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An Iv Sibilov My Notes 2050-2096. Planet Approxima

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   Anatoliy Sibilov
  Notes of the Chronicler of the Life on Earth from 2050 by 2096 and
   Travel to Distant Planet Approxima."
   In the mid-twenties twenty-first century, the world has come relative calm, ended the war began in the beginning of the century, and the country's budget added an extra nine hundred billion dollars. The US government immediately has sent them to the economic recovery, the fight against unemployment, it has reached a record high of 10 percent and again began round of rise of the economy and prosperity of the past the hard times people forgot, the oil in the world market reached 156 dollars per barrel that was acceptable to all countries of oil's importers, the number of air tourists increased, people had a lot of money, pensioners and rich people started to buy residence to south, to Florida, it turned into a huge construction site, sharply increased the demand for homes and villas with pool. But since all concerned with the problem of reducing oil reserves because of the huge consumption of Asian, African and Latin American countries having embarked on the path of economic rise the men of great intellect were closely thinking about the transition to new environmentally friendly bio fuels, on solar, wind and electric energy. And imagine in the deserts where at the year many sunny days began to construct on large areas of power stations generating energy by means of solar energy-millions of square meters of panels aimed at the sun collected heat to turn water into steam, it spins a turbines and electricity transmitted for the city by wires There were hundreds of thousands of wind turbines and the wind turned into electrical energy .
   I remember not only in sunny Florida unfolded building but along the Atlantic coast, particularly in the states of New Jersey and New York. all wanted to live in their homes with a green lawn and the blue swimming pool. Automotive industry came out of the crisis because of the enlarged demand for hybrid cars and subcompact. In the mornings and evenings multy-miled stream cars with the workers and employees rushed to work in the city and out to their nest in the evening. Life in America flourished. ..................................................................................
   Since the world is not standing still, all countries without exception, and people started to develop including natives, savages and Pygmies, all wanted to have not only a well comfortable hut but a personal computer, a mobile phone and a car. And now I present to you our world in 2050 when the population was around 9 billion people. As you can see a giant leap of population growth has not occurred in almost all countries eliminated illiteracy, all educated, well-read and sensible. People have understood the meaning of life, the smaller family the easier it is to live. Birth rate has reached the minimum level, even in countries such as China, India and educational activities among the population has played an important role but the main thing people gained access to the modern lifestyle and is now in any country in every family has the most modern electronics and communication takes place by means of its people. Internet has connected all in a single large multi-billion commune, technical and economic progress in all countries gaining its pace, it seems there is no limit of the human mind and it would be all well and good but the people are faced with intractable problem- severe shortage of oil. Her consumption in the world by 2036 reached 12 billion tons, and as the price of gasoline, and grew in China and fuel oil decided to partially black liquid gold replace with coal, the reserves in the ground can not be calculated. But the government has decided to mine coal from the earth, even though the cost is very expensive, but less dependence on oil imports. Since it requires processing puff of black smoke from the hundreds of thousands pipes fly to the heavens though workers install smoke detectors, in many parts of the sky it is not blue but black and gray. Outside of the cities, especially in the Chinese, Indian villages, and suburbs people use only coal and black clouds of smoke are belching from the tubes in the sky coming down. Currently the drivers of cars refuel tanks with fuel derived from coal, from the exhaust pipes emitted black smoke, but few people pay attention, the main thing they are going, everything works and everyone is happy.
   It is impossible to imagine but almost every family in every country there is in a personal use vehicle/ it's imagine in our planet currently people have about 3 billion machines from cars to trucks. Railroads appeared crammed train, passenger and freight trains, some formulations in China and India for 40-50 cars capable of carrying those who had found space on the roof of up to 6 000 passengers. It is impossible to enumerate the millions of small planes, tens of millions of boats and yachts in all countries covered by a dense network of roads, parking lots, large areas occupied by airports, seaports, hotels grow from year to year like mushrooms after rain. Approximately 7 billion tourists each year wander for native land and from country to country, thousands of huge aircraft with jet engines with a capacity of up to 2 thousand of people and small private airplanes for forty-one hundred passengers each day take off to the skies. All this resulted in a total of more than a million square kilometers of mineral areas suitable for gardens, meadows, fields, pastures, including the suburbs as a result of rampant global civilization and urbanization have gone under the asphalt. ......................... Inhale enough carbon monoxide people sounded the alarm and decided as little as possible to process coal into cheap fuel and turn to other sources of motive power. Therefore, due to the unprecedented high prices of oil $ 300 per barrel in 2050 and a huge deficit every seagoing ship civilian and military began to switch to the use of nuclear energy, all without exception, electrified railways, cars earned on natural gas and electro battery. But there is a problem with recharging process is expensive and lengthy, with natural gas balloon create a series of interference drivers are heavy, reduce road traffic by 20% and explosive. In short, everywhere where you can only use natural gas, coal, wind, solar, electricity, nuclear power and bio energy. Since the aircraft can not be electrified and set atomic engines then all jet fuel obtained after distillation of oil was distributed evenly between the states to support the partially air links between the continents and distant countries and 90% of travelers use only sea liner. Suppose it takes a long time compared with the plane but safely, cheaply and safely. Within countries and continents to communicate using only rail transport, 90% of the traffic carried by electric. Road Transport of the high cost of gas, electric batteries used only at close range.
   In order to support the economy, reduce unemployment and raise agryculture of the governments of many countries including the US and Russia have decided to increase financial aid low paid categories of workers and employees, pensioners, temporary unemployed. Special attention from the government on agriculture, farmers allocated cheap agricultural, machinery, fuel, fertilizer, all for the cultivation of cereals, fruits, vegetables and berries. To harvest, especially fruits and vegetables, from the cities sent unoccupied pensioners, unemployed, pupils, students and housewives. People put on buses and driven to the farm, returning harvesters driven home tomatoes, berries, fruits, grapes and citrus .
   In the service sector giant congestion, people are working day and night, millions of tourists wander from town to town, from country to country, is fully occupied hotels, restaurants and snack bars packed to capacity, theaters, cinemas, stadiums get necessary to defend a long line flourishes resale of tickets on the street and through the Internet at times, unfortunately, the authorities are trying to fight, though but no success.........................................................
   Since all began to use the full measure of the benefits of civilization that rose sharply la the need for quality products, little by little, all segments of the population began to talk, when to nutritious flour, fish, meat and dairy products, fruits and cabbage soup, demand began to exceed the sentence. Prosperous life did not last long, reducing the high cost of oil and coal affected the cost of cultivation, sale and delivery of products to its citizens, the prices grew, the government printed money and distributed to the population and to support their farmers. But as oil prices rose higher and higher-barrel black gold reached 250 dollars in 2046, the agriculture began to decline in many countries, people had to tighten their belts and reduce consumption of meat and dairy products, in the service sector began to take shape recession. Excursions, flying on airplanes because of the high cost of steel available to those who turned his big money, but on an ocean liner cruises and travel, travel by rail were available for all but formed huge queues to wait for long-distance trips coming weeks. If you want to quickly use their car, however, such a trip will cost very expensive and long-time replacement or recharging electric batteries costs a lot of money and takes a lot of hours of queues and bribes have become an integral part of life, too many people......................................................................................................................................
   Attempts to make bio fuels but were unsuccessful as all grew more slowly than desired, and processing of wood, corn stalks, bamboo stems, sugar cane, sugar beet, wheat, canola, rice, millet and other grains require a lot of expensive power was not profitable alcohol which is more expensive of gasoline five times did not make sense. In general, humanity was faced with the dilemma of how to increase the output of agricultural products as the demand for it increased from year to year while production declined because of reduced arable land, growing city, suburban, residential buildings, parking facilities, railways lengthened, highway, nearly a third grown grain went to produce bio fuels, otherwise there is nothing to fill the tanks of tractors to plow the land and combine harvesting. In addition, it was necessary to pour alcohol into biofuel-cars transported from the farms to the city-grown products and to humanity stood two problems, how to find a cheap substitute for oil and most importantly increase the harvest from one area and production of meat and dairy products to feed the population of our planet ...
   But I am not only the life but also the weather on our planet. After 2046 began a short winter and cold and summers are long and hot, though, the era of global warming has not occurred, but the fires ever ruthlessly exterminated fields, forests and housing. That summer day in June 2056 on our Earth at a height of 250,000 miles flown by a large white-burning hot plasma, according to scientists it was the temperature of several million degrees Celsius, an area in the lower part to the four hundred thousand square miles, flying with a huge space velocity of about 200 miles per second. I do not know who took it but spread the rumor long before it flies near the ground as if starts to approach to our planet and its lower layer can almost touch the Antarctic ice pick from the tops of the mountains a few million cubic miles of vaporized by the heat of ice and he (pairs), along with plasma fly into cold space. There are couples turn to ice and more precisely in the icebergs and what people feared, the Space icy hail as it eventually did not hit the Earth. In the lower atmosphere, it will turn into steam and then condense into water, and the millions of cubic miles of rain may cause flooding unprecedented on our planet. But fortunately it was all idle chatter, Plasma flew above the moon and no one on earth could feel its heat. But I must say many firms cashed in on gullible people by offering them find salvation in heat-resistant suits and I bought as many three-set for himself, his wife and my mother, but talk about it later..............................................................................................................................
   I live in a suburb of New York City, 90 miles from Manhattan, it's not so far, people still live yet far. In 2055, New York, or as it is called "The Big Apple" with the sprawling suburbs of the north and east for a hundred kilometers. Frankly all the Atlantic coast from Canada to Florida turned into a huge metropolis of living, the suburbs of the big cities are intertwined with each other as the Americans still prefer to live in their cozy homes, let them even two hours away by car from the Manhattan where there is work and bubbling fountain of life.
   No problems in life, I should say in all the years since 2050, from which describe our lives by 2096 the economy did not experience a significant decline despite the fact that from 2046 to stop importing oil. Leaders with whom she had previously even announced in 2040 that all importers are cutting production nfti and six years later it is completely stop the export. Government and the public have been informed and have begun to take measures to survive in these conditions, depending on the presence of natural pantry of minerals including gas, oil, coal, peat and available extensive forests, flowing rivers, waterfalls, use of unlimited energy of wind, sun and water. Even earlier, for many centuries, people have used wind, water and solar energy in their useful purposes so long before the oil crisis not only in the US but also in many countries, people have begun prepare to survive in the conditions of use of rationed products derived from distillation of crude oil and safely switched to other sources of energy, especially nuclear, so that the economy and living standards especially here in the United States is not affected .
   But there was a period of 2040 and 2055 when the US acute shortage of cereals, bakery products, meat and dairy products and seafood. Everything on the grounds that dramatically changed the climate was unusually hot weather in the summer without rain, many parts of the country blazed steppe, forest fires swept countless hurricanes, storms, tornadoes. In addition large areas of arable land were built tourist complexes, metropolitan and parking for vehicles, paved the tens of thousands of kilometers of new highways, have created hundreds of airfields except for racing circuits on the car with jet engines. On the racetrack, "Joe Cool" for New York on the straight track the cars reach a speed of 900 kilometers per hour and at the salt lake "Martian" racer George Mooney on his "White Hawk" gathered speed to 2200 kilometers per hour. The show was spectacular! The whole world saw the race .
   With regard to housing, industrial products, electronics, clothing and footwear is all everybody
  available, all in abundance. Availability 400 million private cars in urban areas and suburbs has created and creates headaches for ordinary people like me, city fathers and for the President, it is a great challenge: how to move them, from morning to evening on the roads many mile traffic and put a car problem parking. The government has tried to deal with motorists using large fines for the slightest fault on roads and parking but it is not particularly affected car owners, and they continue to roll out to them as the commuter train to use very expensive and each village is not paved branches. .
   Over the last twenty years, since 2055 the United States has increased significantly the number of people because of the use of healthy food created from fast-governmental agricultural products grown with the addition of nutritious substances in the soil or swipes a genius, a self-taught farmer Uncle Joe in his barn, or rather on a farm in the mountains. Imagine his great discovery he fed the whole world and not just America with a population of five hundred million inhabitants, at whose hands about four million trucks and cars. It's very difficult to move within the city, and say it is almost impossible without a bribe to find parking for cars, tank of gas or electric batteries Party. On gasoline, bio fuel is not even speech, however the demand for cars is growing from year to year, with trying to buy expensive luxury cars. People do not consider any costs and Friday evening at least hundred of millions of nature lovers go to their hybrid cars the bosom of nature in the mountains, the ocean, theme parks, they are growing like mushrooms after rain. Houses in the suburbs bought as pies, everyone wants to live close to nature, there's necessarily need a car to travel to New York for work, so that life does not stand still, it unwinds, no one even thinks that because of the rise in the cars will stop and people go on foot. But I think it will not happen soon because of the lack of oil in the US is not even out of the question, scientists are optimistic claim that the next 20-50 years, it will be enough.
   The government takes care of all strata of the population and in order to reduce the number
  of the unemployed create more new jobs in the urban economy, on any free area created new parks, fountains, ponds, repair bridges, roads, break the old house and erect in their place new skyscrapers, parks of entertainment, stadiums. In order for the automotive industry is flourishing measures were taken to support it, any US resident who buys a new car pays only 50% of the value of the high cost of fuel. While reselling car in the hands of the actual price demand from purchased price of about twenty percents lower. Specifically Star Ford factory price of 60 thousand dollars, you bought for 30 thousand, the next day you wish to sell in a year or seven years hang a price tag of 30 thousand dollars and also pay a tax of 20% of the initial value of the factory and get in your pocket after sales remained 18 thousand dollars. So there is no desire to resell the purchased car for a quarter of the price, in addition 20% of the tax paid and the one who buys a car with your hands on the original cost of the factory it costs him 42 thousand dollars, the buyer has an interest to acquire so lost and he buys in its factory-new car dealer for half price. In short, it turns out you bought a car so ride it 7 years period has passed, you can sell at any price, even for a dollar or a million, your business, you will still pay a tax of 12 thousand dollars. But if this old machine will hand over to the factory where he bought seven years ago, they offer you any model at half price and without interest, all expenses assumes state.
   And none of the resellers of the machine for seven years, is not entitled to inflate its value for profit, but after seven years can be sold at any price. Many people like to buy such a scheme, and try to buy not only a prestigious car that will attract people's eyes, cute babes, gentlemen, the ladies at the moment and in the coming years but also cheap auto-what you like.
   So, because of the use of healthy, though tasteless food, the death rate in the country fell to a minimum, there is no place below: closed thousands of funeral homes, hospitals, medical colleges and universities are in crisis, willing to learn dropped sharply, doctors do not find the use of your hands -People stopped hurting, all as young, healthy and vigorous, enjoy a look and live live for. Old men and women bypass the hospitals side, mostly operate and treat people caught up in the road, river, sea, plane crashes and fires. The Government has adopted the program, all students studying in medical colleges and universities receive scholarships after automatically enrolled to work in clinics and hospitals are paid regardless of whether or not patients come. President of the country, insurance companies, medical and funeral offices concerned such a state of affairs in the country are hoping that with time the situation will change and there will be sick and died in the same percentage of the population in 2050. Things reached the point that if someone has died of old age is an event, a sensation, people live without the disease, but enjoy life as it happened I will describe later .
   Yes, the suburbs of the personal houses are not those that were at the dawn of the twenty-first century is for many kilometers up and down the same type of homes are easy to sculpt, to collect all of them as two drops of water, and often people fall into the wrong house thinking that it was his, here such ridiculous incident happened with me and remember it for a lifetime.
   I came home with his friend John stalwart on his beige cars, Ford Nut 2060, now it's order go in New York and from in the car must be at least two persons and he invited me to his house for dinner. I agreed, and as from the trip continuation two hours everything circled in my head. We drank a little tonic, Metropolitan, ate, said goodbye to John and went home to which progress has been ten minutes, eye-lo two kilometers. Now the average walking speed of ten or twelve, some fifteen kilometers per hour, and I'll tell you why, because of the increase of people over the past twenty years, we have healthy diet created by self-taught farmer Uncle Joe's disease retreated, people began to grow height, with elongated legs and especially the average height of a man up to two meters. Strange, but the weight has decreased and people 70-80 pounds, these freaks have previously weighed two or three hundredweight is not in sight, it's not just go flying like butterflies. Life is forcing all people to move and now the citizens a day on average about twenty kilometers overcome some thirty, with no one feels no fatigue in the body. .
   From his friend John, I went home drunk and it seemed to me in the night, was walking his street, looking at the house numbers, this is my nest, I went inside and saw a lot of people around the table, all having fun and drinking. I really did not understand the habit and began to shout at his wife: "Mary, it's for whoopee! Tell me, where did they come to our house?"
   Since I was soundly drunk and did not really understand what the lady sitting in the chair at all was not a stranger, my wife went to the desk, picked up a bottle of wine, and with all his might hit him. Plate with salad flew up, got in face the lady in the lilac hair: all dress in green and mayonnaise, all face is not visible, all opened their mouths and looked at me. A man who was sitting next to me, it seemed to me it was my wife got up from the oak table came up to me, he was a head taller than me, took bottle with wine, raised, I thought he was like I hit the table but he with full force hit me on the head. From the intense pain I cried out, fell down and lost consciousness, but felt someone walked by me and soon completely disabled.
   When I regained consciousness and opened his eyes he saw that I was lying on the threshold of his house, but doubted as the homes' numbers matched, but the window turned a different color, and the street was East, but not West. My house was not far, fifteen minutes of walking, I wanted to get up but from the pain in my body I groaned and realized that I will not only go but not crawl. I decided to call my wife, she was at home, took a mobile phone and a weak voice said her, "Mary! Hey! Where were you last night at the party?".................. .....
   And she told me: "Victor! Hey! But where have you been? I ran to the store and bought a bottle of Stolichnaya, with my mother did dumplings, waited you a long time and finally all ate, drank and go to sleep. I want ask, "Where have you been, my dear Victor?"
   I once heard about the ravioli with vodka already salivating flowed, then I began to lie to her:
   "My swallow, tragedy, last night went from John and I was attacked by thugs, beaten half to death and urgently need your help. My Manya, take our Volvo and go to East Street, I am lying near the house 1749, but soon, if the police run can not escape the penalty, 1500 bucks on the road is not lying." ...............
   My wife has always believed in me, and heard that I was attacked and beaten by gangsters was lying in the street and the police did not take me to the police station was glad that I'm alive, and immediately said: "My dear, lie still and wait, I'm with my mother come running through fifteen minutes since it is close to our house." ................................................. .
   "Dear Mary, do not try to run, immediately rush to the parking lot, take the car and to me, you
   will not carry me, I did not just walk, turn over on his side can not, in this constitution," I explained to her overpowering pain in my body .
   "Well, my beloved, I with my mother run to the parking lot, and soon will come to you, be patient," I heard the trembling voice of my lovely wife Manya .
   I must say that before the parking need not go and run it with the average speed of twenty kilometers per hour for at least fifteen minutes. The new parking lot was built on a dry swamp, at modern building suburbs home join to the house, everything is just two-storey, designed for two families, the second floor is very expensive 50% of apartment of the first floor and it is safer from burglars. I have one-bedroom apartment and pay ten thousand per month in the earnings of thirty thousand dollars, there are no any garages and all the owners are keeping their cars on paid.parking.
   Lying on the cold concrete sidewalk and suffering from pain in the body, I was waiting for my wife at least an hour, thinking that she was lost among our suburbs is designed for seventy thousand people, where no trees, all squeezed to the limit and narrow boardwalk in which the three of us did not go . Because of the large number of vehicles all street unilateral from the calculation that they rush in one direction, and the house can not stand more than three minutes, otherwise you get a fine of one thousand dollars. Traffic police are not available, monitoring is carried out of the Cosmos and the penalty will automatically spin-scribed payroll.
   Finally the car came, I was delighted, I wanted to jump to his feet but it was not there, screamed from pain good mate, wife and mother came out of the "Magna" and when they saw me do almost fainted and suffered for a long time with me until he was pushed the salon. On the way up to the house that gets half an hour by car and walk for fifteen minutes, they explained to me that long to get it in the parking lot, then got into a huge traffic jam.
   We stopped near the house, three minutes they pulled me out of my car, with grief in half dragged into the house, put on the bed, my Masha rushed to the car to drive off into the parking lot. I was waiting for it eagerly, only a half hour she came back and explained that long stood in the parking lot. .
   I should note in our suburban towns, built in the early century, seventy-five years ago, with curves, oblique, circular and intersecting multiple times streets, roads and highways one-way traffic is not so easy run home with any other cross-street it needs to study the map of the village and the way the move, otherwise you can circle in the maze of streets for hours and did not get home soon, the whole puzzle.............. ....................................................................
   My wife and mother treated me at home with herbs, put compresses and massage done, as I did not have insurance, we like hundreds of millions of others threw it in the trash garbage-why pay money if everyone is healthy as a bull, and I I think not think what will happen to me. Frankly the blow to my head with a bottle of wine went in my favor, I like the newly born in the secular in my head I began enlightenment began to think and to think differently, drinking lost interest in the house did order-no glass bottles all faceted glasses smashed and thrown in the trash, all only in plastic containers or cans in the lungs, a mother just did not quite appreciate wife. After convalescence home found another interesting job in Manhattan to pay forty thousand bucks a month to get to the office but need two, two and a half hours there and the same back on city streets many kilometers of traffic jams, the car from the parking lot to pick up the whole problem as put, if you want will give a paw on the employee, otherwise he will not see as well. No smiles and does not say thank you. .
   A little about the nature: from the fact that a lot of people and everyone wants to live in the suburbs in fact it is cheaper, many marshes drained by parking lots, amusement parks with hotel complexes, special attention paid to the preservation of forests, no one has the right to cut down a tree without permission authorities. For logging for lumber and other needs are allocated arrays are allocated in the area for cutting down trees, cut down and then planted new at the expense of those who cut down, so that the nature in complete safety. Farms is not in sight, they turned into the company for the production of finished agricultural products by the new technology of self-taught genius Farmer Uncle Joe, he revolutionized the agriculture and if any of his brilliant discovery of the world's population was not nine billion people and can only five. I'll tell you what is the essence, the fact that kings of car parks and amusement parks with hotel complexes were literally buying the farm and if someone did not yield soon burning fire, a bluish flame, and then, together with houses and family. Our genius Farmer Uncle Joe had a farm in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and still no one came up with the idea to build there the suburban towns the more parking spaces but fearing for his future, he decided to get ahead of those who thinks of clean up his farm and ensure a prosperous life.
  He and his family-his wife and seven sons, grew corn, fattened cattle, pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens and other animals. But the more the more the economy needed to feed, but it was not enough, and Uncle Joe for huge money bought from farmers who still had a farm. Soon the money was not enough as the food rose in price from year to year due to the fact that the nature stormed a cold, the lack of rains unbearable heat. In addition kings parking and all its construction barons, the free territory was built and sold the houses and take a fortune for parking cars. Giant space of the country were under asphalt and concrete, with the village, adjacent to a village, and the one who flew the night on the plane saw a sea of lights except the deserts and mountains. When approaching the big cities and in themselves built high-speed overhead line in two or three levels but it did not help. When gasoline began to give coupons for a lot of people mad price became enriched by reselling it on paid parking without bribes you not pass. Soon came to the aid of gas, coal, oil, wood, alcohol, solar, wind, nuclear and electric power, a trip to the batteries for long distances proved futile as their innovations gas stations demanded a lot of time and money. To carry two sets of batteries, reloading machines, he shortened the distance traveled by 20% -a this extra cash costs and the recharging station was only in the cities, people stood for hours and even slept in cars waiting queue. Each trip is accompanied by a continuous headache, particularly alarming tires, in recent years the quality has dropped dramatically, and had to take two ramp, as the chamber burst condoms and the company made a profit by releasing this stuff for motorists. Was not offended at someone energy cost big money, strangely it did not save all become accustomed, did not complain and kept driving.
   The people who lived in the big cities did not experience headaches from their trips,
  offers metro, bus and taxi, you can go to the nature parks and entertainment, movie theaters, stadiums, restaurants, where your heart desires but to buy an apartment can only be for big money or to buy a subsidized one-bedroom city apartment with all the amenities when you will knock 65 years, you alone or with his wife and income does not exceed 3,000 per month. If only rescue in the big cities of the problems with movement appeared subway, unfortunately for nonresident luck a no-line to the suburbs do not run. At one time, suburban residents to contrive to get on cars to the nearest subway station, put the car on a paid parking lot and go to the city in a crowded coach let five transfers. Soon the owners of parking lots near subway stations realized the cost of parking sharply shot up, and many motorists wish to use them immediately disappeared.
   For large factories and companies began to build dormitories, employees, workers were transported by buses to the suburbs, working five days, four nights conducted in shelters, for singles it was a pleasure and for family-real drama began trekking to the side, up to the love affair cheating, distrust of each other. Since many people do not have the opportunity to get to work by public transport and the use of a car that he had to put in garages skyscrapers up to 60 floors or platforms where wise-owners to create designs with metal frame boom platforms, put the car and lifted to the height of the twentieth floor-all machines in view. But here was the problem had to wait a long time until workers parking your car descend from heaven, and that the process is not delayed too long in the leg required to give a bribe in the form of a tip, the limit does not exist, the more you get to foist the faster car. Since the parking lot is not always find something to work outside the office or factory had to either go underground or flee three five kilometers. Think about the bus had not run since it was possible to overtake him-created traffic jams at intersections of up to several kilometers, and run at that time were the forces due to the lack of good nutrition for the simple reason, the people were many: many farmers have sold for large money their land magnates and they went under the suburban towns, highways and parking lots.
   Again stormed repetitive nature and just imagine with 2040 to 2055 when economic prosperity when the shops were full of cheap industrial-represented goods and modern electronics normal meat and dairy products could afford to those who received no less than twenty thousand dollars per month including workers at gas stations, parking lots and garages. But to get to this place had to bribe the owner of at least a quarter million bucks, but the money the worker could return during the year and further solid revenue despite the fact that it was necessary to share with the owners. In the course went cash, no one took a tip on the leg checks, inflation was threatening, prices rose month by month. I remember buying a bag of popcorn for ten dollars, twenty dollars a loaf of bread, a pound of meat to a hundred, half a liter of vodka from one hundred to three hundred dollars, with the meal was a real disaster. Hospitals appeared crowded with people on the ground and malnutrition known what would all this disaster has ended for humanity if not a genius was born self-taught farmer Uncle Joe set himself the task at any cost to survive with his family. The fact is that due to lack of forage and its high cost, he had begun to slaughter their cattle, sell meat and food to buy in Canada for the fabulous price, with paw had to give customs officers, no matter how they, too, want to eat meat and dairy products, and plenty very well live . .
   To get food, hay, transportation business it turned troublesome, expensive and very dangerous for life. Because high diesel prices have become frequent the original, I would say unique in the way the robbery on the highway, which is what happened with Uncle Joe. Our farmer in Canada, in which diesel fuel cost by one-third cheaper than in the US filled full tanks and successfully passing the border, after leaving the customers thousand bucks, joyful raced Native American highway home from forage. After driving miles from the border of fifty rubles he saw standing in front of the truck, the driver waved his hand so that he assisted. Farmer of the goodness stopped and got out of the cab, he had not yet approached the driver as a rear wheeled pickup truck pulled up sharply, he jumped out of a young man jumped into the cab farm wagon gunned and then rolled forward. Uncle Joe ran to the pickup standing with the door open, in the heat jumped into the cab in order to chase the hijacks at that time received a blow on the head and lost consciousness. When the farmer woke up he saw an unfamiliar area, he was lying under a tree, and happiness to his near of highway, he stood up and walked to the highway, lost money, food and the machine. .
   Returning home Uncle Joe told his wife and children about his robbery, all bitterly experienced the lost of good but as the sorrow and tears will not help pets require hay, animal feed and swill they decided to feed the hungry beast maid small mixture composed of corn, wheat, with the addition of sawdust -fifti fifty. But it's no good use in his eyes cattle began to grow thin, and came here to rescue the children. They read books and subtracted that coal was formed by the decay and subsequent pressing for hundreds of millions of years-grass, reeds, ferns, trees and dad offered to buy coal, crush to dust in the mill, and diluted with water with the addition of corn, wheat. They have done this experiment and surprisingly easy-drinking animals swill, but recovering a cow to give milk that smacked of coal, it was impossible to drink our experimenter decided to abandon coal. .
   Illiterate farmer Joe skillfully led his vast farm and often did experiments in his field- would increase maize yields, he realized: the more heat, moisture and manure the higher yields, everything grows faster- bamboo for the year grows up to six meters, but where he lived in a remote mountain valley civilization from Montana, but the heat was moisture on the equator, there was no maize gave the same crops grown with regard to the field of taverns that if he had known that there is a book that records the Smith brothers got into and she received a prize of one million dollars, some fodder pumpkin weigh up to one ton. His sons, cut them on the field, the cattle ate with great pleasure but does not add much weight, as only animals stuffed bellies and gain needed for corn. And then he decided to create on the basis of mass pumpkin nutritional substance-solution: buy a powerful press, squeezed out of the pumpkin juice poured under the roots of the corn stalks and noticed that it is extended by one meter but they cob weight has not increased. The cattle eat the stems with great pleasure, adds weight but not significantly, but the milk was thick, fat as cream. This inspired our Uncle Joe and he continued experimenting on his farm, but he ran into a problem, did not have enough water. He decided to break well, bought a rig, began to work with his sons, and the following evening they were surprised when they suddenly from a depth of one hundred meters outside of the tube flowed as they seemed odorous rust-colored oil is reminiscent of soft jelly. But in a strange way the smell was pleasant and reminded May clover, oil and vaseline, viscous liquid filled in the ground, then the children ran behind the barrels, rolled, filled them with her to the top of the pipe and closed because it was night.
   Tired workaholic went to sleep and when the morning came to the well they saw that all the cattle had gathered near the rig, all the barrels appeared flipped and all oil-vaseline liquid has been drunken by cattle. On the ground, where she shed all would-lo licked and swept away the roots, Uncle Joe got scared and thought that the animal will be gone, and despaired. For a while he put the work and waiting for the day when the animals begin to disappear, drove it into the pen but the animals as if enraged, broke through the fence and rushed back to the well. They are not dead, only wild mooing and Uncle Joe noticed that that the cattle that drank the liquid oil-vaseline several weeks has changed the shape and weight-gain was significant. And then he decided on some bulls and cows to continue the experiment and began to add in hot water this fragrant clover oil-vaseline viscous liquid by half in the proportion of both noticed that the more he gave them this liquor is greater, they will gain weight. He realized, and gave them an unlimited number of liquor-as demanded stomach of cattle and imagine six months they were like elephants, by weight closer to three or even four tons of live weight.
   Our Uncle Joe was not limited to experiment on cattle and decided to add on more muck-fuss oil-vaseline viscous liquid began to pour corn field and soon noticed that the maize has become the eyes of growing up at the same time changed the color-soon turned from green to brown and light . Fear gripped the farmer, he was in despair, without hesitation decided to score a bull elephant and when steel sections vat carcass we saw how gushed out from a vein of dark red blood and all the meat had a bad color of rust. But the most interesting meat produced by a pleasant smell of May clover it's impossible to stand. Uncle Joe decided to roast and taste the meat and after his pretty wife Jane cook cooked roast pleasant scent spread throughout the house. Immediately put a couple of bottles of brew on the table, and sat down for a sweet soul ate meat, all admired the unusual taste and yet he, Uncle Joe, his whole family is deeply upset did not know what to do with the color of the meat, how to change it, and then clever wife Jane said: "My hubby do not worry, I seem to figure out how to get rid of the rust, we sit and drink the brew, get it by distillation, and I advise you to try to overtake the oil-vaseline viscous liquid, add some yeast and when the mass of sparkle overtake her and then see the result."
   Uncle Joe was glad kissed his wife and exclaimed, "My dear Jane! Great idea! Sleep on it tomorrow proceed to the next experiment." ......................................................................................
   Our Uncle Joe did not think twice the next day had sons, told the essence and began to collect its own huge moonshine cub miniature installation fifteen tons. He had three metal tanks, one of them poured ten tons neftevazelinovoy viscous liquid, thrown, about three tons peretrtyh semisweet taverns, half a ton of sugar beet, a quintal of yeast fermentation help accelerate the whole mass thoroughly warmed, stuck in it and a powerful electric heating element become heated. After a few hours of fermentation began, a week later the tank was on the move, and Uncle Joe decided peregoyat fermented mass. In the second tank installed metal coil tube diameter of ten centimeters, poured cold water through embedded pipe, the second pipe embedded served as a sink for hot water. In short the process was irreversible, the end of the coil held in the third tank for the condensate drain, the final product distillation.
   The first tank was heated to boiling fermented mass, couples rushed up to the coil, and soon the farmer Joe saw the condensate pure as a tear. He filled a glass, brought his to his nose and smelled the pleasant scent of clover, a farmer even tasted the liquid had a sweet taste and also turned a soft drink. The result turned out to be a stunning distillation of the fourteen-ton weight received ten tons of condensate and immediately began to water the cattle but with the addition of water at the rate of 50% of the condensate. Also embedded under the roots of corn, trees and imagine the Queen of fields growing like bamboo in front of and surprisingly a couple of months before the eyes of Uncle Joe, his Zhinkov Jane and their seven sons presented itself branchy green tree, several hundred cops hang down, and each more half a meter.
   In short, cattle, pigs, poultry growing literally by the hour and for the six bulls to-Rova weigh up to 2.5 3 5 tons, the daily milk yield is 100-120 liters Cows, porazhala- fat content of 4-5%. Our cattle farmer did not feed, he did special muzzles with a hose through which pumped under pressure nutritious substance directly into the mouth, cattle day and night just sucked it did not have to chew and eventually he brought a new toothless beast can be seen. Apples, pears, cherries and other fruit trees brought extraordinary yields, just imagine an apple tree height of six meters where more than two tons of apples. Corn was like an oak-at least a thousand ears of up to one meter thick suchyah- hung on such results achieved farmer John Bull, after a three-year selection works on his farm lost in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. But fearing for his future, his family, his noble cause Americans to feed cheap and nutritious food, fearing kings car parks and casinos, he assembled a council home and your family at the dinner table decided that the time has come to him, Uncle Joe to go to Washington, to any a way to get an appointment to President Bill Thompson not only tell but also show a video about his unusual farm with unique animals, fruit trees and corn field..........................................................................................
   After dinner, adult sons photographed farm garden, corn field, a kind of cattle elephants, with bulls rising sheep, turkeys, like ostriches, mounted and viewed on a TV-documentary movie was spectacular. Without hesitation began to collect his father on a long journey, book flights to the capital and on the following day, after the eldest son Michael drove his father to the airport Kalispell, put on a self-Flight and Uncle Joe went to Washington, where he was lucky like a fairy tale, he met childhood friend Alex Cook served as secretary under President Bill Thompson. Sons recorded in the ledger historical date of departure of his father in Washington May 15, 2055.
   Uncle Joe came safely to the capital, without hesitation went by taxi to the White House, the driver dovz it straight down to the metal fence and the farmer paid him out of the car. It was a warm sunny morning and people hurrying to work. Uncle Joe went to the gates of the White House and had not yet come to them as he stood near the white stretch limo, stuck his head out of the window with red hair and heard a loud cry: "My friend John Bull, hello, what fate has brought you here !?"
   Uncle Joe turned his head, looked at the man sitting in the car and said: "Alex Cook, hi, nice to see you, that's meeting. I need your help." "Get in the car, it will tell the essence and try to help as the best childhood friend, I guess you would like to meet President Bill Thompson."
   "All the way, Alex, an important matter," said our farmer sat in the limousine, he set off on the road and told him about his unusual discovery. Alex listened carefully to John Bula and promised that he would give an answer tomorrow, white limousine turned and headed to the hotel Voterblyum. Alex-operated self parking enforcement, issued documents averted in luxurious room and asked him with no one to meet and keep quiet in the morning, he will drive up to it, and with it will go to the White House where he was required to take the president is a very important discovery and the government would be interested in for-use it.
   Yes, in these years, the country has created a crisis prodovolstviem- still had to drive from abroad, Latin America, Canada and Australia, the government has spared no expense to print them day and night, all farmers have provided financial support for farms in perfect order , provide equipment, fuel, fertilizers, seeds but all their efforts due to natural disasters in the country was a shortage of food, especially meat and dairy products, prices rose.
   The government has decided all the poor, pensioners and elderly people to add monthly electronic card to buy food for five thousand dollars so that they can happily spend the rest of life, spend the money for his own pleasure, and thus stimulate the economy and agriculture. But with him it was all right because it is also a great site for big money bought from farmers in building kings, immediately arose suburbs, parking and motorway respectively acreage declined, the demand for food has grown from year to year, not only in the US but in all countries. The cost in the world market grew from month to month, to become dependent on other countries to become an importer of meat, wheat, corn, as it was with the oil until 2046, when the United States sailed past the tanker did not want to. All breeders, scientists involved in the development to increase the productivity of livestock breeds evolved, accelerate the process of growth, weight gain of cattle and poultry, it was exhausted, the results are disappointing, also changed the climate and this greatly affects the crop. Because of the unprecedented summer heat and lack of rainfall in time despite the abundant irrigation or early frosts of up to 50% of the crop disappearedstanding, a man was in direct dependence on the whims of nature.
   And it should be noted such whims of nature occurred, not only in North America but also in all continents, growing fruits, berries, vegetables, conducted in Orange aloft and greenhouses everywhere but vast fields with crops of corn, wheat, rice, The ball-me, oats, herbs and clover was impossible to close the films and here everything depended on God.
   The next day, his friend, Alex Cook came to his hotel and told the good news: "Hello old Joe, assemble the machine at the entrance, President Bill Thompson agreed to accept you, take a brand new suit, dressed and went to the White House."
   Uncle Joe looked at each other, smiled and said: "Alex, hello, it's awesome, new suit, I put only a bargain, you should be with me until the end, I'm in the White House can get lost, I realized."
   "Okay, Joe, go ahead," said Alex, he helped put another suit and moved to vyho do, our hero had never seen a president even in the photo, did not watch TV because all night long working on its economy and keep workers. They sat in a white Lincoln and went to the White House, a few minutes later drove through the gate and stopped near the entrance. The guards in black suits open the door, Joe and Alex went outside and escorted went into a small room where a historical meeting farmer genius John Bula with US President Mr. Bill Thompson. They greeted each other, became acquainted shortly come helpers president, Alex went to the farmer, took his tape, filed tall young man and asked him to turn on the TV with baggy screen to view the results of the farmer. Everyone sat in soft yellow leather chairs, the young man looked at Uncle Joe smiled, turned on TV and soon on the big screen three meters diagonally appeared farmland with a stone two-story house with a red tile roof, numerous outbuildings, set for distillation neftevazelinovoy viscous liquid colorless substance in energy, garden, animal, bird, fields of corn, wheat and rye.
   Uncle Joe stood up at the table and during the documentary tells about his achievements, the President and the seated guests could not believe what they see and at the end of the film, Mr. Bill Thompson said: "Dear Mr Joe, thanks for the information and film, today I go with you to your farm, I want to witness your cattle, your wonderful farm and if you need me to help you get it immediately written, you are now carried out in the dining room for breakfast, do not hurry. " Alex went with Joe to the dining room, in forty minutes and returned MESSAGE Secretary-schil farmer that the President is waiting for him in his helicopter on the lawn of the White House, Joe Bull was delighted and immediately moved to the door. Through the open door he saw the Giants cue belogoluboy helicopter, Mr. Bill Thompson stood next to him and waving a green hat. After a minute, Mr. President and his entourage, Uncle Joe, numerous guards went into the helicopter, and it took off. After ten minutes of flight boarded the presidential jet and flew to Great Falls, again there was a change in the helicopter and final flight to the farm.
   We flew swiftly and afternoon three helicopters flew over the farm have Uncle Joe, from a height of several tens of meters president and about a hundred attendants admired extraordinary corn, cattle-like elephants, pigs in the growth of the horse, chickens like turkeys, turkey superior to mean big ostriches.
   Helicopters dropped to clearing came Jane, a beautiful wife, with a huge loaf and salt, seven handsome sons, the hosts and guests greeted each other, met and made a sightseeing tour of the farm Uncle Joe. Soon his wife and children were separated from the company, an hour Uncle Joe invited the President and accompanying persons to dine on the meadow, all sat on an oak bench and like a fairy tale on a long table were hot bifshteksy, stews, red grape wine, juice and apple pies. President, Mr. Bill Thompson and his entourage were thrilled by the food, wine, snacks, and during the feast Uncle Joe turned to Prezidetu: "Dear Mr. President, Bill Thompson, I ask you to give me all possible assistance and promise to feed many Americans cheap, hearty and healthy food in the shortest time, you are personally convinced about my achievements, I can help other farmers by sending them free my energy nutritional substance necessary drilling equipment and distillery, I think to keep all the lands need protection if bad people learn about these riches they make us leave this place legally prinadlizhaschie us now for two hundred years. These are my sincere wishes "
   President Bill Thompson listened, smiled and said: "Dear genius Joe, I join you and your request in accordance with segodneshney night Marines land and air will protect your farm in a radius of forty miles-no odinpostoronny neither light nor dark night, the day did not penetrate into your territory tomorrow will arrive here geologists, builders and for a short time built the most modern distillery in accordance with your project, laboratory, on any question please contact me in my personal phone. I'll skazhu- is awesome fantastic spectacle, such a large animal gain weight literally by the hour, you feed not only America, but we can help other countries to eliminate the lack of food, thank you from the heart, dear Jane's farm perfectly cooked simple but nourishing food for beefsteak and a traditional apple pie. I would invite you to become chef at the White House, but your husband will not let her pomoshnitsa even the President, and how do you think the main technical leader in all this brilliant company and, of course, special thanks vashiim seven sons helping you day and night, thank you, goodbye, every month I I will personally and his wife arrive to you on the farm and interested builders set neftevazelinovye producing rocking erected laboratories, industrial buildings and certainly taste delicious beefsteak to taste and apple pie, with your permission, I will take a little of both, I was a farmer, and understand how hard to expand without the support of agriculture. "
   Uncle Joe, his wife Jane and seven sons goodbye to the president and Sopra nied by VIPs and went to the presidential helicopter, strong guys hauling baskets of food, slowly passing by cattle fantastic blur-ditch, inspected and even touched his hands to peacefully grazing sheep velechiny with bison, chicken-like turkeys and turkey velechiny with ostriches.
   Did not President flew in the sky seemed to seven huge green helicopters, they landed, they saw descending morskh Marines armed to the teeth, he came four-star general and reported to the president that the Marines are ready to serve. The president turned to Uncle Joe, smiled and said: "Our farmer genius!
   I am calm for your safety, work for the benefit of the peoples, I believe that you feed the world and tell you a secret under your farm ocean of liquid gold, a hundred billion tons and that they, the brave Marines, will protect you and your farm, and now we say goodbye, and as I said earlier to lie down again and see how it is working -ved matter of national importance, goodbye genius Joe, Jane and you Magnificent Seven sons helpers, thanks for the wonderfully delicious farmer's appointment until the next meeting. "
   The president was a simple American, kissed Jane, Uncle Joe's sons, they Lali-after by Bill Thompson, and all his entourage happy flight, guests headed to the helicopter and soon seven cars soared into the sky. Forty Marines from three small helicopters remained on the ground, armed to the teeth brave guys are day and night to serve the economy around our genius farmer John Bula as President, Mr. Bill Thompson in a radius of forty miles from the farmhouse.
   The President's words are not separated from the chores, after three days of profit builders, geologists, drillers, the work unfolded in full force, and after five months of oil and earned all-zelinovy distilling complex, the opening flown personally by the President Mr. Bill Thompson with his blue-eyed blonde, beautiful wife, Clara, three daughters, advisers, assistants, at least hundreds of people considering protection for the occasion to lay the table, they were full of beefsteak, snacks, champagne, wine, beverages, apple pie, fruit, in short all those present were happy and thanked Jane , Uncle Joe, and their sons,
   After the departure of guests from all employees oil refenery complex, geologists, builders, and the mood was upbeat drillers and since the discovery was symbolic because of the great celebrations, without exception, they all took part in a general will to the best booze started to work the next day.
   Once earned complex immediately organized the sending of concentrated pi tatelnoy substantia farmers, they received six-ton tanks with instructions on how to use in breeding cattle, poultry and cultivation of maize, wheat, oats, PLO-pa trees and fish breeding. A year later, the country felt the abundance of bread, meat and dairy products, fish, fruits, meteorological conditions have little effect on the cultivation of crops. And as cereals were available that were necessary fodder to feed cattle, poultry and fish, and append it to the nutritional substance they grew by leaps and bounds.
   But the story did not end, at the request of President Bill Thompson soon became a gift to send to other countries Five-ton containers with concentrated nutritional substance and usage instructions, on-site power distributing valuable gift to their farmers and five years on Earth all the people were satisfied and thanked Uncle Joe for his brilliant discovery. Just imagine the bull-grow from the tube to ready for slaughter up to three tons took 6 months bisteykami enjoyed by children and adults, even the Bushmen and Pygmies stunted growth reached 175-185sm. As I said earlier the disease retreated, pro-life expectancy has reached 120 years, sharply increased population growth in Asia, Africa and Latin America, mainly death overtook people purely by chance as a result of accidents in the air, on land, underwater and underground.
   But the main thing people have become extremely hardy and race walking was not difficult to overcome the distance of 20 km at a speed of 15-20 km per hour, many people who lived in the city refused to use the car to get to the office, work, streets filled with running, giving the impression that it is the next race for the marathon. On all the roads identified for begayuschihdve band, no car had no right to enter it under the threat of huge fines tysyachadollarovogo. But as millions of people living in the suburbs and escape the city for 50 -90 miles was not possible that soon the city streets and avenues there were such that we had to plug all traveling citizens to send to the narrow sidewalks. There's pandemonium began and the city authorities decided to expand sidewalks of one meter.
   Frankly speaking, the human body has adapted to the meat, milk, eggs, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and other gifts of nature grown on the basis of nutritional substance produced by distillation neftivazelina special form, which has nothing to do with the one from which the method of distillation poluchaetsa gasoline. So the discovery of genius belonging to the farmer Uncle Joe significantly influenced the development of a living organism, not only people but also animals, birds, insects, some vidy- cats, mice, flies, including mosquitoes after eating such food have increased in size.
   Just imagine, flies in size resembles a small sparrows, you ca-dites the table and they flock fly over you arrogantly dropped on the table, run it and you tear off pieces of beefsteak, or sit on the edge of the plate with soup and your chapter Zach involve him in sebya- from once impossible to kill a fly, no poisons and whether-beams are not afraid of them. But the greatest threat are the mosquitoes, they need only to see the naked body as they swarm like bees attacked him, biting but not deadly pain-oschu timaya, no deodorants can not scare them away from the naked body, so people dress, smiling from head to toe . Mosquitoes are found mainly in rivers and in the suburbs, sometimes in the evenings they are huge clouds shrouded the sky, then all the inhabitants of the house and flee to tightly close the windows and doors. People have adapted to scare away the clouds of mosquitoes from the villages, with their approximation in the air rises helicopter with hanging him a huge network and there are several bloody beefsteak raw, sensing a cloud of mosquitoes rushes for faith-toltom and when he flies far beyond the village pilots dump the net with bait and it flies to the ground. Among the beefsteak is a small explosive mouth-tron devices, it explodes and bloody pieces scatter in different directions for a short distance. A cloud of mosquitoes pounced on the bait, a few seconds later the helicopter returned, the pilot includes a pump and a poison mixed with diesel fuel sprays popu-komyh, the whole cloud of several million creatures not only killed but also completely burnt.
   Dogs are walking on is not trotuarm, keep only the house and the one who thinks of you, carry out beloved friend impose a fine of one thousand dollars due to the fact that before they had multiplied so much that it is impossible to walk on the sidewalks of the stench-all obgazhennye and obmochennye besides They refused to remove the scavengers and began to retire. Many sidewalks were formed mountains of rubbish and under public pressure the city government issued a decree, who walk their dogs on the sidewalk fine of $ 1000 bucks. But to keep the dogs in the house troublesome besides stink but for many pet do not leave with him as the little waste, and also from the people. I noticed on its own and even many of my friends admitted to me that often go to the bathroom once every two or three days.
   The fact is that created by the new technology of the food-fed through the nutricious substance genius Uncle Joe cattle, pigs, poultry and fish so high calorie and dehydrated that it's impossible to eat a lot and do not want to drink from its use of people started to grow, no one fattens. Eat little but eat what is sufficient for a full day of work and the energetic bustle, people almost do not drink beverages, prefer fresh apples, grapes, raspberries.
   A few words about a new problem of male-on-impotent in recent years their number has increased dramatically, with net-single answer everyone has his own individual case, the doctor have to wrestle with how to cure the disease, because the family is falling apart, with each having to sit for half an hour before attribute to him a remedy for impotence as a result of long queues and waiting to get an appointment for three weeks or more.
   That was when there were healers, sorcerers and promised a large sum in a short time partially cure this disease because nobody could give an absolute yes sufferers, and again after a few months of successful cohabitation fled to the hospital for help. Nevertheless, the population has grown at the expense of the people, nations that have not yet benefited from the fruits of civilization, but to the best of enjoying high-calorie food created based on the technology of cultivation of grain, cattle, poultry and fish farmer Uncle Joe. Now the climate does not affect the growth of corn, fruit derevev- frost and heat-tolerant varieties, the main concentrated substance was stirred with water at a ratio of 1: 100, and then want watered his small field, they want upaivay cattle, poultry, everything is growing by leaps and bounds, and fantastically fast gaining weight, so everything depended on when a five-ton capacity will come free from the United States with a concentrated nutritional substance. The world thanks to the genius of Joe and wished him many hundreds of years of life, it did not pass to the year he was not awarded the Nobel and other prizes for his contribution to science. Just imagine: in the world there was no man that day did not eat at least one bag of popcorn with a beefsteak!
   Despite the fact that a pack of cigarettes has increased significantly in price is not the number of smokers has decreased but the problems have increased tobacco magnates and they bear huge losses, as millions of fans come from stronger delayed sue tobacco companies and thus one of the most profitable Light Tobacco Co. got used to Sveta. So, after a twenty-one smoker trial won his father's death, which began even before the judgment with this powerful company and died of lung cancer ten years ago, in early 2055 because he did not know that the smoke poisoned muck. Lawyers attracted experts in cancer in this matter and they have proven that cigarette tobacco companies Tobacco Light fraction of nicotine 0.01% higher than the proportion indicated on the pack. As a result, the victim, or rather his son, won in court seventy million dollars, but since his father suffered rather than a son, his arms gave a hundred thousand dollars and all the rest of the money, 69.9 million dollars was transferred to the account of a deceased father. To get the son of a bank account the remaining money needed to sue the bank or give it a testament that the father is inherited all the capitals of the son, or the money can remain on the account of a bank for life. But those lawyers who conducted the case were not born yesterday, promised his client to win this process and imagine won it ten years later. After taxes, lawyers and others who defended the interests of the victim's son-smoker father he received at the hands of about five million bucks for that in the suburbs, you can buy the seedy one-room apartment.
   In general, the company went bankrupt cigarette Tobacco Light multi-billion dollar only for the reason that several hundred other smokers cancer lawsuits filed against it in an attempt to disrupt the tens of millions, and the company's executives have declared bankruptcy, they have to get the money is unlikely. Those other companies that are smaller tobachnye them history is silent but they exist, let cigarettes, people have not stopped smoking ..
   Frankly speaking of money on the hands of people and their bank accounts in bulk, because they travel a lot, a travel agency, "Hades and Persephone" for thrill opened a new route to the Center of the Earth to a depth of 57 kilometers. In the first year there were so many who wish that were recorded for all, paid for the forthcoming tour of the capsule. But once inside there is a fault and all three hundred people were on the bottom of the shaft, the other was sent to them, they would have pulled out but as luck would have happened in that place underground micro-earthquakes and all the people that were in the capsule burned alive despite the fact that all of them were in fireproof suits capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2000 C. The mine itself was filled with molten lava, eventually repaired it and to dip into the capsule at this depth have to wait at least a year . .
   Technology at the highest level and those people who have hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars are flying to Mars. One firm "Heavenly ranger" assembled a small hotel-rocket "Mirage" and puteshestvenniki- nothing less than 77 people admire the Martian landscape from the window of its descent to the ground and make the walk. The flight takes place in two stages-first rocket Red Star brings travelers to the moon with her on another spaceship "Modern Magellan" will start on Mars, but such an exciting journey, a very long two to three years. I must say the ship "Martian" to 70 travelers disappeared in 2060 in the valley "stone balls" and still no sign of the spirit, but that has not stopped people and those wishing to fly a dime a dozen. Flying to the moon ordinary matter in orbit collected the city Space City for seventy thousand people, I would like to fly on a temporary residence permit but when I learned that the cell-room is on one million dollars a year not counting the cost of the one-pol (ten million dollars) immediately realized that this pleasure is not in my pocket. According to TV reports from the space city life and have a great udivitelnaya- they deliver gifts from Uncle Joe, a few five-ton tanks nutritional substance, they grow gardens with fruit. As for food that is delivered ready beefsteak, fish, soups and other food-heated in the microwave and eat .
   But, unfortunately, on the Moon, to which a stone's throw, get into trouble: so two years ago three Chinese Mao Sun, Moon, and Zhang Jiao Qin flew to the moon on a rocket and Dragon landed mistakenly not where necessary. In the area of deep canyons, while landing capsule Vi Nhan broke stoyki- metal legs, fell on its side and two Chinese Mao Sung Jiao and Qin three months did not know how to escape from the captivity of the Moon. No one could help them since around deep canyons, water, food, everything you need for life thrown regularly. Once Zhang Munya suffered a terrible fate, he approached the edge of the canyon near which lay discarded container products fell down with him and crashed. Immediately on the ground razrabatali speedy evacuation plan, Russian and Americans, together with the Chinese descended on the Moon near their second capsule, it safely down to the captives, to the moon and left her to postpone flights and descents in the area. The parents of the deceased Zhang Munya appeal to the Chinese government to get the remains of their son from the bottom of the canyon, to bury with honor on earth and insurance to pay 100 million yuan, or 200 million dollars. The government agreed to pay the insurance but categorically refused to send a rocket to the moon with the team so as not to risk the lives of other astronauts.
   I'll tell you all travel related to the risk of life-it was, is and will be in space and on Earth. December 23, 2072 to March 26 night Eastern time in the Bermuda Triangle, there was unprecedented and had not heard since the death of "Titanica" in April 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean tragedy has been talked about a couple of years before the time until 20 August 2074 not broken in the state of Montana in his Cessna airplane Mustang 7 with his paintings and Faberge eggs banner-nitye the world Hollywood stars Stone's father, the son and his daughter-in-NET zastrahovashie behold the masterpieces of two billion dollars. So three tourist liner to pass fats sailed from Miami, Florida to the town of St. George, Bermuda where the scheduled Dec. 25 to celebrate Christmas in a new chic hotel complex "Claretians" and from around the world began the start of the 90 sailing yachts with Examples Zoom winner 10 million dollars for second place 7, April 3, and the remaining one million dollars. Next tourists sailed to Bermuda in Nassau, for a meeting with the New Year and January 4, 2073 ocean liners back in Miami.
  Three giant ocean liner passenger travel "Perseus" on board which cerned floated twelve thousand and three thousand passengers and crew members with the entertainer, "Adelia" with five thousand of tourists and a thousand crew and "Margot" with nine million passengers three thousand crew approached Bermuda, had seven hours before the city of St. George. The two 38 overnight after high jinks passengers liners carefree sleep captains and navigators received from Miami-meteorological center of the me-storm warning from the north in the direction of Bermuda was advancing storm front with high winds of up to 40 meters per second and offers liners to keep each other no less than a mile. Half an hour later the weather changed dramatically, flew the black clouds and heavy rain. For modern ships even devyatibalny storm is not a threat, and they quietly went swimming but in March 15 captain "Perseus" Mr. John Smithson and navigator Harry Evans felt their gigantic ship management refused to obey and instead to sail to the southeast began to change course. Attempts to correct course or to have failed, more than "Perseus" was like a giant funnel and slowly but surely began to rotate, some giant force pulled to the bottom of the liner .
   If the control surfaces dutifully obeyed the captain John Smithson as it happened, he always brought to the liner from the impact of a giant wave approaching on the "Trans-still" underwater vyzvnnoy zemyatreseniem wave height of not less than twenty meters that Coy slapped the side of the ship heeled over that half a kilometer and all who sailed nanm received such blows that the force could hardly understand what happened. But this is not everything-it-yourself "Perseus" was split into two halves and the water gushed inside, however, designers of pre-dusmotreli much and because it was broken into sections along the length of the drowned. Two half took the position stability and unmanaged as if nothing prodolzhaliplavat surface. But as the storm continued to wave rolled on them and stripped further and further apart. Those passengers and crew members who suffered minor injuries trying to escape and began to leave their cabins and on deck but strong rain and wind storm drove them to shelter.
   Misfortune happened immediately but nevertheless Captain John Smithson pressed the locator and the SOS signal was sent to the satellite with the exact coordinates. But even without a signal SOS to bulge of the earth a mile liners "Adelia" and "Margot" captains and navigators have seen the tragedy occurred with the "Perseus" and immediately swam to the rescue to save the passengers. If it were not for the storm and rain in buckets and even in the moonlight many passengers on the "Perseus" by choosing themselves would undertake rescue operations but despite the terrible weather conditions the captain, "Adelia" Harry Votter sent a ship to the stern "Perseus" and "Margot" Captain Bill Tiksona swam to the bow. Being near these halves split liner captains had tried to pull the boat to the water but the wave height of the penalty fell upon ships by pushing them to flotsam. This convergence danger to passengers "Adelia" Captain Harry Watson decided to sail away and here he encountered an unexpected difficulty-wheel control does not listen to him, he was like a ship in the whirlpool. And not only his ship and "Margot" and those two halves of the "Perseus" .
   But it is impossible to imagine the giant ships, not only rotates slowly and approached each other, some invisible force from the ocean floor they pulled into a giant funnel. At this time, the ships was declared alarm signals SOS flew on satel-nicks in Miami, Bermuda, Cuba and the Bahamas were aware of the misfortune proizoshed Shem 150 miles from the city of St. George. Rose in the air helicopters and planes, all flew to the site of the tragedy played out in the Bermuda Triangle. Meanwhile, thousands of passengers on these ships and crews desperately looked from the deck and the captain-ing bridges as ships whirled around and no one was trying to pull the boat or in the water to throw you like a straw sucked into the maelstrom. For the weather began to change for the better, he passed the storm, flew dozens of helicopters and yet hyper-gantskie ships approached each other and tried to center a giant funnel. Decided to save people using helicopters, with their lowered basket, put the women and children, was raised, is entered in the lounge and again lowered the basket .
   And imagine all this was happening before our eyes as the television arrived schiki and shows how there is a salvation. Suddenly on the horizon a giant tanker and a half million tons of oil, with its help, a rope, decided to bring the line-ture from the funnel. But after a while the tanker moved away from the place and fled, and as reported by the speaker for the reason that if he gets into the funnel and even fractures and sinks and a half million tons of oil will cause such damage to the ocean that humanity will have to disentangle this mess for many years. Such a powerful oil spill occurred in the history of the beginning of the century in 2010, when the Gulf of Mexico exploded and burned oil platform. About one hundred days from the pipe at a depth of 5600 feet, 1680 meters, flowed oil from 500 to 800 thousand tons of covered surface, some of it underwater boulders moved depending on the undercurrents and surfaced some time in different parts of the world ocean .
   What is most surprising in this story ocean liners, and even the two halves of "Perseus" slowly circling and sank within 17 hours, and therefore this place sent hundreds of helicopters, speed boats, small boats and rescue teams. Evacuate passengers "Adelia" and "Margot" is not difficult but with the two halves of the floating "Perseus" was not just the impact of the giant waves thousands of passengers were injured, they let down the 17 rescue teams, and they helped him up the stairs, then they They planted in the same basket and lifted up. Captains of ships tried to float the boat and put people in them but when they realized the senselessness of such actions refused. The fact that the sailors vesalschiki were powerless to swim out of this gigantic crater, boat people tried to center and spun helplessly with liners. The only saving people was conducted using helicopters and all this in view of billions of people in the Atlantic Ocean. In the September 15 evening ocean liners "Adelia" "Margot" and two halves "Perseus" at the center of a giant crater and faced each other began to whirl with some acceleration and go under water at coordinates 68'35 "W 54 and 30 '19 "45 N. Fortunately this time the passengers and crew left the ships and yet 33, 5000 failed to save 2897 People mainly liner "Perseus."
   Scientists are interested in the appearance of the area of the Atlantic Ocean Giants Coy funnel and led monitoring. For several weeks, they dropped from vertol-ing inflatables at a distance of half a mile from the center of a giant funnel with coordinates Tami 68'35 "W and 54 30'19" N 45 and they are circling in a few hours to give all those vmes- rapidly circled but did not sink.
  After five weeks, dropped from helicopters, seven inflatable boats floate
  peacefully on the surface to the center of the funnel, and they are not drawn as the light wind was blowing in the opposite direction they suffered in the direction from the center of the funnel-ra. 150 rubber boats dropped earlier blown apart and uch-WIDE understand the strange phenomenon at this point of the Bermuda Triangle stopped. And then they decided to explore the ocean floor with the help of Russian submersibles "Mir" 49. After a week in this place scientific issledovateltskoe sailed ship with bathyscaphe "World" 49 which itself is immersed to a depth of 5500 meters and pops up with three members of the crew, but unfortunately bold underwater researchers Detect-lived giant sunken ships at coordinates 68'35 "W and 54 30'19" 45 N.
   A year later in the same area crashed airliner British "Blue Lily" with you- syachyu tourists on board, a day in the area, arrived ship "Potter" with sea-sky researchers decided to examine the bottom: bathyscaphe "Sea Tramp" prick repili steel rope to the body and began to lower the ocean floor with two EC-investigators. A couple of hours the Captain Claire Yang said that they were in the mud, Vidi bridge zero, head of rescue engineer Harry Smith decided to raise them up, turned on the winch to lift, but there it was- some force pulled the rope back down, the ship began to tilt and could roll over. Without hesitation Yang Claire decided to cut the rope and thus save a hundred people on board, the ba-tiskaf "Sea Tramp" lost in the abyss. Then, the top management decided to Right turn build several nuclear submarines to the scene of the tragedy of an airliner, they sank to the bottom and could not find even a single plane metal debris -No, no cable or a bathyscaphe, and besides, one submarine "Lun" with crew one hundred and seven people had disappeared. That's why the decision was enjoyable, from the point of origin 68'35 "W and 54 30'19" N 45 with a radius of 10 miles area considered dangerous for navigation of all vessels including The tea-submarine and fly airplanes and helicopters over him.
   I must say that the whole of humanity watching everything with his mnogosotka-tional TV, was particularly struck by the death of all travelers came down near the Mariana Trench at a depth of more than eleven thousand meters, for nabdyudavshih zhiz New-living inhabitants and colored blooms with unusual flowers in the form of balls ever-changing form, color. (I'll tell you as a personal witness, that valley is not the realm of the dead dark and bright place with white sand). Suddenly, in front of billions of viewers in the window seemed a huge fish head with open mouth, a single traveler decided otpugnt like her and showed her fist even with figs, fish snout poked out the window but he did not let her chew off his fist, she sailed, but disappeared soon reappeared. We saw her in the jaws of a huge rock at high speed its blunt head with a sharp cobblestone poked out the window, he could not resist the impact, it squeezed inside the boat flooded with water and pressure from the giant thousand a hundred atmospheres it was torn to pieces and people travelers on each of their boat at least two hundred, squeezed but then came the darkness, cut down the light. It say- travel agency immediately warned travelers that the insurance does not exist, each acting on their own risk and signed the paper.
   To make such a trip my wife and I waited about three years, fell in different boats, according to the provisions in the event of an accident someone will live and will educate their children. Yes! The boat "sea bass" was a giant, omitting-las she slowly, we saw all the zones of the underwater world, and is plunged through the windows was impenetrable darkness, and only thanks to floodlights seen around mir.No when dropped to the bottom of a strange glimmer of light thanks to a white peska- we hour circling on the basin, admiring the colorful alive and fauna. Fortunately for us swam only small rybshki and everything was strictly forbidden to show his fist out the window with a cock with snook...........................................................
   After the end of an amazing travel guide Captain athletic brunette with dark eyes in a white tunic Mr Harry Prior presented each puteshest-Vennikov cassette with the film of our dive and shook his hand firmly, we thanked him and returned to their homes. Since these characters travelers like me and my Masha descended to a depth of 11,000 meters in our village was not what we were made to residents and showed a film about swimming, downhill, everyone was excited and thanked us. We immediately duplicated disc on the screen our film went all recorded it on their mobile phones. .
   Since my wife and I love to travel and not be sitting on the ground waiting for the two years submersible dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean where from April 1912, drowning was lying behind the legendary "Titanic" after hitting an iceberg. From New York City, we sailed in a small ocean liner "Argonaut" to the point where a body of water about 4000 meters chetyrhtrubnogo rested the remains of the passenger ship "Titanic." Not yet sailed up his place of death on board our ship, we saw two huge floating bathyscaphe, pretty blond, blue-eyed captain of athletic build with hair the color of rye in a dark jacket came up to us and looked at us and said with a smile: "Ladies and gentlemen, an hour later you will have the historic opportunity to go down into the abyss and to see stern covered with a thick layer of shells, all that is left on the bottom. The fact that the nose of the "Titanic" route-owned company "White Star" raised up and will soon start lifting the stern, ship-building company " Harland and Wolff "Belfast has decided to restore it in the original and create a floating museum. So, you have more opportunity to see the remains of the legendary ship. Now to us podplyvut two submersibles and you in groups of fifty men fit inside each seat is located next to the window and in the light of powerful searchlights clearly see the stern, most importantly do not worry, you will be a team and guide you to a happy descent. Your captain, Mr. Houdini Joe and the crew. "
   My heart fluttered, the depth of four kilometers, but as my wife and I have visited in the bottom of the Mariana Trench, at a depth of eleven kilometers of the peace, and come back to normal, the fact is that before the descent to undergo medical examination. It is in the modern medical equipment easy on the wrist-worn device napodobii hours with a square dial and immediately determined blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, work light.
   Meanwhile, our "Argonaut" stalled progress and soon sailed two huge bathyscaphe, they attached to the side of the ship, opened the hatches and went to our board two average capital growth blond and brown, they smiled broadly, waved their hands to us, we give them, exchanged greetings , broke into a couple of groups and their presence have undergone medical examination. Since they were all strong and healthy that no one was excluded from the list, and our group was held at the bathyscaphe on the right side to open the hatch, descended on him inside. We were in a narrow room lit with two rows of soft comfortable chairs near the windows. I sat down on the right side, my wife Mary in front of me and when fifty thrill took their places came the captain of our Batiskaf "MIR77" Mr Harry Korpi, he asked us to prkrepit bezopasgnosti belts and personally inspecting mounting said: "Ladies and dzhetlmeny, ask during the descent, swimming and lifting straps do not shoot and did not move, compromised stability and our dive may not end as we would have liked. Our guide, Mr. Andy Robin will give explanations, everything will be very interesting, entertaining, thank you for your attention. "
   We clapped his hands, the captain went to his cabin, and soon heard the voice of our guide, he greeted us, immediately the room was plunged into semi-darkness, the bathyscaphe was broken and began to sink to the bottom. The guide did not close his mouth, he gave an explanation and we looked out the window and admire the spotlight underwater world, fish, fish of all sizes and colors, and a half hour descent appeared near the huge body covered with thick growths of shells. Our bathyscaphe "MIR77" not only continued to swim around the giant body and descend, it seemed white bottom and on it lay scattered fragments of the deceased "Titanic" covered with gray shells. At this point, did not have any living creatures and algae cold dark silent dead sea, some fear seized me at the time, and if it were not the voice of an explanatory guide on that before our eyes jumped to a place, but couldn't sit..............................................................
   Soon we began to climb up the bathyscaphe and when appeared on the surface of all sighed with relief, the captain greeted us with a prosperous descent and returned-tion reany to our world from the silence, we in turn thanked kapitanaGarri Korpi, the crew and the guide Andy Robin, we received souvenirs, miniature bathyscaphe "MIR77" made of silver, a metal piece of the hull of the ship and the legendary drive-movie full record dive to the bottom where he found a temporary peace "Titanic", as it has raised the nose of the surface and clean it hundreds of workers from the shells so that after a few years to rebuild again and set sail from Belfast, London, New York. .
   Joyful and happy we came back to the "Argonaut" in New York, after the ball arranged for thrill in the great hall of a luxury restaurant on the top deck to the ringing of crystal glasses of champagne we thanked Captain Joe Houdini, the crew for this exciting trip. Returning to our suburbs, we gathered at a local club of travelers, "Around the World", and in the presence of hundreds gathered not only told but also showed them a video, and local cable television for our residents.
   Since I try to describe the events taking place in our world less believable including about his personal life that I will not hide, after we have a hundred-li eat meat and dairy, bakery products and promoted beefsteak-governmental technology based Uncle Joe with the addition of the nutrient subs-energy dancing with one hand, people stopped hurting, and how to become healthier but in de les on myself personally, I and my lovely wife noticed that the physically weak, the desire to sleep in the bed and amuse Mary began to disappear, and it came down to the fact that posov -tovavshis with her to the hospital. After six months of going to doctors and spent two hundred thousand dollars for visits, medications and infusions my wife and I realized that the first task of doctors do not cure impotence and lure money. Because we love each other more with the school board and my Masha enjoyed in full before the end of the school and she never meant to leave me and run to the next. Moreover, the run was not to someone as I wrote earlier this illness suffered in the country en masse almost half of all men. As soon as we went to bed, Mary began the tragedy of impotence bred legs and I handed all her efforts to lead me into a state of full combat readiness sex ended in failure, she cried, not only from the fact that nothing happens but from the fact that we can go without children. But as the tears of sorrow will not help it in the morning with a sore head filled empty-handed. Since a lot of thought and was a little confused, I like to enjoy the pleasures of love and sleep, and fell upon the more insomnia and had to use a pill that we soon came to the conclusion that it can end in tears and needed to do something and say the case has helped us to find a way out this provision.
   In New York I met purely by chance his friend at the university, and handsome joker Eddie Berg, the young and beautiful ladies were crazy about him. Since we had been on good terms he invited me to the restaurant "Majestic" and you have a beer, told him his problem. After listening to me, he smiled and quietly prog-reel, "My dear Victor, you have no idea on this basis a year ago I had almost lost his life, and if not for my beloved and dear wife Gerda rushed to Brooke-Lynskey bridge in East River but from someone learned that in Brazil there is a place inhabited by a tribe of natives, is the leader at the head of Mars, and it is on the advice of everyone who arrives to him cures for impotence, rather expensive but guaranteed-ing and showed me a recommendation to the intermediary . In short, we went in the month, then the leader of Mars is not only healed but when we came back after 9 months stalwart Bobby was born. My Zhinkov feel the happiest in the world, we get Udo discontent at any time, we have a healthy way life, smile does not fall from her face. So if you want to recover Prepare three hundred thousand dollars to travel to the place and the two of us will visit Brazil on the equator. "
   Upon hearing this news funky I immediately said: "Dear Eddie, I agree, give me a recommendation and go to the end of the world, do not rush to the Brooklyn Btidge, you know you want to live and to love."............................................................................................................
   "Well, Victor, ladies, but first I need to speak with the mediator, the fact is that all illegally, authorities zayut about it but turn a blind eye, the leader of all Mars states that if someone encroach on his life or take in head to drive away from the earth where the tribe lives millennium the anger from heaven fall upon Brazil. Since he did not kill anyone and did not kidnap the waved his hand at him but the benefit from it is huge, there is not only mortals but also the authorities themselves float and fly to him like flies to honey. Go tell him to not allow women a settlement, so that your Masha will wait you at the hotel in the tourist town of Novo Airai, "Eddie said, and smiled. .
   We parted with him, having come home I still told Marie she heard a choo-gums story kindled a desire to rush to the natives in Brazil. Through parudney Eddie called me and asked me to come to him, I went immediately and with great joy he presented a letter with the recommendation. In order for me not to mess with bile-ter and paid on the spot, I moved at the expense of Eddie hundred thousand dollars, he has done all financial transactions, and January 7, 2060 Masha and I thanked Eddie and his charming Gerda went to puteshestvovie for Brazil, but rather the settlement Qasim to the leader-healer Mars "Red Hot Star". According to the program, our group of thirty tourist fifteen impotent men and their wives flew to Manaus liner out of it before the New Arians sailed on a luxury tourist yacht "Star of Brazil," the Amazon and Rio Negro. Sailed in the tourist town we lived in a posh hotel "Senora Miglia", the evening of the same day we were invited to his lord Pedro and once in the presence of our wives told the program stay in New Airai and trips to Aribau, a center for the cure impotence without the ladies for a period of three days. I will tell our wives took this statement without enthusiasm but Senor Pedro knowing their reaction immediately put an end: "Lovely lady, ladies and gentlemen, I do not force anyone to leave by force, those who want to recover and go without wives step forward, those who wish to remain with wives, please do not go, one, two, three. "
   I say all the gentlemen have made a step forward, who want to lose money and will return home-tsya incurable, Senor Pedro looked at us, smiled and said: "That's fine, gentlemen, and you pretty charming lady I tell you not to miss at-dtsya each day trips and jungle trekking, swimming in the Rio Negro, speed boat riding, boating and much more, you will not even notice how will fly five days and when your husband back you will be satisfied them and they will tell you about the water treatment procedures in the holy lake Blue drinking medicinal extracts from seaweed, herbs and flowers. Yes, we ship on January 12 at 7 am to 3 days to be in place. "
   We thanked the lord Pedro and when we returned to the room, my Maria sat me
  kissing on the couch and said quietly: "My dear Victor, I ask you only one thing, stringent
  Accomplish all of what is required to heal, if it is asking to drink herbal infusions something
  Drink, eat fruit, eat, I think herbs are better than ginseng."........................................................
   "My Maria, I will eat and drink, but you especially do not stay too long in a restaurant, try not to wander through the darkness, I see here as in any city lacks rapists, Corot-che be careful, it's not there, the natives where peace and quiet, especially some ancient tribe, no music, no songs, but I think dancing on the sand near the fire will, "I said and kissed my wife in her delicate lips like rose petals. .
   "My dear uchtu, wander at night I refuse, I'll wait, and now come under the shower, quickly scheduled a party planned," said Masha and dropping his clothes went to bathe.
   I looked at her gorgeous body and imagine not appear elk no desire to pounce on it like in the old days and eat. .
   After spending five days in New Airai admiring the views of the blue dolphins, kata-Yas in boats traveling through the jungle and in the evenings sipping wine in a restaurant and dancing beauties with us, fifteen men at 7am this tourist town on the speedboat "Caesar" floated on the Rio Negro, and then turning into a tributary of the Rio Branco sailed to the influx of Light, was only a few kilometers from the equator. Once on Mars, the leader of the territory after a one-day stay in the tourist camp Aribau three boats we went to the village where Kashima according to our leader and guide George Young, tall, blue-eyed handsome athletic with dark wavy hair in blue shorts and white shirt with short sleeves the residence leader-healer, which was near the sacred lake blue. .
   I still remember that meeting with the leader of the tribe of natives of Mars and Imangu on a bronze-tanned body they all wore white loin capes, in the hands of holding bows and arrows and long wooden spikes with steel tips. Handsome leader in a blue short-sleeved shirt in yellow shorts and a platinum crown sprinkled with blue diamonds on her head sitting on a big soft red leather chair. Platinum gave some unearthly moonlight, gems glittered, played and sparkled in the sun all the colors of the rainbow. To the hot sun did not sleep his two tall natives held above the head of the leader large white umbrella, three more blue fanned fanning. I noticed his left hand and noticed her watch with diamonds, they sparkled and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow played. By itself, it was a real dark-eyed native with bronze skin, with black long hair below the shoulders on the elongated head, the long-nosed and thick lips like dumplings.
   When he saw us, he smiled, stood up, we greeted each other by show of hands, our guide talked to him a few minutes later and told us: "Ladies and gentlemen, our dear leader glad to assist tourists, after a short rest we personally hold to the lake In the finite live holy Torah sleeping fish of extraordinary beauty and whoever of you understand-a Harimaku bare hands, lift out of the water and priplyvt it to me I'll give a diamond ring with blue and luck will accompany him until the end of zhizni.Kazhdy you can try your luck but it is necessary in this lake to find the sacred sleeping fish. In addition, it is not always asleep, and that it is not confused with other fish to give a description: golden brown with dark stripes, red head with big black eyes swiftly floating near the bottom among the seaweed."....................................
   As soon as our guide George Young moved us the words of the leader of Mars, he took off with his index finger UCA-ring with blue diamond of unusual purity and showed everyone. At the sight of such beauty as the blue diamond sparkled in the bright sun, and all I want to elk become its owner, the leader put it on her finger. Mars said something to George in his own language and our guide translated: "Gentlemen, for me, a little rest."
   Mars stayed, George and I went on a footpath in the jungle, soon found themselves on the PLO-schadke with tables under a spreading crown, just a hundred meters away could see the goal-fight lake. I will say in this tropical paradise all the birds, parrots, butterflies, and even large flies and beetles bugs looked unusually bright, beautiful and it's nice influenced nastroenie.Priroda generously endowed this land lush green lush vegetation, birds flying above us, parrots, large bright yellow, green, blue, cyan, white, black butterflies. Without habits, I even drunk from the aroma emanating from a variety of wild flowers bright colors. After an hour of rest we were approached by the leader in dark shorts with two natives and said something in their native language to our guide, Mr. George Young immediately moved us: "Gentlemen, dear leader Mars asks you to take a dip before the meal, go to the lake blue, you can even try your luck catching sleeping fish Harimaku sacred." ...............................................................................
   The chief looked at us, smiled and said something to the natives, and the trail led through the jungle to the lake. When he approached the soldiers and not paying attention to us undressed and ran into the quiet, bright, extremely clean, clear water, we soon joined them and bathed in warm water as milk. At first I was swimming near the shore but the youth, courage and fearlessness, and how have their Horsham swimmer swam to the middle from time to time looking at the water. I will say, the lake was not so deep, no more than six meters I thought the sleeping fish might dwell where small depth and grow algae. I was floating in the water saw the bright green algae with pink flowers and unusually beautiful bright colors of fish and fish. I thought I was in a giant aquarium with goldfish and the most interesting fish are not afraid of me and swam very close but when to reach out immediately sailed. Because the task in front of me was to catch sleeping sacred fish, I started to look for her at the bottom of what had to dive and saw not only the bright colors of tropical fish and crawling between the stones of enormous red crabs, each at least one and a half meters in girth. .
   Time flew by, he heard the cry of the native turned his head and saw the leader of the Mars went to the beach, bathing followed. I'm throwing a sacred quest Harimaki sleeping fish, swam to shore, we got dressed and went down the path into the jungle, to the place where there were tables. Come to the table, I saw them deep blue bowl of soup with white meat, red cup with green leaves like Salad and glasses with yellow drink. The leader of the Mars smiled and spoke their native language, George looked at us and said: "Dear gentlemen, our dear leader asks you to the table, everyone has to eat soup with crab, and salade tangerine juice drink, and then a short rest and go back to the river in the evening hearty dinner and sleep in a tent and eight in the morning. "
   We sat down and after I ate soup with crab meat, salade and drank the juice in my mixed with some strong drink immediately felt an unusual physics-cal effect in the body, I wanted to get up and run, climb a tree but no illusions as is the case for drug addicts after taking LSD or coke. But it is not just me, all came to life on the faces shone broad smiles, we sincerely thank the leader for a delicious hearty meal, Mars looked at us, smiled, then spoke in his own language, and re-Sangiorgi led us, "Gentlemen, it is very hot, sit some in the shade under the canopy de revev and then go swimming, the maid will bring you drinks and drink in your Udo-discontent, I leave you for a while. "
   The chief got up and went with his men, soon we saw coming to us young charming seductive tuzemok medium height with great figures in a short transparent dress. It seemed to me that they were the daughters of one mother-all with large open green eyes and dark wavy hair below the shoulders. Smiling, they welcomed us in perfect English: "Good afternoon, gentlemen-us," put in front of each of us big glasses, poured into them from white teapot red drink and said, "Enjoy pomegranate juice" stood on the sidelines. .
   We welcomed them, thanked for pomegranate drink and so as not to over-maintain them started drinking it. The taste was pleasant, kislosladky and say not only invigorating and exciting. Before that I did not show any interest kobnazhnnomu female body now has started to think in a different way, it would be nice to such beauties sit and chat, but as they were the maids of Mars and the patients we have decided not to engage with them in conversation . The girls poured us glasses drink smiled and waved handles departed left a lasting vpechat-tion of its appearance and excellent body shape. .
   Soon came two natives leader Mars smiled and waved his hand again invited to swim in the lake. We stood up and happily went to the lake, near the evening, the heat subsided and it was nice to spend time in the water. We swam for a long time and I will tell the emergence tuzemok knocked out of the sleeping mind sacred fish, I thought of beauty, something in my bare island came the thought of a sweet wife, before my eyes, especially when you close them, she appeared to some young, seductive and I so wanted to enjoy it. BUY-shis two hours we sign Warlord of Mars with it came ashore, to pounce on himself shirt and went to the table on which were placed a plate of soup with crab meat, salad, drink a glass of red and blue fruit has never previously unseen by me. . .
   The aroma lured us swimming in the water robbed the order forces and we sat at a table with an appetite upleli nhodilos everything on the table, and it seemed to me would eat much more gentle, pitalnogo Crab meat but all norms. The leader of Mars stood up and said something to the guide George on his tongue and he immediately moved us: "Gentlemen, the leader of Mars for each of you highlights the hut, so that today you are sleeping in the open air, are safe, the soldiers will protect you from unwanted animals He will show you their wishes and good night. "
   We got up, thanked the leader of Mars and followed him, soon came to the hut, each on stilts so that it is unlikely the snake zapolzt in it, especially in the words of the warrior Mars will be up all night to guard our peace. The prince bred us a tent, I personally thanked Mars rose to the site meter height and went inside, the mattress lying on the floor with a pillow and a blanket of white. I do not know what happened to me but I was drawn to sleep, and soon fell asleep. All night I dreamed of romantic dreams are not seen for at least a year, are charming seductive beauty which pounced like a lion and say have fun....................................................................
   In the morning we woke up on the bells heard it I went down on the grass, all came to the table, we looked at George and we exchanged greetings said: "Dear gentlemen, before breakfast swim, Mars is already on the lake and is waiting for you, and then we have breakfast, relax swimming, dinner, again the lake, dinner and sleep, I say you look great, bathing and eating in your favor." .
   We thanked the guide and George went to the lake to swim and Mars saw us osmot-rel, smiled and exchanged greetings, and jumped into the water. As George said, our day was basically on the lake and at the table, the same thing happened on the next evening, but the den leader pripodns us a surprise which will never dared to tell his beloved Marie. After a swim before dinner still on the banks of a smiling leader on his tongue a couple of minutes, our guide gave instructions, and when finished, George looked at us and said to us: "Gentlemen, our esteemed leader of Mars is interested in whether you have got stronger physically, and if anyone has a problem? If you feel it in the form for you today will be a surprise. "
   While none of us have not guessed that it was a surprise but as upotre-
  consump- tion wonderful meal and mysterious beverages for two days in a row turned us into the most full of these men that he frankly admitted: "Yes, in the form of the leader of Mars, thank you." We have been on his mind, and I think he did not doubt it. According to our happy smiling people, he realized the health we all in-ke of order and went to the site where the trees had been dining. More on the way to her I am for change-methyl-instead of large tables for two were small, they were in a pink plate mountain tropical fruits in the decanter golden drink. George asked us to sit down on one and when seated the leader something it rattled us and guide translated his words: "Dear gentlemen, today will be a surprise for you, you will be served by charming cute maid aboriginal tribe Imangu if you have a desire to spend their free time you are allowed and it can even invite your tent, he says with a sweet paradise and in a tent. "
   As soon as our guide had finished speaking we began to approach young girls with blue plate of food boiled crab sprinkled on top of green leaves. Beauties in short light blouses and skirts bezrukavyh skin color, all in the mind, bypassing the tables in single file and sat at one of her favorite who sat a man, an acquaintance and began the meal with conversation. Strange but native women spoke perfect in English. My charming brunette Venus basically told me about life among serene paradise is a tropical beauty, we were smiling..........................................................
   I will not hide, sit near a charming, lovely beauty was a big test for me, she realized what was happening and smiling regaled me tell flavored drink to taste reminiscent of grapefruit from the use of force which filled my body and I so wanted to enjoy this moderately plump Venus a little like a native, it was a real mulatto-average growth, with buxom seductive figure, with large open green eyes, a thin nose, plump lips and long black hair.........................................................
   For a pleasant conversation quietly advancing darkness, but there it was unexpected for us on the trees lit up with colored lights, we came to us servants natives K-Raleigh everything off the table and soon brought a colorless drink and delicacies in the plate-tender meat raw crabs with green herbs cooked a special recipe, and when I ate yummy and drink a glass of vipil noticed my powers have multiplied many times. At this time, suddenly began to play a real European dance music, my young beauty, Venus looked at me and said softly: "Dear Victor, will dance?"
   Without any hesitation, I smiled and said: "Of course, my lovely Venus."
   We went to dance but the dance is not over yet, she hugged me and whispered, "Vic-tor, if you wish to spend the night with me I can go into your tent and we had a great razvlechmsya and say more if we like each other we will have more chance to be alone, according to the program which is our leader Mars tomorrow will be the second round, the girl sitting at the tables and gentlemen dish, spread very real lake crabs cooked in Indian sprinkled with green leaves. Well, do not you agree?".........................................................................................................................
   I think I was drugged or opyann or fell under the spell of this beautiful woman and said quietly: "My lovely Venus, I agree, let's go." .........................................................................
   Venus took my hand and led me into his hut, the average growth of the warrior with a spear pro-let us. We went to the site, entered the hut, lying on the floor of the bed covered with a white veil and with two blue cushions. Native threw off the transparent dress and lay down on the blanket, I had no choice but to undress and make love-term joy as at the sight of her naked figure could not contain himself. I was happy to re-gained virility and let the treatment cost is expensive but the game is worth the candle, my Mary had not shed tears from my powerlessness.
   Commending the joy and bliss, and I imagine my story babe continued its zhiz-no in this tropical paradise: "My dear Victor, is the eternal hot summer, we are the last of the ancient tribe of the children Imangu. I did not count days and years from the date of his birth we have a leader and father of Mars Red Hot Star, we maids and children, on-sha love for him is boundless, and perform their duty according to the statute, the time will come and we give birth to him servants and soldiers. This part of the jungle is our territory, we eat only the fruits of nature, fish and crab dishes preparing a one in clay pot. I was growing up but my appearance and youthful appearance of the face remained young, fresh-slowed our aging white crabs affect the most magical effect, I can not say how old I am very many will not believe. In addition we have our oldest girls in the tribe to which the number of years lived neischeslimoe male servants, they protect us from the enemies. In this jungle inhabited by other tribes but men and women are not as attractive as we hunt for us. But to us, they do not hurt and did not hunt us our beloved Mars has agreed with another leader of the white tribe, Tamil, among other things his faithful servant sailed with you here as a guest. So from the time we began to sail the men with gifts and now our warriors armed with long tubes of fire flies which discouraged all other tribes to invade our territory. But behind all this Venus our ancient tribe has a lot of time paying for their help with the leader of the whites-is our duty to create the happiness of men deprived of such happiness. They come in four days, and in recent years so much that they did not miss our Venus and to help us started sailing cute Kasia, we create them deprived of their guests happy.
   I tell you frankly, my dear Victor, crabs and our drinks influenced you miraculously I am glad that you made the first night of my bliss, while others turned out not once but no one will tell about it, and would like your permission to spend with you a second last night. If you are lucky Victor popadsh to another doll, and she will create the same happiness to me and she will share with her friends the next time priplyvsh wish you all here and I can not be your geisha. So keep in mind, I think you will choose in the second round I could bring happiness to you and at the same time himself. Agreed, I'm such a delicate rosette.".............................................................
   I kissed her and whispered, "my Venus, I do not know, but I promise, in the second round you, I take you, but it may happen that the other lucky ones make the same choice, but an early hour above what I mean."....................................................................................................................
   "My right to refuse any but the latter do not have such statutes have, until I enjoy," said Venus, and kissed me.................................................................................................................
   Frankly I gathered such strength that I was drawn to her all night, we fell asleep only in the morning and awakened by the ringing of bells. Lying next to me Venus also woke up and kissed me and whispered: "My dear Victor, get up, the evening will begin the second round, I think we stayed, but according to the rules until I let go of his partner first round will go on. Get dressed, I go first joyful and happy, and you are the same, if your face is sad, I do not mean you made happy me and you."....................................................................................................................
   "In this case, to be honest, you were happy with me or not?" I asked her.
   She looked at me and said: "My Victor, with you, I was happy as never before with anyone, even with their leader and warrior. Yes, we are like all go swim at the lake, our leader went Mars must determine whether for the benefit of the treatment, he cherishes his name, if the tourist does not get what he paid for the money others can not come to us and our life can change for the worse, we go."....................................................................................................................................
   First came a smiling Venus, then I am glad and happy, is all-SWAT were in the territory of the dining room and waited for the leader. We join them and soon, beneath Mars went to see us, he smiled and exchanged greetings and went to the lake. Buys an hour went to the tables to enjoy the gentle raw meat white crab with green leaves and pomegranate drink. After breakfast, she left us and we did not see them until the evening. Sami is not wasting any time, and on this day we have not only swimming but also tried to catch the sacred sleeping fish. Frankly, we've all seen her golden brown with dark stripes like a tiger, red head with black big eyes but not as fast asleep floating almost at the bottom. Of course, for us it did not matter what her catch sleeping or not, grasp the more chances that sleep is rapidly worn like crazy. At one point I was even a little luck, a fish lying on the bottom between algae but when I dove the reserve them, they loosened and flowers hitting each other the opportunity to create excitement fish heard it instantly awakened and quickly swam to the side. I figured the next time I see the fish will not dive and sail away and begin to swim up to it at the very bottom taking care not to undermine the algae.
   On this day, sleeping fish but saw a lot of hunting did not work, try tomorrow, we sailed just after lunch to sail at night in New Airai where we are waiting for a wife. I have to say I loved this place, especially fun with cute Venus on the form of such a young age and does not know how many years. After a night-swimming Mars a couple of minutes to explain to George, after which he moved to us, "Uva zhaemye gentlemen today vechrom you will choose your favorite girl, pre-cooked meal podneste her maidens, you go with an expensive Mars in the kitchen, you will be given a plate with crab meat and put it on the table where you sit with a beautiful woman, follow the leader."............................................................................................................................
   We followed Mars to the kitchen, he went to the curtain of vines, said something invisible to our servant, George immediately translated: "Gentlemen, stand up one by one, you get a plate of refreshments and with it will go to the table at which sit Beauty aboriginal, served her sit up in the morning and it's yours.".........................................................................................................
   How good that I found myself close to the leader, the seventh female hand opened window, filed a blue plate with delicious crabs cooked meat sprinkled with herbs and I went to the table behind which sat my beautiful Venus. I looked around at all the tables, the girls sat with the gentlemen, for one saw Venus, she smiled slightly, she said the same, and went to her, put a plate on the table, native looked at me and whispered: "Dear Victor, I'm glad that you made happy, please sit down, enjoy the interview, in the night you will enjoy my gorgeous body. "
   I sat down, smiled and said softly: "My dear Venus, thank you for the invitation, I'm glad
  blessed you enjoy the interview." ....................................................................................................
   Slowly, we enjoyed a delicious crab meat white, drinking a drink of golden color but the taste was like nothing any mandarin orange, reminiscent of apple with strawberries. Like last night lit up with colored lights, we all danced modern dances but my Venus tried to leave me without waiting for the end of the evening, she wanted to bring happiness to me and myself. That night I was finally convinced that my strength restored, we fell asleep in the morning, when we woke up, she gave me a kiss before parting and said: "Dear Victor, your strength restored, you will not have problems but when you return it to strengthen the forces you will be the first time plant rastolchnoe dried crab meat with water and drink a glass, but it will tell you our beloved leader Mars more unlikely that we will meet, thank you for communication with you was so interesting and.fun."
   I hugged her, kissed her and said: "And you thank Venus, but before parting, I would like to ask about this: your leader Mars gives us a reward, the one who caught sleeping sacred fish Harimaku he gives a gold ring with a blue diamond. That it meant?"
   Venus looked at me and said with a smile: "My dear Victor, the thing is that this fish is not possible to catch hands, her body is so slippery and flexible that even if you grab it and izovtsya slip. But still, I beg you do not catch it, why you this brilliant! You have to wear a ring on his finger and that your world is dangerous, it will cause the envy of other people and you will risk their lives. But even if you touch this sacred sleeping fish Harimake luck will soput-isting you on everything your way of life. Let the ring on your finger will remain our leader, it"ll benefit us. "
   "Lovely Venus thank you for clarification, if even touch the sleeping holy fish Harimake benefits for humans, I just try to touch it," I said .
   "The right decision for now goodbye, today you float away and custom have no right to accompany those with whom spend two blissful nights, but again I say you're normal and fully operational, if no children will now surely as if prikos- nshsya the sacred fish Harimake any dream will come true, thank you, "she whispered Venus, looked at me, smiled and added:" My Victor, our pleasant time-Spending and interview ended, you blessed me, thank you, good-bye.
   I looked at her, kissed her, smiled and said: "Dear lovely Venus, thank you blessed me, goodbye."
   Venus slipped the dress was, waved a pen, smiled, blew in a kiss and left the hut.
   After her departure some sadness swept over me, but bell brought to life, I got dressed and went outside. It was warm, the sun shone brightly, where was our room stood a large table after a while came the tourists, we are a hi-isting each other and happy smiles on their faces was clear and understandable-treatment went well for gentlemen, all gained virility . Soon came the leader, he smiled, no doubt the girls reported to him about our well-being as govoritvylechit us from male disease was the cause of his honor and get a good reward. Radostnyy happy leader Mars in dark shorts and sandals led us to the lake, it was hot, the blue cloudless sky shone brightly golden sun. Buys an hour went into the dining room, ate tightly, then wandered through the jungle warriors, before dinner, they took us back to the lake, soon came to Mars, he talked with the guide George and he moved us: "Gentlemen, at three o'clock dinner, we four sail, the leader appeals to you if anyone has a desire to get a diamond ring with blue let the hero caught sleeping sacred fish Harimaku he wishes good luck to all."............................................................................
   "We looked at the leader and said loudly:" Okay, leader of Mars.".......................................
   He smiled and waved his hand into the water, we are for it, I did not have heavy-catching of it to get a diamond ring but yes touch. Venus told me that even if you touch it is a dream come true, and I have it, was to have with Mary were born children. I do not know if it was luck, or destiny but before you throw in the lake at the bottom saw lying among the pebbles Harimaku without movement, a sacred fish slept. It did not grow algae, dove, luck accompanied me, I gently took her, she was very slippery but held in his hand, he came up and shouted: "Gentlemen, Mr. Mars, look in my hand Harimaka fish."...................................................
   I heard my cry and gentlemen leader Mars turned their heads in my direction and looked at me in amazement and fish, I was swimming with her to the beach but remember the words of Venus that even if you touch the sacred Harimake vsmputi luck is on my life and let it dived into the water as if for the purpose of catching again. But since I had no intention of catching it then emerged a few minutes later, showed his empty hands and swam to shore. When I went to the beach all surrounded me, began to shake hands and congratulate sincerely so that I was able to hold in their hands the sacred fish Hari Maca brings good luck, even one who touches it. The leader of the Mars smiled, shook my hand and said in their native language, "Tutu Harimaka Aku car, sir." Our tour guide, George immediately translated: "Senor, Harimaka bring you luck."
   I looked at the leader, he smiled and said: "Dear lord chief Mars, I and these gentlemen have got good luck, thank you.".......................................................................................................
   When George moved him, he smiled and shook hands all around us, then spoke in his own language and the interpreter said, "Gentlemen, we now go into the dining room, the food
  each of you will receive a gift, after returning to New Airai three nights in a row will prepare an infusion of dried grated Crab meat mixed with pounded dried herbs and drink a glass, everything according to the recipe. Come on." ..............................................
   We went into the dining room, on the table were plates of meat cooked crabs are rolling in on top of green leaves and a decanter with a drink of golden color. After a hearty lunch, we thanked the leader, he looked at us and raised his hand that meaning-lo not leave the table. Mars has left us a few minutes and returned with two soldiers nsshih box, they stood next to the table, put it on the ground, the leader spoke in his own language, and when he had finished, George turned to us: "Gentlemen, every one of you will receive from the hands of the leader of a box of Mars gift, after returning to the town of Novo Airai in your room will uncover it and drink will be doing as instructed, he thanks you for your stay in this wonderful paradise and wish you good health, long life, good fortune and family joys and children. I I will call the name, you come to him, smiling, and as soon as he will give you a box that says "Harimau Mars AUC" in our "sacred leader of Mars, thank you" and firmly shake his hand."........................................................................
   George called names, gentlemen approached the leader, took from the hands of gilded box the size of those that sell two dozen Cuban cigars. I found myself pos-Lednev, took from the hands of the leader of the box with my name on the cover, thanked him as George asked: "Harimau Mars UCA", firmly shook his hand and he looked at me, smiled and said: "Aku Harimaka Tutu car, Señor Victor.".........................................................................................................................
   A few minutes later we went to our rubber boats stacked under a canopy so they will not melt in the heat, the leader of went with us. Seeing us natives, the rowers began to inflate the boat, then lowered them into the water, we thanked the leader of Mars, shook his hand and said, "Good-bye leader Mars" got into the boat and swam across the river from the bright posl Single Qasim in Aribau. There we boarded a speedboat "Caesar" and arrived in the evening, but of sweet, our wives gathered on the dock to meet nas.Ya tell my Mary was delighted with my appearance and a smile on my face realized that the treatment went on my favor. Get off at the dock, we exchanged greetings, happy joyful kiss and went to the hotel Senhora Miglia. On the way, I briefly told her how to swim in the lake as we were fed the crab meat, fed me unknown infusions from which acquired physical strength, about the successful hunt for holy Harimakoy sleeping fish, wish the leader of Mars "Senor, Harimaka bring you good luck," and his personal gifts handed to each of the patients. .
   Frankly, my Masha loved gifts, her curiosity knew no bounds and is now hearing about it, and I myself was wondering what a Võsu-in-progress pounded Crab meat with ground pounded herbs by mixing with water, which will have to drink a glass three days row, immediately took the box out of my hand with my IME-it on the cover, when I opened it myself and we have seen the statement. Masha postponed it aside-in the box was a poly bag with white and green dry newly-fallen snow pounded com. My Masha did not stop, she had an extraordinary sense of smell, she thought in every gift is a surprise, and because it is torn by curiosity, she took the bag, untied it and began hurrying to pour the powder into the box and suddenly fell with him a blue stone. Mary took him in hand, and since it is well versed in precious stones turned the front of his eyes, hugged me and whispered, kissing her: "My dear beloved Vic-tor, it's ethereal beauty and purity of the blue diamond, it is worth at least a million-tank owls. I I do not think that he just happened to hit the box of powder, tell me."........................................................
   Seeing the blue diamond, I compared it with the gold that was in the ring leader of the March-sa and realized he decided to reward me for caught and released me the sacred sleeping fish Harimaku and then told the story of Masha how to catch it. Joyful and happy we kissed, hugged, then we did the glass according to the instructions of the solution, and I drank a half hour in bed having fun in the old days. Masha was happy as never before, and I also told her about the wish of the leader of Mars have good kids. I'll tell you all what happened, in the same year, 2060, he was born in 2061 and Alex Sam. Presented my blue diamond decided to hold up better times, Masha was superstitious, and flatly refused to give cutting jeweler because she was afraid he might fall into the wrong hands and the poor even worse in the case of substitution of luck will leave us forever. My wife had their own ideas for the future, she wanted the wedding sons ordered the jeweler to make a pair of gold rings with diamonds of this blue diamond and give in-law. And since Mary is so treasured diamond that never shared with friends about what we have the..treasure.
   In general, the world's population increases slightly but nevertheless Indians and Chineses there are three billion people in the hands of that more than two billion cars. The Chinese live well but they want to live better and try to scatter, pour over the world, especially in USA, Australia, but since they are easily recognizable they quickly caught and vyturivayut again in China. Be especially wary of their resettlement Russia, so in a few years Russian created along the Russian-Chinese-gras Nitsa contemporary metal wall height of ten meters in which the left-carrying How many walkways and driveways but nevertheless the number of Chinese in Russia is not diminished but rather increased. Russia's leaders are scratching their heads how they fall, with the help of bamboo poles are unlikely to jump over a high wall but do not take the practical measures and the Chinese settled mainly in the Far East, growing onions, garlic, vegetables, immediately exported to China and have a good profit . True for providing land sharing with local officials, mafia, police and I say all is well. .
   In the United States a few years ago we found abandoned a tunnel through which underground Course Rowan buses between Mexico and the United States bringing illegal immigrants, with a length of only 120 km, dug to a depth of 50 meters and a 7 m radius. Since no one was caught then is anyone's guess how many hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal immigrants has penetrated a lot of money in the US and eventually become citizens. The organizers of this event have invested a lot of money, but modern technology to carry out this project was not difficult and the process of smelters, too, was very simple. In Mexico, at the beginning of the tunnel was built hotel "Mile" which arrived illegals, their elevator was lowered to the site, they were on the bus, he was carrying them to the US, where they lift up and fall visitors, the illegals are not at the hotel and on the enterprise household appliances production. They dress in the form of arranged the jobs they are doing the work. When does the change of officials dressed and went to the hostel of hotel type. In the morning drove him coach and illegal immigrants brought to Detroit, Chicago, New York, no one left to their fate and determined to work: in construction, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. This was repeated every day seven days a week, with the company near the Mexican border of the products, pay taxes and profit shares. So imagine how many illegal Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Thais, Africans and people of other nationalities penetrated twenty years of this tunnel. Everything was kept secret for fear and not for the money that prolong life. Some others start to drop out of business and the organized importation of illegal immigrants, there is said to not follow everything, but our authorities are trying to prevent the penetration of unwanted immigrants.
   In 2070 traveled to Europe to fly into Russia, my grandparents in their VRE-name rushed to the United States from the Soviet Union. How I longed to see it renewed, at the dawn of his youth, as a student, I traveled the ancient Rus' tourist-six years he studied at Moscow University and saw life, but that was long ago. When we arrived in Moscow, and on auto-buse get to the hotel I thought I would not drive to the evening and went to lunch roads were clogged with old and new car from local Russian Lad to luxury Ferrari Bogatti, Rolls Royces. Thousands of yellow taxi across to meet us, all eager to get to the airport, as I learned later, the taxi drivers were good women-ki. In a traffic jam stood for an hour, looking out the window at the sight of the skyscrapers a hundred floors above me understand the country's standard of living has risen and reached the Euro pean. After reading the life of Muscovites closer and in conversations with them, I realized how in the old days all shamelessly taking bribes to each other and different Pobo-ry. It appears in Russia people are getting less than in Europe but live well, and even better, it all depends on how you adapted to life, due to backyard hozyayst Islands, various schlock and those who have access to ready cash-chi-state bureaucrats, extortioners, krysheviki, prostitutes, policemen, firemen, road inspectors, tax collectors, short of people recruited in the country no less than twenty million, and take there with someone from their with strangers, foreigners, tourists who come on tours, at business to relatives waiting for them eagerly. But especially business partners, the fleecing as sticky, many here said goodbye to their business and are pleased that the money left for a return ticket to their beloved homeland. However, in such cases the time nastoyascheee fewer all-insure their businesses and hire advrkatov are the harsh laws of the deception is possible to obtain 15 years. .
   But best of all those who live in big government or malenkoy- here live pain-Chiyah money: imagine the little chiefs get 7-9 thousand dollars per month and buy Western car 200-300 thousand. Great leaders, bankers and tycoons get machines per million and above, the new Bogatti costs from 10 to 20 mil-lion, followed by an extraordinary hunting. The average salary of professionals in the produc ve 30-70 thousand Euros per month and for the higher echelons of several million pribavlyayutsa And all sorts of benefits and bonuses. .
   But it is necessary to go beyond Moscow salary falls at times because people are allowed Xia all tricks to not only survive but to improve their welfare. This is most obvious requisitions from the time we met in the bus trip to the Mother Volgu- inspector ten times stopped us, our driver did not have time to get a twenty dollar bill and even the most famous of the Russian River avtoinspek Thor clung to the driver that you see our bus wheels dirty. Our driver without objection gave him another twenty, and said that a special trip to the river to wash the car, the inspector noted that washing is strictly forbidden and is polozhenshtraf $ 100. But our driver as an exception to the rule he allowed to wash the bus and put it in his hand scribble which explained to his friend that the driver paid him for washing. We swam in the river, the driver was washing the bus approached the inspector, the driver handed him a note that read, smiled and went back home, no one else was coming soon and we went back and I note no longer taking a penalty-is all levies taken in only one direction . Fines are small, but do not give receipts per day have a lot of money, workers are divided with the authorities, with the state and, most importantly everyone is happy, nobody say thank you, but smile .
   Several years ago, Russian deputies adopted the law on the abolition of registration in all Russian cities including Moscow, millions of people flocked to the capital, and now it og-
  Romney metropolis within a radius of more than a hundred kilometers, is taken as the center of the Kremlin-one of the largest cities in the world with a population of thirty million inhabitants, with the suburbs more than fifty million since the Russian capital is a good money work, and many other small towns turned into ghost towns. .
   Part of the population live in single-storey houses with their own plot of land, they are manually without any mechanization wielding a shovel, hoe, rake, fork, hammer and sickle vyraschiavayut everything from potatoes and onions to apples, grapes, cattle, pigs, poultry, and all that proizrostaet made on Mother Earth, including moonshine mash, wine, alcohol-Pervak and other types of alcoholic beverages. In the depths of Russia untold riches but they now belong to the state of some of the thousands of billionaires is close to a trillion dollars. Currently Russia is the only country in the world that continues to export more oil, gas and electricity in Europe but not in the quantities in 2035 when Russia produced about 990 million tons of oil a year, but with gas and electricity is not a problem, Many countries receive it smoothly, and are able to meet their needs fully .
   The Chinese began to pull the second branch of the gas pipeline with a diameter of 1.5 meters since the first pipe has a diameter of 0.8 meters and the Chinese economy began to slow the pace of shortage of gas. But it is not only China and Europe, the USA, India, Japan appealed to the Russian government to allocate several billion cubic meters of gas and they own tankers gasholders transported it. And soon came the joyful message that Russian geologists in the Arctic Circle and in the Okhotsk Sea found huge reserves of oil and gas. Leaders of European countries and Japan were delighted, Chinese thinking since they did not have the right to print dollars and euros. Russian oil and gas tycoons actually run Russia said the Chinese leaders that the yuan banks have nowhere to put many countries refuse to exchange them for dollars and euros as only they can buy luxury cars, yachts Therefore three to five billion dollars, ancient palaces, Overseas Islands, paintings and much more of value and luxury.
   But the Chinese were not born yesterday it in their hands, too, was a trump card, 80% of the population of Russia wore clothes and shoes made in China synthetic mother and a Chinese fishing artificial silk produced mainly from the Russian oil and gas. Thinking about that in Russia the climate is not like China where winter and in summer you can walk barefoot, in shorts and a T-shirt and leave the Russians without clothes and shoes decided to provide China with oil paving second branch diameter of 1.2 meters and gas in exchange for the payment of goods and yuan for Russian citizens traveling in China and the subsequent commodification and everything went without a conflict...................................................................................................................
   In general, people in Russia, cheerful and hard-working, a lot of time, or rather in the early morning to late evening mantulit on his plot and those who live in the city as soon as the wild berries sit on the train and go out of town on the op-redelnnomu route to the selected station , come and go on foot to the steppe, forests, the share of HN, the clearing and collect the gifts of nature, wilderness hut, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, just do not count. Later, people go looking for mushrooms, nuts, tomatoes, carrots, red beets. But from year to year to go and you need to walk further and further, and is now required to pass on foot to 20 km, people get tired of overcoming such distances, according to the Russians will soon be nowhere to go and no reason, everything is built suburban village and, if given early on six acres of land in the country house, the new regulation's Deputies in Moscow will provide free of charge, only three hundred square meters in the European part of six, too many people and it is better to give everyone at least a little. But beyond the Urals, in Siberia and the Far East in particular where people are running in the European part of the increased area of summer cottages and 20 acres, all for nothing, only work
   Delighted such gratuitous lafe plus annual bonus for export hectares of, oil, electricity and other gifts of nature for thousands of dollars per month, many residents of the Far East spat at work and handed plots to rent hard-working Chinese people for 1,000 dollars per hundred square meters so that all It was very good . .
   People in Russia, though not all but most healthy foods prigotov-fief of agricultural products grown on manure as it is not used to eating everything that is devoid of taste and smell, that's why millions of city dwellers flock to the summer and autumn in the field and in the forest for the gifts of nature and continue fertilizing their plots of land with manure, crops are good and important throughout the present taste and smell .
   Yes, many decades ago on the recommendation of the mayor of Moscow to unload sto-
  the person to reduce the population, the State Duma adopted in all readings position according to which all pensioners to send to the residence in the city, new building. It began a rapid build-ment of these cities on the outskirts of Moscow region and as the number of pensioners is-calculates three million that the plan was to build thirty cities stotysyach. In Mother Russia innumerable natural resources and cope with this work in fifteen years, as well as care for the elderly is of prime importance for what goes lozung- "young everywhere we road, old men everywhere we honor" that they have created a standard of living which they never dreamed of. However, as the Pensioner strife is, there are honorary and the ordinary ones using all the benefits of living in a luxurious separate rooms on your own or a married couple and the other in the common areas of twelve. Accordingly, it was the care and treatment of sick and when it became known to the public and through it the future of Muscovy pensioners who were to spend the rest of life in cities hundreds of kilometers away from the capitals of the future common ordinary pensioners have decided to boycott the refusal to order a pension and continue to work. Since the workers and employees refused to apply for retirement and continued to work there is another difficulty, young professionals were among the unemployed and because of the situation they were given unemployment benefits the government had difficulties not in the sense that there was no money and for the because of that lack of fresh young mind began to slow technological progress since dried brains pensioners or their complete absence in the head was not given to what was required. In short, Moscow authorities decided to issue a new, if retired at his own request would go to the city joyful and others like him a standard twin city please forward, if not then continue to live in Moscow, Moscow and receive privileged pensions which is two times higher than the in any other city of the high cost of living.
   Frankly speaking, after the evacuation of Moscow from three to five million pension-ditch population did not decrease but increased in a couple of times due to the newcomers-lavshih found here good money to work and decent life, but here as someone is lucky. Since life in the capital rose in price from year to year it will soon come a time that retirees voluntarily expressed a wish to get to cities such pensioners and live up to the end of life on the whole ready. And it is here that some people realized that, if this can be a good chop the cabbage, chop down loot, started to offer for the money ho Rosie privileged place regardless of whether you are retired or honorary soldier. Those who did not spare the money and buying good living room like a cat in the bosom enjoying all the benefits and the rest on the general situation.
   When we visited as tourists have visited one of the towns for retirees Rado-stnye that we, foreign tourists spent in one of the houses where they lived honorary retirees itself a twenty-building trimmed with glass panels of color-lubyh heaven pleasing to the eye, inside behind the counter was a young broad-doorman in a light suit with a tie, all the staff in white robes with a smile on the faces of Hollywood, sterile cleanliness, flowers in vases. We were shown tub, where are you living pensioners themselves and I thought this is a real resort, if not a paradise for those who lived there-TV, flowers, wooden bed for a couple or alone, on the walls hung reproductions of paintings. Sami retirees and pensioners fresh healthy red cheek precocious young citizens previously occupied good positions, actors, singers, or tycoons business but exposed ailment, many rolled into gurneys. We drove to the dining room, pensioners fed and watered for slaughter, who could not handle a spoon with a fork nurses fed with it. But in addition to a dining room in this house for pensioners had a gym, swimming pool and room for ideas. Life for pensioners in this building was fabulous and it manages them cheap. However, for many seniors in this building to pay the State, those who got the part of the bribe paid to 15 thousand dollars a month when the pention is $2 000.....................................................................................................
   We wanted to go to the house ordinary pensioners but were refused, however, because journalists are not sleeping and they are able to penetrate into them, and then upload to the Internet vnut-rennyuyu pensioners living life the picture in general was not too under-attractiveness, and I personally do not like I would be there. The thing is that when pensioners living in other cities of Russia sniff about heavenly life in the cities, hostel-tions for the Moscow pensioners who want to be in them there was so much that those who had savings agreed with intermediaries and wrong way under the guise of Moscow pensioners-registration is not There was in Moscow and try to prove from the capital it or not, to seek a place to stay and raced into a joyful, or any of 50 such cities for pensioners in which lived bollee 7.2 million at medical rate of 5 million. In short, due to the influx of retirees was not enough seats and responsible leaders have come up with how tiny rooms for 12 pensioners place from 18 to 24 people. They ordered in furniture factories bunk beds, the order was adopted, they were made, they were taken, were placed in the rooms and everything is fine on lower-tier slept infirm, those who are on the second move independently and could climb the ladder on the bed. The common dining room at a large round table for 8 people sat here feeding only those who came on foot. Paralyzed and infirm were fed directly into the rooms where they slept, their appearance evoked compassion and sympathy for those looking for a babysitting them too wondered about their bleak situation and attitude to work with bezralichiem, mortality increased but since it was officially confirmed by the medical staff, opening and acts of death is anybody any claims. However, this is only an extreme and an average of hundreds of thousands of retirees when riding in the city or the like Joyful 50 model cities voluntarily then it means he arranged them.
   The most important thing seniors were not alone and were under the supervision of staff, physicians, their dresses, shoes and did not have to think that in the event of the death after illness or paralysis will be a few days to decompose and hardly really buried. But in general, because of the infinite riches in the depths of Russian life is beautiful and amazing!
   Now talk about how we have experienced the fear, the inhabitants of the Earth in June 2056 at a meeting with the plasma, everyone thought it was the end of our civilization but had passed, she flew a quarter of a million miles above the Earth, and since no heat and we did not feel was in the eye less than the moon icebergs in Antarctica remained untouched. According to scientists on the flight path Plasma our planet Earth was purely by chance, it happens in fifty million years once. They're a few years ago owl Tov people buy zharoottalkivayuschie vests but better suits with boots ishlemami. We ordered three sets, paid money and received only three years after the span Plasma and the producers in writing from the company Smith and Johnson, I'm sorry that it happened because of the gigantic number of orders and ordered deported because the necessary costumes with some delay. I'll tell oboshlic us three sets of fifty thousand dollars, on our times it is not expensive, my wife and I received 4 500 000 per year .
   Once the scientists had predicted the meeting with the Earth Plasma up to a mine in the country, you started the hype began to order all fire-retardant suits, Botin-ki, helmets and when we rushed to his request to the company Smith and Johnson, the tale-if we have to wait two years. I agreed to the meeting because it was three years, with money taken immediately. Until the very last day of the demand has been extraordinary, all the companies have switched to production of fire-retardant products, day by day, it is expensive, we formed the longest queue, waiting for delivery of helmets and shoes immediately appeared speculators and chat with their feet and shoes were sold at exorbitant prices with his helmet .
   Since we have not hoped in time to get our set we decided to buy in the store, my family one by one stood in line for three days, once had such a crush that nearly crushed me, rather trampled when it opened, I fell down at the door, people ran through Me, stumbled, fell, and was unimaginable galdsh my happiness, I pinned on his head who bought we send with it or rather a head with five-time speculator overpayment. When I got ribs ached, and immediately went to the citizen to sell me a helmet and do not hesitate to buy with his legs fire-retardant boots with a triple overpayment and made an order for my wife, my mother. He offered me a fire-retardant suits at double the price for the whole family, I said that already zakazl and wait but he persuaded me to buy them in advance when whispered in my ear "The promised three-year wait." And rightly so kupil- that they hung in the closet and we all quietly waiting for a meeting with the plasma................................................................................................................................
   We talked about it long and hard and when the day came rather all the people in the morning, Sheha suburbs dressed and shod in flame-retardant suits, boots with a hat on their heads, of the words of my Zhinkov dumped on the street and waited for a long-awaited meeting with the plasma-on She said she was like a meteor flying high above the moon, and no one felt no long-awaited heat. At that time I was in New York, I ran to and from my head blew off the latest hat (think air wave has come to me from Antarctica) and in fact the usual gust of wind. I like many was in a flame-retardant suit but then disaster struck, we were in a traffic jam and when got to the parking time was running out, I ran but then realized when you three extra pounds is not escape. Immediately all took off, threw it on the sidewalk and in a shirt and shorts, barefoot rushed to a meeting, represent the five-kilometer run in nine minutes .
   Another thing to be in that time over Antarctica, travel agencies five times raised the cost of tours to the icy continent, tyschi TV companies sent their TE leoperatorov, correspondents. Our meeting prshlos postponed because presiding Lee wanted to see a picture of the majestic span of the Plasma ice mountains. Not without deception of mankind by a number of television and film companies to-torye called coincidence showing us at this time advertising the fantastic filmaprinyaty viewers for a real flight of Plasma over Antarctica. The creators of this fantasy because of technological advances and computer in advance of filming in the pavilions removed and mounted almost real picture Plasma-flight over Antarctica. As conceived by one cameraman flew to Antarctica and climbed above the glacier in order to keep shooting flying at a distance of ten miles of fiery plasma "Jenny Golden Spit." Intrepid cameraman, Bill Crow flame-retardant suit company Smith and Johnson stood in front of the lens, and all of a sudden in front of billions of viewers, he disappeared from the screen, the camera itself continued to work. And we have seen plasma (actually invented filmmakers plasma "Jenny Golden Scythe") are much brighter than a thousand suns, like a rainbow of colors and shades. Strange fiery comet within minutes swept over the cameraman Bill, in its fire-resistant suit with helmet on his head, he bravely waving her arms without fear fiery tornado. From this kind of I I was on the skin cold and, at the same time covered undisguised pride for the firm Smith & Johnson to create such a miracle suit. But suddenly the cameraman Bill powerful wave of air blown off from the glacier like a fly, and incurred after the receding of the plasma and immediately showed us a huge satellite giant ice rink of Antarctica that has evolved to the extent where flew invented fantastic Plasma "Jenny Golden Spit." The frames were replaced and we saw the studio in which the assembled reporters, cameramen from television equipment, photographers and other staff. Leggy young golden-haired beauty in a pink blouse and green skirt above the knee said calm voice: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I do not think that Mr. Bill Crow disappeared in the white desert of Antarctica, with the operator please do not worry, it is already a base of polar Scott on his quest He traveled by helicopter expedition led by Mr. Robert Deere.".....................................................
   Still interrupted, the screen appeared blonde with white teeth and a charming smile, firm Johnson Simpson advertised toothpaste "Marcy" .
   When I returned home and told what he saw on TV, my dear wife Masha looked at me, smiled and said softly: "My dear husband, Victor, everything is a lie, I'll personally saw through binoculars as the yellow plasma within a few seconds the span over the la our village and disappeared behind the car park, present, did not become hotter.". ........
   I sighed with relief, Antarctica was untouched on TV showed a fantasy where many TV companies were going to make a lot of money. This semolina-Spraying the scene excited the world's population, took all the garbage for the truth, every day for two years, people rushed to the TV to hear the news and see the expedition Mr. Robert Dira seekers cameraman Bill Crow. And imagine rescuers found all the same cameraman, he spent a year talking about himself and about his misadventures on the icy continent. The most interesting according to the operator Air wave picked him up and down near the deserted in the distant past Russian polar station, in which he found several bottles of alcohol left food in cans and fed it to the point is not by accident the pilot was seen Harry with a passing Tomeronom aircraft with tourists. He immediately told his friend Robert Deere gave the exact coordinates of the polar hut and radrstny happy and went by helicopter to the location. The weather was favorable and the search for a few hours, rescuers flew to the base operator Bill Crow, happiness and joy knew no bounds.
   Again crooks announced that people from the glaciers of Antarctica fiery plasma fusion hall several million cubic miles of ice and maybe in five or ten years Dropped-FLS rains and suggested stocking boats, rafts, lifejackets and pouting-governmental circles. I consulted with my mother, my wife and we decided to spend the money immediately for the purchase of two life jackets and rubber boats...............................................................................................................
   The next day we went to the store, even from a distance saw the long queue at the sight of which I shudder, I did not want to stand in it to remember how the crowd trampled me in the fall in the store when buying a fire-retardant suit. And my happiness UWI-Minister of the speculator who advised me to buy him a fire-retardant suits. We drove up to him, he smiled and exchanged greetings and Harry said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, in any order you at a reasonable price, stock up while prices have not shot up, the water is terrible fire." .
   We shook hands, I made him a list and imagine three days to our th minivan and drove home an old friend Harry laid ordered our good, then helped bring everything in house, we paid, and it is quite gone off to perform the following order, such customers we had was in bulk.
   Frankly speaking neither in three years or five years or in ten Kosmiches cue rain did not pass all the means of salvation lay useless in the pantry. I'm not talking about money is meaningless vbuhali this shit and do not regret, because I have given a lot of work for people and dollars themselves during this time are impaired by 15%. I do not know if people were waiting for the cosmic rain or not but in 2070 our Earth escaped trouble thanks to joint efforts of scientists SSCHA, Russia, United Europe and China eliminated the danger threatening our planet was destroyed by a huge meteorite in space "Ivan the Terrible" with a diameter of about one kilometer. Scientists astronomers noticed his appearance the year before nemenuemym collision with the ground, calculate the trajectory and it turned out that it could fall into the Sea of Japan near Tokyo, Japan, next to which Yokohama. The total population of the cities with the suburbs about 50 million people, and dropped a meteor in the sea is a giant wave would have been washed away and destroyed a small house and giant skyscrapers with people located not only in these areas but also in all the Japanese islands. Also formed a wave height of 30-40 meters can not just roll up to China and flooding 10% of the territory with a population of 500 million people, but also to Russia, to the Americas, Africa, Australia and in the total number affected would be around four billion people on the planet . In New York, in a glass building of the United Nations on the East River has an extraordinary session, the profit leaders of all countries, prominent scientists, astronomers, nuclear physicists, engineers and rocket technology after a week of discussions, it was decided to urgently prepare for the launch of hundreds of giant rockets since their hydrogen bombs and send rushing to us meteorites. Scientists compute exact trajectory of the meteorite trajectory launched missiles and calculated the point at which the meeting will take place in space and thunder thermonuclear explosions are able to change course, "Ivan the Terrible."...........................................................................................................................
   Scientists, engineers and workers coped with the task brilliantly-hundred and twelve powerful tourist rockets fly from Earth to Mars were stuffed with hydrogen bombs, run, and at a height of about two million kilometers after a series of maneuvers in space rockets met with a meteorite "Ivan the Terrible." Man-made missiles flew from all sides to the meteorite and being away from him hundreds of meters on all sides by a team from the Earth at the same time thousands of explosions thundered hydrogen bombs. To say frankly at the moment, we have not seen or heard the explosions but after a while of Space Flight Center in Houston report came Delighted inhabitants of the earth, all of humanity was relieved-meteorite "Ivan the Terrible" changed the trajectory of flight and flew in hundreds of thousands of miles away Earth.
   December 25, 2065 was an event excited all the inhabitants of our planet: reportedly a young amateur astronomer from Russian Andrei Karaskina lived in a suburb of Novosibirsk, hunter unidentified flying objects, he just happened to notice in the night sky at a height of one hundred thousand kilometers and maybe more of Space Ship flying with great speed. Andrew wanted to photograph it but it is ran into the house and returned with the device in the direction of the UFO flew Urals Mountains-cal and no longer appear. According to him, by making appropriate mathematical calculations space object flew at a speed of not less than ten thousand kilometers per.second.
   Initially, nobody believed him but then it was a lot of messages from love-teley UFO-hunters from Europe and even from India and China, young men and wome HN with one voice assured that they saw in the sky a luminous point like a meteor flying from end to end from East to West. But the most startling message issued by the owner of the yacht Herman Fritsch bulge of the earth with his girlfriend Gertrude Halle on the Baltic Sea. At ten o'clock in the evening from the deck of "Amelia" they were filming a movie camera as a starry sky, and then suddenly in their objective was rushing object from the East to the West and fifteen seconds disappeared from view. Mr. Herman Fritsch from Germany who shot an unidentified flying body is first scanned with a girlfriend Gertrude screen home theater, then with relatives, friends and all in one voice asserted that they filmed the real spacecraft which flew close to the Earth. Herr from Germany carried the movie on a TV studio, the staff scroll many times in making sure that this is not a fake show the people of our planet. Ordinary citizens perceived the film as the truth but scientists were skeptical of him and felt for another fake. .
   Personally, I have to re-shoot the film in the cassette with the TV and looked at many times by increasing the sensible-frames with a rocket came to the conclusion that it is not fake and say I could not sleep for several nights from a thought: Is actually in deep space there is on the planet to live by the Torah, people and create ships able to fly several light years takkak near our solar system, according to scientists this is not habitable planet. Once I shared the idea the ship with his wife Masha, but she asked me-nya not to think about it and concentrate on the thought how better and more beautiful make our lives and money not for meat and beefsteak made on new technology and from grown cows and sheep on the farm of Mr. Jack Pokkera. Realizing her hint I quit my old job and moved to a new where they paid twice as much and bought meat, butter and cream into his yard once a week, forgetting about the rocket.
   Over the years of my life, I was a witness of our tumultuous life with its joys, sorrows from which spinning and headache. As I wrote above the main cause of the headache problem to get from home to work on a cultural event and back. Therefore, all the sports performances, cinema, ballet, pesy and other people look just at home, pay TV and advertising takes 50% and I will say in the cultural and sports life of significant changes have occurred, and as craftsmen, they are for my habitation, byt were a dime a dozen, among them the genius of Uncle Joe feed the world healthy, nutritious, say frankly gratuitous food. Especially distinguished people in overcoming long distances in a short time by using muscle power, created an eccentric folding wings, he deserted, then spread out their arms with wings, they are dealt, extend, lengthen and people raised in the air stream picks him up and carried up and here then that everything depended on craftsmen use their wings. Imagine, some managed from one long run-up in the 100m fly up to 1 km. In many parts of the country within the arteries, where a lot of free space, thousands of young people flying on the wings of the time, but such flights are banned, as the increase in the number of highways accidents, with the advent of flyers over the flow of cars:-driver onlookers admired them , diverted and crashed into other cars, blood flowed the river in the collision hundreds of cars. Some motorists managed to drive in the absence of the high cost of gasoline and sails, solar panels, using chain drives, carried in the trunk gas cylinders and electric batteries. But they had the fuss that soon had to give them up, mo-totsiklistam, cyclists took a separate track with a speed limit of 60 km per hour, as motorists feared them like the plague ...
   I must say a few words about the cultural life since people mnogosvobodnogo
  time, many go to the cinema to watch stereofilmy effect extraordinary, if you are the participant of this film, everything and everyone around you, it encompasses the fear and dread especially when you watch the battle, the battle in historical films.
   My kids each week, on Saturday sent to the indoor stadium, musical theater 70 thousand to listen to music groups, they are interested in. I, my wife and mother visited museums, the Metropolitan, the Solomon Guggenheim, the Whitney, do not believe it exhibited paintings worth 100-150-200 miillionov dollars. I could not imagine drawing by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec "women wore stockings" was sold at Christie's auction for 115 million, "Still Life with Iris" by Vincent Van Gogh for 170 million Picasso painting "Boy with a Pipe" at Sotheby's sold for 200 million dollars, White easter egg with gold Faberge chicken he made in 1885, a gift from the king Alexander III to his wife Marie Feodorovna on Easter anniversary of 20 years of marriage unknown dumped 17 million. But this is not the limit, there are Easter eggs more expensive, up to 20 million "Lilies" in 1898 and "The Order of St. George" 26 million have been taken out of Nicholas II's mother Maria Feodorovna from the Crimea in time of revolution in the English cruiser. The Metropolitan Theatre tickets take long before the presentation. In the opera "Boris Godunov" and "Queen of Spades" we ordered tickets for 1000 dollars for six months, dealers resell the tickets from the hands of three thousand dollars. But this is not the limit, tickets for hockey play offs reach 20,000, I like hockey fan, I can not pay such big money and because I look on TV. But it's not that be among the crowd in the stadium and shout in all throat and lung power "puck puck, the puck.".................................................................................................
   However, I must say that sometimes trying to sell copies of the original and, imagine, succeed, manage to steal expensive paintings from museums in spite of the heavy guard. In 2068 a gang of art criminals managed to attack the armored car Perevi-ing what is found picture (I think on a tip) directly from the motorway, with a gas station during filling. As shown on TV inside the van were seven people protection, the driver and two guards were sitting on the front seat vooruzhnnnye pistols. In short car disappeared from the paintings and people, the announcer said that the cost of transported paintings approaching the insurance to 940 million dollars. There is clear and understandable, some amateur paintings of world famous artists, Eugene Delacroix, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and transported paintings of these artists knew what fabric and ordered. Now he admires them in their closed from human sight galleries and a lot of fans. Since the paintings in an armored vehicle were 30 something apparently very expensive not................................................
   But the theft of paintings compared to other small things, 20 August 2074 lost sa-molt Cessna Mustang 7 with three world-renowned film actor from Hollywood Stone-transports of Faberge Easter eggs and patterns of world-renowned artists of the XVIII and XIX centuries insuring their valuable possessions and themselves on 2 billion dollars. These legendary actors Harry Stone, 63, the pilot, his son Charlie, 40 years old and the daughter of Marilyn, 37, sent from Chicago, IL to Seattle, Washington to auction Carnegie. As their plane was a small, low-capacity, for 4 guests and a half-ton load-carrying capacity was they, as written on the Internet, the web is separated from the frame, put them in a steel pencil cases and with Easter eggs Faberge took with them, the frame is sent to a small truck car..........................................................................
   Family Stone flew from Chicago with stops at the fueling, without problem permanently maintaining mobile communication with family. They will stop at Beale Lings, Montana, flew through Great Falls in Spokane, Idaho, where their schedule they should refuel and fly to Seattle, Washington. But to everyone's surprise, including relatives, Harry Stone's wife Miss Elizabeth, 59, and her two granddaughters, Irene, 11, and Gloria, 10 communications ceased in the area Kalispel-Columbia Falls a large lake MacDonald, the accident occurred in the evening. The next morning, we sounded the alarm, and Major Douglas, head of the local Civil Air Patrol, Montana, at the request of Elizabeth Stone at her expense, identified three dozen civilian aircraft to search for the missing Cessna Mustang 7. .
   Hundreds of volunteers a few days, even more, almost three weeks of air and ground combed Rockies, people on foot in groups pass through national parks and forest reserves, Kootenai, Flathead, Lolo and Gletcher. But as on the enthusiasm does not go far, and many can not make long to lose time and money is to tear the clothes and shoes that noble and monetary Miss Elizabeth decided to attract new seekers of her husband, son, daughter and wreckage to establish some kind of prize 5 million dollars to anyone lucky enough to find them, or any part.
   Of course, the discovery of the wreckage of the aircraft transporting such a world-renowned Chez DeVries was not a pity to pay $ 5 million, now I will list them. I'll start with 7 Faberge Easter eggs, "White egg with a golden hen" gift from Easter to the 20th anniversary of the marriage of Tsar Alexander II and Maria Feodorovna, Princess of Denmark in 1885. "The Order of St. George," a gift from the king in 1916 by Nicholas II to his mother-widow Marie Feodorovna and removed her from the Crimea in the English cruiser. "Easter Egg 15 anniversary" a gift from on Easter in 1911 by Nicholas II to his wife king Aleksagdre Feodorovna with portraits of Nicholas II, the wife, the son, the people. Easter egg "Coronation" with the golden carriage inside "Easter Egg Cuckoo" Easter Egg "Lily," a gift from Nicholas II Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in 1898, rose with pearls, rubies and diamonds, "Easter Egg with the model of the cruiser" Memory of Azov". .
   Especially valuable are the paintings of famous artists worldwide Eugene Delakrua- "Medea," "Dante and Virgil", "Liberty Leading Forward" and "Naked woman on di-Van", Pablo Pikasso- "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", "Girl on the ball" "Woman with a Fan," Henri Matissa- "Gypsy," "Woman in Blue", "White Feather", "Black Table", by Vincent van Goga- "A young man in a hat", "Still Life with Iris", "Self-Portrait" "Vincent's Bedroom," Edward Mane- "Portrait of Eva Gonzales," "Escape of Rochefort," "flutist", "Absinth Drinker", "Bar at the Folies Bergere," "Breakfast in the studio," Henri de Toulouse-Lotreka- "Portrait of Mother" "Dance at the Moulin Rouge," "Portrait of Van Gogh," "In the circus Ferdinando". .
   What is most interesting in this story, the armored car with framed paintings had been kidnapped near Spokane, Idaho, but three days later some obrazm reappeared on the freeway near Ellensburg, Washington, three people-two-fer sho, and three guard sat trapped in the body. They found passing by the police when he saw standing at the side of the car with deflated slopes. Due to the fact that the prisoners kicked the metal door, and they heard the police cracked it released 5 hungry men sitting among gold plated frames without paintings. They were taken to the police station but they all unanimously declared that after the seizure of the car they were blindfolded and transported somewhere, where they have no representation. As guessed robbers police seized the car is not calculated canvas paintings that had previously been separated from the frame and disillusioned with the failure of the car drove away from his lair and left. As written in the Internet security guards and drivers transporting frame released from the handcuffs and let him go because virtually all of the frame in full safety .
   When I learned that offering a reward of 5 million dollars for the discovery of Lomkov-aircraft or people, whether living, dead, he kindled a desire to go on a quest. My mother and wife and children while I had students, Alex in December was 14 years old, knocked Sam in November 13 began to discourage me, but the desire to grab a 5 million dollars was so great, and I believed I find wreckage that began to convince my ladies and they lost. I persuaded my wife to go with me to search for the plane in Montana, but suddenly my mom broke her leg and the doctor put her in plaster. I ride my dear Masha fell, it will help my mother and I have to fly alone. Do not think that I was a fool to go to far from the bay floundering Montana. Since I was a high-class specialist, and developed a variety of computer programs that could help with their knowledge to hack any computer protection then climbed into the dispatching service of the Chicago airport. Knowing the plane Stone brand and code data by which he flew and maintained contact with dispatchers and follow the entire route of flight, I set about the last part of the way when the Cessna Mustang 7 disappeared from radar controllers, it is unclear for what reasons has turned off all radio communication, negotiations on the mobile phone, contact stopped and the signal is not received even a satellite since the radar has failed. That's because when the plane crashed and the radar did not work then the signal does not reach the satellite and the coordinates fall Cessna appeared unknown. .
   In short, I made a map of the area where the alleged possible aircraft down, Rocky Mountains, near Lake McDonald, District of Columbia Falls National Park and the Flathead, the most northern Montana. His calculations I shared with my mother and my wife, I clearly explained everything to them and they agreed with me. September 20-tember 2074, one month after the disappearance of the aircraft Stone and unsuccessful attempts to find them from the ground and air, I said goodbye to my mother, wife and children left alone in Kalispell to Lake McDonald. Before the place was getting almost a week different planes, cars on farm wheelchair and walked several kilometers on foot with a large backpack which carried a tent, extra clothes, rubber boots, binoculars, nets for fishing, hunting knife, food and other necessary details.
   I will be honest in my way of searchers like me there were many thousands of boats with brave swimmers and divers scoured the lake MacDonald, but I knew it fell off the plane and moved to the proposed site fall Cessna Mustang 7. I will be honest, so I was not smart one but not so much. Adventurers, more precise search engines like me who wanted to grab 5 million bucks looked askance at me, but when he saw on my shoulder formidable Winchester themselves tried to go away without asking the question, "You is not the case at the National Reserve." And most importantly, they have not followed me offering their cooperation in the search for the plane. September 27th I reached the borders of the area of the alleged fall Cessna seven warm sunny days wandering around and around his seat halt my selected near the river, where the distance to the north waterfall thundered. The place was surprisingly attractive, vast forest with no end in sight, tall trees and golden leaves of autumn, took its rights. Fish in the river was apparently not visible in the evening when it was getting dark I threw his net and pulled at least twenty pounds of fresh trout. I choose to your taste, rest is thrown away into the river, cooked soup and enjoyed it. Mushrooms and berries was the sea, their favor, I feel the food is from a wandering to darkness. .
   The eighth day of searching, I decided to devote rest, slept until nine in the morning, when I woke up, smiling and went out of the tent the sun shone brightly, it was warm, first jumped into the river, and refreshed after zatraka cast net to catch trout. The river was so clean that I saw floating fish of different species, sizes and colors and I came up with a good idea to remove all this beauty on camera. I went into the tent and took a miniature camera, returned to his seat, went to the river and rented as trout and other species of fish swim freely in the network, and cling to the meshes begin to twitch in the hope of escape. Not far from the shore in water a couple of large bears with bushy red hair long legs carelessly caught fish and ate did not seem to notice me. In order to better photograph them, I came closer to them, and at this point one of the bears saw me standing on his hind legs started to swing forward and publish a frightening bear cries for him join another. I went to shoot the bears suddenly I immediately went in my direction, I understood, you need to retreat. Slowly, I retreated back to the forest to hide in it while continuing to shoot. Predators realized that I was afraid of, and digress emboldened and accelerated the pace, once on shore, they threw in my direction
   I had no choice but to flee into the forest and there to seek refuge. I did so, and ran while fleeing sometimes arose in my mind a plan to jump on the tree, but as grown cedar pine with smooth trunks then I do not get to them, and remembering that the bears climb trees well before I would get kept running. I do not know how much time running away from them as suddenly, salvation has come to the forest glade was cut and stretched her barbed wire fence with a minimum height of two meters. I understood that I was not to swing through a red Bears raced behind me, and then in my head the idea-to reach the fence, then turn sharply and swallow dive into the grass if possible flying over long distances. I did so, and was in the side in the grass, but the bears rushing behind me did not see the fence of barbed wire and around the turn ran into her. Wire-kai was that strong that not lunging in furious they tried to break her legs and I crawled to the woods, got to the tree and hiding behind them continued shooting. Soon, once suddenly appeared guards in camouflage uniforms with machine guns, they did not notice me, and I took them with bears trying to penetrate them.................................................................................
   It's a miracle, bears appeared hard-nosed, they bloody their noses laser
  PAMI broken up blood tried to break the fence of barbed wire stretched in several rows in height with tremendous formidable frightening inscription letters, private property, undergo rigorous VOSPRESCHN. Battle Bears wire lasted a long time, suddenly to the spot on the side of the fence came two guards in camouflage with guns in their hands. Seeing them bears came in a frenzy, they really are brutalized and even more forcefully tried to break the wire legs, but as sharp spikes caused them unbearable pain they shouted threateningly. Two guards hung automatic shoulder, got cell phones and began to shoot the bears trying to break through the heavy-duty fence. And then something happened that no one expected, one of the bears broke through the wire and the guard rushed was standing near the fence and shoot animals. Since machines these guys hung on the shoulder is not one of them did not have time to pick up and shoot, another bear broke through the hole and together attacked the guards. The bloody muzzle wild beasts, or rather their mouth with a long, sharp teeth dug into the face and body boys, tearing them apart and cast aside, legs with full force smashed chests, scream and roar resounded far bears neighborhood. .
   I filmed this tragedy, I wanted to help the boys with their bare hands but de-
  lat nothing. Suddenly, from the forest on the side of the protected area, rushed to the other guards with machine guns, flew a military helicopter, began shooting this kind can be heard in a movie theater equipped with Dolby. Bears did not depart from his victims, and only deadly shots ever appease.them.
   I felt sorry for the young guys on the other hand it was clear the place where I tend to get lyus, under military guard. I thought that the protected area is small and the next day try to pass along to find its end. Unnoticed by anyone still standing, shoot and watch the war-scattered parts of the guys gathered in two plastic bags, immersed in a green helicopter and he immediately departed, the guards left the place and went to where they came from. I stopped shooting and returned to their camp, a network that remained in the water was filled with trout and other fish species, selecting the best-looking ear began to boil glancing from side to side as if my smoke came other clumsy bears, they seem to in this place there a lot . .
   The next day was a Winchester at his shoulder toward the forest to a waterfall up to-torogo it was at least three or maybe five kilometers unexpectedly elsewhere meet with the fence two meters of barbed wire stretched in several rows in height with tremendous formidable inscription letters every 100 meters, private property, undergo rigorous NO PASS. I realized this is a continuation of fence near which appeared during the flight from bears and where there was a tragi-dium. It became clear is only illegal to pass, or rather crawl under a fence and thus be on the territory of the guards get shot like a duck and nobody will carry-on responsibility for my life. I wanted to get into the zone behind the barbed wire, I had no doubt that the wreckage of the aircraft are there and decided to walk along a dangerous fence .
   How good that I walked a few hundred meters from it and so it does not suffer the sight passing kilometer saw a wooden tower in front of a minimum height of six meters, on it were two strong guys in camouflage with guns at the ready. I immediately lay down on the green grass and immediately crawled out of this danger zone, at the time I did not know that this area farmer Uncle Joe who feeds his beefsteak America and even other countries to help eliminate hunger by supplying nutritious substance, and they thought it was a secret military base and here I should leave immediately, and will notice immediately will be killed ...
   I reached his camp near the river, he has caught trout soup and Breakfast Navariya concluded-I aircraft is not available, you need to finish the quest and move-up me. To my dismay there was no limit, so close to be on purpose and not walk because of the strict protection of the territory. The next day I gathered my things in a backpack and behavior-Siv shoulder Winchester went to the town of Kalispell, from his private little plane flew to Great Falls, Billings him to continue on the jetliner to New York. For a couple of hours before the arrival at the airport contacted on the mobile phone with his wife, she was at home, I picked up the phone and oddly said,"Who?"
   "My dear Masha, a good day, I'm Victor, fly," with joy I shouted into the phone. "How is your health, moms, kids? Go back home to inform, meet the MT-175 flight from Billings, two hours will be at the airport, tell you about my trip in detail, so I kiss you and all."
   "My dear Victor, I heard a joyful voice of his wife. Good afternoon, everyone's health is excellent, worried about you all the time worried, you know there are wild animals. I handed the phone to her mother, she rush to the parking lot and I meet, so do not worry, as long as you come, and get home mom let us make dumplings. I'm so glad that you're on a-mi, a whole, to a meeting at the airport." ..........
   The tube took mom and I heard her voice quavering with emotion: "My dear son, good morning, hello, we're so worried about you. What is your health? With my legs removed the plaster and I'm running like a young, kiss, waiting with impatience." .
   "My dear Mother, hello, good afternoon, the whole is glad that your leg is healthy, fly, four hours later meet. My health is beautiful," I said happily. How are the children?" ....................
   "Sam and Alex are going to school, is now gone with friends to compete in boxing, wave-valis for you, so anxious to hear the news."..............................................................................................
   "Mom, the news will be, though not too optimistic, but it's not my fault, and basically everything was fine, the fresh air and healthy food, I got stronger and feel fine, see you soon," I said and turned off his mobile phone...................................................................................
   Our Boeing 797 flew to New York and landed at the airport on schedule, since it was a domestic flight is without any delay, we boarded the bus podhali to the glass building of the airport. Thanking the chauffeur went to the hall, about ten minutes waiting luggage, he finally arrived, I took a backpack with a long bag which was carrying Winchester and other accessories for hunting and fishing. All things are put in the cart and went to the waiting room, the crowd saw my adorable Masha in a pink dress with a green hat high on his head that I saw her among the people. We were rushed, in each other's arms, kissed and greeted each other drove the truck to the parking lot. Putting things in the trunk, Masha village in our silver Ford Mustang with a trolley and I headed to the airport to pass it and get a passport .
   Ten minutes later, having passed it and received a passport rushed to the car, I sat down, and we moved to her in the way I told her about his adventures costing me $ 100 thousand, but because at the time I received two hundred thousand a month is not particularly upset . Not yet reached the house he saw his mother on the doorstep and sons Alex and Sam wait for us. The car stopped, I got out, I immediately started to hug, kiss, pulling things out of the trunk and when they were on the sidewalk wife immediately gave gas and Ford rushed to the parking lot and we went into the house .
   Frankly, everyone was interested to hear my story about traveling to Montana's claims about the missing airplane, I described only in general terms, as the most interesting and decided to tell the terrible episode of Masha back home. An hour later his wife came back from the parking lot, my mother immediately began to cook the dumplings, and when we sat down, I gobbling them in detail told about his search for the missing aircraft did not forget to mention his meeting with the bear almost ended tragically for me. In order to prove the plausibility of the meeting rather than fiction, I pulled out of the bag a miniature camera, connect it to your TV, and soon we saw the episode filmed, the tragedy when the bears chased me and once near the fence and they escaped by breaking through the barbed wire torn to pieces two guards attempt to remove evil beasts.
   This film has made to my mother, wife and children a bad impression, even though they are a-if I live very sorry about that if I had not ended up in the wrong place, would sit at home, these guys would still be alive. I did not protest aloud, but mentally was prisvom opinion, my trip was useful for me and I was sure that in the protected zone are wreckage. But in order not to give up on a sad note, I showed a couple of movies like catching trout and other fish species in its network of tiny protein frolicking at Cedars, but the lasting impression made upon my home movie about the search for the plane on Lake McDonald. When they saw hundreds of boats plying the water and diving deep into the thousands of divers we realized how much was willing to go three nine lands to grab a prize of five million dollars. So how could I increase the staff, my wife Mary asked me to increase the frame, and one could see when the surprise exclaimed, "Mom, Victor, I saw a familiar valet, he flew to Montana Lake McDonald, then something is missing, he wanted the prize!" .
   I looked at her, smiled, and said quietly: "Mary, do not you want to let me know, my trip I was able to justify financially, for showing my movie on TV I can ask for a million dollars, billions of people will see such documentary footage." .........................................
   Mary looked at me, smiled, winked and said quietly: "I do not mind, you risked your life and it's worth the money, even shell out."........................................................................................
   We went to bed at midnight, sleep was interrupted, wake up from the nightmare, the terrible pictures of animals like bears chasing me, I reaches the fence of barbed wire, then I threw it at her through it in an attempt to escape from beasts and woke up trembling in the body . And I say these nightmares lasted for a few days but everything went my happiness, but with regard to my film managed to prevail upon the owner of the TV company and Fox had sold for a million dollars, and he has earned at least a hundred, but that's his business, to each his own. Upon learning this news funky mother, Mary, and sons were delighted because we have outlined the case for the next year with the whole family to go to Montana .
   The following year, in August for three weeks, we flew the whole family to Montana, on the chaise arrived at that river where trout were caught and visited the place where I was able to escape from bears zagryzshih two young boys. Barbed wire was still in place, I have not been removed but it is raised to move the restricted area where the wreckage lay not dare.
   Rested great, especially liked all the fresh trout, about berries, mushrooms, I'm not saying there were plenty, we enjoyed the meals cooked over a campfire mother. When we had a pan and deep fry pan, and in them we cooked soup and fried fish and mushrooms, tell you a secret if unnecessarily successfully hunted mountain sheep, fresh meat is soft and palatable. I confess that in the past month, we gain strength, saw brown bears and gray wolves, collisions do not pass but the most interesting moments of filming for our miniature camera. In the evening, I do not just contemplate the starry sky and the blue moon and wondered who also belongs to the protection zone, and how to get into it. And I said, when we returned home, I began to make inquiries strongly and succeeded, is the Marines guarding the farm of Uncle Joe, the man who fed and continue to feed the population of the United States and other beefsteak meat and dairy products, and part goes to countries where people are still facing problems of malnutrition. After collecting all the data about the farmer Uncle Joe, I outlined a plan for a trip to Montana for the next year but the circumstances were such that I had to postpone the trip for ten years, we came to our Earth and the aliens with them among the hundred lucky people went to their planet approximation. After returning to Earth, US President gave us, the Americans, Silver Horseshoe with excellent stallion Ginger derived Uncle Joe and modern stroller with rubber tires designed his sons and at the invitation of the famous the whole world I'm a farmer and his family visited his farm. It's incredible, the circumstances were so that the sisters met there Stone, whose parents were killed in a plane crash and uncovered the mystery of the missing aircraft Cessna Mustang 7, debris lay where I had expected but that I will describe below, separately.
   My friends, this is my story does not end there, and because it describes the interest-nye episodes of our lives and his personal I can not miss an important event participants, whom I began purely by chance at winning new lottery lottery ticket "Pu-teshestvuyte us" tell you interesting historical event happened in the beginning of 2076 on-years- to us on this earth arrived aliens living on a giant spaceship "Space Explorers" and frankly traveling with them not only saw their amazing planet and lengthen your life by as much as twenty years . Here's how it happened.
   Meeting with Planet Approxima.
   In New York, on every corner at newsstands, in small shops and huge supermarkets sell lottery tickets, they now are 5, 10, 15, 20 dollars, it's not so expensive, people take their packs especially after a homeless man Harry Studebaker won in the Americas big lottery 7,864,000,000 dollars. About him hit the headlines around the world, on TV his new sweet life in a huge villa in the suburbs of New York City, 95 km from Manhattan, bought them for 73.564 million dollars, an acre of land, cherry orchard, swimming pool and garage in which he Ferrat kept racing car-ri cost 19,374,000 dollars. But most importantly Harry Studebaker gave blagotvo-liminary picnic for ten thousand two hundred and one homeless New Yorker on the lawn of his three-story nest and each handed a check for 100,000 dollars which will last the whole year a decent family life of two people. Just imagine a homeless Harry guessed 15 numbers out of 49, three years have been solid jack pots ... and here it is lucky, the newly-born billionaire caught in a heavenly life.
   Hoping to grab millions of dollars gratuitous, I also took lottery tickets, no, of winning but still buy. Recently, a new lottery "With us into space," and I like adventurous, wander through the world and even go to the moon or Mars, but decided to buy tickets, and here I was happy for a long time not smiling. Nevertheless, continued to take tickets for many types of lotteries in the hope that sooner or later you're lucky and my luck it happened after many years.It is happened in 2076, on January 17 of that year at 9 o'clock 36 minutes and 24 seconds at the Florida landing giant spaceship "Space Explorers" from 107 aliens living with distant planet approximation.
   For us, the inhabitants of the land, it was not unexpected thrilling sensation. For a month before the landing on television at a joint press conference in Moscow, in the palace of space in the presence of five thousand journalists and correspondents of radio and television almost all countries of the world were two astronomers American Dick Harding and Russian Yevgeny Volkov. Since the inhabitants of the land in advance reported this press conference in due time, at 10 o'clock in the evening the whole family clung to the television and we are like many people listened speakers scientists, reporters ask questions and answer them astronomers. In order not to repeat appearance attractive lady in pink short dresses above the knee with blue long wavy hair below the shoulders read out the joint message of the two astrounomy: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, the people of the earth! It is difficult to assume it is a fact, in the direction of our planet is moving at high speed spaceship with aliens, with him constantly sent signals but as the language in which they communicate with travelers is indecipherable by our electronic devices, and because we can not understand the meaning of these messages. We do not think that those who fly on it, cosmic suicide bombers, pursued a hostile goal is to destroy our land and civilization. But there are concerns that if the ship managed by suicide bombers stuffed with hydrogen bombs would be enough to make them great damage to our land. That is why our powers United States, Russia, United Europe, China and Japan are having a super-power guided missiles capable of destroying the ship still in space on our approaching the Earth agreed to send them to a meeting with a dozen rockets and if the aliens refuse to negotiate with us will make a decision to eliminate them. You know, our scientists had the experience, in 2070 they changed the trajectory of a giant meteorite "Ivan the Terrible" with a diameter of about one kilometer to us blowing flying near its stodvenadtsat missiles with thousands of hydrogen bombs. We have enough time to prepare for the meeting of the spacecraft. If we can establish a relationship with the commander of the ship and it soobshit of their good intentions we trust him yet until our landing space rockets will be accompanied by aliens, and even in outer space with the help of our precision laser instrument thoroughly enlighten him and determine whether there are nukes on a spaceship. According to our calculations it is close to our land no earlier than a month if, for whatever reasons, they will not change the trajectory. Apparently those who fly on it have more technical knowledge than if we have learned from their planet of our existence. In order to keep the citizens of the earth in the know will give objective information every Friday at 10 pm. The next press conference will be held in Washington. Who will answer your questions, scientists, astronomers and gentlemen Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov." .................................................
   The press conference lasted more than three hours, ask different questions, all par-Nova arrival of the ship, it really it is a flying alien with good on-surements rather than cosmic terrorists and whether our heavy duty Compute-ry to decode radio signals sent by them to know their purpose. Both scientists are trying to assure our earthlings that we should not draw conclusions on the basis of fantastic-crystal films with a space war with H bomb result which completely destroyed the planet and debris are scattered around the braid-moh. What is most interesting are no movies with scenes of the conquest of aliens, who flew to other planets. It is understandable, even hundreds of space adventurers have fallen to any populated planet is unlikely to even with their ultramodern weapons to conquer the country and whether there is in this sense. .
   In short everything is concluded, flying aliens to us with good intentions but nevertheless the US Government, Russia, United Europe, China and Japan sent us flying toward the ship at least ten missiles completely nachi-nnnyh thermonuclear bombs and electronic equipment able to determine the presence on board of an unknown ship super-power explosives and in the case of the EU, whether the link is established on the approach to land a million kilometers destroy it. According to scientists at the time the ship was a few billion kilometers from earth, he was flying at a speed of not less than ten thousand kilometers per second, and how they are calculated airspeed decreased with each passing second .
   Personally, I am skeptical about the fact that to us rushes spaceship with terroris-ter-on and believed it simple aliens travelers. From the minute we heard the approach of the spacecraft to us all the people on the lips only was he an alien. All began to listen to the radio, watch television and get into the Internet for news and messages.
   At this time, unusually increased interest in binoculars, pipes and home telescopes, demand exceeded supply, the price of which soared upward, there were dozens if not hundreds of new plants for the production of these products, the Chinese turned the fastest and brought to America pipes and telescopes on airplanes . In short, who could get this technique did not leave with her, day and night, watching the sky to the point where the calculations of astronomers flew to us, to our land a spacecraft on what was reported 4 times a day, at 10 pm, and at 4 am 10 and 4 days.
   We also purchased a home telescope tube magnified a thousand times, since more is not enough money, and frankly because of the small size of the space Korab la could not see him, but only the glowing speck. Needless to say, on-rasch there all the same astronomers at the twenty-first day of approaching the ground that ship locat-dilsya a distance of about a billion kilometers from us .
   I had time, and I sat beside his pipe thinking how our space rockets fly up to it in a couple of million kilometers from the earth, turn around and fly a parallel course if they do not possess the speed with which the ship is flying. In short, I came to the conclusion, our missiles at an altitude of one million kilometers unlikely to undermine it, but at a height of ten or twenty thousand kilometers when the rate will be equal, but it is dangerous for earthlings as the radiation cover a large area of land, and if that happens over China, India, Europe or the United States for at least a billion people will sooner or later go to the light .
   Every Friday, scientists, astronomers Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov held a press conference and brought to the attention of all earthlings, we are approaching a spaceship and reduces the distance. As they spoke with optimism that there could be no question of that, we are flying to the suicide bombers to blow up the planet, but as for decoding radio signals here the case was stalled even fast-acting Russian computers were not able to decipher them.
   At the last press conference was held in Moscow for three days before planting attended not only by scientists, astronomers Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov and missile specialists launch and landing of spacecraft. Many reporters could not get in the room and they had to stay in a nearby pavilion and see what is happening in the main hall on the big screen TV. The first speaker Evgeny. Volkov, a tall, lean, athletic, middle-aged handsome man with curly blond hair, blue eyes, wearing a white shirt and black trousers. "Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends. Just to inform everyone, a connection to the aliens and their receiving devices have caught our radio and quick-acting electronic computing machines to decode them and then made a small approximation-Russian-English dictionary, not losing nothing we send them electronically to the entire stock of English and Russian words and phrases, and they are now and we are using electronic translators understand each other. In short, they found us and decided on his ship "Space Explorers" send in the long journey of the planet 107 of its citizens approximation . We are familiar with the climate on their planet and decided-ship landed on Florida, USA, where the temperature is now consistent with their winter temperature, around twenty degrees Celsius. In coordination governments of the US, Russia and China tomorrow between 7 and 12 hours with kosmodomov three rockets will be launched and will accompany them to the landing at Cape Canaveral. So that the citizens of the earth shall see the landing of the spacecraft "Space Explorers" aliens January 17, 2076 between 9 and 10 am Eastern Time or Atlantic between 16 and 17 Moscow, stay tuned. Thank you for your attention, the word takes Mr. Dick Harding.".....................................................................................
   With green velvet chair stood a tall, broad handsome brown gentleman with dark eyes and long black hair in a blue shirt and brown trousers, he looked at the audience and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, January 17, 2076 will be remembered as a historical humanity date of the meeting with aliens terrestrials. Frankly, even with our modern astronomical techniques we do not have any idea of the location of the distant planet in outer space approximation. Apparently the way to it is far and time of flight ischeslyaetsya light years. They were able to arrive to us due to the fact that their ship equipped with powerful engines capable of accelerating it to the speed of light, and some part of the way they overcame it in it. Unfortunately we are not able at this stage and perhaps in the next hundred years to create such a ship. In addition to fly for a long time and eat 107 travelers in a way, frankly, incomprehensible. Of course, their ship is not as small as many can introduce a too huge by our standards, about 1700 feet high and more than five hundred meters. To build such a machine so run into space-a miracle. But we must Consta-ented fact-ship flies to us, according to our commander, "Space Explorers" his rocket engines arranged in such a way that the soft vertical landing takes place on any more or less flat surface. Nevertheless, we podgatavlivaem A landing pad with a diameter of more than 500 feet or 167 meters, as the ship itself has a diameter of 350 feet or 117 meters. In short, our missile specialists for zapus-ku and landing of spacecraft based on the size arrives to us, "research-telya Space" aliens prepare all the necessary structures for Zak-ening, hold the ship in the upright position, lift for the descent of people on the ground and lifting . Of course, it will take some time to mount designs prezh de than our guests, the aliens come down to earth, but I think we will wait and they are the second historic moment when there will be an exciting meeting. Currently we are dealing with them, exchanging teleseansami but until they do not appear in the doorway of the ship, at their request will not show. So tomorrow our missiles toward old-tuyut ship with aliens as soon as the day after the start-Portage Teleri from space and you are fully examine their rocket and then a smooth landing. thank you for attention and answer your questions." ..
   Or questions not ask so much, basically how these aliens ud-elk disperse his ship to the speed of light and can our designer, to create a missile rocket men and almost all had requested to describe these aliens, television images show the interior where they spend time in but the way scientists, we astronomer Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov assignment of responsibility and the main-lyami presiding over the meeting, stay and subsequent communication with the aliens said all that will come a moment, and everyone will see not only their but also will receive full information from the lips of trans-voprohodtsev space . Nevertheless, the scientists at the end of the meeting gave up and partially-painted on them-apparently they we-with arms, legs, torso and head. PRESENT-ing correspondents, cameramen and thanked the scientists began to disperse.
   I and my sons were amazed not so much the size as the rocket speed with koto-plenty, she flew at the speed of light. In such a case, the time on the ship goes back and floor-ray they return to the time from which the flight began. But we do not for a long time, saddles, Zhinkov and mother invited us to dine at the table homemade ravioli with pepper IMAS cooked them. Frankly speaking, we have allowed such a luxury rarely in fixed-buy semi-finished ram made by the new technology, burgers, bifstyki, chicken, turkey, put it in the microwave and in five minutes the finished dishes. Noodles, spaghetti, potato Puree, all kinds of cereals, soups, and other main dishes already prepared just want to warm up and eat at your leisure. Buy fresh meat, flour, can only be a farmer, it's very expensive pleasure, is required in advance to agree with him about the purchase, he will tell what will be the day of slaughter cattle and arrive exactly on time. A kilogram of fresh beef, pork and lamb to ten times more expensive than semi-kilo in the supermarket, and there is no comparison in quality. Once a month, from a friend of the farmer Jack Pokkera we buy two kilos of mutton, pork, beef, five pounds of white flour, butter, sour cream, cream, milk and honey is on a great holiday, the other semi-finished products for everyday food gain at the local supermarket .
   The next day on TV we saw the launch of the US, Russian and kitays-cal rockets from their launch sites, one day they went to the rapprochement with flying spaceships-lm "Space Explorers" and all the details of his camera and began to shoot ne-color images on redavat ground. Yes, the ship was gigantic and our missiles seemed toy, now it was flying too fast and they do not keep up with him. After a while, the earth rocket rebuilt American letelavperedi
  "Space Explorers", the Russian and the Chinese the right to his left. Everyone was clear-American rocket flew to the American continent, to Florida, to Cape Canaveral. Clearly, missile specialists for launching and landing spacecraft made contact with the commander of the ship and gave detailed information about the place of landing. Frankly I was isolated and it is a special channel from January 17 to 12 00 00 night began to wage a constant transmission from outer space landing on the ship with aliens. I, my sons had not slept and watched TV reports about the landing of the ship. The first time the ship as it should be flying horizontally relative to the ground and when entered the atmosphere began to dramatically slow down and using a jet engine on the chassis took a vertical position while continuing to fly to the site of descent, to Cape Canaveral on Florida .
   No doubt the captain had sent the exact coordinates of the site, he introduced them to the computer and start an automatic landing. Being near her ship slowed flight and position Roly-Poly began to descend completely vertically. Engines produced such a powerful monstrous blaze that it scatters in all directions for at least a hundred meters. Without a doubt the flame temperature has been at least a thousand degrees but despite this marketplace on which stood the ship went down, not melted, and after ten minutes vertical descent skillfully maneuvering "Space Explorers" down on the metal plate rocket complex at Cape Kanaverell, thirty seconds, all engines stalled and the numbers on the scoreboard froze in 2076, January 17, 9 h 36 m 24 s.
   Soon arrived engineers and technicians to install the giant metal towers les-containing on the ground, drove various mechanisms, faucets and began to move and take up a mother and having the structure upright from all sides, they circled the giant sky-ship thus keeping it from falling. But I think those designers to design the ship still provided in advance in the case if he had not fallen on the ground and not in the desert on flat ground and that probably would not have fallen.
   I must say at the landing site in the morning was excellent sunny calm weather and we saw a magnificent spaceship, its entire surface resembled a knife-paper-covered dacha strange particles sparkling in the sun like diamonds, they played and iridescent .
   Soon the announcer announced that the next telecast will take place no earlier than three hours, during which time installers will install an elevator and the aliens themselves to ventilate the room where they gathered before descending to earth earthly air, because they themselves will breathe .
   We turned off the TV and since have not slept all night then went to bed. Before I asked her to lie down Zhinkov Masha vozivshuyusya the kitchen to wake me in 12 days. She looked at me and whispered, kissing: "Dear Victor, do uvlksyaetimi aliens that he forgot about sleep and food to me. Well, I'll wake you, but only in the evening at ten o'clock, I unplug the TV set and immediately to bed." ......................................................................................................................
   "Charming Mary, listen to your advice, I think night screenings from space stop those aliens are already on the ground," I said and kissed my E luyu wife went to bed with a thought to see them at least on television .
   In 12 days Masha woke me up, kissed and said softly: "Dear Victor, get up, eat, the TV will wait, the aliens will show later, our specialists are not prepared lift them off the gateway was at such a height that will build an additional section, so do not worry, be notified at seven in the evening they give information .
   I kissed Masha and said: "In such a case, you can dine without haste, with these aliens from outer space has lost all interest in eating, so carried away that would look without sleep, it's necessary to find the planet and flew to distant lands a huge komandoy107 people. When They descend all the talk, but the most interesting for me as they look externally."
   "My dear Victor, you heard scientists said we only speak differently," Mary said softly, coquettishly kissed me and went into the kitchen .
   I got up, got dressed and washed, and went into the kitchen, my mother Masha and sons sitting at the table and waiting for me, and we exchanged a greeting, "Good day," and began to dine. My kids discussed the main event of our time, the arrival of the aliens, they also wanted to see them, for they really like us . .
   In short, we waited nearly seven o'clock in the evening, turned on the TV and immediately saw standing on a platform ship fitters installed additional section and checked the work of the elevator, at least twenty people stood on a platform fully glazed lift so that all they have seen aliens and the world. Near the lift bus stand, they will be taken to the alien adoptatsii Medical Center and then start communicating with earthlings .
   It took at least an hour before a big lift without people rose to the gateway of the ship, opened the door and a moment later the first seven alien zoltistogo colored suits with glass head helmets entered the elevator, the door immediately closed, and he began to descend. Even if the glass but we were able to see their faces close-up images at high magnification, they are all as the selection, twins, are people just like us, only the skin matte color and very youthful in appearance, and only boys. They smiled broadly and looked at the surrounding desert landscape, the ocean surface and the distance of the structure of the space center .
   When they went down there and then went to the bus, elevator went up and had twenty men descended down, they moved to the blue bus, and so it went until the last aliens did not have a second. Accompanied by a long black car, they went to the medical center adoptatsii and how the subsequent TV report said the speaker of the meeting aliens with scientists, journalists and correspondents will be held not earlier than a week .
   We turned off the TV and began to discuss seen a TV report, we were all very interesting and mysterious, these aliens are made of flesh and blood like we are, or robots in a shell-all look the same youthful face. Twins brothers growth differed little from each other, all as we do, the same smooth gait, movement of hands, a big smile and of absolutely trust to those to whom they came to visit. If there had been in their place, we probably would not have smiled so widely, especially to keep an eye on suspicious to everything that happened, so that would hurt us. In essence they were flying into the unknown and WHO-can be a hostile world, but it does not scare the aliens appeared.fearless.
   Every day, the TV report said that as the aliens adopts to-necks in the medium showed very little, mostly walking on their greenhouse in the garden and then finally their conversation with doctors going on on the lawn among the flowers and roses. Outwardly, they have not changed, smiling twin brothers, though one of them was dvenad-tsat women and when they showed us, I could not be distinguished from men. Tell Open-tively our girls and women are more attractive, but because they are from another planet, how we know everything is relative, we can for them and not so beautiful
  . Frankly placed them in luxury rooms for three, four, carpets, electronics, furniture, paintings, fresh flowers and roses in vases, single derevyannyekrovati king size, everyone has their own bedroom with views of the ocean or garden. In conclusion we showed dinner in the dining room, on every table fresh flowers in vases, drinks, biscuits, cakes, snacks, cheese, many varieties, coffee pots, kettles, forks, spoons . .
   Judging by those aliens smiling happy earth food, eating and drinking with pleasure and looked at the beautiful young girls serving them .
   When the dinner ended, they went for a walk in the garden and the announcer announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow at seven in the evening will be a meeting of scientists, the public and the press with other-planetyanami they tell you about their planet approximation, show some of film their country and travel destination . See you tomorrow."
   We turned off the TV and went to dinner. As always on the table putting professional readiness of semi-finished products from our local supermarket, beefsteaks sauce and spa Getty Italian pizza (for the title), strawberries and cake. I will not say that we have overeaten at night but felt unwell in the stomach pricked and sick shortly pozhalova-las mother and wife, fortunately the children slept peacefully. We got up and began to drink unboiled do, but this was not easy, the pain intensified, we had no choice but how to call an ambulance, awakened the children and twenty minutes later the car came with the doctors, they led us into it for examination and adjusted to our attention about the danger of poisoning by unknown bacteria and immediate administration of the hospital. We immediately agreed with them, they gave us drink some solution became a little easier, and the three of us went to the hospital. I'm not going to talk about procedures and injections, a total we spent in the hospital for three days, fortunately we cured of poisoning due to the company's free cake mix is prepared pizza with mushrooms, fungi in the party among shampinionov appeared by accident, like their poisonous toadstools. Therefore, we could not see and hear on TV meeting aliens with scientists, the media, the public, had to settle for only read in the newspapers. The most important thing that came to us because it is they are going to fly back to his planet with a hundred and a hundred fellow earthlings aliens will return to the earth, will live in different countries under the supervision of people and guides, to communicate freely and at will to engage in socially useful work to It is not gratuitous bread, meat, fruit, vegetables and more .
   I must say 100 aliens remaining on the ground only lived in four countries in the United States, 50 in France and Russia on 20 and England 10 Approksimyan with a full guarantee that their life will be absolutely safe and the local population adequately handle and communicate with..guests .
   As I read the newspapers of our commander arrived aliens decided with the consent of the great-ernments of some states to gather a group of 100 tourists wishing to visit the Pla-no with which they arrived. Consent was obtained from nine-States United States, Ros-these, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and China will go to 75 people speak English, the remaining 25 tourists from other states -sootno-25 solution for men and women in ten one or the health of each space, the way to be an excellent precursor. To this end travel agency "With us in KOS-MOS" organized by the World lottery winning any winning ticket and there were two thousand six hundred could claim flight. My desire to fly to the other pla-there was no limit, but apparently I did not show it, and because my wife and my mother did not suspect about my intention to visit the Approxima ..
   I must say everyone could buy any number of lottery tickets and I'm a secret from mom and a wife bought 50 hundred dollars. A month later, on television showed the rally seven alien twins in a blue shirt and dark trousers manually untwisted glass squirrel cage with colorful balls with numbers, they fall out of it in the tray. Cute green eyed-alien lady in a pink dress below the knee and brown shoes took the ball in his hand, showing the number and declared it aloud good English. When I heard her voice at once unlike ours, he was on my hearing is not as lively as we do a dry iron. I watched the lottery numbers and recorded on paper, the United States and Russia had twenty winning tickets, but the number of the lucky fly appeared a million times more. According to the rules had to guess five numbers from 1 to 20, bought a ticket, a circle swept all five numbers on it, and on the spine, a digital camera takes a ticket to the spine and sends a mail at E in travel agency "With us into space," they send confirmation and waiting for the rally. Each ticket was Latin letter, everyone who had a ticket to the lucky numbers no matter what letter of the alphabet was in it had a chance to fly. I realized, it was done specifically in order to select in-flight worthy and healthy people to one place claimed twenty-six and perhaps in two or three times.more.
   When your best winning numbers were drawn in a minute they showed on the scoreboard with a close-up so that they can be recorded and checked. Newly appeared smiling aliens, one of them stood up and addressed the viewers: "Ladies and gentlemen, all who is the owner happy ticket should call (212) 175 3467 9, to name a winning number and get the full information for the next steps. Thank you to meet our ship "of Space Explorers."................................................
   Overjoyed that no one noticed me as I wrote out number of winning tickets, or mom and wife could expose me that they bought. It's not the money but the fact that they flatly ignored all telepredstavleniya about aliens and did not want to know anything about them, so only children talked with me, and in his spare time watched telly with television reports about aliens. I have no doubt, if I win the lottery by trip approximation they would support me. I unplugged the TV and as if nothing had happened went to the kitchen for dinner, where mom and Zhinkov put them cooked a delicious meal on the table. Pizza with mushrooms and some semi-finished we turned off from your diet after our poisoning and on the advice of the doctors leaned on flower tea.
   Children have not yet returned from the gym, they are enthusiastic wrestling and did not miss a single workout. My mother, Mary, and I sat down at the table and enjoy eating dumplings with cottage cheese, and then drink herbal tea without sugar. Frankly speaking, eating and thinking how to retire from them and start checking lottery tickets .
   In order not to arouse the suspicion of mother and wife, I like it should lay down to sleep, about any dream could be no question but he pretended to be asleep and when my Masha fast asleep arose, and went to the toilet in it, I put two sheets of paper on- one of these drawn-mer but the lottery ticket and the winning numbers on the other. I carefully checked against the rooms and to the most recent was shocked, I turned out to be my ticket winner. Several times I checked against air-that's right, they coincided. Without hesitation hidden pieces of paper and went to bed, my mother continued to snore in the bedroom and Masha dreaming. Frankly recent dreams were stronger than we, should go to sleep and dreamed that what happened in real life. In short, I lay down without any noise to sleep but not to sleep until the morning and thought about his subsequent actions, or not to call on the phone and still decided to make contact with the company, "With us in the Cosmos" . If I go up in all respects to the commission of space travel, how would my mother and wife are not dissuaded me fly with the aliens on their planet and see that life, without a doubt it is different from ours .
   In the morning I got up first and went to the bathroom to freshen up under a cold shower, got dressed, took the hidden sheets with winning numbers and lottery tickets and went to our room which served as a rest while my office. I sat down at the table, took a sheet from his pocket and began to again check the winning numbers from the lot Reina. That's right, one hundred tickets turned out to be happy with winning nome-set. I found the ticket and put it in my pocket, my heart beat quickened with joy, at 10 o'clock by calling to establish contact with those who organize Outer journey. .
   I consulted-time mom and Masha woke up, looked in every room, and when he saw me with business papers smiled and quietly said, "Good morning," I also smiled and replied in kind. As always, they began to petition the kitchen, soon got up sons and August 30 began to breakfast. Mama and Masha started talking about our upcoming trip to the farmer Jack Pokkeru for fresh meat and dairy products for which the survey was conducted with the wishes of that order in the first place. Me and my children have decided to buy a pair of kilos of beef and three kilos of lamb cutlets and dumplings for, mother and wife have agreed with us and add cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, butter, and five kilos of flour. I was delighted and said: "My dear households may farmer's wife Peggy is now busy with her chores, so ten o'clock call her and order."
   My wife looked at me and not knowing what I purposed said: "Victor, do not forget to thank Peggy and Jack for their excellent products and may indicate the exact date when they drive, do not mix up like last time, will come a few days earlier and again trip. "
   "Masha, will not happen again, spent much fuel is wasted, could go to the lake and catch some fresh fish, I had to abandon himself to blame," with a hint of guilt ska-room and I began to write down on paper products ordered and their quantity .
   Since children hurrying off to college then quickly ate sandwiches with cheese and butter, drank tea with cheesecake, got up from the table and grabbed my bags out of the house. I, my mother and Mary brought the conversation about how to buy a birthday party of our neighbor Tignes, the day she turns forty years. In fact I did not care that she buy, now my goal was to my wife and my mother sat as long as possible and decide what to give, I am at this time a quick call to his wife Peggy farmer to order products and at the same time by calling (212) 175 3467 9 report his winning ticket with happy numbers. I looked at my mechanical watch "Slub Room" -without seven ten, got up from the table, my mother looked at Masha, and said, "Ladies, you decide that you will be buying a birthday neighbor Tina and I'm going to call Peggy, more I spoke to you, and I almost forgot."............................................................................................
   They looked at me and nodded his head, I immediately went into the room, took from a secret Single winning ticket and began to call. The first step is to get through to Peggy, and thanked her husband for a great product and made the order, she wrote and told them to come in a couple of weeks. I once again thank Peggy, her husband, for the excellent products and promised to come to her precisely specified day for dinner. After a short conversation with her, I dialed the number (212) 175 3467 9 and heard a metallic voice telephone robot: "Good morning, please inform the number of your winning ticket, last name, first name, date of birth, sex, education, height, eye color physical condition, your office, place of work at the moment, your home phone number and E mail address. Any inaccuracy in your message deprives you of the possibility to claim the trip with us on planet approximation, speak clearly after the tone, we will repeat your message and if everything well you say "Yes". Further information will be sent to you on the phone and E mail ".
   I heard the signal and transmits all that was required of me, after a few seconds me-voice mechanically repeated my data, all matched and I said "Yes." Without hesitation went to the kitchen, my mother Masha so engrossed in conversation that did not notice my long absence, I looked at them and smiled said, "Ladies, I did order a couple of weeks go for groceries and I advise you to buy our neighbor Tignes beauty a set of "All for beauty" and a bottle of Italian Chianti champagne, she loves to paint and it is her way." .......................
   They looked at me and Masha said: "Victor, you're right, we will do so, a blue velvet dress will make cosmetics and a bottle of champagne, she will be happy. Mom, hang up, now go shopping, lunch at the store is not crowded. Victor mchis parking, Make your Ford until you podedesh to the house, we get together and go shopping at the supermarket to the "Lille and Johnny," there is everything including parking.".............................................................................
   I looked at my mother, wife and said happily: "I rush to the parking lot, after forty-of chickpeas will be near the house, be ready, without delay, otherwise face a fine for parking nepravelno, 1000 bucks money is not small."................................................................................
   Mary looked at me and said, "Victor, do not worry, after half an hour standing on the sidewalk waiting for your return."...................................................................................................................
   I kissed my mother, Masha, and rushed to the parking lot to which not less than fifteen minutes of running at a speed of ten miles per hour (16 vents), forty-five minutes on the silver Ford drove to the house, wife and mother sat in the car and rushed over Tina gifts.
   Every day I looked into my computer, and only two weeks from the agency received an email: "Dear Victor Smith, please come in" Office Space Travel "at 95 West 33 Str, 77 Fl, Room # 77B, CTB, Ms. Lizabet Stromm, you're a contender for the journey to the planet approximation. "
   I have read it many times, I just could not believe that the applicant did not know and now ka-kim way for me to bring this joyful news to my wife and my mother. I knew they would be against my intention to go on a long journey because first of all told the news to his sons, they listened to me, and kissed Alex happily told me, "Dad, immediately mchis in Travel and if all this is true in any case do not give up, then soobshish mother and grandmother."
   I looked at Alex and Sam, and said quietly: "My children, thank you for the advice, I'm with you, but do not tell my mother tomorrow morning rush in Travel. And then let you know everything is only preliminary steps, I am not alone, perhaps one place to claim a hundred people, but if they establish contact with me so go up .
   "Dad, Sam whispered, we remain silent, the action may in fact you manage Xia among the lucky ones to visit on the planet, it's awesome. I think on that ship flying at the speed of light in three years you will return to the earth, with mother grandmother persuaded that they are not worried, I wish you happiness." .....................................................................................................
   Alex looked at me and said, "Daddy, bring a film camera, and shoot the most interesting moments of his stay in the city-planet, nature, people, I wish good luck to those-be, I would have been an adult and I had the kind of happiness I had never refused from him, millions, billions of people are now dreaming of such a journey.".............................................................................
   Children kissed me and went to my room, I'm in the kitchen preparing a where-if my mother Masha delicious food, dumplings. I kissed them and began to sculpt dumplings, none of them knew what was on my mind, and indeed to the topic of my contacts with the Travel is not mentioned with a single word of them, and thus passed the night in a warm pleasant environment, only talked about this the day after journey to the bosom of nature, particularly on Long.Island.
  .. The next day I ran in New York, found "Office space travel" and the table saw a young girl of pleasant appearance with a red mop of hair-dress Anyway, we smiled at each other and say hello. Stromme Lisa gave me a questionnaire I filled her, she looked and faxed Space Center, before parting the girl said to me, "Mr. Victor, if your state of health is excellent it will fall into the number of travelers and a historic flight to another planet in the approximation space ship "of Space Explorers" in another case, I'm sorry, not your luck.".........................................................
   I looked at her and said: "Dear Lizaveta, the health I do not mind, can take the aliens, thank you,.goodbye."
   Goodbye, dear Victor Smith, I think you are a potential bidder on the way, the procession, athletic man, I see just pyshite health, energetic, programmer, wish you happiness.".....................
   I'm glad I came home and told my mom the news, his wife, his sons, and opinions are split-sons fought for my trip with my wife and my mother objected, but in the end the children convinced them that I'll be back and will tell about the life of people on the other the planet is so interesting. A few days later received a reply, I have been asked to collect gifts on the road and 17 May 2076 to come to Texas to Houston Space Center in preparation for flight, in the case of unwillingness to report to the address provided a chance for the journey is lost.
   I gave my mother the news, his wife, children, and again began the debate, whether or not to fly me in that faraway country and once again Alex and Sam persuaded his mother and grandmother that I should take a trip, and I began to prepare for the road. I took a few gifts and mounted film about our geniuses farmer Uncle Joe from a variety of telecasts in the archives of the available television. .
   Judging by those aliens smiling happy earth food, eating and drinking with pleasure and looked at the beautiful young girls serving them .
  When the dinner ended, they went for a walk in the garden and the announcer announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow at seven in the evening will be a meeting of scientists, the public and the press with other-planetyanami they tell you about their planet approximation, show some of film their country and travel destination . See you tomorrow."
  We turned off the TV and went to dinner. As always on the table putting professional readiness of semi-finished products from our local supermarket, bifshteksy sauce and spa Getty Italian pizza (for the title), strawberries and cake. I will not say that we have overeaten at night but felt unwell in the stomach pricked and sick shortly pozhalova-las mother and wife, fortunately the children slept peacefully. We got up and began to drink unboiled do, but this was not easy, the pain intensified, we had no choice but how to call an ambulance, awakened the children and twenty minutes later the car came with the doctors, they led us into it for examination and adjusted to our attention about the danger of poisoning by unknown bacteria and immediate administration of the hospital. We immediately agreed with them, they gave us drink some solution became a little easier, and the three of us went to the hospital. I'm not going to talk about procedures and injections, a total we spent in the hospital for three days, fortunately we cured of poisoning due to the company's free cake mix is prepared pizza with mushrooms, fungi in the party among shampinionov appeared by accident, like their poisonous toadstools. Therefore, we could not see and hear on TV meeting aliens with scientists, the media, the public, had to settle for only read in the newspapers. The most important thing that came to us because it is they are going to fly back to his planet with a hundred and a hundred fellow earthlings aliens will return to the earth, will live in different countries under the supervision of people and guides, to communicate freely and at will to engage in socially useful work to It is not gratuitous bread, meat, fruit, vegetables and more .
  Flew three weeks and on the appointed day early in the morning of 17 May, we went to New York JFK airport where I said goodbye to my mother, wife, children, and flew to Texas, the second-born Houston Space Center. In the office, I met with a young, pleasant outdoor temp of employees, we exchanged greetings, met Mr Charlie Dayton sat me down into the soft leather chair, navl help of a computer and smiling ska-room: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, we should go to the next enclosure , you things are going great, you will train before flying, you do not just Outer tourist astronaut." .......................................................................................................................
   "Dear Mr. Charlie Dayton, nice to hear from you so happily told-set," said I got up and went down the hall to the transition, it passed on to another building of glass and steel, where in a special box with me and other simulators participants Cams travel to pass preflight preparation and training. Charlie started the me into a large hall where already gathered who were lucky to fly to Ann-roksimu. We exchanged greetings, all the ladies and gentlemen smiled broadly, from head to toe examined me, and judging by their faces, I realized they were glad the summer with me, high-Kim handsome-looking, middle-aged. And noting in particular an eye to me ocharova-tional ladies might calculated in future on romantic love affairs. I myself, having taken all the eyes I realized that basically picked emphasis on looks to capture the imagination of those aliens, who said earlier too stood their appearance reminding the living mannequins twins.
   Mr. Charlie Dayton introduced me to the ladies, gentlemen, and then we went to the desk behind which sat a pleasant-looking woman with blue curls in a white robe, we exchanged greetings, got acquainted and found Miss Diana Cruz will be to monitor our state of the body after exercise on the trainers using test equipment. On this day, we basically got to know-just imagine, people gathered in the hall of the different people, from 34 countries, but all spoke perfect in English. In the evening, after dinner, dancing, telling himself, but as much an hour is not set out in 9 sent to bed, and all in an individual room with a bed and a TV.
   On the next morning for a month doing all kinds of simulators for 10 hours with breaks for meals. Immediately after the training we were given diplomas astronauts suitable for space travel and then presented our leader Mr Jimmy Tina flight, tall, brown-haired gentleman oboyatelnogo athletic in purple shirt, black trousers and three doctors from the Medical Academy named Harry Hunt: handsome kardeologa Mr. Walter Benz and charming blondes therapist Naina docks and psychiatrist Jane Borloo. Above, it was decided that the medical authorities in the event of unforeseen circumstances in flight will help us to cope with the problems of health and mood, as in any way, we will fly to the approximation few years.
   Our interview lasted until dinner and before parting Mr. Jimmy Ting prepodns us a surprise: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, on Tuesday June 16th evening we will gather in an elegant banquet hall of the Hilton Hotel will be a dinner with a surprise, good news for you, you can if you wish to invite your spouse, tickets and accommodation for two days due to the tourist company "With us into space", the answer is to tell me the next morning at breakfast.".......................................
   The news cheered us, we thanked Mr. Jimmy Tina wished each other good night and went to their rooms, without losing time, I called home, my wife took the phone as usual and asked: "Who?"
   "Dear Masha, good evening, I, Victor, your beloved husband. I inform good news, today received a diploma astronaut suitable for space travel, so that soon will fly. But that's not all, will be held next Tuesday preflight dinner and if you wish the You will be sent a ticket and place for two days at the Hilton Hotel where we meet for a few hours but without the right of our joint stay in the room, she know the complete isolation, solve, "I said, and sighed .
   "My dear Victor, good evening, your lovely wife Maria is pleased to meet you in Houston, at the Hilton Hotel, even though for a moment. No offense, but your news is that you get a diploma and fly away from us for a few years is not very pleased me, Mother also going through and only children will be delighted that the flight to the aliens. All right, time your dream comes true then so be it, congratulations diploma, before the meeting, the whole." ..........
   "My sweet and charming Mary to the meeting at the Hilton, kiss, handed the phone to her mother."
   "Victor whole, handed the phone to her mother."....................................................................
   "Dear Victor, greetings, congratulations on getting the next third of the diploma, you are now an astronaut, and may soon fly to the approximation, be sure to call when will start, we will fly to the launch site, the whole" firm voice but with a hint of sadness mother said.
   "My dear Mother, good evening, as soon as the start of the known day-mandatory but said, I know you wanted me to be with you but someone has to explore space, the more I fly for free, you'll get good money for me and most importantly again meet in the world. I have no doubt that in the present state of health of people and your own, my Mom, you will live at least another thirty years and we will fly in three years, the main thing is not to get into a car accident. Try to be more at home and less to ride cars, whole, before the meeting at Baikonur, devotional tube Sam."
   "Dad, hi, it's me, Simon, I congratulate you with a diploma, a whole, very happy that everything is going so swimmingly, I understand you have a little time to talk to us, I promise we will fly to Florida to start the day, and on Tuesday early in the morning to spend Mother Hughes tone, thank you for inviting, "I heard the familiar voice of the eldest son.
   "My Sam, hello, most importantly calms mother and grandmother, with me as you did not happen, we'll meet," I said .
   "Hi Dad, it's me, Alex, I'm glad you went through all the tests and received his cosmo-navta, we will fly to Florida and let it be from but see the live launch of aliens now it shows more and more often, very grand, I would have given everything to fly to another planetu.Tebe halts such happiness and use it." .......................................................................................................... ...
   "My Alex, thank you, I'll try to use this chance, kiss, and gave up the phone my mother, I need to tell her a few words," I said .
   "Dear Victor, says," I heard a velvet voice of his wife .
   "My dear Mary, bring me my Swiss mechanical watches with arrows, they are very necessary to me, I said, a whole, to a meeting on Tuesday."....................................................................
   "My dear Victor, certainly lie down with them, to the whole of the meeting on Tuesday in the Hill-tone, I feel that you do not forget us," I heard the conversation and stopped exactly four minutes set aside for us to negotiate with the family .
   I walked over to the window and saw him in a vast half black sky great matte moon and myriads of small red and bright stars, somewhere in space was non-visible to our eyes and telescopes the planet approximation to which we fly in a few days. After standing for a while, I went to sleep till Tuesday was two days at the banquet will meet with a sweet wife, a pity that not succeed to spend the night in a room, such strict rules .
   In the morning, at breakfast, I like all the travelers gave Mr. Jimmy Tina a note to include my wife, Mary, in the list of invitees to the banquet in Hilto-no. Collecting notes he looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite wives and husbands to meet with you at seven o'clock in the evening in the banquet hall, you will have enough time and natantsevatsya stop talking immediately after the banquet, you parted with nimi- they stay overnight in a hotel and you are in our space center. I guess none of you will not abuse champagne and wines, all only in moderation.".........................................................................................................................
   Each of us thanked Mr. Jimmy Tina and assured that will be taken seriously Kego wishes to drink only in moderation and have requested at least an hour early to arrange a meeting with our family and say he made sure that our request is not hanging in the air and on Tuesday we arrived at the Hilton not seven and six o'clock in the lobby and a meeting with loved ones. My dear Mary appeared in his favorite long pink dress, on her neck hung a necklace of artificial pearls and black painted with brown wavy hair just below her shoulders. A couple of hours before the banquet we spent in the huge lobby and sitting in soft chairs telling each other about their lessons. Masha was wondering how I tumbled and spun at various simulators, hours and days sitting in the dark or under water cameras in the aquarium of glass. A couple of hours passed quickly and we were seated at eight tables of four. Each in crystal vases and roses in bright colors of tropical flowers, French champagne and Italian wines, fine snacks including sandwiches iranskoychrnoy sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea, fruit and sweets.
   More advance Mr Jimmy Ting told us that at the banquet we will have a surprise, and we look forward to it, no one even knew that there will be a meeting with the aliens live with which to stay in space flight and on their planet approximation few years. Once we were seated at a table on stage as musicians played the National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner, the charming lady in the dress colors of the USA flag to do it, they all stood up and silently listened to the singing. Once the anthem ended the musicians began to play a strange melody in no way similar to our Ina scene climbed accompanied by Mr. Jimmy Tina seven men of average height, no more than 180 centimeters. In their youthful persons matte shade, I could not tell how old they are and what sex, short-haired, platinum color hair, all of them were white shirt, green pants and black shoes. When you have finished playing musicians stood up and bowed to the guests included aliens smiling broadly with one voice in English is clearly articulated: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Good evening! We, the citizens of the planet approximation glad to see you."
   We all shouted loudly: "Good evening, dear citizens of the planet approximation, we are glad to see you.".................................................................................................................................
   Of the group of aliens went a step ahead of them and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, my name is Cleo, I'm the captain of the spaceship" Space Explorers ", next to me my assistants, our crew is made up of seven people."...........................................................................................
   Each of the aliens went a step further and called his name- "I have Montt, I have Stear, I have bark, I am Fry, I have Glon, I have a Crew, and added:" We are delighted that after a while you find yourself on our ship on our amazing Planet particle approximation." ..................
   Mr. Jimmy Ting went to Captain Cleo, something told him he assists his-there toward us, they came to the table and personally acquainted with each of us. I tell you frankly I thought aliens twins, but is among them were two predstavitelntsy fairer sex as I learned later, Fry and Glon long and confused them with men. After exploring we drank French champagne, Italian, Californian wine, Stolichnaya vodka of course, in moderation, eating, danced on stage climbed actors, singers, clowns and at ten o'clock we had expected another surprise, at the same time on stage with their wives went leaders of those countries whose citizens went on a long journey. First of all, they exchanged greetings with us and aliens, a historic familiarity between no-mi and citizens approximation, they shook hands, exchanged phrases, then high-ranking officials arrived with their ladies were seated at tables and fun prodozhilos. At the scene of rising actors, singers, famous bands and all this continued until two in the morning and before you leave us Captain Cleo thanked all his own name and his assistants all present. Then we were among the leaders made brief wishes us all a happy and successful return flight to earth, they came to every man went in flight, firmly shook his hand and says: "Be strong and brave, God is with you."...................................................................................................
   Leaders with their wives and husbands, the aliens left the room, we were given WHO-opportunity five minutes to be alone with our favorite neighbor, I kissed her and whispered: "My favorite Masha, most importantly, do not worry, take care of the health, do not give much thought of as mom I was there in space, definitely come back with gifts, watch
  our sons, flew to Florida, as soon learn the date of the start of post-electron-electron letter can call before the meeting."............................................................................................................
   "My dear beloved Victor, take care of yourself, I believe that you will return, such as the ISE-planetyanami Captain Cleo and his assistants did not disappear, whole, before the meeting, it's time, some are sent to the room, to us at the head of your flight "I whispered my Maria. I kissed her, approached Mr Jimmy Ting, shook hands with my wife and said quietly: "My dear and lovely Miss Mary, thank you for your presence with us but you it's time to leave, good night."
   Masha looked at us, bowed and said calmly: "Happy return flight and dear Victor and Mr. Jimmy.Ting."
   My wife along with other invited went to the door, turned, waved his hand to us and disappeared behind it. All gathered at Mr. Jimmy Tina, he looked at us and said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, the buses waiting for us as we walked pretty today and go to bed at an odd hour we will be backfilled to 10 am and ska Ms. frankly if you do not fail weather the spacecraft "researcher Cosmo-sa" Starting next week, but the exact date will be known on Thursday. "
   The news shocked us all looked at each other, could not believe, even Ned la and we in flight, we asked our head of how much time we will fly to the approximation but Mr. Jimmy Ting just shrugged his shoulders and led us to the door .
   On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Jimmy Ting gathered us all beside her and said in a calm voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, our cosmic journey is scheduled for next week on Wednesday, June 24, 2076, is planned to start between four, five o'clock in the afternoon, please send a message to arrive relatives on the Florida spaceport at Cape Canaveral to say goodbye to you, to see the ship and to be present at his starte.Tak like we have more time to relax then at three o'clock go by bus to a little trip to get acquainted with the modern city of Houston and its attractions. "
   This good news finally shook us specific launch date, we poblagodarilinashego head and went to our rooms, I sent an e-mail home, but just in case, and called his wife for five minutes to talk to her, mother and sons. The news shocked and said that they fly on Monday to be present at the start. The voices I realized children are happily accepted my message about the start but my mother and wife with a hint of sadness, he did not want to be separated for a few years with me.
  Judging by those aliens smiling happy earth food, eating and drinking with pleasure and looked at the beautiful young gi .
  When the dinner ended, they went for a walk in the garden and the announcer announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow at seven in the evening will be a meeting of scientists, the public and the press with other-planetyanami they tell you about their planet approximation, show some of film their country and travel destination . See you tomorrow."................................
  We turned off the TV and went to dinner. As always on the table putting professional readiness of semi-finished products from our local supermarket, bifshteksy sauce and spa Getty Italian pizza (for the title), strawberries and cake. I will not say that we have overeaten at night but felt unwell in the stomach pricked and sick shortly pozhalova-las mother and wife, fortunately the children slept peacefully. We got up and began to drink unboiled do, but this was not easy, the pain intensified, we had no choice but how to call an ambulance, awakened the children and twenty minutes later the car came with the doctors, they led us into it for examination and adjusted to our attention about the danger of poisoning by unknown bacteria and immediate administration of the hospital. We immediately agreed with them, they gave us drink some solution became a little easier, and the three of us went to the hospital. I'm not going to talk about procedures and injections, a total we spent in the hospital for three days, fortunately we cured of poisoning due to the company's free cake mix is prepared pizza with mushrooms, fungi in the party among shampinionov appeared by accident, like their poisonous toadstools. Therefore, we could not see and hear on TV meeting aliens with scientists, the media, the public, had to settle for only read in the newspapers. The most important thing that came to us because it is they are going to fly back to his planet with a hundred and a hundred fellow earthlings aliens will return to the earth, will live in different countries under the supervision of people and guides, to communicate freely and at will to engage in socially useful work to It is not gratuitous bread, meat, fruit, vegetables and more.
  Flew three weeks and on the appointed day early in the morning of 17 May, we went to New York JFK airport where I said goodbye to my mother, wife, children, and flew to Texas, the second-born Houston Space Center. In the office, I met with a young, pleasant outdoor temp of employees, we exchanged greetings, met Mr Charlie Dayton sat me down into the soft leather chair, navl help of a computer and smiling ska-room: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, we should go to the next enclosure , you things are going great, you will train before flying, you do not just Outer tourist.astronaut."
   "Dear Mr. Charlie Dayton, nice to hear from you so happily told-set," said I got up and went down the hall to the transition, it passed on to another building of glass and steel, where in a special box with me and other simulators participants Cams travel to pass preflight preparation and training. Charlie started the me into a large hall where already gathered who were lucky to fly to Ann-roksimu. We exchanged greetings, all the ladies and gentlemen smiled broadly, from head to toe examined me, and judging by their faces, I realized they were glad the summer with me, high-Kim handsome-looking, middle-aged. And noting in particular an eye to me ocharova-tional ladies might calculated in future on romantic love affairs. I myself, having taken all the eyes I realized that basically picked emphasis on looks to capture the imagination of those aliens, who said earlier too stood their appearance reminding the living mannequins twins.
   Mr. Charlie Dayton introduced me to the ladies, gentlemen, and then we went to the desk behind which sat a pleasant-looking woman with blue curls in a white robe, we exchanged greetings, got acquainted and found Miss Diana Cruz will be to monitor our state of the body after exercise on the trainers using test equipment. On this day, we basically got to know-just imagine, people gathered in the hall of the different people, from 34 countries, but all spoke perfect in English. In the evening, after dinner, dancing, telling himself, but as much an hour is not set out in 9 sent to bed, and all in an individual room with a bed and a TV.
   On the next morning for a month doing all kinds of simulators for 10 hours with breaks for meals. Immediately after the training we were given diplomas astronauts suitable for space travel and then presented our leader Mr Jimmy Tina flight, tall, brown-haired gentleman oboyatelnogo athletic in purple shirt, black trousers and three doctors from the Medical Academy named Harry Hunt: handsome kardeologa Mr. Walter Benz and charming blondes therapist Naina docks and psychiatrist Jane Borloo. Above, it was decided that the medical authorities in the event of unforeseen circumstances in flight will help us to cope with the problems of health and mood, as in any way, we will fly to the approximation few years .
   Our interview lasted until dinner and before parting Mr. Jimmy Ting prepodns us a surprise: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, on Tuesday June 16th evening we will gather in an elegant banquet hall of the Hilton Hotel will be a dinner with a surprise, good news for you, you can if you wish to invite your spouse, tickets and accommodation for two days due to the tourist company "With us into space", the answer is to tell me the next morning at breakfast. "
   The news cheered us, we thanked Mr. Jimmy Tina wished each other good night and went to their rooms, without losing time, I called home, my wife took the phone as usual and asked: "Who?"
   "Dear Masha, good evening, I, Victor, your beloved husband. I inform good news, today received a diploma astronaut suitable for space travel, so that soon will fly. But that's not all, will be held next Tuesday preflight dinner and if you wish the You will be sent a ticket and place for two days at the Hilton Hotel where we meet for a few hours but without the right of our joint stay in the room, she know the complete isolation, solve, "I said, and sighed.
   "My dear Victor, good evening, your lovely wife Maria is pleased to meet you in Houston, at the Hilton Hotel, even though for a moment. No offense, but your news is that you get a diploma and fly away from us for a few years is not very pleased me, Mother also going through and only children will be delighted that the flight to the aliens. All right, time your dream comes true then so be it, congratulations diploma, before the meeting, the whole.".............................................
   "My sweet and charming Mary to the meeting at the Hilton, kiss, handed the phone to her mother."
   "Victor whole, handed the phone to her mother.".............................................................
   "Dear Victor, greetings, congratulations on getting the next third of the diploma, you are now an astronaut, and may soon fly to the approximation, be sure to call when will start, we will fly to the launch site, the whole" firm voice but with a hint of sadness mother said.
   "My dear Mother, good evening, as soon as the start of the known day-mandatory but said, I know you wanted me to be with you but someone has to explore space, the more I fly for free, you'll get good money for me and most importantly again meet in the world. I have no doubt that in the present state of health of people and your own, my Mom, you will live at least another thirty years and we will fly in three years, the main thing is not to get into a car accident. Try to be more at home and less to ride cars, whole, before the meeting at Baikonur, devotional tube Sam. "
   "Dad, hi, it's me, Simon, I congratulate you with a diploma, a whole, very happy that everything is going so swimmingly, I understand you have a little time to talk to us, I promise we will fly to Florida to start the day, and on Tuesday early in the morning to spend Mother Hughes tone, thank you for inviting, "I heard the familiar voice of the eldest son.
   "My Sam, hello, most importantly calms mother and grandmother, with me as you did not happen, we'll meet," I said .
   "Hi Dad, it's me, Alex, I'm glad you went through all the tests and received his cosmo-navta, we will fly to Florida and let it be from but see the live launch of aliens now it shows more and more often, very grand, I would have given everything to fly to another planetu.Tebe halts such happiness and use it."................................................................................................... .
   "My Alex, thank you, I'll try to use this chance, kiss, and gave up the phone my mother, I need to tell her a few words," I said........................................................................................ .
   "Dear Victor, says," I heard a velvet voice .
   "My dear Mary, bring me my Swiss mechanical watches with arrows, they are very necessary to me, I said, a whole, to a meeting on Tuesday." ................ ........................................
   "My dear Victor, certainly lie down with them, to the whole of the meeting on Tuesday in the Hill-tone, I feel that you do not forget us," I heard the conversation and stopped exactly four minutes set aside for us to negotiate with the family .
   I walked over to the window and saw him in a vast half black sky great matte moon and myriads of small red and bright stars, somewhere in space was non-visible to our eyes and telescopes the planet approximation to which we fly in a few days. After standing for a while, I went to sleep till Tuesday was two days at the banquet will meet with a sweet wife, a pity that not succeed to spend the night in a room, such strict rules.
   In the morning, at breakfast, I like all the travelers gave Mr. Jimmy Tina a note to include my wife, Mary, in the list of invitees to the banquet in Hilto-no. Collecting notes he looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite wives and husbands to meet with you at seven o'clock in the evening in the banquet hall, you will have enough time and natantsevatsya stop talking immediately after the banquet, you parted with nimi- they stay overnight in a hotel and you are in our space center. I guess none of you will not abuse champagne and wines, all only in moderation."........................................................ ................................................
   Each of us thanked Mr. Jimmy Tina and assured that will be taken seriously Kego wishes to drink only in moderation and have requested at least an hour early to arrange a meeting with our family and say he made sure that our request is not hanging in the air and on Tuesday we arrived at the Hilton not seven and six o'clock in the lobby and a meeting with loved ones. My dear Mary appeared in his favorite long pink dress, on her neck hung a necklace of artificial pearls and black painted with brown wavy hair just below her shoulders. A couple of hours before the banquet we spent in the huge lobby and sitting in soft chairs telling each other about their lessons. Masha was wondering how I tumbled and spun at various simulators, hours and days sitting in the dark or under water cameras in the aquarium of glass. A couple of hours passed quickly and we were seated at eight tables of four. Each in crystal vases and roses in bright colors of tropical flowers, French champagne and Italian wines, fine snacks including sandwiches iranskoychrnoy sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea, fruit and sweets.
   More advance Mr Jimmy Ting told us that at the banquet we will have a surprise, and we look forward to it, no one even knew that there will be a meeting with the aliens live with which to stay in space flight and on their planet approximation few years. Once we were seated at a table on stage as musicians played the National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner, the charming lady in the dress colors of the USA flag to do it, they all stood up and silently listened to the singing. Once the anthem ended the musicians began to play a strange melody in no way similar to our Ina scene climbed accompanied by Mr. Jimmy Tina seven men of average height, no more than 180 centimeters. In their youthful persons matte shade, I could not tell how old they are and what sex, short-haired, platinum color hair, all of them were white shirt, green pants and black shoes. When you have finished playing musicians stood up and bowed to the guests included aliens smiling broadly with one voice in English is clearly articulated: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Good evening! We, the citizens of the planet approximation glad to see you."
   We all shouted loudly: "Good evening, dear citizens of the planet approximation, we are glad to see you.".................................................................................................................................
   Of the group of aliens went a step ahead of them and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, my name is Cleo, I'm the captain of the spaceship" Space Explorers ", next to me my assistants, our crew is made up of seven people."....................................................................................
   Each of the aliens went a step further and called his name- "I have Montt, I have Stear, I have bark, I am Fry, I have Glon, I have a Crew, and added:" We are delighted that after a while you find yourself on our ship on our amazing Planet particle approximation."
   Mr. Jimmy Ting went to Captain Cleo, something told him he assists his-there toward us, they came to the table and personally acquainted with each of us. I tell you frankly I thought aliens twins, but is among them were two predstavitelntsy fairer sex as I learned later, Fry and Glon long and confused them with men. After exploring we drank French champagne, Italian, Californian wine, Stolichnaya vodka of course, in moderation, eating, danced on stage climbed actors, singers, clowns and at ten o'clock we had expected another surprise, at the same time on stage with their wives went leaders of those countries whose citizens went on a long journey. First of all, they exchanged greetings with us and aliens, a historic familiarity between no-mi and citizens approximation, they shook hands, exchanged phrases, then high-ranking officials arrived with their ladies were seated at tables and fun prodozhilos. At the scene of rising actors, singers, famous bands and all this continued until two in the morning and before you leave us Captain Cleo thanked all his own name and his assistants all present. Then we were among the leaders made brief wishes us all a happy and successful return flight to earth, they came to every man went in flight, firmly shook his hand and says: "Be strong and brave, God is with you.".......................................................................................
   Leaders with their wives and husbands, the aliens left the room, we were given WHO-opportunity five minutes to be alone with our favorite neighbor, I kissed her and whispered: "My favorite Masha, most importantly, do not worry, take care of the health, do not give much thought of as mom I was there in space, definitely come back with gifts, watch
  our sons, flew to Florida, as soon learn the date of the start of post-electron-electron letter can call before the meeting .
   "My dear beloved Victor, take care of yourself, I believe that you will return, such as the ISE-planetyanami Captain Cleo and his assistants did not disappear, whole, before the meeting, it's time, some are sent to the room, to us at the head of your flight "I whispered my Maria. I kissed her, approached Mr Jimmy Ting, shook hands with my wife and said quietly: "My dear and lovely Miss Mary, thank you for your presence with us but you it's time to leave, good night."
   Masha looked at us, bowed and said calmly: "Happy return flight and dear Victor and Mr. Jimmy.Ting."
   My wife along with other invited went to the door, turned, waved his hand to us and disappeared behind it. All gathered at Mr. Jimmy Tina, he looked at us and said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, the buses waiting for us as we walked pretty today and go to bed at an odd hour we will be backfilled to 10 am and ska Ms. frankly if you do not fail weather the spacecraft "researcher Cosmo-sa" Starting next week, but the exact date will be known on Thursday. "
   The news shocked us all looked at each other, could not believe, even Ned la and we in flight, we asked our head of how much time we will fly to the approximation but Mr. Jimmy Ting just shrugged his shoulders and led us to the door .
   On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Jimmy Ting gathered us all beside her and said in a calm voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, our cosmic journey is scheduled for next week on Wednesday, June 24, 2076, is planned to start between four, five o'clock in the afternoon, please send a message to arrive relatives on the Florida spaceport at Cape Canaveral to say goodbye to you, to see the ship and to be present at his starte.Tak like we have more time to relax then at three o'clock go by bus to a little trip to get acquainted with the modern city of Houston and its attractions. "
   This good news finally shook us specific launch date, we poblagodarilinashego head and went to our rooms, I sent an e-mail home, but just in case, and called his wife for five minutes to talk to her, mother and sons. The news shocked and said that they fly on Monday to be present at the start. The voices I realized children are happily accepted my message about the start but my mother and wife with a hint of sadness, he did not want to be separated for a few years with me.
  Judging by those aliens smiling happy earth food, eating and drinking with pleasure and looked at the beautiful young girls serving them .
   When the dinner ended, they went for a walk in the garden and the announcer announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow at seven in the evening will be a meeting of scientists, the public and the press with other-planetyanami they tell you about their planet approximation,show some of film their country and travel destination. See you tomorrow."............................................
  My wife along with other invited went to the door, turned, waved his hand to us and disappeared behind it. All gathered at Mr. Jimmy Tina, he looked at us and said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, the buses waiting for us as we walked pretty today and go to bed at an odd hour we will be backfilled to 10 am and ska Ms. frankly if you do not fail weather the spacecraft "researcher Cosmo-sa" Starting next week, but the exact date will be known on Thursday." .................................................... ....................
   The news shocked us all looked at each other, could not believe, even Ned la and we in flight, we asked our head of how much time we will fly to the approximation but Mr. Jimmy Ting just shrugged his shoulders and led us to the door .
   On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Jimmy Ting gathered us all beside her and said in a calm voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, our cosmic journey is scheduled for next week on Wednesday, June 24, 2076, is planned to start between four, five o'clock in the afternoon, please send a message to arrive relatives on the Florida spaceport at Cape Canaveral to say goodbye to you, to see the ship and to be present at his starte.Tak like we have more time to relax then at three o'clock go by bus to a little trip to get acquainted with the modern city of Houston and its attractions."..........................................
   This good news finally shook us specific launch date, we poblagodarilinashego head and went to our rooms, I sent an e-mail home, but just in case, and called his wife for five minutes to talk to her, mother and sons. The news shocked and said that they fly on Monday to be present at the start. The voices I realized children are happily accepted my message about the start but my mother and wife with a hint of sadness, he did not want to be separated for a few years with me .
   After talking with kinsfolk, I went to the first floor where our group was going to the bus and travel on schedule in three hours on double-decker bus with an open top and a guide went without haste to see the city. It was very interesting and fun, and returned only in the evening and our leader Jimmy Tin remains at the forefront of space flight greeted us told us that tomorrow will flight to Florida where we will meet with the captain and his assistant Cleo and be instructed before going on a long trip another planet. The next day at 10 am, two buses, we went to the airport, flew to Florida again sat in two buses and rushed to the launch site where the building Space Center we have to spend before the start. Half an hour later we arrived at the metal gate, two well-built young officers in camouflage uniforms came up to us, Mr. Jimmy Ting got off the bus, walked up to the officers exchanged greetings with them, and showed the documents they examined them opened the gate and our bus entered the territory Spaceport and soon we saw a spaceship the size of which struck my imagination back then when we first showed it on TV in space and landing. From all sorts of messages, I knew Dunn about this spaceship, 510 meters high and 105 meters in diameter. "Space Explorers" stood as if sprinkled with minute diamond grit in the golden rays of the sun it shone, sparkled, and playing all colors of the rainbow. We could hardly believe that this ship has arrived to us from deep space and we will fly on it in the unknown distance.
   On reaching the multi-storey buildings lined with glass panels colored juice Coy wave Mr Ting said that Jimmy will spend a few days in a special room, and just before the start right at the ship. Coming out of the auto-bead, we met with a group of people among Hx saw three doctors from the Medical Academy Harry Hunt: handsome kardeologa Mr. Walter Benz and charming blondes therapist Naina docks and psychiatrist Jane Borloo. When he saw us, they smiled happily, we have responded in kind, exchanged greetings and walked into the building where we were in the Arctic cool, we were given a special room. And here in this building, we were again peredstartovye lessons and tests, met three times with Captain Cleo and his assistants. It's a miracle they are very well communicated with us in English and told us about how we should behave on board ship, and screened some of the rooms. Actually, not even having been on the ship, I realized where we'll be in flight we will comfort and convenience.
  On Tuesday morning we started to prepare for the flight, we were placed in special premises-set and since the size of each of us had known they were made up of individuals-nye suits and we have several times tried on them again ekipiprovalis them. A few people in white coats to wear suits helped my well suited to me and even though I was bound but he could freely move his arms, body, head, and walk. After spending a couple of hours they helped the people to remove and eleven o'clock in the afternoon held a free VRE-name in a swimming pool and a walk, and then ate at noon and again people belyhhalatah again started putting on the spacesuits and we have thorough. They hooked us up to instruments and half an hour of breathing mixture cylinders attached to the suit. Experts are constantly looked after instrument readings finally began to disconnect them, and I heard a soft voice: "Mr Victor Smith, you are fit to fly, congratulations, I wish you pure space and return to Earth, the committee chairman fly into space, Mr. Edward Crone. You can sit down and wait for your friends on the flight. "
   I looked at him and said, "Mr. Edward Kron, chairman of the flight into space, thank you very much, I'm happy to see you on Earth."..................................................................................................
   He smiled and waved at me and went to the other travelers and I sat on the bench and breathed some unusual for me pleasant sweet flavor reminiscent of a mixture coming from the clover field, it was not our air. At two-thirty Mr. Edward Krohn and other gentlemen with us out of the building Space Center. We are dressed in light blue spacesuits 100 travelers, 90 men and 10 women sat in special buses and slowly went to the ship on the way, with the metal mesh have seen a lot of people but they were not able to see far. They came right up to the door of the elevator, went to him and he took us to the heavens, and only passed through the gateway how they got into the narrow space, and hear the English language, I found Captain Cleo with his mechanical electronic voice: "Dear and dear ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon , welcome to our pozhalovt spacecraft "Space Explorers", please go to the room for assistants to remove the suits and placed in special cases, I'll see you later. "
   Similarly, soon came up to us assistants Captain Cleo, we exchanged greetings-E, they led us into a large room, sit down, have helped to remove their spacesuits, fold-whether in their lockers and took us down the hall to zal.Neozhidanno before us is wide open door we saw in front of a large living room with couches, ahead of a huge board with numbers, I realized there is a reverse countdown time start-up was fifteen minutes. .
   Thanking the assistant captain of Cleo, we were seated in an unusually comfortable zhanye co-chairs, even pulled on a dream but this time the door opened and he entered the room the captain in a white kostyume.Shiroko smiling Captain Cleo looked us with his eyes and said: "Dear Lady and gentlemen, Good afternoon! I am glad to see you here on this ship, "Space Explorers" on the particle approximation of our amazing planet. As we all the time in the monotonous flight secretly tell you all soon pull on sleep, sleep in his own pleasure, if you can not sleep at your disposal a library with e-reader with a set of hundreds of thousands of various books, music, movies from the first silent until the last, will not be bored, there is a planetarium with telescope, you can look into space but the most important thing for us all points of reception food for your table, they can be eaten at any time and as much as necessary. After the start, I and my assistants to you an excursion on our ship and show their location, the one who wants to get informtsiyu at what distance from the Earth is at the moment and the current time, all in front of you on the big board. I ask all of you to check the time on your watch to the clock on the scoreboard, it is in front of you, our "Space Explorers" starts in fifteen minutes, you can see, there is a large clock countdown and when everything will be nil, we will go on a long journey. I beg you not to worry, Wake up to plvavny without overload and it is important for your body. Thirty minutes later we will return to you and take a tour of the ship and look at the dining room. "
   Captain Cleo and his assistants went to bow to the door and disappeared for no-mi, I looked at the scoreboard and saw the current time 3 48 27 on the big clock, before the start of the OS-talos 11 minutes 33 seconds, he tried not to worry but my heart was beating like hammer. Strangely, three minutes before the start of my excitement passed, I calmed down and was looking forward to takeoff, the time on the scoreboard 00 sought to 4 days. And on the big clock, but there, I felt like I was pressed against the padded seat, I was drowning in it, and continued zhalos the feeling that I was someone invisible impacts from all sides dvad-tsat minutes because I always looked at the scoreboard clock. In the April 20 I relaxed and began to move the body, even stood up and realized overload passed, my body adapt to the rapid rate set and say 60 seconds after the start, we flew 150 kilometers per second, and appeared at the height of 3900 km, twenty minutes later the rate approached one thousand kilometers per second, and we were flying 360 000 km from Earth, it's amazing. Immediately, I note: I like all sat in a comfortable chair, and if you deviate to-back, he shifted, but was free to lie in bed, this would have to press the blue button. To chair took its normal position, sitting, pressed nazelnuyu shorter it takes any convenient position. No one fluttered in a non-weight to all of us as it is in a large theater, a huge screen in front of us and it flashed not only numbers but also looked at the starry sky is constantly changing, some of the stars of the size of the moon surpassed what we see with the naked eye.
   Thirty minutes after the start in our hall went the captain with his assists Cleo-ter in blue suits, they smiled broadly as usual, looked us with their eyes, and Cleo came to us: "Dear and respected, the start was successful, I see by your joy persons that you painlessly moved pereguzki. Is it confirm? "
   We are all together uttered: "Yes, everything O'Kay.".........................................................
   In this case, as promised today taken an important tour of our ship, I ask you to follow us. "
   All rose from their comfortable chairs with which I personally do not want to part with Captain ivmeste Cleo and his assistants went on a tour of the ship's been in the library, planetarium, showers, toilets, and of course, in the dining room, right-da in it we did not see a single table and a single chair near the blue wall stood rows of machines, such as those of which shoving a plastic card into the slot departure sandwiches, popcorn and drinks. Captain Cleo came to the machine and explained how on-time to produce their own food or drink: "Dear and respected, we have to ship up to no hot-beef, sandwiches and drinks in all the banks only in the tubes, everything is simple, you need only press green button and tube flies, how many times have pushed many tubes will fly with a simple spring water, beverages, teas, coffee, milk, with bifshteksami with various governmental, pastes and even with broth, with the shell itself is sterile and edible. You do not even need to chew -perkusil shell dissolves and swallow it. On each machine inscription in English with the name of the food or beverage, showing: the apple juice, I click and get."............................... ..................................................................
   Captain Cleo pressed the green button and then departure pink tube, he stuck it in his mouth, swallowed a bite and soon, went to the machine to bifshteksom, pressed the button twice and then flew two tubes of gold, he put it in his mouth and one When I swallowed dealt with another tube.
   "Dear and respected, please fill up, you lost a lot during the launch of energy-gies and it needs to be restored, no restrictions on food and drink, ask for vending machines, they are always available to you," Cleo said and smiled .
   We slowly approached the machines and read in it, click on the button in and out tubes. I took a fancy to bifshteks ground, pressed a couple of times and flew two color of blood tube, put it in his mouth and felt the taste of the meat, it was quite different from our tasteless semi-finished products made from meat-grown bull elephant based on the technology proposed farmer Uncle Joe with the addition of a suspicious substance to we, inhabitants of the land, accustomed for decades. I liked the food so upll Notices for seven times bifshteksa tubes, three pasta with foie gras, four tube with grape juice and two apple. After talking a few minutes with the captain and his assistant astronauts soon felt that drunk, I could not stand, so I pulled on sleep, thanked our kind benefactors, all dosvidaniya said they wished me a pleasant journey and barely reached the staggering of his chair, fell and immediately fell asleep.
   When I woke up that he could not understand, everyone around me asleep, glanced at the scoreboard and saw that the speed of our "Space Explorers" is approaching the 50,000 kilometers per second, we flew rasstonie ischeslyaemoe trillions of kilometers and I slept nothing less than thirty days . I got up, went to the bathroom, he immediately felt an extraordinary hunger, so wanted there, and went into the dining room without thinking twice goose ate seven tubes of pasta, drank three tubes of different juices and went to the observatory with a telescope magnifies objects a million times, but look at the stars soon felt weak again drawn to sleep, I went to the room, which is conveniently located in the chair and fell asleep. You will not believe I slept 79 days and that a year has passed unnoticed since our flight and vehicle speed reached 300 000 km per second.
  We slept and sleep skroz heard pleasant music from the speakers rained soon woke up to a man, we saw how to open the door and entered the room our friends in white suits, Captain Cleo and his six assistants, they smiled at us and said hello Cleo said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, after three hours on our boat, there will be the denominator of the event we are a year in flight and will celebrate its dry champagne, today only dispense beverages, please go to the cafeteria and get a bag of champagne and tubes with drinks, we are waiting for you . "
   We are one after another got up and went into the dining room where we were waiting for Cleo and his assis-tents, they were smiling, hand bags and shook hands, we say their names, they are ours and I thought how aliens could remember the names of a hundred. We settled around them in a small room and Cleo told us: "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Many years ago, one of our citizen caught purely accidental signals from Earth and our people have decided to send a ship with tourists so that they have lived for some time in the open and with the Planet permit managers to take a hundred tourists, bring them to our approximation that they can familiarize themselves with our lives and share with us about his life on Planet Earth. So you and we were lucky to meet our spaceship, it paves the shortest course thanks to the program laid down in its think tank, as you can see we, the main electronic navigator leads the ship to Planet approximation now, dear and respected, go to the room where we will celebrate this significant event year-flight. "
   We are one after the other went to the room, sat down, I looked at the screen-unimaginably present-ship was flying at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, say how many kilometers from the earth, I can not, because the number of digits could not count, entered the hall with the captain assistants and Cleo said: "Dear citizens! Up to four hours one minute left, Now a bag to put the champagne into the mouth, crush and wait for the signal that you hear and swallow the contents."
   Every single bag shoved in his mouth and he began to dissolve, at this point I pochuvst-Vova extraordinary fragrance of the flowers, sounded the alarm, the liquid is swallowed, opened rotot smells spread to the room and introduced himself in a meadow in the distant early childhood when more machines, car parks, suburbs and highways had few, if summer-colored butterflies and mosquitoes bite is painless, our naked bodies. A definitive, but we lost tional idea of taste and smell after geniy farmer Joe AH-AH by distillation of crude oil, petroleum jelly has created a nutritional substance and revolutionary new technology began to grow corn, cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit and all the people around the world including the President thanked him for what he fed the hungry and destitute, not only bread, fish, fruits, vegetables and bifshteksami who did not have no taste or smell in the stores there were beautiful apples, pears velechiny of my head, then as a child my mother bought apples unattractive in appearance, even with worms but they are odor or taste. .
   A minute later, Cleo turned to us: "Dear, look at the scoreboard, the speed of our ship exceeded the speed of light ischeslyaemuyu metric 300 000 kilo-meters per second, we can see the scoreboard Sirk 380,000 (305,000 km) and calculations of our central computer The Centre is the choice of optimal routes to overcome barriers of time and distance. This is understood as follows, with the score at the time continues to go as before second by second, the same thing on your watch but the amount of time in seconds of the previously adopted one unit is now that we have overcome the speed light changes proprortsionalno increase speed units of our ship. When the vehicle speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second the number of units equal to one, at a speed of 301 thousand kilometers per second per second the number of units has been increased and is 2, that is, as it were, a second was extended twice and airspeed was not 300 thousand and six hundred thousand, and now imagine how fast we fly in space when the scoreboard, you will see a top speed of 310,000 kilometers per second when the earth and our second approksimskaya lengthened by 10 times and will be 3 million km per second. But neither I nor my assistants do not know the true distance of the approximation to the Earth but only sets the central data center, we some time next year we will fly then with increasing speed and then with a decrease in a year of flight will reach a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second. "
   We listened with his mouth open information from the lips of the captain of the flight of our Cleo, who kosmiches ship "Space Explorers" on the wordly speed of light with its freeboard, and eat at the same time looking at the screen in front of the speed-increasing, now 305,000 kilometers per second. I looked at my watch on the big board, as time went second in the second, and if the words of the commander of Cleo, we currently flying at a speed of 1 500 000 one million five hundred thousand kilometers per second, it did not feel any overload on such a wild increase in speed. Frankly I just could not believe that our ship was flying so fast but I was highly educated professionals who had a relation to math and programming, and studied astronomy at the school knew that the alleged habitable planet is from the earth at a distance of tens or even hundreds of light years. So if the ship on which we fly could not reach speeds exceeding the speed of light in the tens and maybe a hundred times it would hardly have our aliens come to us and we to them.
   My thought was interrupted joyful voice of Captain Cleo: "Dear citizens and citizen, I ask all of of you to go down to the dining room to enjoy a festive meal, we fly cor-ing to the schedule, all the equipment, navigation equipment and engines run like clockwork." .............
   In fact, I wanted to have stood up and all went to the gym, eating. We sat at a table on which lay a lot of packages with a variety of food, will soon come to us aliens, spacecraft commander Captain Cleo and his assistants Montt, Steer, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crewe. All in white shirts with short sleeves, dark brown shorth and sandals, they smiled, came up to us, shook hands calling name and said, "Congratulations to the year flight naslazhadaytes."................................................
   We smiled, and when they came to me, I said to everyone: "Thank you for such a science fiction-cal flight" and called the name. I took a couple of tubes of goose pate, one with chicken broth, three tubes and two-sausage with apple juice from unseen speakers poured a nice tune by ear. The festive fun continues at least an hour, we dance Wali, singing, Captain Cleo and his assistants have joined us, as did the more the world dance teachers taught them to dance. Stan, is in their country no one had the idea of dancing and singing, in between the tubes swallowed with food, champagne. I have not kept up with the young, raspelsya, rastantsevalsya from what felt weak in the body, sleepy and went into the hall. How many sat in an easy chair, and so carried away by the scoreboard with flickering figures that looked at him deep in thought, or maybe it's just a diversion, an illusion, programmed and we wish to present as valid. But I had two hours of mechanical Swiss-arrow and electronic and saw-old clock went ahead on their own counting seconds as in modern Japanese electronic figures ran forward to the second coincides with the time on the scoreboard, the rate continued to increase, and at the moment is 311 000 kilometers per second and if the captain explained how Cleo really flying at a speed of 3 million, three hundred thousand in the second. I was deep in thought, how the ship scored such a huge astronomical speed that a second time as it was stretched. Thoughtfully he closed his eyes and went to sleep.
  When I woke up I saw a lot of empty seats, dogdalsya that people spend time for fun, but before you got looked at the scoreboard and could not believe-345000 and remembered as the information given to us by the commander Captain Clay made mentally multiplying received astronomical figure of 13 million, five hundred thousand kilometers per second. I waved my hand without hesitation arose and went to the toilet and then went to the room of entertainment, the travelers watched Hollywood fantasy film "Meeting on the Planet Extreme" where ten years ago, the Americans have visited and met with robots in human form, with the highest level of development but could multiply as living beings, and one day at the main robot President after a fair booze with the Americans was the closure of all the robots turned incapacitated, who arrived adventurers became the masters of the Planet and stayed there forever due to the fact that their boat anonymous way whacko scheme and they eventually kill each other in order not to die of hunger, and I thought about our aliens from outer space: the people or whether they, too, mechanical robots in the flesh, but in that moment, I heard the voice of Captain Cleo that sounded from the speaker: "highly respect citizens ! Please come to the observatory, we are approaching the planet Eskepa which existed before living sentient beings, but a few thousand years ago it ceased to exist and was covered with a layer of sand a few tens of meters. We sent one of our ships Kanelif to disclose the reasons of disappearance of the life and present travelers with 100 crew of seven, together with a missile mistakenly drowned in the sands, please take a look at the screen. "
   I like all got up and went to the observatory, and sat down in a comfortable chair and stared at the screen, showing a planet velechiny to the moon, but it increased in contrast to our blue companion seemed to some too grim and resembled a dark green pumpkin and then we Cleo heard the voice: "Dear and respected, we can see the dark side, the sun shines 3X on the opposite side, and at the moment it nesozertsaemo us, but in general this planet Eskepa as our very beautiful and I must say that at this point it is necessary to fly at least one year at an average speed of one hundred thousand kilometers per second, it seems to be halfway between your Earth and our approximation."
   Frankly speaking Planet Eskepa inspired by us sadness, immediately after viewing went into the dining room for an hour to enjoy a meal and drank before leaving a couple of tubes of champagne and went to bed, I was already used to it and I am not surprised that all travelers slept in a few weeks ... like a bear in hibernation. When I woke up after a long sleep, many were asleep but some travelers were missing, I knew everyone went to his favorite corner in the cinema hall, a library, an observatory, or simply enjoyed in the dining room. But the first thing I looked at the screen, speed was 370,000, or twenty-one million kilometers per second, it is impossible to imagine.
   I went first to the observatory and look through the telescope, the starry sky was like words, but watched from the ground, even the burning sun but not so bright to him for at least a few billion kilometers further from the Sun as our Earth. After admiring the stars went to sleep in the room, looked at the screen, speed-371,000 was added, I waved, looked at his watch-it was November 30, 2077, and sitting comfortably in a chair asleep soon. Since we have not slept for hours, not days and weeks when I woke up the next time and they looked at the clock showed 24 January 2078, I looked at the scoreboard and could not believe his eyes-on-year in the metric speed was 400 000 which means we flew with superluminal speed, 30 million kilometers per second. Waving got our room turned out to be half-empty, I realized, the travelers went to their favorite entertainment venues. I wanted to have but razagadav cause sleep-realized unless naemsya get drunk and then immediately pull to sleep and I sleep like a bear 8-9 weeks, so went to the observatory where he met his neighbor on the seat of Mr. Alex Gordli California, programmer and mathematician who worked NASA experts in the group razarabatyvavshih flight path of spaceships to Mars. After exchanging greetings, we razgovrilis first on the duration of sleep on the boat and came to the conclusion that in this way we keep our aliens tone and in a short period of wakefulness we did not have thoughts to ponder what was happening and why, drank, ate and slept. Then we moved on to more interesting and fascinating topic for me, and I said to him: "Doogoy Mr. Alex, you've noticed that we're going with superluminal velocity, way surpassing that threshold vehicle acceleration and develops a Captain Cleo gave us time if ponyatchto tires It stretched and now stands at 100 units and extraordinary
  novena speed of 30 million kilometers per second, while the time on their watches and counted on our still-without lead and lag !? "
   Mr. Gordli, smiled at me thoughtfully posmtrev said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, in his spare time we ask about this Captain Cleo, as well as inter-popping my moments: how they found us, and their central data center managed to pave the path flight to our land. I will say frankly in our Space Flight Center we and our high-speed computing devices from the ground to the approximation of their planet is unlikely to do the job. If we are flying at a speed of thirty million kilometers per second is actually if flight to aliens went our modern spaceship he would have to fly at least several thousand years, it is like an eternity, our rockets maximum speed is only five hundred kilometers a second. I think next time we will gather all together let us ask ourselves these questions captain Cleo.
   "Well, Alex, I agree, but my dear Cleo might have something to tell us but I think not all, this ship is flying under the program laid down in its computer brain center, no consultations with their approximation to the planet, which fly at least 40-50 light years, but I will say the most interesting of the engineer managed to construct a ship flying at a speed exceeding the speed of light in a hundred times. Some nemyslemo fantastic! And actually we fly, and even to the goal! But even at such a rate as if the stars are in place and not flicker like milestones, distance ischeslyayutsya light years! Come eat, popem and look at the board to increase speed or start to decrease, "I said.
   "We go to Smith, so drawn to eat and sleep," said Alex, and headed into the dining room.
   We came into the room eating, it was empty, choose a favorite drink with snacks and after eating, after drinking went to sleep. When we entered the room the first thing glanced at the scoreboard, near approksimskimi signs indicating the speed were our figures, 399 000, Alex also saw them, turned to me with joy quietly said: "Victor, the ship reduces speed, it turns out we have overcome half distance, even a half years of flight and we landed. Fantastic! "
   "Yes, Alex, if the ship reduces speed to be overcome was the halfway point, but you do not forget once get together in six months with Cleo's ask how the ship is flying the ship with such a fantastic rate," I said and went to his chair th. We are sitting comfortably in them remarkably drawn to bed and soon fell asleep, talk in the hall were forbidden
   For six months I prosyplsya flight three times the rate decreased and have all no doubt that we are approaching the goal. Asleep for the last time April 30, 2078 I slept for almost two months, skroz dream suddenly heard a pleasant melodious music, Alex woke awake before me and when I opened my eyes whispered to me: "Dear Victor, look at the scoreboard, the ship's speed close to the speed of light, More years of flight and we landed on the approximation. "
   I looked at the screen and saw the numbers-300,000, at this time the captain went into the hall Cleo with his assistants, all in white short-sleeved shirts, blue shorts and brown sandals, the commander came up to the scoreboard ulybnulsya and spoke to us: "Doro - Gia and respected, in thirty minutes you will see on display the other figures, it is said that the ship reduces speed and a year later we landed on the approximation, everything is going according to the schedule flight. Now we ask you to go to the dining room to celebrate this momentous occasion, the tables with a tube waiting for you. "
   We got up and went into the dining room, seated at the tables, tubes of various food and drink, Captain Cleo looked at us, smiled and progovril: "Dear, dear travelers, take a dry champagne, today, June 24, 2078, we have 2 years on the road, the ship reduces speed, approaching our planet, only a little less than a year of flight."..................................................................................
   I like all took a tube of dry champagne, Cleo gave the signal, and we drank pochuvstvo- shaft pleasant freshness in the mouth and a burst of energy in the body, and then ate and drank tubes with drinks, a variety of soups and meat pastes. The fun lasted for at least an hour, play music, all of us including Cleo and his assistants were dancing, our singers sang, laughed and were in a good mood. Cleo and his assistants were in no hurry, and so we are not attracted to the dream, the captain pressed the button, the music stopped, he looked at us with an eternal smile and the baby came to us: "Our esteemed and dear citizens and citizen, we have time and yet we are all here briefly tell you the story of how we found your Earth. While traveling on our spaceship vynesomnenno wondered, due to what he overcame cosmic light speed and then the last part of it exceeded a hundred times. It would seem that it is nemyslemo, but our experts, designers and engineers have developed and applied on our ship two types of engines and fuels, on the first and third stages of the path, we use a conventional chemical rocket engine running on liquid fuel, primarily during start-up and shutter so as not to expose the world of nuclear radiation and the main part of the way we fly on thermonuclear rocket engine at the heart of which is a pulsed fusion reactor capable of generating huge traction and warp C100 without which it is impossible to travel in space on our planet and the stars to your planet Earth. When any of our spacecraft reaches speeds with the work included a powerful pulsed thermonuclear reactor on our ship 120 chambers with nozzles. First starts one camera and typing speed C1 is connected to her second, after typing speed C2 includes a third camera, and when the vehicle is traveling at C100. Each camera served thermonuclear fuel, triggered laser gun explosions occur, the temperature reaches a million degrees, the thermonuclear reaction, and more explosions than a second the greater the pressure in the chamber, the plasma expands, flows through the nozzle out into space, and creates jet thrust .
   So imagine dear citizens and citizen when simultaneously actuating, with 100 out of 100 chambers and nozzles fire breaks out, and the plasma is all the way on these superluminal flight, space velocities! Technical achievements of our planet such a significant and ships already in the works for at least a hundred years, a few of them travel through the universe with a single purpose-to find another civilization to living beings to establish contact with them, and then share in groups peo-ple and imagine one of our dear young professional residents Arost caught flying television signal to us from your Earth. As we have visited you this signal flew us over fifty years with cosmic speed C, your speed of light 300 thousand kilometers per second. Having learned that there is such a civilization, our specialists of the main centers of health recovery, the highest authority, the government, but it is controlled devices sverhumnymi adopted decision to send you to the spacecraft, "pioneer" in the year 8450, you had a 2060, kicked off with seven astronauts . The captain respected Garf with his assistants Ramsey, Athenaeum, Naked, Vekrom, Adolat and Mika previously made several trips including to the planet on which sank Eskepa our rocket plane "Kanelif." Imagine after a long journey to your planet in 8460, you have 2070, they returned to the approximation and told residents about his discovery of the Earth. According to the ship's captain respected Harfa in 8455 (2065), they arrived at the Red Planet was originally to take it for Earth. The fact that the captain komanada Harfa flew not at random and signals are sent from your planet in the cosmos, and they served us like a beacon. I must say to you and the planet approximation ever sent into space on a specific radio frequency to serve as a beacon of our ships. And it was within your solar system Garf captain caught more clear
  radio and mistakenly sent the ship off the ground and on the other he thought inhabited the Red Planet, your Mars. Vow to her a couple of times "pioneer" landed safely in the Valley of stone balls near the fallen spacecraft flown with your planet from Earth, which at that time stood up to a distance of 60 million kilometers from the Red Planet. Despite great changes in temperature, day and night, hot and cold absence of air Garf captain and his assistants Aten Vekr wearing suits and left the ship and went to stall during landing on the surface of rocket planes and imagine found several dead bodies of astronauts in spacesuits. Realizing that the "Pioneer" is devoid of life on another planet far from Earth Captain Garf directed antenna to it and after a while was caught not only radio and television, video, and all of these speeches were recorded on the disc and the commander decided to fly a couple of times on Earth a distance of a hundred thousand kilometers and that was done. Making sure that this is the world in the earth from which our genius Arost received television signals commander of the "pioneers" respected Garf included filming equipment and making a few million shots went to the moon resembled lifeless Red Planet.
  Just a couple of flybys and photograph the surface Garf captain went to the Sun but as it proceeded from the heat did not risks and flew a million kilometers from it and make a million shots toward the home planet flown past Saturn .
   Only after our experts viewed photos removed Earth and making sure that you are the same people as we are, build cities, roads, flying in the air, on the seas pllavayut ships peasants engaged in agriculture and in consultation with grazhdaname decided to fly to you. And thanks to our efforts and high technology came to Earth and now you're going to us. Yes, with respect to the signals recorded by us from your crashed ship on the Red Planet, is the signals for help were made when the English-approksimsky dictionary. I do not know why your experts are not sent to the rescue ship and when we were there purely by chance it was too late. "
   I listened with interest the story of Captain Cleo we thanked him, assistants and shook everyone's hand and wished each other a pleasant stay in the common room off ...
   I'll tell you, we regularly take food, slept like bears, and finally the hall eg
  \ Full of music, we woke up and saw Cleo, his assistants, they smiled and the captain turned to us: "Dear and dear travelers! For all of us good news, after a hundred hours, we landed on our planet approximation and from that moment on the screen you You will see it time and tends to land, to zero and now we ask you to get a refreshing drink.".............................................
   Fantastic news, we flew to the planet! One hundred hours of landing! We Dep-curled into the dining room where we were expecting Cleo and his assistants, they are always smiling, shook hands with us, call name and asked to sit at the table, they have new tubes in the red-drink packaging. We sat at the tables and smiled Cleo turned to us: "Dear and respected, since that time, we will use only refreshing drinks, sleeping long prdtsya, we are approaching the planet, leaving a few hours, and you should take as they say you have a healthy sport shape, so eat and drink in unlimited quantities, look at the scoreboard, look into the observatory and listen to music,.relax."
   When I drank a drink felt a burst of energy in the body, I sleep like a hand lifted in the on-conductive room is not drawn and then remembered the telescopes at the observatory, which was visited last more than a year ago. I wanted to see Planet approximation, but alas, did not know her position and looked at the other stars big and small, soon filled the room-Xia men appeared Cleo, he pressed a few buttons and the screen appeared a planet in blue halo, and said happily: "Dear and respected here and in the common room on the EC-injury, you will see your and our planet ktoroy to spend a year in our ischesle-NIJ is a long time, I think you will like us, our lives are different from yours, you own it and vote conclude and now admire, we are constantly boo-dem with you, there comes a crucial moment and landing."............................................................
   In fact, not sleepy but a few hours later took her fatigue and we went into the hall. For the first time in all the journey had a dream as if I was on a large meadow surrounded by travelers of our ship, all singing, dancing and the musicians appeared here, they began to play, at first softly, then louder and very loud game woke me up. I opened my eyes and heard the music, everyone started to wake up, Cleo came with his assistants, all in white shirts, dark trousers and brown sandals, they smiled and the captain with an eternal smile on his face said, "Dear and distinguished travelers in four hours we make landing, look at the screen, we were approaching three missiles, they welcomed our return and take us to the launch site, ask everyone to the last time in the shower, you have to clean up, and then into the dining room".................................................
   We went into the shower, got an unusual cheerfulness, no fatigue, high spirits. In the dining room we expected Cleo with his assistants, seated at the tables, they welcomed us and explained that due to the landing except invigorating drink no other use will not be, it can be drunk however Pozhela. Each of us took to the taste of a few tubes and drank, I immediately drank three tube, it was so refreshing that the dream was no longer out of the question, and then returned to the common room, seated in an easy chair and watch the time. When the hour remained before landing again we heard the joyful voice Cleo, "Dear and respected citizens and citizen now you fit my assistants, they will help to put the suits, then will pass to another room and will remain there until it is fully seated until our experts on earth consolidate all the vehicle. Do not worry, it will take not too much time will meet during the descent."............................
   We sat in a chair and looked at the screen, the planet approximation resembled blue moon, she approached us all increasing in size. My heart was beating like a hammer, just could not believe we flew to our goal of space travel, the planet approximation. After a while there were smiling assistants in yellow shirts, they welcomed us and asked to follow them. We told them greeting, rose from their seats and followed them into the room where they left their suits. Going into his assistant captain Mont smiling baby on her face looked at us and said: "Dear and respected, we have the time, without haste for six people dress suits, once all go to another room and sit until my dear Captain Cleo will not give permission on the descent, come to us in accordance with the number of your badge.".................................................................................
   Each of us looked at the hanging around his neck on a red silk ribbon golden badge, I have 39 because stepped back and waited for his time. Forty minutes later, we were all in suits and sat in another room, on the wall hung a large screen and on it for some time, we saw tall mountains and millions of lights and suddenly everything went out. It turns out our rocket went away from the cities, it became clear that their planet is now night. Soon, I felt like a rocket stalled in flight of his, began to fall straight down. We caught the vibration donssya neobyknoven-but a lot of noise of jet engines, easy tolchok- touch pad and all sudden, but was quiet, "Space Explorers" returned to his native land .
   Soon the speakers donssya joyful voice of Captain Cleo: "Dear and dear travelers! Our rocket" Space Explorers "made a touchdown. Welcome to Planet approximation, after a few minutes I will meet with you and go down the elevator down, go sit quietly and not to worry. "
   I do not know how to explain but when we put suits and began to breathe a mixture of spray felt fine and no excitement. And Cleo came with his assistants, they were all in suits like us, he smiled at us, we got up and went with him to the elevator. In groups of twenty people came down from the cab, we went in standing blue buses with dark glasses through which saw a big bright moon near the tall mountains. The commander turned to Cleo our bus took the wheel and drove us to a huge building to the doors. As we drove down the highway, I tried to look out the window, hoping to see the contours of the city but unfortunately before my eyes was the Baikonur space reminiscent of the steppe. Suddenly, the bus turned and I saw mnogogoetazhnoe building lined with glass panels aqua. Our bus went to him but did not stop at the door and entered through the open gate into the building, pulled up and stood at the door.
   Captain Cleo stood up from his seat and said clearly: "Dear travelers, stop in this building, your first home, you have to undergo adoptatsii to our WHO-spirit and the hot sun, both are somewhat different from you but are harmless to zdo-rovya , follow me."
   Cleo pushed the button and at the same time opened the door to the bus and in the building, coma Deer ship went inside, we followed him and found a small light in premises without windows. A nice matte light poured from the ceiling, on the walls of my ever-were electronic images, I guess it's abstract works of art of artists, though the colors are not too yarkokrichaschie. Soon we were joined by our friends who were traveling with the assistant commander of the second bus, and we have all of this on-premises headed as I understand it in another where we have to remove the suits and adapt to the local air. We went into a bright room with lots of cubicles built into the wall, Cleo stopped with a smile never left his youthful face turned to us: "Dear and dear citizens and citizen, and now we take off our suits and they will be there until the day when the flight your land back. After removing the suits we go into the shower and at first you will have to wear the clothes you get after a shower, you must destroy all the germs imported by us and you to our planet. Come to the wardrobe with numbers matching the token, do not rush in ahead of us a lot of free time."....................................................................
   I remembered my number 39 and went to the cupboard, after some time assistant Mont helped take away my suit, we hanged him, closed the door, sat on a plastic chair and said quietly: "Uvaazhaemy Victor Smith as soon as you hear your number go to the door where figure 39 will be displayed, will walk in and take a shower when the door opens out, wear the clothes and come to the last door, press the green button, the door opens and you are clean germ-free in a bright room."
   After listening to a respected assistant Monta I thanked him, he smiled and went to the next traveler to help remove the suit and explain the process of hut-ment from bacteria. I do not know how long it took us to go through the necessary procedure, but frankly when I came out of the shower and felt fine oschuschulas ease in my body and in his movements, like Parkhaev and fly. As for clothes, then everything just any underwear-light white shirt with short sleeves, you, like our short pants to his knees and gray sandals on his bare feet. Since the air conditioning worked in the room felt cool fresh light. Just as easily, I would say seductive, without underwear, were wearing our cute Ocha-rovatelnye ladies: all different bright colors Air sleeveless shirts and short green skirts to the knees, bare feet on the red shoes without heels, like the kidneys, . Seeing gazes gentlemen, our dear charming ladies embarrassed but soon as if nothing had happened chatted with us.
   Caught in a new light the room without a window we could enjoy their real prohaditelnymi drinks, glass decanters were filled with red-mi, yellow and purple and colorless and mixtures before drinking Captain Cleo warned us that everyone enjoyed his glass.
   While we were drinking palatable natural drink from their fruits and berries Cleo left us and soon returned with the same youthful man as he is, I do not think that it was his brother, but the resemblance is striking. The alien in a white short-sleeved shirt, brown shorts and black sandals bowed and said something in his own language Cleo presented it to us: "Dear and dear travelers, this is the distinguished Dr. Moon of the main centers of health recovery, he and I and my assistants will with you to the parting on your world; we are his guides."
   Dr. Lun like all his countrymen, and smiled the smile never left their faces over the years, and only once, during our separation at the Zem-les, us and them to tears wept. It looked at us and said clearly naangliyskom the mechanical voice: "Dear citizens and citizen, good morning, I am pleased to see you on our Planet approximation Welcome! Each of you proy-dt medical examination, before you little cabin with the door, I open them, you walk inside, it closes within a minute standing within both hands on the two stands quietly looking himself in the mirror. Once rolled metal badge-crystal fishnet take it immediately opens the door and you leave. Metal-badge-crystal you have to keep with you for life if you lose da DUT in any new Health Recovery Center should only look in the Zerka-lo, in fact, is the screen-scanner with the help of the code are recording your eyes and face. Now I ask enter the cabin, yes, try to breathe normally and do not worry for a moment when the light turns off, you're out there alone. Do you understand? "
   Since we were not out of the Stone Age and from the electronic we all smiled and replied in one voice: "Everything is clear, dear Dr. Moon." ..................................................................
   "Then go ahead of me the first seven eminent persons," said Dr. Moon, ap-AH for each stall, lowered token into the slot, he dropped into a metal grid, an alien took it and then the door opened. I was among the first travelers who came into the cabin with soft flat matt light, then closed the door on a white wall screen was exactly in exactly like a normal mirror and stared at him looking at his face. Strangely, during the flight, I changed somewhat, it seemed to me younger, but as I have always looked young for their age is not given much importance. Once picked up two metal rack for a moment, turned off the light and some blue rays from all sides rushed to my body, my eyes are widened and filled the entire space a cold blue light. The white walls of the cabins resembled punched card, and I understand from the subtle flow of holes swept rays enlighten my body from head to toe .
   Again matte light filled the cabin, I stood motionless looking in the mirror without any excitement, normal breathing, his face and only the sound of falling into the metal mesh medal brought me into action. I saw him, took his hand and examined, on the one hand, he seemed to gold, the other a kind of platinum and he learned later it was recorded electronically all the information about my health condition. Soon the cabin door opened, I got out of it and was in a large, bright room, Dr. Lun unknown to me passed through from the premises and it was waiting for us. At the same time with me from other booths came our travel companion, the doctor came up to each of us, shook hands firmly and smiling metallic voice said, "Congratulations, my dear, you've passed the test, your health is normal.".........................................................................
   I looked at him and said, "Thank you, dear Dr. Lun, very glad that is healthy."
   When we come together Dr. Moon looked us all from head to toe, grinning-tered and said: "Dear and respected, such an appeal to all of you, and we dobavlyaetsa name, in our country no one no one says thank you like in your case when passed inspection, you do not know who gave you the badge. This to say thank you? Unseen machine! And yet, you have to relax, the main wide smile, remember, in our country there is no problem and no brain and heart pain, you do not need any of the What think you are also travelers and to this moment under the supervision of the Chief Health Recovery Center, will tell about it later. Now is split into groups of two, three, four, and settled in this building, will spend a few days since you will need to acclimatise and adapt and then go to the city and will live in exactly the same conditions. The most important thing here will have to intensively study our language, it is not too difficult and you have to free yourself obsnyatsya with the citizens and especially to us. I must say, in our country there are no keys, because the doors of buildings, offices, shops, eating food items, apartments and generally everywhere, day and night, a cover, go, enjoy, in this case, you need to memorize their numbers and floor."................................................................................................................
   Since during the flight, we communicated with each other and get to know, then I three-mo friends of John from Texas, Neil and Alex from Iowa from California living in four-room apartment tyrh, each of us had a small bedroom and everything else BPE -mya conducted with a large comfortable furnished his office e-Coy last sample at the rate of five people will do their work, or have fun on the table, there was a 5 PCs and on the wall the size of a large window hung a flat plasma screen connected to all PCs connected as we Internet. Under the rules of the life of every citizen from birth approximation had its own frequency, so he could be sent over the air and where your data to anyone, in the external world-tions in space and in turn receive any information and even signals from the KOS-MOS.
  So sitting in the comfortable chairs are not interfering with each other we spent our leisure. The apartment had a luxurious bath with a shower and the kitchen is tiny, because no one was eating at home, people order food and eat at your leisure in the Cafeteria building, because there was no stove but there was a table with five chairs and several wardrobe and OBu-vie . In the bedroom was a small table with a personal computer, with the help of Liu Di to perform some types of work, play, read, and so on .
   We wanted to see the latest news on TV, but it does not matter how twisted saw only the nature and the animal world, it was so fun and forget about sleep in the morning but the TV was turned off and we went to bed willy nilly. Valya us long dali- six in the morning Turn on the TV and hear the voice of Dr. Moon: "Dear and Dear John, Victor, Alex Neely, shower waiting for you at the session is given only five minutes after the dress-for every light clothing and go down, in the main hall will provide training and familiarization with the rules of our lives, because you are now a citizen of the country you will enjoy all the benefits we expect. "
   I had to obey the rules, in order, we went into the shower, as if the whole procedure took five minutes for each of us, no water coming in, stood waiting for time to think, but his voice reminded me that the procedure is completed. I went out, and went, John, strangely, here so quickly, we not only obmylis but received a charge of the energy seemed to me that for a few years younger, my heart beat regularly as clocks, no shortness of breath, fatigue, body wanted to live and enjoy. We changed clothes and went to the elevator in the hall, gathered our people, Lung, Cleo and six assitentov smile greeted us, we greeted each other, and they were smiling.
   Soon all come together, they sat down at the table with the PC on the wall was a flat screen TV with Mr. and Dr. Moon told us briefly the most important features of their life: "Dear iuvazhaemye citizens and citizen, to a certain period of our recent history of the country's approximation no police , robbers, murderers, crime eliminated, all men live not knowing the problems, without the headaches and heart disease, and our everyday morning and evening stay nin the shower with a bath not just wash away dirt from the body and RESET-lished failing health, it is associated with the work of the heart . I'll tell you dear and respected frankly can not understand how you are with your heart disease continue to live, because you have to assign three bathrooms treatments a day and seven dneyvashi hearts will beat as a baby, and now before breakfast started training approksimskogo language it is important for communication and life. I ask you to put the headphones, listen, look at the screen and remember. "
   We put naushniiki PC is turned on, open the first page of their book-you and Latin facing each other, numbers and signs. Letters have elk It turned thirty, and they looked like a combination of arcs and rods, sticks and a combination of numbers strangely zero and we have matched as a unit but without the side paloch-ki. To know how to pronounce the letter, digits, had only just arrow on the EC-wound required to bring the letter digits, and then the word is given to the writing of ang-deur and clear pronunciation is heard in head phones . .
   Since we were not born yesterday and highly trained in their countries and the illiterate did not get all their science in any case is not similar to the Chinese puzzle were quite successful, with no problems. I have to say more in the world in preparation for the flight on approximation, we became acquainted with the language because if knowledge-letters, numbers, punctuation, a lot of words and phrases and if in flight did not sleep for months as bears in dens that during this time can fully learn the language, but the specifics of the flight did not work and now teach doskonalno.Posle time learning the language, we went to the dining room for breakfast: drink, tea, food is different from our taste and smell but I had to eat and drink, and again went to the room for later training and awareness, the first three hours with a break for ten minutes engaged in language after Dr. Moon told us about the life of citizens in approximation: "Dear citizens and grazh-dunk, in our country the money available, all for free, the salary was to be no one gets, people work conscientiously to the very last day of life that comes exactly one hundred years since the birth. Love is eternal, divorce does not have representation-of-divorce as possible if you are married for love and get married and not somehow the present-yaschemu after As experts in the main center of the restoration of health-GTSVZ -odobryat analyzing the state of health of both spouses. And in the course of their lives, not only for them but also for all citizens of the day and nightly conducted nabdyudenie for Rabo of the heart, because from it emanate all diseases including divorce. As for housing here is very simple-you just live in those apartments in which there live citizens from birth to death, and they are distributed according to the number of members of semi- dlyaodinochki studio apartment with an office, a young couple living in a two-bedroom apartment with a large room for work, leisure and entertainment furnished with modern electronics and TV family of three receives a two-bedroom, four-person four-room apartment in the living standard typical office. As in any apartment has everything necessary for living, working, recreation and entertainment that do not need to buy anything, bulky furniture as such, do not let the apartment and nowhere to put it.
   Home is very simple, get the citizen of came from out of town or selhozfermy and not thinking long day or night in GTSVZ accesses which is located in any home. Citizen Dean gets badge exactly like you- it all citizens from birth to death-enters into the slot machine stands in a prominent place and immediately appears on the screen form, he fills it with the electronic pen with his request to obtain housing, push the button and after a while the screen displays a different form for housing, fills all his pointing regard to the composition of his family up to the place where he would like to get an apartment, presses a button and waiting for the appearance of the document, it will offer him to find accommodation in one of the houses chosen by the area. Here comes the form, he met with the location of each apartment in the selected area, making the last movement of his hand with the electronic pen, signs on the plan chosen apartments- final choice is made. Citizen Dean presses the green button and after a few seconds the screen displays the completed form with the number of apartments, houses, block and the nearest bus stop to the house in which he lives and then pops out of the machine counters. Citizen Dean takes it and goes on a journey to his apartment, all information recorded on the token and if he forgot the address on the bus at any stop, any home tucked token into a slot machine right there on the screen, he sees the shortest way from the place where he is at the moment to his apartment with an indication of floors and rooms . .
   A few months later he married a citizen or a citizen of Dean Tai married, their child was born, our young couple received a badge belonging to the child and the right of the apartment becomes GTSVZ to expand on that will leave the apartment only a few minutes. With the advent of the child into the world, it is placed into a special cradle to the sensors and the first thing recorded the rhythm of the heartbeat on his card, and it is considered a copy of the original card-stored in GTSVZ and from this time until his death, which occurred in a hundred years, supported heartbeat in infancy .
   As I told you earlier marriage of love lasts until the end of life, one does not choose one of the other material benefit, all live on equal terms with no money, but there are times when some couples have problems, they are linked to the health of otkloneiyami nor-mal. Then immediately connect GTSVZ and if the state of health is not reconstructed from
  is in the one who is terminally ill is a decision to deprive a citizen of life prematurely so that he did not suffer and did not interfere with normal live. Many people think that he is healthy and does not become GTSVZ well that smart phones noshno day and watch the people and if the patient does not appear on the screen GTSVZ hangs inscription: "Dear Alex and dear citizen! Contact GTSVZ, TV will not turn on until Unless you have a course of treatment will pass, "and without TV will not work PC, you do not do the work and stuff. Our scientists believe that all diseases, mental and mental disabilities, poor mood associated with heart disease and not from the brain works, that's why our GTSVZ trying to support every citizen of the heart beating it in its..infancy.
   In addition to your token, you can get not only housing but to order food, theater tickets at the stadium, to travel, to dress and shoed, to sew fashionable modern clothes created on the basis of your model, to prepare meals and so on. And now we go to dinner, it's the same for everyone but everyone will order drinks to your liking, look at the menu and acts like I'm about to electronic device, type your token slot, choose any drink, press the one that you like and select number on your table, it is recorded and when we sit down, you will see on the table next to your meal with a drink, dear, we go to dinner. "
   We did order, the first to introduce the use token card-when I entered it into the slot on the screen to see the names of drinks, clicked on the selected and now he is not on the screen, in the glass, pressed for another drink and he is on the screen in the glass throughout glory. We went into the dining room, on the table waiting for us cooked food and when I walked up to his table he saw ordered me a drink. After our meal, I still could not get used to me-stnoy food and even drinks, but eat before the end, everything seemed to me that not enough hot pepper which we so richly added to our meals .
   Lunch over, we thanked the moon, he looked at us, smiled and said: "Dear and dear ones, I took no part in the preparation of food on the table and did not lodge so do not thank me for anything and do not know anyone at all on the table was ready food drinks, all prepared robots, they hauled, and put themselves will be removed, wash the dishes and cook us food for dinner. And now important-hour break, you go to his apartment, just below the shower and relax before the signal you all are free, and see you in this hall."....................................................................
   We are an old habit to thank Dr. Moon, he smiled, waved his hand and went to the apartment, just below the five-minute shower, and I will say when I came out feeling-shaft itself is excellent and most importantly improved my mood and my head was not already thinking that if I can learn they seemed to me a heavy tongue. After a shower, we pos-motrel TV, basically showed us nature and wildlife reminding our equatorial country. Suddenly, on the TV screen, we saw the inscription: "Dear and respected, I ask to go down the hall to class. Dr. Moon."
   Alex stood up, looked at us, smiled and said softly: "Dear and respected, it is time to class, PhD light me the way a pleasure to stay in control, above, the mood rises, I even forget about home and eager to see how they actually live their city."..........................................................
   "My Alex, over time we will show everything we now do not even allowed to open the windows and look out for in order not to penetrate the air different from ours, their bright sun, or fear no matter how the radiation dose received, another sun here. As for the pri-ma soul it is the ultimate dream, it becomes easy for the body and soul, in our hospitals have not been reached and in their homes, going, "I said, and headed for the door. Friends NSP-whether for me, we went to the elevator and go down from the seventh floor directly into the room where we spend-if studies. Dr. Moon in a blue shirt with a smile and welcomed us all and govo-reel one: "Dear and respected, you look great, a noticeable change in a week will be like a young man, our treatments do you good, I am very happy.".........................................................................
   We thanked him, some words were not empty themselves felt relief in the body, a healthy burst of energy, Baku .
   Dr. Lun seated us and we continued to study the language, and then had an hour-sobesedova of course but it is only in English, we talked about our flight and were surprised-like flying at a speed greater than the speed of light. Our teacher sympathetically looked at us and said sadly: "My dear and dear, here I am powerless to explain to you how this famous designer and intelligent machines, we have created a lot not only to our people but also those machines, devices they design eventually you will all know, maybe someone of you more difference here, we do not believe that no one is smarter than us, something useful will make in our lives. Yes, at supper time, is now seven, here's a list of names of the dishes in the local language, try to choose food and drinks."...............................................................................................................................
   Our teacher gave us a list, it is good that there were food and drinks in the local language and translated into English and we according to our knowledge and his own ordered dishes, drinks and table at which we sit. Suddenly, to our room came with its assitentami Cleo, we are very happy, exchanged greetings, they sat down with us and asked our mood and even received an answer in the affirmative even said that we prerasno appearance and therefore a healthy body and a healthy mind and it that we have confirmed. A smile broke on them and our faces, we all stood up and when they entered the dining room breakfast was waiting for us. We leisurely breakfast, nobody will be thanked, since nobody saw except neat robots were talking for an hour, and said goodbye to our friends went to his apartment, immediately took a shower and then sat down to TV and even tell you were in a remote isolation from the outside world but the nature and fauna seen in all splendor, the PC has not yet attracted us not knowing the language, we could not go to their websites but they knew that two days later Dr. Lun explain everything but in any case it is necessary to know the language. See the program was a pleasure but unfortunately in the morning TV sent us to sleep and take a shower in the morning warned.
   For three days we were in a remote isolation, no windows, but I noticed that the air in the room changed, becoming more humid and sometimes we blew a stream. Scientists continue, food becomes tastier Lun acquainted with the rules of life in the country and they sometimes surprise us. "Dear and respected citizens and citizen, every citizen of our country has two sets of clothes and shoes but he or she can change one set almost every day in any store. If the clothes or shoes does not fit you can order and they sew, but it will take a few days, there's another option, if you are a fashion designer, not you walking out of the house can make a dress, shoes, anything from any of the materials available in the country, but it will take at least a week. Frankly speaking if you go to the nearest palace of clothing and footwear then there is a number of clothes and shoes that you can find all things to your taste and exchanged for old and it will leave no more than an hour or even a few minutes. Why is this done? It's very simple: in order not to clutter your apartment rubbish, Nobody points out to anyone at what time and where to go for clothing, footwear, and how many times per week to change, with all sorts of things sewn on the best models and millions of people are engaged in this noble cause. "
   After saying good-bye dinner with Dr. Loong we went to his apartment, smot-reli- TV-nature, animals and the underwater world, basically everything on our land. The fifth day began as usual with the soul, feel great, we rejuvenated in body and soul, came down, breakfast, Dr. Moon, Captain Cleo and his assistants as always smiled and continued to teach us approksimskomu language admiring our success in its development. When we went into the dining room Lun happily told us great news: "Dear and dear citizens grzhdanki and, three days later we leave the Centre adoptatsii and go into the city Brolin, the state capital Sibirriya but'll pick on the way to a mountain resort where spend four nights and today in the evening, when the heat goes down, we go up to the roof of a skyscraper with a height of three hundred meters we admire the surroundings.
   We are all very happy, shouted "Hurrah" and continued training and say there were significant changes, we tried to communicate in their language. The news excited us and we were looking forward to the time when the lifts will carry us into the heavens. I have to say before our flight to New York approximation were dozens of skyscrapers taller than two hundred stories, exciting spectacle, the final stage of construction of the tower height of Uncle Joe's Tower height of 310 floors, will be the tallest building in the United States as long as the palm tree
  championship keeps building nautical mile in the United Arab Emirates 400 floors, and 1852 meters of China Tower Seven Dragons 267 floors in Shanghai. I would say we have taken a great interest in our language their studies that they forgot about climbing to the roof and only seven o'clock reminded us about the doctor himself Lun: "Dear and dear citizens and citizen, turn off the PC and follow me, the heat and you slept with a bird's-eye view You see the particle country approximation Planet has a diameter of 79,142 kilometers, consists of 12 separated by continents and oceans width of up to 60 000 kilometers so the flights they carried rockets, ships can not go out to sea as the waves during a storm rise up to forty or fifty meters."
   Our joy knew no bounds, we turned off the computer and went to the elevator, with the MULTI-ups to have appeared on the roof of a skyscraper, at the corners of the beds in the growing of tropical bright-Kie flowers along the perimeter to a height of two meters have been welded metal pillars, reinforced glass between them panels and safely contemplate the world. A huge yellow sun shone brightly, and was close to the mountains, and as we told Captain Cleo still in flight height reached about 60 -70 kilometers long and is the highest mountain in the White Planet 97,358 meters. Visibility beautiful mountains and it seemed close to us, at the foot entirely covered by forests, the snow starts from a height of 10-15 km, away from the mountains, we saw the city-state capital Brolin Sibirriya. According to Cleo he locat-dilsya from us at a distance of about 400 km, and because we could not see him, saw only the tops of the tallest skyscrapers with a TV antenna, there live more than 20 million and occupies an area of 50 by 40 km in the city most of the buildings tall skyscrapers from 50 to 200 floors, but a few years ago near the ocean Terrible were two columns height of 310 floors, and by chance they vershiny- height of about 220 floors with 17,581 employees found themselves cut off a giant meteorite with a diameter of about 700 meters flying at about 20 skorstyu kilometers per second. When he crashed into these buildings the impression of onlookers that shattered skyscrapers not scattered in the air and clung to the meteorite and he bore them to the ocean, there with them went into the water at a depth of 25,000 meters. Well, what happened in the three thousand kilometers from the city in place of falling rose mountain water formed wave height of about forty meters and raced to the banks at a rate of two hundred meters per second. But as the city Brolin is not on the coast and on the hill at least 300 meters above sea level is the wave hit the rocks and without causing harm to the capital carried away back into the ocean. Later, near the Memorial erected houses two huge fountain with a diameter of 100 meters around them pedestal with 20 tiers and pink marble slabs inscribed with the names of dead people. Based on the twentieth storey sculptural group of people hand in hand to keep from among the dead, and of course their own fontany- beat jet to a height of about 150 meters, a magnificent spectacle. But this is not the limit, there is a fountain in the city, the jet which hit up to a height of 207 meters and all this thanks to the fact that the mountains made two water pipes with a diameter of 10 meters, they originate at an altitude of 17,000 meters, all residents drink crystal clear mountain water, and as the height difference is a huge water not only to the city but dotekaet rises to the top floor of the highest skyscraper in the country .
   When the sun disappeared behind the horizon a few minutes was inky darkness and we UWI Delhi, a lot of points of light where the capital was soon began to lighten and you will not believe: the horizon one after the other at intervals of twenty minutes showed three yellow moon in different sides of the planet . But that's not all, soon joined them fourth blue twice larger than the first, and they all seemed to us, were at about the distance as our moon.
   But soon we heard the voice Cleo, "Dear and respected citizens and citizen it's time for dinner, today completed a lesson, something that is not inspected shall see tomorrow."
   We do not want to leave but did not have the right to object, and another two in the evening we enjoyed the extraordinary beauty in the glow of the four moons. At this time, our teacher Dr. Lun enthusiastically told us about the city Brolin: "Dear and dear citizens and citizen, there is correct layout, wide highways with interchanges, no junctions at the same level, no traffic jams as you have, works great public transport and large buses and 200 places are never crowded because it is often and quickly go in a short time, high-speed buses for 40 minutes with stops fly from one end to 50 km and 20 million citizens do without cars, they do not clutter the site because everywhere a huge park with trees, flowers, fountains and ponds with clean water in which the colorful fish swim freely on the surface of the birds and all the colors of the rainbow. "
   After hearing his story, we were surprised how people can live without cars and when told him about New York, and especially about the Moscow suburbs, stretching hundreds of kilometers from the Kremlin, and that in the center of not less than fifty million people with 30 million cars for personal use Dr. Lun smiled and he told us the following: "Dear and respected! No wonder we have gone through the same thing, but this kind of life has bothered us, the public decided to end the chaos, because all life around us began to die, people are afraid that they themselves will soon die out and decided to change the image of not only lifestyle and urban planning. The last 50 years have been the most turbulent, we have made extraordinary progress and consider our standard of living of the best compared to that was 70-100 years ago, we build spaceships flying in excess of the speed of light along overflew Space and down, and when the young lover caught signals from another planet, and shown on TV all our citizens have begun to turn to the scientists and engineers of our GTSVZ to organize an expedition to fly to you. Immediately involved in the development of the route to your electronic machines and earth when they were given the best option decided to gather 100 people wanting to fly. It turned out almost the entire population wished to go, and had to choose tourists from different parts of the country. In short, we flew to familiarize you with your way of life and all the best to use in our lives, which we consider a good but not sovershennoy- somewhere people might live better than we do. So now in the world, our people and you are on the planet approximation schemes. I will say, tomorrow morning we hit the road, all your belongings have been treated in holodnm vacuum germs destroyed but nothing is damaged and you'll get dressed after showering your favorite outfits. Immediately after dinner, you will get your things because right now it is time our dining room, but I think what you're used to each other and may wish to live in the same part of the city, those apartments are no different from those in which you live, but if there is the desire to live alone you can tell instantly opinion everything will be decided." .
   And then I thought to myself, is unlikely your people something good to find in our lives in which the head was breaking from the problems and headaches how to survive in this rapidly-devel-down world with unprecedented crime and pumping out money for any reason, including fines, when in the form of a red ticket in a thousand bucks hair stand on end.
   I chatted with my friends and they said that there is no objection, we will continue to live together. Immediately after dinner, we brought our suitcases, bags and belongings left-nye earlier in the shower wrapped tightly in clear plastic, we thank Dr. Moon, he only smiled and said: "My dear and respected, I do not APPENDIX-lived even to this finger , all robots have done, but because they are so callous they do not need to thank, take them and wear your favorite clothes only zavtraposle soul meet tomorrow."........................................................................
   We have examined their belongings with them and went to our cozy apartment and tell POS Lednov night was exciting for me and restless and I think she was so for all. In the morning cleaned up in the shower and in the bath-this was an indication of Dr. Moon and I was feeling great, best costumes and dressed at seven o'clock with our belongings gathered in the hall class. We were all in a good mood, smiling, greeted by Wali friend and Cleo saw us dressed prazlnichno admired us, came to everyone stared and shook his head. This morning in our dining room before the trip drank a refreshing drink, as reported by Dr. Moon is full breakfast and a half hours in the resort town in the mountains. At 8 o'clock in the hall came Captain Cleo with his assistants, they were all in white short-sleeved shirts and dark shorts, legs different color sandals. Seeing us, they are widely smiled, greeted, we have them, INOP-lanetyane expressed their admiration for our appearance, especially ladies and drinking a glass of drink to go with things for Cleo to widely open the door, with the valley raced us penyaschy smell of wildflowers and grasses that I breathed in early childhood. We went outside, far away could see the tall mountains above us bright blue cloudless sky. The invisible sun shone for us our skyscraper, even on the morning the temperature has risen to thirty degrees, and I understood why the aliens are so easy to wear. Before us was a large area of the pond, in the middle of the fountain was, his jet climbed to a height of several hundred meters, in water that was boiling, foaming and bubbling on the central part played flying colors goldfish and tropical parrots at the edge, where the water was calm, swam geese, ducks, swans, they dived into the water and feed on algae with lush blue flowers. One by one, drove the big yellow-green buses, two of them came out smiling young driver like two peas similar not only to each other but on the Moon, Cleo and his assistants in red shirts with short sleeves in green shorts and black sandals on his bare leg.
   They welcomed us, we have them, the drivers presented themselves, one was called kaons Donk other guys helped us to pack in the luggage compartment for which we have received from gratitude. Drivers oddly looked at us without understanding what it is such an honor, smiled and asked us to go to the buses. We went to open the door, I sat down in the first, at the front and side windows, interior was spacious, comfortable seats and the main air-conditioning worked, felt fresh.coolness.
   Once seated on the bus entered our driver Donk, followed by Captain Cleo, they oki-zero we gaze at making sure that we were seated took their seats, almost silently over-worked engine and slowly began to move. Our big bus rapidly picked up speed and soon we were racing ahead at least a hundred miles per hour. Captain Cleo was our guide and gave us useful and interesting information: "Dear and expensive, in our country because of the huge amounts of electricity all the buses with electric-mi, race with an average speed of 150 kilometers per hour, and here for the holiday place in the mountains under the roadbed laid electric cables. Passenger buses are designed for one-two hundred passengers, the number of tourists is increasing every year and many of them are rolled through the city from end to end. That way we drive on which a broad one-way, soon we will not alone, three kilometers vedem on main roads in the capital originating Brolin."
   And just a couple of minutes, we entered the busy highway with one-way traffic on it raced buses, trucks, dump trucks, fire, company cars, the trailers with trailers, with tank and no one bothered us. Soon we were out of the valley in a hilly area, flashed groves, orchards, people, children waving to us. Just wonderful all pstroodetye: Men in colorful shirts with short sleeves and shorts, women in sleeveless shirts and skirts above the knee. Somehow suddenly burst into the foothills with green forests, tall trees like our redwoods and eucalyptus, among them wandering animals like our bears, bison, wolves, that has a reservation for predators. Before us is flashed mountain rivers, canyons, the bus went on the rise is not slowing down, seemed narrow but high waterfall, they noisily threw down their waters. Somehow suddenly out of the turning away seemed a huge square with a fountain, and on it are seven towering neboskrbov- at least hundreds of stories each, lined on the outside with colored glass panels, indescribable beauty.
   On the square stroll many men, women and children in the light colored shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals on his bare feet, our bus stopped and before leaving Cleo made a little announcement we were delighted: "Dear and respected, we entered into a tourist and recreation center "Aber" and spend a few days. As the air temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees in your costumes will be hot, we zaydm the Palace of clothes and shoes, and you're on your own taste choose yourself all that there will be exhibited in two sets. When meeting people certainly smile and ask, "Dear and dear gradanin gradanka or" if you do not know can not pronounce the name, but be sure your call and no "thank you" have not accepted, so for me. Yes, things with them until Take, buses will not leave and the first thing is deflected directly into the "Palace of clothes and shoes."
   Cleo was a first, we followed him and were in the area, we were approached by vacationers and welcomed us, we will respond to them in their language and I note they somehow races surprise-matrivali from all sides. Yes, apparently we are different from them, Cleo joined with them in the time-speaking, all of us are surrounded by a solid wall, but soon was photographed at the request of the captain parted. At that time, we came up to us, our people from the second bus, and together moved to skyscraper lined with colored glass panels truly gigantic abstract painting. When entered into were in huge bright room with lots of lifts and escalators, people sat, walked, looked at the walls of abstract paintings. We did not stay, we went up the escalator to the second floor and it seemed to me were the exhibition of fashionable women's clothes and shoes. Cleo looked at us and said softly: "Dear and respected citizen, you will go to the women's department of Fry and Glon, they will help you to choose the clothes and shoes, you are dear and respected grzhdane go up to the next floor, where all the men.".......................................................................
   Our Lady with an alien female headed to department, and we went to Tre-rd floor in the men. People were not enough, a lot of clothes and generally light in the summer hot season. In short, I chose two sets, purple shirt, dark shorts and brown sandals, dressed in the same place, and that the most surprising thing for nothing, without money, since they have lacked. We walked down the hall and walked through it admiring happening-tions of local artists solid abstraction, no landscapes, still lifes and portraits, with no e-ink drawings. Soon there were the ladies in light-shirts without sleeves, in skirts to the knee and sandals on bare feet all the colors of the rainbow, they looked glamorous and seductive. Now we were like aliens with one difference-our faces had different skin color, hair, eyes, lips, form......................................................................................
   Joyful and happy we are with things stacked in blue plastic bags NAP-ravilis exit on the way Captain Cleo rasskaal us that we live in a nearby skyscraper and immediately once read our apartments at 10-emsya descent to the ground floor and go to the banquet. Once on the square on which the SU-Lyali people with children and without them, we again got their attention, we were approached, hi-isting, pictures of us were taken from us, but especially to our sex appeal, of the ladies. It would have continued for a long time, but Cleo asked them to leave us alone before meeting at the banquet and people with broad smiles on their faces obediently parted.
   We came to our skyscraper lined blue glass panels and Cleo with an eternal smile on the face of the baby said softly: "Dear and respected, remember this building, we will live there for four days on a 47-floor, four-room apartment all is number four and letters , at the three-room number three letters and in two and two-letters in a studio unit and letters. This notation apartments across the country, so when he saw a figure in the doorway and the letter of 4 Did you know that this four-room apartment A and if you have a 4C you will not enter the apartment 4B. We will climb the 47 floors and you occupy the apartment in which lived the same composition. "
   Take the lift to the floor 47, we went to pick up our apartment and oblyubo Wali 47-4V. It consisted of four rooms, bedrooms, office, small kitchen and Wang Noi with a shower, there was a TV with a large flat-screen computers and two windows with wi-house in the mountains with snow-capped peaks and waterfalls.
  Since we had time we took turns refreshed by cold jets of water spurting under pressure, and his pace-ture changed at their discretion but was given to wash the whole five minutes.
   Clean, fresh, good mood, shirts, shorts and sandals on his bare-gu but at 10 I, John, Neil and Alex left the apartment and soon met up with Cleo, Mr. Lu, an assistant captain, and with our friends and charming seductive-of ladies in their short skirts and shirts exposing to view their complete knife-ki and magnificent breasts. Groups on the elevator descended to the first floor and went to the Dru-goy skyscraper at the banquet, we were waiting at the entrance of the people-the men in motley shirts with short arms, in shorts, sandals on his bare feet, women in sleeveless shirts, skirts above the knee and sandals on his bare feet. They are smiling broadly privets- tvovali us, we have them, we began to be photographed with us, and finally taken to the ballroom.
   We were seated a separate group of tables with sparkling wines, drinks on tareli-kah various snacks of meat but strangely there was no sausage or cheese, and all because they had no idea how to make this important and delicious products. But as far as-is fruit, berries and grapes they mountains towered on the plate. No toast and Ciocanu each take a bottle of sparkling wine, a drink, he poured into his glass and sips pilmalenkimi. We walked to dinner, I would say no one was dancing because of the dances and penyah these aliens had no idea. Do not sing it for the simple reason of their mechanical voices came out expressionless it is very bad. We have had songs, music in a million hours of playing and all that stored on multiple disks but needed amplifying equipment and speakers .
   So with the tourists in the mountain resort, otherwise I will not mention, we started our new life, it was fun, faces flashed smiles and endless joy knew no bounds. Four days spent in campaigns among this blessed mestechka- small clearing covered with flowers, bathed in the warm waters of the lakes, climbed high into the mountains to 5-7 km, and that's where personally saw Niagara Falls prevoskhodyashie. On the last day in the morning went to the sanctuary to see wild fauna and birds, they are little different from our own, basically all herbivores, and not as aggressive. I have often wondered: have on the planet and we have on the Earth almost identical animals, birds, parrots, butterflies. Once, during a picnic in the woods arranged to us came the big blue-and-white ba-barrels, circled over us, they flew into the valley where there were bright colors with a pleasant tone Kim smell brings us .
   One day we were taken to the distant and very deep, bright Lake Urman-present reminder Russian Baikal, not less than one km depth, and dive on the huge submarine to the bottom covered with golden sand, a lot of colorful blooms with lush flowers and among them the shoals swam long , round and spherical serpentine fish. Then we swam in it and since it was not all that deep along the shore the depth does not exceed 8.5 meters, growing green algae with pink flowers and between them floated a lot of fish and fish of the same bright color in our aquariums and among are golden brown with dark stripes, red head with big black eyes rapidly plavayuschuh at the bottom between algae-exactly like the sacred sleeping fish Harimaka. The striking similarity! But apart from these fish length was at least two feet of sandy bottom crawling large red crabs in a grasp of at least two meters. Just a miracle! As we have in the world. Impressions of stay in the mountain resort left a lot of very good that we have taken with a film camera, where in the world we represent all the people filmed, and they will see firsthand the nature of the city, wildlife and people distant planets approximation.
   Everything would be fine but then when we were on the beach for us to start, who searches for the courage of the women and for the real torture. The fact is that as soon as the aliens stepped feet on the sand immediately threw off his shirt, shorts, skirts, under which there was of underwear, swimming trunks and bikinis, and cast into the warm water bathing with their children. It turns out the aliens had no idea about the shame and all the hundred-ralis expose their not too expressive body on display. But as our men were a great sports body shapes and the ladies with gorgeous, graceful, seductive figures and had nothing to lose and we will at first embarrassed and then easily stripped and thrown into the water. But here was their custom, the men swam away from the women, but had only the water to go ashore again broke all on family and small groups as if nothing had happened about something chatted and sunbathing in the sun.
   As with us on the beach is constantly attended by our guides, Cleo, Lung, assistants in the water are not aliens swam close to us but we are not on the bank denied them to be photographed with us, it was considered neprelichno and had to stand with them in the same da obnimku- we were their guests and had to give the hosts. We dressed and walked to our bus trying not to think about the beach and it was every time Throughout our stay in the approximation when he went to the river or lake .
   Returning in the evening in our hotel wellness center we saw bored aliens, no music, songs and dances, and we wondered revive public. Since we were not born yesterday and experienced technical experts, engineers and radio electronics that John Neal using the computer drew a schematic diagram of the installation for vosporoizvedeniya sound in the hall and asked Captain Cleo thoroughly versed in all of Brolin deliver speakers, amplifiers, our idea of him like, he immediately approved the request and through the afternoon of Brolin pribylichetyre Trailer with huge speakers, amplifiers, svetoustanovkoy and dozens of experts aliens. Eight speakers from svetoustanovkoy were arranged and hung in the hall, on the twenty-area since introduced and offered Mr Nile and in the evening connecting the PC to the amplifier, we tentatively have lost a fun dance song Seven Beauties by Tina Army .
   Since it was getting dark the vacationing aliens in the area heard a pleasant female voice, and seeing how colorful cascade of light of all colors filled all the space immediately perked up and looked with curiosity as our ladies and gentlemen enthusiastically danced. The fact is that the aliens had no idea of dancing and singing, and we all began to dance our music Cleo spoke to them in their native language to join us and let not imagine all but the most daring approach and let neukyuzhe but moved. As the captain and his assistants Cleo perfectly danced and danced with us, I'll say it so that the impact on holidaymakers three dance dancing more than those who merely admired from the outside .
   The evening ended late, at a time when all go to sleep and Captain Cleo announced that tomorrow everyone dances prodozhatsya and if there is a wish to learn the dance, but will organizova training. And I tell you, many immediately agreed, joyful and happy we ra-zoshlis of our apartments. The next day after breakfast we went to the aw-tobusah a walk in the park wild Avery. Of course in the park, we do not strolled among the beasts but watched their life with bird's-eye view, and from that not radrazhat them with his presence. On the perimeter it was mounted aerial cabling ka-road, visitors take place in open carriages at the wall and at a speed of six miles per hour all admire what is happening in the prairie of a width not less than ten miles. In order to get a better look at the wild world we were given binoculars and a height of seventy meters of his eyes covered a large area. For example, in the park wide river flowed, it was lakes, bushes and countless animals, birds and fish swimming in the water and fish. Carnivorous animals, crocodiles, birds and fish were different from our its bright color and larger size may from time to time they threw the food in order to completely do not eat the weak strong.
   We stayed in this place seven hours at two o'clock us abundantly fed meat eating, drinking beverages and eating delicious fruits and berries. Joyful and happy we returned to the wellness center, at eight o'clock dinner was organized and trained with nine in the evening dancing aliens and then from ten to midnight dancing to our music and lyrics. On the last night staged their own artistic view: on the square and we mounted the stage at her sometimes involving aliens, played, sang, danced, danced, and did not even know that our concert was broadcast to the entire country and caused great excitement and interest in us and our performance. When Dr. Cleo told us about it, we were shocked and glad that aliens appreciated our creativity. After the speeches and handshakes we are joyful and happy went to our apartment tomorrow after breakfast drive to the capital where Brolin will live for several years .
   The next day after breakfast we went to the buses, after a brief interview with the tourists near the fountain and photographing them Cleo skazalnam they admire us and hope to meet together in the city, at the Palace of Fun. We went to the buses, people followed us, warm goodbye, sat down on the soft seats and moved to the capital. They have long waved until after area with people disappeared behind a sharp bend. Not less than an hour circling the mountains and finally bus broke the plain and flashed past us selhozfermy tractors, seeders, winnowing machines, harvesters, grazing cattle, gardens with fruit pickers, and in front of more than less clearly an outline of the city but told us how skyscrapers Cleo is at least a hundred kilometers. Unmatched visibility due to the purity of the air and that's just outside the city, we raced along the wide highway, the number of cars increased. Somehow everything changed abruptly in front of us, in all its beauty and power of skyscrapers appeared long before we moved into it, no suburbs, throughout the space on which the capital of the country Brolin .
   Sitting next to the driver's Cleo started to give us an important and interesting information: "Dear and dear citizens, five kilometers of the boundary of the city begins, we enter one of the many roads that cuts through Brolin along the entire length of the road and no cross crosses it not at the same level our avtobu-sy without slowing down will fly to the opposite end of the city to the giant-torogo length of 50 km. As you can see, we have no suburbs, or all live in the city or in the huge agricultural farms. Once upon a time our cities were prigoro- dy, millions of people live in their private homes and the villas with garages for personal cars, swimming pools and gardens, villages merged with the city, the suburbs of the suburbs and doji, whether to these times when the country's farmland reduced to such an area that people are facing in the country the food crisis, food prices shot up and reached a level where 80 percent of the population were unable to properly feed themselves. In the country there was discontent among the people, and had to rebuild not only the city but also to remake a life and now just what happened decades ago, modern humans is nravitsja we have rich, villas and suburbs. Previously, the city and its suburbs, with a population of twenty million like this handsome Brolin with those curves and intersecting at the same level roads clogged with millions of machines, we would not have passed two hours, I ask you to pinpoint the time."...........................................................
   I spotted a while and now we race among the skyscrapers of different height, architecture and exterior, floors ranging from 50 to 300, the highest in neighborhoods or blocks of low-rise on the edge of highways, finished with glass panels, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, mramonyh, granite plates and as I learned later even finished diamond grit and the sun they play and iridescent-sight can not be imagined. We raced along the main highway, and I will describe it, it consists of two wide roads one-way traffic separated by a walkway width of about ten meters for the whole of its length, for it is planted trees and flowers, there are ponds, fountains, benches for rest, people walking or moving from block in the block if you do not wish to use the bus or the physical strengthening of the body, motion-that's life. Wild geese, swans, ducks and other birds bathing in ponds, fountains, immediately swam fish of various colors, every single road divided into five bands in width, three meters, two lanes reserved public transport bus, first and fifth in the direction of motion, the other three for all racing cars. Bus moving on the front page makes a stop in one kilometer in the middle of the block, its speed up to 90 km per hour, but one km with stops he overcomes a half minutes, are frequent, two minutes later, at the fifth lane speeding express buses with speeds up to 150 km per hour, they stop at 5 km and overcome this distance in 3.5 minutes, run every three minutes .
   Since public transport runs like clockwork is no longer the need to ride a personal car-so the air was cleaner, the roads unloaded, they are not clogged, many kilometers of traffic jams, endless parking lots like we are at the crossroads have no idea, because drivers do not cause headaches , the fuel does not fly on an empty in the air and transport, which is very, very much, is moving quickly and safely as the line do not intersect at the same level.
   We raced without reducing speed, raced beside us express buses, trucks, pickup trucks, dump trucks, large and small container trucks, fire engines, buses with passengers and tourists and how Cleo told us there are no police and police cars, not for someone to chase so as crime is completely eliminated, there is no penalty in the state-Sibirriya no money, everything for people for free. On the other side of the mall traffic was moving in the opposite direction, the car just melkali, we saw at the bottom or top of the rushing buses, cars moving across and the resulting lack of hands on in every town several million vehicles including motorcycles and mopeds was no longer the need for parking, reduced to a minimum the number of gas stations, repair shops, stores selling machines, etc., etc., etc., the city became kompaktnee.i huge energy savings by reducing the length of the city's plumbing, water and energy networks .
   When our bus domchalis to the opposite end, we saw a wide road, followed by an alley with a lot of strolling people running away without the children and end in the water surface of the ocean. Bus pulled into the alley, turned and stopped. Captain Cleo stood up, turned to us and with a smile said: "Dear and dear citizens! We overcame the way 50 km in twenty minutes, but as the buses do ostanovki- ordinary often express rezhe- they overcome this distance, respectively, for fifteen hours and forty minutes, they all work like clockwork and what would have been the high technology in each bus driver insures the car and the driver electronics. As I said earlier no one has the right to move in the lane buses, but as some cars have to cross it to the right to enter, to go inside the block on the transverse pipe, in these parts installed traffic lights and electronic blockers. In case of violation of the rules of crossing the driver of the bus lanes are immediately stalled traffic and thus prevent a collision, the second lane before reaching transport an alarm and until the bus will pass all traffic to the second band is at its low speed of not more than thirty kilometers per hour and moving only those machines that you want to cross the bus lane, all the other race on the third strip at speeds up to 100 km per hour on the fourth over sotni- to two hundred kilometers per hour .
   We have time and we will take a sightseeing tour of the city by various magicians Strahl and add-on across the country under all the roads are laid electric cables by employing all the cars, as a hundred years ago when many cities, we used to read up to 15 million cars and in the country about milliarda- almost all the oil-vykat Chali from the underground storerooms. As for the electricity we generate it on thermonuclear installations, hydroelectric power from solar energy, wind turbines, noseychas we will stop and admire the ocean Grozny, and then continue our way, please follow me. "
  Cleo went on the road, we followed him soon prisoedinilistovarischi to us from the second bus and the captain looked at all said: "Dear citizens and grazh-dunk, this road cars do not have the right to travel but at a slow speed drill-Xia, because here stroll adults and children, and now we'll get to the parapet and vyneskolko minutes poyubuetes Terrible our ocean."....................................
   Captain Cleo slowly went to the mall, we followed him, came to the meter-high red granite parapet and saw the ocean. At this time, our guide Dr. Moon started giving us the information: "Dear citizens and citizen, before you Grozny ocean, even in calm windless weather for the breakwater 15 meters stretching the entire length of the city 60 Sirk (30 miles) in 250 sagas (500 feet) from the shore, even in calm weather it rolled two-meter wave heights. You see, we are on the edge of the cliff, its height from the surface of the ocean at least 150 meters down the beach stretches and tens of thousands of residents are bathed in the warm ocean water. In the breakwater under the water all along 5 holes sagas sagas width 10 and a height of 40 sagas so that water constantly circulates in the bathing area, even fish swim. To go down to the beach and climb up people use elevators and a couple of days we go swimming on it this beach. A few Sirk on both sides of this place are ports for submarines, look for the floating breakwater, two of them, passenger strollers every two hundred meters in length per thousand passengers. The time will come and you will travel to the ocean surface ships, we do not build in the storm-waves rise up to 30-40 meters and they easily destroy the ship. Submarine during the storm go under water and people safe. I ask you dear citizens and citizen go to buses to continue our journey. "
   We stood there for a few more minutes at the parapet and walked to the buses. I will say, Grozny ocean shook his view my imagination waves two meters high struck the ox-nolom, broke and spray pdnimalis up no less than three meters. Yes, if it is not unlikely people could swim and sunbathe on the sandy beach .
   After a three-hour bus tour of the city turned to the second lane and Propus-against urban green bus drove into the unit at low speed drove to neboskr-bu at least two hundred floors are lined with pink mramornymii plates and stopped. All the space was planted derevmi, flowers, fountains, walking people, their clothes did not on our own and those who are vacationing in the wellness center, motley rubshki, shorts, skirts and sandals on bare feet. Cleo asked us to get in this house and we live as citizens of this country enjoy all the benefits. We got out and went inside the building and into a large spacious hall with elevators and escalators, I realized for the second and third floor of the Palace of clothing and footwear. The walls were many green machines with screens, Cleo let us down to them and said: "Dear and dear Victor, your badge in the lower slot, proceed as you traversed the lesson in the classroom."............................................
   I lowered counter, the screen lit up, and they saw the inscription: "What do you want to find?"
   I immediately wrote to the electronic pen "Home" with Dr. Moon and hints on the screen to see the apartment number 176-4B, pressed the button, badge fell on the net and I took him in hand, everyone did their operatsiyu- all knew it was so apartments- interesting. It became clear we live in the 176 floor, this height can see the whole city .
   Our leaders are not in a hurry, they want to explain the main points of our habitation byte and Cleo with a smile on his face turned to us: "Dear and respected, I Moons and assistants will live in this house with you, you'll be on TV sex-chat All information and at 8 am going in the hall. Before you go on a quark-ranges we go into the dining room which is available in any home, and is located on the first floor. If you do not live in this building, but you want to try local food please 6am and up to 12 at night, but first you must make an order that you wish to choose from the available menu. But if this menu does not suit you, you can order more available to them in an electronic catalog, it will be cooked for fifteen minutes and no one objected, and not be troubled since we are dealing with robots and they do not need to talk spasibo- order a lunch from home, the bus from anywhere, immediately gets the time and having come to the table and get to the dining room to order dinner immediately -Garden for the specified table, the robot rolls trolley He puts on him and ordered removed. Clear the table nothing should -robot Fielded do everything for you and no one to say thank you now Come on into the dining room and then will take their belongings out of the bus and they go up to the apartment.".........................................
   Captain Cleo looked at us and led down the hall to the door with the inscription "Hall of savory meat," we went in and saw several fountains, lots of tables, a couple of dozen people sat at tables and imagine we sebe- hundred and eight people freely seated behind them and made order relying on the taste of Dr. Moon. We have not really had time to exchange impressions as robots rolled food carts, have placed it on the table and drove off and we have to enjoy savory food, food and drink turned out to be fresh, tasty and smells of excellent quality. There was a lot of meat with local spices not as sharp as we have. Muffled music playing, to our ears, it was strange, without singing and babbling brook looked like, nobody is persecuted and there was no one to say thank you but our guides and they understood us and smiled. I say, no soup, soup, pickle they did not cook but there were soups and always with a piece of the meat and not a substitute, for the second fed fish and meat, do not know how they prepared but they just melted in the mouth and wanted to eat without measure. But as the fish and meat added mashed with gravy very tasty with all sorts of spices and additives that would both. Species like mashed potatoes and gravy were not considered, and as I understood they were prepared individually after making a booking before the consumer sat at the table and had to wait for three minutes. But you will enjoy freshly prepared meals and do not mind the wait. Fresh spring water, juices and drinks are also according to the order by the glass, but if you're on the street and you are thirsty please booths with a variety of soft drinks, water, press the button and then poured into a glass that has chosen .
   Frankly, after such delicious food, drinks and fruit I barely got up from the hundred-La, in the dining room was the most delicious food of all those which we ate healthier-even to the center. We got up from the table, left the room and light with our guides Dep-curled in their homes -koroche we were exactly in the same apartment in which lived at the launch site, and in general they are in all the houses, standard, suitable for living, working and by -dyha, without any frills.
   Gates in general life is beautiful and amazing, we have learned a lot, and after a month-way procession of the country as well as all involved in the work. People live a hundred years since the birth, and twenty years learn to read, the general schools, the emphasis on math and programming-set, after studying all the work according to the distribution of the rest of his life, when, on what different jobs in a certain number of days in the construction and godu- in farming, stve. When a man over seventy years, he worked 60 hours a month again on any work under the distribution and not sad on the last day a hundred-year-old man's life in the cause CVD, he comes into the office and waiting for the doctor, not much falls asleep not knowing that he goes to the other world .
   One day we visited the diamond career and could not believe that this gem rowing shovels rather excavators by individual grains of sand and stone-velechiny of a large apple in a mass rock in rock formations. The concept is approksimyan conventional building decoration material as we do marble and is of use for industrial purposes. Mined diamonds in the usual way in a giant quarry, the diameter of the top of not less than ten miles, the depth of not less than a quarter mile. At the bottom of the quarry in the walls of the holes drilled in them and clog the explosives blow up the rock. From explosions tens of thousands of tons of rock turned into grains of sand, pebbles the size of the eggs titmouse to the Big Apple and boulders of several tens or even hundreds of kilograms. All this mass after the explosion falls to the bottom of the quarry, the work includes bulldozers, excavators, they load the blasted rock mass in the dump and those transporting it to the mine lifts capacity of up to hundreds of tons. Their three on one side to them along the bottom of the roads. MINE lifts down to the bottom people, bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators and other equipment necessary for all work related to delivery of the blasted rock to the place of lifting. Half a mile from the mine lifts built plant for the separation of diamonds from the rocks and then using special technology made manufacturing cladding panels for the building and the separation of diamonds for industrial purposes. Note: approximation residents have no idea about the jewelry, no one wears jewelry made of precious stones, gold, silver, wedding rings and when they saw our ladies jewelery and diamonds are regarded them with curiosity and become interested in how they are made. Since we found among three jewelers they offered them their services and knowledge-organized classes and I say to our flying away to Earth thousands of people have received skills, earn a few companies producing gold rings, jewelry, ornaments, and the demand was huge because of this good they neischeslimoe a lot to do with the morning till late at night .
   At our request, we have lowered the bat and bottom admired the immense beauty when the sun millions of diamond grains of sand and stones in the rock over the entire height and perimeter of the quarry a few miles sparkled played and iridescent, erelische indescribable and say impressive. Far from stoitel-tion lady fashion designer by profession respected Cleo asked the purpose for which mined diamonds and he immediately replied, in all seriousness: "highly respect Martha almazyispol, are produced in the construction of skyscrapers for exterior and interior decoration, to create beauty and attractiveness and More the ship on which you are flying and we are fully decorated with diamond grit from the outside and maybe somewhere else in the industry, I do not know."........................................................................ ...............................
   "And we, dear Captain Cleo make diamonds from a diamond, look at my gold ring with a stone, it is made of diamond, it is a pity not blue as yours, it would not be the price," said Marta and.smiled.
   "The extraordinary beauty, a diamond shines and plays in the sun! Have you noticed we have some buildings decorated with diamond grit from the outside in the sun shine, the play-off and shimmer with all the colors. But we have such stones-diamonds on your fingers people are not," admitted captain Cleo .
   Only sychas I understand why many of the buildings sparkle and play with all the colors of the rainbow in bright sunshine, beauty stunned, and I need to see those buildings photographed. Before returning to the city in March knowing a lot about diamonds gathered us into a heap apart from Cleo and said softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I think none of you do not mind to take with a blue diamonds and bring them to Earth where you can sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Support me and you are rich."................................................................ ............................
   We all realized what was happening and crimson desire to grab them with you immediately, we all decided to come to Cleo and persuade him to take with him to the memory of this pla-HETE, the first turn to him, our savvy March. Immediately went to him and surrounded on all sides by a charming March with a broad smile on his face turned to the alien: "Dear and dear Captain Cleo, on behalf of our valued grazh-dan and female citizens, I appeal to you to allow us to collect the untreated-ing rock as a souvenir of your wonderful planet. Flying to the moon, we were brought to our earth as souvenirs lunar rocks and stones and you'll bring on Approksima."
   Captain Cleo heard Martha and presenting the true value of diamonds in the world, admiring our interest in rocks and as we were their guest is looking at us from smiling said, "Dear, dear citizens and guests, take these approksimskih stones will carry much but you know, going back to the Earth every one of you has the right to bring your gifts to the weight of only 40 kg in order not to overload the ship."............................................................................................................
   We were delighted, thanked Captain Cleo, he smiled and we were tutuzhe razbre-canyon and each is selected small and medium-sized large-sized BU Loko diamond stones, probably gained at least poltsentnera this luxury on the forehead-century, represent five cellophane bags . Cleo looked at us and did not pony why we have this small rock, blue stones and pebbles that go on their finish buil-tions. Our people are also not disclosed to him the secret of that having so many blue diamonds on hand each of us, if not getting Billionaire trillionerom and immediately in front of you opens a fantastic kick-ass luxurious life. With our blue diamond stones we returned to his house, they laid down in the leather suitcases, under the bed, and they often secretly admired the boundless.wealth.
   I learned the rules of life and say everything seemed marvelously-ordered food at home ka-kuyu want, we got used to it but it is a pity that in this country did not grow peppers and we did not feel pungency in the mouth. I change clothes once a week, and our ladies, not only every day but a day several times, girl-fashion right at home and drew kroili clothes with a PC, order any materials connected to the sewing shops and sewed for themselves dresses, suits once caught the eye of local fashionistas, it came down to the fact that they showed on TV and soon received an invitation to focus on creating fashion-lei. I will say, dresses, shirts, blouses, dresses like an alien so that in the evenings, when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees and in rooms with working air conditioners up to 20 and then in the evenings dancing girls and ladies wore the most fashionable dress. Developed sewing production from 8 am to 12 pm has released what orders Wali ladies, they also are now focused on a model developed by our model-set and all the newest immediately sent to the network to our sites that were known to us-all. Since we were among the many experts in various fields and are linked with the creative professions have organized various clubs, dance, visual arts, amateur performances. On employment is a lot of wishing and since it was impossible to put all the halls of the Cleo after talks with representatives GVTSZ television channels have provided to us and our workshops were broadcast all over the country. After a while the start of the competition and those who received the highest scores, in different dance every week dancing on a specially made TV studio stage and watched their whole country. The same thing happened with the singers, there were different classes of singing and dancing, the local population has tumbled down to explore the creativity of the peoples of the world and soon millions of people danced and sang but because their voice is absolutely colorless and is not expressive in this case connect a computer: they recorded the voice of the artist you liked from our CD, enter it in the PC, converted into a digital modulator special chart and as the voices of people on the planet have been programmed by someone, and once and sounded exactly like our modern robots. When our Captain Cleo took the microphone and began to sing his expressionless voice electronically connected to the PC, the transmitter modulator and amplifier in the hall sounded the voice of Caruso. By changing the frequency of the converter, the modulator tuned to the voice of fashion in our time singer Jacqueline Minors he sang her voice. It is so impressed and interested in it not less than three hours in a row without a break singing in different voices and even whistling nightingale .
   In short, when people hear about a new product to sing his metallic voice and from di-Namiki melodious song sounded live with pleasant voice the demand for transformation-Teli-modulators rose to heaven. But it turned out to be jam-where do we take the miraculous ones
  nye voice and we decided to help them, presented copies of our CD with the singer's voice and then your choice of a voice-like plug converter modulator, those push-button and sing through the microphone voice Chaliapin, Marianne or nightingale .
   I wasted no time teryal- acquainted with the city and often admired it from the bus window. Just imagine, you sit down in an easy chair and fly forward at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, admiring the buildings, their architecture, fountains, people dressed in light clothes and most importantly you go from one point to another without any headaches.
   Since the city is huge for a speedy trip from home to work or to the zoo, I learned to use a handheld electronic device with a guide or placards on which It was specified route. Our city Brolin consisted of blocks of one to one kilo-meter and in it there were 2000 of 20 million inhabitants. It turns out that in every living-room block of 10 thousand inhabitants. Turnpike ripped along and across the city without crossing on the same level, and if I had to go to another place in the house including The I-chal PC, open the map of the city, found a unit in it home and put a point, and then looking for another unit where he was an object my journey and also puts an end. A moment later on a map on PC paved the way I could get to the goal of my journey here, I myself decided which way to go and the bus route I could get from any place where the unit and the bus .
   Frankly speaking people live without any problems, without any headaches, heart pains and we are plunged into a life of their own feel rejuvenated for many years and most importantly, we have manifested an extraordinary interest in the work, they tried to create is what was missing in their lives and soon found ideas and became famous all over the country. The fact is that everyone has its own frequency and can be transmitted to the outside world and get all the information and not just wasted for themselves and for the common cause. In GTSVZ cost thousands of machines that caught all the information sent by the people and if the idea, plan, project, drawing, music, text, discovery, invention, and so is of interest immediately contacted him a pioneer, inventor and then everything went, gone: Native to TV, the other in the design office, and so on. About ten years ago a young man caught a signal from Earth, the whole country knew about it, have organized an expedition flew to the earth with people, a hundred people and left many Earthlings delivered on approximation including me and that Cleo has informed us that tomorrow we will gather at the stadium all together arrive approksimyane and TV will broadcast to the entire country, this historical sobytie- meeting of two different people. I decided to not only tell but also show briefly with the permission of Uncle Joe genialnom film about his achievement, a discovery that helped feed the earthlings cheap almost gratuitous healthy nutritious food .
   Everything turned out well: there were a lot of people, we met a young man Arostom, discoverer of Planet Earth-TV had captured electromagnetic signals. We exchanged souvenirs, made it, and then all comers, after showed his film and I realized, it was a meeting of New 2006 in Times Square. Cleo asked the head of the event to show my film about life on Earth and when people saw the corn on the trees, cattle growth under the elephant that's their little surprised, but seeing how it is fed, via hoses by which a nutrient solution into the mouth through fixed on face mask, everything began to move. And now they see how Uncle Joe takes off his mask, a bull reveals his huge mouth and jaws of a single tooth. I'll tell you all stunned and asked several times to show it toothless bull, but when I told them this is not one bull and bred breed toothless farmer Joe and showed it to everyone they are a few minutes clapping and whistling than expressed their delight and shouted Joe, Joe, Joe. They thought that he was among us, and asked to speak, but I explained to them that the farmer Joe is a very important person for the country and it is guarded by more than the President .
   One man asked from whom he guarded, and my friend Alex said insect repellent, something would have bitten to death and immediately expressed his opinion on this planet sby-las dream builders Soviet bright future-communism. Not in theory but in practice, people live a full happy life without money and concerns about how the leaders who started this mess with the impossible dream with the help of crowbars, shovels, pickaxes and forced labor of hundreds millionv slaves flooded blood in the distant past, and Russia postroli for himself, a handful of people prosperous life, for almost a century, hundreds of thousands of scribbled pseudoscientists millions of tons of paper (and people Strait millon tons of blood, sweat and tears), headed by leaders drummed into the heads of people in the nonsense that they did not believe in the end all spit on Communism decided to build another something more ugly social arrangement.
   One approksimyanin stood up and said: "Those leaders and pseudoscientists-idiots were deprived of common sense, with mental and intellectual disabilities and have a basis for their delusional, obsessive thoughts without relying on the different views of all obschestva.U us too there were people who wanted to build something like in Russia, but in the end, our experts and scientists GTSVZ prevent this, devices have found abnormalities in the heart, they were treated, but as it turned out for the treatment of a waste of time ahead of the GTSVZ disabled their lives. We do not know what to call what we have built, but created such a life has come to us immediately on our planet was something similar as you do. When respected Arost found in space another civilization and reported it in the opening GTSVZ it was decided to send to the world our first Space drone and after a while he started. Safely reaching your planet it orbited the Earth several times and photographed her many times, but any even perfect machine was unable to grasp the idea of your people at a distance. Then GTSVZ decided to send for the study of life on your planet of our citizens, everything ended well and we scheduled exchanged people. You have arrived, we will talk with you and now movies and vyslushiv you realize that you, too, are facing challenges with which our people are more than a hundred years ago, and you go for self-destruction as we walked back in. If you protect the president and his farmer uncle Joe who brought such fruits, corn and toothless breed of cattle drinking some booze and growing beyond their years and months are of no grazing on some blood-thirsty insects, then it's not such a disaster. Our people are protected from blood-thirsty people encroaching on someone else's property. Money is pushing them to the crime, greed swept the top of those in power and their friends whom they gave oil and gas fields, coal mines, forests and power plants. Our leaders squander the natural resources in the neighboring country Kasraniyu their paper money, Torre, buying luxury cars, yachts and other manufactured good to them, they wanted to have a big and there was no limit, ruined its economy and agriculture. Those cunning kasrantsy ponastroili in our country its car assembly plants, they sold them to us for a pittance, and they scored all of our city.
   When survived until it was nothing more than breathe in cities with sprawling suburbs, a hundred kilometers there was chaos and people were losing hours on the trip. Headaches, heart pain shortens the life of the people formed a huge gap between rich and poor as well as many would like to live well the wealth extracted by right and wrong, crime swept the country and the people beat people. We figured this would kasrantsy thus incite some other people to kill each other, peretravilis and using this situation to seize our country. Then people turned to experts, scientists, and intelligent machines how to end the chaos, the device gives an answer: let the people themselves choose the right model, the program, the idea, the project will lay the memory of computers and devices, and we will choose the best model.
   As early as the time of our people in their mental abilities differed little from us, each presented his idea, and when the program after a few weeks the main unit has issued a response, an approximate model of the future life of all people familiar with it and have agreed in principle, those cities which there are such, retains all control systems and deyatelnosti but GTSVZ finds in the free territory of the country and the people erected a new modern compact city. Applying layout of the city, public transport was given the main focus, and that all live under the same conditions, it was applied the standard layout of the apartment for a family of one, two, three or four people in each apartment had a large room equipped with modern electronic equipment and TV .
   Without hesitation people have developed a life-velechiny model apartments, furnished the proposed them as a main unit, put on display and broadcast them on TV to the whole stranu- turned out that 95% agreed to live in such apartments. In parallel, we wanted to know the opinion of people regarding the use of buses in the absence of personal use of the car and began to play like a real game as to get from point A to point B using the bus as soon as possible and count the time they spend on the trip by bus and private car in the old and projected the city came to the conclusion that such a modern city for a normal life. The citizens were happy and the first pilot city Brolin decided to build a new place. Let there were many areas and since the sea air has a positive effect on his health began to build in Grozny Ocean hundred Sirk (50 miles) away from the former capital of our twenty millionth approximation Caradon. Millions of people are involved in the operation, construction began violently with lining the main thoroughfares, and then proceeded to the construction of buildings according to approved projects, and people like that, after ten years of construction, the city has found concrete shape. When people living in the old town of Caradon came to get acquainted with life in a new Brolin ocean they were amazed by what he saw, and refused to return. They are included in a new job and when the entire population of the old city moved to the new Brolin Caradon is completely demolished and the debris were taken several years in the ocean, long bridge built in one Sirk (half a mile) and sbrasyvli water. The place where the old city had planned, and the earth brought seedlings of trees. Across the country, we began to build cities such liked our citizens. I think even you, dear, dear earthlings nice to live in a city like Brolin during our time may not be very perfect system. In the near time we will show you other cities and you will see.".....................................
   We began to act with respect to the city eulogies Brolin, their way of life and in the end decided to speak to them with our concert, they sang the song live again-governmental voices as singing they did not poluchalos- their voices as preset on one way.
   Say otkrovenno- our people, especially female came in suits, dresses sewn by their models of expensive materials with glitter and brought to the local village, delighted. They liked the songs but especially the dances, some young people joined us and I will say it was top notch. So meeting translirova-las on television at least two billion approksimyan had the opportunity to view and tell videttakoe the next day fell invitations from other cities to fly to them for meetings and training in singing and dancing. And I will say for our time on the approximation, we visited several cities where the TV or in the palaces of entertainment our craftsmen gave lessons not only singing and dancing but also the cutting of dresses, suits, sewing ladies' shoes with high heels, and diamond processing, jewelry, all in all are countless. From these meetings lasted all along our stay at the approximation everyone was happy and in the mood to Horsham.
   Return home late in the evening, at which time the whole city was burning colored lights all were illuminated fountains, water plays a rainbow, panels on the walls of buildings sparkled pereliavlis from one color to another. But the most unforgettable and impressive-my zrelische- when the sky above the horizon in different sides of the planet, one after another floated four blue.moon.
   Since we were citizens Sibirrii after a four-month stay in the country as well as all involved in the work, but by their position those who are over seventy years old must complete the allotted number of hours per week and to us as guests flown in from another planet made an exception, we have ranked their pensioners and we work, whether for seventy hours a month at different rabotah- on construction sites, cleaned the leaves of the parks, road and traveled several times to harvest the fruit on one of selhozferm, since the work was not enough manpower. The most interesting thing of life in this country leaders GTSVZ by electronic machines working-age population was distributed to all production, depending on the importance of the types of work. Since agriculture and construction considers the most important and time consuming, and it is always required physical labor that no matter whatever people were not engaged in the activities of every adult citizen of raznoryadke working out on the farm or construction site a certain number of hours per year. If you do not help the farm harvest time residents do not receive the products, there discontent among the population, heart disease from the hassle, with the result that the number of patients will increase dramatically, many businesses, including construction and farms remain without additional labor and this could lead to chaos in life of the country.
   For weeding the fields, planting and pruning, harvesting fruits, vegetables, berries of layer-even those you Cleo sverhumnye designers have not been able to come up with robots and machines, "Uwa-zhaemye citizens, imagine yourself as a robot will collect cherries, berries, for -midory and other gifts of nature, but human hands are able to quickly, accurately and gently rip and put them in a box or drawer. One has only to damage the fruit or berries plucked they lost in the way, and it is sometimes very long, up to a day in the ma-tire -refrizhiratorah, so that everyone knows on what important work they OTP ravlyaetsya and honestly work for the common.good."
   One evening Dr. Moon has brought us in the dining room during dinner and told us great news: "Dear citizens, the next day we go to the farm, it is only a short distance from city-to, there is a great nature, lake, fresh air, close to the mountains, so that there you will be very good, the work is not too heavy, we will collect the fruits. "
   We were glad that he had been in the nature, fresh air and shouted in unison: "Great! It has long dreamed of!"'
   Cleo looked at us and said: "I do not know how to operate your farm people, but I must say to you, working day begins at eight o'clock, each of you will inst-rument if someone would collect the fruit of the trees a long stick with a net- net-lovush Coy, you fail to her fetus, press the button, the metal segments are compressed, and the root is cut fruit falls into the net, and you pull it gently in the box lozhite-fruit whole, undamaged, and so everything is repeated, briefly inspected on site , we Loong will be with you. I do not think that you are there to recycle persecute no one will. "
   I asked our guides: "Dear Cleo and Moon, can I show the film about our farmers breeder self-taught Uncle Joe."
   Loon looked at me, smiled and said: "Dear and dear Victor, Bring and show such a miracle in
  our agriculture is not, I assure you, they will be surprised."
   After dinner we parted, I with my friends wandered through the city, then take to create electronic masterpieces on the walls and went to bed.
   We went by bus and after a two-hour trip arrived at the farm, we were greeted by the chief agronomist Sambif in motley short-sleeved shirt, dark shorts and brown sandals on his bare feet. We greeted each other, first went into the dining room, we were fed an excellent meal, tables were placed in the garden, fresh air reassuringly had an effect on us.
   We ate with great relish delicious fresh food, fried meat with mashed potatoes and sauce, drink, fruit and berry drinks and enjoyed the sweet grapes. After an hour's rest went to pick apples, pears and plum trees on this farm was low, hand gently plucked the fruit and lozhili in small boxes, worth to bite an apple or a pear like around rasprostronyalsya unusually pleasant fragrance.
   On the farm we stayed only three weeks, sleeping in a small room after work went to the lake to swim and float on the boat, a few meters away was a watering hole and here to see all the animals, cows, bulls, horses and sheep, all of them were normal size, all teeth were they pinched high sweetgrass. Sometimes they went to a small shallow lake to drink water to moisten the body, domestic ducks, geese and turkeys were swimming with the wild without disturbing each other. Generally go to any farm and great happiness that happens to seniors three times a year.
   When our youthful Sambif agronomist learned that we are from another planet, but he did not believe Cleo persuaded him, without hesitation, he asked our guide to arrange an introductory meeting with us in their spare time, they reviewed and agreed timetable, it will be held three days later in the evening Arieka-in at our Saturday, at five o'clock in the dining room.
   We were delighted and decided to show them documentaries about life on our planet, including the achievements of my Uncle Joe. With regard to the work that we did not seem monotonous, it changed every day is going to fruits, vegetables, berries and tomatoes. After a six-hour dinner, we planted on the bus and were taken to a special relaxation area, a huge lake at the foot of the mountains covered with green forests. Around the valley of flowers of all colors, extremely fresh fragrant air, a few buildings lined with light blue marble slabs hotels for visitors from tourists. This lake proved so deep that the leaders of the recreation center organized a descent to the bottom in large submarines, I think one can hold up to three hundred people.
   We took advantage of this opportunity and went down to a depth of five hundred mtrov-on muddy bottom green algae grow flowers like poppies our various colors, immediately sailed long, flat bright red fish with yellow tails. They were indifferent to our arrival and did not pay any attention to us, maybe because the submarine sank to the bottom in the day several times. The journey lasted an hour and we got a lot of fun. I must say such trips only committed in different places every night, we did not urabatyvalis and felt like a real holiday house.
   Finally came the Saturday and we gathered in a huge dining room with us sitting other helpers village, we were seated at a table with fruits and drinks and we not only talked about life on Earth and showed a film about the farm including Uncle Joe. Frankly all looked at his accomplishments with their mouths open in surprise and just marveled at throughout, especially in the toothless beast in the growth of elephants. They raised hands from such strange creatures in the form of apple with oak apples velechiny yes with the head of an adult present at all clung. It was evident on the face agronomist he was embarrassed that his farm is still tiny, tiny and unattractive in appearance. After the movie we told the audience something about life on Earth and explained that under the current situation when on Planet Earth about 374 countries, and all have a different view of life in each of them their money and besides, between countries is a centuries-old feud fertile life as they can not be created .
   After listening to our distinguished chief agronomist Sambif looked at us and said: "Dear and expensive. Unfortunately even cattle farms have no such animal as in your movie, all the teeth to graze and ruminate, I see corn bizarre tree, I interesting how people take to it ears. "
   I looked at him, the people sitting in the hall and said: "Dear Sambif, dear citizens, it is the tree proizrostaet corn grain because it is added to the soil nutrient substance. No heat or cold do not affect the growth, the main pour water at the root of the absence of rain and four months later the tree grows with corn on the cob with a total weight of up to three and even more tons. There is a special mechanical installation, she grabs the trunk and begins to shake so that all ears are flying to the ground, the trunk is cut, crushed and sent to the hopper car was parked. She leaves, mechanical installation draws on the cob, separates the wheat from the ear, it is sent through the pipeline into the back of another car, drove to the warehouse and then part of it is converted into corn meal, often mixed with other compounds, added texture and nutrient thus prepared food poultry, pigs, sheep and fish, they grow just by the day, that's why we have such an abundance on earth products. Our farmers do without the expensive labor, a lot of fruits and vegetables gather equipment or robots. Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, lemons, mandarins, oranges are going as well as corn on the cob mechanism shakes the trunk of fruit trees, all the fruit fly to the ground, workers and robots collect them into boxes, sorting integers in shops, beaten in the shop for processing in the juice, so that nothing is lost and the main thing quickly and cheaply. "
   Agronomist surprise looked at us, smiled and said: "Dear Earthlings, I will show your film for all citizens coming to the aid of our economy, ska-ju openly in our country there have been times when not all agriculture-skla dyval safely as it is now, or like you, we have been hard times. More than a hundred years ago, in our country there are large farms of thousands of eider (ha) and more oil fields, the largest producers of trucks, agricultural machinery, fertilizers and many other state-owned and it provides Valo agricultural everything you need.
   Unfortunately rukovovoditeli varied as life itself, came to replace the old, but high, they were dishonest and plundered for profit of the crop, about to give-away, enriches, and shared with the rulers of the country and they closed their eyes antics. Since we were not alone on this planet with us and bordered more developed state Kasraniya but relatively poor in natural resources, in particular of oil, gas and coal, their heads constantly negotiated with the construction of our pipeline by pumping it from us to these important energy sources. In the end, our leaders have agreed on the condition that their own kasrantsy-mi forces will lay pipelines, will open up new fields of oil, gas and coal, to install equipment for production, transfer and will pay their money, Torre for the acquisition of their importance to our country's products Power, which was never enough.
   Our leaders have established contact with them and fly to get acquainted with empty hands do not return, and soon traveled the roads of the capital to the brand-new luxury kasranskih machines at the sight of our people enthused. But as the leaders were few and hundreds of millions of people, it is only the tip of itself could afford such a pleasure. The rest of the money went to buy grain, meat and butter. Those kasrantsy used the fact that we buy from them and began selhozprodkuty inflate their prices on the pretext of bad harvests and our people have become less and less to eat bread and meat. Our people liked kasranskie car and everyone wanted to buy it in your mind and ride a gratuitous gasoline which we had the ocean.
   Taking advantage of this unfortunate situation in the country with food and disagreement authorities to share with the people of foreign money, Torre, which can be an attractive purchase consumer goods and car crooks who wanted to get to the authorities began to agitate the people against the current leaders and the slogan "All power, money, business, the Enterprise and the earth citizens "have carried out a coup and replaced not only the rulers but also changed the system of keeping the entire economy in the country .
   Crooks embarking led the country as promised transferred state-owned enterprises and land to citizens, but many want to own their lands were divided into small pieces from two to twenty eider (from three to thirty hectares), everyone was happy. The same thing happened with the companies-win got them but as each machine will not manage something more cunning fraudulently snatched their work instead of offering platinum tokens that can be bought and sold for money nstoyaschie. Some people have decided to sell them, facing each purchase, and ultimately those who had sold a profit, the money immediately they bought a couple of pounds of sausage and eats. Those who bought platinum tokens nothing-this was good there were multitudes, metal depreciated as money thrown him like rubbish in dustbins and actually stayed than NIS. At the moment of euphoria distribution platinum coins people have forgotten about it as that of diamonds and gold and heaps of mined open pit as a common building material. Those savvy managers delegate to manage his faithful friends, not only enterprises but also oil and gas fields, hydropower, mines, forests and all profitable fisheries .
   As the leaders of the country did not care about the people, the chief executive and enriches it by his henchmen continue the begun business predecessors, they decided to sell as much as possible kasrantsam oil, gas, coal and elktroenergii not be a fool set their prices because they do not understand that znergonositeley can do without money, Torre, a broad stream flowed into the bank vault. Soon the owners of these industries have become the richest people in the world and as they shared with the leaders of the country are closed to all eyes, and the latter-day tycoons began to acquire luxury cars, planes, boats, buildings, and so that as much as possible enriches decided to tear the skin from their the same people and overpriced started selling products and raw materials to needy citizens, especially land owners and builders. The development of the country stopped, almost all the old and new products are imported from Kasranii-free went kasranskaya currency Torre, the population it enjoyed extraordinary demand respect and greater than native impaired mana for it to buy not only cars and airplanes but the needle and thread, since all of them were just kasranskogo production of raw materials and products are not in demand were our native-like economy and agriculture is in decline .
   Because something else that belonged to the state leaders finally decided to sell all, or rather porazdovat his loyal friends have started to publish their day-gi, mana and give the people, but because they could not take them back up their goods and agricultural products is due to its lack of prices rising at first monthly and then Ned-lam. The country began rampant inflation, devaluation, the leaders of this not-for inverting note on their desks had everything except the living water and bird milk .
   Manufacturers of agricultural equipment, machinery, fertilizers, electricity, all types of fuel have started to sell their products at inflated prices and enriched by leaps and bounds, and soon they became trillionerami, swirled around them billionaires rest of the population refers to the number of millionaires, represent pensioners received by three to four million addicts, loaf of bread cost about thirty thousand, five hundred thousand meat per cube (pounds), a tube (liter) of milk and thirty thousand, polkubika fish from two hundred to eight hundred thousand addicts and so on. Since land sar manually process and to buy equipment for hundreds of millions or even five-six billion addicts otvalivaya for a new tractor is expensive, especially for a liter of diesel or gasoline to spread twenty-five thousand addicts, many farmers abandoned their fields and they are overgrown with weeds in human growth .
   At this time, the city began to close hishnecheskaya buying land, its owners Obra-Dov and sold it but gagami (hectares) and jays (CM) -this one for jay-beam twenty billion-addicts And the price of bread and meat have not grown for non-delyam and by day .What fun of pensioners in the country with a population of nine-hundred million there were about two hundred and forty million received from three mil-lion to five a month and had the opportunity to buy about two hundred loaves of bread or ten ku Bykov (kilos) of meat is currently only half are not outraged. But not only pensioners received a meager pension, the other layers of the working population of not less than three hundred million satisfied salary of between five and fifteen thousand addicts per month. Since there were about two hundred and forty million minors it turns out that hundred and twenty million, or 14 percent of the population live in full prosperity .
   The country's leaders believed that everyone is happy and continued on the general assembly of RA-Dowa its people and their achievements ekonomcheskimi mnogosottrillionnymi savings banks. There would be the accumulation of trillions throw for the construction of housing, agriculture Wake up and everything would be in-date information but has not yet happened. Ingenious owners of oil, gas fields, power plants, mines and forests figured if to minimize the cost of raw materials within the country a profitable and more send an insatiable kasrantsam population close to a billion people then we can have a fabulous profits, and immediately started to implement. Our leaders are first of all raised rates on all types of domestic eergonositeley why many small, medium-sized enterprises went bankrupt, shot up the prices of goods, machinery, agricultural machinery, has increased the cost of services. In short, the vast number of the population of about ninety percent of the 810 million more become inaccessible, the people refused to travel, purchase of things, all the money went only on expensive imported kasranskuyu products of all kinds-from cars to meat. In short the native economy, agriculture came to a complete standstill, tens of millions of working-age population lived on meager handouts because of lack of work. Particularly affected are young people, after learning in higher education, many just followed the manual, we do not find work in their specialty. Is not it easier to those experts who had previously worked in large enterprises, they closed because their products have not proved attractive to those who have had billions of addicts and Torre they are not paying attention to the price of the purchased kasranskuyu luxury, electronics, cars, yachts, boats , planes, sausage, cheese, chocolate, wine, cigarettes and so on .
   Sami kasrantsy appeared ushlee our greedy for money and luxury owners of oil, gas fields, coal mines, forests, plants, for their paper they are printed Torre in unlimited quantities, with banknotes were one million, bought literally all raw materials, handing her his gift entrepreneurs and enterprises to expand, let competitive edge products and thus provides its population with work, the economy and agriculture flourished, people lived happily ever after and traveled not only Kasranii but often to us .
   Seeing our beautiful and rich raw materials and forest country, they decided to buy land and homes but luckily that did not happen, the population rebelled. This humiliating position of our people could not go on forever and when it loaf of bread was worth a hundred thousand, and retired, you could buy just one loaf of bread a day and the salary a hundred people finally could not stand, and the first thing first started to burn cars trillionerov then Villa billionaires and took to smash up everything, in short the citizens rebelled and that is pleasing to kasrantsev government has not collapsed decided to replace oil and gas to provide our citizens kasranskimi machines. But as our lands are rich in minerals that due to lack of boundaries kasrantsy rushed us, they began to build factories, car assembly complexes, the machines are available to all in the country and there were about a billion. They began to grow the city, the capital of Caradon lived 20 million people, with the suburbs thirty on hand were 15 million cars due to gas contamination people could not breathe. The population was indignant, times were hard, because of the large consumption of gasoline has increased the demand for it, soon it was not possible to buy at any price just to pull, public transport was not working, and many went to work on foot. In the end, the system of government decided to replace the new, nothing happened without bloodshed, and instructed smart computing machines rule the people, the country and, most importantly, they have taken the right decision agriculture .
   I have to say as soon as we change our lifestyle for the better because of the lack of excess oil and gas exports have ceased, kasrantsy appeared because of the high prices ben zine in a quandary, and 90% of the population went on foot. Between the two countries there were no borders, and as soon as the residents learned about the life of our beautiful families abandoning good run for us. Since they were people like us that no one was denied and accepted with open arms knowing that throughout the wine of their heads. Trillionery left with enterprises that do not have someone to work without gas and oil turned to his supervisor containing their money to take action to retain the flow of refugees but since 90 percent of the population fled and the rest did not catch it, it was decided to send a delegation to our country, and find out the cause of the exodus .
   When the delegation arrived in our country to see our cities and wonderful life something to do with their leaders and asked them to personally fly to Brolin, posmot-ret city to get acquainted with life and to decide for themselves, or to adopt our model continued to press-live the old way. Soon came the leaders to see our compact city with interchanges, a breath of fresh air and visiting homes, apartments themselves, at the request of our GTSVZ decided to unite into one country and since then we have on the planet approximation State Sibirriya two billion people.
   Returning to agriculture, the head of each household is assigned to agri-rated in its possession from four to five thousand gagov (hectares) of land, depending on the climate in the area and the terrain computers determine the direction of the economy, livestock, grain, vegetables, fruit yagodnoe and more.
   Since the main computer center stores all across the country the number of inhabitants to the territory, the existence of climatic zones, the need for products to every citizen, the amount of cultivated cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs with a saga that created a number of farms with a surplus to feed the entire population. And every farm has pastoral department, accounts for two-thirds of the cows because the milk and milk products are the basis of our food. Every agronomist will adhere to the management plan for the current period and developed by MCC, no one alone can not change it but as in our nature occur sometimes big changes-disaster agronomist notify the MCC, it is corrected and the general plans in general, it turns out everything is fine. So Kaknau based on years of observation and experience we know how many people can collect fruits, vegetables, berries, and so one day from the calculation of the number of people sent to harvesting. As for agricultural machinery, vehicles, machinery, fertilizers, fuel, electricity and so there are no problems, everything is delivered in time and in the quantities in which a given economy is necessary, so the entire crop is harvested without any problems.
   More than a hundred years ago, single farmers with their tiny plots were not able to properly conduct his farm and the country's leaders abandoned them to their fate, they do not provide their machinery, fertilizer, fuel, nothing at all, and you can imagine how even the entire family of five People gather tomatoes, apples, berries, on a plot of two eider. In our fruit farm planted two thousand gagov, tomatoes for thousands, the remaining area of two thousand gagov proizrostaet grains and gaves (clover). Our climate allows to grow fruits, vegetables, grains throughout the year, so we have all grown according to the schedule-ladder, not assembled one on another site and it landed another because we are constantly sent to help the people, all the citizens are well-consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products, meat and everything that lived citizen. Now you tell us frankly how you feel with us?"....................................................
   We all said with one voice: "Dear Sambif perfectly as in the country."......................................
   Many of us expressed their admiration for the quality of fruits and vegetables, they were impressed with its taste and smell, the same applies to meat and meat products and cooked on the spot. In this sector there was a great room and dining room for at least two hundred people in it as well as in urban areas, each of us ordered a dish from the menu, and when they came to our food was waiting for us .
   Our meeting lasted a long time, there are people asking us questions about the life of earthlings, we answered them honestly that nshey earth is not so simple, people have not yet abandoned the money and everyone lives for prosperity. In parting agronomist expressed hope that after our return we will present materials managers about life on Planet approximation and can be something useful for improving the living conditions, the termination of hostility between people. We thanked Sambifa agronomist and present for what they have shown interest in our interview, poproschvlis and went in the designated home on vacation.
   Imperceptibly flown three weeks, we said goodbye to agronomist Sambifom on auto-beads went into town Brolin, where we waited for cleaning works of construction debris remaining in the stadium after the completion of works and washing of seats a week will be a concert and fashion show of our craftsmen, it senior experts come from GTSVZ, guests will arrive from other cities and several thousand citizens of the capital. It is expected the arrival of the television team, the whole show can be seen at any point Sibirrii glory of our craftsmen spread throughout the.country.
   I must say the country lacks the railways and all goods are transported automobile tractors, some pulled by two or three of the trailer; at a distance of two hundred kilometers of Liu Di to travel and travel on buses and planes are over-the nearest it, middle and long-distance traffic. Before you fly anywhere you need to make an order which takes a few minutes and all the journey will proceed according to the desires with or without a guide. In the country at different latitudes climate varies from -80 degrees at the poles to 60 degrees of heat at the equator, so people living in the middle latitudes where the temperature is + 20 C all year round + 36C during the day, in our sub-tropics, it rains often vpitivyaetsya water quickly into the ground, a large evaporation, natural disasters. Threats from the ocean when a storm wave refers to 30-50 meters there, because all the islands and continents on the rocky hills and the rocks themselves is so strong that the waves breaking on them. Vegetation, wildlife, birds as well as in the world, the differences, but there are small, but with regard to all people is not like us, apparently they are made of flesh, but if we gave the soul of the Lord God is their soul itself not- They are programmed from childhood devices and those of their rulers contravene the one hand approksimyane supramental being, but on the other for life remained in infancy vozraste- completely unsophisticated, naive, innocent and if we as a child brought up on fairy tales and are already familiar with birds, animals , animals, small animals, etc., their development begins with mathematics, algorithms, schemes and models that can understand the Earth, and scientists are not subject to the mere mortal including me even though I have an idea in the field of mathematics. I can not imagine how working thermonuclear rocket engine if the vehicle has a top speed greater than the speed of light a hundred times-100C. Even earlier, when we were flying approximation Captain Cleo said can fly even faster, there is no speed limit but its excess above can be incorporated into the program off the route and fly their planet and will need to return the extra years that are not provided. But in general, for their speed of light is not a guide, a relative concept, and in their view there is no speed limit and the time scale of the universe stremitelno- a moment, everything is relative to the outer world .
   When we came to them something new brought into their way of life, our voice is lively, with hints of personal time-and they-men, women, children adults speak with one voice, programmed, and if we have children born at any time, in any faktichski days there as if everything happens in time, the nature of life awakens in the spring and the end of the autumn cycle ends and Spring. In our workroom as well as all installed ultra-modern apartments electronics and flat screen TV the size of a window, we lived on the 176 floor, people seemed so high points. Tuning the TV using the appropriate commands could point increase to fit the screen, or better to say a million times, and if necessary, have seen the face of ladies running for a few thousand miles away from me, traveling God knows where. Features a TV with a PC just fantastic and the comfort of the room have seen anywhere in the world-as they did it, we were not interested, and I once again skazhu- any citizen could transmit to their frequency anything and every one of us could get any information she could stored indefinitely in any volume. We and they were never paid but not worked under compulsion but out of conscience, with full dedication, as far as possible, and ate, dressed, shoes on the needs, we looked at them, and also worked on the conscience, for the benefit of society .
   Once my friends and I decided to do at your leisure small cartoon fairy tale for children and because we were among the masters of all trades when they do something fantastic
  film technique was easy, took pictures of the base and not a graphic image made on a short-conscience, and I have noticed that in this country for children, for adults the same robots solve problems that do not come to mind that the men of our scientists eventually finds practical application, it is implemented, but relatively s IOC film because it is and did not occur.
   Did cartoon about a sister, a brother, they found in his garden wounded Zai Chica followed by chasing bad wolf, the kids began to heal, and now the three of us on the lawn near the house of joy dance, sing songs and the same side of crying wolf chasing after a hare he asks to play with them. Wasting no time, they were sent to the Central Television and since we have had the privilege, as guests, besides the leaders know that we are not born yesterday experts reviewed and reported to us and to all approksimyanam tonight at 9 pm they will show us a movie made. When he was shown all over the country, many immediately began to call his show Yeshe just because of the population was at work and did not have time to see .
   In short it showed the whole week and Cleo told us that GTSVZ asks us to do more film but longer and if they need help immediately allocate all necessary because everyone liked the movie.
   I gathered his people, we consulted and decided to make a feature film, the tale of the charming girl-maid rescued the life of the king and queen conv-schenyh at the behest of an evil sorcerer in the cock and hen. Almost three months we were filming, we sewed our models boots and shoes, hundreds of ball gowns, made three locks with golden roofs according to our project, a huge fountain in front of him with a par-com. We told Cleo that at the end of the film will take the ball for it to be about five thousand dancing couples and it would be good to get people to take part in the film. He immediately told us not only thousands, millions of people would agree to take part in the film. Cleo made the announcement on TV and when people heard that the film will be dancing and require that participants did not rebound. We have selected five thousand pairs at the end of the film in the Palace Square, a grand ball. The spectacle proved exciting and when people saw themselves in the film including Captain Cleo, his Assis- awnings, Dr Moon with their wives and children were shocked, all citizens several times seen the movie. We would do more film but it is time to return to his native land, however as on the planet lived approximation of the year corresponding to eg PWM four.
   I will say a few words about the city life, despite the fact that many buses majority-tion lyudy averse to walk, to go from one quarter to another, essentially a set of underground passages, life in them boil until half past midnight all ra-converge as the h the whole country is put to sleep until six in the morning. Inside the transition co-Bira local artists, their paintings are mainly electronic display equipment from cars to missiles, outer space with ships, the sun, moons, stars, comets. It turns out very interesting, all the walls as a continuous electronic canvas and on it they create their whimsical, fantastic, colorful, colorful painting, the artist is given to three square meters of wall from floor to ceiling 1.2 meters wide. He had in his hand a box stuffed with electronics, pressing a button or a few he gets the desired color or shade. Creating in the mind of his masterpiece, he presses the button and then the point remains on the wall of the corresponding color, the artist can increase it, to give any shape to put on it a different color, that is to mix and point to point forms an abstract vivid picture. For it to be attractive to look at the artist engaged in drawing at home and his drawing programs comes with ready press the button and the picture is on the electronic wall. But when the competitions are held artists here he draws from beginning to end live without the program .
   I must say such walls in every apartment, in all bedrooms and when we have mastered the process of drawing the clock on the wall creating whimsical paintings, fantasy is not enough if a PC can choose any picture and do on health .
   Just imagine, lying on the bed in the dark and admire their colored-mi, multicolored paintings you have created electronic paint on the walls, are confused and tired of it if you like but you keep it on your PC and drawing the other. Mo zhete send a picture in the air and some aliens Earthling purely by chance to see her. I'll tell you a spectacle unmatched in the country there is competition, the best car, Tina shown all over the country, they are entered into the electronic store and everyone can print any picture grown fond. Prizes and places suschestvuet- not all do everything for the pleasure of his work, design, discovery, invention, idea architectural design were among the best and got on Central Television, in this case, it sees the whole country, you become a celebrity and thus prines- are the joy and benefit of the people. Citizens have everything, everything is available, crime is completely absent, all live in their udovolstvie- here it is a bright future, Communism, in which they live, and it is not built with the help of shovels and pickaxes to sweat, blood and tears of hundreds of millions of slaves, and for the expense of the mind, based on the highest technical achievements and common sense.
   In the quarter where we lived and in others the roads one-way traffic to any home, and thus delivered and exported goods, those waste from cafeterias is collected and sent to selhozfermy, they fatten cattle. Disposable tableware is not, it makes a beautiful, light and unbreakable, so there is no waste, as no paper products- everything on the TV and the PC, people have no idea about smoking, alcohol, only fruit juices, beverages, like our pop champagne. Rubbish mainly on leaves, hundreds of thousands of citizens according to the schedule by hand and using the technique of fighting with her, in each block from stop to stop on the perimeter moves clockwise bus and the hurry can use it for fun .
   Before flying home, we gathered in a large indoor hall with guest approksimyan together and shared their impressions about his stay on their land and how our view of their model of social construction and public. We thank them all from the heart and soul, told them that the life that they have created, amazingly beautiful, calm, fairy, devoid of any problematic might serve as a model for all of the Utopian dream of such a life, and the Communists-creator of the theory of scientific communism to organize a prosperous life. My friend Andrew gave a short speech and said: "Dear citizens of the planet and expensive approximation Thank you for your hospitality, we will never forget you, your life is beautiful and amazing, and I'll tell you something that accompanied your major planets were two states with time because of the higher mind merged into one. In those circumstances in which we live in the world where three hundred fifty states with different meaning of life and the importance of money is impossible to create in the world, even in a thousand years. We have a life on the Earth, in principle, you can create in one country is completely isolated and endowed with all the natural resources at the highest technical level of development and the absence tion thought to enrich themselves at the expense of.others
   The people of your state proved to be wise and understand the happiness of man is Xia or his wealth and money, the source of all evil and to serve people, adhering to the concept, all are equal and there turned out to be the highest ravnee.U you mind when he created his model of governance and, most importantly in your people have no idea envying one another, each of you is independent of the other, the complete absence of problems, you do not have in mind even the slightest reason to create one another, headache, heartache, and if somebody in the heart there is deviatition units GTSVZ immediately zabyut alarm and will for his recovery, and if it is not amenable to cure the bolno- mu disable the heart-life. We can not do this, such centers Voss tanovlenii Health who would monitor the work of the heart of every person there and here
  create a problem, headache and heartache piece of cake."..........................................................
   We are at the end of farewell and wished them to live like this forever, thanked them all for such a wonderful gift as a trip to Planet approximation and promised to not only tell but also show movies about this wonderful country Sibirriya, its talented and hardworking people.
   They were glad to hear such an opinion about their country and the patterns of life and, in turn, told us: "Dear and dear citizens! Our model of life is not a scientific law or a formula identical throughout the universe and in a difficult tense your whole life can not come but something you can learn from. We wish you a safe return to your Earth, and our astronauts back to approksimyanami approximation to our planet." ........................................................
   We said goodbye and went to the buses waiting for us, seated in an easy chair and set off for the last time raced along the main highways several times, went on the road leading to the spaceport, and little by little, the city with its skyscrapers began to move away from the eyes, sharp turn side dense forest and it all disappeared from sight, my heart ached and I felt so sad at heart ...
   A couple of hours we were in the other recreational and tourist center, three days spoke surrounded by new people with them went into the mountains and Cleo told us, pointing to the top of the mountain high high ascended up: "Dear and dear citizens! It is a mountain Zullo, it height of 97,538 meters, every citizen of our country visited the place in order to touch her hands to the mountain, take a look at its top and say to myself, "Zullo Gore! You high and for me your top of the lighthouse to which I will be a lifetime endeavor to get closer."....................
   Each of us is bent and touched the rock by hand and spoke the words heard from Captain Cleo, my fingers found a grain of sand, squeezed his fingers and quietly put it in your pocket and at that moment I felt an extraordinary spiritual relief .
   We spent seven days here, made rise to the largest and high water Padua on Planet 3769-meters, Cleo said that the builders have brought him a tapered pipe diameter at the top of twenty meters from her two drain-pipe diameter two ten meters, this water provided by the city Brolin and beaten up because waterfalls up to 220 meters, at an altitude of five thousand meters away, ski lodge, we skied, made the descent into the valley of geysers and swimming in the water for about thirty plus degrees Celsius. Once visited the lake depth of about one kilometer, the water is so clean that they had seen at the bottom of golden sand, algae and the brightest colors of fish and.fish.
   Time passed quickly, said goodbye to new friends, boarded the bus and headed to the launch site, we stayed there three days and started on Earth, this time with us and flew Arost Dr. Moon, a young man picks up a signal from our land, we are constantly communicating and helped him to master the English language to communicate, and assured him that in our countries, good people, friendly and he will return home with a lot of pleasant unforgettable experience. His face shone ever smile like all people inhabiting the planet approximation and realized he had no anxiety to meet nezlac people, he was not alone with him, Captain Cleo, Dr. Moon, six assistants and.us.
   The flight took place in the former regime, the spacecraft "Space Explorers at the Bira-speed, then slowed her for a year, we flew at a speed exceeding the speed of light-MSE and finally landed safely on the Earth Space in Florida .
   The end of the era of the automobile in America. Daylight horse traction. Travel to
   the farm of Uncle Joe. The find wreckage masterpieces.
   As befits after landing, an hour before the descent on the elevator we put suits and waited for Captain Cleo to go to the gateway, and finally it sounded wearing a helmet on his head went to the door. Ten people came down, went into the bus, and then we were taken to the center of adaptation and acclimatization. When we saw his men, I was happy about, and spoke to a gentleman, "Sir, tell me what year the yard?"................................................................................
   He once looked at me strangely and said, "Are you the guy from the moon fell !?"....................
   I looked at them, smiled and said, "Lord, not from the moon, the planet approximation."
   One young man looked at me and said, "Sir, today, June 27, 2086."................................
   We did not believe but it's turned out that way! When we then adapt and akklima-mation Space customs officials were forced us to undress and take off our shoes put all things out for our inspection and saw diamond stones in a suitcase surprise opened their mouths, immediately called and was a chef, he looked at the stones at us and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your Moon- stones we confiscate and imprison you for smuggling to the police station to the court."
   Mr. Jimmy Ting, our leader and all we immediately began to explain to him that is not from the moon and from the approximation and is not Moonstones and asked him to look at the document we issued mainly by Dr. Lee Johnson .
   He looked at the paper and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Good morning! Sor-ri, but for the time we leave these stones to prevent, destroy all bacteria that call you and you will take them. Welcome to America! Bai, you are free , here you all plane tickets according to your order, go."
   We begged, and he looked at us said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would be fired, as a souvenir, take only what fit into his pockets, and the rest later.".........................................
   I like all his pockets stuffed with diamonds, we left the room, said goodbye to friends and immediately called home. Mother, wife and sons were looking forward to my call, they sat at the table for the morning breakfast. I must say this is not my first call home when we were receiving adoptatsii and acclimatization day on several occasions negotiated, I was telling them about his preklyucheny they are about their lives. We were very happy to be alive and well and will meet soon and promised them home as soon as my hands will call the ticket and we will meet them. To them it was a surprise when I met a young man look handsome and did not speak to them on the videophone. And with a ticket on hand to call home. We greeted each other, talked with all of minute and when his wife took the phone happily said: "Dear Masha, ticket in hand, asking Meet AB 117 flight from Miami, will fly to 12 50, met in February 20, will be with me the little things so all come into the trunk, main and valuable come later in the mail about it to tell the house the whole, you have enough time to drive to Kennedy airpoport.".........................................
   "Dear Victor, thanks for the info, but I will be in a green velvet hat, bright red long dress in order to recognize me as did ten years ago after the ball at the Hilton Hotel. I can not believe a whole, in a couple of minutes, rush to the parking lot, we have big changes, you'll see everything. "
   "In that case I'll be in the black hat, blue short-sleeved shirt and brown shorts, my charming Masha, before the meeting," I said and went to the door where I was waiting limousine. He takes me and seven other mates travel to helipad and fly to Miami and from there our separate ways for a while, see you at the stadium and then to the White House and begin the journey through the world of capital to capital as did the people need to see us alive, happy and joyful as the previously announced to us in confidence, Mr. Lee Johnson .
   On a white limousine, we rushed to the blue helicopter flew him to Miami airport, a red open-top Ford drove up to the white building to register, I poproschalsyas my friends as each of us flew to different parts of the United States and in 12 of 50 flew to New York York. The flight took place normally and in February 20, right on schedule the plane landed at Kennedy Airport. After passing border guards and customs came into the building, meet and see off the darkness, without any difficulty on the green hat with a wide brim in the crowd saw my sweet charming wife, she had me, we know each other, next to her was my mom, and tall, slender sons Alex and Sam. My heart beat quickened with excitement went up to them, we smiled, kissed, shook hands, they somehow strange looked at me and finally my mother said softly: "My dear son, Victor, you're so young again, just amazing, if not your hat hardly know you. What a metamorphosis! "
   "My dear Mother, charming Masha, dear children, Alex and Sam, and on that later, let's way to the exit," said I, and went to the door. We were all in a hurry and making his way through the crowd of mother and children Zhinkov telling me that I am great Vig-lyazhu, much younger, I saw them that they have changed but not very much. When they got to the parking lot to our egg-colored Ford and two hours to get to the house because all the roads in the city was packed with cars, carts, carriages harnessed with horses of all breeds and colors. Strong Bityug pulled huge trailers, the same picture of the country, went slowly, because of the lack of petrol half way traveled by gas, it is ended, hooked up electric batteries, do not drive home three-quarters of them sat down and had to push the car a kilometer of the whole family . I was indignant, cursing and Alex said quietly with Olympian calm: "Dad, do not worry, everything will be on the OK, you're still not here to get this, we have become accustomed, the crisis of oil, gasoline and diesel give just enough, everything has changed dramatically in the third year after the Your departure approximation to the planet, it turned out that all the oil dredged almost give three liters a week for the car, people who get a job as you can, you can see how many horses running on the roads, they are now more expensive than a Rolls Royce."........................................................
   The car barely dotolkali home, as she put on weight not less than one hundred kilos, two sets of panels and a pair of gas cylinders where condensate splashed half capacity. Gas rose sharply, were given a certain number of coupons zlektronnym deficit, umeltsy diluted with water, everyone knew, but resented measures were taken. We have not gotten to the car to the house as the wife phoned to her stolen when parked and drove her to the house waited for technical assistance to us soon rode Bityug, I wondered what kind of assistance but my wife told me that this is in Currently technical assistance. My heart began to beat quickened at the sight of a hefty Bityug red, red-faced fellow with thick curly hair the color of rye dismounted immediately pinned to the ropes, our Ford Bityug Masha paid to him and the horse pulled the car to the parking lot. I stood there and could not believe his eyes, but when I saw the other pulls a hefty Bityug minivan stopped surprise .
   We entered into the house, Mom and Zhinkov cook delicious food on the table, put the champagne, Stolichnaya, drinks and perched at the table opened sparkling golden Burzhule, pour into glasses and spoke in one voice: "Cheers, a long-awaited meeting!"..........................................
   When a steak and chops at me mouth water, for many years, once went to Earth, we used food-paste in a tube, I ate with relish, told and showed his film about life on the Planet approximation, they were amazed and astonished. Since the recording was for a few weeks then limited to the most important essays, my mother, my wife and children, in turn, told me a true story about the modern hectic life, I'm just outraged and thought why not build a city in the United States and many of the problems moved to the side, Our conversation lasted until midnight and went to bed .
   Seven days later, I received an e-mail and phone message, I was invited to a meeting of Earthlings and aliens to the stadium, "Yankees", for us, travel, entry bespo-plate, with the relatives took a thousand dollars and I had to pay for his mother, his wife and two sons symbolic cost four thousand dollars whereas for all other five thousand. In the same amount it costs the trip to the meeting in a wheelchair, as my wife said it was the cheapest, reliable and fast way to get from the house to the stadium and back. I agreed with her, in due time to the house pulled the same fellow, Mr. Sanya in a wheelchair, we sat down and raced five minutes at a speed of not less than fifty kilometers per hour, according to a special left lane while moving cars, no car He had no right to enter it. We overtook a car moving on batteries, hundreds if not thousands of steel horses were standing on the roadside waiting for technical assistance, people were pushing their own, Bityug trucks pulled in all directions. Our driver turned out to be a native of Sanya Peter, when he found out that my mother from Russia and I was among the travelers on the distant planet was delighted. We met and I told him that there are no large cities in the private use of cars and public transport all cost. Sanya said with a sigh: "Yes, Mr. Victor, is we will never, I will try to move away to tell you our story uninteresting to the movement. Seven years ago, the world oil crisis hit, Russia stopped its export, we have reserves Subsoil exhausted and at first people did not know what to do. As all alternative fuels, solar energy, and rubella, chicken little help, and if not for Uncle Joe, many people would not be able to get from the suburbs to the city. So he is on his farm brought a new breed of horses, tyagochey capable on a good road to pull up to ten tons, the speed is not high, only twenty kilometers per hour. But if you attach a stroller in which you are sitting four of five so I constructed his sons along the way Bityug can race at speeds of up 60 km per hour and as he kept in touch with all the Presidents of the United States and they are for the greatest achievements in agriculture were awarded gold medals it has decided to move forward his new discovery in order to overcome the energy crisis. How did but because of its open world first felt no need of food, all well fed and the fact that a billion cars have risen due to a lack of petrol people did not care, the air was cleaner, easier to breathe. But it soon became agitated citizens to buy fuel at exorbitant prices was not lifting, walking or cycling to get on the 50-100 kilometer-ing and even more not everyone's strength and somehow Farmer Uncle Joe at a meeting with the Presidium, including Barry promised Sekidzhem partially solve the problem with the help of a live horse traction, all cleverly depicted and he agreed with him.
   Two years ago, our new President Nick Douglas on his own example showed the Americans and the people of the world favor the use of horses in the world today with the current crisis with the oil. He first moved from car to stroller and mean billions of people drove rather sped it through the Washington specially allocated lane of road transport, it is true, Uncle Joe was a coachman, drove the mare. The wheelchair for four people was installed transmission chain, mini gear during racing horse Uncle Joe switched feet pedals during driving do well to keep his hands the reins, adjust the speed and thus could slow down the movement, jump, trot or unleash Bityug race.
   When they returned to the White House that the President made a speech, he called on the people by example to change from machines on the horses. Immediately I read the position of those who receive the privileges everyone who will have the personal use of a horse with a carriage designed and made by any master anywhere but passed technical inspection and having the registration number .
   Since all horses shod, the intense movement of a horseshoe on the pavement blurred, and it is here that Uncle Joe Steel replaced vysokokprochnymi and light synth-tical developed chemical concern DuPont. They are not nailed-in special workshops on kapyto filled, the mold compresses the warm mass and formed a kind of horse-shoe firm guarantees running horse without changing a horseshoe-shoe at least 10 000 km of asphalt or concrete highways. Replacement of boots is held in the same workshops painless way for the horses. So, President Nick Douglas said: "Ladies and gentlemen! Now and forever nationwide leftmost lane assigned equestrian transport the horse in all cases takes precedence over all modes of transport, nobody has the right to penalize the horse, and led even if he drank a mug of beer as Bityug sober and running the right way, all the passages, tunnels, bridges and parking are free, they give place and most importantly Bityug owners are not taxed on the income, everyone can use it on your own. "
   A few minutes later the President and his family, Uncle Joe and Vice President Don C
  on three carriages rushed by Washington, people stared from the streets, from the rooftops, cameramen flew by helicopter and shown around the world as the President himself ran red Bityug "Hardy" and feet pressed on the pedal. Since all the trips were for information only indicative character is removed from the road all the machines and all type of a race-uncle Joe overtook President Nick Douglas and burst forth, and then Vice President overtaken farmer. At the end of the race ahead of President and first he entered the White House lawn. Returning from a trip to the historic carriage with a horse harnessed President Nick Douglas presented all Uncle Joe and the whole world saw the Genius on a horse with horseshoe in his hand, in his time, he fed the people of the planet natural steaks and currently has made a contribution to bring humanity out of a prolonged power crisis through the hardy Bityug and trotters.
   Uncle Joe made a brief speech expressing the thought that at the moment all people-ka do not yet have the ability to change from machines on a horse but he spends a lot of BPE to time, with the selection of horses to bring economic Bityug capable of at the lowest cost to bring the maximum benefit -there are few and carry a lot of fast and far. After shaking hands Prezidntu Nick Douglas Genius concluded by saying: "Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who acquire a horse for ten years is the guarantee that it will not have any problems if you do not happen through the fault of the driver of collision with Bityug on the track and guaranteed supply of nutritious food produced by Special and technology at a minimal symbolic price in many supermarkets or large cities on request. Have a nice trip on the roads of America, dear citizens and citizen!".......................................................................................................................................
   And what do you think, Victor, I had a little capital and I bought Bityug Toddler with sidecar for twelve million dollars, quit his job and breed of people, so if you have the opportunity to buy it, and the whole family will travel across America without knowing the grief and concern, it is worth hand to touch the horse and get joy and inspiration, I want to live and love. "
   "Thanks to Sanya, I think, but I will say everything depends on money, I do not know that I will give for our contribution to the culture of dialogue between peoples," I said.
   The children and the wife told me that the interest manifested Bityug extraordinary and despite
  for the astronomical price of a horse with a cart obrazovalaas long queue. Uncle Joe assured the Americans that he is a patriot of his country in the first place is a hundred-ratsya satisfy the requests and citizens currently Bityug with sidecar cost 20 million dollars and those who have bought it on the day of the benefit to 20 thousand, but buy-and impossibility Masha immediately prompted the thought that I, as a pioneer to visit on Dru-goy Planet, you can appeal to the President Nick Douglas and his assistance priobres-minute Bityug with sidecar.
   I looked at them and muttered, "My charming Mary, the whole thing rests on a day-gi, I do not know that I was due to flight."............................................................................................
   But Zhinkov smiled and whispered in my ear: "My dear cat, you would not believe-I re-regularly get for you in one million dollars a month, during that time managed to save 50 million, expenses were wild, gasoline cost a fortune to go and sons to work for anyone, so you can buy with a sidecar Bityug and will travel across the country for his own pleasure. "
   I looked at Masha, kissed her red lips and said quietly: "My kitty, I do not mind, and will write to our President Nick Douglas letter asking him to facilitate the acquisition Bityug with a stroller and then be sure to rush off to Florida."..........................................................................
   We rolled in New York on time and thanked Sanju went to the stadium, had split, my relatives went to the podium and I am on stage, met with his loyal friends, Captain Cleo, his Assistetami, Dr. Loong, Arostom and aliens who have spent more than a decade in different countries to get acquainted with the life of Earthlings. More than 250 000 spectators gathered in the stands, the event was broadcast to the whole world. After exchanging greetings Loon looked at me with sadness in his eyes, said: "Dear Victor, you have no idea, our people have changed dramatically for the worse, health significantly deviated from the norm but during the flight they will connect to devices GTSVZ and they will take their original shape, all restored, incredibly, they look older, embittered, and even pounce on us skrikami "Why do we have left among the people-savages? That is our big mistake!"......................................................................................
   I comfort them that everything will be all right and went to take their seats, three days we shared their impressions about life on other planets, they showed a clock Goro da, life and nature captured on disc. Many took it as a forgery, deftly Fit-en films, but here present aliens convinced many that we are sa-IOM actually been there .
   Attended by journalists from the Russian exclaimed: "Brothers! Yes this is Communism, bright future of mankind, and if not for the capitalist imperialist Oak expeirmen-, external and internal vragi- we would live like them, under communism."......................................................
   Another said that a careful examination of their dishes, he did not notice the red and black caviar, but at the Kremlin leaders had all this on the table except for the bird milk and the water of life to live forever. But alas for the entire population is not set up and how they did that they live according to their needs remains a mystery and as the cities themselves it should give them their due, but no props in conditions of capitalist private property it is impossible to implement. "
   124 year-old scientist with gray hair, escaped from Russia at the age of twenty-cue Dee West, imagine riding a reindeer in a snowstorm crossed the Soviet-Norwegian verge-tsu, while serving in the frontier troops. According to him, more 106 years ago, I asked for political asylum in the United States, arrived in New York, graduated from Columbia University and the whole long life working in the field of cloning stood up and said: "Dear Sirs, you looked bad kinomaterialy- they built a fantastically interesting relying beautiful life not only common sense but also due to the highest development of science and technology, they are ahead of us for the ages when their missiles fly at a speed of prevyshyuschey the speed of light and this means they are ahead of time and it flies back. If this young man Arost caught a signal from Earth, found us at a distance of several light years away from their planet approximation and come to us, that says a lot. We have all seen their cities in which people do without cars and enjoy life, we have on our Earth is hardly possible, too many nations and State, different views on life and the notion of the purpose of life. We are also disclaim car and preehodim on horse traction, though not with joy, because of the lack of fuel." ...........................................................................................................
   The stadium was dead silence and then we clapped, who visited Planet approximation, aliens and soon joined with all those present ... .........................................................................................
   On the last day of the meeting at the stadium, when we said goodbye to Captain Cleo Assis-Mont tents, washing, Barco, Glon, Crewe, Dr. Loong Arostom and I said: "Dear and respected! Thank you all and your people thank you for your wonderful visit approximation of the planet, goodbye. "
   They looked at me and Cleo said: "My dear and respected Viktor! We do not do anything for pleasure, it is our duty and responsibility to the next meeting, you are young, go and forgive."
   I kissed them all, firmly shook hands, and parted for ever thinking ...
   My wife was a precaution, each time leaving the stadium on the street has seen the doors of our small Sanya standing near a carriage drawn by Bityug, he smiled. And now we come to a wheelchair, we sat down and drove to the house at a rate of not less than fifty kilometers per hour, and without the headache got a half hour, my mother met us and told incredible news: "Dear Victor, a call from the White House and asked you to call phone secretary Eckert. " I ran into the house and ran to the phone rang and the voice on the telephone asked me who is calling and when I realized that I had been in space funky told me the news to come to the White House with his wife on July 5 to 9 o'clock in the morning .
   When his wife came into the house with his mother and his sons with great joy I put them "exciting news, called Secretary of the President Nick Douglas, Mary, we are invited to the White.House."
   They heard the amazing news rushed to kiss me, immediately laid the table with champagne and we celebrated Metropolitan momentous event. The next day advance began to prepare for a meeting with the President and immediately wrote a letter asking his application to purchase Bityug with sidecar as a member of the flight to another planet and put in pocket I inform in brief: when we arrived at the White House met not only with the Presidio, that Nik Douglas and its surroundings but with all the senators and congressmen, with on-Shimi friends including aliens, but this time we were in separate groups and only from a distance saw each other. We smiled, it was all said and understood, I would say they all looked rejuvenated and cheerful. First performed President Nick Douglas, then three-minute speech with our and their side including me, Captain Cleo, Dr Moon, the discoverer of the Earth Arosta and certain aliens who have lived here. We showed filmed footage, including films made by us. All were delighted to conclude it sounded a little out of the mouth of Uncle Joe, I could not imagine that one more time to see him live and it's not just me but all of us, and shrug Extra Terrestrials hand handing a gift, a silver horseshoe for good luck .
   He was taciturn, thanked Cleo Moon, assistants and all the Aliens for their courage and noble heroic deed to fly to Earth to share groups of people and provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life of others on-delivery and subsequently all the best to use for improving life on Earth and on the Planet approximation. Everyone started to applaud, then on the lawn of the White House held a banquet at which invited famous singers, musicians and dancers from different countries and they made an elegant presentation. When we left the White House, President Nick Douglas said goodbye to us and reported great news: "Dear, fearless ladies and gentlemen, I, senators and congressmen have decided to celebrate your heroic flight to the planet approximation silver horseshoe, is a gift of the American people, including particles from Uncle Joe -You were all holders Bityug with sidecar, each of you will report separately to the house when a mistimed challenge gift."...........................................................................
   Each of us wanted to shake hands with Uncle Joe was standing next to the president, he agreed, a farmer came to us and we heartily shook his hand mazolistuyu strong. Shaking his hand, I said to him: "Dear Uncle Joe in a month I prikachu to you with your family, you do not mind?"
   He looked at me, smiled, and whispered: "Dear Victor, of course, waiting for you with the promised souvenir with the planet, and most importantly how those farmers reacted to my achievements in agriculture.".............................................................................................................
   "Uncle Joe, awesome, all then!" I cried with joy and stepped aside. I saw on his face a broad smile and moved with silver horseshoe to the lovely wife .
   Since it was midnight we have an open carriage drawn by red Bityug taken to the Hotel Marina, having spent the night in a room for VIPs after the morning a hearty Zavt-cancer again in the carriage went to the railway station and courier "Arrow" magnetic levitation arrived in New York, Steyshen at Penn Station. Children happily greeted us and we our friend in a wheelchair Sasha rushed to us for horses allotted free bandwidth. Yet I must say that the car trans port is not ceased to exist, the roads were racing trucks, buses, cars easy-tions but with them strong Bityug dragged singly, in pairs, and then the Quartet, depending on the cargo carts trailers, containers, tanks, broken trucks, cars. Perhaps for the sake of exoticism, advertising or attracting wealthy tourists eager originality and thrills one travel agency became ispolzavt horse traction. We saw six of the strongest horses pulling a huge double-decker bus with tourists drove on the box sat in a red shirt and blue trousers, his hands holding the reins and yellow legs pressed the brake pedal to the chain transmission gear shifting. Himself bus was designed in such a way that drove obluchk is in the open cockpit of the driver without the wind front window. If you need to turn right bus drove right hand he pulled rein and leg presses one of the two pedals, in this case the right. All actions carried out and the bus sinhronnno not dragged and raced at a speed of 25-30 miles per hour. As for taxis, small buses and ambulances that were drawn mostly trotters on one, sometimes two, but trucks, dump trucks, container carriers and tanks pulled chetvrtka Bityug mare with a carrier and driver. It was difficult, for teamwork drivers keep in touch, to brake in time, let go of the brakes, change gear and main cornering right to spin the wheel in the right direction .
   But according to our cab Sasha it was only in exceptional cases, "Uva-zhaemy Mr Victor Smith, when firms and companies fully spent fuel rate, you know, in our difficult times for all deystvovuet diet came out of their holes, we Recruit-cabs, they will help. The luxury ride in cars can afford only the rich people, too expensive petrol, biofuels and electric batteries, with a trip allowed only three days a week. On Saturday and Sunday no departures, use public transport, services, cabs, you can ride in a private horse-drawn carriage, or ride on a personal skakunane. See what a great number of carts and carriages. At a short distance in the city is more profitable to use a lift-carting to the shops beer, drinks, juices, meat, bread, and in carriages, and the carriages of the rich kebah the theater, the train station, the restaurant and back home. Can you imagine a person during a trip to the crew relaxes, feels like the inspiration comes to him, he is a man of nature and not a mechanical robot in the world. It's one thing to ride a horse and ride in the car. I think when you go to my-chair is not something that you feel when riding in a taxi or car. If you eventually will trotter with a sidecar, and you'll roll her driving horse then remember what I said. But if it is very costly to the combined content of the car to buy a horse, especially trotter Uncle Joe extracted from his own carriage, can afford only miilliardery or elected. I also bought it as if to pull but did not skate and make a living."...................................................
   I listened carefully to the charioteer, and at the same time looking around, the picture has guided me sad reflections: "What happens in three years on US roads when there are millions of vehicles, coaches, carriages and riders? How many will have to build new stables mnogoeetazhnyh, koneoteley, points of sale straw, hay, forage and water? " I said nothing that he will be one of the lucky ones rolling in a wheelchair driving Ginger and people from maliciously or envy will look at me, I became the owner of the luxury-living horse. In life I never dreamed! And rolled the old age is happiness! And all thanks to the aliens had flown to us! Thank you dear!
   Half an hour later without any problems we got to the house, I paid the Ca-necks, and he rushed to the taxi stand where dozens of people were waiting to add a carriage-ratsya to the city for its important cases. Mom, happy and joyful, met us at the threshold, we kissed her and as soon as I entered the house said: "Champagne on the table! We have a significant event, the President presented to all American travelers Silver Horseshoe, a gift from his uncle Joe, we will Bityug the cart! There she is!"................................................................................................
   I pulled out of his pants pocket real silver horseshoe and kissed it gave ma-me carefully examined her and kissed transferred grandchildren. My mother hugged me, kissed him and said quietly: "My dear son, Victor, I congratulate you on such a precious gift, now we are not afraid of the oil crisis, we wish to Bityug wagon and eventually take a trip to Uncle Joe, he's a genius, again save America from the crisis, have the vehicle by bringing a new breed of hardy Bityug."..
  I looked at my mom and said happily: "Mommy, once received a gift sure we'll move to Uncle Joe with a gift, I promised him a souvenir with approximations."....................................
   But most admired gift our children, they kissed me and Sam openly declared: "My mother and grandmother, and if I had not insisted that Alex Pope traveled would not see us this gift. Our car is as an exhibit in the parking lot because lack of fuel, we would hardly be able to buy Bityug, he is now the reality, and we will happily roll in our city, to travel to New York and modernity go to Uncle Joe, so want to live to see the genius and shake hands.".........................................................
   "I also congratulate you, Dad, you deserve this gift, in our difficult times Bityug great rescue us and as soon as the free time will certainly rush to Uncle Joe, you need to thank him, let's mention a wonderful gift," said Alex .
   Mom with his wife cooked quickly dumplings, sliced cheese, put on the table, champagne, Stolichnaya, fruits, grapes, flowers and twenty minutes were marking a momentous occasion. But other than that I had a gift to the other, which was brought from the planet approximation, diamonds, but I decided to keep silent about them yet .
   Three days later I received an email: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith! The day after tomorrow, be from morning to evening at home and wait for the gift.".......................................................
   From this news, we have not slept for a long time and fell asleep just before dawn, Next night seemed like an eternity, only slightly nap, waiting for a gift. We went out into the street immediately after lunch and sat on a bench near the sidewalk waiting for the appearance of red Bityug. We waited a long time, just after eleven saw Bityug racing red with a red arch and gold plated with an open carriage with wheels with rubber tires. On the box in the easy chair with the windshield sat well-built fellow in a red shirt with dark curly long hair. Near the carriage rode a horse with the saddle in apples, we noticed the driver slowed down, stopped, we exchanged greetings, and became acquainted smiling Mr. John looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, show me your silver horseshoe, this is the order I need to bring data from the PC to the report, is a very valuable gift, as it should be."......................................................................
   "Mr. John, one minute, horseshoe home'll get," I said, and ran into the house and returned with it, filed a hand, he pulled out his blue jeans electronic device connected to a PC, enlightened horseshoe and make sure it is a real He said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, sign a copy of the Silver horseshoe, and then start training ride, I'll show how to control, to brake the stroller, unhitch, harness horse and lubrication points, depending on its speed. In addition, you instruct in it all from the description of how to care for a horse for a carriage, harness, unharness, feed and water. Here, in the trunk, you supply a nutritious fodder, energy swipes and even the spare wheel with rubber tires as they did in a wheelchair and if the four in a way that -What happens can always remove and replace. In short everything is provided for all occasions. Yes, the most important thing, every morning and every night before you put a horse in a stall is necessary to give him a cake nutritious fodder and energy canister liquor in the bucket is in the trunk. If you go on a trip or journey know that a nutritious fodder briquette five kilograms and energy of two liters of liquor with the addition of water enough for eight hours of rest but while driving only a hundred and fifty kilometers, with every three hours is necessary to watch the rest. With regard to water the solder is not recommended, especially during fast driving, I have experience and I will share with you, Mr. Victor 8 liters per night fodder and swill but in summer if fast driving 50-60 km per hour when the number of riders in a wheelchair with the driver five people try to eat and drink after three hours, no more than 10 liters of water and a smoke for an hour. In short, carefully read the instructions and everything will be fine."...........................................................
   "Many thanks to Mr. John for useful information," I said, shaking his hand, signed with the electronic pen, got a stack of manuals and transferring them to his wife asked for sons-chair to sit in and look to the driver in his blue eyes, said: "Dear Mr. John, I will try to fulfill all your recommendations and what teaching my sons that the uptake and seize more than me, let trained, it is more important than me."...........................................................................................................
   "Well, Mr. Victor Smith, but still they will look as you drive, the carriage, but a horse named Ginger," the driver said and smiled .
   I sat down in the wheelchair to obluchk next to Mr. John, took the reins in his hands, my instruc-tor looking at me with a smile, said: "Mr. Victor drgayte reins and shout to the nude" But Red, go."..................................................................................................................... ...
   I pulled the reins, shouted "But Red, go" and walked Bityug we drove off. I acted according to the instructions of John the foot pedals switching chain transmission speeds, the brake releases the brake or vice versa is not letting go of the reins. My children have closely followed my actions. The course took a couple of hours, as I and my sons had in front of him unharness and harness horse. Red horse appeared calm and patient as we noticed he liked when he stroked a red muzzle, and the sides of the withers. Before you ride off my instructor Mr. John handed me a sheet of paper, I read it and signed a six-hour-training course was held, put it in his pocket five thousand bucks, we smiled, said goodbye to us, shook his hand and he jumped on his horse and shouting thanks Gallop raced down the street .
   I'm not wasting your time standing near-chair asked the mom and wife sit down to sons-pits, and they agreed with the whole family began to ride in our village. All with a smile, looking at us, especially at me sitting on the box, we returned an hour later, I started the unharnessed the horse and his house. On the ground floor of our redhead allocated a room themselves sleeping on the second, from the carriage pulled everything good and then I noticed the strange saddle two persony- if the manifest desire to ride vdvom- put the stroller when the window it seemed weightless because it made it out superprochnogo superlgkih and composite materials. After reading all the papers, we learned the news, in our village we were presented with a house in it garazhm will keep the stroller with our Bityug Ginger. Subtracts this great news to the end, we saw the code according to which the door opens. We harnessed the carriage Ginger and immediately went to look at our new nest .
   When we approached him to see the new two-story red stone cottage with garazhm and because they were the masters of the door to see a box with numbers, and I typed the code. It's a miracle, the door opened, we went inside and a large kitchen with a huge window to see holodidnik, electric stove with oven, dishwasher, washing machine and microwave. Women see the house, I went with the sons of the garage and having estimated its dimensions understood that it will enter not only our Xenia Ford and Auburn with a sidecar. Our happiness knew no bounds, and the next day began to carry valuables in it, but something is left, we were not going to part with him .
   In the new house to live without knowing the grief and headaches, enjoying life, soon NADI fats-two letters of a single e-mail sent to the President Nick Douglas to the White House by the family thanked him for his valuable gifts and asked to take a gift to me from the State Customs diamond stones, the second wrote Uncle Joe thanked him for Bityug with a sidecar, and reminding him of his visit to a farm in the near future if it does not so loaded with work that had it on the roof .
   Three days later received an email from the White House where the President, on behalf of Nick Douglas thanked me for a valuable gift, jewelers professionals find it difficult to estimate its even hundreds of billions of dollars, a few diamond stones give a museum of Astronautics in Houston, half will mail me for three days .
   I immediately gathered the whole family and tabled diamond stones the size of a pigeon's egg, which has allowed us to take Captain Cleo career with Blue Crystals and when my relatives saw them on the table all opened their mouths with astonishment, and his wife said that prices advanced on the table good for a couple of billion dollars. When I raskazal them that these stones brought thirty times, and half will mail me, they could not believe, but then showed them a letter from the White House, all told me that I did the right thing, and half of it will be enough for future.life.
   Surprisingly for me, my Masha left us and went to our bedroom, she soon returned with a box, opened it, and we saw exactly the same color score, the battle extraordinary purity of a diamond only smaller of those who brought with An-Proxima. The similarity of the diamonds were porazitlnoe and I even thought to myself, could the leader of the Mars ancestors long ago came to the Earth in a spaceship and left to live. During his stay in the lake blue Qasim where I took a course of recovery of physical health of the male pin Venus told me in a hut on the native tribes that live Imangu here since time immemorial, that's just a pity not to know how they got here. Maybe those who came brought with them not only diamonds but also animals. And I even thought that they came from the approximation. Of course I did not share my thoughts with my wife about what I was saying in a tent Venus exposure, due to troubles and said: "My dear Mary, diamonds striking similarities, but I think in Brazil is produced just like that. But in any case, the diamond you are kept separate He brings us good luck and I think will bring more. "
   "I agree, my favorite, we will be stored separately, we have another problem, find smartest favorite sons' wives," said Maria kissing me .
   Three days later I was called by Secretary to the President Mr. Ronald Dzhinker from the White House and asked me to be at home all day tomorrow as I will send a valuable cargo in the preparation that I need to attend and sign it. At the same time, on behalf of the President Nick Douglas again thanked me for the valuable donation for the benefit of our country. I promised to be home all day and make a valuable cargo in the presence of those who deliver it, and my family, thanked, said goodbye and immediately reported to my mother, wife and children that tomorrow will bring me diamonds. Everyone was shocked, about twenty kilos of diamonds on hundreds of billions of dollars will be retained by us .
   The next day at two in the afternoon to our house drove armored limousine, three armed with machine guns wearing camouflage strong guys came out, my whole family greeted them, they have introduced themselves, I have shown a degree of cosmic traveler. They looked at him, I was asked to bring a silver horseshoe, a special device circled around and saw on the screen have data to a PC, I gave three sealed plastic package with a total weight of nineteen kilogram. I signed the paper, and then the electronic pen on the screen of the device, the guards thanked me, I have them, they got into the car and sped away. My children took the packages brought into the house, put them on the bed and with a sharp knife cut durable plastic on one of them, took off and saw a decent sized green boxes are made out of a composite material with a lid with numbers. I typed the code passed me by Mr. Ronald Dzhinkerom lid open and in front of us in all its glory appeared blue crystals of extraordinary purity of diamond. Some were as apple velechiny with goose, chicken and pigeon's egg. We all took them in his hands, looked at from all sides, and having taken all the wealth Masha eyes said softly: "Victor, then these diamonds in the three hundred billion dollars on contemporary prices, maybe more. Mom, it's so much in one box and the three of them. Let's see that in two !?"...............................................................................
   We're not wasting your time uncovered three boxes in them as in the first lay blue-al thanked extraordinary purity ranging from the big apple to an egg, my well-on, mom, sons of an hour going over them and admired the unearthly beauty. Yes, indeed, because they were brought to me from the planet approximation. Then my wife, joyfully and happily walked up to me, kissed and said loudly: "Victor, I'm sorry, we were wrong that so reluctant to let you in such a long journey. Mom, we have nothing resisted his visit Victor so younger, stronger health, he loves me so much, brought a lot of memories and wealth, we need to wash it."..............................................
   Immediately my wife and I took my mother to sculpt dumplings, put on the table, champagne, Stolichnaya, prepare snacks and say until midnight celebrated halts wealth. In order not to attract attention decided to keep quiet and turn them into money to invest in a profitable venture, but in a think about it later .
   A week later I got a letter from Uncle Joe in it he wrote: "Dear Victor, Hero of the Cosmos, glad to see you and your lovely family on our farm in any free time for you to look forward to firmly shake your hand, your Uncle Joe.".........................................................................................
   After reading the letter of invitation to visit the farm of Uncle Joe he shared with his mother, his wife and sons, they agreed with me and decided to go the whole family in the near future but soon the trip had to be postponed for a month. The fact that we, as the most famous people on the planet after traveling approximation appeared in sight of people, all of us immediately gathered together identified the special plane, and within three weeks, spread all over the world visiting the capital city. Since aliens have not flown the commander of the rocket plane "Space Explorers" Captain Cleo, his assistants Montt, Steer, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crewe, Dr. Moon and the young man discovered the planet Arost joined us. We were very happy to see again and I say apparently, they have not changed, the same young, cheerful and carefree smile on his face. As was the height of summer and the heat at this time was on all continents, we were lightly dressed, the men in colored shirts with short sleeves, shorts and sandals with socks on his feet, women in colored sleeveless blouses, skirts just below the knee, and stockings shoes with a low heel. The journey began in Houston, first flew to the capital of the world in New York, in Montreal, visited London from a train under the English Channel off the Eternal Rome, flew by plane to Madrid and then by train to Lisbon raced from his Berlin to Athens by plane Jerusalem, Istanbul, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, flew to Sydney, then to Cape Town to Cairo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Panama, Mexico City, Los Angeles and ended in Miami . We were all taken to a luxury hotel and the Ramada during a banquet after a brief speech of individual participants traveling aliens gave the word, they expressed their admiration pinned down historic towns but admitted that the chaos and many kilometers of traffic jams in the capital of Russia, Moscow and New York's crowded with hundreds of thousands of carts, horse-drawn carriages and riders shook them to the core, but the deep impression left by them on the backs of elephants who ride people .
   Finally, with a brief speech by the commander of the ship "Space Explorers" Cleo "Dear and dear citizens and citizen, ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for the journey given to us, we visited your ancient history and modern city, we were amazed not only by their architecture and chaos reigns on the roads and streets. I must admit to a restructuring of our city began a hundred years ago we had even worse than you-by zagozovannosti many of our people went to the masks, the disease reduces life and we decided to change our attitude towards the private car, to the our way of life. We can not easily it was given, we were arguing and disputing projects was born the truth, but rather common sense. I think you've seen the world, many of our cities without the chaos on the roads, even in the absence of people in the private use of cars, transoporta enough, especially buses on which our citizens do not just get from point A to point B and travel. But that's not as bad as you say "in the crowded but not mad," we focus on your products supply- we took on the analysis of meat, fish dairy products, fruits, vegetables, berries, drinks, they have a lot of harmful to the human body chemical additives, colorants, and I will tell you this is what the great levels of air pollution and car exhaust pipes industry. We were just like you, even worse as I said before people went to the car-masks the enemy of man and nature. I believe that you eventually decide to rebuild your cities plan their units and for making roads safe and without many kilometers of traffic jams. In general, you are smart and talented people, we say thank you dear and dear men and women were on the planet for the contribution who made a change in our lives, it became brighter, more beautiful wonder how you say thank you very much. It is not well in your state-tepreimnom home but we need to fly our week later the ship "Space Explorers" starts 4 o'clock in the afternoon on our planet approximation. We do not say goodbye, see you soon Dear Earthlings, maybe next time you arrive to us on its m-rocket planes, we reserve the map with the.route."....................................................................
   Everyone who was in the hall apploaded, all of us who have traveled with them insert sewn to say goodbye, we approached our fellow aliens firmly shook hands and not hiding sadness of parting thanks for the flight they gave us, want imschastlivogo flight and promised to come to the observation site on the day of the start to wave goodbye. The commander of the rocket plane "Space Explorers" Captain Cleo, his assistants Montt, Steer, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crewe, Dr. Moon and the young man discovered the planet Arost looked at us, shook hands and each said: "Dear and dear men and women, Thank you, people on our planet, and we will always remember you, goodbye."..............................................................................................................
   "Goodbye, dear friends, on our planet and we will pomnt you," said one of us and waved to each other went to the door, I was so sad that not resist and shed bitter tears men. I said goodbye to the ladies and gentlemen, and promised that all will arrive on August 14 the last time to see the distance and alien wave to them and uletaeschemu ship in deep space. Arriving in New York mother, wife and sons met me after a 23 day absence, we hugged, kissed and went to the parking lot where we waited for the Red, we got into the carriage and went home. In general a one-way highway, along with cars, trucks and buses ran drawn by trotting horses in carriages, wagons, stagecoaches, galloping riders, cyclists raced. Othav twenty kilometers from the picture has changed somewhat, standing at the side of cars that ran out of charge in the battery. To help them to tow has raced Bityug, the most reliable mode of transport, grooms hitched cars and dragged to the charging station. That's because as soon as we have a Red with a sidecar we are not left on our blue Ford did not want to risk it halfway to the house to stop because of the lack of gasoline or gas in the tank half-mixed with water (condensate was 50% by volume).
   By the way, I told my mother, wife and sons about their journey with my friends
  and aliens around the globe and last meeting with them at the Ramada. When we got home a festive feast for our meeting, and until midnight showing of the movie filmed in the cities visited by. On my drive was shot at least thirty hours of observations, so that the show was moved to the following evening. Before going to bed, I looked at all said, "My dear dear mommy, little wife and his sons, August 13, I flew to Florida on August 14 in 4 days 00 spacecraft" Space Explorers "aliens launched from Baikonur, I think to fly one I do not want tomorrow will decide who will be the company, and now good night, sleep on it.".....................................................................
   "Good night and pleasant dreams mom, dad and grandmother," we wanted the children and went to his bedroom to sleep .
   The next day, in the evening, we decided to go with me that the children stand for several hours in the scorching Florida sun at about 40, my wife did not survive even under an umbrella, he immediately booked tickets to Miami and I as a hero of the Cosmos has been denied, the truth , not three but only two. Flying on airplanes because of the energy crisis was allowed only a few times a year and for a very urgent matter, a funeral, a wedding, treatment and collective leisure. Go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Miami in the casino can only own transport, by car, bicycle or horse. But as with gasoline, gas tight, and it was released under the limit, and electric batteries and their charging all got along fabulously expensive and on the road charges is not further 50-70 kilometers and then three times a week, no one dared to go .
   My children were upset and they cast lots, luck fell to Alex and I wrote his name. Sam agreed, mother and wife approved, do not fly into space and on to Florida and assured me that the return to prepare everything necessary for puteschestviya in a wheelchair to Uncle Joe, who had to be postponed because of the tour around the world with aliens for big cities and capitals. August 13 morning in a carriage drawn by Ginger sent to New York, and we managed to Sam-I, my mother, my wife Mary and Alex admired the scenery and discussed future trip to Uncle Joe and what gifts to bring. I will not paint the full as we arrived in Miami, met there with my friends and when we all gathered helicopters delivered to the observation deck. With two to four hours at 40 heat in the scorching sun, the truth under the tent, waiting for the start of "Space Explorers". Everything turned out well and executives responsible for the launch of the spacecraft have allowed us to stay in the most acceptable proximity from the launch pad, but it was so far away from the rocket that we only binoculars could see the blue buses driving up aliens travelers commander Captain Cleo, his assistants, Dr. Moon and discovered the planet Arosta catching television signals. At precisely 4 pm moved farm fire flames erupted from the engine and half a kilometer height the rocket covered diamond grit is in the rays of the golden sun played, sparkling and iridescent gradually pulled away from the steel plate and steadily picking up speed rushed up after 60 seconds it on an altitude of about 4000 km into a fiery point .
   We waved after flying away from the rocket is in it with our friends who have spent more than a decade wishing them a happy flight, my heart skip a beat quickened the beat like a hammer. With heavy feelings we left the spaceport, we were taken by helicopter to the Miami Airport, I said goodbye to my friends and Alex flew to New York. I will say we flew back empty-handed, my Alex picked up a movie camera and filmed all the fun of the appearance of buses with aliens to the disappearance of a rocket in space. Returned safely to New York entered the waiting room, we were greeted mother, his wife Maria and son Sam, we kissed on the joy and happy went to the parking lot where we waited with Red stroller. I patted him on the muzzle and quiet prizns: "Red, a week off on a long journey, do not let me down."..................................................
   Trotter seemed to understand me shook his head and guffawed. We sat in the carriage and drove onto the freeway rushed to our suburbs, I looked at the speedometer and gasped-Auburn raced 60 kilometers per hour. At 10 pm we were sitting at the holiday table, and on the big screen TV watched the start of the spacecraft "Space Explorers" with aliens on board. At midnight, went to sleep and the next day at 11 pm called Uncle Joe, just at this time that he dined and heard my call picked up the phone: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, good evening, Victor Smith is calling you, the one you and President Nick Douglas presented the Silver Horseshoe and her pram-trotter Bityug Ginger, thank you very much. I want to say good hardy horse, if he had not lost that much. Remember, more than a month ago, I called you on the occasion of a trip to your farm, do you have the time to take us five guests, "I said and stood waiting for a response .
   "Mr. Victor, Hero of the Cosmos, good evening, just say, come, wait a Noether-singing, we have a big family and you do not have to get bored, every day for you to be but howling-discovery, one condition, bring along your film about journey to the planet, see you soon on our farm and wish you a happy trip, hello family, "I heard .
   "Thank you, Mr. Uncle Joe, ten days will try to come to you, but with a mandatory film will give you a copy, greetings to your family, see you soon," I said happily and smiled.
   "My lovely and dear mother, Mary, Sam and Alex, a couple of days off to Uncle Sam, he is waiting for us, collect the most valuable gifts, do not need much, buy everything in place, which hwould not have been strong Auburn but we five people nutritious fodder, energy-matic swipes and much more, the total weight of not less than half a ton if not more, "prog-reel and I looked at them.
   Upon hearing that Uncle Joe's happy to see us and we're going on a long journey in a carriage drawn by Ginger all were delighted and began to collect the gifts. And then I remembered the airplane Cessna Mustang 7 Stone got lost on the farm. Without hesitation, I turned on the computer, HP laptop, scored Plane crash Cessna Mustang 7 20Avgusta 2074 and tutzhe tumbled mountain of information. After reading a brief text, I realized the plane disappeared without a trace, the search stopped at the end of November 2074 in connection with the onset of cold snowy winter, in the summer they have resumed but to no avail, and since there was no hope of finding it in snowdrifts in December 2075 completely stopped. And then in my head the idea to try to put on a farm to find the wreckage of the plane with my binoculars, radar brought from distant approximation given to me by a respected captain Clay. I will say, this is a unique device the size of our field glasses powered by electric batteries and need only bring it to a metal object of any size has reflected both the electromagnetic waves on the lens distance is indicated in the sagas, one of the sagas is approximately two feet. If the battery does not include the device is a pair of binoculars with a real hundredfold increase. Without saying a word to anyone about his intention to look for the missing plane I put the binoculars radar in a suitcase and whispered to himself: "If you do, the missing Cessna, was on the farm from me, or rather from my binoculars, radar not."........................................................................................................................
   Three days later, I, my mother, my wife and two sons in a buoyant good mood moved to visit the world-famous farmer in the carriage drawn by Chestnut Bityug donated by President Nick Douglas and Uncle Joe to heroes of space travel to other distant Planet Approxima.
   You just imagine the path length of about 3,500 km with stops, we have overcome one week. I made a clear timetable and stick to it: from 6 to 9 drove an hour rest, from 10 to 13 over the road from the hours of rest at the same time, we ate thoroughly and correspondingly fed our horse Chestnut. From 14 to 17 race resumed with an hour smoke break, our glorious Bityug fed, watered but everything in moderation as advised by Mr. John every morning and every night before you put the horse in the stall gave him a five-kilogram cake nutritious fodder and two-liter canister with water energy swill -Just a bucket. Before each trip gave one briquette nutritious fodder five kilograms and energy swill two liters of water with the addition of no more than 10 liters are enough while driving only a hundred and fifty kilometers to Auburn by weight was measure the severity of an extra difficult race, with every three hours given hour rest. The last stage of the day from 18 to 21 was the fastest-evening, cool and our Ginger expected from 21 hours to 6 am major holidays, nutritious fodder and watering with the energy swill. It turns 12:00 and raced as much time resting.
   I must say, with feeds Bityug grown on horse-breeding farm of Uncle Joe Sold Americans no problems, because in all cities and towns throughout the United States, in a variety of stores sell special nutritious diet and energetic solution swipes, after drinking which Bityug receives huge dose of energy,. However, all this is good money, but they do not spend it on fun to race with the wind in an open carriage. I tell you these carriages Bityug like our Rufus, the country is not so much a rarity, and when we approached the settlements that people with curiosity and envy looking at us, took pictures and asked where we purchased a luxury stroller. We met a demon-trickiest it is a gift of our dear President Nick Douglas and Uncle Joe. Upon hearing the name of this world-renowned farmer all were delighted and it was for that all-fed meat and fish fillets beefsteaks.
   I must say as soon as we went on a long journey in his wheelchair
  held a two-day supply of forage and energy for our Ginger liquor as this special food is sold only in big cities. Sometimes our schedule of breaks because of the night-the fact that the Horse Hotels were not everywhere, again in large cities, could not have our Bityug rushing gallop twelve hours a day to rest standing. At Horse Hotels there were all services, separate horse room, fresh litter of mild imported Chinese baby resembled straw Bumpers. If the horse urinated liquid seeped under the straw and litter dry. On the backside Bityug, and indeed any horse or horse day and night hung a collector of waste without it the owner of horse received ticket-a huge fine of three thousand dollars. The fact is that on the roads and highways of the country horses with carts, hauling Bityug for a multi-ton trailers and riders there were an immense crowd, at long journeys by car no one went because of excessive high prices of fuel and its many days of absence. Bityug such as our grown on the farm of Uncle Joe were few horses and other breeds and colors there were millions. So imagine what will be on the roads if the horse does not hang back a collector. In the evenings, when the owners of the horses passed the waste collectors in the collection point without a gas mask had nothing to do, the stench was unbearable: the people themselves have tried to dump waste into the tray and rinse the collector to save three hundred dollars. Who had the extra money, it was easier to drive you give three hundred dollars in cash and immediately get a brand new China horse collector. I do not know true or not but I read on the Internet (paper products ceased to exist in 2066) that China is now on the roads of the country and working in the countryside three hundred million horses, oxen, donkeys, mules, including hundreds of thousands of elephants. India has set a record for all works including transport half a million tourists elephants. Our country has set a record for every three Americans is one horse, they number 170 million. So imagine if fifty million trotters and Bityugs will defecate on the road. But horses are allowed to urinate and imagine no stench and dampness, urine is absorbed into the coating or evaporate, although this rule does not apply to the onset of frost in the winter, the surface is covered with ice, and turns into a skating rink. Therefore, attached to the stomach urine collector of Chine produce and that during the ride it does not interfere with the horse drove mares rider or the rider removes his urine drains into a plastic canister and removed from it in special drain points and washed their capacity. As for the urine collector at 0 * C and below, it should hang on his stomach during the day and night otherwise face a fine of one thousand.dollars. After seven days journey on 27 August, 2086 we arrived at the fenced by barbed wire farm, at the entrance at the metal gate we were met by guards dress-nicks. Three strong guardians with a mask on his face in camouflage with guns ready to shoot at any time we were met, we greeted each other amicably and immediately gave them a paper with an invitation from Uncle Joe. One of them is looking at it immediately got in touch with Uncle Joe and making sure that we really came to visit him before you open the metal gates looked at us and said politely: "Ladies and gentlemen, please get out of the wheelchair and walk in stone extension, you should Guests sign a register and get a badge that you should not leave before the end of your stay on the farm. When leaving the farm you rented badge, painted and available in the event of loss of the medal you should immediately call in 1357, and to explain the reason, but you will get another pay a fine of $ 1 000, with no token you do not travel outside the protected zones are of national importance. Close to the borders of private property is not to approach, especially the danger of stepping on the strip, invisible to you Marines can shoot without warning. In order not to bore you here you instructions and read for fun in their free leisure time. You have to remember this is not a whim of Uncle Joe and the State Security Service to combat competitors and terrorists.".........................................
   We said nothing, put the instructions on the seat, out of the silence of our carriage and passed a stone outbuilding at the table with the PC was sitting a young blue-eyed infantry in camouflage uniforms, he looked at us, smiled, we exchanged by greetings and said softly "Ladies and gentlemen, your I D, my name is Mr. Roger Lorik."..........................................................................
   I and my companions got identity cards, infantryman carefully looked at them, checked the photos from our faces, he brought the data to a PC, and gave us each tokens, they resembled the clock and wore on hand and that we should wear while we stay on the Uncle Joe's farm. .
   We put tokens on the hands, Mr. Roger Lorik looked at us, smiled and said, "Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the farm of Uncle Joe, please do not lose tokens and constantly worn on the hand in order to avoid trouble."........................................................................................................
   Thanking him for a greeting, we went to the open door and turned on the farm of Uncle Joe, our trotter Chestnut with a carriage was waiting for us, we got into it, and having flown at least ten miles of concrete road among fields finally entered the garden with fruit trees in the depths of which the huge three-story house nestled/ it was lined with pink Italian marble, on the roof stretched flower garden with colorful flowers and roses all over it and walked the men and women in white coats .
   We stopped near a pond in the middle of which a fountain beat you on the seven-meter-cell, white water swimming swans and geese. Tall man in a white shirt and blue jeans with a smile on his face approached to us and exchanged greetings, he said softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, there is a laboratory, I'll show you the way to the house of Uncle Joe, he is not far," he sat near me and we rushed right on a narrow track on the unusual wheat field. I thought at first it was a cornfield but when looked closer recognize ears of wheat full of grains which reached the human growth. Passing the field we saw the apple orchard, and in the depths of his small pond with a fountain, with geese, swans and ducks decent size two storied house of red bricks baked with Italian windows with shutters and four pitched slope of roof covered with blue synthetic sheets. At the door stood a tall brown strongly built man youthful kind but with gray shoulder-length wavy hair, purple shirt, dark trousers and sandals on his bare feet .
   Seeing us, six persons in a carriage, Uncle Joe, with a smile on the full with a magnificent blush-red face rushed to meet guests, we exchanged greetings, were kissing, embracing, I introduced him to my family. He looked at us in surprise waved by his head and said softly: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, just unbelievable that you dare to go to me for two thousand miles by such extraordinary way, in a carriage with my Bityug Chestnut".........................................................................................
   "Dear Mr Joe, if not your Bityug with a stroller, we would not have come to you, you yourself know that at such a distance no one in our time do not dare to go to the pu-teshestvie by car. Imagine your Bityug Auburn in some areas under the slope literally flew at a speed of 70 km per hour on level 50 km, "I said .
   Uncle Joe was smiling, he was pleased that brought a hardy breed Bityug, is reached by the red-haired, stroked the muzzle and turning to us said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I ask the house, standing in the sun is hot, take a shower and to the table, You Mr. Tony unharnessed the horse and take in the field, let him walk."..........................................................................................
   We took our suitcases with clothes, gifts and headed for Uncle Joe, met us at the threshold of its charming petite wife Jane and seven heroes-adult sons to become a dad, their wives, children, grandchildren, two cute young maid sisters Slavic appearance with smiles faces, we exchanged greetings, and became acquainted went inside. On the ground floor of Uncle Joe made an explanation: "Our distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, you are the way you have half an hour to change and freshen up at four come down at the table, today, I am at your service until midnight, I want to not only talk but also see with your family your films about life on the planet approximation, especially I'm interested in agriculture and labours may have something different from us, our charming and kind maid, Gloria and Irene escort you to your room."...........................................
   "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, thank you very much for your request, I will review and show you the most interesting moments of the life of aliens, exactly four o'clock in the hall will be, thank you for the invitation," I said, we shook hands and parted. The owner came out of the house and our lovely maid, Gloria and Irene bowed to Uncle Joe took us to the second floor. After going down the hall to the third door Irene came into the room with his mother, Gloria opened me with his wife Masha next door and we went into a large bright room with a window overlooking the garden and a wooden king-size beds. Bowing Gloria said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, this is your bedroom, it has a bathroom, you're off the road, you have half an hour to change and freshen up at four come down at the table, I leave to the meeting in the hall, I need to show room for young people. "
   Gloria bowed and his sons out of the bedroom and we have started to lay out things. We had half an hour, and without losing time to go to the shower, cleaned up, dressed up, and I took the disc with the movie with my wife Masha left the room, and before descending into the hall looked into the room of children and mothers. All were assembled and we festively dressed went to the hall, the door greeted us with a smile, hostess Miss Jane in a blue dress, long held to the table and sat in the middle of. During the whole working air conditioner in the hall I felt fresh coolness on the big table there were bottles of homemade wine, champagne, cooked beef, pork/mutton, vegetables, fruit, apple pies, drinks, juices, in crystal vases vivid bright flowers, roses, and the fun began. We drank, ate, talked on the big screen all saw our film as we are from New York in a stroller rushing on the freeway clogged with carts, carriages, horsemen, dragged Bityug tank trailers with containers, buses with tourists across the carts like those in which the pioneers of the seventeenth century mastered, conquered Wild West, as our Auburn overtook them, and those with undisguised envy watching us racing at a breakneck pace.
   After watching the film Uncle Joe shared with us his thoughts about the future, "Dear guests, I tell you frankly in the recent time, many millions of Americans Bityug will be available in due time at the dawn of avtomobilestro-eniya Ford's Model T off the assembly line in millions , but then, I note that a living being grown much more slowly than the stamped piece of metal but the experience I bring to other farmers so now, not only in my farm and thousands of other Bityug grown on my techniques and I think they will be even stronger and sturdier, more importantly what we have achieved in the cultivation of grain that are not affected by weather conditions, corn and other grains have been growing even in the tundra, and most importantly, we fed people and feed livestock, poultry and Bityug and they will replace the cars."...................
   I looked at Uncle Joe, all those present and said: "Dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, I entirely agree with the idea of genius breeder soon hundreds of millions Bityug fill American roads and produce the next revolution in the ways of overcoming the problem of man that he himself has created and technical progress for ourselves, thank you Uncle Joe. Honestly, if it were not for your discovery is not known which way to go with what we have faced and that was with us, you Dalli chance to survive the people, thank you."..............................................................................................
   I pulled out the tape and showed fragments of the photographed film about life on the planet approximation, Uncle Joe and his family stared at the screen, they are interested in the city and especially the twenty millionth capital Brolin with interchanges and skyscrapers, apartment dwellers, and when the city changed with farm all fell silent and were surprised to see people manually collected ordinary apples, tomato, general fruits and vegetables, the usual cows, bulls, sheep grazing in the meadow .
   When the film ended Uncle Joe looked at me and asked: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith had worked on my farm so many people on the farm where respected chief agronomist Sambif works I would be ruined in the first year. Of course, I've seen them quite technique but to milk the cows by hand and do not hurry to pick berries, fruits, vegetables and grapes. Where does this Sambif take money? "
   "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe and your loved ones, frankly, have the country's people live without money, come into the store and take it to your liking clothes, shoes, in the dining room eating what you want on the menu, you can order the apartments with all necessary for normal their concept of modern life without cars, banks, bandits and robbers. On each farm, construction directed to help people build houses and harvest and say everything with a great desire to go where they go. We were so pleased with life on the farm did not want to leave but has scheduled another group heading. In short, people live for fun, the money does not pay but with extraordinary zeal sitting at home or in offices come up and immediately implement their ideas. Each of them is given by you to create all the best life, abundance. But they have no envy and greed, no cars and no need to, and boarded the bus without any problems, sitting in an armchair while enjoying the outside world for a short period of time without the headaches get from point A to point B. In the city Only lights on the front of buses and that move and enter the block trucks carrying food, furniture, and electronics for the apartments.
   We crossed the city by bus from one end of a length of 50 km without a single stop for 20 minutes, with the usual stops for an hour and forty minutes and one hour fifteen Express. Ska-ju, the people in the country live without problems, exactly one hundred years, and that's where the so happy life ends, a person comes to the medical office and did not even know he had it disconnected -one sweet sleep and go to the other world. Of course, in our country people do not agree to live like that, everyone wants to have a luxury apartment with two, three bathrooms, furniture, carpets, a library, a modern car, boat, airplane, and many, many millions of dollars in the account. And they have a modest request-only all that is needed for a normal life, with regard to travel, go where you want or bus, aircraft, there are no trains, ships, only huge submarines for a few thousand people, their strong ocean storms, waves rise 40 meters and no ship can stand them. With submarine everything easier, in the case of a storm, it goes under the water and swims toward the goal. Tomorrow I will show you a film about our trip in their ocean terrible as we were in the storm, we rushed to the wave height of twenty meters, although at this time we were at the observation platform protected on all sides by bulletproof glass. These giant waves swept wall to us, engulfed completely undermines the boat, but it made of heavy-duty materials safely was sailing down plunging depth to the level of 100 meters. As the captain said Dorkis below this mark live marine fish giant swords Inkor, their weight near two hundred tons and reach speeds under water up to 50 km per hour. Seeing alien creature stranded on their territory, thick-headed fish Heron with blue skin blur rum exceeding Inkor they boldly pounce on it, and his sharp nose-term length of five meters and strong as steel try cut dull face of the enemy, and then make a few turns around the axis and thus increases the wound of enemy wasps and all the flock eat fish Heron. Our captain told us about high-com as meat and brown eggs of the fish-catching monster Inkor and their U-boats of cruisers and moreover, everything is very simple. You will not believe the dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, but let me fishermen and ichthyologist Mr. Glenn conic of the Oxford Institute for them to go to catch Inkor Grozny ocean .
   Once on the dock we were greeted two teams of fishermen led by captains, all of medium height, youthful in appearance. Janika submarine on which we sail commanded by a respected captain Ger, the second submarine Captain Adele ran Nicene, the crew consisted of seven people. We, on the diverging the smiles on their faces, exchanged greetings and captain Ger having taken our eye from head to toe, said: "Dear Victor and Glenn, welcome to our Janik, we sail to catch Inkor, as you can see the ocean sail on two underwater fishing cruisers. The fact that our hunt for the cruiser and cruiser captain Inkor Nicene Adele pulls them to the bank, because he no longer our twice and reaches a length of 300 meters, is now behind me."......................................................
   Ger Captain and his crew headed for the jetty to the submarine, and Mr. Glenn, I followed him, soon we saw protruding from the water white cabin with an open hatch. Moved up the ladder on the blue shell, its length was at least two hundred meters, the captain climbed through the hatch into the cruiser and passed two compartments were in a spacious captain's cabin with light equipment and three huge flat screens, one of them I saw our sailors, each of them took their places on their screen to see me, Captain Glenn and Hera .
   "Dear Victor and Glenn, ask to sit in a chair and look at the screens, seven minutes later we sail, pasture Inkor in three hours of swimming, 300 Sirk (150 miles). Today, the weather is calm, no big waves and we sail on the surface, then go down to a depth of 250 Sagov (500 feet) and most starts intersnoe, "said the captain Ger and pressed the blue button. On the third screen, I saw the cabin cruiser Adele and sitting in a comfortable chair Nicene captain, on his screen, he saw us in our cabin. They exchanged preparation for swimming and having received from the Nicene full readiness cruiser our captain Ger pressed the button and the screen to see the calm surface of the ocean, small waves rolled on the body. I felt a slight jolt, our cruiser slowly floated into the vastness of the ocean Grozny. During three hours of sailing we enjoyed not only the above-water and underwater world, and how it explained the captain Ger because that durable cable length is reached mile fell ball with telephoto lenses and circular floodlights, images transmitted on the television screen, and we enjoyed the rich marine flora and fauna at different levels and at the bottom. As in our seas and oceans, all kinds of fish swim from the small predatory sharks to seahorses, where were relatively small depth from the bottom up all kinds of stretched green algae with colorful flowers of all colors. I've often wondered how people, animals, vegetation, generally all have a striking resemblance to that of our earth .
   Suddenly, another big screen we saw a giant blue fish with long white noses and heard the voice of our captain Gera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser approached habitats Inkor, will soon be lowered, admire how quickly they frolicking on the surface. The fact Inkor that emerge from time to time to get rid of excess water and collect a portion of the fresh air. On the surface, they are extremely careful and it is impossible to approach them, otherwise we would have hunted for Inkor under water state."................................................................................................................................
   I will say a few blue Inkor despite their huge weight of 150-250 tons swam with a minimum speed of 60-70 miles per hour, they like to float in the air but special-but dive out water. Imagine, almost vertically, with a slight slope, half of flies on the surface of the carcass length of 150 to 200 feet and arch gently lowered into the water, smiling waving its tail width of at least 30-40 feet impression view . But when he saw our submarine cruisers on the ocean surface, they immediately plunged into the water. At this time on the other screen we saw under water several Inkor captain Ger looking at us said softly: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser plunges, we sailed in a pasture Inkor, frankly no one even knows about its size, it stretches Several thousand Sirk (miles) and the number of these monsters with a delicious tender meat and caviar. It can be eaten raw, salt people add the spices, fried, boiled and steamed, unmatched taste delicacy. But also in each several tons of brown cabiar, experts in process technology they invented it and when it is ready to use many. In the past, to a new way of life, it just ate our heads with their relatives, friends, billionaires, but most of the rest of the fish, caviar sent to Kasrania to get their money to buy their luxury cars, furniture and luxury. Now delicacies eat everyone and every year to catch up to 70 thousand Inkors, that is enough for everyone .
   Now pay attention to the screen, our instruments detected them, so they float to us, tell-fish mentally underdeveloped, see our cruiser take him for their traditional enemies-governmental Heron devouring eggs that spawn Inkor. These Gerona weighing up to 250 tons of live at a depth of 50-100 meters where shoals of fish swim but occasionally swim in hostile territory to eat caviar and often lose the battle.".....................................................................................................................................
   We looked at the screen and saw three Inkor in appearance each real swordfish, blue whales are larger than two times of the elongated head sticking out a long sharp needle. I will say, though we were in submarines of super mate-rials but at the sight of them mentally felt fear, if they are simultaneously at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour collide with our boat (Sideswipe) may be in big trouble.
   My thoughts were interrupted by the calm voice of the captain Gera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, this hour you will feel a slight jolt, our cruiser slowed to 3 per hour Sirk, stupid Inkor will attack us. Although they can and silly but our fishermen noticed the more the size of their eternal enemies of Gerona the more going Inkor Ataco vat them. And now you see on the screen, they will attack our submarine is thought that to them swam giant Heron. You might ask: "Why on-Inkor fall on cruiser, he's inanimate creature? "I will answer. When our submarine sank in the area of habitat and they noticed Inkor Janicki and we approach them with a circular camera Our harpooner on the right side of the body fat released their favorite Heron and they smelled flew to attack."
   I listened to the captain and stared at the big screen three-Incor were approaching us, followed by a jolt that I almost remained sitting in a chair, then a second and a third. No matter how strong was not hitting but our submarine Janika sustain them but the stupid Inkor left without a nose, and I would say without a muzzle. After the collision with the cruiser corp catfish is attached needle Inkor fracture into several pieces and muzzle themselves into a bloody mess, blind fish lost their orientation and helplessly floating near the body that produce the smell of favorite Gerona, without any attempt to sail away from this strange Gerona with a heavy-duty body ( housing). Because of the flow of blood flowing out of the water flushed disfigured heads .
   "Dear Victor and Glenn, hunting over three Inkor taken in tow, our cruiser emerges, peredam catch Captain Nicene and continue the hunt, now we need to catch nine Inkor now I will reveal the secret. On our cruiser on both sides of the body are located in nine embrasures at a certain distance from each other with a harpoon gun mounted. When silly Inkor beat in the board, break your face and lose our orientation Harpoon is following them with cameras and sonar selected each victim, press the button corresponding to the gun, open the cover loopholes, shot, harpoon penetrates the body Inkor and she is in our hands. We go up to the surface, it is necessary to transfer the catch, there we are waiting for Adele. You see on the screen Nicene captain, he smiles, good catch, but that the hunt is over, it is necessary to catch six Inkor , "said the captain Ger and smiled.
   We looked at the screen and saw the smiling captain Nicene, meanwhile our cruiser with three Inkor climbed up on the second screen, seen as a harpooner pulled up ropes to our huge cruiser Inkor without exerting any soprotiv-ment. Ten minutes later, our cruiser surfaced, all on the same screen we saw infinite-finite water surface of the ocean and the cruiser Adele. Transfer Inkor and preparing harpoons took at least an hour, as the harpooner on the case raised by the cruiser custom fishermen during fastening Inkor to Adele, they cut them with a decent piece of meat down into the cruiser immediately prepared delicacies and we enjoy them again on the orders of the captain Gera They resumed their descent to a depth to capture Inkor .
   I do not know what happened before but on this day the rate was performed caught 9-Inco-ries to which spent 12 hours in the words of the captain Gera some days fit into 15 or even B18 hours. Catching Inkor engaged and involved six teams of four cruisers. But as Inkor caught not only in Brolin and other coastal cities that were involved in a total of 60 teams and 40 submarines. Some teams were caught on 9 Inkor day but there were times when they could catch 6 and stormy days none at all. That's the story, dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen."....................................................
   The owner looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, in such Images, Leah meat, fish and eggs, not to mention the fruit and vegetables because they live quietly, happy and carefree. When this number of inhabitants speak more than 9 billion fish in the seas and oceans, and almost caught it more expensive meat three times. The one grown on my technology in ponds and reservoirs in a short time my rivals want to recognize as harmful to the human body. When you flew into space White Party fighting for clean air and the quality of meat products have the ban on the sale of bifshteksov, sausages and all semi-finished meat grown by my technology using harmful to human nutritional substance obtained after distillation neftevazelina and even found in their laboratories particles of oil. Of course, I was outraged, nearly twenty-five years in the world ate my products, no one was indignant, did not complain about his health and be harmful to you. Imagine a world few weeks ate only the products of my competitors, "Johnson and Benson" to develop another twenty years ago, the technology of production meat substitute based on the processing of sea algae with the addition of cereals and legumes. Their scientists have brought a new kind of algae growing by leaps and bounds, I guessed that they took advantage of my substance, but they are silent, and I, as their products are not I was no competition.
  . There were times when the very leaders Johnson and Benson offered me to create a single world monopoly company to earn hundreds of billions of dollars for pleasure but I do not agree and then they went on the offensive and won a temporary victory .
   Since my dear, charming and clever wife Jane had anticipated that mo-gut hard times come with fuel and replace mechanical horsepower come real live horse odnosilnye then offered me breeding horses do and I opted for the hardy Bityug-trotters can overcome Levan long distances with minimum consumption of forage. Ten years I have deduced not only a new breed, but the new nourishing fodder with an energy drink, and when White Party achieved sales ban bifshteksov, sausages and all semi-finished meat grown by my technology using harmful to human nutritional substance obtained after the distillation of crude oil (in fact, the energy friendly Vaseline) I did not think twice telephoned President Barry Sekidzhu about what happened, about collusion Johnson and Benson promote their product to the US market, and this may affect the mood of people and cause their discontent by eating low-calorie foods empty .
   President Barry Sekidzh listened to me and said: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, I will make every effort to rehabilitate your bright immaculate name and your product will once again be on the shelves and in the homes of citizens. I am aware of events tomorrow Ac-dumb to work independent Commission scientists for the study of your products obtained after the addition of the nutrient energy substance under the roots of plants, food, water. They were confused neftevazelin, but I will say now after oil obtained prerabotki alcohols that we drink, powder cosmetics. Can you imagine our ladies, Girls actually smeared lips oil lick them, we kiss and express admiration for a pleasant smell, taste and aroma. In short I am on your side, Mr. Joe and ask gastroenterologists objectively conduct tests of patients. I did almost thirty years eat your bifshteksami, meat, sausages, dairy products and know how healthy as an ox, I think a couple of weeks they will make the right conclude chenie, so do not worry, Mr. Uncle Joe."..........................................................................................................................
   "Mr. President Sekidzh Barry, I do not worry about it, I have to ask you another kind, you see what's going on with the car transpotom, he is experiencing hard times, we are beginning to choke the energy crisis, the car can stand up and not be able to deliver the goods to the destination, and the people themselves from point A to point B will get long, tedious and headaches. I wanted to let you came to my farm to look at my Bityug, tractors horses bred by me, over time, they can replace the car, eat a little and use a lot. However, they use me developed nutritious forage and energy swipes, " I..reported.
   Upon hearing the news of my horse, I extracted the tractor, and the President was a visionary, he immediately said: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, get ready, lie down in a week and love your horses, tractors and if required of me will render assistance immediately, see you soon, a day before the arrival'll call you."..................................................................................................................................................
   "Thank you Mr. President Barry Sekidzh for your support, see you," I said and smiled, knowing that the idea Johnson and Benson failed miserably. And sure enough, after a week in the country, a wave of demonstrations demanding to put on the shelves of natural bifshteksy, meat and dairy products and sausages instead of substitutes made from algae with the addition of cereals and legumes. Dear Mr Victor Smith, I'm the wife, the children saw on television mnogosottysyachnye demonstration with the slogans "Down with the meat counters erzatszameniteli Johnson, Benson," "Return our natural bifshteksy Uncle Joe," "Johnson, Benson America's enemies," "Johnson, Benson into the gas chamber or the electric chair, Uncle Joe, we love you, you're with us, "immediately burned effigies Johnson, Benson, swept loud curses at them and often overturned vans with company name. The independent commission of scientists for the study of my products, Vaseline dobyvavaemogo energy obtained after distillation of the nutrient substance and gastroenterologists started to work and after trhnedelngo study and test those who ate the products obtained on the basis of my technology concluded by sending it to the President Barry Sekidzhu, senators and congressmen, my meat and dairy products created on the basis of nutritional substances obtained after distillation energy neftevazelina not represent a threat to the human body. Immediately my lawyers mnogomillardny seized of the claim of "Johnson and Benson," won him an international court in The Hague, and I gave the money to fund "education for the poor"
   The people rejoiced, all hungry for natural bifshteksam as my proivodst-in did not stop, day or night, it posted accumulated billion bifshtek-owls on the shelves of the country at bargain prices, joyful and happy life returned to its former course. Meanwhile I waited for the arrival of President Mr. Barry Sekidzha and once the Commission has laid out his acquittal conclusion about my products he immediately called me: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, good evening, first of all congratulations on the victory, and secondly through the wait for me three days, fly to see your horses, tractors, with me will be a lot of people, I wish you and your family good health and success, see you soon on your farm.".............................................................................................................................................
   "Dear Mr. President Barry Sekidzh, good evening, very glad to hear your voice, and I thank you for your help, I'm acquitted, but the most important thing that you arrive on my farm, my family is looking forward to you. My horses, tractors ready for demonstration Thank you, wish you and your family good health, see you soon, your Uncle Joe." ................................................................
   I was overjoyed, he told his wife and sons on arrival to our President, and immediately began to prepare for the meeting. Our task is to present guests with a high-horse tractors, Barry Sekdzhem arrive correspondents of radio, television and Internet publications with their help people around the world see my new breed of hardy Bityug, have expressed interest in him and there will be buyers, respectively. The next day we are on our training ground with a tractor trailer pulled dvadtsatitonnymi containers and tanks on our Bityug mean billions of viewers will draw on a circular road. Near the road we mounted Stands open on which put the whole harness, fodder with nutritional supplements, energy swipes, our crews and carriages for driving the families of citizens in the event of a critical situation with fuel and stall our Bityug.
   After three days in his blue helicopter at 10 o'clock in the morning the warm sun came President Barry Sekidzh in a white suit, with his charming young belokuroyzhenoy Anna in a pink blouse and a brown leather skirt just below the knee, with advisers, followed by green helicopter flew three correspondents , broadcasters. I am with my family and employees met the guests, exchanged greetings and immediately presented horses, tractors, all black suit, massive, with strong legs, they look was impressive. Cameramen filmed them without stopping, my wife and sons their cameras, especially when the president came to the horses and stroked their faces hand. We then proceeded to the main and important point of this meeting, our bitugi alone with ease and pulled ten-trailers, paired dvadtsatitonnye Quartet and forty-ton container ships at a rate of up to twenty kilometers per hour for four hours without a break, food and liquor, so they It was endurance.
   In order for my guests were not bored and ensure endurance horses, whose tyaga- I suggested to the President Sekidzhu and his charming wife Anna to sit in the carriage on rubber wheels skonstrurovannuyu my sons. As it was drawn by my love, my handsome Bityug Auburn, my hope for the future from which I expected to bring a new breed of hardy trotters. The President agreed and with his wife, Anna sat on the soft seat. I climbed up on a calm and obluchok cry "Oh my Auburn, forward" pulled the reins and my trotter easily drove us, he soon began to run faster and five minutes later drove a full trot at a speed of not less than fifty kilometers chas.Tply wind ruffled long hair , whistling in the ears, sometimes looking back saw the happy face of the President, such a race he liked, and that meant a lot to me. If he approves the use of my plan and trotters Bityug in everyday life on the roads of the country is not only me but also many other farmers will start breeding new breeds and breeding of horses, and they will take a worthy place in our modern history and the life of the post-crisis to score key .
   Two hours rolled by our President, I konedromu and when he joyful, happy and a satisfied a swift race sprang from the carriage to the ground and roar for posmot-correspondents and TV with a smile on his face and sparkling eyes turned to him: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I very pleased that in our country is that people-Kie Mr. Uncle Joe, I say: we are not afraid no energy crisis, you have witnessed a couple of hours as we were racing at a speed of not less than fifty kilometers per hour. Please note, horses, tractors still tirelessly pulling trailers with dozens of tons of cargo. So, dear Uncle Joe to promote the introduction of our life, our life in the current difficult times, the position of fuel, I decided to make an order for the first thousand horses, tractors. But also I poravilsya trotter Auburn if a couple or four of the harness to the bus tourists enjoy wish to race on it with the breeze on the roads of our country and enjoy the sights of our beautiful city. Thank you. Dear Mr. Uncle Joe our visit is over, continue to work for the good of our country."................................................
   I looked at the standing VIPs, and said: "Dear Mr. President Barry Sekidzh, ladies and gentlemen, my family and I are happy to work for the good of the country, we are going through hard times with the fuel and therefore hardy trotters, Bityug will benefit America. I think the output More a strong, hardy and low-power forage horses due to the use of new energy liquor. You can see for yourself the ease with which the horses, tractors are still not free to roll and pull loads up to 10 tons per horsepower alive. You just imagine six tractors pull on the highway tank to 60 tons and now in the absence of you Mr. President Barry Sekidzh time I invite everyone in our garden under the apple snack, please follow me.".......................................................................................................................
   Guests amicably followed me in the garden tables laden with bifshteksov natural meat bulls reared on white clover, grape wine, juices, fruit and sweets. All were happy and after a hearty dinner thanking the hostess of tasty treats, saying goodbye to his wife, children, and those who took part in the demonstration of achievements of my guests went with me to the helicopter. Before you go to him I took off with the President, he shook my hand and said softly: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, thank you for your appointment, keep your selection of a new breed of horses, do not stop there, the country will need millions of trotters and Bityug and we shall overcome Energy crisis looming, do not forget the first thousand trucks booked. But I'll tell you a secret it would be nice if you take the withdrawal trotters like the Red, I really liked the ride, until a future meeting."...................................................
   "Mr. President Barry Sekidzh, I will consider your wish, the next time I have a ride in the stroller upgraded my children konstruriyut it. If everything goes well, we let us make their millions and represent Americans with the wind will be rolled out not only on the roads of America, but also for its proposal , see you soon."....................................................................................................................
   The President and I flew with my wife and with my synovmi undertook a new project no Zaba-wai feed people bifshteksami and meat and dairy products and imagine seven years have achieved a lot. After the next elections became president Nick Douglas, the former mayor of New York, the time came with heavy fuel, he became interested in the use of IP-horses in daily life and implement my dream. Two years ago, he was on his own example showed the Americans and the people of the world favor the use of horses in the world today with the current crisis situa-tion with oil. Nick Douglas first moved from car to stroller and mean billions of people drove rather sped it through the Washington specially allocated lane of road transport, however, I was a coachman, drove my trotter-Bityug Ginger. Exactly what I gave this to you on what drove across America getting to my farm.
   I must say in my wheelchair for four people designed my children and they also made the chain has been installed gearbox, mini gear and during horse races, I switched legs pedal that during the drive did not stop the hands to hold the reins, adjust the speed and thus could slow down movement jump, trot or Bityug unleash race .
   When we went back to the White House that President Nick Douglas addressed the nation: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, you've seen as I Uncle Joe rapidly, with the wind swept in a carriage drawn by a horse on a conventional Pennsylvania Avenue. I call on all people to their own an example of change from machines in the carriage, each one of you will have the personal use horse with a carriage designed and made by any master anywhere but passed technical inspection and the registration number will receive considerable privileges, you play all across the country leftmost lane assigned equestrian transport horse in all cases takes precedence over all modes of transport, nobody has the right to penalize the horse, and led even if he drank a mug of beer as Bityug sober and running the right way. All the passages, tunnels, bridges and parking are free, and it gives place most importantly Bityug owners are not taxed on the income, everyone can use it on your own. "
   And I'll say from the time the demand for horses has risen sharply among the wealthy people went mo da roll in carriages pulled by trotters and Bityug whole family. Now, tens of thousands of farmers engaged in cultivation of horses, their price falls, so much competition, automobile factories have switched to production of carriages, coaches, cabs, vans, light towers tourist and school buses. Harness horse pair, four of the top six or cling to them any moving vehicle with rubber tires and forth. I think our dear guests, today we had a good day of our meeting, now at midnight, good night, tomorrow polyubuyutes our farm, a rest, your guides will alternately charming sisters Gloria and Irene, our maids know more than we do, so you It will not be bored. In the evening get together again and you dear Mr Victor Smith, show and tell us something interesting life of the aliens, they are not born yesterday, as high technical achievements.".............................................................
   "Be sure, dear hospitable hosts, thank you for your hospitality, good night, tomorrow will continue, I have something to tell and show," I said. Mother, wife, sons, thanked the hosts and we went into our bedroom .
   I have to say, we slept soundly and carefree with the windows open, fresh air from the meadows and mountains, flying into our bedroom and I thought I got back to the planet approximation in the wellness center raspolozhivshiysyav mountains at an altitude of 3500 meters.
   The next morning we woke and no one we got up at 10 in the morning, refreshed in do-she, Masha went to wake up my mother, and I sons. In October 30 went down and saw the lovely Gloria, one of the two maids, we greeted each other and she asked us to go with her to the gazebo for breakfast. We are pleased to have agreed on time and breakfast Gloria happily told us: "Our dear guests, today I will be your guide to show you our sights as Uncle Joe and Miss Jane is very busy, come on drilling experts suggest that at a depth of 3200 feet found huge reserves of petroleum jelly nutritious, so for the next thirty or forty years, humanity has achieved the natural meat products. Today, we are not gonna get to the rig and to neftevazelinovomu field, Uncle Joe himself will show it to you. "
  "Dear Gloria, we will be glad to get acquainted with the sights with you, your presence creates a positive aura gives good mood and this is important," I said with a smile.
   I will say at the breakfast we were served scrambled eggs in butter, buns with poppy seeds, tea with cream and honey, we thanked her, and half an hour later went to the lake. It was very hot ipokupatsya on such a day is a pleasure. When we came to it they found on it everything for a pleasant swim, swimming, entertainment and recreation, boats, hammocks, garden chess, checkers, dominoes, playing cards and fishing rods. First we swam, sunbathed then, boating, fished, listened to music and played duraka.Tak we went for a long time that have taken a thermos with coffee, tea, homemade bifshteksy, sandwiches and two hours arranged dinner .
   The day we spent on the lake for fun and asked Gloria again tomorrow but she looked at us with a smile on his face said: "highly respect the guests, tomorrow you will visit the mountain river, my sister Irene and do not go on foot and in a wheelchair, she eg takes the food and have a picnic in the open air. And now we come back home, on the road-zag lyanem in orchard, naberm apples, pears, plums and cook compote and then after snakes-on you, Mr. Victor, tell us all about life on the planet approximation she have such an interesting and unusual, I like it."......................................................
   "Yes, their life is different from ours, it would live without money and extraordinary willingness to work, work hard, not only in service but also in the house, the charming Gloria," I said and went to the orchard, chopped off apples, pears, plums and went to home. When they returned were still at work, Irene in blue dress just below the knee met us, helped bring fruits and Gloria began cooking compote, make a salad. I wanted to treat them to their favorite dish and asked Irene to give us the beef, pork, mutton, flour, salt, egg, pepper and meat grinder, and received all necessary to take the whole family to make dumplings...........................................................................................................
   We're not finished sculpting Pelmo both returned from work the whole family, they have been busy day today, Uncle Joe and his wife Jane were present during the drilling of a new well, only in the evening received the first sample of Vaseline nutritious but lab results will only be known tomorrow. His seven sons and their wives were busy in the studio for the production of carriages and stables where grown tribal Bityug-trotters sample Ginger. Here on the farm was only thirty horses were taken from them and sent the sperm at the request of farmers polzuyuschusya grown so much in demand at the same time supplying them breed nutritious fodder and the energy that is produced swill is only here and they are just so Bityug bred trotters Uncle Joe.
   Seeing us for business as sculpt dumplings Miss Jane wondered what kind of small cakes we do, Mary smiled and said: "My dear Miss Jane, I do not know whether you'll like our meal, we make dumplings, try it, you say.".....................................................................................................................
   "Well, we do not mind, the more it all out of our natural meat, flour, do, eat, like if you give the recipe and method of preparation," said Miss Jane and went to change clothes.
   In short, we have done dumplings, Navara, arrange on plates, put on the table, and they all sat down to lunch. Of course, on the table were the steaks, seasonings, salads, homemade sandwiches, fruit, sweets and wine including Stolichnaya. We explained all that plmeni to eat with pepper, vinegar diluted, sour cream and butter. I'll tell ravioli with vodka liked our hosts and they asked recipe. As if in passing, I told everyone we, humans, being on the approximation farm chief agronomist Sambifa fed him and working dumplings and not only them but the steaks and sausages on which there had no idea. "Dear hosts, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the efforts agronomist Sambifa, Captain Cleo and Dr. Moon for the whole country on the television show as we did dumplings bifshteksy and sausage. People are interested in these new products and asked agronomists Sambifa start their production which are well spoken all who was on the farm and tried them on taste. Imagine on this farm have organized three workshops for the production of ravioli, steaks and sausages. I will say, meat, flour was not a problem, cut the most well-fed oxen, sheep, pigs, but at first did everything by hand, yet according to the drawings of our experts we produced electric meat grinder, press with the forms for the beating of steaks and shape for ravioli. On our farm caught people brought robots but they would not have coped with their responsibilities and their taken. But people coped first manually and then with mechanical devices made dumplings, sausages and steaks, refrigerators transported to the country and the people they come trying overjoyed. "
   Hearing how we impart taste bifshteksami aliens eat, sausage, Pelmo-nyami owners first were surprised as they had not occurred to him to do such meat delicacies and then were delighted that through us they enjoy them. That evening we watched a film about the journey to their farm in the carriage which was pulled by them derived Bityug Auburn. The owners watched it with bated breath especially when we raced down the slope at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour recorded on the odometer. At midnight, happy, joyful, we retired to our bedrooms to sleep.
   I must say on the third day of our stay on the farm, gathered again in the evening at the festive table with flowers, wines, juices, delicacies, fruits, sweets we not only enjoyed the food and demnstriroval film about our stay in his career where workers mined diamonds. The truth is before you start, I left the owners came back with a leather bag, took out a dozen stones, each blue diamond velechiny a pigeon's egg extraordinary purity, put on the table in front of the master and said, "Dear Uncle Joe, this is our gift to you and your family, I think you will glad it's very real diamonds from the planet approximation, jewelers on your order make your favorite jewelry to his own taste. "
   Uncle Joe looked at the stones even opened his mouth in surprise, even though he never held them in his hands but he knew the price, gave three of his sweet wife, Jane, and took a diamond in his hand, she looked all round him, and gave two sons, leaving himself a smaller stone on size. Men with wives curiously considered a luxury, as the mother of the hostess looked sternly at sons and said: "My children, the value of each of these gems, diamond prices on modern approaches ten million dollars, someone who I know they cost. What is blue and cleanliness! unearthly beauty! Mr. Victor, you, your wife, Marie, my mother Katherine and your sons, Sam and Alex thank you very much for the valuable gift."..........................................................................................................
   Immediately all thanked us, shook hands firmly and Uncle Joe looked at me silently progressive voril: "Dear Mr Victor Smith, your dear mother Caterina, a charming wife Maria and glorious sons, Sam and Alex, thank you very much for the present and in turn want pripodnesti from us, you guys, my every trotter Auburn with a stroller, in our time, they will need you more than ever. "
   Upon hearing this news potryasasayuschuyu I said: "Dear Joe and Jane Choe pain-you so much for horses with carriages. As for diamonds, say, for the good peo-ple do not mind good, use on your own, let's look at the film about Shem a visit to the quarry where the stones are mined, diamonds. "
   My sons personally thank Uncle Joe, his wife Jane, sons, their wives for the precious gift of horses and carriages clung to a wide screen where my friends and I were on the bottom of a deep pit and curiously looked at the blue diamond inclusions in the rock walls around the perimeter . At our feet lay small pieces weighing several dozen pieces to grand velechiny with big apple in thousands grand. Apart from us, no less than two miles, a powerful explosion and stones of various velechiny flew in different directions. Shortly after the explosions arrived to the place with the huge dump trucks and an excavator began to load everything. Here we come to them and start fotogrfirovat extraordinary blueness and clarity stones, pebbles, choose among them pieces the size of a pigeon egg to the big apple. On the screen we glad, happy stand with plastic bags full of stones, I hold in my hand a blue diamond-like plum extraordinary purity suitable for buses, we enter into them again and see the quarry walls with sparkling diamonds .
   I'll tell you who watched my film masters were surprised blue diamond inclusions in the rock walls of the quarry, and not only them but all of whom we showed the film. Before going to bed, we wished each other good night and went to the bedroom, I would say our hiking and horseback riding not only gives us pleasure but also demanded the costs of energy and strength.
   For three weeks we traveled around the farm for the purpose of review, our guide was alternately a few people, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane saw the ultra-modern plant with the installation of cleaning viscous dark red viscous liquid which no one can give a definite name for the type of oil, and taste petrolatum. Then, in the assembly hall he told all employees distillation set-tehnoglogii, engineers, workers, drillers, geologists engaged in the complex process of production and the creation of concentrated nutritional substances breeders are creating and growing new breed Bityug, cereal growers about their historic journey of discovery on Planet approximation, about how to surprise its residents watched films about our civilization, cities, villages, farmers' achievements, especially about the farm of Uncle Joe, his toothless breed. We showed the film about our stay in the country Sibirrii in the city Brolin, several copies and gave them they sincerely thanked me for the gift.
   The sons of Uncle Joe drove us to the local racetrack where three, sometimes four o'clock riders go round trotters aside in a pen made a run Bityug among them rushed our Auburn. My sons and whistled to him, he heard the familiar cry arose, and came back again, looked up to see us all and galloped to us, stood beside a wooden-foot fence and began to shake his head. We stroked his muzzle, hips, shoulder and I pos-Motril at him tenderly said: "Red as a rest, we're not going in the way, come to his."..................................................................................................................................
   As if he understood us and shook his mane gallop raced to the herd, we are waved py Coy followed went to the big deep swimming pond where geese and ducks of no less an ostrich. When we look at the net as a tear water I could not believe SFA deputy-among-green, brown, red, blue and orange blooms the size of a birch tree with lush flowers of all colors resembling carp swam in size dolphins. Vodivshy us on a tour of the youngest son of Uncle Joe's also handsome and dashing as a dad Mr. Henry proudly said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, you can not but believe that the fishes just six months here for all fish the most favorable conditions, we add nutritional substance in the water and algae grow like trees. But apart from these algae, we brought a new variety of corn, that's because here grow swans, geese and ducks the size of an ostrich. And you should have seen their eggs! Geese are born every week, like an ostrich egg, even More !. we went to the exhibition of achievements of agriculture egg weighing 9 pounds and brought in Guinness Book of Records. I must say the demand for eggs, fish, swans, geese, ducks, mainly huge book restaurants. Now take a small boat sailing, a rubber boat is dangerous, sometimes caught pike, imagine they are like little sharks up to 6-9 feet, with their sharp teeth dig into the rubber and bite through thoroughly. Understand yourself with a pike in the water is very dangerous. "
   We approached Mr. Henry to the pier near which stood green and yellow boat "Swift", our guide helped the ladies to come on deck, then rose husband ranks and swam. In the middle of the pond width and length of three miles we were like in a garden on the water: on a small island 500 feet above 1,000 feet in the water did not grow fruit trees and very real corn, trunks, some up to go up to 3-4 feet, these stems, trunks and branches were hung with their corn pochatkine less than 2 feet long. Imagine corn-tree 15 feet high, is seen by many grew directly out of the water and the number of ears was not considered. Geese and ducks netol-to swim around the freeboard cornfield but sat on the boughs and vyklvvali grains. I have to say for yourself on the cob was not like a normal queen fields and wheat ears, reminiscent of grains were in sight.
   Seeing this miracle, I asked our guide: "Dear Mr. gene ri how do you manage to plant corn, are probably in the spring of the island under water?"
   Mr. Henry looked at me, smiled and said: "Mr. Victor, a week ago, went heavy rain and the water level in the pond has risen half a meter because maize-nye stems, trunks were under water, but it is not terrible, the more moisture and the larger sun corn. As she matures, we collect the cobs, manually select up to two thousand grains and ready for planting. In the spring the island never flooded and so the small field kaksamo disembark corn by hand, mainly for the geese and ducks, sometimes swans arrive. Previously, this island was empty and now a great benefit to them and to us. In the autumn we trunks vykarchvyvaem dumped into the water along with the cobs, after a while begin the process of decomposition and those whom we grow carp feed mainly kuruznymi stalks and cobs, and as you can see by the size resemble dolphins, they tender meat and chefs manage to make such a delicious steak at a price that is five times more expensive than conventional meat, today at the evening we will have just such a steak. However, in the process of growing corn every week we shed field nutrient solution, it is as a fertilizer, it is absorbed into the corn and it not only grows but also those who fed her Carpio, geese, swans and ducks. Catch them a piece of cake, birds become so ponderous that can not fly, but swim. When the corn is growing and we do not have ears Feeding the bird nutrient mixture in special pens and toss carp, because growing by leaps and bounds. Catching birds and carp once a week throughout the year, we select only large fines continues to grow in favorable conditions. "
   I have to say, looking at the water, we saw huge carp swim fearlessly-ing algae and enjoyed the lush colors. I understand if the water is not nutritious Add-Lyali rstvor-substance is unlikely to grow algae with birch. By themselves, the fish according to Mr. Henry was not aggressive and admire nekoto-Roe time they swam to shore. When we returned to the dock on the way met a pike at least 7 feet long, we saw the predator did not back down, on the contrary dangerously opened mouth and rushed to our boat with a metal shell, well that no time-out to be that she was not in her sharp teeth. With anger predator start throwing more aggressive, Mr. Henry took a long metal hook with a hook and when maddened pike attacked again with such force, he plunged it in her face that struck his head through. Predator tried to get rid of the gaff but the blow was fatal and she died. We wanted to pick it up on deck but as the weight was no less Poulton-us then had to be towed to shore, my guys kept hook with pike and Mr. Henry ran the boat and soon swam to another berth. Henry anchored and we went down to the dock, my guys are not allowed to hook pike, our guide rushed to the wooden hut and soon returned with a circular saw. We knew Henry would carve the pike, because predator pulled ashore, he sawed it into pieces perebrosali them on the boat and swam to the pier from where the journey began. I will say, on the beach at the stake we cooked out of her ear, and since it was a young pike meat was soft and juicy. This day is like the previous ones brought us extraordinary pleasant memories.
   And so every day is with some other guides that we rode in a wheelchair and co-Mirror fantasticheskh sizes large and small livestock, poultry, visited Ku kuruznyh, wheat and pea fields, apple, plum and pear orchards
   I will say our trip to the farm of Uncle Joe was a turning point in the life of my sy-newer. Faced with such charming young-looking blonde sisters Gloria and Irene Sam and Alex realized that they are not indifferent to these beauties, and they cast them, and their views do not mind to be friends with them bolder and began to ear-lived. Three days later, the mother of the sons secretly confessed to me that on the ears in love with girls, Alex and Gloria Sam Irene and beauty nourish themselves to him heartfelt feelings .
   Hearing this great news I have approved their selection and advised not to miss the chance to get their families because of their age, Alex was 26 and Sam 25 years, many children run. Unknown to them, I told the news to his wife, Masha and her mother, but not surprised ihoni more closely than I have noticed changes in the behavior of the sons, their evening walk with the girls and a late return to the bedroom. In short, my mother and my Masha were delighted with our sons friendship with girls and advised me during a conversation with Sam and Alex to admit her sweet and lovely fair in love and make suggestions before we left home, but only if their relationship is genuine. I promised my wife and mother fulfill their request and waited for the moment when his sons to share with me their innermost secrets but everything turned out so and without their recognition I felt that the young lovers have gone very far .
   I'll tell you after returning from the approximation that something has affected my body and began to suffer from insomnia, my wife knew about it and asked to address to doctors but with these I travel it was once and gave her word as return immediately to the hospital. As soon as we went to bed, my first task was to pay tribute to my wife, then it is completely happy and satisfied blissfully asleep and I suffered a couple of hours in korvati. My wife is careful in the evening, before going to sleep asked me that I quickly fell asleep instead of tossing and turning from side to side to get out into the corridor in soft slippers or even the yard and an hour to like here. I listened to her advice and went to sleep as soon as Masha is out of the room, out of the house and not less than an hour walking through the garden. And once an hour to run in the garden as usual, I returned to my room. Just I went to the room where my sons were asleep when he heard neobyknovennny cheerful laughter. I stood up, listened and could not believe my ears could hear female laughter, soon mingled with him men laughed my Alex. Suddenly someone crashed on the floor and laughed loudly as the woman was clearly Alex fell and I caught his cheerful voice: "Dear Gloria, my swallow, you will not hurt herself?"......................................................................................
   "My dear Alex, how can swallow break! Just down on you, so let's try it, do not change the situation, you're on to me and I am in you. Are not you tired Parkhaev me?"...........................
   "No, my bird, agrees at least until morning!".................................................................................
   "Till the morning you can not, my hawk, fast forward to tomorrow. Come More poklyuy me and we buy buy. Yeah, you like my bird?"...........................................................................
   "My Swallow, very, ever agree to peck at it, they took it.".................................................................
   I was all clear, Alex sports here with Gloria and Sam enjoys with Irene in her bedroom and joyful, happy quietly went to his room. I decided not to share your thoughts with Masha about what our sons so frisky fun with their friends. Well, let them, they are young, they want and need to enjoy the moment.
   The next meeting with his sons, I'd say their frank admission was ve cherom after dinner. I pretended not to guess their pleasures of love and they ozabo chennye-something asked me to go with them to the garden. I agreed, we sat on a bench under a spreading pear and Alex as the eldest told me the card, "Dad, we truly loved the girls, they have, I'm Sam confessed to them in love, they tell us, everything between us do well, and even did they offer. But then something happened that we did not expect Gloria and Irene put a condition: as long as they do not reveal a secret for which they are incognito settled on a farm maids did not leave her. Since the term is not defined, they can be here month, year or even more."......................................................................................
   And then I turned to my girlfriend, "My charming Gloria, you are knowledge-eat that I love you and if shared with me his secret that could help those-be your sister and uncover her if I can. As a last resort I can bring the case of his father, and imagine you are with her sister and the three of us with my dad, we had five people have reproached us-disclosure of secrets. If you're looking for some treasure in this place, then we do not need it, it will belong to you not even let Uncle Joe at least what you look for, those on the ground and it can try to persuade him to leave you, even then you will change your attitude to us. It will be so hard to leave after such nezaby-Vai kisses and meetings, it happens .".........................................................................................................................
   Gloria looked at me and said quietly, "Well, my Alex, I love you and reveal the secret but word about it to Uncle Joe and generally anyone other than your dad, he can help nam.Tak very cool here, in this area we are Irene more than a year looking for the missing plane of our parents Cessna Mustang 7, it was August 20, 2074. According to our calculations the route of the aircraft he disappeared in this protected area, we are looking for but still to no avail." .................
   More, she did not say anything and I looked at it said: "Dear Gloria, in that case com Trust me, not just me but my brother Sam and Dad will make every effort pomochvam, but we do not know where to start looking."..............................................................................................................
   "My dear Alex, a few days later you go to the waterfall Irene, she knows the area where we are looking for a plane more than I, her scent, but unfortunately there are no good results," said Gloria.
   I kissed her and said quietly: "My dear Gloria, know me and my brother Sam stay here with you until not find the aircraft, but I think today will accelerate the search, my dad is also the scent, with good."
   "That's fine, I have no doubt, my Alex, that your dad a great sense of smell and Woese-set, he was able to go to another planet and see a different world," murmured Gloria.
   This extraordinary news, Dad, and you have to help us and them that ska zhesh there any doubt? "
   "My dear sons, stunning news that concerns the crash that she was in a mountainous region near the border with Canada, in Montana. I did a month personally went to search for the missing plane, then you were in school, did you have any Interests and attaches great importance to. Mom, I'm with you in the summer of 2075 he flew to the Rockies for a vacation, caught in the river trout, other species of fish, pick mushrooms, berries and wanted to get to the area of the disappearance of the aircraft but he was guarded, secret military base thought but in fact it is now recognized as the farm of Uncle Joe. I am glad that you have such an interesting girl, and since I want to get you and they found happiness in life including the plane that will try to help any way I can, so you're at a meeting with his favorite girl tell them I am ready to join in the search but do not tell that earlier was there with me and my mother, "I said .
   "Thanks Dad, you have a strong and brave traveler, I think we are not afraid of the gray wolf, and your respect of our trip to Montana then keep silent," pro-carried and Alex looked at his brother.
   Sam looked at me and said quietly: "Our dad, keep silent, the more I have of traveling in Montana remained vague memories, more than 10 years.".....................................................................
   "All right, I myself had forgotten about his travels to Montana on my mind roksima-Ann," he said I looked at the sky .
   Children kissed me and went to their favorite sweet girls .
   I must say, a week after we gave diamonds Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, their sons, their wives after breakfast they all went to the studio where-were creating wheelchair. More in the yard saw seven attractive to look friendly, nothing but color did not differ from each other. Uncle Joe looked at my sons, smiled, and said, smiling: "Dear Sam and Alex, so strollers, choose any two, as they say in his own taste not, they're yours." ....
   "Thank you, Mr. Uncle Joe for a gift, and you will master gentlemen" talked my sons and began to choose strollers. I stood back and watched them, and eventually Sam chose silver, Alex Brown, they rolled away to rosshey maples and Uncle Joe said with a smile: "Tomorrow evening will go to the stable, there, dear Sam and Alex, Select trotters, the choice is huge, they are so important in our difficult times, I think every year the demand for elite horses will increase."..............................
   "Well, Mr. Uncle Joe, you go about your business and we will go osmate-regarded your sights with Irene, today it is our guide," I said with my ma, my wife Masha and his sons went to the house where we were waiting for Ira, one izdvuh maids, sisters helped the owners of the house. Charming blonde tall with blue eyes and wavy platinum hair in a pink dress sitting just below the knee on a bench under a canopy. Seeing us, she smiled, stood up and when we came said softly: "Dear guests, rest a few minutes and go to the waterfall, it is not Niagara, because you can swim and get a massage under its cool waters and I run for the horse, imagine, go to the cart , take the food and drinks."
   "Well, Irene, we'll wait, go," said my Masha and they all sat down on the bench and the girl went to the cart. Soon after she arrived in a carriage drawn by a horse Voronoi stopped near the door of the house, he waved his hand to us and jumped to the ground. We walked up to her and she said softly: "Men, follow me, we need to take food, drinks and water will rest until the evening, and you Miss Catherine and Mary sit in the wagon."........................................................................
   I'm Sam and Alex followed Irene's house and moved three times, two-drawer refrigerator with food, drinks and an inflatable rubber boat. And then I thought: Do not grab with a net in the river there really is a fish, ran to her bedroom, found the net and putting it in a plastic bag with her out of the house. When he saw me with him Gloria somehow strange looked at me and I think realizing that it smiled. We got into the carriage and drove to the waterfall, an hour fast food arrived at the broad river resembled a lake on the banks grew tall pine trees, rocks and ahead donssya noise of falling water. We drove about three kilometers away and in front of us there was a waterfall with a maximum height of seven meters to the cliff from which he fell was not less than a kilometer. Irene stopped Carl jumped off the wagon and said happily: "Ladies and gentlemen, come, you can jump into the water, who swims bad swim far from the coast do not recommend, very deeply, say up to 20 meters. Do not get me wrong though, the river is called Calm is actually at the waterfall it rough and if you want to enjoy them is to go to his foot, standing under the waterfall is only allowed at the edge. If uschaya water can knock down and will suffer in the middle of the river which is not so easy, you can get into a strong swirl prolong and escape. So Uncle Joe for thrill-seekers visit ordered by a stream stretch from shore to shore rope belts and rings. If you attach to your body belt that can go from coast to coast under the falling water, the feeling is very sharp. Let's do taksperva Buy here, swim, ride a boat and take my afternoon to the waterfall, get lost without me."
   "Well, Miss Irene," we said in unison, and before dropping into the water inflated rubber boat, launched the Mother and my Masha swim while it is still bought in the river not far from swimming away from the shore. The most interesting of all swimming raven caused Karl he bravely jumped into the water and swam confidently to the surprise of all. My sons helped me arrange the network, and then began to swim, although good swimmers but hearing mandate Irene not swim far from the shore circling near me and were looking forward to lunch, after which go to the waterfall noise that came before us and beckoned........................................................................................................
   I have to say, we are not only swimming and sunbathing on the warm sand, the sun on this day was bright and extremely burned. Before lunch, I looked like a tear in the net where to put the water network, it is tangled trout and other freshwater fish. I called all enjoy catch and tell what he saw made a good impression at all, particular admired Gloria. We pulled the network chose trout and I asked my mother to cook soup and Masha. Gloria watched as my lady was purified fish soup cooked with sons and I have once again put the network and continued swimming. Floating in the water and watching the trout fish and I came to the conclusion, this river is the same calm in which to swim and catch fish being here in 2074 and one in 2075 with his family on vacation then we were behind barbed wire guarded guys in camouflage area , it is here, I wanted to get somewhere in this part of the wreckage lie Stone .
   I came out of the water and headed for my things there, including lay-tion binoculars presented to me by Captain Cleo, it is like a miniature radar, electromagnetic waves reflected from the metal-Xia and since the engine is not wood, you can get a result up to the distance from us to it. But if the wreckage lie somewhere else then my binoculars Radar unlikely zasecht them. Unnoticed by all, I began to look at the terrain, to start navl binoculars at the waterfall before him like a stone's throw, and immediately saw a metal bridge with a rope. I turn on the power of the batteries and then appeared on the lens-digit sagas 1600 or 3200 feet (960 meters) -elektromagnitnye wave reflected from the metal and pointed away Radar clearly worked. Inspired by the success he began to make binoculars on forest left of the waterfall and unexpectedly saw the numbers 3600 or 7200 sagas feet (2,160) meters, to a location away from metal objects were that reflect electromagnetic waves. My heart with joy and excitement of a hammer pounding in my chest, maybe there are fragments samota, I wanted to go as soon as possible on the side of the waterfall and get closer to the woods again to look through binoculars, radar in the direction in which he spotted metallic objects.
   I did not want to make a mistake because I did not premature to initiate interest in his discovery, immediately turn off the power, put in a sealed pouch binoculars hung around his neck and went to ask how to cook ear. When he saw me, my wife smiled and happily reported: "My angler, go call the sons and five minutes later the ear is ready, taste incredible trout was greasy and will be fed into the evening."
   "Well, my dear cook, call sons," I said and went to the beach. Seeing me-nya maschuschego hand they realized that dinner was ready, and sailed towards me. We went to the fire, even from a distance smelled delicious smell, ladies enthusiastically greeted us and sat down on the cloth soon enjoyed soup and fresh trout. Frankly I ate and thought like SKO-Ray to get to the other side of the waterfall. Our ladies are not in a hurry and if not for us, my-bility to raise them then would sit until the evening. Having rested for half an hour I looked at syno-wei and let them know it is time to hike to the waterfall, and they understood me alone with Irene, which is not time talking with her, back to me, Sam quietly said, "Dad, Mom, and ba-Buschke I and Alex invite you to go to the waterfall to admire them wear sandals on their feet so as not to cut the legs and easier to walk."
   I looked at my son, smiled and said: "Sam and ALCS, the proposal is accepted, I'm with you I go to the waterfall, wearing sandals and go.".........................................................................................
   "Well, Sam said, five minutes go to the waterfall."........................................................................
   At that time, came up to us smiling Irene and velvety voice made Ad-tion: "Dear Miss Catherine and Mary, we now go to the waterfall, please wear shoes on their feet and throw on the shoulders of the dress, the sun burns unbearably and without habit semi-Chita burn skin."
   Mom and Mary who wanted to see the nearby waterfall immediately began to wear sandals and dresses draped over his shoulders came up to me and sons ready to go on-sha conductor Irene looked at us and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, we go Pech-com, not rush and will be important to keep up to the waterfall about one kilometer, far away.".................................................................
   She boldly stepped forward and went to the bushes, we were soon on the trail of the existence of a sous-which was known only to members of the family of Uncle Joe and sisters lovely maid. I looked at my watch, it was one of 40, we were in no hurry, and after twenty minutes approached in-dopadu. The huge mass of crystal clear water drops with noise and clatter with semimet rovoy-height below it foamed and mirriady spray flying in all directions. For me-nya as a thrill to be interesting now would fall under a stream of boiling-water, but without insurance under it decided not to stand. On view at an altitude of meters from the water's surface I saw steel wire with a diameter of my thumb on it for a removable-IOC hitched seat belt. There were four belts, therefore, I and two of my sons can simultaneously go to the opposite side by a dense flow waterfall insuring each other. Realizing my intention mom and wife immediately began to try to dissuade me from such a perilous journey but the children have convinced them that with us nothing will happen, and soon returned back to the width of the waterfall did not exceed one hundred meters. Irene stood silently on the sidelines listening to the guys tried to persuade his mother and grandmother, and when they agreed to let us came up to us and said: "Gentlemen, fasten the seat belts to the body, put your hands on special gloves and holding them for the cable carefully stepping on the bridge safely go forward , I will help you."
   She personally attach to our bodies bezpasnosti belts and hand leather gloves murmured: "Gentlemen, please do not be late, come back in the same on-time, do not forget about safety belts, happy.transition."
   "Thank you, Irene, try not to be late," we talked. I, as a senior-st lane and stepped onto the bridge and taking two steps came under a strong stream of water falling from a height of seven meters. It seemed from a powerful hose firefighters tried to knock me its powerful jet. My sons do not keep up with me and go forward, being in the middle, and standing under a powerful stream moved on and found themselves on the other side .
   We stepped onto the hot sand and looked around, a few hundred meters from us was a forest, the trees did not differ from those who grew up on the opposite bank, spruce, pine and American tall cedars. Alex looked at me and said quietly: "Dad, Irene asked us to go to the forest, and even to go at least a hundred meters deep, it still seems that in this part of the wreckage of a missing roll of the aircraft."
   "Alex and Sam, any objection, I grabbed binoculars presented to me by Captain Cleo, it is like a miniature radar, electromagnetic waves are reflected by metal and because the engine is not wood, we get a result up to the distance from us to him. But if the wreckage lie somewhere else then my binoculars Radar hardly over-whips them. Come on, no harm in trying, "I said and we are waving our hands ladies confidently walked to the forest .
   Having a hundred meters we come to the edge and stood near the high cedar, lay on the grass brown pine cones, I picked up one of them and it seemed to me that she was unusually heavy for its size and surprised. My sons have raised a pair of cones and looking at me, Alex said softly, "Daddy, is a miracle, gave them to the ladies."..............................................................................................
   "My Alex, no wonder, they just raw. Children begin to learn the terrain with binoculars, radar," said I looked him in the direction in which more from the other side, I spotted metallic objects. Since the trees were thick trunks in the depths of the forest, they were the wall and it was for her, I probably would not have learned without going through a couple of hundred meters. But my radar did not disappoint me, on the right side from us at a distance of two hundred kilometers meters (2000 Sagov) was a metal object, but whether it was the engine of the aircraft was a mystery to me, and to solve it you need to go to him. I handed the binoculars Radar Sam and said quietly: "My boy, look in that direction, the radar shows the distance to a metal object reflecting the signal."
   Sam looked in that direction and said, "Dad, miracle device, specifically, to a metal object Sagov 2000, we need to go, it's not so far away."..........................................................................................
   Alex took the binoculars and looked at him and saw the numbers said softly, "Daddy, do not lose time, Come on, there may be debris in sandals and we quickly get to the point, so as not to lose the way I picked up a compass, a waterfall in the west but the main thing we hear it."
   "Well, children, Come on, you need only glances at the radar so as not to stray from the path, the forest will not have to go around a field and trees," I said, and went ahead with confidence. We hurry because we had little time, we were waiting on the other side and tell the ladies to go through the woods in his underwear was not so easy, on the way across a wild dog rose bushes with sharp needles, but they were flowers, two hundred meters began like swamp but since we were not traveling light but sinking his feet sank. To overcome kilometers spent half an hour and finally saw the wreckage of the plane, my heart trembled, and not without emotion said: "Sam, Alex, on the right see the tail part of me, let them out? You may remember and the sisters told you 12 years ago, August 20, 2074 prior to my trip to the north west of the approximation of the USA, in the state of Montana, in the Rocky Mountains missing Cessna private plane with three wealthy travelers, ie parents, Irene and Gloria, looking for him but he mysteriously disappeared, imagine, Miss Elizabeth, their Grandma even offered a reward of five million dollars to those who find the wreckage. At that time it was a decent amount, I myself went to the same year in search of the missing Cessna but the journey proved to be ineffective. In general, all the same as those that wrote in online newspaper, reported on TV and told you that your cute girls sisters Irene and Gloria."
   Particularly curious Sam immediately asked me: "Dad, select the direction of hand, something I do not see."...................................................................................................................................................
   I held his hand in the direction of the wreckage and he fixed his sharp eyes quietly vosklik-zero, "Dad, I see, yes it is the wreckage of the aircraft, the tail sticking out, we need at least a couple of minutes to go around them and see the place, it can Cessna Mustang 7!"
   I rushed to the wreckage of the aircraft, the children behind me, come down to the crash site and UWI Delhi, terrible picture, on the ground near a tall cedar littered with broken iskarzhan-WIDE wings on either side of the broken hull fractured tip of the laid dried broken tree near chaotic lay others, the side of the Obra Zom-preserved tail sticking up and the engine. Detour around the broken-samol that we noticed in the grass littered the remains of the skeleton without a skull and limbs, we hundred-lo clear that the animals are visited, maybe they climbed inside the broken body and pulled the body devoured them tearing apart maybe in the fall, you still live people -polzali outside but from weakness and large fractures died right there beside the wreckage and took away their predators. How many people actually were in the fall, we could not know-whether. But it became clear, that something happened in the air, the plane went to the decline of the cases, the tops of trees and fell down .
   "Alex, look at the compass, where the waterfall, I do not hear his sound, I think Chick-flight of trying to get to the river and sit on but has not reached the clearing," I said to her son
   He took the compass, looked and pointed to the east, I looked at the body self-volley and visualized that can actually pilot wanted to sit by the river-day something he just saw her.
   My fearless sons, Sam and Alex offered me a crazy plan to get into the housing and inspect it, at first I did not agree but then relented and they climbed through the door torn inside. After a while I heard a joyful voice of Sam, "Dad, we found several steel canisters for the study's get one."
   Soon they got out holding a pencil case steel of at least one and a half meters in height, I guessed them students, artists sometimes kept and transferred to the paper, projects, pictures so that they are not crumpled or wet. We twisted it this way and that trying to open but failed, perhaps the place where one half of the canister was part of other actors smeared with a thin layer of glue lasting and he was tightly sealed so it does not penetrate the moisture and the air so that the canvas is preserved in it in its original form . I wanted to take it with him but Alex said: "Dad, we leave the pencil case in place, we will not pass to the other side and if we lose it in the river throw away millions of dollars, we have besides him there is an interesting finding, look, white chicken egg but it is not as simple gold by weight."...........................................................................................................................
   I looked at him and his keen eye noticed a thin line separating the two halves of this man-made eggs. As they have a good memory is recalled, it is "White Easter Egg Golden Hen" Faberge he made in 1885, a gift from the king Alexander III to his wife Marie Feodorovna on Easter on the anniversary of 20 years of marriage, some unknown dumped him 17 million.
   I still do not really consider egg as found heard howling coming from the depths of the forest, and realizing that we are in danger, especially when we did not even stick a pencil case thrown immediately into the body of the aircraft and Sam took the egg rushed to the waterfall, we wasted no time rushed for them. We ran headlong neck ignoring the thorns wild rose hips, and the swamp, from time to time Alex looked at his compass and by his reached the edge of the forest, not far from us was the river. Meanwhile, the Wolves did not lag behind us and that was the reason, they sensed our naked bodies and promptly rushed to us. Running out of the woods in a strange way, we turned away from the waterfall and understood if it is to flee do not have time and wolves rushing us catch up and we decided to run to the river, throw and go in spite of the eddies which said Irene.
   When we ran across the clearing stood on the bank of the ladies-mother, my Masha and Irene saw us and could not understand what caused our flight but when they saw four wolves we realized the reason I can not believe Irene howled like a wolf on. Wolf howling somehow put the wolves in the confusion, they stood and stared at the woman standing in a bikini on the beach in a couple of hundred meters away from them. Just at this time the wind was blowing in the direction of wolves and they are sensing the gentle female body forgetting we hesitantly ran to the waterfall. And Irene continued to howl like a wolf, it joined with the wolves, and what happened, we have not seen but the most important predators did not run for us. We brought quickly to the shore and jumped into the water at full sail through the river forgetting whirlpools. I have to say, here it was a minimum width of three hundred meters, fortunately calm river did not let its name and soon swam to shore. Jumping on the sand, we turned their heads toward the waterfall and could not believe his eyes wolf standing on its hind legs on the beach and looking at the strange women howled Irene, the impression she so affected them that were in her power, and she obeyed.
   Irene will see that we are safe ceased howling and shouted to us: "Gentlemen, hide in the bushes wolf on sight, we go to you."....................................................................................................
   We immediately rushed to the bushes and continued to watch the wolves, they were running along the beach, a woman's body beckoned them but the noise of the waterfall and falling water rages in this place and they are scared not daring to go to them with a strange howling lazily wandered into the woods, He stopped, looked around, and I guess the lady disappeared from their sight. After a while we saw Irene, my mother and my wife Masha, they smiled without fear of meeting with the wolves. We had no choice but to smile and when approached with joy began hugging and kissing .
   The ladies immediately threw us one question: "What happened?" And I looked at them immediately replied: "Lovely Lady's nothing special, just decided to look into the forest, I saw cedar and went to him, raised bumps and presents you as a souvenir, we sensed the evil gray hungry wolves and chased us. Irene, Thank you very much, if not your wolf howl the meeting is unlikely to be held here. Take us to a modest gift, here are pine cones, but it is not everything to me to be a gorgeous gift. But, my dear Irene, tell me how you are so We learned to howl like a wolf that they understand you and listen."..........................................................................................................
   We gave her a lump and it took them smiled and looked at us quietly said, "Thank you, gentlemen, it's a long story, ever to share, it's time to go home. I was not sure if there had been a meeting would not take place, you can not imagine but those wolves which met swim in the water, they would have caught up with you. ".........................................................................
   In short, we returned to our place of bathing, Carl was lying on the grass and got up to see us. While Irene I harnessed him and his sons went to the place where re-ke left the network say that when I looked down through the clear water is seen as a tear dozen zaputyvashihsya fluttered in the cells on large kilos of trout and other fish species. We pulled the network chose trout, even with a couple of dozen other species, moved to the wagon and saw the ladies catch came in indescribable delight. I looked at them, smiled, and said loudly: "Dear Irene, mother and Mary, tonight we cooked soup and will treat Uncle Joe and his family, I think they like it."...........................................
   "Of course like Mr Victor Smith, today we ate an excellent soup, let us hasten to fish is not spoiled," said Irene .
   "That she has not deteriorated in the heat, we will lay her grass, tear," I said .
   All began to tear the grass, soak in water, covered fish and sat in the wagon drove to the farm. I did not know, to tell whether or not a girl about our discovery and strumming himself told her the story of the plane was found and showed even Faberge egg. After hearing my story about the plane and saw the Easter Egg Irene looked at us with sadness and tears in his eyes said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, it was our plane with her sister Gloria parents flew and crashed my mom Marilyn Stone, Dad and Grandpa Charlie Stone Harry Stone, they were heading from Chicago to Seattle, their plane disappeared Cessna Mustang 7 August 20, 2074, at the time I was 11 years old and Gloria 10. After the death of his grandfather, the pilot, mum and dad, my grandmother Elizabeth Stone told us about the whereabouts of the mysterious aviakatostrofe that no one knew exactly but I suppose since not worked radar sending a signal to a satellite TC7. The search conducted large-scale, taken not only his grandmother Elizabeth and fans of my parents known film actor in Hollywood, police, civil aviation squadron and the insurance company, the insurance sum was two billion dollars.
   When I grew up and Gloria set out to find the next search of the aircraft and that you do maete we found a white spot, a place that has not been examined, it is the farm of Uncle Joe. It turns out that the area of a radius of 40 miles centered on vazelinoperegonny was complex. By decree of President Bill Thompson on July 25, 2055, he was regarded as objects of national importance and that no private plane, and no one shall have the right to enter the limits of the zone. And when it came to search for the plane crashed my parents searchers pilots flew to the borders of the farm of Uncle Joe is booked immediately be shot down any penetration equated to carry out a terrorist act by the enemies of all kinds and competition-protection at the highest level. Therefore, no pry into the area and searching for the crashed plane were not conducted because the US government did not respond to requests to perform at least one flyby within granits.predpolagaemoy disaster. Clearly, try one plane with a bomb on board flying at distilling complex and blow-by millions of people for a month and even more will be left without meat and dairy products, will be a disaster for all of America.
   Even as adults, our grandmother Miss Elizabeth revealed to us the mystery of why they have insured themselves, the value of the aircraft and transported to two billion dollars, turns out Vaeth mom and dad drove for auction in Seattle collection of products of Russian jewelers and Peter Carl Faberge gold, silver, diamonds, 7 Easter eggs and a couple of dozen paintings by French impressionist Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, including four masterpieces of Eugene Delacroix. According to my grandmother before flying blade separated from the frame, turned in a strong cupboards, all jewelry, Faberge Easter eggs as well packed as if he knew that a disaster could happen and how it believes it has insisted on Stra-hovaya firm, in the case of the crash all works of art will remain.
   Hearing about these values and how they packed up, I realized paintings and Easter eggs preserved and it proved to be true, dear ladies and gentlemen found Paschal nym Faberge Egg. But then I was with my sister needed to find a real-dokazate lstvo and show your insurance company to get insurance Plato two billion of added dollars, yes, as its President Mr. Arnold Hennok after the disaster claimed that it is not provable and our parents could simulate it. So he told her that my grandmother did not receive a cent and still refuses to pay. And his firm received
  for insurance from my parents $ 100 million was certainly uninterested parents to pay for the death of two billion-big embezzlement. And my sister and I started to like it knew our favorite Alex and Sam, to act decisively, I managed with the help of my mother's friends to get on the flight controllers who watched the father's Cessna route map and its endpoint put her to the farm of Uncle Joe.
   We were just lucky, we read on the Internet announcement: Due to the high employment in the farm of Uncle Joe needed two young girls familiar with the preparation of taste-governmental food and care at home. Without hesitation, we decided to get to the farm of Uncle Joe popogovorili grandmother told her the reason and she agreed with us. Without hesitation we wrote separately, put photos and send email. And imagine a week later received a message, our candidates come to them, we sent the tickets and we went from Chicago to Montana to Columbia waterfall, where they settled near the farm of Uncle Joe. At the entrance point, we have been instructed, we like everyone who got to the farm for the first time put a chip on the right hand, put into a wheelchair and taken to the house, where we were met by herself Miss Jane, a cute charming blue-eyed blonde with dinnymi to the neck wavy gray hair, We greeted each other, and became acquainted with a smile on his face held to the house, sat at the table for a delicious lunch, we explained our responsibilities: to cook and clean the house. Miss Jane led us to the modern kitchen, showed all ten rooms in which you need every morning to wipe the glass and vacuuming carpets. Then the hostess went to our room on the second floor where we live, it was a large bright, with a window overlooking the garden, with furniture and electronics. Before leaving, Miss Jane asked us to go down the hall at 8 o'clock when everyone gathered around the table and she introduced us to the whole family.
   Miss Jane went and we sat down in the chair opposite the open window looking at the Roseau-tions apples hanging on a branch, singing birds and fragrant air swam straight at us. Would-lo pleasure to the soul that we are in the place where, according to our assumptions of the plane lay broken parents, but embarrassing is that the farm was so huge and where to start looking did not fit in my head. We had some free time and a couple of hours inhaling the fragrance of the fields, we enjoyed the music and watch TV. Five to 8 put on a short blue dress and went down into the large dining room of the family going to Uncle Joe, Miss Jane with a smile on his handsome face we met, we exchanged greetings, became acquainted, and we sat at the table. The first thing we had to talk about myself but that night we did not say a word about our intentions. The most recent came himself Uncle Joe, our appearance has made a good impression on him, and to say that when some societies appear young and attractive girls, ladies then they pay attention. You already know me that the family of Uncle Joe's is the most common, they are nice but their appearance can not force others to pay attention to them. And we subdued them, and when they learned that we are the children of famous Hollywood actors who died in a plane crash Stone then let us know that there are prdtsya be in the position of servants and all who are available will help clean up the room and prepare meals. In short, we really were like members of their family, but when I told them about their goals, they in their spare time actively participated in the search for the crashed aircraft but imagine two years have not progressed as far as you. I do not know-it-or luck or something else, as I say, we went into the forest but could not see the aircraft crashed."....................................
   I looked at our the conductor, smiled and said: "Dear Gloria, helped us not only luck but this miniature binoculars Radar given to me on a planet-Up Proxima. When we were on the edge, I decided to use it to visually look deep into the forest and imagine Statement electromagnetic beam reflected from the metal of the engine to which it was 1200 meters. I think you did not go into the forest at such a distance, and so HVA-lows, could not see through the wall of trees, wreckage around him grew weeds also littered with body treetops Cut them at lower, perhaps there was an attempt to sit on the edge between the river and the forest. It seems to me when we were on top of the search aircraft pilots did not notice it the laid green tops. You no one had not occurred to use radar, it would help to be great. But now there is no need to think on this plane, found in him it survived all that transported your parents, another thing they are not alive. In addition, we found the egg cases with paintings, wanted to take one but refused for fear of miss it when passing into the water on the bridge to Besides, there were wolves, Alex threw the foam body of the aircraft and grabbing Easter Egg run. I'll tell you, dear Gloria, if not your wolf howl, they rushed to us and you and your sister would never have learned about the place where lie the wreckage."
   At six in the evening we arrived at the house, waiting for us at the fountain Irene in blue knee-length dress, saw us she smiled, and ran mysteriously asked her sister: "Well, as a trip, Gloria?" And then to us: "Ladies and gentlemen, you enjoyed the trip to the river Quiet? You've been at the waterfall?"
   Gloria looked at her sister, and while sitting in a cart with sadness in his blue eyes said softly: "Irene, the trip turned out to be fruitful, I confess, gentlemen found what we were looking for, I'll tell later.".................................................................................................................................................
   We went down to the ground and looked at our charming the conductor in one voice said softly: "Unforgettable trip, thank you, Gloria."......................................................................................
   Irene kissed his sister and said sadly: "Really, how do you manage that?".................................
   "My dear sister, then, look how many gentlemen caught trout, first, store nalovlennuyu fish in the house in the evening shall weld the ear, and then go into the pavilion, and Mr. Victor Smith will tell all. Meanwhile, I will put in place the cart, and when Karl unharnessed return try to consider the find, but it is not going to bring to the attention of Uncle Joe."
   Gloria removed the grass aside and showed catch Irene already gasped in surprise and exclaimed: "That's the catch! Well, Gloria, skid fish, I'll run for the buckets." Irene ran into the house and brought a couple of buckets, fish, and I lay down with his sons carried her to the kitchen. Returning Irene approached, she looked at her sister and said softly: "Gloria, wait, do not hold, eager to hear the good news."..................................................................................................................................
   Irene took us to the gazebo and sitting on chairs waiting for Gloria, she went to unharness ko- nyushne Carla and take to the meadow to graze. While she worked with a horse and wagon
  I briefly told Irene about our discovery, the missing plane, and showed her Faberge Easter egg without revealing it. Seeing him, she even doubted that it was man-made but when I gave her something to hold us in amazement looking at Irene said quietly: "Yes, it is not easy but as in the tales of gold.".......................................................................................................................................
   Finally, Gloria came to see in the hands of the sisters Easter Egg said in a trembling voice: "Dear Irene, that's evidence from the missing aircraft on-shih parents, you can now try to open it, Mr Victor Smith, go ahead.".................................................................................................................
   I took the egg in his hands and tried to separate the two halves of the rotating their hands, but they are words but stuck to each other, however, so I managed to shake loose that they moved at the junction and separated inside lay-feather ball. I pulled it out, he was a heavy weight on and it became clear that there is a golden product gave the sisters and said quietly: "Gloria and Irene, shoot down, curious what's inside.".................................................................................................................
   Irene and Gloria picked up the ball, gently down and started to shoot in front of our eyes appeared a golden hen, it was a masterpiece of Faberge. Hen has gone from hand to hand and we playback
  hischnno all sides saw it. Finally, I looked at the sisters said softly: "Dear Irene and Gloria, without the help of Uncle Joe, we do not do something, it's his farm because of the missing pieces of the aircraft is not exported from its territory and if necessary expert assistance to establish a model of the aircraft you must get permission from him . I think the dinner vecheromvo tell Uncle Joe and Miss Jane a secret about our findings on their land."......................................................................
   The sisters looked at me and said: "Mr Victor Smith, we agree.".......................................................
   "In that case I will talk with them myself, I will inform you and will act, but now let us disperse, soon all will approach, and we will have dinner," I said, wrapped in a golden chicken fluff, put it in one half of the Easter Eggs, to connect with others and sous-zero pocket. The sisters stood up and waved us went to cook handles table as my mother and my wife wanted to help them then join them, they will cook soup of trout .
   I stayed with my sons, the topic of our conversation was the content of articles in the cabin of the aircraft, because it seems there are not many capsule with paintings and caught one Easter egg the outputs that were not all paintings and Eggs, someone stole part of the insured masterpieces. And I proposed to the sons of my action plan: "My pre-rogie guys before calling the experts we need to check carefully by ka-Bina and beauty, only in the collision with the ground plane was damaged, even the wings, tail was lying all around. Hardly anyone penetrated into this place and looked inside. What a pity that so much time has passed and I do not remember how many hours continue to follow-NJ refueling and rest in Billings "..............................................................
   "Dad, you can explore the full beauty only in clothes with a mask, not in Toll-to dust, cobwebs and smells," said Sam looked at his brother .
   "We need just in case a flashlight and hunting knives, it would be nice to grab Winchester against wolves and a rubber boat with a motor, I have no more desire to go on the bridge by the waterfall, it's a nightmare, and be sure to take a movie camera to film the plane crashed and found cupboards, "said.Alex.
   "Well, I said, let's make a list of needed items and conversation with Uncle Joe would ask him to provide them to us, only after a thorough examination of the cabin we turn for help to the authorities."
   We immediately made a list of the necessary things and fortunately we had almost everything except the boat with a motor and Wildlife Winchester, but if Uncle Joe, he agrees to help us all reach. Inspired by the success of the future waiting to return to work the family of Uncle Joe in the ninth evening, we heard bells and saw the three racing wheelchair in which sat the owner of the farm, his wife and seven sons with their wives. The kids and I immediately went out of the arbor and wait approach wheelchairs, so they were due to garden and sitting in them, people started waving our arms, we smiled and responded in kind. They have not approached us as the house went Gloria Irene, my mother and wife Masha meet hospitable hosts. After exchanging greetings and short sentences about the affairs of all went into the house, the dining room, meals were prepared bifshteksy beckoned his appearance and smell, decanters with drinks and juices decorated table, fruits, vegetables, pleasing to the eye. When they were all seated at the table turned to Irene sitting: "Ladies and gentlemen, today, Gloria with our guests to go on holiday to the waterfall and imagine caught trout, and now I'm going to treat you Irene soup, I think you will like it, enjoy."
   Irene and Gloria began to spread in deep soup plates with a piece of trout put ne-ed every sitting saying "Enjoy" and making a bow. All have begun to ear and say you liked as the requested additive. Having finished our dinner and thanked the Lord God all began to disperse, I walked over to Uncle Joe stood beside him with a well-Noah and said quietly: "Dobrpriimnye owners Mr. and Miss Jo, thank you very much for everything you are doing for our pleasant stay, but I would like to take you a few minutes and pogo vorit on very important business.".....................................................
   Husband and wife looked at me and Uncle Joe said, "Well, Mr. Victor Smith, Come on into my office, we are free in the evening and do not hurry to sleep."..............................................
   I, Uncle Joe and his wife went to the second floor, entered the spacious office, we sat in armchairs and fully described the discovery of the missing aircraft and showed an Easter egg. The home team carefully listened to me considering the Golden Hen all sides. When I told them that the cost of this Easter Eggs $ 17 million and the total insurance with dead people 2 billion dollars in surprise they even opened their mouths. Once finished the story of Miss Jane looked at me said: "Dear Mr. Victor, we unfortunately do not have time to engage in the search for the plane, let's do so, all you need will provide the evening you will report the results, and so every day."
   "Miss Jane and Mr. Joe thank you, tomorrow we will need more rubber-wai boat with gasoline and three of Winchester, in the woods a lot of wolves, it is necessary to protect them and will continue to involve experts on accidents with civil aircraft of need set it really belonged to the aircraft rather than the actors to another person. "............................................................................
   "Mr Victor Smith, on our territory with my permission, without any obstacles include all professionals dealing with crashed planes and would like to add, if you need help I can highlight three days of his two grandchildren, Dick and Harry, they are physically strong, well shoot and steer the boat, gasoline find, "said Uncle Joe .
   I looked at the hosts and happily said: "Dear Miss Jane and Mr. Joe, I thank you and I am happy to agree with you, let your grandchildren Harry and Dick will be attended by the Search, think will go at 10 am, the main hard drive and grab a rubber boat."
   "Agreed, Mr. Victor, in the morning during breakfast and meet my grandchildren, when all that is necessary to prepare for travel to the missing aircraft, could never assume that our farm it is more than ten years, we meet in the morning and is a good night," said Uncle Joe.
   "Good night, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe," I said, and bowed out of the room in a good mood, to help us Uncle Joe gave two grandchildren. Returning-shis to his room, I found waiting for me sons, a wife and mother with the daughter-in-mi and sisters cleaned the tables, washed dishes and floors in the dining room. I told them about my be-Sede with the owners and when they heard that tomorrow we will be joined two grandsons of Uncle Joe -Garri and Dick came to the indescribable delight, we were not afraid of the gray wolf and the main Unas boat with motor and drives.
   After listening to me, Alex and Sam went to his girls and I sat in a chair and obdu-washed further plan of action, we have to invite specialists and experts and then start talks with the president of the insurance company "Plato" Arnold Hyun-NOC to pull out of it two billion dollars of insurance .
   The next morning at 8 o'clock we gathered for breakfast, as usual, we will be greeted by Wali each other and to the right health, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe Lee smiling Tsami brought to me his strong, tall, broad-grandchildren Harry and Dick for their views not more than twenty years, colored short-sleeved shirts and denim shorts tm-tion. I realized with guys we are not afraid to be in our opasnompredpriya-Democracy. Mr. Joe looked at the grandchildren, I smiled and said, "Mr. Victor Smith, they are aware of the case and will be with you until the end of prospecting, Harry and Joe did not disappoint. After breakfast, you can go to the river, inflatable rubber boat with motor already
  trailer and, most importantly given you three Winchester, Godspeed, and now have breakfast. "
   I looked at the master and his wife, smiled and said: "My dear Miss Jane and Mr. Joe, thank you very much for your help, with guys like your grandchildren Harry and Dick we can handle any job, I will not keep you from your work, Come on breakfast."...........................................................
   The morning was warm, sunny, and all sat down at a long table in the garden, breakfast did not take more than fifteen minutes, the hosts with their sons, daughters-and grandchildren wishing us luck sitting in the wheelchair off at the distillery, stayed with us, Dick and Harry. Since we were familiar with the first day on the farm that I did not have to submit them to my sons, wife and mother, and when they found out that the guys with us, armed with the sigh of relief. I knew that the boat, though not dimensionless rubber and confirmed that Harry: "Gentlemen, the boat is designed with a load of only five people, so ladies with the exception of one of the sisters will stay on the beach, do not waste time, I and Dick adjusting carts you also take out everything necessary for work and most importantly the food, I think we can stay there for more than one hour, fifteen minutes to go. "
   "Well, Harry, time to go, we're ready with us to the other side will float Gloria, the other ladies will stay at home, we will not overload the horses," I said.
   The boys went to harness the horses and we in the house for things and food, met the sisters in the kitchen, I told them the essence of Irene upset that she did not remain in the house with my mom and wife and then my sons began to make boxes of refrigerators with cooked food, drinks and water pan for cooking soup, and then taken out to the yard of our stuff-movie camera, shirts, towels, three flashlight, Winchester, a pair of binoculars, radar, hunting knives, network. Soon we drove two wagons, one Harry ran second, Dick, we put all the things but before you move in the way I asked our assistants to grab a couple of shovels. While sat in the cart Demolition Dick instantly returned to the house and two shovels, got into our carriage and we waved mother and wife Irene, and they wish us luck and happy way to the waterfall Terrible went to the place where yesterday had a great time swimming catching fish and network managed in the forest to find the missing plane.
   Almost one and a half hours spent on the road, we finally came to a familiar place, a kilometer away from us roaring waterfall. Wasting no time, guys unharnessed horses and until Nadu Wali rubber boat, put the motor and shipped it in all the necessary I with Sy-novyami established network. Since one of our helpers had to stay at the Be-regu look after the horses cast lots, Dick went with us, Harry reacted philosophically and waved. We sat in the boat, Dick started the engine and the words happy voyage and see you soon sailed to the other side closer to the waterfall so that less walk to the forest. As for approaching the waterfall is amplified Dick decided not to risk the boat and buried her face in the sand three hundred meters away. We went to the beach, put all necessary things away from the river on the grass, took off the motor, drag boat deflated, covered with grass and tarpaulin to hot sun melted rubber. Now it was to determine the direction in which we should go the shortest way to the aircraft. I took out my binoculars, radar, brought upon the wood that contained debris vzglyaul and soon set the direction, distance, looked at satellite and firm voice said: "Ladies and gentlemen, the goal Sagov 2500, 5000 feet or one and a half kilometers to go north-east."
   Dick and Gloria strangely interested in my binoculars, I gave them a look at it and were shocked, where the wreckage lay flashed numbers. For the sake of curiosity, I and they induced binoculars at Harry, he was very close, and with it because there was a gun and metal pan that flashed numbers 1200 sagas, 2400 feet or 720 meters. The surprise was not a limit but as we had to hurry then we loaded backpacks with things and hard drive on the shoulders went to the goal. I have to say, had to go hard, our no-gi with shoes with thick soles stuck in the mud, it had to overcome almost a kilometer of Carr. Half an hour later we were standing in the broken plane, she bursts into tears when he saw him, Gloria, had to calm her. Finally we began to inspect the wreckage, go-around, and you are my sons, dressed in the likeness of his head mask with cut-out eye with pho-junkies climbed through the hole which served as a door inside .
   Five minutes later we heard rdostny Sam's voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, in the rear, we have found a real treasure, let one of you to help us climb into the cabin help pull pencil cases and boxes, they may Faberge Easter Eggs."......................................................................................................
   "Sam, I climb to help you," I shouted, and tried to get inside the village, but Gloria motrel at me and said sternly, "Mr. Victor, I myself, take the camera and shoot.".............................................
   "Well, Gloria will let on yours," I said, took out a miniature camera brought back to me and began to shoot approximation to the disk, the amount of which was de syat thousands of hours of great color recording. Dick and Harry come to break down the door and took a minute cupboards, I shot them, keeping only one, the rest would be, deformed and there is very strong. For cupboards grandchildren Uncle Joe took the brown box that I kept as suggested by Faberge Easter Eggs.
   "Dad, we got everything that was stored, climbs out of darkness," Alex shouted loudly. Per-ing Gloria got out, followed by Alex and Sam, I took them happy smiling dirty line
  CA and covered with cobwebs hair and clothes and stopped shooting.
   "Ladies and gentlemen, I counted twenty-five canisters and six boxes, one at a pas Denia aircraft may shatter and golden egg was on the floor," reported Alex.
   Each of us picked up the canisters and kept going by the weight, what a pity some of them were stranded. We did not have time, and even attempts to uncover at least one of them. We put them aside and suggested that my companions stand near the broken aircraft and heaps canisters to witness our presence and discovery. My children, Dick and Gloria with a big smile on their faces stood near the broken body and the canisters with the boxes I was shooting their cameras to disk, and then I got up and had shot Sam nas.Tak I wanted more detail to remove the broken plane on all sides that started with broken cockpit and graduated tail, failed to wallow skeleton without a skull, and even climbed into the passenger compartment, all the broken chairs were torn from their seats.
   Since there was no doubt that the plane belonged to the actors the Stones before returning to the left on the bank of a rubber boat, I proposed to my companions pot ratit some time in search of the remains of people, hungry wolves were separated in their time-WIDE side and hardly far. Everyone agreed with me, and we do not go less than two hours-whether a chain around the wreckage gradually moving away from staring at them carefully tra-woo. How good that we have taken a shovel and steel because we managed to find them in different places four more skeletal, severed limbs and all five skulls. I SNI-small camera and they wondered, "Why was not on the plane, three and five." It's discouraging not only me but all my companions, but as we had to move the boat to the cupboards and boxes with pictures we decided to come back here tomorrow . We returned to the aircraft and saw a bunch of pencil cases and boxes said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have five people, will carry follows- take two canister, we travel hundreds of meters back, pick up ten more, then others with boxes and so times over again, I think the evening will cope."
   "We do not object," cried my companions, as Dick said, "Gentlemen, I suggest that the extra things with shovels leave, still come back tomorrow, we will not take on two and four canister, it's accelerated."
   I agreed and left all the extra stuff, knives, shovels in the body of the aircraft, with a hard drive and took a bottle of water. If not swamp we have coped quickly, but our feet sank into the mud and half kilometer overcame three and a half hours as the back four times from place to place. With regard to the wolves by our noise and screaming they just watched us from a distance afraid to approach Liu ple two hundred meters. Dick and Sam decided to put an end, they made a couple of espresso-catching in the air, wolves instantly disappeared from sight and no longer appeared.
   When we came out of the woods, Harry is on the shore of seeing us with cupboards began waving his arms, we replied in kind. He wanted to help us but wide river at this point and then next to him did not allow grazing horses make this shot. And we continued to walk such short lengths, and finally reached the deflated boat lying on the grass and cover with a tarpaulin. Having rested a few minutes removed from the boat tarp thrown towards the grass and began to inflate and foot pump. She soon took its shape, we moved it to the water, put the engine in it laid the capsule with boxes, and Dick sat looking at us happily said: "floated." He pressed the green button, the engine roared and our boat steadily gaining speed rushed to the other side. Harry waved his hand to us, we told him, and after a few minutes sailing boat slowed down buried in the sand, the engine stalled and we jumped ashore .
   "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been waiting, thinking what happened, but when he saw you on the edge of a chi-Lindrum understand you found something valuable and did not want to part with it," Harry said .
   "Yes, Harry, we have found valuable paintings had been lying in the plane for twelve years, meta-tallic cupboards deformed when the crash but since they sealed the do-May kept the evening all know. I have to say there Carr and very trudnoidti. And how do you ? What about the fish? " I said.
   "Mr Victor Smith, am very glad that your campaign was a success, trout trembles, waiting for you now quickly prepare, we hurry, lunch and move-up me. If tomorrow we will go to the aircraft remains on the shore of Dick and I with you, Now run to pull the network, "Harry said, and ran to the river .
   I knew that it would be difficult one that went to help pull the network tell handicap, whether it was at least a dozen in addition to other species of fish, we chose the largest, oc-tal left the bait, we wanted to take home and fry for everyone. Corot-che, we Navara ear, eat, swim, while Harry and Dick harnessed horses I Sam and Alex pulled the chain to fish, piled into a cart and went home. Only myvyehali from the garden and saw the ladies greeted us-my mother, Irene, and my wife went to us, their smiling people I knew they were glad that we came back safe and sound. Gloria broke down and cried joyfully: "My sister Irene, we found cases with paintings and a box with easter eggs, Hail, send you tomorrow.".........................................................................................................
   "I am happy, my sister Gloria, thank you, Mr. Victor Smith," she said Irene being close to the wagon.
   "Gloria and Irene, it is my duty and of course a touch of luck," I said and smiled.
   We drove up to the house, the horses got up and jumped to the ground, I turned to our Pomoshnaya Cams: "Harry and Dick, I ask you to bring the manual, electric saw, we will have to show Aubrais-ends of the canisters, stainless steel is very strong, do everything at your presence -stvii you attended and should see the canvas. Now, dear ladies and Gentle-Men First let zanesm nalovlennuyu fish to the kitchen, then things Winchester ne-nals and the box into the house, into my bedroom, it will reveal. "............................................................................................................
   All fish gladly moved into the kitchen, then took two canister and carried on WTO swarm floor in my bedroom and twice they have been transferred and the box in which lay Faberge Easter Eggs. Things Winchester and carried into the bedroom of my sons, Pobla Godard Dick and Harry are waved his hands went to the wagon, they must be pos-tavit parked near the shed, unhitch the horses and take to the meadow. I, sisters Irene and Glo-dence, my sons, my mother, my wife stayed in the room on all sides with curiosity races of darker-matrivali twelve years of stainless steel cupboards and boxes, all of it was interesting how-preserved canvases lain so long. Before returning Harry and Dick I briefly told Irene, mother, Masha on our journey to the wreckage of the aircraft do not forget to mention the five skeletons found. Irene heard about what was flying five passengers rather than the three put her confused and wanted to call ba Buschke but Gloria asked to delay, and contact her immediately after shall open cupboards with boxes and see canvases and Easter Eggs.
   Soon, Harry and Dick returned with two circular saw electric hand-mi, they stuck them in rezetku and waited for my consent to start cutting off the ends of the canisters. Yavzyal one flat undeformed pencil box, he flipped one end of the floor and pointed where to cut steel. Harry pressed the green button, earned motor, drive and spun around the room filled with grinding of steel on steel, less than a minute as the edge of the canister fell off and we all saw the canvas collapsed. I looked at Gloria and said quietly: "Charming Lady, please get a canvas, as in any way you directed us to the right path."
   Gloria looked at us, her slender fingers gripped the edge of dense material and pulled over, Irene held the canvas and while he was deployed its fully extended. Everyone stared at the colorful cloth and saw the autograph of the artist Delacroix -Ezhen "Dante and Virgil", 1822. It is perfectly preserved, no mold, looking at a picture of her from all sides put aside, the bed and encouraged by success, we went to work. First we leveled deformed cupboards in order to make them more or less correct, flat shape, then Dick and Harry cut edge, my sons helped them keep the cupboards, Irene Gloria pulled miraculously preserved canvas in excellent condition lain twelve years in the broken container interior collapsed on the ground plane. I'm with my mother and Masha spread their canvases with painted masterpiece paintings and stacks piled them individually by the name of the artist. After a three-hour labor before the arrival home of Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, and their sons, daughters and grandchildren, we have consulted with our work. The sisters took a sheet of paper and together with us began to write the name of each artist's paintings, here they are: Eugene Delakrua- "Dante and Virgil", "Liberty Leading ahead", "Naked woman on the couch" and "Medea", Pablo Pikasso- "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon "" The Girl on the ball "," Woman with a Fan, "Henri Matissa-" Gypsy, "" Woman in Blue "," White Feather "," Black Table ", by Vincent van Goga-" A young man in a hat "," Still Life with iris "," Self-Portrait "," Bedroom Vincent, "Edward Mane-" Portrait of Eva Gonzales, "" Escape of Rochefort, "" flutist "," Absinth Drinker "," Bar at the Folies Bergere, "" Breakfast in the studio, "Henri Toulouse-Lotreka- "Portrait of Mother", "The Dance at the Moulin Rouge," "Portrait of Van Gogh," "In the circus Ferdinando". On a separate sheet discharged name Faberge Easter eggs, there were seven "white egg with a golden hen", "Order of St. George", "Easter egg to the 15 anniversary", "The Coronation", "Easter egg Cuckoo," Easter egg " Lily of the Valley "," Easter Egg with the model of the cruiser "Memory of Azov".
   Joy knew no bounds, the sisters kissed me, my sons, my mother, Masha and Uncle Joe's grandchildren, Irene looked at Gloria and full of happiness said: "My dear sister, now call me Grandma and tell the truth about the results of Mr. Victor Smith samol missing twelve-cho years, and the remaining pictures with Easter eggs."...................................................................................
   "My dear Irene, bring a laptop, let Grandma see our friends who took part in the search for the plane and at the same time found the masterpieces," said Gloria.
   "Gloria, do not go, my use, it is the most modern," I said, and turned on the HP screen displays an image of the room witho all of us. Gloria dial a phone number, a few seconds later the screen is divided into two halves and the right side, we saw an elderly lady attractive appearance with long gray hair, dressed in a pink dress. In the words of her charming face, we realized that it would be la surprised to see such a large group but this time sounded nice velvet-ny voice to Gloria: "Dear Grandma, good evening, how are you? We have with Irene It is featured-tion, please do not surprised with us, our dear friends, here are Mr. Victor Smith, he is the protagonist of our experiences and discoveries, for you will be a big surprise nahodkasdelannaya im in the forest found the missing 12 years ago, a plane Cessna Mustang 7 to manage our grandfather and your husband Harry. To Unfortunately, they were killed in what was no doubt, but other than my mom and dad were on board two more people, we found five skeletons, I think you need to report to the police and to the headquarters of the civil aviation, even if sent here to experts, forensic experts to investigate this case. Please do not contact with the insurance company "Plato" at this stage and not to report it to President Arnold Hennoku about the discovery. And now, my dear grandmother, look, and found the masterpieces of Faberge Easter eggs."...............................................................................
   We showed her found painting Easter eggs and hear her sad voice: "Dear granddaughter, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, glad to see you all, my health as you can see fine. I'm immensely grateful to Mr Victor Smith for such a discovery, and I will say it shocked me, thank you, not only the hero of this discovery and the cosmos, I have an excellent memory, and saw you on TV a few times. With regard to your request cute Gloria later today and tomorrow morning I call the police and the staff of the Civil Aviation, lie down with them, so vstrechayte.Teper notify someone with you, but I guess I want to know exactly.".................................................................................
   "Dear Grandma, hello, Irene said happily, next to Mr. Victor hundred-um his charming wife Marie, a wonderful mother Katherine, and their two sons, Sam and Alex and grandchildren of Mr. Uncle Joe, Dick and Harry, they all took part in the search for a missing plane with paintings. I will not hide sadness that our parents have died, and now the most important thing to identify the remains and buried with honor. I beg you to tell us tomorrow during the second half of the results of your negotiations with the police and experts aviakaktastrofam what time to expect them to you in the first half of the day we will go back to the aircraft Gloria visited the site crashed plane and I net.Mozhet able to find any more remains a mysterious accident, I do not want to argue but I think those who flew the plane tried to steal the paintings, eggs, "but for some reason escaped all killed. "
   "My Irene, good night, you look great, it is clear that good health and about the nasty pre-agree with you if you found five skeletons, but neither my husband nor your mom and pa-sing did not report foreign airplane. I think you yourself carefully inspect it, remember what I told you? Well, my granddaughter, ladies and gentlemen, I wish everybody good health, thank you for helping to meet tomorrow call at this time.".........................................................................................................
   "Grandma, do not worry, we will do everything, try with friends to comb the whole area and found a gun or knife, to the whole of the meeting," he said Irene blew her a kiss and waved handle.
   We thanked Miss Elizabeth, I turned off the HP laptop and it was decided to leave the picture with Easter eggs in my bedroom before returning to work Uncle Joe and his family. I asked my mother and my wife went to the kitchen to help Gloria and Irene to help them prepare dinner. Left with his sons and grandsons of Uncle Joe, Harry and Dick, we decided to go tomorrow to the broken aircraft and more thoroughly when the wind blows obsl-area for the search on the ground, in the grass knives, pistols. Harry realized ka-kim way to speed up the search and prezhdlozhil take a couple of metal detectors, turns INDICATES those in the house had belonged to the public, Uncle Joe assumed that the earth is hidden a lot of meteorites have been personally discovered a dozen, and they were kept in the home museum of discovery. I was extremely happy and asked Harry to take them with him, with them will be easier to find metal objects if they are available.
   Thanking Harry and Dick for their assistance and shaking hands with the other guys went to her and I was left with his sons began to reflect on how outsiders managed to get on a plane and if they decide to kidnap him with the pictures, why fell on the farm of Uncle Joe. Our window was open, and at nine o'clock we heard the bells-farming family was returning from work. We covered the painting with a blanket and went to meet Uncle Joe and his acolytes, and only came out with three carriages drawn by Bityug entered the square in front of the house, they saw us waving, smiling, my children and I answered them the same. In their joyful and happy person, I had no doubt they were aware of the events, Harry and Dick called them and was told about the discovery of the paintings. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane jumped to the ground rushed up to us and greeted with incredible success, I and my sons, in turn, thanked them for their assistance. We went into the house, came home from work the first thing people washed their hands, and then went to the dining room, the sisters Gloria and Irene, my mother and my Masha prepared an excellent dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with sauce, meat pies and grilled fish, dessert and cake sweet drinks with juices from fruits and berries.
   The main topic of conversation was our trip to the broken aircraft and found pictures with Easter eggs, but after dinner, Uncle Sam with sadness in his voice told us no less interesting and horrible at the same time from his point of view the news: "My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen , drilling in the ground found a very real oil instead of the oil and vaseline, viscous liquid from which we obtain by distillation feeders substance, thanks to her people grow in no time at all adversities of nature cattle, fish, cereals, fruits and berries, all that is necessary to meet human needs, a healthy way of life and his health. I'm afraid to think what would happen in the consumer market in five years when the stocks run out neftevazelina I dread even report this to our president. Can you imagine all my work because of the lack of nutritious substance from which it turns out high-calorie feed and energy derived swipes turn me new breed of trotters and Bityug in most of these nags, they will not buy. This is the ruin!"......................................................................................................................
   I looked at the master, mistress, seated, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane, we are all mortal, and nothing lasts forever, because I say it is not necessary to take everything so close to the heart to end Your neftevazelinovaya liquid but more as plant biomass and algae in the seas and oceans. For many decades, people create artificial meat of the legumes, so that after you let others think how to save life on earth. Yes, but how many oil drillers found at your territory? "
   "Mr Victor Smith, you say well not everything lasts forever, even after we have others think, in my century will suffice. As for oil then you will not believe it, it reserves found underground reservoir in order ischeslyayutsya seventy billion tons, America can at least not less than fifty or even eighty years to live for pleasure, so soon on the road again, the horses become a rarity, three hundred million machines all flooded highway. My family and I certainly have nothing to lose, oil for us, if the government refuses to protect my territory he hired an army of guards, I wish people would eat bifshteksami and sausage made from soy and seaweed. Everything I have done, let's move on to another topic, to paintings, my grandchildren told me that you, Mr Victor Smith, found the paintings belonging to the sisters Stone, want to see the masterpieces of which two hundred years. "
   "Well, I Come on into my bedroom and you will see everything," I said, stood up and walked to the door, smiling, Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, and their sons, daughter and grandchildren followed me. Sisters Gloria, Irene my sons, mother and wife were in the dining room, they need to clear the table, wash the dishes, vacuum the carpets all had breakfast in the morning to clean the room, cleanliness of the guarantee of health .
   I will say, paintings and Faberge Easter Eggs produced at all lasting vpechat-tion, Uncle Joe and Miss Jane with special interest examined them and finally asked: "Mr. Victor Smith, what's next?"
   "Miss Jane and Mr. Uncle Joe will continue to be the most interesting, as the pain in the mesh-ke not hide and Miss Elizabeth, grandmother sisters Gloria and Irene have to date found on the plane, paintings and Faberge Easter eggs, it is with the police and svyaeyvaetsya Staff of Civil Aviation, tomorrow she'll call and tell their grandchildren when they arrive here and start an investigation to identify the remains of their task, find the cause of the crash, the perpetrators of honor and bury the actors, "I said .
   Uncle Joe looked at me and said: "That's right, with no objections on our side, who should all be in the investigation to be freely-Whig on a particular route you when your presence and my grandchildren."
   "And I have no objection," said Miss Jane added: "Who took the actors to kill for the sake of the stolen paintings? It's my guess. Yes, we can pomochsstram hire specialists to make the frame in which they will look superb."...............................................................................................................
   "Thank you Miss Jane and Mr. Uncle Joe for help and assistance in the search for self-volley, tomorrow we will continue searching, I think somewhere near the wreckage strewn knives or guns, in the extreme case, experts find the cause of death," I said .
   "Be sure to find Mr Victor Smith, good night," said Miss Jane .
   "Good night, Miss Jane, Mr. Uncle Joe and all of you ladies and gentlemen," said the pro-I led them up the stairs .
   I went back to the bedroom, the current picture in the pile, covered them with a cloth separately under the AOC vat Easter eggs removed and now the thought of what to do with pencil cases and boxes lying-Chiyah in my sons bedroom. Soon returned Sam, Alex, my mother, Mary, and Gloria Irene, we sat down and I told them that Miss Jane and Mr. Joe did not object to the arrival on the farm all those related to the investigation of deaths and their identification. The sisters were delighted by this news, outlined a plan of action for the future and our sons with their favorite girls left us wishing us with his wife and mother good night .
   The next day after breakfast we went to the aircraft in search of a revolver or a knife that might have killed the pilot and his son and daughter who are unknown to us by the way got into the cab. This time we went with Irene instead of Gloria, in the pre-me with her left my wife and my mother. When we got to his plane crashed vidpotryas girl, she burst into tears and had to calm her. Nearly two hours about schupyvali earth metal detectors but no knife or gun, we did not find anything else and returned to the aircraft to pick up abandoned belongings and move to a rubber boat. Irene, who was afraid until then type Cessna suddenly broken for us with complete fearlessness came up to him and quietly asked me: "Mr. Victor, let me just in case, a flashlight and a sharp knife, I want to see myself get into the cockpit and cabin.".................................................................................
   "Maybe I'm with you, Irene, a dangerous, there may be poisonous snakes," I said, and handed her the flashlight with his sharp hunting knife .
   "The pile of metal, they are not found, and under them may, it does not hurt, especially since there are ma-lo place and we will not interfere with each other, but stand near the broken door just slu-tea," with full seriousness the girl said, and then also climbed into the passenger compartment.
   I stood near the opening serves as a passage in a plane and watched closely for Irene to crawl inside, she soon returned holding a box and when climbed out and gave me said quietly, "Mr. Victor, this is a miniature tape recorder with dis-com, only he can solve the mystery of the pilot could not turn it off, it's a trick of my ba-Buschke Next, spying on unfaithful husband. He had a mistress and often flew his plane to them in a secluded place. So when my grandfather returned Xia grandmother pulled the drive and put a blank Alone bugged-tovnyu ball on his tape recorder. About how she came to him the grandmother did not tell yet, they did not leave. When we grew up and she told in detail about the missing plane with valuable paintings and Faberg eggs worth more than a billion dollars is in it and unsuccessful search for Gloria and I kindled a desire to continue their learning and it is our intention with her sister Gloria find it prompted the abyss where he could, and most importantly rasskryt me the secret about the hidden tape recorder in the wall of the cabin about which no one but its not I knew. In appearance, he survived, but for us the most important thing that the drive from his grandmother all know .
   "In this case, Irene rasskroetsya secret and we will know who the two men who fell in the plane is possible with the permission of your grandfather," I said, and immediately put the tape recorder in his pocket and went to stand on the sidelines and my sons Harry. We did not tell them about the results to disk and tape as the main deal was done by looking at the sky in astonishment said: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go back to the boat, time for dinner, something I was hungry."
   "And I," he added Irene and looked at the boys .
   "In this case we go, sorry that did not find a knife or a gun," said Harry .
   "Gentlemen, do not worry, we will come back here when the grandmother arrives and still-hour home, Sam, come on, you know where to go," said Irene .
   According to her insistence, we were rapidly crossed over by boat to the other side where we waited for Dick to have a rest, to hear from us that the results of the search, even worthless, he was upset but I convinced him that it is not fatal, and as soon as the fly-grandmother Eli Zabet immediately continue the search . This time we did without soup, quickly biting Irene asked the guys to harness horses and go home. While Harry and Sam busy with lo-shadmi I with the guys pulled out a net with trout and other fish species, piled into the carriage and sat comfortably rushed to the farm .
   When driving up to the house of Gloria, my mom and we met Mary, his wife surprised at Shem rapid return-so today, with a sunny weather you can enjoy your time on the river. Thanking Harry and Dick, we jumped off the wheelchair and came to meet, Irene looked at her sister and said, "Dear Gloria, the case did not call my grandmother?"..................................................................................
   "No, you know, she promised to call at night. Yes, you find anything?" .
   "No, our metal detectors were weak, did not find a gun or knife, however, I found a tape recorder, but it works or not I do not know, Come on in, we shall understand," said Irene.
   "Will there be a benefit .
   "Of course, Gloria, if it will work."...................................................................................
   We entered the house, went up to my bedroom, I pulled out a small box and showed Gloria's sons, mother and wife, they are oddly began to study it, twirled, twisted trying to find the button pressing that tape will work. I looked at him, realized a recording device, you need to unscrew the bolts, remove the disc, put it on a special apparatus and a losing start playback of a recording. Irene looked at me and said: "Mr Victor Smith, turn on your HP laptop, I want to talk with her to find out what is the reaction of police and experts on civil aviation aviakrusheniyam when they arrive."
   "Well, Irene, I include HP," I said, went to the laptop, pressed the yellow button and then on the screen there we are. Irene dialed, the screen is divided into two halves, one on the other, we flaunted smiling grandmother appeared in a blue dress when she saw us, she waved her hand to us and said, "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, as your success? The health of do not ask, you will see all in good spirits and health pyshite, I also feel great. I want to tell the police and called the headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol, its head Major Mr. Douglas, you would not believe it shocked twelve years found a missing plane, and so as a matter of special importance how can they know who they are dealing then agreed to go the next day to three experts to you in your wilderness in the Rocky Mountains to the Great Falls. I will say, on the farm of Uncle Joe is not so easy to get to, specify the route, tomorrow night Police Captain, Major and Mr. Roni Mr. Douglas will report to me when I go to you, that this last, important news."..................................................................................
   "Grandma, hello, I found this thing here, so take me your playback ustroyst-in, we are waiting for you impatiently, the owner of the farm Uncle Joe gave his consent freely to miss everyone who is dealing to investigate the crash, or call us directly at him 406-937-5839-103 phone, "said Irene and showed the recording device .
   I zoomed in and heard the voice of Miss Elizabeth: "Dear Irene, amazing, now we know more or less realistic picture of the incident, you're done, I have always believed in your memory and intelligence, keep it up to my arrival."............................................................................................
   "Always, my grandmother, call, kiss, until the next call," said Irene.
   Speaking joined Gloria: "Grandma, Good day, we look forward to you, so bored, I think everything will soon rasskroetsya, you still kiss, you'd know what wonderful people are standing next to us, if not for Mr Victor Smith, we are unlikely to I would be able to find our plane. "
   "My granddaughter, I understand everything, for their assistance, Mr. Victor Smith received voznag-razhdenie 5 million dollars, thank you space hero, my gratitude has no limits, and up until the meeting of the whole," said Miss Elizabeth .
   I turned off the laptop and looking at the sisters: "Lovely Irene and Gloria, now we need to talk to Mr. Joe and Miss Jane that they were allowed to land helicopters police and the Civil Air Patrol at the waterfall on the edge of Grozny to the forest where the wreckage lies not will be the experts and police dragged twenty kilometers in a wheelchair when they have modern helicopters. "
   "You're right, Mr. Victor Smith, would not, they do not have time in the evening to meet Mr. Joe and Miss Jane, let's say that the next day they come and not an incident happened and even tomorrow we have to go to the aircraft with long poles and a red rag to the end , put them where lie the skeletons, the police must act swiftly and surely, "said Irene, and looked at me.
   "I agree that the right decision, Irene, tomorrow you send us to the aircraft, no offense, Gloria, you'll be at home with my mom and wife Masha, at any time can call grandma and talk to her. You know, we can stay," I said . . .
   "No offense, I stay at home and you do things," philosophically reasoned Gloria.
   I looked at my watch, it was 6 to 40 pm, will soon return to work the family of Uncle Joe and said softly: "Dear ladies, it's time to cook dinner, so that we will meet at a table there and talk with the owner and his wife.".....................................................................................................................
   "We agree to meet at dinner," the sisters talked and went to the kitchen, my mother and Mary joined them to help prepare the food. I and my sons were not going to sit layer Ms hands and decided to go down to find Harry and Dick to prepare long poles, Irene correctly suggested, need to stick them near the skeletons and not have problems with their search. And I will say, we found Harry and Dick explained what was happening and before the arrival of Uncle Joe and Miss Jane from work have prepared just in case, ten poles attached to them and outlined a red rag to go tomorrow immediately after breakfast. In the evening, after dinner, I'm Gloria and Irene talk to Uncle Joe and Miss Jane on arrival at the farm police and experts from the staff of Civil Aviation which is a good place to land in the area of Grozny and waterfall edge of the forest, they agreed on one condition Grandma tomorrow night personally called them and Miss Jane with Uncle Joe will discuss this issue with her, she will tell the names of the heads of professionals arriving to investigate and have those officials will contact the farmer and final issue will be resolved with the arrival. We thanked Miss Jane, Mr. Uncle Joe and wished them good night and went to my bedroom to contact with his grandmother for an important conversation with her.
   In order to mother and wife coped with cleaning the room, I sent them to help their sons being in the room with Gloria and Irene turned on the HP laptop, and despite the late hour Miss Elizabeth is not asleep, and was glad that we got in touch with her. In short, Irene gave her all that is needed to police and experts from the staff of Civil Aviation arrived without any problems at the farm of Uncle Joe and helicopters so that it is not confused immediately sent to her in detail email message with an indication of origin on the grounds that they may down. Negotiations grandson and grandmother Elizabeth ended up tomorrow, at any time, managers specialists traveling here for the investigation to contact with Uncle Joe or Miss Jane, since this area is protected by Marines and military helicopters as directed by the President, and any violation of the air space is equal to illegal entry into the particularly important military objective, without further investigation, shorter helicopters are shot down. My grandmother said that she will warn the leaders of police headquarters of civil aviation and in the evening after six it will report when they arrive, as all in all seriousness. We thanked Miss Elizabeth wished her good night, she said the same, and the connection was broken .
   Gloria and Irene thanked me and said good night went to the dining room to help clean up the room and I'm waiting for Masha and her mother. They came in half an hour, we turned on the TV and watched the TV series "Who stole Emily" with the inclusion of advertising and the latest news from various parts of the world. As always first with the news of the world-regional Crime and then about the economic recession and its consequences to the Asian countries, to continue enerneticheskogo crisis and interest permits. Chinese tourists-cal company acquired the Norwegian shipbuilders ocean liner "Sea zvez yes" for 12 million passengers, its peculiarity is that it is a giant sail auto-matically assigns and clean, so that half of the way he goes under a special news parusami.No which shocked me Russian and Chinese pair of wells drilled in the area of the Sea of Okhotsk the world in international waters and attacked the huge reservoir of oil calculated 80-100 billion tons, according to experts of Petroleum will begin production next year, promise to pump the first half ton, three years will go to the level of billion tons.
   I was staring and heard he did not notice I fell asleep in the morning after breakfast we went to the waterfall drawn carriages Grozny. On the rubber boat with motor I, Sam, my sons and Irene crossed to the other side taking long poles with red rags, we reached the wreckage of the plane and rested moved to the skeleton. Since we knew approximately where it is found, and next to each of them put a pole with a cloth. After finishing this important work, we headed back to the rubber boat, crossed to the other side where we were waiting for Harry and snack cooked them soup Trout rushed home trotters with a strong breeze carried us where the terrain allows. Frankly speaking, as such there was no road, just punched track on a variety of trips in wheelchairs, carts and even carts.
   We vovratilis at five o'clock, my mother, my wife, Gloria, and with smiling happy faces greeted us and she presented us with a pleasant surprise: "My dear sister, gentlemen, tomorrow's grandmother arrives, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane allocated overhead helicopter and it will take it right to home, here on this site. In addition, they provide a helicopter at the time of the police and experts Civil Air Patrol and the National Security Council on transport, that they will have to investigate the causes of the crash of our parents. Important work will begin in the afternoon, we need to prepare to meet and grandmother and specialists."..................................................................................
   "Lovely Gloria and Irene stunning news, but I will say, if your grandmother tide tit-for 10 hours then one of you will immediately go with us to the waterfall, we must vstre tit-specialists and carry them to the wreckage of the plane," I said looking at the sisters.
   "No delays, Mr. Victor, but tomorrow I'll fly with you, Irene, in any case will remain with his grandmother listen to the recording, and the next day they went to sa-moltu, fragments will lie there for some time."................................................................................................................
   "I do not mind, Irene said, especially her grandmother and now need to rest just in case, dear Mr. Smith turn on your laptop, you need to specify when izLos Angeles crashes mom in Spokane."
   "Ladies and gentlemen, in this case, Come on into my bedroom, and you, Harry and Dick dis-ryagayte horses meet in the evening for dinner," I said a joyous voice and went in to the house. Dick and Harry waved drove the horses to the stables and we were not in Spall-established contact with his grandmother. We exchanged greetings and Miss Elizabeth Coy broad smile on his cute little face, reported to us, "Ladies and gentlemen, the last message received from Miss Jane as my plane arrives in Spokane at 8 am the vertoltvyletit from your home in the June 30, so that decide, granddaughter, who among you will fly to meet me. Regarding the experts, they will fly by helicopter to the home of Miss Jane between 11 and 12 hours of the day, we will wait for them, no one to my plane did not go. I will tell you a secret mistress of us will fly with her husband, they are interested in themselves to visit the crash site, I think during dinner, they tell you everything. "
   "Dear Grandma, thanks for the good news, in the morning I will fly to meet you, happy, Vg flight kiss, see you soon, we're so bored," she said Irene smiling.
   "Dear Grandma, I do not mind, we will prepare a festive table for your arrival, the whole, a happy flight, see you soon." ...................................................................................................................
   "See you soon, my granddaughter, ladies and gentlemen," said Miss Elizabeth, pos-
  Lala us a kiss and waved his hand .
   We said the same, I unplugged the HP laptop and looking at all said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, we need to go down to the kitchen, I think tomorrow will be a busy day and dinner come in the evening, so the morning is thorough eat, I propose to make some dumplings and treat everyone. "
   "Our grandmother loves any tasty food, so that it will treat and in general all the dumplings, they sculpt Come on," said Irene and smiled .
   "I think the same for me," he said with a smile, Gloria, and headed for the door. K
  8 hours we not only nalepili dumplings but also fully prepared dinner Navara rice, made three kinds of sauces, meatballs and fry for fans of two dozen steaks. Immediately I noticed, on his return from work, immediately after a great dinner of Miss Jane said the schedule for tomorrow: "Dear sisters, on the morning of June 30 and you will fly a helicopter can fly at will even meet together grandmother. As for the police officers and experts as soon as they arrive Helicopter to the house once I, my husband, Mr. Victor Smith, the grandmother and you, Gloria and Irene, fly to Grozny falls, the others stay at home to look after the farm, you need to cook a great table for 4 pm for participants in the investigation of the crash, you know, they hungry, you need to put a bottle of cold vodka and wine."....................................................................................................................................
   Hearing such interesting news sisters thanked Miss Jane and Uncle Joe for the opportunity to fly together on the airfield at Spokane meet grandmother. The host and hostess wishing them a good night left the dining room, we told them the same, then left their children, daughter with grandchildren. Gloria, Irene, my mother and wife began to clean up the dishes, room and as the sisters had to get up early, I let go, and their sons join in cleaning. When finished, we went to sleep, tomorrow will be busy day in charge .
   At midnight, awakened by the rumble of thunder and lightning, I got out of bed and went underneath, to the open window, slanting rain fell in torrents, and even penetrated the windowsill. I closed the window and went to bed, lay down and lay a long time with a thought in my head, that if the rain will continue until tomorrow afternoon, we're not gonna get to the plane and then you have to postpone the Destination Specialists for the following day .
   I got up at six in the morning, looked out the window and was surprised, it was dry, on the east by raising elk-sun, a blue sky no clouds, no sign of that at night the rain poured down in buckets. My sons shirts with short sleeves sitting in the gazebo with Gloria iIren, they were blue dress just above the knees, they are joyful and happy about something chatted. I understood that my sons and between these charming sisters established strong love relationship. I did not want to interfere in their personal life, opened the window and went to bed, I know without me there is someone to accompany girls. But he could not sleep, soon heard the roar of engines of the helicopter but did not get up from our windows still do not see the area, it has access to the garden. After MULTI-to-minute helicopter flew and I got up half an hour after lying, he woke his wife, and kissed her as if nothing had happened asked his wife: "My dear Masha, you're not accompanied sisters?"
   It is somehow strange looked at me, smiled and said: "My Victor vee-business dream as our sons accompanied them."
   I knew my wife and maybe my mother knew that Sam and Alex fell in love with Irene and Glo-tory and did not want to bring to my attention their relationship. We got up, cleaned up in the shower, got dressed and went to the dining room, it was necessary to prepare breakfast, family like usual, but go to work. However, today was an exception, Miss Jane and Uncle Joe were to meet Miss Elizabeth. While my sons woman cleared the table and the room I was the host and hostess were walking in the garden enjoying the singing of the birds and breathe in the fresh fragrant air flying toward us from the meadows. In 8 of 40 played a mobile phone, Miss Jane turn it on and we heard the sweet voice of Irene: "Dear Miss Jane, good morning, my grandmother arrived, we met her and take off in a minute, 10 00, as the pilot said Mr. Rick landed in front of the house, thank you, our greetings to Mr. Uncle Joe, all those around you .
   "Irene, good morning, thank you called hello from me, my husband and Mr. Vic Tor Miss Elizabeth Smith, Gloria and pilot Rick, happy flight, are looking forward to it, before the arrival call again, a whole," said Miss Jane .
   "My Jo and Mr Victor Smith, as you have heard, and Miss Elizabeth arrived at the moment I think are already flying, all according to our schedule, September 30 call the police captain Mr. Gere and know they flew to Major Douglas and Captain wolverines," said Miss Jane.
   We continued to wander through the garden, the weather was gorgeous, the sun shone brightly on the sword-heat, the blue sky is clear and the breeze was blowing. At September 30 Uncle Joe make it possible Nile police captain Mr. Gere, he said that the 11 hours it will arrive two poly-Tseyskoe expert Cook, Bligh, Major Douglas of the Civil Air Patrol and his Elmer and assistant captain Lieutenant Mick Ross from the National Council for Transport Safety. Everyone was excited the day the schedule is not disrupted, fifteen minutes later he phoned Irene and happily reported the flight goes well, in ten will make a landing. I looked at the clock, before boarding the helicopter had seven.minutes.
   Miss Jane looked at us and offered to go to the site to which the helicopter drops and when we arrived my sons, mother and wife Mary were there and saw us waving his hands pointing to the sky to the west. I looked at the blue sky and saw a silver helicopter, he promptly flew to us and went down. Three minutes later, he hovered over us at a height of several hundred meters and smoothly went to decline, the wheels touched the ground and then the engine stalled. When we got to the door it opened, the pilot's head Rica, he waved his hand, immediately lower the ladder, the first was Irene, her elderly lady pretty blonde of medium height with great shape in green and yellow dress just below the knee. Long wavy hair platinum color shoulder gave her face an extraordinary appeal. She confidently down the stairs stepping on them with his brown shoes with low heels, smile never left her plump lips, big blue eyes sparkled and I peered into it remembered, this actress has played in many TV series and the film comedy "Wish me luck" . Gloria held the back of Miss Elizabeth, on her shoulder handbag hanging from the dark skin. Height was small and Miss Jane with my Masha on both sides just in case, stick to it. The last pilot Rick down with a large brown suitcase and a bag of purple things .
   We exchanged greetings, introduce themselves, Miss Elizabeth looked at me and with a smile said: "Mr Victor Smith, thank you for all that you have done in the search for the missing plane, my granddaughter tell a lot about you. Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to see you , thank you to the charming Miss Jane, you dear good magician and a blacksmith happiness for people, Mr. Joe and everyone who is present here. I think we do not have much time to talk, experts will soon arrive, the police and we have to fly to the crash site, allow I change clothes and get ready before they arrive. "
   "All right, lovely Miss Elizabeth, at our disposal an hour, you disguise-Tes and before you need to go to have breakfast, we'll stay in the forest is not an hour, so that ten minutes for food can be identified," said Miss Jane, and smiled .
   "Well, twenty minutes later I'm ready, thank you for the invitation," and together with progovorilagostya granddaughters, Miss Jane, and my sons nsshimi things went into the house.
   I will not describe how the conversation took place, and breakfast guests and hosts, 11 hours at-flying helicopter with experts and as he descended, we left the house. Once the vertices
  tolt touched the ground police captain Mr. Gere because of the high employment are not going outside waved in greeting and shouted over the noise of the motor running: "Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, ask the salon, meeting happen in flight."......................................................................
   From the cabin lowered metal ladder and I, Mr. Joe, Miss Jane, Miss Elizabeth, her granddaughter, and my sons went into the cabin of the captain and welcoming all who flew with him, and began to count them turned fourteen. The helicopter immediately got up and flew to Grozny falls, Miss Jane introduced me to the captain, and Giru he as a responsible in this investigation immediately asked me to go to the cockpit in order to indicate the place of landing. He introduced me to the pilot of Mr. Craig, we exchanged greetings, I called his name, smiled and flew to the northeast according to data by me earlier origin. That seemed to calm the river, a waterfall in the distance flashed Grozny and I asked the pilot Craig down at the edge of the woods in a place where the earth was sticking out a long wooden pole with a red cloth.
   The helicopter went down into the clearing, the pilot cut the engine and Craig Communications announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, the flight is over, be careful when descending the stairs."
   Captain Gil, a tall, well-built, middle-aged brunette with dark short hair, color of opened the door, pulled the ladder and the first came to a clearing behind him were women and further experts.
   Going down to the ground spent a few minutes getting to know, need to know who is who and name. In short Gere turned to the captain flew fourteen counting pilot, his team was seven-two police experts, Cook and Bligh and four policemen. Major Douglas of the Civil Air Patrol was assistant Elmer, Captain Rosa of the National Council for Transport Safety Lt. Mika accompanied except for three more helper. Wasting no time, the police helicopter was discharged from shovels, hooks, electric saws, engine for development Energy consumption, water cans, hand carts and seeing the mountain that it is necessary to move through the forest trudnprohodimy thought that all have to sweat hard passing over a kilometer with a cargo of Carr place.
   Smoke break ten minutes Captain Gil looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, as we have to stay in the forest for some time in order to inspect the wreckage and get to the recorder, black box, it is necessary to drag the equipment so that we take as much as possible and bear, even a break."
   Strong guys without objection took on his shoulders, hands tool, disk saws, water in cans, three men rolled a cart with the engine to generate electricity and say into the forest for a couple of hundred meters are faced with the difficulty of which I forgot to warn the captain Gere-area was furnace and after the rain feet with shoes left in the dirt. Of course, if you go without a load the dirt nepochm but the extra weight made themselves znat.Proydya hundred meters Captain Gil who was walking next to me stopped and said quietly: "Mr. Victor Smith, with a cargo of women exists, and we are not far to go, I think that's Let's go do Davyte light, see the wreckage of the aircraft, can somewhere near them there exists a playground and we are there to land the helicopter."
   I looked at him and said: "That's right captain Gere, women, we will leave a heavy load near the helicopter but the pilot Craig has to go with us, so it is definitely something may or may not decide to put the machine makes an announcement."..........................................................................
   Captain Craig turned and said to us marching companions: "Ladies and zhentlme-us, we go back to the helicopter, and the goods leave the woman beside him, a man without luggage go to the wreckage of the aircraft and at the same time look for near the landing site, and you will easily find yourself on the site"..............................................................................................................................
   I'll tell you all agreed, and we went back to the helicopter, a heavy load and women left in the care of my sons, at my request because wolves were carried out in the forest. With us to the wreckage of the helicopter pilot walked Mr. Craig and say an hour to get there. While experts and police inspect the wreckage of the plane and the police helicopter pilot went podiskivat suitable place for landing the helicopter and soon were-nulis joyful and happy, and Mr. Craig announced: "Gentlemen, a couple of hundreds of meth-ing from this place a suitable area for landing, I think with conductor back to the helicopter, and an hour will fly with women and weight. "
   "All right, Mr. Craig, without saws we do not get to the black box and without it we can not solve the mystery of the death of the aircraft, but one you will not let go, if getting lost is the Tes-day pass will find. Just look for an hour and thirty" progovorilmister Gere and looked at me, said: "Mr Victor Smith, no one knows the way to the helicopter but you let our genius ahead, I'll even give just in case the police with a gun and personally you, Mr. Johnson, you go with the pilot and Mr. Smith. "
   "I looked at the captain, smiled and said:" Well, Mr. Gere, I agree with a guy like Mr. Johnson, we are not afraid of the gray wolf, by the way, gentlemen, it is home and be careful. "
   Wasting no time, we went to the helicopter, and because they were light and hastened the forty minutes to get to him, a woman and my sons were glad to see us and learn from the pilot that the landing site is found at all were delighted. We did not even work, in our absence ladies with Alex and Sam lifted into the helicopter before everything was filmed. We went into the helicopter, the pilot shut the door, went to his cabin, turned on the engine and in a couple of minutes off the ground. I was in the cab next to him and tells you the direction to the wreckage of the plane, flying very low, finally we saw our people waved and now had to sit on the site found earlier pilot Craig as he said a couple of hundred of wreckage .
   "Mr. Craig, I can see the area, heading southwest," I said happily .
   "There is a course to the southwest, and reported to the pilot changed direction, I looked down and neo-Jew saw a small clearing, and he showed the pilot to look down exclaimed:" It is!"
   The pilot slowed and approaching the center hung over the clearing, began gradually reduce the Xia and we felt easy push-touch with the ground. Mr. Craig killed the engine, we got out of the cab and looked at the seated men and women announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, flew, a smooth landing is completed, please leave." He opened the door, down the stairs, went out first and helped the ladies get on the ground, rather than on grass. Now it was to go to the wreckage of the plane where we were waiting for experts led by Captain Gere, but since circled the lost landmark. Fortunately for us, we heard the cries of our people drifting to the right and soon saw coming towards us with high lush red hair Arnie Major Douglas, followed by three police officers. I must say this place was not swampy why they moved so quickly to us, I realized they needed electric saws and the engine to generate electricity. Being close to us, they asked our well-being and not wasting time with the pilot climbed for the necessary tools and equipment. We helped them and download from water canisters, saws went to the collapsed aircraft, three policemen pulled on a trolley engine and soon saw Captain Gere who lays out the debris .
   Seeing us, they stopped work and began waving happily, we answered them, finally we came to the wreckage and stood. Miss Elizabeth when a plane crashed into tears and, together with her granddaughter and Ms. Jane walked around, the spectacle was not a pleasant one. At this time, the police brought the engine hooked saws and started cutting off the parts of the aircraft that prevented the body to turn to get to the black box. In order to fulfill the important work before dark two police forensic Captain Bligh and Lt. Gen. Douglas Cook and went with me and the sons of the forest to collect fragments of human bodies. Since they were in different places, we were divided into three groups: I went with Bligh, Alex and Sam Cooke with Major Douglas. How good that we have previously put the staves with a red rag at the skeletons and thus reduce the search. Frank to say if you take a human skeleton in a hundred percent that each have no more than 20-25, but most importantly how Harry said Bly less-preserved skull of wind, snow, rain and insects they looked discolored and rough. I Bly spent in search of fragments of a couple of hours, he wanted to find something else but I will say what parts of the searches were unsuccessful and returned to the wreckage of the plane. Soon came my sons with experts collected a total of five separate skeletons, or rather all that is left of them if you count the skulls stacked individually in cellophane bags five.
   Rattle electric saws for metal cutting ears, the police cut off one part from another, put off to the side, the experts themselves carefully examined them, shooting and all are entered into computers. The work was in full swing, it was really no time to eat, but at three o'clock snack and sandwiches washed down with hot coffee with cream. After the break with renewed vigor began to cut the body and only at five o'clock got to the black box, all began to look at it and Arnie Douglas as captains Ross Gear and concluded that it is preserved and can be deciphered but with regard to what the radar came into complete disrepair but we decided to take home with them. Since the main and important work was done by the Captain Gil thanked everyone who took part and asked the police to carry some of the details to the helicopter crashed aircraft for examination, tools, engine, circular saws, and even packaging and plastic left over from the meal. In order to cope with more work I asked for sons to help the police and they are implicitly join them .
   At this time, the captain Gere in the presence of his assistants Cook and Bligh, Major Douglas of the Civil Air Patrol, Assistant Elmer, Captain Rosa-tion of the National Council for Transport Safety, me, Miss Elizabeth, her grandson Gloria and Irene, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane made a brief statement: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I thank all those who took part today in the search for the black box, and human fragments, our work is finished. As for the wreckage, dear Miss Elizabeth, the question Mr. Joe and his wife Miss Jane, they are masters of the territory which is currently scrap what to do with him.
   Since our work which was attended by representatives of three independent missions to: 1), the Commission of the police department number 27 Montana State on whose territory the plane crashed led by Captain John Geer, 2), the Commission of the Civil Air Patrol Montana led by Major Douglas Arnie, 3), the Commission from the National Council for Transport Safety Montana led by Captain Henry Wolverines finished in the act of conclusion ukazyvaem- we found the black box data recorder,, radar and collected fragments of human remains of five people to identify the causes of the crash and the conclusions which occurred August 20, 2074. I ask you dear Miss Elizabeth Stone and Mr. Joe read the act and sign of the authenticity of the display. Yes, the result of the plane crash will be known in a few weeks after a careful study by experts and as human fragments that are all just five days, they will be fully identified, and you, dear Miss Elizabeth Stone will be sent to your address notification. Taking it you will go to the specified funeral home city of Los Angeles, and decide for yourself whether you bury or cremate the remains. Please, Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Joe Come to me, because of the fact that the time is nearing evening, and we need to fly all sorts of comments and questions are unnecessary. Tonight for dinner I'll answer questions if I can find the correct answer in the crash is not so simple. A copy of the certificate you will receive on arrival at the.farm."
   Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Joe came to Captain John Gere, read the writing, and thanking him and all those present made the sign put a date on the display at the end of the act. I, as an outsider, an act was not included why have not lost anything. Ka-Pete John Geer thanked us, shut your computer, shook our hands, sighed with relief and joy announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, with a clear conscience to the helicopter, Mr. Joe, say frankly have to stay for an hour in your home to rest."
   "Captain John Geer, no problems, thank you for the work done, all the hard whisker-hoist and hungry, we will fly until everything is ready for the rest, to the helicopter," he said pro-Uncle Joe smiled and taking a couple of shovels went to the clearing to which were police. We all took a wreckage necessary for examination and poshlik helicopter. Miss Elizabeth and Miss Jane looked at the wreckage piled in a heap, and moved to tears for us. When we reached the helicopter, I called Masha and announced the completion of work, she understood me and asked me not to worry, as we will fly table for all will be served .
   Before departure the pilot Richard Craig looked completely decomposed self molta parts, tools, saw blades and the engine in special containers tightly closed Cover and headed to the cockpit. Pausing at the door, he looked at us and when they were all seated in the seats requested seat belt and making sure that everything is in order said: "Ladies and gentlemen, take off a couple of minutes."
   The pilot went into the cabin, the engine roared, and soon began to gradually lift the helicopter, smiling up. As soon appeared above the tops of the trees began to pick up speed rapidly, and a minute later we were flying over Grozny falls, the river quietly. Landed safely on the ground next to the house, we got out of the helicopter and Mr. Joe as promised to all who came to inspect the wreckage Cessna Mustang 7 and participated in organized chic table, drinking wine and vodka at the request of and in moderation. Before you get out from behind his desk, Captain John Gere expressed his views on the crash occurred twelve years in a few words: "Ladies and gentlemen, it happened because of the loss of control of the pilot, and in that time the aircraft was at low altitude and flew with the minimum speed as if trying to land, and I will say it does not have lasted just a kilometer to the clearing for the reason that ran on top of a very tall tree and falling Cessna burst into one of the trees, and in some way nepogyatnym fallen on his stomach. In all likelihood, the pilot pulled the management and if the plane fell from a great height, he exploded in the tank had a lot of fuel. I can even say that when the crash no one was killed, seriously wounded crawled out of the cabin but continue their terrible fate befell the-wild beasts attacked them. But the more detailed presentation , dear Miss Elizabeth, you'll get when we decipher the recorder and experts from the Forensic Medicine identified the person killed and highlight the version of death. That's all I wanted to say, we condole with your irreparable sorrow and ask you to face up to what happened. You dear Mr. Uncle Joe and charming Miss Jane og- Romney thanks for your hospitality, I am sorry that the detained but not do without it, you saw in what position were everything, but fortunately we did it in one day. I will give you a certificate to sign the two copies and firmly declare, on your part, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane no fault in this case is not there, so continue to work for America, live quietly, sweetly sleep and good health to all. Before we parted you read carefully the contents of the act and raspishetest on the display of my computer again."..............................................................................
   Captain John Gere took out a red folder, two copies of the Act and filed a Miss Elizabeth as a friend of Mr. John. The lady began to read carefully laid out on three sheets and agree with all the sign on the computer screen, she thanked all those who participated in the work and asked to send all the information to your home address in Los Angeles. Mr. John read the act and signed, thanked everyone who participated in the work of experts who arrived and began to go up from the table, all thanked the hosts for a delicious meal and harvesting their hands. Fifteen minutes later, the helicopter took off and headed for the Great Falls, Montana .
   As soon as the helicopter flew off we went into the house, Miss Elizabeth thanked mis-tera Joe and Miss Jane for help and citing fatigue, along with its E-granddaughters went to her bedroom, I knew, she was eager to listen to the recording on the disc in the conversation occurred the cabin of the aircraft during the flight between those who were in it. Mr. Joe and Jane asked me to replace the girls to cook dinner for returning to work with their sons, their wives and children and went to his office composes a plan for tomorrow. I agreed, and implicitly with their ladies and their sons began to clean up the tables and then cook dinner. We have failed in their duties, and prepared a delicious dinner, feed all the delicious food and then cleaned the room and went to sleep.
   In the morning as usual I got up at 6 Masha 30 washed, did exercises, and the first thing looked to the kitchen, Gloria and Irene worked as it should be in the kitchen. When he saw us, they waved his hand to us, we give them, exchanged greetings and approached them. Gloria took me aside and said quietly: "Mr. Victor's grandmother wants to invite you after lunch to listen to recorded content, it is not all clear about what happened on vertol-ones. For a mysterious incident in the cabin."
   "I'll be glad to help her unravel what happened on board," I said, and as I have nothing to do in the kitchen went to the garden. Soon there were sons and exchanged greetings asked whether there is news. Looking at them, I frankly admitted: "My children, for a minute any news, they will be after lunch, please be patient, Miss Eliza-Beth wants me to listen to the last part of the record of what Gloria.said."
   "In this case, as I understand it, Miss Elizabeth herself could not understand that Vo ice-si and wishes to invite you, so everything will become clear after breakfast," said Sam .
   "We will not speculate, sons, Miss Elizabeth and her granddaughters past does not return, though well-preserved paintings and Faberge Easter Eggs in complete safety and forensics experts identified by the individual fragments and buried with honor," I said, and added sadly, "through some days they leave the farm."....................................................................................................
   "The Pope should tell you the good news Gloria and Irene invited us Dep-curl with them in Los Angeles, so you with her mother and grandmother have to go back to New York itself, but it can change everything if Miss Elizabeth invite you, Mother of uzheznaet and endorses this, "Alex said with a smile .
   "I'm happy for you kids, with these girls can go to the end of the world, I think Miss Elizabeth will not mind," I said and smiled .
   At eight in the morning as usual we all gathered in the dining hall for breakfast, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe comforted Miss Elizabeth and her grandson in the evening and promised to solve the problem with an aircraft-brittle, they did not want them to clutter up the forest. Miss Elizabeth poblagoda-reel masters for care, for helping with the reception and the evening not to think about this little problem that created this disaster .
   As soon as the family of Uncle Joe went to work and we, I, my wife, Mary, Mother,
  Alex, Sam, Gloria, Irene and Miss Elizabeth were alone, she looked at all of his-open blue eyes velvety voice said, "Ladies and gentlemen, due to the large employment we did not really have time to talk to a very important topic. More in helicopter, even earlier, in the negotiations between me and granddaughter Gloria Irzn and I learned about their acquaintance and mutual affection, love, young people, Alex and Sam. I will say more, my granddaughter told me do not let that be a secret-they We spent time with the young people in the bed. I certainly do not approve of their action but love is strong, and once they are in a fit of passion did not keep their desire to know each other in the pleasures of love, and after a fight with his fists do not wave it did not object to their friendship. And If you, Mr. Victor, Miss Mary and Miss Catherine approve their affection for each other is not going to break their love, to waste time and tomorrow thanking Miss Jane and Mr. Joe for their hospitality and help leave this hospitable house, and will fly to Los Angeles on my villa. I understand you have in the suburbs of New York City your home, you will return to it at any time, but while her stay with us. You understand the first thing you need to arrange a funeral, then lavish wedding and organiovat gallery, the paintings and Easter eggs, we can not be kept closed in the closet, let people admire these masterpieces, they are now owned by my granddaughters and their sweet choices, your word, Mr. Victor and Miss Mary."................................................................
   I did not waste your time and looking at the sons and give expressed his opinion: "Ladies and gentlemen, the charming Miss Elizabeth, if young people love each other and you say they've come to know the joy of love in bed I do not mind, just to wish them happiness. Since you are waiting for business in Los Angeles and soon coming funeral of her husband, son and daughter and then the wedding join you and maybe the next day say goodbye to the hospitable hosts and fly."
   My wife is happy and joyful of our sons have found such charming-governmental and cute girls looking at all said: "Dear Miss Elizabeth, if you approve of the choice made by your beauty-granddaughters, I and my mom just the same-lai them strong love, long happiness and cute kids."
   "I also wish as my grandchildren and charming girl of love, happiness and a lot of kids-mated, let them live in peace and harmony," said my mother, went to Miss Elizabeth, shook her hand, kissed her, and added, "What a pity that parents Gloria and Irene and your husband did not wait for a joyous and happy wedding day .
   "Miss Katherine, is the fate to die, I would say, it all happened so ridiculous, sous-AH recording on the plane were not outsiders. In Kalispell, Montana, probably for early agreement on anything except them because nobody knew believed that they are- my husband Harry, son Charlie and daughter-in-three of Marilyn flew to join him cute couple, actors from Hollywood who starred with them in the film comedy "Let there be light, Johnny" Mr. Max Sanli, 30 years old handsome and Miss Greta Jumma, unmatched beauty 27 years. I realized they were resting on the summer resort in the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park. And here, Mr. Victor, I need your help, listen to the recording and find out what happened on the plane during the flight from Kalispell, from that place stopped communication controllers with the plane. I understand they do not return, no one was punished, but would like to know. Now, let's listen to our young lovers found each other on this farm, "said Miss Elizabeth .
   I'll tell you when the granddaughter Irene and Gloria, and our sons, Alex and Sam heard that Miss Elizabeth approves the choice of young people love each other, and therefore become husband and wife as well as my consent, mother and grandmother unusually cheered on their faces flashed a wide smile, and stood in pairs. Sam stood in an embrace with Irene, Alex and Gloria, with joy and kissed each other when it came to the time of their recognition, they only repeated that they love each other, their intentions are sincere and forever and consenting indulge in amorous pleasures. We have no doubt all agreed that we should not break their love and decided to put on this point. Frankly, I, my wife Maria and my mother feared that the actress from Hollywood refuses to give his favorite granddaughter of my sons, as in any way we ordinary Americans and their flight to another planet approximation is not considered a special merit and when Miss Elizabeth approved of their choice all enjoy this happiness . Since there were no strangers got out of the fridge a bottle of champagne, glasses, opened and drank to the happiness of lovers .
   Since that time we have behaved just like no pedigree, Miss Elizabeth, her granddaughter, our sons were kissing me, Marie and mother, respectively, and we them. Immediately, I, my wife and my mother agreed to recover in Los Angeles but when will decide after return to work of Miss Jane and Uncle Joe .
   We were all happy: young people start a new family life, they will be in the goal to have children, take their education and find themselves in the work. But as life went on Miss Elizabeth looked at everyone, smiled and said softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to do useful work, clean room, build-cooki dinner and we go to Mr. Victor attentively listen to the recording before the end, even if it already not so important not to punish anyone, but you must know."
   The girls, my boys, my wife and my mother immediately began cleaning the room, and Miss Elizabeth looked at me with a smile and a wink decisively went to the stairs. I followed her admiring her seductive figure and full legs. We entered a small spalenki window overlooking the garden, the right wall was a sofa in brown leather, have left a wooden bed covered with a white duvet, at the head a couple of big pillows purple. On the table in a crystal vase lush bouquet of wild flowers plucked granddaughters and lay small white device for playback.
   "Please sit down on the sofa, Mr. Victor, we will listen to the last minute recording, with the moment when the first appeared in the cabin of our good friends, as I said earlier the number of doping on the actor's workshop," said sadly Miss Elizabeth .
   She came to the table, including the device, the village next to me on the sofa and soon-shalsya engine noise, some time in the cabin of the aircraft came a male voice: "Greta, Max, please sit opposite Marilyn and Charlie, take off a couple of minutes, made a landing in Spokane, since the case in the evening, is now 6 40, I think spend the night at the hotel and then fly to Seattle
   "Mr. Harry, thank you, sit down as it should be, go to the cabin, we will not move from the one-month order not to upset the balance," said Max .
   "Okay, go, ladies and gentlemen, you are free, there is a cognac can enjoy, Mae Reelin, Charlie, remove from the bar a drink."................................................................................................
   "Everything will be Okay, Dad, we will treat them," donssya pleasant male voice, I guessed it said Charlie. Clarity record because of the high sensitivity of the microphone has been extraordinary, there was a slight blow on the table a bottle, someone put the glasses and poured a stream of light drink .
   "For your health, Greta, Max," We have heard a velvet voice of Marilyn ringing tank fishing, immediately another lady, Greta, a toast from himself: "To your health and success of Char-Lee and Marilyn."
   "Sweetheart Marilyn not find your favorite whiskeys whether Seagram 7 shampansoe Carso? VET 96 we drank almost every night," he sounded a pleasant singing voice Greta.
   "There Ballatore champagne, from our sunny California, nice, try," whispered Charlie. After a few seconds the champagne was on the table, a shot was heard flying out of a bottle cork, hiss and spray pouring the drink into glasses. At that time, we heard the joyful voice of the pilot, Harry, "Ladies and gentlemen, the height of 4000 feet, the speed of 220 miles per hour, the flight goes well. Are you satisfied with a treat-it? What a pity that I could not tear myself away from the wheel, my autopilot is not working."....................................................................................................................
   "Mr. Harry you still are not supposed to drink," said Max, yes, I see that the plane went dark, not a cloud we flew?"................................................................................................................................
   "It's the same sky, clouds ladies and gentlemen, soon break through," donssya pilot's voice.
   The cabin was quiet and suddenly sounded anxious voice of Marilyn, "Gre-one Charlie, Max, what a strange flash and shake! Do not hit me in the air pocket?"......................................................
   "Dad, what happened?" anxiously said Charlie. There was no answer. "Max, Greta, Marilyn, in the cab," brought to us, the noise could guess chtovse rushed to the cabin and heard the anxious voice of Marilyn: "Charlie, my father unconscious, took the helm! Max, Greta, help me carry the father the salon!"...................................................................................................................................
   There was a noise, moan pilot and his weak voice: "Lightning, some fireball and can break the shell near the aircraft. Our plane was thrown to the side, it is not air pocket. My Marilyn, in the cab, ask Charlie how to operate equipment. ".................................................................................................
   "Max, let dad sip of whiskey, I go into the cabin to Charlie."........................................................
   "Charlie, as the management?" anxious voice asked Marilyn to her husband.
   "My sweet, silly lie, does not work, no device, disconnect the power supply, the engine stalled, I try not to fill up the plane continued to fly shorter blind, I can not decide on the terrain, trying to plan on some meadow below us but mountains and dense forests , looks out the window, looking for any narrow strip and told me, I said without any fear and panic, Charlie."..................................................
   "Max, Greta, to the window! Look at our meadow or river, while Charlie tries-to-ground, shouted Marilyn.
   A few seconds passed and Marilyn sounded cheerful voice: "Charlie's right, I ve Ms. river and waterfall, there is a wide field, and you can sit down .
   "My dear Marilyn, I see it but we do not hold on, we are above the treetops, our Cessna loses altitude."
   "My dear Charlie, we are rapidly flying a tall tree, turn, or we will perish," said Marilyn disturbing voice .
   "It's too late, the plane does not give in management, not to turn away, goodbye my dear ..." A few seconds of falling heard heart-rending cries, banging, crashing and since then the plane fell erratically could hear it breaks into pieces hitting the cardinality-WIDE trunks . For some time I heard the body of people screaming in pain le-hoist through the cabin like a ball hitting the wall. Followed by a strong blow and everything was quiet, it was clear from the record stopped, the mechanical action microphone failed .
   Sitting next to me on the couch Miss Elizabeth burst into tears and had to Ute-shat her, stroked her wavy gray hair on his head, kissed her lightly on the cheek and tried to call her granddaughters, but she looked at me with tear-stained eyes blue-mi and whispered: "Viktor do not, Gloria and Irene should not see me cry, and guess that the last seconds of life of their parents were terrible, they can ask me to play this record and heard will affect their psihiku.Ya she almost lost her mind, sit with me, I you need to calm down and talk to you alone an important point and a question: "What does the plane crashed? Yes, dear Viktor expressed his version, it is so important to me though, and has no special significance."........................................................................................................................
   I looked at the charming lady and said, "My dear Miss Elizabeth, if you were not for me, my sons, wives and mothers of the close relative, you are now for Sam and Alex like a mother but nonetheless scary, uncomfortable and embarrassing to sit near a lovely lady. I will not hide from you depended the fate of young people and for your decision to thank you. You are so nice and will the rest of my life because of you, and comfort with your permission. I will express his version of the crash, sweetest, but ask you to anybody never mention it, otherwise our whole family may face problems in life, and they give us, and the children do not need, "he pulled her to him and kissed his chubby cheek.
   "Dear Victor, if you knew how happy I am that my granddaughter decided, your
  the children are so smart and kind words thank you, our house will be peace, spo-koystvie and love, "Elizabeth whispered kissing me with his chubby delicate lips like rose petals," I'm not an enemy of her granddaughters and my kiss as proof. If you are not very pleasing to my kisses do not hesitate to tell me something. I kiss you and it uspokai Vaeth me, it seems to me sitting next to my dear Harry. "
   "Charming Elizabeth, sit beside you one bliss, your kisses so sweet that lead me in awe and inner excitement. From your body, something that emanates warmth which melts my heart and I lose my composure, I want to press you to her and how eating a sweet candy. Do not get me wrong, I got out of the age when recognized in love and fall in love, if you were starting today near Rhode stvennitsey could have sest, and so no. I have to say despite his age you ta-kai charming, seductive and thirsty, you have such a great body and a passionate heart, I feel it in your btsya lush full breasts."
   Miss Elizabeth at these words guessed where I'm going, emboldened, transformed, rejuvenated, bolder, he looked at me, kissed and undid a couple of buttons on her blouse. Edge opened and showed two full moons, she took my hand and pressed it to the left warm and tender breasts. I started it zhulkat body Elizabeth drozhzhalo feverishly, she hugged me and kissed and whispered: "Viktor, caress it soothes and comforts me, I am a weak woman, and at the same time good, I know, every man needs a woman's affection and woman men. I do not mind if you eat me. "
   Elizabeth was to my taste, and I say to her, and though over seventy but looked forty years and held as a lady of average height, but in full measure, and that the important thing was to stay behind. Since she wanted to, I like a man but not a stranger and even more so his own, did not have to ignore because he kissed her and said softly: "Dear Elizabeth charming, we have little time and a lot of desire, solve itself."....................................................................................................................
   Elizabeth looked at me and whispered, "Honey, you know, this case can not be presented soon and I, prsto nevterpsh, come eat me right now."..........................................................................
   Elizabeth got up from the sofa, took my hand and led her to the bed, but did not lay down on it and the floor on a mat and lifted her skirt slightly parted her full legs. I did not waste time, dropped his pants and attacked a lady lying, she first sported but soon exhausted, exhausted and kissed me softly said: "That's it, there was more desire and passion than the process took, you know, Victor, I do not a horse that was in his youth but the most important were satisfied. And you?"
   "I was pleased to be carried by the host body of a beautiful, sweet horse. But in general, I say, I could not ignore the seductive cousin, but tebyaElizabet ask, do not show that you are in contact with me. Zaesh, we are in an age when all this for us as fun, my good Masha will not be offended if ever you zavlechsh again in his bed. Only let's agree not often that we get to LA, we'll find the time and retire to your spalenke and now get up, get dressed and go to her, my sweet seductress and desirable."
   "Well, my strong rider, but if you tonight will have such possibility, the WHO is let me know and I will wait on the bed is best, all this haste does not deliver such a pleasure, we're leaving, I'm not sure to know the cause of the crash and I guess you will not tell it here, "said Elizabeth.
   "All right, I do not want for the reason that you can let out and it can by-razitsya on my reputation as well speak for their version of a rumor in your house will not come to any who remain within the walls of your houses, and as your desire then wait, come at two o'clock in the morning, I first need to please my wife. I noticed after received udovlletvoreniya she falls asleep soundly, "I said and kissed the lady .
   "Well, my dear Victor satisfying Mary, and then me, temptress, I will wait impatiently," Elizabeth whispered happily kissing me .
   We got up, got dressed, Elizabeth removed their playback device, has made up looked in the mirror, sat me in a chair, she sat on the sofa and called: "My dear Irene, please Come with Gloria, with elected representatives, Miss Mary and Madame Catherine, before lunch far, it is necessary to solve an important problem before the arrival of Miss Jane and Mr. Joe."
   "Grandma, we are in the rose garden, the gazebo can you approach us, here is the CBE-tallow air," said Irene .
   "Well, we go, wait for us," said Elizabeth, smiled, closed mobile and looked at me whispered: "My dear Victor, we are waiting in the garden, go," he got up and headed for the door. I followed her, our appearance did not cause any suspicions, we were greeted with happy smiles and sounded question posed Gloria: "Grandma, you are finished with a record of what happened on the plane."....................................................................................
   Miss Elizabeth looked at everybody and said in a sad voice: "My dear and expensive, the plane did not happen then what stated Captain Gil, let's not do the mother about what happened and decide when we take off tomorrow or the day after, so we need to hurry like the remains will be sent and must be buried with honor. I have a prize-nat that the plane were friends and colleagues of my son Charlie actress Miss Gregor Jumma she and actor Mr. Max Sanli. More on this topic here will not talk. "All decided to fly tomorrow to prepare for the funeral of her husband Miss Elizabeth Harry, her son Charlie, daughter Marilyn and Greta Jumma Max Sanli killed in Aviakom-catastrophe and then arrange the wedding. I will not deny us everyone was pleased that young lyu-
  di found each other-granddaughter Miss Elizabeth and our sons sovyut their nests. Of course, living in Los Angeles, I did not want, however, and could not leave the sons as he decided on his own money to open a museum of masterpieces but is anyone not share their thoughts. With paintings were simple, but apart from them I have personally had Bityug Auburn-trotter and trotter of my sons presented them with a stroller Uncle Joe and Miss Jane Miss Elizabeth but still did not know about it.
   Having agreed at first to go to Los Angeles, I had to inform about Miss Elizabeth trotters and carriages, and when she heard how five of us rushed here in a wheelchair came to the indescribable joy and exclaimed: "Mr. Victor, Alex and Sam, I ask you to show me your precious gift, always wanted to have a horse but could not. If we have three strollers I suggest to go to my good city for them, it would be so romantic, eager to race in a wheelchair instead of flying on an airplane, and pictures will be in front of us and not somewhere in the luggage, they will not be lost! "
   "In that case, ladies and gentlemen, in the afternoon we go to my trotters redhead, Miss Elizabeth, you will admire this handsome and wheelchairs. Miss Jane and mis-ter promised my sons trotters to choose from, it will happen tomorrow at them and when our presence, so that young couples rush in their carriages. Romance!"
   I said, looked at the woman and winked .
   Miss Elizabeth smiled, and being in a good mood all of us looked around iproiznesla eye: "In that case, my dear, everything changes, we will go no tomorrow and the next day, in any case, to race on the road and contemplate the world is much more pleasant than watching from above and see below a cloud. That is why I propose to immediately after dinner to go to Trotters redhead, so want to see the horse and carriage on which you rushed here from New York. Fantastic!"
   All agreed with Miss Elizabeth, girls and ladies soon went into the dining room of tovit-food, I and my boys went into the garden and whisper told them about the tragedy of pro-marching in 2074, none of us had any doubt, the plane was shot owls-belt arms projectile exploded near the aircraft, the pilot and the flash blinded blast not only pushed Cessna but withdrew all instruments and engine failure.
   With sad thoughts we went to the dining room for lunch and removing tables and premises-tion went to the workshop where craftsmen under rukovostvom eldest son of Uncle Joe Mist Dr. Gregory collected modern strollers. Once in the studio, we exchanged greetings, I explained the reason for our visit and Gregory Joe took us to the area where our coach. Seeing them Miss Elizabeth was delighted and so I, my wife and my mother owed her that with its approval of our sons have become suitors such charm-successive brides-granddaughters pripodnesti we decided to give her a gift. Take it to the side I gladly said: "Our lovely Miss Elizabeth, I, my children, my wife Mary and his mother offer Mr. Joe and Miss Jane redeem them Bityug-trotter with a stroller and give to you. I think they will not give up, the fact they have a huge number of people wanting to buy strollers with trotters. Now we go to the paddock and look at the beauties."..................................................
   "Mr. Victor, Miss Mary and Miss Catherine, Alex and Sam, thank you very much. But is it worth to spend money and worry! We can use the money to lavish wedding, and here and funerals. There is no assurance that the insurance company led by Arnold Hennokom pay me 2 billion dollars, "said Miss Elizabeth looked at us .
   "Our dear Miss Elizabeth, even if he does not pay the insurance we do without his money for the children, we did not mind, let them live in happiness, love and joy, and you give the wheelchair a stallion just have to, you have gone through so much grief and our gift you will be comfortable, "said Masha and kissed my sister- in-law .
   Miss Elizabeth with unconcealed surprise looked at my wife and said, "Dear, lovely Miss Mary! If I do not get the insurance you'll have to lay my villa debts. Do you think experts flew to the magical word, and his unselfish desire to help me determine the cause of the crash and identify the person? I"ll send the expense of a few million! All hope only on the insurance, otherwise I broke. "
   I looked at our company and said loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, all suggest to go with me to the stables, look at my trotter-Bityug red, with these things forgotten the last time I saw him," and went to the paddock. All followed me half a kilometer iproydya came to the stables behind which under the supervision of three jockeys galloping on a treadmill trotters rest Bityug, with all the red color, slowly
  We made a run along the wooden fence. My kids hiss, one of the red-ry Saks stopped, turned around and saw us quickly rushed to us. On a wooden fence horse stopped, then he began to neigh shaking his head. We stroked his muzzle, shoulder, sides, Sam turned to Miss Elizabeth and proudly said:
  "MissElizabet, this is where we Ryzhyi from New York in a wheelchair for five of Ned Liu rushed to Uncle Joe. Just imagine if we, eight men and women, communities in four carriages pulled by such beauties vedem to Los Angeles."
   "This is awesome! All our relatives and friends go crazy at the sight of such edge-Savtsov, in our town one artist with hand bought a pram with a red Bityug 50 mil-lion dollars! The crazy amount! But with some envy looking at all him! How ska hall confided to me one girlfriend some billionaire offers him $ 75 million but he did not agree to give him even a hundred. Can you imagine, my dear, rolls on the highway with the beauties and for him, for his sidecar race TV reporters. And I say it by advertising probably already earned at least a hundred. My children, Victor, Marie, Miss Catherine, let's get out of here, I do not want to upset yourself unfulfilled dream to become the owner of the posh trotter. But I will say, I am so glad that our young people have such trotters, they ride me. "
   "Of course, my dear grandmother, we have you on a ride of Los Angeles," talked granddaughter kissing her, "you think they will wave his pen."................................................................................
   We stroked the muzzle of Bityug and I whispered to him, "Red, we are not going on a journey, to gallop svomi friends before the meeting."....................................................................................
   Sam whistled and shaking his mane redhead rushed to Trotter makes a run and we went to the house, back to the stables, Irene and Gloria harnessed in the carriage of Charles and up to six hours, drove Miss Elizabeth sightseeing, visited the farm pond with carp the size of a dolphin looked corn , wheat fields, orchards and looked into his return began to cook dinner at 8 pm will return to the family of Joe's work. Ladies cooked spaghetti with mushrooms and sauce with cranberries, dumplings, baked meat pies, and for lovers of steaks, the food was for all tastes, sliced cheese, homemade sausage, smoked meat, everyone's favorite apple pie, fruit, grapes, drinks, juices, sweet cold and raspberry berry-fruity wine. At 9 pm all sat at tables and enjoy a leisurely meal, the fact that tomorrow Uncle Joe and Miss Jane a rest before dinner as told us the head of the family and the company in the second half will arrive experts drillers, geophysicists and geologists, and give a final conclusion-in underground oil tank or oil and vaseline nutrient mixture.
   Miss Elizabeth sincerely thank Mr. Joe, Miss Jane, and all the family for their hospitality and assistance immediately informed them of his intention to leave the day after their due importance Affairs did not say that her granddaughter and our sons just mentioned pair-Nool about upcoming funerals. After hearing about what happened to her sent her granddaughter and I with its family owners, they were embarrassed and offered to transfer the conversation to the next day because they should consider how best to part with Miss Elizabeth due to the fact that the crash occurred in the territory of their farms. We moved on to another subject less calm but did not sit long, nine whole family of Mr. Joe went to rest and we wished them and they give us the night quietly dispersed. The young people began to clear the table, my mother and I went to bed with his wife and Miss Elizabeth went into the pavilion to discuss the important point of our common residence and joint activities on what she insisted since the expensive masterpieces bothered her and she could not rely on the young .
   We sat in a gazebo and a couple of hours of discussion have come to the next, I appoint the head of our Museum of Arts and in charge of financial activities, and Miss Elizabeth
  Masha will be helpers and guides, my sons and their wives serve as guards and my mother keeps order in the house. As for the departure of the outlined on the next day, and Miss Elizabeth asked me not to talk about the trotter and strollers since it is sufficient that we have in stock, and you can not throw any extra money if you think about remake villa into a museum. I do not know whether to tell her granddaughter about the diamonds presented to us Miss Jane and Uncle Joe but he seemed oblivious of them did not mention a cute svoyachinetsey promised that during a conversation with the owners of the farm will not talk about the trotter and a wheelchair.
   When finished talking, we went in a good mood in the house, near the bedrooms Miss Elizabeth said goodbye to her and wished each other good night, kissed her and poshlik his room. When we went to bed, my Masha began to reproach me: "My dear Victor, you're acting properly, Miss Elizabeth sincerely wishes to our newlyweds the best, all of his works of art actually passes into your disposal, appointed head of the museum and you hide the fact that we There are diamonds that you can buy not only a horse with a stroller and his whole stable. Therefore, I ask you when tomorrow will meet with Uncle Joe offer him anything but buy only stroller with trotter and present our dear svoyachinetse."..........................................................................................................................
   "My Maria, I told her to make a surprise, give her insurance or not and we will invest our money in priobretetnie paintings, they are very familiar with the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. With regard to the carriage trotter tomorrow persuade Uncle Joe and sell, but you're with her not a word about the diamonds, so sleep well and do not think, "I said and kissed her. Mary calmed down, I give her pleasure, and when she fell asleep and got up knowing that because of his insomnia to fall asleep before the two are not wandered along the corridor. And then I remembered that Miss Elizabeth invited me to her, went to her room, put pressure on the door, she slowly opened a crack and saw a lady lying on the sofa in a blue robe above the knee with headphones listening to music. I quietly walked into the room, closed the door and walked over to the couch, Miss Elizabeth saw me, stood up, smiled and said softly: "Dear Victor, I'm so glad when next to me loved cock, sit down and talk about the approximation planet as there are people and how to love."
   I sat next to, kissed her and whispered, "charming, attractive and soblaznitelnaya chicken, not a time to talk but we think there is still plenty of time, and will you not only hear but also see. I should say at once that my Mary is not jealous of you to I even insisted to do all the best for the mood, pay attention, he took care and gave gifts, so if persuade Mr. Joe get trotter with a stroller and go to Los Angeles. You're like feel about it?".........................................................................................
   "It's nice to receive such a gift, but where you pull out with Masha a lot of money? I frankly do not insist and your wife for the care thank you very much," said the lady leaned over and kissed me.
   I, in turn, kissed her and said quietly: "My temptress, let's not boo-dem waste time, you're already tremble, you unbearable and disperse, she know whether the EU-Maria I do not wake up and may suspect that I left you."..............................................................................................................
   "You cover me when there passion, I am very weak and good for you, eat-presented as husband died gave my word not to marry and tried to men. But when her granddaughter was told about how you found the plane and then saw on the computer you changed its decision and said to myself mentally, if want to have a handsome yield to me is, "said Elizabeth, unbuttoned coat and loosened edge. Was a moonlight night and I saw her naked body, lush breasts and short legs complete, she began to push a little and I immediately lay down on her warm soft body.
   At first, my chicken kudahatala, rzala, but soon her ardor slept and honestly to me: "My dear Victor, the passion has faded, I went out, the more I have nothing else, and you can go for a walk in my.garden."
   And I could not settle down in the body appeared unusual strength and pumped her no less an hour-it finally finished the race, and she kissed me joyfully whispered: "Finally, I was afraid that the session will last until the morning, primchitsya Masha, and catches there pain -shoy scandal."
   I looked at Elizabeth, kissed and said quietly: "My Elizabeth, do not worry, Ma Sha sincerely loved you, it is my conscious, and even hinted to me sufficient-fork you pleasure, good mood. I'm with her every night I spend the time and as it is becoming noticed was the experience for you, dear lonely chicken. If you enjoyed full I'm, I think you happy, good night and until next time. "
   "Sure glad I do not need much now, my cock, I'm going to sleep, see you in the morning, good night," Elizabeth said, and kissed me .
   Elizabeth I hugged and kissed on the lips and walked to the door waved handle. In my bedroom, everything was unchanged, his wife was fast asleep, ostorozhgo lay down on the edge, and finally went to sleep half an hour. In the morning as usual at 8:00 gathered for breakfast, all in a good mood to greet each and inquiring about health, then sat down at the table and enjoying a meal half an hour to exchange impressions of the previous day and then spoke about the departure. Uncle Joe and his wife did not try to persuade us to stay a few extra days, they knew Miss Elizabeth in front of a lot of trouble and ended when the owner invited me to breakfast, my sons, and the lady to make him walk to the stables. We got up from the table and went to the studio with us went the eldest son of Mr. Gregory. When approached her Uncle Joe looked at us, smiled and said softly: "Dear Miss Elizabeth, I, my dear wife, our whole family in a sign of respect and gratitude to you decide pripodnesti gift-choose any stroller it's yours with the trotter, so you can take a trip on it to Los Angeles."
   Miss Elizabeth was shocked to such a fabulous gift, she threw a look at everyone and said: "Mr. Joe, thank you, your wife, children, daughters-grandchildren, I can only wish myself good health, happiness, long life and a thriving business. When will the wedding of my grandson, we invite you all, and pre-podnesm gift, thank you again.".......................................................
   Miss Elizabeth chose a blue stroller and immediately went to the stables, where Uncle Joe and his son Gregory beckoned chief groom, they turned out to be the middle son Max when he saw us, he smiled, and Mr. Joe asked him to bring a three-trotter Alex, Sam and other third mission Elizabeth, all of them red color. They put paint rooms and we thanked Uncle Joe and facing sons went to the racetrack with trotters. There we sat on the bench, but this time Uncle Joe Gregory and his sons Max trotters harnessed to light carriages, sat in them and made seven laps left off against us. I will say Trotters raced like the wind, and if particularly average speed was 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour. They came jockeys, Uncle Joe had instructed unharness trotters and we went to the house in the afternoon fly a helicopter and he and his wife will fly to a meeting with experts of geologists, geophysicists and drillers. In short, happy, joyful and happy returned to the house, we were greeted by the lady and the first thing I did, Miss Elizabeth my sons heartily thanked Miss Jane. I walked away at this time with Uncle Joe to the side and looked at him said softly: "Dear Mr Joe, thank you very much, I sincerely thank you, Miss Jay and all your family for the invitation, reception, gifts and, in turn, will give you more three diamond, but it will happen later, once the return to New York, I'll let you know about it. I assure you of those stones turn out gorgeous diamonds, enough for all."
   "Mr. Victor, thank you, your wife, mother, sons, for what-if adopted an invitation to you we do not get bored and have learned a lot about life on another planet. Of those stones out gorgeous diamonds, they have no price, thank you very much, See you, my dear Victor, in the evening, "said Uncle Joe and shook my hand .
   Briefly say, immediately after lunch, we began to gather in the way the picture turned into a three-roll, wrapped in plastic Easter eggs Faberge thoroughly besieged soft material, placed in a box with down so that no shake even strokes will not destroy them. In the evening in honor of our hosts arranged a cheerful celebration in the morning after breakfast I, my wife, sons and grandsons of Uncle Joe went for our trotters, they listen to us, and brought to the workshop, harnessed in the carriage and drove to the house. Immediately pulled things, gifts and saying goodbye to the hospitable hosts and invite them to the wedding the young couple in wheelchairs drove to Los Angeles.
   We especially do not hurry up and tell our motorcade of four carriages with red Bityug-ry-Sakas all along the way caused undisguised attention, curiosity and dazhezavist. We photographed ordinary people and TV people, motorists give way, but of particular interest emerged in Los Angeles, a helicopter circled above us and filmed television LAKTF until when the evening came to a three-story building are lined with pink marble three charming young maid in a white blouse and blue skirts just below the knee met us near the metal gate. We were greeted with smiles on their faces, they blocked us, inquire about health, became acquainted, and continued on our way to the palace. The estate was decent, with a garden and a small park. On the square in front of the house fountain was our horse got up and the first thing we brought our stuff, gifts and paintings with boxes, and then I and my sons and their wives drove to the site intended for the helicopter and put it here on the carriages, the horses unharnessed and put in the garage where there were luxury cars. Girls have overtaken them on the ground and trotters in the garage with the doors open to the fresh air penetrated. I have to say was the heat under 30 degrees in the shade and the sun beat down California.
   When we returned from the garage logged into this fabulous home-decoration luxury palace it struck us that the taste and say Miss Elizabeth was on top. We were on the last-three floors, the first large hall AH receiving guests with the right part of the common dining area, on the left various premises with laundry, sauna, jacuzzi, spa lni sortivnykh and maids room with exercise machines. The entire second floor is a small muddy car-gallery and a third bedroom, the entire right side gave the newlyweds and our bedrooms were located on the left. For mom Mark bathroom with shower and bath near the stairs, it was for our most extreme and got Miss Elizabeth. I will say, in all bedrooms, two large windows facing the garden, had air conditioning so we could regulate the temperature and even humidity in the room. I'm not talking about the broad wooden beds and furniture and crystal chandeliers on the ceiling and thick carpets on the floor.
   First, we cleaned up the road, dressed in new clothes bought before and after came dressed, made up and powdered Elizabeth in pink blouse and green skirt just below the knee with her mom and we went to the first floor where a large table sat our sons in colored shirts with short sleeves
  and dark blue jeans with their wives, in white blouses and yellow skirts just below the knee. We sat at a table with flowers in crystal vases in front of young lovers, three maids in blue dresses with white aprons tray of sandwiches, sausage, cheese, salads, wine, champagne, sweets, fruit, cake. At first served hot chicken soup with noodles, Miss Elizabeth poured champagne into glasses and without getting toasted: "My dear and loved ones, let us drink to the fact that the case svl all of us together, we will work together and intermarried to live and work in this house for the good of our dear young people Sam Irene, Alex and Gloria, wish them happiness, love, joy and children, the wedding will do later. For you dear! "
  "For you, our dear lovers!" pronounced we all clinked glasses and drank some shampans-Mot, rattled knives, forks, eating, talking, and since we had nowhere to rush it stayed until the evening. To make it fun music played from speakers, all danced and we felt fine. I tried to drink only drink as wine, vodka and alcoholic beverages in general, all quit many more decades ago, I will not be made, although the ladies tried to up everything but in moderation. Before we disperse, during the dance, Miss Elizabeth with a smile, whispered in my ear: "My dear cock if it will suffer from insomnia to glance hen we quickly it runs.".............................................................................................................
   I looked at her and whispered: "My dear chicken, try to look for you to drive after midnight insomnia, but do not close the door, will soon go to feed the trotters.".................................................
   "Agreed, the door is not closed completely forgot about trotters, they, too, need to be fed," she said softly, and smiled .
   After completion of the house party before going to sleep, I, my sons and Miss Elizabeth went to our trotters feed and water for the night. Even earlier, once drove to Los Angeles in the supermarket "Jones" bought forty-five-kilogram bricks nutritious fodder and the same two-liter cans of energy liquor. First we went to the carriages, took from each of them on the briquette and a two-liter canister of the energy drink, and went to the garage where our trotters. When he saw us, they neighing, shook their manes welcoming us, we put in front of each of them and now had briquette add desyatilitrovoe bucket of water two liters of liquor energy. Buckets we had only had poured eight liters of water. Elizabeth showed where the crane, we have merged in a bucket every two liters of liquor power, added eight liters of water, stir and put in front of each trotter. Hungry horses gladly ate and drank the night portion of their food, we put buckets in a pile and turning off the lights in the house.went.
   While we were fed and watered my trotters with his mother Mary and the girls went to bed, I Miss Elizabeth wished my sons good night and they give us with her into the bedroom. Before you go to your room, I kissed her and wished her Elizabeth Spock-term night and she whispered to me: "My dear chicken, try to arrive after midnight, the door was not locked, a chat."
   "I'm waiting for my cock, my door will always be open," she said softly.
   I went into the room, my Masha lying on a bed in her robe and slightly parted her full legs, I undressed, rushed to her and got into her arms. I tried to pay tribute to her and say she was overjoyed not only pleasure but as she admitted that our children and their wives decided not only cute and ocharova-tional and talented girls. Yes, I've noticed they not only sang but played the piano and danced ballroom dance, perhaps as a child my grandmother hired a frequently-governmental teachers. We talked for a long time, I once again rewarded Masha love and fell asleep as soon as she went to the hen banish boredom. The door was open and when Elizabeth came in her robe lying on the bed with headphones on his head while listening to music. When she saw me, she took them off, smiled and beckoned me with a finger, I walked over to her, bent down and kissed her, and lay down to it. Without any preparation, without wasting words, and the time since she was unbearable, I lashed out at her. At first my hen clucked, rzala, but soon her ardor slept and honestly to me: "My dear Victor, the passion has faded, I went out, the more I have nothing else, and you can continue to peck at my bird."...............................................................................................................................
   In my body there is some extraordinary strength, I like a young bird pecked her at least an hour, I'm very tired and I was kissing her honestly to her, "My dear chicken, not that tired, just tired, I think if you finish the race tomorrow you do not mind, you've had enough, you feel exhausted and probably want to sleep."......................................................................................................................
   She kissed me and whispered happily: "My dear Cockerel, sleep, and I just
  I do not want that regard come tomorrow, we will continue. Actually, let's agree, you are the master in this house, and I am your willing slave, not only at night but during the day. Tomorrow we will all get together and discuss the important point-how to pull out two billion dollars of insurance to Mr. Arnold Hennoka, president of the insurance company "Plato" .
   "My dear little slave girl-seductress, forget about those two billion dollars, raduy-
  Xia that the farm of Uncle Joe, I found the wreckage of the aircraft and the masterpieces of Faberge Easter eggs, "I whispered kissing lips former actress gentle like the petals of a rose." Tomorrow we will gather, and I'll tell what we should not do, and when you get a conclusion signed by the captain of the police Mr. John Gere will understand everything."..............................................................
   "My Victor, if I do not get the money I will have nothing to pay with their debtors and to you, you shall receive of me finding the promised five million dollars. Do not sell this villa to me!"
   "My dear, you're with me calculate its magnificent body and your consent to my sons have found such charming wives. If you resisted everything could go the other way, and so all found happiness. I love you just for that should appease kazh blow-night we are no longer young people and say to Mary, too, in gratitude ode ready-rit your gifts and will soon make it. She loves you and she worries about your loneliness. But now you're not alone, we are with you and think happy. Me and my Masha would not like it if the girls against your will would leave for at-shih sons. That would be the mountain! And everything turned out like a fairy tale-ordinary guys found fairy princesses. I'm leaving till the morning, good night charming chicken."................................................................
   "Come, my dear master, I will say, I'll feel surrounded by sincere lyud-mi and love, I am pleased, good night, this morning's talk," she whispered, kissing me .
   Elizabeth I hugged and kissed, got up and headed for the door. My dear Masha slept peacefully, she did not suffer from insomnia and I slept only two nights .
   In the morning we got up at 8 o'clock, the bright sun beat our wide windows, Masha went into the shower, got dressed, went for my mother and went to the dining room. Smiling Miss Eliza-Beth in burgundy dress below the knee was already sitting at the table, we sat down beside her, kissed her, she us, started talking, and then the children came with their wives, they kissed
  We, lovely maid dressed in white with a friendly smile on pretty face tray dishes, then sat down with us and spent half an hour for breakfast. We razgovarit Wali on different topics but the maids did not mention about the results carte us and Faberge Easter Eggs. But as the girls knew about the purpose of travel to the farm of Uncle Joe is Miss Elizabeth sincerely shared with them about the paintings found in the case with the police on the site of the crash, saw the wreckage found samol-ta but experts and the police still do not have a specific cause and result of the investigation sent to her a few days later, along with personal identification .
   Having finished breakfast, I stood up and reminded, "My dear, we ate and thanked the Lord God, now we need to feed our trotters, so go to the garage where they would wait for us, please follow me into the fresh air."..................................................................................................................................
   All quickened really do eat and their assistants have forgotten immediately got up from the table and walked with me to the door as soon as the maids were about their business. We went out into the yard, shining the hot California sun, no less than 30 degrees in the shade was. We came to the garage to see us trotters stood up and shake their manes, in their eyes could be seen that they are excited about our arrival. As it should be, they got their daily dose, five-kilogram cake nutritious fodder and two-liter canister with energy liquor mixed with eight liters of water, the whole bucket. But if we we tried to go for a walk in a stroller in front of you will need this for half an hour to a full portion of food-nutrient briquettes and energy swill bucket. Unless otherwise persecute such a portion is enough for 6 hours. Of course, cost is a pleasure not cheap-pyatikilogramovy nutritious cake and two-liter jerry can of energy liquor is $ 50, daily meals for 150 bucks pulls trotter. But imagine how proud you are sitting in a wheelchair and carries among cars, all give way, people from the roadside waving their hand and endlessly photographed .
   Having fed trotters Miss Elizabeth asked us all to walk on the territory of its villas and at least an hour wandering through the gardens and parks. Despite the fall day the heat was unbearable and to escape from it, we went into the pavilion, seated on wooden la vochki and Miss Elizabeth looked at us said quietly: "My lovely and dear, let's agree, those we breed and we will address each Another simple, with this time-nor I for you and you just Elizabeth for me, Victor, Marie, Catherine, Alex and Sam. Since our house has to be the owner they will be Victor and now hear it as we should do with the insurance company to knock her out of two billion dollars which were insured paintings, Faberge Easter eggs and the most important people who died, my husband, Harry Stone, my son Charlie and his brother's wife, Marilyn.".........................................................................................
   I looked at the woman sitting and began: "Dear Elizabeth, my dear rodst-Vanik! We are faced with a unique opportunity, say, to insure the property, people and generally anything easy, take the money for it is with great pleasure but little desire to give . In our business may be adversely affected innocent people as the presi-dent of the insurance company before you give anyone the first thing Nani insurance-Mast lawyers and specialists are citing the official conclusions of those who led the investigation to draw conclusions and make the guilty pay the insurance. I will say in our case would be guilty of a pilot Harry Stone, I do not know for what reason the plane approached the territory is protected by the military government the importance of which were at the disposal of rocket ustanovki.Sesna Mustang 7 seen with its passengers, terrorists stuffed with explosives as a flying bomb capable of distilling complex explode. And if Had this happened in a country hundreds of millions of people for several weeks would be deprived of a healthy diet. When we listened to a record of Marilyn he said: "Greta, Charlie, Max, what a strange flash and shake! Do not hit me in the air pocket?" Then there was a noise, moan pilot and his weak voice: "Lightning, some fireball and can break the shell near the aircraft. Our plane was thrown to the side, it is not air pocket. My Marilyn, in the cab, ask Charlie how to operate appliances .
  "So think about what to do."...........................................................................................................
   "So, our grandfather pilot himself to blame that he was in the area of military-guarded, the plane was shot down, and no one to show your claim?" Gloria said .
   "Grandma, we have not lost, let us not fall into despair and wait for ak-that investigation, the plane had a black box data recorder, and will be recorded as the members of the commission, no lawyers and lawyers of insurance companies do not take in head to deny it-is written pen not cut down with an ax, "he expressed his thought Irene .
   "In that case we will wait for the results, you calmed me granddaughter, we have a chance to return the money intended for the insurance," with a sigh of relief, said Elizabeth
  and a smile playing on her face .
   "Dear Elizabeth, in which case you never expose masterpieces and Faberge Easter eggs on display to the general public. As soon as the agents of Mr. Arnold Henno Single sniff of that insured the painting remained his same lawyers sue not for two and three billion dollars plus for false statements you in your old age please the rest of his life in prison. And hide such masterpieces in the basement and look at them in secret it is a crime. If we'll get right to the solution of this moment can win, I can help with something but that whatever good relations between us were not propose tomorrow turn to a professional lawyer to sign the marriage contract between our Marie sons Alex and Sam and your granddaughter Elizabeth Irene and Gloria without any fat. I do not know what my children think about this but since they are still financially undecided and need financial support that my wife and I decided, until not signed a marriage between them even their trotters with prams we take away from them, this gift is made to them Uncle Joe at my request. Me and my Marie personally do not need anything, I think of them, of my sons. The fact that they sleep with their favorite girl for me it's more of nothing says nowadays only legal marriage strengthens the heart. Please do not be offended and think that Elizabeth I pursue any selfish purpose, we Masha financially secure as you are and we do not let the pictures of the palace and from this we are not so sad. I openly say the word volatile and those promises are not backed by the sound of an empty paper. And, most importantly, do not think Elizabeth if we try to take advantage of your predicament, and to impose its conditions related to your inability to get two billion dollars. But no matter how bitter the truth you do not get them out of the insurance company Mr. Arnold Hennoka. And yet, in the East or West home is best, my children will stay in the house of their business, and we are a few days in a wheelchair and sit on their own rush to New York, aimlessly looking at the flowers, I was not used to, "he said frankly I boldly looking in the blue eyes of Elizabeth, her granddaughters and sons .
   My guys somehow strange looked at me during my monologue, but did not break and the girls were worried, and Elizabeth herself uncomfortably at the words of the marriage contract. When a luxury I did not lose reason, it is not mine, and then Elizabeth orally-assigning me a master of his palace for me an empty ring. I told Elizabeth I do not need anything but to throw money down the drain was not going to give up everything we have sons and eslibudet signed the marriage contract is all that I bring my children in case of divorce and get your free will without cola and yard. Here on Earth, many built on lies, not as naive approximation where all the children and nothing to divide and lose everything, all the same, went from one apartment and got into another, the same.
   The gazebo was silence, it seemed to me that no one expected me to such categorical statements and after sitting for a while, Elizabeth looked at me moyuzhenu, mother, our sons, smiled and said: "My dear Victor, Marie, Catherine, Alex and Sam, I do not mind, so that today we find a law office tomorrow draw up a marriage contract and a month after the burial of the remains can be used to arrange a lavish wedding, I think my granddaughter Irene and Gloria will agree."
   The girls looked at each and with one voice cried out: "Of course, agree!"
   "In this case we will try all the financial costs to take over, Elizabeth, and as for the insurance money then think about it after we get the act of races, studies of the crash. I think today in the evening we take a stroll in the two co-Laski at Los Angeles "I said and smiled
   "Well, happily said Elizabeth, I'll call your friends and we'll pick in Hollywood, the factory of dreams, it proizvdt splash, we will not only take pictures but also show on television."
   After dinner, Elizabeth found a law firm to create a marriage contract,
  He called his friends to the studio Disney Vrld and say at 5 pm all but two maids wheelchairs went to Hollywood. We solemnly met, hosted a reception with champagne, filmed and then broadcast on the air, they came back in a good mood and with a great impression. Since my identity was widely known in connection with the journey to the planet approximation we are asked to tell the most interesting moments and since me was recording on a disc that not only told but also showed the city Brolin as we were resting at a mountain resort, and when they saw the tall mountains with waterfalls their surprise there was no limit.
  The next day, in three carriages went to the law office of Mr. Gar-ri Berg, a marriage contract made in such a way that it is acceptable to all and that was the main thing. When we got home that on this occasion arranged within the family party with gifts for newlyweds, as the main celebration will only be identified after the burial of the remains of the broken Stone. Elizabeth presented as a gift to the newlyweds for three million dollars for the purchase of their favorite things, jewelry, hardware but promised a wedding present for one picture of each pair. Newlyweds sincerely thanked Elizabeth, kissed her, and when it came our turn, I got four blue diamond of unusual purity, each the size of a goose egg and handed Gloria, Irene, Alex and Sam myself, my wife and my mother. Girls and Elizabeth at the sight of such diamonds breathlessly intently and with great surprise looked at them, the stones passed from hand to hand. At that time Mary got out of his pocket of her dress roughly the same size and color of the diamond stone and presented itself Elizabeth. She tried to refuse such a valuable gift but my wife insisted and Elizabeth took a long time staring at him from all sides, and finally said: "Charming Marie, me, my granddaughter immensely grateful to you, Victor and Katerina for such valuable gifts, thank you. I have to say frankly if you turn into diamonds and diamonds into money can not only pay with a debt but to buy at an auction several dozen masterpieces. I'll try and do, there is now a real opportunity to attach to the house a new building and there to arrange the gallery. As for my gifts you do not know your tastes and therefore I give three million dollars and buy everything like I always do and no one is offended."
   Elizabeth has written three checks, handed us over and kissed me, Marie, and my mom, we accordingly thanked Elizabeth kissed and happy and continued schstlivye-lived festivities. At 10 o'clock at the time of the fun postponed, we went to feed our Rysaev Cove, then walked through the garden, and at 11 pm again sat down, I was just drinking juice drinks and dancing but on a par with everyone else. In the morning I went to the bedroom, not deprived of any affection and love my dear wife, and has not bypassed Elizabeth. Frankly, my Masha applies to all philosophical, she was not selfish and perfectly understood that a happy life should be not tolko it and surrounding. Especially we would not lo thirty or forty years and by more than seventy in this old age ka-kai can be jealous. And since we were basically not for himself but for the children of the case, whether all by mutual consent, and though Elizabeth tried to make me the master of the house in November flatly refused this role, but listened to my advice and all performed. Any disputes and strife we had but there was a purpose, and we decided to put it into practice, after the wedding will start construction work, to attach to the palace of another building, the gallery bought paintings and let people admire.
   With regard to the Commission act on the results of the investigation of the crash that he vyglya del unconvincing for the reason that is the black box data recorder, has been disabled since the beginning of the flight, and the main cause of the crash and the destruction of a blow of ball lightning. We all became clear and Elizabeth agreed with me-vatsya communication with anyone and spit on the two billion dollars for his own gallery in co-Torah we will put on display preserved masterpieces of Faberge Easter Eggs, new paintings and a diamond nail exhibits the planet approximation which, according to Elizabeth, and an expert in precious stones she knew more than a billion dollars. Since we were one family and no secrets between us when I was brought back from New York where he was kept in a secret place, and showed her the diamonds Elizabeth commended them from 750 billion to a trillion dollars .
   But as for the identification of individuals here everything was conditionally normal, we believe all five people, or rather, the remains of Harry Stone, Elizabeth's husband, Charlie, her son, daughter in law, Marilyn, their friends and actors Greta Mack Sanli Jumma were reverently buried HN. Just send thousands of people, all those who shot and worked with them to this day the world learned about the actors who died in a plane crash twelve years ago. Three weeks after the funeral, organized lavish wedding to Alex and Gloria and Sam Irene. A lot of people gathered, invited Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, and their sons and daughters-and grandchildren, everything was fine, walked three days after the couple went for a month in a sea voyage on a sailing ship "Sea tramp." Due to lack of time semystvo Uncle Joe struck just one day, and before leaving we told the story with which our humanity may face in the coming years due to the fact that the underground storeroom exhausted; "My dear Victor, tell you a secret, drillers in the ground found a very real oil instead of the oil and vaseline, viscous liquid from which we obtain by distillation feeders substance: people grow through it in no time at all adversities of nature cattle, fish, cereals berries and fruits, all that is necessary to satisfy human needs, a healthy way of life and his health. I'm afraid to think what would happen in the consumer market in five years when the oil runs out, Vaseline, I even dread to report this to our president. Can you imagine all my works because of lack of nutritious substance which yields a high-calorie feed and energy derived swipes turn me new breed of trotters and Bityug in most of these nags, they will not buy. It's desolation!".......................................................................................
   I looked at the master, mistress, seated, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane, we are all mortal, and nothing lasts forever, because I say it is not necessary to take everything so close to the heart to end Your neftevazelinovaya liquid but more as plant biomass and algae in the seas and oceans. For many decades, people create artificial meat of the legumes, so that after you let others think how to save life on earth. Yes, but how many oil drillers found at your territory?"
   "Mr Victor Smith, you say well not everything lasts forever, even after we have others think, in my century will suffice. As for oil, you will not believe it reserves Nai dennom underground reservoir in order ischeslyayutsya eighty billion tons, America can both a minimum of not less than fifty or even eighty years of living in the pleasure, so soon on the road again, the horses become a rarity, three hundred million cars flooded the highway all. My family and I certainly have nothing to lose, oil beneath us, if the government refuses to protect my territory he hired an army of guards, sorry people will eat bifshteksami and sausage made from soy and seaweed." .....
   "My dear Mr. Joe if each ton of crude oil, you will have even fifty bucks then your income in the year will be between 5 and 15 billion dollars, it prek-Rasna regard to your Bityug trotters and their owners are unlikely to be upset that they are not as high-speed, but some handsome. No Rolls Royce Bogatti, Ferrarini compared with them! Ljubo look at the riders in a wheelchair from the side, so you do not worry, your demand for trotters not fall as the price and as nutritious fodder and Energy liquor for him in your underground storerooms enough for many years, do not worry too much, "Uncle Joe consolation I said .
   We parted ways with Uncle Joe and family after the wedding fun is over began to put our idea to create a gallery to life. Elizabeth Architects invited Mr. Mr. Arnold Cohen specializes in the design of art galleries and he offered us some of their projects. We have watched them and agreed to a three-story gallery outside marble aqua and blue skies, the cost of which cost us $ 450 million. Until two years built gallery, we are not sitting idly by, and so our children and granddaughter Elizabeth were born yesterday then decided to go on courses jewelers why our diamonds are of great value to pass into the wrong hands in the process. Two and a half years they have worked as an apprentice eminent jeweler Harold Mr. Sperry. Having a taste for art and was a talented they are practiced on our diamonds and not to ruin them during the practice of paying Mr. Harold Sperry per month for two hundred thousand dollars. Frankly if a diamond jeweler which practiced my sons and their wives were extremely surprised unusual blue and purity crystals, and even interested in where they purchased them, but since we did not want to reveal the secret of their origin-were answered simply inherited. But because we needed the money, and out of respect for the teacher-jeweler sold it ten stones, each 180 to 200 carats otsenennnye them three hundred million dollars of which he had done three dozen diamonds and half of them come true Baksova and even more.
   Once the building is an art gallery has been built, we started putting our pictures in special niches, and then covered them the bulletproof glass of unusual purity and transparency. On the perimeter at a distance of one meter from the walls on which hung the picture we have stretched red rope attached to a bronze uprights so that visitors are not approaching the masterpieces. We have provided a great deal to protect our pictures in order to prevent the attack of maniacs, and especially theft. Armored glass covering the canvas thus fastened to the frames and walls without pneumatic hammer not pry. Can you imagine what would be the noise in the building if someone thinks of pneumatic hammers to break concrete wall around the picture. And in each room were such sensitive microphones that we could hear through the noise amplifiers accidentally fly flies. But especially the protection provided Faberge Easter eggs and processed diamonds, blue diamonds "particle approximation" weighing 2560 grams or 512 grand otsennny experts at $ 1 billion. Just imagine, on the third floor in the Round Hall of the walls and dome of the armored glass in the center on a mirrored pedestal 4x4x4 feet worth of glass pulenoprobivaemogo bank of the same diameter and 3 feet tall, and it placed a blue diamond. From time to time the bottom of the bank through an invisible tube filled with water and you just imagine a diamond at the expense of glass walls and the water is distorted by the viewer. It increases a couple of times, the sun's rays fall on it and it glows, sparkles and shimmers like a rainbow. The spectacle of unparalleled!
   After a while, the water drained, and all lead to the giant banks undistorted to the viewer blue diamond. In the same hall we set for all visitors Pas chal Faberge eggs: to mirror pedestals 3H3H4 put bulletproof-glass mye cubes 3x3x3 feet masterpieces. Pedestals themselves glass cubes with Easter eggs by Faberge and that the bank which was brilliant "Ann-particle roksimy" were so attached to each other and to the floor that could tear a truck-General. Around them were barriers in the form of round red rope stretched prikrep-trunk remote to the bronze risers so that outstretched hand could not reach dosteklyannyh cubes never allowed to stretch his head but was allowed to reach closer to the aim of a better look at the exhibits .
   When we opened our Gallery and a rumor spread among the people about the diamond in a billion dollars, the owners are a world-famous person-KOS-MOS hero Victor Smith, made a trip to Planet Hollywood and approximation ki nozvezda Elizabeth Stone giving autographs and be photographed with allowing Therefore Visitors may reach the maximum number, the street stretched a long queue of people stood for hours in it, not only to see the brilliant "particle approximation" but semi-chit autograph, take a picture with us. So imagine-entrance we took $ 100, while others go into a museum 150-200 bucks a day passed before the 9000 curious and a week had 9 million, for the year of 450 million dollars. In addition, we sold the colorful booklets for 100 bucks a disk on which was written three-hour journey through the approximation and souvenirs in the form of a miniature Faberge Easter eggs and diamonds "particle approximation." In short total revenue reached half a year but since paid their taxes and were great costs of the staff and guards galleries, buying new pictures net profit in your pocket SOS be accorded all 30 million with the average salary in the country of a million dollars a year. But what we took pleasure in our work! Frankly, to give autographs at hodilos-day long stay in the gallery, all visitors stretched purchased booklets, their books with poems and leaves Elizabeth and only knew that the signatures Wali and photographed them.
   As the rumor spread our gallery not only in the US but also abroad, and of those wishing to visit was more than enough and the main exhibit was a diamond in the billion dollars around the perimeter at all times crowded at least 20 people, but because it was willing to Thousands we posted the announcement "Ladies and gentlemen! Please consider the brilliant" particle approximation "less than a minute. A lot of visitors!"....................................................................................................
   Yes, I am wishing there were so many that some curious could not get through to him that came the next day. Things reached the point that took place in our gallery in the evening and then we asked the visitors to reduce the time of viewing the diamond up to 45 seconds and then to 30, but as people pay money they could not drive them away from the exhibit and wishing there were many people will occupy all have two days. Imagine our gallery attendance has grown to 15 thousand people a day .
   We are not asleep and my sons are constantly present in the hall on the third floor, and was labeled as a few young people frequent in our gallery and carefully-examining not only whether the diamond and pedestal, wall and ceiling, the inputs and outputs. Since lyudeyv accumulated a lot of room is needed, and it was aired at us except the air conditioning worked in the walls and in the dome were open frame. However, they soon stopped going because when people realize that their idea will end in vain and at night when everything is going to work under the protection of security and immediately caught .
   I will say in 2089 started to recover on the roads of the country, opened more and more gas stations and played an important role in the discovery of an oil tank farm terri-tory Uncle Joe. This year in this field produced more than 100 million tons of oil next year already 200 million and a third more than three hundred. Besides Russia contributed to the revival of the automotive, aviation and maritime transport, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the 2089 Russian drillers produced 500 million tons and in 2090 one billion, of which 700 million tons were exported. Again, twenty years ago, people perked up tourism-flying airplanes, floated on an ocean liner, traveling by trains and buses from country to country. And here is the coincidence of favorable circumstances contributed to the prosperity of our art gallery. Just imagine a diamond watch valued at a billion dollars flew into Los Angeles, not only from the cities and towns of the United States but also from drugihstran Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Central, Canada and Russia. Having a lot of money, Elizabeth not only bought up the masterpieces of 100-200 million bksov. Four years after the opening of our gallery in 2093, attendance reached its peak of 20 thousand visitors a day, and our profit with booklets and souvenirs made a billion dollars a year.
   And one day, we gathered all together, we decided to build a new gallery area twice the size of our existing 700 million. Elizabeth showed unusual activity and at the same time having the subtle scent and vision suddenly changed the desire to build a new gallery. Frankly I'm not particularly manifested-lyal desire to create yourself an extra burden and sometimes expressed his myslElizabet that we at this age it would be better not to strain my head thoughts how to organize our business and move in front of him, and the remaining years of our life to travel . And imagine she agreed with me and endorsed my decision.
   We refused vbuhivat their money in a new gallery decided sensibly large-Gal-Ray will require a lot of expenses for its contents, you must purchase at least a hundred paintings but-O and it will cost a minimum of $ 20 and more millliardov neizvestnookazhetsya if it so attractive to the public. And since we did everything together then we put everything together and then sat down at a round table discussion began to build or not to build a new gallery. If the first time we have decided to build in the second rejected, we decided sensibly, while shaft knocks the audience is all that it's better to wait to get there, or at least find more empty spaces on the walls and hanging purchased paintings.
   Journey into a prosperous Russia
   As Russia began to produce enormous quantities of oil has exceeded one billion tonnes and 50 per cent was exported there were soon new trillionery on account of which was two trillionerov dollars. And one of them somebody Ivan Karuselin made the announcement about the opening in Moscow Perovskoy new art gallery in her Hall of diamonds two of which are the largest in the world, one of them is "Blue Hercules" 2930 Grand Prix, another "Ilya Muromets" 2540 , both of which are estimated at over a billion dollars. After hearing about the name of the new oil tycoon decided to organize an art gallery I immediately thought of one of Russia puteshestvinnika approximation to the planet is a last name .
   Without hesitation, I turned on my laptop to the work HP typed "Russian travelers on the planet approximation" and a second of the seven adventurers found Ivan Semenovich Karuselina, 2036 birthday, geophysics. I all became clear to him, we are not able to compete, I'm not particularly upset and told the assembled dinner subtracts information about relatives, "My lovely and dear relatives, today at HP laptop I found interesting information-represent my travel companion on the approximation , geophysics and oil tycoon Ivan Karuselin opened in Moscow, a new art gallery and it has a hall of diamonds two of which are the largest in the world-one grand prix 2930 "Blue Hercules" and the other 2540 Grand Prix "Ilya Mromets." I think , charming ladies Mary and Elizabeth, we should fly to Moscow to see the pictures and visit the Hall of rough and polished diamonds. However, I think the pre-Ivan Karuselinu call, introduce yourself, and how he would be invited to jump the queue in his art gallery, you can see for yourself what's going on here. What do you say?".................................................................................................................................................
   First suggested my wife: "Victor, I think we have nothing to lose if the fly to Moscow, Elizabeth, we should dress warmly, it is now winter, buy a fur coat and village-Motril not only a gallery but also the very capital of Russia."..........................................................................................................
   "Well, I sradostyu go in cold Russia, have never been there but mech- tala to see the Kremlin, once lived there kings, Victor, Ivan oil tycoon rather call me," Elizabeth said, and smiled.
   Mom, sons and their wives have approved our trip to Moscow, but the stipulated period, not more than a week, we have agreed and I began searching for the phone. How good that we at Travellers-sors approximation, after returning to Earth left each other home phone. I immediately looked in the computer home page phones friends, found the name of Ivan Semenovich and Karuselin Room 001 095 47 451 945. Since we had the evening hours and on September 15 in Moscow on August 15 and in general throughout the vast Russian day. Without hesitation dialed phone and after a few seconds I heard a male voice: "Hello, I'm listening to you, the idea is discussed briefly."
   "Hello, dear Ivan Semenovich, your friend calls you on the journey to the approximation Victor Smith, I'm from Los Angeles, I would like to visit in your car, muddy gallery name Perov see masterpieces and the two largest diamonds in the world. I do not want to stand a couple days in a queue in the cold to get into the hall-vatsya Admire them. The fact that I also have an art gallery in her brilliant 2560 Grand wishing so much that two days and three nights waiting for trid- tsatigradusnoy heat to enter the room . Yes, how are you? How are you? " I said.
   "My dear friend, Victor, I'm glad to hear your voice, strong health, things are going well and we have in the country's oil boom, our capital capitally reconstructed, it is not know-all in the city of skyscrapers like the one on the approximation Brolin. All thanks to our new mayor Viktor Smirnov, before the trip worked as head of the architectural studio, after returning to Earth urged the country's leaders to rebuild the capital in such a way to eliminate the many kilometers of traffic jams, he believed, and it works. In short, I'll be happy to meet and not just to visit with you in the gallery and meet with the Mayor . Speak at will fly, I pay flight, stay away and returning, to go everywhere, "said a joyful voice Ivan Semenovich .
   "Dear Ivan Semenovich, I also have good health, business is good, that ka-Saet the departure three days later, however, I am not alone with my two charming ladies, wife and sister-thanks to which we have such an art gallery Stone" I said .
   "Well, Victor Smith, I order a ticket, send data via e-mail. And soon get all the information about tickets and departure, I look forward to meeting, so write down my e mail," she sounded joyful voice of the interlocutor .
   "Ivan Semenovich, thank you, send all information about us by E mail, glad to meet you and the mayor of Moscow Viktor Smirnov, I remember with some inter-Som, he became acquainted with the life of cities and approksimyan, I write your e mail, to a meeting in the new Moscow, "I said.
   All my relatives listened with bated breath, and our conversation ended when he began to kiss me, I'm not wasting your time took the passports of his wife, Elizabeth, and their own, immediately sent e mail to Ivan Karuselinu. We're not finished talking I received a mail by the E ticket information and outreach, December 26, 2094, June 15 pm, Sunday at supersonic flying Pegasus 7, four hours of flight, and he in Moscow .
   I immediately called back to Ivan Semenovich, thanks for the tickets and asked us to meet anyone if he was personally engaged and grateful to my friend assured me he primchitsya Airport
   We started to prepare for the flight, scored presents him his wife, two sons, their wives, Mary and Elizabeth bought a fur coat, warm dresses, boots, everything to keep warm as the cold weather forecasters promised to -20 Celsius when we in Los Angeles 26 December was a bright sunny hot day and the thermometer in the shade at 2:00 PM western time shows 30 Celsius. At 3 o'clock we arrived for a taxi, we said goodbye to our children and my mother wished us a safe journey and speedy return went to the airport. Checking passengers' luggage and personal inspection took a couple of hours, fortunately everything went well, did not find suspicious objects according to schedule and we flew to Moscow via the North Pole. Our Pegasus 7 supersonic flying at an altitude of 12 000 meters, my charming companion loved his wife and sister-Mary Elizabeth went to sleep in soft beds, chairs and I because of his insomnia and has not slept. Since we flew in first class even with the Russian crew we were fed for slaughter, giving sandwiches Caspian black caviar, sturgeon, sushi, cold and strong drinks to choose from. I just ate and drank blueberry and cranberry juice, my ladies drank my champagne and vodka, young beautiful blue-eyed, long-legged blonde stewardess pyshgogrudye with platinum wavy hair just below her shoulders in short white dresses served us. Their plump legs with gorgeous seductive figures so affected me that I could not find a place, my lady noticed my condition, and smiled. Since flight attendants accessed in English and Russian, we learned from them that our ship belonging to the Russian-American Company ARA. At September 30, Moscow time, our ship landed, Captain John Sorkin thanked us, flight attendants gave a souvenir souvenirs white sserebryanye bears ocharovatelnymi with smiles on their little faces lovely hands and waved to us, we thanked them and I kissed the hand Gilda Masha and headed for the exit . I have to say when our ship flies to Moscow snowing and we have seen nothing, made a blind landing and was deeply saddened that Moscow did not see a bird's eye view. However, later I found out that even on a sunny bright day hardly saw her as many planes landing at the new airport eagles in 60 kilometers from the Kremlin and all the passengers high-speed underground line in comfortable subway cars for 20 minutes is included in the ticket price get to the subway station Pushkinskaya where a network of underground passages and passazhtry move on the Moscow subway and then sent in his direction .
   With each airport are laid underground high-speed line to the other underground stations, they are connected by subway lines between them so that transplants can be reached not only to any airport and to any railway station. Since July 2094 he learned later from the mayor of Moscow Viktor Alekseyevich Smirnov in any aero-port does not get buses and taxis, decided not to clog the roads, get in the drifting snow and mchis.......................................................................................
   We have successfully passed the border and customs control, entered the waiting room and I saw a tall gentleman in a brown leather coat just below the knee of muskrat fur cap, recognized his travel companion, he and I went together. We porusskomu tradition embraced, kissed each other, shook hands, and after the greeting, I introduced him to his charming ladies: "Ivan Semenovich, my wife, Mary, and sister-Elizabeth, the former Hollywood actress, wanted to see Moscow and Perovskaya your picture gallery, you can see, we are also dressed in the winter.".....................................................................
   Ivan Semenovich kissed outstretched handle my ladies, smiled and introduced himself: "Lovely charming lady Maria and Elizabeth, my name is Ivan, call me that," said my friend, "I beg you to follow me. We now have new rules of entry and exit from all airports, no avtobosy and taxis do not have the right to carry passengers now works great speed underground metro station. From the airport to the metro station Pushkinskaya 50 kilometers we will fly non-stop for 20 minutes, five minutes for the input and output, then do everything transplant or a bus or on the subway and that such travel under the ground and on the ground, we dobermsya home. I have to say in Moscow is no longer the tram, taxi and private car use lung-only subway, bus, company cars and trucks. You predstavlyaete- in Moscow metropolitan area of 50 million people before it on the roads and streets of moving 15 million cars, 20 May 2094 was registered the longest in the world and of all time jam stretching 40 kilometers, the driver spotted a time of personal traffic from the suburbs to the Tver 4 hours 10 minutes 20-kilometer walk to reached quickly. So my dear will use available, cheap and, although mnogoperesadochnym mode of transport, no other way. But that's not all, I forgot to tell you over the phone, we have now in Russia there is no money, paper rubles and metal coins replaced by an electronic ruble, every citizen of Russia plastic credit cards life of we pay for all services provided and all he wants to buy our soul. Any foreigner coming to Russia the first thing is to get her to do it short and easy but it is necessary, Come on with me."
   After hearing such great news that Russia is not in the course of paper money and credit cards are all my life, I was very surprised to have power in America this is still not smart enough, and we twenty-Americans visited the approximation ividevshih the interesting life without money and thoughts are not held to replace paper dollars and cents metal electronic money and only use credit cards I looked at Ivan Semenovich and said: "Dear Ivan Semenovich, really !? Wow!"
   "Yes, Mr. Victor, we live without money and moreover very well," said my friend, and led us to the front, behind the glass were charming girl and nice smile. When we got to the front, Ivan Semenovich looked at us and said in English: "Mr. Victor, Lady Mary and Elizabeth, post girls passport and credit cards, if you have the bucks for the exchange can give them and tell me how much you want to exchange for rubles , a couple of minutes and you will get credit cards Rosbank, without them it is impossible to stay in Russia."
   I looked at Ivan Semenovich and said: "We will exchange for 10 thousand dollars, they
  on credit cards Master Card."......................................................................................................
   We walked up to the counter, greeted the girls are with us, smiled, I, Mary and Elizabeth filed a credit card, Ivan Semenovich asked them to remove their 10 thousand US-ditch and move into rubles. Girls took cards, passports, asked us wide-eyed, put things in a scanner, three seconds and heard okay. Less than two minutes as the girl smiled broadly gave us our passports, credit cards, Master Card and the brand new Russian credit card. Taking them in his hands and thanking the girls we have come to see them, on the top side on the background of three colors, white, blue and red in Slavonic gold derived RosBank inscription on the back of Russia's tricolor flag, name, owner's name, date of birth, country of residence , picture the person, date of birth and card number.
   Ivan Semenovich looked at us, shook our hands and said with a smile: "Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, store cards, and if you come to Russia, will benefit vatsya it, others do not, lose, give exact, with her all the money saved, no one else but you never use it. If you want to know how much money the card into the slot sun'te ATM and get an answer, please."
   We stuck our cards one at a time into the slot on the ATM screen and saw the 6667 rubles, smiled, put the card in his pocket and thanked Ivan Semenovich headed after him. How well that when we did not have too many things, and brought with them the trolley on wheels, they piled into bags and drove forward, to the station. Before the escalator stopped, stuck in the card slot, they opened the door, we passed them, right down to the platform and waited for the metro ten minutes as 5 minutes before we departed composition. The subway was warm, bright and clean, working ventilation, many peo-ple with things expected composition as said Ivan Semenovich 8 cars in it and freely seated 400 people. Blue walked up, people went into the wagons, and the solution to familiarize them five minutes later departed from the metro station and picking up speed rushed to Moscow Everyone sat on the soft seats and twenty minutes later it stopped as he said to us, Ivan Semenovich, station Pushkinskaya. We all slowly emerged from all-rut and rolled the cart forward, Ivan Semenovich rolled just two ladies were carrying only her purse. The escalator downstairs, switched to another line, again went to It should Stop blowing and making last transplant and leap forward came to the white light at the station Khimki. Fortunately for us the snow is not brought down, it was quiet and was a light frost. I looked around, stood tall-building 30-40 floors, and among them are three floors of a skyscraper under 80 lined with colored panels, the view is nice and attractive. I drew attention to the road, they were available for transport, raced mainly trucks, dump trucks, buses, taxis, company cars, occasionally passing cars, I realized they were going just statesmen or diplomats, in fact, he learned later , everything was wrong.
  "Charming Lady Mary and Elizabeth, my dear Victor, another jerk on the bus and we are at home," said with a smile Ivan Semenovich and headed to the bus stop next to it was a crowd of people dancing. I realized they were frozen from the long waiting for the bus, we soon joined them. Strange to say, but the bus came because they were not Tudu where the people had continued to pass them. We stayed for fifteen minutes, finally came elongated bus all went in and sat down. And though the road was free but because of the fact that there were many stops at intersections and red lights lit the street itself writhing like a snake, we only got half an hour before the desired stop. I noticed that we were driving down the street completely built 30-40-storey buildings here is the new city began planning the central zone and anyone who came from the suburbs on the car was supposed to leave on a paid parking lot and then get on the subway or bus. A few years ago there were trolley buses but because of a web of electrical wires dangling over the road, standing pillars spoil the look of the city and the frequent parking due to the wires coming off the rods but the main thing to expand the roadway city authorities decided to eliminate this form of transport like trams cluttered movement vehicles.
   When we got off and I looked to the right I saw the Ostankino television station antenna barely sticking out of her because standing skyscrapers to the left of it rose two white towers of three hundred meters above. Standing next to me Ivan looked at me and said, "You know, Victor, our Moscow decided to catch up with Brolin, the Mayor adopted decision to the capital in 2150, the central part, to build up the skyscrapers ranging from 150 to 250 this-ments, people will not go walk on sidewalks and travelators, perfect bu-duschee! And as for the present with the movement of public transport and interchange of-nowhere useless. Imagine 50 kilometers from the airport raced for twenty minutes and the city spent an hour and twenty to 25 kilometers. The mayor is trying to reschedule -vat road but it's impossible, too chaotic Moscow was built. But once banned from driving on private cars from 8 am to 8 pm people can get to work faster and in general wherever you go. A year ago, we would go for three hours or even more, this is progress! Look at the 140 storey skyscraper paneled color of heaven, here is my city apartment. After eight evening when permitted to ride on the cars in the city go to my country estate. This weather changed all the plans, wanted to fly a helicopter for you but my pilot refused to fly in a blizzard, next time try to eliminate the error. You know omnipotent Moscow authorities have decided to unload the road, riding in cars is allowed from 8 pm to 8 am. So if you want to go to work, and for the early and get up to eight hours to put the car in the garage or a paid parking. No stops at shops, is just leave the machine unattended at the curb immediately appears on the tow truck and the car pound. Since such a pleasure expensive ruble recaptured the desire to leave the car where nonpositive. As for working with the new state of driving in urban areas the employees and workers of many enterprises have switched to working twelve-hour day. Since the working week in Russia is 42 hours the workers and employees will soon come to an agreement one week working 4 days for twelve hours, 48 hours and three walk and the next week and spend three days, 36 hours and then four days walking to the fullest and get working week of 42 hours .
   As a result of the fact that millions of workers and employees instead of five days a week, go to work only three or four days is actually three to four days a week, millions of machines are laid up and do not clutter up the movement of trucks, buses, taxis and service vehicles performing obligatory daily work. The authorities felt that the trams and trolley buses is an anachronism, a confused in traffic and are the creators of the chaos on the roads, stop their operation. As for freight transport without which deliver bread, food, building materials that are indispensable, it is impossible to stop life and building the green light was given to them.
   Ban car traffic from 8 am to 8 pm and the transition of enterprises and offices for 12 hour day had a positive impact not only on the health of millions of people in traffic-tormented hassle and exhaust fumes affect health and shorten life, but the total savings amount to billions of rubles by reducing fuel and time the traffic from point A to point B. The same bus while driving without traffic jams can a couple of times to increase its turnover from .
   Of course, in everyday life people travel by car, but only by written permission for good reason, diplomats, distinguished guests, participants in international meetings. Now these riders recruited a total weight of not too much but there was a time when these resolution illegally printed and sold for good money. It came to that in the daytime because of the fake permits suspicious vehicles moved a lot and then the authorities have decided to issue electronic authorization indicating the route, the highway patrol stopped many cars and mercilessly fined. However, our people are not afraid of anything and brave rolled through the city. The most important thing that the authorities have made the roads in the city of Moscow deserted but outside all the chaos, as before, but that's another matter."
   Since it all, Ivan Semenovich said road we will soon come to the height-ke, we went inside and saw the doorman at the bar, exchanging greetings went to the elevator and up to the 140 floor, the door opened and appeared in a wide corridor .
   We went out and walked a few steps come to light door, Ivan Semenovich OTC-dug it and entered the bright room, floor carpets, pictures on the walls, on the ceiling hrus-tal chandelier in a wide window beat the sun and view the city. All undressed and began to inspect the Russian city apartment trillionera, it was, I would say quite modest for a businessman of high rank, and consisted of four rooms with an office, a bathroom and a toilet. After seeing the apartment we washed, we sat at a table in the main host ugoschyal us delicious snacks, delicacies, fruits, slados-tyami, juice, champagne and Stolichnaya vodka MOT. Up to eight hours we enjoyed the meal, watching television and listening to music. Even, it is known tycoon had no right to break the status quo, and up to eight hours to travel from the garage to the road in order to avoid fines and troubles to be on the front page of newspapers as hapless Naru-extinguisher. And there, in the ruble, the family-wife Marina and two adult sons, Dmitry and Eugene waited for his guests. If it does not snow in the morning with us on a personal helicopter flew to its suburban villa .
   Basically our conversation svlsya to the cultural life and he wondered how Obra Zoom I have come to this. But I was given this opportunity, Elizabeth and she briefly told him the story of the purchase of masterpieces and Faberge Easter eggs at auctions and it came down to the occasion when my sons found her favorite grandson and began to married couples. Upon learning that I have a diamond at the general meeting we decided to show them to people, built the gallery and making a diamond in the diamond weighing 2560 Grand Prix, along with paintings given to everyone to enjoy. I got diabetes, handed it to my friend and said, "Dear Ivan Semenovich, we have time to watch our gallery and its masterpieces, please, put it into the player, do not tell."
   Ivan Semenovich took the tape and put it in a slot player and soon Domash-screen theater has three meters diagonally, we saw our gallery with a very long queue wanting to get into it, the halls with pictures of the first and second floors and a domed hall of the third floor with glass walls and ceiling . Seeing what bank we keep our diamond and what happens to him when he gets in the water Ivan Semenovich was delighted and shocked. He looked at the diamond appeared in the water is not only huge but also unusually sparkled played and iridescent. After a while, Ivan Semenovich looked up from the screen, looked at us and honestly: "Lovely, charming lady Maria, Elizabeth and dear friend Victor, unfortunately in my galleries such crowds are not there, maybe our people are not so interested in how your masterpieces. In addition that you originally provided to the public and the diamond domed glass room, too much sunlight, we have it too but my architects approached simply, without any imagination and such a result. When you get into my gallery you'll understand yourself any boredom I want to cry, and why so few visitors and in fact there are diamonds and masterpieces. "
   I looked at him and said: "Ivan Semenovich, when we find ourselves in your Galya-yards draw conclusions and offer recommendations.".............................................................................................
   Since the short winter day when six o'clock turning off the lights in the room posmot-reli- window shone the whole of Moscow by electric lights and colorful neon signs, we are. With a height of 140 floors easily visible Kremlin and central part of the city entirely built high-rise buildings, a special boom according to Ivan Semenovich on-chalsya from 2040: "Charming, charming lady Maria, Elizabeth and expensive Vic-tor when the world was tight oil and gas in the depths of Russia's top energy Lebanon became such a huge amount is not reducing the rate of mined it and part is exported and it continues to this day. Since the money flowed in Rossiyumnogo we decided to invest in the construction of Moscow prospered and millions of people flocked in it, many wealthy people have an apartment in the city and a summer house in the suburbs of the capital and broke away from the Kremlin in different directions to 50-100 km and its population in 2093 officially reached 30 million with the suburbs and more than 50 million, the number of cars around 25 million units . Even though the roadway increased Moscow roads and avenues have not been able to cope with the flow and take different options to release the road in the first place for buses, taxis, service and freight transport because products can not do without, construction is not stopped, people need to save and protect. As for the fans to come to the office, to the shop, to a friend or girlfriend then there is no need to rush to the car, get in the subway, on avatobus and forth. Clearly, long and uncomfortable, but there is no alternative. So that's the position taken on even days leave cars with even-numbered and odd on odd-numbered days. For a few days, traffic jams have decreased but soon everything was as before, it is our many motorists began to change rooms. Fighting such motorists benefited inspectors, owners of cars began to be indignant because of the inability to get a job with the suburbs and since there were many business and government officials middle and senior managers from the authorities refused this position and again was not the end of the tubes. More power in 2050 led a determined struggle against the illegal formulation of cars at the curb and not position the ground and so that motorists can not worry about their mashinui penalty ordered architects designed all the new buildings 20% of usable area in the first or ground floors nadzemyh divert for garages. Once the government took a decisive struggle against the illegal formulation of cars at the curb began construction of buildings, parking garages, especially in the center where parking is easy money, but the real boom began regards margins are very few people want to pay big money for parking as the insolvency and especially newcomers motorists We were poor. In short, each struggling with the problems as best he could, and the number of cars entering the city did not decrease. But recently the government's decision to enter the city and move around in it on cars only from 8 pm to 8 am proved to be essential to the violation of a huge fine for repeated deprivation of driving for three months for the third offense the fine and a year in prison away. Now the mayor is thinking how to reschedule the city at least a straight streets and avenues, but as the ancient city of Moscow was built 940 years the chaotic rebuilding is very difficult, expensive and time consuming .
   And most interestingly, to 2086 everyone tried to get it to Moscow and not in Ryazan, Kazan and even more beyond the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. This is America, people take evenly spread out across the country, to get to the capital of no-ment and tending dream to live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Louis and Dallas-se and dozens of cities. And we have only to Moscow! I understand it can be lo grab a good grandmother and others can not, and it was bad.
   But everything changed dramatically in 2086 when we were Russian explorers returned with approximation and showed film a report about the flight to another planet, not only the people but the leaders of the country. When the president of Russia Andrey Rusakov, Prime Minister Boris Petukhov, ministers, deputies, advisors, scientists and architects have seen the life resembled communism dreamed of communist leaders in Russia and tried to build from 1917 to 1991, but due to objective reasons (the country was in a hostile capitalist environment and 90% of extracted resources and labor day and night forge weapons), building on the foundation of communism ceased unfinished basement because they themselves leaders and workers who took away everything as I could and the country collapsed into 14 pieces and started to build a bright capitalist society is something about him forgotten 90 years. But under the influence of our film lit up his desire to build on the vast expanses of Russia in the depths of which untold wealth and there is no longer hostile forces threatening the country. Not shelving members among which 35% were Communists offered to resume construction of communism in Russia, they were supported by the United Russia party and the Liberals, and an overwhelming majority adopted a program under which all residents of the country are provided with housing in the city at the rate of the bank account and family and you see now -I respected tycoon and billionaire live in a modest four-room apartment with an office, and everything in position, according to the composition of the family, myself, my wife and two sons.
   However, unlike approksimyan we managed to keep privately owned furniture, cars and money, everything in the apartment bought on my hard-earned rubles. But the new position of any city apartments or cottages is no longer the property of the working people, for many years they build on public money and business, give a gift and no one has the right to sell them. Leaders like it was from a personal flaw in lzovaniya automobiles and replant our citizens in buses, subways, taxis and electric-ki no realizing that yourself have to use public transportation getting to the Kremlin, City Hall, the White House and the ministries with a variety of direct and shoving among the passengers decided refuse. And so the personal use of the population were all types of transport movement, and only modest domestic production of cars, boats, helicopters and airplanes. But that's not all, so that the Russian people lived under communism, like for fun, I mean as approximation with the untold riches in the bowels of the earth on its surface and under water managers decided to-take from the rich and give to the poor and not vice versa as it was before and now with the help of high-speed computers weekly conducted a strict accounting and control as the country produced, produced wealth, how much to sell outside of the country and based on the difference between cost and income from sales of all profits irrespective of salaries and pensions is divided between all citizens regardless of age, and now this manna from heaven, the so-called export, up to 2 million new electronic rubles per month per person per month. All our millionaires and billionaires were obliged to build not only housing, roads and sports palaces, theaters, invest in culture, science, the development of tourism. Here we are on the money otgrohali Perovskaya art gallery, the skyscraper where the family live and ordinary Muscovites. Since all the money on credit cards, bank account on the committee to oversee the flow of our cash-Special Income Citizens Center keeps track of how many billions spent on those or other projects. If Ivan Semenovich and Boris A. try to cut its contribution to the social development of the STSDG remove himself put on the development of our society Impossible to hide the money, keep them in foreign banks is forbidden to buy any thing made for personal use outside of Russia is punishable by law, only souvenirs and what made our country so try to expand their production and to attract people to work .
   With regard to joint ventures is no obstacle, the most important thing to make his and his own buy. Of course, in the shops, you can buy products made in other countries, as does a single world market today and the government may not prohibit the import, but outside of Russia as I said just souvenirs. Buy a yacht, sports club, a villa abroad receded into the past and say such measures have benefited, now our country is flourishing, from an excess of money people travel about the country and the world and you will see firsthand the prosperous city but still desire to live in Moscow is enormous. I think this is due to the fact that our businessmen are investing in it no matter how much money to any other in the country.
   Know now in Russia there is no cash, the latest metal coins and boo-mazhny ruble ceased to release August 27, 2088 and their circulation on Russia Terminated tilos January 1, 2089. All payments are automatically transferred to the bank account or by credit card in a single country Rosbank. Frankly cessation of circulation of money in the country and the transition to credit cards was perceived by many without any enthusiasm, the state began to control all of those who previously took bribes or paw cash left without income. How can today on the road or in the office to transfer the required amount? Do not run to the cops off the road with the bank to transfer money from card to card, it is simply impossible, and as a bribe. Who would dare to give my credit card to another with a certain amount? Get another card is not a problem but the other person is punishable by law and can get fifteen years for fraud. Thus, in Russia fell swoop to end corruption, extortion, bribery, drug addiction, prostitution, alcoholism, samogonova-rhenium and parasitism. All penalties are paid only to remove money from your credit card according to the specified amount on the receipt. Yes, I want to add, as the electronic money is no need to print them, counterfeiters tamper with, for the country a big favor .
   I frankly our trip 20 Russian citizens in the approximation brought Ros-these great benefits. After watching the film, the report of the flight to another planet people, managers and everyone saw the happy, healthy and joyful life that we dream about the Utopian communists without money, without bribery and without much luxury decided to authorities and people have decided that the most crucial way to fight corruption , bribery, extortion and all kinds of private extortion to eliminate circulation of money in Russia. Since Russia is not inferior to the technical development of any country and each citizen of Russia except infants was carrying a miniature computer and used them in many cases the life of the majority of citizens but not all have credit cards and use them for buying, for the provision of services and financial transactions the reflection and discussed by a popular forum, most of the people and the authorities have decided to give up and go bumazhnyhdeneg only credit cards. It has had an important task to make the nation healthier and lead the country in a relentless struggle against alkgolizmom for which proposed to limit alcohol consumption for the Russians to a reasonable level. To achieve this success narcologists given the task to establish the optimal average rate of alcohol drunk in terms of alcohol from which will be fun but will not affect the deterioration of health and smart electronic cards that, when purchasing any alcoholic drinks from the bottle reads the barcode and it is known monthly amount of alcohol in translation on alcohol purchased on the credit card. Initially, decided not to limit the amount of wine as the wine for the price strife-someone who likes cheap, some expensive but do not buy more than the norm. To oblige the owners of all drinking establishments and trade organizations on all bottles of alcoholic beverages magnetic print bar codes indicating the amount of alcohol in terms of the alcohol in the container when it is sold and the amount of alcohol in terms of alcohol recorded in a single credit card Rosbank which is also the identification citizen card with passport data to be entered and medical health status since the birth of the citizen, the citizen .
   After several weeks of discussion with the people of the new program of life, the state provides all grazhadan free housing at the rate of family composition, teaching, treatment is free, all financial transactions are carried out only credit-car points RosBank majority of the population approved the program and it was decided to abandon the cash and go for credit cards and 1 January 2089, all citizens in Russian cities and the countryside began to use them, and crust-Saw an interesting cultural life. Since the government and the people prepared for perehoduna use a single credit card Rosbank Russia is more than a year during which time they have printed in the required amount, distributed to the entire population of a nursing infant to an old man, all the bills from the old credit cards was transferred to the new Rosbank and now with purchases and payment of all accounts across Russia used only to her. According to the new position as soon as the baby is born to his parents immediately was given a credit card to Rosbank newborn with gift ten thousand rubles, and electronic content in its monthly allocated two thousand. In addition, it was decided to allocate to the families of low-income electronic money to buy food at the rate of 2000 rubles per month alone, plus a thousand rubles per family member for a happy and joyful zhieni Russians.
   Since in Russia at this time, scientists, engineers and designers gave eletronschiki cos-Home Electronic Computing Center (GEVTS) with three-bystrodeystvuyuschi of supercomputers able in one second to perform 900 trillion operations per second, all data stored in its memory. But along with it there were branches-El-tron Computing Centre (EVTS) through which to conduct all financial transactions related to credit cards and the data transferred to GEVTS. As to January 1, 2089 in Russia there were money to many zeros is meaningless and the same-governmental price the government had decided to strengthen the ruble to hold denomina-tion and issued a decree "On the change in the scale of prices and traded replace paper de-neg new email money "resulting in an electronic ruble was 100 paper rubles derived from the circulation.
   Basically everything went smoothly but the number turned out to be too unhappy with a large-every sane understanding with the transition to electronic money wound up corruption, bribery, extortion and other dishonesty obtaining income nuzh, but get used to live by the rules and not according to the principle of how to adapt to life. All revenues, expenses each grazhadanina-bank accounts become visible not only
  electronic machines and for any Russian at his request and if the citizen Ivanova instantly counts nemyslemo increased the amount of income that calculate the smart-Ordering the car immediately zabt alarm and it will become common knowledge. Actually, our people have provided much in the transition to a new way of life. All incomes, wages, bonuses and export were transferred from the State bank or business owner only once and in a single day at the end of the month. Here also think, as much as possible in the middle of the month, at the beginning or any other day to transfer from your account to the account of extortion or bribe money. Yes way! Wait for the transfer to the last day of the month and during this time many things will happen. But if that day to transfer to the bank account of the required amount is different from his monthly income would raise suspicion on the part of EVTS immediately suspicious person received a bribe and the one who gave it to be called in special centers where citizens' incomes begin proceedings for which he received an extra income, If it is confirmed that both face seven years in a labor camp.
   Also led a relentless struggle with alcoholism as a result including alcohol-ing reduced to a minimum, before the drunkard could buy for cash brew, wine or vodka in unlimited quantities, but now everything is under control, everything can be bought alcoholic drinks a special code are transferred to a credit card and how Toll-to rate of drug treatment Cetra dedicated to the use of such drinks in Perevi de alcohol to reach the limit when buying excess amounts of alcohol overlap score is, you become insolvent. Who will give you a bottle of beer, wine, vodka, Do-Coeur, brandy, alcohol free? Moonshine drive was meaningless, handing the gift nickname does not want. Same with drugs and prostitution. To risk freedom for free pleasure to meet for another? No, I get fifteen years of strict regime drug dealers and pimps and soon did not want to dope and street prostitution was over. But as drug addiction and desire lovemaking did not immediately chalet-twist the authorities decided to open treatment centers and gated brothels, private homes Pub public open-paying electronic rubles, e-card. In short under socialism-universal control and accounting.
   Special attention is given to fight bums, if you do not work you will not get two thousand rubles of export, and a lot of money per month enumerated all family members regardless of the composition of the poor. If the person does not work on his credit card accounts are not transferred. But most importantly, with the transition to electronic cards for eight years completely disappeared criminal structures, theft, robbery, robbery gone into the past, the number of branches in the country politseskih halved. Themselves think, previously revered thief in law lived on contributions from subordinates prisoners left without financial support, before going to cash it they carried bags, power guessed but did not know what amount of money he does not pay taxes. With the advent of electronic money and the single personal credit cards all at once changed dramatically. Imagine if a thief in the law of each prisoner will start to transfer from your bank account to his account a certain amount of their contribution and at the same time will be translated at least hundreds of thousands of the intelligent electronic device, a super computer in EVTS and GEVTS score alarm will block the account and then the person who sent so many bills will be called the local Center for Special Revenue Grazhadn and immediately start proceedings for such remittances. If ten of them all is just as if tens of thousands of translations man falls under suspicion in the case of guilt for illegally obtained income strogacha faces fifteen years in solitary confinement .
   But most importantly, almost completely abolished the looting and violence on the streets, before a drug addict, an alcoholic and a rapist could a few hundred paper rubles coveted decoration, good clothes, mobile phone, credit card and many other things to attack the man, rob and even kill. Now everything is different, any thing to anyone on sale-tse not sell and hardly exchanged if it is a particularly valuable and attracted buyer's negligence then you need to run to the bank and transfer money to the account of a robber but he was not a semi-cheat them until the first day of the month when open an account. If someone stole credit car-point and use it thinks of the number does not take place, on each card otskanit-ment and the iris as it is individual and does not change Length-NII life is when the owner uses it in the machine and enters the the first thing he Shih Roko opens his eyes and looks at the body of the eye. In the event that the iris is not the same operation is performed and also a criminal element pop-giving immediately under suspicion, he instantly fixed iris and reading-is simultaneously EVTS GEVTS and determined personality and a person tries PLAY-called card lzovatsya local STSDG. Hiking in the organization as a neizbezhentak automatically blocks GEVTS credit card life and you stay bezsredstv livelihood. Any person who had come to Russia from abroad immediately communicates its currency to electronic rubles and handed over a credit card, what you did at the airport. So what if he commits a crime disclosed it will not sweet. Nevertheless, crime is not completely eliminated, committed robberies, murders and violence. Here we have this life in Russia today, ladies and gentlemen, as you will see it.".......................................................................................................................
   "Ivan Semenovich, if your people like the new way of life, I am very glad that the trip to the approximation fundamentally changed their thinking to the material values, and you live in nearly as on approximation-that is, every Russian citizen to be able to have everything you wish for a happy and joyous life all work and create wealth. This is all thanks to the enormous riches in the bowels of the earth all-necks and hard-working talented people when the common sense of the majority prevails over the private interests of a small segment of the population. We do not think about it, every man for himself and finds the place where it is more appropriate development of their business. And because America can be organized in any city in the choose on taste. Here I have lived most of his life in New York City, Elizabeth, and affinity-perebra were in Los Angeles, on the other end of America, organized a prosperous business people from all over the country and from other countries are flying to Los Angeles. This is now extract oil in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Far East, where life should thrive and Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka should become a city like San Francisco or Seattle with skyscrapers and prosperous life. Next to America, Japan, China, and if the whole of Asia to organize the life of tens of millions of tourists fly to the Far East, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, it will be a prosperous region as the West Pacific coast and millions of people out of the THE EUROPEAN flock to the Far East, it may even be that Moscow desolate half or even more if the income and cultural life will be at the request of its inhabitants. Here you, Ivan Semenovich, can organize themselves to join such a life. I'm pretty sure if you turn Vladivostok to San Francisco is not less than fifty million Asians ustremyatsya watch attractions of this thriving and cultural center, you can earn money by modern trillions of dollars, and if in this city rebuilt super modern gallery in her flocked to watch your diamonds and pictures of hordes of people. From Japan, China and many countries in Asia all of one thousand to five thousand as far as Moscow 7-9 thousand of miles, and it means a lot. You need to lure the Asians, they are very rich and curious, and Moscow near Europe, it's all there and it is no surprise.
   You should know that in America in all its parts, especially in the big cities and the small standard of living, 80 percent of 500 million population is very high, the highest ten percent and ten percent below average. So it makes no difference where to live and work, the person will get a high return for his work, he has the possibility of going to museums, theaters, stadiums, the opportunity to travel, have fun. And in Russia, in Moscow have a job and a high income, places of entertainment, in St. Petersburg is not the same, Ryazan, Kursk, Kazan, or even no comparison with the capital, with regard to small towns, is they all die. In the Far East, no one lure with promises, just need to take and to support financially, namely to invest trillions of rubles for the real development of the region and the local authorities did not report on paper and real achievements, new residential complexes, sports, travel, entertainment, cultural centers that are actually attracted not only millions of their visitors but also from other countries. From here begins the boom-and flourishing of not just one city but many others as they want to and they flew millions of tourists, provide new jobs and leaves more money. And I say with time, not for one year but the East of Russia Petropavloska Kamchatka Lake Baikal may turn into a prosperous region like California. I'll do everything to enrich people's desire and need it to provide many rather than individual and approximate. People went to America and continue with one goal, to enrich themselves at the expense of his own mind, talent, knowledge, hard work. "
  "Dear Victor, unfortunately you're behind, perhaps not in Russia never after 2086, I will tell everything changed dramatically after our trip on the approximation, I just told you all felt an urge to build communism, and represent those obtained increased dramatically-life level of the population and some of the population rushed to the Far East, for the people are the benefits, the COG and sprinkle money, yes, we fly to Vladivostok themselves understand it is converted in San Francisco, there 2096godu Summer Olympics will be held, to build sports complexes, Russian village for athletes skyscrapers, hotels, yacht clubs. Mayor Nikolai Kudryavtsev suggests that it will visit at least 50 million tourists and their foreign. I am with my fellow business contributed 980 billion dollars on the construction of facilities in order to attract tourists, we have already announced a discount on Russian flight Samoth passengers to Vladivostok pay the cost of a single fare. We found oceans of oil and gas, and because the world needs fuel and pays for it and decided the wealth to build a prosperous life for the citizens of Russia .
   Back in 2087 in Moscow at the Palace of Congresses Kremlvsom gathered to discuss the transformation of the Far East, bringing to it not less than thirty million Russians from the European part of Russia Andrey Rusakov, President, Prime Minister Bo Figure Petukhov, ministers, deputies, advisors, scientists, architects and businessmen. And ska all decided to nominate Ms. Vladivostok to host the Summer Olympics in him and in 2096 when the International Olympic Committee in Athens approve it in Primorye will begin an unprecedented building and to allocate trillions of rubles, and send at least hundreds of thousands of builders, workers, technicians, engineers of different specialties. Everyone who isting presence-approved plan to transform the Far East and in order to achieve ETS-lat Vladivostok the capital of the Summer Games in 2096 in addition to the head of the sports committee of Russia Ivan Gorsky and Russian President Andrey Rusakov we went, 20 Russians, Heroes of Space in 2088 to Athens . Out of respect to us and Russia IOC approved the holding of the Summer Olympic Games in 2096 in Vladivostok, and as soon as the news spread around and learned that Russia will be held in Vladivostok in the Summer Olympics in 2096 the government announced the construction site with a lot of great benefits for builders and settlers in Seaside edge of at least seven million people flocked to the Far East, hundreds of thousands of immigrants shaft pushed in this region with the belief that they will get rich here, and it has paid off. The edge of a very rich and attractive, you will see for yourself.
   But that's not all, as soon as the run Olympic Games with our architects accor- dance-And this government and the State Duma will begin designing a modern city-foot likeness Brolin twenty million people in Western Siberia. Maybe this will be the new capital of Russia, will move all of the embassy and this is done in order to explore new territory. Since that time, both in Russia ceased to exist, paper money and moved to electronic, to the same standard of living has increased dramatically, people from neighboring countries, former Soviet republics and even from abroad, tumbled down the shaft into the country. Our authorities have decided not to deny them, as the territory of Russia is huge and in its depths untold riches just know and mining, to create wealth and prosperous life. If the new capital will be built in Western Siberia it would be like in the center of Russia and the easier it will be to develop and populate the 12 million vacant territories. The most important thing the vast majority of the population of a city like Brolin designed blocks with disjoint highways at the same level and with public transport runs like clockwork, and where possible without using the private car in a short time without the headaches to get from point A to point B. The plans for the future. Yes, my dear and honored guests, it's time to go, for the ninth time, will soon be a chaos on the roads, motorists will flock to the suburbs, "said Ivan Semenovich and walked to the hanger to wear ladies .
   We got dressed, left the apartment and went down the elevator to the tenth floor in this part of the garage was his car, namely a dark-colored armored Mercedes. Strong body guard greeted us, we opened the door, we sat down, Ivan Semenovich started the engine and drove toward the elevator cabin, went down to the first floor and a huge parking okazaliis, cars, one after another went out of the building and rushed to the road on which the infinite herd rushed steel horses. Our Mercedes to join them for a long time but the race did not have to light up in front of the red-light traffic light. I will say on our way it lights up almost every minute and had to wait as much zlny flame. After an hour drive we drove out into the street along the entire length of which was a high deaf fence behind which there were three, four-storey stone cottages. In the distance there were metal gates, as high as the fence and deaf. Finally arrived at the steel doors, they opened before us, we have entered the territory of his three-story villa lined with pink marble and soon podhali to the portico near where we were met by his wife and two sons .
   Our Mercedes stopped, the boys opened the door, we went out and exchanged privetst-ditions, Ivan Semenovich introduced us to his family and us-wife Marina and two adult sons Eugene and Dmitry. All went into the house and when they are undressed and we saw my wife fellow high busty middle-aged black-haired cute with great shape, with painted purple curly hair to his shoulders,
  She wore a long blue dress on her neck hung a green pearl necklace. She led us to the second floor and showed the room where spend a few days on-Sheha stay in Moscow. The bedroom was gorgeous, with a large window facing the frozen pond, with bath and shower, think and Elizabeth lived in the same-on the walls hung paintings in gilt frames, on the ceiling of a large crystal chandelier, floor thick warm colored oriental carpet and a flat screen TV and forty inches.
   Since nine o'clock and went to blur did not have time then only with Masha washed face and hands like Ivan Semyonovich came, he looked at us, smiled and invited him to dinner, "Mrs. Maria and Victor, ask me to dine, I think more too late, and even more so in my apartment, we just ate. "
   "Thank you for the invitation, go," said Maria, and went to dveri.My went for Elizabeth and her went to the first floor, in a large hall with Marina sat her adult body strong Slavic vneschnosti sons Eugene and Dmitry. When he saw us, they smiled, we sat in front of them at the table cluttered with a variety of snacks, cheese, dry sausage, ham, smoked red fish, sweets and cake, in the middle stood a vase of flowers, a few bottles of vodka, cognac and champagne. Soon, a middle-aged housekeeper Tanya in a white dress brought hot soup with cabbage, filled a plate to put a piece of meat in cold Russia accepted so warm. The owner poured into glasses Stolichnaya, smiled and toasted: "Ladies, men drink to a pleasant meeting. The endless deeds forget about friends, Victor, my comrade-in-long journey, and I want to drink to your health and everyone sitting at this table."
   "During the meeting, health," uttered all drank and began to have a snack, then filed, whether dumplings, we got to talking and Ivan Semenovich asked me to show a film about our art gallery. I gave him a CD and soon on-screen home theater rooms all saw the paintings, glass room with a Faberge Easter eggs and a large blue diamond in a glass jar, a general view of the building and the long line stretching to the end of the Marina vhodu.Posle with sadness in his eyes and with sadness voice looking at me and my ladies said: "The charming Maria and Elizabeth, my dear Victor, awesome, unfortunately in our gallery of the excitement was not there. I think put on display the largest diamonds in the world famous masterpieces and near-empty rooms, just a shame . I'm not talking because we vbuhali our Perovskaya art gallery billions of dollars and are concerned about how to get them back as well because there is so little interest in looking at them. It's a miracle you have to visit your gallery no end, so all we have on your site we expanded it. "
   I looked at the woman and said quietly: "Charming Ms. Marina in Moscow, many galleries, museums, and the people disperse them, your new gallery and when hearing the propagation-nitsya the world tourists shaft pushed into it, you need patience, you yourself Moscow did not immediately know was based, need to wait. As for us as soon as we heard about your gallery kindled the desire to read it and tomorrow happy otpr- avimsya see masterpieces. Many thanks to you and Ivan Semenovich he tore from their business time and going to be our guide. I and my charming lady and sister-wife Maria Elizabeth invite you all to visit our gallery, trip and stay to ensure we have in Los Angeles is very hot in summer and winter near the Pacific Ocean, white beaches and hot sun. "
   "Thank you for the invitation, we will try to visit you as soon as your free time, our dear guests," said Ms. Marina and smiled .
   We chatted until midnight, then went to bed and after breakfast began collecting Xia viewing gallery. Russian is very superstitious and since Monday all day slacker and after three days off heavy lifting day, even in the service not to mention visits to museums and art galleries is understood today to be half-empty halls. But that's not all, Russia was preparing for the New 2095, by order of the President of Russia Andrey Rusakov and Prime Minister Boris Petukhov gave Russians paid the New Year holidays from December 31 to January 16, premial-WIDE export of two thousand three hundred dollars for Russians regardless vozrostaet by those whose income does not exceed six thousand or nine thousand dollars and those in the country with a population of 200 million people to 30 million in those days people will spend time at the festive table, and about any trips out of the house can not be rechi- Sit, drink and watch TV, everything will show, especially in Moscow 2560 cable-governmental and satellite channels, television programs from all over the world, not just to review. I realized sychas in the holidays, people have a lot of care with gifts, everyone will roam the shops, boutiques and beauty salons, there is no time for museums and galleries, especially the twenty million visitors to earn money and travel enthusiasts to leave Moscow.
   And yet we went, the more Ivan Semenovich personally contacted the mayor of Moscow and the other in our common journey on the approximation Victor A. Smirnov-tion, and he learned that I arrived in the capital gave him permission to week ezditpo the city at any time of day and night, as in the rest of the holidays are no restrictions for anyone, a holiday is a holiday. And most importantly, the mayor invited us to visit him in the town hall for the evening reception, meeting. News.stunning!
   In short, we left in the twelfth hour, the roads swept trucks, company cars, buses, taxis and among them there are but few cars, streets and avenues were free to move, no kilometer-long traffic jams. However, because of the large number of intersecting streets often had to stand at the crossroads, and yet an hour later we came to four-storey gallery of marble aqua. We drove into the underground garage, stopped at the guard, came out of the Mercedes, exchanged greetings, Ivan Semenovich talked to Molo smoke strong build employee of the garage and walked over to us. Ms. Marina-las smile and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is our gallery, Come on us, see the masterpieces of sculpture and the world's largest diamonds, we will be your guides."..........................................................
   Ms. Marina and Ivan Semenovich took us to the door, we went to the snowy street and passed a hundred meters were faced with a large portal with marble columns, the granite steps up to the platform with large carved wooden doors. Several young girls in long red fur coats with smiles on pretty face talking among themselves. We passed them, opened the door and entered a small room with a marble floor, the walls were set plaster, bronze and marble statues. We briefly looked at them and went to the other rooms, they hung on the walls shedavry exceed the cost of some two hundred million dollars, unfortunately there were few visitors, I understood, Russians are ready for the New Year, ran around the shops buying gifts .
   We climbed to the third floor where the expensive exhibits were on display including two of the world's largest diamond-one "Blue Hercules" 2930 Grand Prix and the other "Ilya Mromets" 2540, both of which are estimated at over a billion baksov.Nebolshaya small group of foreign tourists was standing tables on which glass cubes were on display blue diamonds extraordinary purity. After wandering for at least four hours through the halls of the masterpieces went on out, we thanked Ivan Semenovich and Marina for their full and interesting information about the history of masterpieces and other exhibits. According to the program schedule of the day after visiting the gallery we went to a restaurant for lunch, then tour in Moscow and then a visit to City Hall. Frankly, I was deeply upset that visiting this splendid picture gallery with masterpieces of the cost of some paintings exceeded couple hundred million dollars did not notice the crowds and look at them, so small groups or even couples but richly and fashionably dressed. I did not know what to recommend Ivan Semenovich to attract visitors, especially before the New Year a few days and had hardly any advertising could distract Russians from endless shopping .
   During lunch at the restaurant "Russian Troika" I told Ivan Semenovich and Marina that our stay in Moscow is only limited by one week and 2 January, at least three will fly to Los Angeles. He understood that we have the same important things like no-go and was not going to persuade but suggested we make a brief ekskursionnuyupoezdku to the Far East with a visit to Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky and return to Moscow early in the morning of December 31. Hearing this exciting offer, we immediately agreed and continued until lunch Ivan Semenovich contacted a headquarter DalAero airlines and a few minutes later happily told us: "The charming ladies, dear Victor, tomorrow September 15th we fly to Vladivostok on the supersonic airliner" Pegasus "and present currently 6500 kilometers we will overcome in 3 hours, so that in the evening on July 15 will be at the airport and at the ninth hour rest at the hotel "Daria."
   I, my wife Elizabeth and sincerely thanked Ivan Semenovich and Marina for a gift and finished lunch rose from the table and headed for the exit. A couple of hours we marched on the way, Moscow, walk across Red Square, admired decorated with toys and colored lights beautiful Christmas tree, ice slides and sculptures, palaces, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden in red coats and moved to the car to go to the town hall. Frankly meeting with my friend on a journey to the planet approximation was sincere and heart, he told us about the plans of building the central part of the capital, shows models of new districts where skyscrapers are brought on the basis of 100 to 250 floors. But since we still do not remember what Victor A. gave us brochures about future new capital until 2150. I, in turn, talked about our art gallery, handed a booklet and invited him to visit his family in Los Angeles. The most interesting thing was the evening, all the employees of City Hall a great mood, and up to 9 hours in the hall for the reception guests were seated at festively laid tables. Frankly speaking, the wine flowed freely, smart snacks, fruit, sweets, cakes, but they drank in moderation, danced Youth Ensemble, performing artists and sang songs.
  Thanking for the invitation to Victor Alekseevich, meeting and entertainment, were we went to the garage to the car, as Ivan Semenovich drink Stolichnaya and his wife, Marina, only juices and drinks then got behind the wheel and drove to the villa. Since after 8:00 SLE-taining and workers finished work and went home, and mainly in the suburbs, we flew in a huge stream of cars. Everything would be fine but countless traffic on our way made us long stand at the crossroads, but after half an hour finally arrived home. We were not going to go to bed before our arrival the housekeeper Tanya has put on the table snacks, wine, champagne and just sat down to dinner when we filed a dish with hot household Siberian dumplings .
   Enjoying the meal we watched news, music and chatted on various topics. That evening, with the permission of Elizabeth I briefly spoke to Ivan Semenovich, his wife Marina and their sons about the plane crash that killed her husband, Harry, son Charlie and daughter Marilyn and about his discovery in a forest farmer Uncle Joe. The story so touched Ms. Marina that she broke down and cried. When she came to herself and wiped her tears told us how terrible story of her father, Ivan Stepanovich Usov few years ago during a dive in the bathyscaphe on the lake drowned along with his wife Anna and tourists thrill, all the crew there were 97 people .
   "My charming ladies, Elizabeth and Mary, the brave Viktor, you can not afford presents t-tavit what I have experienced the tragedy of 12 years ago when my husband Ivan Semenovich pu-teshestvoval you by Planet approximation. 25 travel agency" Baykalskayavolna "" leave daily at the bottom of the deepest place in the super giant modern bathyscaphe "Neptune" and never had any problems with the immersion. According to advertising to get on a tour with dive was great happiness because want to record over three years but the preference was given to the citizens of Russia. So, my dad and mom vbuhali in this tour of 70 thousand dollars, with no one insured as the leaders of the company "Baikal Wave" guarantee the safety of the dive. July 12, 2082 my parents received an email saying that on July 17 at 9 am tour group going to the airport, Eastern and flies supersonic airliner 11 30 to Chita. Joyful and happy parents began to gather on a trip to Lake Baikal, 12 days tourists floating on the ship "Princess of Baikal" will cross the lake up and down with the indispensable catching cisco, smoked and try dishes cooked from it and other fish living in this unique deep-water lake. I also wanted to go with them on the lake but it was impossible to give up the house and it kept not only good but the paintings and jewelry that was left for the guard. I spent the parents to the airport, we said goodbye and returned home. So how do you know that we live in the age of electronics we are not only talking but saw each other and yet where to send videoglazok.
   July 26 Mom and Dad with other tourists at noon local time on teploho de "Baikal Princess" sailed into the area where there was a deep depression bathyscaphe "Neptune" .Roditeli connect the camcorder to a personal computer via satellite to transmit a signal to my computer and I do not just I enjoy views of the Lake Baikal, but mnogopalubnym Ships and passazhirami.Vot near them came a giant cigar-shaped bathyscaphe blue with seven crew members, strong strapping lads in white uniform with his cap and light blue tie. Soon the ship came to bathyscaphe more like a submarine, mom and dad with a smile waved my arms, blew a kiss and all 90 tourists pay money for the descent to the bottom of Lake Baikal began to move in a bathyscaphe. Now I stop raskazyvat, the last hour of their stay in the bathyscaphe, our dear guests, you will see for yourself. I will say this is not a record of our parents and staff travel company handed out to relatives of those who have not returned after a dive to the bottom.".....................................................................................................
   Ms. Marina got up from the table and left us, she soon returned with a disc, I get up in the Vila player and the screen home theater, we saw a big ship, and next to it a decent size swaying boat with seven sailors on the bridge. All passengers and sailors with happy faces and big smiles waving to each other hand, there was a loud welcome and we hear the cheerful voice of Captain bathyscaphe "Neptune", "Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, I am the captain of the bathyscaphe" Neptune "Nikolai Koromsky, welcome to scuba boat, please do not rush at our disposal a couple of hours of exciting unforgettable journey to the bottom of the deepest trough to 1642 meters from the surface of the lake." ..................................
   We have heard in response to loud joyous "Hello", the sailors threw a long de roaring ladder and tourists moved from one deck "Princess of Lake Baikal" on the top-nyuyu site bathyscaphe "Neptune", the sailors helped them not only to move but also SPUS-katsya inwardly. All this took place on a bright sunny day with no wind, the captain Niko-lai Petrovich with an amused smile on his face every tourist shook hands saying "Welcome" and bowed low. The image for a few seconds, stopped, and resumed all the tourists sit in two rows near the large round portholes, in front of them on the table, soda cans and smoked omul. The underwater world can be seen not only in the windows and on the big screen, is heard of happy joyful voice of the captain: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the deepest basin of Lake Baikal, the 1642 meter mark. Note, sandy bottom is muddy, algae grow swim underwater creatures I will say they are innocent and are drawn to the light, ask a person not directly against the windows, turn off the lights in the room and turn on the external spotlight in order for you to admire the surrounding underwater world. "
   The room was plunged into darkness, including searchlights outside and we saw the under-water world of Lake Baikal, it was not as silent as the one at the bottom of the Mariana Trench which I visited with Maria in 2064, but it was life, occasionally floated gray flat monster. Here it was much more interesting, livelier, krasochneechem there, under a layer of the ocean, the algae grew colored with bright colors and a variety of them swam at least colorful creatures including fish. Suddenly, on the screen we saw a long yarkopstroe creature with a huge head and open mouth, it swam to the window and stared at the viewer face drunken tourists have clung to the glass. He saw the terrible face with a toothy maw tore his head from the window and began to threaten his weighty fist, then pulled off the table uneaten cisco and began to tease the creature swam. It saw the cisco started poking through the window, drunken tourists saw on the screen a picture of a funny razzodorilis and encouraged his friend. And not only him but many started to tease underwater Baikal being elevated to the porthole cans of beer, the cisco, the hefty fists. I guessed hardly tourists and the crew members including the captain Nikolai Petrovich had drunk beer, some drinkers dragged the bottle of vodka and get drunk. Strangely, this time did not hear the cheerful voice of the captain, his tongue slurred, he said something about a mermaid and crayfish and soon all shut down. It became clear, the captain was not up to the tourists as they to him, the main thing was all fun and especially enthusiastic underwater creatures swim to the "Neptune" and now it is rushing from one window to another tychas muzzle him in the hope to break in and grab a fist or cisco ..
   I do not know what happened in the mind of the underwater creatures but it suddenly disappeared lo, while it is absent, and suddenly there was not one but several. Each of them with their muzzles at least bull with open mouth from which protruded countless long sharp teeth swam to the glass window and tried to gnaw through them. At that time, tourists have come into a rage, they showed they were not only cisco and hefty fists and taunted them, making faces and opened their mouths showing off his teeth and dentures.
   Since these carnivorous creatures spun at least a dozen that some of them swam to the window, fought, sailed, and all of a sudden out of the darkness appeared hisch-ence with a huge toothy maw. Being rapidly raced to the window, pointed out in Sees ud-it could not stand the glass, burst from the pressure of a large split in the hour-minute, the water flooded inside, heard the heart-rending cries of panic but it all went a second image stopped.
   Once again we heard the excited voice of Ms. Marina: "Our dear guests, you presents t-nent that was created with tourists on the boat when they heard the message the captain," the Princess of Lake Baikal "Stepan Kuzmich of the death of the bathyscaphe" Neptune "? But it is on the disc was filmed , but there were witnesses and one of them my father's friend Mikhail who went with them to travel and schedule it should make a trip to the bottom of the day. So, as soon as the news came of the death of the bathyscaphe "Neptune" All tourists are required to immediately call technical assistance as soon as possible to raise to the surface submerged bathyscaphe with people until their body, especially the face is not eaten by voracious underwater creatures. But whatever communications technology has not been instantaneous and after a few seconds the president of tour agency "Baikal Wave" Filipovic Igor Dubov knew about the crash He did not at all desire could so quickly went to the place of the tragedy technical assistance. Only the next day early in the morning to the place of the tragedy is a huge barge sailed with two powerful cranes, a small controlled submarine, experts and by the President of travel agencies Bykov. First, he went on board the ship, and said in a sad voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, firstly good morning, sunny and secondly, I express my condolences to all on the occasion of the death of tourists descend to the bottom in a submersible and third personally assure all deal with how the way the tragedy occurred, in the case of our fault, we will pay one million rubles to relatives. In our bathyscaphe were installed surveillance cameras and been recorded in the black boxes so that as soon as the equipment will raise the "Neptune" immediately show you all the tragedy, it is in your and our interest . Once again, I express my condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims, go to the barge where experts are preparing for the lifting of the bathyscaphe. "
   The President went on a barge and our friend, my father's friend Mikhail as tourists watched the work. First of all let down controlled mini submarines, four-cut half an hour barge sailed to another place, at least a kilometer from the ship, wage level-hoist cranes and three hours later the tourists saw rising from the blue body of water submersibles, they broke down and cried. A few minutes later the captain of the ship-ne initial voice announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are returning to the tourist center, in the evening you will be shown what happened to the submersible, the victims' families at the expense of tourists travel agency will deliver the remains identified and buried with honor in their homes Thanks."........................................................................................................
   The sailors weighed anchor, broaching heard three beeps, the ship sailed and swam gathering speed to the tourist center. As told us Mikhail them point-but in the evening showed trimmed-hour film from the moment tourists were inside the bathyscaphe until the moment when one unknown Baikal underwater predatory creature swam to the glass porthole smashed it with his toothy face and water poured into the stream. No comment from the president of the travel agency Igor Dubov was not followed, it became clear, the wine rests on the tourists themselves, and no compensation of one million rubles is off. After a day of tourists sent to the cities from which they came, they paid 10 thousand dollars for a failed trip to the bottom in a bathyscaphe. As for my parents who died tragically some have sent their remains in coffins which are not of synthetic recommend to open for ethical reasons, the travel agency to pay all expenses related to the funeral but as no one was insured that no payments had been received. Here's a sad story, our dear guests, "he said in conclusion, Ms. Marina and burst into tears .
   We will without hesitation poured into stacks metropolitan and with the words "Let all rest in peace" drank vodka and a minute silence. And as life went on, and tomorrow ut-set we fly to Vladivostok we are wishing each other good night went to bed. We got up at six o'clock in the morning, as the real winter in Vladivostok and according to the forecast of the temperature dropped to -12C then fly together on winter female fur coats amuzhiny in sheepskins. At this time we do not have to be pushed in the subway, Ivan Semenovich use his helicopter and in half an hour reach the landing site air taxi from there to the shuttle to the airport shuttle domchalis East. In July 15, we sat down to breakfast, ten minutes out from the table, quickly dressed and picking up luggage trolley rolled to the door. The sons of Ivan Semenovich Evgeny and Dmitry helped the ladies, so they carried a small bag .
   We went outside and light frost refreshed us, according to the forecast was -14S, per night, snowing on foot but the guys in the morning cleared the track is not drowned in it and is easily reached blue helicopter. Tall well-built pilot average growth in brown leather jacket with a smile on his handsome face greeted us, we, Ivan Semenovich introduced us to Oleg. We went vprostorny salon, sat in an armchair, the pilot went into the cabin, the engine earned, broke away from the site and picking up speed rushed into the blue sky. The helicopter flew to the outskirts of the city went away and fifteen minutes later, he began to decline, below us was a playground with rotorcraft. Our helicopter landed, the pilot cut the engine came to us and said: "Ivan Semenovich, arrived, lowered a ladder, you can go, soon will approach the bus shuttle on time and you will find yourself in the East."
   "Well, ladies and gentlemen rise, follow Oleg, be careful on the descent," said Ivan Semenovich and stood up .
   We climbed with soft chairs and headed for the driver to leave, he helped to descend on a concrete ploschaku soon drove the green bus and saying goodbye with Niko-laevichem Oleg went to the Chatelet. I have to say we successfully passed inspection boarded the supersonic "Pegasus" and without any problems in three hours flight enjoying fine wines and great snacks landed in Vladivostok. I do not know the reasons why we made a circle a couple of times on this Russian city, and say under a clear sky from the top to see it in all its splendor and made a conclusion, a modern business district. In my presentation when the city is built at least a dozen skyscrapers from 50 to 90 floors which indicates the financial and economic power of the city, the country and the money LRA incentive to progress and prosperity, they rush people, tourists, developing industrial, cultural and sports fields, short full of life and activity of the population. And imagine Vladivostok bird's eye seemed to us a super-modern city with tall buildings tens of from 120 to 200 floors with wide streets, avenues crowded cars. On the outskirts of built stadiums, the Olympic Village, entertainment centers. The bays were thousands of yachts in the bay Golden Horn huge ocean liners can carry up to 10,000 passengers. Between the banks of the Golden Horn bay, I saw two suspension bridges reminiscent of his appearance "Golden Gate" in San Francisco in which a broad stream raced cars seemed dots. Since the city was in the process of preparation for the Summer Olympics in 2096 then, dozens of new skyscrapers, olimpiysskih facilities and a new international airport Peter the Great were still under construction, I realized in Vladivostok was a construction boom, and it will be comparable to the San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean Oban tourist and ocean liners will be periodically run.
   Finally, our supersonic Pegasus landed and a few minutes by bus brought us to multi-colored glass panels are lined with blue skies airport. Apparently, he was equipped with advanced electronics taking and sending supersonic airliners and no doubt would have served as a transit point, Khabarovsk, Magadan, Kamchatka and Sakhalin small aviation and maritime transport. As an employee told us the airport hundreds of planes fly tourists from Korea, China, Japan to make a trip to the Far East up to Lake Baikal. From Vladivostok supersonic planes fly direct course to Moscow, the capital city of Europe, the Americas, and conventional jet in many cities in Russia as well as Japan, Korea and China .
   As we drove down the road to a modern 160 storey hotel "Daria," the vast majority of present-cars were Japanese, Korean and Russian models. The hotel had suites with modest prices and told us how Ivan Seinovich due to surging stream of builders and settlers, many hotel rooms in all the hotels not to give them empty for little pay, but the same number for a foreigner will cost many times more expensive . Here, as in all Russian cities housing is distributed free of charge from the subsequent payment for all services and depending on the composition semi.My went and saw in what has become a grand building of Vladivostok and it seemed to me that the city was more like New York, but only on the hills .
   Now imagine a magnificent breathtaking views we've seen cherom-examined when the city from the window of 150 floors of our hotel "Daria" built on top of the 199 meter hill. Near and far, and were built more skyscrapers, on another mountain "Blue Sopka" on its top 474 meters above the Pacific Ocean builders finish finish round tapered dvuhsotsorokaetazhnogo skyscraper "fir cones" height of 1027 meters plus rotating tower-restaurant on the 50 meter mark and it seems she is out there, in the sky, as does the overall height of the building 1551 square meter. The city covered in multicolored lights, neon and electronic advertising on giant boards sized tennis court is decorated facades of many buildings on the perimeter at different heights, some roofs of skyscrapers rotate colored cubes tsiligdry tour with names of firms, companies, banks, commodities, beverages, stamps cars and electronic products from TVs to mobile phones. The next day traveling to Vladivostok, we realized that the life of the population is beautiful not only because all the streets were packed with cars and the buildings looked pleasant to look at, but also restored the old townspeople went to ve slymi cheerful faces and clogged bags Gifts for the New Year. When we went to the mall, "Willow" it was crowded with people, which was sold to the Department par-fyumeriya impossible to get, girls and women were bursting to the counter. Also samoetvorilos department of gold and jewels, it was clear people had the money to buy such an expensive luxury. General store shelves and shelves laden with things and products not only foreign companies but also local productions And the latest release .
   For fun, looked into the restaurant, on the approach we have seen all, it became clear, penniless people will not go into it. Strolling through the store, we noticed that most of the fairer sex come and if not for Ivan Semenovich did not understand. It turns out that in the holidays women were released from work to buy gifts and prepare for the New Year and the men working on a construction site in the port, in the workplace and even work after the New Year will not stop, the target date need to pass all the objects of the Olympic complex, especially in holiday pay for work are twofold.
   Since the weather was warm for January-7C, the sun shone brightly and the breeze was blowing the weak, we decided to take a walk on the high-speed motor yacht "Irina" along the bay "Golden Horn" with access to the Gulf, "Peter the Great". On both sides they were built or were built more skyscrapers hotel decorated with colored glass panels, aluminum, steel, the color of silver, bronze and gold. Kind of amazing, is felt in the construction of the power of money is not spared. We sailed past the ships, yachts, boats, water taxis and ferries to transport people from one bank to another. I tried to count the berths for ocean liners, tankers and bulk carriers but lost count, sea links with Korea, Japan and China have been intense, to them is not so far away as to America. We sailed under two suspension bridges which raced cars, trucks, taxis and buses, the lowest point of the bridge to the water about 86 meters so that a twenty modern cruise ships freely floated beneath them.
   The whole day we traveled on the boat sightseeing of the city, and in the evening went to the town hall, where we were greeted by officials and the mayor Nikolai Kudryav-ant what previously bothered to Ivan Semenovich whose hundreds of billions, and other pre-preneurs build cities and Olympic venues. But mostly we were welcomed as travelers on the planet approximation and knowing that I flew in from America during the interview televised Mayor spoke about the great construction in Primorye, the transmigration of the European part of Russia 7 million people over the past 5 years, and since it is not visible end in protsvetyuschy edge to the top of the Olympic Games will come at least another five million but since this population of this region, the growth of industry and commerce will not stop then by 2120 there will be live to 30 million people. Since then the numbers can be confusing, we were given colorful booklets development plan Primorye and Vladivostok. I and Ivan Semenovich talked about our trip to the approximation, showed a two-hour movie, and then staged a pre-banquet with performances, singers, musicians and the farewell to the mayor and officials of 12 hours back to the hotel, "Daria." ..........................................................
   Early in the morning, after breakfast, at seven o'clock we went by taxi to the airport to make a short trip to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky on the service jet plane flyby with Ivan Semenovich platforms producing oil and gas in the Sea of Okhotsk. I will say we were lucky with the weather, although December and stood in the north Russian part of the cold weather the temperature dropped to -7S, whereas at this time is up to 25C. But as the sea did not freeze the work on the platforms were under way and from a height of 300-400 meters on a clear sunny day, we saw everything perfectly.
   A few minutes Ivan Semenovich talked of touch with specialists work proceeded on schedule and most importantly no problems, even though they meet from time to time, and their elimination is very expensive, the cost of human lives. In 2088 during the construction of the platform during the descent of the steel structure from a helicopter rope broke, dvadtsatitonnaya farm with a height of ten meters fell on the head facing installers and crushed to death two. They are on the platform oxygen cylinders against falling farm exploded, a melted apart and up the metal pieces together with the flame of sites at helicopter, he felt the fire, gas tanks exploded and it broke into pieces and fell to the platform in the sea. Fire boats standing nearby immediately swam to the platform and to the blazing wreckage of the helicopter. Meanwhile installers survivors rushed into the water to not burn with the unfinished platform, rescuers rushed to their rescue and firefighters extinguished the fire water cannons. A couple of hours extinguishing the fire was extinguished, killed two Installer, the pilot with injuries was raised out of the water, immediately gave first me-medi- cial services and sent a helicopter to Vladivostok. Trouble happens every year but luckily no accidents.
   Ivan Semenovich stopped talking and our plane headed for Petropavlovsk, after two hours of flight we swept under the Kamchatka covered with white snow, from a distance saw the Valley of Geysers, Avacha volcano and near a low-rise Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky with several skyscrapers, the city does not look like a super modern with Vladivostok its tall skyscrapers. Neither the authorities nor the local top may not yet ready for the change and did not think about turning the peninsula into a tourist Mecca, too, he was relatively far from all Pacific countries and particularly from Vladivostok where in 2096 Summer Olympics will be held. Of course, if you wish the authorities could be here, especially near the Valley of Geysers, build a huge tourist-recreation and entertainment center, to create advertising and nature lovers would fly on superzvukovyh ships from all corners of our world. Alaska far north of Kamchatka and yet three million tourists go to admire her a lot of money, and tens of thousands of people just in this industry are busy working and get good.money.
   Since according to our schedule, we paid for this land is only one light day and night the city of Petropavlovsk examined from the window of the car and the volcano itself Avachins cue, the bay and the Valley of Geysers from the window of the helicopter. The desire to take a dip in the hot water at the end of the month of December was so great that the pilot of the helicopter planted it on spe-cial area and we with a local guide, attractive girl with golden curls, made of not only a tour but also swim in the permitted location. Several de tens of tourists entertained in warm water with us, in the middle of a lake high in the air emit fountains of white steam. After the hour stay in the Valley Gay lasers, visiting a local restaurant and sample delicious gifts of nature from sea we sat in a blue helicopter and a couple of hours to fly over Kamchtkoy with its forests, volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls, mountain back to Petropavlovsk .
   In the evening we went to the town hall, where we were greeted with open arms, officials nicks and the mayor Peter Sorokin, a native of Kamchatka what previously bothered Ivan Sem-novich informing him that his visitors from America as he has made the journey to the approximation. During the meeting televised Mayor spoke about the reforms in Kamchatka for the last 7 years, and turning it into a thriving region for the Olympics when the peninsula can fly and sail on ocean liners cruise tens of thousands of tourists. Receive more tourists government can not for the reason that in itself a unique peninsula, it is as a national nature reserve and is undesirable to lay tracks tyschi destroying hectares of pristine nature and with her wild fauna so to say uvelechenie population at the expense of newcomers immigrants is not necessary. As I understand Peter Sorokin turned conservative and converting only speaks and do not want to create unnecessary headaches for himself and wants to live on the basis of fewer people, fewer problems.
   Since then the numbers can be confusing, we were given a colorful booklet Plan of transformation-of Kamchatka until 2015. I and Ivan Semenovich talked about our trip to the approximation, showed a two-hour movie, and then staged a pre-banquet with performances, singers, musicians and the farewell to the mayor and the officials at 11 o'clock back to the hotel, "geyser". Tired from the long pedestrian crossings, we slept soundly at night, in the morning after breakfast went by car to the airport, got on a plane owned by an oil company of Ivan Semenovich and flew to Vladivostok. We stayed there until 7 pm in Moscow, it was 12 in the morning, sat at supersonic "Pegasus" in the February 30 landed at the capital airport "East" from a helicopter to get to the personal garden of Ivan Semenovich and 5 December 31, we were sitting the table in the room with the Christmas tree dressed up, standing under it in red coats smiling and happy
   Santa Claus with batozhkom in his right hand and bag with gifts on the left and the Snow Maiden. We ate with a long road home cooking I like than even restorane- here already know exactly from what she cooked foods at the same time and shared their impressions of our journey to the Far East. In the evening at 11 o'clock, we started to see off the old New Year and twelve under the chimes of the Spassky Tower celebrated the New Year in 2095, opened a bottle of champagne MOT drinking Stolichnaya, whiskey, brandy, eating delicacies, Siberian homemade ravioli prepared by my wife, Maria, sister-Elizabeth Marina and me .
   They drank, ate, sang, danced and watched the New Year's concert with the participation of Russian knowledge-ilmenite until 4 am, it happens once a year, and then went to sleep. We got up late in the afternoon, gathered at the banquet table, and again, and toasts for New Year, for a long and happy life and for good health and good luck in all your endeavors, and deed. In the evening we went to the Red Square, watching the beautiful Christmas tree. I will say it was not only high but also prerasno illuminated with colored lights hung thousands of large glass toys around the Ice Palace, sculptures of fairytale characters, slides and of course the red coats were walking with gifts around the Christmas tree Santa Claus. When the gifts ended, they went into an ice palace and reappeared with white sacks distributing candies, tangerines and nuts, children crowd went after them and asked to star in memory. Starred not only children but also adults, and we took advantage of this opportunity. We returned at 11 pm, hours sat at the table sharing their experiences of great food and drink while watching a movie filmed me when visiting the tree, it will show our children busy with their wives in the gallery .
   I have to say every day, morning and evening, twenty minutes, we were talking with them using the computer so that they are up to date, we have not only heard but also seen. In addition, we forwarded them to e-mail records, and they shot us viewing them knew about the cities of modern Russia. Today the film, I decided not to send, tomorrow at 6 days, Moscow time, 5 am Eastern time we flew to Los Angeles supersonic airliner "Pegasus" and arrival at 9am, so we will have breakfast at home .
   In the morning we went to bed, woke up at 9, had breakfast and began to gather in a way. We had time to three days, and made the two-hour journey by helicopter on MOS-bank area. We were lucky it was warm-5C, sunny, windless and love-suburbs-were among the snow-covered valleys and forests were low-rise suburbs, and judging by the fact that the building soundly constructed, the roads swept tabunystalnyh horses near the house and grounds were parked cars it became clear that people in Russia lived pretty well. Since the New Year for the Russians one of the most important holidays on top of that we saw painted trees in all the yards, in the area around them swirled elegantly dressed people. But above all we have seen ski runs, jumps, ice hockey rinks and playgrounds outdoors for fun by adults and children, and I will tell those wishing to spare. Flying over the small villages and towns with neat houses and cars parked in the yard we realized that life in Russia changed dramatically for the better, I do not know whether communism came dreamed leaders hundred seventy-odd years ago, but they live well-provided housing, good salary and spend time for fun including traveling around the country and the world.
   After such an interesting and informative flight we got home, PSAR-distance and began to gather at the airport. Saying goodbye to Eugene, Dmitry and domrabot-ary Tanya on the same helicopter with his wife Mary I, Elizabeth's sister-Ivan Semnrvichem and his charming wife Marina flew to the airport eagles, and more precisely to the site of air taxi, from her boarded a shuttle bus and is already on it podhali to the airport multi-storey buildings lined with glass panels aqua. We went into a huge bright lounge with countless stands, with the airport aircraft flew to the North American continent. Having at our disposal a half hour before check-in we went to the cozy cafe, ordered a black coffee with cream and sugar, the Yerevan brandy and sat down at a table shared their impressions about our air travel by helicopter. I sincerely expressed his admiration for the high standard of living in Russia has reached the US, and especially the changes occurred in the Maritime region, especially in Vladivostok.
   Ivan Semenovich Marina listened to me, smiled, and, in turn, noted that all of these changes have occurred not only because of the availability of resources in the depths of Russia and the country's leadership has set the task to achieve the highest standard of living of the population. Before we melt away I looked at my friend, his wife, smiled and joyful voice said: "Dear Ivan Semenovich, charming Ms. Marina I, my lovely lady wife Mary and Elizabeth sister-thank you for your gift, a trip to Russia and especially to the Far East, we are pleased that you are in the country changed and people have achieved the highest standard of living. In joyful and happy faces of people, their housing, manner of dress and have fun as they travel and spend money on gifts as they build the city We understand that everyone is happy with life. If health does not frighten we will will fly to Vladivostok Olmpiadu, so advance hochim you to Ivan Semenovich, pre-booked us a hotel and tickets to sporting events, imagine what will be the excitement. For you, as a from financial sponsors, the organizers of the Olympics will allocate places in hotels and tickets for the event. In turn, we invite you to his wife and children to visit us, we will show you interesting places including New York, Florida and Alaska, thank you very much .
   "Dear Victor, charming Mary and Elizabeth I, my wife Marina and the children post-raemsya use your invitation and will fly for a week in September, as for a visit to the Olympic Games I have already thought of everything, and with the agreement of our leaders committed to all travelers on flight approximation free flight to Vladivostok, a five-star hotel accommodation and daily visits at the option of including the opening and closing. It is also a kind of advertising the Olympics and people heard that it will be as the world-famous Space Heroes will arrive not only to watch the Olympic Games but and at the same time stand up to puteshestvinnikami, sfotografirovtsya and get an autograph. I think it will be great!"................................
   "I think the same way, Ivan Semenovich. In this case, you have to build hundreds of guests-down-skyscrapers, if not thousands!" He looked at his friend with enthusiasm I exclaimed.
   "This is what we all already thought out, place visitors in the homes of residents of Vladivostok, on cruise ships, in the suburbs. Can you imagine to build a stadium for 100, 150 and 200 thou-sands of spectators ustananovim huge TV screens and let those who do not get to make a statement, of looking at the streets. I'll tell wishing to come only from China tens of millions. When the last summer Olympics held in Kazakhstan it came to 35 million Chinese watch their athletes, they represent have won 30 gold medals ahead of India with its 24 medals, Americans and Russian got only 7 . Perhaps this competition Russian athletes will outstrip the Chinese as did native walls helps. But the Chinese and Indians all over the world say that they will first see. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you very much for coming, it was so exciting to travel with you, before the meeting, hear announce the registration for your flight. "
   "Ivan Semenovich, Ms. Marina, thank you for the reception in advance grateful for the all-in than the anxiety about attending the Olympics in Vladivostok before the meeting," I said, and shook their hands. Mary and Elizabeth kissed Marina, and said before the meeting went to the front desk. Once our papers were checked, we waved to each Dru-gu hands passed over the barrier and our mourners to the exit.
   Our flight to supersonic Pegasus normally held in September 15 and landed in 9 of 40 met in the waiting room with his mother, Alex and Gloria, in the time of Irene and Sam took in the gallery visitors. We greeted each other, hugged, potselova-lis and to the right on health went to the parking lot to our Ford Crown. Again, as in the past years, the roads were clogged with cars, the new decree abolished the city authorities horse left the red line on which more raced three years ago trotters that they are not confused under the wheels of cars racing at the speed of 70 miles per hour. That's how things are changing in our world for a few years .
   When we drove up to our house saw from afar a long line to the gallery, I was relieved-interest masterpieces of Faberge Easter Egg and Blue Diamond "The particle approximation" has not yet exhausted. We decided today after flight in the gallery is not shown, and when they entered the house three maids welcomed us to inquire about our health, we have responded in kind, and went to prepare breakfast. Alex and Gloria left us, we went into our bedroom, dressed and went down to the dining room.
   We have not had time to sit down and rushed both smiling and happy, Irene and Sam, we exchanged greetings, embraced and kissed. Then, sitting down at the table and began to eat breakfast in brief told about this memorable flight across the North Pole from Moscow to Los Angeles in the company of actors from the Disney company returns from the shooting of the Russian co-adventure film "Baikal Mermaid."
   After spending an hour with us, Irene and Sam kissed us rushed to the gallery and we are in our red trotters rest under a canopy. When he saw us, they neighing, shook their manes, their eyes sparkled brightly and headed toward us. We were glad to see them as they have no hesitation harnessed all our strollers and a few hours of their rounds on the track around the fence. I will not hide, as we would like to go on the road and shoot as before overtaking cars but those days are over as soon as Russia with 2090 again started to supply to the world market a billion tons of oil and 900 billion gas. US bought from Russia 300 billion despite the fact that they themselves hunted by the discovery of about a billion of the oil tank on the farm of Uncle Joe and Alaska. Around three hundred million cars scored all roads in horses no longer want and after road accidents occurred fatal cabs and horses-75 victims, leaving trotters on roads forbidden. Ride a couple of hours we unharnessed our trotters, gave them a package of nutritious forage, drink an energy drink, and put the rest in the paddock before the evening trip. The fact is that if in the morning and in the evening not to give this burden to our trotters zatekut their feet, in addition appetite will be gone and they just turn into a dead nag, and so they look great .
   In the September 30 evening our helpers returned from the gallery and we are sitting at the dinner not only ate and watched a movie about a trip to Russia and because one night it's not ret-reexamination is divided into several parts, and today showed about celebrating New Go-da in Moscow, the city, and told about the peculiarities of life in Russia, about how Rossiys-Kie leaders decided to return to the old forgotten dream unrealized roit post-communism in Russia and because of the richness of their plan neischeslimym sbyvaaetsya. Of course, we decided to get rid of the slogan to live by the needs and the opportunities of work in-five, as in this situation life can freeze, and the country has a rule-all able-bodied citizens except for school and college students work 42 hours a week to get a decent wage and decent export existence. Under the conditions that Russia is not one country in the world and surrounded by 369 for travel and need the money that they have decided not to cancel, and as the country is experiencing an extraordinary economic boom of the population is bathed in rubles, US dollars, euro and yuan. At the same time in the country there is no inflation and devaluation, the ruble is stable as never before .
   Every night for two weeks, we were told and shown to our de tyam and their wives pretty interesting moments of a trip to Russia, and when they saw the owls-belt Vladivostok which will take place in 2096 Olympics were shocked by UWI-degenerate, and compared to New York with his skyscrapers San Francisco because he was not first-ditsya and soles. After hearing about what Ivan Semenovich invests in the construction of Olympic facilities and city hundreds of billions of dollars and rubles going to gather all travelers approximation to the Olympics all I was delighted that I, Masha and Elizabeth svoyachinetse be able to see performances of the athletes. But when told that in September we will fly to Ivan Semenovich and his wife Marina and their sons, Eugene and Dmitry Sam and Alex offered me to develop an interesting route to ten dny which calculates my friend, his wife and children could see the maximum attractions of America .
   Since before September was another eight months, we have decided not to focus too much and are committed to our business associated with the acquisition of new masterpieces for the art gallery, and spent $ 610 million buying at auction drawing by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec "women wore stockings" for 150 million and two paintings- "Still Life with Iris" by Vincent Van Gogh for 210 million and "Boy with a Pipe" by Pablo Picasso at Sotheby's for $ 250 million. Visitors flying to many cities in the United States and other countries, we have in the state naschityvalaos guides 7 and 8 supervisors, 12 guards and three grooms. Time does not stand still and quietly passed in August, before the arrival of Ivan Semenovich and his wife and two sons remained eight days, September 10, Saturday, at September 15, they arrive to us in Los Angeles. We always called each other and learned a month ago that Ivan Semenovich can hold us only eight days and I was with my children travel route Los Angeles to Las Vegas for 2 days, the New York metropolitan area 2 days, Miami, San Francisco, Anchorage and Los Angeles one day and then they go back to Moscow. Immediately informed about the route Ivan Semenovich, he approved it, and could only wait for the arrival. We pre-booked tickets, hotels semchelovek on where to go with me because flew my wife and sister-. The sons and their wives, and my mother stayed at home, we can not just close our gallery and I will say from the day it opened there was no break. September 10, in the hot sun in the morning on September 15 in Moscow scheduled for SADC-made supersonic airliner "Pegasus", May 10 in the waiting room for passengers and included among them my friend Ivan Semenovich and his wife and two sons. I, Mary and Eli-Zabet with smiles on their faces they met and exchanged greetings, inquired about zdo-rove and went to the parking lot to our dark blue minivan "Aderon" and usevshisna soft seats went to our villa. As we passed the gallery with long-term queue with his modesty, I said: "Dear Ivan Semenovich, ocharova-tive Ms. Marina and young people Yevgeny, Dmitry, is our gallery, as you can see wanting to see the masterpieces of Faberge Easter eggs and diamond "Particle-Ann roksimy" quite a lot, fly to different cities and countries, we are happy. I think the village les lunch you see them, then swept through Los Angeles and bought in the warm water of the Pacific."................................................................................................................
   "Yes, it's nice when the gallery visitors can admire paintings, happy-lac lake with your masterpiece," said Ivan Semenovich .
   We arrived at the villa, athletic guard George in a white shirt, jeans with a smile to greet us, the guests opened the metal gate, drove into the yard and stopped at the portico. Coming out of the car, our charming three-WIDE maids in white dresses with smiles on their little faces lovely Gilda Anna and Sima TSA-retili us, we exchanged greetings, I introduced them to our guests, announced the names of the girls and went into the house. We showed them the dining room on the first floor, then raised, were on the third floor which was taken for goostey two separate bedrooms with shower, bath and asked for twenty minutes to come down for breakfast .
   I'm not going to paint zavtrakali and we told them about our lives and deeds since the breakup in Moscow, no one in America set the goal of building kommuniz-ma, people lived, worked and traveled. After breakfast, the first thing to show our guests, been rigorous trotters with red carriages and as they now do not obzzhali the western-ryagli them and rode for half an hour along the path along the fence, then peeled and grooms, John and Harry continued to race. Ivan Semenovich and his wife and the children were delighted with our trotters and riding but since we had to go more in many places of our great city I immediately went to the gallery, where he not only examined the paintings, Faberge Easter eggs and brilliant "particle approximation" but also introduced them to my sons and their charming wives. Our guests were impressed by what they saw, especially impressed by them glass domed hall and blue diamond weighing 2560 Grand Prix in a glass jar especially as it changed its size, distorted when it was filled with water and glittering shimmer, played all the colors of the rainbow in luchh golden sun.
   After seeing the masterpieces of an hour, we went for a minivan on the beach in Santa Monica, leaving "Aderon" in the parking lot on foot reached the cabins, changed their clothes and rushed into the warm water of the Pacific Ocean. I would like to offer our guests walk through okeanuna yacht but they refused because it wanted to swim in the warm water. We had a nice time on the sandy beach, had lunch at a Russian restaurant "Rasputin" and then went on a trip to Los Angeles, stopped at a fabulous Disney Land. After wandering through it, ride in minipoezdah, ride a roller coaster and meeting Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, seven dwarves and other fantastic heroes set off again for Los Angeles. The four-junction caught the imagination of our guests when we flew over them at 70 miles per hour. At seven o'clock we stopped at the Disney studio Vrld where in years gone by was shot the whole family Stone. As president, Mr. Harry Dropp and many actors, actresses, Producer, artists and other filmmakers were aware of the arrival of the world famous actress and us, Heroes of Space, American and Russians that with open arms welcomed us, showed the site for filming , models and props. We are not only shooting but also on television, and then staged a magnificent reception with drinks and a chic snack, an orchestra, the singers sang and we danced. How well that I only drank juices and drinks, at 10 pm we thanked everyone for their wonderful welcome and farewell to President Harry Droppom, actors, actresses parted and waved his hands as they followed us went to our minivan. After half an hour at a speed of 60-70 miles per hour, we arrived at our villa, the guard Jimmy opened the gate, we drove into the yard where the porch waiting for us our sons, their wives, mother and servant .
   I'll tell Ivan Semenovich and his wife and sons admitted to us that the road was consum-Seine, shokiroavany from meeting with the Hollywood celebrities who made the movies, it happens infrequently. We left the car and immediately we were taken into the dining room, sitting at a table with wine, snacks and dumplings we shared impressions of our journey through the city, swimming in the ocean and reception in Hollywood movie studios Disney Vrld. Dinner conversations razadacha Gift delayed up to an hour, and then went to their bedrooms, we agreed to get up at seven in the morning, the sons of Ivan Semenovich, he and his wife wanted to shoot the breeze in carriages pulled by red trotters, they just kindled a desire to be near them. I agreed with them, and seven in the morning we met in the courtyard, immediately went to the stables where they were held trotters. Red has got up and saw us neighing and shaking his head, the first thing we fed them nutritious briquettes, then given a bucket of water and two liters of liquor power, then harnessed the horses and rode for an hour in wheelchairs around the yard.
   At eight o'clock, we went to breakfast half an hour later got into the car and set off to travel around Los Angeles with a stop in San Diego. Sightseeing raced to the Oceanarium to see performances of dolphins amazing spectacle. Returning at three staged a chic lunch and just finished our helicopter pad down the private company Air LA, on it we go to Las Vegas to see not only the veliklepny desert city and visit a casino to miss for thousands of dollars in vending machines but no more so as not to return to Russia with million of debt and in the evening, at nightfall, admire the fantastic illuminations, colored neon signs and fireworks.
  Wasting no time, I wonder, Mary, Elizabeth, Ivan Semenovich and his wife Marina and his sons Eugene and Dmitry sat in the helicopter flew to the gambling city temptations, and after an hour and twenty minutes, landed in a private North Las Vegas airport is six kilometers from Down Town. Once we got off the ground as we ran up some young strong body with a good-looking taxi drivers. One of them is in red tsarist henchmen Ivan the Terrible times invited us to make a trip to Las Vegas with a stop in an elegant casino-hotel "Moskva" and we agree with him useshis mini van drove to the Strip, the street crosses the city on both sides of which shot up luxury skyscrapers, hotels with gambling sites with thousands of one-armed bandits and a casino. Passing from one end we went back, pulled up to the 120-storey hotel casino "Moscow" lined panels under the color of gold, next to it was built partly with the Moscow Kremlin towers and churches. After paying with a driver-guide Peter told us in Russian and English went to the entrance, near the oak doors stood strong body of royal guardsmen in a colorful form with smiling faces. As soon as we approached them, they greeted us in English and Russian, he immediately handed to each hundred-dollar bills, opened the door and entered the hall lined with thick colored nylon carpets. Along the walls were pictures of slot machines, hundreds of people were sitting on swivel chairs throwing chips into the slots of the color of gold coins .
   When we flew to Las Vegas, Ivan Semenovich told us that under Russian law for Russian citizens where no gambling establishments abroad are not forbidden to play or skip the casino money in the slot machines in the amount of not exceeding one thousand dollars per person. But as usual this rule no one adheres to .
   Happy and joyful we went to the cash register with hundred-dollar bills presented to us for the games in any of the many rooms in any of the hundreds of games recently even from machine-to roulette. We were given 20 tokens for five dollars with a promising win 5 thousand dollars on one chip so that the game can get a fine of 100 thousand dollars, it remains only to choose a happy machine. Five minutes later we went from machine to machine, and finally decided on watching the game that was collected with happy faces shortfall with the ringing of tokens. But then you need to decide, each machine had fallen out of medal-winning had from 5 to 10 thousand dollars, depending on which set of numbers or colors stayed three rotating drum. The most significant gain concrete fell on three Seven-hundred thousand dollars, three red roses and 50 thousand three yellow tulip 25,000. The rest of the prizes were so zaprogramirovanny that nobody really knew at what set of numbers fall as tokens and how much but also that the most important thing they do not always fall out. In short, for every igrakov playing with a one-armed bandit goal was to bring the three drum for three sevens, three red roses or three yellow tulips. I threw out the first counter, the second, tenth and only at the very last dropped a gold-colored badge on fifty dollars. In short, I lost fifty dollars but since the looming prize of three sevens then continue the game, especially my Masha won one medal at $ 200 and $ 300 Elizabeth .
   Joyful and happy we ran to take the badges and say this time our hearth-term-three hundred dollars-60 tokens disappeared into the insatiable jaws of one-armed bandit for ten minutes. Suddenly, from the speakers around the room swept joyful woman scream, "I won three sevens, half a million bucks." We stopped playing and turned head-on television screens handsome, middle-aged lady with a happy smile on a snow-white face ocharovtelnom stood with workers at the casino slot machine reels on three frozen three sevens-winning 500 thousand dollars. Play with us Ivan Semenovich looked at me with sadness in his voice said quietly, "Victor Nikolavech I squandered that donated a hundred bucks here Hall Unfortunately, he can move on to where the beauty grabbed half a million.".......................................................................................................................................
   I looked at him, smiled and said: "Ivan Semenovich, we lost not our money, Come on in the room, can actually carry, big wins there, but the tone is not a twenty-five dollars. If we decide to lose Thousands of whether or not the think about it, Come on. Ladies and gentlemen behind me in the Hall of Happiness, where three sevens, you can grab a half a million.".................................
   All clapped their hands and we are happy and joyful went to the second floor in the Hall of Happiness. But we were not only lovers but also other get rich quick, entered vogromny hall where slot machines was still more than a second in which igrali.My bought twenty-five coins laid out five hundred dollars and began to choose slot machines. Badges flew into the gap we broke the excitement which was caused by a gain of $ 500 Eugene and Elizabeth in a thousand and we rushed to gain tokens spent on them 1500 dollars, but to our misfortune tokens no longer a machine popping up. We are deeply disappointed and was about to leave when suddenly we were approached by an elderly man pleasant appearance, smiled and said softly: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, to win you need to throw at least a hundred coins one by one, without a break, automatic confused, Pre-programmed drums can arbitrarily stop not because they wanted to operators and arbitrary stand and watch, in this case, need manual dexterity and no moshenstva."..................................................
   As he spoke out of curiosity, we surrounded him and when the gentleman touched prog-ming I immediately realized the coincidence of the three-sevens on the reels to happen only when the operator programs the winning but since it is not desirable for the casino it can burn something so stupid owners not engaged. But if the outside influence on the signal magnets after stopping the reels on the circuit diagrams of a second can make the reels stop at the position at which you want to who gives a signal, and here they are three sevens. I realized, with us standing brainy rascal decided to hold the owners and operators of casinos. As he spoke to us we approached the three middle-aged couple interesting athletic and listened to the conversation .
   Having learned that if throwing tokens without interruption, one by one, you can win 500 thousand dollars is one of the young men casually asked him: "Dear gentleman, as I listened to throw coins in a row to knock the slot machine to the point?"..................................................
   "Young man, at least a hundred, but it will cost two thousand dollars, but if a hundred and fifty for certain risk a noble cause, but do not give a guarantee, however no harm in trying, of course, if there is extra money," said the old gentleman .
   "I'll try to venture, if everything will be OK, I guarantee fifty fifty," he said the boy and joyful rushed to the box office, he soon returned with a tray of chips stood at the machine and began to skillfully throw one by one into a slot machine tokens, from time to time because it fell winning medals. The elderly gentleman was behind sitting in an armchair young guys throwing tokens and I guessed was under his shirt device sends signals to force down the normal operation of the gaming machine software devices. The pallet was no more than ten medals, before our eyes, a miracle not only that the reels stop on Seven more so all the tokens one by one into the box povypadyvali earned alarm level alerts leadership of a major customer wins. Soon they came up an interesting middle-aged lady with a pleasant face, was presented, her name was Helen. We exchanged greetings, and only then drew attention to the slot machines. Seeing three sevens, a lot of golden coins dropped on the tray, she opened her mouth in surprise, but standing at the machine player with a happy smile on her face looking at her happily said: "Charming Miss Elena, please fix winning three sevens and dropped.tokens."
   "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I see, do not hurry, haste is needed when catching fleas, winning an unprecedented, told the boss," said Elena, and phoned his master. Soon came the old gentleman good-looking in a black suit with white shirt and gold butterfly, and not one but a whole team of experts and security guards. I realized that we have nothing to do here, we can get stuck in the story and we do not need to fall under suspicion but standing next to us because the old gentleman dropped a hint that half a million prize quietly said to me: "Here, everything is so instituted, the guards came not to arrest but rather lucky protect the players, is now here, this machine does not come up, all the players want to play on it, happy. If you want to win, and the money will never be superfluous, then Come on with me, spend three thousand, but it will have dropped out counters with a million, with you, I'll just hundreds of thousands. There is no catch, you're just throwing chips instead bte fists on the glass behind which a rotating drum with numbers and colors, yes, my name is Philip Caruso, from Milan."..........................................................................................
   I looked at Ivan Semenovich, he smiled and said: "I agree, but you mi-lye ladies and my sons?"
   "We agree," she said softly, and all we are introducing a gentleman away from the AV tomato and walked to the other end of the hall. Joyful and happy Philip Caruso chose one of the slot machines, and quietly said, "Ladies and gentlemen! Play-similarity manner as those ladies and gentlemen, to buy three thousand 150 coins without a break and start to fall to hammer them one-armed bandit, in fact, we sobm the programme confusing and win a decent amount."................................................
   Everyone looked at Philip Caruso and immediately agreed to buy three thousand tokens. Ivan Semenovich I went to the cashier, bought 150 tokens for $ 20, returned to the machine and decided, Eugene and Dmitry drop tokens into the slot. And I said it was the same as that of the young people who were playing earlier on the 145-token machine and choked imagine: drums froze on three sevens, gold fell from the slot tokens, overflowing tray flew on the carpet and earned signaliztsiya. Soon came a young man of pleasant appearance, introduced his name was Herbert Clown, we exchanged greetings, and only then he noticed three sevens and a bunch of coins dropped. Herbert fixed position on the reels, sevens are neatly lined up in a line, called the boss on the phone, he came with seven young people a strong constitution and introduced himself, his name was Nick Samorin. In order to have in no way suspected Ivan Semenovich I immediately showed him our passports which indicated under the name of "Hero of the cosmos." Having read the names and look at us, he opened his mouth in surprise and then realizing that you can make good publicity quickly phoned his older boss and soon an elderly gentleman with a group of young people with cameras. A handsome gentleman introduced himself, Peter Vedersky we exchanged greetings, I, in turn, called his name, the names of my guests and a special emphasis on Elizabeth: "Gentlemen, before you a movie star from Hollywood, Disney Vrld Elizabeth Stone."....................................................
   Peter Vedersky looked at us and said into the microphone: "Ladies and gentlemen, guests of the hotel-casino" Moscow ", in front of you the world-famous Space Heroes gentlemen Vic-tor Smith of Los Angeles, Ivan Karuselin from Russia and ocharovatednaya actress Gaulle Leawood Elizabeth Stone, for them and for us a significant event on the slot machines in the hall happiness they won a million dollars. Try and you happiness and good luck, welcome to the Hall of Happiness, among other things for a few minutes dropped two of winning, pleasant for us all day."
   Frankly, we were over the moon such happiness-rolled million and without any suspicion that their actions might unlucky knocked out slot machines but at the moment no claims to us, especially made for this kind of advertising the casino. But that's not all-Vedersky Peter, owner of the hotel-Qadi but "Moscow" rolled a feast in our honor at a banquet hall in the evening we have a ride on the OTC-rytom limousine on the main street of the Strip and we have seen throughout velkolepii skyscrapers Hotel & Casino including Paris from the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx of Luxor casino, Paradise Bellachio Singing Fountains, Island sokrovsch pirates, New York and more, and of course fireworks in the night sky. Raproschavshis Vederskim with Peter and his wonderful staff offer us to spend the night in a luxury room allocated to us we are in the first hour of the night with a million credit cards flew out to Los Angeles. At 2 am we landed at the site of our villa where we were met by my mother, sons and their wives. With pilot Mr. Conrad Swift, went into the house, he spends the night with us .
   After a brief story about the feast and our flight, how to win a million bucks went to bed at 8 o'clock in the morning rise, a quick breakfast and a helicopter flying at the airport, according to our schedule a visit to my hometown of New York .
   I must say in my town I stayed a couple of days visiting the suburbs Halfvey visiting our house, no significant changes proizshlo. New of York skyscrapers have not caused any particular associations, they now stand in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Sochi. From the Big Apple flew to Miami, as earlier it had a lot of days it went to the amusement park Disney Vrld, wander in it for several hours from Tampa Bay flew to San Francisco from him to Alaska in Anchorage and enjoy the city and the northern edge of the stern cabin helicopter we returned to Los Angeles tomorrow, September 18, June 15 evening, on Sunday our dear guests will fly to Moscow in Russia. We won our casino-hotel "Moscow" in Las Vegas a million bucks divided into seven equal parts and went, we took 420,000 family and Ivan Semenovich 580,000. On the last day of their stay in Los Angeles swam in the Pacific Ocean three hours spent on a motor yacht. The weather as always was sunny and hot, in the afternoon came to + 33C. At 2 pm they returned to the house, an hour sat at the festive table, and began to gather in the international airport. With many luxurious freeways and interchanges, especially Sunday afternoon the whole trip from home takes only an hour. At March 30, our guests said goodbye to our mother, sons, their wives, sat in the minivan "Aderon" and went to the airport. In April 20 we reached the parking lot, and ten minutes later went into the waiting room. Registration for landing is not declared, and had to wait a few minutes. At the bar we ordered brandy, coffee, cake, drank and exchanged general comments about each guest's stay with us. Ivan Semenovich and his wife Marina and his sons Eugene and Dmitry sincerely thanked us for an exciting journey across America and promised to visit us at the summer Olympics in Vladivostok in August 2096.
  4 In 45 days announced the registration, we conducted our guests to the reception, kiss goodbye and wished them a happy flight and waved his hand to us and we will send them over the barrier, were mingling with passengers, and disappeared behind the door. After standing for a few seconds, I and my charming ladies Masha and sister-wife Elizabeth went kparkovke boarded our Ford and rushed home. Some of sadness came over me after parting with our guests, eight days we traveled together, bathed in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, but the most interesting thing happened in Las Vegas when prompted by an elderly gentleman we won a million dollars. And it could be worse, we could find ourselves known to the world people two heroes of space and a world-famous actress of Hollywood Disney Vrld. How does the owner of the hotel-casino "Moscow" Peter Vedersky earn on our excellent advertising money.
   Returning home, we first went to our gallery, being among the many visitors, I got rid of the sadness has mastered me after parting with my friend with whom spent ten years in an interesting space travel. Things took me again as before I am a happy and joyful, with a broad smile on his face gave autographs, pamphlets signed by me, and this party was engaged to Elizabeth and tell her to her face and ochrovatelnym gorgeous seductive figure who want to take a picture, get an autograph was much more willing
   In the evening, in the August 30 closed the gallery and went home, sitting at the table and enjoying great food, without any hurry, we told my mother, sons and their wives onashih travel guests by city, lush welcome and exciting progulkahna motor yachts or flight around San Francisco Ankordzha. Of course, with the permission of Mary and Elizabeth, we told about the country winning in a casino-hotel "Moskva" and since our young brains worked better than we have explained to us simply and effectively, and that was confirmed after their visit to Las Vegas, a casino-hotel " Moscow "........................................................
   "Our lovely and dear parents, when you were at the casino" Moscow "for you as the stars of world size special agents began to follow enterprise-De- owner Peter Vederskogo. Such agents are available in any casino hunting for celebrities and because they know that they like ordinary mortals like you and play-play for them specifically for the advertising of its casinos, make such gains. Ec-if you were the usual visitors even be thrown without a break tokens from morning to evening and from evening to morning seven days the row and in that time slot machines are not a-chestnut on three sevens, the more would be thrown out of their storage chips. Chushnastoyaschaya! But when you need that on the orders of the boss operetor changes the program and that they cherished three sevens. You said yourself how much gathered cameramen capture the heroes win. We just have not told you already, that evening through many channels showed you stand at the slot machines with three sevens on the reels and a bunch of coins dropped on the floor. Casino Owner Peter Vedersky happy and joyful spoke into the microphone: "Ladies and gentlemen, guests of the hotel-casino" Moscow ", in front of you the world-famous Space Heroes gentlemen Victor Smith of Los Angeles, Ivan Karuselin from Russia and Hollywood actress Elizabeth Stone for them and for us a significant event on the slot machines in the hall happiness they won a million dollars. Try and you happiness and good luck, welcome to the Hall of Happiness, among other things for a few minutes dropped two of winning a nice day for all of us . So it was all done for the sake of advertising. But as gift horse in the teeth do not look it and you should not think about it, and be happy to have won, "Alex said, and laughed .
   I looked at the sons seated ladies, smiled and said: "At the time, could not even think and imagine that everything was pure forgery."................................................................................................................
   "Dad, what do you think, for the sake of advertising, they gave you a million, now in the Qadi but the hotel" Moscow "torn millions, especially happy to slot machines give you a million bucks. And as the owner of the casino no fool then he -chas the three rooms in which you two heroes of space with their wives, and our sweet act of rice from Hollywood famous all over the world spent the night will give 100% Doro though, hung out on the doors of rooms plaques hand-written in golden letters "in this issue had a happy stormy night after winning at our casino in the hall of "happiness" a million dollars "Hero Cosmos gentlemen Victor Smith and his wife, Mary of Los Angeles", "This room had a happy stormy night after winning at our casino in the hall of" happiness "million dollars "Hero Cosmos gentlemen Karuselin Ivan and his wife Marina in Russia," "This room held a stormy night after happy vyigrasha at our casino in the hall of" happiness "million dollar world-famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Stone of Los Angeles." Here is the catch! "Sam said, and smiled.
   "My children, but we did not sleep there, we did not have time!" I exclaimed .
   "Daddy, who will be there to try to find you sleeping there or not, but in this case, Peter Ve-dersky reinsure themselves, those numbers are listed in the computer as undelivered you on the night of 11 on September 12, 2095," said Alex .
   I looked at Mary, Elizabeth, and said softly: "The charming ladies, I think we will not go to Las Vegas to make claims that Peter Vederskomu on our behalf makes money, he gave us a chance to win a million bucks and well, but I will say at the moment when the elderly gentleman Philip Caruso hung deceive us quite seriously took the drums, you can stall it for three sevens, and even to all the winning tokens popped out. Bullshit! And my children will give you a job, a month will go to Las Vegas, the casino-hotel "Moscow" and look at the situation, is it really out there on our behalf to make money and what's going on in the gaming hall of "happiness". Mr Peter Vedersky you do not know, three days pobudet, a couple of nights and you spend the night lovely Gloria and Irene in no case, do not let Alex and Sam spend on the game more than a thousand bucks. I would give more time to rest but you know, without your help our gallery will rise, and we do not need."..........................................................................................................................................
   "Dad, thank you very much," he said amicably sons and their wives and Gloria smiled added: "I will not let Irene Alex and Sam throw to the wind the extra bucks, but a thousand, but are counting on winning a million."
   "I, Irene, trust you, and therefore I ask Gloria to follow their husbands, there is a lot of temptation, most importantly do not be tempted too, and now it is time to sleep, get up early tomorrow," I said and got up from the table .
   And again, all together joined in the work, in a month as promised Sam, Alex, Glo-dence and Irene flew to Las Vegas, we gave them four days of rest, three in the city and the day of temptation in San Francisco, there took place an auction of paintings of the XIX century written by European artists, and will fall if an interesting and not too expensive you can buy a masterpiece. Saturday October 22, Sam, Irene, Alex and Gloria helicopter went to the glorious gambling city of Las Vegas to San Francisco aerial and they returned empty-handed, the auction Horace bought the famous masterpiece by Eugne Delacroix "Women of Algeria in his chambers" for 180 million dollars, but with a common agreement as we watched him for a special cultural premium channels and saw all the pictures on the screen of our home theater.
   Returning home in the evening from the gallery as soon as we sat down at the table with our pu-teshestvennikami drank for their return to the successfully acquired the painting. My mother, Mary, and Elizabeth treated us first of all homemade ravioli of fresh mutton, pork and beef in equal proportions with onions, peppers, garlic, and during the feast sons and their wives not only shared their impressions about the visit in Las Vegas, the casino-hotel "Moscow", "China" and San Francisco, but the on-screen home theater seen filmed them interesting moments .
   The most interesting Gloria told us: "Our parents and grandparents, you will not believe, as soon as we came out of the airport taxi drivers approached us offering a ride-hsia on the famous street of Las Vegas, the Strip, with discounts at the expense of the hotel and since we face task was to get to the casino-hotel "Moskva" we sat in a red Lincoln with the royal crown of gold. We met with a young driver in the form of Slavic appearance, his name was Nicola Bruno and with a breeze rushed to the city of temptation, from end to end at a low speed We drove along the Strip. Nikola as a first class tour guide told a brief history of each hotel and drove up to the "Moscow" our Lincoln ostanovilsya.My calculate with Nikola, as it should be given a tip and went to the oak door near which stood in a colorful form as we learned later, the royal guardsmen times Tsar Ivan the Terrible. These guys smiling handed us a hundred bucks, opened the door and we were in the heat Arctic coolness. Without wasting time, we went into the hall, "happiness", there was something difficult: there was not any free slot machine. By purchasing 150 tokens for twenty bucks we have defended in anticipation of the liberated one-armed bandit at least half an hour. The fact that you told us tokens schl throwing one after another. Now everything has changed dramatically-throw token into the slot, spinning reels, an audible support a ringing silver bells, the drums pounding, hear the nightingale warbling birds singing in the closing seconds of the bell tower chimes are heard, slot machines for a moment turns into the music and say, nice to hear. Once the three reels stop spinning subsides melody, only a gap opens up and you can throw another badge .
   As we stood in the hall and play "Happiness" every hour on the screen indicates the next lucky to grab a half a million dollars, just so sorry we did not appeared among them. Since you have allowed us to lose a thousand bucks we bought 150 coins and three and a half hours play on one machine. Imagine a badge razothvatili a thousand dollars, he immediately bought at the box office 50 tokens, I think the game will go and start winning streak but alas more we are out of luck. But since we have remained one thousand dollars, we decided to pull her into the hall, "Good Luck" which badge is $ 5 and win three sevens is 100 thousand.
   We went to the second floor, a huge room with a one-armed bandits appeared half-empty, without any hesitation came to the counter and bought just 50 tickets each. We decided to play individually on different machines, ponravivshisya chose us and take over the game. My dear grandmother, mom and dad! Just a miracle, my first medal trapped in the belly of one-armed bandit forced him to ring and drums Streit-mitelno twist, a few seconds, they froze, I could not believe three sevens and dropped a gold medal 100G, which meant a prize of 100 thousand dollars . I immediately sfotog-rafirovala your camera screen with three-digit 7 drums and called Alex, Se-ma and Irene. They came to me and saw three sevens on the reels and a gold medal 100G began with joy to hug and kiss me. Once again, I photographed slot machine with three reels in a glass sevens and standing next to him my sister Irene and her husband our.
   Without any hesitation, joyful and happy, we rushed to the box office and filed Molo days of charming blonde gold medal, she took it, put it into the slot, and then check for zhevyskochil golden brown paper submitted to us, he smiled and said cheerfully: "With a good win, ladies and gentlemen, you have yet another medal as a prize on the game, good luck may smile upon you. The money will get to the office on the ground floor." ................................................................................................................
   I picked up the check, golden badge and said with a smile: "Thank you very much, MI-
  Lenka Miss, I'm so lucky in the hall, "Good luck.".........................................................................................
   Check went hands on it was printed $ 100 000 .
   "My sister Irene, Alex and Sam, will continue to play, we were given a prize, the golden color tone can be lucky in the game!" I cried and went to the center of the room where the game Molo gives to the couple. Intuition tells me that we should play in the new location, twice with aqueous water does not enter. I stopped in front of the machine on which hung two drums 3 and the Rose, Irene, Alex and Sam chose the other one-armed bandits. I threw the thirty-berezultatno badge and everything, but he gave me a badge which she was holding in for Paz. In this strange game, anything can happen by accident, but when the fall-howling happy coincidence drums sevens, roses or tulips nobody knows. But I loved to think the passion and childish to tell fortunes, closed her eyes and silently said, "Ten times take my fingers on the maximum number of times matching throw token."......................................................................................................
   Ten times he bred hands and connecting them with the eyes closed, the number of matches, the UCA necessarily had three fingers and then throwing two ordinary medal slipped into the slot bonus. And what do you think my parents three drum rapidly provernuvshis three times immediately stopped and I saw in a line of three red roses, something rattled and fell into the cup gold medal, I took him in hand and saw the face value of 50G-fifty thousand dollars. Again as before the camera photographed the machine with three roses, and called her sister and our husbands, "Irene, Alex and Sam, to me, just awesome, win fifty thousand dollars."
   Hearing this great news they rushed to me and seeing the glass three roses began to hug and kiss me, we are not wasting your time with the medal went to the ticket office for the check. We did not change the cashier and come to the blonde who has previously taken the winning check. I gave her a medal, she took it, put it into the machine and immediately jumped out of pink paper, she gave it to us with a broad smile and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, a check for fifty dollars and a prize badge may be lucky again."
   "Thank you, Miss Charming," I said, and took the check to the golden medal, looked at the paper and saw a face value of 50 000 dollars. With joy I wanted to jump, but I refrained, and Irene said softly, Sam and Alex me confidently toward the slot machines standing in the right corner. I went to the machine from which the newly departed frustrated middle-aged couple, it became clear they had missed a decent amount and have not won anything. We started to play again, but my sister and wins our husbands were miserable, they were shorter at 300 and 400 per person. And I was lucky on the contrary as ever, at the prize medal won another hundred thousand. With joy, we embraced, kissed and then went to the office for the check.
   Realizing that today my big luck and if leave the hall, come off of the game, further success can fly like a bird, we decided not to leave this happy for my room and continue the game. What do you think of our dear parents, dear, we played 10 Chamber-ra, in total, I won a million two hundred fifty thousand dollars. For the issuance of money is not so conspicuous, I distributed checks among us and we which single-ke, not at one time approached the checkout and transfer money to credit cards. Behind-the previously went to our rooms booked and rightly so, for the whole week ahead was not a single room free. Casually asked Irene de cute women, etc. frontdeske on whether there is a casino hotel "Moscow" hotel in which stop
  celebrity and she looked at us and smiled half-whisper said: "Lovely lady, but they are busy six months ahead, we spent the night in the casino two space heroes and famous actress in the world, they represent, in the hall of" Happiness "won a million bucks and now there's going unimaginable pandemonium in the day for at least seventy-winning half a million people, and about less than wins, I'm not talking. As for the price of the rooms celebrities it is quite acceptable for our time, twenty thousand, it is not expensive. Room in which I slept our president Jim Glovkin is twenty-five thousand dollars, it is not recorded, busy for a couple of years ahead. Or our people in so many became rich, or the money will depreciate I do not understand.
  I looked at her and said proudly: "Dear Miss, spent the night there, our ba Buschke Elizabeth Stone, and my sister Irene, a sister of the father of our husbands, Victor Smith and Hero of the Russian Cosmos Ivan Karuselin with their wives. Maybe from the time of that dobmsya -nibud us, but is unknown to anyone except our parents and husbands." ........................................................................................
   "Do not worry ladies and gentlemen, we all come, we are still young, and voob-School nice even chat with the children of celebrities, to a meeting tomorrow, my CME-on end, it is necessary to transfer the post changer, good night and pleasant dreams," Tina said softly Cornell and filed a plastic card from the two rooms.
   "And you, Tina, and enjoy a good night of sleep," we said, have yellow cards and went to their rooms. Since time it was early, only 9 pm and on this day we really did not eat, after inspection of our rooms went to the restaurant "Russian troika" where Russian enjoying drinks and meals at Zauka and tsiganskih folk songs and dances held more than an hour. Then came the night to enjoy Las Vegas and say were shocked by its beauty, color crazy advertising, illumination, illuminated fountains colored spotlights. It was all very interesting, especially the trick made Spider-Man, the Chinese Mao Hu Bai who tried to climb to the observation deck of a skyscraper dvuhsotetazhnogo casino hotel "China" lined with glass panels colored blue skies. His ascent he started at nine o'clock with special gloves on his hands according to the schedule and had to climb at midnight. Everything happened so, at midnight on the mind of hundreds of thousands of onlookers and billions of people around the globe watched his ascent on TV he reached the observation deck on the 820-meter altitude and suddenly like a cannon ball flew in an arc up its synthetic costume fire flared in the night sky-spectacle unmatched. Having risen at least a hundred meters Bai Hu Mao stone flew down from it in all directions flew mirriady tiny colored particles, sparks, immediately went out but there were others. At a height of 70 floors glowing parachute opened and Spiderman landed safely on the area near the "Singing Fountain" .Ego surrounded by bodyguards and quickly taken to an unknown place so that young people are not rushed to him and did not break the clothing and parachute into pieces.
   Since we were miniature cameras that filmed along with all the last meters of ascent to the skyscraper, an unforgettable flight in the skies and descend by parachute to Quancheng Square. All spectators began to disperse, and we headed to our hotel, but even from a distance saw a lot of people crowded around the tall pillar-like telegraph at the site which was shining chrome motorcycle. A man tried to climb the pole but not reaching the platform slid down. Our husbands kindled a desire to try to climb the pole and hurried us. Once we saw near the crowd, wanting to get the prize were many and there was a long queue but not to the stake as a dynamometer. Only the one who knocked a hundred points had the right to climb the rest of the column belonged to the category of weak and that they are not underfoot strong need to pass this test, and it costs about a hundred dollars. Since those wishing to climb the pole of the motorcycle valued at one million dollars has been tens of thousands of why not throw a hundred dollars on luck to get tested for strength and people easily share them cash machine receives a golden ticket to the right to hit a rock on the cube attached to a dynamometer. Wishing there were many, and were ten dynamometer.
   Our husbands got a hundred bucks and put them in slotmashiny, popped two ash and Teesta ticket, Alex and Sam walked with them to the dynamometer. The first took a heavy sledgehammer Sam lowered the ticket into the slot and swung the cube, the screen flashed the numbers and settled on 100, he had a right to climb the pole. Immediately standing near a high dynamometer shirokoplechisty young man with a good-looking smile handed Sam a gold medal for the right to climb the pole. The same good fortune befell Alex and we happy and happy with counters went to a pole. In order that no one interfered with the strong guys climb on him, he was enclosed by metal barriers standing near the turnstile young man of medium height body shapes reminiscent of Hercules missed a pole, so all athletes was something our guys stood for more than an hour. What is most interesting gold medals do not climb, and were given in memory, but as a young man demagnetized them the second time, the instrument does not pass. Yes, all those who passed the test on the dynamometer receive tokens but those silver and yet it was a souvenir .
   We stood and watched as the only strong guys in shorts and without shoes climbed the pole to a height of 8 meters and none could rise above seven meters. Finally came the oche-red Sam and he passed over the metal barrier put off the clothing, shoes, put on the bench, went to the post, touched his okay and looking at us climbed up. I will say the first pancake was lumpy, Sam barely passed the mark of six meters and started to slide down. Once on the ground, he waved all hands dressed and modern Hercules earlier shot a pole near Sam gave him a ready-made photos and shook hands for the released barrier. Alex, who was standing beside him immediately filed a counter Hercules, undressed and got on pole but he was unable to rise above seven meters. Downstairs my husband got dressed, I took the photo, and passed over the barrier came up to us. We did not stay with our husbands disappointed failure went to the hotel. When we went to Alex told me: "My dear Gloria, frankly no training on this pole climb is impossible, it is a real wood, no catch, dry surface but when I climbed a mark of 6 meters felt that the forces leave me in order not to fall I decided to go down. I felt ashamed of myself that has not overcome seven-meter mark. But Sam's done, I think now it is and thinks like tomorrow night to take a chance again, but I refuse."...............................................
   I kissed Alex and said, "My dear Prince, spit on the pole with a motorcycle, I think of something else, until noon, we admire the city and in the afternoon will go to the casino, may be lucky, but the loss is allocated only two thousand each. In We had a ho-winning roshy why do not they leave eight thousand."
   "My charming and seductive Gloria, I agree with you, leave the casino a couple of thousand, but I wish you to win as many as the previous day," he said Alex hugging and kissing me .
   We fell asleep and when the morning meeting with Irene and Sam at breakfast, none of us-about rumors of a word with a pole-winning, I offered to your daily routine, all agreed and went to dinner, walk from one end of the main street of Las Vegas on the Strip despite the heat, dine in the restaurant "Russian Troika" went into the hall, "Good luck." We bought 200 tokens and went to look for luck and slot machines found. I would say an hour later, in the mouth of one-armed bandit one hundred ninety-seven tokens and even flew a winning one, there were three. I rested my one-armed bandit, too, I looked at the screen behind which froze three reels and said quietly: "Well, guys, rested and in a way.".................................................
   I slipped into the jaws of the device token, three reels whirled rapidly and soon, for Merleau-aligned lined up three tens, inside something rang and rushed lotistogo LP-colored tokens. The first step took off his camera position three reels with dozens, called Irene, Alex and Sam, and they saw dozens on three drums looked at me in surprise. I sfotografirovla them and pulled out ten coins looked showed everything and came to the indescribable delight, each token worth more numbers with the letter G-100G-hundred thousand dollars. I could not believe the gain amounted to $ 1 million, we have the joy of kissing, hugging, immediately rushed to the office and when approached to see the same blonde us yesterday to issue checks. Seeing us, she smiled, we greeted each other, gave her 10 winning medals, she took them, put into the machine and soon one by one jumped out 10 checks on golden paper. She gave them to us and ulybuvshis said: "Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on winning, you as a prize of 10 chips, continue to play and win."....................................................................................................................................
   I took the check and ten tokens, immediately gave her a thousand dollars with a check for ten thousand, and said softly: "Dear Katherine, two hundred coins, and a check for the tea."
   Katherine tried to give up our check, but we insisted that she took and hid in his pocket, thanked us and we went back to the slot machines. I do not know how to explain but I was extremely lucky, that day has won one million six hundred thousand dollars while Irene, Alex and Charlie a total of two thousand four-tyresta bucks and they eventually lost. At 9 o'clock I shared the checks are part of the four-tyre and went to get the money. Young athletic man with a pleasant appearance transferred money to our credit card and we thanked him went to the restaurant "Russian Troika". We enjoyed the Russian food, singing and dancing gypsies, women in colorful sundresses with innovative circle dances singing folk songs and ditties. At the beginning of the eleventh night left the hotel to enjoy a night of Las Vegas, the first thing went to the hotel-casino "China," Spider-Man Bai Hu Mao steadily climbing the vertical wall of the observation deck, the fun will come at midnight when it like a cannonball arc fly up and then go down to the fountains on a parachute. As we saw yesterday how he climbed over the wall to stare it a couple of hours there was no point and time roamed the Strip looking at the sights. When we returned to the hotel, "China" to see how near the pole with chromed motorcycle on the site was a big crowd, is at ten o'clock to open this attraction, and it lasted up to three nights .
   Sam looked at us, as if jokingly said: "Alex, can try again eg above happiness, a handsome motorcycle dvuhsotsilny Harley-Davidson, a million bucks, imagine climbing on it and then show you TV people in the whole.world."
   Alex looked at him, smiled, and waved his hand said: "Come on, brother, I support you, I think you go up, there are only a meter to happiness."...............................................................................................
   We did not object to their wives, we turned to our hotel "Moscow" and soon found themselves in a crowd of thousands who want to master the two-wheeled motorcycle for a million bucks. Having paid a hundred dollars for a test power we can easily cope with this challenge, taking the chips went in the arm to a metal barrier, Sam and Alex stood in line, today athletes were many, and among them was a tall long-legged dark-skinned beauty with athletic good looks. Seeing her, I immediately knew our luck today guys can not see. Mentally, I was glad when Sam-rise on the sixth and sit on the bike it is a psychological blow, shook-set for Alex. How nice that a stranger was involved in the game and won, she climbed on a pole at least half an hour but because during the rest gathered strength just to tease those who are going to climb over it. As if there was not but a girl named Jane Harlem climbed the pole, I sat on the bike and dozens of cameramen began to shoot her and the whole world saw the black beauty Jane Harlem. Soon, the owner of the hotel "Moscow" Peter Vedersky, he personally zapechetlel girl on his cell and told everyone: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate the charming Lady Jane Harlow with a victory, this wonderful Harley Davidson motorcycle belongs to her, so that the next prize found its winner. I ask you a pretty Lady Jane Harlow sitting on a motorcycle, a pole with a platform to sink slowly and in a minute you will be on the ground, you will hand over all the documents and as the tank is completely filled with gasoline can safely rush to his house. If you come iz beyond all the costs of delivery at the expense of the hotel-casino "Moscow", sincerely Peter Vedersky."..................................................................................................
   Before our eyes, a pole with a platform on which stood a chrome motorcycle and on it sat gleaming white-toothed smile, dark-skinned beauty with their hands waving crowd. Once on the ground the girl jumped off the bike, took off the bench her pink blouse, blue jeans, got dressed and went to the owner of the hotel, he really kissed her on the cheek, gave her a brown bag with documents on chrome motorcycle, shook her hand and bestowing happy Jane Harlow hotelier toothy smile taking a handbag aloud: "Dear Mr Peter Vedersky, thank you for this awesome prize Harley Davidson dream of my life, I will always remember this happy day for me, I ask to be photographed for memory with you near the prize."
   "With pleasure, Lady Jane Harlow charming," said the owner of the hotel and stood next to the girl and a motorcycle, a tall young man with dark skin, it is obviously a friend, photographed them and shaking hands with smiling owner of the hotel said: "Dear Mr. Peter Vedersky whether to continue the show I referring to the rise if a pole with a platform and such wonderful bike? Yes, my name is Charlie's Frog, pal Lady Jane Harlow."
   "Dear Mr. Frog Charlie, we have break. Ladies and gentlemen, I declare to all, we do not break, the show goes on, after ten minutes, a pole with a bike will fall into place," he said smiling broadly owner of the hotel "Moscow" Peter Vedersky. I could not believe it, but it was confirmed rolled chrome motorcycle, and a young couple in the meantime under applodimenty and cheers of the crowd rolled his Harley on the Strip and sitting on it drove off. Meanwhile, a pole with a motorcycle climbed the height position and the show continued. Half an hour later, Alex rose, but passed the mark of six meters stopped and slowly began to slide. A similar failure befell Sam, he got to six and a half meters, floating, looked up and slid down.
   I silently rejoicing over their failure looked at her sister, our husbands and smiled softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's forget about this prize, Come on to the hotel," China ", there is interesting today after lifting Spider-Man Bai Mao Hu will feyr- Werk and we poyubuemsya this spectacle, and tomorrow will continue to fight with one-armed bandits, allowing everyone to lose three thousand bucks and you, Sam and Alex, with his win gifts for Harley provided that you give the word no longer climb the pole, when it as I am sick. We agree !?"........................................................................................................................
   Alex and Sam looked at me, smiled and kissed said: "Our dear, Ocha-rovatelnaya Gloria agree."
   I smiled in my heart was extremely easy and we headed to the hotel "China." We arrived late, Spiderman Bai Hu Mao had descended by parachute to the fountain but admired the wonderful feyrvekom-burst in the dark sky thousands of colorful balloons, flowers bloom, scattered in different directions long colored tracer fire projectiles, some burned and others were exploding on burning thousands of colored balls, and they flew a long way again exploded in the colored shards. After wandering up to two hours of sparkling Strip in a fantastic canyon among skyscrapers with colored neon and electronic advertising jumps, jumping, metuscheysya on the facades of buildings and on the huge display, we went to sleep.
   On this night, as in previous I leaned on me a strong calm happy dream and it was from anything I rolled a such gains which are not even dreamed of. We got up at nine in the morning, once in the shower, got dressed and went with Alex in the next bedroom, we have not yet reached the door she got Irene, seemed to her, Sam. We kissed on-greets me, to inquire about the health and smile pervyyetazh went to the restaurant "Russian Troika". By singing and dancing Gypsies and Slavs blond enjoying a delicious meal, we decided to chill on the (+ 30C), take a walk on the roof without a double-decker bus tour of the Strip and then immediately lost no time in vain to fight with the one-armed bandits.
  A trip on a tourist bus lasted a couple of hours in the afternoon went to the hall on the second floor and each bought for the first time two hundred coins for five dollars. We found guns and tell the first pancake turned out pancake-half hour we had won two hundred dollars, one hundred dollars Irene Alex sixty, forty-Sam and I did. My sister-village Motril at us with a smile, said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, we left there three thousand, I think is buy two hundred." ............
   "Sister, there are no objections, we are now guests in Las Vegas last day, tomorrow at eight in the morning rush to the airport and fly to San Francisco to play there did not have to, be-Rem," I said and went to the cashier. Taking two hundred tokens we went to that part of the gambling hall where not stepped foot, and will say again no luck, losing four thousand won a hundred dollars, but it does not upset us and went to the ticket office to buy two hundred coins. In short, by two o'clock we missed four thousand bucks. I looked at my sister, our husbands, and said with a smile: "Irene, Alex and Sam, I think we ate a little, go to a restaurant for lunch and decide to go to a casino, it seems to me in the belly of the one-armed bandits empty, Mr. Peter decided Vedersky take a break and not uploaded winning tokens, this game does not suit us. And if we go to the "China"? Decide, ladies and gentlemen, is allocated for three thousand dollars and no more.".............................................
   Irene, Alex and Sam with one voice softly shouted: "Glory to agree."............................................
   Without wasting time down to the first floor, we had lunch in the restaurant and on foot from the rules in the casino-hotel "China." After half an hour we came to a skyscraper-lined panels th color blue skies, at the door stood two tall Chinese, stylized mandarin. We smiled, too, and they have filed a hundred gift "dollars" that can be bought only chips in the casino. Since the gift horse in the teeth do not look, we took them, smiled, opened tangerine blue door and went inside. Air conditioning worked at full speed and hit the Arctic coolness, on the walls, Chinese paintings, marble sculptures and stood on the floors were soft colored carpets. In the hall there were hundreds of slot machines, for many were men, women, elderly, young couples, singles, and played with concentration. In this hall, "Success" token worth five dollars, winning three red stars was only a hundred thousand, three golden sun and fifty-three and twenty-five blue moon. But in addition to these prizes in seven of all the slot machines installed in this hall there were half a million dollars in prizes to three of the drum with the Chinese emperors .
   Like the first play opened on gift hundred dollars, we have on hand at a nice yo-cal young Chinese woman of twenty chips and slot machines went to watch as the winning chips fly and came to a disappointing conclusion-ki-Thais do not shell out too much, but as we We give the gift of twenty tokens do not throw the same them and go to another casino. Many players with sad faces, of reluctantly left the guns and disappeared behind them. Each of us alone vybi RAL-machine, sat down, and played frankly, even in the head does not hold a thought in order to stumble upon one-armed bandit in which the drums on three Chinese emperors .
   I notice the Chinese slot machine looks the same as the US but if vshtatovskih threw badge and then what happened in the Asian three reels independently rotated by pressing a button. First throw token in the slot and press the button of drum-ku, can two or three at once or individually. The longer you hold the button push-down-fifth, but no more than three seconds, the stronger the drum spins, stopping, and if is matched three pictures the prize, medal and falls on it nominal prize. There are several variants of pictures which you can win a prize but it ma-Lenka-5 to $ 100.
   We chose slot machines and what you think of our dear, dear parents! Without detracting from the machine for gift tokens Irene has won 50 thousand, I, Alex and Sam for 25 thousand dollars. Joyful and happy we were kissing and hugging, with remained at five bucks, without hesitation went to the cashier, handed the winning tokens Chinese woman and she somehow strange smile took tokens, put one in the unit, check and jumped so obrazm conceding all the tokens gave us blue checks and four gift token, check, thanked the girl and not buying chips went into the hall to continue the game. We chose to play those machines for which the output is disappointing, I would say devastated people in the moral and financial condition. And guess what, those winning tokens, each of us, independently of one lruga grabbed fifty thousand dollars. Imagine a four-medal 200,000 bucks. We went to the cashier, a Chinese woman, gave her the winning tokens, she looked at us with his mouth open in surprise, smiled, and as expected, we issued four checks and gift tokens .
   Thanking her, we again went to the vending machines and re-luck each of us cut off the winning tokens for one hundred thousand dollars. When we gave her tokens she was not smiling, but as expected gave us a check every four hundred thousand and eight medals, this is a big win at the casino were given two tokens. After wandering around the room, we chose again from those machines that go glubokoopechalennye players missed a few thousand dollars in the hope of winning the big prize .
   Two short of winning a medal again we grabbed a hundred thousand dollars and nap-ravilis play and now noticed that we were established as if spying and I realized that the cashier told his Chinese boss about us, the lucky ones without paying a od-foot dollar in prize money They grabbed from their offices about a million, if we will be as we lead nanesm casino substantial damage. But the boss was smyshlnny decided on us to make their casino good publicity, and soon came up to us two hundred teleoperatorv and started shooting as we pried with a token such sumasshed-Chiyah prizes. Soon the room was filled with people who came to play and those who wish to thousands of TV cameras filmed us as we threw one coin in the slot Press the button on the three reels, and in my opinion pinpointing how many seconds are keeping their fingers on the sequence.
   I tell you frankly, we did not have any pressing system, all turned out sa-mo but the result is stunning, not only us but also cameramen, onlookers and the boss of the Chang Ku Shao. Watching him I realized that he was very worried about my business as any our empties its cash winnings. If I was playing and winning one was accidental is one thing, but when the four of us without paying a single dollar gift to his hundred dollars remove the prize for winning this terrible. And then I decided to ease his terrible situation, a bad mood, to defuse the situation by luring into our game in which we today so lucky with winnings .
   The boss is standing next to me, I looked at him, smiled and said: "Dear my-Koo Chang Shao, my name is Miss Gloria Smith, I have two medal, I offer you one, you pick and choose any slot machines, throw him a badge first or second and then make a conclusion and to me no complaints. "
   Koo Chang Shao vnimateelno listened to me, his head spun the options for and against such a game and realizing that this would be a great advertisement about the hotel-casino "China" recognize billions of people on the globe, and some rush to play it smiled and said: "Dear Miss Gloria Smith, I agree, I can not refuse such a charming girl and your travelers, Come on, my time is right."
   Mr. Chan Ku Shao went to the center of the room, my sister and I, our husbands, cameraman and the players followed him. The hotel owner stopped and looked at me said: "Dear Miss Gloria Smith, will be playing on this unit, I yield to the gentleman right you start."..............................................
   "Well, Mr. Chang Shao-ku, ready to play," I said, and shoved the token into the slot, press one button after another rotating drum to hold on their fingers for a moment that they are stronger than untwisted. Before our eyes, three reels spinning rapidly for three seconds, stopped, and we all saw the glass three golden sun-winning 50 thousand dollars. I took the badge and looked at Mr. Chang Shao-ku, he lost his head looked at me, I understood the owner of the casino-hotel doubted that there were two consecutive major win, and finally said: "Charming Miss Gloria Smith, I choose a different slot machines, feel me This is not luck. "..............................................................
   I'm glad and happy, with a smile on his face showed the winning badge on you 50-sands of cameramen and said loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, here he is winning!" and he added, referring to Chan Ku Shao: "Well, I agree, we will move on, but my husband would play into it, Alex, your game."
   Alex came to the one-armed bandits, put token in the slot and pressed three buttons, drums strmitelno whirled, and stopped all saw three red stars. Alex, joyful and happy, with a broad smile on his face pulled the winning badge for 100 thousand dollars, and showed everyone. Teleopereatory started filming it, and this time Chan Ku Shao was depressed and looked at us strangely. If he decided to play on this machine the prize was his. But as after a fight with his fists do not wave, and he decided to move to another slot machines that Chan Ku Shao went in the opposite direction, he found he liked odnrukogo bandit stood up and looked at all said: "Ladies and gentlemen, to try their luck here and see remove. "............................................................................
   Cameramen and we began to shoot like playing the owner of the casino-hotel "China", Shao Chang Koo slipped into a slot token, pressed as I did earlier in the three keys, drums promptly whirled and stood in a line-lined three-winning Blue Moon 25 thousands of dollars. Koo Chang Shao joyful and happy, with Serkan eyes and a big smile on his face showed all his winning medal.
   I looked at the boss and asked him: "Dear Mr. Koo Chang Shao, I think you will not mind if Miss Irene, my sister play on this slot machine.".....................................................................................
   "Charming Miss Gloria, any objections, let anyone plays the automaton-minute, they are for everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, play and win!" Koo Chang Shao said.
   Irene looked at everyone, waved a pen and went to the machine, put your token in the slot by simultaneously pressing the button three fingers and held for a moment let go. Drums swiftly untwisted, and stood behind the glass in a line to line up three of the emperor, inside rattled tokens and one by one fell into the tray. Irene took five medals at 100,000, joyful, happy and with a smile on his face showed their cameramen, onlookers and most Koo Chang Shao. The boss was in shock, he was at a loss and did not know what to do but I brought him to his senses, "Mr. Koo Chang Shao, I apologize, but we need to get the winning checks and tokens if you want us to play the tokens hands and forth, I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, play and win. And yet, we'll be playing until the last winning the medal, at least nine hours before dinner for us in cash for checks."
   Mr. Chan Ku Shao looked at me and said, "I agree, we will play, let visitors enjoy the casino game and you win such prizes. Ladies and gentlemen! Play and win!"
   I must say in the Hall of unimaginable happened after Irene won 500 thousand dollars, a rumor spread throughout the casino lovers to win free money rushed into the hall, "Success." We went up to the box office, a Chinese woman gave the winning tokens, she thrust them into the machine, he issued checks, she filed them to us along with the prize tokens and went to play along with the owner of the hotel Chan Ku Shao. I do not know what happened but what would be slot machines, he did not let us we were lucky less than Koo Chang Shao and imagine before the completion of our duel with him cut off the big prize of 500 thousand dollars. In any case, whether he was playing first or second he dropped a larger gain than ours. We have played with him for longer but at eight o'clock in the joyful and happy owner of the hotel looked at us and cameramen their dark eyes flashing a broad smile lifted his right hand up and appealed to all: "Ladies and gentlemen, you all witnessed our duel with slot machines and as you can see in favor of the players. I think the billions of people on earth have seen the players at the casino "China" throwing tokens five dollars won by 25, 50, 100 and even 500 thousand dollars, look at our lucky they are two young married pair now they call you their names but I have no choice to make as to perpetuate their names on a marble slab in this great hall of "success." And I said, any player payoffs in this room, "Success" for one day, or any three main prize prize of 500 thousand will not only be inscribed in gold letters on a marble slab and gets personally from my hand a check for half a million dollars." ..................................
   We called our names do not forget to mention our wonderful world-famous parents, residence, occupation, and Mr. Chan Ku Shao know who we even opened his mouth in surprise, taken aback but having come to himself said: "Ladies and gentlemen, our great Names players from Los Angeles Irene, Gloria, Alex and Sam Smith will be written in golden letters on a marble slab, and it will hang in this room. So you get one from me checks for $ 500 thousand. You dear ladies and gentlemen in this room " Success "I wish a happy wins, continue to play and win. Yes, now you know the five slot machines Immersed in which the grand prize of half a million dollars, catch luck by spinning the reels and catch the Three Emperors. Thank you.".............................................................................
   Koo Chang Shao looked at us, pulled a checkbook, wrote us checks for you 500-sands of dollars handed to us and we thanked the owner of the hotel and shook his hand before Ob-injective camera went through the crowd of people wanting to play to the checkout. After receiving the checks we went to another office which accepts checks and were transferred to bank accounts or credit cards at the request of the lucky prize payoffs. I'll tell myself cameramen Chan Ku Shao followed us up to that fund which pretty Chinese translated vyigrannnye money on our credit cards and bank accounts. Our dear parents, imagine we pulled from the cash register 3.85 million, together with the two million donated Chiang Shao-ku, I think he did not lose anything but only won in our advertising.
   Before finally parting joyful and happy owner of the hotel wasps tavshis us alone offered to spend the night in the room but as our belongings were at the casino "Moscow" and take a ticket at the night performance of the youth group of the Russian "Woodpeckers" he said quietly, to get rid: "Dear Mr. Chang Shao-ku, book us two great rooms, but we will come to spend the night will depend on our friends, they invited us to their party. If it is not a headache that will come to play with your consent. We have to you Further no complaints."......................................
   Koo Chang Shao looked at us, smiled, and realizing what was happening with joy prog-reel, "Well, I reserve two of the most luxurious rooms, you happily spend ve cherinku, charming Irene and Gloria and your husbands Sam and Alex, do not forget our Casino "China", see you soon."
   "See you soon, dear Koo Chang Shao," we said, and shook his hand joyful and happy with a big smile on his face went into our casino hotel "Moscow". Pou-Jin in the "Russian troika" immediately went to the concert hall, there were well-known mu-zykalnaya group of Russian "Woodpeckers" -two young beautiful girls and two nice guys, plus the ballet troupe of four boys and four girls. As horo-sho that got tickets in advance, in the hall of twenty thousand spectators did not have space. The concert lasted until midnight, the boys and girls were playing, singing and dancing well received for mountain flowers. Immediately after the show went to bed, got up early, at six, six-thirty and got into a taxi and drove to the airport in 8 of 40 our plane flew to San Francisco and 10 landed. At 12 pm we have dinner at the hotel "Hilton", will drive a taxi in half an hour and we rush off to explore the city, we have for sightseeing San Francisco, just five hours, as at 6 pm rush to auction Horace, there will be held sale of masterpieces of the XIX century written by European artists, and will fall if an interesting and not too expensive painting you can buy.
   A trip on a tourist bus lasted a couple of hours in the afternoon went to the hall on the second floor and each bought for the first time two hundred coins for five dollars. We found guns and tell the first pancake turned out pancake-half hour we had won two hundred dollars, one hundred dollars Irene Alex sixty, forty-Sam and I did. My sister-village Motril at us with a smile, said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, we left there three thousand, I think is buy two hundred."
   "Sister, there are no objections, we are now guests in Las Vegas last day, tomorrow at eight in the morning rush to the airport and fly to San Francisco to play there did not have to, be-Rem," I said and went to the cashier. Taking two hundred tokens we went to that part of the gambling hall where not stepped foot, and will say again no luck, losing four thousand won a hundred dollars, but it does not upset us and went to the ticket office to buy two hundred coins. In short, by two o'clock we missed four thousand bucks. I looked at my sister, our husbands, and said with a smile: "Irene, Alex and Sam, I think we ate a little, go to a restaurant for lunch and decide to go to a casino, it seems to me in the belly of the one-armed bandits empty, Mr. Peter decided Vedersky take a break and not uploaded winning tokens, this game does not suit us. And if we go to the "China"? Decide, ladies and gentlemen, is allocated for three thousand dollars and no more. "..........................................
   Irene, Alex and Sam with one voice softly shouted: "Glory to agree."...................................
   Without wasting time down to the first floor, we had lunch in the restaurant and on foot from the rules in the casino-hotel "China." After half an hour we came to a skyscraper-lined panels th color blue skies, at the door stood two tall Chinese, stylized mandarin. We smiled, too, and they have filed a hundred gift "dollars" that can be bought only chips in the casino. Since the gift horse in the teeth do not look, we took them, smiled, opened tangerine blue door and went inside. Air conditioning worked at full speed and hit the Arctic coolness, on the walls, Chinese paintings, marble sculptures and stood on the floors were soft colored carpets. In the hall there were hundreds of slot machines, for many were men, women, elderly, young couples, singles, and played with concentration. In this hall, "Success" token worth five dollars, winning three red stars was only a hundred thousand, three golden sun and fifty-three and twenty-five blue moon. But in addition to these prizes in seven of all the slot machines installed in this hall there were half a million dollars in prizes to three of the drum with the Chinese emperors .
   Like the first play opened on gift hundred dollars, we have on hand at a nice yo-cal young Chinese woman of twenty chips and slot machines went to watch as the winning chips fly and came to a disappointing conclusion-ki-Thais do not shell out too much, but as we We give the gift of twenty tokens do not throw the same them and go to another casino. Many players with sad faces, of reluctantly left the guns and disappeared behind them. Each of us alone vybi RAL-machine, sat down, and played frankly, even in the head does not hold a thought in order to stumble upon one-armed bandit in which the drums on three Chinese emperors .
   I notice the Chinese slot machine looks the same as the US but if vshtatovskih threw badge and then what happened in the Asian three reels independently rotated by pressing a button. First throw token in the slot and press the button of drum-ku, can two or three at once or individually. The longer you hold the button push-down-fifth, but no more than three seconds, the stronger the drum spins, stopping, and if is matched three pictures the prize, medal and falls on it nominal prize. There are several variants of pictures which you can win a prize but it ma-Lenka-5 to $ 100.
   We chose slot machines and what you think of our dear, dear parents! Without detracting from the machine for gift tokens Irene has won 50 thousand, I, Alex and Sam for 25 thousand dollars. Joyful and happy we were kissing and hugging, with remained at five bucks, without hesitation went to the cashier, handed the winning tokens Chinese woman and she somehow strange smile took tokens, put one in the unit, check and jumped so obrazm conceding all the tokens gave us blue checks and four gift token, check, thanked the girl and not buying chips went into the hall to continue the game. We chose to play those machines for which the output is disappointing, I would say devastated people in the moral and financial condition. And guess what, those winning tokens, each of us, independently of one lruga grabbed fifty thousand dollars. Imagine a four-medal 200,000 bucks. We went to the cashier, a Chinese woman, gave her the winning tokens, she looked at us with his mouth open in surprise, smiled, and as expected, we issued four checks and gift tokens .
   Thanking her, we again went to the vending machines and re-luck each of us cut off the winning tokens for one hundred thousand dollars. When we gave her tokens she was not smiling, but as expected gave us a check every four hundred thousand and eight medals, this is a big win at the casino were given two tokens. After wandering around the room, we chose again from those machines that go glubokoopechalennye players missed a few thousand dollars in the hope of winning the big prize .
   Two short of winning a medal again we grabbed a hundred thousand dollars and nap-ravilis play and now noticed that we were established as if spying and I realized that the cashier told his Chinese boss about us, the lucky ones without paying a od-foot dollar in prize money They grabbed from their offices about a million, if we will be as we lead nanesm casino substantial damage. But the boss was smyshlnny decided on us to make their casino good publicity, and soon came up to us two hundred teleoperatorv and started shooting as we pried with a token such sumasshed-Chiyah prizes. Soon the room was filled with people who came to play and those who wish to thousands of TV cameras filmed us as we threw one coin in the slot Press the button on the three reels, and in my opinion pinpointing how many seconds are keeping their fingers on the sequence.
   I tell you frankly, we did not have any pressing system, all turned out sa-mo but the result is stunning, not only us but also cameramen, onlookers and the boss of the Chang Ku Shao. Watching him I realized that he was very worried about my business as any our empties its cash winnings. If I was playing and winning one was accidental is one thing, but when the four of us without paying a single dollar gift to his hundred dollars remove the prize for winning this terrible. And then I decided to ease his terrible situation, a bad mood, to defuse the situation by luring into our game in which we today so lucky with winnings .
   The boss is standing next to me, I looked at him, smiled and said: "Dear my-Koo Chang Shao, my name is Miss Gloria Smith, I have two medal, I offer you one, you pick and choose any slot machines, throw him a badge first or second and then make a conclusion and to me no complaints. "
   Koo Chang Shao vnimateelno listened to me, his head spun the options for and against such a game and realizing that this would be a great advertisement about the hotel-casino "China" recognize billions of people on the globe, and some rush to play it smiled and said: "Dear Miss Gloria Smith, I agree, I can not refuse such a charming girl and your travelers, Come on, my time is right."
   Mr. Chan Ku Shao went to the center of the room, my sister and I, our husbands, cameraman and the players followed him. The hotel owner stopped and looked at me said: "Dear Miss Gloria Smith, will be playing on this unit, I yield to the gentleman right you start.".......................................
   "Well, Mr. Chang Shao-ku, ready to play," I said, and shoved the token into the slot, press one button after another rotating drum to hold on their fingers for a moment that they are stronger than untwisted. Before our eyes, three reels spinning rapidly for three seconds, stopped, and we all saw the glass three golden sun-winning 50 thousand dollars. I took the badge and looked at Mr. Chang Shao-ku, he lost his head looked at me, I understood the owner of the casino-hotel doubted that there were two consecutive major win, and finally said: "Charming Miss Gloria Smith, I choose a different slot machines, feel me This is not luck.".........................................................................
   I'm glad and happy, with a smile on his face showed the winning badge on you 50-sands of cameramen and said loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, here he is winning!" and he added, referring to Chan Ku Shao: "Well, I agree, we will move on, but my husband would play into it, Alex, your game."
   Alex came to the one-armed bandits, put token in the slot and pressed three buttons, drums strmitelno whirled, and stopped all saw three red stars. Alex, joyful and happy, with a broad smile on his face pulled the winning badge for 100 thousand dollars, and showed everyone. Teleopereatory started filming it, and this time Chan Ku Shao was depressed and looked at us strangely. If he decided to play on this machine the prize was his. But as after a fight with his fists do not wave, and he decided to move to another slot machines that Chan Ku Shao went in the opposite direction, he found he liked odnrukogo bandit stood up and looked at all said: "Ladies and gentlemen, to try their luck here and see remove. "............................................................................
   Cameramen and we began to shoot like playing the owner of the casino-hotel "China", Shao Chang Koo slipped into a slot token, pressed as I did earlier in the three keys, drums promptly whirled and stood in a line-lined three-winning Blue Moon 25 thousands of dollars. Koo Chang Shao joyful and happy, with Serkan eyes and a big smile on his face showed all his winning medal.
   I looked at the boss and asked him: "Dear Mr. Koo Chang Shao, I think you will not mind if Miss Irene, my sister play on this slot machine.".........................................................................................
   "Charming Miss Gloria, any objections, let anyone plays the automaton-minute, they are for everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, play and win!" Koo Chang Shao said .
   Irene looked at everyone, waved a pen and went to the machine, put your token in the slot by simultaneously pressing the button three fingers and held for a moment let go. Drums swiftly untwisted, and stood behind the glass in a line to line up three of the emperor, inside rattled tokens and one by one fell into the tray. Irene took five medals at 100,000, joyful, happy and with a smile on his face showed their cameramen, onlookers and most Koo Chang Shao. The boss was in shock, he was at a loss and did not know what to do but I brought him to his senses, "Mr. Koo Chang Shao, I apologize, but we need to get the winning checks and tokens if you want us to play the tokens hands and forth, I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, play and win. And yet, we'll be playing until the last winning the medal, at least nine hours before dinner for us in cash for checks. "
   Mr. Chan Ku Shao looked at me and said, "I agree, we will play, let visitors enjoy the casino game and you win such prizes. Ladies and gentlemen! Play and win!" .....................
   I must say in the Hall of unimaginable happened after Irene won 500 thousand dollars, a rumor spread throughout the casino lovers to win free money rushed into the hall, "Success." We went up to the box office, a Chinese woman gave the winning tokens, she thrust them into the machine, he issued checks, she filed them to us along with the prize tokens and went to play along with the owner of the hotel Chan Ku Shao. I do not know what happened but what would be slot machines, he did not let us we were lucky less than Koo Chang Shao and imagine before the completion of our duel with him cut off the big prize of 500 thousand dollars. In any case, whether he was playing first or second he dropped a larger gain than ours. We have played with him for longer but at eight o'clock in the joyful and happy owner of the hotel looked at us and cameramen their dark eyes flashing a broad smile lifted his right hand up and appealed to all: "Ladies and gentlemen, you all witnessed our duel with slot machines and as you can see in favor of the players. I think the billions of people on earth have seen the players at the casino "China" throwing tokens five dollars won by 25, 50, 100 and even 500 thousand dollars, look at our lucky they are two young married pair now they call you their names but I have no choice to make as to perpetuate their names on a marble slab in this great hall of "success." And I said, any player payoffs in this room, "Success" for one day, or any three main prize prize of 500 thousand will not only be inscribed in gold letters on a marble slab and gets personally from my hand a check for half a million dollars.".........................................
   We called our names do not forget to mention our wonderful world-famous parents, residence, occupation, and Mr. Chan Ku Shao know who we even opened his mouth in surprise, taken aback but having come to himself said: "Ladies and gentlemen, our great Names players from Los Angeles Irene, Gloria, Alex and Sam Smith will be written in golden letters on a marble slab, and it will hang in this room. So you get one from me checks for $ 500 thousand. You dear ladies and gentlemen in this room " Success "I wish a happy wins, continue to play and win. Yes, now you know the five slot machines Immersed in which the grand prize of half a million dollars, catch luck by spinning the reels and catch the Three Emperors. Thank you.".............................................................
   Koo Chang Shao looked at us, pulled a checkbook, wrote us checks for you 500-sands of dollars handed to us and we thanked the owner of the hotel and shook his hand before Ob-injective camera went through the crowd of people wanting to play to the checkout. After receiving the checks we went to another office which accepts checks and were transferred to bank accounts or credit cards at the request of the lucky prize payoffs. I'll tell myself cameramen Chan Ku Shao followed us up to that fund which pretty Chinese translated vyigrannnye money on our credit cards and bank accounts. Our dear parents, imagine we pulled from the cash register 3.85 million, together with the two million donated Chiang Shao-ku, I think he did not lose anything but only won in our advertising.
   Before finally parting joyful and happy owner of the hotel wasps tavshis us alone offered to spend the night in the room but as our belongings were at the casino "Moscow" and take a ticket at the night performance of the youth group of the Russian "Woodpeckers" he said quietly, to get rid: "Dear Mr. Chang Shao-ku, book us two great rooms, but we will come to spend the night will depend on our friends, they invited us to their party. If it is not a headache that will come to play with your consent. We have to you Further no complaints."..................................................
   Koo Chang Shao looked at us, smiled, and realizing what was happening with joy prog-reel, "Well, I reserve two of the most luxurious rooms, you happily spend ve cherinku, charming Irene and Gloria and your husbands Sam and Alex, do not forget our Casino "China", see you soon. "
  "See you soon, dear Koo Chang Shao," we said, and shook his hand joyful and happy with a big smile on his face went into our casino hotel "Moscow". Pou-Jin in the "Russian troika" immediately went to the concert hall, there were well-known mu-zykalnaya group of Russian "Woodpeckers" -two young beautiful girls and two nice guys, plus the ballet troupe of four boys and four girls. As horo-sho that got tickets in advance, in the hall of twenty thousand spectators did not have space. The concert lasted until midnight, the boys and girls were playing, singing and dancing well received for mountain flowers. Immediately after the show went to bed, got up early, at six, six-thirty and got into a taxi and drove to the airport in 8 of 40 our plane flew to San Francisco and 10 landed. At 12 pm we have dinner at the hotel "Hilton", will drive a taxi in half an hour and we rush off to explore the city, we have for sightseeing San Francisco, just five hours, as at 6 pm rush to auction Horace, there will be held sale of masterpieces of the XIX century written by European artists, and will fall if an interesting and not too expensive painting you can buy.
   The first thing we wanted to ride across the bridge "Golden Gate" and visit the auto show hosted close to him "jump from a springboard." At December 30, we full of energy, health and good spirits come out of the hotel, a few minutes later pulled up yellow taksikabriolet and we sat down it went to explore the city. Due to the fact that San Francisco in a dangerous seismic zone the government decided not to build skyscrapers higher than 80 floors in order to avoid disaster when a lot of victims and they are in the ability to make some distance from each other, the destruction, the fall of any building it is not adjacent touches. Raced across the bridge "Golden Gate" we saw from afar a strange design "dead loop" passes into a springboard. On the bank of the amphitheater was built tiered grandstand which can be from 50 to 70 thousand spectators with standing places, neither give nor take trimmed Roman Kollezium served more than two thousand years ago to fight the gladiators with lions and other wild beasts, or with one another for life and on death.
   Interest in this huge spectacle, tickets must be ordered in advance on the internet and since we know that such a day will arrive in San Francisco ordered back in Los Angeles. We asked our driver-guide Mr. Dick Groves drive to the center section, the fifth podium auto show and is turning to the left went to the multilayered isolation and slid it on the high road to the tallest building on the bay. In this way an endless stream of hundreds raced cars stopped out of them men and vehicles continued on their way. Once near the fifth section Dick Groves looked at us and said quietly: "Ladies and gentlemen, in two days I'll be there 40 to this entry at number 7-5, if you linger primchitsya after 10 minutes, and so each time, should know that from here on foot anywhere you reach, you have a good time before the meeting.".........................................................................
   "Mr. Dick Groves, all have understood, if not in the 2 2 40 50 will definitely, we have business-TSA Recha, thanks for the information, prior to the meeting," said Alex, and a few seconds later, our our taxi stopped at the entrance to 7-5. We went out and fixed his yellow Ford Eagle Xia ahead as we join the crowd went to the entrance. When were in amfiteatreto realized from any point, you can perfectly see what is happening. Beneath it was built wide track, two hundred meters began construction of "Dead loop" ending springboard at a height of 30 meters from the surface waters of the bay, followed at some distance by the length at a height of 20 meters started ploschdka arcuate shutter release at the end of which stood a barge..........................................................................
   We found our seats in the seventh tier review gorgeous, sat down and waited for a car show, so that viewers do not get bored from the speakers swept contemporary music and also walked along the rows Lotoshnikov offering sandwiches, beer and soft drinks, a set worth 200 bucks, it not expensive. The men took the set with a beer, we BU-dairy ice juice ham sandwich was so heavy that we almost mastered it I must say amazing view, the risk is huge for racers but there obhodidils no deaths but the accidents occurred .
   At 2 pm speaker with a pleasant voice announced: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, the auto show" ski jump "begins, the participants call in order, gentlemen, John Strucker, Cor, Harry, Tony Bull, Willie Carter, Victor Smelkov and two charming ladies Gill Kamperoni Ponnski and Mary, and their courage are the envy of any man or any woman. Please do not worry, the show exciting, please poapplodirovat participants of the show."....................................................................................
   Seeing the participants of the show on the screen with tennis courts established at the top of the steel structure "Dead loop" tens of thousands of spectators whistled and zaopladirovali. A few seconds later we saw on the screen in red convertible sports car shock-proof and fire-proof blue suit with a helmet on his head mehanniki put Johnny Strucker behind the wheel, attached to the seat belts, and we heard from the speakers of the roar of the engine and a pleasant male voice: "Start". We saw on the screen as a sports convertible is rapidly picking up speed raced through the tunnel, so he jumped out of the stands of the amphitheater and the vast skorsti rushed to the "dead loop", a spiral overcomes it and goes to the ramp ending at a height of thirty meters from the surface waters of the Gulf as the projectile flies through the air to trigger a downward arc area in the sea, gradually descends to her, slows down and stops being on the barge. People in orange jumpsuits running up to the car, free Johnny Strucker from seat belts, remove overalls and a full-length show on the scoreboard-athletic middle-aged handsome Slavic appearance. He waves his hand and the audience in the stadium whistle and applaud a few seknd we see on the scoreboard as the car flies ski area and touches the trigger front wheels and the numbers show the distance of 230 feet, 6 3/7 inches or a little more than 70 meters .
   My parents, I'm not going to tell all the riders made a flight from the springboard and tell Mary Japanese winner was flown at 237 feet and 7 inches, or nearly 72 meters. Since seven cars took part at the same time is taking them on board the barge floated to shore. The crowd began to disperse from the spectator stands and at this time mechanics and riders prepare cars for the next show, and such representations seven every day. Ticket cost three thousand dollars, it's inexpensive, but for such an interesting show, you can pay. The two went to the exit 39 and only 7-5 approached the side of the highway, we drove up to the yellow taxi, Mr. Dick Groves with a smile waved his hand to us, we will respond in the same sitting in the cab and rushed to continue to explore the city. On the recommendation of our driver-guide, we rushed to China Town, Chinatown, and tell got a lot of pleasure from walking among the sea of stylized decorative shops, restaurants and street performers, artists, jugglers, fire-eaters, sword, and even forks. One young Chinese man dlinnnoy needle pierced cheeks in full view of onlookers and moved it a few seconds here and there, some five-meter python tamer bag hung them his thin body and small head popped into his jaws, kept three minutes and as if nothing had happened pulled her smiling broadly public .
   You could wander around for a long time among this exotic but we had to rush to auktsi-on Horace and at six-thirty we drove up to the modern skyscraper covered with colored glass panels. Thanking Dick Groves for sightseeing poezdkumy agreed with him to drive up to the skyscraper after my call and came to our ticket to the hall with the Arctic coolness after the heat at + 30C. People were a lot of collectors considered masterpieces hanging on the walls of the nineteenth century on sale, among them the famous painting by Eugene Delacroix, "Women of Algeria in his chambers," in 1834 which you, our dear grandmother dreamed about what I immediately reported to you by phone and get approval for the acquisition in a reasonable price .
   The auction began July 30, gathered in a large hall four hundred customers, sell-valis paintings from Russia, France, Italy, Spain, and for some reason, in great demand was Jean Leon Gerome painting "Slave Market" and say it went for $ 230 million . Eugene Delacroix's famous masterpiece "Women of Algeria in his chambers" have started to sell for $ 160 million, a big fuss, he did not call and after your approval we have offered 180 million there were no volunteers, so it was ours. If we consider that we pay 20% tax, insurance and shipping the masterpiece has managed us dear parents in 228 million. That's our whole interesting story associated with a stay in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and now we know that thanks to the owner of the casino-hotel "China" Mr. Koo Chang Shao became known around the world and our names written in gold in the marble slab and hangs it in playing hall "Success" and I think the doors chic guest bedrooms. In general, I would say it was just awesome when we played with him and very often won for gift money is not laying out of his own pocket, even $ 5. Advertising we made it grand when you went in the room do unspeakable, people know what 5 slot machines from seven to three emperors of the drums, however as a prize of 500 thousand dollars flowed to them. Now, Mr. Chan Ku Shao only in this hall, "Success" where a thousand machines a day in pandemonium will have per day, and people play day and night, at least ten million at winning a million, it's a good profit, "Gloria finished and smiled .
   "We are very pleased our dear children, so that you had a great holiday, but, now, with Vym forces begin to work," I said, and added, "let still far from the month of August, but you are lovely and charming lady and my wife Maria Sister-Elizabeth, be prepared for the Summer Olympics in Russia to Vladivostok fly through Alaska or the North Pole with a connection in Moscow to see it again. It's hard to believe but says Ivan Semenovich, millions of people are leaving Moscow and rush into a prosperous Primorye for big money and beautiful life, Vladivostok, with its skyscrapers turning into Hong Kong."...................................................................................................................
   "It is not surprising, Elizabeth said, if Russia decided to live under communism, there are all grounds, it could create an even half a century ago, if the leaders did not put silly goal is to build it on the planet. But in a separate state of their wealth can be. Now in power, they are pragmatic leaders and relying on common world is not squandering the treasures of the wind and turning them into tangible rebuilt a new life, see changes, we will prepare for the flight."......................................
   "I am also the consistency of such a trip, when we will fly to Vladivostok, we see it in all its beauty, then still a lot of unfinished projects was, in the words of Ivan Semnovichv Primorye goes to build a modern entertainment center like Disney Vrld to Florida, the most important thing for a trip to get the invitation, so We did not get there, wanting millions "said Maria, and looked at me.
   "With the invitation to the problem will not be, you hear Ivan Semenovich going to invite all the participants in the approximation of flight," I said and looked at the lovely ladies .
   Our life and work after a trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco, the young couple came into my direction, I would say our relationship with Uncle Joe after our vacation at his farm did not stop and the most important dates and holidays frequented each other. Once on his farm opened its oil production began, stretched line to the refinery complex in the suburb of Great Falls for distillation. With regard to the nutritional substance is concentrated its production due to declining production of energy oil and petrolatum viscous liquid has fallen sharply, stocks run low and the cost of any high level of all the limits. Because of its high cost, many farmers began to abandon its acquisition and farms began to wither again, a deficit of meat products and the price of natural meat shot up. And at this time in the US market again flashed firm "Johnson and Benson" producing artificial meat based on legumes supplemented with vegetable oils, fat replacers. But then China began to overwhelm the world with its artificial meat and meat products created from algae with the addition of meat tuna which they derive special maritime zones. Due to the fact that the temperature of the globe increased by a few degrees in warm water decreased the growth of algae, as well as themselves living marine life. Fish has grown by leaps and bounds and tuna a year after the birth weight reaches two tonn.Pri mixed in proportions spetsalno meat tuna and seaweed with the addition of dyes and flavorings known only to the Chinese received dozens of kinds of sausages, and hamburgers bifshteksov. People on the planet so fond of the Chinese production company that Mao Kao gladly took it, and many fast food companies including Roger Brown in their per-begalovkah offering customers Chinese products .
   At our last meeting Uncle Joe candidly confessed to me: "My dear mis ter Victor Smith, I am very upset about the reduction of production neftevazelinovoy Jew-viscous bone but nevertheless I made this decision, I have from the huge profits of oil production and to compensate for a costly production concentrated nutritional substance invest personal income and sell only American farmers at an affordable cost to them to raise our farm and increase the production of meat, meat and dairy products and flour. I am ashamed to look like our citizens eat burgers and bifshteksy made from soy beans, beans, algae add vegetable oil and fish. It's a lie! But everything is available and not so.expensive."
   I looked at him and said sympathetically: "My dear Uncle Joe on our pla-HETE to 10 billion people, you see before our very eyes is changing the climate of the planet, scientists have day and night go on about global warming, warn that the fifth part of the land may go under water and up to three billion people will try to find salvation in central areas of the world. I think you, Mr. Joe warming does not threaten but the Los Angeles and New York, all the hundreds of cities will be abandoned will be torus-chat out of the water just skyscrapers.".........................................
   "Therefore, my dear Mr. Victor, I have a house for you, in case of trouble you send a helicopter, take the most important things, quickly sit down and fly, do not flood our Montana no spills from ocean warming, said with sadness in his voice, and Uncle Joe added, it is necessary to prevent it, to turn over all their horses, to close production, less travel on ships, walk more."............
   "My dear Uncle Joe, our humanity does not want to return to the primitive world and say that it will be, as they say die so with the music," I said, and continued, "I want to tell you a secret Russian when his riches so unimaginable develop their industry, you wonder just the economy, build on their land communism, they even do not keep in mind the idea that may be some warming, they have harsh winters and consider all the talk about warming distraction from the main cases of people and ideas. A couple of weeks we fly to Vladivostok, I received from a friend with whom flew in approximation, it is like you are an oil magnate, represent it and a few more of the same oil and gas kings for their money not only to build the Olympic facilities and the village and hotels, housing for the population. Remember I tell you, your wife and the whole family showed a year ago when you were, about the city and its surroundings."....................................................................................
   "Yes, I remember Victor, a stunning town, sorry that you did not brought me with him, it would be possible to talk about oil," sadly said Dyadya.Dzho.
  "My dear Mr. Joe, I'll try to talk to him about it and let you know after the return, there are going to all travelers on the planet approximation will Olim-ADCI, he reports to the leaders for what it will take, how many athletes will win gold medals, the main rival China. In short, I will invite him to her, and as soon as the fly with his family, and I will tell you the meeting, it is as simple as you are, "I said, and suggested that Uncle Joe and his wife go to our gallery to see the recently purchased three paintings:" Sleeping Venus "by Giorgione, 1510," Psyche and Cupid "by Franois Grard, 1798, and" origin a Milky Way "by Jacopo Tintoretto, 1570. zaplptiv for them at auction 890 million dollars. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane admired masterpieces and even the kindled desire to arrange a farm gallery to display paintings and employees who came from time to time the US president.
   Having stayed with us one day and night, Uncle Joe and his wife Jane in the morning after breakfast vmes-ones with me, Mary and Elizabeth went to the airport. We had time and we sat in the restaurant exchanged impressions about staying in Los Andzhelese.Kak something unexpected Miss Jane looked at me with her blue eyes and said: "Dear Victor, before the Olympics two weeks, I ask you to call your friend, talk , he can for you to resolve the issue of our meeting with him after the Olympics and before it, I'd love to visit Russia, had never flown on Canada. Our children like your cope with cases, any costs take over. As just get an answer immediately informed, even though we have not visited on the performance of the athletes, it is not important, at this time we will see the city."
   I looked at her, smiled and said: "Charming Jane evening mandatory-but I'll call Ivan Semenovich and try to convince him of your journey with us in Russia, I think he'll request positively, do not worry, I will inform you immediately. A pleasant female voice announced registration for the flight Los Angeles-Kalispell, everyone stood up and went to the bar beside which stood the passengers, Jane looked at us and tse-Luya said: "Thank you, Victor, Maria and Elizabeth, I hope for the best call you soon"...............................................................................................................
   "See you charming Mary and Elizabeth, my dear friend, Victor," said Uncle Joe kissing us.
   "See you soon, Mr. Joe and Jane," we said farewell to our dear guests, kissing and hugging them.
   Waving his hands to each other, they went to the room and we the parking lot, was the July heat and we would rather hide in the car and rush home where air conditioners create coolness. We raced along the highway chic among the stream of cars on the speed limit of 70 miles per hour, about 120 kilometers long and half an hour later returned home. Putting our Ford into the garage, we went to the gallery to help our children receive visitors. Frankly speaking, in recent years the flow of tourists has fallen markedly, millions of people save time and money for the trip to the Olympics in Russia, everyone wanted to look at the performances of the athletes and the most modern city in the world as the touted his Russian .
   At 9 pm, after dinner called Ivan Semenovich, it was just the house and personally picked up the phone. "Victor, good evening. How is the mood? Warm greetings to all your family. We have morning, all in perfect health, mood, waiting for your arrival, it is a pity that you have to hold in Moscow a day. You have any questions?"...........................................................................................
   "Dear Ivan Semenovich, good morning, I am glad that you are all well, we have an excellent health and mood, greetings from all of us, your family best wishes. I'm calling you at the request of my close friend, he is engaged in oil and learn about you and that I go to the Olympics had a great desire not only to visit her but also to get to know you as a business colleagues in the future may result in hundred-eration. Right, and concrete all costs associated with the trip he takes lo-NET, the most important thing to him two places in hotels in Moscow and Vladivostok for the period Preben-tion, as is currently free places can not be found."..........................................................
   "My dear Victor, travel companion, how can I refuse you! Send copies of their passports in my e mail and money, half a million dollars at the expense of 127294850000326751OL move no later than one day and let me know." business is business for them a room in the same hotel, "fir cone" where you live, plus a pair of tickets each day to visit one of sports performance, without any resentment."
   "Well, thank you very much dear Ivan Osipovich, all within a few minutes bu-children sent to their meeting in Moscow," I said happily .
   "Victor, get tickets for a flight in a week, no change, will meet all your friend and his wife will fly to you, call," said Ivan Semenovich .
   I hung up and immediately called Uncle Joe, he learned from a conversation with him, he and Jane arrived half an hour ago from the airport by helicopter on his farm and sat at the table with your family over dinner telling their children and grandchildren about their flight with us. Upon hearing the news that my Ivan Semenovich found for them a couple of places in hotels in Vladivostok, plus tickets to sporting performances came in indescribable joy and immediately sent me copies of the passports and turned a million dollars for the Olympic expense in order to cover the huge costs associated with Organization of such a grand event. Thanks knew no bounds, after wishing a good night as soon as I finished talking with him on a mail sent e copies of the passports of Mr. Joe and Miss Jane Ivan Semenovich and on the phone told him that my friend moved to the Olympic expense of a million bucks. Ivan Semenovich was shocked and asked me to thank Mr. Joe for such contribution and again reminded me that a week later received a fax copy of the tickets for the flight Los Angeles Moscow .
   We said goodbye, joyful and happy, I immediately reported to all that Uncle Joe and Miss Jane fly with us in Russia to the Olympics, we were kissing, hugging and drinking champagne on Bacalu bedtime watched the latest news and adventure about pirates and sailors stranded after a shipwreck on the island of the Amazons .
   Time passed quickly, within a week received by fax a copy of the five tickets, we flew on August 6 in the evening on June 15, immediately called Uncle Joe that he and Jane arrived
  August 5 evening, and received an affirmative assurance at the same time said Ivan S mnovichu about obtaining copies of tickets and thanked for care. The next day began to collect things for the flight to Russia for the summer Olympics in Vladivostok, the opening of which will take place on August 10, 2096, Friday, and closing on August 26, Sunday. And in this modern big city to gather not only athletes but we are travelers on the planet approximation the day before its opening in the rotating restaurant "Anikusha" towering 50 meters above the roof of a circular cone-shaped skyscraper dvuhsotsorokaetazhnogo "fir cones" height of 1027 meters. Since he skyscraper built on top of the mountain "Blue Sopka" towering 474 meters above the Pacific Ocean is the impression the restaurant "Anikusha" somewhere out there, in the sky, as the nikah height 1551 meters. What can I say, the Russian came to the Summer Olympic Games in a big way, laid out for the construction of the city and Olympic venues several trillion rubles. By arrangement with Ivan Semenovich from Los Angeles we fly on the supersonic "Pegasus" in Moscow where he will meet with him on August 7 after spending a day and heading back to Vladivostok.
   Preassembled gifts I, my wife Mary and Elizabeth sister-like Uncle Joe and Jane were looking forward to August 6, 2096, to June 15 in the evening on Monday, flying at supersonic Pegasus 7, four hours of flight, and he in Moscow .
   Sunday August 5 at 7 pm, I, Mary and Elizabeth met at the airport Uncle Joe, Miss Jane and after greetings, hugs and kisses rushed to our house. After dinner at 9pm, in Moscow, it was 8 am, 6 numbers called Ivan Semenovich, it just was at home and personally picked up the phone. "Victor, good evening. How is the mood? ................................................................................................
   Warm greetings to all your family from all of us. We have morning, all in perfect health, mood, waiting for your arrival, sorry for that will have to be held in Moscow on the day. Yes, as your friend, Mr. Joe and his charming wife Miss Jane?".............................................................
   "Dear Ivan Semenovich, good morning, hello from us all, Mr. Joe and the lovely Miss Jane, they have come to us, so that's all right, thank you for the cooperation and bi-years. I have to ask you to meet us, as you are busy then let come to the airport or your charming Marina sons."
   "Victor, I am glad that you are all here, I personally busy marina, Eugene and Dmitry fly to the airport and meet you, see you soon," said my friend .
   "See you soon, Ivan Semenovich," I said and looked at all the added: "Ladies and gentlemen, everything is in order, do not worry, we will meet at the airport."........................................................
   We started to prepare for the flight, suitcases with gifts and things watched again
  and set aside, because in Russia the summer and warm it took only light clothes, weather forecasters promised dry weather and temperatures from + 20C to + 30C in Vladivostok. The next day at 3:00 behind us came a taxi, we said goodbye to our children and my mother wished us a safe journey and speedy return went to the airport. Checking passengers' luggage and personal inspection took a couple of hours, fortunately everything went well, did not find suspicious objects according to schedule and we flew to Moscow via the North Pole. Our 7 supersonic Pegasus flew at an altitude of 18,000 meters, my charming companion loved his wife Mary, sister-Elizabeth Jane sat in easy chairs, beds and I talked with Uncle Joe is not closed their eyes. Since we flew in first class even with the Russian crew was fed sandwiches Caspian caviar, sturgeon, king crab and cold strong drinks to choose from. I just ate and drank beer and juices, Uncle Joe and the ladies drank champagne, vodka, whiskey, young beautiful blue-eyed, long-legged blonde stewardess pyshgogrudye with platinum wavy hair just below her shoulders in short white dresses served us. Their plump legs with gorgeous seductive figures so influenced me and Mr. Joe did not find a place, ladies noticed our state and smiled. Since flight attendants accessed in English and Russian, we learned from them that our ship belonging to the Russian-American Company ARA.
   I have to say when our ship flies to Moscow was a great sunny weather, no clouds and we have seen the bottom, right away, tall skyscrapers in Moscow. As the plane was landing at the airport but not in a straight line skirting Moscow Uncle Joe all VRE-name looked out the window suddenly asked the stewardess: "Charming, Mrs., I noticed that our ship goes around Moscow and not dare to fly through it to aeroprtu."..................................................................................................................
   "Dear Mr Joe, in our capital city nearly a thousand skyscrapers, among them there are more than two hundred floors, represent a building height of 800 meters, if for any reason the airliner landed in the destruction of a building from his fall will be so many that kill thousands if not tens of thousands civilians.A few years ago a small private plane crashed into the building and thanks stopyatidesyatietazhnoe Other steel structures nym it survived a plane from a height of five hundred meters fell down. Pod-Maite, that it would be if there was a fire at that height, no one would put out. But pas Denia airplane standing on a passenger bus at the bus stop one hundred twenty chelovekvklyuchaya erupted pilot died from aviation fuel. The fact that the bus driver had just closed all the doors and drove away from the stop. While the fire engines rushed passengers on the bus completely burned and after such an event, the authorities decided to all passenger planes overfly Moscow side at a distance of fifty kilometers from the Kremlin in Moscow, "with sadness in his voice outlined Katerina .
   "Thanks for the information, dear Catherine, we at the beginning of the century in New York, too, in two planes flew skyscraper but the terrorists killed three thousand people and destroying buildings including a few easy two taller than four hundred meters," I said. We were deeply saddened that really have not seen Moscow bird's-eye view, our plane will land at the airport eagles in 60 kilometers from the Kremlin. I stuck to the window to look at the suburbs but suddenly the flight attendants asked us to wear seat belts in the September 30, Moscow time, our Pegasus airliner landed. The captain thanked Mr. Malinin IVN passengers, flight attendants ocharovatelnymi with smiles on their little faces lovely memory gave souvenirs, plush striped black and yellow Ussuri tigry- waved us to handle and we thanked them and kissed the hand Tanya and Katherine headed for the exit .
   After passing the border and customs control, we took our things from the tape went into the room where met and escorted the passengers. The room was huge and yet I saw Ivan Semenovich in a white shirt and dark trousers, and his charming wife Marina in a pink long dress below the knee in a brown high-heeled shoes. They went to us with big smiles on their faces, exchanged greetings, I introduced them to Uncle Joe with his sweet wife, Jane, my Maria introduced them to Ivan Semenovich and charming Marina and immediately headed for the exit. Just got out of the airport building as the fall in hell, in a quiet, sunny morning the temperature rose to + 28C, first headed to the shuttle bus at the airport it domchalis small planes, sat in a personal helicopter Ivan Semenovich and flew to his villa skirting the city zone. Since we were flying at an altitude of 1500 meters and the sky was clear and clean the saw tall skyscrapers, Moscow looked like New York but without the ocean view is stunning .
   Fifteen minutes later sat on the ground near the three-storey house, permanent pilot Oleg lowered the ladder, came down to earth and helped us get down. Heat followed us and we quickly went to the house, the threshold under the canopy greeted us with bread and salt two tall blonde charming brown-eyed girl in a blue dress with a Slavic appearance Eugene and Dimitri in white shirts and blue jeans. Girls smiling broadly gave us a loaf with salt on the glass of vodka, we thanked them and exchanged greetings, Miss Marina introduced them to us, and Svetlana Galina wives were Eugene and Dmitry. We called their names and entered the house, we were given a bedroom on the third floor with shower and bath, a few minutes gathered in the dining room, handed over the gifts, sat down, drank, ate, Ivan Semenovich stood up, smiled and said: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry, I leave you, I depart immediately for a meeting, meet in the evening, you are my sons and women, in an hour you sit in the van and will roll out in Moscow admiring her sights."..................................
   Ivan Semenovich waved his hand to us, we told him, and left us, we continued to enjoy the meatballs, tortellini, cheese, fruit, sweets, drinks and champagne. Sitting at the table telling each other about interesting moments of life over time after breaking up in Los Angeles and of course briefly told the story about Uncle Joe and his wife Jane and their discovery because they were fed America and other countries bifshteksami, meat and dairy products and bread.
   After hearing from us a funky news is the addition of concentrated feeder-ing substance obtained after distillation energy neftevazelina-in of fertilizers, animal feed, fish, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes grown on me-not setsam and weeks, by leaps and bounds Marina, her sons and their wives were delighted. But since we wanted to see Moscow, one of the largest cities in the world with a population of thirty million people and its suburbs over fifty million an hour on Wen "Tonya" Russian production with the special permission of the mayor to travel during the day went on the tour.
   I will say, there is still the rule in Moscow, with eight in the morning until eight in the evening on sale, tsam and avenues of the capital within the city boundaries of all cars are in the garage, but we parked our zlnym cap on the roof and the green receipt on the windshield to move freely on the roads among the semi-desert trucks, trucks, buses, taxis, service vehicles with permission to travel. Vosemchasov then at Wen, in the subway, then walk we spent in this interesting excursion.
   Particularly fast we could not disperse because of the many intersections on svetforah often burning red lights and the road itself was writhing like a snake, we only got half an hour t