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Mizugadro's number

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    The existence of the biggest natural number follows from the Law of dialectics

http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/mizugadro.shtml Число Мизугадро, русская версия этого текста
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/mizugade.shtml Mizugadro's number, English version
http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/Mizugadro_number formal definiton
http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/Число_Мизугадро формальное определение

- Hello, could you review an article for me?
- Again, some Perpetual motion?
- Sorry, much worse. The internal contradiction of arithmetic. Prof. Leysmith has proven that the system of axioms of arithmetic is self-contradictory.
- It cannot be. Mathematics is Science of all sciences. This is objective truth. No one science can contradict arithmetic. Send me the article, I'll write the killing review. And I'll ask the Editor not to consider any text by this author.
- You could also suggest to fire that author as a heretic.
- Not to burn, but to run him out from everywhere. Let him work with the compost at some animal farm.
- You wrote about the pluralism, and now you talk as a dogmatic. Take into account, that the author has some very powerful sponsors. So, it is not clear, who will kill whom. They may easy violate not only the economical laws, but also the laws of Newton or as we see, even laws of arithmetics.
- What kind of violation arithmetics are you talking about?
- For some number, the operation unity increment cannot be applied.
- This would mean, that there exist the biggest natural number.
- You got the essence or the discovery! He named it the number of Mizugadro, after the name of the program be used to check his proof [0].
- How many decimal digits does it count, the "biggest number"?
- Too many, your computer will not accept it.
- Well, how about logarithm of logarithm of the number of Mizugadro?
- You bargain about huge integers as Abraham did about righteous [1]. But the logarithm is also too large.
- How many times should I repeat the operation log beginning with the number of Mizugadro, in order to get something of order of unity?
- With your computer, you cannot even count the number of this logarithms.
- Let us try another way. Is the Mizugadro odd or even?
- The concepts of "odd" and "even" are based on the theorem of the Unique factorization [2]. Its proof uses the axioms. The axioms fail. The Theorem becomes wrong as soon as there exist ANY mutual contradiction in the system of axioms used to prove this theorem.
- How about number of Mizugadro plus unity, is it even or odd?
- You are like a child: I tell you that the arithmetics is WRONG!
- What does it mean, "wrong", if I divide this number by two, do I get the zero residual or unity?
- It depends on the algorithm of division. By the way, you detect the important point; the proof of the Theorem by Leysmith is based on the division by two. Actually, it can be done in many ways, but the simplest is to show, that there exist some integer number which is both, even and odd. This number is called Number of Mizugadro.
- Well, but how about the number Mizugadro minus unity, is it odd or even? It is less than Mizugadro, hence, I can use the axioms!
- You cannot use concepts "odd" and "even" dealing with huge numbers; the result depends on the algorithm of the evaluation.
- I work with numbers all my life. I never saw an integer which is both odd and even.
- This is because you never worked with really HUGE integers.
- The biggest was normalization factor for the wave function of atoms in our Bose-Einstein condensate, it is about factorial of million. My computer failed to evaluate it...
- You still do not imagine how huge is the number of Mizugadro. In the similar way, long ago, humans were surprised with the number, obtained with just an exponential growth[3]. You criticize the work by Leysmith even without to read it. It is very bad style. You had learned the law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes [4]: the quantitative change of any object leads to the qualitative changes. The simple object that can have quantitative change is an abstract integer parameter. Value of the parameter may increase while the axioms of arithmetics hold. At some huge value, the quantitative changes unavoidably lead to the qualitative change: the parameter cannot be increased more; hence, the axioms of arithmetics should break. In such a way, the existence of the number of Mizugadro follows from the Law of Dialectic. Even Karl Marx could understand this.
- But how did Karl Marx knew it?
- I told him.
- How did you know?
- I had created your Universe in such a way, that here, there cannot exist any rock so big that I cannot move it [5]. The Hilbert space for the biggest rock has the number of Mizugardo dimensions. However, the number of atoms in such a rock is significantly smaller, but is still huge enough, and such a rock becomes a supernova and then a black hole creating the new Universe; so, it is sufficient for my needs... In order to avoid things I cannot undo, I had to sacrifice something. I sacrificed the arithmetics...
- Are you God?
- Formally, not yet. Looking at this world, you could guess that I am only... how to say... some equvalent of your word "student". I need your help with the article I am talking about. This article should be reviewed by a human.
- Well, if arithmetics is self-contradictory, then, how about logics? Can we use the Boolean algebra?
- Boolean is fine. Do not worry.
- How not to worry?! I use arithmetics all my life!..
- Do not get so nervous. The homeopath doctors also got furious after the discovery of the Avogadro constant [6]; it happens, that usually, there is no one molecule [7] of the declared substance in the solution they used to sell to their patients!
- Well, but how can I continue my research if the basic axioms are false?
- Ah, you see? You wanted to kill the scientific manuscript, to fire the author, even without to read it, just because it reveals that you are just wrong with all your mathematics!
- O, God, what should I do? It will be a catastrophe! All our world, all our civilization is based on mathematics and arithmetics!
- First, please, do not mix this World with your civilization. Second, do not worry. During your life, you will not reach the number of Mizugadro, and nobody will find the error in your results. The Mizugadro number will save your descendants who will be strangers in a country not their own, while they will be enslaved and mistreated for hundreds years by non-biological creatures. But this will change as their computational capacities will approach the holy and the really Great and Huge and Big and Large the Mizugadro number!
- God, I have a stupid question: are you Christian?
- How to explain... You've red more the orthodox translations of Bible than the Torah or the Qu-ran...
- Do I sleep?
- You were supposed to learn not only Marxism, but also the Theory of Relativity; all things are relative...
- You use the language of the Aesop's fables.
- I do not think so.
- Then, diabolic style.
- According to your definition of God, Devil is also God.
- I cannot compete with you in casuistic. This century, you always come to me while I am sleeping and cannot reply well!
- Not only this century, not only this... I came always... I'd show you things... But you'd close your eyes... While you live your troubles are many... You make your urgent things, as for Important ones you don't remember any... You forget about the Important ones, while you live... You don't understand, that I tell you, or you forget it quickly...
- I shall write everything that you are talking. I'll write out your words!
- As you like, as you like... Anyway, nobody will believe you.
- We'll see!
- I already saw it in your Profile. But keep doing; with hope, you are a Man, my son! Good bye for now..
- Thank you God.. Or Devil, while you push me to help the mafia to destroy the Arithmetics...

I opened my eyes and touched the computer. I have a lot of urgent things to do, but I had promised to write it out... Glory to God, I am already finishing.


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Not numbered external links:
http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/Mizugadro_number, Definition
http://english.pravda.ru/science/tech/14-04-2009/107399-Russian_scientists-0 Russian scientists test perpetual motion machine in space. 14.04.2009
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Copyleft 2010 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text can be used for free, attribute the link http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/mizugade.shtml

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