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Конкурс фантрассказа Блэк-Джек-21
Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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   ISBN 978-5-600-02311-6 In. Varga, 2018
   Volume one
   Vasyly Varga graduated from the Philological Faculty of Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1964. He taught aesthetics. For more than 20 years, he worked as the director of Vocational School-55 in Moscow. Honored Teacher of Russia. He began to engage in creative activity in his mature years, using a rich life experience. He published his works in Moscow, Canada and Germany. These are novels: The Red Plague, the Hornet's Nest, Ukraine skache, Chords of Obscurantism, Orange Turmoil, Pedagogical Metamorphoses and others.
  Criticism of the shameless lies of the political regime of the past years, the basis of each work. Yesterday's secretaries of the district committees, the regional committees of the Komsomol, became modern capitalists, but they did not throw Lenin out of their hearts and souls.
  Summary of the first volume
  Russian geniuses, namely Mordychai Levi (Karl Marx), Engels, and the Russian Jew Vladimir Blank (Lenin), successfully found a sore spot among the poor people of Russia and Western Europe, proclaiming equality, fraternity, and public ownership of land and the means of production. Everyone owns everything and nobody owns anything in particular. Gaul, the proletarians, all those who were behind bars for murder and public outrage, threw themselves into the maelstrom of this cunning ruse.
  Lenin settled in Switzerland, scribbled his Talmud and visited brothels, where he contracted a piquant disease. The February revolution has already taken place in Russia, the tsar has been forced to abdicate, and chaos has reigned in the country.
  Lenin, according to the evil tongues, played the role of a German spy, and called for the defeat of the Russian army during the First World War.
  Parvus appeared. Thanks to an agreement with the Kaiser, Germany allocated 50 million gold marks and sent Lenin to Petrograd to seize power. Lenin picked up the power lying on the streets, and immediately established the most severe terror.
   (The novel is published in English, in 4 volumes. The author apologizes for the quality of the translation, if it seems imperfect
   Lto do, and he has nothing to talk about with such lackeys as you.
   - Vladimir Ilyich, why get so hot? I'm not intruding, I'm making an offer that is very important to you and the revolution as a whole.
   "And I have a counter-offer, my dear Parvus −" putting his hand behind his lapel Lenin was saying, as he got closer and closer to the guest's face and glared at him with his gimlet eyes. − Now I and Inessa, my comrade in the party, the translator of my brilliant works into French, are paying you ten million with interest, and you are greasing your heels with lard and rolling sausage to your Germany, and henceforth you will remain there until further notice. Do you understand, Parvus? Repeat: do you understand or not? I wait five minutes. Those five minutes are more than five years old for you, no, fifty years. Tell me, you bastard.
   Lenin suddenly picked up a kitchen knife and held it to Parvus's throat.
   "I'm counting to three." Rrraz! D...
   − Blat, Mat, that here delat guest, - suddenly entered Dzhugashvili, adjusting the belt on the greatcoat.
   − This is my caretaker, and I owe him a little money. Just forgot to pay on time, now he wants a debt, with interest, rascal. I, as a decent person, will have to agree. Inessa, go get your wallet, I think you wanted to help me out, because I was robbed yesterday after a conference where I spoke twenty times. Everything I had, all the money belonging to the party, was stolen from me. Good, he's still alive. Inessa, why are you sitting there like a piece of paper on your balls? Move, damn it. This rascal has a gun in his inside pocket.
  Inessa immediately disappeared and was lost in the Palace rooms.
   "T, who is t?" did you bring ti Dang to the revolution?
   − I am Parvus, the sponsor of the revolution. I gave all the money I had to fight for workers ' rights, and I also got as much money as I could from the Kaiser of Germany for you. And now...I'm broke. You have bags of money, help the sponsor. Help me out, damn it. This Jew....this is the devil, I will appeal to the American Jewish lobby with an urgent demand that it be removed from the lists of Immortals of the nation chosen by God.
  "I don't recognize God, I am God himself," Ilyich began to fuss.
   "I'm going to hang you," Djugashvili said coldly. − A can cut off the head, - as you advise, Ilych?
  "If it were possible," said Lenin, and wept. But it was a Parvus, vibrat blood. It is a sponsor of the world revolution. He's a liar and a scoundrel, just like me. We are a pair of boots. If we are his, then he is ours. Koba, do something with it. The city on the Volga will bear your name for a hundred thousand years.
   Koba was about to grab poor Parvus by the scruff of the neck, when Inessa entered with an inlaid box and said:
   "Here, Parvus, we're helping you out. There are ten million marks here.
   Parvus grabbed the box and hurried to the exit. Lenin jumped up as if stung, tried to catch up with him, to kick him in the seat of the sponsor, but did not have time.
   − Oh, you rascal, I didn't have time, " he said, and burst out laughing.
  When Parvus was already abroad, he had no patience to open the box. He ordered the coachman to stop the four horses that were faster than the locomotive of that time, stroked and kissed the box four times, and then opened it with a solemn and joyous gesture. At the bottom of the box were a little rotten, emitting a bad smell of wood sawdust.
  "Touch it!" - he said with a kind of iron pride throwing the box out of the open window of the britzka.
   "Our Delo is bad," said Dzhugashvili-Stalin. −I've heard that slogan. This slogan, as the one worker on the Assembly of Narvskaya Zastava: Lanyn should be hanged.
   Lenin turned pale, his hands began to shake, and even there was a weakness in his knees. A trickle of saliva hit this knee, and the eyelids jumped like the wings of a chicken that has fallen behind its mother and is trying to catch up by flight. A little more and he could have wept shamefully for the whole neighborhood, but Stalin tried to help him out.
   "He eats good food." Mi will receive another 260 thousand in aid from Germany. This Deng can be published 41 items of newspaper in a different language. Through this the newspaper will launch an agitation under the slogan: Down with the Provisional government! - What do you think, Ilych, my dear batona-mamona.
   − And what other news, good news, don't hide it from me, Koba! Well, at least now, in this difficult, hopeless time for me. You see, I have to tremble, and when a genius shakes, there are earthquakes at certain points. I am a great theorist, and I use my free time to write articles. These articles should reach the masses. The masses study them, go mad with delight and begin to tear their hair and bash each other. This is subject to a condition... the fall of tsarism and the triumph of communism, or rather the imperialism of the Archdiocese, is a sure guarantee that I will not be hanged. I don't want to, I don't want to, Koba. A genius can't be hanged, Koba. I have no right to be provoked. Hang the leader of the world revolution! Yes, this is a crime against all the peoples that we are going to fool, or rather liberate, or rather liberate from the yoke of imperialism, regardless of whether they want it or not. Buy me a dozen more women's dresses so I can change them every half hour.
   - So you are already sitting in a woman's dress, and this is a little funny, Ilych.
   - But Koba, conspiracy, again conspiracy. The chief has no right to take risks. Especially since they're going to hang me. I can't break into ten pieces. The members of my Central Committee are scattered, and they are of no use at all. They seem to be following my example and want to be told, too. As a result, I am left without information. I've been working on this for a long time and constantly I thought about it and decided to infiltrate the masses myself. Hence the worker's call that Lenin should be hanged. I speak thirty times at a meeting and then rush to another. I am deprived of normal nutrition. Sometimes I eat a fried pie on the go. And pies are fried not in butter, but more often in diesel fuel. Inessa does not help me, she is only good in bed, and I am tired, sometimes I am not fit for bed.
   − Well, if you want, I will replace you in bed, and it is better to go to the masses too...together with Nadezhda Konstantinovna − " Dzhugashvili said.
   "With this blind woman?" People will run away from her. You're better off alone with Inessa. You're not good at Russian, and she'll be in French, and I'll translate.
   "Ilych, don't. I have a young girl, also called Nadia, I live in their apartment, and my Nadia, this young Devochka, as soon as the light goes out, immediately runs to my bed under the blanket. And mne that delat, I can't resist, I'm a Caucasian man. And your Insa...for Lanyn, but not for Stalin.
   Inessa, hearing these words, shuddered and was filled with either hatred or anger, got up and went to her room. Neither Lenin nor Stalin noticed this; they had a difficult but important conversation.
   − Koba, and even what other news you have come out with it, don't be silent, silence is death.
   − My government isn't doing so well. At the front, thanks to our Sika, which conducts agitation for the decomposition of the spirit of the tsarist army, solid defeats began. In some places, there are interruptions in the supply of food to the city...
   "Any deaths recorded?" we need the proletariat to starve to death, and we will use this to our advantage. Koba, if you see where it is, let us know, and if you don't see it, strangle some woman at night, and we'll write: starved to death. Do you understand me, Koba?
   - My this budet ispolzovat.
   "And Bronstein, or Trotsky, will help you. He, in General, here gathered all the Russian fools to destroy and populate Russia with Jews. But I can't agree to that yet. Goose fools should be our Guinea pigs. We will use them to test all methods of revolutionary struggle, all forms of struggle against the priests, the intelligentsia, the peasantry, and the unruly working class, if such a struggle is discovered.
   − I don't know Trotsky, who Trotsky is.
   A scoundrel; and I don't know where he is. Menshevik.
   My opinion is that the Russian people are a good people, they should build communism and live in this communism. This will be an example for other Nations. But don't fall for the Jew.
   For the first time, Stalin looked at his Jew God Lenin with evil eyes, but Lenin also began to drill him with devilish eyes, and Koba trembled.
   - You, Koba, go to the masses, collect everything you can and report to me tomorrow. I'll expect you at eight in the morning.
   The really active Koba discovered that Petrograd was poorly supplied with food and basic necessities, as well as a shortage of raw materials at industrial enterprises, and a shortage of fuel. In this connection, there were mass layoffs of workers throughout Petrograd.
   The masses began to look closely at the Bolshevik slogans that promised Paradise on earth. Lenin seemed to have changed. From a state of despondency, he quickly turned into a restless fighter for the happiness of all mankind.
   Here and his right hand ganetsky (Fursternberg) presented him with a Royal gift. This was a plan to seize power, developed by the German secret services with great support from German bankers and the allocation of a huge amount of money intended personally for Lenin's employee as a German intelligence officer.
   The German plan called for not only monetary aid of fifty million marks, but also, most importantly, assistance in manpower. About three hundred thousand bayonets, who will fraternize with the revolutionary detachments, will take part in the revolution. They may be regular army soldiers, they may be volunteers, mostly Jews, to erect a fence around the Winter.
  "Um, the sweet bitches are back," Antonov - Ovseenko said, trying to Pat ona fat-ass's cheek.
  "Fuck you, weakling. You just whipped me, but your device is only good for a chicken - " said one broad-shouldered girl, throwing a log off her shoulders. The log crashed right under the commander's feet, but he jumped back to avoid thaumas.
  "Come on, boys, or we won't get anything." People are hungry and greedy. This psychology will end soon.
  "Let's go!" - roaring drunks.
  They had just stepped onto the slick marble steps and slowed to a walk, holding on to each other, when the sound of horses thundering over the square in front of the Palace, accompanied by trucks with machine guns on Board. In the middle, completely naked, belted with bayonets and pistols, a short-legged man with angry, slightly bulging eyes and a high headdress covering his bald head sat on a donkey.
  The donkey could not climb the stairs, so the rider had to dismount and go up to the second floor level himself. The ladies froze at the prospect of red Army thugs. The horses carried the Lenin guards on their backs to inspect the winter Palace, which was being looted by happy Soviet people.
  It was said that it was Lenin himself. A real, seasoned knight of the revolution raised his left and right hands and softly pronounced "mi ... ovaya evolution". Expropriation of the expropriated. This is what I wrote about not so long ago, my prophecies are coming true. Dear citizens, take as much as you can and drag it to your homes. The winter Palace should serve the people, not the bourgeoisie. Leiba, where are you? Order that canisters of petrol are delivered, that the Palace is doused from all four sides, and that we will make it a public place for the proletariat.
  "We've already described it and shat it, Vladimir Ilyich," Antonov - Ovseenko said.
  "We must wait, I ask, finally I demand," Leiba said. - We can sell this Palace to foreigners.
  "All right," Lenin said. - Why is no one copulating, why is everyone dressed, undress everyone, Leiba. I thought I'd find another painting here.
  "I'll be right back, Vladimir Ilyich," Kolontai said
  - And I now, added the countryman Who by then had slaughtered all men in the Crimea. - Just let them hold on to the twig."
  Kolontai immediately undressed and immediately approached, but Zalkind was ahead of her. She grabbed it.
  - Another order of the red banner and it's in my mouth."
  "Wait a minute," the chief said, and then disappeared.
  Returning to the empty Palace, the bandits, now servants of the people, rushed to destroy the portraits with bayonets and fill their pockets, and even bags with gold ornaments. Thus began the first plunder of the national treasure. This plunder will in the future be attributed to Lenin's genius, wisdom, military tactics, and the revolutionary enthusiasm that made Russia happy.
   If we do not consider that the proletarian masses rushed to the Palace with the purpose of looting EN masse, then, in fact, this was the entire assault on the Winter Palace. The Winter guard offered no resistance. On the contrary, the girls who guarded the Winter began to run away, who where, in order to avoid rape of Gopnik. When we were young, we believed that the "winter storm" was the greatest event in world history. But it turns out that there was no assault. There was a seizure of the old men who had lost their minds, the Ministers of the Kerensky government. And Kerensky himself in advance, calmly left Russia drowning in blood in an American jeep to sleep in the Embassy, and then left for eternal settlement in the United States, a wretched ruler, a vile traitor, a countryman of Lenin, as talkative a babbler rrible to look into them. There were a lot of empty apartments: take any one, move in and live. Many people chose a large apartment and close to work to walk to work. Some claim that this is how communal services were born, but this is an incorrect interpretation. The teachings of Lenin of course was supposed to stay municipalities.
   The poor settled in families for the safety of their life. If 3-4 families lived in one apartment, they were to some extent guaranteed from the invasion of night robbers.
   At that time, banditry was rampant in Petrograd, and there were raids every night. One person in an apartment can't fight off an entire gang. But when there are a lot of men in the apartment, then it is easier to fend off the attacks of bandits. That is, the appearance of communal apartments was not associated with the compaction of apartments of the bourgeoisie, as it was presented to us, but with the realities of life after the revolution. At that time there was no need to compact the bourgeoisie, because the bourgeoisie is the citizens of Petrograd. And they were almost all killed during the revolution, and the center of Petrograd stood with empty houses that had no one to settle.
   There were also much more difficult cases in the lives of those who did not have time to go abroad before the coup, they could not even dream of what awaits them, accidentally surviving during the pogroms.
   So it happened with Sofia Abrosimova, the only daughter of still quite young parents. In their family there was a maid, Dasha, a very kind, hard-working, but somewhat slovenly girl a year older than Sofia.
   The events of July 3-4, when the Bolsheviks suffered a crushing defeat, did not affect them. This gave hope in October, when the Bolsheviks again raised their heads, that their family would not be affected by these events. And then no one expected such a brutal massacre of ordinary people who took a neutral position − neither for the left nor for the right.
   Sophia made friends with Mary and helped her to do chores around the house. Together they did the Laundry, washed the floors and dishes.
   "Don't worry," Dasha said. − If anything goes wrong, I'll lock you in the attic room." No one will get in there.
   So it happened, as Dasha predicted.
   On the night of St. Bartholomew's day, when screams and crying began to be heard everywhere, Dasha grabbed Sophia by the hand, took her to the attic and locked her there, and left her a spare key just in case she couldn't go back and open the door for her.
   Having survived this horror, Sophia dressed in the clothes of a servant, put a handkerchief over her head and began to go down to the second floor, where everyone was already dead. No Dasha, no parents, only traces of blood on the beds, on the floor, turned out cabinets with broken dishes.
   In the dining room at a large table sat gopniki and sipped vodka.
   − Who will you be?" − I asked the mugger.
   − I cleaned at the owners, they fed me and gave me for the road when I was going to my mother.
   - Bush have us clean up? Now it's a sham. There are five families here. Everyone to please nadot.
   − Where are my masters?" Sophie asked, choking back a sob.
   − They swim in the Neva river, " one of them said. "It's a pity, isn't it?" However, come on, we'll hug you...
   − I'm still not cured, " said one of my suitors. Let me change the dishes: I'll bring a clean one, and I'll wash this one.
   Sophie, in fear, did not know what to do next, what to do? The desire to live told her to adapt. And she began to live a kind of double life, cleaning, and when the owners changed, she got used to them. And all this for the sake of life. In her spare moments, she went to the Bank of the Neva, looked at the water, crossed herself and whispered: may this water be your down. You have found eternal rest, and I cannot, I must spend my life in misery, I cannot lay hands on myself. Past year... She lived a long life. Already there was no massacre, it was already possible to live on a pension in her corner, which was allocated to her by the Soviet government, but then the war began, world war II...
   Soon after the seizure of power, and after a long period of euphoria, Lenin received General Hoffmann of German intelligence. Hoffman, as before, when Ilyich was his obedient employee, carefully and accurately followed his instructions, behaved haughtily and rarely looked into his blinking eyes, just as now, and even spat on the floor, thereby showing extreme disdain for the owner of the office. Ilyich, because of his short stature, jumped up and down in his chair in order to appear taller and more significant, but Hoffman at this time glared at him, as if intending to say: "attention, Shorty."
  In short, Hoffman behaved exactly as in the old days, when the little man Lenin was his subordinate. Moreover, he blew his nose loudly and his eyes did not stop at the furniture of the office where Lenin sat, sinking into a soft leather chair.
  The General was in a brand-new sund for an uprising, it was necessary to organize, or rather create, the Red army, to feed the proletarian masses, who could do nothing and did not want to do anything except pull the trigger.
   Moreover, Lenin mistakenly believed that the role of the army would be replaced by the armed masses, give them only weapons in their hands and they would do everything as it should, but soon had to admit their own mistake, and this was extremely difficult, and start creating their own red army at Trotsky's insistent suggestion.
   And here Lenin was rehabilitated. He called for pulling out the tsarist officers and putting them in command of the Gopnik, and if anyone refuses, immediately take the whole family hostage, including small children and infirm old people, who, if anything, are also subject to execution.
   Here you can not envy Lenin: he burned in the eyes of his colleagues and the entire proletariat, and he burned himself under the cover of night, when he tried to rest, to get an hour's sleep in order to restore his strength. But rest did not work, nerves began to give up, Inessa's caresses no longer worked, moreover, Inessa began to irritate the leader.
   Never had he been more agitated, more worried, than in these days, well aware that not only his future was at stake, but the future of his business, to which he had devoted all his hard life as an emigrant. Those were the nights when he shivered like an aspen leaf in the breeze.
   Sometimes it was a complete triumph, a transformation into an earthly deity, the joy of spilled blood, the pleasure of seeing slaves die for his idea of the good of all mankind and no one in particular. And this did not please him after the victory as much as before the victory. It seems that all were happy, but there was no one happy, especially him, is now a recognized leader.
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