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Even dead Stalin frightens his enemies

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  Even dead Stalin frightens his enemies whom he keeps on the alert even sixty years after his death. Already third generation of adepts of bourgeois shudders at simple mentioning of his name.
  In epoch of wild-scale operation on elimination of the USSR under code name "Perestroyka" the main efforts of anti-Soviet, liberal propaganda were directed against Stalin. Partisan propaganda men - anti communists avoid criticizing achievements of socialism as they didn't want "to look for troubles". Therefore they concentrated main efforts on discrediting of Stalin.
  Repressions carried out by him are the main charge against him. In their propaganda liberals firmly linked Stalin's name with repressions which they discussed here and there. Hardly repressions are the main reason of hatred of present liberals to Stalin. Hardly those who ruined and vandalized the USSR would be sincerely upset because of victims of Stalin repressions.
  As the events of last decades show, these misters remain absolutely indifferent to sufferings of tens millions Soviet people deprived with the beginning of "democratization" and "liberalization" of absolutely all - of great country, qualitative education, decent work, respect in society. Millions former Soviet people - those who protected and built the country - died in poverty, lack of food, absence of medicines. Liberals were not confused at all. What lives of some tens million mean in comparison with bright ideals of liberalism and inexhaustible riches of Russia which could be made a virtue of it.
  Actually liberals show surprising coolness to the sufferings and blood of other people. Genocide of local population in North America didn't influence the moods of the modern American society - it doesn't suffer of guilt complex. Tens million Hindus died of hunger or crucified by Britain colonizers in the name of prosperity of British Empire - well, great empire demands great victims. Liberals are not confused by barbarous bombing of Dresden by American - British aviation in 1945 when hundreds thousand peaceful citizens died in fire and one of the world cultural centers was destroyed during several hours. The same way they are not confused of atomic bombing of Japan, massacre on Korean Peninsula, in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan....
  It's normal as massacres were organized not by Stalin but American democracy. Thus I think that it's hardly possible to believe in sincerity of oversea and domestic liberals who are in anguish at Stalin repressions. Most likely that they don't care for victims of repressions, they are afraid of different thing: what if people will dig to the historical truth that besides repressed people there were hundreds million people - simple workers - whom Soviet power under the guidance of Stalin opened access to education and carrier which were not possible before. Besides repressions there was epoch when Russia reached unseen before and after power having become the second in the world economic and military empire (at that exclusively on behalf of own recourses after three destructive wars!) It was epoch when the worker was praised as he never was before!
  Those people protected country during war not to spare themselves not because they were afraid of repressions but because that protected their country, their power!
  Knowing historical truth people could compare a lot. Today present generation of former Soviet people already have such possibility. I thing that comparison will not be in favour of "New Order" having settled in the territory of former USSR as a result of so called "Perestroyka". This perspective frightens liberal propagandists whose efforts today, as well as twenty years ago are directed on discredit of Stalin.
  Stalin repressions were the main hot shot of Goebbels propaganda during the war. Then that propaganda influenced the course of war slightly - Soviet people made choice in favour of Soviet power and won. Goebbels propaganda turned out to be ineffective because Soviet people, especially those who stayed on temporally occupied territories could compare - Nazi terror couldn't be compared with stories about horrors of Stalin repressions.
  After the war the token of Goebbels propaganda were caught up by Western radio voices, At that former political prisoners - former Vlasovites, Banderovites and so on - worked harder than others. Goebbels propaganda adopted by West had success in the middle of 80s as new generation of Soviet people already had nothing to compare with. Though today former Soviet people live hard times and sooner or later those whom people in power treat scornfully would make their choice. I think the choice will not be in favour of liberals.
  Therefore I understand fear of Stalin repressions of those who became rich and made carrier on the ruin of the USSR. They have reasons to be afraid of. If they would become victims of repressions, it's hardly possible that simple people would be upset about their destiny and ask question: "For what?"
  One more thing. Looking at the quantity of betrayers and rascals who once ruined the USSR in the course of "perestroika" I think that may be repressions were at least partially justified?
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