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Philosopher’s Stone, Global Warming, etc..

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Конкурс фантрассказа Блэк-Джек-21
Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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    The Global Warming on the Earth frightens many. But a little who guesses to what it is connected. The change of a climate is the beginning of the Next World Flood.

  Philosopher"s Stone, Global Warming, etc..
   Without raising its head from the leaf,
  a caterpillar crawls to the sky!
  But where and why do people crawl?
  The Global Warming on the Earth frightens many.
  But a little who guesses to what it is connected.
  The change of a climate is the beginning of the Next World Flood.
  Archimedes claimed that if he found the fulcrum, he could raise the whole World.
  He didn"t mean a usual Point or a wooden lever.
  But he wasn"t understood.
  D. Mendeleev devoted many years looking for a certain Information Field in our World.
  Alas, he himself didn"t realize what he was searching for....
  A. Einstein wrote that he was sure there is a certain Law which governs all that exists in our world.
  This law really exists.
  In different periods of the human history philosophers living on the Earth were looking for the Philosopher"s Stone.
  In fact, everyone understood that they did not really mean a rock.
  Information on the Philosopher"s stone reached us from the people of Atlantis. This story is not a fiction, it"s a real fact.
  However, the Philosopher"s stone didn"t serve as a means to find gold. Its meaning as the basis - Primary Substance - is much more serious...
  I first recognized the essence of the Philosopher"s stone when I was 18 years old. But then I was afraid that this knowledge is dangerous for people. By the way, A. Einstein was also afraid of it. In one of his articles he wrote that people tend to exploit all scientific knowledge for military purposes.
  Then I agreed with him. But during 30 years" studying of the laws of nature, stages of development of both people and our planet and the Universe, I came to the conclusion, that the Nature is very sensible, and in case it is necessary, the Nature itself will be able to protect its own interests.
  Thus, in due time people learned, that the Earth is not plane. Then they understood that the Planet revolves around the Sun. What next? How long should we mark time?
  Because, if we lose time, once again people will have to start everything from the beginning after inevitable Next Flood.
  I have to work out many of my ideas. But even now I can explain true reasons of the Global Warning, the meaning of the World Flood, the secret of Egyptian (pyramids) Tombs, the unique characters of Australia and so on.
   The Creator of the Laboratory
   "Leonardo Constellation"
   Dmitry Pinsky.
  At present I can be contacted at:
   The address in Israel: D Pinsky P.O. Box 2067, Afula, Israel.
   Tel in Israel: (972) -547-794-505 or (972) -464-242-10.
   Email: demiourg@mail.ru
   http: // zhurnal.lib.ru/p/pinskij_dmitrij_tomaso wich/
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