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The Solid Rock and Sinking Sand

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Anatoliy Sibilov

The solid rock and sinking sand

Ladies and gentlemen in September, Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in New York for the UN General Assembly session. He's like all his predecessors represented himself as the champions of peace and justice and associated himself with the dove of peace with a palm branch in his beak with which hydrogen bomb hung down. The modern Kremlin dove of peace rather he is the hawk with oak branch in his beak a hydrogen bomb, the Crimea and the bloody Donbas hang down. He hardly from the rostrum of the United Nations will tell delegates about the Crimea, about the massacre in the Donbas, about threw down in 2014. Malaysian Boeing which killed 298 people and why according desire Russia in the Security Council imposed veto on a resolution to establish an international tribunal to investigate the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbas. Should he mention these minor conflicts and incidents of local significance. Here the world is living under the looming fear when thousands of hordes of militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIS military seized modern weapons crush everything in its path, burn, cut, kill and destroy the historical ancient monuments of culture Their goal is to invade Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Europe and then the United States is the moment when the problem should be allowed immediately and decisively, and as the US and its allies are fighting not as successful as the world would like in the struggle and here the hawk Putin wants to include Russia in this fight and wants to make a plan with placing at commander disposal of tens of thousands of armed soldiers and resolutely combat with enemy. Goal of Putin is clear to intercept the Obama initiative in his hands or at least adhere to him but not just a pre-agreement with Barack about some of the concessions. Will not be the Russian soldiers so easily shed their blood for thousands of kilometers from Russia shorter quid pro quo, USA need to forget about the Crimea and the Donbas issue will settle.
So Putin's two goals-the first to make a propaganda speech: ISIS and Russia's role in the fight against militants and the second goal is the most important to meet with US President Barack Obama, who at this stage is the solid rock which protects the free world, the freedom, independence of weak states including Ukraine. Year ago Putin annexed the Crimea and spread the real bloody fraternal carnage providing militants with the most modern weapons and now has added thousands of troops of the Russian armed forces. It turns out ISIS fight in the Middle East and Russia ISIS does in Europe.
And the head of the Russian ISIS wants to send armed forces to join in the fight against gangs of Islamists in Iraq and the Levant and gradually Obama a solid rock to turn into a fine sand that will sift through Putin's fingers that is, to dance to his tune to impose their conditions in the division of the world into spheres of influence this is your world and this is my Russian world from Moscow to the outskirts of the planet to Brighton Beach in the east of US and to Alaska in the west. But in order to join in the fight against ISIS together with Obama, he needs to meet with him and this is no easy task for the Kremlin hawk, head of the Russian ISIS. But as Barack Obama did not invite Putin as he arrives on his own initiative in the General Assembly, no one with joy, flowers, marches and parades is not met as no escort only in the corridor he can meet Obama, but since there are a lot of the corridors and all go one by one and sit in different places that why Putin can meet only the eyes provided if Obama wishes it. And as Obama considers that he can not come to an agreement with Putin about anything then the meeting at the table for the sake of propaganda for the Russians is unlikely to happen, though in the passage is likely to occur but no substance. Barack has appealed to Kremlin leader repeatedly with requested to return the Crimea to Ukraine, to stop the fratricidal war in the Donbas, and then discuss the terms of the removing of sanctions. But as the war in the Donbas region continues Crimea is a part of Russia it is unlikely that Obama invite to sit down for a meaningless negotiations for a taking a decision on the joint fight against ISIS where outright, he falls under the influence of Putin and then farewell Crimea and Donbas and turns out Putin received all that he had devised as Obama and Poroshenko get nothing for their pains.
Of course the fight against ISIS costly not only for the US but the EU and other countries and they are not averse to Russia to involve in this fight but knowing that it represents the wolf in sheep's clothing, the leader of the ISIS in civilized Europe having a huge army armed to the teeth with a hydrogen bomb and grabbing in broad daylight in the eyes of the world a part of the territory of Georgia, Ukraine (Crimea) and he is carrying a bloodbath in Donbas the end of which only he knows that any desire to settle this conflict to negotiate with him for the sake of propaganda meaningless. He has one goal in any way the United States, the EU and other countries have forgotten about the Crimea, Donbas and throw down. annul the sanctions and then he is a winner on a white horse.
And now, I and many other people in all continents are asking: will be Obama the solid rock on the way Putin's invasion of Europe to protect freedom and independence of the weak defenseless countries, or will the sinking sand which Putin will sift between his fingers, whose dream is to seize the initiative from Obama clinging to him in the shadowy fight against ISIS. Of course such a meeting of the leaders of the USA and Russia discussed in Congress and the Senate, it is not just to sit down and drink tea at stake is the future of the both countries, and when you talk with a recalcitrant leader wishing that all were inferior to him because he is strong in the whole and right and if you require and in his hands there are tens of thousands of nuclear bombs ... I would say he was just bluffing, and understand well that not so strong to impose conditions on others but he has possibility to wage war in the local area long and tedious as to remain in his post if someone from his entourage do not try to take away the steering wheel, this was, is and will be as he has a lot the offended.

Anatoliy Sibiov

New York

09 03 2014

E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru

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