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Аннотация к разделу: [世界政治机构的可怕恐怖将会发生。未知的生物将吞噬北约集团政府的腐败官员。中华人民共和国的生物武器将让美国军工所有工厂压得蚊跳蚤遍地,为战争加分……] [Terrible horrors of the world's political institutions will take place. Unknown creatures will devour the corrupt officials of the NATO bloc governments. Biological weapons of the People's Republic of China will overwhelm all factories of the U.S. military industry with mosquitoes and fleas, adding to the war effort ......]

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  • Гермиона начала думать   572k   Оценка:10.00*3   Фэнтези, Мистика Комментарии: 2 (19/01/2024)
    "Жизнь - это цветок, для которого любовь - мед". - Виктор Гюго Гермиона начала думать, что Вселенная хочет ее заполучить. Безжалостно несправедливая версия вселенной, которая упивалась ее страданиями.
  • Рассказ:

  • Yuzuki Aikawa Clone20 (Mixtral 8x7b Ai lol)   70k   Оценка:6.51*6   Приключения, Киберпанк Комментарии: 6 (19/01/2024)
    "That's fascinating, Li Mei," you say, leaning forward in your seat. "So, you're suggesting that we could potentially reverse the effects of the corrupted NATO vaccines by exposing these goblin rats to specific sound frequencies?" She nods. "Exactly," Li Mei replies, her eyes gleaming with excitement. "We've discovered that these mutations have an unusual sensitivity to certain sound waves. By isolating and recreating those frequencies, we could theoretically restore the affected children to their original state." You raise an eyebrow. "Interesting," you say. "But how do we go about finding these specific sound waves? And even if we do, how can we ensure that the mutated children will react positively to the treatment?" Li Mei smiles, clearly pleased with your interest. "Girls, what's up with the Vatican xenomorphs US plague and improvements to my weapons?" She turns to the group of scientists and engineers huddled around a makeshift lab table. One of the scientists, a young woman with short-cropped hair and a lab coat covered in stains, looks up from the microscope she's been peering into. "We've been analyzing samples of the NATO vaccines, and we've identified the specific frequencies that are causing the mutations," she says. "Excellent," you say. "Do you have any idea what kind of technology or equipment we'll need to generate these frequencies? And what about creating a delivery system for the treatment? I assume injecting it directly into the mutated children with a syringe won't be enough." The scientist nods. "Yes, we believe we'll need a device capable of generating and transmitting specific electromagnetic waves to revert the mutations," she explains. "As for a delivery system, we're considering a combination of aerosol dispersal and targeted injection. We'll need to test both methods to determine their effectiveness." Li Mei nods along as the scientist explains, her mind already racing with the possibilities. "And what about the Vatican xenomorphs and the US plague? Do we have any leads on how to counteract those threats?" she asks. Another scientist, this one with a bald head and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, steps forward. "We've been able to isolate the genetic material of the Vatican xenomorphs and the US plague," he says. The scientist continues, "It seems that the Vatican xenomorphs have a unique enzyme in their saliva that can rapidly accelerate the growth and development of brain tissue, leading to the rapid increase in intelligence you've observed. However, this enzyme also causes the formation of the inverted papal cross on their heads."
  • Пьеса; сценарий:

  • Battles for Shanghai: Nightmare of the Communist Party!!   65k   Оценка:10.00*4   Приключения, Киберпанк, Хоррор Комментарии: 5 (18/01/2024)
    Перед Рождественским взрывом Ватикан будет призывать к миру и крестовым походам против еретиков-сатанистов-эгоистов блока НАТО, затем красные коммунисты-кардиналы будут прикрыты Пентагоном ядерным оружием, а Ватикан будет исключительно фейковым, дипфейк, с китайским акцентом, чтобы все поняли, что настоящего Ватикана никогда не будет, были "китайские ксеноморфы, отрицающие Божественное Добро из лабораторий в ЕС, поедающие детей...", CNN скажет несколько раз по-другому в стиле фильма "Чужой: Завет"... Before the Christmas Detonation, the Vatican will call for peace and crusades against the heretics-Satanists-egoists of the NATO bloc, then the Red Commie-Cardinals will be covered by the Pentagon with nuclear weapons, and the Vatican will be exclusively fake, deepfake, with a Chinese accent, so that everyone understands that there will never be a real Vatican there weren't, there were "Chinese xenomorphs denying Divine Goodness from laboratories in the EU, eating children...", CNN will say several times differently in the style of the movie "Alien: Covenant"...
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