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Against Korean programs

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    Anti Korean TV program Protest at Fuji Television at Tokyo 2011 August 21

Some companies support the Korean TV programs at the Fuji TV. The Japanese citizen think that these programs are not in the interest of Japan and suggest to boycott the products of these companies. They try to understand, who pays for those programs. [1,2]
Before, similar protests took place in 2011 August 9. [3]
There is drastic difference with the TV in Russia: in Russia, contrary, the protests are not for closure of some TV channels or programs, but against such a closure.
[1] patrijapan on Aug 21, 2011 ATTENTION PLEASE !! Hello World !? ! As of 8.21 YouTube's front page for Japanese and the most viewd video ranking have not been updated for more than 30 hours。 It has not been updated,? since a huge demonstration took place in Tokyo. I wanted to let the world know that:YouTube is lying about their statistics!
[2] Fuji Television Anti-Korean Protest Rally Videos August 21st 2011.
[3] Anti-Korean Wave in Japan turns political. Hundreds rally in front of Fuji TV to protest Korean dramas. Is this the turning of the tide? 9 August, 2011.
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