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Israeli Terrorism (2)

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I have learned myself that the Jewish terrorist mafia is commanding from Israel in the mid-1980-s on the basis of my personal experience. I have described what occurred in the Jewish environment in Minsk and Bobruisk in details, in my huge memoir work "WITNESS", which I've started in 1993. 

[http://zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/g/gunin_ l_m/biocbi.shtml] 

Writing the "WITNESS" I have realized that the chronological records about arrival of emissaries from Israel in Minsk and Bobruisk, about fierce struggle around the Jewish club, about free-of-charge permits for trips to Israel, which young militants from Zionist groups in Bobruisk and Minsk used to receive, about lectures and formation provided to them by Israeli "experts", about criminal offences, committed by these young Jewish cutthroats in Belarus, - were confiscated from me in Israel not casually. However, in spite of the confiscation (of these materials), I could manage to restore the majority of the facts by memory, or speaking to former colleagues, or using auxiliary materials and secondary brief records, notebooks with addresses, etc. Now these materials are in reliable places and can be published if something will happen with me or my close relatives (family). 

In Bobruisk the revival of the Jewish culture at first passed without any connection with Zionism and Israeli "managing" hand. Some man (including yours obedient servant; the most locally prominent person among us was a Yiddish poet Pinchas PLOTKIN) have formed an informal circle, in which local (Byelorussian) Jewish culture, history, literature - and language Yiddish - were studied. However, various Israeli organizations (governmental and non-governmental), which (through their agents and informants in Belarus) had closely watched the events in each city, were dissatisfied that in such an important Jewish centre, as Bobruisk (where more than twenty thousand Jews lived), the revival of Jewish self-identification was directed not to immigration (to Israel), but to the restoration of local Jewish culture. Israelis have decided to sent here their envoys, and under their supervision and management things had to be directed in the "right" direction. 

Missioners like J. EDEL, Arie ROTENBERG-at, or Dorit HE - arrived in USSR to establish a rigid control above the local Jewish life (and her leaders), and to suppress any competing force. I knew tens of others, more aggressive and artful missioners, who arrived in Minsk and Bobruisk to destroy the local Jewish life in favor of acceleration of the mass immigration to Israel. It was a hunt for people in masses and everyone individually. The (Israeli) missioners have (quite often) expressed hatred to Soviet Jews, and made statements about how they neglect them. Israelis' style of behavior, their tone, their gestures and mimics have surprisingly reminded the behavior of the fascist officers in the films about Second World War. And their attitude towards the Soviet Jews reminded - as two drops of waters - the manners and behavior of the fascists in relation to the population of the occupied Russia. 

Israelis have begun to form their own infrastructure of activism, in peak to ours. They have attracted young aggressive careerists, by convincing them that they are completely protected, can commit any crime - and go unpunished. These boys and girls in their twenties would be "an empty place" without the Israeli management. Their local leader - Ylia RODOV - was my brother's college schoolmate. Rodov has become known at the local level only because my brother and I - we have brought him into a certain social circle and gave him a positive characteristic. We have acquainted him with a famous St-Peterburg artist Abram RABKIN, who had an influence on Yefim GEIKER, editor of the local Communist party newspaper, and through the last Rodov has been presented to people, in whose hands the real power in the city was concentrated. During their joint study in Bobruisk at Art school my brother Vitaly has helped him in everything; he has ensured Rodov an access to outstanding and influential people and even helped him by money and work. Rodov was a well-known collaborationist: he cooperated with the communist authorities. He also was considered in intellectual circles as a KGB informant and comsomol leader. 

For promoting their "own" staff the Israelis exploited a (widely known and well tested) method of implementing their agents in already existing activist structures. So - Ylia RODOV, this malicious careerist, connected with comsomol, KGB and party's "gorcom", has climbed in our bandwagon.

He, as was spoken, tore his jumper on his breast, assuring that he's against Hebrew, that he's "pro-Yiddish". He has begun to brand Zionism by shame, and also dragged the participants of our informal club into provocative conversations. Rodov has gradually "hammered together" a team of his supporters, actually - his complete slaves. Among them were allocated Boria KAGAN, Vova (Zeev) FRIEDBURG, Igor (Israel) GORELIK, Misha GASTER, Roma VOLFSON, Vova KAZINETS, Sasga RABKIN, Edik REINGOLD, Lenia TOP, Alexei TURKIN, Riva K. KURTZEVA, Naum LIACHOVITSKY, Igor LEVIN, Volodia KAZNELSON, Alik STASHEVSKY, Dmitry LEVIN, Tolik ROTMAN, Gena SHULMAN, and others. The most unprincipled militants were Kazinets, Top, Kagan, Lilia (Ylia's girlfriend) and Friedburg. Totally there were approximately 25 members in "Rodov's gang". 

There were also "casual" people on this list, who got in Rodov's network exclusively because of their inexperience and busy employment schedule. Gaster and Liachovitsky, for example, worked at factories, full time, and used to come from work very tired. Only such young rah-rah boys like Friedburg, Kazinets, Top, and other - could understand, what is going on, but they did not want to. Gorelik has repented with delay. Shulman, formally participating in Rodov's criminal activity, has tried to soften the share of guilt, doing frequently things that went apart with Rodov's instructions. Main crimes, committed by the Rodov's gang, lay on conscience of 5-6 men (who planned and carried out the terrorist activity). These guys were motivated by the most primitive careerism. As well as "simple" Soviet non-Jewish careerists (who had been toadying in comsomol, becoming informants or active workers in the "gorcom", - to receive a "green light" for admission to university and further - for protectionist distribution or academic career), - the shameless Jewish careerists had been toadying to Zionist management for the same purpose. They expected that after arrival in Israel they could receive disproportional privileges, posts, material boons and glory. For some - as for Rodov - influence and power must be added to this set. 

Already by then I've suspected close cooperation between Israelis - and local communist authorities. 

By then Bobruisk was a military zone, and a special permit was needed for foreigners to visit the city. Israelis came in Bobruisk easily, as in Moscow. They freely carried out meetings with the people. It by then was still impossible for any other foreign propagandists: for example, for Finnish Baptist missioners. 

Israelis openly called people to immigrate to Israel, and used deceit, threats and profanation. They did everything to discredit my group and me personally. Rodov and his gang had a complete freedom of actions, freedom to agitate and work with people. We were compelled to work in conditions of obstacles, raised by the authorities; our activity was interrupted and persecuted. 

From the very beginning everything indicated that the Israelis did not plan any long-term operations for Rodov's gang. Its task consisted only in bringing down local, not controlled by Israel, activism; then the group had to be "evacuated" to Israel. In this connection it is clear, why their choice had fell on such an extremely immoral person, as Rodov. His lack of principles had no limits. Depending on a situation - he at first (as the protйgй of the Soviet authorities) obsessively has defamed the State of Israel, Zionism, Jewish religion (Judaism), and also condemned those, who have immigrated to Israel. Then he feigned an interest to Yiddish language and Yiddish culture, condemning Hebrew orientation and Jewish religion. Later he has sharply (in a trice) replaced this mask by another one, starting to wear a "kipa", surrounding himself by ultra-orthodoxies, and defaming Yiddish and its zealots. Not only open, but also secret members have participated in Rodov's gang or stood behind him. For example, Yefim Geiker, the editor of the newspaper "KAMYHICT" and member of the city Communist Party Committee ("gorcom"). Rodov was secretly supported by the outstanding managers - Jews: directors of city's enterprises, deans of educational institutions, outstanding members of the party, and others. Tens, if not hundreds of other young people, such, as Misha ALTSHUL, had an indirect relation to Rodov. 

Due to manipulations in the city's Executive Committee and through KGB, and also due to aggressive, terrorist methods - Rodov managed to usurp the authority in the Jewish environment, exclude all respected, decent, and honest people (such as the poet P. Plotkin or a teacher of Yiddish language Avraham Is. VOLPIN) from communal management (later - all people older then 25 years old were excluded), and imposed a "Dictatorship of the Youths". Supported by communists, Rodov has announced himself (formal "elections" were completely manipulated by him) a "chairman of the Jewish club", and his assistants have formed a local "Jewish Council". Those who, as me, have restored the Jewish life and have created the Jewish club were removed from this life and from this club. 

As soon as they have taken the power, "Rodovers" began to suppress all cultural events in local Jewish environment. They have destroyed everything that we have created, including a Yiddish course (as well as all other courses and activities). Those who hoped, that the Jewish club and the Jewish organization will help them to publish a Jewish magazine, found a Jewish theatre, or organize a course of Byelorussian Jewish history - were severely disappointed. The club led by Rodov has concentrated on pro-Israeli propaganda and agitation, which mean - exclusively on propagation and organization of the immigration to Israel. Hebrew courses - and aggressive spreading of the religious intolerance - were its supplements. 

It is necessary to tell about last especially. Not being sincerely religious and not going deeply into studying Judaism, and also avoiding a strictly Jewish style of life (which ELPER or GORELIK became accustomed to), Rodov and his lackeys have concentrated mainly on generating hatred to "goim", mixed families, and also on distributing a spirit of intolerance to non-religious Jews. In the same time all of them stood on moderately-religious positions, supporting those who were wearing the "knitted" "kipas" (because by then this group was the strongest and most influential in Israel). They were criticizing and deriding the ultra-religious, representing Chassid in comical tones. (On the initial stage all of them aggressively preached atheism and struggled against religion!). When ultra-religious in Israel became the most influential force in Israeli establishment and institutions, formed for work among potential immigrants inside USSR, Rodov's supporters have converted themselves in ultra-orthodoxies. Very quickly Rodov found ways to destroy all cultural initiatives and events - and to concentrate all activities of the "Jewish club" on propaganda of Zionism, study of Hebrew and organization of the mass immigration to Israel. 

The Israelis rather generously paid Rodovers for services. In ex-USSR, where an imported TV or a video could reach the cost of a house, they received expensive, valuable things (in particular - prestigious models of American and European electronic equipment) from Israel as gifts. I suspect that they were paid also by money (real information was available). According to his own words, Rodov was given a special "telephone" (number), which allowed him to call free-of-charge in Israeli embassy in Moscow - and in Israel. It was told very precisely in the environment of Rodov's supporters about what was promised for them in Israel: a free-of-charge apartment in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa, guaranteed admission to university - and other strictly specified boons. 

Rodov and his gang were engaged in expropriation of the free-of-charge distributed gifts, sent by Jewish and Christian organizations for Jews of Bobruisk, with the subsequent sale of these sets with the purposes of personal enrichment. Once they have grasped approximately one thousand valuable sets: gifts from a Baptist community of Finland to the local Jewry. This gift was transferred through Jacob GUTMAN, an independent from Israelis religious leader in Minsk, - to me. It was brought to me by the Finns at a bus with Finnish plate number. The sets were given for free-of-charge distribution. I wanted to distribute them among people in exchange for a signature on a list of confirmation (confirming that the set was received free-of-charge). But Rodov's group, using dirty manipulations, has forced me (and Jacob GUTMAN) to transfer these sets to the "club". Rodov and his group were selling the sets as their private property. 

People, in whose passports it wasn't mentioned: "Jew", have "corrected" their passports through Rodov. (It was needed to be eligible to immigrate to Israel). He made a fortune selling thousands of coming to him free-of-charge Hebrew textbooks, audio and video cassettes, brochures and advertising magazines about Israel, information booklets, etc. For everything - for smallest information, for each word - a considerable amount of money was raised. 

Formally Gene SHULMAN has sold invitations-visas to Israel personally. But he once has admitted that the biggest part of share gets Rodov. Worthless "linguist", a half-educated moron, hardly making on syllables the Hebrew words, Rodov has become a "teacher of Hebrew", receiving considerable money for the lessons. Lessons took place in illegally seized premises. Rodov and his father were engaged also in organized smuggling abroad of the forbidden or subjected to the quantitative control things and goods: jewelry, gold, dollars, antiques, etc. - for a considerable award. It is easy to imagine, how much he has made "helping" to "export" forbidden things in the period, when hundreds of thousands of people, zonked out by Zionist propaganda, aspired to abandon Belarus quickly. 

There, where it was not possible to seize things by a deceit, forgery or force, Rodovers simply stole them. They have made some thefts from the Jewish club, two thefts with breaking into the library of Yiddish books. Many items that did not represent any value have been spoiled or destroyed. Struggle with the influence of Yiddish and with local cultural revival (the whole Jewish life should concentrate exclusively on immigration to Israel) has become almost overall objective for Rodov's gang. 

Extortion of money, a real racket - was not the last element of gang's activity. They demanded money from people: "for club", "for Israel", for "help for Israeli army", "for textbooks" - etc. If someone tried to refuse, way to the club was blocked for him, and he was left without information and support. Many were told that for those, who refuse to give money, life in Israel will be "not so good, as for others". Dirty slanderous gossips were distributed about everyone, who tried to stop Rodov and bring down his contemptuous criminal activity. Very soon all such people began to receive systematically directed to them threats. Such phone calls received Reingold, Gaster, Liachovitsky, Greenberg - when they have decided to abandon the Rodov's gang. Phone calls with threats were systematically receiving my supporters, and also supporters of Marat KURTZER and brothers STRUPINSKY: people, who have decided by all means to discharge Rodov's gang of the management of the Jewish life in the city. Then beatings were exploited. Marat was severely beaten by unknown people in that very period of his "anti-Rodov" activity. It happened an only time in his life. It also took place under suspicious circumstances. Sasha STRUPINSKY was by then called and been told that, if he will not stop to support "slander on Rodov", he will be the next. I was for some time exposed to attacks, and only coincidently has avoided a serious danger. Attackers and their style were sharply differed from that I knew from several attacks on me, arranged by KGB. Friedburg, the strongest physically among Rodov's militants, openly threatened me with beating. 

Rodov and his company had "punished" me in various ways. They distributed discreditable rumors about me, initiated intrigues against me at my work, threatened me, made so that I wasn't invited to play any more at restaurants, weddings, dancing clubs, and tried to render pressure on my family, which is, interfered into my personal life. I am absolutely sure, that Rodov's actions against me were coordinated with the local authorities. 

In Minsk I have frequently visited Garik HAITOVICH - my friend and a decent (and talented) man. He was a Jewish activist and an excellent Hebrew teacher. Actually all Israeli missionaries visited him. Through Garik or in his apartment I met some Israeli high-rang representatives and spoke with them. I tried to convince them that they should not provide their support to such odious people as Rodov - and must stop suppression of the Jewish cultural life in USSR. They usually answered that their priority is to convince people to go to Israel, and they don't care about the rest. However, once I have received an absolutely unusual response. The man, who has given it to me, was a high-rank Israeli functionary. I could judge about this by seeing, how Garik has treated him. Some Israelis, who had accompanied this man, simply obeyed to him. He has a military bearing and manners of the army officer (not a reservist). He has told me, that I should stop conversations like this. He also added, that feels a pity to me, because, according to him, I will pay a high price for mine nihilism and free-thinking, and my family, my relatives - will suffer, and my life will become miserable.... 

Other criminal methods were:
a) throwing stones at Rodov's opponents' - "the obstinate Jews" (as we were once called by the "Rodovers") - windows, 
b) setting fire of the post (letter) boxes and 
c) damaging telephone wires, which went to victim's dwellings. 

Branches of such Jewish organizations (much because of Rodov's promotion) as "Betar", "Maccabi", or JDL (a sort of) were organized in Bobruisk. (Marik KAGAN, closely connected with Bobruisk's Jewish activists, a passionate Jewish dissident-organizer in Minsk, and his friend Gorelik, as well as some other guys in Minsk - several times said with proud that they have a connection with Kahane). Rodov had a direct connection with prominent "Bnei Brith" figures in Jerusalem and New York. 

Pogroms (vandalizing and destruction acts) at the Jewish cemeteries in USSR, which rode STRICTLY from northwest to the south and in STRICTLY chronological order, apparently, were a high priority MOSSAD's operation - with the purpose to provoke Jewish immigration to Israel. It is possible that this operation was carried out in cooperation with Russian racists. The one, who carried it out in Bobruisk, did it in close cooperation with Rodov. Whether that concurrence is strange, but almost exclusively only those graves, which related to "anti-Rodov" activists, were destroyed. The graves were destroyed selectively, at many places (at the whole territory of the cemetery), instead of in only one place: that indicated that the selectivity was related not to the dead, but to the living. Later one from Rodov's supporters has admitted that casually has overheard a conversation, from which appeared that Rodov knew at least two days in advance that a pogrom at the Jewish cemetery will occur, and knew, whose graves will be destroyed. On my father's broken monument vandals had written that it was a vengeance personally to me. I shall not list all indications of Rodov's participation: they were too numerous. 

Only later I have understood, why my description of the pogrom at the Jewish cemetery in Bobruisk, and a declaration, made in this occasion, which 32 people have signed, and also photos, embodying the damage, which clearly show all pulled out from the ground and cracked (split) half-and-half granite monuments, overturned fencings, etc. -, handed over by me to correspondents of "New-York Times" and "Chicago Tribune" in Moscow, and also to special envoy of the President of USA, (who once has visited Belarus), Mr. Nicolai PETRO, have never appeared in any newspaper. Special adviser to USA embassy in Moscow, Mrs. Daria Arturovna FEIN, with whom I met in hotel "Ukraine", has ultimatevily refused to accept these materials. Eli LANDAU, who received these materials in Israel, did not publish even a single word (about the pogrom) in his (or another) magazine. Copies of materials about this pogrom were sent to Israeli embassy, and also - by my channels - to academician SAKHAROV's wife, Elena BONNER. Numerous Jewish organizations in Paris have also received them. And anywhere - no a single words! Reading recently Elena Bonner's notes "about terrorism", where she unconditionally supports Israel, I was thinking about that old history. It has become completely clear, what already by then, at the end of 1980-s, these Jewish "fighters for human rights" were guided by double standards.... 

Rodov had a direct telephone communication with Israel during all of his "government". He was supervised by several senior officials of SOCHNUT (Jewish Agency), "Bnei Brith", and also two figures from party "LIKUD". Some important members of the movement "Chabad" have also contacted Rodov and rendered a significant pressure on him. Rodov was regularly going to Minsk - to meet emissaries from Israel. Certainly, I do not know, what they spoke about and how the instructions were passed, but I can imagine well the mechanism of the management from Israel, using several concrete examples. 

One of such examples - an obstruction, arranged by young militants from Bobruisk (from Rodov's group) and from Minsk (from a small group of Marik KAGAN) to Aron VERGELIS: during his visit to Minsk. This hooligan action was provoked and, probably, up to details planned by the
Israelis. Such Jewish activists as Ezra BELKIN, Garik CHAITOVICH, Zhenia ELPER, Grisha TREZMAN, Marik KAGAN himself, and others - have learned about Vergelis's arrival in Minsk approximately two months in advance from telephone calls from Israel. Someone was called by
Eli LANDAU, editor of the Jerusalem-based magazine "Torch", and was told, that "this KGB's lackey" - Vergelis - will come in Minsk soon. Another one was called by Yona FISHER, someone - by Arie ROTENBERG, someone - by Aba ROZIENTAL, someone - by Jeniffer EDEL, someone - by Haim LURIE, someone - by Avraham ROZEN. Probably, not all these names were original, but real Israeli (and American?) representatives of the Zionist elite have stood behind them. 

Everyone, who called from Israel, hinted, that a peaceful stay of Vergelis in Minsk will be shameful for all Jews. Vergelis's trip to Minsk (he was the main editor of the magazine "Sovietish Heimland"), was an important event in revival of the interest to Yiddish in USSR. For Israeli Zionists the language Yiddish, literature in this language, traditions and culture of Yiddish were worse then anathema. Struggle with the Jewish (Yiddish) culture (ESPECIALLY! - secular) was initially one of the main priorities for Zionists. If culture in Yiddish language would be restored in Belarus, and Yiddish schools, theatres, newspapers would be open, - then it would not be possible to provoke the Jewish population in Belarus for immigration to lumpen-cultural Hebrew Israel. 

As I lived both in Minsk, and in Bobruisk, I have appeared at the meeting with Vergelis (organized by the literary organization of Belarus) - as one of Marik Kagan's Minsk's group. There were Kazinets, Reingold, Boria Kagan - and other Rodov's activists - already in a hall. It was indicative that neither Rodov, nor Elper, nor others from the Zionists, who had a permanent and direct communication with Israel, had never appeared at the meeting. I have immediately felt by then, as if they have pushed us out at the stage though remaining themselves in a shadow: in the promt-box.
Marik Kagan, this half-naive, extravagant young ultra-orthodox (who was not going into anything deeply enough), was a victim, a puppet for those who used his "features". He hardly ever realized, in what he was engaged.... When Vergelis began to speak, the hooligans have rushed to cry out "dog", "traitor", "informant", beginning to whistle, stomp, muffling his words. Then they have upstarted from the places, and began to run between the lines, and, interrupting each other, cry out accusations and threats. Though I did not accept active participation in this hooliganism, I came with the hooligans and remained in their rows. I remember how Vergelis has found me in the hall by eyes and has looked at me with reproach: you are also here! Two or three hooligans have thrown something at the podium. Vergelis was forced to interrupt the performance and leave the hall. They have rushed after him on the corridor and stairs, threatening him by physical punishment, and pushing this elderly man, and only a resolute actions by several "not consent" among the attackers have prevented rather probable beating. I am absolutely sure that there was just one step before beating could start - and that only we (two - three men) have prevented this. 

Already after that incident I found out that Rodov had a meeting with one of the arrived from Israel assignees ("curators"). According to one of the well-informed sources, they have spoke "exclusively about the arrival of Vergelis". Besides, Rodov have discussed Vergelis's arrival on the phone with someone, who called from Israel. 

In opinion of a number of people, the incident in Minsk has put a heavy impact on Vergelis's health. After this incident this publisher (and writer) gave up - and soon has left the stage of vigorous activity. 

Despite of Israeli protection and protection of local Bobruisk authorities, Rodov's reputation was continuing to slide down. Everyone around was gradually convinced that Rodov is a fraudster and a juggler; people were too angry on him, and my friends - Strupinsky, Marat and others - rather easily have pulled out his authority, discharging Rodov and his company. (After that all members of Rodov's gang have immediately left USSR; some young people (16-20 -year old!) even before their parents). Only then I was convinced very soon that the problem wasn't just in Rodov.

Without him Israelis have found other ways of achievement of their purposes. And after a very short time my position has become as weak, as before. When the Israelis also have achieved revenge in Minsk as well, by displacing Yakov GUTMAN, - basic centers of resistance to their strategy in Belarus were liquidated. Now nothing could not stop them from forcible (in a deeper sense) transportation of hundreds of thousands of the Soviet Jews from Belarus to Israel. 


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