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Intelligentsia and intellectuals as a generator of unstable times

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    Публикация:Tepikin Vitaly, Tepikina Zoya. Intelligentsia and intellectuals as a generator of unstable times // Russian Sociology in Turbulent Times. Geneva, 2011. P. 555-556.

Tepikin, Vitaly V., Moscow

Tepikina, Zoya A., Moscow

Intelligentsia and intellectuals as a generator of unstable times

   Modern social relationships can be readily considered in the context of unstable times. It is clear already that we have reached the level of social organisation and man's interaction with his environment when the complicated structural system of a society resembles some technical mechanism where everything is well fitted and properly functioning, but at the same time remains noticeably vulnerable. Instability of modern times is determined, as we see it, by confrontation of culture and civilization - the matter which is very complicated and for an analysis as these scientific concepts overlap each other to some extent. So what we need is modernisation of social relations which isn't limited by of Russian or another culture.
   It is known that E.Kant paid attention to the difference between culture and civilization. Before Kant culture was understood as everything made by human efforts. But time has shown that man is far from being perfect, he is able to improve his professional skills relatively fast and acquire new knowledge, but he is totally unable to grow harmoniously in a moral aspect. We entered the 21-st century where everything seems to be well-thought and properly arranged for cultural life of man. However we are facing acts of violence (including mass killings), economic and environmental abnormalities. All the three factors of instability of social relations must be brought down to the minimum with the time and later outrooted completely. The intelligentsia want things to go this way. But it doesn't taking place. New technologies are being actively developed by the intellectual part of a society technologies, promoting industrial growth and as a result increasingly destroying the environment. Of course, recearchers are making efforts to launch waste-free production and to put out certified environmentally-friendly products. But the commercial component remains a priority for the owners of enterprises, instant personal benefit too often puts rational scientists arguments and forecasts in the shadow. And here we don't touch upon the problem of pitiless exploitation of natural resources, showing moral immaturity of those who is at the steering wheel of the process, those who don't make (or don't want to) thoughts of our descendants future.
   The intellectual group of a society is a direct generator of modern unstable times culture. If at his times Kant considered moral categoric imperative to be the basis of culture under which all man's actions are determined by moral motives, by consciousness, now we are facing the orientation towards rationalism. What is rational, is right (confirmed by norms of modern culture). The conception "civilization" has swallowed up the conception "culture" to a greater extent. And this is unfortunately a norm by itself.
   Society fears instability but it can't get rid of it until it comes to understand that culture has only one measurement - the moral and spiritual one. This measurement is the only humanistic one by its essence.
   To equate culture with civilization is dangerous not only due to its instability which we are facing on a global scale now (wars, acts of terror, global economic crises) but also due to a more serious consequence technical self-destruction of mankind. Therefore it is high time for the intelligentsia and intellectuals to launch a modernisation of the society according to the principle of generating the culture of stable times. Here we can't do without the concept we heard about at the recent international congress in the speech of Moscow and All-Russia Patriarch Cyril: "safekeeping of nation's cultural code, cultural matrix" must become the concern of state-level importance. Here the case of states having their national cultures.

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