings and not wasting time looking at Chun the boss said quietly: "I and three of your men are sailing on "Marlin", you do on "Inez", just in case the two riflemen, Dan and Bob with you, the weapon hidden away thorough, nobody find it, the guys always with joy are ready to rush into battle."
"Well Carlos, I give you my great guys, Kim, Cao, Lun you are on the "Marlin", will sail with Don Carlos, the rest with me on a cutter, we have to overcome at least 80 miles at a speed of 25 miles per hour, in three and a half hours we'll be there," said Chung and patting on the shoulders' soldiers and shaking hands to boss with soldiers they went to the "Inez". When Chung with the men were on the deck of the cutter, they were greeted by two young strong athlete with muscular body and strong gorilla hands, the pirate and his sailors responded them. A few minutes later Carlos waved by hand, motors roared, cutters set sail from the berth and increasing speed rushed into the ocean toward the Bahamas. The weather was perfect, the blue cloudless sky golden sun was blazing, was scorching and blinding, all who sailed wore dark sunglasses and their heads covered with white baseball hat. Waves gently shook the racing cutters, Chun looked at the screen of the instrument panel and checked with coordinates, Carlos chose the shortest way and confidently led his "Marlin". In 3 hours and 45 minutes cutters were two miles from the spot where the treasure lay at the bottom. Chung stared into the distance and then suddenly he saw on the horizon a not great ship resembling a trawler of hunters, but as "The Seagull" was in Miami that here other treasure seekers came sailing. Carlos also noticed a ship and slowed down speed, the cutter of Chun approached to "Marlin" and soon stopped.
"Chun, your assumptions are confirmed, the guest sailed to us, they are where the under water good lies, I don't want to give it to them and we have to engage them in battle. You can imagine if we give them a place that will remain with nothing I think you need to call a support is called," Carlos said with sadness and pointed towards the anchored ship , then he took the binoculars and looked at a vessel. After a while he gave it to Chung and he whispered: "My friend , look, they pulled out of the water on the deck of a sack of flour by winch. No, this is not flour, it's unlikely they would take it up out of the water, I think they found the storehouse of heroin. each bag cost a million dollars or even more. Really in this place at the same time the two ship sank: one with drugs and the second with treasure. What do you say to that Chun?"
"My Carlos, this is the place where the treasure lies under water if divers will be long and hard to dig in the mud, they stumble upon them and we will remain empty-handed. Operate resolute, we need to destroy them, we should not have rivals. Call for help and at night we attack ship, trust me, and it's in our hands and now are leaving at such a distance that the sailors from the ship could not see us. You know, my friend, perhaps last night here during a violent storm the ship with containers, in one or several containers sailors carried contraband and these guys certainly sailed for treasure by chance probing with the magnetic sonar bottom came upon this ship. Let's not guess, the entire crew we should at first shoot and drown with the ship, we do not need any witnesses, and the end of it, I always do so-not to leave any evidence," said Chun, and looked with a smile on drug lord.
"Well, I agree with you, Chung, sail back and moving off three miles from ship I give conditional signal on the phone and we"ll wait for two boats cutters, I think at two hour, in the night they"ll sail up to us expierence captains Richard Smith and Alvar Eskabara have the exact coordinates of where we are we"ll wait for them, follow me," said Carlos and the cutter increasing up speed sailed towards Miami. In ten minutes "Marlin" slowed down speed, stopped and the engine drowned. Boat "Inez" approached her and the engine deadened Chung , Carlos waved by hand and pirate immediately got acrossed to "Marlin", a drug lord pirate patted on the shoulder and whispered, " Richard and Alvar are sailing to us , I think we"ll seize the enemy ship to whom he had not belonged and sink, we don't need witnesses and rivals. Chun, I can not understand how those people have found this place?"
"Dear Carlos , how and my specialist Mao Yu, you said on the portable radio transmitter and your signals were flying on a satellite, so that if someone followed you know the coordinates of the your cutter at the current time. Those treasure hunters plain text spoke to broadcast CNN, then transmited right from the underwater abode live recording, shooting that luxury, Spaniards and therefore had marked their position," said Chun Lu and pointed to the sky where the fly a hundred of communication satellites. " Of course, we could ask our opponents as they got here but we do not have time to chat with them. As soon as I get on the ship immediately kill crew, took the money and left it. In that areas we do not sink the tankers- here another thing, to America about a hundred miles and here are other severe laws."
Carlos and Chung talked for a few minutes assigned schedule duty on cutters till midnight and went to rest and accor-ding its they went to rest first, in three hours went by the two fighters at the same time, so that at night all would feel in good condition. In the midnight Carlos contacted by radio with the captains of Richard and Alvar, they were at distance tventy five miles from them, the boss of a cipher gave them the exact coordinates of the location and half past one at night they saw sailing to them two cutters. Joy did not have a limit, in five minutes the boat came near and stopped, Carlos was invited to the "Marlin" captains and in cozy cabin the four developed an attack on the anchored ship. Accor-ding to the plan three cutters attacked the ship on the starboard side, one sailed up at the left side near the stern with a view to trying to escape a sailor or more ones immediately to fire point blank. All agreed with the plan of the pirate and in 2 am under cover of darkness boats rushed to the anchored vessels. Sea corsairs just lucky-in this moonless night sky was covered by the clouds, the ones who were on the ship could not even imagine that someone would atack them. According to the plan of the experienced Chung in a half-mile from the standing ship they sailed to it at low speed with muffled engines. having sailed to the board with two cutters fighters threw hooks with rope ladders and a few seconds later 12 thugs led by Lu Chun with Magnus 36 caliber and machine guns and Kalashnikovs shooting the single guard stood on the deck. Without wasting time sailors rushed into the cabin, yet before Carlos ordered not to shoot at those crew members who refuse to fight back, he wanted to know from the captain how they got here. After a couple of minutes twelve sailors bound hand delivered to the deck, they had Spanish features, tall and strong body. Carlos looked into each face, his gaze finally stopped on one of them and he exclaim : " Juanito Eskuardo!" Mexican hermit!"
Here is the meeting! Now you don't go from me alive, I'm gonna get from you out of all that I desired. You swindled me out of a twenty million bucks and stood up staunchly so that no one gram of heroin has not passed out of our cartel in Europe. Come on, tell on the good, rot , who has advised you to climb on my territory? U.S. and Canada belong to me and you would be engaged in the affairs of Mexico and Latin America. I did not climb to you."
"Dear Carlos Rodriguez, first hello, and since when have divided the oceans, you know that it is a neutral territory, and second you made a big mistake, you have a bare Island is packed full of chaff like your slow-witted cronies. Did you forget what time we live, look at the sky, there are hundred of satellites flying at us all the hidden microphones and video cameras, are you talking to me and all the information flying at them, I'm not boss, I'm average executor, and tomorrow my boss will admire you and your assholes. Soon your syndicate "Red poppy" come to an end, his executors you strung up on one of the palm of your villa with these bastards, farewell, we will meet with you on the haven, what you are looking for you will not find here. Do not worry The Worm don Carlos "Amanita" you alone can crush flies and weak and the helpless drug dealers as was I, change your attitude to partners, know greed has destroyed fraer."
Don Carlos wanted to punch him in the face, but powerful body Juanito so abruptly jerked his hands the rope slipped from his hands, suddenly experienced Chun with a red scarf on his head and a dark patch over his left eye succeeded to send a gun at him and fired. "Mexican Hermit" screamed in pain and fell on the deck. Sea pirate look at the Carlos and began firing on the standing prisoners, his men joined him and after a few seconds, all eleven men were lying in a pool of blood. Without saying a word immediately started to dump the body overboard and when it went to the empty Chun came to drugboss and said quietly: "My Carlos, if you listen to me then without any gossip and insults we have been working quietly. He was bluffing, even if we have be seen somewhere in Europe, in Spain, in an hour his new boss did not arrange and no one will fly here. His chatter on me did not affect, let's focus and get down to work, at our disposal a period of 5 hours at this time we need to determine what there is in the water, I start to doubt that those rascals in this place found the treasure. My Carlos, you heard the last words of Juanito Eskuardo " what you are looking for is not here never find." I realized he was referring to the treasures lying on the bottom, they are not here. Let's act fast - I give orders. Gentlemen, steering for cutters, all the men are here on the deck. The first step is to inspect the hold, Kim, Sung Lun, Kao, Jen with weapon forward, if someone is hiding deliver live. Jin Chao inspect the deck and kept a sharp watch for strangers from hiding, only shoot in the legs, then we'll kill. Carlos, let's look at their captain's cabin, wondering what their navigation equipment. We need to see evidence of coordinates and record the bottom topography, we need to know the depth of the ocean in this place, let's go."

"Chun, said Carlos, you're done, in just a few seconds you butchered all. My chattering with my former rival was nothing of how important those who sent them,let's go and look at their modern technics."
They went into the captain's cabin and saw the most modern equipment, multiple monitors continued to work, Chun looked at one of them and saw the coordinates 24* 57' 01" N 79* 32' 23" W. Yes, the "Isabella" was almost at the spot where the alleged treasure hunters found a treasure. On the other monitor they saw the sonar readings, 230 feet , the least depth, on the third monitor Carlos saw a clear picture, camera showed the board of the cargo ship drowned and several containers lying beside it.
"Chun, just you look at how much there ar plastic bags of white powder, here is the catch, how much heroin, it's tens of millions of dollars!" exclaimed Don Carlos. I want myself in the diving suit go down to the bottom and examine everything. Maybe there is not only heroin but ecstasy, cocaine and other drugs to facilitate the lives of people."
"Yes, Carlos, there's a lot of good, if you wish then get down to the bottom, no shark bite you, with you will be my the best diver, Kim, and you check what there is there."
At this time of the hold on deck fighters Kim, Cao, Lun, Ren, Sen came up, their eyes shone with joy, it was clear that there is a valuable cargo. Cao looked at the boss and said: "Gentlemen Chun and Carlos, our enemies hid 10 bags of white powder, I've tried, not flour but pure heroin, if we take with us then we"ll bring them on deck."
Carlos and Chun smiled and drug lord shouted: "Gentlemen, all in the hold, pull out bags on the deck and pass ones to the sailors on the cutter. Chun I think still to come down with the Larsen to the bottom, Juanito and his team had three modern diving-suits, they did not even hide them and lay in sight. Dick Larsen, get up on deck of "Isabella", we'll go down to the bottom, I want to dig into that container, there may be other drugs or something more valuable, just in case take a long kitchen knife, who knows what."
"My Carlos, I go up on deck, I'm glad to go down to the bottom, yes, we need to take knives, in these warm waters of Atlantic there are many sharks but they are full, then more we are protected," said Dick.
After a few seconds the high strong athletic young man with dark hair jumped to Carlos, at first he inspected the diving-suits, raised, tried to himself, to his boss and said: "Carlos, they fit to us, dress and let guys by winches gently lower to the bottom, in addition to knives we"ll take with us lights, it is darkness there."
"Brown and Domingo, come to me," cried Dick. Soon, soon two robust fellow of Spanish appearance approached to him and Larsen continued: "Gentlemen, you are helping me to put the diving-suit on Carlos, then at me and as expe-rienced motorists by winches slowly lower to the bottom, the contact is maintained constant, start."
The diving-suits made of the super-strong materials were just on Dick and Carlos, they took with them long knives, flashlights and a strong net: they slip a bag of heroin and lift up it with themselves. To the diving-suits guys engage the cables and guys by two winches began slowly to lower divers into the water, they soon disappeared, and after a couple of minutes Carlos and Dick were on the muddy bottom near an open container. With video camera clear image transferred to the screen and Chun with the soldiers saw an open container it was littered with bags of white powder. After some time, Carlos climbed inside and on the radio said: "Chun, you can not imagine there are hundreds of bags, but unfortunately no jewelry, but we"ll not be upset, even with such drugs will live happily ever after. I don't want to sail back empty-handed, we lay in a each net one bag and after the signal you begin to lift." Carlos got out of the container and with Dick began to lay in plastic net the bags of white powder . Chun heard the signal from Carlos and shouted: "Brown and Domingo, a smooth rise, without any jerks in their net bags." said Chun. Brown looked at him, smiled and said: "Chun, don't worry, everything will be fine, not the first time we raise precious cargo," and turned on engine and began slow to lift divers and nets with bags of heroin. This time Chun was watching on the screen how Carlos and Dick lifted he knew there were cases when the mindless sharks attacked on divers. Around the divers swam all sorts of harmless fish and small fish, at depth 100 feet of the surface remained as gray shark suddenly appeared near divers, she was circling around Dick. A bag of white powder caught her attention, she opened her mouth swam up to it, grabbed his teeth, tore the bag and white powder having mixed with the water began to flow out. Some part of this strange mixture got into the mouth of predator, dissatisfied with the fact that this was not a piece of meat she pounced on a steel leg Dick and tried to grab her. But that to her unhappiness was not to her strong shark teeth, possibly caused severe pain and she was even more enraged attacked the head part of the diving-suit, grabbed at his huge mouth and at sight of Carlos, Chung and other fighters squeezed so distorted. Chun heard in the headphones strong cry of pain, gushing water into the holes and Dick paused. It became clear that he choked as diving-suit filled with water. Pirate realize what to do to save Carlos and shouted: "Brown, to give a free descent Dick, accelerate the rise of Carlos, you need to divert the creature from our boss when he is out of danger resume lifting diver Larsen. Kim and Kao, put masks on and as I shout " In the water," dive and help to Carlos divert sea creatures from him, take the long knives, go to the board, but do be careful."
"Chun Lu, the challenge is clear," two pirates-fighters come to the board who were ready at any moment to jump into the water. Chung has lost touch with Dick diver since he began to go down, but on the screen he watched Carlos as he rose, but at a depth of 30 feet somehow suddenly two gray shark appeared, luckily for him they were not aggressive, and only were circling near the grid with a bag of heroin. When the surface remains fifteen feet Chun shouted: "Kim, Kao, dive to the water, be careful, next to a bag of heroin two sharks are swimming, drive them away."
Having not answered two strong athletic physique fighters with muscular gorilla arms dived in the water, they saw the sharks and swam to him. Predators noticed raw flesh and throwing to circle around a strange bag headed to swiming under water to people. While the large teeth creature were chasing swimmers Brown winch was lifting Carlos by winch. As well as just Chun was listening to Carlos, he tearfully asked a friendas soon as to pick up him because he could not breathe: from the experience of fear, he piled into the suit and breathed with nasty smelly gas, Chung asked him to suffer, relief will come soon. Finally out of the water diving-suit appeared, then grid with a bag of white powder, the men standing on the deck caught diver and a bag of heroin, lowered to the deck and if they did not hold the boss by the hands, he just fell down. Chun instantly grabbed the key and started to unscrew the nuts and soon the Carlos' head appeared of the diving-suit. As soon as it took off a flood of unbearable stench gush out on the deck. Pirate knew what to do in such a case, he put in mouth of Carlos neck of the bottle of whiskey and life-giving drink flowed into his mouth. Having tossed off a quarter of a bottle of whiskey Chun took away and cried: "Gentlemen , help Carlos to get out of the suit , immediately to wash him and bring new clothes. Yes, Brown, turn on the winch and lift diving-suit with Dick's body, we"ll bury him with honor. Gentlemen, I don't see among us and in the water of our fighters Kao and Kim, they disappeared. Really they fall a prey to the sharks. Beasts," cried Chun and burst into tears, he went to the board," Isa-bella" and like crazy started cry in the darkness: "Kao, Kim, come to the surface, I'm waiting for you."
He would cry for a long time , but at this time appeared diving-suit and he heard the voice of Brown: "Chun, diver Dick has been up, you just look at that creature made the holes in diver's helmet and it of sharp shark's teeth became like a sieve, our friends drowned and, excuse me, Carlos pooped in fear, stink rushed from all holes. From this suit there is no any use, it is made the holes in many places."
"Dear Brown, Don Carlos will take a decision in a couple of minutes he"ll be neat little and fresh as a daisy, but the cable loosen from the suit," said Chung and walked away. The grieving soldiers stood with their heads down, they were sad of Dick's death and disappeared into the depths of the ocean Kao and Kim. Soon, the Don Carlos appeared in dark shorts and a blue T-shirt, seeing mutilated diver's helmet of the diving-suit , he bowed his head and with sadness in his voice, said: "A farewell to our dear and loyal to our deeds loyal friend and comrade Dick Larsen, your name, we"ll keep in our hearts , let your eternal home is the ocean, friends, take the suit and his body to the side and cast off into the water."
Standing fighters and Chun came to the suit, raised from the deck, brought to the board and threw into the water, after standing for half a minute the be back to the winch near which a bag of heroin lay. Carlos took a knife, made a hole, put his thumb and pulled out a white powder, held it to his nose, sniffed in, smiled and joyful voice said: "Gentlemen, I'm not mistaken, the heroine, what a pity that because of sea creatures we have lost a great diver and a bag of powder. Fact that container was transported real flour but guys hid several bags of "coca". I think we need to go home at darkness, the with heroin, we sink the ship and the end of it. Chun, you're right, those rascals, treasure hunters the film recorded a few hours before departure. Having risen with treasure and Spaniard and finding themselves in this place, they had agreed with the television network CNN, showed them their earlier record. Your specialist Mao Yu and my friend in Europe and perhaps other caught signals and spotted these coordinates as well, then we and our rivalry rushed here. Now our main task to hunt down on the shore the treasure hunters and watch as they prepare to collect treasures and possibly mechanized method, to collect manually it is long and tedious . What do you think, my dear Chun?"
"We need to pick up all the heroin and to sink "Isabella", no need to leave the ship, on deck and walls there are a lot of blood , act , Carlos, " said Chun, looked at him and added sadly: "Yes, my boss, let salute to our fallen heroes, in this abyss to save you and a bag of heroin wrecked two of my fighters Kao and Kim."
"Dear Chun, I express my condolences to you, premature loss, but how it is said there is no war without blood, take a gun and shoot three times for each lost strength hero fighter," said Carlos with sad voice. They took two Magnus 36 gauge and shot into the sky three times at intervals.
"Let's go my friend, we need to act," said pirate and drug trafficker led to the hold, he took him into the engine room and said: "Carlos, first open all compartments and then pour out some of the fuel, ignites and setting fires, all tanks with diesel fuel ignite and after a few minutes of " Isabella " will go to the bottom. Since we have the exact coordinates of the sunken cargo ship we after finished with treaure hunters will go back here, I think we"ll never be late. "
" I agree, Chun Lu, acting, for heroin we"ll sail after finished with the treasure hunters. Yes, I took a bar of soap, explosive, my Waldemar Gluck specialist underlay one under the car of my enemies, it will be sure that the ship will go on the bottom, I'll call him," said Carlos left the pirate. Having been in the hold Chun inspected the engine room and the lower deck, there were no compartments as the vessel was not too big. While he was inspecting the engine room for him went down with an explosives Carlos and Valdemar Gluck, he held in his hands the package. Chun looked at the guy and said: "Mr. Gluck, lay the soap where is the stern, after the explosion of water will rush into the hole and after a few minutes blazing with blue flame ship will go under the water so I set fire of which all fuel tanks and oxygen cylinders will explode, proceed to the action, an explosion have to occur within a few minutes, by which time we put out a considerable distance."
"Ok Chun, I think the explosives blow up no earlier than to it reaches fire flame on me, by the time we rolled away on boats for a considerable distance. Valve opens as soon as I have laid the soap and let the fuel is drained to the lower deck, I lay the explosion vchatk," said Gluck and went to the stern. A minute later he came back, smiled andsaid: "Don Carlos and Chung, everything is done, drain the fuel and ignite, when the explosives blow up will be big hole, the water will rush into the hold and in ten minutes "Isabella" will go to the bottom, to this time we"ll be at far distance from this place, let's go."
Chun went to the tap, looked at the man standing next to him and the boss said: " Carlos, ascend on deck and order to guys to prepare to sail, in a couple of minutes I and Gluck will join you and immediately at full speed rush from the vessel as the strongest explosions and a fire on the ship can attract the attention of the crews of passing ships."
"I realized Chung, all boats will be ready to sail and as soon as you take a seat we"ll rush to Miami, be careful," said Carlos and headed for the stairs.

Pirate and Gluck opened some valves, diesel fuel gushed out onto the deck and began extending out on the floor of the engine room and when the layer was to the ankles they rushed to the stairs taking with them a pair of work overalls hanging on a hanger and a crowbar. They've soaked work clothes in diesel fuel and having been on the upper site put on a metal step and set on fire. Overalls flamed, Chun and Gluck with crowbars threw ones on the floor, running diesel fuel set on fire, the heat rushed up and embraced them. Making sure that the diesel fuel is not extinguished arsonists rushed up the stairs, burning air mass and flames darted up but at this time Chun and Gluck jumped onto the deck and ran to the side where near the boat was waiting for them as others have already sailed away from the burning ship. Carlos waved to the sailors who were ready to catch Gluck and Chun that they would not have broken legs. Arsonists jumped on the deck, sailors caught them on the fly and even they didn't feel the pain in the legs, they sat on folding chairs and "Cata-lina" raced to catch up the boats sailed before. In a few minutes sailors heard an explosion, a fountain of water shot up, a big wave rushed to the boat but as the cutter sailed at least 30 miles per hour it would not cause harm. At this time, the fire spread to the deck, explode oxygen tanks began to explode but it was already detailes, in a few minutes "Isabella" will sink and who are unlikely to rush to her aid despite the fact that about her wreck found those who sent Eskuardo Juanito and his goons in search of treasure found by Johnny Gray, his father and friends pointing, it seemed all, correct coordinates of their location and that underwater palace...
When an artist-photographer Juan-Ever guessed that what John Gray arrived in Malaga to find any historical document according which he could find a sunken galleon with gold, silver coins and jewelry and in their museum he got on the trail: he found a painting with a sinking near strange island caravel "Hispaniola". Photographer decided to enrich them-selves at the expense of others and offered his services to the familiar drug lord Mark Sanchez. Drug trafficker comple-tely controlled market of heroin, ecstasy and cocaine across Europe was well heard about as in the last decade in various places of the Atlantic Ocean close Bahamas and even the coast of Europe, individuals with their teams found no risk for their activity under water treasures estimated by hundred of millions of dollars. Mark Sanchez lent an attentive ear to the voice of his friend especially after when Juan Ever got from John Gray's request for a copy of the painting "The Wreck of Hispaniola" and overheard a conversation between him and senora Miller Goya in which a young American asked her , a guide to give any information about the artist and the painting, but since no one in the gallery did not know about it treasure hunter has not received its. Juan Ever finally understood the idea of John Gray after the Yankee ordered a copy-picture, he immediately called Mark Sanchez and told him that the American severely burnt with desire to find the treasure and even got on the trail and drug lord decided to install surveillance of the yankee and promised to send the photo-artist of his specialist upon installation of miniature bugs able from time to time to send a signal to a satellite the exact coordinates finding of copy-picture at the moment and taking it with proper equipment it was clear where it is. In a couple of hours after talking to Juan Avery specialist arrived, in thick cardboard of picture and in frame he installed a few bugs, immediately called Mark Sanchez and asked him to personally check the coordinates of location the picture. In a few minutes drug lord Juan Avery called to Juan Ever and asked to thank Philip Gamero for the excellent work and send to Mark Sanchez a copy of painting "The Wreck of the Hispaniola" with him but without the bugs and to continue to watch the American until he is in Malaga.
Juan Ever thanked Philip Gamero and sked him to stay for a couple of hours so that he personally delivered the painting boss Mark Sanchez and began to create a second copy. To make a greater impression on Mark Sanchez, he increased the picture size to 5 feet X 5 feet and as soon as "The Wreck of Hispaniola" was framed Juan Ever wrapped it in plastic and handed Philip Gamero, helped to put it to the truck van, said goodbye to him and back to himself, immedia-tely on the phone told the boss that he send him picture and asked to call at the free time if it liked to him.
The next day, as promised Johnny, he didn't come for the picture as carried away by senora Milera Goya, so after a day of caring artist called him and made sure that the American gave him the right phone number and din't leave town . Johnny responded, came to the artist in the gallery, Juan Ever gave him a picture and after he went with it to the hotel he called Mark Sanchez. The boss was in touch and hearing the voice of the artist thanked him for sent picture and expressed the firm belief that the yankees on the correct route and looks for the island where close to it the caravel "Espaniola" sank: "My dear senor Marco Sanchez, yankee took a picture, please, let Carlo Bergis check the work of bugs and tell me the coordinates, according to them we define location pictures of the owner, we need to make sure that they are in norm."
"Dear senor Juan Ever, in a couple of minutes you"ll get them, if yankee in Malaga let somebody lead the observation for him, if he goes to another city let me know, I"ll direct people and they"ll not let him out of view, he need us until not give information sheding light on the wreck of the "Hispaniola". In a couple of minutes you"ll get the number of the house and the street where he lives," said the boss.
"I'm waiting, senor Marco Sanchez," said the artist .
In a few minutes later a Mark Sanchez's voice sounded: "Senor Juan Ever, that yankee doesn't live in the hotel but in a private house, bugs perfectly transfer the signals, pass you address."
"Senor Marco Sanchez, I've realized he lives in seniora's Milera Goya and persuaded her to find information in our archives about the wreck of "Hispaniola", the results of observation I"ll let you know and if they change I'll let you know , thank you, goodbye," said Juan Ever. According to the guidelines of Marco Sanchez the artist led tracking for John Gray in Malaga, but since Miler Goya sheltered yankee in her house and she knew the purpose of his visit Huan Ever with the help of surveillance cameras in the Museum saw the guide in the evenings and free time came into the room where kept a rare historical documents and read them. A month later, John went from Malaga and appeared in Lisbon as an artist learned from senora Milera when at a meeting with him, she herself admitted to Juan Ever love was over and yankee went to Portugal in search of happiness but did not admit essence. As the photographer was not born yesterday he guessed from being of the picture that John Gray was looking for and knew senora Miler wasn't able to help him and the young fellow had left a mature lady.
Ever had the Eber of John Gray and he called him but not from the museum but from the technical room where next to him sat Carlo Bergis. Just at this time Johnny was in Lisbon and was looking through the computer the names of the documents relating to the 16-17 age were available at the public library. Trivial conversation of artist with yankee has allowed Carlo Bergisu via satellite to determine the location of John Gray and on the same day, Marco Sanchez sent his men to Lisbon to find in the library the arcival important document and to get ahead of yankee. The next day, under the guise of the biggies two agents the drug lord's showed in library and began a search. Fortunately for John and Carmen they addressed to a young pretty new employee senora Sophia Blanca to help them to find in the archives of historical document related to the wreck of the caravel "Hispaniola". Sofia not to lose face in front of the gentlemen , in turn con-sulted with an experienced Carmen and learning that they are looking for important foreign gentlemen she immediate-ly realized what happened and offered the girl to dig in the department of historical discoveries . Sofia Blanco thanked Carmen returned to the visitors and led them to the third floor, there really were some of the documents but they needed was not found, and then they decided to launch a search using the computer: it entered the keywords "The wreck of "Hispaniola" November 16, 1679 "and to their great joy they read on the screen: "This document is in the basement book depositaryand is not included in the personal computer, refer to the head of the archive department of Senor de Gorrieda Maria Sanchez with the application."
Without hesitation happy gentlemen with senora Sofia Blanco went down to the second floor where they met face to face with Carmen and addressed to her to help them to get to the head of the archive department of Senora de Gorrieda Maria Sanchez. Senora Sofia Blanco again briefly told about the purpose of the arrival of Carmen senors and she knowing what they were looking for that document that she made a secret out of the basement and in the night without the application bypassing the alarm disabled it in advance "The Notes of witness the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of three-night sailing from Havana" and not to risk of job loss and even the freedom and creating on her pretty little face charming smile happily she told them the situation existing in the library: "Dear gentlemen, I bring you a form, you complete it and since it's Friday then Monday at 11 am your archival document will be waiting for you, we need only to refer to the head of the department of senora de Gorrieda Maria Sanchez . I think it will suit you, three days short period of time, some of the documents omitting to make a computer are wanted for four days, decide. Yea, let's get acquainted, my name is Carmen Nuerra her Sofia Blanco, she is new employee and still does not know much about the rules and regulations in our library."
"We agree, dear senora Carmen wait at least until Tuesday, give form to fill it, for your courtesy in Monday afternoon you and Sophia will get from us an invitation to visit the posh restaurant "White Horse" at our expense, there is always a lot of fun, my name is Romero Peron and my friend Philip Karerro. It's nice to see such charming attractive girls, you have conquered our hearts."
"Thank you for the compliment, really nice to meet you, thank you for the invitation, on Monday, in the evening, I agreed to go with these charming senors in the restaurant "White Horse", I think and Sofia accepts your offer. we"ll have ajolly time some fun with allour hearts. Yes sit here a couple of minutes, I'll get you the form and fill it out , and the more fully describe the faster the document will be found, the correct name is of great importance, as they are many and difficult to find," Carmen said with a smile. "Gentlemen, I'm also willing to walk with you in the restaurant, so the evening will be a joyous, merry and enjoyable for all of us," Sophia said and smiled.
Carmen went away and came back in three minutes with forms, put on the table and looked at the gentleman, smiled and said quiet: "Sofia, help them fill out, I 'll be here in three minutes, if it's not clear what I"ll help you."
Carmen left and in three minutes came baqck, looked at the completed form, smiled flashing her white teeth and said: "Sophia, perfect, you've coped with the task, gentlemen, I'm with you bring your application to the department and at 11 pm on a Monday you"ll get historical document. Sofia, say goodbye to senors, they"ll not come back here until Monday." "Senors Philip and Romero, until Monday, come by 11 am on the third floor, I'm waiting for you, your paper will be on the table, good-bye," said Sophia and gave them for kiss her plump hand.
"Goodbye charming senora Sofia, we"ll meet on Monday," said with joy senors Philip and Romero kissing her hand.
Waving to senora Sophia by hand joyful senors Philip, Romero and Carmen with a shining smile on her charming little face went on the first floor to transfer an application to senor Juan Kardobe since on Friday chairwoman of the department senora Maria de Sanchez Gorrieda was absent gone at a business meeting. Carmen knew very well about the amorous adventures of loving lady, through each week on Thursday evening she flew to the Canary Islands to his boyfriend and was returning on Monday at the second half of the day joyful, happy and tanned. Having gone to the office Carmen and senors Philip and Romero saw through the open door sitting at the table of a middle-aged man but a strong body with a lush head of hair senora. Carmen heard about Juan Kardobe showing increased interest in the enchanting senoras so she didn't dared to go into his office and looked at her companions said: "Senors Philip and Romero, come with me, I"ll give a claim with you to senor Juan Kardobe, so it will be more reliable, unfortunately manager of archive department Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez is absent."
Senora Carmen with the representative senors Romero and Philip went into the small office, greeted the senor sitting at the table, introduced themselves, he responded and asked them to sit down. Smiling Carmen went to the table, put on the table the application and velvety voice said: "Dear senor Juan Kardobe, to our library visitors arrived, they came from Spain and are looking for this document, it's somewhere in the library and they agreed to wait till Monday according to the regulation."
Senor Juan Kardobe looked at the application, on the Spaniards and said: "Senora Carmen, Philip and Romero, come on Monday, you"ll receive a document interesting you. If it's absent then any claims to us and in our library there are thefts of documents as if we do not protect them, goodbye." "Thank you senor Juan Kardobe, goodbye," uttered the Spaniards and came out with senora Carmen, they kissed her hand and happy went to his hotel, on the way to the Hilton on the phone they told their boss Mark Sanchez about results of searching document and delighted drug trafficker asked them to wait until Monday.
Philip and Romero did not waste time and a couple of days spent at their leisure. On the Sunday they went to the port to make the pleasure trip on the ship and not simply by chance didn't get on "The beautiful Isabella" on which Johnny and Carmen sailed in the Ocean. Just a minute before their arrival in port the ship sailed in the Atlantic ocean and had to wait an hour another ferry "Santa Anna."
On Monday senors went to the public library where they were expected deep disappointment, this historical docu-ment in the archives was not, in fact, according to the index, it was kept but someone took it secretly and carried out illegally. They tried to find an attractive Carmen and came on the second floor but she was absent. Having met with a familiar senora Sofia Blanca in the department they asked her about senora Carmen and she looking with surprising on them told the Spaniards exciting news: "Dear gentlemen, don't you read the newspapers or watch TV?! Our charming Carmen making trip on the ship with a young man disillusioned with life and love rushed into the Atlantic ocean and drowned. Unfortunately her body was not found despite that the divers until the morning were looking at the bottom but the search continued. When I found out that the lady Carmen drowned from grief my heart nearly stopped."
The Spaniards looked at her and Philip mumbled: "Really was she drown!? She is so young, interesting and attractive . Our sympathies and condolences to you, such grief!" Yes, senora Sophia, but where is the document that we ordered?"
Senora Sofia looked at the Spaniards by her wide-opened blue eyes and with sadness said: "Gentlemen, your appli-cation is disappeared, someone stole it, here's a form with answer, please, read. Such things happen," and gave a form forged by Carmen yet on Friday. Before parting Carmen instructed her faithful friend, gave her a faked document and told about her alleged suicide.
After reading the application, senors Philip and Romero were depressed, looked at each other, passed it to sobbing Sophia, thanked for trying to help and said goodbye went for the exit. They guessed that Carmen stole the document and disappeared with the American handed to the young man and might be he dropped her during the voyage in water to cover behind a trail of crime and run away herself in the unknown direction from the police and Interpol.
But in fact it was not so, senora Carmen didn't drown but the document was hidden in the basement, in book depo-sitory. By agreement with her faith girlfriend Sofia Blanco, on Monday, when she meet with Philip and Romero-inform them about the loss of the historic document shed light on a searching sunken caravel "Hispaniola" with treasure. Quick-witted Carmen availed herself by the absence of meticulous archival department instructor's senora Mary Gorrieda de Sanchez perpetually tried to find out personally from the applicant which interested in receiving the historic document has decided to outwit two senors: she made a second application on behalf of the Romer and Philip to find other document, but namely on the 17 th century explorer notes "Sailing of Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Caroline".
When Carmen, Romero and Philip came to the office-chairwoman of archival affairs senora Maria Sanchez de Gorrieda was absent, instead of her senor Juan Kardobe sat quick-witted senora Carmen imperciptebly for them changed the application and held in hand another one which she filled herself earlier. Entering the room senora Carmen went to the table, smiled and put a request on the table, senor Juan Kardobe instead of to read the application he couldn't take his green slanting eyes off her magnificent breasts peeking out under a light transparent unbuttoned blouse. He liked the sweet seductress Carmen and if she was older and he's younger than he would have started an affair with her but she only just smiled, flirted and gave to know all senors she doesn't want to complicate her life with family cares and conti-nues to flutter like a butterfly. But as in her way she met Johnny then inow there is no one dearer than he. And the fact that she is in front of senor Juan Kardobe appeared so seductive it was not without reason, to divert his attention away from the sight of her slept application penned herself "Sailing Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Caroline " and thus she does not incur the suspicion of the theft of the document "Notes of witness the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of three-night sailing from Havana."
As only senor Juan Kardobe accepted the application and said goodbye to Romero, Philip and Carmen joyful and happy came out of his room and went to the door of the library. Thanking senor Carmen and kissed her plump hand the Spa-niards said goodbye to her, came out of the library and soon disappeared around the bend. Without wasting her time Carmen, to cover her tracks of her trick, rushed to the second floor to Johnny reading "The Notes...", took bookand yet a couple of documents and went to the basement of library. She walked past the guard in it and being in the place where she had hidden stash she hid "Notes", went to the shelf where there was book The notes of the 17th century explorer " "Sailing Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Caroline" and shifted one to another location away from that which lay so as to take it if necessary and passing the guard returned on the second floor to his Johnny waiting her.
As deceived the Spaniards left the library they connected with their boss and the first thing Philip told him the bad news: "Dear and respected senor Marco Sanchez, an important document that sheds light on the wreck of " Espaniola" "The Notes of witness a mysterious tragedy November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of three-night sailing from Havana " employee of library signorina Carmen Nuerra stole and possibly passed book to Mr. John Gray, the owner of the picture "The Wreck of "Hispaniola". Her sudden suicide by jumping into the Atlantic Ocean from the excursion steamer "Beautiful Isabella" changed the whole thing . Unfortu-nately a copy of this historic document as the name of the one who wrote these notes there is not. We could start looking for American John Gray but time lost, probably as soon as he received the document from Carmen immediately hit the road and I think there were the coordinates of the wreck of the caravel "Hispaniola". Marco Sanchez heard out and said: "Gentlemen, it is implausible death, she is alive and hiding with relatives, but we"ll not engage in the search for senora Carmen so she has not this document and copies. This document "Notes" in the hands of Yankee and since we have all of the data I"ll include all my experts and they"ll determine the location of the running guy, so you go home."
Immediately after the call from Lisbon Marco Sanchez got in touch with a specialist Carlo Bergis: "Dear senor Carlo, good afternoon, I beg you to find the whereabouts of the picture at the moment, it seems to me that American has escaped from Lisbon with photo-copy, because the picture is a great of value and interest for him. You can't imagine the librarian stole the document with the coordinates of the place of wreck of caravel "Hispaniola" and is gave to this Yankee, simulated drowning and to my mind run away with him."
Carlo Bergis looked at his watch and said calmly: "Good afternoon dear senor Marco Sanchez, for the purpose of energy saving and long service life bugs are signaling in three hours, but since I'm constantly watching for it I say two and a half hours ago the picture were in Lisbon international Airport, hence Ameriican with with this girl-runner on forged document was going to fly out of Lisbon but where is not known. I guess plane is in flight and in half an hour I 'll tell the direction where jet liner flies with the picture, an American and that bitch, it's possible he promised her a lot of money and maybe a lot of love, but she didn't drown herself, believe me my boss."
"My Carlo Bergis, from now on you"ll follow the movement of photo copy and on the map you draw its way, only in half an hour call me up at painting is in the airport or in flight, in case of success you"ll have a good share," said Mark Sanchez and looked at the sky, from the satellite, signals and bugs in the picture now the success of the search for treasure sunken caravel "Hispaniola" depended.
Carlo Bergis was extremely happy that receive a share of the found treasure from boss, the business success depen-ded on him and he decided to take diligence to an important task. He was sitting near the screen and looking at the monitor when one of the bugs will send a signal to space and on the display appear the exact coordinates of the location of painting. Similarly, at 14 pm for a couple of seconds the screen lit up, he saw the grid of coordinates and the red dot he instantly zoomed in and noticed by his sharp eye its movement. Carlo Bergis smiled as he saw the picture was flying at this point the picture froze and coordinates flashed, by checking with the map, it was clear the plane was flying over Italy.
Without thinking he dialed phone boss, senor picked up the phone and heard, as always, joyful calm voice of Carlo Bergisa: "My Marco Sanchez, the picture is flying over Italy, a next signal from a bug flies into space, on a satellite in three hours, I think for you it will be important to know the final destination of its stay. In order to you it has been inte-resting to follow the route it's shown on the map."
"Dear Carlo Bergis, thank you for your faithful service and information after your message it became easy on the soul, lead monitoring and as you are convinced that the painting arrived at the destination you"ll call me, I wish you happi-ness and to call," said the boss.
"Goodbye senor Marco Sanchez, the next call in twenty four hours," said Carlo Bergis and closed the mobile phone Nokia.
Young talented electronics day and night was watching for the travel of picture and at the end of a long journey it was on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea about 30 miles from Crete, from the port of Paleochora. Joyful Carlo Bergis imme-diately got in touch by phone with his boss and laid him full information about the location of the picture on the board of ship, she was anchored. It became clear to drug trafficker that American got to the ship and in the near future with the team he'd go on a treasure hunt and in order not to lose from the sight the ship he begged Carlo Bergis to follow all the movements of the ship and every twenty four hour to give him information.
Drug boss has known the whereabouts of the painting and now he's wanted that a photographer artist Juan Eber made contact through a mobile phone with the American and while talking to electronic communications specialist Carlo Bergis will determine the coordinates of the Yankee location Yankee. For this purpose in a technical center to Carlo Bergis came artist-photograph and when the equipment was ready to receive the signal Juan Ever dialed number by John Gray. No contact, a Yankee mobile phone was silent, in three minutes it became clear to all that American threw away the phone . The artist was deeply disappointed, he realized that John outwitted them and tries to stop contact and he not wasting time reported it to Marco Sanchez. Hearing this bleak message boss very nearly lose heart and asked Carlo Bergis to continue tracking for the unknown vessel on board which picture with bugs hidden in the frame was and together with it American. In deed Johhny Grey flew to New York and he knew about hidden bugs in frame of picture sending signal to satelltes. At the same time drug trafficker decided to create a group of soldiers, put them on his boat, imperceptibly to sail to the ship in the Mediterranean, to attack and to catch alive Yankee in the hands of which was certainly the "Notes" with the coordinates place of sunken caravel "Hispaniola" with treasure.
Mark Sanchez had a great number of speed boats with sailors transporting drugs from one country to another and two of them were constantly in Sitsilli-Katany and in Syracuse, under the supervision of his faithful accomplice-mafia boss Giuseppe Karero. There were five soldiers carrying loyal service ready at any moment to go to the address to deal with undesirable competitors, the guardians of the law, Karabiners and in general with anyone. After talking with Giuseppe Carrere and briefly told about the treasure hunter Marco Sanchez asked a fellow on illegal businesses to full strength the cutters with teams and included five men for the job of which he would report in three days at which point of the Mediterranean they would go for the seizure of the ship and a man of the team members.
But suddenly for Marco Sanchez ship on which there was a picture and Johnny Gray the next day weighed anchor and headed for Greece, after sailed for Turkey, entered the Black Sea and landed at the port of Novorossiysk. Marco Sanchec could not understand why American Johnny Gray sailed to Russia instead of going to the States and in the conversation on this topic Marco Sanchez boss offered to contact the artist-photographer Juan Ever so that he fished out from senora Miler Goya fell in love with Yankee all the information about him. Having received such a task Juan Ever without hesitation started processing senora Miler. By himself, an attractive and young artist began to pay attention to her and since Miler knew the taste of love that did not reject courtship photographer and fell in love with him. The artist invited her to a restaurant, "Andalusia" to celebrate his birthday, she agreed to have sat out the evening with a festive table laden with wines, champagne, snacks, sweets, grapes and tropical fruits. They were drinking, eating, dancing and then artist went to see off Miler home and spent the night with her. She fell in love with Ever and offered him to spend with her free time, he agreed not to request for service and the boss and just, frankly, on love. Once in bed Juan Ever asked her whether there was in her mind American Johnny Gray and why she broke up with him. Since Johnny at the moment was not within the reach of her attitude and he never would come back in her life, and now new man who truly loved her she then shared with Juan Ever impressions about him and who was he as man: "My beloved Juan, to say frankly I fell in love with him asin love in it as did in you because of the beauty of an attractive and sturdy body knowing that this love would not last long. Briefly I gave myself to him and he was in the process of our joint long life revealed to me the interesting full of romanticism and adventure life -almost four years was in the sea expedition in the Mediterranean sailing on the research vessel "Athens" belonged to a Russian billionaire tycoon and their main goal was to find the lost city of Atlantis . And imagine they stumbled upon an ancient ship with a broken amphoras and they had wine. After their supervisor gave booze they tasted the wine of the two thousand-year -old drunk and went to sleep. on that night he had a dream with a beautiful cover up from head to toe jewelry standing on a strange island and disappeared in it. As he told me it was a sign from above and because abandoning the expedition set off in search of the island, visited many cities and did not find anything interesting and important for him came to Malaga to find any historical document of sunken ships.
Earlier, I told you, my Ever in our museum he found an old picture of The Wreck of "Hispaniola" and bluntly stated me that he had seen in a dream this strange island and the senora painted on it. It seemed to me that he had gone mad in this picture and asked to find some document sheds light on the mysteries of the wreck of the sunken "Espaniola" but unfortunately could not find it and went with the picture to Portugal. I want to notice you that they were sailing in the Mediterranean Sea is not just out of curiosity they were looking for a lost city of Atlantis , and told me that found under water the broken ancient ships transported for building city of the Gods the marble columns, sculptures and plates with gold ornaments and drawings in the form of a gold sun with eight rays and according of dimnsions on each plate was up to 9 pounds of gold, according to our price it cost about hundred of thousands of dollars. As for the home address he said that he lived in Alaska, Anchorage, gave the phone number but it's silent, apparently changed his cell phone. Can you, my dear Ever, is burning up the desire to find that island? For this you need a ship and he has. In my opinion in Portugal, he found something and sped away on his "Athens", the vessel is equipped with the latest technology , with radar and magnetic echo sounders. They are able to find the island if it exists and take good for hundred of millions of dollars. Yes, as John says, they found the underwater 500 plates, multiply by 100 thousand dollars and get $ 50 million. If Atlantis exists in it good on the billions of dollars, that's what they're looking for, my Ever, but as Johnny said except for salaries and bonuses of finds he had nothing. And yet, he pulled them on their ship if that " Athens " is equipped with modern appliances , on such a ship , they just find that treasure island , the main thing would be a card , " he whispered and kissed Juan miler in puffy lips. My Ever, Johnny told me when they sailed from New York to Europe they did stop in the place where the Titanic sank, a few minutes were standing over the stern and threw commemorative badges to lost people. On the "Athens" there are the modern magnetic depth finders, more I don't know and I beg you to not think about those treasures. Really I'm not I treasure for you, my Juan?" Miler said, and she cuddled up to artist by her big plump breasts.
"Miler, you're my treasure, I"ll not forsake you, I"ve got a lot of work in our museum, let other people think of the millions you and me will be enough of our money, said Every, let's sleep."
The next day senor Ever has called Mark Sanchez and passed all heard from Miller, word for word, and the boss has de-cided, as soon as the "Athens" will be in the Mediterranean Sea near Crete he"ll call Giuseppe Carrere and two boats attack the ship but not for the purpose of capture only the taking of hostage the American, in the hands there is the "Notes" with the coordinates of sunken "Hispaniola". For Marco Sanchez affairs were better than ever. In three weeks the "Athens " left Novorossiysk and again went to the Mediterranean Sea, Marco Sanchez was watching the ship and at last she sailed to the island of Crete and dropped anchor in the port of Paleochora. After standing for three days the ship lifted anchor and sailed to Gibraltar. Marco Sanchez was sure- American on board, apparently that island was near the coast of America, and they know the approximate location. A vessel equipped with modern appliances, radar, sonar and magnetic was able to detect underwater precious metals of the sunken three centuries ago "Hispaniola".
In the center of communication Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez made contact with Giuseppe Carrere and gave him full information about the American, Johnny Gray, sent by e-mail photos and reported the coordinates of sailing towards Gibraltar "Athens" at the moment, nearng to Sicily. Giuseppe Karera informed to Mark Sanchez about readiness his boats to set sail and asked Carlo Bergis to ive in the near future coordinates "Athens". Knowing the speed of the "Athens", rectilinear direction, coordinates of Syracuse Carlo Bergis made mathematical calculations and then on the phone inst-ructed Giuseppe Carrero: boats should sail at midnight from Syracuse in the direction of the south- east and after three hours at the speed 20 miles p. h. they met on their way "Athens", but in order not to miss at five minutes to three in the morning the captain of one of the boats will support contact with Carlo Berges and Marco Sanchez. Giuseppe Karera immediately on the phone told Mark Sanchez good news: " My dear frind, in connection with this that task is responsible and from it depends the fate of the business I, as a former sailor, take guidance of operation under the code name "Ty-phoon " - my nickname is Dad, "Athens"is Wolf , Marco and Carlo are Elephant and Shepherd. Five to midnight you give us coordinate by a line: longitude is the Euro, the latitude in cents, miles and pounds. Every hour will be session, five to three a m you, Shepherd, gives us the exact coordinates of the Wolf and I, Pope, will attack ship."
"I, Elephant, approve the operation "Typhoon", five to midnight Shepherd get in touch, in your disposal are twelve hours to prepare, let everyone have a good sleep, to the soon contact, yes, I've forgoten , the main proof that you were on the ship is painting hanging in one of the rooms, you can call it the "Flying Dutchman", but the main task to find Tar-zan, catch him and take on your boat, I'm looking for him, we send you his photo by E mail. posted by Shepherd to email", said Mark Sanchez.
"Dear Elephant, I made a copy of the Flying Dutchman with Tarzan and remember, to next contact," said the Pop.
"My Shepherd, continue to follow the Wolf, in intervals until 11 pm will lie to rest, at half of the twelfth I 'll be there," said the Elephant, smiled, and went to rest.
At the 11.30 pm in communication center Elephant came, Shepherd was sitting at the computer, next to him there were two monitors with black screen, at five minutes to twelve one of them will light up in midnight bug hidden in the picture will give a signal to the satellite it will be reflected on the screen appeares grid of coordinates, the red dot and immediately determine the location of a sailing "Athens". Five to twelve Elephant, Marco Sanchez and Shepherd Carlo Bergis established contact with Giuseppe Karera - Pope and he immediately gave a brief: "Elephant, two cars with the hunters gone, Hello."
"Dad, good hunting, all hunters hello and receive from us Euro cents on candy," said Elephant and sent coordinates of sailing in the moment "Athens".

Contact immediately interrupted until the next session, at 3 a.m.the morning a regular session was resumed, the shepherd gave the Pope the exact coordinates of where Wolf " Athens" was and when the Pope gave his coordinates then turned the ship sailed straight at them and in fifteen minutes she would be two miles ilorfrom the hunters. All went good, the boats were slow down the speed and waited for the approximation "Athens" sailing in their direction. At 3.15 the ship appeared and that nobody noticed them from deck of the vessel Giuseppe decided to sail away, to let go past the "Athens ", then to add speed, to catch up and climb on the stern deck.
Giuseppe made such a maneuver and the two boats raced in pursuit of a vessel on a plan developed by him boat named "Amelia " with five soldiers came from the starboard side, "Gloria" with the commander Santiago Comeron and seven sailors did from the left. Giuseppe had no doubt that this is the ship "Athens" that they should pursue and found in the middle of the body a strong sailor of this team of boat "Gloria" and 12 soldiers and sailors soon were on the deck. According to the developed plan Giuseppe and Santiago were on racing boats sailing next to the "Athens" with the helmsman and waited for the signal from Mario Berlotti that sleepy crew captured.
The commander waited impatiently signal, looked at the clock, it past five minutes, ten minutes and somehow suddenly he heard a long gunfire and stron cries on the deck of his people standing on the deck of sailing ship: " Giu-seppe, don't sail away, we are free. Captain allowed us to freely leave the ship, wait for us."
Joyful Giuseppe could not believe his mercenaries got into the hands of the crew and for no apparent reason they were released, he raised his head up and saw Berlotti, he did Giuseppe and shouted at the top of his voice: "Giuseppe, this is "Athens", we are free."
Giuseppe did not know what had happened and yet he was happy-none of his men did not get in the hostages and immediately called out: "Friends, jump and swim to the boat, we"ll help you to get on deck."
Soon one by one infiltrated on the "Athens " soldiers and sailors from the deck began to jump into the water. Giuseppe decided to slow down the speed and cried, helmsman: "Benitto , stop, we need to pick up on boat sailors, important not to let anyone drown."
Helmsman immediately slowed down speed and the "Amelia" at low speed were sailing collecting seafarers and soldiers swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. " Athens" in front of Giuseppe removed further and further, he soon saw the second boat "Gloria" where Santiago and started waving his hand to sail to him. When the " "Athens" was far Giuseppe said quietly: "Benitto, even small way, I'm not one of those who stop in trouble comrades, the guys know how to swim and we"ll save them. "
"Giuseppe, you are a gentleman," said the helmsman quietly and soon the two boats sailed to the sailors, Giuseppe and Santiago helped them to go on board and when all were saved at full speed flew to Sicily to which it was at least 50 miles. Having sailed for a couple of miles from the scene of the tragedy Giuseppe addressed to Mario Berlotti to tell him what happened on the deck of the "Athens" and he briefly told the story: "My dear Giuseppe, everything happened quickly and easily , on board as I understand there were radars and when we sailed far they spotted us and sounded the alarm. entire team woke up, armed and immediately split up into two groups operated out of his hiding place arranged directly at the place where we were going up hiding behind the large metallic containers with lids and wheels for trash so that they could easily moved from place to place on the deck. As any of us to was on the deck the three athletic young men grabbed us, immediately threw into the container and clapping heavy cover. Soon we all were in the smelly containers, guys drove one to another and we heard a native talking because in the team there was an knowing Italian and we heard: "The Italians-wop! Which of you are leaders of the Mafia, the pirates? Please, hand up, call the name and answer the questions!"
Somebody lifted the lid, I looked at my guys, they agreed that I would begin to answer the questions and then raising my hand I called my name: "Gentlemen, I'm Mario Berlotti, detective, I'm not the leader of the Mafia and the pirates , we are from the private detective company "Europe", I was appointed by senior, all they are agents, soldiers of invisible front."
"Dear detective Mario Berlotti, our ship is private property and you do not have the right, even yet at the night , secretly to penetrate on our vessel. For us you are the pirates and we have rights to throw you to the sharks in the sea but before we do that I would like to know why in the night secretly tried to get to us," said the tall sailor with the figure of Hercules.
I looked at the sailors grabbed us and said: "Dear gentlemen, I"ll tell you briefly why we have got on your boat," and began to explain that story, a legend, you, senor Giuseppe was made to memorize from a sheet on which you printed. As well- that the memory didn't failed me and I told word for word to them: "Gentlemen, we are satisfied a request of a senor from Spain to find on your ship of a villain having tempted and deceived his niece charming senora Miler Goya of Malaga. This Yankee having lived with her for a while decided to escape from the senora referring to the fact that it needs to see the family and he would return to her in three weeks. Senora Miler told his uncle lord Philip de Marco that this Johnny Gray had the intention to leave her for a while with a copy of her a favorite painting The wreck of the "His-paniola" and was not sure he would come back or not. And then the uncle for whom we work decded to seek the help of a private detective to watch for painting what the Yankees did not know. Specialists in the picture hid bugs sending a signal to a satellite in a certain time and we watched such way for American. Having left senora Miler Yankee threw the phone and all attempts the girl to contact with him were not successful. As in a month this Johnny Gray, as he called himself, did not return a Philippe de Marco addressed to private detectives to find a villain, they immediately identified the location of the painting and everything was confirmed-it was in the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea, and since senora knew that he sailed on the "Athens" every thing was confirmed and the lord Philip de Marco decided to entrust us with such an important thing to kidnap her fiance Johnny Gray and knowing the coordinates of your ship sailing to Gibraltar, we went on two boats to intercept. Not to spill the blood we as you can see are without weapons, we only need he and you do not require and how the pirates demand millions of dollars. It's true we are not sure that we have got on that ship on which that Yankee what is pointed out to us, or what else?"

One of the sailors from the surprise look on me and said: "Senor, you have found yourselves on the "Athens ", your whole statement is true but unfortunately American Johnny Gray in the moment is absent, he left our boat a few months ago and doesn't support touch with us. So your senora Miler remains still for a long time in splended isolation and as for painting it is with us. However, he sent it to us from Lisbon and not of Malaga, and if as you say there are bugs in it then we'll let you go. Mr. Harry, take the device and determine if it has bugs. At the head never came that in my cabin a painting with those bugs. If it is with bugs-transmitters I can not imagine, what for our loyal friend and comrade Johnny took a watch for us, Harry, check and if there are ones immediately bring them all down."
"Well, Mr. Richard Dean, go to check bugs, said Harry and went to cabin, soon he came back with a smile on his face and said: "Mr. Richard Dean, I found 6 bugs, there are not microphones with transmitters, so all your conversations no one listened, this Miler really wanted to know where her John is hiding and he sent for a laugh picture with bugs which he know, that's the whole mystery. So mercenaries told the truth and I think I"ll forgive them for the sake of that Miler and a best member of the expedition, but the picture, according your wish we"ll leave at the cabin, it's so interesting."
" Harry, a gift from Johnny leave to ourselves, I understood the essence of the story, I'll tell you later, and since I'm not bloodthirsty then let them go in peace," said the handsome captain, laughed and added, "let friends fire a salute in ho-nor of Johnny, shoot up."
The mariners holding in their hands rifles began to shoot up and made firing, Mr. Richard Dean looked at us, shook his fist and shouted: "Get overboard detectives-executives, if you get again, then you"ll go away forever to the bottom to feed the sharks."
We thanked them, we were given a ladder we ciimbed up to the edge of the garbage tank, jumped on the deck and shouting Giuseppe, no sails away, we are free! Captain allowed us to freely leave the ship, wait for us," ran to the board and jumped into the water. So Giuseppe that picture is in captin's cabin of "Athens" but the guy I think flew in America and you can with the open text to convey Mark Sanchez this amazing news for him," said Mario Berlotti and added pos - Mothra towards removing the " Athens", I can not imagine why they gave us life , any captain on his ship would have dropped to the bottom to the sharks or surrendered to the police? Never in my life I"ll not forget this case. As well as we climbed up empty-handed, thank you Richard Dean. Look, Giuseppe , you do not have a case of whiskey ? "
Giuseppe looked at him and said quietly: "Yes, I"ll allow to all to enjoy a drink after that you have experienced, it needs to calm your nerves."
After drinking a glass of whiskey sailors who were on the "Athens " immediately relaxed and felt drawn to the dream but Giuseppe himself contacted with Marco Sanchez and direct text told him the last news: "Dear Marco Sanchez, our attack on the "Athens" has ended safely, without bloodshed and aimlessly, that rascal Yankees fooled all of us, picture on the ship and he flew long since in America. Currently we are heading for Sicily. I"ll let you know all the details of the house."
"Dear Giuseppe, your mission is over I do not think aimlessly, you coped brilliantly with the job, without a drop of blood and no losses, thank you. The only sad that John showed us around her finger," he heard a voice of trembling Marco.
Boss looked at Carlo Bergis and said: "My friend, now I'm sure Johnny Gray has the coordinates of sunken "Hispaniola" and I care more, if he left his friends to "Athens" with whom and on what ship he is going to sail to the the place and without a lot of money in our time it does not butt in."
Carlo Bergis looked at the boss, smiled and said: "My Marco Sanchez, we need to send our faithful people Philip and Romero in America, in Anchorage where we can make inquiries about John Gray and if he's there to kidnap him, pull out the "Notes" with coordinates and all will be clear to us, you"ll be organizing a search and we"ll have all treasures. All the time I've worried that he has been on the "Athens" and the captain knowes coordinates, but now I know only John has them and in my opinion he is preparing to sail to collect jewels."
"My friend, you have judged correctly, I'll depart in Anchorage my faithful executers Romero and Philip and if John there they"ll kidnap him and will extract the coordinates," said Marco, pulled out of the fridge whiskey, glasses, poured and added: " Let's drink Carlo for success, we are on the right track."
"For success and happiness , my dear senor Marco Sanchez, " murmured Carlo Bergis and drank whiskey. Unfortunately, at first all attempts of Marco Sanchez to track Johnny Gray finished without result-two executors get-ting to Anchorage faced with the problem-Grays were so many that if every of them to sort of activity that in order to reach the people they are looking for will take many months. But after a week of pure chance rambling on port Romero and Philip met in a bar with the former sailor-fishermen worked with the owner of the trawler "The Seagull" Mr. Victor Gray. Become more familiar with the Spanish sailor, his name was Richard Taylor, called themselves as friends of Johnny Gray of marine expeditions in the Mediterranean and now trying to find him. Romero and Philip ordered a nice snack, a drink and sitting at the table while treating Richard Taylor asked him to tell all he knew about Victor Gray and he with-out a second thought laid them all the information about the trawler "The Seagull", his host, his wife Julie, their son Johnny and came to a most interesting moment. "Gentlemen, a few weeks ago to Mr. Gray came to rest five strong young men, Victor Gray invited them on a trawler and because at that time I was still working on the host as a mechanic - driver in "The Seagull " that during the sail trips I attended and had to see how they not only controled trawler but also interested by the engines, disassembled, assembled, equipped with the most modern equipment, bought two power-ful pumps and a while back throwing fishing, dismissing us fishermen, sold the house he, his wife, son and their five friends left to travel the seas and oceans. It seems to me that Mr. Gray won the lottery a few million, but the senors, he was just hidden that no one has shared on the prize, and I think he did rightly, if who found out about his win Mr. Victor was left without money and head. So, gentlemen, they sailed off three weeks ago and at an average speed of 15 knots they get with a refueling and stops for sightseeing of big cities just in twenty days the Panama Canal. Where they hurry, they're on vacation! So, cross the canal and in secret , Mr. Victor Gray told me they will be in Mexico Gulf for circling- where eternal summer, food and housing in Mexico is worth pennies on the saving bucks they"ll spend time as in para-dise. He very often mentioned a port Cancun where is going to get temporary housing, as hinted to me that sooner or later they"ll come back again, so that he settled long time ago. Yes, if I'd money or won as Mr. Gray million I did not stay here even for a week, just bought a boat and sailed to the Gulf of Mexico where the eternal warmth and bathe even in January," sighed said Mr. Richard Taylor, poured into a glass of Seagram 7, drank and smoked Camel .
And then in the Philip's head occured a smart idea, he looked at the mechanics, smiled and asked: "Dear Mr. Richard Taylor, were you floating on a trawler for many years, probably more than once photographed on a deck or near it, could you show the picture?"
"Gentlemen, I have hundreds of pictures in the house, I can show you and even give to the memory only three, but no more, take a taxi and go to my home, you"ll see my villa, but the truth it is on the outskirts, in half an hour we get there, " Richard said, and stood up.
"Mr. Richard, we agree, " said Philip and smiled.
Romero has paid for the food and drink, as it should give the bartender a tip, thanked him left the bar and in a taxi went to the Richard Taylor's villa. He lived in a suburb in a large two-story stone house, has got into his private room with a library, sat at the table and a couple of hours while treating guests with homemade cranberry wine, apple pie, meat and fish specialties showing to them photos. As promised, Richard Taylor gave them three pictures: view trawler "The Seagull" at the port , Captain Victor Gray and Richard Taylor, a mechanic on the deck and fisherman Victor Gray and his son Johnny.
At seven o'clock in the evening senors Philip and Romero thanked Mr. Richard Taylor for the priceless photos and great tasty treat, said goodbye to the hospitable host and went out to the drove up taxi ordered them earlier at the request of guests as they were in a hurry to meet with fellow countrymen living in Anchorage, which have they did not have even a trace of what certainly simple minded mechanic didn't guess.
Romero and Philip thanked the sailor and went to the hotel Hilton, being in a warm room they immediately contacted the boss and told him how important and it seemed interesting information they heard in the bar of the sailor Richard Taylor about the photos presented to them and the same time sent them e meil. Still looking through the pictures in the house of mechanic Richard Taylor agents Marco Sanchez learned Johnny Gray : at a time when they came to the library in Lisbon, he was sitting at the table and looking through some old documents. They all became clear-his father was not only a sailor and the owner of trawler "The Seagull", for the sake of treasure hunts with his son agreed to go to the Gulf of Mexico left behind a heavy and dangerous fishing business .
Mr. Marco Sanchez listened envoys, Carlo Bergis did on the printer sent them copies of the e-mail photos of the trawler "The Seagull" , a family of Grays and showed them to the boss. He looked at them, put aside the continuing hearings messengers and at this time in his head occured a good idea and he immediately presented it to his agents: "Gentlemen, I thank you for the important information, take photos with you and immediately fly to Panama, I charge you to begin a new important task-I need to know their trawler sailed the Panama canal or not. How do you do it you know without me. If trawler sailed to contact me and immediately fly to Mexico Cancun where you will meet with our men and as soon as treasure hunters sail to refuel and to organize their temporary base at this time your task is to get on the " Seagull " and to lay the bugs. Thank you dear Romero, Phillip for a job well done, bye. "Our dear senor Marco Sanchez, thank you very much, we tried, now we fly to Panama City, as soon as we get information on the trawler immediately call you, see you soon, hello Carlo Bergis and Joan Aver," Romero said and smiled. Messengers of Marco Sanchez Romero and Phillip were delighted they had coped with the job and the boss send them in the warm Panama to find out whether a trawler sailed through the channel in the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and later to find in the Gulf of Mexico the island near which "Espanola" with jewels sank.
But in deed all that mechanic Richard Taylor said to them was false information passed to him by Victor Gray. Quirky sea dog himself came up to knock down all of his fellow fishing, might be a stranger asks him about where Mr. Gray on his trawler sailed off. Even from all the near and distant relatives he kept a secret that he was going on a treasure hunt and composed a beautiful legend about the trip on the Gulf of Mexico and about Cancun.
While Romero and Sanchez were flying from icy Anchorage to hot, sunny Panama boss Mark Sanchez discussed the plan with Carlo Bergis how to get on the trail of a trawler, they had no doubt that the father, son, and five sailors set off on a treasure hunt, they know the approximate coordinates of the wreck of "Hispaniola" and having on board most of a modern technique, instrumentation, radar, sonic depth sounder and magnetic searcher then to find precious metals under water in our time as a piece of cake. Bergis' head pondered much better than the boss and he presented his plan: "My dear Marco Sanchez, we need a medium-sized ship like a trawler with a crew standing in the Gulf of Mexico ready at any moment to sail to the point in what treasure seekers will act.
I suggest choosing our main base in Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula where treasure seekers is going to sail. The fact that all of the shipwreck occurred in the area between Cuba and the Bahamas. In Mexico, our branch is headed by Juanito Eskuardo "Mexican Hermit" at his disposal there are naval vessels delivering heroin , cocaine from Ecuador to Mexico , the U.S. and to us in Europe. You, as the head of the powerful strength syndicate "White Rose" give Juanito the order to find for particularly important operation one of the ships manned with brave sailors and soldiers. I'll say, dear Marco Sanchez, if they find the treasure that will alert the world with joy and can even send in some major television company reporting from the scene of event, so here I"ll catch the signal and spotted the coordinates of the point where the show goes live. As usual treasure for one day does not raise, this takes weeks or even more . We"ll never be late, the main thing that the soldiers were well armed and a desire to cut the throat of anyone for a nice reward. In my heart to put 7 TVs for most of America's leading television companies: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Discovery, National Geographic. But in general you were right that thought such way and sent Philip and Romero in Panama, unless the trawler "The Seagull" did not have time to sail across the channel that I myself personally would fly out with bugs, sneak to the ship under the guise of a Panamanian pilot and harness a few bugs and then we would know their route, the accu-rate coordinates. You have seen how we have followed the "Athens", in short without waiting for a call from Panama to call Juanito Eskuardo that he preparred ship in Cancun waiting your instructions. This is the best place from which you can in the shortest time to reach the island where the caravel "Hispaniola" sank.
"Well, my all knowing Carlo Bergis, I call Juanito Eskuardo right now and I"ll give an order to prepare, dial me his code number," said Mark Sanchez, smiled and poured a glass of cognac and not grunt, gulp, drink biting a lemon.
Carlo Bergis dialed number Juanito Eskuardo the screen soon lit up the screen and they saw a middle-aged man with the Latin American facial features-brown skin, black eyes, thick dark curly hair, with a long, wide nose and thin lips. By itself, a full, dense, broad athletic physique with muscular arms and smiling drug lord looked at senors standing near a table and heard a hoarse voice: "Dear Marco Sanchez and Carlos Bergis, I'm glad to see you, as I understand there is something important in our common affairs. I must say our position would wish to be better but the Yankees and our government are trying to strangle us but we still resist, position is kept but there are losses, the struggle is for survival. How are you?"
"Dear Juanito Eskuardo, hi, our deeds are not better than yours, I do not have time to pay off the brazen guardians of law and order, they all want to live well and the lease day by day higher and higher as the demand for heroin, cocaine, extases and marijuana, while here our business afloat. I don't call you on the next delivery of our product and on the other, we're going to start to research expedition and if we manage to find the treasure we"ll enrich and having the big money which you never dreamed possible we"ll free walk through the world. I've got on their trail, you have to prepare a high-speed vessel and as soon as possible to equip the magnetic sonar, radar and have on board three or four divers are able to go down to a depth to three hundred feet, respectively the capacities of the respiratory mixture. Tomorrow Carlo Bergis call back and tell all you what need to diver to get down to this depth, there are such things!" Marco said , pointing to the fingers on which glittered gold rings with large diamonds. Also you need to take fighters capable of defending the ship against intruders, pirates scurry across the seas looking to profit at the expense of others."
"All clear, Marco, we have in the port of Veracruz a ship "Isabella" is suitable for research purposes, the speed of 30 knots, with 4 divers with me on board there are 15 people, I want myself to take part in such an important job. Speak where to go and after a couple of days, weigh anchor," said Juanito and smiled.
"My friend, if you have a ship that you can prepare and in two days steer to Cancun, then we"ll give other indications, we agree, Juanito, see you soon," said Mark Sanchez and pointed a thumb.
"My dear senor Marco Sanchez, before our sailing to Cancun I"ll call you back, see you soon." Carlo Bergis switched off connection and looked at the boss smiling broadly and said, "Marco Sanchez, our work is going well, the ship is almost ready and on full speed ship in 24 hours from Veracruz sail to Cancun and will wait the arrival of the trawler "The Seagull". Here treasure seekers necessarily will stop to refuel and prepare for sailing to the island treasure, I stay in place and wait for a call from Panama from our agents and as soon as I"ll have a connection with them to connect with you."
"Well, Mark, I rely on you, " said the boss and left the room.
A day later called Philip from Panama and reported a shocking disgusting news: the trawler "The Seagull" crossed the Panama Canal a week ago. Learning of this Marco Sanchez did not lose courage, he ordered senors Romero and Philip urgently fly to Cancun and wait for the arrival of the trawler if ship has not arrived yet, and to wait "Isabella" with a team headed by Juanito Eskuardoy. Upon arrival in Cancun Romero and Philip the first thing became to interest in the port of port workers and asking employees about the American trawler "The Seagull" What for them was the grief and disap-pointment when the bartender Pablo Korreros from the bar "Calderon" told them exciting news: "Dear gentlemen, five days ago, we came to collect food and drinks three young people often mention the word" Seagull" and since they are communicated an English that I had heard word Tampa, more they didn't appear and apparently sailed."
Romero and Philip thanked the bartender and disappointed with that bad news startred to the hotel Ramadan and without hesitation called Mark Sanchez. Having heard this bad news without any hesitation he asked them to wait for arrival of the ship "Isabella" in Cancun and to meet with the commander of Juanito Eskuardo. After three days, "Isabella " entered the port, and Philip with Romero known the boss of the Mexican branch spotted him on board, and as Juanito had been warned about the agents of Mark Sanchez, they got permission and went up on the deck.
Wise Carlo Bergis in a conversation with your boss Mark Sanchez persuaded him that "Isabella" was in Cancun and Juanito awaited following instructions. After long agonizing expectations at last from a space satellite flew from America sensational news, a short documentary film about how the three maritime archaeologists in the belly of a strange sea creature found Spaniards women, Spaniards men and mountains of jewelry. Carlo without hesitation called Mark Sanchez and asked him to switch to a channel CNN and watch the miracle found in the deep sea. Carlo himself did not waste time in vain and also that rewrote the TV on a tape and turned on the equipment allows the satellite to fix the coordinates of the location where the satellite signals were flying. He immediately checked the map and identified the spot: less than a hundred miles from Miami.
When the broadcast ended Mark Sanchez called and asked to wait for him to make an important decision. In thirty minutes he rushed on his silver Mercedes, put in the yard and ran into the room smiling with his yellowed teeth by nicotine, he embraced Carlo and said: "Dear Bergis what sort of girl! They are inaccessible, and I hardly think about them , the main jewelry, it's impossible to count them there and I think our divers as Juanito painted get a piece of cake. But in this case, if you, my dear Carlo, coordinates are known."
"My Marco, the exact coordinates are known, we can pass them immediately to Huanito and let them quickly sail to the place where the treasure found. As I understood that island sank with the people and treasures and I think that wealth is not a single wreck ship with a few ones. We"ll not speculate about them, let Juanito sail at full speed to the spot and if trawler did not sail then they should attack ship, all those who on the ship to send to the sharks in the sea and take the initiative in their own hands. Divers' Juanito do without any help on their own and we do not let this month but in two months will row from the belly of the monster every last bead. Yes, if the arrival of Huanito the Spaniards girls will on a trawler, command does not even dare to touch them with finger, may be I choose one lady for love, those beauties are charming and seductive and you, Marco, can pick up," said Carlo and smiled. Without hesitation Carlo made contact with Juanito and soon he appeared on the screen in his office, Juanito seeing Mark Sanchez and programmer smiled and quietly said: "Good evening, however, you have already night my dear senors. Some kind of news?"
"Juanito! Stunning news, I have two lottery win : one 245,747 and 793,229 Euros, not even dreamed of. Now you can safely fly to me, we"ll make merry until not drink the last bottle. Take a ticket and fly! Do you understand me?"
"Mark Sanchez, what a happy lottery, thank you for the news and inviting, running to book ticket, during the flight will pass greetings to you and all you know and see," said Juanito and the connection was lost to enemy not spotted them, the signals that fly on the satellite. Carlo and Sanchez knew Juanito Eskuardo in an hour on the " Isabella" set sail to the place where lay the treasure, they"ll have to overcome more than 700 miles and trip take of at least 36 hours in good weather. But unfortunately, when to underwater treasure staied 90 miles violent storm broke out and they were forced to swim to the Bahamas. After waiting three days Juanito "Isabella" sailed to the place where the under water great treasures lay and in the morning were in place. Juanito looked at the screen, the ship was at the intersection of the specified coordinates, he gave orders to put into operation the sonic depth sounder but to their disappointment signal has been not received. But he did not despair and keeping calm ordered the navigator to sail on the 200 yards to the north, then west and sailing to and fro in a couple of hours in the Atlantic Ocean having quiet and sunny January weather the sonic depth sounder recorded a huge amount of metal at a depth of 330 feet. The whole team was delighted they came across what they were looking for.
But Juanito refrained to call Mark Sanchez that they found the treasure, it needed to check what's on the bottom. Without hesitation by winch television camera was lowered to the bottom and inserting it into work they saw the body of modern container vessels and close to one opened container were several bags of either flour or with coca, heroin. Juanito came on the deck and gave a signal to all gather at the captain's bridge, soon all stood near him, he looked at the young people enrolled in divers and said: "Gentlemen, Santos and Rivera, Miguel and Colombo by couples go down to the bottom, I"ll not hide, at the bottom there is not what we expected but it also has great value-sunken container vessel and in one disclosed container there are plastic bags with heroin and coca. Colombo and Miguel lower first , take the long knives and nets, so that you"ll be at the bottom carefully inspect the container, you"ll catch two bags and we"ll raise you to the top. Let's not waste of precious time, Santos and Rivera, help to dress diving suits to Miguel and Colom-bo, Peron and Alendra to the winches, you work with divers. I and Salvador will be watching you and hold contact till the return to the deck, in the case of through unforeseen circumstances will render all possible assistance, but I think it is not necessary."
Divers and winches motorists looked on the boss, smiled and every one of them expressed his gratitude for the honor to do useful and responsible thing for the good of their company started to work. The first outing of divers at the bottom finishd quickly and safely, in raised cellophane waterproof bags proved to be a white powder. Juanito made the cut with a knife, put his index finger into the hole and pulled out the powder, looked, held it to his nose and drew in and joyfull voice said: "Gentlemen, the purest heroin, I allow you to enjoy them! Each bag costs a million bucks and if we"ll get the container and in it there are not less than a hundred bags each of you will get at least half a million bucks."
Everyone who was on deck came the indescribable delight, they began to throw up Huanito and shouted themselves to hoarse "Urrra." In a few minutes triumph ended began to prepare a second pair-Santos and Rivera began to prepare to lowering on bottom. While they wore shoes Huanito to make contact with Carlo Bergisom and in the absence of the boss Marco led the negotiations with him over three minutes. He told him about found bags with flour in containers of sunken cargo ship during a storm that hardly anyone could think that really it meant the heroin. Carlo Bergis recorded the conversation on the disc, having learned that the container there were not less than a hundred bags of white powder he came overjoyed, thanked Juanito, asked to continue to work and do not go back up to the return of Marco Sanchez flown away to Madrid to collect the responsible persons of different regions of Europe to coordinate the work in connection with the increasing pressure from the European Union and Interpol authorities are trying to identify the organizers of the underground business. Yes, times have come for drug traffickers hard in these difficult conditions it is necessary not only to survive but also to strengthen their position and authority. Juanito message that it has found 100 bags of heroin so pleased him that Carlo pulled out a bottle of brandy and drank half a bottle of biting a sandwich, ham and cheese, pulled on his dream. Since the boss was in a meeting held in one of the ancient palaces of Italy where for a huge festive table tucked away not only speech but also ran the wine flowed freely, where naked girls dancing on the tables and Marco Sanchez didn't think to call Carlo Bergisu to be interested in how there were deeds in the Atlantic ocean at Juanito Eskuardo with treasure hunts.
At seven o'clock in the morning Carlo Bergis woke up after excessive drinking brandy sensitivity felt himself disgusting , without hesitation freshened up in the shower and sat down at his apparature to listen and view the messages received during his sleep. At 2 a.m. in the the morning came the strange video information from Juanito, he was standing near the pile of bags with divers on deck surrounded by all who sailed on "Isabella". Suddenly Carlo heard the voice of Juanito : "Bergis why neither you nor Mark Sanchez out on contact, the important thing, if we so pull the flour in a day I"ll lose all adivers in this area are very strange sharks, diving suits don't save my people, Santos and Rivera were their victims, you can see raised ten sacks of flour. After hard work we have worn out nervous and go on vacation, do not call up to ten of your Marco Sanchez, your Juanito and members of our expedition."
Carlo Bergis was delighted, ten bags of heroin they would sell in Europe for 9-10 million euros, he would like to have breakfast but at that moment he heard the trembling voice of Juanito: "Carlo, we are attacked by pirates, write a speech and image it would come in handy usefull to Mark Sanchez in the future." Several tall strong men of Spanish features seized him and led upstairs, twelve sailors bound by rope stood on the deck. "The night is very dark and it has affected the success of pirates, overslept," flashed through mind Carlo, he peered into the faces and also saw Juanito, Romero and Philip, they had a kind of pathetic, each understood to all him an end . View of Bergis stopped at one of those who attacked the "Isabella" and he said: "Carlos Rodriguez "Amanita" Next to him stood strong guys of Latin American, European and Chinese appearance armed with pistols Magnus 36 calibre and Kalashnikov's. Here is the meeting! Now you don't go from me alive, I'm gonna get from you out of all that I desired. You swindled me out of a twenty million bucks and stood up staunchly so that no one gram of heroin has not passed out of our cartel in Europe. Come on, tell on the good, rot , who has advised you to climb on my territory? U.S. and Canada belong to me and you would be engaged in the affairs of Mexico and Latin America. I did not climb to you."
"Dear Carlos Rodriguez, first hello, and since when have divided the oceans, you know that it is a neutral territory, and second you made a big mistake, you have a bare Island is packed full of chaff like your slow-witted cronies. Did you forget what time we live, look at the sky, there are hundred of satellites flying at us all the hidden microphones and video cameras, are you talking to me and all the information flying at them, I'm not boss, I'm average executor, and tomorrow my boss will admire you and your assholes. Soon your syndicate "Red poppy" come to an end, his executors you strung up on one of the palm of your villa with these bastards, farewell, we will meet with you on the haven, what you are looking for you will not find here. Do not worry The Worm don Carlos "Amanita" you alone can crush flies and weak and the helpless drug dealers as was I, change your attitude to partners, know greed has destroyed fraer."
Don Carlos wanted to punch him in the face, but powerful body Juanito so abruptly jerked his hands the rope slipped from his hands, suddenly experienced Chun with a red scarf on his head and a dark patch over his left eye succeeded to send a gun at him and fired. "Mexican Hermit" screamed in pain and fell on the deck. Sea pirate look at the Carlos and began firing on the standing prisoners, his men joined him and after a few seconds, all eleven men were lying in a pool of blood. Without saying a word immediately started to dump the body overboard and when it went to the empty Chun came to drugboss and said quietly: "My Carlos, if you listen to me then without any gossip and insults we have been working quietly. He was bluffing, even if we have be seen somewhere in Europe, in Spain, in an hour his new boss did not arrange and no one will fly here. His chatter on me did not affect, let's focus and get down to work, at our disposal a period of 5 hours at this time we need to determine what there is in the water, I start to doubt that those rascals in this place found the treasure. My Carlos, you heard the last words of Juanito Eskuardo " what you are looking for is not here never find." I realized he was referring to the treasures lying on the bottom, they are not here. Let's act fast - I give orders. Gentlemen, steering for cutters, all the men are here on the deck. The first step is to inspect the hold, Kim, Sung Lun, Kao, Jen with weapon forward, if someone is hiding deliver live. Jin Chao inspect the deck and kept a sharp watch for strangers from hiding, only shoot in the legs, then we'll kill. Carlos, let's look at their captain's cabin, wondering what their navigation equipment. We need to see evidence of coordinates and record the bottom topography, we need to know the depth of the ocean in this place, let's go..."
Carlo Bergis glued to the screen, he could not believe what was happening on the deck and remembering his boss immediately dialed the secret code and waited for three minutes when Marco Sanchez wakes up and picks up. Finally boss woke up and Carlo Bergis heard the shooting of swear words, it was clear to him, close to Marco Sanchez lay girls without which life for him would be boring and uninteresting. Finally the boss calmed down and calmly said: "What's up , Bergis?"
"Marco Sanchez, urgently fly, misfortune befell, the Chinese pirates hijacked "Izabella", they killed all our people without exception and the bodies thrown into the sea. All that happened there and recorded on the tape. Juanito Eskuardo said by opened text to our opponents on business, to Carlos Rodriguez "Amanita" and it was directed to us "what you are looking for is not here never find." I realized, those treasure hunters swindled us, having sailed from the place 50 miles to the side Johnny Gray sent into space to the satellite recording and besides us they got signals it seems to me that a Chinese pirate and Carlos Rodrigues were looking for treasure," trembling voice said Carlo Bergis.
"My Carlo, the news is awesome, what a tragedy! I did not expect, write to the disk, I"ll come flying not earlier than to 5 pm, from 12 to 2 p.m. the final part of the meeting will be and I, as the head of our syndicate "The White Rose" to should attend, I think day will not change our position, be of good courage," said the bleak voice Marco Sanchez.
Carlo ceased communication, he knew the boss is unlikely to arrive at five o'clock and today, at the end of nmeeting sweet girls will com and he as a fan of the young women's bodies are not missed an opportunity to feast on them. All of what happened, Marco Sanchez drove to the house in his silver Mercedes next day at one o'clock in the afternoon, they greeted each other, Carlo sat him down in an easy chair, pulled up a table with whiskey, snacks and fruit, looked at the boss and sad voice said: "Marco Sanchez, be strong, terrible story, documentary, turn on."
During the viewing record boss did not say a word, he only added the whiskey the glass and drank until the very end, when a bomb exploded and turned off the electrical power. Mark Sanchez looked at the engineer and said quietly: " Carlo Bergis, where did this Chinese pirate-killer appear, if he were not then Carlos Rodriguez hardly had the audacity and courage to climb on the ship."
"My Marco Sanchez, we do not solve this mystery, but at the moment they are looking for the treasure together, I am more than sure if the enemies find it then the pirate will cut throat Carlos Rodriguez. Now think about the other, about the heroine, thought to himself, if there were a hundred or maybe more bags of heroin and everyone pulls in a million euros, 88 million euros is also good money. Now to the place Carlos and one-eyed Chinese are unlikely to return, they will start the race for the treasure hunters, it is easier to them, they live in America and we do in Europe. On boats they can only attack and will not be able to lift, that if we by own forces pull out those 88 sacks, will collect funds for the purchase of winches, diving suits, we addressed for help to our Italian friends, there is your branch and if you offer our business to Giuseppe Karera he gladly accept. Regarding the treasure hunters are scratching their heads as to get them quickly with depth, we do not know what it is. I think it is better to have a bird in the hand than two in the bush, the most precise coordinates are known to me, only your wish. Regarding Carlos Rodriguez and the one-eyed Chinaman then after we'll get heroin we find them, even under the ground," Carlo said and looked at the boss. Engineer poured whiskey into a glass, raised and softly said: "Dear friends, let the sea will be your eternal home, peace be to you."
Boss also drank to the peace and tranquility of their fallen comrades, looked at engineer and said: "Carlo, you're right, why to loose those 88 bags of heroin, I"ll organize a new team or at least rent a small boat if Giuseppe Karera not find a suitable at his friends, dial me his number but let him not know about how the killing of our comrades."
"Marco Sanchez, hide nothing, if he learns Giuseppe day and nightwill protect the ship and not sleep as Juanito. If he had not counted on the fact that only they are in see that all would have ended differently, it was his fault," said Carlo and began to dial the area code. A few seconds later he heard the voice of Giuseppe, in a brief conversation Marco Sanchez gave him the essence of the case, go to the Bahamas to lift from the bottom the black pearl for which he was offered a quarter of pearls caught, he agreed and for a personal meeting with him boss flew in two hours. When Giusep-pe found the depth of the dive he proposed his plan: "My Marco Sanchez in order to save the lives of divers from sharks we need to purchase a small saucer with controlled with seizures and lift bags of heroin not in the grid but in a special metalic big tub with closing lid, no creature bite it hardly with their teeth. Moreover, there is another variant of lifting bags in a metallic cage and if we organize the work rightly for 24 hours in two winches we can lift more than a hundred bags. Shortly we"ll make two metal cages-one for divers to save them in case of danger, they hide in it, in the other we lift ten bags at the same time knowing the law of Archimedes -water pushes the submerged body and because heroin is not iron it at a time can be raised and more depending on the power winches. So Mark Sanchez we"ll sail longer than raise and gather those 88 sacks. If you agree we can now proceed to the action-order a powerful winches, diving suits, breathing mixture, underwater guns, 15 pistols Magnum 36 caliber, 7 Kalashnikov's machine gun to save my team, 2 cages in my project, provisions, in short, I"ll make a list and advance my comrades - at 10,000 Euro for 15 people. ship I'll find it for rent for two weeks will require half a million Euros. I think compared to the income that we"ll have is one percent . Moreover, we do not know how many bags of heroin and coca in the bottom-five containers can be there, solve my boss."
"Dear Giuseppe, I agree, act, before the departure of Carlo Bergis will give you the coordinates and will maintain communication with you. Upon completion of the operation code named "Shark" I"ll get you another, more secure and interesting , but for now let's do this," said Marco Sanchez and shook hand of Italian.
Frankly speaking, everything went according to plan and schedule developed by Giuseppe, in a couple of days, he and 14 crew members including four divers sailed to the Bahamas to Florida. Only on the twelfth day "Margaret" in the moonlit midnight anchored directly over the spot where lay the two ship "Isabella" and an unknown container according to the signals of the magnetic sounder. There, at a depth of 330 feet , lay not just a pile of metal scrap but also bags of heroin and coca, the Italians knew this. Giuseppe lowered to the bottom the cage with divers Romeo and Petruchio armed TV camera, a portable radio, lightings, lamps and underwater guns. Giuseppe and two other divers batters and Augustine were in the technical center and watched those who were under water. Here's Romeo and Petruchio got to the container scored with bags of white powder and immediately asked Giuseppe pull down a cage for their recovery. Three minutes later the cage was at the bottom, the divers started loading bags and now the first ten sacks went up. Suddenly there appeared sharks and have come down on the lifting up the cage but the steel bars were too tough for them. Three large gray predator seeing divers rushed at them but they were locked in a cage, too, were not reachable for hungry predators. Aimlessly twiddling the shark swam away and disappeared into the darkness. After a while, Romeo and Petruchio heard the joyful voice of Giuseppe: "Gentlemen, all ten bags in place, continue to work in an hour will be replaced, take the cage, be careful."
"Giuseppe, we are not tired, very happy that sharks did not touch us and cargo," said Romeo.
The work was in full swing just an hour Romeo and Petruchio in the cage lifted the top, the shark boldly attacked the cage and hitting their toothy snouts about steel bars it shook the swing. Romeo could not resist and with a long knife cut one of them in the upper jaw. Gray predator drew back as if mad, turned around and disclosure of the mouth raced to the cage. Petruchio aimed at her gun, shot and charge went straight down her throat. Blood gushed out, mixed with water and sharks scenting floated beside her immediately pounced on her friend and began to tear apart. Between predators began struggleon to death but what it ended for shark divers did not see them, cage were rising up.
It would not have moved quickly work through the night but all the bags out of the container, there were 107 bags, they had been raised to the deck. Needless to say the faces of all the team members were beaming with joy, they threw Giuseppe up and yelled in unison "Urrrra." Happy mafia trafficker waved his hand, immediately weighed anchor and ship sailed a hundred miles an Italian make contact with Carlo and briefly told him the great news: "Senor Bergis, good afternoon, our fishing has ended successfully, we've caught 97 sharks and hurry home, 7 hours before our arrival no contact , I don't want anyone to know about us, till call."

"Giuseppe, I'm very happy for your fishing trip, tell dad, we are waiting for your call, happiness to return," said Carlo. Without hesitation he got in touch with the boss and cheery voice announced: "Marco Sanchez, the good news, Giuseppe just called, they caught 97 sharks and come back home."
"Dear Carlo, I'm glad to hear this great news , we can drink to the such success only to the extent, I'll come to you and we"ll discuss the theme of how to deal with Carlos Rodriguez and Chinese-one eyed pirate, I can not forgive them for the death of 13 brave heroes and the sunken "Isabella", what bastards," said Marco Sanchez.
"Come, my Marco Sanchez, during this time I think of something," said Carlo, closed Samsung, brought out a bottle of whiskey and poured into a glass, raised and softly said: "For 97 bags of heroin."
After eleven days "Margaret" sailed to Gibraltar but Giuseppe was not in a hurry ringing to Bergis but contacted his cousin, Marcel and urgently requested him to sail on a big speedboat with the right people to receive 10 bags of heroin which he did not disclose his older boss Marco Sanchez .
Even before sailing to Florida for heroin Giuseppe agreed with Marcel about that, if all be successful with lifting of the valuable cargo, he will hide from boss the true number of bags. As soon as the "Margarita" sails Gibraltar his trusty navigator sends secret code to Marcel, he on a boat in two o'clock in the morning sail up to the ship at the appointed place, the sailors-Italians quickly overload 10 sacks and sail in their native Sicily. Giuseppe was not worried that some-one will betray him, the whole team was composed of the Sicilians and had been faithful to him as a father, mother.
Everything turned out as conceived by Giuseppe - at two o'clock in the morning the boat sailed with Marcelo, ten sacks of heroin were lying on the deck but before from the boat ten bags of rice flour were lifted on the deck o ship, after sailors gently lowered ten bags of heroin on boat and it rushed away from the "Margarita".
When the bags with rice flour were carried in the hold Jiuseppe went to the captain's cabin and called to Bergis: "Car-lo, it's Italian, we sailed to Gibraltar, meet us, in several hours will be at the port, gather your people, see you soon."
"Dear Giuseppe, we"ll meet you, don't worry, Dad prepared everything," said joyful Carlo and immediately phoned to the boss and gave him the news: "My Marco Sanchez, "Margaret" went Gibraltar, in a few hours they would sail to Ma-laga, get ready for a meeting."
"My Carlo, thanks for the good news, I prelimenarally have arranged with all, it costs not cheap, we have to pay for everything, they all want to live well, but I think the expences will be paid back with interest, in five hours of my patrol moving into port, as they see the "Margarita" call back to me and I do to you, I think you need to meet them with honor, " said the boss Marco.
"Well Marco Sanchez, call, I"ll definitely come," said Carlo and at that joyous occasion drank a glass of red port wine.
At four o'clock in the moning to the "Margarita" before arrival to the harbor sailed up a huge boat with frontier guards and dogs, they lifted on the deck of the ship, immediately checked passports and passed through all the rooms, looked into the hold and not finding illegal immigrants left the vessel having given permission to enter. Then another boat sailed with customs, they introduced themselves and began a careful inspection of all premises. Not finding contraband young people sporting figure went into the hold, seeing bags of white powder superintendent looked at Giuseppe and made an incision. He took a handful of powder, carefully looked, brought to his nose, sniffed, smiled and said: " Gent-lemen, the real rice flour, it is not heroin, can take a sample from any of sacks to choose."
Two young employees have made cuts in the other three sacks, long time examined the white powder, then poured in a test tube with blue liquid, it does not dissolve and floated, senior inspector took the paper and began to write. Having finished he looked at the Italian and said: "Giuseppe, no any contraband, all the bags of rice flour, sign and can make unloading, to you one copy for filing police in order to avoid any trouble, goodbye."
Giuseppe took a copy signed by a senior inspector, smiled and said: "I thank you gentlemen for your conclusion, so worried, this rice flour to bake so much like heroin, thank you, goodbye."
"Senor, do not worry, the real rice flour, if it was a heroin solution in a test tube changes color," said the inspector and smiled.
Giuseppe spent customs officials to their boat, they sat down in it and sailed into the port. The Italian sighed with relief, crossed himself and said: "That was close, I do not doubt that Marco Sanchez settled with them."
"Margaret" has sounded three beeps and slow running went to the port where Marco Sanchez, Carlo Bergis and seve-ral high sport building were meeting them. Having sailed to the moorage sailors cast anchor, fastened by ropes ship, laid trap and boss with his people lifted up on the ship. There was an emotional meeting, all exchanged greetings and Giuseppe had gone guests in the hold. Having been in it the Italien looked at the boss and whispered in his ear: "Marco Sanchez, my ploy worked, those twenty bags of rice covered sacks with heroin. I think it needs urgently to carry cargo to the base, the inspector gave me a paper confirming that we have rice flour."
"Giuseppe, you're done, the lorry is ready, my people now will start to unload, in a couple of hours the hold will be empty," said the boss and shook hand of Italian.
All smiled, they shook Jiuseppe's hand and with joy and surprise looked at Giuseppe and on the mountain of sacks among them 97 with heroin and cocaine.
Boss, Giuseppe and guests went on deck, the golden sun on a cloudless sky smiled and warmed all its warm rays, at the pier a huge truck was standing and four well-built young men in dark blue shorts and green shirts were walking beside him. Marco waved by his hand to them and they instantly went up on deck, the boss not saying a word led them into the hold and soon the guys carried on his mighty shoulders sacks with rice flour carefully descended the stairs to the truck and started to give sacks to the driver standing in the body. As this job required accuracy guysloaded 117 sacks in three hours. Boss took the paper signed by Giuseppe and customs, said goodbye to him, the team, Carlo Bergis sat in lorry, Jiuseppe did with friends in his silver Mercedes and slow drove toward the gate, the truck moved for it. Near metal gate two strong guards stood, Marco Sanchez drove up to them came out of the car, showed the paper with embedded in it 100 euros bill, one of the guys with high tower looked with eye sacks, waved his hand and opened the gate. The boss sat in the Mercedes and slowly moved, the truck followed by it and droven on the road rushed to the suburban villa where Marco lived. They were joined by two dark Land Rover and half an hour turning into a country road and driving a couple miles came to a metal gate with high fence behind which could see a huge three-storey house is finished with pale pink marble. The gates opened and all cars with a truck drove into the yard and stopped near the garage.
Marco Sanchez and all who were with him went outside, he went to the loaders and said quietly: "Gentlemen, move 10 bags in the garage and fold the stack on the platform."
He put the remote control at the door, it opened and the guys started to unload the lorry. When ten bags were on the metal plate the boss pressed the button and platform with bags slowly went down. men in the basement the quickly took sacks off and the platform lifted up. After an hour of work all the bags were in the basement, the truck drove to the side, the boss sat in the Mercedes drove him to the garage, pressed button of the remote directed toward the gate and they immediately closed. Smiling Mark Sanchez turned to standing guests and said quietly: "Gentlemen, we are all tired and hungry, I offer refreshments and then make a test, I think you"ll not mind me in welcoming home."
All without any objections followed the master, took seats in a hall at a large table on which the earlier two servants were placed on call Marco wine, vodka, delicious snacks, sweets and tropical fruits. Guests ate and drank with great pleasure, but in moderation because each of them knew that soon will start tasting a new batch of heroin brought from Panama, as reported by the drug trafficker hiding their partners about the discovery.
Finally Marco stood up, smiled and said softly: "My friends, for me, you are in for a surprise that I did not conceal from you, we estimate the quality of the new party."
Taking with him a knife from the table owner took them to the basement, inside it was clean, dry, and light . Even stacked against the wall on wooden boards one on one in five rows lying sacks of white powder. Then Marco Sanchez recalled that cover bags of heroin Giuseppe armed with a twenty bags of rice flour, while moving them from the hold to the car no one has separated and is now together with bags of heroin. Boss explained the situation to friends and began to take a sample from the last not to mix and not repeat. After making a small incision in the upper bag he pulled out a pinch of white powder on the sample was small dust with flour, but since none of those present did not understand it whether it was wheat or rice for them did not matter. The first pancake, a sack was with flower but also the second , third, twenty, fifty, one hundredth sacks were filled with flour. Mark Sanchez and his friends were in shock, the boss could not understand why instead of heroin in their was usual meal. Finally, good luck in the 115 bag was a real heroin , Marco Sanchez came to himself, his face flashed a smile, guests were encouraged and began to make a sample, heroin was excellent, it can be sold to the highest bidder. In order to avoid being confused with sacks of flour and carried to the side the boss painted it red felt-tip pen red dome and signed indicating the date ...
Shorter of 97 sacks lifted from the bottom only three were with heroin, Marco Sanchez understood: someone arranged transportation of several bags of heroin among sacks of flour, because they were not so many and should take into account that some of them captured the Chinese pirates together with Carlos Rodriguez. But three bags is not that bad, Marco Sanchez bought heroin will return all the money spent on all charges.
In the evening all his friends said goodbye to Marco Sanchez and in their cars headed home, he was only with his brain center Carlo Bergis to solve main center how to trace the treasure hunters to find a strange palace under water where were the real treasures. Carlo Bergis did not want to go into the water without knowing the real place and offered to boss his brilliant plan: "My Marco Sanchez, if Juanito Eskuardo and Giuseppe argue that on the sunken ship hundreds of containers and in each one amid the sacks of flour there will be 5-7 sacks with heroin or cocain just you imagine how much can be in total -500 -700 sacks or 500-700 million Euro. Giuseppe is lucky, brave and smart, he didn't lose a single sailor and for one day picked up from the bottom 97 sacks. If we reach to that sunken ship and stand for a couple of weeks for this time shovel 14 containers , we will have a minimum of 70-100 bags of heroin. If you agree with me please call to Giuseppe in his Syracuse is preparing to sail." "Carlo Bergis, your plan is a genius, I"l call Giuseppe, I think he"ll agree," said Marco Sanchez, now let's drink to the future success."
As for Giuseppe he was in a deep disappointment, before sailing to Sicili Marco Sanchez personally called him and reported shocking news: "My Giuseppe, I understand you, you put your whole mind and gone to the effort to catch the sharks but I have to report bad news - from 97 sharks caught by you only three survived and the rest are dead. I"ll shocked, this is not your fault and say all the expenses will be paid, as for the sailing for other sharks I"ll report later. Thank you a happy voyage."
"My dear Marco Sanchez, I couldn't have thought that sharks were killed, our water was toxic to them. But we have tried what you have seen my boys rush home if you require my services are always happy to carry out, see you soon," said Giuseppe. From rage he spat into the sea and immediately dialed his cousin Marcela. Since the mobile phone was always with him then he opened and heard the excited voice of Giuseppe: "Marcelo, hello, how are you?! I finished unloading and returning to Syracuse, so want to see my mother. Kind of news in the house!"
" My brother Giuseppe, I don't want to say anything bad, my mother is waiting for you and baked pizza, but only one not burnt and the rest I had to throw away, but you do not worry, we"ll be enough and this at all, a happy voyage," Marcel said with sadness in his voice.
Upon hearing this bad news Giuseppe's face changed and grieved, he couldn't think that of ten sacks there was only one with heroin and other nine sacks with flour for pizza. He suspected his cousin in an unclean deed, in his absence of non- blank into the hands of Marcel hid nine sacks and kided around. Giuseppe went to his cabin, pulled out of the fridge a bottle Johnnie Walker Gold, sat down and drank a couple of glasses of frustration biting a lemon. He has not had time to remove the bottle as heard in the mobile phone ringtone, opened the lid and heard a sweet voice of Marco Sanchez: "Giuseppe, please, forget the last conversation, I don't suspect those guys acted correctly. I became interested in container ship. What do you think, can the ones who carried the sacks of flour tucked away inside other containers sucks with heroin? Even if in every container of flour shall be three or five sacks with heroin then the game is worth the candle, only one container opened. You only imagine, forty three sacks are 120 million bucks!"
Hearing that Giuseppe cheered, joy came over him and he said: "Marco Sanchez, things can be, I agree to sail with only two conditions, fifty-fifty, half of the flour as you and me, then, you go with me, I want to play fair. Call the day when we will go."
"Giuseppe, I agree, we"ll sail in a few days, in Syracuse you make ready "Margarita", refuel the tanks with fuel, water, you know yourself what you need in the way and tack tools for opening containers, all on me, wait for my call, happy voyage, " said Mark Sanchez and silence began.
Joyful after such a call Giuseppe went to his navigator, and gave the order to weigh anchor, in a few minutes, "Mar-garet" has moved away from the pier and headed for Sicily.
Nevertheless, Marco Sanchez did not lose hope to find a trace of treasure hunters, in five days Giuseppe reported the boss the "Margaret" is ready to sail to the Bahamas in any time, he was glad and agreed to sail in two days. In the evening interesting news came from America, many TV companies of Miami showed scene that shocked the world: a huge sea creature attacked this sunny city and caused the big destruction. Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez saw a sea creature in action and lost all interest in those treasures that were stored in his belly and he spit on the hunters decided to go to the place where the container vessel was lying at the bottom with the containers in which there were among sacks of rice flour with stashed sacks of heroin.
Marco Sanchez called Giuseppe and told the good news that he was waiting for: "Dear captain, I"ll fly to you early tomorrow morning, go for a boat ride."
"Dear Marco Sanchez, our yacht under sail, we are ready to sail at any time, glad to see you on the board of "Marga-rite", heard boss the joyful voice of his companion.
In the evening Marco arrived in Syracuse, he was met at the airport by Giuseppe himself, immediately they rushed to the port and climbed to the ship where he was prepared for the stateroom. In the morning, the first rays of the sun " Margarita" weighed anchor and sailed picked up speed to the Bahamas. In nine days, at 11 p.m. ship was sailing up to the spot where two vessels and several hundred containers lay on the bottom. Only three miles had to sail to the spot, as Giuseppe beckoned to himself the boss and quietly, with sadness in his voice said: "Marco Sanchez, look in the binoculars in the south-west, I see there a ship, someone ahead of us, without a fight they"ll not go away, take a decision."
Mark Sanchez took the binoculars and in a bright moonlit night he saw away ship twice a superior "Margarita", he looked at the Giuseppe and without any fear on the face said: "My captain, sail forward, we have something to defend."
"Well," said Giuseppe and not changing course went sailing, in a half-mile from strange ship Marcos saw on the deck a few of naked sailors with machine guns and rifles and heard the burst of machine-gun fire, and the several bullets sped overhead.
"Giuseppe, they forestalled of us, change course and sail back, we are here to do nothing, at than full speed if they guess that we've been here we all go nuts," murmured Mark Sanchez .
"I understand you, my boss, as well that we have not sailed here a few days earlier, they would have sunken our ship together with us," said Giuseppe, abruptly turned the "Margarita" and sailed at full speed on the north- east to the coast of Spain. When they have sailed for a few miles and the stranger ship was out of sight over the horizon Giuseppe looked at the boss and said quietly: "Dear Marco Sanchez, you don't believe, on our place "Athens" sailed, that on the deck of which my sailors and soldiers were looking to Johnny Gray in which as you have supposed there was a map with the coordinates of the place of the wreck of "Hispaniola" near the treasure island.They then tricked us, that Johnny was on the ship but they have not given him to us and now lifted gems. In my opinion somewhere around these sunken ships is the caravel and we all rushed to the sacks of heroin."
"Really this Is the "Athens" which we watched by a few months? It seems to me I should not have sent you, they did not know about the bugs, and once you have visited them they removed ones and we lost track of Johnny. But after a fight with his fists do not wave," said with a sigh Marco Sanchez ... When the "Isabella" began to sink four boats on which there were Carlos Rodriguez, Chun Lu with the soldiers, sailors, and 12 bags of heroin sailed a big distance. It was a dark night and a pirate offered to drug trafficker to sail on full speed to be before dawn in port and be not watched by border guards and customs officers. Carlos Rodriguez agreed with Chun Lu and ordered to go to Miami for the maximum speed and soon they sailed 35 miles per hour. Our adventurers were lucky as ever, they have slipped on the dark border guards and customs officers unnoticed by anyone got to the private dock where friends waited for them and bus was in the parking and the guys. Only boats approached to mooring as srong guys went up to them, they seized sacks with white powder and transferred them into the bus, arriving sailors and soldiers sat down on soft chairs and soon the yellow school bus rushed to the villa. Carlos and Chung gave the order to bring the boat in order, sat down in the color of asphalt approached Ford and rushed to the villa. After such a longer period of trip they were not only tired but also were hungry. Having been inside the house the first thing they cool off in the pool and then had a hearty breakfast with a drink and went to bed, asking Valerod to wake them up at 11 a.m.
As requested bosses Valerod woke them up at 11 a. m., Don Carlos and Chun freshened up in the pool and drinking a glass of whiskey went to the basement where there were bags of heroin. They entered in the spacious room, switched on the bulbs and saw the twelve bags lying on wooden pallets, Carlos took a knife and looking at Chung said: "In the morning always sniff , take a sample from a new party, Chun, you can too. "
"Sorry, Carlos, I prefer a glass of whiskey in our work on the water it warms the body and soul, around only water and wind around horror," said Chung.
Carlos made an incision in the sack and pulled out a pinch of white powder, looked, sniffed the air and made a wry face said: " That's disgusting! Chun, it's a real meal!"

Boss got into a fuss, cut a hole in anger, put his hand, caught a handful and started sniffing, looked at the pirate and growled: "Chung, a real meal! Well, you bastards!" Carlos went to another sack, made an incision with a knife, took the test and in it there was a meal. In 9 out of 12 bags of flour and only in three sacks there was heroin. Carlos was indignant, Chun began to pat friend and explained to him why in the sacks was flour: "My dear Carlos, you must understand, who will carry a container of heroin, the people hid several sacks among others with flour and thus surpassed by sea from one point to another, whether you're happy that we got three bags with heroin-it's three million bucks. I am very happy gave back lost money, but before we set another goal, you have forgotten treasures that draw on hundreds of millions of dollars. Leave the powder with the flour until a better time, let 's go upstairs, gather our people and outline a plan of action, we started to develop and threw from the boat ride. Now clear to us, the treasure somewhere else and not letting from sight of treasure hunters to hunt down the path to their base and to throw bugs on their trawler. We"ll watch them from the satellite and keeping up on the three-mile when they sail off for treasure."
Carlos looked at the pirate smiled and said: "Chun, you reassured me that the powder is worth three million dollars and the treasures are hundreds of times more expensive, let's go and continue to develop a plan of action."
Boss and pirate left the room, they are once again freshened up in the pond, drank a glass of Chivas, Carlos came to the brass bell, struck out three times and melodious sound spread over the county - minute through all his assistants came up to him, he looked at them and said: "Gentlemen, what's the news in my absence with Chun relatively trawler and its crew? Chun, Peter, Juan, Fung and Chan and follow me."
The boss left the table and went to the door, those whom he called by name followed him up to the third floor and came into a small light room: colored carpets on the floor, the walls are decorated with paintings, crystal vases, fresh flowers on the table, bottles of Smirnoff vodka, Scotch whiskey, Cuban rum, gourmet snacks and fruit. They sat down at the table, poured into a glass of vodka and Carlos said: "My gentlemen, let's drink to the success of the forthcoming, I know we all have to not only work hard but also to make the mind, we are not dealing with amateurs and amateurs of advertising. They came in a quiet to port, no stuffer and a photographer arrived to meet them. Short, they decided to do everything so that no one knew of the wealth they certainly have taken and the rest will be picked up later and here we need to know , when they go and we, of course, for them. "
All uttered softly "For success," drank vodka and began to have a snack .
"Dear Carlos, I can not understand why they've left so quickly that bonanza, there are so many treasures that they do not scrape up for week?" Chun said.
"Chun, something they have taken the rest wealth decided to lift with the modern technology in a very short period of time, because we do not know at what depth the treasures they might want to buy a deep-sea submarine and send it on the underwater palace divers, may be any other technique." "Gentlemen," said Peter Growl, handy of drug trafficker, "everything is very simple, they sailed without any sensation in order to do thorough preparation. If they complete their business, they immediately the whole world would have dismissed the rumor of great riches lifted from the bottom. Our guys are so silent because of deed has not finished completely and I tink they in the nearest time will sail to thet place and now my friends we should arm themselves to the teeth, we"ll divide into two teams, the first team will attack house-their base where they hide their guests and caught up treasures, the second team attack the ship. So we need by the day and night to watch them and found suburban villa, so if we want to capture their riches to stop drinking-bout, with a sober head we"ll create a plan of action and each of us has a major responsibility for assigned work. Anybody who frustrates a plan he brings upon himself full responsibility up to a comrades' court, even to withdrawing from the shoulders of a bad head. If you agree with my proposal that let's vote."
"Gentlemen," said Juan Iglesia, the second handy of boss, "Peter, you're right, they are silent as a fish, the whole thing is still to come, the sensation is an enemy for them as for us. We don't trumpet to the world that, thanks to our business have earned tens of millions bucks, the next day we would have been in prison. They are good fellows, have hidden and may be presuppose that they have enemies and now we, gentlemen, should secretly get close to him, to know the loca-tion of their base and to enter the vessel in order to install several microphones-transmitters setting ones up to INTEL-SAT. Wherever they were going we"ll be listen to their speeches but the main thing to know where they sail, their posi-tion at the moment. We"ll sail after their trawler and when they get to the bottom of the sea for the treasures and lift ones on their vessel sail up to them and ask guys to share and after we'll see what to do with the guys. I think to keep them a little bit of good and save lives, they"ll not file an action against us, I believe that treasure hunters are not stupid and are unlikely to want to share with the authorities, we are doing so, too, do not share."
"Peter and Juan, I agree with you, so give out a dozen of soldiers day and night to watch for the trawler and pioneers of the treasures, you, Peter, create a group of 12-14 best guys and when we go into the ocean for treasure you attack their base where they in steel safe, in the vault save treasure and money, and yet you don't forget the girls, but because you find their base as soon as possible and let me know, I give three days. Now, you, Chun, and me in the coming days will start to the ship and I myself personally hide secretly bugs, I"ll be calm that they are under our personal observation, such a pity to lose billions and lovely seductive girls. I'll tell you guys as I've seen them in that movie cover their naked splended bodies with gold threads, from my eyes and mind they don't go out,"said Carlos and smiled."
"My Carlos, I listen to the weather forecast, as soon as the rain in the night will be outline we immediately start to the trawler to install bugs, at least in any weather, we should do it before their departure, I think up to the task perfectly. Yes, Carlos, until all the guys are assembled let's inspire them, let them see that they"ll fight for, show them a docu-mentary and they are for the sake of the riches and money will climb into the fire and into water, each participant should know: where they are going and they are looking for, my kids have seen excerpts," said Chun.
"Chun, you're right, you take your soldiers, I with you sail to install bugs, with respect to the film guys will see it right now."
Carlos stood up and moved toward the door, all followed him , they went to the second floor, the guys continue to make merry and seeing the boss and his handies shouted "Hurrah". Don Carlos Boss looked at them and smiling said: " Gentlemen, attention, now you"ll see the documentary and everything will be clear to all: where we are going and we're looking for, your share of the riches to be generous attention to the television screen, in a minute I'll get drive and you"ll understand all. "
Carlos left, soon returned with a DVD disc and in a moment the men saw the strange labyrinths with heaps of treasure , almost naked charming Spaniards, girls, the elderly Spaniards in armor, young people and they all packed together driving suits with gold and silver coins, things, jewels and precious stones. Everyone was overjoyed and very loudly cheered "Urrraaa, our dear leaders Carlos and Chun". Since it was a busy hard day all went to ment at three o'clock in the afternoon Carlos woke up, gathered his assistant Juan, Peter ands wasted no time he gave them the task directly from the evening to organize watching of the trawler and to track the movement of researchers from the ship to their base and they immediately went to fulfil the boss' order. The next morning Carlos called a meeting, his first assistant attended: Peter, Juan and Chung with his ringleaders Chan and Mao, on the table there were strong drinks and tasty snacks and during drinking-bout and at mealtimes, they finally decided to form two main groups. The first big group of the 33 men will have two teams: Carlos will be head in the first team of the 16 gangsters, Chun will be head of a second team of 17 pirates. They on three speedboats will attack researchers of the deep sea at the very moment when they start lifting the treasure with the strange underwater palace and more precisely from the womb to the deck of their ship. In the case of resistance Carlos have decided to use force up to the use of guns, Peter will laed a second small group of 12 fighters.
As the ship with treasure hunters will be captured by Carlos called Peter and at night he"ll rush to storm the base where hidden treasures in the basement and in the house beautiful Spaniards woman have a rest. Made a speech many leaders and agreed to hunt down the villa and to get on a ship with bugs, Carlos said that he has a dozen of bugs of the last sample and as he is a specialist of the highest class personally install them, but it will be done not today and not tomorrow. Chun put in his word and said that he would take a direct part to penetrate at the ship standing at distance of half a mile from the coast and it will happen in the dark night from two to four hours.
In order to track down the location of villa's treasure hunters Carlos allocated 12 persons and instructed it to Peter, he agreed to this meeting is over. The boss got up, looked at the audience and said: "Gentlemen, now we go to the port, I want to check how our guys are assigned to them responsible business, all to the exit, I allow to have a five-minute smoke break and by car rushing at the same time to enjoy their trawler."
Don Carlos, Peter, Juang and Chun with their ringleaders Chan and Mao left the table and went down into the yard, it was hot, the sun heated unbearable, soon black Lincoln drove up, they sat down in it, driver Franco hit the gas and the car smoothly moved from its place. As Lincoln got on the highway it raced according to the road signs and in forty minu-tes they arrived at the port parking. Everyone came out of the car, Carlos showed two fingers Franco which meant in twenty minutes they would come back and the company moved forward. Soon they saw a soldier Fidel, he was walking back and forth. Seeing the boss and his men he came up, smiled, all greeted each other and then he announced: "Dear Mr. Carlos, this morning at 5. 15 four broad-shouldered guys got in a waiting boat and sailed to the ship, then went back with the leather bags, stacked them in the van and drove off. I say they made two trips, I didn't call, I didn't want to wake you."
Carlos looked at the boy, smiled and said: "Fidel, thank you, next time call me at any time of the day or night, we rushed in a trice."
"Carlos, they've coped for twenty-five minutes, you would not have time to be here, but next time you be sure I call," Fidel said.
Chun looked at the drug trafficker and said: "Carlos, I see their vessel and say without any problems we"ll go up to the deck of trawler, just to darker night, but in general "The Seagal" is big and beautiful, after the operation I"ll ransom her and sail in Hong Kong, it is safer and more secure."
Carlos looked at him, smiled and said: "Do not buy back, Chun, after the operation the ship is yours, load in the cargo hold treasures and sail aimlessly, I have seven boats, I need no more."
They looked at the trawler, said good bye to Franko, he did them and went to the parking, soon drove up Lincoln, all sat into it and rushed to the villa. On the way Carlos raised his sick theme to find the treasure hunters' villa and so Peter knew that this refers to him looked at the boss and said: "Don Carlos, I'll try to find the base as soon as possible, without a doubt all the treasures were transported in and stored in basement, tomorrow I"ll myself be watching for those who comes to the trawler and leaves. I know the guys are changing and I'm showing my ability to track down people."
"I've no doubt in you and your abilities, Peter, but preferably early, before their departure, the treasure hunters, too, know that the time delay is dangerous," Carlos said sternly.
"Don Carlos, I'll try, in their home values for dozens if not hundreds of millions of dollars, they are not excessive," Peter said, and lit his favorite Chesterfield.
All of what happened, Peter found the villa and immediately invited Carlos to see that nest.
Carlos trust but verify, the next day and he, Juan, Peter, Chun Lu and their bodyguards went by car to the villa which was inhabited by treasure hunters. A mile from the house they got out of van, the driver drove in villa and directed by the boss he would come back for them not earlier than in three hours. Peter still advance found the short safer detour to a manor and together with the guards all the leaders started on foot to the villa and unnoticed by anyone in an hour to reach the cherished goal. True, they had to be in an agony of suspense in there hiding place before the inhabitants of the villa went outside. Luckily for them in a couple of hours they saw as easily dressed in colorful robes, lovely charming Spaniards women, elderly Spaniards men in accompany of beautiful middle-aged woman and two young healthy hand-some broad-shouldered men come out of the house. For five minutes they wandered through the garden but as it was very hot then they headed to the pool, threw off their clothes and in full view of the uninvited guests hiding behind thick bushes about nine hundred feet from the metal fence with sharp spikes began to swim. Although the distance was a huge in field-glasses mafia bosses and the pirates managed to make out in the details of charming beauties. Carlos took a movie camera and started shooting in the first fence with two bare wires on which at night hosts is passed an electric current, then he took up to the sweet beauties splashing in water. Piter kept up and photographed all who were amusing themselves in the pool and sunbathing in the bright sunshine. What a pity! Soon everyone have gone into the house, Carlos waved his hand and his team went to van waiting for them at the appointed place, they sat in silence at it and rushed home happily sharing their impressions of the young, seductive beauties in bikinis frolicking in the pool.
When they returned to villa Carlos led them all on the third floor, three middle-aged beautiful maid met them and was immediately invited for the festive table with drinks and refreshments: vodka, whiskey, snacks, sausages, cheeses, red and black caviar, smoked trout, crabs and other gourmet delicacies appetizing after drinking. They sat down at the table , Carlos immediately went up to the TV and soon on the big screen Spaniards-beauties appeared, then they slowly undressed, threw into the pool and began to swim.
Carlos sat down at the table, all poured Smirnoff vodka in glasses, he raised his glass and said: "Gentlemen, for success , we have a real person, it's all thanks to you Chun, now I have no doubt there in the basement, in a safe, hidden jewels, these Spaniards girls and men from the underwater palace, let's raise our glasses to the treasure."
They all cried Urrrraaaa and drank, clinked forks and began pleasant easy conversation, boss looked at Juan and said: " My friend, frankly, I changed the attitude to the female sex. Have you noticed how beautiful mermaid - one is better than another, even at a loss what to prefer, enlarge the pictures and then I decide. How are they to you?"
"Carlos! Amazing girls, I fit any of the remaining three, I do not think that you're a polygamist, for it the judges can hide you behind the bars," Juan said, smiling.
"What polygamy , there would be at least with one to cope, this a dope made me an impotent, frankly, unless we would find those treasures throw this stuff and spend any money to get rid of this addiction. I want that woman, Peter, you imagine if those charming fish, mermaids to invite to get in my pool, so it would be a fun swim! And then we would eat them! You know, Peter, I've looked at them and thrilled and I will say to you in all seriousness, that this with long dark hair is not you dare to offend, I recognize it will be bad, what a chicken, what a figure, what a great body! She's my type. I"ll tell you what, as soon as we"ll sail up to Miami calling you and you dress them as we saw in documentary-with gold threads on their naked bodies, we"ll walk in, turn on the player and they began dancing, it will be chic!"
"Carlos, I think over and do as you wish, just imagine to himself, as they are almost naked, all those threads are not enough," said Peter smiling.
"Peter, you"ll buy any cheap tinsel, pounce on their bodies and it's OK, I sorry they have cut their hair, but it would have on them hung bells, were ringing and pouring on all the voices."
"Chun," said Peter, "I"ll not hurt you, choose any of the two."
"Peter, Carlos gave me the trawler, we would sail home on it without girls, so it's best not to get through customs, in addition airport employees don't sleep, we have been taught, can you imagine one bag dragged away in a suitcase took three hundred thousand dollars, in dirty shirts laid stones for weight, the bastards just want to cry," said Chun.
"My Chun, thank them that they cleared you, you are in America, but if the customs officers outwarded bucks we'd met a few years, and so you see the ship and those beautiful women alive and have a chance to earn a few hundred million dollars of real, that if Carlos said I allow to attack tonight, me and my soldiers would go right now for those treasures."
Carlos looked at Peter and said: "Peter, just after my call from the trawler."
"Carlos, how will people manage to live without your help, you provide for half world with drug that? Don't throw this profitable business."
"Juan, my empire will go into your hands, I"ll advise you, do not worry."
" Thanks Carlos, you are a true gentleman, I never doubted you," said Juan and smiled.
"And now, gentlemen serious talk-how to penetrate into the yard , the fence is not only high but also on top of it are drawn bare wires on which at night is sure electrical current is passed. I think to solve this problem to buy a lorry with a telescopic tower and a cradle, two guys standing in it cut the wires, in addition make a short circuit, entire house is de-energized. Having the flashlights dozen guys with machetes and even using guns with silencers kill the men and kidnap Spaniards women. All values are of interest and importance are taken, to the operation allotted a maximum of thirty minutes. Since shots will be done by the inhabitants of the house and they can be heard by neighbors, all need to get away with the girls and a safe before the police get in. If you are not able to open on the site you"ll have to pull it out with the cable out of the house, then you load it on the lorry or on a bus and naff. Gentlemen, I believe that no one is better than Peter to manage the serious situation, so you in three days come to me with the plan of attack on the villa and in detail explain to me, I do not want to risk my true people to lose them recklessly!" Peter looked at the boss and said: "My dear Carlos, in three days I"ll give you my plan, I go to prepare for fulfilling such an important task. "
"Peter, linger for a while, these races I had forgotten to invite our dear guest, Chun Lu, in the entertainment saloon " Daisy", tonight we"ll go to the beauty Marie Buada Vearres. Now I call her and ask to set the table without you and Harry Lopez evening will be boring, let our guest will look at how you care for pretty young creatures. fact is that in the morning Marie Buada called and invited me to visit her in the evening, today closed evening just for us so that there were no any foreign visitors," don Carlos said and smiled.
"Don Carlos, call her, I agree to go with you, for over a week as we do not visited them, I think our chickens sat up and felt sad because of the lack of males. Yes, he should be in the know and let Chun Lu brings with himself three comrades passionately loving young creatures," Peter said and looked at the boss and corsair.
"Peter, we"ll take Chun Lu and his three companions, " said Carlos and smiled, dialed the number and sitting gentle-men heard nice velvety female voice: "Dear senor Carlos Rodriguez, good morning, how I guess you are free and want to visit us, the girls were tired of waiting, bored. in this case, welcome, let us know how many guests will be with you and we"ll meet you with dignity in our "Daisy", try not later than at nine o'clock, the tables are covered, kiss."
"Sinora Marie Buada, good afternoon, we're in a whirl, so you're going to you, seven guests, so you prepare seven girls, we will try to come tearing at nine p.m. , as agreed in the morning, hugs and kisses," said Don Carlos and smiled.
"My Don Carlos, I'm preparing a table for seven people, come, wait, ciao," sang joyfully senora Marie Buada and the phone was silent.
Carlos smiled, looked at friends and said: "Peter and Harry, I'm taking you with me to the party, Chun Lu, you as our guests will leave with your three faithful guys with us to have a good time with charming young createres. Today in "Daisy" just us, so that no unauthorized persons and, please, none of your mates do not spill the beans to the girls in the night about the true purpose of your arrival in America, just tourists and my guests, they all talk will give Marie Buade."
Chun Lu looked at the boss smiled and said happily: "Dear Don Carlos, thank you for the invitation to have fun when we do our work and leisure time you with comrades fly to us in Hong Kong that adequately meet you and get a lot of entertainment for your choice. As for my comrades then I take with me Mao Tsu, Chan Moon and Lee Soo, they will keep their mouths shut."
" Fine, Chun Lu, at 8. 30 p.m. we rush to Marie Buada, our dark-skinned witch, nice, pretty temptress but the lack, she is a lesbian. Gentlemen, we"ll collect in this room at 8. 15 p.m., yes, Chun Lu, as for clothing we have there usual home conditions, it is our establishment, you can wear anything you like, keep going at ease, according to the situation, I think everyone will have fun and most important get a pleasure," said don Carlos and smiled.
"All clear, senor Carlos, my guys will entertain the girls, everyone will be happy, " said Chun Lu, stood up, shook everyone's hand and left the room. Having been in the yard, he saw his friends frolicking in the pool, a pirate undressed and jumped into the water, the January hot sun warmed it up and it was nice to swim . After a while, Chun Lu swam to the guys and named three names: "Mao, Chan, Lee. " Young people immediately swam up to him and he said quietly: "Gentlemen, I have an interesting invitation, we"ll spend the evening , I 'll tell you everything . "
Once on the hot sand Chun Lu happily told them exciting news , " Lee, Chang and Mao, Don Carlos invited us to have fun with a babe in the saloon "Daisy", I have chosen you, so I think you heartily express your feelings and love, go at 8 30 p. m., we"ll meet here at 8. 15 p.m., no suits, shorts and T shirts, those girls need to see your muscular body, you know we don't go to the theater and most importantly do not spill the beans about the true purpose of our stay, came as tourists, met purely by chance with don Carlos and he became our friend and guide."
Upon hearing this news guys smiled and thanked Chun Lu and assured that it will not fail, do not spill the beans , and most importantly the young beauty will be happy to meet with them again. Since before the departure time was still a boys continued to swim in the pool.
At 8. 15 p.m. Lee, Chang and Mao in brown shorts, blue T-shirts with gold fire-spitting dragon and black leather sandals by the pool were waiting for his commander, that came out of the doors Chun Lu in dark blue shorts, white T-shirt with a picture of Bruce Lee and in sandals made from crocodile skin. Chun Lu looked at comrades, smiled and said quietly: " You've made the right choice of clothing, the view is awesome, I think a girl fall in love with you, wait for me here, I go to Don Carlos."
Chun Lu entered the house and 8.30 p.m. came together with Don Carlos, Peter and Harry, as if agreed in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. The boss looked at from head to toe Lee, Chan, Mao, smiled and said: "I've not doubted you will make a good impression on girls, let's go.

Carlos took them to the garage next to which a long white limousine with shaded windows was, well-built guy was standing near the open door waiting for the boss to accompany his men. He greeted everyone with a smile, the boss with the guests sat in the salon, the guy-bodyguard sat down next to the driver and limousine drove slowly to a metal gate. They automatically opened, Ford drove by, driver increased the speed and soon car was racing at a speed of 55 miles per hour on the chic freeway in the flow of multi-colored cars and soon reached the outskirts of the glittering neon-colored lights Miami. In 25 minutes a limousine turned onto a narrow road and drove up to a huge two-story red-brick building, large blue neon letters replacing one another flashed the name of entertainment bar "Daisy". The limou-sine stoped, the glass doors of entertainment bar opned and middle height young -looking dark-skinned beauty with platinum wavy hair down to her shoulders went out. Lilac blouse with short sleeves tightly hugged her body and the splendid brists bulged out seductively. Blue denim mini skirt did not reach a quarter of a knee and specially to all guests woman showed her full long legs. She walked to the door limousine, opened and stretched out her hand to boss, Don Carlos went out, followed Peter, Harry, Chun and his comrades, the hostess and the guests exchanged welcoms, became acquainted and joyful, smiling Marie Buada held them in the saloon and all were in a big hall. Near the wall was a bar, on the shelves were many bottles of vodka, wines of American and European brands, behind the bar were four attractive -looking young girls, they prepared cocktail on ice "Daisy" mixing each other gin, lemon juice grenadine and sugar syrup . Today, the saloon was empty because the owner took co-owner of "Daisy's" Don Carlos with his guests.
Belle Marie Buada sat at the large table all, it was laden with wines and nice snacks, in the middle of the table were two crystal vases: one was with garden flowers, the other was with red roses. Nearby a huge round high snow-white table with six legs was intended as a mini stage for dancers, strippers. As soon as the guests began to feast three charming young smiling beautiful woman in the blue short skirts and blouses with long sleeves came in the hall.
Under the sound of music flowing from the speakers they with wide smiles on their pretty face approached to the seated guests, made a curtsy and helping each other came up on the table and began to dance. This time four busty babes prepared cocktail "Daisy" at the bar in the white miniature apron on the naked bodies with trays in hand walked up to the table at which sat the guests. Long beautiful plump legs were in full view, splendid breasts excited sitting gentlemen. Seductive girls grinning came to the table, made a curtsy and put on the table tall glasses with a cocktail " Daisy", a bottle of wine, snacks, tropical fruit, removed the bottle with half-full drinks, empty plates, dashinly turned around and left. Meanwhile the two beauties dancing on the table artistically undressed girlfriend on everybody's view and as soon as she was completely naked beauty left her. Beauty slowly began to perform Oriental dance wriggling her body and taking unimaginable poses and it lasted until the end of the music. To the table came two girls in green and golden bikini beauty helped her to come down from the table and took with them into the dressing room. Soon the music started again, three beauties came up to the table and made a striptease on it, this time two seductive dancing naked girls repeating movements of the first girl and in conclusion, after the break three girls were dancing on the table.
At 10 p.m. in the hall a charming hostess Marie Buada together with her handmaidens appeared, on the gorgeous bodies are adorned with tiny blue aprons. They've stood in front of a table with sitting gentlemen, have made a curtsy and Marie Buada with wide smile on her beautiful face softly said: "Dear friends, for dessert you"ll be served our sweet lovely charming girls, but please don't eat them entirely. In my sign to you one by one will approach them and choose your sugar candy."
Marie Buada with the girls came up to the stage, opened a green-blue curtain and guests saw two baths the color of the blue moon. One large bath was filled with multi-colored cake with a cream and the second golden with sparkling wine. Alluring seductive beauties with gorgeous forms of bodies one by one came up to the bath with a cream cake, threw off the aprons and nude rushed into it, smeared each other from head to toe until they were covered with a thick layer of pastry cream, finally with the help of Marie Buada they got up and stood like a statue. Made dirty all over faces by cream nobody could be determined and this created an intrigue when a partner was choosing that girl which she was liked by him when he was admiring her in the performance of dance or when they served them at the table.
while on other days in the presence of all visitors on the beauties of decency were the extra tiny bikini.
Hostess of "Daisy" looked at the guests, smiled and explained the conditions for the election favorite dessert: "Dear gentlemen, you are seven, the same is number of sweet pastries. All of you come to me and pull out of the bag number according to which you go to the bath and will pick your cake, you lick the cream as far as possible and then take off the remnants of your hand with her body, take her on your hands and bring to the bath with sparkling wine, wash and finally pour her from a bottle of champagne, girl gives you your hand and leads to her cell to thank you, I ask, come to me." "Gentlemen, follow me," said Carlos, got up and went to the scene behind him were Peter, Harry, Chung, Chan, Lee and Mao. Having been near Marie Buady each guest popped his hand in the blue velvet bag and looked at the number. Harry pulled out ticket number one, Peter did number two, Carlos did number three, Chung did number four , Mao did number five, Chan did number six and Lee did number seven. Chan thought he was lucky-a pirate wanted to see how those who was the first licked cream personally demonstrated their skills. Handsome Harry walked over to the bath and to avoid cream didn't stain his clothes, he threw off his T-shirt, shorts and then began to choose a beauty but because it was impossible to see the face and the body he should take girl at random, she was the third and began to lick the cream with a little face. Then he took off by his hands already from all parts of the body, moved the beauty in the bath with sparkling wine and washed her pouring time from time from a large bottle of very real champagne Moet Chandon. Neat, seductive, happy and merry beauty kissed Harry and with sweet voice said: "My dear, I'm Penelope, your servant, if you like me then go to my bedroom, this night I"ll give you the joy, sweetness and consolation."
Harry looked at the seductive busty beauty, kissed her softly and said: "My dear dolly, my name is Harry, I'm glad to meet you, I agree about spending night of love with you and I'm glad you bring happiness and pleasure, come on."
Harry picked up his clothes off the floor, Penelope took Harry's hand, smiled and waved to all plump handl led her boyfriend in her bedroom.
Then it was the turn of Peter to lick cream of beauty Gina, Carlos chose Liza, Chun Lu finally began to choose his beauty and luckily for him he had won that which he spotted while she was dancing on the table, her name was Carmen. Since his face did not comply with the pirate's name it aroused interest Carmen to this handsome and she attempted on the instruction of Marie Buady to find out from him where he was from and what led him to Don Carlos. The same task was given to all girls left with the Chinese Lee, Chan and Mao. When in ra evening Marie Buada met the guests who came with Don Carlos it was impossible to hide on the face who they were and then she suspected that Don Carlos was up to something with new friends and entered it into the swung of things for the simple reason, he didn't want to share her of part profit. But a week ago he devised a plan with her bank robbery in Panama City and was going to fly but for some reason delayed flight and stopped.
Quick witted Chun Lu to receive from Carmen what is the dark-skinned beauty Marie Buada briefly told her his fictional story: "My dear Carmen, a week ago, I and my friends arrived with a group of Hong Kong tourists to see sunny Florida and purely by chance in Miami, in the port, met with Don Carlos during a visit to a private dock for a boat ride on a speed boat or yacht. I asked one gentleman of pleasant appearance strolled along the pier to help us foreigners from China, to see Miami from the deck of the ship. Hearing about what we are from Hong Kong he overjoyed and imme-diately offered his boats "Inez" and "Marlin" for our three-hour boat ride. I agreed and we on two boats went to see an evening Miami, Don Carlos was our personal guide but that friendship was not over and, my cute Carmen, he invited all of us the next day to visit his villa. Shortly, between us started extraordinary sincere friendship and Don Carlos invited me and three of my friends to senora Marie Buada which has an unusually attractive and charming young seductive waitresses, dancers, strippers. We were intrigued and agreed to go to where I fell in love with you at first sight and frankly when you danced on the table I dreamed of you and as you can see we're together. Now I even think about how to take you with me to Hong Kong, of course, Carmen, with your consent, however, I"ll stay in the States for some time, before sailing I 'll call you."
"My dear Chun Lu, hardly your dream will come true: the first-all girl and me here are illegal, we don't have documents to legally fly out of the country, only to run like we did it left a miserable life in Mexico. The second-senora Marie Buada and Don Carlos will never leave us as we make by our bodies a lot of money and give pleasure not only to her, him and his guests but also by rich VIP visiting "Daisy". For our seductive striptease, dancing and washing us in the bath people pay big money. With Don Carlos we talk a little, but with Marie Buada every night when nobody visited us. Fact, we live in a female harem, her lover, you would not believe my Chun Lu, she is lesbian and make us amuse her in bed. I don't know how my friends but I'm not very nice from this fun. When the man next to me I consider myself to be transformed and not a slave of love or a whore-girl delivering extraordinary pleasure of my beloved. Chun, forget about Carmen and do not say out loud to anyone that you love me and are going to kidnap from the one who gave you so happy to be here and enjoy us. Now he's your boss and if you disobey him you can lose everything including life. I don't know anything about don Carlos, he does not like to chat with us during love-making but on the contrary Buada Marie tells us about their past adventures and how from hopeless situations where assistance is get out alive and not empty-handed. She with his gang robbed banks, climbed up on a tip on the rich villas, how in the case of the resistance ruthlessly punished those who provided it. Now she's staying with us but wants to attack the bank, she and don Carlos had a plan but at the last minute for unknown reasons he broke it. She spoke to me that in the bank there are about three million dollars and promised me forty thousand dollars. Though I'm illegal but not so poor now in my bank account 50,000 bucks, for Mexi-can girl is a huge amount of money, so my life is good."
" My dear Carmen , I like you , I love you and if you agree to be my wife Don Carlos and Mary Buada will not mind. We sit down on a luxury motor yacht and sail by the seas and oceans in Hong Kong, there I"ll make you a Chinese passport, we're registered, will be the husband and wife and fly through the world. However, today and tomorrow it will not happen, it take some time, but please do not say about it to your mistress Marie," said Chun Lu and kissed Carmen.
"My dear Chun Lu, I love you, if everything come true as you say then I agree to marry you, I promise to keep quiet and not to tell anyone about our talking. How sad that I have so little money to buy a yacht on which can sail with you from here, let's agree-as long as you do not it will be possible by agreement with Don Carlos and Mary Buada take me out of this house let's will be silent . But there is another option and for the sake of love and to be your wife, I would go at it if you would agree and we could take off with the money from here first to Mexico and from there to Hong Kong. In our country for money people can do any clean documents, from the U.S. to Mexico to get very easy. My Chun Lu, do not take offense at me, but by your behavior and your scars on his back is not difficult to guess that you're coming under the bullets did not pass you. I realized that you're not an angel and is unlikely to come here to admire America. but I will not try to find out, I do not need it and you need me here. If don Carlos still does not recognize you then it's your happiness, but from me they"ll never know who you are.
So, I say to you my dear and beloved Chun Lu, a diamond of my heart, in this house, in the basement, there are three safes with millions of dollars, Don Carlos keeps them after the sale of heroin and including income received from us. Marie herself boasted to me that those who licks with our bodies cream cakes she has three thousand bucks and with each gawk on two hundred greens, they are sometimes stuffed with 150-200 and turns of the evening apart from selling cocktail "Daisy" pulls on 50 thousand dollars and for the year is about ten million greens. In my opinion they do not know their ammount and since cash mined by unrighteous stored in banks is dangerous, they are hiding, as I said, in steel safes. If you agreed to pull out the money with me at least from one of safes enough for them to buy a yacht and we would have gone with you to Hong Kong. No, Chung, I do not force you to do it tonight, you've got to think, to weigh in the mind and decide it's never too late, just approached me and where everything was done without shedding a single drop of blood," said Carmen and kissed sea corsair.
Chun Lu listened and wondered, for his courage and ingenuity, she was like he-a few hours of communication she has exposed him and realized what a bird he was. That's just not able or maybe just she did not want to know what led him to Don Carlos. And here was restrained and did not spill the beans to her that caused him to fly to America on countless treasures are sure to fall into his hands, and only then he"ll tell her about them and give for the love and loyalty to a piece of jewelry and turn Carmen into a queen Carmen. Pirate kissed her and said quietly: "My Carmen, I'm indebted to Don Carlos and I can not do this to him nastily, as for you, all your words remain in me and no one will know that you are offered. Anyway, I remember about you and I promise you, if it is done as planned it 'll take you with me but with your permission and now we come to bed and hope for luck . I do not like to brag but you're not really trust each of their plans, Marie Buada can eavesdrop and you're dead . "
"My Chun Lu, I am not such a fool to tell everyone about my plans, but I trust you and now, when you told me that you owe Don Carlos finally realized that you did not come here to admire the country, because you wish to succeed, but just in case remember my words, I love you," Carmen whispered and kissed her lover.
"Thank you, my Carmen, I love you and remember what you said, now let's sleep, early in the morning when you have a dream we would leave without saying goodbye to you," said softly Chun Lu and kissed charming dancer.

Pirate has not been able to sleep, he thought either about jewelry that soon would be in his hands, or about the beautiful Carmen. She liked him because he was going to sail with her to Hong Kong but she having found herself in a foreign country without documents could not on her saving own money to buy a ticket and to fly freely even in Mexico, especially in distant China. As to offer of Carmen to steal millions of dollars belonging to Don Carlos and Mary Buada stored in the basement that he would not even soil oneself for the sake of billions that in a few days will be in the hold of the trawler on which treasure hunters lift of the strange maze of underwater palace. Only at the very morning the pirate could sleep and how much he slept didn't know.
He was awakened by himself Don Carlos, Carmen missed, the boss looked at him and quietly said: "Chun Lu, time to get up already seven o'clock, morning, we"ll have breakfast at home, you know that we are in a big business, I promise you we"ll visit here, in "Daisy" after the end of our operation, code-named "Sunrise", a limousine is waiting for us."
"Don Carlos, I get up, thank you very much Marie Buada and you, so wonderful evening-I never forget it, but as we face a big deal then let's fully include in it and not be distracted until the operation "Sunrise".
Chun Lu got up, got dressed, Don Carlos led him to the door and left the room, went down to the first floor of the building and came out the pirate saw standing by limousine Peter, Lee, Harry, Mao and Juan, they exchanged greetings, sat in the car and drove to the don Carlos' villa. After returning from a party gentlemen first thing swam in the pool, then gathered in the common room and after a hearty breakfast went to a private room and started to develop a plan of attack on the home-base of treasure hunters. Siting with them Peter looked at the boss and said: "Don Carlos, you've charged me this important mission, in three days I"ll tell how to attack their base as I promised."
Don Carlos looked at Peter and said: "All right, you don't need us now, go and carry plan in three days."
Peter said goodbye and left, a drug boss looked at his subordinates, Chun Lu and completely switched to an important aspect-how to get noticed on the trawler and to hide bugs to overhear conversation of crew on deck. But most important , they"ll send a signal to the satellite INTELLSAT, on the boat "Catalina" there is modern equipment capable of receiving signals sent from bugs hidden on the trawler, on the screen Carlos will see coordinates of the location of the vessel sailing at the moment. Thus the persecutors under the command of Chun secretly sail behind a trawler with treasure hunters and neither the captain nor the members of the team do not suspect about their enemies.
Chun Lu looked at the drug boss and said: "Dear Carlos we'll make this important work in a few days, they don't sail away tomorrow. I think guys ordered equipment and wait for him, those researchers want with accelerated mrthod, with modern technics to rake everithing to last gem, a kind of huge vacuum pump able to suck in hose or in tube even small stones, gold, silver coins and jems. On the streets I saw a big trucks with a hose, the end is thrown into a pit with debris and stones, it sucks everything in huge tank that all there are on the bottom. So if they take it guys in a few hours suck up all the treasures from the underwater palace, so that my Carlos those bugs will need us as the air."
Carlos looked at the sea pirate and said: "Chun, watching the weather forecast, as soon as it is favorable to our opera-tions-rainy and foggy at once we start a boat and rush to the vessel of researchers ocean depths, my "Sea Messenger"is ready to sail at any time, your soldiers I think, too prepared!"
"Carlos, next week, at any weather we"ll go on a boat to the trawler and set the bugs otherwise they sail away without them and we"ll find ourselves like blind kittens, my guys are ready, we are waiting for your and my signal, success is guaranteed," said Chun.
Carlos and his guys encouraged by the words of Chun that he with him set bugs under any circumstances on the deck of vessel, because the pirate penetrates to tankers in comparison with which trawler like the elephant and the pug, on this occasion the leaders of gangs had a drink and broke up. In three days Peter came to Carlos with the report, he brought several big twisted sheets of paper, after the greetings he laid them on the table and the boss saw plan of that place near which they were three days ago and told in the details of the plan to attack the villa: "Carlos, the day before yesterday I rented a plane "Cessna" with the pilot, a couple of times we circled the estate and took pictures from a low height, from of bird's eye the neighborhood and the building itself, so I found a remote place. With this place we start quiet storm, the main to overcome the high metal fence with sharp thorns and wire under voltage. We are coming to a place in our truck with a cradle, two guys lift up, make a short circuit and all the estate stay without light, we cut the wires and with the help of the cradle the guys find themselves on territory of our enemies. Simultaneously with folding stairs we climb to the windows of the second floor, penetrate into the rooms, then everything is very simple, as to kill people silently my guys have been taught."
Carlos looked at his assistant and said: "Peter, I am pleased with you, in your head has become something that is unlikely to fall into my head off-aircraft, photos from the air."
"Carlos, you said we should take care of our soldiers and to act only on a dead certainly, if I fail this operation I lose my life and I want to live and to love those adorable girls, mermaids, they don't get out of my head as and millions," said Peter smiling.
"Hey, Peter, you just don't touch the girl that I have chosen, the one with the long hair, she is charming," Carlos muttered.
"My Carlos, do you think those girls have only just bathe! You understand yourself ! They are already at least several hundred years old and only seem to look at them that 25 years, also near them are young Spaniards and those guys, treasure hunters. I do not believe that they only kissed and petted them."
"My dear Peter, in any case, you keep them until I return," said Carlos and smiled. "Carlos, don't take offense, what they will be, I'm not their father and have not watched for them." "Well, Peter, go and get ready for the assault, take guns and prepare meat with Spaniard sauce for dogs, know they are down at night, feed them."
"Thank you Carlos, I go to my men, they rush into battle, even in the night," said Peter.
"Peter, now do not need to rush into battle, I"ll tell you on the phone with our boat, Good night," said Carlos.
On Sunday Chun heard the weather forecast for the next week, they were lucky, weather forecasters predicted a rainy night with mist from Tuesday to Wednesday. Pirate called Carlos and told him the good news, a drug trafficker was pleased to hear him and said: "Chun, my boat is waiting for us, I've purchased the latest bugs, I think on Wednesday at one o'clock of the night we go to the port by van and sail off at two-thirty. How are your men?"
"Carlos, I have picked up just in case the four guys, but we will involve two guys-Ho Fung and Bou Shu, fearless warriors! Scrag neck anyone!"
"Ok Chun, it's your operation, you know your people a lot about how I do in mine," said the boss.
"Yes Carlos, get into a night on the alien ship it's complicated operation, I rely only on proven fighters , one wrong step and everything will go in vain , we have no right to make mistakes, as in any way we have deal with the billions of dollars," said Chun.
On Tuesday at 1:30 a.m. Carlos and Chun met together for half an hour discussing the plan of action on deck to neutralize the guard and within five minutes to install bugs. All details were agreed, happy they left the room and went to the car, Chun called his boyfriend and in a couple of minutes Chun, Ho, Bow, Lee came to the Ford. Carlos looked at them and realized, with such fighters are not scared to go into fire and water, the weather was nasty, drizzling rain and fog, visibility is limited, all sat in the car and slowly moved to the private parking of boats and yachts. Speedboat on which they were going in dangerous voyage waiting for them, drug boss, pirate welcomed sailors, they replied in kind, and brought to the attention of the leaders that they were ready to start the engine and race to the end of the world. The ringleaders thanked the soldiers and took their seats with their body-guards. At two forty Wednesday night engine roared and seventeen people including a pirate Chun and boss Carlos sailed to the trawler "The Seagull". It was drizzling rain, light fog , the moon was out, visibility is limited and it consoled them. In the three nights they sailed to the left side at low speed, without hesitation Lee Soo threw two cat-and-horns over the side, they clung to the metal fence. Bow as a monkey climbed up and fixed the rope ladder, climbed down and thus all convinced of the reliability of the construction. Wasting no time Chan Mun and Ho Fung went on deck, Chun Lu and Don Carlos followed them, all wearing masks on his head a pirate with a fighter rushed to the captain's cabin, drug boss with another soldier hid behind a garbage bins standing near the stern. Chun and his assistant Ho Fun like cats jumped discreetly to the guards, seized them, placed a knife to his throat and Chun demanded quietly: "Gentlemen, no noise, you know life is more precious than money, all in the captain's cabin, open the safe where you have stored ship money."
"Gentlemen, we don't have a safe full of money, a fishing trawler in the repair, the captain keeps them in his house, my name is Dick, his Bobby, come, I"ll show," stuttering said Dick.
"Well, only faster," said Chun threatening Magnus 36 gauge, "time is money!"
Pirate and Ho Fun with guns in the hands followed for the guards of the ship, they entered a small room, there was a bed and a bedside table, Bobby opened it and pulled out a folder with papers, Chun ordered Dick to pull out from under the bed all things that there are hidden, he crawled and kicked boots with rubber boots and then turn over the bed but found nothing.
Pirate looked at Dick, Bobby and clenched through teeth: "That's disgusting, the ship without safe, Ho, we got on the wrong ship. Guys, though silent, if take in head to call the police within ten minutes of our the disappearance of your trawler after three days will burn a bluish flame, we're leaving, five minutes to sit here and do not stick your nose in the salvation of your lives, good-bye."
"Thank you gentlemen, we are silent as a fish," Bobby said.
"Good luck on the next ship, gentlemen, good-bye," said Dick.
"Sit down and keep quiet, we give thanks that the good we do not shed the blood of another, we are not bloodthirsty, do not try to call the police before ten minutes," said Chun strictly.
"We thank you, gentlemen," said both Dick and Bobby.
Chun Lu, Ho Fung and left the captain's cabin and disappeared in thick fog.
As soon as Chun, Ho and sailors retired to the captain's cabin and there is searching a non-existent safe with money Carlos and Chan Mun pacing the deck placing bugs in places where no one would guess . At the appointed time the boss gets the job done and went down the ladder to the boat in a couple of minutes from the captain's cabin came out smiling Chung with Ho Fung. They walked slowly to the side, threw hooks with rope ladder and jumped into the water. They picked up on the boat, dressed in dry clothes and given a glass of rum to warm and soothe the nerves. A boat in the meantime at full speed rushed to another part of the port to a private parking area. Chun was not afraid that chase followed, those guys were safe and sound, to no one touched them, did not take with them even a cent. They've known that if they make contact with the police they"ll not sail very soon and it's more important to them than to engage in a waste of time and everyday trips to the courts. In short, everyone was happy: Carlos witn Choon successfully stuffed ship bugs and those guys with fake names who were on the ship, alive, safe and sound.

Carlos Chong, their fighters who accompanied them were delighted with the work done for seven minutes, they were lucky that on the watch stood only two guys, if there had been three men things took a different turn. On his return to the villa for such a happy occasion they arranged drink, all drank for the work done successfully. Now they"ll know the exact coordinates via INTELSAT the sailing trawler in the ocean and also standing on watch Carlos' people on the mooring can overhear all conversations sailors on deck. On the joy all the participants of attack a lot of talking and drinking and only at five o'clock in the morning they went to bed.
In the morning, when Carlos still fast asleep the phone rang, the boss picked up the phone and heard the joyful voice of observer Fidel standing on the mooring and watching the trawler: "Dear Carlos, good morning, 10 am, barge sailed up to the ship with a long pipe, it was loaded on the deck, come up and look yourself, I have not seen such huge tube, on the sun it shines and sparkles, maybe they are going to sail, bye."
"Fidel, good morning, thank you for your service, I 'll be there in forty minutes, a long way, we'll bring you a little toy, wait," said with a sleepy voice boss.
Carlos immediately called a pirate: "Chun, good morning, get dressed immediately, we rush to the port, on the vessel the guys delivered the pipe, we have to look at it, they are getting ready to sail."
"Carlos, good morning, I get dressed, in three minutes we drive to the port."
"Chun, we"ll meet at the van."
Pirate quickly dressed and left the house, Carlos was waiting for him, they got into the van and raced in Miami, after forty minutes two bosses stood next Marcos. They have welcomed each other, Carlos wore headphones, in a couple of minutes he took them off and gave Chun, pirate dressed them, listened and gave the viewer. He wore headphones, looked at the boss and said: "Carlos, awesome, I can hear the conversation of those guys on the deck, they want to make the repair engine and in three days to sail."
"Marcos, when you're done changing headphones pass your comrade, all the most important news of the day or night immediately inform me, thank you for your service," the boss said and smiled.
"Everything will be as you recommend, dear Carlos," said fidel.

Listen Chun, do they gather with this tube to suck those treasures?," took an interest Carlos, "in a couple of hours they rake out all the diamonds to the last gem."
"Carlos, I've seen a lot of pipes on the barges and boats but this length I've never seen! Do they really want to use a mechanized way to extract those treasures. If you and me miss them a couple of hours, I consider we"ll be on the beans . I think we need to strengthen watching, to add another soldier, what are they talking I don't believe, they"ll sail then when they want. Carlos, take binoculars and look at them, under a tarp that mechanism, vacuum plant which will suck out gold jewelry and gemstones. Those guys are hiding it, yes, those guys are brainy, I had it never occurred. Why our observers were not informed about it and we on that night in a hurry did not see such a huge thing."
Carlos looked through binoculars and said: "Chun, I have no doubt that this is the same vacuum system to suck or swallow those treasures, because they showed the world just a particle of them. They had to come up with this! Short leave, we should not stick out in front of their eyes and in general, the pipe is not less than fifty yards, just awesome."
"Fidel, watch and listen to all their conversations, if they take in head to sail immediately you call day or night, who will sleep will suffer severe punishment, the same tell Juan, goodbye," Carlos said sternly.
"Goodbye Carlos and Chung, headphones I"ll give Juan and so from one another, everyone will call in case of major changes on the ship," said Fidel.
Surveillance of the vessel continued and on the same day observers reported Carlos and Chun of the guys on the deck several times mentioned to each other and on the phone that in three days at six in the morning they go to explore the ocean floor. The next day the observer Jones told the boss that mechanic came to fix a fault in the engine. Carlos calmed down, the ship did not sail tomorrow, Chun meanwhile manned the command, when that ship would not sail they are always ready and follow him around. Quirky Chun did not believe the alien words, pirate trust only yourself and his intuition, he convinced the boss that treasure hunters can go at any time for treasure. And because they are not wasting their time carefully preparing to sail, it's true with a slight delay. Carlos and Chung did not want to cause suspicions and calculated as discoverers would prepare, go down and start to lift from the underwater treasure palace then three boats full of soldiers-thugs led them to sail up to the trawler on three sides and attack. Without a doubt, the defenseless treasure hunters have to share with the sea pirates. Carlos, Chun will try not to shed blood and released to the world on all four sides of the pioneers not empty-handed, they"ll allocate share of the treasure, even they"ll give the guys the boat without fuel but with oars until they get to Miami, during this time the attackers themselves will sail in safety place and disappear from the police ...
... When the trawler "The Seagull" was sailing to Miami, my father put together a team and said: "Gentlemen, I hope that you"ll agree to continue our important work so we should not leave our vessel unattended. Today I and two members of our team by choice stay on ship, the next day in the morning Johnny and Ray Tiger will return to the ship and the day will stand watches. then there is a change and so from day to day by two sailors will be on a trawler, we"ll make duty roster."
"Captain Victor Gray, Johnny, I can not speak for the others, I personally will continue our fascinating mission, I'm not going to throw on the most interesting stage, it makes no sense," said Arthur.
"And me, and me, and me," all treasure seekers shouted in unison.
Unanimous consent, Robert Sing and Adlai Court first decided to stay with my father, he had a premonition that other people would wish to take advantage of our discovery, that he decided to keep our trawler not moored but an half a mile from it, hardly anyone would make the way to the deck noticed.
Finally, on the horizon contours of modern Miami appeared, all the beautiful and courageous beautiful Spaniards came out of the cabin and stared at the large outlines of city. They were amazed with very tall skyscrapers and flying over on the landing huge airliners, but the biggest impression on them made many hundreds feet long tankers and super multi-storey marine passenger liners without sails. Travelers-Spaniards saw the cars, buses, trucks and other technique, all of our guests were happy to get into the modern world. Joy swept all of us, our trawler sailed to the port and from a distance we saw my mom and Ray, we all waved to them, they did the same, smiled and waited for a close encounter.
We moored about seven in the morning, my mother and Ray were sending us kisses, we did them, all smiled but did not cry. The first went down to the pier father, Robert and Adlai, they welcomed each other and kissed my mother, Ray , they did them. Dad explained that only tomorrow they would be in home, he couldn't leave the ship unattended. Father, Robert and Adlai back on the trawler, we have helped our Spaniards and get off at the mooring, mother, Ray kissed us, our sailing guests and they immediately went to the car park. We sat in the small bus and minivan, started engine and rushed into the city to confuse our the possible pursuers. When we turned on highway I noticed as four cars chased us, one soon went ahead, three follow us: Ford, Mercedes and Peugeot . Then we decided to get away from them, being the home Tiger Ray came up with a way to discourage anyone who would chase us, he bought several wire netting with sharp spikes and kept them in a minivan just in case. When we turned off the main road Arthur Boyle opened the back door and threw wire netting, it fell under the wheels of Ford, he stopped, it hit him raced Mercedes and this pursuit was over. We circled for a long time and finally arrived to our fence, I opened the gate, we drove into the yard and stopped at the porch of home. All went outside and quickly went inside, the morning was very cool and we were afraid that none of our guests would do not catch cold.
Only in the house we at last relaxed, my mother and Ray Tiger became acquainted with Spaniards, but since my beautiful mommy did not know Spanish I interpretted her to what they said and in turn did to them what said my mom. She and Ray were in shock when they saw our guests miraculously preserved from those distant times, she soon came out and unexpectedly ccame in with a large basket of flowers and to all without exception gave them and exclaimed: "Dear charming senoras and brave knights, you are amazing, you are beautiful, I'm glad to see you in our house, you have lived for so many centuries in the underwater kingdom."
In a few minutes my mother invited us into the living room to the festive table, there were in vases flowers, roses, three bottles of champagne, vodka, a few bottles of liqueur from the red and black currents, cheese, sausage, crabs, smoked trout, sturgeon, salmon roe, appetizing snacks, big apple pie, juices, fruit, vegetables, sweets and more. We all sat down at the table, opened the bottle of champagne, poured into glasses and I proposed a toast to the meeting, for a happy, peaceful, healthy life and all exclaimed: "Cheers"! We had a snack, my mother brought hot chicken noodle soup, then ate apple pie with a cream and tea. Mom smiled, she kept spinning around the Spaniards, brought them different tasty dishes and kept saying: "Cute guests, eat for health, I think you were so hungry in the palace."
After a hearty breakfast we were seated in a large hall in front of the Sony TV set with 60-inch flat- screen and they were watching the colorful modern Spain, they were happy and enjoy such unusually miracle views. Then I decided to show them our documentary, when the Spaniards saw themselves in an underwater palace they could not understand how they got inside a glass mirror. I tried to explain to them what was happening but it seems my interpretation to them were unconvincing, then they watched Spanish film "Carmen".
When my mom and Ray saw the full film about our adventures under water and a meeting with Spaniards-girls and the Spaniards-knights, they were impressed by the luxury and somehow vaguely inquired about whether we will go there again. I do not want to upset my mother and said that this question can answer only father-he has invested a lot of money in our expedition and they had to be returned.
Mom fell in love with the beautiful Spaniards girls and knights, she bought for them by the size of a huge number of all kinds of clothes and shoes, dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, hats. Senoras and senors tried on, looked in the mirror, dressed again and so from the morning till the evening. When she knew that I and Sofia loved each other approved my choice and even more attached to her and to the other girls, she wanted them to find mates. loved ones and lived with them in happiness and joy. Frankly speaking the modern world shook their imagination, they watched colorful TV programs from news till travels and were in different countries including Portugal with their towns, villages, they admired with their beauty and technique, they could not understand how the trams, trains, cars move without horses, why planes fly and not fall on the ground. The first time they spend hours looking at flying over their heads huge jets going to land or take off. We wanted to show them Miami but were afraid that we were being enhanced surveillance and somewhere in the path of a large gang could attack us with them, kidnapped girls and demand a ransom. I've explained to them that we live in a society where along with the good there is still evil. Luckily they were smart, quick-witted and decided to move the trip in the future, as I always told them that in our modern world people killed people and robbed the house as it was three centuries ago. They have understood and were satisfied with walks in the estate under constant guard and watching TV. We have tried to have them to watch concerts, comedy film that could not affect their psyche but since all learned to switch the channels that have joined to the hits. Often on the TV they watched killing not only with knives but with pistols, rifles, machine guns, explosives, countless robberies of homes, banks, jewelry stores and I realized movies with car chases, explosions brought great pleasure to them.
Meanwhile, I as the friends did not stop to think about what a serious expedition we would do in the nearest future to the sea creature in which we left countless treasures and I had to explain it to senoras and senors. They listened to me but could not give an answer and just shrugged. I must say that for a few days stay in this world our lovely girls and men had added considerably to the growth, physique, on their faces always were shining smile, sparkling eyes, they became bolder and what a pity could not really communicate with my mother, my father and our friends-they coudn't speak English. So I had to translate everything both, I tried to use my spare time to teach them English, bought the book but it turned out that they did not know how to read and write even in their native Spanish and I decided to put off training till future times.
My relationship with Sophia came to a head and as she knew me from the imminent sailing for treasure tried every evening to spend the night with me. Yet earlier in "The Seagull" I promised her immediately after returning to arrange a wedding, but we with our preparing to sail decided to postpone. She looked strangely at me and said: "My dear Johnny, your excuses make me doubt, you don't love me, make me suffer, my body like in a fever when you hug, kiss me. If you do not guess I"ll say, I need to get pregnant and not tomorrow but today, right now. You"ll sail thinking not only about me but about your heir and then, you shalt mom, dad and the whole world about our wedding, so please first go to my castle and then in an underwater palace. Johnny, you can not imagine I am three hundred years were waiting for this unforgettable joyful moment, create me happiness. Remember when we sailed and sat together you kissed me and said: " Charming Sophia, my Nightingale, be patient when we sail and we"ll be home I try that your passions' volcano has exploded, if you have had patience three centuries then I think you"ll do a few more days. Johnny, my patience ran out, I see by myself you lose it but feel shy to suggest to me: "Sophia, my dear, get undressed, lie and move apart your beautiful legs." Johnny, give me a hug, kiss, caress, I love you, you do me, we'll be of love, that's fine.
Because in today's world titles mean nothing to you then I'm now your sweet wife Sophia and as for those treasures that they are real and not fake. Imagine, Johnny, that luxury I collected three hundred years, and just I said, I'll give them to my beloved. You well remember, Johnny, when we swam in the lake, there were lying at the bottom the gold and silver jewelry, necklaces, pendants, medallions, chains, ornaments of precious stones but to get them was not so easy Because I said at the time of the voyage that neither you, no one dived, as it would be worth the loss of life that a diver. The fact that depth was deceptive and nobody but me could not score a much air to get to the bottom to take some ornament and to swim to the place where the air bubbles rise to the top. Johnny, I did not want to upset you when I told when we were in the belly of the sea creature and saved an unknown way. I can not really say how I found myself in the wonderful world since I lost my consciousness. You can not imagine our long difficult life filled with fabulous fun adven-tures in the strange underwater housing. Johnny, really you're not afraid to be back in it? I do not insist abandon the journey at the palace, you're fearless, but be careful and yet I have a feeling you'll be back."
I looked at her and said: "My dear Sophia, I loved you for your beauty and not for the title, you're right , they do not mean anything now, in today's world there are new kings of steel, railroads, music, dancing, singing-not to list them, maybe soon we become the celebrities, live my Sophia and rejoice in every new day, I thank you that you are in your own words inspired me about my safe return."
She looked at me and whispered: "My Johnny, I 'm doing yet come but for fidelity birth baby repeat visit to my castle and go to sleep." Not a waiting my decision Sofia without hesitation undressed, so did I put her on the grass and grati-fied her until the morning, we were smiling and confident that conception certainly begun.
And I have to say that night Sophia continued her story about life in the womb of the giant prehistoric sea creature miraculously preserved to our times. Having kissed me she looked up at the blue moon and began: "My dear Johnny, we collected jewels, brought from the grotto that they were not in sight and piled in the aisle, they turned out a lot and lay down in that part of the room where you and your friends met our brave knights.
One day, going for treasure on the boat and dived under the water, I have the good vision, I noticed how algae growing away from the treasure appeared strange bird like a swan but they are larger than she. Besides swan plumage different from their terrestrial with her blue-green color and bright red neck. I knew swans floating on the surface of the water that I was surprised why the bird was under water and not thinking to emerge. Underwater swan noticed me and I thought, now it didn't emerge frightened of unseen creature appeared before her. But this did not happen- a swan swam smoothly for me, though at the moment I was far away and had not time to wait for her. If I were a fish with gills and could be a long time under water that might wait but my interest forced me to dive to take from a heap of jewels gorgeous gold tiara with blue diamonds. I reached the treasure and took it, this moment swam up to have enough air in the chest. I must say it was extremely easy to emerge, water pushed me even when my hands holding gold.

Surfacing I breathed the air and then fell into the arms of the knights, they caught me and put in a boat. Duchess Sofia, maids, knights admired found by me tiara with blue diamonds and tried on their heads. I looked at everyone sitting in our boat and said: "My dear lady Sofia, senoras, it turns out in the lake under the water a bird like swan inhabits, but what a pity it is not dissolved the wings, I will dive into the water, you can see he is swimming in our direction and if swim up we"ll see ones."
I say this news interested Duchess Sophia and girls, they bowed their heads toward the botom of the lake and began to look into the clear water in the hope of seeing the bird. I took a deep breath, dived into the water and opened my eyes glanced to the side of the underwater garden. To my surprise, there was no limit: to this swan joined others with their broods and swam without paying any attention to me under the water. In my head hatched a plan for our boat to swim quietly to this spot and not to scare them to look not diving the water. I got to to the treasures and and among of jewels noticed a long tube and guessed-spyglass, I immediately took it in my right hand, the left hand hitting gold favors and swam up.
Knights helped me to climb into the boat and began with senora Sofia, girls to examine jewelry and bitterly admitted they had not seen a swan. I looked at them and said quietly, as if afraid as underwater creatures like a swan had not heard me: " Senora Sofia, girls I saw under wa several broods, but they swam away without paying any attention to me. But not all, just you look, I have found underwater telescope! Such pipe our captain Edward de Malenga had, let me see it, can not break."
I held the pipe to the right eye and looked in the direction of of treasure, it was at a distance of an spread arm and seemed huge. The lying jewelry were close increased many times size and extremely sparkled in the blue, I would say the moonlight pouring for all the walls of the grotto. The extraordinary beauty! Joy swept over me and I said softly: "Dear Sofia, girls, the pipe is not broken, a great fairy-tale vision, I behold in the direction where swans swim underwater and on the bottom where are the treasures and after I"ll give you, you will be amazed!"
I held it up to my eye and was surprised, jewelry lying on the next to me and had increased in size, they sparkled and played with all the colors of the rainbow. In the field of view got our people left in the cave and only now I under-stand why the six seamen, 3 ladies and their three young attractive maids refused to sail with us. Turns out they in secret from everyone have brought a love story and is now taking off their clothes and without any shame or conscience indulge in amorous pleasures be ashamed to each other. I did not talk about it senora Sophia and looked in the direction where I thought swans swam. Miracle through the thickness of the crystal-clear water I saw birds with broods, however, even in the pipe due to the large distance separated us, they have increased in size many times and I could see their red sapphire eyes. Suddenly the birds with broods swam up and when they appeared on the surface, in turn I looked in telescope in that direction and saw what seemed to me a distant world on the edge of horizon, though at a reduced size. Valley without end in sight with the high green grass and bright flowers, farther was a big river like a silver ribbon, green forest and blue sky with no clouds and no sun but nevertheless there was light. For the picturesque valley of invisibility roamed unseen hitherto obese animals with long necks and small heads, birds were flying in the sky with broad wings similar to those which I had seen under the water, near them hovering fire-breathing dragons which heard from my grandmother told me in my childhood tales. So, in flight hunting for birds, they flew close to them, let them out of their mouth a stream of fire feathers were burnt. Flying dragon grabbed the dead victim in his beak and flew off. I've tried in this way to extend the time that senoraSophia did not see the love joy of remaining in the grotto of the ladies, their servants, sailors and they were left for her and all the mystery.

I tell lovers were not fools and watched us addicted of catching jewelry and in turn we forgot about them and did not pay attention. Now I understand their lovemaking lasted several times as soon as we swam to the spot where the je-welry lay on the bottom. If they knew about that in my hand was a telescope and I watched them! It seems these horny sailors, ladies and maids could deal not only with me but with the Duchess, but might be she long ago noticed their love affairs and tried to stay with us and knights in our room that would not be raped by strong sailors.
Everything that I looked through the pipe was seen by me for the truth but sometimes it seemed a figment of my fevered imagination. And yet it gave me great joy. I thought it was a mirage, only apparent in my mind but the world as we had known after everything was reality. Having seen all these miracles I gave telescope senora Sophia and it went for a walk on their hands. We for a while forgot about the treasure, about food, we enjoyed fabulous, bizarre world and we got the ideain the future to go to it without fear of losing the return our grotto. We are not thinking long boated to our grotto which at that time the remaining sailors , young ladies and their maids were. Boated up to the grotto strong sailors pulled it out of the water and sat in a circle I told those who remained here about my discovery and gave a telescope senora Pelosse. She took it, held it up to the eye and began to examine the underwater world, the algae with flowers, fishes, that's just a pity of our mainsail fabulous valley was not visible. Having seen enough she turned to me and said: "Dear Sophia, your discovery will bring us fun after that boredom, you brought into our lives not only the will to live but also the hope of our salvation . Lady Sophia, in your mind has been born a good idea if we're on our boats will boat in the direction from which we've arrived here looking around can find way out in the ocean and sailors from the passing caravels notice us and we shall be saved."
Spyglass passed from hand to hand, at this time the Duchess Sophia looked on the lady and said: "Yes, ma'am Pelosse, the idea is right, but before to start to find a way out I suggest that we all boat in the fabulous valley with unprecedented birds, flying dragons, animals and strange forests. How sad of of our grotto nobody sees it! So if we boat go we"ll see ourselves."
Ladies and sailors stationed here during our voyage having heard such great news were extremely surprised, looked at each other and then agreed to start to the valley but not now. Sitting next to senora Alma Garisy sailor Eduardo Rodri-guez, black-eyed hunk with long red hair, broad shouldered with a powerful torso, muscular, recognized by all his friends as their commander constantly insisting to find a way out of this world to get to the ocean, got up and looked at all and the Duchess expressed his opinion: "Lady Sophia, if all agree to start to the valley, especially with the discovery of the telescope for such a voyage we need to prepare seriously, we do not know if there is an edible fruit and I propose to give them as much as possible. Knights must take a peak, hatchets and knives, in case of danger we"ll be able to protect ourselves, none of us know there wandering herbivores or carnivores but just need to go on, can our luck there will find a way into our world and we shall be saved."
"Well, dear ladies and gentlemen, now we do not boat and we"ll prepare, what a luck that our maid Sofia has found a telescope, it is useful to us," said Duchess Sophia. "If there we"ll find a way we come back here and take the treasures. But sail after sleep, you should gain strength, so I suggest to go to our rooms and sleep well."
All agreed and followed the Duchess Seсora Sophia. I will say at that time our bedrooms were in another place, our highly titled duches de Sophia had three rooms, one she slept, in the other two maids and knights did, so that they might keep us and her. Three women-Pelosse, Malenga and Lopez had two bedrooms, in one they slept in the other maids, sailors have one bedroom next to them and to their duties was to keep them quiet, but it was not there. Purely by chance I exposed them, between seafarers and girls arose love and they slept together but never said a word about it to senora Sophia. If it were not for the knights loving sailors could invade and in our bedrooms but fortunately for us it did not happen. But when we all got together in the cave they were trying to flirt with us, servants and even senora Sophia , because she asked to be close to the knights did not give sailors the right to approach us. And that's not all: jewelry drove them mad, the sailors were shaking hands when they get over them. But as at the time of jewelery was still not much and if to divide it between all each we will get a small part. I am more than confident sailors with their mistresses were plotting away with us and knights and would probably have carried out their plan but they kept me apart from the fact that no one could dive to the bottom of which jewels lay and since I was actually chicken carried golden eggs then what's the point was get rid of me. And there was another reason, if to kill senora Sophia, maids and knights the dead bodies decompose over time in an enclosed space where they would not hide the poisonous gas spread and they inhaling it will die. If the body to throw into the water how to drink it and then to eat flowers and fruits.When they learned that I had found a telescope and go to the valley and in it possible predators are found in that place to get rid of knights and Sophia easy as pie and their bodies will be in their womb, but they"ll not touch me and make me take a treasure to enrich themselves at my expense. I noticed our sailors changed their attitude for the better, they were courteous and smiled and showed no desire to seduce the maids. But as for the journey to the valley at the moment they had no particular desire and tried to pull it despite the fact that they admired with valey looking into the pipe while boating for jewelry. I began to understand their plan, sailors believed that not enough of them to each of the guys got a large share and guessed when we would go boating in the valley they kill not only us but also their mistresses what they didn't expect because of their blind love.
We did not sit idly and I continued to get from the bottom the jewelry, took them out of the cave in the pile and it grew up before our eyes. But as the Duchess Sophia was the most highly titled on the status all listened to her opinion and obeyed her.
Obviously she as I was guessing about the plot of sailors to seize our boats and take all the jewelry and found by me a telescope to boat to the exit from this strange world into the ocean. Once we fell asleep again and woke up she gathe-red everyone together and told us about her dream: "Dear senors, senoras, if I found myself in that marvelous valley that we 've all seen through a telescope. I"ll not describe those aniemals and birds I've viewed this valley, the essens is that my path lay to the hill in which there was a large cave. I went in and saw the gleam ahead without fear went to him on a wide aisle and saw our blue sky with golden sun and at the bottom of the roaring ocean. Suddenly I noticed in the distance caravel and began to cry: "Save", jumped for joy and at one point hit my head on the ceiling and woke up. If this prophetic dream that we should immediately go into that valley, climb to the cave and passed to the edge of the aisle to make sure that there are below actually the bottom of the ocean and the sky with the sun at the top. If all that I've seen in deed senors will return here on boats, take the treasure and boat with us. since then a lot of us we"ll move the boats to the cave, jewelry and as soon as galleon see we start screaming, sailors hear us, sail and save us."
We listened carefully to the Duchess and as soon as she finished the story everyone, including sailors immediately expressed a desire to go to the valley. They arranged the plan of salvation and if in fact it will be way out in our world that after a boat and jewelry will be in a cave, they finished with us and share to six sailors. I say frankly joy swept all of us and we started to prepare the departure, procured as much fruit and not to overload our boats knights took off their armor but just in case took peaks, long knives and hatchets.
In our boat there were lady Sophia and we, her four maidens and seven knights, in the other boat there were three dames, three maids and six sailors. I am constantly looking through a telescope and after a while boated up to the muddy shore. I'll tell you when we sailed up to the valley countless birds I've seen while underwater swimming with their broods are not paying attention to us, without fear for their lives were flying in the sky. We pulled the boat ashore and began to look at the wonderful world-high green grass with flowers of the brightest colors grown everywhere, in a vast valley unseen by me strange fad four-legged animals with small heads and short front legs and long tail wandered, when they got up that seemed high. Generally, in the sky different birds soared but there were not so many, as to fire-breathing dragons that indeed they were flying: green-yellow long torso like a snake ended with a golden tail. The big head of a color rye, from the nostrils long fire jets were flying as they hunted birds-in our eyes tail was burnt, roasted bird fell, the dragon flew up to her, grabbed, immediately she fell into a huge mouth and disappeared into it.
If it is correct to say that we were in danger for our lives the valley but the desire to get to the cave was so great that we went for it. Yes, it existed, in fact, sleep of Duchess Sophia was prophetic. The grass grew high, we disappeared in it and went there to see cave. Captain Carlos lifted me high up, and I checked the direction, we walked with winding path to avoid to get under the massive legs thicker than wine barrels, animals feeding on grass. Finally we got to the highest hill and hit the woods with strange trees with long golden leaves on the ground littered with fruit yellow-green rind. Since we were hungry we decided to try them, they turned out to delicious and we were full of them went on and final-ly got to the cave. Just like in a dream Duchess Sophia - ahead we saw gleam and we went to the edge of the cave. After a few steps beneath our feet floundered water, but the interest and curiosity pushed us forward.

We went on and soon saw in front of the edge a vast ocean. I looked down, to the surface of the water was many many yards, as if we were standing on the top of deck of our "Hispaniola", even much higher. Small waves rolled on our main-sail, broke but not a drop fell on me and companions in misfortune. None of us are afraid of what's below us was the ocean and looked forward, by the sides in the hope of seeing a sailboat but unfortunately she didn't sail. I do not know how much time we enjoyed with blue skies and golden sun . Since it was in the evening that it was getting dark. The sun went below the horizon and soon in the sky appeared the blue moon with bright and blue stars. And as a surprise for us in the distance appeared a strange large ship without sails with pipes from which smoke poured. I held the pipe to the eye and examined it carefully, the ship was so close that I wanted to jump into the water and swim. I knew it was not a trick of the eye-I saw living people, perhaps bare-chested sailors were walking on the deck of the ship. She sail slowly, we began to scream, the knights were waving with peaks but sailors might not have noticed us, because by that time the sea creature in which we were plunged into the water so that the spray from the waves crashing on the mainsail fell on us. I looked down and was horrified-to surface I could reach by my hand, enjoying with the world and sailing to an un-known ship we had not noticed how our sea creature plunged into the water.
I broke down and cried: "Lady Sophia, ladies and gentlemen we need to escape, rushed to leave, we"ll drown soon, waves will flood into our cave and floods it."
The Duchess looked strangely at me, took away to the side and said quietly: "Dear Sophia, you're young and you have a lot of health, enthusiasm and courage, I ask you to run and I believe you"ll live up to the time when somebody will penetrate into a dwelling and save those who will be next to you. I can no longer live in the womb of the sea creature that feed with algae from which the recent time I experience pain, suffering and I consider you as my daughter and I transfer my title, now you're the Duchess Senora de Sophia, all my maids and knights will serve you, goodbye my dear daughter."
She kissed me, I did not even have time to thank and talk her out of suicide, but the Duchess Sophia rushed into the water and never surfaced. Actually, it happened suddenly and I didn't notice the disappearance of sailors and their three senor servants. Since sea creature sank the water became noticeably flow into the passage. Standing next to me seven knights and three maids came up to me and captain senor Carlos Santos shouted: "Lady Sophia, sailors, ladies and maids left us and ran escaping, they soon realized that the water would rush here and flood all. I realized their plan to seize the boats and sail without us. If we do not drown in the grotto then get into the stomach of flying fire-breathing dragons or perish under the feet of those strange animals, the water comes, we need to run."
Yes, we started to run , the water was coming much judging by the fact that with each step turned out to be deeper and deeper. Crested wave at us, but the strange thing not all the water got to us, much of it disappeared into the bottomless pit. When is the lowest of all of us Patricia was up to his chest in water we were at several steps away from the exit of the cave, finally jumped out and ran away from the falling flow and the got tired stopped to have a rest. We stared at the falling waterfall and now I understood: the sea creature filled the valley with water to saturate the soil in which grow grass and trees.
Suddenly captain Carlos said quietly: " Ladies and gentlemen, look at the sky, fire-breathing dragons captured sailors and bear in the woods. We need to be very careful not to fall into the clutches of these birds of prey, as I guess they have a very strong vision and they've noticed people in the tall grass, let's go to the forest."
The captain first came forward and we followed him, countless yellow-green fruit the size of a child's head lay beneath the tall trees and beckoned for its aromatic smell and the taste of them was excellent, looked like pineapples. Previously, we ate them, they liked us and since we had nowhere to hurry then sat down on the soft grass and began to relish the fruit. After eating and quenching our thirst we stood up and went through the woods to the valley and passing it we would find ourselves near the abandoned boats to which the sailors were rushing to grab them and go to the grotto leaving us in this valley. But when we saw their bodies in the mouths of fire-breathing dragons, it became clear-boats in place, dames and their servants were unlikely to go into the grotto because the telescope was in my hand and I did not part with it.
When we were on the edge of the forest in front of our eyes appeared valley reminding with its beauty living carpet woven from the lush colors of the brightest colors with pasturing huge animals and flying birds. Captain Carlos Santos looked at us and said softly: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, we have to go through the valey being got under huge legs of grazing animals, look, they jump like rabbits and do not go as cows or bulls and this is when their enormous weight. Since then the grass is high time to time I have to lift you, Sophia, and you will not only lead us to the lake on the banks of which hid the boats but also away from these jumping animals. Our goal is lake, it can be seen from here."
Since I've known the place where previously hid the boats I having looked at the lake in my telescope identified where presumably they lay and said quietly: "Captain Carlos, ladies and gentlemen follow me, our path will be longer but safer , more importantly you do not fear, spades, hatchets, knives hold at the ready, go for me."
I went into the grass and soon we were at it, we were just lucky that the animals have not neared to us and those fire-breathing dragons satiated roasted bodies of sailors were resting in their habitats. We moved cautiously through the tall grass, captain Carlos lifted me up from time to time, I looked through a telescope at the place where the boats lay hid-den. That's right, stepping carefully so as not to create a buzz and attract the attention of grazing herbivores and flying birds we safely reached the lake, our boats were lying untouched and we breathed a sigh of relief. We sat on the beach and made the decision-to go to our grotto or wait errant ladies with their servants or keep them just in case the boat. Captain Carlos and the knights thought if anyone left alive in boat get to our grotto, in that I personally did not believe as the entire width of the water surface and not knowing a guide to get to our mainsail can not reach without my telescope of so at this point it with the naked eye is not seen. We decided to wait for our got lost fellow-travellers for a while and then to go with taking away the boat.
Somehow unexpectedly Patricia sitting next to me said quietly: "Senor Sophia, look to the side of my hand, flying flock of fire-breathing dragons were flying, and in my opinion for a reason, they smelled us, we need to hide."
I looked to the side of Patricia's arm and saw the flying dragons, but to our fortun they soon turned to the forest and landed. I did not want to scare early travelers and with Patricia looked in the direction of the forest and soon our eyes saw the terrible picture. Fire-breathing dragons went up bringing in their jaws the mutilated bodies of three of our dames and their servants. I held my telescope to the right eye and saw a horrible picture. Fire-breathing dragons have been away from me at arm's length. To three birds of prey the crushed bodies of ladies and maids by massive animals do not got , and they were trying to fly up to the other dragoons of the mouth of which they stuck to grab a part of the body . But since they did not want to part with the bodies that began to produce from their nostrils two streams of fire flames in flying up dragons, they in turn to attack. It ended for some flying dragons sadly-their heads filled with flammable gas in combination with the air in contact with a flame of fire issued from his nostrils in their opponents and exploded in flames headless flying dragon fell down. The smell of blood attracts predators and the scramble began for meat to fight to the death.
In short knights and maids have seen a long bloody battle of flying dragoons in the sky as a result of which the strong survived and enjoied with the fresh food flew in their native habitats. Taking advantage of their absence we took a boat and boated to our grotto waving to harmless birds and their broods floating near us. Since we did not want to part with another boat that our strong with body knight Evo held her nose with his hand and thus we returned safely back with two boats, brought them to the cave and began to eat those nourishing fragrant and delicious fruit was taken from the wood grown in that valley. We sat, ate and remembered drowned Duchess Sophia and killed ladies with their maids and sailors. Then we went to our rooms and when after a long sleep woke up we went to the grotto again, our life has been reduced to a single deed, lifting valuables from the bottom and when they become very much in our minds conceived the idea to break out of here by boat. After we visited the valley and being on the edge of the cave and saw the ocean and sailing ship on it with tubes, then it dawned on me why we were alive and had got into the belly of a huge sea creature. When we sailed it seemed to us to a strange island and in fact to the enormous size of sea creature at the time it was over water. Maybe it was exempted from the stagnant water and gaining a fresh as we had seen standing at the edge of the cave being in the valley. After appearing in two boats then we went to a nearby standing galleon, but suddenly they started to go round, we had lost consciousness and I did not remember how we were sucked through a hole in the belly of this creature. When it goes under the water that hole tightly closed giant gills and the water does not seep inside.
And we like the killed sailors had a desire to break out of this womb into the world and sought way out but unfortu-nately it was not found. And here's pass from which we came out with you was known to us and we feared that some-one, not a single but gang would penetrate into it, attack us, find the treasure, kill us and leave. Because we had a post guard before enter in the hall and as soon as the unknown people appear we could resist them, to injure but not kill to know for what purpose they came here. And in some time you came to us to save, we were glad."
We could not all over the world spread the word about the found underwater vault with treasures, a lovely Spaniards girls and Spaniards-knights lived there for more than three centuries is not out of the question. Because in this case we will not be able to organize an expedition, others will benefit from our discovery so we were silent as fish and at the same time were getting ready for any kind of eventualities.
I will be honest, at first we were afraid coming of strangers not only here, in house but also in the boat and decided to protect themselves: we bought a couple of rifles, pistols and taught the Spaniards to shoot of them. They were able to accurately and hit into the nines and tens. As for the impressions of modern life that our guests were delighted with it and only one was bad-we could not leave the house that they were not kidnapped. We had very much deeds, we were preparing for the operation of raising the underwater treasures of the womb of creature and we came to the decision- to climb in the diving-suits on the bottom was a dangerous business and came up: knowing the layer of water, mud, height of our trawler from the surface of ocean to the deck and the depth of the well of which began the passage we would lower with winch the pipe length of 180 feet, diameter of four feet into the well. The three of us go down in tube without diving-suits and light we"ll gather jewels, those who will be on the deck with winch to lift them. To the end of the tube does not cut soft tissue of a living being we have decided-those who will do it construction to glue rubberized fabric on the bottom end, it will be flat and in the pipe at the bottom will make the airtight door. We were lowered with the winch into the tube and being at the bottom we would open the door inside, go out and immediately get into the well, of it entering in the maze and then head to the room where we met the knights, farther get in the passage where jewelry lies transferred from the grotto.
The fact that the pipe is very long we have little embarrassed, it fits in our trawler but in certain case we decided to take a couple pieces of pipe by length of ten feet of the same diameter. When the crane loweres the main pipe in water in case of need we joint small segments and for the strength weld in some places. Since while lowering the pipe into it gets water then we pump out it with pumps for heavy-duty security dress super strong diving-suits, descend in them, the work should be carried out in most of the short term. And it was at the moment only one variant of the descent to the bottom. Since the coming jobs required cash our father part of precious stones passed to jewellers passed and received for them more than three million bucks. Dad did not tell anyone of their origin but as the demand for them was great that jewellers asked him to bring the stones to them as the diamonds willingly took.
n the directory we found a company "Steel Pipe " and got in touch with the boss: "Good morning, Mr. Nick Bloom, my name is Victor Gray, I would like to make an order for the pipe according of my project, it has a length of 180 feet and it should be delivered to our boat."
"Mr. Victor Gray, good morning, you are talking to Nick Blum, happy to deal with any customer, for your money will do the pipe even to the moon, come with your project and we produce it as soon as possible, our experts have many years of experience, you will be satisfied," I heard a cheerful voice firm boss of "Steel pipe".
"Mr. Nick Blum, we would come in forty minutes, wait," said father.
"Mr. Victor Gray, at any time you will be met in our office, " said Nick Bloom.
Dad and I took our drawing and by Ford went to the firm "Steel Pipe". In office we met with Mr. Nick Blum, it was a young man with a luxuriant head of hair in a short brown jeans and checkered shirt, he invited us to his office, sat at a big table, we introduced themselves to each other, I handed a draft of our pipe and explained in detail its features. He looked at us and said: "Dear gentlemen, I see two short tubes, I guess they"ll build up, overall we get to work but in a couple of days you visit us, you"ll see me and ask you questions. Our experts will present it to you in our compute, the bottom of tube with a hole and and with soft basis, we can make a cone-shaped bottom as I understand, your pipe will go in the hole."
"Well, Dad said, we"ll definitely come, you've done the right hint, we"ll see the bottom in the computer before manu-facture."
We wrote a check, said goodbye and left, in two days as requested by the boss we came to the firm, saw Mr. Nick Blum said hello and went into the design office. Young man with red hair invited us to his department. We have come to the table with a PC, greeted with a lovely engineer Walter Sachs and in a minute saw at the screen the bottom of our tube, it became to taper and I cried: "Stop". Immediately engineer Mr. Sachs has fixed all the figures, we looked at the boss and dad said: "Mr. Nick Blum, this is the best bottom, do not need to narrow, the height and width of the opening is the same." "In that case, gentlemen, we come to fact, the most important thing to build soft bottom and a solid foundation, we have it, before sending it through the five days we"ll call you, your presence is sure while loading on a ship and sail to the end of the world. Our people so will fast its that tubes are not going anywhere, even in a storm, however, on the site they"ll do some welding work, thank you, good-bye," said Mr. Nick Bloom.
"Goodbye sir Nick Blum and Walter Sachs, thank you, we wait impatiently for your call," father said and shook hands with them.
I also shook hands them and said goodbye, not wasting time we went home to make the preparatory works for the next voyage. The next day, just in case we have bought suits, extra hoses-we had two variants for transfer jewels: (a) in suits walking on soft ground uncomfortable and difficult, (b)it is possible we take light aqualung costumes all the more we were aware of that we could breathe the same air which filled the belly of sea creature, octopus. But the final va-riant we"ll take on place when we lower the pipe in the well.
One day my father consulted me: " Johnny, how did you look if we buy a submarine-baby for future underwater operations, to install the pipe at the well from which point you got to the belly of the sea creature, or in the case of enemy attack we could hide in it, it seems to me that someone is watching us. you said after you raced the cars?"
I looked at my father and said: "My captain it is a great idea, but it costs a lot of money, then we're being followed no doubt we should be very careful."
"In that case in the computer choose "sale and purchase of small submarines" and you will see hundreds of ads," said his father and smiled.
Without hesitation I turned on the computer and in a few seconds on the screen there were hundreds of ads of sailing of miniature submarines. We have found the right fit for us small one and prelimenarily phoned to Mr. Kisling, director of the company "Submarines", "Good morning, may I speak to Mr. Ray Kisling," my father said.
"Excuse me, who I talk to?" we have heard a pleasant male voice.
"I'm Victor Gray, calling about buying a small submarine, on your ad, I would like to find the right fit for our voyage," said the father.
"Good morning, I'm Mr. Ray Kisling, if you are Mr. Victor Gray want to buy a submarine come according to the address, I expect you before afternoon, call 001 at the crossing point, buy."
"Mr. Ray Kisling, my son and I 'll be there in an hour , we go, thank you, bye-bye."
Without hesitation we took our Ford and drove to the firm "Submarines ", drove to the parking lot, put the car and went to the metal gate, went into the control post and called 001, Mr. Ray took the phone and dad reminded him of our arrival, Mr. Kisling reported that in three minutes come up to us. We went out and stood at the gate, soon the average growth an elderly gentleman in a white suit approached, I, my dad introduced him to him and he took us to a shipyard . Even from a distance we saw an oblong green submarine and came up to it. Mr. Kisling looked at us and said: "Dear gentlemen, I have a good submarine for six seats, if it suits you I propose to get into it and experience in my presence."
I exchanged glances with my dad and he realized it suits and then he said: "Mr. Kisling, we would like to get to know with it."
"Please, gentlemen, follow me, "said Mr. Kisling and brought us into it.
We got to inside and saw six comfortable chairs, Mr. Kisling batten down the hatch, sat down in chair, started the engine and the submarine was gently lowering into the water. I looked at the device: the depth of the dive 33 feet, sailed forward, backward.
"Dear gentlemen, said Mr. Kisling, you on this submarine can go down to a depth of 200 feet on it there are hydraulic grabs, you can underwater use them as arms and cling to any object up to five feet wide, just you look Mr. Victor and Mr. John!"
He pressed a button and before our eyes from the belly of the submarine came out two metal hooks on the end sticking out like a palm semicircular plates, they seized a large stone, lifted up and thrown. Mr. Kiesling removed the clamps and when we found at a depth of 10 feet he raised periscope, we saw the ships sailing away the shipyard. The submarine stopped and Mr. Kisling said: "Gentlemen, every one of you in my presence will test it, please, Mr. Victor, something I'll help you."

My father sat in the chair and easily did everything that Mr. Kisling had done, then I succeeded my father, several times I threw the stone and finally we surfaced. Frankly speaking, we were pleased and said that would buy it. Mr. Kisling opened the hatch, turned off the engine and got out.
My father looked at me and said: "My Johnny, I think we'll buy it, submarine the best there is."
"Dad, I think it's great, it can help us, do not hesitate, buy it," I said.
We liked the boat, we bought it, shook hands with Mr. Ray Kisling. He was pleased, we were not less of him, said to each other goodbye and promised in several hours to arrive for our Ford. Smiling Mr. Kisling looked at us and quietly said: "Gentlemen, your car will be completely safe, you can pick it up even tomorrow even, yes, I want to remind you that if you will have the desire to buy big submarine I find and sell it at a discount."
We looked at him, smiled and said dad: "Mr. Kisling, I can not promiss to be here in the near future but if in the future we will need other then we call you, goodbye."
"Good bye, gentlemen, see you soon," said with a smile Mr. Kisling.

We climbed inside the submarine, closed the door and as I during my first expedition in the Mediterranean often dipped in boats-saucers and ran them all it was familiar to me. Sailed under its own power to the trawler and that no one from the mooring did not notice it then we lifted submarine onto the deck from the opposite side of the port. On our trawler there were two powerful cranes, we fastened submarine with four stainless steel straps and for a few minutes it was lifted onto the deck and covered up with tarpaulin so that nobody of the side had not guessed and would not guess what's stored. Arthur and Robert were on the watch and they had helped us, they were delighted with our purchase and after we closed it with a tarpaulin uncorked a bottle of champagne, filled glasses and dad made a toast: "Gentlemen, let's drink to our "Baby" and for our success."
We had a drink and the rest of the champagne was poured onto the hull of the submarine and having said good bye to Arthur and I, father with Robert on the boat sailed to the shore, we said good bye to Robert and on the taxi raced for our Ford. The car was on the parking, I paid the driver and thanked us he went to Miami and we moved on blue van home. In forty minutes we drove into the yard and when father told members of the household of our purchase they came to the gloom, we just might go for those treasures. Father so vividly described our future journey that they all decided we took a submarine to make a trip and not dangerous descent into the belly of an octopus. In short he inspired all, depression subsided and soon all drank for our "Baby" and the success of the second travel for the treasure.
At the same time, another company according of our project prepared steel tube length of 180 feet and a diameter of 3.3 feet plus two additional pipe length of 10 feet of such a same diameter, just in case: if main tube is not enough we would add two or one to it using weld for what there were joints. Inside the tube were welded brackets so that we can on them get down or up. Outside the tube on the end was welded T -shaped clamp channel he enters the groove welded to the metal board a trawler, so that the tube would fix strongly and hang in one position.
In five days in the evening we heard the phone call, father picked up the phone and we heard: "Can I speak to Mr Victor Gray, on the wire, Mr. Nick Bloom."
"Mr. Nick Blum, good evening, Victor Gray listens to you."
"Good evening, Mr. Victor Gray, ordered pipe is ready, our barge will deliver it to your ship with two short tubes by 10 a.m. , be on the ship, goodbye."
"Mr. Nick Bloom, thank you, tomorrow we"ll be on the ship, waiting, goodbye."
We were happy about this information, in a couple of days we go for treasure. In the morning dad took me and Arthur, we went by car to the port, left it in the parking lot and went to trawler, on watch Robert Sing and Adlai Court stood. We greeted each other and Court told bad story: "Mr. Victor Gray, in the night a few unknown masked men broke into the deck from the left side, two of them ran up to us and demanded cashier, I explained to them that our ship not involved in the transport of cargo and passengers, a fishing trawler came to repair and we hired on duty. One of them demanded to hold them in the captain's cabin and show him safe, we were forced at gunpoint to enter crooks to your cabin. When the ringleader in the mask not found the safe was extremely surprised and muttered that it was the first ship of his life to the captain had not even safe. They did not harm us, left the ship and threatened if we inform the police than the ship would burn and everyone find a place in the kingdom of heaven."
I looked at the gang of masked and said: "Dear gentlemen, you did not harm us and we would be silent, we'd inform boss on his arrival."
They came to the board, dropped the cat-and-bolts, jumped into the water, friends helped him get into a boat and it ran like an arrow into the sea or rather the ocean. We thought, why you wake up in the night, even if they never touched us."
The father listened to Court, looked at them and said: "Robert and Adlai you correctly did that not called the police, they still would not were found as my ship when we go out to the sea as well as from us there would be no trace. Such happens, do not be upset, especially since there is no time, barge with a pipe and two short stacks sail to us. Guys, look how long it is! Now we"ll take them , Johnny and Robert for me."
We went to the side to which the barge sailed, it soon came close to the left side and workers with their powerful cranes in one hour managed to lift and stow and secure the pipe on the deck so that when we were sailing none of them did not even move. We thanked them and they sailed to their firm. Since Robert and Adlai stood on watch the whole day and were tired, the more possible were nervous from guests in the night we let them go home and asked that Ray and Andre immediately arrived on the ship. I took them by boat to the mooring, they said goodbye to me and went to the parking lot where there was our dark shiny new Ford. I returned to the trawler and left alone with my father started talking about the strange guests. My father somehow reacted with indifference to the bandits to raid our "Seagull" looked at me, smiled and said loudly: "My son Johnny, do not attach any importance to this. it is not the first time in my life and sometimes had to give pocket money and those who attacked promised not to show up close." I did not agree with my father and whispered to him: " My captain, they showed up on our trawler not for the money, I more than sure they hid a few bugs to follow us."
From this trivial topic we went to the main-what day to go and how cource sail in order to confuse the alleged per-secutors and here the father was wise, he took a piece of paper and wrote: "Son, you're right, I also thought this: no matter what day or night we would not sail after us follow our enemies. Today at night they've visited us, we need to find bugs, they will work in the way and our enemies as soon as we go to sea will follow us. Additionally, guests stuck supersensitive microphones and listening in our negotiations, their equipment close to us on the beach, talk nonsense. "

"Father, I said, let's sail in three days at six in the morning and if everything will be okay in a way that at a speed of 15 miles on Wednesday at midnight get to work, the next day's start to refuel. During this time, we have to finish the over-haul, the engines after long sailing is pinking and if there is an unexpected we"ll stand in the ocean."
"Son, do not worry, for this time we"ll repair, yes, look, our masters arrive, now get to work, meet them."
I sat on the boat and sail to the mooring, met Andrew and Ray near the entrance, stopped and quietly told them: " Gentlemen, on the ship not a single word to share about the house, the Spaniards, do not call until the next day guys come for exchange of you. At ten o'clock I will come to the rescue, may reappear uninvited guests, you've arrived at the trawler as master mechanics."
Andrew and Ray realized the danger hanging over us and whispered: "Okay, Johnny, we"ll be silent."
We boarded the boat and rushed to the trawler, went up on deck and father with joyful voice said: "Good morning, gentlemen mechanics, go into the engine room, continue repairs, something you were late today."
"Good morning , Mr. Smith, we got a new part, replace that which is out of order, you''ll be coming a long trip, we get down to the engine room,'' said Endrew, ''yes, you pay 1,700 dollars for repairs."
"Well, gentlemen, no problem, the main thing that the engines were working properly," said the captain and blinked his blue eye."
We went inside, my father wrote the most important thing on paper and handed to Arthur, he read, in agreement waved his head and quietly returned to the deck of the trawler. We shook hands with them, went down to the boat and sailed at high speed to the mooring and said goodbye to Ray. He went on the "Vortex" so we named our speedboat to " Seagull" and I went with my father to the parking lot, got in the car and raced home. On the road we were carrying all sorts of nonsense as if afraid and in our "Ford" there were not bugs.
We've exchanged views on how went out to see a visiting circus with midgets which may never come to Miami and only to the wool brains of those who are listening to us, we did not doubt it. I noticed racing cars for us and especially paid attention to the silver Mercedes and blue Honda. They are constantly changed since most part of the way our enemies are calculated earlier, we could not constantly evading them. I sped up to 90 miles and raced breaking the rules of the driving, our enemies did not kept up with us. Spite them we slipped on the first turn which they knew and it puzzled them why we did not turn. After four miles we having sharply braked turnd in our spare inconspicuous turn. I noticed the drivers of racing cars spotted us and tried to break to turn but from the hard braking not only failed to turn but the Mercedes struck the first, from a large impact Honda rolled over

We breathed a sigh of relief and fifteen minutes later by a roundabout way got to the house. Having heard the honk of our car mother and household ran out of the house and seen us started waving their arms, we drove into the yard, stopped near the garage and got out to them. I and father briefly told them about the situation in our trawler on a happy trip to the house, all in the most optimistic tone , without any hint of the chase. We hid from all of the real that happened on a trawler or on a way that no one was upset. So this time the father did not tell her mother what had happened invasion of unknown persons on the trawler, he was smiling and casually reported that at midnight the day after tomorrow we would go to the ocean for treasure and leave in the house Ray Tiger. As in the house there were many rifles for self-defense at a pinch they could use them. Besides a couple of bulldogs running around in the yard will be aware of those who try to climb over the high metal fence with sharp spikes on the end and bare wires on which from 10 pm to 6 morning passed an electric current, what had seemed to us the right to defend private property. The mother in this respect a little worried, she knew that the house was full of people and everyone confidently shoots at goal but was worried about us: she did not want to us went down into the womb of the unknown and strange sea creature in which our charming senoras-Spaniards and the brave the knights lived more than three hundred years. Upon hearing this news they were worried, but their entreaties did not stop us, I and my father convinced everyone that everything would be okay and soon be back safe and with the treasure.
That evening I, my father, Robert, Andrew and Adlai after a short talk decided all day tomorrow to prepare for sail and put off at midnight unnoticed by anyone. And the most important in "The Seagull" we always will finish our time our talking that we leave the port the next day at six o'clock in the morning in order to confuse those who are trying to follow us in what no doubt. After dinner I said goodbye to everybody at home and as promised to Arthur went to him with Ray by car on the trawler. As agreed at 9. 15 evening Arthur was waiting for me at the pier, we exchanged greetings, sat down in the boat and rushed to the trawler.
Ray met us, we said hello and told me that no outsider was trying to get on board. I in turn told them that my father made the decision to depart the next day after tomorrow at six in the morning and I myself gave to Ray and Arthur sheet which the exact date was written. My friends in sailing delighted but when Ray learned that he would remain in home lost heart and soon agreed with my father's decision, someone had to protect the mother, our Spaniards-girls, Spaniards knights and raised from the bottom the treasures hidden in a fireproof safe. The night passed quietly, in the morning father with Robert, Adlai and Andrew arrived, we greeted each other and reported that the night passed quietly. The captain immediately ordered me, Ray and Arthur to go home, have a rest and wait for his arrival home at 3 p.m..
We went to the parking lot, got into the van and headed home, my mother cooked food, we ate and I immediately explained the situation: "My mother, cute senoras and brave knights, I have to inform you that at the time we leave you , I think our sea trip will not last long and therefore you should not worry because next to you is the hero, athlete Mr. Ray. In case of need you can use the weapon, it abound in our house, beat -to-kill to save yourself and the values, you all know how to use guns, rifles and pistols."
Truly, our Spaniards were optimistic and fearless knights, hearing about that in case of an attack by unknown guys they can shoot them, they were glad and all together cried "Urrraaa, fire, fire." Caoon asptain Carlos Santos looked at me, smiled and said: "Senor Victor, with such muskets my brave knights do not experience the slightest fear and protect your glorious mother Julia, beautiful senoras and treasure, but we ask you to be careful while hauling down for jewelry and as soon as go back home, we"ll think of you all."
"Well, sir captain Carlos, we'll try to be careful and will be back as soon as," I said, smiled and shook hands of the knights.
In the afternoon, at three o'clock, in the house my father came back to say goodbye to my mother, with lovely senoras , brave knights and Ray, encourage households and once again give the farewell speech how to protect themselves in case of attack by the gangsters, explained to them that all robberies occur mainly in the absence of host, hostess and especially at night.
We gather at the table and during dinner dad said: "My wife Julia, Ray, Sofia, lovely senoras and brave knights, our absence, I suppose, will be short, you have a weapon and you can apply it with you courageous Mr. Ray does, he not let you down, all men have to be vigilant, especially, as I mentioned earlier, during the night, do not despair and wait for our return."
Ray looked at thm and addressed to all of us with a little speech: "Dear Captain Victor Gray, Ms. Julia, Johnny, beautiful senoras and brave knights, I can assure you in our house will be peace and quiet and the one who tries to penetrate the fortress receive a rebuff. We have weapons and will, nobody else will take us alive, so, we have the right to defend themselves, we wish you a captain Victor and Johnny Gray happy voyage and speedy return, call and keep us informed."

After a late lunch we have little time but still I found a few minutes for my beloved songstress, I paid attention to my lovely wife, Sophia, her eyes urged me to go with her out of the house to the bosom of nature to say goodbye before sailing into the unknown world. Yes, in fact, to get to that mysterious underwater world and besides by such a strange way, it's not a pleasant one and lately I started to feel personally sometimes fear. Perhaps the same thing was going through her because she herself did not want to all of us to get in there a second time, everything changes and you would get back to our real world?! But at the same time my nightingale did not try to distract, dissuade me from this journey as if she believed in the fact that the trouble did not happen with us and I thought the same thing, as Sophia did not want to leave in the belly of an octopus jewelry that she collected three hundred years often put her lives at risk.
I winked at her, Sophia was delighted, smiled, we went out and looked at me said quietly: "My Johnny, until everyone is rest before heading to the long trip, we'll take a look in our rose garden," and kissed me. I hugged my dear wife and kissed her lovely red lips soft as rose petals and wandered in the rose garden. Here it is our favorite place near the bush, we are conveniently located and after a little foreplay-exchange pleasantries she looked at me, took off her blue dress, put under her, lay down, slightly spread her plump legs, beckoned me with her long chubby finger, smiled and whis-pered: "My dear Johnny, fine, at first you go to the castle and then sail to the place where the strange mysterious underwater palace in which we spent more than three centuries. It's incredible, you found me, my charming girl-friends and our brave knights, we lived and imagine never remembered about the world of which purely accidental fell into a housing with a soft blue light reflected from all sides and in a strange way it warmed us. We as you convinced yourself breathed with fragrant air, drank wonderful water, fed by underwater algae with pink flowers, weird but tasty fruits and imagine saved health and youth. Johnny, you see what a strange blood-red sun on the horizon before your departure, but you, my darling, do not fear it I'm with you always, forever."
As she poured out her memories I undressed and fell on her, opened the door of her castle, got in and wandered around until it did not pass all the corners and crannies. I'm lost in time and somehow unexpectedly heard a sweet voice from my smiling joyful sensations Sophia: "Johnny, are you not lost in my castle!? I noticed you yet again are repeating your rounds, it's time to go outside, I'm afraid as there in the house mother remember about you and she begin to search us. Generally, I would not mind that you're wandering till the morning and so there fell asleep."
Sophia kissed me and I whispered to her: "My darling, I finish the round, I really de forgot that I need to go to a strange journey."
In a couple of minutes I left the castle and went outside, the door closed, we got dressed, she looked at me and whispered: " Johnny, you made happy me and I 'll tell you, you do not draw for yourselve gloomy picture, everything goes so that we meet again after the upcoming trip to the strange palace, go into the house."
"My darling Sophia," I said kissing her, "when we leave the house try to pray for our safe return. I, you, your friends, noble knights and my friends with my father and mother will make a travel around the world, we see the countries and the people of our planet will admire you, it is interesting to look at those who came to us through three centuries, in my brain does not fit-you were three hundred years without the moon and the sun."
"And without love, a knight of my heart," added Sophia, kissed me and added: "Yes, my Johnny, as for that whirlpool seen by me in the picture drawn by the unknown artist is on the other galleon that it reflected properly. As we stood on the deck of a whirpool was not so strong and scary for us but sensing the danger senora Sophia has ordered to pull all the boats on the water, all to take place and go to a neighboring caravel "Santa Anna". In the same boat next to senora Sophia were me, three lovely maids , Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, three knights in armor and with the weapon and as many sailors, in the other other boat there were ladies, maids, sailors, knights and in the three boats there were sailors, captain Edward Malenga, and only when boats sailed off for a short distance then at this time began strong whirlpool that "Hispaniola" and all the boats began to turn, I felt dizzy and lost consciousness. But as we stand on the deck, all right, so real artist drew me and the Duchess."
I looked at Sophia and said: "My dear, try not to think about bad things, you've got this other problem- you are less mastered English and my request, explains her friends and knights said with mother and Ray, they do not know Spanish, pray for our safe return."
"Johnny, I get it, I'll translate ladies and gentlemen, it is so important for all of us," said Sofia, let's go."
We picked a few of red, yellow and red roses, formed a huge bouquet and with it we went into the house, Sophia had put it in a crystal vase with water and apleasant aroma spreaded throughout the room. Mom looked into the room and asked us to gother in the common room. When we got in it all were in full assembly, father asked us to sit down, we sat down in an easy chair, he looked at me and said: "Johnny, you know Spanish and translate of all, word for word so that everyone understood what I told."
I got up, my father said, I translated: "Dear members of the household, a few minutes later we leave the house, I have to ask you , with you my wife Julie and Ray the Fearless, all he would give you, to do the salvation of your lives, severe storms happen here, they know how to escape in such cases: act boldly, we will pray for your life, for your peace of mind and well-being, thank you."
Everybody stood up and said in unison: " Thank you, Mr. Victor, we believe you, Julie and Ray, will be obedient and pray for your happy sailing and safe return, for the meeting, thank you."

My sweet Sophia with her maidens sang some old songs and before parting kiss assuring us that all will be well. Mum showed courage and hugged us and without tears saw off to garage. I, dad, Ray and Arthur took along the road a few rifles, household again kissed us, we said goodbye to all those who stayed at home and van rushed to the port. Leaving it in the parking lot, we went to the pier, soon sailed boat with Robert, he greeted us, we did him and he with joy said that no accidents happened on a trawler. We said goodbye to Ray, he looked at us, smiled and quietly said: "Gentlemen , captain Victor Gray, Johnny, Robert, Arthur, I sincerely wish you seven feet under the keel, a happy voyage and a speedy return to Miami."
My father looked at Ray and said: "I think you should set watch in the night and in the case of bandit attacks to resist with arms, you have the right to defend yourself and property, but be careful, our enemies are armed."
"Mr. captain Victor Gray, I promise to fulfill what you say, we"ll be alert," said Ray, "and you, too, be vigilant, we have real enemies in no doubt."
We said goodbye to Ray, shook hands and wished each other good night he went to van, sat down in it and as soon as he disappeared around the bend, I, my father, Arthur and Robert sat in the boat and sailed to the trawler. Adlai and Andrew were happy to see us, they were waving and helped us go on board. We welcomed each other and went to prepare a trawler to sail. We did a full examination and when convinced nothing is forgotten started the engine and at midnight under the cover of darkness, cast off: a city with lights and neon signs removed from us.
My father showed us the route according to which we sailed by a roundabout way to those treasures stored in the belly of a strange sea creature. Once Miami disappeared over the horizon captain gave full course to the north-west and soon we decided to look for hidden bugs on a trawler that had to switch on by our persecutors and give signals to a satellite in order to monitor the course of our "Seagull". But alas, for some reason they were not switched on and we lost interest in them and vigilance made with own deeds. According to calculations of the father to the goal we"ll sail through the night after midnight, and for four or five hours we should do a difficult, dangerous work-to go down to the bottom. And yet during the voyage we continued to figure how by best way, more reliable and faster to lower metal pipe at the well in which we once got, I would say, just by accident.
But not only we sailed but the strange sea creature did! How well that we fixed on a broken mast on the caravel "Es-panola" locator which every hour gave signals to the satellite and we had coordinates with an accuracy of one tenth of a second. So we know where the sea creature swam, but most important where the mast and well in which we would lower the pipe. I looked at everyone and offered my plan: "My father, friends, not to risk by our lives by means of a submarine and a crane we"ll lower the tube, it rests on the soft pillow and after pumping the water out of it after a while water will be refilled in tube then we can go down to the bottom only in diving suits. I, Robert, Arthur and Andrew go down to the bottom of the well, go into the passage and there we seek way to the hall in which the mountains of treasure lie. We"ll not be greedy, I thought, even if to do three separate raids that this wealth is enough for all of us for the rest of life and even left children and grandchildren. If the water does not penetrate the pipe we go down in suits scuba divers and thus speed up the collection of treasures and lifting."
Everyone looked at me and my father said: " Johnny, it's a good plan, I approve of it, so we"ll act, what you say, gentlemen."
"Endorse, Mr. Johnny," shouted all together and shook my hand.
Suddenly revived our instruments locating up extraneous signals including electro-magnetic waves of different frequencies with hidden bugs. We found them but we didn't throw into the ocean, we decided to confuse our enemies by our false course of those who tried to swim for us. Now we know that we are not alone, maybe it's a big group and they were not just lovers but true professionals-pirates. In ten of sailing we dropped all the bugs over the side, trawler turned 90 degrees and in a straight line at full speed we sailed to the point in the ocean where there was a sea creature. We arrived at midnight and immediately set to work, first of all lowered down our submarine with me and Andrew in the water. Making sure that it is ready to immerse we waved standing on the deck of the trawler father, Arthur, Robert , Adlai, they did to us, we battened down the hatch and began to immerse to the bottom. We switched on searchlights and in front of us in a window opened amazing colorful underwater world, fish and small fish of all colors and sizes swam, there were long, black sea snakes, they tried to attack us but once in the dazzling rays of searchlights lost a landmark and swam aside. Especially there were a lot of large tadpole fish with sharp teeth floated out of the broken board the sunken "Hispaniola", they attacked the super strong metal casing and tried to bite it but it was too tough for them.

As well as outside our porthole had two spotlights, they dazzled the fish and they were forced to float away, we sailed exactly to the spot where there was well in which we got to twenty days ago. Andrew saw a rope one end of which was attached to the board and the other went into the crystal clear water. I say we were stricken by changes that occurred in the three weeks of our absence. All the many-foot layer of mud disappeared, before my eyes appeared a black surface which I first saw in a museum in Malaga on a picture drawn by an unknown artist, a witness of the tragedy which occur-red three hundred years ago, just a striking resemblance. When I've reported this to my father, he've told me that this is just awesome but we will comment on later, but now is time to install the pipe. I have given over the radio signal dad to drop pipe, soon I saw the end of it and when tube was near our jaws they clenched it. Andrew gave the command to my father to maneuver trawler that tube got within the center of the well, too we did even though the end of the pipe had the appearance of a truncated cone, it hung. We worried long before metal object began to lower, I weakened claws and pipe gently slid down. On a bright red marks on the tube I understood she lowered ten feet deep, it was enough and told my father that they lightly welded the metal tube to board and then began to pump out the water and waited for-it - came or not into the well and the pipe itself.
The father said that the pipe flush was with the deck, stuck hoses and started pumping outwater.
Time passed slowly and finally the father happily exclaimed: "Johnny, Andrew, the water pumped out, we drop down a rope with a rubber ball and if it falls below the length of the pipe we would know how many feet or inches string be-low the pipe and pulling it out see-it's dry or soaked."
"Dad, we are waiting for, it's very important," I said.
After a while I heard my father's voice: "Johnny, we did this study and found the length of the rope on the one-meter long pipe and wherein the dry , so you might go down to the bottom, we were delighted and immediately began the pipe firmly to weld to the truss, when the work would be finished I inform you."
"Well, we'll wait for your call, do it right," I said.
Half an hour later we heard my father's voice: "Johnny, we welded pipe, weaken your jaws and surface, the water can not penetrate, we"ll lower for treasure."
"We've understood you, weaken seizures and surface," I shouted joyfully.
I pressed the button, grabs parted to the side and saw that the pipe is an inch not put down, its attachment to the board was strong. We began the ascent to surface, opened the door and wanted to climb on board how my father shouted to me: "My Johnny, I see on the horizon from the opposite side three large boats with people, I think it is our pursuers, we leave the trawler, we do not have the strength to resist them."
I said: "Do not hesitate, come down into submarine, immerse and go away, life is more expensive treasure there in the house there are still plenty of gold coins and diamonds, we have enough for all."
Father, Arthur, Robert and Adlai quickly went down into the submarine, got into it, we closed a hutchway, dropped to seventy feet under the water and sailed to the side for seven hundred yards. Climbing up, stuck at a depth of seven feet , raised the periscope and saw our trawler, plastered on both sides of the big boats and people on the deck armed with pistols, three men looked into the tube, possibly they thought that we downstairs and waited for our arrival ...

... People of Carlos and Chung round the clock monitored the trawler and as soon as the trawler moved away from the pier, Jack the Shorty standing on duty that night immediately called his boss who was sleeping soundly in a warm bed . Hearing the call he woke up, picked up the phone and heard the news: "Dear Carlos, that ship went to sea. What your instructions?"
"Jack, keep watching, if they come back in an hour let you know if there is no return home, the good news, thank you for your service," Carlos said and smiled.
Without hesitation he got up, got dressed, called Chung, his associates and asked all to gather at the hall of the celeb-rations and as everyone who had participated in a daring plan to attack the pioneers were in the house and at the ready, then in three minutes were sitting at the tables. Cook immediately prepared a tasty snacks, three charming middle-aged maids brought it, there were bottles with wine and vodka on the tables always and guys over a glass of vodka began to discuss a plan of action, the only thing that confused them that premature departure of trawler. Peter sugges-ted that it is simply a cunning move by treasure hunters, to baffle those who in their assumptions hunts them and then go back to the port. The pursuers will go to sea after them and will cross the ocean trying to find them, they would quietly return to base to wait of their unasked guests who appear into trawler the next night in order to be master of treasure.
"Gentlemen," said Carlos, "I join the opinion of Peter, these schemers are capable of anything so I think the next night should not attack the base with the Spaniards, our people can fall into the trap and wait until the morning if they do not return immediately rush off to them. Bugs left on the trawler will give us a clear idea of where they are sailing or ancho-red. And as an attack on the base that you, Peter with your command will take place in the night in which we attack a ship or the next, everything will depend on the time when you hear my message. I'll give it to you on the radio. I'm sure at night between 2-4 hours everyone will have a good sleep, act confidently and carefully, so my dear friends drink to the upcoming success."
"For success ," shouted all and crystal glasses clinked, forks and spoons on china plates came to motion and guys began an animated conversation with toast. Peter looked at his boss, sitting companions, smiled happily and said: "Gentlemen , I assure you all that with my team valiantly charged with important and responsible task all the splendid Spaniards-girls will wait for our boss in your bedroom."
Carlos looked at Peter and threatening finger jokingly said: " My faithful friend, a lover of the young female body, I urge do not hurt beauties, I take offense."
Peter understood the boss's jokes and looking at him said: "My dear Don Carlos, you know me well, I am in my life have wronged no one beauty, at her request and will not allow them to complain to you in my ill-treatment of them, but I am not convinced that they are a virgin to me no complaints."
"Peter," said Carlos looked at him, "I don't think about it, do with them what you wish, you bring me to my bedroom treasure and lay them right on my bed, create contour of lady, can you imagine how clogged my heart."
" My boss I got it, everything will be as you wish, I will keep my word," said Peter . "Gentlemen, let's drink for ladies and the treasure."
Firing on all cylinders, vodka poured into glasses without a break, it was not interrupted, talked nonsense and forgot about the departed into the ocean trawler. Of all the companies only Chun are just not too fond of vodka, he had in mind those who sailed and treasures. Pirate sat down with Carlos and said: "My dear friend, I think we are missing valuable time, we need to hurry, you know I was late and we lost treasure, I assure you they will not soon comeback, they had a different task as soon as possible to get to goals and scrape up all the last pearl, they are not aware of our bugs and thanks to overtake their ship with treasure hunters, we should hasten, my Carlos."
The boss looked strangely at Chun, fidgeted in his chair, joined his hands to his head and began to forcefully scratching it, tried to get up but did not have the strength in his legs. He fell to the floor, all rushed to his aid, Carlos muttered incoherently, resisted and struggled with them as if they were the police and try to put him handcuffs. And suddenly, somehow all of a sudden he burped and a huge mass of vomit fountain go out from throat struck the head bent over him Peter and Chun . But it's not so bad, he coughed wildly, tensed, wanted to release the accumulated gases but instead unexpectedly imposed a complete pants, spread the stench of the room, the carpet was covered with moisture and undigested food.
Of course, if it were not for a great cause and besides, is not so almighty boss and good friend might be one left to suffocate in the stench, but they did all the best him, his drunk as a skunk he was taken to the bathroom, undressed, washed with head to toe, brought in the bedroom and laid on the bed.
By morning Carlos woke up, he looked around and saw around Chung, Peter, looked at them and said: "My friends, what happened?"
"Dear Carlos, you're a little overdrank and here of all the consequences," said Chung . "How are you, can get drunk and let it be, we are wasting our time."
"My friends, that cast-iron pot head, bring a bottle of Smirnoff, have a drink on glass, everything will be o'key, a proven way to keep in shape," said Carlos.

Harry ran down and soon returned with a tray on it there were a bottle of Smirnoff, three wine glasses and a few sandwiches with caviar, poured wine into the glasses, Carlos, Peter and Chung immediately drank vodka, ate and went to the shower room, They washed the boss half an hour with cold water and came to a complete sport form. At this time Chun explained to him the essence of the case and asked him immediately set off in pursuit of treasure seekers, as the trawler did not return.
"Harry, immediately bring field dress, Chung, in half an hour we go to the boats, the men are waiting for us, I have them always at hand, you wait for my instructions, Peter, take your time, think of all the operation, all the wealth bring in my house, take care of Spaniards as the apple of the eye, when we return we"ll distribute them among themselves, the females do not hurt and do not take your eyes off them," Carlos said strictly and shook his finger.
"Dear Carlos, we"ll act on your signal, my fighters are spoiling for a fight, already I've thought the operation, the attack will take place at night, everything will be o'key, the beautiful Spaniards-girls will be kept, I"ll cover them in the bedroom from the gaze of strangers, Peter said, I wish you good luck, see you later."
"Thank you, Peter, before the meeting, Steve, you take us to our camp boats, returned and help Peter, let's go, in the three minutes start," said Carlos.
He looked at his friends, waved by his hand and headed to the door, a big bus were waiting for them, they came in-side, seated, started the engine and the bus moved forward, in the port. In the parking lot the went outside and warm moist air swept them, Steve said goodbye to the boss and the whole company and wished happiness, boarded the bus and ran back to the villa. Carlos and his men moved to the private parking lot of yachts and soon they saw three speedboats: "Lady Catalina", "Marlin" and "Inez". Carlos and Chun decided to go along with "Lady Catalina", the soldiers of the sea pirate and drug boss welcomed the newly arrived completion, all with great enthusiasm were wellcomed the forthcoming voyage, the more each of them knew that they would receive good score. Carlos and Chun went up on deck, they waved by hand, the engines started and three boats slowly moved forward. Going beyond the parking lot they scored the maximum speed and raced on the course of approach with the trawler, in a few hours they were separated by only fifty miles. After a brief interview, Carlos suggested to Chun to keep a distance, he explained this on the basis of his suppositions, when treasure hunters sailed up to the place where were the riches in three-four hours they would mount their construction of pipes and start pumping water with treasures. After four or five hours they pump out some of the jewelry and just at this time three boats sail up to the ship, surround on three sides and the men threatenng with Kalashnikov's offer them to surrender.
"You imagine Chun, if they do not have time to completely deflate the treasures that we are able to help to them, I decided to break up with them peacefully, without bloodshed, they sail away to his home on a boat without oars, to Florida or Cuba is not far but to us no claims."
"Dear Carlos, you decided correctly, you always have to share, I think this stuff out there if they decided heads to pump out the treasure, but still we need to hurry, I think you do not mind going to the approach."
"I agree," Carlos said, "we go to the deck to think what to do and to smoke break."
They have not reached out how to them into the cabin ran Yu Xin, he reported that the connection with the trawler is completely broken, the satellite signals are not available on the whereabouts of the vessel , Chun and Carlos rushed to the bridge, on the monitors snowstorm flashed, seasoned pirate explained to drug boss the situation: "Carlos, you can guess, those bastards have found every single bug, smashed to pieces and thrown into the waters of the Atlantic."
"I know what you mean Chun, we are like blind kittens, they abruptly change course and try to get us. I'm in shock, we are left without the treasure."
"My Carlos, they can hold anyone's just not me, I find them under water, this time they will not go from Chun, we have to record the coordinates of their location before they threw out the bugs and there are other coordinates-when they were transferred to air their joyful message about their discovery of uncounted wealth and the surviving Spaniards. In a few minutes I"ll tell you in which direction need to sail, then we"ll have to split up and in the same direction several times to scour the ocean, the length of the strip 30 miles, each boat will be from one another at a distance of 5 miles, we have the radars and we detect them, act without delay."
Carlos happily looked at Chun and said: "You wisely reasoned Chung, act."
Marine Corsair took the map, made several marks, traced a line and said to boss: "My Carlos, I"ll be on "Inez", the boat sails far left, in the middle-"Marlin" and you're on the "Lady Catalina" sail far right, the course of the southwest. I think we"ll find a trawler, I"ll call you and to Mao Tsu, he is on the "Marlin" by what course to follow after we examine a given square, square is not great, only 30 to 30 miles. Yes, the one who find trawler the first give information to me and I"ll direct all of our speedboats to those who sucks the treasure from the under sea palace."
Chun called to Felluga to sail up to the "Lady Catalina" and in a couple of minutes boat touched the side, pirate said goodbye to Carlos, got across to the "Inez" and sailed and at full speed sailed on the left flank. All the time Chun gave instructions to the captains of boats by which course to sail and imagine in several hours of searching Chun with his radar spotted the trawler. She was seven miles, pirate told the good news to Carlos and Mao Tsu and asked to hold course on rapprochement. In twenty minutes the boats joined together, there was a short meeting at which Chun gave instruc-tions on which side the boats would attack the trawler and in case of resistance to use firearms. Wasting no time boats headed for the trawler- "Lady Catalina", "Marlin" went from the left side, "Inez" from the right and here was the one moment when they saw by the naked eye trawler at a glance. What was their surprise when they approached to it did not noticed on the deck of a single soul.
Chun and sailors looked puzzled at trawler and assumed that everyone was asleep or under water and possibly rowing treasures. Corsair Marine on the radiophone informed Carlos and Mao Tsu to get close to the ship, they told him great joy course was taken to the ship and at full speed and sailed for rapprochement. In a few minutes boats sailed like meteors and only a few hundred yards to slow speed down to zero and that's the moment when they were stuck on both sides of the trawler. Surprisingly for sailors and captaines they did not see a single soul on the deck. Carlos was worried and thought that the ship was mined, but then he saw the pipe is welded to the side of one end stuck on the level of the deck and the other went into the water. Its diameter struck him and he thought that the work continued under water or might at the sight of boats every one had hided in the pipe.
Chun of habit shouted: "My friends, for me on the trawler" and all rushed to the deck, the interest in the pipe was so great that all ran up to it, looked into it and loudly shouted: "Hello! Divers, where are you?! Rise! We are your friends!"
But alas neither echo nor answer, none the less everyone was happy, without a drop of blood they took possession of the ship and wealth, it was worth to wait only when treasure was lifted from under water palace or at least guys would go down the tube itself down the metal stairs .
Happy Carlos remembered the other treasures stored in the house in which the beautiful Spaniards and the knights were, he did not think and contacted Peter, he informed him the great news to nobody incomprehensible form: "This is Carlos, we have all o' key, go to the girls, give them flowers and a kiss from me, we love you all."
"O'key, I"ll do that, thank you, Marco will buy them flowers and give to the meeting," said happily faithful executor responsible assignments Peter.
"Amanita" jumped out of the cabin and saw people peering into the pipe without hesitation jumped over the side and went up to the crowd, they made a way for the boss and seeing a huge hole looked inside the bottomless pit with metal stairs, he could not resist, bent down and shouted: "Hello? Friends! Where are you?!"
Soon Chung appeared and immediately told Carlos that on the trawler there is no single soul, all tracelessly have disappeared and may have gone down at the store where the treasure lies. "One-Eyed Beast" raised his hand and everyone saw in it the CD: "Carlos, in the captain's cabin I found this thing, before descending into the abyss let's see this recording, it may help us in the future."
Carlos looked at him and said: " My dear Chun, I do not think that it's a sex movie without mind, go to the "Lady Catalina."
"Why, at this trawler there is everything going in their communications center and scroll the most interesting episodes and then decide what to do," said Chung.

They came to the center of communication, switched up tv set, videotape recorder, stuck the tape and saw the sea floor, the stump of the mast and the skeleton of an ancient caravel, swimming divers and suddenly began dark. That's already on the screen quaint little round room, twilight, more and more light, they went down the narrow hallway and found ourselves in a large bright hall. There is a clash with the nights, appear almost naked beauties-on their bodies hung gold and silver threads, necklaces, hair in loose gemstones to toe covering their nakedness. They move to another small room, girl is sitting on the floor with beautiful dark hair hung with gold and silver threads, necklaces, broad- fit young man helps her to stand up and then by what he saw Carlos broke down and cried: "Chun, this is it, seductive senora, Peter promised me to bring her to my bedroom."
The film went on, the screen presented itself lake, they bathed in it and now all around huge piles of gold, silver coins , rings, items like trash- necklaces and precious stones, boys, men and women gather these treasures in diving suits and the screen went blank.
"One-Eyed Beast" with pleasure shook hands, a huge success, billions in pocket, to have only just wait for the jewelry out of the abyss will be served, but to their regret no person appeared up out of the pipe and did not gave them the treasure. He broke down and irritation mately said: "My Carlos, we need to look into the tube, it was too long they hide in it, I think we need to help them get out into the light, I think they sensed something was wrong and hid . I wonder how long have they fallen into the abyss?"
"Yes, Chun, we need to look into the pipe, what they came up with for the dredge? Look-wires, hoses, hoists, crane What a powerful pump! Let's go," said Don Carlos.
Chun Lu and Carlos came up to the pipe and began to look into it but nothing except the metallic stairs didn't see in it .
"Amanita" looked at the pirate and said quietly: "Chun, how long will they stay there? I say we should not wait until the morning soon dawn will be, there will be other amatuers of easy money, more powerful than we are and the end will be to us. So I think we need to take the initiative themselves and to reach for jewelry, they are just there. We have diving suits, assemble a team of divers and let them go down."

"Chun", said Carlos, "I think it would be nice to go down to the bottom of the first divers to dig in and hold, I think it scored of gold doubloons, go, no time to waste. Suggest you and yours a few more experienced soldiers armed to the teeth dive in the light diving suits, we have seven of them , I think you will cope with the problem, I myself would like to swim in the warm waters."
"Carlos, first of all examine the well, what the depth of which and if there is the water in the pipe, but then we can go down but only in a strong diving suits and now proceed to action, I see a long rope linked to the ball and guess the guys were throwing it inside to know-there is water in tube or not."
"Chun, I agree, drop the rope with the ball and also learn the depth of the abyss."
Carlos and Chung took the end of the rope with a ball and began to lower it, it seemed to them that the well
bottomless, but no rope relaxed and they got the ball touches the bottom, made a mark on the rope and started to pull up. When they pulled the ball was in the pipe there was not a drop of water, depth exceeds 170 feet. Sea pirate looked at drug boss and said: " My Carlos I , Li Su , Yan Fu , Ho Puah , Xian Lin , Mao Tsu and Guo Xin get down to the bottom, my soldiers ask come to me, you are the most fearless, you agree to climb into the thick and under the water."
The boys came to the well-built pirate, drug boss looked at them and said: "With such fighters I myself would go down to the bottom, sorry I do not know Chinese, I wish you all success."

"Thank you for the trust," said Chun, "we pull out from the bottom all that there is, everybody has to do a good share of the treasures, now proceed to the preparation of the guys, I think we"ll go down without diving suits, dress light suits, tanks, masks and go down. If the ship is wrecked certainly part of the treasure remained on the seabed under a layer of silt. Carlos before our guys climb into the pipe we"ll collect them, do you mind? Maybe by to the time those treasure hunters will rise up and you can help them climb out onto the deck."
"I agree with you Chun, let your soldiers examine the bottom and collect the treasures, if within one hour treasure hunters do not appear out of the pipe you, Chun, after your return from the bottom the guys go down to the under-water storage. That on the bottom you feel safe I suggest replace one of your submariner to my guy of my team. Juan Nurego get ready to descend into the water, I know you're an athlete submariner, an excellent photographer and cameraman, take the camera, in case speargun and go forth."
Athletic athlete came to Carlos and Chung, pirate looked at him and said: "I wish you a happy descent, you are in case of unforeseen circumstances will defend all members of the submarine command, equip, after five minutes we"ll dive. "
"In that case, don Carlos Juan Nurego replace my guy. Sien Lin," he adresed to the tall muscular pirate, "you are left with all on a trawler, then when I raise from the bottom -be sure I take you for the rise of the underwater treasures of the palace."
"Well, my Chun, I agree, you know better," Sien Lin said happily, "I dreamed to get at the store."
But at this time the group left the young Chinese muscular man of medium height with a long pigtail, bowed and said: "My brother Chun Lu, I think you need to keep power before the important descent, the more you know our deal: If you 're in the water on board I am and vice versa, we can not simultaneously take risks and at the same time to climb into the abyss."
Chun looked at his faithful friend and said: " My brother Lee Soo, you're right, then you dive under the water, I 'm staying on a trawler, be careful, you know there is dangerous world, take in case weapons, equip. Yes, Sien Lin, you go down with them to the bottom, since I'm staying on the deck."
"No objections, my captain Chun Lu, go down to the bottom," said Sien Lin.
Before the soldiers to go down to the bottom Chung and Carlos watched them in all gear and gave the green light, divers rushed into the warm water of Atlantic. They are a tight group descended safeme to the bottom so that in the case of appearing the menacing sharks they could resist. Yes, at the bottom they saw the skeleton of a drowned ship, a floating piece of mast, rope, one end of which was attached to it and the came to the bottom right in the place where the pipe was hidden beneath the dark surface. Juan brought television camera and showed the sunken caravel to those who were on the deck of the trawler. When divers were near the hold and began to examine it, Lee Soo was interesred with the strange dark ropes, at this time divers swim towards the port side. Carlos said Juan to swam to the side and to look into the hold, might it was the underwater storage room in which it's possible there were chests of jewels. The Spaniard replied in the affirmative and swam to the guys, to the left side. Lee Soo staied at the mast with strange dark ropes-whole plexus cords extending to the destroyed deck.
Here loophole, Juan put in it his hand with a camera, stuck his head and started to drive it in all directions so that Carlos and Chun on the screen watched the big picture. Three submariners had cameras and on the three screens simultaneously all viewed images from the seabed, so many people had seen what was happening under the water.
Some suddenly in the hold filled with silt started animation, appeared snake heads of dark dirty color, they suddenly surfaced and darted toward the loopholes, seeing foreign body long snake fell on his head and a with ball wound around it. A few seconds later a hand released camera, snake-monsters tossing through the loopholes were out and rushed to the divers, there were a great many, they are coiled around the body, but the men did not give up. Muscular guys began with the knives cut them like noodles, blood and flesh mixed with the water, suddenly appeared a huge toothy-headed green- red fish with violet -dappled and indiscriminately attacked the snakes, but they were tenacious and tried to put themselves on them poison.
The fact that snakes coiled divers stick to the rubber suits and guys were not able to break away from them and then those long sea creatures so compressed the body making it difficult to breathe. Nevertheless, strong guys continued to cut them up and got rid of but perhaps those toothy fish attacked the snake stuck to the costumes, taking bites through the rubberized fabric and at the same time human flesh. Blood seeped out, mixed with water and captured the attention of sharks circled near and without hesitation swam to the place of slaughter. Sea snakes were tenacious, do not give up to their enemies, sharp-toothed fish and resisted-their heads blew out as balls, sticking out of his mouth long sting and had only to spit venom at the fisndh swam up and got into the body of the predator instantly lose their orientation in space consisting and with circles swam until not become a victim of a different predators a floated to her shark. Nevertheless, this did not put fish and attacking a gathering of five of seven fish they dug into snakes and at the same time in the body divers suits were tearing apart and at the same time, fought off the brazen sharks. But, unfor-tunately, the forces between the sharks on one side and snakes, predatory fish and weakened swimmers turned out to unequal. Not less than a dozen sea predators attacked snakes, fish, bloody divers and began with an extraordinary greed missed on everybody and tore apart . Soon the battlefield were only just inedible metal cans, cameras, knives sad remembrance of that here a while back were submariners .
Frankly speaking Chun Lu worried for all but especially worried about the fate of his true friend Lee Soo. If the "One-Eyed Beast " knew what trouble awaits him faithful of the surest of goods rischey for robbery hardly allowed him to go down to the bottom. And who could have imagined that such a tragedy will occur under water. Sometimes in moments of danger brave and faithful Lee Soo his breasts defended protected their leader from bullets. And here, in the warm waters of the Atlantic on his eyes he lost a true comrade and a common grief he could not help him.
Sitting at the monitors Carlos, Chun, Currego and other team members with a sinking heart looked at what was happening in the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean. "One-Eyed Demon -making focused on his fellow despite the fact that he was not alone, next to him was a giant of Singapore Yan Fu. For a premonition of trouble came over him a sharp look Chun determined that these were not the ropes but live sea snakes and they should not be annoying. Pirate wanted to warn his comrades and shouted: "Li Su, Yan Fu, do not touch creatures, they are poisonous! Put out!"
But the strange thing he did not hear it, even though the headphones pirate sounded cheerful voice of Lee Soo: "Chun Lu, see I pull out the rope, even survived a rope ladder, the snakes stucked to it, they resemble our friendly sea cucumbers when I tacked back and prepare them delicacy. Did you just admire them, what handsome they."

Lee Soo grabbed a few snakes and picked up. Oh, it's better he did not do it!. Long dark gray snake began to squirm , suddenly attacked the divers, began to cling to the suits, to twist the body , as if covered with glue sticked to the rubberized material and it was not possible to tear them. But the most interesting and scary these sea snakes, sea cucumbers, were so long that some rings wound around the ends of the snakes were still tangled in the rope ladder and under a mast rigging. Lee Soo pulled up but swam near five feet suddenly stopped and no matter how much he tried to figure effort was not able to go up in front of him pulled down to the mast. Strong muscular pirate without hesitation put his hand to his leg where he always kept in a leather case Japanese steel razor-sharp knife, took it and instantly cut the snake. Lee Soo swam a few feet away and began to tear stuck to suit by coils snake, but it was not easy to pull off.
It would not bother with it if the snake was not squeezed him until the pain but also its green head with a sting ran to the naked face. Lee Soo grabbed her head, made a sudden movement with a knife and cut her. The mucous mass of liquid burst out and hit on the face with spit out of the mouth of poison and on his happiness the sting did not stick in him. The Chinese continued to cut the rings apart and cast aside as far as prossible away from him. The Chinese are not yet thrown off a half of the snake's body as noticed in the side a large school of yellow-green fish, they quickly rushed to him and when were close he recognized the most terrible sea monsters called "toothy witches". Meeting with them was not boded well and could only count on himself to get as soon as possible to the surface or on the help of his friends, they just pull out him from the water on a deck of a trawler.
Lee Soo gathered all his strength and began frantically moving his arms and legs, he noticed that the rapidly rising up, a few more seconds and would get to the surface. Chinese eyes only up to where the less clearly loomed bright moon. Pirate decided to look back to make sure that the "toothy witches" behind him and turned his head, a school of fish with open mouths with sticking out long, sharp white teeth were a few feet behind him but beside behind them three gray sharks floafed at any time ready to pounce on fish. Fear gripped the experienced Chinese, his heart stopped for a moment and he collected all forces tried to push to accelerate the rise but could not jerk-the fish like bees swarmed him from all sides and were pulling down. Several "toothy witches" attacked bared face covered with snake mucosal and blood and tearing chunks of meat sailed to the side.
Lee Soo began ruthlessly cut with knife fell under the right arm of bloodthirsty predator fish, the left hand was trying to protect his face burned with fire, he felt unbearable pain and the creatures attracted by the smell of blood still bolder anxious to get to the flesh and once again grab a piece of human flesh. But strikesof knife brought him little good, "toothy witches" with their sharp teeth tore the remains of a stuck snake and at the same time adhering rubberized fabric suit tore the flesh of Chinese. Soon suit turned into rags, exhausted Lee Soo did not resist, swallowing water he began to sink and this time with "toothy witches" -it was not a place where there would be dug into his body blood-thirsty predators. But to the bottom predatory fish have not held him, three sharks floated next attacked the Chinese and he being in their mouth was instantly ripped apart and swallowed along with the remains of the suit.
Chun Lu pulled away from the screen, got up, walked to Don Carlos closely observed the tragedy at the bottom with divers and captured the most recent episode, a hefty shark attacked Lee Soo, he found himself in her mouth along with the camera and the image disappeared. Don Carlos looked at Chun Lu burst into tears and could not stand, pirate covered his face in his hands and sobbed bitterly saying "My Lee Soo, I owe you by my life if you did not change me then on your place I was, goodbye my faithful friend."
None of those who were on the deck of the trawler could nothing do to help the brave submariners, no one imagined that there, in the hold under the mud there were infested sea snakes and predatory fish were able to eat a rubberized fabric suits of divers. Once the flesh of the last diver has disappeared in the jaws of a sharks witnesses the tragedy on the seabed rose and tearfully informed those who had not the opportunity to see on the monitors last moments of life of their comrades, scuba divers about the untimely heroic death the guys.
Everyone gathered on the deck of the tanker and Chun Lu with sad voice said: "Gentlemen, we have grief, irreparable loss, there at the bottom died from the strange sea snakes and monstrous fish our and your comrades Lee Soo, Yan Fu, Ho Puah, Xian Lin, Mao Tsu, Guo Xin and Juan Nurego. We will never forget them, they are forever in our hearts, but life goes on, sorrow, pain , loss can not stop us in the important work and I think that you are brave, strong in body and spirit , and we will be able to master the underwater treasures lying in the pantry. I can not order but on the good will of those who wish to go down for the uncountless treasures makes a step forward."
All as one stepped to Chun, every young fan of gratuitous treasures wanted to climb to the bottom, the pirates know - who is in the inferno gets a double share.
Chun looked at the brave men and cheery voice called out: "I do not doubt you, then my comrades and friends and he will call the names of those who go down to the underwater storage."
Chun went to Carlos and after a brief meeting they came to the decision to select seven the strongest and bravest guys- the four men from command of "Yellow Sea Dogs "- Chan Moon "Playboy", commander, Kim Ir "Pretty Boy", Yu Chi "Pathfinder", Ho Jin "Sea Dragon" and three of underground cocaine syndicate "Red Poppy" -commander Harry Lopez "Wild Joe", Jose Ortega "Dancer" and Romer Kolderon "Debauchee".
Thus, the commander of the pirates was chosen Chan Moon "Playboy", amateur to drink and had a special passion for a young female. After a successful pirate attacks on tankers passing the boys were carried out and a lot of money so that they do not lie in the pockets immediately got rid of them in brothels and taverns gay Bangkok means a catchy name "Carousel", " Black Magician", " Aunt Lee", "Oriental Princess", "Chinese Dragon", "Thai Beauties".

The entire group of young robbers, pirates filled up in one of the dens where they were immediately surrounded the care, attention and affection not only the owners but also the young beauties, whores. Money, like a fallen maple leaves, flew to the right and to the left of the generous covered with the blood of the hands of seekers of easy money, and everyone tried to make them all the very pleasant and to present their services in full. The owners of brothels, which turned out to visiters-corsairs from the gang Chun Lu and within three minutes pack off all outsiders of visitors so that they did not interfere with their entertainment, tightly closed doors, put out the light of the annealing candles creating an intimate atmosphere and immediately charming girls on the bodies which flaunted a bikini and threw them in the nude served full of love buccaneers. On the first call of any of them cute waitresses were approaching him with a tray with his favorite expensive drinks or snacks. Since the tables were huge then at the request of guests to them like swans swam twelve years Chinese women and under sound of the music pouring out of stereos climbed onto the tables and arranged dancing eastern peoples writhing their bodies to the unbelievably bizarre shapes.
But those were the flowers, berries began somewhat later, when the well-oiled corsar Chan Mun got up, clapped his hands, the music died down and all the fairer sex got up in a row and walked single file past him. That the beauty of what he was slapped over the front of the right, the one that was slapped on the rump left. The girl was seated at a table right by corsairs and those who left to serve them. After a while, Chan Mun took out a pack of twenty dollar bills and threw them up towards the ceiling. and not like giant green butterfly randomly spinning in the air fell to the floor
Those babes serving them pounced on the money and each tried to grab as much as possible , but since it was a desire on the mind of anyone they attacked the bill trying to grab it as soon as possible and there is already acting principle of struggle. Young creatures grabbed each other by the hair and pushed her hands, kicked, shorter began a real bloody riesling. Especially screeching, howling and screaming from the pain of wild began then when corsair Chan Mun threw up towards the ceiling ten hundred dollar bills and while they fell down a girl sitting at the table with the guys instantly jumped up from their chairs to his feet and raced to those who beat the beauties of twenty earlier. The dancers, wait-resses and strippers crowd attacked the money from the pain trying to catch at least one of them-they repel each other artistically shouting, then grabbed each other for what would have: hair, face, feet, hands, body, thrown, kicked truly. Yes, at this time in the hall roaring, screaming in pain was natural and it was included to mute the music to the fullest.
But not all the girls were fools, those who knew the bloody finale just ran among all and the struggle for money was not included. Beauty knew the guys will take with them into the room for VIPs and they will get for spent the evening with them and night more of those who disfigured his face and body for twenty, forty or a hundred dollars. Generous Chan Mun did not depart from his captain corsair Chun Lu and and threw two to three thousand dollars for one campaign in a tavern or a hangout.
As for Harry Lopez "Wild Joe" that though he was adventurous but knew when to stop-in Miami such numbers as in Bangkok did not pass, the police severely punish all who have acted in violation of the rules of public behavior. But in Miami, there was lots of entertainment where you can drink wine, vodka, cocktails, dance and watched strippers, dancers. But our Harry did not need to run on such a striptease bars to seek fun and adventure: Don Carlos had in Miami entertainment saloon-bar "Daisy" to launder the money received from the sale of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy pills. The main organizer and inspirer of the entertainment was a notorious black beauty lesbian Marie Buada Vearres named "Beauty of Harlem" strikes fear and terror in the world and a lover of thrills. With the consent of Don Carlos was appointed Marie Buada as owner this entertaining bar and invited to work fourteen adult beauties, all illegals , a slave of the twentieth century with the false documents, in fact, they are unlikely to be more than sixteen. But in the last year due to financial distress the owner of an entertainment venue "Daisy" at the urging of Don Carlos was forced to cut staff to seven whores. Marie Buada scrimped on what she could, sorry for funds for their maintenance and recently beauties dressed in modest clothing but as Don Carlos and his guests were interested in the naked female body was for the four waitresses serving guests sewn modest stubby white aprons and for seductive dancers, strippers mini skirts with blouses, tank tops to the navel. Since young beauties shine with their beauty and their gorgeous bodies seemed to go crazy gentlemen, all invited by a seductive girls just dug in, and waiting for the end of dance with a striptease to get hold of them for good money .
After stripping and dancing in the nude on a separate table Marie Buada displays them on an improvised stage, re-vealing the green-blue curtain and two guests saw the color of the blue moon, one large bath was filled with multi-colored cream cakes and the second golden sparkling wine.
Alluring seductive beauty-winner with great body shapes in the nude came to the bath with a cream cake, threw themselves into it, coated each other from head to toe, got up in the statue and no one could not see the face. Marie Buada caused seven invited guests on stage, they are taken out of the blue bag ticket with number and according to it gentlemen chose their beauty. To avoid staining with cream his clothes gentleman dressed off and began to lick it and by his hands removed from the body on the view of the public. Then he lay a sweet beauty in a bath with sparkling wine and washed her from time to time spraying of a large bottle of very real champagne Moet Chandon. Washed, neat, seductive, happy and merry beauty acquainted with their elect and led away to her bedroom. Sometime in the good old good times when important guests expected ten or twelve not to lose face in front of them mistress Marie Buada at the request of Don Carlos in the evening attracted more whores for fun and were very pleased with having a great evening. What a pity, but those days are passed away!
Don Carlos and Harry Lypez liked this idea very much, but it took a lot of money and they had also spread the drugs and their guys attacked on the banks in which the leader of the gang were Marie Buada "Beauty of Harlem", Harry Lopez "Rampant Joe" and Peter growling "Good Boy" united in a common syndicate "Red Poppy" led by Don Carlos Rodriguez, nicknamed "Amanita". They acted as if the elusive ghosts, they had their own small planes, fast boats, buses, modern weapons, communications and most importantly loyal spotters and informants even in the ranks of the guardians of law and order. It is well known, many people want to live very well and enjoying the benefits of the fruits of civilization: a visit to posh restaurants, casinos, travel to overseas countries by air and ocean liners, purchase big houses, cars, planes, boats and much more. Gangs were constantly changing geography of countless attacks, assaults and robberies are often accompanied by copious bloodshed. Even the ubiquitous Interpol, the FBI had been unable to attack their mark despite the fact that sometimes found at the crime scene left by the paper on which flaunted three capital letters BMW. The police could not understand what lay behind these letters and never thought that the name Bavarian automobile giant which produces expensive luxury cars. No one could guess that this is the abbreviated initials of the many nicknames madam and raiders Marie Buady Black Magic Woman-". The raids were made primarily on banks and homes of millionaires in the outskirts of large cities or in the suburbs. If it turned out that the resistance was poured executions of people with the loot and money were being seated a waiting vehicle on, rushed to the airfield and flew on the private jet in their dens.
But as of our days so dirty and wet acts became dangerous then they found another more secure way of actions, near the bank they bought for a lot of money a private little private house was undermining straight to the basement, penetrated in depository, quietly by powerful burners cut a hole in the concrete slabs, got to safes and in one night managed to scrape of steel safes to several millions of dollars and safely slept away without leaving any traces and notes. What to say-in the syndicate "Red Poppy" a lot of people were involved and each had to pay a share of the money as the butterfly flew and had to be extracted they were not long sitting idly by. And then such a success, thanks to the arrival of Marine Corsair Chun Lu in whose hands got such invaluable information about the countless treasures lying on the seabed-Don Carlos corrects shaky financial state-billions of dollars were on the bottom and hundreds of millions hidden in the vaults of the discoverers of treasure. And all this is real wealth! The only thing just to get them safely out of the labyrinth strange pantry located below the ocean floor. And here in this abyss bravest of the brave will get into the underwater palace.
Chung and Carlos have taken in at a glance brave the seven from head to foot and have come to the conclusion that with such fighters guya can not just go into the water but also to the center of the earth, the sea corsair raised his hand and said: "Dear friends, you understand that your way is not easy, you are not alone, we are with you, always keep in touch, I have found the tape recording left by those seekers who have been here a few weeks ago. According to my instructions you follow the route laid by them and imprinted on the tape. So you do not go at random and this reduces the residence time in the vault of treasures, I and our dear Mr. Carlos decided to give all of you for three additional shares, good luck to you, but before you go down you see excerpts of the documentary to familiarize yourself with the world in which the explorers visited and perhaps now is hiding out there, so be careful and follow me."
Seven brave men thanked Chun and Carlos for their attention and went in after them into the center of commu-nication, they saw the movie and when it was over went on deck, without wasting time started preparing for the descent, each dressed in light high-strength diving suits with camera and cordless radiophone so in the water they will feel the full safety. Since in the underwater palace there was no water and the atmosphere was allowed to breathe at their will they allowed inside to take off the suit for ease of movement and fast collection of jewelry. Each submariner took the longest to Finnish knife that in unforeseen situations to use it.

Before descending Chun and Carlos carefully inspected soldiers dressed in suits, in order to maintain their energy and time decided to get down to the bottom of the well with winch, descent came smoothly and after half an hour they were in accordance with the instructions of Chun entered the maze. Slowly and surely the seven brave guys went ahead and finally fearless fighters were found in the hall where the Spaniard knights met pioneers. Chun gave instructions, guys fearlessly went ahead and soon came in the hall on the floor of which a mountain of treasures lay. Braves could not stand seeing jewelry and from joy they shouted "Hurrah", fell on them and lay clasped hands. Since the connection was double that on the screen Chun, Carlos, everyone who participated in this operation with their eyes saw a huge mountain of treasures, things of precious metals and stones, gold and silver coins were scattered like trash. Carlos asked the soldiers to bring T V set on the deck and when it stood on the table all the pirates and gangsters looked at the screen and in a frenzy as one of the seen treasures began to shout "Urrrraaaa", to kiss and whirl in a joyful dance.
Chun Lu came to himself the fastest and contacted the commander of the four brave: "My Chan, I ask you to get started, time is money, we all see this luxury, incredible."
"Dear Chun, from this treasure we can go crazy, thank you for bringing me back to life, we to get to work, I'm afraid we do not have enough bags stuck," said Chan.
"Chan, do not worry, bags will be enough, time to spare, I'm afraid like other lovers of treasure not joined us, act at a pace until collect jewelry together, then divide into two groups, your men gather gems, Harry, Jose and Romer carry bags to the tube."
"My Chun, I understood-to collect everything as soon as fast," said commander of group Chan.

Soon seven guys started to work and began to fill bags indiscriminately, everything that was in the hands immediately flew into the bags. Jose Ortega separated from everyone and ran to the wall on which gold jewelry, diamonds, pearl necklaces hung. Strangely, they seem stuck and he had to force to strip off them, the Spaniard was perplexed and emitted a stream of swearing against those who took it up with this crazy idea to stick them. None the less in the work of making progress, all the bags were packed to the top, Chun closely followed by what was happening in the room offered to soldiers not to relax and all the items hanging on the walls to rip off the walls and throw in a pile. The soldiers responded to his call and seemed dazed began with violent force to rip off jewelry from the walls, ceiling throwing ones to the bags. A pile grew and imagine their eyes it grew almost to the ceiling of the narrow aisle, the men decided to take a break and turned to Chun for advice, whether to continue or to transfer all the good to the tube and to lift up.
Carlos, Chung and sailed the lovers of easy money contemplated the luxury and the main feel pleasure, the extra-ordinary enthusiasm from the fact that in a moment all treasure will be in their hands, but as the jewelry was not completely torn off a drug lord proposed to continue the work, he did not want to leave the luxury of another adventurers and he personally said to Chan wish to strip every last gem after a brief respite.
Joy knew no bounds, all mad from seen treasure towering of mountain in the long corridor, shouted "Hurrah", danced, could not hold themselves, picked up on the hands of Chung, Carlos, throwing and catching up, some young Chinese and Malays climbed on a small radar and full throat shouted: "People, listen to us, we are the richest in the world! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!"
They did not dismount down just dived into the ocean, surfaced, comrades helped them go on board and with the company continued to dance and yell cheers.

Chan Mun and his team listened to the wishes of Carlos and relaxed, boss and the pirate walked away and started thinking how this whole heap of jewelry recarry to the pipe and the boss thought-those pioneers took off their suits and they put in them jewelry, he shared this thought with a pirate and he approved the plan of action and then he addressed to the commander of group: "Dear Chan, Mr Carlos offers a wise plan, remove your diving suits, quickly stuff them with jewels and leave the maze, this stuff will be enough for all of us, in addition to you for the courage and bravery we will add you to the share two more, I think you will be satisfied, proceed to the action of our brave and fearless heroes."
"Chun, Carlos, we approve your decision, thanks for the tip and for attention -getthree shares is something that is necessary, we remove the suits."

All the robbers gathered on the deck and watched as their comrades dress off their diving suits and they already packed them with jewels, all came to an indescribable delight-from joy they began to danxce, everyone was screaming Urraaa, threw up high Carlos and Chun, the bosses did not mind and somehow all of a sudden the ship rocked, standing at the TV Dixie yelled: "Carlos, Chung, here, there's a tragedy."
By coincidence when Chun and Carlos were high in the air and the guys wanted to catch them boat rocked and they flew down. Two bosses were not caught and fell on the metal deck, they shouted wildly from intense pain, their heads were broken, the faces were in blood and they began cursing anyone in the world and with great difficulty got to their feet. Chun, Carlos, the warriors and sailors heard wail, went up to the TV and saw a terrible sight: the labyrinth filled with flow of gushing water, it pressed people without diving suits to bags with jewels, they were pressed under bags with jewelry, were heard wild scream and strange maze began to alive, curved with arc, suddenly a pile of bags took a list to the left where there were collectors of treasure.
Those who were on a trawler watched at the TV the tragedy that is said to be live and heard the desperate cries of their friends dying under a pile of jewelry in a strange underwater maze flooded with water flow. Collecting treasure brave guys mistakenly mixed up in a maze in which direction there was the exit and gathered up a mountain of jewels Chan Moon realized that blocked their passage and began to throw heavy bag with the jewels in the other direction to expand it to carry bags to the well, to the pipe. And that time suddenly in the maze water appeared, its level rose and it became clear that if they do not block the hole they can drown. Chun Lu was shocked when he saw the flow of water and immediately instructed the bewildered boys found themselves in unforeseen circumstances: "Chan Moon, immediately close the hole with bags, immediately pour out of diving suits jewelry, wear them quickly and you are completely safe."
Chan Moon thanked Chun Lu, turned to jewelry collectors and shouted: "Comrades, Chun Lu ordered to close the hole and dress diving suits, it will save us."
Guys listened to him and began to empty suits and suddenly the floor beneath their feet began to move, abruptly bent, bags of jewels shifted to young people, pressed to the wall and also a powerful stream of water in front of collectors jewelry rose higher and higher. The prisoners realized their mistake, if they had not removed their diving suits that no water would be in them and can be saved.
Meanwhile the maze is moved, its walls were compressed, bags with jewelry so pressured that rattled the bones of the body, from wild pain young strong guys uttered screams but still continued to fight for their life. Garri and Chan was next tried muscular arms as the Titans keep compressing their arch but as a multiton press, it pressed on all sides. Hands did not bear the load bent and guys fell, soft dome pressed on the head, body, legs, buckled, cracked bones, they had not enough air. Harry and Chan were choking the flow of water completely filled the entire space, fellow sufferers no longer saw each other and at last their torture ended.
Image ceased, Chun, Carlos and their underlings have come to the indescribable fear, all efforts have failed to raise the treasure in full, it was awfull fourteen fighters were dead, but a terrible thin happened just in a couple of minutes. Carlos, Chun deathly pale passed through crowded young men and headed to the pipe extending deep into the Atlantic Ocean, the abyss that consumed seven brave boys. They stopped, looked inside it and with tears in his eyes Don Carlos shouted: "Friends, rise, where are you? Are you still alive? We are with you!"
Perhaps he would have continued to cty but then the unexpected thing happened: trawler shuddered so strongly that Don Carlos and Chun Lu standing next to the pipe could not hold out, got in it and flew down. Starboard side of the vessel to which the pipe was welded huge banked, crackled, rattled and because of poor welding it could come off the board.

Don Carlos was clearly not lucky he was flying into the abyss of wildly screaming but soon stopped, possibly of a heart attack he died. But pirates accompanied happiness: during the fall into the pipe he grabbed the ladder with his muscular arms and trying to climb out but as the pitching of the vessel continued the legs hung in the air. Finally pitching stopped , legs up against a step and Chun Lu immediately began to climb up, the height was small and he soon was on the deck. The picture presented not very pleasant, several soldiers and sailors were lying on the deck. Suddenly out of the pipe Marine Corsair heard joyful voice of Don Carlos: "Chun, I was hooked on the ladder, I am alive, a decent height but I would try to get out by himself. How are you feeling?"
Chun Lu could not believe his ears, he bent down and saw about 10 feet away from himself climbing up the ladder boss, another 15 steps and Don Carlos would rise to the deck. Pirate was happy and shouted: "Don Carlos, firmly hold on to the handrail and harry get up, I would want to throw you a rope but it like people washed overboard. I can not understand what is happening."
At this point the ship suddenly lurched heavily to starboard, the pirate heard loud crackling, steel pipe broke away from the welded beams and went down into the water together with Don Carlos. The ship tilted heavily to the left , people were still on deck could not resist and flew into the water a couple of times trawler lurched from side to side calmed down. Chun Lu and three strong Chinese Liao Kin, Bowe Shu and Hun Xian clung to the winch on stood on the deck and a corsair looking at them shouted: "My guys, follow me on the left board, jump on the first available boat , we have a chance to survive and we will return to Hong Kong after such a tragic adventure."
Everything happened very quickly, a pirate and his three surviving cronies rushed to the boat, Chun Lu sat behind the steering wheel, the engine roared and " Inez " began to move away from the doomed on the death a trawler by drow-ning in boiling water bandits. At this time the steel pipe pushed into the water had an effect: somehow all of a sudden the water boiled up, bubbled, huge bubbles appeared on the surface and an instant spark with great speed like a cannonball it flew up dragging along vast mass of water. The pipe has risen to three hundred feet, an arc turned and almost flat with a whistle flew on a trawler which cling two boats. From strong hit ship broke at two and two boats standing by it side at all disappeared under the water along with the pipe and the people still remained alive. After a few minutes the completely destroyed trawler sank in a giant swirling funnel with those who tried to escape, not a living soul left on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, only life jackets and light objects floating on the water.
And this time the boat was racing at high speed in the direction of Miami, sitting at the controls Chun Lu sincerely worried about the tragic death of Don Carlos, he was necessary for him as air. Without Don Carlos he can not return to his villa because no one would believe that purely by chance he and three Chinese were rescued from the 43 people taking part in a "Operation Sunrise". Marine Corsair knew in the villa of Don Carlos remained his faithful people including Peter with the eleven brave thugs who will depart at night to attack the base of treasure hunters. And then he remembered how a couple of weeks ago, he and Don Carlos visited the party at Marie Buada and began to develop a plan of penetrating the bar "Daisy" to his favorite stripper-dancer Carmen swearing for him of her love for him and promised to show to him the place in the basement where she said there were safes full of millions of dollars were stored after the implementation of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy pills, including income from visitors eager to enjoy the seductive young female bodies. Pirate decided to use the money of Don Carlos on account of several bags of heroin managed to get by him during the attack on the "Isabella". Why go to waste them in a safe if the boss died tragically and now they are without benefit and learn only Marie Buada of the death of Don Carlos that will take away all the money and do not usurp sharing with Chun.
But since they are now kept at her safe and actually belong to her and if Chung and his guys appear at the bar Marie Buada having seen a pirate with don Carlos in "Daisy" just expose him and for him will be imminent death. Still, Chun Lu came up with a clever way to give a sign dancer Carmen that she led him to her bedroom and then with his help they penetrate into the basement with safes stuffed with millions of dollars. In order not to leave any traces of his crime, he will apply a proven method, there, in the Yellow Sea, they attacked on the tanker and all crew members were killed and thrown into the abyss with a heavy load on the neck that a corpse would not pop up and here it was even easier, for long times, Chun Lu will leave Marie Buade in the basement.
Boat "Inez" at full speed rushed to Miami, Chun Lu and his guys on the dark were safely past the guards and moored to a private jetty where boats were standing in the parking lot of Carlos. Chun Lu and three Chinese passed the guards left taking with them passports and money for incidentals. Chun looked at the clock, it was 6 45, he knew to call at this time Carmen is useless, she sleeps after a night of love-making, so they need to find a place where they can eat well and massacred up to 10-11 hours of the day. Pirate and his friends wasted no time and went to the parking lot next to it, they noticed McDonald's eatery and though he always went around it side this time they decided to have a bite in it. In the early morning in the bar there were a few people. Corsair went to the bar, ordered four double hamburger, four large cups of coffee with cream and sat down at the table began to tuck into a meal. Chun ate reflecting on how likely get into the saloon and be alone with Carmen unrecognized by hostess of "Daisy" senora Marie Buada as former plan was not suitable and after all he invented new plan but its implementation was required to shell out for four at least 15,000 dollars. But the game is worth the candle, in safes in the vaults lay a few million dollars and if they pick them they on a small motor boat would sail to Hong Kong with the beautiful Carmen. Marine Corsair knew that every Chinese tourists flying with him had on the cards seven thousand dollars and as soon as they ate Chun Lu stood up, made know to his companions to go out and headed for the door. When they went outside Chung felt the heat after that coolness in the room create with conditioner, he took off his jacket and holding it in hand walked in the direction of the empty bench. Sitting down at it he looked around that people there were abcent Chun Lu began quietly to disclose his plan to friends: "Gentlemen, we are responsible to do the operation at night, there where I"ll lead you in the safes are kept millions of dollars of which I knew purely by chance. We risk nothing, we do not need to dive under the water in the diving suits into an unknown world, all the more prosaic: we"ll find ourselves in bed with beauties and one of them at night, when everyone will sleep take us to the basement where there are three safes with millions of dollars. What should we do? Each of us remove of our the credit cards four thousand bucks, buy a brand new shorts, T-shirts, leather sandals, go to the barber to do hair, I repainted the hair, attach a mustache and in this form at eight o' clock in the night start to the bar, you"ll do everything as I tell you. We are all not too shabby guys, no guns, knives, only the hands, legs and your masculine appeal. You are good looking guys and girls will be happy to spend the long night with you lon. I think lao Kean, Bowe Shu and Syan Hsien you will agree with me and go back to Hong Kong having on hand for a million bucks. I must tell the way back may change to certain circumstances."
True to their chief men unanimously agreed with the corsair and rested alternately on the bench to twelve hours went in the hair salon, they did hair do, Chun did not spare money and turned from blond to brown-haired with a mustache, so went for a bank to shot from the accounts of four thousand dollars, bought in a trendy and expensive store shorts, T-shirts, sandals and went by taxi to the area where located bar "Daisy".
Chung and his guys just got lucky, the driver was a middle-aged Chinese man sturdy body Deng Mao fled with his father of communist China thirty years ago and when he found out that he took tourists from Hong Kong was extremely happy but when he heard about that they weregoing to get in the bar "Daisy" he laid to out his brothers all the information which he had about this place: "Gentlemen, I do not mind that you've been in this "Daisy" and looked striptease dancing but in any case do not stay after ten hours on the final show, you will find yourselves without money and not receive on what you proposed mistress Marie Buada propose you. A friend of mine once visited this institution and in one night on the wind threw three thousand dollars left without pleasure that girl what he chose. The babe he had wanted led him into her bedroom, put him to bed and left to bring the wine. My friend fell asleep without waiting for her and when in the morning woke he was alone, soon came splendid young beauties and suggested to him to leave room. He looked at them, dressed and left the room. To go to the police and complain to them that fo his money he did not enjoy the full program would be foolish and dangerous, they could attract him that he tried to seduce minors and returned home empty-handed. Yes, I have to tell you my dear countrymen the day before Marie Buadu was taken to the police, I can not know whether bar "Daisy" worked yesterday, so, dear, go and find out. But policemen took her not for the fact that people were complaining about an incomplete service and on past cases, she once led a band of " Beauties of Harlem" and committed the robbery of banks in different cities of the country, on account of its dozens killed. If you want to get more information about Marie Buada read any newspaper, I 'll give you my one a free of charge. Yes, Chun, we are coming, I slowly drive past and all will become clear."
Deng Mao slowed down to five miles per hour and drove slowly past the brand new two-story white stone building with a sign "Daisy" neon letters have gone out and not possible to make out the name of the bar. But most importantly, the doors were sealed and illegally enter the building meant to break the law and thunder in jail. Chun Lu cast down, he realized, if it was visited by the police and closed the institution of any safe deposit boxes are not out of the question, the more they can get under their direct supervision. Drive to the end of the quarter Chun Lu upset voice said softly: "Dear Deng Mao, please stop, we still need to go by, I can meet someone from this institution, a girl worked as a dancer, one beautiful young Mexican woman, in my opinion she was hardly taken together with Marie Buada."
A Chinese man said nothing, the taxi stopped, Chun Lu settled with Deng Mao, said goodbye to the taxi driver and went out with friends on the sidewalk. Deng Mao put in the hand of Chun Lu a business card and said: "Chun, if you need my taxi, call day or night, at your service , I wish you find what you are looking for."
He genuinely smiled and added: "It will be bad you call, I will help any way I can."
Corsair took the card and said: "Well, Deng Mao, I mean, we wish you success."
They all at once waved to each other hands and a yellow taxi with Deng Mao rushing off to the wide avenue by which the flow of cars raced .
Frustrated Chun Lu looked at his companions and said quietly: "Gentlemen, I would say my plan finally collapsed, the police ahead of us and safes with millions of dollars were transferred to an unknown location, the bar was closed and dancers -illegal girl arrested along with a bar hostess Marie Buada. Let 's go by bar and start in search of cheap hotel, buy a newspaper and find out more details about Marie Buada. If the plan went bankrupt but then I would use another: I am more than confident Mr. Peter this night attacks the house of treasure-hunters, he would go at it for sure, so at a vlla don Carlos will be only a servants. One of them is with me in a good relationship after visited in my bed, at least a couple of guards be in home, we get into the house and wait when Peter and his friends return with the loot."
"We agree with you, Chun, lead us," murmured his friends.
Chun Lu walked slowly down the sidewalk along the street and approached the bar saw the yellow tape on the doors warning not to cross it without stopping the guys went on and once on the other side of the street pirate quietly said: " Gentlemen, as there remain dangerous and hiring a hotel for the night no sense, our task is to wade after two hours at the villa to Don Carlos-I suggest to go to the bus station, there sit, eat, read the paper and in the night in a taxi start to villa. hit the road. Now take the bus we will need to save money if it does not work with empty hands return to Hong Kong, where we will refund, the tankers still sail." "Great plan, Chun, all is not lost, the main thing you need to track down Peter's guys, I'm more than sure that last night they had not committed a sortie, it's very late and today they go immediately to get inside, those who on the way we destroy, we arm and wait for the return of boys with girls and jewels. Guess there's no reason to leave witnesses," Bow Shu said quietly.
"My Bowe Shu, you talk properly, no witnesses, for the jewels which will be in our hands, we in Hong Kong will find most of these queens. Guys, bus goes up, sit down and not a word until get off, I"ll ask driver where the bus station," said Chun Lu and raised his hand.
Large half-empty bus stopped, the company entered the room, greeted driver with a Mexican appearance, he did, Chun paid, at the same time asked where the bus station it was very close, within a ten minute drive away, but chairs were in the waiting room and need to buy tickets. Chun thanked the driver and asked him to declare a stop and sat in Xian Hun . Exactly in ten minutes Chun heard the driver's voice over the speakers: "Bus Terminal, ladies and gentlemen, I ask all to free the bus."
Chun and his team stood up and thanked the driver got off the bus, the people crowded around a large concrete building with huge windows. The first thing Chun bought two different thick paper, looked at his companions, nodded his head and went into the building with a cool arctic air and not to hang out and relax corsair bought four tickets for two night train to the nearest town for $ 15 and shown the man on duty went to the half-empty waiting room. To no one bothered them, they sat on the rear seats, Chun Lu opened the newspaper and saw on the third page the big picture of charming Ebony Marie Buada, passed to Liao Kin and quietly said: "Read it, then tell me the details, I'll read more thick, about hostess of "Daisy", on the first page, may be she did a lot of things."
Having reread a few articles about Marie Buada Chun Lu learned this from what his spirits rose and there was a hope to meet with Carmen if she really loved him. It turns out there was a robbery of bar "Daisy", according to the mistress Marie Buada was stolen more than ten million dollars and it happened four days ago in the night with seven dancers- strippers during a night of drinking. Lesbian Marie Buada invited the girls to her bedroom, as usual, without any suspicion of the attemt for her life and robbery, they immediately came and finding themselves in the bedroom immediately grabbed her and threatened with kitchen knives demanded to go with them to the basement with the keys of safes in which the money she was kept. Since the intention of killing her dancers were serious and life for Marie Buada was more valuable than money then she took all the keys, all went down to the basement, she opened three safes, one of the dancers splattered in her face solution with a mixture and then she did not remember anything until not regained consciousness bound hand, leg and gagged in complete darkness in his basement. The last evening from Mexico to the police station received a call about that in the basement of bar "Daisy" is bound hand and leg, robber of banks and head of the gang "Beauties of Harlem". Wanted by the police for years and the notoriously elusive Marie Buada interested by call and immediately started to the bar, rode up to it, on the door they saw the yellow tape warning not to cross the line and did not dare to take action for fear that the attackers could undermine the entrance. The police called for help, Soon to the bar arrived sappers with dogs and after the devices showed that there were no explosives they opened the door, let in the dogs, police and immediately went out to find the secret entrance to the basement which took several hours as entry began from the bedroom of hostess bed room behind big wardrobe, wall-mounted cabinet huge turn around and here it was a door with a narrow passage. When they reached the last steel door it had to be open but as a stripper key is not left then chief had to call the builders and with hammers they began to break up the concrete wall but poring over four feet realized that it will do nothing and get inside you can only cut out burners steel doors a big hole. As the door was made by order of the high strength steel using non-combustible materials that had to be pretty tricky before you got inside and turning the lights seen lying on the floor bound hand and foot by a nude Marie Buada. Police inspected the room and saw a bricked into the walls of twelve steel safes, as it became clear that they did not get any tractor and no keys robbers have left it without a burner can not do and began diligently to cut holes in all the vaults row. Policemen were lucky - nine vaults stored heroin, cocaine and ecstasy pills, as for the money then in three safes left one dollar. Police took Marie Buada in jail and sent a request to the Mexican authorities to seek seven dancers strippers belonging to an unknown gang.
After reading such great news about the antics of Carmen hiding somewhere in Mexico with her friends Chun Lu decided immediately to contact her for at least one seconds by the secret phone number that she left him and he kept it in his memory. If it is not false that Carmen really loves him and robbery Marie Buady carried exists for the sake of him together to fly or sail from Mexico to Hong Kong. Chun Lu was glad and said quietly: "Liao Kin, Xian Hun keep on reading some very interesting news, Bowe Shu you come with me, we"ll be right back and it will become clear what to take last actions, you will not be away."
"All clear, Chun Lu, we sit and wait until your return," said softly Hun Xian.
Chun and Bowe left the waiting room and headed for the exit, once on the square in front of the fountain pirate looked at friend and whispered: "Bowe, we need to walk down the street and found phone booth, I"ll talk with a friend, it's not for long and we"ll know what to do."

"All clear Chun, step back away from the bus station and look for a phone," said Bowe and went to the avenue by which swept cars. Passing a hundred yards from the bus station Chun saw the pay phone and said quietly: "Bowe, I call, come to you and go to the nearest McDonald's. We enter, then go out and move on foot to the bus stop, ride a few stops and walking to the bus. Call hearing and I do not want to let down Carmen, she is awesome babe."
Bowe winked to his companion, Chun Lu dialed number Carmen and soon heard velvet pleasant female voice: "My beloved captain, hey, glad you called, I kiss, I thought you forgot me, perhaps you know from the newspapers about my prank . Now I'm in Mexico in a safe place and with millions of dollars. After our meeting, I had a plan to rob my mistress and did everything for you, who needs a poor bride. You sail from Hong Kong on a white yacht in Mexico, call me and I in a chic white dress meet you. After a stormy night honeymoon and entertainment in bed we do sailing trip around the world and in Hong Kong or elsewhere to live happily ever after and rise up children. Favorite Chun, I like you in bed, yes tell me what with Don Carlos, as your progress but without cheating. I scent I can smell that you're calling for a reason, if I can help for the sake of our love, I love you, my dear Chun."
"My dear Carmen, I love you and I genuinely like you, I'll be honest, my things have gone to rack and ruin, deeds of Don Carlos with his guys, with me now stay only three loyal friends, I feel despair and I'm proud of you, you did everything perfectly well," with sad said Chun.
"My dear Chun, my condolences, but you do not be sad, I'll tell you what to do, go in the house of Don Carlos, address to my friend Delores, call my name and she will reveal to you the secret hiding place where he hides from ten to twenty million bucks, coke , marijuana and guns. I think everything will turn out as I have, the more Don Carlos is in heaven and you with Delores and her friends rush to Mexico, it's a safe place, act. Whole, up to the meeting," said Carmen.
"My favorite, it's amazing, thank you for the advice, I act, wait for me, will soon come to you with gifts, take care of yourself, kiss, I wish you good luck," said Chun joyful voice, hung up and said quietly: Bowe, everything is fine, we should immediately go to the villa to Don Carlos, now go to the bus station, come to catch a taxi, not all is lost, we will have millions."
Bowe immediately raised his hand, a taxi pulled up, stopped, the pirates climbed into the cabin and Chun said to driver quietly: "Bus Terminal, I"ll show you where to stop."
The car started forward, the driver realized that he needed to go to the nearest train station, as others have been very far away. On reaching the bus station taxi stopped, Chun paid off with a taxi driver, said goodbye, went outside and joyful went inside of bus terminal. Cun saw the telephon booth, went up to him, put a quarter and dialed a phone number and heard the voice of Dan Mao: "Good evening, I'm listening, can I help."
"My friend Dan, good evening, it's me, Chun, I think you guess yoy take us to the suburbs, though not now and at night. We are at the bus station near the place where you took us in the afternoon, at 203 North East Street, take a look at the map and you will find, arrive the hour of the night," said Chun Lu.
"I guess, I'll be over an hour, wait at the main entrance to the meeting, farewell," said Dan and phone was silent.
Chun hung up the tube and turned to Bowe and said: "My Shu, as you heard at the one hour of the night start to the villa to Don Carlos, go to the bus station, take a break, then have dinner and rush of happiness once again, I look at this country it slips away from us."
Chun and Bowe entered the common room, Liao and Xian smiled when he saw his comrades, in a brief conversation commander explained the situation: "Frinds, we have taken the tickets and we will according to tickets start a journey at midnight, 2 15 am, tightly eat but for now, my friends, we can rest."
"All clear, Liao said, let's relax, we have a long way and need to wake up at time, Chun, you yourself should lie down. "
Until midnight they have rested alternately, Chun kept going in the mind variants of penetration at the villa of Don Carlos and chose what seemed to him the best.
At the first hour of night Chun with friends went to McDonald's renting a place at the first floor, slowly tightly ate hamburgers with coffee and went out into the fresh air. Marine Corsair took out a clean sheet of paper, a pen and began to draw the route to rush to the villa. He portrayed the way so that no outsiders can not thought that this card-solid lines and letters.
At an hour and five minutes in the night taxi approached, Dan Mao saw guys, they came to car, got into a taxi and it rushed in the direction indicated by Chun. All the way a pirate told a taxi driver a read story about the theft of ten million dollars with dancers, strippers of the safes of Marie Buady and safely crossed the Mexican-American border. The taxi driver was shocked, he could not imagine how the beauties could with a few bags of bucks shoot across the States and even more so across the border. Meanwhile Chun was watching the road and when to the villa remained a half-mile he asked the taxi driver to stop and paid off with him and wished him good luck went on foot.
Deng Mao, in turn, counted the bucks thanked his passengers, wished success, turned around and ran to Miami.
Chun Lu well orientate even in the dark moonless night and slowly at two o'clock approached the villa, in some windows were lights, stood in front of the garage there were small bus and truck with a cradle, the engines were working. All became clear, with minute by minute people of Peter come out, take their seats and go to the base of the treasure hunters. Corsair has made signal to his friends to follow him and hiding behind the building watched through the trees for the big steel gates. The lights went out and soon the boys came out of the house led by Peter, sat on the machines and at low speed headed for the gate, they were disclosed, truck and bus went by and started to the base of treasure hunters.
Only bus and truck drove through the gate as they automatically closed and now to Chun remains a mystery- how many people are hiding in the house. Chun viewing area supposed that Peter was not such a fool to take with him all the fighters, at least five men were hiding in the house. Also soon three huge dog appeared, Chinese was not afraid of the wolf-hound, during his stay at the villa they are so used to Chun Lu that he played with them as puppies and another thing people . Sea pirate kept going in his mind how discreetly for hiding security as soon as possible to penetrate the fence because he knew in the hour and a half or two Peter would return back and this time he, Chun and his comrades should to enter the house and arm.
And then he remembered, on the back of the manor wild boar gnawed hole under the fence and appeared often on site. Don Carlos was nice to see them on their territory and often successfully hunted wild boar, he was immediately butchered, treated with, roasted on a spit and was eating drinking a Smirnoff vodka. Without hesitation Chun decided to explore the place and made signal to friends to follow him. What was his luck when he found himself in the place of a hole, it was big sizes in which any of them could easily creep.
Without any hesitation Chun first crawled into the hole, for him followed Liao Kin, Bowe Shu and Hun Xian and bending down to the ground on high speed went to the garage. Approaching him unnoticed by anyone they stopped and at this moment the strong wolfhounds ran up to them- Tim, Gray and Silent. Upon learning of him dogs began to caress, Chun always threw them a bone with meat, that was not encouraged by Don Carlos and maybe they ask him for a bone. The savvy Chun Lu thought of everything in advance, he did not spare money and before going to a villa bought in a small grocery store at the Cuban three fresh piece of meat. Now, without hesitation he gave each dog a piece of meat as possible on the night of wolfhounds specially held in hunger, they immediately grabbed the gifts from the guests and instantly rushed off to the fence. Chun Lu sighed with relief, the dogs have not forgotten them and in fact it could be worse. He had seen many times how these wolfhounds attacked the stuffed animal dogs furiously silently tearing it to pieces trying to get to the tasty morsel of meat hidden inside.
Safely getting rid of wolfhounds Chun with friends stood near the garage and began to consider a plan to sneak into the house, the dogs now didn't threaten, the securities could kill them if they are hiding in the house. But he was not thinking about them, Don Carlos had three beauties, the maid of middle-aged and strong body, they prepared food served it on the table, cleaned the house and possibly on the instructions of the master in his absence guarded villa day and night. How good that one of them had a tender affection to him, a charming Delores with large breasts and a round ass and even visited his bed and hardly on the instructions of Don Carlos elicit his intentions - it was from the heart and love. Since Don Carlos was absent and Peter with his team went to the base of treasure hunters to rob, kill and kidnap a maids were in home and certainly for Chun to his soldiers did not pose a threat . The most important thing is that during his stay at villa when Don Carlos was away Chun Lu was able to communicate with maids and even knew where there was their rest room, even though he had no idea that one night he will secretly sneak into the house. He came up with a clever idea to go down to the landing via a hatch in the roof-ceiling and to sneak into the house and then to go up to the lounge on the first floor. With Don Carlos through a hatch on the spiral staircase they went into the booth and came out of it on a flat roof and sitting in rocking chairs sipping whiskey and tonic admiring the scenery, flying birds and wild boars .
Wasting no time, he explained his plan to the men and climbed up by the metal stairs to the roof, went up to the booth, the door was locked but it dd not bother them and a metal crowbar stuck with it gently with a small noise broke it and came down the spiral stairs were on the site. From here Chun knew all the enters and exitst but had no idea where there were three armed guards-maids in his absence. Looking around the room by room Chung and his friends in one of them on the third floor saw sitting near the window Delores with headphones listening to music.

Chun looked at the clock, it's 2.40 nights, after fifty minutes would return Peter with the soldiers, they should act quickly and decisively. Corsair looked at his friends and quiet said: "Dan, Liao and Bowe, stay in the corridor and wait for me."
Chun knocked on the door, Delores turned her head and saw Chun, took off headphones and stared at him, it seemed to her because she knew that he was with Don Carlos started on the job. And for you, he's here. She beckoned to him and when he went to hugged her, kissed and whispered: "Chun, I got it, you're back one if returned Don Carlos then he called me and in addition on this board I would see a green light. What happened, love? Where are they?"
Chun Lu kissed Delores and quietly sad voice said: "My dear Delores, Don Carlos, his and my people at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, all our plans were covered with a copper basin, all was lost, there was one hope-you. I've lost everything and only with your help can return the money and if you wish we"ll run in Mexico as did Carmen of "Daisy," she said you can do anything and you know stash of Don Carlos, we should give a good, think about it."
Delores was listening and watching Chung, soon tears poured from her eyes and she with sad voice said: "Honey Chun, tell me how it happened, so many people died, what a grief, Don Carlos, I have faith the truth to serve him. If this happens to Peter and his people I join to you for which this penalty is, console me, kiss. If that happens to Peter and his men I will join your plan, do not leave as well, only in this case. I will not do as Carmen, I will not betray those to whom I serve, you want or do not want, so I will have to wait until 4 am. If Peter will not come back I call him and if I do not get a response we will act."
Chun hugged Delores, kissed and whispered: "My dear, if he return Peter can think that I have arranged so that all are the dead and will make a decision to get rid of me."
"No dear Chun and your people died, what is the point you ought to do it," said lady wiping out her tears.
"No, Delores, from that hell with me came back my three friends, you can not imagine-it was real hell. I will not forget this ever, when Peter returns Peter, if it happens, I''ll tell him everything in order. I know you're not alone, you have two maids, as they would react to my plan to take all the good and divide into equal parts," said Chun.
"Chun, they agree not to leave a good to other people, I''ll call maids and they come, we should nothing keep secret, lead your guys here, we will wait for Peter," said Delores.
Chun went to the door and called his comrades, they entered the room, brought to the lady and said: Good night, Lady."

She looked at them and quietly said: "Good night, gentlemen, please seat down and rest. Chun, soon here maids will come, we sit at the table and pray for our dear comrades, let's wait message from Peter and only then get down to business and we"ll work only at night, I see you, Chun and your boys are strong, require great strength and everything will be okay."
She called and soon three cute maids, security guards in one person came in room. Chun in the house saw the three of them, but now for some reason were four, he looked into her face and remembered that he had seen one of them in the "Daisy" behind the counter. Delores submitted them- Garcia, Maya and Safira , Chun introduced his guys Liao, Bowe, Shu. Delores like forgetting the grief was smiling and immediately asked the maids to bring wine and snacks. They smil-ed and went to fulfill errand, a few taps and on the table there were snacks, wines and fruit. Delores looked at every-one, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I beg at the table, we have grief, Don Carlos with the men and boys of Chun prematurely departed to the other world, let's pray them, drink without clinking glasses, each pouring as much as you want."
All came to the table and began to pour wine into glasses, drank in silence and started to eat. Chun could not understand, it's a strange booze, when in an hour can return Peter and his men, but after the third glass he forgot about everything and had fun as if nothing had happened. Delores looked at everyone and said quietly: "La-dies and gentlemen, dance and then go to bed to bye bye, Chun, now it's four o'clock in the morning and still no Peter, and it is unlikely he will come back. I have had a dream last night and I knew everything would be great sorrow and easier to all be cover. But let's not talk about sad things, we break into pairs. Guys, you like the ladies, they are so charming, I think you'll get all the full program."
The Chinese did not believe her but they in a voice said : "Yes, we do".
"Ladies, do you like guys?! " Delores continued, "if so then throw lots."
Ladies replied: "Yes."
"In that case, I am writing numbers and guys choose you according to ones-1-1 , 2-2, 3-3," saidDelores, immediately cut up small squares of paper, wrote the numbers and handed housemaids and guys and formed a pairs of Liao -Garcia , Bowe-Maya and Shu- Safira. They began dancing, after some time the music stopped, Garcia took a cell phone and started making calls. Chun has guessed, she is trying to call Peter and his friends, but no one answered and somehow
unexpectedly in the tube a pleasant female voice was heard: "If you are interested your bandits, I answer for them: they are all killed, you can pick up the bodies. Yes, it is better not to appear, if you know the way to our house, we 'll put all on the sharp lances."
The room was quiet and all have heard a woman's voice, Chun did not move but Delores if did not happen grief, the tragedy said: "Ladies and gentlemen, my dream does not let me down, sit down at the table and pray for our comrades, then go to our rooms and rest up to 8 am and after wake up, have breakfast, the short meeting and proceed to action."
"We agree" said Chun, all sat down at the table, ladies drank with the guys and went through the rooms. Only Delores and Chun stayed in the room, she looked up at him, kissed and whispered: "Chun, we have an important task to open safes, to scrape dollars and to run up, I mean take off to Mexico, I think Carmen will help us, you can not imagine she slipped the US-Mexican border with ten million bucks. Tell me, do you agree to flee to Mexico with me, may be I am not so beautiful than Carmen."
"Delores, I love you not for money but for your beauty, kindness, and we will tell the age almost equal, Carmen is young and I will be unfaithful to me and you're not, go to bed and rest," whispered Chun and kissed lady.
They went to the couch, Delores and Chung undressed and indulged in amorous pleasures, he forgot befallen all about grief and toyed with the lady, then went to sleep and when they wake up it was already ten o'clock. Chun kissed Delores and whispered: " Honey, get up, we need to act, I'm afraid as if the police raided us, what a pity you had called Peter, they could detect on bell rang from where Garcia called and we would get in jail."
"Chun, I'm sorry, I did not think, but we know that both Peter and Don Carlos here will never come back, get up, decide what to do," said Delores and kissed Chun.
"Delores, if it was here Don Carlos he would have told us the codes' safe, without ones we would not open them, I have an idea, need good disc cutters, there will be a lot of noise but money does not burn, my guys are strong and they deal with it business. Now I call to a taxist that drove us here and in an hour cutters are here, give me your cell phone," said Chun and smiled.
"You invented well, Chun, call for a taxi driver," Delores whispered, kissed him and gave a mobile phone.
Chun took it, dialed the phone number and heard a voice, "Good morning, can I help."
"Good morning, dear brother, Deng Mao," says Chun, "I need help, I"ll pay, rush and bring three electric cutters, discs for metal with three spare ones and a cable 300 feet, to the country house, it was tonight and please urgent."
"Dear Chun, I 'll bring the most excellent, wait an hour, for you all," said Deng.
"Yes, I'm waiting, dear Deng , " said Chung and ended his connection.
Glad Chun looked at Delores and whispered: "My little bird, let's go into the shower to freshen up, and then for the food."
"I agree, my cat cool, but you do not eat my bird", smiling said Delores. Chun and Delores went into the shower and when finished to wash got dressed immediately went in rooms to wake up maids and guys. In fifteen minutes all were sitting at the table and eating, Chun explained his plan of action and just finished looked at his watch, Deng soon will drive up.
"Delores. you need to drive all the dogs in the kennels and close, they will impede us, the guys, let's go, need help," said Chun and got up from the table, Liao, Bowe, Xian did too.
Delores looked at the ladies and instructed to take away everything from the table and wait for her, she also went to the dogs, they knew her orders and go quietly into the fold of specially meant for them.
Everything went very well, soon drove Deng, Chung with the guys and Delores met him, they came to him, wished good morning each other, took the disc cutters, spare discs, cable, pirate paid the taxi driver, he was very pleased and before leaving said: "Chun, thanks and if you need help call me day and night, I"ll buy everything."
"Well, Deng, I remember your phone, I wish happiness," said Chun. Deng waved, all responded in kind, the taxi left, the guys took the disc saws, discs, cables, carried into the yard and work started soon.
Delores who knew all the enters and exits went ahead and finding themselves at the basement sweetched up the lamps, the Chinese saw the door, she opened it and went into a small room, went to the wall on which the picture hung, pushed it, pressed a button, and whispered: "The water goes out of the pool, in five minutes will go down the hatch. I think Chun, your guys pick up the grid, it is so heavy that Carlos lift it raises with crane, but it's not all, you go down through the hole to unscrew the cover and you"ll find ourselves in a corridor with a door, knowing the electronic code open it and get into the hiding place where there are guns, coke and three safes with money and jewels. Once all work is completed we rise up with guns and money, all close, fill up with water and nobody guess that under the pool with water there is cache. All, lets's go, our time is up, the water was gone, at our disposal, as I understand it a little time because the light day. But there is a way out, because the work can go on for a long time and not to raise suspicions two guys are in the cache make the job-cut safes, manhole close. This time we fill swimming pool with water so as keep in touch when you need to change guys we''ll pump out the water, open the hatch and the guys come out. You know, Chun, if we long time will keep the pool open, may appear the police helicopters, they will notice the open hatch and we get to jail."
"Delores, I've understand all-if two guys will lift the lid will do as you suggest, but if they can not lift up, there are two way outs-either to do at night or get to work in an hour, let's go guys and ladies," said Chun.
Delores came to the door, pressed a few buttons on the panel, it opned and they went out of the house, Chun and his loyal soldiers followed him. Indded, the water was gone from the pool and they saw a lattice, without losing time all went down to the concrete foundation, came up to it, lifted the joint efforts of four of her using a metal rod and fastened that it did not fall. Chung realized his two boys, even with the help of women do not raise it and he said: "Guys are closing the hatch, Delores pour water swimming pool, we begin to work in an hour, at night we will be not able to work, please, give me a cell phone."
Delores gave Chung mobile phone and went to fill the pool with water, all followed her. What a luck - just swimming pool has been filled with water they saw flying over the house a police helicopter, the cops did not notice anything suspicious, ladies and guys were swimming in pool and helicopter flew away.
While Delores filled pool with water Chun contacted Deng and asked him to bring seven hundred feet of blue thick synthetic film of a width not less than five feet. The order was made in an hour Deng had brought it, the taxi drove into the yard and the tape put on the edge of the pool, Chun melt paid off with a taxi driver, he was pleased, all said good buy each other and Deng headed to Miami. Pirate asked Delores to drain the pool and when the water fully disappea-red he said: "Guys, we lift the lid, set aside and immediately cover with a synthetic film the bottom of pool, we repair the pool. Where the hatch we cover with individual pieces, set to work."
All went down, they lifted the lid with the lattice, laid to the side and Chun with two guys- Liao, Bowe and Delores went down and Delores, Kin, Garcia, Maya and Safira immediately began to cover the bottom of the pool with blue synthetic film and now policemen from helicopter would not see the hatch with the lattice and most important they'd understand that people do isolation of the bottom.
Meanwhile Chun with the guys and Delores went down, undid hatch, put to the side and saw a niche with a steel door. The lady pushed the lid, scored on the panel with numbers code, kicked the door, opened it and saw a brightly lit room with the right wall shelving on which lay the plastic bags of heroin, cocaine, pills, guns and rifles with telescopic sights. On the left side noticed several steel doors, all guessed-concreted into the wall safes, here don Carlos hid millions of dollars."
The Chinese looked at Delores, guys and said quietly: "I think in any case to take three machine guns and five rifles, Liao and Bowe, carry ones to the ladies in the house and give cutters with discs, connect up and get to work, we"ll saw safe deposit boxes."
Chun handed guns and rifles to guys, they were carried to Xian and the ladies when deadly weapon was entered into the house, they gave cutters and spare discs to Liao and Bowe, they gave a cutter to pirate Chun, he picked up, turned on , and the room was filled with such a rattle, clanging , creaking and whistling that Delores broke down and walked away and as long as it had nothing to do here then she climbed out. The walls of safes were thick but discs were so sharp and strong that in a couple of hours the front wall of safe tumbled on the floor and brand new packs of hundred-dollar bills brought before the eyes of Chun and his boys. Yes, real dollars lay. Chun began to count the stack-it is incredible, they turned three hundred-three million dollars. Pirate looked at the guys and said smiling: "Guys, move to the hatch and pass to Xian, let them quickly put in bags and carry to a house, I will cut a second safe, I think it is larger than the first."
"Chun, we carry dollars to the hatch and then replace you, try to saw together to speed up the process," said Liao and with a friend he began to fold packs in plastic bags and transferred to the hatch. Needless to say, all could not believe that they have the real banknotes, three million bucks.
With a second safe Chun and his boys were busy five hours breaking two discs and disabled the cutter, from short circuit was nearly killed Bowe, well it worked in rubber gloves. In this safe Chun counted 4 million and eight hundred bucks, there was one safe. The guys were tired and decided to rest and eat. If they cut a third safe for four hours then the work will end at 10 pm.
All of what happened-with the last they take up to half past ten, Chun counted in it 3 million and nine hundred dollars , they gave money to guys, Delores moved down into the cache, closed steel door, spun hatch, climbed out, put the hatch grille in place, twisted synthetic film and put in the basement. Delores came into the room, pressed the button on the wall , put a picture on the spot and said: "Honey Chun, water fills the pool, hardly anyone from the helicopter would guess that here is hatch and underneath there is storage with drugs and arms and the last deed to devide the bucks betwin us."
"My charming Delores, at first let's have a drink, have a bite and rest, I and my guys were tired and then would devide the money equally, I think everyone will be happy."
"I think so, my beloved Chun, but still let's do so, each lady receive a million bucks and all the rest to you and your guys , they will not mind," whispered Delores kissing pirate.

They went into a room on the third floor where feasted on that night, packs of bucks with pile lay on the floor, they all looked at it and could not believe their eyes. Delores looked at the ladies and said: "You go with me, we bring wine, snacks and fruit, we will have a feast and divide the money in the morning, each of the ladies will have a million each, the rest money to our gentlemen."
"We agree," said ladies and went with Delores into the dining room. They soon returned with large bags, bottles of wine, snacks, fruit, put on the table, they sat down and began the real feast. All rather tired and because they ate and drank to the fullest, but because they did not have the energy to dance joyful and happy ladies and guys went to the bed room.
Chun was awakened by the ringing of glass and from strong hit in the head, chest, he felt a pain in the body and the warm blood flooding his face. The Chinese wanted to open his eyes and see who struck him a blow but did not. The table on which stood a bottles of wine and plates flew straight at him and lying next to him Delores. Chun heard her moaning from pain-the heavy weighty oak table with such force hit them that moan soon stopped, gaping hole appeared in the wall . Chun and Delores did not see how a stack of hundred dollar bills were flying like butterflies, flew about a room and by a gust of wind flew through the broken window. But that was only the beginning, a wooden roof was blown off the house and carried away like a leaf in a field, the overlap collapsed down and pressed his and Delores. Poor people! They are so hard and long slept that they did not notice the drawing near of the vortex carried at the building with the speed of an airplane. Hurricane with unusually easiness drove away palms with the roots, picked up them, turned round and round as the leaves, carried rapidly upward and toward the house. A few of them hit a wall with windows where tired loveres were sleeping with such force that broke in and pressed to the stone partitions so that the bones cracked. From the instant death the young strong men only a short time felt the pain and made a screaming, crumbling stone walls and ceelings compressed their bodies in a bloody mess buried the last hope of villains to enrich themselves at the expense of others ...
At 3.55 In the night Peter received a message from the boss, Don Carlos: "This is Dad, we're okay, go to the girls, give them flowers and a kiss from me, we love you all"-which meant that they got vessel and Don Carlos gives OK to attack the Spaniards who had taken refuge in the house of treasure hunters. Peter came to the indescribable joy, gathered his companions and told the boss' words that he gives the green light to do the next night raid to master fine the Spaniards girls and hidden treasures in safes. Young men rushed to a dance and of course decided to celebrate this important event for all. Peter supported proposal and soon on the table there were bottles of Smirnoff vodka and a snacks, all filled glasses and the commander addressed to guys: "Gentlemen, for the success of our friends and for our happy operation, it will not take place today, later, tomorrow at three a.m. in the morning, we"ll attack the Spaniards."
All quiet shouted: "For success" and drank the vodka, during the feast each of a dozen soldiers expaunded his plan of attack to the villa, there were some particularly pictures of estate and the house itself. The bandits came to the conclusion, tomorrow at two o'clock they would start to the villa and silently attack it, which would require cutting the electric wires, poison the two bulldogs day and night scampering around the yard, climb over the fence and to get into the house through windows of the second story by collapsible ladders.
Since before the operation there was about the day they decided to get together tomorrow afternoon at Villa Carlos again, by which time the boss will give a message about the progress of the mission and Peter, as a senior of a night operation, left in the center of communications guys-Steve "The White Fang", Nick "The Matador" and Harry "The Red Fox". He himself went with the rest guys to himself, he had to prepare for thorough-bus and a car with a lifting cradle must be on the move, tanks filled with fuel under the lid and the main to hide in bus guns and machine guns.
Peter entrusted and tested it but he did almost not sleep, every three hours he called Steve and intrested whether there was the message from Carlos and when he replied that he did not receive any news deep thought but did not despair. He's knwen that in a few hours that wealth does not scrape up and continued preparation. At five in the afternoon his deputy Walter called Steve, Nick and Harry immediately arrived to him and after half an hour all participants of attack gathered in a Peter's room of meetings. They sat in armchairs upholstered in rozy Chinese velvet, especially Steve told Peter that neither Carlos nor Chun sent any messages. All took it as a matter of course, they did not want to have someone on the air knew about their existence, secretly would sail back and tell all, so do almost every-one. Peter looked all by eyes and said: "Gentlemen, do not be wordy, I give each of you a plan of the area, home to its windows, doors and fence with a gate. You see a blue square, here we leave our bus, Jack, you're sitting inside and wait for our return, there where is the red square, near the fence the car with lift and a cradle will stay. Alex, from your work depends on the success of the operation, you are also waiting for us, ropes have to be on the ready, in the extreme case we"ll hook safe and you pull it out of the basement. I know where people are kept illegally acquired good, guys with craddle we cut the two wires through which electric current is supplied to those who try to stick your nose in someone else's garden. We close the circuit completely in house will be darkness, I myself havw done with dogs, then lower the lift with us outside the fence and we on the side with the ladders penetrate through the windows of the second floor into the rooms. Further, each group of three guys acts independently, the task at three o'clock in the night when all are fast sleepping, take everyone by surprise, all men to kill, grab the Spaniards alive and then track down the treasure and no one unnoticed to slip away. Guys at all is given in the extreme case, the ten or fifteen minutes, except for guns with silencers we take some Kalashnikovs. If you have questions ask me I"ll answer, if there are ones we part, at the 11pm we gather on Carlos' villa."
"Peter, what to do with dogs if they are in the house?" said Enrique "The Thug".
"Guys, killed them out of the silenced pistol", said Peter, do not spare bullets either for dogs or people, act like you probably did before."
"Peter, asked Bill "The Blond", near there are other villas what if dogs run here and start barking through the whole neighborhood?"

"Bill, do not worry, I have for dogs a surprise, a few dozen pieces of fresh veal with fragrant Spanish sauce, it will make them come tearing alone and eat, after effects are known, it is necessary only to sniff and death. Now I 'll let you know who is in which group, there are four ones: first - I, Walter, Bill, the second - Rodrigo, Phil, John, the third -Louis, Jan, Nick, a fourth - Steve, Harry, Fidel, we leave at 2.30 in the night, the operation begins at 3:00, equipment, weapons, ladders, rope, cutters and other instruments tested by me, " Peter said and headed for the exit, all followed him.
At eleven in the evening all the participants gathered in the house of Carlos from him no reports had been reported, Peter once again laid out a large piece of the plan of the house and part of the fence-from here the operation the "White Rose" will start. Each of guys told his own concrete plan of action, his duties, the ringleader was pleased and said: "Gentlemen, weapons take in place, it is in the cache of our bus, the four folding ladder hide there, so now you're going to rest, I''ll wake you, before attack you"ll be like fresh cucumbers, follow me."
"Peter," said Steve, "I think you're a genius, you have thought of everything, if we get some sleep then we feel like cucumbers and in fact ahead the night."
"Gentlemen, I am not a genius, I myself many times in the night went with Carlos, he asked all of us before attack to have a good sleep off and during the operation did not doze off , that's an order of the boss."
Peter took everyone including Jack and Alex to bedrooms, he returned to the room to turn over in his mind some time and went to sleep. At 1. 30 in the night he woke up, went into the shower, washed himself with cold water, dressed, drank a glass of Smirnoff, ate and went to wake raiders. All went into the shower, took on his chest on the cup of vodka (except for drivers ), Peter looked at all the men and he was pleased and with his gang moved to the bus. The guys got into it, he went with the crane operator, it was two hours of nights, he pointed his way and at two forty five drove up to a metal fence without any delay on the part of police officers. The soldiers got off from the bus took four ladders, Peter got guns, knives, a couple of machines guns, destributed ones beetwin guys and asked Jack to drive off bus to hiding place, to the palm trees to not stand on the road and after to join to him. He himself with the raiders went to the fence, on the road again Peter has instructed all about move of the operation, who with who will act and from which side they rush into the house with ladders and then he said: "Gentlemen, small changes in the three groups of two people in my will be six soldiers including me -John, Fidel and Ian you're with me." On the part of the fighters no objections are not followed.
Since everyone knew all that it was not thinking their own power -pushed the truck away from the gate, luckily for them it was a dark moonless night, in the house possibly they all slept and in any window there were not the lights.
The first thing Peter instructed John and Nick to scatter around the estate pieces of meat and a few of them, by the way he threw himself into the closer to home, soon scenting fragrant sause two huge dog rushed to one but in seven feet suddenly got up, turned the muzzle to the fence and seeing people suddenly with a loud barking rushed to them. Peter did not expect such a turn, took aim and fired a pistol with a silencer to kill them. The dogs were so tenacious that heart-rending howl at least one minute, all experienced as if the inhabitants of the house woke up and fortunately all ended well, in the windows there was darknes all thought had passed and Peter himself gave a sigh of relief.
Peter instructed to cut the wires, a lift at low speeds worked almost silently , Steve and Phil in the cradle lifted up to seven feet tall, cut the electric cables had closed them and the estate was completely de-energized. In a couple of minutes all the teams found themselves in a enemy territory and rushed with the ladders to the house, it's really on the ground floor windows were barred. They were right that have taken the ladders, they put ones to the windows and the bandits climbed up, frames were half-open and because and they without difficulty got inside the rooms. Rodrigo and Phil for a few seconds went into the room and stood on the floor in the pitch dark. Phil turned on the flashlight and saw a bed, no one slept on it, they realized people hid in the ground floor, therefore they need to go down to them, grab alive and pull important information of hidden jewelry in the house.
Phil waved by his hand and all followed him to the door, opened and saw a ladder leading to the first floor. They walked down through it to the door, opened, came in and did not even have time to really see the big hall like someone hit him on the head with a blunt weapon with such force that Phil wildly shouted in pain. Not having yet to fall to the ground as was followed by another hit and he gave up the ghost without a cry. Rodrigo walking behind him stood in the confusion, he suddenly felt like someone threw back noose around his neck and pulled him up. He started to choke and snore, thin nylon rope pierced in his flesh and was cutting it, blood began to flow to the body, from the extreme pain and overpressed throat he choked, he was unable to scream and within seconds expired.
Louis and Nick went around the building and on the south side placed a ladder to a second wide open window, quietly climbed into the room, turned on the flashlight and understood they were the bedroom. Hung on a hanger lady dress, blanket and mattress crumpled in bed, no one lay, it's possible a lady went to the toilet, so they decided to take the Spaniard off guard and put out the torch. Soon the men heard footsteps, someone opened the door, then closed and ran away. Louis and Nick ran after her, they run the seven steps in the dark and suddenly one after another fell to the floor because someone invisible hiding around the corner put out a long stick, they stumbled on it and flew at each other. For a long time did not have to lie down, a few people with hoods on his head and long hatchets in their hands ran up and without hesitation, without noise and shouting they ruthlessly began to cut them like cabbage, the corridor filled with wild shouts, screams and moans, in short, with the assailants dealt mercilessly, the chipped body lay on the floor.
The third group of Steve and Harry happily climbed into an empty room on the second floor, it was dark, guys turned on the flashlight and at this point someone opened the door. Steve winced, he pulled out a gun and did not know what to do, soon he heard footsteps of retreating people. Steve grew bolder and went to the door, he opened it and saw how the other adjoining room someone came in and closed it. Harry and Steve went out into the hallway and did not have time to do two steps as somebody of the noiseless guns shut to each bandit a few bullets, with a slight groan they fell to the floor and the world ceased to exist for them. Ray and Spaniards done massacre immediately rushed off to the first floor to the hall where a feast was arranged, is the main group of Peter, Walter, John, Fidel, Bill and John successfully penetrated into it via a single fixed window in back wall. When Peter was flying on a private plane home he noticed it and realized that this was not the bedroom window but the room or stairway leading to the basement where the owners are hiding safe with jewelry and money.
Yet at house Peter has decided to organize the main large team and three small ones of the two fighters that will distract the Spaniards from his team. So it happened-three teams took the fire on themselves and Peter made his way unnoticed to where planned, when he climbed the ladder to the window it was closed and still had bars. With hammer he completely knocked out it and the whole company of the six hijackers got on a small platform but their way was blocked by a steel door. Without thinking they kicked it with hammer and appeared before the staircase. Bandits quietly went downstairs and found a home library with books, cabinets, boxes, lots of vintage crystal goblets, vases, carafes, marble statues, but there was not the safe here and Peter realized it was in the basement. Raiders immediately began to look for the door and found not one but two, the ringleader thought and realized the left door led into the middle of the house and the right one in the basement. The leader decided to open the door, pushed it by his shoulder, the door opened up and Peter fell down but he felt no pain. He waved his hand and a flashlight lit the way, all went down in a small basement and before their eyes appeared a huge green steel safe welded to the metal beams of the floor and walls. About to tear off and carry on arms could be out of the question, the lock was too difficult. They all crowded around him and began to puzzle over how to get the jewelry or how to pull by the rope out of the basement: those self-propelled crane with a cradle not even moved from place-big tractor was needed.
Meanwhile Ray with the Spaniards made their way to the library, in their hands they carried two large gas cylinders. Four Spaniards came up to the stairwell, four of them took steel cover with hands and while they raised it Ray, Santos, Wilfredo and Evo opened caps of cylindes, gas whistled, they threw them into the basement, immediately closed with the lid pass and hung a large padlock. Falling down cylinders rattled, Peter, his friends could not understand what had happened and rushed to the door, they heard a whistle and Spanish speech, besides the exit was covered with a steel cover. The ringleader was horrified, he realized-all of them were herded into a trap from which they are unlikely to break out. He did not understand Spanis and appealed to Fidel fluent in Spanish: "My friend, what are they talking about, I would like to know?"
"Dear Peter, I do not even want to translate, terribly unpleasant words: "Dear senors, Ray, we herded them into a trap and covered, in a few minutes they will fly to the kingdom of heaven, into hell for their crimes," and the second added: "Let them fall into a cauldron of boiling pitch as soon as possible."
Peter and his friends began to run upstairs, but climbing a few stairs they saw over a metallic sheet, they tried to pick it up, but as the Spaniards to lie upon it a lot of heavy items and put the padlock then it did not move it an inch. In des-peration the gang leader and Nick forgot about the gas cylinders and started scribbling of machine guns for sheet metal, sparks flashed, natural gas filled the small room exploded and the whole gang went to hell ...
As soon as the Spaniards closed the entry in the basement with the sheet of metal, lay on it for the severity several previously prepared granitic rocks and went into the kitchen, as if they sensed that the explosion occurs and as in cylinders there was not much gas plate did not move. As in the basement except of the metal safe there was not a single item, so just robbers burned, the building was not damaged. But just in case Ray and the Spaniards were kept at the ready several fire extinguishers in the case of fire they would be put out it, but it did not happen. In addition they were not sure that all the robbers were killed by fire because they held guns at the ready. Mrs. Julia and beautiful Spaniards women were under the supervision of the fixed look of Ray and Spaniards-knights armed with pistols and rifles.
In such a state of stress they had spent some time waiting for the dawn, there was sillent in the house, about the robbers could be no question. If the surviving gunmen were inside it would definitely they gave of yourself to know what it didn't happen. And then Ray with three Spaniards went to inspect the house, the other four knights together with Mrs. Julia, mistress, the wife of a fearless captain of the trawler "The Seagull" and the mother of John Gray, left to guard Spaniard-girls.
Suddenly, all they heard the music inset in one of the rooms, Mrs. Julia realized that hardly called her husband, maybe someone from associates of gangsters. She with a knight went to the second floor where swept melodies and soon realized, one of the killed bandits in the pocket there was a cell phone. She came into the room and determined who had it in his pocket, he fearlessly took out his pocket cell phone and said: "If you are interested in your thugs I tell you- they are all killed, you can pick up the bodies. Yes, better you don't appear here, if you know the way to our home, we 'll put all the lances."
Julia smiled, threw the phone out the window and they went back to the Spaniards and when they saw them she said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's OK, we are with you."
Soon all gathered in the hall, Julia looked at everyone and said: "Ray, not to sleep, let's clean the premises from the corpses, then we"ll eat and rest."
"I'm not against it, with the knights to clear the rooms while you cook the food Mrs. Julia," said Ray and explained that the knights have to do.
Ray and his team went to do dirty work, Julia with the girls and Julie began to cook food, soon all gathered in the dining room and began to eat and talk with a smile on their faces as if nothing in the house happened. After the nice meal all came out into the yard, it was a sunny day and everyone decided to cool off in the pool, then they watched television and so the day passed quietly. At 10:00 pm. .Julia and Spaniards went to sleep, Ray and the knights went to the second floor, just in case they decided to continue surveillance, enemies could make another attack because they had so much wealth in home!
Until midnight was calm but at one o'clock in the sky quickly things changed- in a big open window they saw a huge lead cloud carried from the ocean right at them, the strongest wind blew and found it difficult to stay on feet. Ray realized that a tornado was coming at them, he looked at all and said: "Dear knights all for me, we should wake up ladies and leave the house, in a few minutes happen terrible phenomenon of nature, hurricane, I know where to find life-saving, we should run."
Ray with the knights ran from room to room to wake up the sleeping ladies, they woke up and could not understand what had happened and when gathered in the dining room Ray with disturbing voice told them: "Mrs. Julia, ladies and gentlemen, it's dangerous to stay, all for me , for us hurricane rushes, we seek life-saving outside the house."
Although the Spaniards did not really understand in English by his expression guessed that the danger is coming at them, all jumped up and rushed for Ray. Having been in the yard the saw in the distance a huge dark lead cloud, it rushed at them, the strongest wind was blowing that it was impossible to stay on their feet. Ray ran up to the gate, opened it and all ran pressing to the ground in the direction of the swamp, he believed there was the safest place. In the eyes of people unfolding horror which none of them had ever seen intheir life, the tops of trees tended to the ground, then something unexpectedly powerful trunks crackled and those who could not withstand the pressure broke like matchsticks, others trees were rooted out, circled as butterflies, flew and fell far away often reaching the Atlantic Ocean.
They have not yet run to the swamp as saw flying over them the roof, Ray left head and was horrified, it was with their home, outside the stone walls lay debris. In horror, he shouted in a loud voice trying to overpower the whistling of the wind: "Ladies and gentlemen, immediately lie down on the ground, the roof flies over us, cover your heads with your hands so that the debris did not touch you. At the same time rest a little and after crawl for me, in a few minutes the tornado will sweep and we get to the swamp with hummocks, there were not buildings near it so that we would be in full safe."
He threw himself on the ground, all followed him, nearly overhead were flying boards, from where they swept nobody knew but all men to be saved and thanked Ray that they actually escaped death. Meanwhile, wind didn't die down, however, it got strong, Ray realized that here remain unsafe and shouted: "Ladies and gentlemen, join efforts and crawl for me in the swamp, to it had not more than two hundred yards."
He crawled and all followed him, they crept a few minutes, Ray stopped, he knew that his forces are not comparable with the forces of the elderly Mrs. Julia, Spaniards, they are pretty tired and so gave them a chance to rest. All lay face down to the ground, over their heads flew trees, huge branches, wooden structures of destroyed houses. Mrs. Julia, Spaniards wept bitterly, so it was a pity that the house is destroyed, lost all things and when they get a place where they would live.
Ray sympathized with them but could do nothing to help, now had to be rescued, he waved his hand and crawled forward, people are holding on to the grass, for the land that a gust of wind had not raised them up and took away God knows where. But all went well and they have reached the marsh, in the present time it was dry, numerous mounds were used to rescue them, for them they could hold on and if you lie btween them a gust of wind didn't take off the ground or a bump or a person, but also previously brought here a lot of broken structures made of wood, plastic, metal, littered with tree trunks and even a broken machine.
Yes, the wind was buzzing, whistling, above them were flying high in the sky the branches of trees, papers, clothes, blankets, wooden houses. People are so relaxed that they no longer be rotated head to the sky to look at the fear and horror of things happening over them, somehow unexpectedly for all the wind died, Ray and Mrs. Julia, knights, girls stood up and decided to look around what's going on almost all the trees were uprooted in the district, not a single surviving buildings and when they turned their heads toward the house could not believe their eyes, fear seized them and Ray shouted: "Ladies! Get up, all for me, at us a huge wave of water is coming, it will wash away all of us."
Mrs. Julia Spaniard stood to their feet and Ray led them to a long tree trunk with branches wallowed near them, he sat all on it, then sat down and cried myself to keep everything tight to the trunk and branches. Water bank slowly advanced on them, somehow, it would pick up smoothly everything in its path andeverythin what it was easier then water were on the surface of the water were floating. Here wave of water neared closer to the trunk where people were sitting and carried all to the ocean, to the right they saw the huge skyscrapers of Miami, the city gradually moved away and disap-peared behind the horizon. Wave of water decreased significantly and soon merged with the ocean, though they continued to float, to sit on a solid trunk was not very comfortable and pleasant. Suddenly Ray's sharp eye noticed a huge barge scolding them as branches of a mighty tree prostrated width of not less than 100 - 140 feet , the barge caught on them and continued to sail together with the tree.
Brave Ray crawl to her and fortunately saw a small rope attached to the nose and the other end went under the water, he saw that the barge took off and carried away into the ocean. The young man pulled the rope, pulled the barge to the trunk, tied and asked everyone individually to crawl from the tree for it, no one is confused and soon all joyful and hap-py were sitting in the barge.
Ray reasoned soundly-to sail with the tree can not, in the event of changes in the weather the wind will blow again when the ocean waves will shake the tree and the barge with unequal force and at one point it hit the sturdy trunk and would breake and all who are in it will go to the bottom. He untied the rope and began to push the trunk forward, soon the barge began to fall behind. What a pity that on it there was even a single oar and because they were floating adrift, no one came to despair, did not lose the strength of spirit and hoped for the best outcome. A miracle happened, it somehow suddenly introduced- Ms. Julia intently staring at the sides at one point shouted: "Ladies and gentlemen, look in the direction of my hands, periscope sticking out of the water, it's a submarine and it pops up, I have no doubt people noticed us and want to save."
All who sailed on the barge turned heads in the direction of Ms. Julie's hand and saw a periscope sticking out of the water and, as it seemed to Ray the boat drifted in their direction and soon came to the surface at all, a few people climbed to the top and Mrs. Julia gleefully shouted: " My Johnny, Victor, go to us and save!"
"Mom, Ray! Sofia! Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to see you. What happened to you, why are you in the ocean? We are sailing to the rescue!" Johnny shouted joyfully.

The submarine increased speed, a few minutes later she came and slowed speed, Johnny with his father jumped on a barge, all began to cuddle, kiss and gave way to tears of joyful meeting. Ray, Mrs. Julia, beautiful Spaniards women, the knights briefly told about what happened in the night at the villa, on the invasion of bandits trying to get to the treasure, how they, the spirited inhabitants of the villa had done with them, how just in the morning broke out the extraordinary strength hurricane destroyed homes including their home, as the highest water drifted in and once they are saved at first on a mighty tree, then on the barge detached from the pier and by chance floated to the tree on which they were sailing in the open ocean.
Mrs. Julia looked at her son, father, the entire crew of the submarine, Spaniards, turned to Ray and said: "Dear Mr. Ray, we all owe you our life-saving, I express to you afrom all of us our sincere gratitude, thank you. Johnny, Victor, keep this in mind, he kept his head and found a way to avoid the death of us all."
Captain Victor and John went up to him, hugged, kissed, shook his hand and from the bottom of the heart thanked Ray and he said: "Mr. Johnny, Victor, Mrs. Julia, my dear friends, wonderful ladies and gentlemen, I did all this with all my heart and not just on duty, I had to save people's lives and that they were all alive and well. and as to home I think safe and jewelry in it kept and we would build a new house and buy a new modern fishing trawler."
I stood up and said: "Dear mother, Ray, beautiful ladies and gentlemen! I will tell you our story in which an interesting end-we lost our trawler, did not have time due to certain circumstances to get into that underwater palace and did not take out even a single pearl, but then received what none of us had dreamed of. Perfectly that we've saved our lives and met you, I think we will be able to attach the barge to the submarine and will head for Miami. Father leave it, I'm with you and tell about what happened to us, why we were without a trawler but with treasures, you'd see ones later, they are hidden and hard to get, though a handful of gems at me, look."
I pulled out a hand full of crystal-clear diamonds and gave my mother, she looked closely at them, sighed and gave them to Sofia. Precious stones went around and got to Ray, he carefully examined them, looked at me, smiled and quietly said: "Johnny, this is a fortune, extraordinary beauty, luxury, grandeur, no wonder you had made a risky voyage, for all our treasures to be collected rebuild the house and buy not only the trawler but in addition a luxury yacht with a submarine on all of us to travel the seas and oceans."
Everyone came overjoyed, elated and looked groaning, moaning at gems being in the hands of treasure hunters.
We are firmly attached the barge to the submarine, father said goodbye to us and went on it, started engine, "Baby" gently sailed and pulled the barge. What a luck that the weather calmed down, waves only slightly shook barge, it was already early morning, about six o'clock but the night did not recede and the huge gray clouds surrounded the whole sky. I looked at the travelers in distress sitting next to me and began my story: "My dear mother, Sophia, dear lovely ladies, senors and Ray. We sailed safely to the place where underwater was a mysterious island as we previously thought, in fact all know it's a huge creature, octopus, and in it, or rather in its belly three centuries were miraculously caught in it you, Spaniards and countless treasures. we lowered down our submarine from trawler, sank to the bottom, cranes lowered the pipe, mechanical clamps around it and tube just gradually penetrated into the well in which we had got into at our first travel. Pipe was welded to the side of our trawler and decided to begin an operation to raise the treasures, our submarine "Baby" had emerged and before I got on the trawler as the father shouted that three boats rushed to us and we should urgently escape.
Everyone understood the pirates sailed to us chased us all the way, without hesitation father asked everyone to get in the boat and sail away while the corsairs did not notice us and everything did witout hesitation. We battened down the hatch, dropped to 70 feet and drifted seven hundred yards meters went up in such a way that the periscope sticking out of the water at full length and saw everything that happened on a trawler and on three large boats from both sides stuck to our beautiful "Seagull". Not less than forty burly guys rushed on deck, peering into the tube, then seven divers jumped into the water, but for some reason they did not return. Soon seven divers lowered with help of winch into the pipe, it took a long time and suddenly the steel tube broke away from the trawler and went under the water. After a while it pulled out of the water as a bullet, lifted high up and flew down flat. The steel bulky and cumber landed by flat on a trawler at precisely the place where boats stuck to the sides of the trawler, everything was broken completely and went under water with our "Seagull". People threw themselves into the water, but no one managed to escape-gigantic crater formed, it sucked everyone and everything else that was floating on the surface, we felt our submarine swung and unseen force slowly pulled it into the abyss. Father turned on full speed and you imagine we sailed but soon a boat suddenly stopped-neither back nor forth, neither up nor down. I rushed to the periscope and saw a strange mysterious world of the fantastic, a miracle, we were on a top of hill, there was valley below us with no end in sight that can not cover the eye and on it lay shattered boats, our trawler split into two parts. They were far away from each other, a long tube made of stainless steel and two little ones. They were shining unusually bright and playing with all the colors of the rainbow, I realized that this was the day and maybe the sun was shining from heaven.
"Gentlemen, we run aground, you just look through the periscope, a fantasy world, I believe our " Baby " on the surface of an octopus," I said.
Our team members one by one came up to periscope and looked at nestled under us a dark valley covered with smooth skin that can not be confused with sand or earth, we were emboldened and decided to open the hatch. Once lifted the lid stream of unusually fresh sea air enveloped us, it was different from our urban air consisting of a mixture of oxygen and carbon monoxide emissions. Robert standing beside said that the air like the one we breathe once in a maze of underwater palace. I looked at everyone and said: "Gentlemen, hard skin underneath us, I think it would be nice to take a little walk, we will not stray too far."
Everyone agreed and went down to the dark smooth and slippery surface, I was barefoot and felt the tight skin of the living entity. Among other things on it here and there grew green algae with unusually fragrant flowers. They sparkled and played in the bright rays of golden sun with all the colors of the rainbow. We looked around and moved in the direction of our broken trawler, the bow was lying not far from us. Arthur looked at us and took off his shoes and stepped on a soft, smooth surface, his hands touched it and expressed his point of view: "Gentlemen, I think we are on the surface of a giant creature, perhaps this kind of octopus miraculously survived since prehistoric times, now it had surfaced. I think we should go back to our boat, if it goes under the water to all us will be the end, we will not take yhe risk, gentlemen!"
My father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, I believe the same thing, go back to the boat, it will be safe to us, it is actually a living entity."
We accelerated the pace and went on a boat, all our attention is focused on the valey with destroyed boats, broken trawler, engines, steel pipe with two short stacks and dozens of corpses of bandits who tried to take advantage of our treasures.
Some how suddenly on the surface near the boats lying about a mile away began to gape an abyss, the real crater was formed and all that was on the surface came in a bottomless abyss, we were afraid that came down in it but nothing happened. It took some time, from the abyss of the crater flew outwards up the wreckage of an old ship, boats, parts of our trawler, the pipes and soon stopped. Crater beginning to narrow elongate and when it reached a height of not less than five hundred feet-it commemorated trunk diameter of 20-30 feet, from it flew pressed mass of red-grey color. In the air it was falling apart and separated small pieces fell on green algae, flowers, then flew unusually clean engines like washed in the washing machine. Less than two minutes from the jaws diving-suitsflew up, they were full of jewelry, bags filled with treasures as we suspected, follow them like rain fell down articles of precious metals, gems, gold, silver coins, in the sun rays they have played, shone with all colors of the rainbow, we could not believe our eyes. In short from the belly of an octopus flew out all debris and suddenly shot up top water fountain, first mixed with oils and diesel fuel and finally the crystal clear water poured. Water droplets seemed as emeralds, diamonds, they in the sun was shining, playing by all colors of the rainbow. And soon, in fact we saw a giant rainbow from one end to the horizon. But suddenly the fountain stopped beating, that giant trunk started to go into the body and again was equal smooth dark surface.

My father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, this being from swallowed muck, he vomited, it spewed out all out and washed by such way his belly. I propose to make another trip, just you look there is so much good, it should be not lost, we do not lose anything and only find."
We looked at each other and realized-we need to race as fast as possible to the place where diving suits and bags of jewels roll, take ones, come back to the boat and wait for the monster completely calm down, it will go to the ocean bottom and we will sail to Miami home with not empty-handed, we"ll have something."
We as if have lost our mind, happy jumped out of the submarine and rushed to the spot where bags full of jewelry lay. Distance to the jewelry was pretty considerable, since the surface in some places was soft and slippery that we often fell, got up and ran. Finally we reached that part of the body of the octopus where some beads, necklaces, gold coins lay. To bend down and look for them individually would take a long time and as we saw flying from the womb diving suits and bags filled with treasures by pirates who then tracked us rushed to them. Luckily for us bags broke off while the fall and heaps of jewels lay on a dark surface. You can not imagine: in the beams of the sun they were shining and playing with all colors of the rainbow, reflected from diamonds, sapphires, gold, silver coins and burning eyes.
We fell on jewelry and grabbed whatever got to hand, but soon heard father's voice: "Gentlmen, please do not rush to take everything, we are not on a trawler, a submarine, if we overload the boat we"ll not surface, choose gems, dia-monds, necklaces, gold is very heavy, you will catch a few doubloons, we have plenty of them at home."
We have listened to the words of my father and chose mostly jewelry made of precious stones, diamonds, pearls, necklaces of fantastic beauty and a dozen gold coins. Yes! How lucky we were that the bags did not burst into pieces, we turned collected jewelry in them and rushed to the submarine. I say openly we wanted to take a suit with precious stones but father reminded that thesubmarine from excessive gravity does not surface and we will always be here and refused.
Imperceptibly the sun disappeared over the horizon, you can not imagine we could hardly distinguished the outlines of our boat, the surface became slippery and fell almost after five steps. Finally we got to the submarine tired, exhaus-ted and happy. My father ascended on the boat, he took jewelry and dumped them inside. The captain was in a hurry as he had a premonition that a hurricane was about to begin and noticed impending trouble. The wind blew, it grew stronger, on the horizon appeared dark leaden cloud, suddenly began a downpour that had to batten down the hatch. He poured down, in a couple of hours the entire valley with height was under water, our submarine began to submerge, father started the engine and looked at us said happily: "Gentlemen, we took a cource for Miami, in a few hours will see the skyscrapers of the city."
At that time of unusual force hurricane came unexpectedly, we had to go down the water, occasionally we raised the top of periscope in order to see the madness of things happened in the ocean. The hurricane did not abate, the rain was coming down in torrents, soon we had to go to a depth and a few hours we sailed on low speed to Miami. We have not raised the periscope and had no idea what was happening on the surface. Finally, my father decided to sail a few feet to the periscope to see the ocean , the sky and the horizon. At low speed our "Baby" began to rise up and as soon as the periscope out of the water six feet I clung to it and saw the surface of the ocean to the horizon. On small waves slowly rolling on the periscope I realized that the hurricane calmed down, on a light sky lit by the blue moon calmly white clouds floated and a few tankers with a huge ocean liner steered a course towards Florida.
According to the reading of devices to Miami was not less than 90 miles, we wanted to surface but my father decided not to risk to be under passing ships and went down seven- ten feet and slowly sailed to our town. In five hours, when to Miami remained six miles our "Baby" surfaced again at the height of the periscope and looked at him I saw on the calm surface of the ocean tree trunks floating near the boat, wooden structures and a variety of household stuff. Fear gripped us, everyone realized the storm was so strong that wrenched trees, destroied light houses and the roofs, part reaches the ocean and being on the water floated on the wind direction.
We continued to sail under water and only a small portion of the periscope sticking out on top. With the approach to Miami increased the number of floating on the surface of trees, materials lighter than water, we knew where all of this, then saw the barge and people, it was you, my father started the engine at all revs and the submarine rushed to you."...
Meanwhile the submarine sailed to Miami and pulled a barge, it was early morning and the huge sky on one side just as the sun raised in other side the pale blue moon set. We all had a good mood, I wanted to sing, the fine Spaniards- my favorite Sofia, her adorable girlfriend Patricia Martinez , Juanta Espinoza, Yolanda Rodriguez sang old Spanish songs. Me, my mom, Ray and the Spaniards-knights enjoyed their singing and for some strange reason, a strong sea stream pulled our boat not to the city but from it and a few hours, as I understood, we were floated to the place where underwater creature lived. To save precious fuel father shut off the engine and a few hours of sailing off the coast of sunny Florida. Since the ladies rather tired the men besides father went to the barge and helped ladies to go down in the boat and they sailed comfortably in it.
Once again a miracle happened, as soon as the ladies were in the "Baby" and tired fell asleep the stream reversed and we raced to the coast of Florida and in the evening again showed contours of Miami. In the light of the setting sun it was unusually attractive , beautiful rays of golden light struck in multi-colored glass panels and windows, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, reflected from glass surfaces and flew into the azure expanse of the ocean, lit up its extraordinary purple and everything seemed water ablaze. Neon signs installed on the roofs of skyscrapers in the form of rotating balls, multi-faceted prisms, diamonds, circles, ellipses brightened the sky countless brightest colors and it is like a kaleidoscope of ever-changing their coloring. On this huge giant screen at every moment appeared fanciful fantastic images.

At a moment, in this background of light, color and lights began to appear black silhouette of the giant monster of unusual shape-round, oblong with several long, wide, round tentacles. Living shadow-silhouette moved from side to side and when we sailed closer to city we saw such that led us in the depressed state-of the water stuck a giant tentacle of the octopus. They are like rubber bowed skyscrapers and tried to bring down them but luckily to the designs were so strong that stood motionless. Giant meanwhile surfaced out of the water and we saw it on the back of a very long steel pipe, broken boats, trawler, engines and several mutilated diving suits. Three tentacles grasped lying on his back engines and with such force hurled on a skyscraper that in the wall formed a gigantic hole. As they have been preserved diesel and possibly happen short-circuit in the wiring the fuel caught fire and on the upper floors began fire and quickly spread on the floors. Meanwhile the octopus continued to throw off from his back all strange detailes, the tentacles grasped a steel pipe and threw it with such force that it s a cannonball with a whistle flew by standing next skyscrapers . It hit the top of the building, partially collapsed it and debris flew down. Then the octopus grabbed two short stacks of steel pipes up to 10 feet and tossed so they flew to the city center. When on the surface of octopus stayed less heavy objects he with his long a quarter mile tentacles began grabbing cars from parking, passenger buses, trucks, fire engines . Here's an octopus caught a huge fuel truck standing at the gas station and threw it like a cannonball into one of the tallest skyscrapers, struck the wall as cardboard, gasoline exploded and kindled a huge ball of fire shot up half a mile, puff of black smoke was covered the entire western part of Miami. Soon a huge skyscraper collapsed and with it a few more buildings and so they had turned into a pile of stones. Already dozens of homes burned, firefighters could not cope with their own duty for the simple reason that a few tentacles simultaneously grabbing machine with firefighters and threw them in different directions. Poor people! Whether from fear or from the pain they were shouting so loud that we heard them hysterical voice.
Here's an octopus tentacles reached out to one of the skyscrapers with a television antenna, on the lookout site gathered people, several tentacles encompassed around it, wanted to pull out, but it did not give in and then they began to loosen it from side to side. The upper part of the building as a rubber bent in all directions and finally with a roof, antenna and the people rose up, octopus opened his tentacles and all flew down on the wide concrete pavement and even we heard the thunder of strike and ringing of glass and metal.
It is inconceivable imagine that one creature could mess things up so much trouble, converted tit part of the city into a heap of stones and possibly hundreds of people have passed under the rubble of concrete panels and steel structures. Suddenly lit with a bright light and advertising lights the city was plunged into the inky darkness, there was a short circuit or authorities specially switched it off and octopus vanished from our eyes. But we heard a lot of gun shots and somehow unexpected for us next to us crashed armoured car, tank, cannon and fire engine but without the people.
And then in my mind it has occured to me how to draw an octopus from the city of Miami and to stop its destruction, save lives and I cried: "Father, change our course to the other, let's go at full speed into the ocean, let the girls will be on a barge, give me the amplifier with a microphone and a pair of speakers, we'll have a concert in the ocean, I realized what the octopus is looking for."
"My John, I caught your idea, I frankly say we can not go far, the fuel is running out and no sails, take that you ask, plug to its fullest, Spaniards come to you now on the barge," said my father. Submarine's hatch was opened as "Baby" was sailing on the surface, Spaniards girls one after another began to come up, Robert helped them go on a barge, father gave him music equipment, he to me, I've switched it on, gave Sophia microphone, explained her maids how best to sit near Sophia and asked them to ask lady to sing old Spanish songs. They understood me and did everything as I planned and when they began to sing their voices reverberated around for miles and most importantly they were heard by the octopus even though we were sailing far away from him. I looked through the binoculars and saw over the ocean huge dark mass near Miami, his tentacles were going under water and soon we felt as octopus floated in our direction. A huge water wave slowly moved on us, we were worried that it would flood the barge, but nevertheless the girl continued to sing. Finally a huge wave has come down to us, our submarine and barge up fifty feet up, at the very crest, sailed a mile and again went down to the ocean surface.
In an hour of the concert, when the battery was fully used, the girls stopped singing and I immediately turned to my father: "Captain, change course to Miami, we need to hurry, octopus calmed down, he is convinced that near him are the songstresses who spent three centuries in his belly, I would do for him a gift, he several years would enjoy with singing of our beautiful girls, When we come back home we"ll go to the studio to record several songs, our girls will sing the old Spanish songs and after make dummies and put inside them record-player with CD."
"My John it is a great idea, change the course, we sail to Miami, in three hours we"ll moor," cried my father.
We could not be in a hurry, barge could hit the submarine and then everyone would have to swim to the coast of Florida that it was impossible for many. At daybreak we got to Miami and saw on the coastal part of the city several destroyed skyscrapers, firefighters extinguished the remaining hearths of fire. We found a safe, private dock and after a brief meeting father looked at all and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is solved: Johnny, Ray, my wife, ladies and gentlemen go to the hotel, you will bring yourself up, have a snack, relax. Later, my son Johnny with Ray go to a friend jewelers to exchange our diamonds for dollars, we need money to live, to restore the house and other expenses and as I think we"ll have a lot of money."
I, Ray, mother, Spaniards girls and knights went ashore and said goodbye to my father and the team rushed by a taxi to a nearby hotel "Mutini". Me and my mom had a credit card and we had no problems to settle in hotel, took a bath, ate full, mother, girls, men stayed to rest, I with Ray went to familiar jewelers, in my pocket there were several dozen diamonds, for which they could give good money to be able to do all that we pland.

All of what happened, I found old jewellers, showed them diamonds, they looked at ones and gave us the mountain of money and saying them good bye immediately returned to the hotel. In room I showed my mother and friends money and asked everyone to gather for the purchase of clothes and in half an hour in the nearest store we bought brand new, fashionable clothes. We went back at the hotel and I began to look at the directory company producing talking and singing mannequins. To my happiness I found "Marty Brown and Son Company", I immediately dialed the number of telephone and soon heard a man's voice: "Hello, Marty Brown speaking. Can I help you?"
"Hello, Mr. Marty Brown, good day, my name is Johnny Gray, I urgently need eleven singing mannequins-four women and seven men, I"ll give CD wth the voices of our women and men."
"Hello Mr. Johnny Gray, we will make them for you on your taste, we"ll record on our studio the voices of your ladies and gentlemen, it is best to come in the short time, we"ll do everything you order, we wait for you with impaciently."
"Mr. Marty Brown, we agree, go, wait for us," I blurted out, looked at the Spaniard girls and men, smiled happily and said: "Our excellent ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to be collected, we"ll go to the recording studio in half an hour. Ray , call in the nearest car service and rent van for three days and we rush to the firm producing electronic mannequins, I will hold a conversation with Sophia as a lead singer."
"Johnny, I'm calling and ordering a van or minibus, we have a lot of passengers and all of us should sit according to the rules of the road," Ray said and began to ring.

I gathered a Spaniard girls and men and explained Sofia that the songs they used to sing many years would sound in the womb of the octopus and asked her to record only those ones of which the octopus got real pleasure and delight to and all her friends take part and join in a song to her.
"Johnny, I 'll sing a few songs, I know why he got the true bliss, the girls and the knights will join in a song, everything will be okay, do not worry, we keep our head, we sang three hundred years," said Sophia and began to sing.
By this time, Ray has agreed to lease the car and the attendant asked to wait the bus at the entrance that will drive up in ten minutes. We got ready to leave and in nine minutes heard the call, Ray picked up the phone and heard the message: "Mr. Ray , minibus stands at the entrance , you can use one three days, you should fill in a couple of forms and give Mr. Henry Stoke, thank you, goodbye."
In a fashion dresses we left the hotel, said hello to the driver, Ray filled the forms, gave them to Mr. Henry Stoke and we rushed to the firm "Marty Brown and Son" producing the robots and mannequins with electronic filling. By 10 o'clock we came up to a huge three-storey building are lined with marble pink slabs and went inside, we were met by super-visor Marty Brown, a tall young blond man with a thick mop of hair color of rye, in a white shirt and dark blue jeans. We greeted each other and after a brief acquaintance and dialogue he took us to a museum of their products and there we saw at least a hundred samples. Some mannequins are no different from real people, they were talking, singing, laughing, true cute beauties and handsome men were moving awkward and boss openly admitted their imperfection. I heard them singing, I liked it and looking at the boss said: "Mr. Marty Brown, your products are of excellent quality, but I must say, we have little interest the appearance and their movement, we would like to know how long they can play recorded singing, can do reiteretaion in a few hours or days. We need a completely different aim, our mannequins must be under water but in a dry place. However, before they will get in iwater for a while and swim, that's because the main condition - they are in any case shall be waterproof and operational for at least seven, ten years."
Mr. Brown looked at us, smiled and said: "Gentlemen, we will fulfil all your conditions, but it is worth the money, your able-bodied mannequins can be under water at a depth of one hundred meters in a room or a submarine at least as many years as is our company exist. You know there is nothing eternal things, there is no guarantee of any company to exist eternally, great empires falling apart and the fact that they will be performing songs that is our concern, as you can imagine the power consumption must be minimized. Best option if they operate on this principle: we have to insert the speakers, broadcasting recorded songs and they sound stereo system for optimal normal volume level, as real people singing with their voices pleasant to the ear. So decide, we hand you a ready-made mannequins, you can keep them anywhere and they will be performing songs with an interval of how you would like, make them high strength, water resistant composite materials. Metal parts only in electronics, there are several tens of grams of each sample, all simply- you throw them into the water and there mannequins will sing a few years."
We looked at the boss and I said: "Dear Marty Brown, the dream! We fully believe you, we need 11 mannequins, height 5 feet-four ladies and seven gentlemen of moderate build, looks do not matter, the main thing they must sing a long time."
"Gentlemen, if look doesn't matter the price falls, in addition we have finished models, another thing electronics, there is no problem with the voices, we have our own recording studio, you choose mannequins, record voices and after a couple of days, they are ready, we demonstrate, show and even drove to the end of the earth, our engineers will program them so that you will all be happy," smiling said Marty Brown.
He led us to the shop and warehouse, showed some ready mannequins , we have looked at them and I said: "Dear Mr. Martin Brown, I agree to take 11 samples, here are the four ladies and 7 gentlemen, no need to dress up."
"In this case, ladies and gentlemen, follow me into the recording studio, our engineering experts will do everything possible to keep her voice is excellent, " said Marty Brown, and gave us know to follow him.
We went up to the second floor, entered into a bright airy room, we were greeted by two charming blondes with platinum wavy hair down to their shoulders in a blue short dresses to the knee. We greeted each other and the girls introduced themselves to us, Emma and Gala. They listened to us and asked Sophia and Spaniards go into the next room, we didn't know what was going on there. Mr. Marty Brown soon came out and joyful reminded us that in two days mannequins will be ready and tomorrow at the second half of day we can come and pick them up.
We thanked him, shook his hand, said goodbye and boss went to his office.
In an hour recording ended, Gala and Ella came out with our songstress Sophia and Spaniards, everyone was happy and shared their experiences. Ella and Gala asked us to go into the hall to listen to a recorded songs and I say frankly everyone was happy with their performance. We took a CD as a souvenir, thanked Ella and Gala for done work and expressed our admiration for singing Sophia her yes-men. Miss Ella looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies, gentlemen, the basis of the recording will enter the electronic program of dummies, they will reiterate singing for hours, in addition we have an interesting offer, in your spare time you can call on us at the firm and thorough to record with orchestra the concert of old Spanish songs on the CD , and offer -for-sale in music stores. You and we can earn good money, think."
"Dear Ella, we will think over your interesting proposal as soon as we have a free time and let our affairs in order, I call you, thank you," said I and smiled.
We said goodbye to them, Ella and Gala with us, we left the building, went for a red gate, got into a blue van and rushed to the hotel "Mutini" lined with pink marble. In a way I called my mother on her cell phone and asked her to go outside and wait for us, we"ll go to the port to meet with the Dad and members of our team. She's happy and said that in five minutes she will be waiting for us outside the entrance.
When our bus pulled up my mother standing at the porch, we stopped, she came in, sat down and we rushed to the port, on the way bought some food, drinks, fruits and drove up to the boat. We went out the whole company, the father , Arthur, Robert, Adlai, Andrew rejoiced meeting, the girls pulled out a meal, on a barge had a lunch and I told them about our business: "Father, friends, we found a company producing talking and singing mannequins, our charming Sophia and Spaniards have recorded their songs, in two days, in the afternoon they will be ready so that we immediately set sail."
Father and our friends were delighted, before departing we agreed tomorrow to have a picnic, we would buy food and a tent to protect themselves from the scorching rays of the sun, we kissed each other and made a trip on leased bus through Maiami and went to the shops buy food and drinks for a picnic. In the evening we rolled again around Miami, Sophia, the girls and the Spaniards were amazed evening and night views of the modern city, then returned into the ho-tel, watched the latest news, comedy film and went to bed.
The next day, after ten in the morning we went by bus to the port, on the way bought a tarpaulin, posts, crossbar to make the canopy and to protect themselves from the scorching rays of the sun and warmed it unbearably hot in spite of the winter month of February. We went up to the dock, dad, Arthur , Robert, Andrew and Adlai were sitting on a barge and basking in the warm sun. Having seen us they were delighted, exchanged greetings, rushed to hug, kiss, shared impressions of last night, the morning and we told them about our trip to the store and a trip through the evening and night of Miami. In turn, the father said to us important news that submarine was completely tucked with fuel and there was food for a few days, so it was not scared to sail in the ocean in search of an octopus. No one stood, pulled out of the bus snacks, drinks, fruits , men put the awning, canopy turned out great, so we were all sitting under cover. We ate, drank, but in moderation and were merry, sang songs, danced, picnic was a successful, late in the evening before departing I told my father that tomorrow we would go for a couple of hours at our villa and share impressions only after we come with mannequins. I asked my father to prepare thoroughly for responsible saiing, he promised to check the engine, from their work will depend on our lot, we know what that giant whirlpool was, we said goodbye and started to a hotel. Our ladies are tired but was not going to bed and at night we were deciding to make the trip to Miami the night. The Spaniards overjoyed by what they saw, I realized, they liked the modern life was beyond any comparison with the past, three hundred years ago.
The next morning I called Mr. Marty Brown and asked how deeds were with mannequins, he was glad to my call and asked to drive up to the firm at the afternoon, in the our presence our experts would demonstrate the capabilities of electronics. Since we had time I, mom, Ray, Sofia, Spaniards went on a minibus for our destroyed during Hurricane villa. Even from a distance we saw the miraculously preserved walls of red granite stones, survived only a few palm trees growing near a small pond. Carefully having inspected all premises destroyed by the hurricane, we've realized without technology there will be nothing to do, too many debris. We were inspired -the fact that the basement where there was a safe with jewelry was filled up completely and buried with fallen ceiling and since we were not going to dig it, then having wandered some given period of time outside the saving walls we went to the hotel, we were disappointed.
Our trip to the house for the examination took three hours, the time was approaching for a business meeting with Marty Brown and we left mother in the hotel with our cute signoras and seignors, Ray and I said goodbye to them and wishing us a happy voyage and speedy return, we rushed by the bus to the company "Marty Brown and Son Company". The boss met us with a smile, we having greeted each other happily immediately went to the showroom and saw the opposite wall a plunge deep pool. Approaching it we looked at bottom and saw: under the water on a concrete base lay our mannequins. Mr. Marty Brown looked at us with a smile and said: "Gentlemen, as you can see they are in the water, now we will raise them and the gentlemen with the ladies will sing, the water does not miss the sound. I say all they connected to the INTELSAT and will sing until the satellite falls, but since their number is increasing year by year we will buy on one of them channel for our connection, do not worry, everything will be okay."
Mr Brown called on the phone and soon appeared truck with crane, a young man with Slavic appearance in blue jeans and a yellow shirt introduced himself to us-Mr. Harry, we told him our names and immediately he began with crane to lift out of the water our dummies. As they have shown of the water immediately began to sing, we heard the voices of charming Sophia and after her friends, girls, joined men, the singing was amazing, fascinating. Harry and Marty Brown heard their amazing singing, but as the work went quickly all mannequins soon were lying near us.
"Gentlemen, attention! Follow my actions, I turn off and turn on them, you repeat Mr. Johnny Gray, setting up, we pack and deliver them to the port and there is up to you where you send them," said with a smile boss Marty.
I looked carefully for every action of Mr. Marty Brown and when he finished I did a few times. The boss was happy, I and Ray even more - we sail to the octopus without delay and if everything happens as planned and mannequins would be in the belly of the octopus it for many years and perhaps centuries would enjoy the amazing and fascinating, sleeping singing of Spaniard girls and men.
"Yes, gentlemen, they are very heavy, almost the entire volume occupied by the battery, from the slightest move-ment, push, any movement is made low-profile recharging, as the mannequins sealed carefully capacity fpor work of batteryies is guaranteed for many years," said Marty Brown and smiled.
" For us it is most important that they will sing seven to ten years," I said.
"Gentlemen , at least ten years , maybe more , it all depends on the existence of our company, we have experience in their production and operation," assured us the boss.
We thanked Marty Brown for excellent made mannequins, finally settled accounts, was asked to pack them in a box and put in a car provided by the company, which was done right before our eyes.
Everyone came out of the building, firmly shook hands and Mr. Marty Brown looked at us said: "Dear Johnny and Ray, so that you do not doubt the quality of our products, you can leave any of them in the memory and you will control us - if we serve them, whether they provide with energy, they continue to sing."
"Dear Mr. Marty Brown," with a smile, I said, "we have full confidence in you, do not worry, thank you and good bye."
"Good bye, gentlemen," said Marty Brown, shook hands with us and we moved in a way to the port. Ray drove the bus, I sat with the driver Mr. Tommy in the cab, we discussed the problem faced by the people left homeless by the hurricane swept and the advent of an unknown sea creature. Tommy looked at me, shrugged, lit a cigarette and said: "Mr. Johnny , I just got back yesterday from a cold and snowy Canada and do not have any idea about the hurricane and newcomer of the deep sea, our the skyscraper and other buildings were didn't destroied. At night I watch the TV news, maybe something they will show."
"Yes, yes, you watch TV, they repeat interesting and sensational news, "I said, and something told him about the hurricane passing him the story of my mother. That's not much, in half an hour we reached the dock, the father and the crew of the submarine sitting on the barge saw our van, truck and ran to meet us. Everyone greeted each other and wasted no time in vain we began to carry boxes on a barge after unloading thanked Mr. Tommy and truck drove away. I gave some advice to my father about the sail and with Ray raced off to the hotel, there was a short meeting and I told my mother, Sophia, her friends and our knights great news about dummies showed pictures with them, Ray, I and boss Marty Brown, I sweatched tape recorder and everyone heard a fascinating singing my Sophia, her friends, the knights. Everyone was shocked, but since there was no time for a long time sitting, we had to go to the place where the floating octopus I took leave: "My beloved and dear ladies and gentlemen, I ask you not to worry, you will be with Ray, in our short-term absence you with him in a van will visit the suburbs, admire the surrounding beauty and as soon as we return begin to recover our destroyed house, to a meeting at the dock, I'll call you."
I saw the sad faces of my relatives and knew they did not want we went to the dangerous voyage, but since much of it depended on the behavior of an octopus and everyone knew it, they kissed me and wished a happy voyage to all of us and a speedy return.
Ray took me by bus to the pier where there was a submarine with a barge, the father and the team met us, and after short instructions and parting words given to Ray from all of us he wished us a happy voyage and the speedy return dashed off to the hotel. I, my father, Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Adlai Court and Andrew Danny sat on a barge and after a brief meeting we decided immediately to go the square where the octopus found a favorable environment drifting for more than three centuries.
We"ll go to see not at random, I attached to the mast locator periodically sending a signal to a satellite, our super modern equipment on the submarine caught it and with great accuracy we know the coordinates of location of octopus and sailing to it we cast off our mannequins just where he swallows the tons of fresh ocean water with lpve organisms to sustain its life. Dad, Adlai and Andrew went into the boat, my father ran the "Baby", I , Arthur and Robert were on the barge, the ocean was calm, only light waves strike our boat and barge. We sailed slowly because we were afraid of the collision, during thevoyage we bore heat of the day and the night chill. Father skillfully guided the boat and here we are getting closer to the target area, I looked at the clock-it's five minutes to midnight. It's unbelievable - ahead in the water saw a huge dark spot, without a doubt it was the back of octopus, on the radio phone I got in touch with my father and asked him that Andrew went out. Soon the hatch opened and Andrew came down to us on a barge, I asked him to help uncover the box with mannequins, myself switched to action electronics, tuned for optimum sound volume and soon in the endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean sounded amazing singing. we heard a velvet voice of my Sophia, she sang song with her friends, sometimes men joined to them and we noticed how the side of us a whirlpool formed. Our work is coming to an end, all the mannequins were singing in sync and I addressed to my father: "Dad, we finished our job, we move on to the boat, I cut the rope, immediately start the engine revs at all, aside is whirlpool and we can get in it."
"Johnny , cut the rope as soon as possible, we are drawn to it with a barge," cried the father.
We jumped on the "Baby", all climbed into it with a sharp knife on a long handle I cut the rope at the edge of the sub-marine and at that moment she pushed away from the barge and rushed forward. The first time, we are drawn to the whirlpool, I popped the hatch but did not close it and looked as uncontrolled barge picking up speed rushed into that abyss which sucked a few days ago our broken trawler, two boats, tubes and everything that was floating on the surface of the ocean. And now the moment-barge with mannequins spun and went into the abyss, I cried with joy: "Dad , friends, a barge with mannequins went into the belly of octopus, full speed! Main thing to us don't be sucked into it."
I closed the door and our submarine began to submerge and sailed away from the whirlpool and that we were not sucked into it, we had gone nearly two hundred feet deep and it saved us. Our entire crew was worried about our salvation and the state of the boat, we felt a vibration and it seemed an instant and it fall apart and it's all because the father has exceeded the engine speed, the device maxed out. On the other hand, if he had not done that boat would have tightened the whirlpool and we went into the depths of the ocean. We managed to swim safely out of the danger zone and to not risk we disappeared under the water and some time a strange underwater stream pulled back us. My father suggested that this would happen until the octopus does not get to it bed.
All of what happened, octopus found it bed, funnel little by little diminished, finally from one end of horizon to the other there was smooth surface of the ocean and the submarine at full speed sailed to Florida. The next day, at midnight we saw the colorful neon lights advertising of the modern city, then the light pouring from the windows of hotels and buildings, our heart rate increases, what a blessing, happiness we got safely to Miami.
About an hour of the night the boat moored at the long wooden pier, the father called my mother in a hotel "Mutini" she woke up and he told her about our return. My mother was delighted and woke Ray, he ran to the phone, congra-tulated my father and the whole crew with safe return to port. I continued the conversation, asked him to drive all by the bus at eight o'clock in the morning, because all of our crew would be on the boat, I wished them good night and comfortably seated in a chair lay down to rest. I wanted to sleep but could not really sleep. We faced a lot of challenges that we should solve and the first and most important of all to rebuild the house where we would live, what to do with the Spaniards ill-suited to our modern life and settle with colleagues on the expedition.
It was not yet eight in the morning we saw our blue bus, it stopped, my mother, Sophia, Ray and Spaniards jumped out of it and all began to hug, kiss and even cry with joy, finally it ended as it seemed to us our adventures with a successful end ...
But alas, we were waiting in front of other travels to the octopus that I had no idea but my father knew theym knew and even with me did not say a single word. He wanted it to be an unexpected surprise and while we took from the boat all the values we collected during the second voyage to the surface of the octopus, useful stuff and shut it down. Father found the private security guards and asked them to look for a good reward for our "Baby", joyful guys guaranteed its safety and we went to the hotel "Mutini'' to rest after many days of ordeal in the ocean.
As only we arrived at the hotel and went to our rooms first thing we took a bath, at this time the women covered tables, French champagne , Smirnovskaya vodka, Cuban rum, Scotch whiskey, salmon roe, crab, dried sturgeon, cheeses, sausages, smoked bacon, hot chicken soup, salads, cakes, candy, fruit and grapes. All sat down at the table, poured champagne and dad made a toast: " Our dear ladies and gentlemen, let's drink to our health, reunion, we are a big happy family, cheers!"
One and all cried out for health, for the meeting, cheers and we drank to the bottom champagne and as we were hungry as wolves that ate everything indiscriminately. We were not going to go anywhere that drank a little bit of everything, ate and led a conversation not touching the main topics, watched TV and two in the afternoon, we came back from the dangerous journey, pretty tired went to bed. We woke up at seven in the evening, Dad said us to sit down and said: "My dear friends, we can not live long in the hotel and it is impossible to share our treasure as some of them are lying in the rubble of the destroyed house by hurricane. Let's discuss important aspect how to divide between us the extracted jewelry, if any of you suggest the best option and everyone will agree with it, we will immediately start to implement it, I have a plan, but I want to hear it from you."
One was a consensus to get wealth as soon as possible so they do not fall into the wrong hands and together came to the conclusion that a piece of jewelry to transfer into money and buy a truck, mobile kitchen, a few tents, blankets, dishes, shovels, crowbars, building materials, rent a small crane. In short everything what we need to stay near the house and for complete reconstruction with our own forces, hands, then we'll share the wealth. My father agreed, shook hands all around, arranged for the occasion evening and went to bed at midnight on the soft beds after days of unrest and ordeal over the ocean.
The next morning we got up early at 6 o'clock everyone was on their feet and while women are preparing meal we all sat down at the table and developed work plans, listed everything we need for accommodation, food and home remodeling-list turned out impressive. Then we connected mother, she wrote her list of necessary things and so we have decided to operate at a pace that immediately after the meal started to implement our plan into action.
What grace in sunny Florida, not only in summer but even in the winter months you can swim in the ocean and sunbathe in the hot sun! First, we bought everything necessary for living in the outdoors: tents, beds, camp kitchen, tools and more, rented a truck dumper. Immediately moved from the hotel to the villa and set to work-women were engaged in economic affairs and we are building. I will say we worked from morning till night and after five days all cleared, took out the garbage, debris and got to the entrance to the basement overlain by a metal plate. We took it to the side and when we went down saw our blackened by fire safe and came upon the charred skeletons of six raiders found here inglorious end.
In order not to incur the trouble on ourselves we have collected them, loaded on our truck and taken out with the trash to the dump, filled up the bones with junk, garbage and do not know somebody found them or not. In general, the earlier during our clearing house and grounds of debris we came upon six crushed beams and slabs young hard bodies thugs attempted to break into the house to steal jewelry and money. Thus we counted 12 attackers and no one escaped death. With our safe we sweated, we lost keys and had to buy an electric saw, were busy all day but sawed through it in two halves and got the jewelry, all the coins and items in safekeeping, next day we bought even larger safe and all the jewels piled into it.
Since the walls were intact then wasted no time we have started to do the overlap of the second floor and the roof, on the third week the women of the tents moved into the house, there they were cooking, eating and sleeping and we men have continued living in tents with the exception of rainy days.
Only a month later we completely reconstructed house and moved into it, just could not believe it-inside and outside it was lovely sight. When we brought the house in order in spare time in the evenings we did impromptu concerts. In addition to our couples were formed three others, in the presence of all we announced that we agreed to divide the overall fate, became husband and wife. Girlfriends of Sophia did not remain resentful and each of them has chosen a lovely husband-wife Patricia Martinez married Ray Tiger , Juanita Espinoza for Arthur Boyle and Yolanda Rodriguez for Robert Singh. We managed with our deeds and rolled fairy-tale wedding to the whole world for four couples, our life was beautiful and wonderful.
Our friends did not want to part with us and after the dividing of the treasures they bought a house close to us so that we are constantly talking, partying and made trips by the bus to admire of the surrounding places. Dad with his own money bought a small bus and we all freely placed in it, everyone was happy and I say we did not have to part with the Spaniards, tried to attach them to our modern life which at that time they were not equipped. Their naivete and sincerity there was no limit, all they saw it was surprise for them, they deeply interested, we tried to explain them how we could and when we made with them sailing in a submarine, they asked the question: why is it not sink and sails without sails?
Then one day, when we sat together and celebrated the next purchase: we've bought a home theater to watch movies because we are still worried about the health of our Spaniards and did not want to get into the places of crowd of people that did not infect them with our modern diseases. Dad always liked to overturn the three glasses of wine and this feast was not an exception: the first glass he drank to purchase a home theater that worked too long and well. The second glass of drink to our health and happiness, for our joyful life, we all ate with great relish delicious dishes and led a casual conversation. Before he drank the third glass of wine father stood up and looked at us said: "My dear and beloved wife, son, Sophia, lovely ladies, brave gentlemen, I raise my glass of wine and will always raise a glass to our amazing journey and for the wealth that presented the octopus. I think we're all happy that two of our adventure trips ended safely. Yes, I want to avail myself of our purchase and after a few minutes to show you an interesting documen-tary, drink and have a snack. We had a drink, a snack, in happy conversation forgot about the words of my father told him, he stood up and said quietly: "Johnny, turn on the TV, take the tape and we'll see an interesting picture and maybe only if you agree that it captured on film we can give TV companies. Suppose the people of our planet will see what a living being in the womb which you have lived three centuries. Since the first part having seen by you it will not be repeated and see what I was able to take pictures during the second voyage."
I turned on the television set and we saw on the screen dark, smooth surface, the skin of octopus that had no end in sight, on it were scattered the wreckage of the trawler, boats, motors and several dozen dead. Suddenly the huge crater formed and in it disappeared in it all that was on the surface and after a while all flew out as it seemed us all took into a bottomless crater. In the eyes a huge trunk was getting grow huge trunk and from it were flying engines, diving suits, well packed bags, jewelry, fountain water shot up in the sky and all with the rain came down on the surface and we saw gold, silver coins, diamonds, sapphires, pearly necklaces. Here are a few heaps of this precious good, the sun shines all this luxury, plays all colors of the rainbow. On the screen we see how we by our hands collect treasures and carry them to the boat, to the "Baby".
"That's all I wanted to show those who was not present at our second dangerous trip and as you can see we were then on the surface of the octopus and collected only a small portion of the precious stones. Known to all that gold is twenty times heavier than water and it seems to me it has been preserved, gold coins and wares lie on its surface and are wai-ting for us. How do you think I'm right or not? On the surface of the octopus we've left locator and signals fly to the satellite. On our "Baby" there is the equipment receiving signals from satellite and we"ll know the coordinates of drifting octopus. If we go on another expedition you can find those remaining treasures until they were not covered with a layer of silt and I would like to suggest you to take a trip on the "Baby". Let's descend to the surface of the octopus in diving suits octopus and wander, if there exist jewels they will not be superfluous, take a cine-camera and shoot the film. What do you think?" Dad said, and looked at us.
All around sitting at the table looked at my father and Arthur Boyle said: "Mr. Victor Gray, I think you're smart, toge-ther we buy all that is needed for the expedition and immediately set off at a square where is a drifting octopus, others can get ahead of us. If the depth is the former we can be lower with scuba diving, but in any case the first time we lower into the submarine, switch on searchlights and see if there are yet gold and silver coins. You remember there were at least a dozen piles of jewelry plus seven diving suits, besides a field of scattered wares, every gold coin costs a decent amount and the most important thing this octopus is in international waters and no state has the right to claim the treasure is not known how trapped on it. Why should they be lost in the depths of the sea? We'll pay tax on all income and we are quits. We found it! And you're looking for treasure, find it, it will be yours!"
"And I, I do and I'm on the bottom?," cried my friends, even I joined them and we decided to go in the next few days on our submarine to the place where was the octopus and if the assumptions be true father will buy a big submarine and on her sail for treasure. We"ll not leave Spaniards alone and decided Adlai Court and Andrew Danny would keep them calm, they did not resist, they knew in our big house all fit, just in case there were rifles and they can in robbery assault apply it.
From words we've come to deeds, we have been preparing for a week and on Tuesday night at 11 on our "Baby" went on the expedition, we sailed up through the night to predetermined area, to point with given coordinates and dropping to 160 feet saw the dark surface, without a doubt it was the back of octopus. I have switched on all the spotlights and at low speed started sailing and since the octopus had gigantic proportions we had to move along his body several times. We were disappointed, already wanted to go home but at the request of Ray Tiger decided to continue the search and in the morning we were lucky-Arthur Boyle shouted: "Gentlemen, look right, there is something shiny, captain Victor, the right course."
My father changed course, slowed down speed, shortly before our eyes appeared surprising, fantastic picture, the vast surface area of the octopus lay gold, silver coins made of precious stones, pearl necklaces, cups, spoons, knives, daggers, swords and other precious works of goldsmiths, jewelrsy. We reminisced about the diving-suits and began to circle and I had cried: "Daddy, course north -east, where the diving suit, it is not alone, there are several ones."
My father changed course and three minutes later we sailed to the diving -suit, we saw other, I began to count-there were seven ones, so many bandits got into the womb of an octopus and found there their death. Near the diving-suits were scattered gold wares, our joy knew no bounds and now we had to do the most important work. We knew the octopus was drifting on the surface near the broken "Hispaniola" we left locator transmitter signals to the satellite, electronic devices caught ones, determined the exact coordinates and we found the precise location not only an octopus but well in that purely accidentally we fell and then go down our tube. The locator didn't fit us and now we decided to install a second one in this place, in the "Valley of Treasures" that at returning to turn out to be in this place and do not look for back.
My father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, the boat "Baby" comes to the surfacre, Johnny, Arthur, you have to go down with aqualungs to the bottom, take a pair of transmitters, fix them for three related diving-suits of those bandits. They heavy and underwater stream doesn't carry away them, let me know by communication, I will check that, it is start working, so begin preparing."
"Dad, I'm ready to get down to the bottom, you've thought it right, when we sail here don't have to look for "Treasure Valley" and start to the rise of treasures," I said.
"Captain Victor Gray, I agree to join Johnny, you have judged reasonably, the two of us will be in a safety," Arthur said , and shook hands with the captain of "Baby".
Arthur and I began to prepare for the descent, Robert and Ray helped us to wear suits and as soon as our submarine surfaced we attached the balloons, took locators and armed with long knives came out through the open door to the outside. Robert and Ray have accompanied us, they will wait for our ascent to the surface and help to get on the boat.
Arthur and I both jumped into the water, the descent was fast and safely, we swam together with fish of all the colors of the rainbow. We swam up to three diving-suits, they were filled with jewelry, we with steel wire connected them to each other, attached locators and contacted my father: "Dad, check job of locators, I have turned on them in the work."
After a while I heard my father's voice: "Johnny, locators is working, I received from the satellite signals and set the coordinates of the "Valley of Treasures" at the current time. Swim to surface, we sail from this place so not to attract the attention of the crews, I see the ships sailing not far from us, people can be interested in what we are doing in these waters."
"Dad, I get it, we go up," I said and waved my hand to Arthur and not to ascends up with empty bags began indiscri-minately fill them with treasures from the lying diving-suits. It took a little time and we immediately began to climb up. The rise was well, but in a moment did experience fear when in side appeared a flock of white twenty-feet sharks. Luckily for us they sailed past not paying any attention to us. Soon we saw the hull of our submarine, joy swept us, I popped up and saw Robert and Ray, they noticed me, Arthur, waving and smiling. They threw us a rope ladder, I got the first, then Arthur and widely smiling cheerful voice he said: "Gentlemen, we are not with empty hands, brought with us the little bag of jewelry as evidence that there is something else there, I think it makes sense to dive for them."
"Johnny, Arthur, tell and show later, in the boat, there, far to the south -east , I see a tourist ocean liner," cried Ray.
I looked to the south- east and saw the multi-storey liner, but since it was early in the morning and our submarine was litte that hardly anyone noticed us. We quickly got into the "Baby" and closed the door my father already started to withdraw her under the water. I and Arthur told my father, Robert and Ray about our meeting with the sharks, then dragged the bags of jewels, poured them into a chair and all began to admire them. The captain with smile looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, I just pushed you to go here for treasure, they are available and will serve as a proof for the ladies that makes sense for them to swim. But next time, without a diving-suits on the bottom none of us go down, in these warm waters there are a lot of sharks of all kinds, we think over other aspects at home and is now heading back to Miami, it was a good trip." We are in a great mood, full of optimism headed to the coast of sunny Florida, to Miami, home, cxontact with our family is not supported. The first thing we've come to an agreement with the guards to look after our submarine backing them up bucks, they shook our hands, smiled and assured us that no living soul did not try to get close to it and inform next new shift. Having thanked them we went to the parking lot, I called my mother and told her that Mr. Adlai would come by van to meet us. By agreement he knew where we were waiting for him, there was such a conspiracy and in half an hour the blue Ford pulled up to us, we jumped into it, circled the streets ten minutes and making sure that no one is chasing us got on Highway and raced home. My mother and friends welcomed us with great joy, we smiled, immediately came into the house, the table was laid but before we start the meal went refreshing in the pool. The water looked like fresh milk and swam for half an hour and after had moved into the house.
We sat down at a table with wine, champagne, drinks, snacks, fruit, sweets and flowers, during breakfast were talking and I told briefly my mother, Sophia, Adlai, Andrew and friends lords about our expedition and the treasures had seen on the surface of an octopus and as a visual aids I and Arthur got bags of jewels and poured on the table. But our mother wass not impressed, she did not want to us sail for ones, she feared for our lives but I looked at her and stated my point of view: "My dear mother, if we do not do that then do the other, I want to remove from the body of the octopus that treasure is not because I want to enrich themselves and others did not see it, no, but only we know that this is a living creature. People might think that this is an island and begin to scrape, dig this vulnerable, living flesh, the octopus would be furious and will move in the direction of Florida, Miami, many people die, there will be great destruction, modern technology eventually destroy it. I'm so sorry this is a living being, if it no one would see these beautiful ladies, brave knights, and wealth, he has kept in his belly."
"I understood it all, my mother said, then I approve the expedition, just think over how to collect the treasures and didn't bring him out of his sleep."
We pondered various options and came to the conclusion that dive and trample on his body in diving-suits with lead shoes should not, only with scuba diving flippers. They are roughly the same as the structure of the skin covering the octopus and he does not feel that someone trampled on its surface. Since the process of collecting treasures will be quite long and we did not want "Baby" loomed on the surface of the ocean and someone noticed us we had to decide how to descend from the ocean depths to the living body of the octopus. We were thinking for a long time and come up with an original way, with a large submarine as oursone was a small and for this purpose did not fit . Father without losing precious time called Mr. Kisling, head of the company "Submarines" producing, selling submarines and under-water apparatuses for research work in the depths of the seas and oceans, where we bought our "Baby" and heard a pleasant female voice: "Good morning, Miss Evita 's listening."
"Dear Miss Evita, good morning, my name is Victor Gray, I 'm calling an ad in the newspaper about the purchase of the submarine, may I speak to Mr. Ray Kisling?"
"Mr. Victor Gray, I hand the phone to Mr. Ray Kisling," said Miss Evita.
"I am Mr. Ray Kisling, good morning, Mr. Victor Gray, if you wish to purchase a submarine. please, come to us at the shipyard, I'll explain how to get there, you're welcome."
"Mr. Ray Kisling, a few months ago, we bought your a small submarine, at the moment we need a larger one, I and son in an hour we will arrive to you, thank you," said the father and smiled.
"Oh, Mr. Victor Gray, I remember, you with your son visited us, come, I 'll pick you the right boat for you, I"ll personally wait for you at the gate before the meeting," we have heard a joyful voice of the interlocutor.
We immediately packed up and taking with us Arthur Boyle went on a blue minivan to the shipyard. Mr. Kisling met us at the gate, we greeted each other and started in that part of the bay where there were brand-new and used submarine, boats, motor boats, motor yachts and underwater bathyscaphes.
Our van stopped in front of the pier, close to the gate, we got out and saw coming toward us Mr. Ray, he was smiling. Approaching we shook hands, he looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, follow me, I wi"ll say-at the end on February we launched the brand new three submarines, two sold and is now there's one of the remaining on sale. Course, we have other, but I want to offer to you the best boat."
"All right, Mr. Ray, show the submarine, let's see, if it fits in price and size, we buy," said my father and followed the boss.
We entered the territory of the shipyard and passing two hundred yards stood at the berth directing our look on a brand new submarine standing a hundred feet away. In comparison with our "Baby", it was impressive, since the other standing on the sidelines proved to be very large and wasn't suitable to us and we pointed the boat offered by Mr. Kisling. He immediately gave us her description: "Gentlemen, boat is designed for ten people, it can be lowered to a depth of three hundred feet, there are two mechanical arms can collect from the seabed rocks and pebbles, especially small objects cling, all found things collect into the container mounted in the case, if necessary it closes, for research that is necessary. So , gentlemen, if it suits you come with me and I demonstrate it to work."
"Mr. Kisling," said the father, "if it proves to be what you have presented it, we buy the boat, let's go."
We went after Mr. Kisling, a long wooden ladder up to the hull of the boat, climbed into the hatch and found ourselves in a bright room, one chair for the captain-navigator near the control panel and ten chairs, three portholes, one in front and two on the sides. Mr. Kisling sat in a chair and asked me to batten down the hatch, I twisted it with a special handle and our boat began to submerged under the water, the depth of thirty three feet, we saw at the bottom a few large rocks, stones and even a flat metal object the size of a penny. Boss pressed the blue button and began to stretch out two mechanical hands, they came to action on our eyes: lengthened, shortened, seized large rocks, stones, coins and everything got into the container, the boat maneuvered, began to rise, moved periscope. Each of us came up to him and saw standing boats, yachts, buildings, the father asked Mr. Kisling to drive the boat. He let a chair to my father and he skillfully maneuvered the boat father, lifted with mechanical arms stones, coins, then I ran and Arthur.
Mr. Ray watched our movements, sometimes prompting what lever control better with mechanical arms that things kept in ones and did not fall and at the end he took the place of the captain. He pressed the blue button and the subma-rine surfaced, I unscrewed hatch, cover was moved away and the light filled the room. Mr. Kisling stopped the engine, we went up, the captain brought us to the bow and all saw a large container with the lifted lid, there lay the stones and pebbles. We threw them out, on the bottom container a few coins the size of a metallic dollar lay.
We were delighted and father once asked about the price of this miracle submarine, boss pulled out of pocket a note book, looked at it and said: "Gentlemen, it costs within the limits of a million bucks." We looked at each other and decided to buy it, father immediately wrote a check, Mr. Kisling got e-book, brought in all the information received from my father, contacted the bank and in a minute bucks off our bill went into his bank account and boss said: "Mr. Victor Gray, no problem, you have become the owner of this wonderful submarine, I shake your hands and wish you a happy voyage, thank you, if you require technical assistance we are always at your service, see you soon."
"Mr. Ray Kisling thank you very much, we are pleased with your boat "Baby" and think " Sea Horse " will serve as fine, thank you and goodbye, we sail, give instraction to your security to open the gate," said the father, he smiled and shook hands with Mr. Ray Kisling.
"Gentlemen, no problem, once again a happy voyage," said Mr. Ray Kiesling.
We shook hands with him and sent Arthur home, we ourselves got into the boat, waved hands to joyful boss and sailed on boat parking, to our "Baby". When we entered the waters of the Atlantic I closed the door and submerged into the water, sailed in shallow water and kept looking through the periscope. When sail up to our "Baby" our smiling boys- Andrew and Robert met us, they expressed their admiration with bought the boat, the father told them about the "Sea Horse". My father did not want to leave the boat unattended and by lot got to watch Ray and Andrew, soon we saw Arthur coming to us we said good bye to our guys and went home. On the way, the father shared his opinion about the submarine and how to collect treasures from the surface of the octopus and made the right idea: "Gentlemen, with mechanical hands we do not collect treasures we should buy aqualungs with cylinders respiratory mixture, oxygen, and by hands pick up goldwn and silver wares. Since the boat has enough free space we able to keep a few aqualungs, besides we have to get the machine refilled cylinders respiratory mixture and to weld bottom of metal box, the one with the large holes is not suitable for small intems, we all lose." We agreed with him and the next day got everything we need to dive into the water for collecting treasures including seven aqualungs and apparatus for fill containers with breathing gas. We started in sailng six: my father, I, Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Tiger Ray and Adlai Court, in the home Andrew Danny stayed. He and the Spaniards with guns will protect the inhabitants: my mom and our lovely wives, they wished us a happy voyage. We at midnight unnoticed by anyone went under water and moved in to the place where drifting octopus was. Locators left us every two hours sent signals to a satellite, our devices on the boat have caught them, fixed coordinates and we sailed according them to our aim. That nobody accompanied us we sailed round and at eleven of night we were near the diving-suits stuffed with jewels attached to locators. Our boat hovered ten feet from the dark surface of the octopus, the father turned on the spotlight, they lit the underwater space and we saw the scattered jewelry.
Our work plan envisaged-"Seahorse" rises to the surface, the three divers dive to the bottom, the boat with three crew members also goes to the bottom, it hovers in three to five feet over the surface of octopus and operator with mechanical arms takes what is grabbed and puts them in a box welded to the top of the hull. Three scuba divers col-lected from the bottom the jewels in the strong nets and then put in a box. As soon as the time of stay of aqualungers in the water finished our submarine with us submerges. Appeared on the surface the guys open the hatch, divers go down into the boat, another three aqualungers ready to dive into the water rises on the hull, they put on containers with breathing gas with air tanks and boat with them goes under the water and divers begin collecting jewelry. Then the boat with divers surface, divers descend into the room and not to stand out, "Seahorse" goes under the water for an extended rest, this time the machine refills cylinders respiratory mixture and everything repeats.
To the first descent I chose Arthur Boyle and Ray Tiger, our submarine has surfaced, we in light waterproof suits went outside on the hull, guys us aqualungs, fully suited up, battened down the hatch and the submarine with us went to the depth. Here it reached that part of the octopus where lay diving-suits and scattered precious stones, we dived into the water and swam to them. I bent down and my hands touched the soft surface of sea giants, here and there were scatte-red jewels and that they can be good seen dad turned on the spotlights.
Frankly from the mechanical arms at the beginning use was not enough-too long process and we decided to pick up jewels by hands. But when we sailed to the diving-suits then the mechanical arms really helped us. They captured one of them and led up to the box, popped it, we unfolded, poured and left a heavy armor on the surface of the octopus in order not to overload the submarine, otherwise it would not surface. But in diving-suits jewels turned out not so much, most of the spilled during the fall and we had to collect them over a wide area.
Spotlights really helped us through them in crystal clear water, we clearly saw separate gold coins, items made of precious stones and metals, deposits of necklaces of pearls scattered over a wide area. At one point I thought when they are out of the womb octopus with fountain flew up with water and poured with rain over a wide area. We collected all that came to hand indiscriminately piled into a leather net, when it was full we sailed the boat and filled a container and so it was repeated several times until there was a breathing gas in cylinders. Then we got on the hull, the boat surfaced far away from this place and so each time but in different places to confuse those who would try to track us down.
We took off cylinders, passed through open hatch to our comrades and then went down, I changed the father, sat in the chair, he together with Robert Singh and Adlai Cort got out on the hull, Arthur Boyle handed them cylinders and once they said "We are ready", we battened down hatch and the boat submerged toward the goal. They picked up jewels under water until there was enough breathing gas in cylinders, divers climbed the hull and the boat surfaced far away from that place for a while. Teams were changed in a few minutes our boat went under the water so that we were nobody else noticed. After a couple of diving each team, we sailed away and drifted, we needed a rest.
I do not know what kind of container capacity but in a day it was filled, on the body of octopus still there were plenty of jewelry but realized that it was not impossible to pick up and father looked at us expressed his point of view: "Gent-lemen , I think we should go back home because the boat begins to surface with difficulty, overloading it, we may be at the bottom, rather than on the body of the octopus, it will wake up and lose not only treasures but also life, so decide."
Arthur looked at us, the captain and said: "Gentlemen, I think we will not take everything, can overload our subma-rine and it will not surface, don't be greedy, set sail."
All supported father and Arthur, Dad started the engine and submarine under water headed to Florida, to Miami. Having sailed ten miles it surfaced and stopped, I asked Ray, Arthur and Adlai to climb up with me on the hull where was a metal box with collected jewels to lie them in a durable leather bags and with parts to carry into the boat. Robert will take them to pour out in a pile. Without wasting time we took together over the dangerous work, I and Ray were on site near the metal box and raked in leather bags, passed ones to Adlai and Arthur, they brought them to the hatch and passed to Robert. Then we've changed and I say frankly we spent for this dangreres work a few hours: the boat is constantly rocking and everyone was afraid to fall into the water. As soon as we pulled out of the box all the jewels to the last pebble got into the boat, battened down the hatch and sailed underwater to the shores of Florida to Miami.
While sailing we except my father put jewels of the heap in the twelve leather bags available to us but they were not enough and some gold and silvver wares left on the floor. According to our calculations we have picked up at least four hundred pounds of gold, silver coins, chains, necklaces, pendants, medallions, pearl necklaces, gemstones. We looked at all this luxury with bated breath, it will bring us all a fabulous profit. Now we were not dupes and were not going to tell the world about the found treasures to bring to the attention of the gangsters and the authorities to get us to share with them a part of the extracted jewels not only with labor, but with the mind and with the risk to our lives.
By agreement we did not communicate with home, we were not wanted and safely sailed in submerged position coast guard and customs services we were at the port about ten o'clock in the evening on a private dock. Me and Ray Tigeer left the "Sea Horse", came to the parking lot and from a telephon booth I called my mom, she heard my voice and with the joy reported that in the house was all right, I asked her to kiss all and call Endrew, he took tube and happily said: "Johnny, hi, welcome back, rush at full speed, wait in half an hour. "
"Dunn, hello, take bags out of the garage, please do not hurry, we do not need the delay, you know what kind of penalties, we caught fish and waiting for you," I said and stopped talking.
We moved away from the phone booth and stood to the side in such way to see our van pulling up. In half an hour we saw a blue Ford, Andrew noticed us, he pulled up, we jumped at it and slowly went to the pier where the boat was. Father with guys were waiting for us and seen Ford happily waved with hand and when Ford stopped the crew came to us welcomed Andrew. Wasting no time we began to carry leather bags with precious stones in the van and as part of jewlry remained on the floor that we made the decision: I with Arthur race home, the father, Robert, Andrew, Adlai and Ray stay in submarine and waiting for my return.

Arthur and I sat in the van and rushed back home following the rules of the road, in half an hour we happily drove into the yard, all the household were standing on the wide front porch. When they saw us all together waved their hands, came up to us, we came out of the van, all rushed to hug me and kiss. There was a joyful meeting, without wasting time all together have started to help us to unload the treasures and carry bags in the house. When finished unloading I said goodbye to everyone, mother with Sophia kissed me and left Arthur rushed to the port. Bags of jewels were waiting for me, they were quickly put in a van and I with Robert Singh went at full speed home. Relative joyfully welcomed him and immediately set about unloading bags by a quarter filled with jewelry. To our ladies they were not under force, the knights have helped us to carry them in the house and as soon as bags with jewelry were brought in a large room I said goodbye to everyone and the second time went at full speed to the port to pick up three bags with treasures and the crew of the submarine.
I happily rushed to the dock, my father, Ray Tiger, Adlai Corti and Andrew Dunn waited for me, we moved the lastthree bag with the jewels in the minivan, father looked at me and shipmates, smiled and said: "Gentlemen , our submarine isn't trawler or yacht and it is not only close down but has electronic locks and without a plastic card with a magnetic strip and a corresponding secret code no one in life penetrate into it and does not activate the motors. As security for this particular dock is very serious that nobody is able stealing. If it happens that one hijacks in tow a boat and I will know by chance I put my card in slot of my suitcase and then on the display I will seen coordinates of its location and depth. For this reason I decided that tonight we will stay at home and sleep as people after such a intence and prolonged sailing, I go to close the submarine."
I looked at my father, friends and said: "In that case, in the family circle will celebrate the prosperous end of our adventures connected to the search of treasures, our work was crowned with great success. Father, close with electronic lock our "Seahorse" and we go home, friends, get in the van."
As long as we got into the car my father approached the boat, opened his suitcase , several times pressed the number keys, closed silver case and went to Ford, sat in van, I started the engine and our blue minivan drove smoothly to the highway by which solid stream raced cars, buses and trucks despite the late time-the life did not stand still, each driver had a purpose of his trip. Half an hour later we pulled up to the fence, the gate was opened, we drove into the yard and all my people standing near the pool thy came to meet us: my mother, my wife Sophia, wives of my friends, Arthur, Robert and dressed in old clothes Spaniards with pikes in hands. I stopped the Ford, we got out of the minivan and we all greeted each other, kissed, hugged, tears of joy were streaming down our cheeks. I drove the car into the garage, washed my hands under the faucet, the face and went into the house where at large tables laden with wine, snacks, fruit, sweets and flowers were already all. First we drank for a safe return, ate with great relish delicious dishes and a casual conversation led. Before drinking a third glass of wine father rose, looked at us and said: "My dear and beloved wife, son, Sofia, ladies and gentlemen, I raise a glass to our health and for the wealth that has presented the octopus. I think we're all happy that all our adventures ended well and today we will sleep in our soft begs. Yes, after a few minutes I 'll show you an interesting documentary, drink and a snack, cheers."
We had a drink, a snack and in a joyful conversation forgot about the words of my father told him, but he stood up and said quietly: "Johnny, turn on the TV, I plug my suitcase and we"ll see an interesting documentary and only with your consent all that shot in the film we can giveto TV companies. Let the people of our planet will see not so much wealth as you, dear ladies and gentlemen, but also a living being in the womb which you have lived three centuries. Since the two parts all we have seen now we see what I managed to shoot in our last voyage."
I turned on the TV , the father connected his suitcase and we saw on the screen a dark smooth skin and in front of our eyes underwater world, spotlights illuminate the surface of the octopus on which countless gold, silver coins, wares, precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, silver blades encrusted precious stones diamond, necklaces of small and large pearls of all colors of the rainbow lie. Here are mechanically arm gently picks up a gold dagger with a handle made of white bone, the master decorated it with jewels, the second mechanical arm picked up a long gold chain. We see two hands gripped the diving-suit and move it to a metal box welded to the hull of the submarine. In the films were shot down scuba divers, picking up jewelry with nets in leather bags from dark smooth surface, it's us. I saw myself, my father and our friends, the father repeatedly replayed at high speed from the individual episodes: this boat is removed, disappearing from sight, treasures and we sail on the surface of the ocean. On the huge sky a big light blue moon shines and a lot of red and yellow stars sparkles, the picture disappears.
"That's all I wanted to show those who are not present at this perilous journey, a few days later we meet, I'm and Johnny assemble a movie, you again will see documentary and offer TV companies, thank you to all my friends and helpers," said father and looked at us.
"My father, my friends, I think tomorrow we"ll sit down and discuss all together, we do not have to expose all our lives in danger," I said.
We wished each other good night and our guests went to sleep in the bedroom reserved for them, tired we all fell asleep.
In the morning we wake up upon call of silver bell inlaid with diamonds, gifted my dad to mom, an unknown jeweler produced it in 1597. We wake up and after breakfast and were finally separated treasures collected from the giant octopus in our last voyage.
We said goodbye to our friends, took to cars and they went on their home, I and Dad came arranging the documentary. After a few days father invited our comrades and showed the edited documentary, everyone was happy and agreed to transfer TV companies. When we caught up with one of them and showed excerpts of the practitioners have offered big money for the full video presented to them, we agreed and soon the whole world saw a story with the octopus, treasu-res, beautiful Spaniards girls, knights got into the womb of creature more than three hundred ages ago and found several months by us. A few days later my mother invited all our friends and their wives to the party, we drank wine and eat, have a fun, dancing and telling interesting episodes from the life and then as a dad finally said: "Ladies and gentle-men, I have an ulterior motive brought you all together, yesterday I looked into my suitcase stuffed with electronics and I say I was shocked. You know, on the surface of the octopus we left a couple of locators attached to three diving-suits, they provide signals to a satellite, my devices catch them and indicate the depth of the dive. So here is sea ??creature suddenly gone to the bottom, now you UWI - wee figures at what depth locators the octopus."
My father left the room and returned with a suitcase, put it on the table, opened, clicked on the blue button and said softly: "Look, ladies and gentlemen."

We all together fixed our eyes on the screen and saw the figure- 1,020 feet. Dad looked at us and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, our octopus never more come to the surface, so that it never more threatens anyone. I think this is an ocean creature got big and serious injuries to its life and decided not to run with our civilized world. There octopus is in full safety, he had gone there where it purely by chance come to the surface from."
I say frankly we were upset, but in the end come to a general opinion, without it will be safer for all of us. Yes, here we cheated and decided not to nention and to anyone did not report the fact that the octopus went down to the Atlantic ocean floor and seen our documentary on TV a lot of adventurers and treasure hunters rushed in search of octopus from which we had gathered a rich harvest of jewelry, necklaces, gold, silver coins and found in the belly the wonderful, charming Spaniards girls and brave knights.
And again, we fearless explorers of the deep sea, adventurers and treasure hunters decided at our submarine "Sea Horse " to go to that part of the Atlantic ocean where a few days ago lived an octopus. When we sailed up close to the target, area we saw nor less than fifty modern yachts with motors and ships furrowing the ocean and imagine they were close to that place. But as the movie hero disappeared and no one except us knew, then the yachts there were not only in a given area but also sailed beyond it all and looked for it and looked and didn't find one floating in the water the treasure island.
Father led the boat to the side and began to submerge and when we were at a depth of two hundred feet he said: "Gentlemen, we 're at a point where a week ago lived octopus and we safely, in time picked up the treasures, as you can see, it went to the bottom."
I said: "Dear captain, and what is the depth of the ocean in this place?"
"Gentlemen, there is no secret-to the bottom about 2,200 feet but to the surface of the octopus are now about 1,100 feet - comrade, with a such depth unlikely divers will decide to pick up the treasure, if only they will lay a mountain and there is sense in super strong diving-suits to dive for them, only in this case it makes sense. Just you look, my device does not let me down, now I measure the depth with the satellite Intelsat-2226 feet, such depth in this place."
We agreed with the captain, about an hour sailed the area, I and Arthur stood on the hull and looked around. Suddenly I saw in the distance the familiar outlines of the ship, took the binoculars, looked and gasped-half a mile from us there was the "Athens", on the deck people were bustling. I handed the binoculars to Arthur and said quietly: "Look there, the "Athens", they sailed for a treasure."
Arthur took the binoculars, I went inside, came up to the control panel and on the display I saw the coordinates of our location and so as we were to have two indications-one from locator attached to the three diving-suits and another one attached to a brocken mast of the "Hispaniola" I realized we were the present situation not far the hull of "Hispaniola" attached locator still continued to send signals to the satellite. I knew captain the "Athens" Alex Bedrof and head of expedition Richard Dean watched our documentary on television and sailed to the "Valley of Treasures" and tested the bottom with magnetic sonar and gone down in a controlled bathyscaphe researchers had found deposits of jewelry and very caravel the "Hispaniola" from the hold which we had got no jewelry mentioned by Alvarskim said the Duke Alvarskiy in the "Notes".
I looked at my father, friends sitting next to him and said: "Gentlemen, the "Athens" on which we had been sailed here, for the crew the depth did not make any difference. I do not doubt it, they let down the deep water bathyscaphe and collect all that is left to the surface of the octopus. I do not feel sorry for those treasures, let them collect, the main thing that they did not wake octopus. General, it is best to go home, I do not see any reason to be here and watch those who are trying to grab crumbs all the more to them not so close. Robert, call Arthur, close down the hatch and go under the water."
"All right, Johnny, we do not care sailed lovers treasure, to get treasure is not easy and if they get out let them enjoy in their good and we're going back home, we got our, we are waiting for other things to do," said my father and smiled.
Robert came to the hatch, stuck his head out and shouted: "Arthur, into submarine, we sail, captain supposes here we do nothing more."
"I'm coming, I think so, too, here is good and it is better at home," we heard, Artur appeared in the hatch, he went down, Robert close down it and after five minutes we silently floated in Miami. We all still have personal memories of this creature and I think the most pleasant, especially as for me, I found in the belly of an octopus not only treasures but also a lovely, charming beautiful wife Sophia, living into it for more than three centuries, with their girlfriends and brave knights.
We lived and did not know sorrow, Sophia became pregnant, I, my parents, our friends and the Spaniards used to be overjoyed. But soon there was an event that shook me, my family and friends after watching on television in the middle of March documentary film entitled "Undewater Odyssey of bathyscaphe the "Sea Explorer" in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Film began with the words: "Ladies and gentlemen! You will see a fascinating documentary about the found by us in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean sea being miraculously preserved from prehistoric times with the distant favo-rable habitable environment. Unfortunately its size so large that more than three miles wide that we are not able to show it completely but we will try to swim from one end to another, follow us."
Me and my friends on an expedition to the " Athens" who saw it where the sea creature sank to the bottom already had no doubt that they had a modern deep-water bathyscaphe with engines for underwater sailing. So, this apparatus safely descended to a depth of 1,200 feet, it slowly sailed in seven feet from the surface of the dark sea creatures and and turned as if on the edge of the abyss , to the ocean floor in this place is not less than 2200 feet and it was in keeping with thickness of our octopus. The bathyscaphe sailed over the sea creature and movie camera was shooting everything that was on the dark surface of viewers showed first - lying broken wooden caravel the "Hispaniola", which is dragged along the side of a broken mast. Then the underwater apparatus was in the " Treasure Valley " where we collect jewels and since them there was still enough that the researchers were circling above them showing viewers in all its glory. And they have had equipment capable of increasing the image and for the layman small stones lying on the surface seemed the size of a stone, a gold chain takes the size of the chain to lift the anchor. These images evoked not only admiration but also the excitement, the beauty is staggering imagination of weak unstable people and acted on the psyche.
I understood those who was shooting lying on the surface of octopus jevelry and showed them tried to prove all people that for them the depth of sea had no limit, here was only they as distinct from us didn't utter casually would they get out even one precious stone, gold, silver coins, wares, pearl neckles, jevelry and other things-they didn't say, all stayed off screen. And I think they did everything right- no one would accuse leader and organizer of a scientific research expedition to plunder the treasures belonging to Spain, Portugal, England or any other country. Then they showed lying around on the smooth surface the three diving-suits tied together with chain, the mechanical arm reached out and caught a bunch of them, sailed off in the direction of a pile of jewelry. My relatives, friends and Spaniards have realized that for the modern bathyscaphe thikness of water and the pressure did not matter and the treasures people could get from any depth.
The fact that researchers led by Viktor Medvedev organized many expeditions found a sea creature and "Treasure Valley" before that I thought it was our fault but after watching this documentary my views have changed. The fact that the creators of this documentary showed in it not only researchers but also four Spaniards, girls thanks to a Russian handsome young Mr. Semen Sorokin, nephew of the new Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev in one of the libraries of Lisbon took a historical document of the death of the caravel "Hispaniola" a certain the Duke-Alvars. Pedro de Raules and this pushed him and his uncle in search of a sunken ship. And here soon they showed these Spaniards girls not only on board the "Athens" but traveling in the bathyscafe above sea creature lain on the ocean floor. First, they presented the beauty of mature age Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez, chairwoman of the archive department, then young charming girls, employees of library Ms. Eva Garcia, Sofia Blanco and my favorite Carmen Nuerra. I looked at her and could not believe my eyes-she was alive and sailing on the "Athens" and wondered made up my nind why Carmen deceived me. Camera showed her standing next to a bathyscaphe in blue dress to the knee, neck adorned necklace of black, blue, green pearls, her dyed wavy brown hair till full naked shoulders gave her an extraordinary charming beauty. Her figure has changed and it pointed to the fact that she was pregnant and even so fearlessly in the bathyscaphe descendeed to the sea floor. And then I thought, surely she was with my child and her presence at the "Athens" gave me indirectly to let me know that she's alive and thus wished to make contact with me. Having seen her I'm just confused but to anyone, especially Sophia, not even let her know about what one of these beauties, Carmen, was my wife and pregnant from me.
Still, I've decided Sophia is my wife, under no circumstances will never departed with her because thanks to her we were alive and well get up from the belly of the giant creatures on the deck of a trawler with treasures. There is something magical, is not inherent in us ordinary people. We continued to live and enjoy life, before birth wife felt a little pain, the doctor arrived to examine her and told to drive her to the hospital. We immediately took to the hospital Sofia and in a few hours in severe pain by cesarean was born healthy beautiful little girl looks like her mother. Physi-cians fought for health of my wife but she died, I nearly did not go himself with grief in a other world, everyone was in mourning. Three days later we buried her with full honors, without any publicity, we did not want to arrange a facade. As for my daughter that she was named Sophia like her mother, everyone loved her and filled up with the toys and dolls.
Since this was an unusual case-a woman lived underwater for more than three centuries gave birth to a live baby girl but she died of pain, this sensational news headlined around the world, again flashed our names, photos of Sophia, my personality and my new-born little girl Sophia. We sympathized with the thousands of people, wrote letters to my add-ress, we picked up the mail from the mailbox every day, read and looked at the addressee.
One day I drew attention to a letter sent from Portugal, my heart began to beat quickly-I immediately opened the letter and saw the picture of my favorite swallow Carmen with a kid-a boy and a brief inscription "To my loved Johnny from loving you Carmen and Victor," on there was the date and number phone.
I did not tell about the letter to my parents, without thinking twice I called Carmen to Portugal and heard her pleasant mellow voice: "Hello Johnny, I'm sorry it did so, it was necessary for our well-being, I believed only in this situation you would find treasure, that I decided to disappear that you would andyou found the treasure. I and your handsome son congratulate you and kiss from the bottom of our heart."
"My favorite Carmen and Victor, hello, I'm glad to hear your live voice, I beg you as soon as possible to arrive to me, I wait for yo, give me your address, I"ll send you the money, you earned one, you will come and tall all about your life. You can not imagine I'm so experienced for you, as well that you sent a letter, I kiss you and the son from the bottom of my heart."
"My Johnny, I 'm so glad you called , I will say frankly with the money I have no problems, as { will book a ticket immediately report on flight the plane to Miami, meet us, kiss you from the heart, to the meeting."
"See you later, my Carmen and Victor, though I send you the money, kiss, call me on the phone," and pointed to her his own telephone number.
I immediately sent her the money, seven hours later she called me and said that she received 5000 dollars, bought a ticket and pointed the day of departure from Lisbon and flight number.
Even now, I have not said a single word with my parents that in two days for me my favorite Carmen arrives with her son Victor. After all, it is thanks to her I found this mysterious island with the treasure and survived. Before the depar-ture of Lisbon Carmen called and asked me to come to the airport to meet her. I with joy cried into the phone: "Dear Carmen, I look forward to your arrival, don't worry, I think we get to know each other and kiss you and baby Victor."
The plane was flying at seven o'clock in the morning, without saying a word to anyone I ran into a Ford to International airport, left it in the parking lot and went to buy a bouquet of red roses. Having paid thirty dollars for a bouquet I slowly walked into the building, the announcer proclaimed the name of the flights, at last I heard: "Ladies and gentlemen, the flight LP 173 Lisbon-Miami, the plane has landed." My heart began to pound, in a few minutes I saw my charming Carmen holding a baby, she was wearing a long blue dress with short sleeves and a pink wide-brimmed hat with a yellow rib- bon. I rushed to Carmen and kissed with her baby in front of everyone, handed her a bouquet of roses, we told each other good morning, I took the baby in my arms and we joyful, happy went to the parking lot. I sat them down on the back seat, started the engine, gradually pulled away and riding out on the road gained speed and then raced obeying traffic signs.
Before nearing to the house I called my parents, my mother picked up the phone and I with joyfull voice said to her: "Dear Mom, pick up flowers with roses, asking me to meet with guests, in ten minutes, we''ll come up to the gate."
"Johnny, what the guests, why did not you say anything about them before, I am surprised, but the run picking roses and flowers, then cook something," said Mom.
When we drove into the yard my mom, dad and the Spaniards were standing with flowers and roses, I stopped car, got out, opened the door and took the baby from the hands of Carmen, helped her came out and with a joy said: "My Car-men and Victor, welcome to our home, these are my parents, my mother Julia and father, fearless captain Victor, next to them our most dear to us humans, the Spaniards. mom and Dad , this is my wife Carmen, son and your grandson, Victor, for you baby they are grandparents, I think you will have fun with them as well as they."
Parents and the Spaniards looked at her, baby, me and said: " Hello Ms. Carmen and Victor, welcome to our home. " They came to them, kissed her, baby and gave fresh flowers with roses.
Carmen looked at the parents, knights and happily said: "Good morning dear mom, dad, gentlemen knights, I'm glad to see you," and kissed them.

Parents invited us into the living room, soon the table was laid, we are joyful and happy drank for our amazing meet-ing and just now I told my parents and Spaniards about how I met charming Carmen in the library, as she helped me to find a valuable document and suddenly parted.
In the evening I gathered my friends with their wives, Spaniards knights, became acquainted, made a special dinner, I explained how I met with my wife Carmen and what her role is in this story, everyone started to thank her and wished us a long life and happiness ...
At midnight we went to bed and Carmen told me a story about how her friends at her request helped her to leave the ship "Lovely Isabella", that "Notes" of Duke Alvarskiy Pedro de Raules, why she did not destroy one. Yet on Friday she hided one that place where no one can find them, the more the document did not get to the PC and it's unlikely that anyone could use and wrote a letter to a two-week vacation. When she came back in two weeks to the library all looked with surprise at her, management stated to the police that Carmen was alive and on this matter closed.
"You know, my dear Johnny, I've thought you go on an expedition, you'll find treasure and will come to an end but fate intervened- you found yourselves in a strange underwater dwelling and found miraculously surviving Spaniards girlls and men. Then I realized, you thought I was drowned and had the right to love and marry her. I reproached myself and blamed, this was my unforgivable mistake, if you knew how I cried." She kissed me and continued: "My dear Johnny, by the way I've been told friends those two Spaniards Philip and Romero came to the library, they were looking for me and documents related to the death of a caravel "Espanola" and because they didn't find me and that "Notes" they did not find in place gentlemen stopped to visit the library. But that's not all, when I returned to work in our library a fun hand-some of Slavic appearance called on, he was a treasure seeker with a strange name Semen Sorokin, he as you were looking for a specific document "Notes". Having learnt that a young man looking for in our library I asked my friend Ms. Sophia Blanca to help him find in the archives the historical document related to the death of the caravel "Hispaniola". She is not to lose face in front of a gentleman from Russia and in turn consulted with a friend Ms. Eva Garcia and learnt that foreigner is looking for immediately she took him in the department of historical discovery on the third floor. There were really the documents but that what he needed was not found and then the lady Eva Garcia and handsome Mr. Se-men Sorokin decided to start searching by computer: they brought into PC the keywords "The death of "Hispaniola" 16 November 1679" and to their great joy read on screen: The document "Notes of witness of the mysterious tragedy on November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of two-days sailing from Havana" is located in the archive section and not listed in the personal computer, apply with the application to the chief of of the archive department Ms.Gorrieda de Maria Sanchez.
Without thinking joyful gentleman and Ms. Eva Garcia went down to the second floor where they met face to face with me and asked to help them to get to the chief of the archive department Ms. Gorrieda de Maria Sanchez to find this document. Guessing what an important document this gentleman looks for and I by this time as I knew put it at other place and creating on my face charming smile told him gladly situation existing in the library: "Dear gentlemen, I'll bring you the form, you fill it and since it's Tuesday, then on Friday at 11 am your archive document will be waiting for you, we need only apply to the chief of the archive department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez. I think it arranges you, three days short period of time, some documents are not listed in the computer are wanted for four or five days, so decide. Ms. Eva Garcia, I''ll bring you a form and you help him fill out and will carry with him to the chief of the department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, yes, my name is Carmen, and you?"
"My name is Semen Sorokin, I agree dear Ms. Carmen to wait until Friday, please, bring a form, Ms. Eva Garcia will help me to fill in and for your courtesy if you are free I invite you both to the dance hall "Dancing Gloria". We"ll have a fun and interesting," said the cute Slav and smiled.
I looked at him and said: "Mr. Semen Sorokin, unfortunately I'm married and I can not walk around the entertainment shebangs but charming Eva Garcia is free girl and I think she would agree, ask her."
Handsome-Slav looked at Eva, he smiled and said softly: "Beautiful Ms.Eva Garcia, I'd like to invite you to the "Dan-cing Gloria", you agree to go with me."
Eva looked up with a smile on Slav from Russia and did not hesitate said: "Yes, I do."
I went to take forms and came back in three minutes with one, put on the table and looked at merry Eva and Semen I realized that they had found a common language, smiled and I said quietly: "In any case, Eva, fill out two forms, I will come and take them to the chief of department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez."
I left and in three minutes came back, looked at the completed form, smiled flashing with my snow-white teeth and said: "Ms. Eva and Mr. Semen, let's go Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez is waiting for you, she is very curious person, especially in relation to those who are interested in historical documents of the past."
Joyful gallant Mr. Semen kissed my plump hand, Ms. Eva and she with beaming smile on her charming face went with him and with me on the first floor to give a request to search for the neccessary historical document to head of depart-ment Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez. Dear Johnny, I've could tell him, Slav, myself that this document stealt by un-known person and you can go back home but I've wanted him to get an answer from our boss and spent three days in the company of bored of loneliness cute Eva suffering for love and caress. In short, we went to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, it is just at this time she was in her small room, the door was open and she was sitting at the table looking at the papers.
Having seen us a pretty middle-aged dark-eyed buxom lady of Spanish appearance with a great figure with brown curly hair to his shoulders and plump painted with red fat lipstick lips in a long green dress with short sleeves smiled, we exchanged greetings and invited us to sit down. I and Mr. Semen sat on soft chairs, Ms. Eva Garcia came up to the headmistress and gave forms. Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez took them and asked Eva to sit down, she had on a chair and began to wait for when the chairwoman of the department would read application. Finally, she've read and looked at us, smiled and addressed to the Slav: "Mr Semen Sorokin, in our library a lot of historical documents, amidst visitors there are dishonest people and shamelessly steal them if it appears that an important document is missing then you will get a form with our apology. Our staff will search the document for three days, on Friday, at 11 a.m. on the third floor you will come to our charming Ms. Eva Garcia. By the wy you are not the first who are looking for historical records of shipwrecks of galleons with treasures sailed in Spain and Portugal and imagine some treasure hunter is extraordinarily lucky. Well, how did you had learned about the death of a caravel "Espanola"?
"Dear charming Ms, Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez on the research vessel "Athens" several years Mr. Johnny Gray, Ameri-can, was working and six months ago, he quit us and several weeks ago our leader of the expedition, Mr. Richard Dean received from him a strange interesting piture the death "Hispaniola" dated November 16, 1679. The chief became inte-rested in it and after consulting with his main leader of Russia, Mr. Viktor Medvedev, at his request, sent a copy of the picture in his office in Moscow. Just to say openly, Mr. Victor Medvedev my uncle, his sister is my mom, the new Russian and he has enough money to carry out costly sea archaeological expedition and I am his chief adviser on their organi-zation, gathered scientists, archaeologists and carefully considered the picture under the microscope, they came to the conclusion that it was not an island but a huge living sea creatures live on our earth millions of years ago and miracu-lously preserved in a favourable environment. Scientists believe that in that part of the Atlantic Ocean at the bottom it has been preserved in its original form and that tens of millions of years ago, and in it from generation to generation, have survived these strange sea creatures. As a visual proof I suggest you to look at the picture and you understand everything dear charming lady Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and I say the main thing for our scientists to find not so much treasure as very strange sea creature," said Mr. Semen Sorokin, pulled out a photograph and handed it to a smiling and joyful chief. And it was from what he liked her and she did him and this time if he needs to be a document that she will hint on the weekend with him in her love Canary Islands at his expense, as he has his rich uncle he has allocated money for him.
Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez took the photo-picture and began to examine, it so interested our lady that she pulled out of the box a large magnifying glass and a long time was looking at the miniature picture The death of "Hispaniola".
Suddenly, she pulled his head from the photos and looking at us quietly said: "Dear ladies come near to me, look at the picture and tell me what this island is covered."
We went up to her, first through a magnifying glass Ms. Eva Garcia was looking picture and I did the second. Because I many times saw the picture with my Johnny, it was clear to me that the artist painted a strange sea creature. There were no differences and I with Eva suggested that it was not dark sand but perhaps a thick skin.
"I thought so, joyfully said Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez. Therefore, if into our PC , name of the document were en-tered that it's lying on a shelf in the basement of the book depository and as I interested person want to help science I myself personally take part in the search for historical document the "Notes of witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 while returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of two nights of sailing from Havana." So, Mr. Semen Sorokin you believe that it is in our hands and I, as pertaining to science and would want as you once find the area of habitat of sea creatures took me to the "Athens" and I personally saw the ancient giants, apparently , he is not less than a mile in diameter. Ladies, you're free, go about your business, I need to talk to Mr. Semen Sorokin."
We left the room and headed to our department, I went and thought, Johnny, about your rash act, why did you send a copy of the pictures on your "Athens" if you knew that the vessel is equipped with modern equipment and if your former boss would take on a treasure hunt they could get ahead you and all your efforts would be gone in smoke. And now I had to do everything possible to get it out of the library. I knew, in our library every document has a magnetic strip with the code and perhaps even the RF tag. In one of the rooms, even in the office of our chief Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez there was a terminal with a reader of magnetic and radio -frequency tags and transmitted by radio to personal computer where it is stored and in their correct location on the shelves, in departments and basement storage. To pull out documents from the library, building can neither through windows or through doors and only our chief types in the the terminal the name of archival document as on the screen the PC appears the graphic image of the room, shelves and lying books. But if a book or a document there is not in place then our chief Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, including appropriate equipment and enter the code immediately it determines where the loss if it is not brought outside the building. What fortunate that in our library so far no one ever occur to install security cameras at the entrance to the library which I knew very well.

And here again I had to hide the "Notes" that Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez did not find the document, I was going, was thinking and a clever thought occured to me as it seemed to me. On the second floor I said goodbye to Eva and went to my department. There were not so many readers, sat down at the table and began to weigh up how unnoticed by anyone to penetrate in the basement of library where hidden "Notes" was. My head was working well, I turned on the computer and printed a false claim to the name of Romero Jimenez to find historical document of the 17th century "Sailing of Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Carolina" stored in the library and taken it went to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez to sign it. I went down to the first floor and going up to her room behind the open door I saw hr sitting at the table with the document. Everybody knew- if the door was open you could go to the office to sign the application for entry into the repository for the documents not representing of big values. I entered the room, gave her my application, she looked over it, signed and wanted to go as she looked at me and said quietly: "Ms. Carmen, tell you a secret that Russian gentleman interested in me, I liked him and he invited me to a restaurant, "Marabella". I do not know whether to go or not to do? I like him but Russian beau much younger than me."
I looked at her, smiled and then whispered: "Honey Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, I'll tell you a secret you are so seductive, your figure reminiscent of Venus de Milo, if the case goes to bed he will kiss not only your plump lips but the whole body. I saw in his eyes the blue sky as he thrilled by your beauty, do not get lost and go to a restaurant, try to wear a mini skirt him to see your plump legs. New Russian is very rich that's why in bed you hint him it would be good having some fun in the Canary Islands. Therefore you in any way to convince him that the "Notes" are found not earlier Monday, as the employee engaged in their search, some documents it's impossible to findcan not in its place due to the fact that some of the librarians themselves come for the materials and then take not put into place. If you find him the "Notes" and they will find it a prehistoric sea creature that he just invites you to "Athens" but I tell you a secret- they are looking for not only the creature but also the treasure, I think on the caravel "Espanola" were jewels and then Russian beau Semen Sorokin will make you stunning gifts. Actually, Mary, you can even put make term-fourth of the found treasures fall to you."
"You have judged correctly, Carmen, I'm going to "Marabella" and hint Russian cavalier Semen to go on weekend to the Canary Islands and beyond that, if all be successful, they must share with me. So, give me application, I'll sign it, go and take the document, for your prompt you"ll get rewards," said a joyful Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, signed the document and handed me the form. I thanked the Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, came out of her room and quickly went to the basement library. I must say that the special supervision of those who came in and out was not because everyone believed there was not the most valuable documents stored and look for the neccessary book it offered some difficulty. With the application signed by Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez I came up to the Mr. Alevardo Mangari, an elderly man with good looks and a mus-tache a la Picasso. We exchanged the welcome, I showed him the application, he smiled and taken it let through the book depository. Going into it I first found a put aside by me earlier document "Sailing of Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Carolina" and then went to the place where lay hidden by me a few weeks ago the "Notes of witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of two-day sailing from Havana" and headed for the exit. When I approached the Alevardo Mangari then "Notes" put in the middle of a multi-page document "Sailing of Duke Philip"and coming near to the guard showed him, smiled and quietly mysteriously said: "Mr. Alevardo Mangari, I carry it at the request of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez to an important foreigner is interested in travel of ancient mariners."
Since he had not in mind to suspect me of stealing it he without even looking at the the "Notes" but having taken me from head to toe, smiled and said: "Ms. Carmen, go, I trust you, let foreigner is reading about the Portuguese navigator.

I walked past the guard and climbed to the second floor, the first thing I had to hide the "Notes" for a time so that at the end of the day in any way to carry out book out of libraries. Of course, I myself couldn't do it asked to the aid of my trusty friend Ms. Sophia Blanco. So , my Johnny , you ought to have in view to reward her otherwise the document could be in the hands of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and she would give it to Mr. Semen Sorokin and after the "Athens" sailed in a given square and having on board a modern equipment and propelled bathyscaphe researchers sailed ahead of you and found the sea creature and sunken "Hispaniola" with treasures.
Having seen her sitting at the table and filling the blanc to receive regular historical document I walked up to her, sat down and told her briefly about appearing in library another serious seeker of sunken caravel "Hispaniola" with treasu-re and he found support from the chief of archive department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez fell in love on the ears of a young gentleman from Russia by the name of Semen Sorokin.
After listening to me Ms. Sophia looked at the "Notes" the size of a photo album with large thick leaves whispered: "My dear Carmen, these "Notes" impossible to hide on your body under the dress, you can only carry it in a suitcase or carrying case. At any case passing through the arches with scanners invisible to eye magnetic markers in the book will work, turn on alarm and security guards immediately expose the attacker. I advise you shouldn't do it, say me please for what you need this book." . I looked at her and quietly said: "Dear Sophia, I don't want to Mr. Semen Sorokin read this book, there are approximate coor-dinates of the sunken "Hispaniola" with treasures and when he see ones the ship"Athenia" belonging to his uncle will sail there and find them. Do you remember I said you about my friend Johnny Gray, he is my husband and knows these coordinates, I believe he"ll find sunken Hispaniola if nobody forestall him.

She looked at me and said: "My Carmen, what are you thinking about? Don't worry, I help you, open book and find the page where there are this coordinates and consider what to do." . I looked at her and whispered: "My charming Carmen, thank you, the very good thought, I open book, I remember page 27, here is the page, look, the coordinates on the last line, I know how to get off from ones. In our library there are rats and they gnawed through of partially of pages, the low edges." I looked at her and said: "Sophia, I need your help, but you have to be fearless-we have to catch a big rat, from its jaws with sharp teeth make the kind of tool and where the coordinates are written, the low edges of paper we gnaw through off and never in life anybody will guess that this is our trick."
She looked at me, smiled and said softly: "A friend of mine, dear Carmen, I am fearless, do not need to catch rats, there is a shop that sells rodents, I'll call my friend Carlos and give him the job to buy mechanical steel rat jaw with the sharp teeth, he in two hours go up by car to library, come up to us, explain the job and the same time by that jaw with sharp teeth gnaw through the entire document so that nobody in life would guess about our prank.
I am delighted and whispered to my friend: "Sophia, call Carlos, let him buy the mechanical rat with sharp teeth."
In short, my favorite Johnny, we've done everything as plotted, in our hands with Carlos' help there were mechanical rat jaws with sharp little teeth. We need skillfully to use them and during several hours were in training to gnaw off pieces of paper from the sheet of a book. We have mastered this occupation and in two days, on Friday and on Saturday did this important job and nobody saw us for this dangerous job-the last line on all sheets together with the coordinates and descriptions disappeared. In order not to arouse suspicion on the part of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez we've gnawed the sheets of the "Notes"in many edges of the thickness of the book. We looked on the part of the book and did not doubt that the rats gnawed it and since the "Notes" lay three centuries in different places it's not surprising that many times hungry critters eat it.
Unbelievable, we've done job perfectly, Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and her Russian lover Mr. Semen Sorokin don't guess that no rats but people did it-the coordinates of the sunken "Hispaniols" with treasures disappered. We were glad, hided the "Notes" and on Monday I carried its together with document "Sailing of Duke Philippe de Marnega from El Salvador to Lisbon at the galleon "Carolina" to basement, to book depositotry and again hided the "Notes" for personal reasons, to win time. I've came back to my department met my friend Sophia Blanco, thanked her for help, she smiled and said: "My charming Carmen we did important job and nobody noticed us, next step to wait for our lovers from her favorite Canary Islands. Good bye, I go to my department to do my job, to help people looking for documents of ancient sunken ships with treasures, I kiss you." . "Bey-bey belly, tommorrow will be Tewsday and our chief Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez appear in library and we meet her, I kiss you, yet thank you."

Sophia left and I again became to think by what the way to gain time and as soon as later to give the "Notes" to Ms. Gorrieda as she yet on last Thurthday while meeting gave us the task to find a document by Monday." On Tuesday she came back from Canary Islands in good mood, she was merry and happy, invited me and Eva Garcia to her room and told us how she spent time with an young rich man. I knew she had good relations with the Russian guy Semen Sorokin and flew away with him on her favorite Canary Islands. Just before parting with us she took from the table two large boxes of chocolates tied with blue silk ribbon and said softly: "Dear Carmen and Eva, it's a modest gift from a respected master of the new Russian Semen Sorokin, on next Monday we will invite you to a restaurant "Marabella". But it's not all-who of you will find the first "Notes" I'll apply to our management to appoint any who find the "Notes"a senior employee of the department. I guessed you didn't find them because in our library thousands of books and I think you will be hard to find this important historical document. Tomorrow you"ll begin to look for it , so that I wish you success my cute girls. I think, my charming girls you"ll try to find it, good luck. Yes, this week I and you will be busy and I"ll draw away you from impor-tant work. See you on Monday, may be on Tuesday we"ll meet, all depend upon my friend."
We looked at her, smiled and said: "Thank you Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, until Monday, we will try to find book."
Eva and I left the office and went to their second floor, I wanted to see Ms. Sophia but she was absent-Ms. Gorrieda had called her and sent her to basement, in book depositary to tidy as tomorrow have to arrive sanitary comission with inspection-somebody called 311 and declared that in library there were rats. Having not seen her this day in the evening taking candy happy and in good mood we went home. I understood-Eva was dreaming, still not finding a document imagined that she would try to find the first the "Notes" to get Increasing the promotion. But I hided the "Notes"in such secret place that never anybody find it beside me.
On Friday, at ten o'clock in the morning I first met Sophia, regaled her with chocolate candy and told her about the meeting with Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and her task to find the "Notes" by Monday or by Tuesday. Upon hearing the news that she was going for found document to apply to the management to apply for promotion her senior emp-loyee of the department she looked at me and said: "Carmen, then you rush in the book depositary, Ms. Eva Garcia is in it and is looking for a document, she does not even explained to me why she was in such a hurry to get it. Now it is clear for me, she sees herself as our boss, let her try, I think if all together including our Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez will search for the document they are unlikely to find it, isn't, Carmen."
"Yes, it's true, I've hided and I find, in this case, Sophia, I go to the basement to help Eva, she otherwise may suspect that I know where the book lies," said I and and I went to the book depository. Having been in the basement I found Ms. Eva, said hello and attached to we became looking for the "Notes". Before lunch we couldn't find the book and I came to cafe, I have had lunch, came back and again began looking for the "Notes". When I went to lunch, Eva stayed to search the document and asked me to buy her a sandwich and a cup of coffee. I came back in an hour, Eva continued to search for "Notes", she was in the good mood as in the morning. I gave her sandwich, a cup of coffeee and said: "Dear Ms. Eva don't worry, we have a lot of time, Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez come back on Tuesday, it will be in your hands. You know well she never comes back on Monday, we have six days, I'm sure you, by that time we''ll find book, I think in day or two it will be found. She looked at me and said: "You are right, we have six days, we''ll find it, thank you for sandwich and a cup of coffee." She sit down at the small table, quickly ate and again set to look for the book and only at 8.30 p.m. sad stopped the search-today the success was not accompanied her. Eva wanted to stay but as we knew the regulations, at nine o'clock all but the guards leave the library she silently frustrated with a sour face went with me to the exit, we said good bye and went home. Before parting Eva said me to look for book even on Saturday and asked me to join her, I didn't become to promise her since I had no desire to become a senior staff member and was thinking that once you would find a treasure since you put all his mind and efforts in this searches.
Eva was upset and came home, next day in the morning I came in the library saw my friends Eva and Sophia, said "Good morning and three went to book depository looking for the "Notes", we didn't find it and we all in the bad mood in the evening went home. On Saturday I didn't come to library, all weekend I spent with my grandmother in her sub-urban home in the open air, we had a fun, drank home-made wine, enjoyed good food and went swimming in pond. When on Monday I came back to the library I saw merry Sophia and sad Eva, we said good morning and told how we spent wekend. Sophia with her boy friend flew to Italy to see the Ancient Rome and Napoly, they went to resaurant to drink wine and enjoy good food and had a fun with new friends. I told them how I spent my weekend with my grand mother in her suburban villa, what a happy days were for us. And only Ms. Eva with sadness told about her weekend: "My dear Carnen and Sophia, on Saturday I was in library and continued to search for "Notes" but unfortunately didn't find it. I, lonely, amidst the big grey rats were looking over book by book but heccessary book was absent. I mentally cursed those employee who didn't in PC either number of room, or number of shelf on which document lay. At the end of day I disappointed, with strong headache went home and till Monday watch TV lying in bed."

I looked at girls and said: "My dear friends, let's go to basement looking for the "Notes" if we don't find it today Russian Mr. Semen Sorokin will not invite us to restaurant "Marabella" for drinking good wines and dancing." We went to the book depository and up to three hour we were working in full force sifted through only half of the documents but the "Notes" has not been found. Frustrated, with the depressed faces we left the basement with empty hands and headed to the office of the Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez. She've just came back from the Canary Islands and joyful after a pleasant stay with a young handsome Slav of Russia was sitting in an soft chair looking at papers.
When me and Eva Garcia entered her office first thing we exchanged greetings and it was not sad for all of us I told her about our fruitless search of "Notes". She listened to me, was upset and without saying a word called to his Russian friend and with smile on her beautiful face looked at us and said: "My dear charming employee, Mr. Semen Sorokin just addressed to you with earnest request tomorrow to all you go to book depository and again to look for the "Notes" and if you find the book all promisses will be fullfilled by me and him. We give you yet a week, Ms. Sofia Blanco will help you and next Monday at three o'clock bring me the "Notes", I will order the guards to let you get in library even on Sunday. Now you are free and tomorrow morning three you go in the book depository, my condition is preserved, who will find the document became a senior staff member, it means a lot, see you tomorrow," said smiling our chief Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez .
We said goodbye to her and headed to our department and I was thinking, if we next week will not find the document that she is unlikely to recede and attract yet many more employees, someone will certainly find "Notes" and Ms. Gor-rieda Maria de Sanchez will be known contents of them and Mr. Semen Sorokin will sail to the shore of America to find the sunken "Hispaniola" with treasures and I decided to pull out the hided document from the cache. After rising to the second floor I said goodbye to Eva and went into my department with Sophia, we sat at the desk and I quietly said: "My dear Sophia, you help me and I help you: in a week you"ll find the document and became a senior staff member, it means a lot, only be silent." She looked at me, smiled and said: "Thank you, dear charming Carmen, I've understand all. I've guessed why our Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez became so undemanding, Mr. Semen Sorokin give her pleasure and she wants to prolong a stay with him In Canary Islands, but so he demands from her the "Notes" she let him and gave us concret term to find it and I think for the coommon good and for us next monday we should hand this important docu-ment to her." "My dear Sophia I agree with you that's why on Monday we''ll find the "Notes" and we hand it to her, now you go to the your readers, you need to help them," said I and she smiled came to her department.
All week we three-I, Sophia Blanko and Eva Garcia in basement of our library in the book depository were looking for the "Notes" but couldn't find and only on Monday I imperceptibly for all came up to secret place, took the notes and as
Sophia was not far from me I waved to her with my hand she came to me I gave her document and she walked away from me a couple of steps, I gave sign and Sophia cried loudly: "Eva, Carmen, I found that document, come to me."

"I walked up to her and soon ran Eva, she saw in the hands of Sophia a document in skin-bound and almost lost her mind with grief why she could not find the "Notes", because of finding them she could be a senior employee. Missed the chance! The historical document went from hand to hand, we were not less than ten minutes saw him and cursed the presence of rats gnawed off sheets. We"ve had the time and read the page on which the Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules described jewels carried in Portugal and how lost caravel "Hispaniola."At three o'clock we went with the his-torical document to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, going up to her office we saw the opened door sitting at a table magnificent figure of a lady resembling the Venus de Milo in a blue dress to the knee, beside her a young gentleman of Slavic appearance in a white shirt and blue jeans sat. When they saw us with a historical document in the hands of So-phia she smiled and pleasant voice said: "Dear ladies, please come into my office."
. We came in, stopped and exchanged greetings, Sophia put the "Notes" on the table and quietly said: "Dear Ms. Gor-rieda Maria de Sanchez, I found the "Notes" in a total heap of documents are of no value lying around on the floor. Here or elsewhere gluttonous hungry rats have worked on the document, be careful, they may be infectious and you get the infaction from them."
The chief of the archive department looked at historical document nibbling almost all sides and did not know what to do, she finally considered what to do-dragged out of the box two pairs of rubber gloves, one took yourself and other gave Semen Sorokin and she wearing them was turning over handwritten document and then gave to the Slav and he turning over and viewing it softly said: "Dear Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, indeed rats gnawed it so seriously that the bottom line of each sheet completely disappeared and that the Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules described it remains a mystery, but nevertheless we know the author's name and possibly in other libraries w can find some other extra useful information and I would like your permission to obtain a copy of this precious material. Why would endanger our life, dear Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, you have a copier, in three minutes two copies will be ready and we''ll read interesting excerpts."
"All right, Mr. Semen Sorokin, a few minutes and job is done. Ms. Eva Garcia, please, make two copies on my copier," said Ms. Gorrieda and handed her the "Notes" written by Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules.
Ms. Eva Garcia took a historical document and began to copy, in three minutes she gave a copy Ms. Gorrida Maria de Sanchez, another to new Russian, he quickly looked at them and said happily: "Dear Ms. Gorrieda, I found the most important thing that it was required me, I quote a brief excerpt, listen up:
Description was a long, fun, exciting and it seemed to me improbable, I cite a brief excerpt: "In recent years pirates attacked with impunity ships sailing to Europe for the purpose of robbery and capture beautiful young ladies for their mastery and violence. Because of them, there was no rest day or night, then going to a little group of several caravels and having on board a guns all felt more or less in security. On the third night, in the moonlight we saw an island covered with strange black sand, in some places grew green algae. We're struck, the fact that it was sticking up out of the water not more than 5-7 meters, almost flat and it seemed to me from its dark surface reflected the strange glow in the moonlight. We're interested in this, and we decided to approach, one of the ships, the "Hispaniola" turned closest to the island not an unexpectedly got into a giant funnel. on the eyes of sailors standing on the deck of the six ships just a couple of minutes left on the bottom with 50 sailors and returning home dukes Andalusian de Sophia with her entourage and countless wealth: 12000 gold coins each weighing not less than 20 grams, 30,000 silver coins of 10 grams, wares made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture the other ships rushed from this strange island located in the words of our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan Franco around..."

Dandy of Russia looked at us and said happily: "The lovely ladies for your discovery for begining I invite you all to visit in a couple of days in the evening in a posh restaurant "Marabella" and after our successful search you will get rewards and gifts in the form of jewelry and you pretty respectable Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez our leader and my uncle a billionaire Mr. Victor Medvedev will invite you to the "Athens" and you will personally see that the sea creature mira-culously preserved since those early prehistoric times.
The fact that rats gnawed off coordinates it is not terrible, important that captain Senor Juan Franco did not imagine that this is not a island but a floating giant living creature, it is constantly moving and only with the help of modern equipment from the satellite we can fix its location. I tell you frankly it is very expensive plasure, you will need to invest a few million dollars and now knowing what treasures lie on the surface, it draws a quarter of a billion dollars, our leader and my uncle, Mr. Victor Medvedev as soon as I get a copy of the priceless historically document immediately decides to look for the creature floating somewhere in the two days voyage from Cuba, it's about the Bahamas, so that as they say the game is worth the candle. Because pretty ladies and you dear charming Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez prepare your smart clothes and in a couple of days we"ll make merry on such an important event in a posh restaurant "Marabella".
When I heard that coordinates of death the "Espaniola" didn't interest of this Russian but he interested what treasures drowned, there was any sense to spend a big money to find a floating sea creatures near the Bahamas, my Johnny, I didn't feel quite myself. Honey, you and me thought that this strange island is stationary, but when I heard that this a giant sea creature was floating I came in the low spirits-did you succeed with your team to find it!? And then I just wondered how he guessed approximately the location of the death of "Hispaniola" knowing that it all happened in two days sailing from Cuba, you only imagine how he foresaw.
In short, all of my tricks with the "Notes" have failed, the main, new Russian Semen Sorokin knew that in hold of the caravel there were jewelrys for a quarter of a billion dollars and they can sail on a their seaches. I was in despair that your former boss on your stupid trick learned the mystery of the death of "Hispaniola" with treasure but nothing else could help you. Our dear lady Maria de Sanchez heard read about the treasures in the quarter of a billion dollars sunk with caravel and Mr. Semen Sorokin knows about the location of sea creatures and "Athens" will start on a treasure hunt came overjoyed and immediately announced: "Dear ladies, I am satisfied with your work, thank you very much, I think you all have expressed a desire to go in a couple of days to "Marabella", so that we meet at 9 pm at the entrance, you are free. Yeah, I''ll try to strive to advance your position."
We looked at each other and because I wanted to be distracted and have some fun that we all agreed. Satisfied Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez Gorrieda was smiling, handsome young dandy stood up, kissed our hands and we happy and merry set off in our own departments. I went and thought not so much about the treasures but as the upcoming evening at the restaurant and the event which certainly happen in it and Eva Garcia will be hero of the occasion. The fact is that when we were in the office of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez I noticed how handsome womanizer Russian cast his eyes on the young, charming and seductive Eva Garcia standing near Xerox in a short blue mini skirt with beautiful long legs. What a pity that our chief did not see it herself-without doubt she could cancel the party in the restaurant, as she under-stood that women and men need young and beautiful body.
When we returned in our offices I helped to the readers to find the documents and books, at five o'clock Sophia came to me and we began to discuss on theem: were able Russian researchers sailing on the "Athens" to get ahead of you having an approximate coordinates of the death of "Hispaniola" with jewelry for a quarter of a billion dollar? I was ready to drop everything and rush to warn you about new searchers that you as soon as possible started of searches the "Hispaniola" but Sophia convinced me not to make a stupid move: "Carmen, I'll tell you frankly, Russian for you isn't of great threat, you gave them the "Notes" written by Duke Pedro Alvarsky. He is interested in the caravel "Espanola" with the treasure and learnt about them, they are willing to give us all fees and gifts. So, I consider he is for us as a friend but you have real enemies, Spaniards Philip and Romero which you spent through your fingers and if you establish contacts with Johnny then betray themselves and his. I have no doubt Romero and Philip agents working on some bosses get concerned to take treasures with sunken "Hispaniola". They looking for Johnny around the world and if you establish contact with him they found out about it will take you as a hostage. I think you watch movies and see how thugs with knives and saws cut fingers and legs of victims to get the right information. Sit down and don't put out, Johnny in a calm situation will do all the work, he"ll be ahead of Russians, find treasure and certanly call you. Do not get me wrong, I'm not to discourage you, just so it's best for both of you and you will be safe and sound. A few days later in the evening will go to the "Marabella" and make merry from the heart, it seems to me at a party wine and champagne will pour down with the river."
"Well, I will not distract Johnny from his training to a search of treasure, I think those Spaniards have forgotten about me and if I put out my nose then start hunting for me, and this is for both of us will end in tears, at the time I lie in hiding to the bottom and if he finds treasures then let him know and now Sophia let's talk what to wear to an party," I said and smiled.

Sophia looked at me and said quietly: "Carmen, I 'll wear a pink long dress with, you know, I can not particularly stand out as going without Carlos and you I advise to wear a short dress bright transparent to the knees, let him look at your splended body, yes, already seven in the evening, we go home."
Visitors there were few, Sophia rang the bell and announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, the library is closed, please leave the room, welcome to tomorrow."
Everyone who was in the hall began to leave it, we collected books, lay them on the shelves and turning off the lights went home. Two days have passed quickly, on Wednesday at nine in the evening we gathered at the door of the restaurant "Marabella", Sophia came in pink long dress with spangles and bright red beads around the neck, I'm in the clear light dress to the knees with a necklace of blue pearls, on radiant from joy Ms. Eva was in the red velvet dress outlines her elegant figure with brief sleeves. Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez dressed up as if ready for a business meeting-a long dark skirt, white blouse over it a blue jacket with brooche, on full neck gleamed gold chain with a pendant strewn with diamonds. Russian dandy Semen came in a black suit with a bow-tie on a snow-white shirt and examined all of us from head to toe in my opinion was surprised why we are so lightly dressed, but smiled and exchanged greetings entered the hall.
Visitors gathered not so much the table was booked in advance and only we sat down, good-looking waitress came up, Mr. Semen ordered champagne, wines, snacks, drinks, sweets and fruits. A few minutes later she and the other waitress brought ordered including two vases with flowers and pour out sparkling champagne into glasses we cried "Cheers" drank to our health. Snacks, wine, drinks, sweets were excellent, we enjoyed them, exchanging phrases and I saw Russian ladies' man who was sitting next to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez in front of Ms. Eva became interested in her- he smiled, bestowed her with compliments, pouring drinks, gave sweets. When the orchestra began to play Russian out of respect for Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez asked her for a contemporary dance shake, she danced flawlessly and sat at the tables ladies and gentlemenwere clapping, our couple was delighted and gave all the air kissing on. Since the gentleman from Russia did not wantthat we invited by them bored and then he invited us to dance with him. He was a great dancer as well as himself, I don't know what he was talking to girls but to me he whispered: "Charming Carmen, you are sweet and lovely, if you agreed you could go with me at first in Russia and then, when our on "Athens" experts will install new equipment capable from satellite to probe the seabed in large areas I would take you to the ship and we would have gone with you to search for sea creatures. The fact is that it went to the depth and so from the deck of our ship no one sees and generally nobody for except of our former employee Johnny Gray knows, it was he who sent us the picture, we"ll find a sea creature with lying on it caravel with the treasure and you'll get any jewelry that you like. I just want to say the modern treasure hunters equipped with the latest today equipment and without millions of dollars to do nothing. Our Johnny competent expert but it does not have such a ship what we have and it is unlikely he read the "Notes" written by Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules."
I looked at him and said softly: "Dear Mr. Semen Sorokin, first you have already promised to Ms.Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez invite her to "Athens" and I can not imagine what will happen to her if she would see me next to you. And secondly, the most basic I and Ms. Sophia married, we can not leave our husbands and as Ms. Eva Garcia she in search of a gentleman and with a pleasure to be accepted your invitation to go on a journey in search of sea creatures, so keep that in mind. If I had been free as Eva then I immediately accepted your offer, I can not give up my beloved husband, that is no reason to refuse, this I told you three weeks ago, I'm sorry Mr. Semen."
"In this case, the charming Carmen, I do not insist, but as Eva she is charming, thank you for the dance," whispered Russian dandy Semen, kissed me on the cheek and brought to the table where the girls were sitting with the Ms. Mary. We continued to drink, had a snack, dance, were extremely fun, incessantly talking and soon the musician on the stage addressed to the audience: "Ladies and gentlemen, for now you will have a long dance for the prize, the winning couple will receive a valuable gift, request all to take a part, but I will say our main goal to cheer you before you leave our hospitable institution a wonderful restaurant "Marabella".
Musicians played a tango, Ms. Maria de Sanchez picked handsome of Russia, took him closer to the stage and as an avid dancer started at a view of all to dance and despite of her curvy easy danced with his partner. Then the musicians began to play rock 'n' roll, the pace of play accelerated and the lady Mary Gorrieda began to stray in bars, out of breath and asked her partner to take her to the table. He took her, sat on a chair and he wanted to sit down himself but at this time smiling happy Ms. Eva got up, went to Mr. Semen and invited to dance, he smiled and they began to dance. Musicians speed up the play, dancers began to move more quickly and soon from the frenzied pace many couples are tired, do not dance to the beat and one by one left the danceball. Finally there were three couples and among them were the Mr. Semen and Ms. Eva. Musicians stopped playing, one of them came up to the stage and announced loudly: "Laddies and gentlemen, there were three couples, they will take the stage and continue to dance, one of them who will dance beautifully and unmistakably the dance that pair of dancers receive the first prize, the other two ones the second and third, beg you, please, to the stage."
Three couples took the stage, the orchestra played a twist, the dancers began to curl up like rubber body and do unimaginable movements, partners throwing their partners and skillfully caught them. Then shake sounded, it was replaced by rock and roll, the pace of play has accelerated and the two couples began to stray, run out of beat and finally went on to dance only Russian handsome Semen and charming Eva. The orchestra finished playing "Jailhouse Rock", the leader of the group went to the remaining pair and loudly announced: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, this pair is winner of our competition, "Everybody Dance" and is awarded a prize trip for two, which can bring together a charming couple in their fantastic monthly travel in ancient China. Before they get Ms. and Mr. will call their names, I write them in a ticket and in three days a happy travelers will fly to an exotic country." After hearing such great news joyful smiling Eva on everybody's view became hugging and kissing Russian handsome, then she went with him to the musician holding ticket and gave their names. As soon as the musician wrote their names he handed ticket Eve and said to her: "Dear lovely and charming Eva!" Are you happy with this prize? Do you agree to travel with Mr. Semen on Ancient China?"
She looked at the musician and said cheerfully: "Dear mister, I'm very happy with the prize and agree to travel with Mr. Semen, but I do not know he agree to go with me for such a long journey."
The musician looked at the Russian handsome and smiling said to him: "Dear Mr. Semen, Ms. Eva would like to know you agree to go with her on the Ancient China for so long trip?"
He looked at the musician, Ms. Eva, smiled and said: "Dear mister, thank you for such a valuable prize and I say frankly I do not mind to travel with such a charming Ms. Eva but as intimacy it will be seen, we don't know each other, but I want to say thank you to her, you and all those who provided such a prize, I'm happy, thank you."
Of course, Eva and Semen were in seventh heaven, they smiled and kissed as if had known each other a long time ago and as Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez that she did not find the place and I think she guessed about the antics of her ex- boyfriend who found skillful gentleman move to get rid of her. Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez came to the gloom, she did not look in the direction of the stage and did not listen as Eva and Semen expressed words of gratitude to the organizer of this fantastic journey through Ancient China. Soon happy and smiling Ms. Eva and Semen came up to us and I with Sophia heartily congratulate them with such a valuable prize and only lady Maria Sanchez muttered something incomprehensible to us in Russian and continued "finita la comedie."
Russian hunk Simon looked at all us and said clearly: "Sweet and lovely ladies, I heartily tried that all have fun and were enjoyable and each of you had a chance to win prize but if you for some reason couldn't win prize-what can I do. Ms. Eva did not miss it, in a couple days we go on the trip, she gave her consent and when we get back together tell and show shot on video cameras interesting cultural and historical sights. As for you, the charming Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, my promise is still valid, as the only members of the research expedition on the "Athens" will find a sea creature you"ll get a free two way ticket on the plane flying to the Bahamas and once being on board of our ship personally see it. Thank all you for your effort to find me the "Notes" and as promised each of you you"ll receive rewards and gifts, thank you for coming and made the company, see you soon."
We thanked Mr. Semen Sorokin and he looked at us said: "The charmin Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, Sophia, Eva and Carmen do not leave, within a few minutes cars will be here and you go home. If you have a desire to see off us at the airport on a long journey through ancient China then we invite you, Ms. Eva tell you day and time of our departure."
In five minutes cars drove, we said goodbye to each other, sat down in taxi and happy went home. In truth I say Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez was greatly upset: before her eyes there was such a tragedy for her, Russian Semen left her for a younger woman. As for the seeing-off of Eva and handsome Russian Semen I, Sofia and Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez went with them to the airport, we had a drink at the bar champagne, wished them a happy journey to ancient China and a speedy return. In parting Ms. Eva and Mr. Semen kissed us and fortunately for all us this was not the last goodbye and not last kiss especially for our lady.

As I personally understood and what Ms. Eva didn't hide from us, she went with him in China and then to Russia accepted the offer of rich, handsome Russian Semen to become his wife. They were so happy that they decided to first of all to make a honeymoon and then Mr. Semen went on complicated searches of marine creatures with sunken caravel "Espaniola" with jewelry for a quarter of a billion dollars. In my opinion, Johnny, they did not believe that you and your limited finances would keep them serious competition and therefore they wasn't in a hurry.
In connection with the preparation to the search for sea creatures and sunken caravel "Hispaniola" Mr. Semen and Ms. Eva didn't fly to Lisbon but sen't to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and us by e-mail messages and pitures and I think they differed: hardly our lady got pictures where Mr. Semen and Ms. Eva passionately kissed and cuddled not to annoy her, but she knew the most interesting young couple did not send it to her.
In January world got the news that you, Johnny, found in a strange underwater palace countless ricies and live girls and men living in it for more than three centuries, then there was a significant break and like a bolt from the blue sky appearance of a giant sea monster near of Miami destroyed skyscrapers with its long tentacles. We have seen how in the building were flying pipes, pieces of boats, ship and engines.
Then again a lull for a while and once again showed on TV how you collected jewelris rom the surface of the sea creatures. I saw you, your friends and I was not myself-from my fault between us got a beautiful Spanish woman and I more than sured if you knew that I was alive it is unlikely that such a choice you made. But the come baack to Russian researchers- at the beginning of March 2005 Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, Sophia and I unexpectedly received from Mr. Semen Sorokin invitation to fly on the appointed day for his money for the week to the Bahamas to go with them by the "Athens" to a place where lay at the bottom of the sea creature found by them. Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez has gathered us together, she was in a good mood, happy from the receive news to see the sea creature and decided to fly on Friday March 15 in Nassau.
Ms. Sophia sent an e-mail message to Mr. Semen Sorokin about our readiness to depart on March 15 in Nassau and a few minutes later received a reply from him about the ordered tickets and they would be delivered tomorrow to the library to Ms. Gorieda Maria de Sanchez between two and three o'clock in the afternoon. I will not describe how we prepared for the flight, were flying and about the meeting at the airport with our dear Ms. Eva and Mr. Semen Sorokin. They brought three bouquets of tropical flowers and handed us, a fragrant smell nearly intoxicated us and I felt dizzy. We exchanged greetings and at ten in the morning the car went to the port, there sat on the boat and rushed to a stan-ding a mile away a large ship, from afar I read on the board "Athens" and I was all clear-here, on the time of trip, she will be our hotel. havig been on board we were greeted by members of the crew and the expedition, we were acquainted with them and as I said our "Athens" weighed anchor and headed to the place where were the sea creature. The ship was sailing , we were seating at a table right on the deck under a big tent and were treated to fine wines, champagne and surprisingly tasty snacks, sweets and tropical fruits.
After a delicious lunch Ms. Eva led us to examine the "Athens" and when we came into the cabin of expedition leader Mr. Richard Dean I noticed a picture gallery pius the death of "Hispaniola" hanging on the wall , my heart pounding thrills and immediately guessed it was picture that we'd seen with you in the evening when you enjoyed my gorgeous splended body. It all became clear: that no one is watching you, you sent it on the ship where you worked for more than three years. We were provided by the individual cabins and we spent three nights of our fantastic voyage.
The most interesting point in this exciting fascinating history with a journey occurred on next day when the "Athens" slowed down move and stopped. Early in the morning Ms. Eva invited us to breakfast, we left the cabin and went to the deck, I paid attention that at the stern appeared the strange large real-propelled bathyscaphe with screws of the green colour what I watched on television when scientific workers submerged under the water to see the sea life on the big depth and possibly in it we go down to see the sea creature.
Just so all happened: the first went down to the bottom Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, I noted down the time and with impationt was waiting a return. The bathyscafe appeared on the surface in a half an hour,the door soon opened and appeared smiling Mr. Semen Sorokin, followed by our joyful lady and two members of the expedition. They went up on deck, upon her appearance our lady was delighted with the submersion and shared with us her impressions of seen on the sea floor and showed fotos - the images shot by digital cameras. Me and Sophia simply could not believe it on a dark surface in different places were scattered jewels, gold and silver coins, wares, jewelry. Of course, they do not lay piles, they were leftovers, but I think for one submersion they lifted so much good that outweigh the costs of such activity . But the most exiting pictures followed next-on the picture I saw the remains of a sunken partially destroyed wooden "Espaniola " and before my eyes a picture showed by you to me the death of "Hispaniola". The next submersion has been scheduled for two o'clock in the afternoon during this time technicians prepare bathi- scaphe "Sea Explorer " and I'm with Sophia occupyed place in it. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining bright , the temperature rose to 90 F degrees in the shade and awning over dining tables saved us from the scorching rays and heat. At last the dinner ended and I was waiting when Mr. Semen Sorokin would invite us to take a seat in the bathyscaphe. Time passed slowly, technicians carefully prepared the apparatus to submersion, just at two o'clock four cables hooked up to the rings of the bathyscaphe, a crane lifted it into the air and gently lowered to the water. Mr. Se-men Sorokin and Richard Dean walked down through the hatch into the bathyscaphe for about five minutes they checked the work of engines and making sure that the "Sea Explorer " was ready to submerge Mr. Jack Harrison came up to me and standing next to me Sophia and told : "Dear ladles, let's go, be careful going down the ladder."
Sophia and I followed him, came to the hatch, Sir Semen Sorokin helped us to come down in small bright room and sat on the soft revolving chairs near a large, there were a total three ones so that the viewing was significant. Our self-propelled bathyscaphe slowly was submrging under the water and in the light of three powerful searchlights lighting the dark space we enjoyed by floating near us sharp-toothed sharks, fish, sea snakes, stars and other living creatures of various sizes, colors and forms. Going down to a depth of more than 1000 feet I saw in a porthole a huge black bottom and guessed-it was a sea creature, to its surface was not less than seven feet.
Unexpectedly I noticed a small pile of jewelry lying on it. My heart bet quickenedly at the sight of such luxury lying untouched . We sailed near it and Mr. Semen Sorokin smiled said: "Lovely ladies, our pump sucked jewelry and they were in the store, so our submersion was not in vain, but the important thing for you saw near you the sea creature whose dimensions in width well account for more than two miles. what a pity that we can not see it completely but you will see caravel "Hispaniola", but now we"ll continue until the searches of treasure."
I do not say that jewelry, pearl necklaces, pendants, gold and silver coins, wear and items were many but since the cost of them is very high then the game is worth the candle. Somehow not surprisingly I saw in front of the side of porthole the lying in the side diving-suits and I said quietly: "Mr. Semen, turn bathyscaphe to the right, there I saw the lying diving-suits but they are without diver's helmet. I do not know if you've seen them before?"
He turned his head toward me and said: "Ms. Carmen, in this place we have not yet sailing and I never saw the diving-suits, thanks for the find, you're so attentive."
Mr. Semen immediately changed course and soon the bathiscaphe sailed up to the diving-suits, near them jewelry lay and they were immediately sucked into the store. Ms. Sophia was sitting near the porthole of the other side and sud-denly exclaimed: "Mr Semen, on the right side of the bathyscaphe other diving-suits lay and also without head's helmets, the real cemetery. I think people dived here for treasure and possibly between them there was a fight of them. Just you look! On this space here and there treasures are lying! Mr. Semen, turn on your pump and sucks the jewels!"
"Pretty Ms. Sophia! I see them and turn on pump," cried Mr. Semen and smiled.
We were sailing in the area above the surface of the sea creatures half an hour sucking jewelry. Before to sail to the sunken caravel "Hispaniola" with hook we hooked three tied with wire three diving-suits and with them our "Sea Explorer'' changed the course and slowly sailed to north. Ten minutes later I saw in front a wooden skeleton of the destroyed ship she was lying next to the stump of the mast with ropes. Strange thing- variety of fish, sea snakes, horses, stars and shellfish were circling around ship which we have not seen during submerging and sailing over the surface of this prehistoric creature miraculously preserved to our times in the favourable environment.
Mr. Semen sat at the controls directed our bathyscaphe to a large gun-port and oncebeing a foot away from her stap-ped the move and turned to me quietly said: "My dear Ms Carmen, we've sailed up to the sunken caravel "Hispaniola", do you remember what Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules wrote in his "Notes" Duke Alvarsky Pedro de Raules : "In recent years pirates attacked with impunity ships sailing to Europe for the purpose of robbery and capture beautiful young ladies for their mastery and violence. Because of them, there was no rest day or night, then going to a little group of several caravels and having on board a guns all felt more or less in security. On the third night, in the moonlight we saw an island covered with strange black sand, in some places grew green algae. We're struck, the fact that it was sticking up out of the water not more than 5-7 meters, almost flat and it seemed to me from its dark surface reflected the strange glow in the moonlight. We're interested in this, and we decided to approach, one of the ships, the "Hispaniola" turned closest to the island not an unexpectedly got into a giant funnel. on the eyes of sailors standing on the deck of the six ships just a couple of minutes left on the bottom with 50 sailors and returning home dukes Andalusian de Sophia with her entourage and countless wealth: 12000 gold coins each weighing not less than 20 grams, 30,000 silver coins of 10 grams, wares made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture the other ships rushed from this strange island located in the words of our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan Franco..." So, the beautiful ladies Carmen and Sophia, with your help, we sailed up to the sunken caravel "Hispaniola", I tell you frankly-if all described the Duke of Alvarsky concerning it's true the cargo lies in the hold. Those jewels that were scattered on the surface of the sea creatures do not have anything with the wealth that was shipped Andalusian duchess Sofia. You only imagine dear Carmen and Sophia, they are there and wait when we"ll take them and to convince in this I run into it a flexible mechanical arm for the manufacture of which I put a lot of money and a lot of time, but we will not get feared any sea predators who find hold convenient to their habitat . Mr. Richard Dean, ladies look what happens before your eyes."

Mr. Semen pressed the blue button andwe saw how telescopic tube diameter of at least four inches with head at the end began to go out from the head at the end, she went into gun-port and after a while swam out long black snakes with red as a ruby eyes. Not less ten ones attacked at our porthole, the other on the mechanical hand, viewing has stopped but at this time we have seen on the screen image is transmitted with camera of the hold. It turns out that on the head except miniature camera there was a flashlight, it covered part of the space through which we saw in the hold different miraculously preserved ancient barrels with wide hoops and chests bound round with iron wide bands. My heart began to beat, sailors in such barrels were stored gunpowder and in chests transported valuables, hence all confirmed: untou-ched gold and silver coins, jewelry lay in them. But there was only glitch-how to pull out these chests, they were much more embrasures. Mr. Semen began to speak in Russian with his uncle on the radio but since I knew only a few words I did not know what they spoke about. When he stopped talking Mr. Semen said quietly: "Mr. Richard Dean, Ms. Carmen and Ms. Sophia we are going to surface, our time is running out. The next submersion will be tomorrow, our engineers will install additional equipment and try to get out the barrel with gunpowder and chests-what of them they learn tomorrow."
Flexible telescopic mechanical arm began to be drawn inside to take it position, by the time a couple of long black snakes were killed in an unequal battle with the monstrous-looking big-headed toothy fish. Driven away from the porthole foolish sea snakes and saw us they put all their efforts to by their long sharp teeth to gnaw through the thick glass and having lost all hope to get into the room to us swam to the side. Mr. Semen pressed the green button and the "Sea Explorer" began to surface and when we surfaced we were a few feets away from the board of the "Athens". Bathyscaphe was hooked by ropes, pulled to the side, technicians opened the hatch and helped us to get off the deck. All who were in the ship met us, joy knew no bounds and congratulated on finding wooden barrels and chests in the sunken "Espaniola". Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and Ms. Eva led us to the table, we seated, we were given an orange drink and started asking questions about what we saw .
We are not only told but also showed them on our digital cameras pictures and movie about found diving-suits, jewelry, skeleton of "Hispaniola", long black snakes and loggerhead toothy fish who tried to gnaw the glass of the porthole. Seeing these terrible monsters Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez came into despair and looked at us said quietly: "Ladies, the more I did not submerge to the bottom, it's enough that I have seen and that's what concerns you then decide for yourself. Frankly, I can hardly suffered a dip, age is not the one I will watch over your dives from the board of the "Athens". When I heard from you that in the hold chests in the hold and if they will be full of jewelry that I think Mr. Semen appreciate our work, thanks to the "Notes" he and his uncle decided to such expensive sailing. Now the most important thing to get the chests but with such a depth that is not easy to do. When you showed me these tadpole predators and snakes I got it's dangerous to submerge divers at the bottom even in steel diving suits if they attack or cut hoses that threaten life. But we will not talk about bad, expedition's leaders will decide what to do -to raise chests with jewels or will continue to collect treasures from the surface of the sea creatures. Generally, I 'd say this trip I"ll remem-ber for a lifetime and it all thanks to you, dear ladies."
Our conversation went on till dinner and when the leaders and participants of the expedition common sat at table we heard from Mr. Semen eulogy in honor of our: "Dear Ms.Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, cute Ms. Carmen, Sofia and Eva, I and all we, the leaders and members of the expedition express our sincere gratitude and wish to assure you your efforts will be rewarded a repay with interest we''ll get the treasure from the "Hispaniola" or not. anyway tomorrow we"ll get down to the bottom for fun and try to pick up on deck "Athens" at least one box - no one knows what in it. Our experts are estimating different option, the fact is that we can not use the divers, in the hold of a caravel found favorable conditions for predatory fish habitat unknown and therefore can not risk people's lives. So enjoy your meal and relax , tomorrow at eight in the morning we have breakfast and at nine o'clock there was a first submerge, in our team with me will be Mr. Richard Dean and ladies Carmen and Sophia. I"ll tell all our submersion is in the nature of intelligence, the fact that in the previous descent we paid too little time for a thorough inspection " Hispaniola ." But in any case, let's hope for the best and to be successful."
Sophia and I were in a rapture , tomorrow we go down again, warm feeling came over me and I wanted to shout for joy to the whole world: " Johnny , because of your desire to find the treasure I became a member of their search." If you had not arrived in Lisbon and did not get into our library of anyone in this world including you and me would not know about the treasure of sunken caravel "Hispaniola". And it happened in a strange way, instead you look for treasures in the holds of caravels you found them somewhere in the underwater strange dwelling, in the belly of an octopus and now I have become a party to search for treasures in the hold of "Hispaniola" on your stupid antic. But do not talk about it, listen to what happened on the next day.
After breakfast, at nine o'clock in the morning I, Sophia, Mr. Semen Sorokin and Richard Dean took their places in the bathyscaphe and began a slow submersion to depths of more than 1 000 feet, near us the gray, white and even black shark, fish of all colors and shades, sea stars, horses and snakes were floating. Finally we were ten feets from the deck "Hispaniola" and were amazed: a thick layer of shells completely covered it, so that even our mechanical hand does not penetrate into the hold, leaving only loopholes. Mr. Semen without thinking twice sent bathyscaphe to starboard and having appeared by his side before a mechanical arm has launched a turned off all outside lights and were in complete darkness because the light does not pass through 1 000 feet water column. Once the mechanical arm with a spotlight on the end was in the hold the Mr. Richard Dean turned it on and a bright light filled almost all the space . The inhabitants of the hold - long black -headed snakes and fish perked up and came to the chaotic traffic, they darted from side to side and finally noticing the recess in the board rushed to their home to get into the darkness outside. It became clear , light irritated them and so they tried to get rid of it. Since they are of little concern to me I looked at the screen of spotlight shone hold scored barrels, kegs and large wrought-iron chests.

Once the hold freed from the snakes and tadpole fish we switched the searchlight, it lighted gun-port and before my eyes of our bathyscaphe another metal telescopic pipe with four hooks appeared. It penetrated into the gun-port , the hook caught on the wooden aboard, our bathyscaphe budged back and pulled out a few planks on our eyes began the destruction of " Hispaniola " to create a hole in the side through which as I understood our bathyscaphe could sail into the hold. Yes, the calculation of our organizers lifting jewelry of the hold was correct: only the lower part destroyed, the top was intact and therefore deck covered with a layer of shells is not broken down. But in plans of Mr. Semen does not come the bathyscaphe sailed into the hold, in case of devostation of the deck we would for ever be buried alive in the apparatus and therefore they previously developed such a good plan and thought the second mechanical arm with hook. Bathyscaphe sailed up to the side and a second mechanical arm began clearing the hold- barrels were in front of the chests and as they impered to get to them, hook hitched one by one and pulled out. Finally space was freed, telescopic arm with hook touched the back of the forged chest, we felt a push and a hook shot covering. A few seconds later forged chest moved up and slowly began to pooled up to the bathyscaphe and when it found itself behind the side Mr. Semen pressed the blue button and a mechanical arm with a searchlight was found in its place. Mr. Semen began to speak in Russian, ending to transmit a message on the ship he looked at us and said quietly: "Dear ladies Carmen and Sophia, before your eyes we got one of the chest and on the deck of the "Athens" we"ll knew what inside it, your personally open it. Surfa."
Our bathyscaphe slowly began to surface together with the chest hanging on a hook of steel pipe of and imagine we successfully went up to the surface. Now the technician were to pull the chest out of the water and as we continued to be in the bathyscaphe thet we saw as four divers dived down, they pulled a solid net under the chest, fixed and began by cranes lifted the chest and bathyscaphe together with us on the deck. The bathyscaphe touched the deck, we opened the hatch and technicians helped to us came out. Sophia and I were beaming with joy that so happily ended the dive and came back not empty-handed. The weather was beautiful, on the blue sky the sun was shining brightly and blinded eyes, Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and Ms. Eva ran up to us with sunglasses, dressed and started to kiss and embrace from joy . We were approached by all who took part in the expedition, congratulated on our success, shook hands and examined from all sides trying to stick their fingers in the hole broken with the hook.
We have come to a chest covered with mussels and realized that trunk survived thanks to them. Now our researchers had to open it up and it was decided to cut it with disk power saw a small portion of the top of the chest. One of the technicians brought a saw and began gently to file away the corner, all holding our breath and looked at him and when cuts were made Mr. Semen looked at the crew, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, now Ms. Carmen and Ms.Sophia open slightly secret of content of the trunk, please, take off the cut part."
We went up to the chest, took by our hands cut off part of the top, raised and saw lying in a chest gold and silver coins, wares, we got them and showed the presents. All who stood on the deck of joy cried loudly Urrrraa, came up to us and breathlessly looked with surprise at the coins in our hands, looked in the trunk and not believing eyes to the credibility themselves pulled out handfuls of such richness and admired themselves in the trunk.
Standing next to us , Mr. Viktor Medvedev looked at us and declared: "Gentlemen approach to the chest and all together turning it and pour onto the deck content, you see that the sailors transported." Sailors and explorers came to the chest, turned over it and through the hole in the deck poured out gold, silver coins, wares, chains, rings, pendants and lockets, they were in such a state as if they were placed in the chest a few days ago. All because in the iron-bound oak chest has not penetrated the water and then crustaceans stuck to it and wood sur-vived. A few minutes all were admiring with the jewels and coins, then they were moved to a safe and Mr. Semen announced that the next dive will take place tomorrow as it takes a long rest after a busy day and inspection of bathy-scaphe. At two pm organized a magnificent dinner, even we drank champagne to celebrate this success, men soon left us to technical examine the bathyscaphe for preparation for tomorrow's dive and only we, women, were eating and drinking and I wih Sophia talked to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and Eva More about our dive and in what way we were able to lift chest with the treasure.
The heat was unbearable, but to sit under the tent was nice-the power fan was working and created a pleasant cool, we had players and looking through the magazines were listening to our favorite music. At 9 pm we all gathered for dinner, again drank champagne, fine European wines, ate snacks, seafood and meat there were of excellent quality, served for dessert cake, candy and tropical fruit with grapes. Before going to bed Mr. Semen looked at me with Sophia, he smiled and said softly: "Ladies, you are as a talisman for us, imagine we are in complete safety and feel confident in the success of that goal, your presence in the bathyscaphe create aura of complete peace, so that Carmen and Sophia rest till morning , tomorrow we dive to the bottom at ten o'clock. Good night."
"Mr. Semen, thank you for your trust, such dive give me a great enjoying, this does not always happen and not all, good night," I said and smiled.
"And I, Mr. Semen," added Sophia, maybe you 're right that you take us in such a dangerous journey, it is impossible that over us 1000 feet of water, a large pressure and yet at this depth there is life, good night."
Johnny, our next dive for jewels went smoothly, those toothy fish and loggerhead sea black snakes liking the hold came back and as soon as the spotlight lit them, they immediately left their home place. We long time were sending with the chest, we did not manage to break with the hook thick layer of shells covered it from all sides. After two hours the chest with treasure lifted onto the deck, happiness and joy knew no bounds, we hugged and kissed, the technicians as and the first time with an electric saw cut out the huge hole and poured out all that were in it on the deck of the "Athens". I say frankly from what I saw my heart fluttered: gold, silver coins, chains,rings, wares, diamond, earrings and jewels sparkled and glittered in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Mr. Semen looked at the jewelry went to the specialists inspecting bathyscaphe, possibly in his plan was to accomplish today in the afternoon the second dive torte the bottom not happened for some reasons. In the evening, the weather changed, a strong wind blew and when it started to rain our capitan Mr. Alex Bedrov felt that bad weather will move into the storm and after consulting with the organizer of the expedition Victor Medvedev and at the request of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez suffering from seasick wished to go ashore and the "Athens" started to the Bahamas and when we sailed up to Nassau we were surprised the quiet calm weather near these paradise islands. I, Sophia and Eva and Ms. Gorrida Maria de Sances were sent by boat to the port, we sailed with three gentlemen- Semen, Dick and Peter. Yet on the "Athens" it was decided-we had three days to spend on our leisure in the Bahamas, then Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez will fly to Lisbon and I'm with Sophia and Eva will continue sailing until the end of lifting chests with jewels and coins.
We lived in a luxury hotel, Eva was left as senior the elder and fulfilled all our wishes: we traveled by car she rented a car and made a flight over the beautiful islands on a small private plane and on a self-propelled boat.
On March 23, at Saturday, I, Sophia, Eva and Mr. Semen Sorokin at the International Airport in Nassau said good bye to joyful and happy Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez in Lisbon. Before parting we wish her a happy flight, she did to us seven feet under the keel and once she entered the hall of flying off passengers we immediately went to the sea port, boarded a boat waiting for us and sailed to the "Athens". Climbing on board we were greeted by Mr. captain Alex Bedrof, head of Richard Dean, sailors and members of the expedition. The organizer of research Mr. Victor Medvedev has previously flew in Russia on an urgent and important matter and the husband of Eva Mr. Semen Sorokin became the main leader.
The"Athens" not wasting any time at full speed went to the area where on the bottom lay a sea creature. Having sailed closer we saw several ships and large yachts and because before they were present here, their presence did not surprise me. Our ship stopped a move and since it was in the evening then Mr. Semen decided to dive to the bottom on the bathyscaphe tomorrow at nine in the morning. At 8 pm we had breakfast, on the table as always there was a bottle of champagne, European wines and to anyone except the night guards were not forbidden to drink of wine. Since ladies, Semen, Richard and captain Alex went to bed at midnight that on the night combat duty seven men armed with automatic weapons went on watch-till to three o'clock of nights on watch stood four guys and then till morning other three guys. Positions were located at the stern, the bow and near the radar, in addition radar system worked well on all sides of the "Athens" so any rubber boat with uninvited guests turned out on the radar gave the alarm and immediately sounded the alarm sound.
Johnny, I say, in the area where there was at the bottom the sea creature with jewelry on its surface several amateur yachts and ships sailed. In my opinion those treasure hunters had bathyscaphes and as we looked for treasure but I didn't see them under water, I personally saw with turned on projectors not more than fifteen feet around and then a solid wall of darkness.
On this night no accidents happened, at eight o'clock in the morning we sat down to breakfast, we all were in a good mood and waiting for the signal according to which all were informed that the bathyscaphe ready to dive into the water. Men have had lunch not long time-they had a hard job and left us, but we, three friends sat and shared their impressions of the days spent in the heavenly Bahamas. At 8 50 am sounded the alarm, we got up and went to the bathyscaphe, Mr. Semen looked at us , smiled and said: "Ladies Carmen and Sofia, in ten minutes we dive, keep in mind it will last at least a couple of hours due to the fact that we got up at aside from the "Hispaniola", in our absence near it a new ship "Margaret" appeared, the path lengthened by half a mile."
"Mr. Semen, do not worry, before diving our ladies little drunk," Eva said and smiled, "the main thing that you had the breathing gas and electric charge batteries."
"So much the better for ladies, breathing gas and electricity is enough," said Semen and got into the bathyscaphe with the Mr. Richard Dean, a crane lifted the device from the deck and smoothly lowered on the water, Semen appeared out of the hatch and waved. Technicians threw a wooden ladder, I a and Sophia were helped to come to bathyscaphe Mr. Se-men helped us get down inside, immediately he close the hatch and we began slowly dive into the water. Because the exact coordinates of the location of the "Hispaniola" were known then a direct course we sailed to sail her. In fifteen minutes our the "Sea Explorer" reached a place near the hull, the barrels which we pullrd out a few days ago lay next. Approaching the hole Mr. Semen put into it a mechanical arm with search light, the light cut through the darkness and as soon as lit up the hold from it floated out he floated out long black sea snake and sharp-toothed fish.
With the third chest we spent two o'clock before the hook penetrated through the incrustations, coated with iron and boards got inside. Sophia and I noticed that the hook was a new design, if in the old one in front of the hook there were four small hooks in the new there were only two ones. Metal telescopic tube with a sharp two hooks had a shot at chest and with big force hook with a sharp small hooks was flying forward. Perhaps coated with the trunk was so strong that there was not enough force to break it. To establish a spring in the first location for the next shot took a lot of time but in two hours hook got inside and we sighed with relief sailed off with a chest of jewelry to the "Athens".
I will say, during the voyage of agreement in advance we did not keep in touch with captain Alex Bedrof and as I learned later from Eva when two hours passed they become agitated and every minute of waiting seemed like an eternity. Once our bathyscaphe appeared on the surface of the water four scuba diver dived into water, technicians threw them strong net, they brought it under the chest, hooked up to the crane with the bathyscaphe and thus raised to the deck. When we came out from the deck-cabin the members of crew kissed, hugged and congratulated us, taken down and to calm our nerves and rejuvenate poured a glass of Chivas. We had a drink and relieved after painful experiences, we have remained at least breathing gas and I almost passed out and the same thing happened with Sophia. Fortunately all ended well , we came to ourselves and in a half an hour we went on deck.
Men the first thing circular power saw cut a hole in the chest, I with Cophia pulled by a handful gold coins and showed to everyone and all shouted from joy Urrraaa. Ladies poured gold, silver, coins, rings, chains, wares and precious stones on the deck, each suited to the invaluable good, picked up and admired. Mr. Semen looked at us and said quietly: "La- dies and gentlemen, in the evening we'll have a great dinner, today, during the voyage, all suffered enough because tomorrow we rest and gain strength , you need to move away from the stress , so all just sit back and think about the good."
The next day after breakfast we were resting, reading, listening to music and for the sake of interest looked through binoculars for ships and yachts sailed here with treasure hunters. The fact is, Johnny, you showed a documentary on how you diving and collected from the surface of the sea creatures scattered jewels and those who had the desire of rich and robust ships left for a given area. They found it on your misstep and your left radars sent signals to the satellite. When we picked up three diving-suits and with them our specialists have found two radars, I do not doubt if you put them on the "Hispaniola" because the ships were circling in the area.
At ten o'clock in the morning at the nearest vessel "Margaret" movement began, I saw how on the deck were brought two divers in diving-suits, thechnician hooked the hoses, cables to them and in a minute they disappeared overboard. Sailors standing at the winches put them in motion and divers without a doubt went to the bottom. It was hard to imagine that divers could go down to a depth of 1000 feet and I thought their goal was to get to the "Espaniola", they learned from us that there, under the water lay the treasure. If I see them they see everything that we di on our " "Athens" and yesterday, when we got from the bottom the chest with gold, silver, coins, wares and precious stones and how we scattered them on the deck, the observers from the "Margarita" saw them and decide for yourself to get. Consequently, they have long time prepared to lifting jewelry with "Hispaniola" and I just could not understand how they found out about it. But then it all became clear-to us Italians sailed. Carefully considering the people in one of them Sofia saw of middle-aged handsome man, handed me the binoculars and whispered: "Look at the deck, there's an Italian, I knew him, he went to the library, asked me for directions to the archive department to Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez possibly to find the "Notes", his name is Carlo Giovanni."
I took the binoculars, stared and said quietly: "Sophia, yes, he is a handsome man, but as sailors I can say they are exactly the Italians. Without a doubt they sailed from Italy, more precisely from Sicily, in the summer of last year I was resting on it island in the harbor of Syracuse saw the ship. Sicilian guide proudly told us that the beauty "Margarita" and a dozen more of these ships belong to some Italian-mafia boss and he takes them out for good money in this way protect its dirty business associated with the spread of drugs, murder and extortion of money from illegal clandestine companies." It became clear to all- for treasure of the sunken caravel the "Hispaniola" at now not only Russian but also Italians hunted. I handed the binoculars Eve and offered to look at the standing half a mile away the ship belonging to some Italian -mafia, spoke about diving of two divers under the water and she looked at me quietly said: "Carmen, do not be surprised, we look after them they do for us, how we can hide what is happening on our deck. Those sailors and treasure hunters know all about our bathyscaphe and dives to the bottom, what a pity we left that place over the "Espaniola" due to the fact that Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez suffered from seasickness and Semen decided to take her to Nassau and to restore in normal state. We sailed off and "Margaret" stood over "Espaniola", their divers dived right down to it. Yesterday magnetic radars on the bathyscaphe discovered them, for unknown reasons at the time of their diving they were drifted to the side for150 feet and as long as they get to the "Hispaniola" you left it. So we have real enemies and thus to secure the diving from them we decided to establish additional means of protection. They have the task to hook bathyscaphe, to lift up with the crane and hold of it for the dive in it under the water and lift the chests with jewels. I guess you, my dear Carmen and Sophia, probably next time you"ll stay with me on the deck."
Having heard this news I and Sophia came in despair and could not imagine that we"ll not see more the "Hispaniola". Meanwhile, we are so interested what happens next with the divers-sooner or later they will come back and we didn't go away for a minute. Two hours passed and they did not come back, we thought that the divers long tinkered with the chest pulling it out from hold and trying to catch with the rope to lift up. Finally, at the "Margarita" reviving began, several sailors gathered at the starboard side, they had looked into the water and soon appeared divers in diving-suits, strong guys put one of them on feet and the other lay on the deck. People acted quickly, soon diving-suits were taken off and we saw a tall strong body muscular athlete, he felt fine and firmly stood on his feet. With the second was more difficult, he was put on a stretcher and carried him to a room, on the deck there were only three people and they said about something, peering over the side. Winch continued to work, it has become clear - treasure chest divers managed to catch.
I plunged in thought and came to the conclusion, "Margaret" was not here by accident but on a foil of Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, it was she who gave the coordinates to a young handsome Italian-Carlo Giovanni who met her in the library. Once upon a time she invited us to celebrate her birthday told us the sad story about her betrayel with respect to Russian Mr. Semen Sorokin falling in love with Italian Mr.Carlo Giovany. My guess-work confirmed: when we sailed to Nassau to wait till the storm and her seasickness, it's happened in that way: after the first successful attempt to lift heroin from sunken container ship in this part of the Atlantic Ocean several weeks ago "Margarita"again sailed here with Marko Sanchez and a software engineer Carlo Bergis, Italian Giuseppe Karera was captain of this ship. After an unsuccessful attempt to raise the heroin from a sunken container ship, as on the place the "Athens" was and by the power of automatic weapons its crew and "Margaret" was obliged to drive away empty-handed back to Sicily to Syracuse and discourage mafia boss Mark Sanchez again showed interest for a search of treasure with sunken caravel the "His-paniola."
Saying goodbye to the captain Giuseppe Karera in Syracuse Marco Sanchez and Carlos Bergis by plane flew to his native Malaga. Of course, they were very upset and cursed crew the "Athens" that they would not even allow them to sail up close to the sunken container ship and failed to raise even a single bag of heroin. But the boss and his programmer now knew that the crew of the "Athens" had no coordinates of the sunken "Hispaniola" and they were a victim of fraud of the Yankee who just by chance got on the trail of treasures which were not relevant to those who transported by caravel in Portugal. After analyzing all the boss and the programmer have come to the conclusion that Johnny himself hardly knows the coordinates of the sunken "Hispaniola" and yet on the plane decided without wasting precious time Carlo Bergis himself personally would fly to Lisbon, goes to the library which Romero and Philip visited and by any way obtain important document which pour light on the death of the "Hispaniola"-the "Notes" of witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the area located at a distance of two-night sailing from Havana". Romero and Philip said Carlos Bergis that the "Notes" was stolen by employe of library Ms. Carmen Nuerra and possibly was given to Mr. John Gray, possessing picture of the "Death of the "Hispaniola". Now, gentlemen Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez have not believe in this nonsense-document is in the library but someone is not interested just so to hand it wishing to get part of the profit and they decided: the programmer promised to V.I.P.a share of found treasures in exchange for a copy of the document.
Arriving in the evening Malaga boss and programmer first thing ordered tickets at morning eight o'clock flight to Lis-bon, a hotel for three days, sat in a waiting silver Mercedes and went to the apartment of the programmer on the way discussing the details of the planned arrangement. Thirty minutes later they went up to the house, for a couple of minutes Marco Sanchez agreed to come in to Carlo Bergis to drink a glass of Black Hennessy for the success of the upcoming trip to Lisbon and to get in his hands a copy of an important document. Having been in a four-room apartment with modern furniture, paintings on the walls and marble sculptures in the hall for the reception boss Carlo asked his guest to sit at the table, took out a bottle of Black Hennessy from the fridge, gourmet snack and looking at the guest said: "My Marco Sanchez, before drinking I want to have with you virtually visit to the library where to find the "Notes", I bring you computer and we get all the necessary information."
Carlo Bergis brought computer Toshiba, turned on and typed keywords by keyboard and in a couple of minutes on the screen appeared the inscription-the "Notes witness the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in the arrangement of the two-night sailing in the distance from Havana" archival document to obtain it should refer to the head of the department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, the waiting period from three to five days."
"My boss, as you have understood from the information the document exists, but I should consult with Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, I print keywords and we will see her face, but regardless of the appearance of the lady I have to put her in business and maybe to have a love relationship," Carlo said, and smiled.
The programmer typed keywords and soon appeared on the computer screen charming busty middle-aged dark-eyed lady of Spanish appearance with splendid figure, with brown curly hair to her shoulders and puffy dyed red oily lipstick lips in a long green dress with short sleeves. Marco Sanchez could not take his eyes from her, he liked her and looked at Carlo boss said: "What a lovely lady, I just fell in love with her, Carlo , you have to show all the qualities to win her ten-der heart, you are handsome and I think you can find a common language with her."
"My Marco Sanchez, she is to my taste, even in picture I see her gorgeous body, cute, beauty in general, it takes a lot of money and a room for a document she demands big share, I will make two copies, you and me," said Carlo Bergis.
Programmer pressed a few buttons and soon Xerox printed two color pictures of Ms. Maria, took one himself, another one gave boss, he smiled, thanked Carlo, picked up and began to took an all-round view the lovely lady. As he watched Carlo made a couple of copiesof painting of the "Death of "Hispaniola", put away, turned off the computer and pouring wine into glasses smiled said: "My dear and faithful Mr. Marco Sanchez, drink to the success of the planned business, now I'm Italian Giovanni Carlo, no phone calls till obtaining a copy of an important document. I'll try to stay a short time, we have very little time, I think my nice looks will melt the heart of beautiful Ms. Maria de Sanchez in the hands of which the unknown to anybody historical the "Notes", if she is free."

"I believe, Carlo Giovanni, you"ll succeed," said the boss, smiled, drank a glass of Black Hennessy and continued, "you can do it, in a few days a copy of the document will lie on this table. Please show all your talent and compelling appearance, I think the lady will be from you in rapture and melted her heart you"ll succeed, main thing, remember, women love with their ears, you yourself know everything."
The host and the guest have fun chatting, drinking, eating and since the affair was important they in half an hour left the table, Carlo and Marco Sanchez held up to the car, the boss wished the programmer happy flight, success and return with a copy and at the farewell added: "Carlo, tomorrow at 6 00 am for 6 you arrive Juan Bruno and drive to the airport, good night," shook his hand and sat down in a Mercedes."
"Thank you, Mr. Mark Sanchez, see you soon and good night," said Carlo and waved by hand.
For Carlo Bergisa everything went perfectly: the plane came from Malaga without the delay and after more than an hour landed at the international airport of Lisbon, he went guards, customs officers, got into a taxi and went to the hotel, changed clothes, put scent on himself and like a real, cheerful Italian in a white short-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans and brown shoes made of crocodile skin with small silver briefcase went to the library. At twelve o'clock Carlo walked into the big light hall, visitors were few, seeing the comely very young employee of the library he smiled and said softly: " Dear miss, good afternoon, my name is Carlo Giovanni, I am Italian and I would like to talk with the head of the archive department Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez do not tell you where is her room?"
Lady smiled and velvety voice said: "Hello Mr. Carlo Giovanni, my name is Sophia Blanco, let's go, I'm only from her, Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez is free, you need to hurry, today is Thursday, she finishes work soon and flyes on the Canary Islands to the meeting, let's go, she is in a good mood today."
Mr. Carlo thanked girl and with a smile on his face walked after her, she brought him to the office with the open door and said softly: "It is Ms. Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez,come in."
Carlo took a step toward the door, stood and began to examined the head of archive department: at a large table sat a pretty lady far of not middle-aged with dark eyes and large splendid breasts, in a light blue dress to the full knees. Brown curly hair to her shoulders, plump lips painted red lipstick, neat nose, a slightly elongated face gave her an extraordinary appeal. Having seen standing near the door the young man of good-looking and athletic body building she smiled and quietly said: "Mister, if you to me, please, come in."
He shyly walked into the office and since Sophia is not concerned that she went to her department. Being alone Carlo and Maria de Sanchez exchanged greetings, introduced themselves, she asked him to sit down on a chair and sat down an Italian in short form expouned the essence of his visit to the library. After listening to an Italian lady looked at him and told about the situation existing in the library according to which any visitor was to write an application for the required document and wait for three -five days.
Intelligent Mr. Carlo noticed that Ms. Maria de Sanchez became interested with him and not hiding she threw her fiery eyes on him, he was at ease, smiled and since everything went well for him and she even hinted at something that does not hold against the pro- free time with him then decided to act gathering.

The programmer looked at her and said quietly : " Dear lord Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, please give me the form , we correctly fill it and I'm willing to wait until Monday paper . I love to sunbathe , swim and have fun at my favorite Canary Islands, and if you have free time I invite you to fly with me , you like it. "
Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez looked at his guest , smiled and said : " Dear Signor Giovanni Carlo , tonight I 'm going to the Canary Islands at meetings , it may be that I'll see you tomorrow afternoon at the beach, this hour will not lose time and fill the form , if everything is going well then my employee will find the document on Monday , but I have to ask of you , try to quietly get out of the library. "
" Senora Maria de Gorrieda Sanchez stood up , walked over to the closet and pulled out a leny the- blank, closed the door, sat down in her chair and said quietly : " Signor Carlo , come to me , we will fill in the form . "
Carlo rose from his chair , walked over to the seniors, stood side by side, she put on the table the- leny form and clearly written in Italian : " Signor Carlo , I know for what purpose you need a document , tonight we fly to the Canary Islands and discuss all conditions if they will arrange for you and me you'll get it on Monday , otherwise the employee will search long and when they find it is no longer necessary. "
Signor Carlo read it and immediately wrote : "My charming Gorrieda Signorina Maria de Sanchez , you know I'll do everything possible so that the time spent in the Canary Islands will be remembered forever, I love you not for the document and frankly , I think all the conditions will suit us. "
After reading she turned to him his pretty face , he bent down to her and kissed her cheek , and wrote : "My Signorina , write where and when to meet after work. "
Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez wrote, " book tickets for seven hours pos -
vonish on the phone and I'll tell where to meet , now go away quietly . "
Signor Carlo rewrote the phone, gently hugged the lady and kissed her on the cheek and proshep -tal , "My dear and beloved Gorrieda Signorina Maria de Sanchez , you're so sweet seducer -tion that I would eat you all and completely now . "
She looked fondly at him, smiled and whispered , "My dear Carlo , tonight you eat and I will enjoy , go away . "
Carlo kissed her again and left the room , he went through the half-empty room, you walked out of the library , and happy feelings embraced his lady - Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez was in his nets and ears in love with him . Wasting no time, happy Carlo Bergis ordered two tickets for the July 15 to the Canary Islands , a sweet called Senor Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez, she spoke in detail where they will meet at the airport at 6:00 and happily reported that booked the hotel for four nights until Monday .
We Carlo Bergisa had no intention to see the sights of Lisbon, he took a taxi and went to the airport and as the morning never really did not bite as soon as domchalis before it paid the driver went into the restaurant and sat down at an empty table and ordered Bacardi rum with steak and after spending half an hour out into the fresh air. Carlo did not like to sit for an hour and went down the path along the building in anticipation of the ladies where she made ??an appointment and of his head and eyes did not leave seniors figure reminiscent of Venus.
Until 6:00 remained ten minutes and when Carlo walked toward the building I saw a lady walking towards him in a green velvet dress to the knee with a small rucksack on his back and a black bag in hand, he found out from a distance smiling Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez and quickened his pace . Faced he hugged her , kissed her on the unpainted plump lips and whispered : "My dear traveler, Signorina Maria , you are so charming and adorable , and only dreamed of you thought were not coming , change your mind . Yeah, we have the time and you can go to the bar , miss a glass of champagne and go to the landing. "
" I agree , but not too much, can not miss , is now so severe, " proshep - Tala lady kissing and Carlo took his hand and led him to the airport terminal . They went to the bar , and there were few people coming up to the counter Carlo ordered two glasses of champagne,
the bartender gave it to them , smiled , loving immediately drank it and went to the waiting room . All went well for them , soon declared fit , without any problems were in self- Mallett , no delay in the shipment. Boeing 767 landed safely in Tene - Rief airport located 9 kilometers from the capital of Tenerife , Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in a few minutes lovers raced in a taxi to the hotel in which each co- times Senora Maria stayed for four days. Upon arrival to the hotel Carlo paid off with the Spaniard , a taxi driver , took the bag and walked into the hall with Seсora filled with coolness . Cute young Spaniard welcomed the guests, they it checked by a computer registration and since the room was reserved in advance that Signorina Jennifer gave them a key couple wishing good night.
Caught in a studio suite with bath and shower Carlo noticed , the Royal sized bed, you can sleep on it along even though across. This spacious room cost a lot of money but as the lady love luxury and it paid off for those who are invited to spend a pleasant time with her on this Spanish island paradise with white sand beaches in the hot golden sun then what was she taking care of someone else's wallet : if you want a gorgeous body and female weasel - paid for. Putting a backpack and carrying case went to the cupboard Carlo Senior, hugged , kissed and whispered : "My enchanting -state Signorina , I think before you start you have a good idea to have a drink at our meeting in the fridge is champagne , vodka , whiskey , if you wish You can go to a restaurant . "
"Dear Carlo , the restaurant will go tomorrow , you're prepared for the table and I will go into the shower in need but cool if you need help you 'll get , " Senor said with a smile and ravilas NAP- in shower .
Carlo pulled out of the fridge Spanish champagne, Smirnoff , Bacardi rum , salami , cheese , a couple slices of white bread , wine glasses , two forks and a pair of knives. Carlo did not have time to cut the sausage as he heard the velvety voice of seniors Mary : "Dear Carlo , I carry it in - robe out of the closet , I cleaned up . "
Carlo went to the closet , opened it and just hung with pink flowers silk robe , he took it and carried it into the shower . It was not just a shower but with a small bathroom in her slightly parted full legs lay lathered Senora Maria . Seeing Carlo she coyly embarrassed , smiled , got up , pulled the handle and the top of the head is overwhelmed by rain . Senora cute looked at Carlo and said quietly : " Darling, you also ought to freshen up, here we will not be crowded, climb , I move over . "
By this time the foam is mixed with water completely drained out of the tub and Carlo saw her graceful form said : " My favorite Signorina , you look like Venus de Milo , if you invite , I have great pleasure to see you climbed into the bath and going to wash your gorgeous body . "
Without any hesitation in her eyes he threw off his clothes and climbed into the tub . Seeing his lady with a charming smile on her cute little face whispered : " Carlo , you're a real Apollo , I think our relationship is all class and will try to meet your request, but more about that later but now hug , kiss and love me, I can not live without love and my passion for young people . I give them your love but no gratitude from them , nothing but promises spilling into the hype . "
Carlo Maria looked at the lord , and gently kissed her cute said, " My dear Venus , I'll try not to disappoint you, my intentions are to love such a charming beauty sincere . Vain you consider yourself to women of advanced age , I think you're a middle-aged woman is not in the best of seductive I , too, not twenty, thirty soon , I note , appearances can be deceiving. 's not talk about it, it's my home for the summer house , make you the most pleasant , because I understand why you invited me, so rinse away the soul, get dressed and go to the table. Unless you washed everything I cooked for dinner, have a drink at our meeting , for love, for our common cause with you and the royal bed , there's better you'll like it . for me , my favorite , a bed , a bed of love , I sue - loyal person and if we make love in bed it is safe for the future of the baby. I'll tell you , I have good intentions , and it would be sad for us if we eventually parted for mercantile reasons. I promise you mountains of gold , everything will depend on the circumstances , if all goes as planned we will get their share of found treasures for which I will fight to the last breath. "
Senora Maria looked at Carlo smiled and whispered , "My dear Apollo, the EU - whether your intentions are sincere understand how you and I can form a strong and faithful union based only on the principles of love. And that if for some reason those treasures for which you hunt with your friends will not get to you , then what will be your turn . "
" My favorite Signorina , I will reply to you in bed , let's not tempt each other , you and I so long to wash in the shower , but all the same as I would not want to s - ladet you in this trough will refrain , do not want to conceive a freak, " Carlo said , his arm around her waist and kissed her, disabled shower and helped Mary get out of the bath. Venus and Apollo got dressed , turned the lights off in the shower and went to the table, he sat her down , opened a bottle of champagne and poured by the glass and kissed the lord made ??a toast : " enchanting -inflammatory Mary, we drink to our sincere love. "
They clinked glasses and drank to the bottom and biting nature of the trial led the conversation , Carlo so convincingly told her about his life that it dispelled all doubts about his good intentions to be with her . Carlo knew when to stop drinking but not for the sake of showing off and in life in general did not abuse alcohol, it's like seniors, mentally figured that this is a huge plus in their future relations in which she believed . After finishing dinner , they took all the unfinished and not eaten from the table in the refrigerator , Carlo took Mary into his arms, carried her to the royal bed , and they bestowed upon one another with love and affection , not only that night but the next .
On Monday they had to say goodbye to this heavenly place , the tickets were on hand and according to the agreement Senora Maria give him a copy of " Notes " in the quarter - dash that none of the employees of the library accidentally saw them. Since Carlo was on the ball that he thought that this is the right decision in their common cause. Happiness and joy which are valid , they returned to Lisbon , Senora Maria de Gorrieda Sanchez drove straight from the airport Carlo in his elegant two-bedroom apartment and taking a shower TNA - ravilas on the wings of love in the library. At seven o'clock in the evening she returned home by the time Signor Carlo cooked for dinner antipasto with cold meat , ham, pork sausage with cheese, salami, put in a bowl of fresh beans on bread , cut into slices , all decorated with green salad and put on the table the bottle of light wine Chianti. Yet at the door , he kissed the smiling hostess , picked her up and carried her to the sofa , sat and looked at it she said softly , "My dear Carlo , I brought what you asked for but do not be surprised that there is no matter what you're looking for , the place of death " Hispaniola " coordinates. fact that at that time there was no accurate tools to define them but I will help you and give them to you for your sincere love , read the document , there is something to go on a quest , the game is worth the candle. "
Senora Maria de Sanchez took Gorrieda of women bags stapled sheets and gave them to Carlo , he began to read the most important passages : " In recent years, with impunity pirates attacked the ships sailing to Europe for the purpose of robbery and capture beautiful young ladies for their mastery and violence . Because of them, there was no rest day or night, then going to a little group of several caravels , and having on board a gun all felt less safe. on the fourth night, the way the moonlight we saw on the island covered with strange black sand in some places growing green algae . struck us that he was sticking up out of the water not more than 5-7 meters , almost flat and it seemed to me, on its dark surface reflects a strange glow in the moonlight . we are interested in this , and we decided to walk up one of the caravels , " Espanola " , which has appeared closest to the island suddenly fell into a giant funnel. on the eyes of sailors standing on the deck of the six ships in just a few minutes, she went to the bottom with 50 sailors returning home duchess Andalusian Senora de Sophia , with her ??retinue and untold riches -12 thousand pieces of gold , each weighing not less than 20 grams, 30,000 silver coins of 10 grams, made ??of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture of the other ships rushed to this strange island located in the words of our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan de Franco .. . "
Carlo looked at Mary, hugged , kissed , and said, " My charming Venus , because I do not for a thank you for our love to you I promise to pull you away from your boss as much as possible , believe me . But most importantly, after searching back to you if you do not change one's mind . "
" My dear Carlo , do not think that you will treasure all perepadet drowned " Hispaniola " , but not even half of all the above draws a good amount. Did you know my body background and e-mail , I'm your e- mail, telephone, we constantly exchange information in-formation , so tomorrow Go to your boss , prepare the ship , deep-sea diving suits , strong and experienced divers quickly swim to the Bahamas . They have gone , " Athens" , it is equipped with the most modern equipment , believe do not believe but soon I would be on it and if you are near the Bahamas success is assured . Now wash off paper to bed and fly tomorrow . "
" My charming Venus , tomorrow I 'm flying , I think my boss would agree to organize an expedition , we keep in contact and as soon as the treasure hunt will end immediately flying to you , and now we go to dinner, have a drink first of all for the love and then for the overall success of our business with you " Carlo whispered and kissed Mary, and led her to the table.
Carlo Maria gave a blissful night of love , she was on cloud nine and cooing like a couple of lovers till early morning . Maria could not resist and in a fit of passion told him all about relationships with Russian and Italian, as I understand it is doing everything to get back at him a cheater Semen left her for a young Signorina . Carlo morning joyful farewell to the happy Mary found a new love and flew to Malaga. As soon as he arrived from the airport called Marco Sanchez announced his return to the document and asked the boss to meet with him at the center of communication. Hearing the message from Carlo he agreed and promised to come at noon to read the document . The programmer is not wasting time got into a taxi and went to his center , on the way he thought about a plan of action to resist the crew " Athens " is not only equipped with modern technology and weaponry but here faced great interests - it was about the hundreds of millions of dollars , and just one of their do not give up despite the fact that the jewels were lying in deep water .
At noon, Marco Sanchez arrived in my communications center , Carlo met the boss and told him after the greetings of his successful trip to Lisbon, showed a copy of " Notes ." Marco Sanchez carefully read the most important passage of the number of gold, silver, coins and jewelry and looking at the programmer said quietly : " Carlo , I agree to take part in the matter but to again attract captain Giuseppe Carrere and so on the phone with him right now , but do not try to enumerate all that is written . "
"Well boss , I call , " Carlo said happily , his boss Mark Sanchez has agreed to invest in the upcoming expedition and dialed. After a couple of seconds in the time -served tubing voice : " Carlo , good afternoon. What news? "
" Giuseppe , good afternoon, good news , I found a home , Marco Sanchez asks you to TNA - ravitsya us to see him, tell him on the phone , " said Carlo .
" Good afternoon , Giuseppe , too, if I tell you it makes sense to look around the house , then believe me it is very good but the last word you say , " said Marco Sanchez convincingly .
" My friend , I agree to go see the house , but first let fly Carlo and show his photos, " said Giuseppe .
" Carlo crashes today , Giuseppe , wait for it , " said Marco joyful and disabled mo - bilnik . He looked to be a programmer , smiled and said : " Carlo , pack and fly , we do not have time to waste, says if your Signorina Maria even half of us will get what we justify all costs and you will get a good share of it . "
" Thank you, Mark , I'm flying to Syracuse , with the captain we type brave guys and experienced divers, this time we are not so easily one squeegee with a golden place . Long in Syracuse will not, once the" Margarita " sail to the Bahamas I come back in Malaga , I need to keep in touch with Seсora Maria , it affects the success of our business. on Thursday I am flying to the Canary Islands where it will meet in Lisbon, we can notice the employee of the library and signorina Maria falls under suspicion. They keep in touch with his girlfriend married to a nephew of the organizer of expeditions , money - billions of dollars, " said Carlo , poured into glasses of Hennessy Black , gave his boss and made ??a toast :" Dear Marco Sanchez, drink to success. "
" And for the jewelry in the hold drowned " Hispaniola "," added Carlo .
They had a drink and headed for the exit Mark Sanchez rush to a business meeting , Carlo for the apartment, change clothes and fly to Syracuse to pick Giuseppe crew , divers and apparatus for generating breathing gas . At five o'clock on a Mercedes Marco Carlo rushed to the airport, at seven o'clock in Syracuse it was waiting for a blue Fiat and delivered direct path to the villa Giuseppe . They greeted each other and sat at the table and for the fine Italian wines nibbling on delicious cheeses , sausages and pizza Carlo read an important passage from the " Notes " regarding the valuable cargo in the hold drowned " Hispaniola ." The number of gold, silver, coins , jewelry is so affected that he was the captain immediately called mafia - boss Rafael Tartini and asked for rent " Margarita " by Marco Sanchez. Since they were common affairs and were in great friendship between them is no objection . " Giuseppe was beside himself with joy, on this occasion he poured Italian Rossi and Carlo drunk with the success promised him sober tomorrow to pick up the crew of four experienced , strong divers and all equipment and apparatus associated with deep-water immersion.
Since Giuseppe knew in Syracuse many heads of companies and professionals that they have helped to equip the " Margarita " modern appliances , vehicles, equipment and diving suits in which divers can descend to a depth of 400 meters and Thursday at three o'clock, the ship headed for the Bahamas . Before sailing Giuseppe and Carlo agreed that " Margaret" sailed to the Bahamas will be anchored near Nassau and wait for information from Malaga from Marco Sanchez or a programmer and as soon as the coordinates of where the bottom is , "Espanola " vessel with divers will go on the district .
Soon interesting event shook the world of humanity - acquainted with the documentary film shown with the permission of Treasure Seeker Mr. Johnny Gray on many television channels and in various countries and the lord Carlo Bergis not only the question , but it motrel and rewrote . Without any hesitation Carlo immediately called his boss and told him about the seen documentary. Mark Sanchez was so interested in them and promised to come to 9pm fully review it.
At the appointed time the boss came to the center due to Carlo Bergisu , they warmly welcomed the each other , and sat down in an easy chair , on the table was a bottle of Smirnovskoe and pouring a glass of two seniors drank to the health and success. Carlo Bergis turned on the TV and they soon began to see the last trip Johnny Gray and his friends at the Drago- values. When the two seniors have seen scattered on a black surface on the huge piles of jewelry lying around the area , and the process of collecting the water after seeing the film Mark Sanchez looked at his faithful friend and said, "Carlos , I do not think that this wily Johnny gathered all the jewels he showed the film to all people without reason , for whatever their personal reasons , but I will say this stuff out there for hundreds of millions . Why ? Did they have collected so much that there is no place to lay down . but if we were to organize an expedition that can justify the costs . "
" Mark Sanchez, the fact is that the sea creature with all the jewels and with le - zhaschey on the surface of the caravel " Hispaniola " a treasure in the hold left on the bottom and now lies at a depth of about 400 meters. Wanting to get a lot of jewelery and opportunities few, even the pioneers did not have such a device capable of sink to such depths , but it is the owners of the "Athens ." And I want to say this , Johnny does not mention about the drowning caravel for which he was hunting , I think these guys have forgotten about it by finding other hidden by unknown . Due of information received from my loving seniors Mary that creature is in pyatide the ten miles from the spot where lies the container with heroin , the coordinates are known and can not show on the map. Anyone Yankee John is very smart guy , he fixed the radar in places where there were clusters of jewels on his ship was sailing and scuba dive with them , some guys are going , others have raised , folded , hidden and transported home without going through customs officers and border guards. How did he do it not our business. now my task is to get to the " Margarita " and wait for additional important information from seniors Mary - it will give the exact coordinates of where lies the " Hispaniola" , Captain Giuseppe sailed immediately , on the spot divers descend to the bottom and begin to rise of precious , " said Carlo and looked at the boss.
"In that case, Carlo immediately book tickets and fly to Nassau , join capital Thane Giuseppe , swim to the site and feel free to proceed to the recovery of treasure. Yes, on occasion, let us all know who the boss is an outsider but try to refrain from the use of , the main thing to be clean despite the fact that you are in international waters , " said Mark quietly , Smirnoff poured into glasses , one filed Carlo , the other took the programmer and looking for a toast : " to the success and safe return of gold coins , my dear friend and comrade, but trust verify they are highly valued. "
Marco and Carlo drank vodka , ate and discussed the important points related to the lifting of IOM jewelry and their subsequent delivery to Spain came to the following conclusion: if successful Carlo remains on board the " Margarita " to return to Malaga , so that none of the crew is not stolen at least part of the treasures he found keeps himself in the cabin under his watchful eye . Programmer boss expressed his gratitude for the trust and promised to prevent the theft of jewelry to return to Malaga and will be held as soon as he tells him to Gibraltar in order to Marco thought the best option delivering them to Spain, bypassing the border guards and customs . Carlo wishing good luck in raising sunken treasures with " Hispaniola " Marco asked him to call as soon as order a ticket , it will provide him a car to drive to the airport and Carlo goodbye boss went to meet with associates on drug trafficking .
Everything was going well for Carlo : a journey from Malaga to Nassau passed without the delays , arriving at the airport and passed the border and customs controls and leaving the building, he immediately called the captain Giuseppe , informed him of the arrival and expect it of a message and when where they will float . Upon hearing the good news of the arrival of Carlo captain was delighted , begins the most interesting , responsible and the final stage in the whole of this long adventure stories . After talking with sea wolf Carlo called the Lisbon her sweet Venus, which depended on luck lifting treasures , she turned on her cell phone and heard the familiar voice of her favorite Italian : "My Maria charming , it's Carlo , kiss , I arrived on the scene , as you feel ? "
"My favorite Carlo , I'm glad I do not believe it, we got the invitation , will soon fly here so that everything goes well , wait for my call and look into the computer, there will be something that you asked for , and look forward to seeing the whole look , " said Senor .
" My beloved Venus, just incredible , and the call arrives , you are my love , and reliable , yes, I kiss you , see you , " said Carlo and hung up .
If the lady Mary is not supported "My favorite Carlo , I'm glad I do not believe it, we got the invitation , will soon fly here so that everything goes well , wait for my call and look into the computer, there will be something that you asked for , and look forward to seeing the whole look , " said Senor .
If the lady Mary is not maintained contact with Mr. Semyon Sorokin Carlo hardly recognized the place where the bottom of the sea creature lay down the more precise coordinates of the "Valley of Treasures" which lay scattered on the surface of the gold , a silver ITATION coins and jewelry . Mr. Sorokin is not suspected of treason on the part of seniors Mary and passed interested in swimming , " Athens" and promised more details in the near future to invite her , Sophia and me on the ship so that we could go down to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of the submersible see not only the existence but scattered on the surface of the treasure. If flew to Lisbon handsome Italian Carlo Bergis not met on her way , not hurt her loving heart Senora Maria only with the pain suffered a break with the lord of Russia and that was the end of it. But because of its weak woman's heart will not order it fell in love with Carlo on the ears and out of love , not only agreed to give a copy of the " Notes " about the death of " Hispaniola " but also to transmit important information from the Italian " Athens" Furrows in the intended location of sea creatures on the surface of which lay scattered not only jewelry but also the " Hispaniola" treasure .
As soon as the television showed a documentary of Johnny Gray on their last journey , and how they are going under water with a strange surface of gold and silver coins, jewelery with precious stones , necklaces , pendants , medallions and other items created by craftsmen that saw him on the expedition " Athens ' caught in the time in the port of Nassau in order to refuel, replenish products , small repairs and rest. Seeing such a huge treasure on sea creatures expedition leader Richard Dean , Captain Alex hips and nephew Simon Sorokin talking to each other and having received approval from the chief organizer Victor Medvedev immediately stop all work and " Athens" went to an area where some time ago, they raised at bottom, with the drowned container plastic bags with heroin and cocaine. Since they are additionally equipped with the latest radar ship sonar and magnetic in a couple of days came upon a sea creature , and also caught the devices supplied by two radar signals and when they arrived at the place that installed the depth sounder , more than three hundred and fifty meters.
Do not hesitate treasure hunters descended bathyscaphe and after a two-hour voyage came to the Treasure Valley and saw through the windows lying around on the dark surface of the sea creatures , gold, silver , and other precious items completely . Since they have had on the submersible device sucks objects the size to the size of a fist , all that came to them was provided in a special collection in half an hour and went up to the first deepsea jewels. Since there was a sense linear Rouge them a brave treasure hunters can dive many times. Senor Semyon Sorokin remembered his promise to invite us to " Athens" and together with us down to the bottom to see itself as a sea creature and sunken treasure
caravel "Espanola ! , and executed it .
My Johnny , happy and joyful I Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez and Sofia arrived in Nassau where we were met by the lord himself Semyon Sorokin, the boat got to the " Athens " on it floated to the place where lay at the bottom of the sea creature and a bathyscaphe descended on bottom. The most interesting experience shook me, it was drowned swimming to " Hispaniola ." Being near her my weak feminine heart began to beat and I thought , if you come to grips with it , in the holds as many treasures that you and I have been together for a long time , but fate decided differently. In short , I'm with Sophia , together with researchers from Russia fell to her treasure and made ??a couple of useful dives up on deck two chests of jewels. But soon the weather changed our misfortune , a storm , was unwell Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez and Semyon Sorokin decided to sail to Nassau and send her to the hospital and then home to Spain. In short it was lost at least 5 days and when returned to the place where there was a " Athens" was another ship . It became clear over the treasures of the caravel "Hispaniola" sailed other lovers of easy money . Captain Alex Bedrov confer - myself with Semyon Sorokin decided to stand aside , and if before the "Hispaniola" was below us , now it should go up to half a mile under water .
I guess I do not know whether the lord Semyon Sorokin from our competitors to learn about the exact location of where lay "Hispaniola" Signorina but when Sofia saw the handsome Italian on deck " Margarita " whom she met by accident at the library who came to Senor Sanchez de Marie Gorrieda I was clearly it is a prank . Once the lord Semen found under water " Hispaniola " and swimming with me and Sophie raised a couple of chests of jewels on deck it became clear that described in the "Notes " ger - tsogom Alvarskim Pedro de Raulesom carried about jewelry truth decided to do everything possible "to Athens " immediately left the place and sailed to the US- sau . She was lucky , the weather changed all presaged a storm , she Senora Maria de Sanchez Gorrieda pretending sick and in order not to expose our lives hazards with Senor Simon decided to sail . Caught in Nassau lady Maria Gore - Ried de Sanchez passed secretly to her lover Giovanni Carlo , hunter reduce vischami , important information : the exact coordinates lying on the surface of the sea creature " Hispaniola " and he " Margarita " immediately sailed to the area and took our place until the " Athens" refueled and was treated Gorrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez .
We came back in five days , and as I told you stood in a half-mile from the underlying " Hispaniola " , but it's not the worst. And the worst was the other in the third in a row immersed zheniyu or ground after returning fortunately what I'm with Sophia did not know , but how races are shown later , Eva , wife of seeds Sorokin , two deepsea divers tried over - tsepit our " Athens " hooks in order to grab it and lift after we drag you out of the hold - treasure chest . What actions has made Semyon Sorokin, co- mandir bathyscaphe , get rid of the attack on the "Athens " our friend did not tell , but I tell you , my Johnny , the desire to sink to the bottom and I lost Sophia .
Meanwhile, the technology at the "Athens " incessantly busy with the bathyscaphe and evening during dinner , Mr. Simon Sorokin looked at all did a little message : " Dear Signorina , gentlemen, tomorrow will be the last dive on the ba - tiskafe and immediately set sail to Nassau , our pretty female guests time to return home to continue his work . I assure you, dear Signorina Carmen and Sophia , you will get your share , I can not insist but if you agree to take part in a dive. "
I glanced at Sophia , she smiled and we both said, " Senor Semyon Sorokin we agree. "
Everyone who was at the table began to stand up , to approach us , firmly shake hands , and expresses his gratitude. I knew we were saving for a talisman , our presence in the bathyscaphe created an aura of calm and confidence for the commander of the host right action at the worst situation which exists at the time of his last dive for jewelry. Our dinner lasted until ten at night , muffled to - las European and Russian music from the speakers , everyone was pleasant and most importantly all races - labilis of stress experienced team during our prolonged immersion . We overstayed set schedule for half an hour , all on deck thought that the crash occurred due to the fault of our rivals from the actions of two divers descended to the bottom of an hour after our dive. Everyone thought that the divers hooked hooks ba - tiskaf and pull it together with us. Our people from their observation posts , following the actions of the crew Dili " Margarita " and when the divers went up on deck and soon the treasure chest that observers have reported this to Captain femoral and he sighs with relief and announced to all that the danger had passed and our bathyscaphe will soon emerge as the actually happened .
After dinner I went to bed and Sophia and the next morning , along with Semyon Co- Rockin ' and Richard Dean at ten o'clock we went for another bathyscaphe Sung Duk with jewels. Thirty minutes later, we sailed under the " Hispaniola " and highlighting the hold made ??all the fish have found in it a shelter for the duration of his leave . Senor Simon chose the nearest chest and started punching him with a sharp metal rod with a small hook. Wrought iron was so strong that the Baggage at least an hour before it struck and hooked . Senor Simon pressed the green button and our bathyscaphe slowly swam back , having sailed for some distance in the direction we felt a sharp blows to the body bathyscaphe. Senor Richard Dean looked at the lady and said something to the seeds in an incomprehensible language . Suddenly, within our bathyscaphe extinguished the light but at the same time involved all external lighting spotlight . "Hispaniola " was in sight and I'm with Sophia saw two divers in suits next to the bathyscaphe . They held two hammers , a sharp chisel and a pair of hooks on the side of the spacesuits were attached large pockets that contained all of the tools necessary for their underwater work on belts hanging chains with hooks to catch their chest and attach it to the ring rope hung over their head. Is incomprehensible , they are down to a depth of about four subway and now their hammers beat on the porthole , hoping to break them and thus drown us . Armored glass was not strong, did not withstand the blows of the hammer and smashed , but no water flowed into the stream as it turns out there were two layers. Only the exterior floodlights lit up and illuminated the divers , they nevertheless did not rush to the side but froze in surprise , and lingered until they were in the uncertainty of our windows covered themselves with metal plates and then blows have fallen on them. Two divers continued to methodically beat with heavy hammers in the side windows , hoping to knock them out . Suddenly, Senor Simon shouted, " Signorini , firmly grab py -kami for chairs, we need to break away from the divers. "
He pressed the blue button bathyscaphe shuddered and began to sharply rise. Since the windows were covered with thick plates that we did not see anything outside. When we set sail for a good distance from the " Hispaniola " Senor Simon turned on the light and softly said, " Dear Signorina , we are in the safety zone , relax, sail to the exact course of the" Athens " Frankly speaking , we had the assumption that we will meet with unions and Aquarius - so we decided to outwit enemies. Our experts have done the frame by inserting them into high- armored glass but just in case they do not survive the blows of hammers and then shatter plate of solid steel portholes closed down , and in that case all our future will be like swimming blindly. I will say to us just lucky , for some reason, the divers were delayed during the descent , and we have taken yet another treasure chest . This is our last voyage to the drowned " Hispaniola " and assume that all that is left in the hold , and there are a couple of chests , belongs to them. we do not want to join with our enemies into a bloody fight , we are not pirates and explorers of the deep sea . you deserve your share , and if you want a million Euros and some jewelry then consider a deal. "
I looked at Sophia , she nodded her head and we both uttered : " Dear gentlemen mye - Simon and Richard agree , thank you. "
We safely blind , not seeing anything around , relying on devices and satellite radio , swam to the " Athens" and as soon as our bathyscaphe was on the deck and went out of his liege lord Simon gave team captain Alex femoral swim to the Bahamas . Sailed in Nassau we stayed in it day, we bought tickets to Lisbon and goodbye to our researchers flew to his hometown.
I must tell you, my Johnny , me and Sophia Marie Gorrieda Senor Senor Sanchez de Semen after a few weeks of checks sent from Russia in a million Euro and gold jewelery with precious stones created by the hands of the ancient masters . That's how Russian researchers led organizer Viktor Medvedev , his nephew Seeds Sorokin and team, " Athens" with Captain Alex femoral bloagodarya we found the sea creature with sunken caravel "Hispaniola" treasure . As for seniors Gorrieda Maria de Sanchez after she got a million Euro and gold jewelry with precious stones from the seigneur Seeds Sorokina and could not get enough of it halts happiness, but at certain moments when we were with her she cried away without revealing their secrets . I do not know how to explain but it has stopped its flights to the Canary Islands on her face was a smile only occasionally , to us Garrieda Senora Maria de Sanchez treated with courtesy and attention , and when I was on the last month of pregnancy, she asked me who honor the heir of my family . But since I knew everything about your present life that I did not want to mention your name and withheld from her.
And one lady Maria Sanchez de Gorrieda inviting us to her on the day of her birth after the third glass of Madeira , it took us a word about not divulging secrets told us the sad story of his betrayal of the Russian Semyon Sorokin lord fell in love with the Italian Carlo Giovanni. My guess Ack Verde she handed him the coordinates of the location of " Hispaniola " as soon as they arrived in Nassau ride out the impending storm and her motion sickness . So far we have traveled three days a Bahamas with Captain Giovanni Carlo Giuseppe Karera sailed to the place where lay at the bottom of the caravel with chests full of gold , and silver coins and jewelry. In short , the last call from her semi- Carlo Chila of Nassau which informed her that the five chests of jewelry schayutsya they returned to Spain , and he will definitely call her from Malaga . And from that place, I 'll tell you , my Johnny , what happened next with the words seniors Maria Sanchez de Gorrieda .
"My dear Signorina Carmen and Sophia , having learned that my Giovanni Carlo stopped sending me e-mails and calls after he had to" Margarita " sailed from Nassau and therefore went to the shores of the Old World as it is in Sicily, at Syracuse, where managed ship captain Giuseppe Karera sailed earlier on my tip-off to the Bahamas , I waited the three weeks and knowing that this time they had to come back and to my dear no hearing , not the spirit I decided with the help of private detectives to find out if my favorite is alive and hiding from I killed him and taking his share of the treasure extracted with my help . I went to the well-known private detective agency " people Search " located here in Lisbon , phoned to Detective Phillip Salazar , introduced herself and he learned who he was dealing guess what it's about finding some interesting and important person and asked me to come to him in the afternoon as the only in-person face- to-face hearing companion decides to seek a loved one.
At three o'clock I again called the lord Philip Salazar and making sure that it is in place and I can take a taxi to visit him . Upon reaching his office was placed in a two-story mansion of red brick with small windows I paid off the taxi driver went to the dark door , rang the bell and heard a man's mechanical voice : "Your name. "
I was confused and then said, " Senora Maria de Sanchez Garrie