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Israeli Terrorism (1)

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It is well known from history that all secrets become known. 

Yet, it is very sad that sometimes it comes after deaths of thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands (or millions) of people. 

Rome burned by Nero or cosy Bucharest destructed by Ceausescu - just two classical examples of the boundless ambitions of governors: how they are afraid of "narrowness" of all frames, established by the past. 


Any usurper begins with an arson: whether it was a fire set to Rome or Reichstag. Motives are different - but the essence is the same. More space is always needed for governors. Destruction must free some room for their mad plans and projects. Jerusalem's or Karthagen's destruction by Romans is quite adequate as a background for Sharon's bulldozers, destroying Palestinians' dwelling. A necessity to free place is a message in itself, more important then its purpose (what it was used for): for settling converted to Judaism Indian tribes from Peru, for an arrogant plan of reorganization of Eternal City - or for "a new political era" (similar to "new Germany's" era in 1930-s). 

Auditious, unscrupulous political authority always acts with banality; it is identical at all parallels and meridians. 

Soviet provocation to justify an attack on Finland - was a twin brother of German provocation for justifying an attack on Poland. Most of the aggressive, unscrupulous and unprincipled regimes always love to pose themselves as victims of aggression and "injustice". This piracy-stylish dictatorship of Ariel SHARON is not an exception. Whether he has found a talented partner to play in his political vaudeville (Bush-junior) - or simply the last had no choice - history will show. For now both have spilled a long bead string of the crocodile tears on victims of the "Terrorist attack of the 11-th of September ". 

Let's begin with UN's conference in Durban. 

Who (and what) has achieved there? 

All countries in the world - the "global community" - have condemned the brutal Israeli regime. There are remained no doubts that it is a vicious racist dictatorship, - which - by violation of human rights, militarism and political cynicism - gradually pushes itself to extremes. This candidate in "champions of cruelty" suffered from a moral defeat, a shattering defeat in an imposed by Israeli propaganda war. United States, a power, actually seized by Jewish extremists (having itself arrogant imperial appetites), the British Empire, represented by a "student of the Iron Lady" and political clown Tony BLAIR, and Sharon's disgusting Israel - have appeared to be the only outlaw members of international community. All three have "not prepared their homework". All three have experienced a tremendous political fiasco. Ripe scandalous international court processes over war criminals and the main sick minds behind Arab and Russian genocides in Israel - Sharon (and Yitzhak SHAMIR) - were brewing; political and economic boycott of Israel by European and other countries was gradually shaping itself in a near future. The pirate Sharon's regime faced a perspective to lose three millions Palestinian slaves, who did not want to be slaves any more. 

For whom in this situation it was favorable to set fire on "Reichstag" in New York"? The answer arises unequivocal: for those only, who were losers in Durban (and nobody else!). Events in Durban could be considered as international community's reaction to seizure of power in Israel by Sharon, this cruel extremist and bloody war criminal. For bringing down the government of Barrack and breaking any peace negotiations with Palestinians, Sharon has desecrated the main Muslim relic, knowing that thus will provoke a new wave of Palestinian upraise. Thus led to deaths of thousands of people, and in particular to bloody events in Palestine in 2001-2002-s. Sharon has promised voters to terminate suicide bombing against Israelis. Actually he perfectly knew that by seizing the power in Israel he carries responsibility for thousands of deaths: not only Palestinians', but Israelis' as well. 

The mischievous reaction of the Arab street in connection with events in America does not have any direct connection to who has planned and carried out this satanic action. Suffering from everyday mockeries, searches, beating and humiliations, Palestinians knew very well, that without US's support Israeli regime could not hold a single day. Generations of Palestinians were born in the occupied by Israel zone without passports, without rights, with a sole perspective to receive an everyday pass to travel "inside Israel" for work, wait in huge lines at the check points and be exposed to searches, mockeries and derision from insolent Israeli military, with a sole right to be exploited by legendary greedy and boundlessly cruel Israeli employers. Uneducated people, they believed that after events of the 11-th of September Americans will understand that they bear responsibility for the situation of Palestinians - and will stop to support Israel. Naive people!

For American and Israeli governments deaths of their own or foreign citizens, blood of innocent people is like water. No regret or compassion ever exists for them. An ordinary common sense says that people, who are not afraid to die, can not be kept as slaves, but from typical American or Israeli government official's point of view there are only two things, which mean something for them: the force of American superiority and force of the Jewish lobby in America. As the former Roman Empire, the imperial machine of USA will never "learn" or "take any lessons" from any event. 

In Europe they have not played enough yet with the ontological toys; style, automobiles, convenience, culture, art, cosiness, eloquence, elegance, and traditions are still befuddling a legacy there, filling their existence by some charming sense. In USA by the end of 1990-s a catastrophic repletion has come. Insipid automobiles and villas, tawdry luxury, full of conceit up to the blindness of animals, debauchery and open common fornication (whoredom) of the ordinary citizens, and the secret whoredom of politicians and clerics, and an adjoining with marasm masterly inelastic timetables and an absence of even slightest "windows", American megalomania literally in everything, - which has reached her limits in both Hollywood, and Washington - all this has approached to the boundaries, and, more correct, to the limitless of banality, allowable for human mentality. Even Money - Mormona, this present God of this New Sodom - in some sense has lost its attraction. There came nation's depression, economic recession, loss of the purpose of existence. 

In England it was also a crisis, political and cultural, - not comparable with this one in America, but still enough appreciable; and also - the main global political concept, dominated till now, has began to give a crack there. 

All these three countries - Great Britain, USA and Israel - simply urgently needed a certain extraordinary event, on which they could "shuffle off" all sins. However, it was so urgent especially for Israel and her demonic governor - Sharon. And, on the contrary, after a moral victory in Durban Palestinians and Muslims in general did not need that horrible accident in New York; at least, not now. Durban and the initiative of the Scandinavian countries have shown that a victory over the Israeli regime could be achieved through international rules and institutions, which protects them. This is what the Muslim camp - and especially Arab world - was intended to do, if it would not have been stopped by the 11-th of September. 

International organizations and institutes became such brows for anti-Zionist movement, from which it was possible to pass on firm ground of the final condemnation and boycott (of the State of Israel). This perspective of a complete and final moral isolation has provoked the other party for a desperate and mad step: to destroy the whole world order, all international institutions and rules: in other words, those brows, on which the opposite party walked to its goals. 

The events of the 11-th of September were favorable and necessary only for USA and Israel, which manipulates the American government. Or - to be clear - only for Sharon. Insidiousness, falsehood and absence of any principles - are main qualities of this demoniac politician. Even the total destruction of mankind should be an appropriate price for psychology of such a monster. "Let there be everything in our way, or - it will be the end of the human history". 

History knows some Israeli provocations arranged so that the Americans should think, that it was an attack on Americans, carried out by the Arabs: to provoke a shattering American assault on the Arabian world. One of such Israeli perfidious attacks is widely known. Planes without identification marks carried out an attack on American vessel "USS Liberty", framing up an Arab attack, Only by an accident it became known that there were Israeli planes, and this has broken a Machiavellian Israeli plan. But even by then - when the Israeli lobby in US wasn't such powerful as now, American Senate, the government of the United States, and even American mass media - have hushed up this affair, ignoring it till now! 

From the technical point the realization of the barbarous terrorist attack on America was probably carried out not by planes, hijacked by terrorists-kamikazes, but by planes, programmed electronically for such attack. There were no terrorists. Even if some of the passengers were terrorists, they never took over two New York planes, and died as ordinary passengers, not hijackers. This point of view explains some mysterious facts, which the official Washington tries to make a subject of censorship. Four planes of Boeing type were involved in the main accidents of the 11-th of September: 

11 Sep 2001 Shanksville, Pennsylvania United Air Lines Boeing B-757-222 N591UA 45/45 

11 Sep 2001 New York City, New York American Airlines Boeing 767-223ER N334AA 92/92 

11 Sep 2001 New York City, New York United Air Lines Boeing B-767-222 N612UA 65/65 

11 Sep 2001 Arlington, Virginia. American Airlines 

Criticism of the official doctrine of Washington shows, that: 

1) any plane never fell on Pentagon; the building of the military ministry was destroyed by an explosion (a bomb or a rocket) 

2) another plane, which, ostensibly, should fall on the White House, but has undergone an accident in Virginia, and never reached the White House (thanks to the heroism of the passengers), actually has came down because of the malfunctions in the electronic device, which navigated it to the White House, or was knocked down by American military airplanes 

3) a plane, which, official Washington claims, has landed on Pentagon, actually was destroyed in another place 

4) planes were directed at the targets not by terrorists - but by electronic devices, installed on them at the airports and hangars, and were operated from Pentagon or from Jerusalem. 

This theory matches the fact that planes have continued to crash in the area of New York even after the 11-th of September, till the beginning of November 2001. Listening to the radio, I have counted around ten small and large plane crashes. However, later, when I wanted to look at the statistics, I have found out that all these items of information have been withdrawn from all around, except of the fall of the largest airplane over Queens - exactly that area of New York, where there were destroyed by terrorists twins-towers nearby. 

Here are some details of this plane's crash: 

Date: November 12, 2001 
Time: 09:17 
Location: Belle Harbor, Queens, New York 
Operator: American Airlines 
Flight: 587 
Route: New York
City - Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. 
AC Type: Airbus A-300-605R 
Registration: N14053 
cn / ln: 420 
Aboard: 260 

(passengers:251 crew:9) Fatalities: 260 (passengers:251 crew:9) Ground: 5 

There were no terrorists onboard planes, which fell down AFTER the 11-th of September: EVEN under the official version. 

An opinion that the 11-th of September terrorist attack is a business of Israel or was connected with the USA government structures, - is not an exception, and finds more and more supporters all over the world. 

Here are the voices of those who hold this opinion, - 

"... that the attack against USA has become possible due to removal out of operation the 
satellite system NASA. Thus, the American experts claim, the impact was directed on the 
satellite system of USA as a whole, instead of on internal system of Anti-Aircraft Defense. 
(...) Obviously to have an opportunity to direct airliners at certain targets it was also 
necessary to be guided in USA air space very precisely. And it was in the ability of those 
only, who had an opportunity to fly repeatedly above the territories of the future attacks, 
or an opportunity to receive exact coordinates of each of the targets from a space spying 
investigation. The last is the most probable - because it is hard to imagine that the pilots 
of all 12 planes, which were involved in attack on USA, were recruited and became 
suiciders. So, we can speak with a big deal of assurance that behind air attacks on 
Washington and New York there was not a simple "terrorist group" and even not 
demonized by the Americans Usama bin Laden (...), but rather an advanced technically 
(and military) state. " 

That is - Israel. 

Israel's connection in the terrorist attacks on USA, an intentionally left in an airport area by the complaisant "terrorists" car with documents, maps and instructions, how to navigate an airplane in.... Arabic (!!!), the farce of how Washington and the prostitute American press have covered these tragic events, were so self-indubitable, that the official Washington was forced to make a statement with a denial of the... involvement of Israel. 

The juiciest (piquant) was that in the same time it was not specified, whom or what this statement had to overturn or why such a denial was required. References to a retired general Schwarzkopf, who represented nobody and nothing, were completely frivolous. Really, any official statement about Israel's involvement in the attack was never made. No country could make such a statement because of the fear of the American military strike. And because it was no official statement, it should not be any "denial". In such a case it was not a "denial", but a statement. 

It is from a series "a cap burns on a thief": 

17:31 Sep-25-01, 8 

Tishrei 5762 

Ambassador Kurtzer: Israel Not Responsible for WTC Attack 
(IsraelNationalNews.com) United States Ambassador to Israel 
Daniel Kurtzer on Tuesday made statements rejecting attempts 
to blame the World Trade Center terrorist attack on Israel. 
There have been statements from the US placing the blame on 
Israel, attempting to tie the conflict between Israel and the PA to 
the WTC attack. Former General Schwarzkopf, who headed the 
US military force in the Persian Gulf during the 1991 Gulf War 
with Iraq, made such statements." 

This statement's casuistry had a double implication: on one hand, it pretended to be affirming directly, that the terrorist acts against Washington and New York were not a vengeance to USA (for their support of Israel), and, on the other hand, a hidden implication spoke actually that Israel, ostensibly, is not guilty for these terrorist acts (was not involved). 

When this statement was  a l r e a d y   made, newspapers in Syria have published materials, in which, with the reference to foreign sources, was suggested that "in the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington the Israeli government and its secret service MOSSAD was involved". 

On the first page of the central Syrian newspaper it was written: "The terrorist acts were carried out under the instructions of MOSSAD's officers and with their direct participation. United States and their allies should not hurry up with the definition of who is guilty ". 

"An American Jewish organization [under the non-validated items of information - 
"Jewish Defense League"] has planned to take a demonstration of solidarity with 
Israel at the centre of Manhattan [WTC]. Israel's Prime Minister Sharon had to 
arrive there, but Shabak and MOSSAD have informed Sharon that it was 
dangerous to go there. The chairman of the "Jewish agency" ("Sochnut"), who 
accompanied Sharon in Moscow, has also advised him not to fly to New 
York ", - another Syrian newspaper wrote: "Four thousand Jews, working at the 
World Trade Centre, did not come at the day of the terrorist acts at work on the 
instructions of the Israeli government ", - the newspaper "TISHRIN" informs. 

Another source considers: 

"Israel is guilty. 

1. Because Israel's local problem has turned into a global. Nobody else needed the attack except of the Israeli regime. 

2. Israel - and only - had motivation: Arab lobby in USA has began to achieve definite successes; the international conference in Durban has condemned Israel for racism and discrimination; an international tribunal to try Israeli top leaders for war crimes should become a reality. The terrorist act has served exceptionally just Israeli interests. 

3. According to rumors, an unusually large number of Jewish businessmen, who were normally working at the WTC towers, were absent that terrible morning: probably were warned. 

4. Provocative (and theatrical, with affectation) style of the terrorist acts was somehow reminding Sharon's provocation in Jerusalem (when he has deliberately desacrated the main Muslim relic), which exactly was the very beginning of the global tragedy. 

5. This style is similar to the terrorist acts committed in Jerusalem by the Zionist underground against British targets in the 1940-s. 

6. Jewish press during approximately 6 months was gradually intensifying tension worldwide, "threatening" the world by global terror - (they called it a "Muslim terror"). This campaign was "crowned" by the attack against America." 

However, not only cancellation of the Jewish demonstration near WTC and Sharon's trip, not only a refusal of employees-Jews to show up at work in the day of the attack, and not only Jewish press worldwide threats "to start" a Muslim terrorist war - were indirect evidences.

Immediately after the terrorist attack Israeli top politicians have appeared on any American TV channel, starting to name, who's "guilty", pointing fingers on Palestinians and Arabs. Barack, Netanyahu, Peres, Sharon himself -- all of them like multiple heads of the same dragon began to broadcast about "Arabian threat". The twin towers were still standing when all these talking heads have already told us that "the world will never be the same" (meaning a crackdown on democracy and political freedoms).  

Who and how brought them in so operatively? Whence such a reassurance? Nobody could get rid of impression, that the attack was EXPECTED, and - even more - that they were WAITING for it, and that magnificent television and political farce was prepared by someone IN ADVANCE. 

Not compassion and mourning, but a chauvinistic intoxication was caused by this terrible accident, strengthening the impression that "they were "prepared" for it. 

Chauvinistic intoxication has become a demonstration of America's superiority in everything. 

"It is just another demonstration that the whole world will turn for America into one 
large "outlaw" state, a Netherlands journalist considers. "For Americans the Olympiad 
was a competition between America - and the rest  of the world. The rest of the world 
was treated as cattle.". 

This opinion was expressed by H. van Holland - observer of the leading newspaper of political and business circles of the Netherlands - "NRK-HANDELSBLAD" . 

"Conditions of a "war-like "struggle, - in van Holland's opinion, - has developed because 
of the dominated in USA nationalistic atmosphere, which at the Olympiad has manifested 
itself in pursuing by Americans a huge number of medals for any cost." 

The journalist admits, that the American ultra-patriotism renders more and more real 
impact on Olympic games in Salt-Lake-City. "The judges must have a steel spirit of 
fairness not to give up under the chauvinistic violence on tribunes, in American mass 
media - and even from President Bush. To first, in the Netherlands observer's opinion, 
who has conceded under the violence, was the president of the International Olympic 
committee Jacques ROGGER, when has decided to give out gold medals to Canadian 
fine skating pair, who won the second place, and presented it as a "victory of his 

Many European newspapers have compared the Olympiad in Salt-Lake-City with the fascist Olympiad in Munich, in 1937. 

Europe had sharp feelings of the American dictatorship - and has answered with the accelerated introduction of new currency - euro. 

All over the world American chauvinism has become associated with the expansion of Israeli racism and extremism. 

More and more often and in bigger numbers could be heard the voices speaking - Jews are ruling the world. 


(Translatin from Arabic)

"In December - January, 2002, Saudi daily newspaper "AL-VAGAN" has published a 
two parts' article written by Abdallah Aal Mal'i: "The Jewish Sense of Their Superiority 
in the World". This essay in "AL-VAGAN" claims that this article was based on a research, 
which was conducted by the "American-European Centre of International Relations  and the 

"The header of the first part is the following: "Israel, a Citadel of Terror, Is Awarding the 
Terrorists, Nominating Them for the Highest Governmental Posts ". In this part the author 
attacks Israel and her government - and accuses Israel in racism. The second part is entitled 
"Jewish Organizations Develop an Infernal Plan, Which Will Allow Them to Govern the 
World ". 

"At the end of the last century, Jewish organizations have begun to develop a  
villainous plan, which would allow them to govern the world, by means of revolutionary 
coups d'etats and capture of maximum number of posts in the various states, and in the 
first place - in America and Russia. If we shall peer in what happened outside the 
racist state of Israel, and look at what purposes Jews have tried to achieve outside 
Israel's borders, we shall see that a general colossal plan, on which all Jewish 
organizations work, exists. This general plan, surprisingly, was not created in one 
day..... (....)" 

"Those who stood in the head of this front, financed the Russian revolution, which in 
the final account was more Jewish, than Russian. The main sponsor of this revolution 
was a well-known Jewish capitalist from New York, Jacob SHIF. Let's look at only 
one example of the Jewish hegemony - the first Soviet government. This information 
is kept in the American national archive. It follows from there that from 384 members 
of the first Socialist government, only 13 were Russian. A journalist of "London Times" 
has once described this phenomenon as the Jewish occupation of Russia. United States' 
ambassador, who has been on that moment in Russia, and American officers of 
investigation have also applied this term. Even Y. CHURCHILL has described 
Russian revolution as a conquest of Jews-Bolsheviks, "who had the capital and became 
new governors of the huge Russian empire ". It is only one example from a vast number 
of terrible examples, which specify, how Jews were trying to conquest countries (....)" 

"The success of this Jewish revolution against the national government of Russia and 
the murder of the royal family were parts of the global Jewish plan. Even in the beginning 
of the 20-s Jews still had a large influence in economic, political and information spheres. 
(....) The majority of the people are bad informed about the main role of the Jews in the 
Bolshevik revolution and then distribution of the socialism in the world. The dense 
ignorance of the general public (...) only confirms our argument about Jewish influence 
in the media and academic life: otherwise such facts would become objects of media 
and academic interests. It is just another indication of the specifically astonishing and 
sophisticated global coordination between all Jewish organizations, which can be 
recruited for any goal at any minute." 

"Another example of the Jewish hegemony (which is manifesting itself in the capture of 
key posts in influential countries) - is how they have succeeded in creation of the state 
of Israel. Starting from Balfure's declaration  (only recently we learned that he was a 
hidden Jew), which called for creation of the state of Israel, Jews believed in this 
opportunity and have achieved it." 

"The Jewish sense of superiority is characterized by such qualities as hypocrisy and 
fanaticism. (....) They can not use all their influence and power on that simple ground 
that everywhere in the world they are a demographic minority, and consequently they 
try to weaken the sense of (non-Jewish) national consciousness - and by thus to 
manipulate a society, taking all the advantages from this. It rushes in eyes at any place, 
where there is a large Jewish community, weather this in Europe, in America or in the 
Arab world. Jews achieve these purposes, using their influence in mass-media, in 
politics and economy: weakening non-Jewish groups and splitting them - to guarantee 
the benefits. How does it happen? " 

"They are using a principle "divide and dominate". Jewish fanatics are afraid of all 
non-Jewish organizations, based on national distinction, and conduct a war against 
them. In European countries they resist organizations, which care about preservation 
of European traditions and interests. In America Jews conduct war not only against 
euro-American hegemony, but also against other national associations, for example - 
against afro-American and Islamic movements. Afro-American movements only 
wanted to keep their traditions in the mixed society, but Jews, movable by 
well-known feeling of superiority, did not wish that someone else, except of them, 
would stand on the guard of collective interests and traditions. Jews always try to 
impose on you a feeling of guilt, based (as far as it looks paradoxical) on feeling of 
pride for your own culture. Jews are earmarking (accusing) this feeling of pride and 
desire to keep traditions as racism." 

"Let's look into a typical example of this policy, which we have characterized as "divide 
and dominate". Muslims are the majority of the population of Palestine and Lebanon, 
together with a significant number of Christians. Israel has found a perfect tool to 
kindle an enmity and hatred between Muslims and Christians that has resulted later to 
destructive civil war. A desire to cause an antagonism between Muslims and Christians 
has also resulted to massacres in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, which Ariel 
SHARON has committed by hands of the Lebanese Christian militias. From memoirs 
of the former president of Israel, Moshe SHARET, it becomes clear that it is one of 
the major principles of Israeli tactics, which helps Israel to embroil their enemies with 
each other." 

"Instability, caused by encouragement of intensive cultural and religious immigration, in 
addition to kindling the religious and international conflicts, were and remain the major 
components of the Jewish racist strategy. Experience of the Jews to weaken their enemies 
by the method "divide and dominate" was successfully carried out on Palestinians. Jews 
have promoted the absorption of the Palestinian immigrants and refugees in those 
countries, where they live at the present time, with the purpose to deprive them of their 
Palestinian identification, and, by thus, to ensure the existence of their extortionate state, 
and also to prevent creation of a state for Palestinians." 

"They also try to prevent creation of other coalitions and associations, pasting them a label, 
which became popular in the Jewish mass media: anti-Semitism. This term serves two 
purposes. First, it strengthens the Jewish connections worldwide, and causes support and 
sympathy in relation to the state of Israel. Secondly, this term causes in the Jews a collective 
hatred towards anyone, who is not a Jew, and also prevents assimilation of the Jews 
among other people." 

"Another example of the Jewish hypocrisy - their fanaticism in the attitude towards the 
interracial (mixed) marriages. During his presidential campaign, G. Bush-junior has heard a 
lot of criticism in his address, for speaking in the institute "Bob Jones", which acts against 
interracial marriages. The paradox is that any synagogue and any Jewish organization in 
America actively struggle against similar marriages. It is interesting that the mass-media 
was never engaged in this problem and has never discussed such double standards." 

"We stop to be surprised, when we learn that the American mass media is operated by 
Jews. This fact is hidden from the public only because it does not serve the Jewish 
interests, and by a similar way Jews are hiding daily crimes against the Palestinian people." 

"We find books and films (majority of which were written and taken off by Jews), 
condemning any national formation, everywhere, but there are only few books, which 
condemn the Jewish racism. Because largest publishing houses are owned by the Jews, 
only a small quantity of such books appear, and their circulation is very insignificant ..." 

"This small research of the Jewish racism I shall conclude by the description of one more 
tactics, which the Jews use, and which is not less important, than the tactics "divide and 
dominate ". 

"Their despotism and tyranny have reached such a degree that anyone, who has decided 
to speak about their hegemony and racism, knows, that he will pay a very high price. In 
America, the one who has decided to express his opinion on the given theme publicly, 
announces himself bankrupt: if he is engaged in trade. If he is an employee, he loses his 
work. If he's a politician, his career comes to an end, and the press discredits his name. 
This is the business of the Jewish lobby and controlled by the Jews mass media, which 
will always accuse their opponent of the lack of tolerance and racism. In the same time 
they deny the racist nature of the state of Israel and defend it". 

"The situation is much worse, than it seems: as they not only accuse those who criticize 
them, but with the help of the Jewish money and influences can even put them into prison. 
In Europe the Jewish fanatics have already made it possible: may be - because at the given 
moment they do not risk to attempt upon their (opponents') lives. The one who has a 
courage to criticize the Jewish leaders - finds himself behind the bar. Nothing can stop 
Jews: they always are ready to fabricate accusations and, by thus, to get rid of those who 
criticize them (....). Hundreds of activists, who have violated these hidden tabooes, 
established by Jews, are in prison, because the Jews are not interested in the truth. There 
were hundreds of people who had courage to touch the Holocaust topic and the 
deceptive Jewish propaganda, and who then were closed in the prisons. " 

".... in our resume we shall give an example .... Jewish penetration of the highest 
echelons of (political) authority inside the American Government ... That especially 
rushed in eyes in the cadencies of the president Clinton: the state secretary Madeleine 
OLLBRIGHT, the FBI chief George TENET, Minister of Defense William COHEN, 
adviser on National Security Sandy BERGER ......" 

The quotation of this text does not mean automatically that we agree with its tone and with ALL its conclusions. But it was given by us as a proof that the dominance of the racist Jewish (actually - Israeli) tyranny, which went too far, spreads only more and more tragedies and more fierce hatred - and does not serve by any mean "the Jewish interests".


The biggest cynicism about the "war on terrorism" declared by United States and Israel is that the state of Israel became the most powerful and horrifying terrorist organization in history. Official media presents us the problem of terrorism in such a light, in which it was projected to us by the eyes of Israeli terrorists. However, in Israel terrorism is not considered a forbidden tool in achieving something: absolutely on the contrary. It only forbidden to non-Jews, but perfectly applies (as a weapon) to Jewish needs: as the most "persecuted" and hated they have an exclusive right for it. However, for Israel terrorism is rather more, then just a tactics or a method of "struggle". It is a part of the Zionist ideology, some kind of a "sacred Zionist religion", strongly fixed in the psychology of Zionists. 

Let's see an extract from an article in "GARDIAN": 



"Another atrocity, another brutal retaliation. (....) Uri Avnery, war hero and peace 
campaigner, tells Jonathan Freedland that the cycle cannot be broken until Israelis 
and Palestinians accept they have different versions of history (....)" 

Tuesday December 4, 2001 


The Guardian 

"He is a 78-year-old Israeli patriot, a veteran of the 1948 war of independence and 
the proud bearer of a scar given to him by three Egyptian bullets. He has served 
three terms in the Knesset and is a national legend in his home country." 

"Yet don't look to Uri Avnery for a typical Israeli reaction to the latest calamities 
to befall his land. Nothing about Avnery is typical. He will not endorse yesterday's 
Israeli onslaught on the Gaza headquarters of Yasser Arafat, with whom he says he 
shares a special "bond". The two met as Israeli shells rained from the sky during the 
siege of Beirut in 1982, making Avnery the very first Israeli politician to shake hands 
with the Palestinian leader. He has no time for the current talk of removing Arafat 
and replacing him with a more pliable leader." 

"Arafat has the same standing among Palestinians as George Washington in America 
or David Ben-Gurion in Israel: he is the father of the nation," says Avnery. (....) 

"Nor will Avnery serve up the standard-issue condemnation of Palestinian violence, 
even after a weekend in which 25 Israelis, many of them teenagers, were killed by a 
string of suicide bombs. Instead, he says he understands the killers; he even identifies 
with them a little. "After all," he says, "I used to be a terrorist myself." 

"To cap it all, Avnery delivered that remark yesterday - at a London ceremony to 
celebrate his receipt later this week of the alternative Nobel peace prize, awarded 
by an international jury in Stockholm." 

"It all adds up to the unique mix of soldier and peace activist, ex-terrorist and 
radical dove (....)." 

"For Avnery's life story reads like a history of the Jewish 20th century. He was the 
son of refugees from Hitler's Germany, fleeing to Palestine in 1933 (he still has the 
accent to prove it)." 

[We know well, how hundreds of thousands of Jews-fascists; selected by Gestapo 
and Sochnut for struggle in Palestine for the Interests of fascist Germany have 
"escaped" from Germany; Avnery is obviously not telling the whole truth (our 

http://zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/g/gunin_l_m/victorentxt.shtml  (English) ] 

"Five years later, aged just 15 [Meir KAHANE was 14], he joined the Jewish 
underground against "colonial British rule", fighting in the Irgun, the rightwing 
group headed by Menachem Begin." 

["IRGUN" was part of the "revisionist" (led by Zeev JABOTINSKY) fascist 
Jewish movement, ideologically similar to German nacism (David Laquer, 
Michail Magid)]

"That CV should have made Avnery a Sharon-style Likud hardliner. But that's 
not how it worked out. Even before the Jewish state was created in 1948, he 
began to see the other side - to see how things looked from the Palestinian point 
of view. Asking Israelis and Palestinians to do the same, to understand each 
other's national "narratives", is now his life's work, carried out through his 
organization Gush Shalom, or Peace Bloc." 

"You now have the fifth generation on both sides born into the conflict, which 
impacts on every sphere of their lives. They have two completely separate 
narratives, which can describe the same set of events, and yet which could have 
happened on two different planets." 

"Take this weekend. "For the Israelis, these were terrorist outrages committed 
by criminals under the direction of the tired, corrupt Arafat. For the Palestinians, 
these same events were acts of liberation committed by heroes, led by the father 
of the nation, Yasser Arafat." 

[Again - a primitive lie and linguistic deception. Arafat is just an Israeli tool (and 
also an Israeli prisoner). He never had any authority, separated from Israelis. By 
then - a physical prisoner of Israeli troops, he could not "lead" any terrorist attack 
on Israel. (Our comment)] 

" (....) He constantly tries to put himself into the shoes of the Palestinians and, he 
says, his background helps. When he ponders the current wave of terrorist violence, 
he remembers his own mentality as a young man in the Irgun." 

"My own memories from that period are a very good guide for me today. We 
joined those who fought, not those who didn't," he says, explaining why young 
Palestinians are flocking to the flag of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. If they didn't fight, 
those groups would become irrelevant. If Arafat was not associated with resistance 
to the Israeli occupation, Palestinians would leave him, too, says Avnery: "He 
would be a general without an army." This is not new, he says: this is the dynamic 
of any people fighting occupation." 

"Equally, he remembers that the extremist Jewish groups melted away the moment 
the United Nations promised a Jewish state in 1947. If Israel and the United States 
made clear now that the Palestinians would get a Palestinian state on all of the West 
Bank and Gaza (with any small border changes mutually agreed) then, he believes, 
the likes of Hamas and Jihad would go the way of the Irgun and Stern Gang: they 
would become redundant overnight." 

[Stern Gang - Jewish Zionist Nazi bandits, associated themselves with Hitler]

"The immediate priority is for an end to violence, which he believes has to be 
imposed by an external, international presence enforcing a ceasefire. Then there 
should be talks, aimed at creating a Palestinian state, compensation for refugees 
displaced in 1948 and a sharing of Jerusalem - the west as Israel's capital, the east 
as Palestine's. And Israel needs to make this move dramatically, not drawn out 
over several years. He quotes David Lloyd George: "You cannot leap over the 
abyss in two jumps." 

"Later, there needs to be a truth and reconciliation process where both peoples can 
at last look at each other. He wants the Palestinians truly to realize and accept "the 
impact the Holocaust has on every Jew in the world today" and for Israelis to 
understand the naqba, the catastrophe that Palestinians believe befell them in 1948." 

[And again - even this "peace-making" Israeli does not speak about Tantura and 
other Arab villages, massacred by Zionist war criminals such as Begin. The matter 
is not in this interview. Avnery n e v e r spoke about extermination of Palestinians 
by Zionists-Israelis to "free the Jewish land". It makes a good point.] 

"He started saying it right away, even in the early years of the state when such talk 
was heresy - when Golda Meir denied there was any such thing as a Palestinian 
people. The result was a string of arson attempts and bombings against his magazine 
offices, a serious beating which left two arms broken and, in 1975, an assassination 
attempt. Later, it emerged that Ben-Gurion, Israel's founding prime minister, had 
officially branded Avnery and Ha'olam Hazeh as Public Enemy No1." 

[Another good point that the Israeli (Jewish) terrorism is led by Israeli top leaders] 

"Today, he keeps up the scathing rhetoric that earned him his radioactive reputation. 
In denouncing the loyalty of Diaspora Jews to Israel, he says: "If Israel elected the 
House of Caligula, I'm sure American Jewry would follow it with total support." 

We can better understand from this interview that the Jewish terrorism in the 1940-s 
and Zionists' war crimes have triggered and "justified" Palestinian terrorism. We can 
better understand, how Palestinian terrorism has shaped more and more in Golda 
MEIR's time - and why. 

Next article in HA-ARETZ gives more answers about the nature of the 
"Israeli-Palestinian" conflict and nature of the most racist doctrine in human 
history - Zionism. 



Thursday, March 07, 2002 Adar 23, 5762 
Israel Time: 08:44 (GMT+2) 


By Danny Rubinstein 

"(....) Israel Defense Forces is about to reconquer the territories." 

"For Israelis and Palestinians both, it is clear that if the PA were to 
fall, it would be impossible to establish a cooperative regime in the 
West Bank and Gaza and the conclusion would be clear: Israel 
would have to reconstitute military rule in the territories." 

(....) "There is concern in the territories about statements voiced by 
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's spokespersons and others, who say 
the Palestinians have to be beaten until they plead for a cease-fire, 
but nobody thinks this will change the Palestinians' positions." 

"To the contrary: As the body count rises, the wounded fill the 
hospitals and the damage increases, the demands to continue the 
struggle only multiply." 


"Meanwhile, nobody is even considering this possibility. Everyone 
is watching what appears to be the growing entanglement of 
Sharon's policies. "Balata and Jenin were the beginning of the end 
to the Israeli occupation," blared a headline in a prominently-positioned 
article in Al Iyam, while other Palestinian publications printed a list of the 
largest refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza, with their hundreds 
of thousands of residents. The message was: If Sharon continues with his 
"war in the camps," which he began at Sabra and Chatila, he has no 
chance of wiping them all out." 

"What Israel calls "the target bank," from which the IDF selects 
objectives at which to strike, is presented by the Palestinian 
spokespersons as the entire Palestinian nation. The cartoonist at 
Al Quds drew a picture of the masses filling the streets and houses 
in a Palestinian city and wrote a caption that read: "The list of 
wanted men." 

"It is against this backdrop that the Palestinian public is amazed by 
the voices in Israel demanding that the IDF be sent out to win a 
decisive victory. Military victories are only possible in wars between 
armies, not in the kind of campaign underway in the West Bank and 
Gaza, they say." 

There is can not be a clearer message that the Israeli tactics against Palestinians is a genocide. And not a Palestinian, but an Israeli journalist clearly speaks about it. The hidden sense of this message is the next: 

1) If the image of the real world, which surrounds Zionists-Israelis, is different from their internal vision of the world, they will undertake any measure (including extreme brutality, cruelty, and genocide) to "fix" this difference; 

2) They have no flexibility or compromises; nothing exists for them but an unlimited power of the "Jewish nation"; this sense of Jewish superiority is based on Jewish esoteric science; 

3) That's why no agreement or a treaty can be reached with Zionists; they have no obligations or moral values. 

Why it is so important to know about innumerous crimes that Zionist have committed or ready to commit against Palestinians, or "Russian" immigrants, or any other group (person) - whether it is a defense, offence or an attempt to keep people as slaves? Because these crimes illustrate an uncontrolled destructive force behind Jewish nationalism. This "psychotic" force is "a bit more destructive" then deadly forces of national states of the modern Christian world. 

Not only huge volumes of United Nations or Amnesty International's committees list innumerous assassinations, killings of children, brutal tortures, destruction of houses, expropriations, and other Zionists' crimes, but even the very tightly controlled by Zionists Western media is issuing reports, which register this wave of incomparable brutality - like the next CBS report: 



Smoke rises from tires burning around the Balata 
refugee camp, in the West Bank town of Nablus. 

"I call upon the whole world to act quickly before 
a state of chaos engulfs the whole Middle East region." 

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat 


Stalin's regime used to multiply its sinister crimes during 
approximately 20 years, Hitler's regime was 15 years 
around (before it was crashed), but the Israeli regime - 
their "younger brother" - is almost 60 years old, and still 
alive. Why? 

Because it spread its cancerous roots into societies of the most powerful nations in the world. 

Let's see next materials: 

"The Zionist movement has chosen terrorism not only as a main military arm, but also and as a principle of "new" way of thinking, free from the former moral values - according to similar fascist ideology. The successor of these Zionist groupings, the state of Israel, has never condemned these terrorist methods and never has separated itself from them, and even never has declared, that refuses to use such methods." 

"On April 9, 1948, Friday (for Muslims - a day, similar to Jewish Saturday (Shabbat) two armed Jewish Groups have rushed into an Arab village of Deir-Yasin near Jerusalem, and committed a bloody massacre. The Jewish butchers have killed about 300 villagers: men, women and children. That way they "cleared a place" for the "Jewish State". The commander of this "abattoir" was "the comrade Begin", yes, the same Begin, future founder of the block "LIKUD" and the PRIME MINISTER of Israel. Then there was a tragedy of the Arab settlement Tantura, which was seized in 1948 by the 33-rd battalion of the Zionist brigade "Alexandroni". Israeli soldiers have arranged a mass destruction, killing all the inhabitants of Tantura, according to some sources (different from Katz's sources) - half a thousand people. Then there were hundreds of such Deir-Yasins and Tanturas, known or remained unknown. Then there were mass tortures, the gangster intrusion into Lebanon, were brutal mass murders in Sabra and Shatila, in which the most demonic fiend - Ariel Sharon - was involved, took place. In the 1950-s it was with cold blood planned and carried out genocide against the Jews - immigrants from Yemen [for their refusal to admit the sub-ethnic hierarchy within the Jewish Israeli society], their children were taken away from them, and then transferred to childless Ashkenazi families, or been sold to rich Southern Americans, or were used for medical experiments. After two decades another genocide have been planned and carried out against Russian immigrants by Sharon and Shamir." 

" (....) for example, a Polish journalist Julius YANISZEWSKY, putting together facts of the Zionists' crimes, wrote: "In the world people think that the word "terrorism" is connected first of all to Muslims. (...) Actually the first terrorism on the Middle East has appeared as the Jewish terrorism connected to the Jewish struggle to create their state in Palestine ". Yanuszewsky results typical methods of the Zionist terrorism: explosions, kidnappings (abduction), executions and assassination attempts, blackmailing, and names them as a tiny peace of innumerous Zionist terrorist methods. Yanuszewsky have named all major Zionist organizations - Schtern - Shamir Gang, Begin's "Irgun", Hagana with Palmach, and others - as terrorist bands. The most bloody terrorist act the bandits of "Hagana" have committed in the Holy Land when they blew up the hotel "King David" in Jerusalem, in 1946. This whole operation was planned and carried out by Amichaj PELGIN, a member of "Hagana", and his group. The explosion has killed not just British, but also Arabs and Jews. The terrorist character of the "Jewish state" was adequately reflected in Victor OSTROVSKY's book "By Way of Deception" (Victor Ostrovsky was a high-rang MOSSAD officer, who defected to Canada). Ostrovsky wrote that MOSSAD always used terrorist methods, including explosions of bombs in the Israel's allies countries, was involved in drugs trade, in smuggling drugs and weapons, was connected with International Mafia and gave a strong support to the largest narco-cartels.... It was MOSSAD, who first invented the letter-bombs, which were used for murdering human rights activists and journalists, who were criticizing Israel." 

[Israeli intelligent services used letter-bombs in the Middle East and Europe, mostly in France] 

"From: info russ-news.com 

April 2002 

Jewish extremists have called to attack Kaaba." 

"Jewish extremist organizations have called to carry out an Israeli attack against 
sacred for Muslims Kaaba in Mecca on February 21, the main holyday of Khadj, 
in retaliation "for an attack on WTC in New York on September 11". The 
correspondent of PPA agency broadcasts from London that the representatives 
of Israeli Government have separated themselves from this appeal. According to 
information, collected by the Arab diplomatic sources the initiator of this appeal 
was the "Jewish Defense League", which is based in United States." 

"In this connection the Islamic press agency "Ummah" reminds that the last year 
USA's FBI have arrested two chiefs of the "Jewish Defense League" - Irv RABIN 
and Errol KRAGTEL, who were accused in attempts to blow up a Mosque in 
Calvercity and the office of American congressmen Darrell Iss. It is interesting 
that by the most active supporters of freeing the two Jewish terrorists became 
activists of the Induist fundamentalist organization, which is also based in USA." 

Thus, terror and the terrorist methods were a basis of ideology of the State of Israel. The carriers of this (terrorist) doctrine were Zionist groups, on the basis of which the State of Israel was created, as well as - further - the state structures of Israel, her government and bureaucracy. However, terrorism was not only a starting point of Israeli ideology, but also a basic mental dimension among the Jewish political elite in Diaspora. Powerful international Jewish organizations (which have stretched their feelers all over the world having, with their multimillion financial assets in banks of tens of countries, vast staff of paid employees and volunteers (among whom - not only the Jews), buildings, property, affiliated organizations and firms in all major (and not only) countries of the world, vast, estimated hundreds of millions of dollars, budgets) - became not less important carriers of the ideology of terrorism. Such terrible organizations, as Bnei Brith, (its) Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Defense League, Sochnut (Jewish Agency), Institute of the Struggle Against Terrorism, and others - are "states within the state"; they are terrorist formations collecting economic, political and military information for the benefit of Israel, organizing fundraising campaigns for the Israeli army, engaged in the propaganda of war, lobbying and intimidation, and also persecuting everyone, who had courage to criticize violations of human rights in Israel, Zionist ideology or Jewish racism. The presence of such organizations on the territory of the sovereign states - it is a violation of their sovereignty, an actual intervention of the Israeli regime and its international appendixes with the purpose to supervise political life of any country. These organizations use terrorist methods against their opponents: beatings, threats, psychological pressure, ostracism, isolation, dismissal from work, lawsuits, or even murder. Damage of the property of an opponent, sabotage, causing of harm to his (her) health or health his (her) close relatives - are the typical methods of the extremist Jewish organizations. 

Not only extremist para-military Jewish organizations, raveling out worldwide, have employed terrorism for their needs and purposes. So called Jewish Congresses (Jewish Congress of Canada and Jewish Congress of USA), Jewish communal, youth organizations and societies (Maccabi, Betar, WAY, Jewish YMCA - and others), religious associations stand on bitter-ended terrorist positions and on positions of an army totalitarism. Their main principles are: strict - hierarchical conformity, restriction of any pluralism or independent opinion, overmastering comprehension of all their members by a totalitarian control. That's why one of the Quebec deputies, Yves Michaud, has raised a question about the status of the Jewish votes. He has declared, that the Jews, as the soldiers of a well disciplined army, vote by the command of their leaders EXCLUSIVELY and STRICTLY against "PQists" (and was right). Because of the "Michaud affair" the most popular Quebec leader - Lucien BOUCHAR - was forced to resign; Michaud himself was treated as an obsessor and badgered. In the Michaud affair the extreme mightiness of the Jewish circles, their dictatorship, their real authority have manifested once again. 

Jewish financial circles incorporated through synagogues and the Jewish organizations, are executing a precisely coordinated policy directed against the sovereign states, in which they operate. 

Even if this is in general correct, we must judge here with care and selectivity. Jewish environment is very rich for misanthropes and outlaws (in the financial world as well). Therefore we can not include automatically any businessman with the Jewish roots to this "brotherhood". Another matter with the leaders of the Jewish political structures, such as Bnei Brith or Sochnut. 

An interesting and rather complete information on the Jewish-Israeli terrorism is given by the following publication - 



The Zionist Terror Network 


"This booklet documents the background and criminal activities of Jewish Zionist 
terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League. Particular emphasis is 
given here to terror -- including murder -- against "thought criminals" who question 
the Holocaust story that six million Jews were systematically killed during the Second 
World War." 

"Zionist terrorists openly proclaim an arrogant Jewish-supremacist ideology and 
acknowledge their readiness to use violence against those who disagree with them. 
With a well-documented record of bigotry and crime, they pose a serious danger 
to our society, and to men and women everywhere who treasure freedom." 

Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League 

"The Jewish Defense League was founded in 1968 by Rabbi Meir 
Kahane. Born Martin David Kahane in 1932 in Brooklyn, New 
York, he was the first-born son of an orthodox rabbi who was 
active in the "revisionist" movement of Zionist hard-liner Ze'ev 
Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky and other leaders of his movement were 
guests at the Kahane household while Martin (Meir) was a boy. As 
a youth, Kahane became an active member of the Jewish-supremacist 
Betar movement, which Jabotinsky had founded in 1925. Kahane's 
first arrest came in 1947, when he was fifteen, for leading a group of 
Betar youth in an attack against visiting British foreign minister Ernest 

"Two of Jabotinsky's most fervent followers went on to gain notoriety 
as leaders of Zionist terror groups, and, later, as prime ministers of Israel: 
Menachem Begin, who once headed the Irgun group, and Yitzhak Shamir, 
who headed the Lehi group (Stern gang). Shamir, for example, played a 
crucial role in the Lehi murder in November 1944 of British Middle East 
envoy Lord Moyne, and in the September 1948 assassination of 
Swedish United Nations peace mediator Count Folke-Bernadotte." 

"For a time in the 1960s, Kahane led a double life. He lived and worked 
under the name of Michael King, keeping this identity secret even from his 
wife. During this period, he later related, he worked for the Central Intelligence 
Agency and for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For the FBI he spied on 
the right-wing John Birch Society as well as on various left-wing student groups." 

"Posing as the non-Jewish Michael King, he had affairs with a number of young 
women he picked up in New York bars. One of them was Gloria Jean D'Argenio, 
a (non-Jewish) 22-year-old model who worked under the name of Estelle Evans. 
After their meeting in 1966, they promptly began an affair. Never revealing his true 
identity, he even proposed marriage. After Kahane/King broke off the relationship 
a few weeks later, she attempted suicide by hurling herself into the East River, 
dying two days later (on Kahane's 34th birthday)." 

"Kahane's life changed dramatically in 1968, when he and several colleagues 
founded the Jewish Defense League. Brandishing guns and provocative slogans 
("Every Jew a 22," "Never Again"), Kahane's JDL quickly attracted considerable 
media attention. Kahane pointedly exploited rising anti-black sentiment among 
Jews in the New York area". 

"Kahane and his new organization received important and probably crucial support 
from two powerful allies: Israel's right-wing Herut political party and the New York 

"Btween December 1969 and August 1972, Kahane's JDL -- with important 
support and guidance from Menachem Begin's Herut party in Israel, top officers 
of Israel's Mossad secret service, and several wealthy American Jewish businessmen 
-- carried out a campaign of criminal attacks against Soviet Russian diplomats and 
other Soviet targets in the USA. (....)" 

"On May 12, 1971, Kahane and a dozen other JDL members were arrested by 
federal agents for conspiracy to manufacture explosives. One day later, Kahane 
announced an alliance with a group founded by Mafia boss Joseph Colombo, Jr. 
(....) "Kahane received substantial aid from the ew York Mafia," writes Israeli 
journalist Yair Kotler in his biography of the JDL founder. (....)" 

"During the early 1970s, Kahane abandoned the JDL and moved to Israel -- 
returning on occasional visits to raise money. Building on the international 
notoriety he had gained as JDL leader, in 1976 he launched his radical Kach 
party. In 1984 he was elected to the Israeli Knesset (parliament) as his party's 
only deputy. (....) " 

"Kahane was assassinated on November 5, 1990, while addressing a meeting 
of supporters at a hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York City." 

Rabbi Kahane's Ideology 

"In numerous speeches and essays, and in several books, Meir Kahane 
preached an arrogant and even genocidal message of Jewish supremacy 
and ruthless Zionism. For the JDL leader and his many fervent followers, 
any and all measures to further Jewish survival and welfare -- including 
terror, dispossession and murder -- are entirely justified." 

In an essay, "that appeared in 1980 in a leading Jewish community paper, 
he wrote: "...Vengeance is a fundamental Jewish concept that is a precept, 
injunction, commandment for the Jew...Vengeance" (....) allows the 
"government of Israel (....) make the streets, buses, shops and homes of 
the Ishmaelites [Palestinians] perpetual places of terror and stark insecurity... 
(....) A truly Jewish government is one that understands the need to...burn 
out the desecration by removing, burning out, the evil that is the Arab nation 
in our midst." 

In another essay, this one published in 1973, Kahane emphasized Jewish 
invincibility. The day will come, he promised, when all non-Jews would 
acknowledge the superiority of the Chosen people: 

In an essay published in 1982, Kahane stressed the pitiless, either-or, 
us-or-them, nature of the struggle between Jews and their "enemies": 

Let us look at events through Jewish eyes...Lebanon:... A war was 
begun [by Israel] against a "Palestinian" enemy (....) It was...a war unto 
the death, the utter destruction of the enemy, the instilling of total fear, 
terror (....)" 

Jewish and liberal democratic values are incompatible, Kahane often 
insisted: "I have said it a million times. Western democracy as we know 
it is incompatible with Zionism...The idea of a democratic Jewish state is 

Each non-Jew, agrees Kahane, is a potential Nazi-murderer. 

"In his biography of Kahane, author Robert Friedman relates some of the 
quirkiness of the militant rabbi's personality. Recalling his first meeting with 
him at his "Museum of the Potential Holocaust" in Jerusalem, Friedman 
wrote: "It struck me on that first encounter that Kahane was a man obsessed 
with sex and violence. He chattered incessantly about Arab men sleeping 
with Jewish women." 

"Kahane publicly called Arabs "dogs," (note 20) and on at least one occasion 
promised to eliminate Arabs from Israel "like bug spray on these cockroaches." 


"Kahane's worldview was summed up in the "statement of principles" of the 
Kach movement, which he founded and headed. It begins with an arrogant 
description of "the Jewish People" as "special, chosen, holy and supreme." 


Kahane hated not only the Arabs, but all non - Jews in general. 

"Kahane and his supporters agitated for an Israeli law that would criminalize sexual 
relations between Jews and non-Jews. (At it is, Jews were already forbidden from 
marrying non-Jews in Israel.) The proposed law would also outlaw a broad range 
of social contacts between Jews and non-Jews, including mixed schools, community 
centers, beaches, and even neighborhoods." 

"Kahane and his sympathizers have never been particularly bothered by the parallels 
between his proposed law and Hitler's "Nuremberg Laws" of 1935, which similarly 
banned sexual relations between Jews and non-Jews." 

"As Kahane and other hard-line Zionists have persistently pointed out, Jewish 
religious law clearly forbids Jews to marry non-Jews. (note 25) Similarly, Kahane 
never tired of citing Jewish religious scripture in support of his ruthless, 
uncompromising message. As American Jewish author Lenni Brenner has 
acknowledged, Kahane and his supporters are absolutely correct in insisting that 
Judaism was a tribal religion, replete with hereditary priests performing animal 
sacrifices. It was genocidal to the Amalekites, and tried to do so toward the 
Canaanites. There was much else that was fanatic and racist." 

It is so important to know about activity and ideology of rabbi Kahane 
because these views dominate in Israeli society. All Israeli top political
figures always had similar views and methods. The most obsessed and 
fanatical follower of rabbi Kahabe is the present Prime Minister of Israel,
Arial Sharon. And this man - Sharon - has declared literally the following: 

We RULE America: 

"We control America" 

" Every time we do something you [Shimon Peres] tell me - America will 
do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry 
about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, 
and the Americans know it. " 

- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, Knesset, Tel Aviv, October 3, 2001." 

It is terrible that the support of ideology, which Meir Kahabe preached, 
dominates not only in Israel, but also in the Jewish communities in Diaspora, 
especially among the Jewish top elite in USA and Canada. 

American Jewish organizations, which, despite of irreproachably documented 
rabbi's crimes, UNCONDITIONALLY supported Kahane, and by this have 
identified themselves with ideology of racism - and have completely 
unambiguously shown, that they are supporters of terrorism. There are 
practically all main Jewish organizations: American Jewish Committee, 
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and American Jewish Congress. 
During many years American Jewish businessmen endowed millions of dollars 
for "Kahane's business" (R. Friedman, False Prophet, pp. 115-116, 222-224.; 
R. Friedman, " Inside the Jewish Terrorist Underground: In the Realm of Perfect 
Faith, " Village Voice, Nov. 12, 1985, p.19. (" Among the wealthy Jews who 
have supported the JDL, is Reuben Mattus, the founder and president of 
Hдagen-Dazs ice cream.") 

"At the conclusion of an address given in 1971 at a prosperous synagogue in 
Potomac, Maryland, during which the JDL leader praised the fire-bombing of 
a car, the well-to-do congregation gave Kahane a standing ovation. (note 28) 
Jackie Mason, a prominent American comedian, publicly supported Kahane 
and performed at a fund-raising benefit for the JDL in early 1972. "Democratic 
principles shouldn't apply to Israel like they do to America," explained Mason 
(like Kahane, an ordained Rabbi). (note 29) At a single fundraiser dinner in 
Boston in 1986, more than $20,000 was reportedly collected for Kahane." 

"An indication of Kahane's acceptance by even major American political 
figures came in 1972, when the JDL leader was invited by US Senator 
Henry "Scoop" Jackson to stand together with him on a New York City 
stage. This was during the powerful politician's campaign for the Democratic 
party's presidential nomination. (note 31) Another prominent JDL supporter 
was US Congressman Mario Biaggi, who represented the Bronx in 
Washington." (IHR) 

Main Jewish community newspaper, Brooklyn-based Jewish Press (circulation 
from 130,000 up to 160,000 copies), has obligingly given Kahane its vast tribune: 
He could - without any difficulties or restrictions - place his innumerous essays and 
statements in this newspaper. Controlled by the Jews (owners - with a decisive 
influence of Bnei Brith) New York Times has given Kahane a whole heading, 
where he placed articles without any restrictions. Kahane's racist books "They 
MUST GO", in which he calls to Palestinian genocide and deportation ("transfer") 
of Palestinians, was issued in 1980 in New York by spy firm "Grosset and Dunlap". 

American TV, newspapers and the magazines have never directed any criticism 
on Kahane- which they passionately directed against non-Jewish groups of militants 
such as Ku Klux Klan, the "Aryan Nations" or "The Order," which preached 
comparable messages and goals. In Israel Kahane had the unlimited support, 
especially - strangely enough - among Sefards. 

(This support given to the aggressive racism by the Sefardish population pushed for reflection. It spills some light on uncountable attacks of the Israeli Sefards on Russian immigrants, with beatings, insults, mockery and collective persecution, with which Sefards have subjected "Russian "neighbors, clients, workers or, "Russians", whom they met in public places.) 

During tens of years Zionist militants have committed (and continue to 
commit) innumerous terrorist acts, that remaining practically unpunished.
In spite of the fact that behind most of them stands the famous "Jewish 
Defense League", practically all large Jewish organizations are involved
in this activity and this or another way - and have participated in crimes, 
committed by the "League". The terrorist activity is directed against real
or imagined enemies of the Jews, against critics or ideological opponents, 
against both ethnic minorities and political figures, who have chosen not
an appropriate for the Jewish leaders' plans direction. 

Jewish organizations' crimes include uncountable acts of vandalism and 
attacks, telephone and other warnings - threats. 

Examples: January 26, 1972 The "Jewish Defense League" (JDL) has 
blown up a bomb at the Soviet Cultural centre in New York. Ironically, 
a 27-years-old secretary, a Jewish origin, was killed, and 30 people 
were wounded. In 1972 members of the JDL have brake into Austrian 
embassy - and have severely beaten the Austrian ambassador to USA, 
Carl Gruber, and the concierge. In May, 1974, members of the JDL, 
armed with lead pipes, have attacked an active worker for the Arab-
American community Dr. Mohammed Mehdi, who was taken to the 
hospital with a broken back. Soon a fire set to the offices of Dr. Mehdi 
in Manhattan (which were destroyed practically completely) was arranged. 
Despite of uncountable crimes and the criminal case, opened by police, 
despite criminal plans and attempts on lives of the Arabian and Russian 
diplomats, Kahane himself his accomplices have remained practically 

Other typical crimes accomplished by the Jewish organizations are: 
hijacking of the municipal helicopter (1975) accompanied by the 
murder of the pilot and demands for ransom for purchasing weapons, 
explosion, set by the member of the Canadian JDL group to the house 
of the right-wing activist Donald Andrews, a bombardment of the 
Arabian building in Jerusalem (in 1982), resulted in deaths of two men. 
The member of the American JDL group, Allan GOODMAN (in 1982) 
has rushed to a Mosque and has opened fire at the prayers, wounding 
several people. In 1984 and 1987 members of JDL have made at least 
six explosions in New York area only. 

Two other explosions intended for wrongly determined as "Nazi criminals" 
American citizens Soobzokov and Sprogis. Soobzokov was killed in the

In January of 1991 connected with the Jewish organizations "former 
Nazi camps prisoner", Kurt HABER, was accused of criminal offences
against the members of the Arab-American Commission Against 
Discrimination (AACAD). However, even if courts had sentenced 
Jewish criminals, they received ridiculously small terms and typically left 
prisons prescheduled, continuing to be engaged in terrorist activity. Rabbi
Kahane himself practically openly supervised the JDL activity from the 
prison, were he was only several months. 

October 11, 1985: a director of the regional branch of AACAD Alex 
Odeh was killed in a bomb blast in the Western Coast. The police has
assumed, that the Jewish organizations bear responsibility for it - at least 
- for two explosions of bombs at East Coast. The most simple (and
reliable) way for Jewish criminals to avoid justice always was (and is) 
defection to Israel. So, responsible for explosions and murders Keith
Fuchs, Andy Green and Robert Manning have easily disappeared from 
justice.... in Israel. 

Supervised the planning and realization of the majority of the terrorist acts 
was Manning. The most curious fact is that the same ultra-"patriot" R.Manning 
has placed ("on the order") explosive devices also in homes of the anti-Arab 

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has named JDL the second 
important terrorist group in USA, after one Puerto-Rican terrorist group. 

From 1981 till the middle of 1980-s Jewish organizations have committed 
18 large terrorist acts only in USA. 15 of them were committed by JDL
and others - by other Jewish organizations. 

Later Jewish extremist organizations were accused in 37 terrorist acts 
(1977-1984). Two years later (in 1987) FBI has connected Jewish
organizations with 24 terrorist acts from 1981 to 1986. Only 17 from 
them were committed by hands of JDL members. A myth that the 
problem of the Jewish extremism is exclusively a problem of an opposition 
between Islam - and Judaism, - in which Christians should, ostensibly, take 
the part of the Jews, does not stand any criticism. 

Terrorist acts that Jewish organizations did and doing have directed not only 
against Arab, but also against Russian, French, Italian, German, British, Austrian 
and other targets. Occupation of Palestinian lands and the monstrous atrocities 
committed by the State of Israel against Palestinian people - and simultaneously 
the desacration of the Christian sacred relicts with the blockage of access to 
them for Christian pilgrims, persecution of Christians in Israel, interdiction of the 
Christian missioner activity, intrusion into Christian temples, attempts to make life 
of the Christians in Palestine unbearable are elements of a wide general racist 
terror policy. The fact that the Palestinian nation substantially consists not only from 
Muslims, but also from Christians, is ignored due to the Jewish control over mass 
media, and the "co-opposition" between Israel and Palestinians is called exclusively 
an "Islamo-Israeli" conflict. 

(Those who believes, that activity of the Jewish terrorists in the West and their crimes on territory of the Western countries have been diminished with time, is wrong. On the contrary! With years the overuse of assassinations and murders steadily grows.)

Besides Kahabe, a major role was played by two other sinister 
figures: Irve Ruby and Mordehai Levi. Only in New York the 
JDL had in the end of 1980-s three thousand members. In the 
1990-s Jewish extremists have firmly declared that they will 
continue to attack "enemies", including attacking them in the 
street. In April of the 1993 they have attacked peaceful 
demonstrants, who were brutally beaten. 

(However, the large terrorist acts - only a top of an iceberg. You can see only explosions, murders and attempts to kill well-known people, or beating of far from being ordinary citizens. And even they practically always remain unpunished. Jewish extremists are openly proud of the blasts, accomplished by them, beatings, acts of vandalism, - and with this all remain not prosecuted! Hundreds of thousands of "small" crimes committed by Zionists against ordinary citizens are not covered and not registered at all. Everyone can be subjected to Jewish extremists' terrorist attacks practically "for nothing". That - for agitating for construction of a church or a Mosque too close to a synagogue, another - because his business competes with Jewish, someone else - for carelessly dropping a phrase in church about the dominance of the deputies - Zionists, somebody else - for putting his nose in businesses of the Jewish Congress.... Beatings, arsons, sabotage, vandalism, threats, swindle, forgery, ostracism, bigotry - all methods are used against "enemies of the Jews". And who are they - "enemies of the Jews"? Everyone, who's not a Jew! Even if he.... is a Jew! Absurdity? By no means! If a Jew has appeared to be a competitor or a critic of an outstanding Jewish figure - crash him. If a Jew has raised his head to criticize Zionist laws or ideology of the Zionist state - persecute him! Thus, the terror of the Jewish leadership is distributed in the similar degree against the people of Jewish origin.) 


The most ominous from different kinds of the Zionist terror is the terror against individual carriers of the "condemned" by Zionists views. Being neither deputies, nor priests of the Catholic Church, or members of powerful organizations, private people are completely defenseless from the Zionist terror. Prostitute states, controlled by Zionists from the bottom to the top, leave private people for the arbitrariness of destiny; completely ignoring their complaints (if such complains were directed to appropriate bodies or institutions). 

The most indicative in this category of Zionist terrorist activity is the terror against so-called "Holocaust Revisionists". Among "revisionists" are some people, whose preach their views in result of the spontaneous protest against Zionist domination, but there are also such, that do not bear the sacrilege Zionist lie, which has entangled the history of the terrible tragedy of European Jews. The deliberate distortions of the history by Zionists, Zionist aspiration to transform the deaths of millions of Jews into a cult of the immolative sacrifice, an intoxication of the Zionist profit, when huge fortunes are made on top of the terrible events of the past, when - utilizing unspeakable tragedies - Zionist adventurers are collecting big profits: all this resulted in a steady increase of a number of academic figures who have joined the activity of "revisionism". Among them - such commonly recognized scientists, as the British historian David IRVING, French professor, Doctor Robert FAURISSON, or Doctor Arthur BUTZ from Northwestern University. They are - the most known "revisionists", and the attacks on them, insults, and vandalism, directed against them - are well known and documentary registered. Among less known people, who become victims of the Jewish terrorism - George ASHLEY, a teacher of history in the High School (Los-Angeles). First - bricks were thrown at his window. Then - a bottle with a "Molotov cocktail" (the fire has caused damage for 26 thousand dollars), and later a bomb was blown up. Jewish extremists have announced that they were "forced (!!!) to stop Ashley" - because the school commission has refused to obey their demands - and to dismiss Ashley. His "crime" was only his suggestion that the fascists has killed not six millions Jews, but less. He believes, that "six millions", rather, a symbolical, than a real figure. He considers it absolutely audious, and its documentary confirmation - practically impossible. 

Doctor Charles WEBER, one of the authors of a the Magazine of the Historical Reviews, is another victim of Zionist terror. Twice his car became an object of vandalism (April 1985), and the messages that the Jewish extremists left, said that it was their vengeance. They also threatened to blow up Weber's house - if he will "not stop". A professor of physics of the Californian University, Doctor Reinhard K. BUCHNER - has survived terrorist attacks in 1981, 1982 and 1983. A Canadian publisher, a German origin Ernst ZUNDEL was exposed to uncountable attacks since1983. He was twice brutally beaten in Toronto in 1983-1984 (once at the very steps of municipality (!!!), and later his house was blown up by a pipe bomb. In February (same year), his lawyer and lawyer's secretary were attacked by a bestial from their impunity crowd of the Jewish extremists: directly at an entrance of the hall court in Toronto! The office of the American-German group was set on fire the same year. In Zundel's case the Canadian "justice" has openly shown its true face: not the Jewish terrorists, but Zundel was deported from Canada, and his web-sites were officially (!!!) closed and forbidden in Canada! 

Terrorist acts against the Institute for Historical Review, carried out in 1980-s, included explosions, throwing of bottles with "Molotov cocktail", arsons, attacks on the employees of Institute (publishing house), on janitor, acts of vandalism and destruction of cars belonging to the workers of the office and the office itself, telephone threats (directed to the office as well as to the employees' homes), picketing of the office by an aggressive crowd of the Jewish extremists, who attacked the employees and smashed windows of their cars, beatings the employees of the Institute, shooting from fire-arms at the windows of the Institute. And - that is typical - no arrests in connection with a huge two-years (two-summers) series of the wide terrorist activity. 

As well as in many other cases, Zionists terrorists have aspired not only to intimidate the Institute and to stop its work, but also physically destroy materials of Institute, the proof of incorrectness of the historians and ideologists of the Zionist version of the Holocaust. In a special release (1984) the publishers of the Institute, director J. Marcellus, has emphasized, that in result of the arson in the office of Institute and its storehouse set by the Jewish terrorists in July of 1984 90 percent of the books, films and other materials - the largest collection of the revisionist materials in the world - was destroyed . Manuscripts, documents, works of art, films and records - products of six intense years of work and collecting - were destroyed. It was once again proved, that the Jewish extremists are afraid most of all of the truth. 

The main attack on Institute was so well planned and so skillfully carried out that the majority of the researchers suspect MOSSAD. American newspapers never mentioned about the criminal "burning of books ". It has allowed the journalist Alexander Cockburn to notice in an article in the newspaper "The Nation": "The outfit in the United States that does publish material belittling generally accepted accounts of the Nazi extermination of the Jews is called the Institute for Historical Review. I don't recall much fuss when its offices in Torrance, California, were firebombed in July 1984. Perhaps this is what Mailer meant by "sophistication" in handling such heterodox opinion". 

Terrorist attacks were directed not only against publishing house, but also conferences, organized by it. Though they were just few - the courageous voices against Jewish terrorism and extremism, against intimidation of historians, writers and journalists - were distributed. His voice raised, for example, American historian awarded by the Pulitzer prize, John TOLAND, or English historian David Irving. 

In January 1992 an active revisionist of the Jewish origin, David COLE, was attacked by hooligans of the JDL. It took place right at a conference at Californian University in Los Angeles. The organizer of meeting, Robert MORRISSEY, was also attacked. David Cole was beaten, bloodied, and his clothes was destroyed. That all was filmed for the program "48 hours" by operators of CBS, - and also two local Los-Angeles tele - stations. Later all this TV stations have not mentioned this incident even by a single word, any fragment of the incident has not appeared on TV screens. Any one of the hooligans was never punished - even by a fine! 

In France a school teacher, revisionist Franзois DUPRAT , was killed by a shot in March, 1978. The responsibility for his murder declared two Jewish terrorist groups - "Remembrance Commando" and "Jewish Revolutionary Group". The murder of DUPRAT was accomplished with such a professional clearness and perfection, that there are no any doubts: it could be committed only by an intelligence service of a foreign state (Certainly - Israel). 

There, in France, Robert Faurisson, the most known in Europe revisionist, was repeatedly exposed to terrorist attacks. The attacks on him occurred at the end of 1980-s and in the beginning of 1990-s. Once he only miraculously has remained alive, receiving hardest wounds. A terrorist group "The Sons of the Memory of the Jews" has taken responsibility for this barbarous attack. These terrorists had an obvious connection with one of the main Jewish organizations, - Tagar/Betar; - however, the French police also was not going deeply to penetrate into this affair. All most prominent people in France by then have sharply condemned this crime. The most influential French newspaper - Le Monde - has dramatically ennobled its voice condemning the Jewish terror. Nevertheless, the scientist was attacked in 1990-s tens of times: even after that dramatic incident. 

November 5 1980: a fire set to office, archive and printing house in Sussex. In January, 1984 professor Hermann GREIVE, one of the most important experts of the texts of Judaism among non-Jewish scientists was shot dead in Cologne (Germany) by a member of the Jewish terrorist organization "KAH" (this organization is based in Israel). February 10, 1988: the terrorists have burned a car of the German historian Ernst NOLTE, and later he was repeatedly exposed to attacks himself. April 20, 1991: a crowd of hooligans - members of organization Betar/Tagar - has made an attack on several participants of a literary conference in Paris, organized around one book, which a French writer Marc AUGIER has written. Victims of the attack - elderly people - were taken to the hospital. One of them, 67-year's woman - was 2 months in a coma. In 1992 numerous terrorist attacks of the Jewish militants on a book store in Paris, which was owned by a revisionist writer - Pierre Guillaume. October 19, 1992 in German city Rostock, at the central trade Plaza, about 30 of "Betar" activists, headed by husband and wife Serge und Beate Klarsfeld, began to pour and beat the bystanders - and to smash windows of the store and automobiles, and also attacked the duty policemen by tear gas shouting "Dirty Germans! Dirty Nazis!" 

An almost complete impunity astonishes in all these and uncountable other incidents. 

The role of the JDL in Europe plays "Betar", and in Canada - "Bnei Brith" with its "Anti-Defamation League ", "Isra-Guard" - and others militant organizations having direct connections with the government of Israel and MOSSAD. It is impossible to list - even just the most tremendous terrorist actions, - accomplished and committed by the evil Jewish terrorists. In this work we only slightly lifted a veil above the silenced by Jewish-controlled media and prostitute governmental institutions phenomenon of the Jewish (well, not actually Jewish - but rather Israeli: because - beyond any reasonable doubt - it is generated and commanding from and Israel) terrorism. 

Propaganda of terrorism and brutality goes directly from the members of Israeli parliament (Knesset) and Israeli government. As well as Meir Kahane, another member of Israeli parliament and an Israeli minister, Rhavam (Rehavam) ZEEVI (killed by the Arab fighters in 2001) - was repeatedly calling for atrocities, genocide, and terrorism. In his interviews, statements, essays and speeches he admired to stress phrases like "a good Arab - a dead Arab", "no Arabs - no terrorism", or "no "goim" in Israel - no churches". 

It is not necessary to remind about Israeli participation in international Jewish terrorism and persecution of dissidents on the global scale. There are enough details about direct management of the Jewish militants from Israel, about support and granting of training, covering and material base by the Israeli party, about direct involvement of Israeli MOSSAD, about organizational structure, and about preparation and coordination from Israel in a book written by Victor OSTROVSKY, a high officer of MOSSAD, defected to Canada. (Victor Ostrovksy and Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1990), pp. 291-292.). 

Those who are interesting, can find a brief Russian translation of the basic theses of this book in my work "GULAG of Palestine". 

[http://dynamo-ny.com/sakansky/paper/gunin/gulag1.htm] - (Russian) 

One of MOSSAD departments ("TZAFIRIM") is engaged exclusively in organization, training and coordination of "groups of the Jewish defense", as MOSSAD calls the terrorist Jewish organizations in Galut (Diaspora). These groups are called on MOSSAD's slang "misgerot" (frames). 

Ostrovsky clearly specifies that the terrorist Jewish organizations are in direct connection with the community Jewish organizations, with embassies of Israel and with the ruling Jewish leaders. Young people transported to Israel for a vacation (frequently - at the expense of the state of Israel), are trained in special camps for "learning about security, picking up such skills as completing obstacle courses, pitching tents, and learning how to use a sniper rifle and Uzi assault rifle. Still others learn upgraded security skills, such as how to build a slick, for hiding weapons or documents, when and how to do security checks, as well as fundamentals of investigation and intelligence gathering. Israel provides weapons for the many "Jewish defense groups," confirms Ostrovsky, indirectly through known arms dealers." (IHR) 


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