Pavel Voronkov: другие произведения.

Lady Mary

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   Lady Mary
   Words and music: Pavel Voronkov
      -- - F - D - C# - F#m
   Lady Mary, you have always known
   Lady Mary, I am lost without you
   Lady Mary, time goes by and shows
   All I can do is to dream about you
   Crazy world beneath the starry sky
   Goes to sleep and even stops its breathing
   Tipsy leaves are flying by and by
   To love is hard, to die is easy
   I'm dying with the pain of love
   But every morning, every evening
   You show me there's a sense and meaning
   In every word, and every note, and every feeling
   Instrumental break (harmony of a verse)
   (F#m - ... - C# - F#m)
   Baby, I don't wanna see you cry
   Pain will go though now it seems forever
   Look at you and always wonder why
   I love you so, you'll love me never
   Bridge 1
   Am - Dm - G - C - Bb - A - D
   Bridge 2 (a little faster)
   F#m - E - D - C#m7 (x2)
   Verse 2
   Chorus (x2)
   Verse 1
   (last chord - F#m9/C#*)
   Play this way: C# - F# - G#

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