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   (Dedicated to Alexander P.)
   Words and music: Pavel Voronkov
   Snowflakes fall
   It's January
   You and me
   Drinking the wi-ine
   We're in the mood
   Let's go down the alley
   And we will hear
   Music divine
   You and me
   Are January
   You and me
   Are having fu-un
   I want to live
   `Till that January
   When love will come
   To everyone
   I need you so
   You will not go
   My only friend
   With me you'll stay
   Like snowflakes fall
   Just on and on
   I hope that we
   Will find our way
   Instrumental verse.
   Memories pass
   And lose their meanings
   We won't be breaking the bricks
   Only breaking thin ice
   When sometimes else
   Lately in evening
   You'll hear the knock on your door
   Don't be surprised
   Snowflakes fall
   It's January
   You and me
   Drinking the wine
   Doing this
   Is making us merry
   Such a perfect way, pal
   To spend our time
   (Spoken:) Isn't it so?
   That January comes
   That January shows
   That we can live as one
   That we can live in love
   Repeat and fade.
   Dec 27, 2001 - January 2002

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